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The heart and soul of The Art Group is our longstanding “Art for all� ethos; bringing great quality, affordable art products to consumers across the globe.

Our 2016 catalogue has arrived delivering the very best in highly contemporary artwork and traditional styles across graphic art, photography, illustration and painting. Exciting new talent and long-established artists have been carefully selected to create a fresh, inviting and extensive portfolio with a breadth of choice in each collection to allow all of our customers to tailor selections to suit their needs. By championing popular new artists such as Loui Jover and Scott Naismith and continuing to grow the success of our best-selling artists like Sam Toft, we pride ourselves in bringing you the top, on-trend imagery in the art market.

Our ever-growing portfolio remains available across our core range of prints, mounted, cello wrapped and wide format canvas, perfectly complemented by the impressive frames and display units of our highly successful Art Programme.

As a market-leading publisher, The Art Group continues to offer unrivalled choice and variety unified by the single factor of quality in image, product design and printing. We are committed to delivering the best cutting-edge products at the best possible price for those expressive wall statements that go a long way to personalise any home.

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natural life Floral 194 – 247 Figurative 250 – 331 Animals 334 – 367

life & design Composition 372 – 399 Print Illustration 402 – 435 Graphic 438 – 481 Catalogue cover ‘Sunset Cumulus Study 1’ by Scott Naismith.

children’s 484 – 503

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Our scenic section takes you on an inspiring and enlightening journey of discovery around the globe. We move from breakfast in Paris to an afternoon stroll in New York followed by a night on the tiles in London. Our breathtaking images also highlight the staggering extremes of Mother Nature’s power and serenity, all combining to inspire a real sense of adventure.

scenic ‘Duirinish Skye’ by Scott Naismith p9


Scott Naismith (Sunset Cumulus Study 1) WDC98170 85x85cm

PPR46065 60x60cm

WDC95555 40x40cm

PPR45555 40x40cm

Award winning Scottish landscape artist Scott Naismith has been painting full time professionally from his studio in Glasgow since graduation from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 2000. He also lectures at the Creative Arts department of West College Scotland, Paisley. Regular exhibits can be found across Scotland aswell as in England and the USA. Scott has amassed an incredible following of over 13,000 subscribers and over 1.6 million views on YouTube where he shows tuition and demonstration videos. The many lochs, glens and isles of the West coast are amongst his favourite subject matter for his vibrant and atmospheric oil paintings of the Scottish Landscape. Scott uses vivid colours in a vigorous application to represent the fast changing light conditions of the West coast of Scotland. The love he has for his native Scottish countryside is portrayed in his work through an ebullient energy with which he handles the colour with palette knife and brush.



Scott Naismith (Duirinish Skye) WDC96311 85x120cm

PPR40689 60x80cm

WDC99494 60x80cm

PPR44360 30x40cm

WDC92674 30x40cm

Scott Naismith (Marina) WDC93159 50x100cm

PPR41107 50x100cm

7 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Scott Naismith (Cerulean Cyan Study) WDC98169 85x85cm

PPR46064 60x60cm

WDC95554 40x40cm

PPR45554 40x40cm

Scott Naismith (Highland Terrain)


WDC98172 85x85cm

PPR46067 60x60cm

WDC95557 40x40cm

PPR45557 40x40cm


Scott Naismith (Optimism Sunrise Study)

Scott Naismith (Rising)

WDC98173 85x85cm

PPR46068 60x60cm

WDC98171 85x85cm

PPR46066 60x60cm

WDC95560 40x40cm

PPR45560 40x40cm

WDC95556 40x40cm

PPR45556 40x40cm

Scott Naismith (Refraction) WDC95559 40x40cm

Scott Naismith (Lacuna) PPR45559 40x40cm

WDC95558 40x40cm

PPR45558 40x40cm

9 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jo Grundy (Moon River) WDC99318 60x80cm


PPR40632 60x80cm


Jo Grundy (Midsummer Meadow)

Jo Grundy (Sea Breeze) WDC90885 60x80cm

PPR40538 60x80cm

WDC98099 85x85cm

WDC94432 40x50cm

PPR43251 40x50cm

WDC95354 40x40cm

WDC92522 30x40cm

PPR44279 30x40cm

PPR45469 40x40cm

Born and brought up on a farm in West Berkshire, Jo Grundy’s love of nature and the English Landscape is very evident in her charming, whimsical paintings. She has always been creative and originally trained as a Graphic Designer and worked in this field for around 14 years. After taking time out to have her two children, she now works in mixed media and acrylics to create stylised scenes inspired by the changing seasons of the British countryside. Quaint little cottages nestling among rolling hills and wildlife, flowers and birds all feature heavily in her enchanting paintings. In her mixed media pieces she uses everything from paper and glue to stitching and beads to create highly textured and ornate pieces.

11 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jo Grundy (Misty Morning) WDC98154 85x85cm

PPR45520 40x40cm

WDC95483 40x40cm

Jo Grundy (Winter Serenity) WDC98155 85x85cm WDC95484 40x40cm


PPR45521 40x40cm


Jo Grundy (Evensong) WDC93077 50x100cm

PPR41068 50x100cm

Jo Grundy (Winter Row) WDC93133 50x100cm

PPR41093 50x100cm

13 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Janet Bell (Across the Fields)

Janet Bell (Winter Hill) WDC99248 60x80cm

PPR40610 60x80cm

WDC94522 40x50cm

PPR43311 40x50cm

WDC92588 30x40cm

PPR44311 30x40cm

WDC94612 40x50cm

PPR43384 40x50cm

Janet Bell’s paintings are both engaging and playful with their detailed and colourful nature. Her work shows a unique take on the English seaside, traditionally British but with a Scandinavian twist; her Danish roots evident in the colours and composition so prevalent within Nordic illustration today. Janet began painting professionally in 2001 having studied textiles specialising in machine embroidery and screen printing. She began painting from a studio in Chester, supplying original paintings and prints to galleries across the UK. Her work began to focus more and more on the British coastline and was inspired by trips to English seaside towns and memories of playing on the beaches of northern Denmark where her mother was raised. In 2007, Janet moved to the Isle of Anglesey with her husband, Sean, to open the Janet Bell Gallery in the pretty seaside town of Beaumaris. The intention was to sell a few prints from a working studio space but the small side street studio quickly relocated to become a High Street success due to the popularity of Janet’s unique, happy, colourful paintings of Anglesey.



Janet Bell (Spring Morning) WDC93123 50x100cm

PPR41086 50x100cm

Janet Bell (Bright Meadow) WDC98060 85x85cm

Janet Bell (Green Fields) PPR45390 40x40cm

WDC95428 40x40cm

PPR45498 40x40cm

WDC95242 40x40cm

15 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Mixed media artist, Helen Hallows, creates naïve and colourful landscapes based around memories. “They tell stories of journeys we have made and those we are yet to embark on.” Helen studied Woven Textiles at Loughborough College of Art & Design. Following graduation, she travelled around India before living and working in London for five years. She now lives in the Midlands where she works from her garden studio. “I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to create things. A day isn’t complete if I haven’t made something. So life is a balance of painting, cooking, sewing, knitting and growing. I love the big questions of “What is art for?” and “What is life about? I find the answers in the beat of nature and find solace trying to live simply. My art stems from these simple acts of living.” Helen Hallows (Summer) WDC98168 85x85cm

PPR46063 60x60cm

WDC95536 40x40cm

PPR45540 40x40cm

Helen Hallows (New Growth)


Helen Hallows (Morning Sun)

WDC98121 85x85cm

PPR46045 60x60cm

WDC98122 85x85cm

PPR46046 60x60cm

WDC95391 40x40cm

PPR45475 40x40cm

WDC95392 40x40cm

PPR45476 40x40cm


Helen Hallows (Sunburst) WDC93083 50x100cm

PPR41072 50x100cm

Helen Hallows (Green Fields)

Helen Hallows (The Rooks Flew Away)

WDC98129 85x85cm

PPR46048 60x60cm

WDC98130 85x85cm

PPR46049 60x60cm

WDC95405 40x40cm

PPR45483 40x40cm

WDC95406 40x40cm

PPR45484 40x40cm

17 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Rebecca Vincent is a self-employed artist with 20 years experience in the printmaking field. In 2004 she earned a Master of Fine Art from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and went on to set up the Horsley Printmakers studio in Northumberland. Here, she started out teaching a programme of adult courses in printmaking and related subjects and now concentrates on creating her own designs. Fascinated by the incredible colour and mark-making possibilities of etching and monotype, Rebecca soon developed a very original style that follows a multi-coloured layered approach. Her traditional hand-print techniques fuse intricate detail with bold pattern to produce imaginative prints that are inspired by the local landscape but are imprinted with Rebecca’s very unique abstract signature. Rebecca Vincent (Hawthorn Edge) WDC93057 50x100cm

PPR41060 50x100cm

Rebecca Vincent (The Colours of the Earth) WDC90654 60x80cm


PPR40429 60x80cm


Rebecca Vincent (Home Time) WDC98078 85x85cm

Rebecca Vincent (Quilted Earth) PPR45423 40x40cm

WDC95290 40x40cm

WDC98079 85x85cm

PPR45424 40x40cm

WDC95291 40x40cm

Rebecca Vincent (Scorched Earth) WDC93058 50x100cm

PPR41061 50x100cm

19 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Law Wai Hin (Four Trees) WDC99546 60x80cm

PPR40733 60x80cm

WDC92699 30x40cm

PPR44384 30x40cm

Law Wai Hin (Reflections)


WDC99547 60x80cm

PPR40734 60x80cm

WDC92700 30x40cm

PPR44385 30x40cm


Law Wai Hin (Autumn Trees II)

Law Wai Hin (Tranquility)

WDC99545 60x80cm

PPR40732 60x80cm

WDC44999 60x80cm

44999 60x80cm

WDC92698 30x40cm

PPR44383 30x40cm

WDC44998 30x40cm

44998 30x40cm

Law Wai Hin (Autumn Trees)

Law Wai Hin (Birch Trees)

WDC44811 60x80cm

44811 60x80cm

WDC44813 60x80cm

44813 60x80cm

WDC44810 30x40cm

44810 30x40cm

WDC44812 30x40cm

44812 30x40cm

21 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

David Ross (Ben Lomond) WDC95544 40x40cm


David Ross (Cairndow) PPR45545 40x40cm

WDC95543 40x40cm

PPR45544 40x40cm


David Ross (Loch Sloy) WDC95549 40x40cm

David Ross (Lochgilphead) PPR45549 40x40cm

WDC95550 40x40cm

PPR45550 40x40cm

David Ross’ expressive watercolours depict the dramatic and sometimes bleak landscapes of Scotland and in contrast, the vibrant, colourful flowers that he grows in his city garden. Born in Rhu, Scotland 1962, David went on to study for his B.A.(honours) at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. Dundee. (1981-85). In 1992 he moved to East London where he continues to live and work. David has exhibited widely, taking part in exhibitions at The Royal Scottish Academy, Bishopsgate Institute, Truman’s brewery and the former Olympic village in Stratford, among others.

23 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Chris Forsey (Boats and Beach Blooms) WDC94475 40x50cm

PPR43278 40x50cm

Chris Forsey (Sun and Meadow Thistles) WDC94477 40x50cm

PPR43280 40x50cm

Chris Forsey’s colourful, textural landscapes explore the themes of man-made alongside the organic: buildings by water; a structure emerging from a rocky cliff, the middle ground between buildings and the wildness of nature. He is inspired by downland, coastal scenes of the UK and the Mediterranean, cafe life and townscapes and aims to capture the sense of a place at a specific moment, season or time of day, always endeavoring to bring passion and immediacy to his work. Chris Forsey began his art career as an illustrator in a publisher’s studio after studying art and graphics in Bristol. Originally working mainly in watercolour, Chris has now embraced a mixedmedia approach to his work, combining watercolour, acrylic, pastel and gouache. “I am exhilarated by colour and surface and enjoy creating textured layers of dry-brushed colour that allow hints of complementary hue to glow through, thus creating an exciting surface of scattered, broken colour.”



Chris Forsey (Birch in Spring)

Chris Forsey (Daisies Amongst the Pebbles) WDC95415 40x40cm

PPR45490 40x40cm

PPR45489 40x40cm

Chris Forsey (South Downs Poppies)

Chris Forsey (Tregardock Beach, December) WDC94478 40x50cm

WDC95414 40x40cm

PPR43281 40x50cm

WDC94476 40x50cm

PPR43279 40x50cm

25 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Simon Howden (New Forest Study)

Simon Howden (Through the Bracken in Mauve)

WDC97036 60x60cm

PPR46020 60x60cm

WDC90592 60x80cm

PPR40367 60x80cm

WDC95219 40x40cm

PPR45377 40x40cm

WDC94269 40x50cm

PPR43168 40x50cm



Daniel Cole (Three Moorland Trees) WDC90613 60x80cm

PPR40391 60x80cm

WDC92331 30x40cm

PPR44154 30x40cm

Daniel Cole (2 Crows and Approaching Shower) WDC97037 60x60cm

PPR46022 60x60cm

WDC95236 40x40cm

PPR45384 40x40cm

27 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Charlotte Jordan (Walberswick III) WDC42245 50x100cm

42245 50x100cm

Charlotte Jordan (Green Woods) WDC44647 50x100cm WDC44646 30x60cm


Charlotte Jordan (Walberswick Marsh) 44647 50x100cm

WDC44630 40x50cm

44630 40x50cm


Charlotte Jordan (Golden Woods) WDC44572 50x100cm

Charlotte Jordan (Autumn Woods) 44572 50x100cm

WDC44573 30x60cm

Charlotte Jordan (Italian Trees I)

WDC90585 60x80cm

PPR40360 60x80cm

WDC94266 40x50cm

PPR43165 40x50cm

Charlotte Jordan (Italian Trees II)

WDC42247 60x60cm

42247 60x60cm

WDC42249 60x60cm

42249 60x60cm

WDC42246 40x40cm

42246 40x40cm

WDC42248 40x40cm

42248 40x40cm

29 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Serena Sussex (Silver Birch Trees)

Serena Sussex (Magical Woodlands) WDC44987 60x80cm

44987 60x80cm

WDC44986 50x100cm

45433 40x50cm

WDC44671 30x60cm

44986 50x100cm

Serena Sussex is an award winning British artist whose oil paintings are in





worldwide. She is particularly well-known for her landscape and nature oil paintings and draws her inspiration from her love of nature, worldwide travels, and Asian roots. Serena was transplanted from Hong Kong to England as a youngster and coupled with her shy nature, she found creating art an alternative way to communicate what she felt and observed. As a young art student, Serena was encouraged by her innovative art teacher to use mini rollers instead of paint brushes and this is one of the unconventional techniques she still uses. Serena enjoys creating works of art that reveal the wonders of nature and the environment. Her paintings aim to remind us of the sense of tranquility and air of mystery that exists all around us. Serena Sussex (Bluebell Delights) WDC90883 60x80cm


PPR40537 60x80cm


Serena Sussex (Silver Birch Tree in Autumn)

Serena Sussex (Autumn Walk)

WDC90881 60x80cm

PPR40535 60x80cm

WDC94431 40x50cm

PPR43250 40x50cm

Serena Sussex (A New Day)

WDC90882 60x80cm

PPR40536 60x80cm

Serena Sussex (Purple Haze 1)

WDC44989 60x80cm

44989 60x80cm

WDC44985 60x80cm

44985 60x80cm

WDC44988 30x40cm

44988 30x40cm

WDC44984 30x40cm

44984 30x40cm

31 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Chris Williamson (The Bet) WDC94120 40x50cm

PPR43097 40x50cm

Chris Williamson was born in Croydon but spent his formative years growing up in Luton, Bedfordshire. The Bedfordshire countryside features heavily in his work, as does the English coastline. “Numerous holiday memories”. Chris’ work continues to be inspired by his long-held loves for local landmarks and architecture. You may have noticed that many of his paintings come with ‘ditties’. Four-line whimsical rhymes. Usually based on observations from the dogs perspective. “Just adds a bit of humour. I like giving people a grin if possible”.



Chris Williamson (Barton Breeze) WDC95112 40x40cm

Chris Williamson (The Bluebells) PPR45297 40x40cm

Chris Williamson (Them Thar Hills) WDC95115 40x40cm

WDC95116 40x40cm

PPR45301 40x40cm

Chris Williamson (The Furrows) PPR45300 40x40cm

WDC95114 40x40cm

PPR45299 40x40cm

33 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Louise O’Hara (Tell Tale Signs Of Spring) WDC95311 40x40cm

Louise O’Hara (A Full Moon in Spring) PPR45440 40x40cm

WDC95310 40x40cm

PPR45439 40x40cm

Buried beneath her boxes of vintage fabrics, typewriters, sewing machines, thread and books, Louise O’Hara works out of her studio in the heart of Cheshire. During her time studying for a Masters Degree in Fashion and Textiles, she discovered Wabi-Sabi and captures ‘beauty in imperfection’ in her own designs. Louise is hugely influenced by aged textures and surfaces and loves to play around with threadbare, hand dyed fabrics and hand painted papers. Substituting the pencil for her needle and thread, Louise stitches stories into her paper and uses layers and discarded items to create a sense of nostalgia and narrative in her work.



Lee McCarthy (Swan Lake) WDC90864 60x80cm

PPR40530 60x80cm

WDC94428 40x50cm

PPR43247 40x50cm

WDC92518 30x40cm

PPR44275 30x40cm

35 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Nikky Corker (Into the Distance) WDC95308 40x40cm

PPR45437 40x40cm

Nikky Corker (Hills and Dales) WDC95307 40x40cm


PPR45436 40x40cm


Sunita Khedekar (Reflection) WDC95179 40x40cm

PPR46013 60x60cm PPR45337 40x40cm

Sunita Khedekar (Sunrise) WDC90687 60x80cm

PPR40300 60x80cm

WDC94239 40x50cm

PPR43144 40x50cm

Sunita Khedekar (Rest) WDC95180 40x40cm

PPR46014 60x60cm PPR45338 40x40cm

37 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Derek Melville (Field End Lane)

Derek Melville (Summer Light) WDC44683 60x60cm

44683 60x60cm

WDC44685 60x80cm

44685 60x80cm

WDC44682 40x40cm

44682 40x40cm

WDC44684 30x40cm

44684 30x40cm

In recent years the name Derek Melville has become synonymous with contemporary Irish scenes painted in rich, vibrant colours. He takes his inspiration from the form and shape of his own country giving a modern twist to an ancient landscape. His versatility also extends to a tranquillity and calmness in his still-life interpretations. He is now a much-respected artist having regular exhibitions and an ever-expanding clientele.

Derek Melville (The Red Barn)

Derek Melville (Looking to the Horizon) WDC44674 60x60cm

44674 60x60cm

WDC44673 40x40cm

44673 40x40cm


WDC21865 85x85cm

Derek Melville (Country Cottages) 22708 40x50cm

WDC42237 60x60cm

42237 60x80cm


Derek Melville (Harvest Gold) WDC21864 85x85cm

Derek Melville (Hillside Path) 22707 40x50cm

Derek Melville (Red Roofs) WDC21863 40x40cm

WDC42238 60x60cm

42238 60x80cm

Derek Melville (Summer Sunset) 21863 40x40cm

WDC21862 40x40cm

22709 60x80cm

39 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jonathan Sanders (The Watering Hole) WDC21216 60x80cm

21216 60x80cm

Jonathan Sanders (Camel Crossing) WDC21183 85x120cm WDC4965 60x80cm


21217 60x80cm


Jonathan Sanders (Zebu at Dusk) WDC21182 85x120cm

Jonathan Sanders (African Sunset) 21214 50x70cm

WDC21215 40x50cm

21215 50x70cm

WDC4964 60x80cm

Jonathan Sanders (Cattle Drinking) WDC40960 85x120cm

Jonathan Sanders (Desert Tree) 40960 50x70cm

WDC40961 60x80cm

40961 60x80cm

Having obtained his degree in Fine Art Painting from North Staffs University, Jonathan Sanders had the urge to travel. Africa seemed the natural choice and his paintings depict the great variety of the region from the arid Northern Frontier District of Kenya to the Islamic Coastline through to the lusher Game Reserves.

41 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jonathan Sanders (Jade Sea Reflections) WDC42609 50x100cm

42609 50x100cm

Jonathan Sanders (Wading Elephants) WDC21857 50x100cm

PPR41130 50x100cm

Jonathan Sanders (Three African Elephants) WDC43031 50x100cm


43031 50x100cm


Jonathan Sanders (Camels, Chalbi Desert, Kenya) WDC22940 50x100cm

22940 50x100cm

Jonathan Sanders (Samburu Sunset) WDC42240 50x100cm

42240 50x100cm 42239 50x70cm

Jonathan Sanders (Afternoon Shadows) WDC44777 50x100cm

44777 50x100cm

WDC44650 30x60cm

43 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jonathan Sanders (On an Island) WDC42383 60x80cm

Jonathan Sanders (Turkana Shoreline) 42383 60x80cm

WDC21443 60x80cm

21443 60x80cm

42243 40x50cm

Jonathan Sanders (Four Elephants) WDC42242 60x80cm


Jonathan Sanders (Toward Evening) 42242 60x80cm

WDC44779 60x80cm

44779 60x80cm

42241 40x50cm

WDC44778 40x50cm

44778 40x50cm


Jonathan Sanders (Fading Light) WDC21445 60x80cm

Jonathan Sanders (Shores of the Jade Sea) PPR40728 60x80cm

Jonathan Sanders (Sinking Sun) WDC40962 40x40cm

WDC21442 60x80cm

21442 60x80cm

Jonathan Sanders (Cattle at Sunset) 40962 40x40cm

WDC42608 60x60cm

42608 60x60cm

45 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

David Clapp (Olive Tree in Provence, France) WDC99527 60x80cm

PPR40716 60x80cm

David Clapp (Sunflowers in Provence, France) WDC99526 60x80cm

PPR40715 60x80cm

David Clapp is a landscape and travel photographer who never expected to be. An avid musician, he learned the creative language through guitar and sequencing software, making his transition to cameras and Photoshop seem almost second nature. Forever attempting to push the boundaries as technology unfolds, his technique and technical abilities speak for themselves through the complex work he produces. ‘For me, photography will always be the marriage of computers and cameras. Technology and creativity has always been a constant source of fascination and my vision has always taken a rather elliptical orbit, between day / night / landscape / architecture / travel. I can’t define exactly what it is I do, so I do them all.’ David divides his time between business and creativity - He works for numerous magazine titles, as well as amassing a strong position in commercial architectural photography and as a inspirational lecturer and workshop leader.



David Clapp (Playing the Blues) WDC42555 50x100cm

42555 50x100cm

David Clapp (Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor) WDC93125 50x100cm

PPR41088 50x100cm

47 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

David Clapp (Aerial Landscape, Cappadocia, Turkey)

David Clapp (Cappadocia Balloon Ride)

WDC99519 60x80cm

WDC90991 60x80cm

PPR40708 60x80cm

PPR40587 60x80cm

David Clapp (Mist over the River Exe, Devon, England)

David Clapp (Westcombe Bay, Devon)

WDC93168 50x100cm

WDC90992 60x80cm


PPR41122 50x100cm

PPR40588 60x80cm


David Clapp (Starry Night, Eystrahorn Mountains, Iceland) WDC99570 60x80cm

PPR40751 60x80cm

David Clapp (Stokksnes Beach, Iceland) WDC99571 60x80cm

David Clapp (Ice Cave, Vatnajรถkull Glacier, Iceland) PPR40752 60x80cm

WDC99572 60x80cm

PPR40753 60x80cm

49 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

David Clapp (Glastonbury, England) WDC99528 60x80cm

PPR40717 60x80cm

David Clapp (Frosted Trees, Finland) WDC99520 60x80cm


PPR40709 60x80cm


Ilona Wellman (Winter Moon) WDC40346 30x40cm

Ilona Wellman (Winter Tree) 40346 30x40cm

WDC40345 30x40cm

40345 30x40cm

51 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Andreas Stridsberg (Forest Reflections) WDC93164 50x100cm

PPR41118 50x100cm

Andreas Stridsberg (Island Reflections) WDC93165 50x100cm

PPR41119 50x100cm

Andreas Stridsberg was born in September 1975, just outside a town called Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden where he still lives today with his family and it is where he takes most of his photographs. It is located along Sweden’s “High Coast” which has been named as a world heritage site. Andreas believes that you can find inspiration everywhere you look and he loves landscape-photography just as much as he loves taking portraits or still-lifes.



Andreas Stridsberg (Sunlight Through Trees) WDC93163 50x100cm

PPR41117 50x100cm

Andreas Stridsberg (Misty Morning) WDC99513 60x80cm

PPR40703 60x80cm

53 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Andreas Stridsberg (Hazy Lake) WDC99512 60x80cm

PPR40702 60x80cm

Lee Frost (River Aln Dawn) WDC42627 50x100cm


42627 50x100cm


Pete Seaward (South Island, New Zealand) WDC40343 60x80cm

PPR40729 60x80cm

Maple Tree WDC42461 60x80cm

42460 60x80cm

55 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Alyson Fennell (Spring Morning Tree Tops) WDC99502 60x80cm

PPR40697 60x80cm

Ian Winstanley (Autumn Leaves) WDC93098 50x100cm


PPR41078 50x100cm


Ian Winstanley (Rannoch Moor) WDC45351 50x100cm

PPR41123 50x100cm

Ian Winstanley (Field of Daisies) WDC45348 60x80cm

45383 60x80cm

WDC44739 40x50cm

44739 40x50cm

57 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Vincent Favre (X-Lights) WDC45068 60x80cm

Vincent Favre (Canyon de la Druise) 45068 60x80cm

Rod Edwards (Lake Skadar, Montenegro) WDC93049 50x100cm


PPR41051 50x100cm

WDC45069 60x80cm

45069 60x80cm


Guenter Fischer (Blossoming Magnolia, Lake Geneva, Switzerland) WDC44236 60x80cm

44236 60x80cm

Rod Edwards (Zabriskie Dawn) WDC93050 50x100cm

PPR41052 50x100cm

59 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Mario Moreno (Enchanted) WDC99514 60x80cm

PPR40704 60x80cm

Mario Moreno (Steamy Falls) WDC99515 60x80cm


PPR40705 60x80cm


Tom Mackie (Bella Toscana) WDC45067 60x80cm

45067 60x80cm

WDC45066 30x40cm

45066 30x40cm

61 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Tom Weber (Balancing Light) WDC40365 40x50cm

40365 40x50cm

Jรถrgen Schรถn (By the Lake)


WDC44492 60x80cm

44492 60x80cm

WDC44491 30x40cm

44491 30x40cm


Michael Busselle (Monument Valley, Arizona) WDC5864 85x120cm

23251 60x80cm

WDC23251 60x80cm

Jan Tove (Mist & Sunlight) WDC40344 60x80cm

40344 60x80cm

63 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Golden Silhouette, Indonesia WDC93118 50x100cm

PPR41081 50x100cm

Stuart Miekle (Sun Setting over the Mekong) WDC90971 60x80cm


PPR40567 60x80cm


Tim Martin (Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong) WDC90972 60x80cm

PPR40568 60x80cm

Ed Freeman (Buddha at Sunset) WDC7385 60x80cm

H책kan Strand (Buddha) 40484 60x80cm

WDC40382 40x50cm

40382 40x50cm

65 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

cityscapes ‘Empire State Building, NYC’ by Håkan Strand p108


Jon Barker (Whitehall, London) WDC98174 85x85cm WDC95561 40x40cm


PPR45561 40x40cm


Jon Barker (Early Commute, 5th Avenue) WDC98175 85x85cm WDC95562 40x40cm

Jon Barker (Paris Reflections) PPR45562 40x40cm

WDC98176 85x85cm

PPR45563 40x40cm

WDC95563 40x40cm

Jon Barker was born in Yorkshire in 1950. He enjoys a growing reputation and demand for his work which is held in private collections worldwide. Jon’s painting style is fluid and expressive. His priorities are to express movement, power, sensitivity and tonal balance. His City Life paintings capture the fusion of movement and colour of people frequenting busy streets and pavement cafÊs. The aim is to transpose the mood and atmosphere of the moment into a permanent artistic statement, providing a glimpse of the lives of strangers who become increasingly familiar to us and remind us of our own lives and the places we have visited.

69 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jon Barker (Snow Time for a Kiss) WDC95161 40x40cm

Jon Barker (Café De La Paix - Paris) PPR45322 40x40cm

Jon Barker (Time Out in Paris)


WDC42121 60x60cm

42121 60x60cm

WDC42120 40x40cm

42120 40x40cm

Jon Barker (Stranger in Paris)

WDC90934 60x80cm

PPR40551 60x80cm

WDC44567 60x80cm

44567 60x80cm

WDC94456 40x50cm

PPR43259 40x50cm

WDC94232 40x50cm

44566 30x40cm

WDC92547 30x40cm

PPR44288 30x40cm

WDC44566 30x40cm


Jon Barker (CafĂŠ de Flore, Paris) WDC97092 60x60cm

PPR45531 40x40cm

71 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jon Barker (New Beginnings)

Jon Barker (Victoria Station, London - 1934)

WDC98123 85x85cm

PPR46047 60x60cm

WDC95393 40x40cm

PPR45477 40x40cm


WDC94319 40x50cm

PPR43211 40x50cm


Jon Barker (Early Birds - Harrods) WDC44329 85x85cm

Jon Barker (Late Shoppers - Harrods) 44211 60x60cm

WDC44326 85x85cm

WDC44211 60x60cm

WDC44208 60x60cm

Jon Barker (Knightsbridge II)

Jon Barker (Big Ben, Red Beret and Snow)

WDC42119 60x60cm

42119 60x60cm

WDC42118 40x40cm

42118 40x40cm

WDC95162 40x40cm

44208 60x60cm

PPR45323 40x40cm

73 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jon Barker (Grand Central Station Rendezvous - New York)


WDC98081 85x85cm

PPR46031 60x60cm

WDC95295 40x40cm

PPR45427 40x40cm


Jon Barker (5th Avenue - New York) WDC42433 60x60cm

Jon Barker (7th Avenue - New York) 42124 40x40cm

WDC42434 60x60cm

PPR46007 60x60cm 42122 40x40cm

Jon Barker (The Flatiron Building, New York)

Jon Barker (Morning Light - 5th Avenue)

WDC95160 40x40cm

WDC44565 60x60cm

44565 60x60cm

WDC44564 40x40cm

44564 40x40cm

PPR45321 40x40cm

75 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jon Barker (Heavy Snowfall, 5th Avenue - New York)

Jon Barker (Nighttime Stroll Across Brooklyn Bridge - New York)

WDC90658 60x80cm

PPR40433 60x80cm

WDC98082 85x85cm

PPR46032 60x60cm

WDC92378 30x40cm

PPR44205 30x40cm

WDC95296 40x40cm

PPR45428 40x40cm



Jon Barker (White Out - 5th Avenue) WDC44327 85x85cm

Jon Barker (Blizzard - 5th Avenue) 44209 60x60cm

WDC44210 60x80cm

44210 60x80cm

WDC44209 60x60cm

77 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

David Cowden (New York Central)

David Cowden (The Big City)

WDC90807 60x80cm

PPR40499 60x80cm

WDC90808 60x80cm

PPR40500 60x80cm

WDC92479 30x40cm

PPR44256 30x40cm

WDC92480 30x40cm

PPR44257 30x40cm



David Cowden (Sight Seeing)

David Cowden (Skyline)

WDC98091 85x85cm

PPR46040 60x60cm

WDC98089 85x85cm

PPR46038 60x60cm

WDC95331 40x40cm

PPR45458 40x40cm

WDC95329 40x40cm

PPR45456 40x40cm

Originally from Belfast, David Cowden moved to England as a small boy and now lives in Birmingham with his wife. He is a self-taught artist who started selling his work back at school to his teachers who recognised and encouraged his talent. His semi abstract style takes inspiration from the urban world and he wonderfully captures that very human emotion of feeling lost and very small within a big city. David’s stark monochrome style gives those familiar scenes of city life an edgy modern twist. “Art brings me such pleasure…I’m bursting with ideas, I hope I live long enough to paint them all”. David Cowden (Waiting) WDC98090 85x85cm

PPR46039 60x60cm

WDC95330 40x40cm

PPR45457 40x40cm

79 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Wessel Huisman (OGEM, End of the 60 on a Saturday Morning)

Wessel Huisman (Awakening - Spring 1969) WDC90647 60x80cm WDC92367 30x40cm

PPR40422 60x80cm

WDC90646 60x80cm

PPR40421 60x80cm

PPR44194 30x40cm

WDC92366 30x40cm

PPR44193 30x40cm

Wessel Huisman (Fear of Flying - but I will!)

Wessel Huisman (Wondering - November 1976) WDC42733 40x50cm

42733 40x50cm

WDC42735 40x50cm

45406 60x80cm 42735 40x50cm



Wessel Huisman (Juli 1971) WDC42734 40x50cm

45405 60x80cm 42734 40x50cm

Wessel Huisman (March 1963, Early in the Morning) WDC93055 50x100cm

PPR41058 50x100cm

81 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Colin Ruffell (NY 34th Street) WDC90635 60x80cm

PPR40410 60x80cm

Born in 1939, Colin Ruffell became a professional artist at the age of 26. He qualified from two Art Colleges in painting, design and printmaking, and the Open University in psychology and aesthetics. In the early sixties, Colin was one of the first British art students to use the then revolutionary medium of artist’s acrylic paint and he has advocated its use ever since. In the nineties he spotted the potential of giclée printmaking and the internet as exhibition space. His enthusiasm led The Fine Art Trade Guild to elect him firstly as a Court Member and then as Chair of The Guild’s Printers and Publishers Committee. He paints in many styles, from childlike and amusing images to traditional landscapes. Some are complex abstracts exploring the relationship of colour, texture and shape. exhibited in many countries and his works can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the world.


He has


Colin Ruffell (New York & Manhattan Island)

Colin Ruffell (New Yorker & Cabs) WDC23145 60x80cm

22813 50x70cm

Colin Ruffell (Manhattan Chrysler Building) WDC44229 60x80cm

WDC23144 60x80cm

22682 60x80cm

Colin Ruffell (Manhattan Empire State) 44229 60x80cm

WDC99543 60x80cm

45189 60x80cm

83 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Colin Ruffell (Shard Left) WDC95250 40x40cm

PPR45398 40x40cm

Colin Ruffell (Tower Bridge, London)


WDC44227 60x80cm

44227 60x80cm

WDC44660 40x50cm

44660 40x50cm


Colin Ruffell (Grand Canal, Venice)

Colin Ruffell (New Bridge, Ronda)

WDC44228 60x80cm

44228 60x80cm

WDC21861 85x120cm

WDC44659 40x50cm

44659 40x50cm

WDC21860 60x80cm

Colin Ruffell (Monte Carlo) WDC95252 40x40cm

43028 60x80cm

Colin Ruffell (Brighton Pier) PPR45400 40x40cm

WDC95251 40x40cm

PPR45399 40x40cm

85 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Lee McCarthy (Big Ben & Westminster) WDC99278 60x80cm

PPR40625 60x80cm

Lee McCarthy (London Eye)


WDC90964 60x80cm

PPR40564 60x80cm

WDC94473 40x50cm

PPR43274 40x50cm

WDC92554 30x40cm

PPR44296 30x40cm


Lee McCarthy (London Heights) WDC94554 40x50cm

Lee McCarthy (Parisian View) PPR43338 40x50cm

WDC94555 40x50cm

PPR43339 40x50cm

87 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Lee McCarthy (Times Square) WDC94607 40x50cm


Lee McCarthy (Downtown) PPR43380 40x50cm

WDC90863 60x80cm

PPR40529 60x80cm

WDC94427 40x50cm

PPR43246 40x50cm

WDC92517 30x40cm

PPR44274 30x40cm


Lee McCarthy (Sunset Venice) WDC93074 50x100cm

PPR41065 50x100cm

Lee McCarthy (Spinnaker) WDC93161 50x100cm

PPR41112 50x100cm

89 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Loui Jover (Midtown Walk)

Loui Jover (Brooklyn Cab) WDC99529 60x80cm

PPR40718 60x80cm

WDC99530 60x80cm

PPR40719 60x80cm

WDC94610 40x50cm

PPR43382 40x50cm

WDC94611 40x50cm

PPR43383 40x50cm

WDC92689 30x40cm

PPR44375 30x40cm

WDC92690 30x40cm

PPR44376 30x40cm



Jennie Ing (Oxo)

Jennie Ing (Battersea Power Station)

Jennie Ing (St. Paul’s Cathedral)

WDC90638 60x80cm

PPR40413 60x80cm

WDC90637 60x80cm

PPR40412 60x80cm

WDC90639 60x80cm

PPR40414 60x80cm

WDC92358 30x40cm

PPR44185 30x40cm

WDC92357 30x40cm

PPR44184 30x40cm

WDC92359 30x40cm

PPR44186 30x40cm

Jennie Ing is a London based print maker whose work mainly features the urban environment and the places she knows and loves best: London and its nearby area. It is an interest in architecture and a fascination with the way space is taken up in our cities that have led to these pieces, as well as the patterns, repetition and colours found in the built environment. Jennie works in relief print, a hand process involving cutting away areas from the surface of a flat block of lino, inking the remaining area and printing from this on to paper using a Victorian albion letter press.

91 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Christopher Farrell (City Nocturne) WDC41497 50x100cm

41497 50x100cm

Christopher Farrell (Bank) WDC42131 60x80cm

Christopher Farrell (Canary Wharf) 42131 60x80cm 45242 30x30cm


WDC42128 60x80cm

42128 60x80cm


Christopher Farrell (Thames) WDC42130 85x85cm

42129 60x60cm

WDC42129 60x60cm

Born in London in 1971, Christopher Farrell graduated from De Montfort University, Leicester in 1993 with a first class Honours degree in Visual Arts, then gained a Post-Graduate Degree at the Royal Academy School of Art, London. Influenced by the city and everything about it, he is fascinated by the diversity of the contemporary and traditional architecture in London and it has become an ongoing theme in his paintings and digital work. Christopher Farrell (Aerial) WDC41498 50x100cm

41498 50x100cm

93 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Serge Mendjisky (Toits de Paris) WDC93023 50x100cm

PPR41028 50x100cm

Born in Paris in 1929, Serge Mendjisky was introduced to the world of art at a very young age. His father was a painter of the “School of Paris” and this encouraged him to attend the Beaux Arts in Paris after which he became an established artist. Despite starting out as a painter, Serge always had a strong interest in photography and used it as a preliminary study for his paintings. In 2000, he fully invested in photography as a final medium, using a collage technique to alter photographic images and force the viewer to question the appearance of familiar urban landscapes. Pablo Picasso was a close acquaintance due to his father’s involvement in the art scene of the time and was a big influence on Serge as seen by the obvious nod to Cubism in his images.



Serge Mendjisky (Londres II) WDC90322 60x80cm

PPR40218 60x80cm

WDC94089 40x50cm

PPR47017 50x70cm PPR43085 40x50cm

Serge Mendjisky (Impression Russe) WDC98005 85x85cm

PPR46001 60x60cm

WDC90537 60x80cm WDC95093 40x40cm

95 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Serge Mendjisky (Night Colour Show) WDC90325 60x80cm

PPR40221 60x80cm

WDC94092 40x50cm

PPR43088 40x50cm

Serge Mendjisky (Statue de la Liberté)

Serge Mendjisky (Uptown Loop) WDC90324 60x80cm

PPR40220 60x80cm

WDC94091 40x50cm

PPR43087 40x50cm


WDC93022 50x100cm

PPR41027 50x100cm


Serge Mendjisky (Hommage a Barack Obama) WDC90323 60x80cm

PPR40219 60x80cm

WDC94090 40x50cm

PPR43086 40x50cm

Serge Mendjisky (Grande Vue Nouvelle) WDC44182 50x100cm

44182 50x100cm

WDC44354 30x60cm

97 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Melissa Sturgeon (Le Consulat, Paris) WDC97025 60x60cm WDC95171 40x40cm

Melissa Sturgeon (The Red Lion, Westminster) PPR45329 40x40cm

WDC97026 60x60cm

PPR45330 40x40cm

WDC95172 40x40cm

Capturing the everyday subtleties is Melissa Sturgeon’s forte. Cafes that are passed everyday without a thought, pubs so grand in their aesthetic yet entered without a glance; Melissa captures these buildings in the most breathtaking detail. The result is a glorious collection of contemporary paintings that allow the viewer a comforting sense of familiarity despite feeling that they are viewing the subject for the first time. This collection of images produced exclusively for The Art Group takes the concept global, capturing transient moments in European cities whilst retaining that all important sense of familiarity. Melissa’s work is hugely influenced by her travels around Europe, her time spent in Paris in particular proved to be an important time in her development as an artist. It was here that she first created a series of carefully observed paintings exploring her interactions with the built environment, something that was to become her signature style.



Melissa Sturgeon (Avalon Hotel, Miami) WDC97023 60x60cm

Melissa Sturgeon (La Esquina, New York) PPR45327 40x40cm

WDC97024 60x60cm

WDC95169 40x40cm

WDC95170 40x40cm

Melissa Sturgeon (The Regency Restaurant, Brighton)

Melissa Sturgeon (Trattoria al Ponte, Venice)

WDC97027 60x60cm

WDC97028 60x60cm

WDC95173 40x40cm

PPR45331 40x40cm

PPR45328 40x40cm

PPR45332 40x40cm

WDC95174 40x40cm

99 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Markus Brungs & Sascha Hojzakowa are






together through a shared passion for art and photography to form Jack the Flipper. Creating art is their lifeblood, nature their mainspring. The allure of Venice’s charming streets and elegant buildings inspired them to paint this collection




Overwhelmed by the fantastic light and shadow that floods the city, they applied shading in cool blue tones with ink and watercolours to capture the beauty of the light against the water and sky. Their drawing technique is kept deliberately plain and reduced to its essentials. Jack the Flipper have previously sold a number of works through the Art Cologne gallery in Germany and are always busy working on new projects to inspire us. Jack the Flipper (Venice I)

Jack the Flipper (Venice II)

WDC99286 60x80cm

PPR40627 60x80cm

WDC99287 60x80cm

PPR40628 60x80cm

WDC92612 30x40cm

PPR44329 30x40cm

WDC92613 30x40cm

PPR44330 30x40cm

Jack the Flipper (Venice III)

Jack the Flipper (Venice IV)

WDC99288 60x80cm

PPR40629 60x80cm

WDC99289 60x80cm

PPR40630 60x80cm

WDC92614 30x40cm

PPR44331 30x40cm

WDC92615 30x40cm

PPR44332 30x40cm



Margaret Heath (Venice, Canal Reflections) WDC94614 40x50cm

Margaret Heath (The Colours of Burano) PPR43386 40x50cm

WDC94615 40x50cm

PPR43387 40x50cm

101 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Cecil Rice (Along the Guidecca) 21209 60x80cm

Cecil Rice (Rio di San Trovaso) WDC21206 40x50cm


21206 40x50cm

The Big Book vol. 5


Cecil Rice (Bridge and Walkway, Venice)

Cecil Rice (Red Palace, Grand Canal)

Cecil Rice (Canal with Orange Bridge)

21207 50x70cm

20553 50x70cm

WDC4555 60x80cm

20552 50x70cm

Cecil Rice graduated from Brighton Art College in 1983. He is well known for his powerful watercolours of seascapes and architecture. He has a passion for Italy, especially Venice, which he visits regularly. The element that resounds throughout all his work is that of light, Cecil comments “I’m attracted by how the brightest light in a painting gives way to the deepest of shadows. This range of contrast in a watercolour imparts a kind of strength and satisfies the eye.” Inspirations come in many forms, including his father Sean Rice, himself a respected sculptor. As for influential artists, he admires the work of The Norwich School, the “awesome” paintings by Turner, and the “intensity of colour and fluid vitality” found in Emil Nolde’s work. Usually he will sketch in graphite before applying colour, using his sketch book he will often prepare or complete works on the spot. Watercolour sketches can also provide him with a guide when working back in his studio. In conjunction to such sketches, Cecil will also refer to the many transparencies he shoots whilst travelling. Cecil Rice (Sunset Over Zattere) 21205 40x50cm

103 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Summer Thornton (London Skyline) WDC90641 60x80cm

PPR44188 30x40cm

WDC92361 30x40cm

PPR40416 60x80cm

Summer Thornton (New York Skyline)


Summer Thornton (Paris Skyline)

WDC90642 60x80cm

PPR40417 60x80cm

WDC90643 60x80cm

PPR40418 60x80cm

WDC92362 30x40cm

PPR44189 30x40cm

WDC92363 30x40cm

PPR44190 30x40cm


Martine Rupert (Sparkly Evening in London) WDC44196 60x60cm

Martine Rupert (New York by Night) 44196 60x60cm

WDC44198 60x60cm

44198 60x60cm

Martine Rupert was born in 1981 in Geneva. Having studied Applied Arts, she now works as both an illustrator and a graphic designer in Lyon, France. Her projects in the fields of arts & crafts, cosmetics and stationery have led to her working all over the world. Martine draws her inspiration from nature, travel and human contact, collecting objects such as letters and photographs to create an artwork, giving old objects a new life. She tries to tell a story with her artwork and hopes that her work will inspire people to remember a moment in their past or to experience something or somewhere new. Martine’s work (paintings, illustrations, travel journals) is exhibited in France and abroad. Martine Rupert (Paris Scintillante) WDC44197 60x60cm

44197 60x60cm

105 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Håkan Strand (Empire State Building, NYC) WDC98189 85x85cm

PPR46083 60x60cm

WDC95620 40x40cm

PPR45600 40x40cm

Håkan Strand was born in 1959 and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Most of his black and white photography is done in low light situations where there is an interaction between light and darkness, such as at dusk and dawn. He often works with long exposures in order to reduce the landscape into elemental, graphic shapes. He likes to work in bad weather: snowstorms, mist, fog, or just under an endless dull and greyish sky. These conditions make the perfect ingredients for his atmospheric and sometimes moody works. Water is often present in his photographs, as are wide-open spaces and solitary trees. He likes to simplify, to extract unnecessary elements in order to emphasize the subject he is working with. Håkan Strand’s award winning photographs have been featured in several exhibitions and international magazines.



H책kan Strand (Dynamic Duo, NYC)

H책kan Strand (Queensboro Bridge, NYC)

WDC98188 85x85cm

PPR46082 60x60cm

WDC98190 85x85cm

PPR46084 60x60cm

WDC95619 40x40cm

PPR45599 40x40cm

WDC95621 40x40cm

PPR45601 40x40cm

H책kan Strand (Midtown Panorama, NYC) WDC93171 50x100cm

PPR41127 50x100cm

107 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Pete Seaward (NY Aerial Straight Road) WDC96312 85x120cm

Pete Seaward (New York Street) PPR40742 60x80cm

WDC99554 60x80cm

Pete Seaward enjoyed a flourishing career in advertising as a studio photographer before shocking his friends and colleagues by selling everything he owned, buying a mobile home and vanishing into the countryside. Eight months later he emerged with a stunning new portfolio of work. Pete is renowned for his creative landscapes and now travels the world, shooting for top advertising agencies and for his own pleasure. He is influenced by the work of several key landscape photographers, in particular Ansel Adams.


WDC93173 50x100cm

PPR41129 50x100cm


Jason Hawkes (New York) WDC96292 85x120cm

PPR40557 60x80cm

WDC90952 60x80cm

PPR43265 40x50cm

WDC94462 40x50cm

PPR44295 30x40cm

109 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

David Clapp (Light Trails, Brooklyn Bridge, New York) WDC99521 60x80cm


PPR40710 60x80cm


Skyline NYC WDC22139 50x100cm

43024 50x100cm

Ernst Haas (Skyline, New York, 1957) WDC40184 60x80cm

Fremont Street, Las Vegas 40184 60x80cm

WDC41631 85x120cm

40201 60x80cm

111 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Time Life (Brooklyn Bridge, New York 1946) WDC90733 60x80cm

PPR40467 60x80cm

WDC94361 40x50cm

PPR43233 40x50cm

WDC92425 30x40cm

PPR44239 30x40cm

Time Life (Lower Manhattan Skyline 1948)


WDC90732 60x80cm

PPR40466 60x80cm

WDC94360 40x50cm

PPR43232 40x50cm

WDC92424 30x40cm

PPR44238 30x40cm


Time Life (DC-4 over Manhattan) WDC90303 60x80cm

PPR40198 60x80cm

WDC94072 40x50cm

PPR43070 40x50cm

WDC92082 30x40cm

PPR44038 30x40cm

Time Life (Statue of Liberty)

Alfred Gescheidt (Broadway and 7th Avenue at Times Square)

WDC90694 60x80cm

PPR40445 60x80cm

WDC94328 40x50cm

PPR43216 40x50cm

WDC92391 30x40cm

PPR44218 30x40cm

WDC42672 40x50cm

42672 40x50cm

113 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

City Lunch WDC41576 85x120cm

Tee Off! 21239 60x80cm

Amy Gibbings (Brooklyn Bridge, NYC) WDC42500 50x100cm

WDC21240 40x50cm

21240 40x50cm

Amy Gibbings (Statue of Liberty) 42500 50x100cm

WDC44177 50x100cm 44177 50x100cm



Liz Rusby (Springtime in Paris)

Flatiron Building, New York WDC44187 50x100cm WDC44359 30x60cm

44187 50x100cm

WDC44185 50x100cm

44185 50x100cm

WDC44357 30x60cm

115 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

David Clapp (River Seine Infrared, Paris) WDC99522 60x80cm

PPR40711 60x80cm

WDC92685 30x40cm

PPR44371 30x40cm



David Clapp (Jardin de Tuilieres Infrared, Paris)

David Clapp (Eiffel Tower Infrared, Paris)

David Clapp (Sacre Coeur Infrared, Paris) WDC99523 60x80cm

PPR40712 60x80cm

WDC99525 60x80cm

PPR40714 60x80cm

WDC99524 60x80cm

PPR40713 60x80cm

WDC92686 30x40cm

PPR44372 30x40cm

WDC92688 30x40cm

PPR44374 30x40cm

WDC92687 30x40cm

PPR44373 30x40cm

117 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Heiko Lanio (Metro Entrance, Paris) WDC42503 60x80cm

42503 60x80cm

Pete Seaward (Eiffel Tower, Paris) WDC40218 85x120cm


40218 40x50cm


Amy Gibbings (Arc de Triomphe, Paris) WDC42502 50x100cm

42502 50x100cm

Volker Seding (Au Rocher de Cancale, Paris)

Joseph Squillante (Parisian CafĂŠ)

WDC40214 50x100cm

WDC42758 60x80cm

40214 50x100cm

Amy Gibbings (Eiffel Tower) 42758 60x80cm

WDC44176 50x100cm 44176 50x100cm

119 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Rod Edwards (Autumn Skies, London, England) WDC99537 60x80cm

PPR40724 60x80cm PPR44378 30x40cm

Rod Edwards (Twilight, London, England) WDC99538 60x80cm

PPR40725 60x80cm PPR44379 30x40cm

Based in East Anglia, Rod Edwards is an acclaimed photographer who has worked in numerous areas of the photographic industry, including publishing, advertising and design. Rod gains his inspiration on location from time, place, mood and natural light, capturing the true character of each of his subjects and recording his own personal perspective. The weather also plays a fundamental role in the mood of Rod’s images and he likes to work in all conditions, be it in the heat of the Californian desert or the cold of the Scottish Winter. Rod is a respected member of the Association of Photographers in London, and he sells his images internationally. He also has an impressive portfolio of clients in the UK and abroad, ranging from most of the Sunday papers to a personal portrait sitting with HM the Queen for her Golden Jubilee and The Duke of Edinburgh.



Jason Hawkes (London) WDC96291 85x120cm

PPR40556 60x80cm

WDC90951 60x80cm

PPR43264 40x50cm

WDC94461 40x50cm

PPR44294 30x40cm

Based just outside of London, Jason Hawkes has specialised in aerial photography since 1991. He works for a wide range of clients and his weeks are spent either working on single shoots for architectural visualisation companies or multi shoots for large ad and branding agencies which involves organising all production plus the helicopter. Jason’s famous client base includes Virgin Atlantic, Amazon, Rolex, Nike and Coca Cola to name just a few. He has also had over 50 aerial photographic books published with the likes of the BBC, Random House, Dorling Kindersley and Harper Collins.

121 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Time Life (Piccadilly Circus, London 1942) WDC99542 60x80cm

PPR40727 60x80cm

WDC92693 30x40cm

PPR44381 30x40cm

James Lazos (Tower Bridge) WDC41573 60x80cm


Houses of Parliament and the River Thames 43022 60x80cm

43020 50x100cm


Rod Edwards (Canal Grande, Venice) WDC40205 50x100cm

Rod Edwards (Canal Grande, Venice II) 40205 50x100cm

Rod Edwards (Venetian Ghosts) WDC90590 60x80cm

WDC90591 60x80cm

PPR40366 60x80cm

Rod Edwards (Scala a Chiocciola, Ravello) PPR40365 60x80cm

WDC90589 60x80cm

PPR40364 60x80cm

123 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Heiko Lanio (Canal Grande, Venice)

Heiko Lanio (Reflection, Venice)

Heiko Lanio (Rialto Bridge, Venice)

Heiko Lanio (Santa Maria Della Salute, Venice)

WDC40208 50x100cm

WDC40209 50x100cm

WDC40206 50x100cm

WDC40207 50x100cm

40208 50x100cm

40209 50x100cm

40206 50x100cm

40207 50x100cm

Heiko Lanio was born in 1964 in Krefeld, Germany, the city he has remained faithful to until this day. Heiko works as a master photographer in his own studio in Krefeld since 1997. As opposed to his daily work in the fields of commercial, industrial and architecture photography, travel portraits of countries and cities are a wholly novel and fascinating task for him. As a specialist also for black & white fine art photography, he took many trips to amazing European and American cities and countries/states and has published a lot of calendars and travel books. It is the aim of his “cityscapes“ and “landscapes“ to show the typical character of an interesting city or region and its inhabitants through the medium of photography. He is particulary concerned with archieving a new view of familiar objects through his choice of detail and perspective. This comes about mainly by concentrating on what is essential -“less is often more“.



Lee Frost (Venetian Twilight) WDC42626 60x80cm

42626 60x80cm

Amy Gibbings (Rome) WDC42501 50x100cm

42501 50x100cm

125 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Time Life (Route 66, Arizona) WDC90291 60x80cm

PPR40186 60x80cm

WDC94060 40x50cm

PPR43058 40x50cm

WDC92070 30x40cm

PPR44026 30x40cm

Rod Edwards (Last Light - Keeler, California)


WDC90587 60x80cm

PPR40362 60x80cm

WDC94267 40x50cm

PPR43166 40x50cm


Lee Frost (Havana Street, Cuba) WDC40327 60x80cm

Lee Frost (Vintage Car, Havana, Cuba) 40327 50x70cm

Lee Frost (Havana, Cuba) WDC42625 60x60cm

WDC40219 60x80cm

40219 60x80cm

Lee Frost (Havana, Cuba II) 42625 60x60cm

WDC40273 50x100cm

40273 50x100cm

Lee Frost was born in Yorkshire in 1966 and picked up a camera for the first time at the age of 15. A self-taught photographer, he is now regarded as one of Britain’s best known authors, with a number of best-selling books to his name including ‘The A-Z of Creative Photography’, ‘Taking Pictures for Profit’, ‘Teach Yourself Photography’ and ‘The Complete Guide to Night & Lowlight Photography’. Lee also writes for various photographic magazines and leads workshops in the UK and overseas where he passes on his knowledge and experience to small groups of photographic enthusiasts. When he does manage to get behind the camera, which is all too infrequently, it is the landscape where he finds his inspiration.

127 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Peter Vincent (Roadster, Muroc) WDC40477 60x60cm

Peter Vincent (7 CoupĂŠs at El Mirage) PPR46081 60x60cm

Peter Vincent (59 Caddy) WDC93174 50x100cm


PPR41131 50x1000cm

WDC97111 60x60cm

PPR46086 60x60cm


Peter Vincent (Schmidt 32 Roadster) WDC93175 50x100cm

PPR41132 50x1000cm

Peter Vincent (Varni & Schmidt 32’s) WDC93176 50x100cm

PPR41133 50x1000cm

Peter Vincent draws his inspiration and finds his subject in “hot-rodding”, the American trend of modifying and customising vintage cars for races. Documenting these races in a variety of locations, Peter reveals the artistry of the cars themselves. His work has been published in numerous publications and exhibited internationally.

129 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ben Wood (AC Cobra 1962) WDC44634 50x100cm

44634 50x100cm

WDC44633 30x60cm

Ben Wood (The First Corner - Aston Martin DB3S 1955) WDC44632 50x100cm WDC44631 30x60cm


44632 50x100cm


Jesse Alexander (Tourist Trophy (TT), Goodwood, 1959)

Monaco Grand Prix WDC44959 60x80cm

44959 60x80cm

Jesse Alexander (Monaco Grand Prix, 1962) WDC21613 60x80cm

WDC21615 50x100cm

21615 50x100cm

Jesse Alexander (Ferrari Mechanic, French GP, 1954) 21613 50x70cm

WDC21612 60x80cm

21612 50x70cm

131 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

seascapes ‘Dawn Over Foxglove Bay’ by Jo Grundy p139


Lee McCarthy (Coastal Capers) WDC99510 60x80cm

PPR40701 60x80cm

Lee McCarthy studied at Liverpool art college, gained A level art and design and is a member of the ABNA (Association of British Naive Artists). Inspired by his childhood holidays, Lee works mostly on canvas using acrylic or oil to paint harbour scenes and coastal landscapes as well as cityscapes, still life and abstracts. He uses sketches and photographs as visual references and likes to experiment with a variety of styles, techniques and different media to create quirky, na誰ve paintings full of texture and movement.



Lee McCarthy (Midnight St Ives) WDC93162 50x100cm

PPR41113 50x100cm

Lee McCarthy (Fish & Ships)

Lee McCarthy (High Tide) WDC90867 60x80cm

PPR40531 60x80cm

WDC98187 85x85cm

WDC94429 40x50cm

PPR43248 40x50cm

WDC95603 40x40cm

WDC92519 30x40cm

PPR44276 30x40cm

PPR45586 40x40cm

135 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jo Grundy (Spring is in the Air) WDC99319 60x80cm

PPR40633 60x80cm

Jo Grundy (Swallow Dive) WDC98165 85x85cm WDC95511 40x40cm


PPR45530 40x40cm


Jo Grundy (Dawn Over Foxglove Bay) WDC99483 60x80cm

PPR40688 60x80cm

Jo Grundy (The Sound of the Sea) WDC99246 60x80cm

PPR40608 60x80cm

137 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Hannah Cole (Waiting for the Catch) WDC98135 85x85cm

PPR45491 40x40cm

WDC95421 40x40cm

Hannah Cole (Cornish Sea Dog) WDC98136 85x85cm WDC95422 40x40cm


PPR45492 40x40cm


Hannah Cole (After the Rain) WDC93121 50x100cm

PPR41084 50x100cm

Hannah Cole’s muted seascapes sum up the feel of the British coastline perfectly. Born in rural North Devon, the area has a strong influence on her seascapes and although she now resides in Brighton, she visits the West Country regularly, always accompanied by her two children, camera and sketchpad. Hannah moved to Brighton in order to study illustration there and after graduating in 1994 she took on a series of jobs including waitress, receptionist and cleaner, to name but a few while furiously painting in her spare time. She received a number of varied commissions during this period including greetings cards, childrens books, editorial and giftwrap which in turn gave her the confidence to begin exhibiting paintings at the Brighton Open House festival. The paintings inevitably sold like the proverbial hotcakes and since 2001 she has been able to paint full time from her studio in Brighton.

139 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Louise O’Hara (The Deck Chair) WDC95312 40x40cm

Louise O’Hara (The Wind Break) PPR45441 40x40cm

Louise O’Hara (A Trot Along the Harbour) WDC95347 40x40cm


WDC95313 40x40cm

PPR45442 40x40cm

Louise O’Hara (Floating on a Light Breeze) PPR45463 40x40cm

WDC95348 40x40cm

PPR45464 40x40cm


Andrew McNeile Jones (Charmouth Beach: Where the Sea Meets the Sky I) WDC93119 50x100cm

PPR41082 50x100cm

Andrew McNeile Jones (Testing the Waves) WDC90977 60x80cm

PPR40576 60x80cm

141 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Stuart Roy (Beach Huts I) WDC95385 40x40cm

PPR45472 40x40cm

Stuart Roy (Beach Huts and Beach II) WDC93082 50x100cm


PPR41071 50x100cm


Stuart Roy (Sea and Blue Sky IV) WDC95387 40x40cm

Stuart Roy (Seascape II) PPR45474 40x40cm

PPR45473 40x40cm

WDC95386 40x40cm

The Norfolk coast dominates Stuart Roy’s paintings. Since moving to the county he has fallen in love with the majestic landscape. Its dramatic seas and theatrical skies feature heavily in his work and his main goal is always to recreate the atmosphere of a scene rather than a direct copy of it. Stuart has been an artist all his life. He studied fine art at university in Wales and his interest then moved from drawing to photography. Alongside selling his fine art photography, Stuart worked as a professional freelance advertising photographer until the move to Norfolk completely shifted the direction of his artwork. Norfolk’s wide, open spaces and breathtaking lighting re-ignited his passion for painting and he started to create with acrylics on canvas; the popular signature of his portfolio today. Stuart Roy (Red Skies in Norfolk) WDC95472 40x40cm

PPR45519 40x40cm

143 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Stuart Roy (Three Boats) WDC94517 40x50cm

PPR43308 40x50cm

Stuart Roy (Getting Ready to Sail) WDC94518 40x50cm


PPR43309 40x50cm


Stuart Roy (River Mornings and Angry Clouds) PPR41115 50x100cm

Stuart Roy (Summer Mornings) PPR41114 50x100cm

Stuart Roy (The Port at Night) PPR41116 50x100cm

145 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jeremy Thompson (Harbour Colours)

Jeremy Thompson (Harbour Colours 2)

WDC90540 60x80cm

PPR40319 60x80cm

WDC90904 60x80cm

PPR40544 60x80cm

WDC94253 40x50cm

PPR43153 40x50cm

WDC94452 40x50cm

PPR43255 40x50cm

WDC92543 30x40cm

PPR44285 30x40cm

Jeremy Thompson (Promenade)

Jeremy Thompson (Padstow Boats)

WDC90903 60x80cm

PPR40543 60x80cm

WDC94451 40x50cm

PPR43254 40x50cm


WDC94453 40x50cm

PPR43256 40x50cm


Jeremy Thompson (High & Dry)

Jeremy Thompson (Green Netter)

WDC90541 60x80cm

PPR40320 60x80cm

WDC90542 60x80cm

PPR40321 60x80cm

WDC94254 40x50cm

PPR43154 40x50cm

WDC94255 40x50cm

PPR43155 40x50cm

Jeremy Thompson (Snowdrop)

Jeremy Thompson (Tipsy by the Sea)

WDC93081 50x100cm

WDC92542 30x40cm

PPR44284 30x40cm

PPR41070 50x100cm

147 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Margaret Heath (Southwold Sunrise) WDC99531 60x80cm

PPR40721 60x80cm

WDC92691 30x40cm

PPR44377 30x40cm

Margaret Heath (Beach Huts, Southwold) WDC40975 60x80cm


40975 50x70cm


Margaret Heath (Four Red Deckchairs) WDC44148 40x50cm

Margaret Heath (Beach Kiosk) 44148 40x50cm

WDC44147 40x50cm

44147 40x50cm

Margaret Heath studied at Wimbledon Art School and was an illustrator for many years before becoming a full-time painter. Her passion is painting images of the British seaside. She loves the bright colours, the unique seaside architecture and the sheer enjoyment of being beside the sea. She also enjoys painting atmospheric coastal scenes under the effects of different weather and light. Margaret regularly exhibits and sells work with the Royal Society of Marine Artists and the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, where she won the Rowland Hilder Award in 1998.

Margaret Heath (Three Beach Huts) WDC40976 40x50cm

Margaret Heath (Blue Beach Huts) 40976 40x50cm

WDC40977 40x50cm

40977 40x50cm

149 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jonathan Sanders (Five Deckchairs) WDC44775 50x100cm

44775 50x100cm

WDC44776 30x60cm

Jonathan Sanders (Heatwave) WDC44773 40x50cm


Jonathan Sanders (Summer Breeze) 44773 40x50cm

WDC44774 40x50cm

44774 40x50cm


Heidi Langridge (Summer Beach Huts) WDC44690 40x40cm

Heidi Langridge (Red, White and Blue) 44690 40x40cm

WDC44692 40x50cm

Heidi Langridge (Red Stripe) 44692 40x50cm

WDC44689 40x40cm

44689 40x40cm

Janet Bell (Beach Huts) WDC98059 85x85cm

PPR45389 40x40cm

WDC95241 40x40cm

151 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jane Hewlett (Suffolk Beach Huts) WDC22979 40x50cm

22979 40x50cm

Jane Hewlett (Beach Huts on a Bright Day) WDC22078 60x80cm


22078 60x80cm


Jane Hewlett (Beach Huts)

Jane Hewlett (Two Beach Huts) WDC21470 40x50cm

21470 30x40cm

WDC21469 40x40cm

21469 30x40cm

Jane Hewlett’s work concentrates on capturing the atmosphere of the coastal landscape. In may ways it is a romantic voyage back through several generations; the local fishing boats which she portrays built with the traditional fishing equipment lying lazily on and around the colourful hulls. Often the boats are deserted, perhaps hinting at the decline in the local fishing industry; but there is nothing pessimistic about her work, rather it is a reflection and celebration of the clarity of light and colour which has attracted so many artists to the East Anglican coast over the years. Most of Jane Hewlett’s paintings are in oil, very often on a gesso ground. The technique which she uses harks back to that used by Nash, Nevinson, Cadell, Wadsworth and Millier in the early and mid-twentieth century. It is based on allowing the gesso ground to absorb the oil in the paint; once this has happened the canvas or board is left with dry, sandy pigment on its surface which enables the artist to achieve a purity of colour and chalky consistency ideally suited to the depletion of the coastal landscape. Jane Hewlett started showing her work publicly in 1998 and it can now be found in private collections in Britain and the USA.

153 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jane Hewlett (Lobster Pot Buoys) WDC94626 40x50cm

Jane Hewlett (Ocean Pride) PPR43393 40x50cm

Jane Hewlett (Breezy Day) WDC21473 60x80cm

WDC94627 40x50cm

Jane Hewlett (Beach Boats, St Ives) 21473 60x80cm

WDC21895 85x120cm WDC21894 60x80cm


PPR43394 40x50cm

21474 50x70cm


Jane Hewlett (Moored Boat) WDC21892 40x40cm

Jane Hewlett (Two Moored Boats) 21471 40x50cm

Jane Hewlett (Windy Day) WDC22826 40x40cm

WDC21893 40x40cm

21472 40x50cm

Jane Hewlett (Fishing Boats) 22826 40x40cm

WDC22077 60x60cm

22827 40x40cm

155 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Heinke Boehnert (Ocean Waves) WDC44540 60x80cm

44540 60x80cm

WDC44343 30x40cm

44343 30x40cm

Heinke Boehnert is inspired by the expressionist painters of the 20th Century. Through wild textures and playful colours and shapes, her work re-energizes paintings of the yachting world. As an active international yacht racer herself, Heinke incorporates original sailcloth into her paintings, giving each piece that special sense of originality. Her work is seen in many renowned galleries throughout Europe and she is one of the most unique internationally recognized maritime artists. Heinke Boehnert (Big Fun) WDC44339 50x100cm WDC44715 30x60cm


44339 50x100cm


Jon Barker (Soft Impressions, Itchenor) WDC93147 50x100cm

PPR41103 50x100cm

Jon Barker (The Thames Near Windsor) WDC44991 60x60cm

44991 60x60cm

WDC44643 40x40cm

44643 40x40cm

157 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Horacio Cardozo (Waiting for the Crew) WDC44541 85x85cm

44344 40x40cm

WDC44344 40x40cm

Horacio Cardozo (Boat in a Tranquil Bay) WDC44542 85x85cm WDC44340 40x40cm


44340 40x40cm


Hugh Cushing (Evening Light)

Hugh Cushing (Yellow Flotilla) WDC93067 50x100cm

WDC90755 60x80cm

PPR40478 60x80cm

WDC94366 40x50cm

PPR43237 40x50cm

WDC92441 30x40cm

PPR44252 30x40cm

Hugh Cushing (Light at Noon) PPR41064 50x100cm

WDC90756 60x80cm

PPR40479 60x80cm

WDC94367 40x50cm

PPR43238 40x50cm

WDC92442 30x40cm

PPR44253 30x40cm

159 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Malcolm Sanders (View Through Shutters) WDC43029 40x40cm

Malcolm Sanders (Cool View) 43029 40x40cm

WDC43030 40x40cm

45111 40x50cm 43030 40x40cm

Malcolm Sanders (Hamptons I)


Malcolm Sanders (Hamptons II)

WDC44836 60x80cm

44836 60x80cm

WDC44838 60x80cm

44838 60x80cm

WDC44835 30x40cm

44835 30x40cm

WDC44837 30x40cm

44837 30x40cm


John Sprakes (Across to Holkham)

John Sprakes (Beach Huts Against Fir Trees)

WDC42605 60x60cm

42605 60x60cm

WDC42607 60x60cm

42607 60x60cm

WDC42604 40x40cm

42604 40x40cm

WDC42606 40x40cm

42606 40x40cm

John Sprakes (Beach Houses, Thorpness) WDC42757 60x80cm

John Sprakes (Towards the Brundenel) 42757 60x80cm

WDC42756 60x80cm

42756 60x80cm

161 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Alexander Slatter (Beach Tree with Jetty) WDC41055 50x100cm

41055 50x100cm

Alexander Slatter (Long Wave at Compton Bay) WDC41700 50x100cm

41700 50x100cm

Charlotte Jordan (Walberswick Beach) WDC44645 50x100cm WDC44644 30x60cm


44645 50x100cm


Hannah Bone (Start Point 2) WDC44470 60x80cm

44470 60x80cm

WDC44469 30x40cm

44469 30x40cm

Hannah Bone (Bantham)

Hannah Bone (East Prawle)

WDC44474 60x60cm

44474 60x60cm

WDC44472 60x60cm

44472 60x60cm

WDC44473 40x40cm

44473 40x40cm

WDC44471 40x40cm

44471 40x40cm

163 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Nikky Corker (Beach Party) WDC95306 40x40cm

PPR45435 40x40cm

Nikky Corker (Lazy Sunny Days) WDC95309 40x40cm

PPR45438 40x40cm

Painting has always had a huge part to play in Nikky Corker’s life. She lives and breathes art and it has become part of her everyday routine; from planning her day with a series of doodles whilst eating her porridge, to turning a mundane shopping task into an exciting treasure hunt for her children through pictures. Nikky attended Cheltenham Art College and studied both traditional and contemporary methods and mediums that allowed her to develop her own unique, fun style. She takes her sketch book with her wherever she goes to record the simplest things. She has so much fun creating her paintings and is always pleased to hear that this pleasure is shared when she brings a smile to the faces of those that buy her work.



Derek Melville (Harbour Inlet)

Derek Melville (Seaside Town)

WDC44679 60x80cm

44679 60x80cm

WDC44681 60x80cm

44681 60x80cm

WDC44678 40x50cm

44678 40x50cm

WDC44680 40x50cm

44680 40x50cm

Derek Melville (Summer Shoreline) WDC94621 40x50cm

Derek Melville (Harbour View) 45141 40x50cm

Derek Melville (Docked)

WDC44677 85x85cm

44676 60x60cm

WDC44676 60x60cm

44675 40x40cm

WDC94622 40x50cm

45142 40x50cm

WDC44675 40x40cm

165 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Adam McNaught-Davis (Brighton Pier) WDC99484 60x80cm

Adam McNaught-Davis (Eastbourne Pier) PPR44358 30x40cm

WDC92645 30x40cm

WDC99485 60x80cm

PPR44359 30x40cm

WDC92646 30x40cm

With a strong journalistic ethic pervading his images, it is no surprise to learn that Adam McNaught-Davis trained as a reporter. His prints of well known landmarks and views along the coast and around his home on the South Downs are textured but simple illustrations that he refers to as ‘headlines’; a punchy entry point into a story which can’t be fully understood until the viewer experiences the sights themselves. The work references destination poster art but offers an even simpler interpretation inspired by printmakers of all disciplines. All profits go towards his two young sons’ university bar bill, he says. Adam McNaught-Davis (Escape) WDC90829 60x80cm WDC92496 30x40cm


PPR44260 30x40cm


Adam McNaught-Davis (Beachy Head) WDC90827 60x80cm

Adam McNaught-Davis (Durdle Door) PPR44258 30x40cm

WDC92494 30x40cm

WDC92498 30x40cm

PPR44259 30x40cm

WDC92495 30x40cm

Adam McNaught-Davis (The Seven Sisters) WDC90831 60x80cm

WDC90828 60x80cm

Adam McNaught-Davis (The Needles) PPR44262 30x40cm

WDC90830 60x80cm

PPR44261 30x40cm

WDC92497 30x40cm

167 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ian Winstanley (Love on the Horizon) WDC90954 60x80cm

PPR40559 60x80cm

Ian Winstanley (Tranquil Heart) WDC90953 60x80cm


PPR40558 60x80cm


Ian Winstanley (Love’s Serenity) WDC45336 60x80cm

Ian Winstanley (Love Goes on Forever) 45336 60x80cm

WDC44235 60x80cm

44235 60x80cm

WDC44738 30x40cm

45437 40x50cm 44738 30x40cm

Ian Winstanley (Love in the Dunes) WDC94465 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (And Beyond the Shore) PPR43268 40x50cm

WDC44234 60x80cm

44234 60x80cm

169 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ian Winstanley (Ullswater Rocks) WDC93169 50x100cm

45208 50x100cm

Ian Winstanley (Looking to the Horizon) WDC44742 50x100cm

44742 50x100cm

WDC44741 30x60cm

Ian Winstanley (Calm Sea) WDC44744 50x100cm WDC44743 30x60cm


44744 50x100cm


David Noton (Weary Bay, Australia) WDC20715 60x80cm

David Noton (Derwent Water at Dawn, Cumbria) 20715 50x70cm

Mel Allen (Ullswater)

WDC4568 50x100cm

23071 50x100cm

Lee Frost (Harris from Taransay, Outer Hebrides)

WDC41562 85x120cm

6080 60x80cm

WDC44817 60x80cm

44817 60x80cm

WDC4558 60x80cm

6251 40x50cm

WDC44816 30x40cm

44816 30x40cm

WDC6251 40x50cm

21340 30x40cm

171 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Marina Cano (Sunset, Cantabria) WDC40253 40x50cm

40253 40x50cm

Marina Cano (Beach Reflection) WDC40254 60x80cm


40254 50x70cm


Elizabeth Carmel (Sunset, Bonsai Rock) WDC22799 60x80cm

Elizabeth Carmel (Pacific Coast) 22799 60x80cm

Elizabeth Carmel (Sand Harbour Sunset) WDC22796 40x40cm

WDC22798 60x80cm

22798 60x80cm

Elizabeth Carmel (Brilliant Water) 22796 40x40cm

WDC22797 40x40cm

22797 40x40cm

173 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ian Cumming (Driftwood, Antigua) WDC21185 85x120cm

Helen Dixon (West Wittering) 20923 60x80cm

WDC4962 60x80cm

Josef Sohm (Pathway to the Beach) WDC22927 50x100cm


22927 50x100cm

WDC40263 60x80cm

40263 60x80cm


Beach Sunset WDC44507 50x100cm

44507 50x100cm

Silhouette of Mountains at Dusk WDC44189 50x100cm

44189 50x100cm

WDC44361 30x60cm

175 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jean Guichard (Armen at Sunset) WDC93084 50x100cm

PPR41073 50x100cm

Jean Guichard first encountered the force of the high seas during his National Service with the French Navy in 1970 when he discovered the inspirational coastlines of the great north; Newfoundland, Iceland, Greenland and the Baltic Sea. Memories of his family in Brittany inspired Jean to research into the lives of the forgotten lighthouse keepers who risk life and limb to guide ships through the treacherous coastal waters. The awe-inspiring power of the sea and the fortitude of both lighthouse and keeper is consummately captured in Guichard’s astounding ‘Phares dans la Tempête’ series of photographs.

Jean Guichard (Grand Cardinaux) WDC93085 50x100cm


PPR41074 50x100cm


Jean Guichard (La Jument & Hercules) WDC96290 85x120cm

PPR40552 60x80cm

WDC90935 60x80cm

PPR43260 40x50cm

WDC94457 40x50cm

PPR44289 30x40cm

Jean Guichard (Phares Dans La Tempête, La Jument)

Jean Guichard (Phares Dans La Tempête, Kéreon Triptych)

WDC6399 85x120cm

3555 60x80cm

23052 50x70cm

WDC4560 60x80cm

6021 40x50cm

WDC6021 40x50cm

21348 30x40cm

177 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jean Guichard (Phare De Fanad Head, Irlande) WDC4569 50x100cm

20701 50x100cm

Jean Guichard (Phare De Slyne Head, Galway, Irlande) WDC20703 50x100cm

20703 50x100cm

Jean Guichard (Phare De Skerryvore, Scotland)


WDC4570 50x100cm

20892 50x100cm

WDC20941 60x80cm

20941 50x70cm


Jean Guichard (Phare De Tevennec, Bretagne) WDC20694 60x80cm

Jean Guichard (Phares Dans La Tempête, Kéreon) 20694 60x80cm

WDC21347 30x40cm

3554 60x80cm 21347 30x40cm

Jean Guichard (Phare Du Four, Bretagne Triptych)

Jean Guichard (Phares Dans La Tempête, La Jument II)

20702 50x100cm

WDC6241 60x80cm

6241 50x70cm

179 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Steffen Jahn (Moeriaki Boulders) WDC42703 50x100cm

42703 50x100cm

Steffen Jahn (Marlborough Sound) WDC42705 50x100cm

42705 50x100cm

Steffen Jahn (Mitre Peak) WDC42704 50x100cm


42704 50x100cm


Andreas Stridsberg (Sepia Sea, Lofoten Islands) WDC44597 60x80cm

44597 60x80cm

WDC44596 40x50cm

44596 40x50cm

Andreas Stridsberg (Lofoten Islands) WDC40369 50x100cm

40369 50x100cm

181 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Rod Edwards (In God we Trust) WDC90588 60x80cm

PPR40363 60x80cm

WDC94268 40x50cm

PPR43167 40x50cm

WDC92301 30x40cm

PPR44136 30x40cm

Rod Edwards (Jill Anne, Dunwich, Suffolk) WDC40265 50x100cm


40265 50x100cm


Malcolm Sanders (Open Water) WDC44834 50x100cm

44834 50x100cm

WDC44833 30x60cm

Mike Shepherd (Landing Stage, Derwent Water) WDC40270 50x100cm

40270 50x100cm

WDC40279 40x50cm

40279 40x50cm

183 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jeremy Senior (Old Burke Wharf, Thames) WDC93079 50x100cm

PPR41069 50x100cm

Jeremy Senior is an award-winning fine art photographer from New Zealand. Using long exposure techniques, he produces simple yet captivating images that ooze class, sophistication and quality. As a New Zealander, Jeremy is lucky to be surrounded by some of the most incredible land and seascapes imaginable and he loves to be able to allow people permanent access to these special places within their own homes. “Producing works that people can engage with, enjoy and want to make part of their world and collections is what I’m excited about”.

Jeremy Senior (Frosted Tops, Maraetai)


Jeremy Senior (Disappearing, Waihi Beach)

WDC98101 85x85cm

PPR46043 60x60cm

WDC98102 85x85cm

PPR46044 60x60cm

WDC95364 40x40cm

PPR45470 40x40cm

WDC95365 40x40cm

PPR45471 40x40cm


Marina Cano (Cantabria Lighthouse I)

Marina Cano (Cantabria Lighthouse II)

WDC44843 85x120cm

44842 60x80cm

WDC44845 60x80cm

44845 60x80cm

WDC44842 60x80cm

44841 30x40cm

WDC44844 30x40cm

44844 30x40cm

WDC44841 30x40cm

H책kan Strand (The Lighthouse, Oddesund, Jylland, Denmark)

Rod Edwards (West Burton Falls, Yorkshire)

WDC42568 60x80cm

WDC40296 60x80cm

42568 60x80cm

40296 60x80cm

185 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Beken of Cowes (Meteor Aground) WDC42466 50x100cm

42466 50x100cm

The Beken Collection holds approximately seventy-five thousand black and white photographs and is the work of four generations of the Beken family. The first of these maritime pictures was taken by Alfred Edward Beken, whose hobby became a professional concern of his son Frank, a specialist in yacht portraiture. The Beken photographs are celebrated as a unique and unrivalled maritime collection, whose depiction of a hundred years of the finest in racing yachts are sought after by sailing enthusiasts world-wide. Beken of Cowes (Titanic) 6370 60x80cm



Beken of Cowes (Solent Sunbeams) WDC42465 60x80cm

Beken of Cowes (Astra & Shamrock V, 1934) 42464 60x80cm

Beken of Cowes (Ryde Town Cup, 1903) WDC20929 50x100cm

WDC4571 50x100cm

20930 50x100cm

Beken of Cowes (White Heather) 20929 50x100cm

WDC2890 60x80cm

2890 60x80cm

187 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Natural Life highlights and celebrates the wonder and diversity of natural form. The seductive beauty of delicate blooms, tantalising figuratives and majestic animals are brought to life in all their magnificence.

natural life ‘Out for a bit o’ Brunch’ by Sam Toft p260

natural life

Janet Bell (Frosty Windows) WDC95611 40x40cm

Janet Bell (Winter Jar) PPR45589 40x40cm

Janet Bell (Hydrangeas) WDC95613 40x40cm


WDC95612 40x40cm

PPR45590 40x40cm

Janet Bell (Summer Posy) PPR45591 40x40cm

WDC95614 40x40cm

PPR45592 40x40cm

natural life

Janet Bell (Cornflowers & Poppies) WDC95427 40x40cm

Janet Bell (Wild Meadow) PPR45497 40x40cm

Janet Bell (Spotty Jug) WDC94613 40x50cm

WDC95615 40x40cm

PPR45593 40x40cm

Janet Bell (Summer Fields) PPR43385 40x50cm

WDC95616 40x40cm

PPR45594 40x40cm

191 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jo Grundy (Peacocks and Poppies) WDC98098 85x85cm WDC95353 40x40cm


PPR45468 40x40cm

natural life

Carolyn Carter (Bird Song) WDC95332 40x40cm

Carolyn Carter (Meadow Bird) PPR45459 40x40cm

Carolyn Carter (Anemone Red) WDC95314 40x40cm

WDC94357 40x50cm

PPR43230 40x50cm

Carolyn Carter (Tulip Glory) PPR45443 40x40cm

WDC95315 40x40cm

PPR45444 40x40cm

193 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

David Ross (Iris Laevigata) WDC95547 40x40cm

David Ross (Lilium Candidum) PPR45547 40x40cm


PPR45548 40x40cm

David Ross (Orange King)

David Ross (Purple Poppies) WDC95552 40x40cm

WDC95548 40x40cm

PPR45552 40x40cm

WDC95551 40x40cm

PPR45551 40x40cm

natural life

David Ross (Siberian Iris) WDC95553 40x40cm

David Ross (Papaver Nudicaule) PPR45553 40x40cm

David Ross (Iris) WDC94593 40x50cm

WDC95541 40x40cm

David Ross (Paeoniflorum) PPR45542 40x40cm

WDC95542 40x40cm

PPR45543 40x40cm

David Ross (Turkenlouis) PPR43373 40x50cm

WDC94602 40x50cm

PPR43374 40x50cm

195 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Amanda J. Brooks (Plush Peony) WDC98061 85x85cm

Amanda J. Brooks (Tulip Splendour) PPR45391 40x40cm

WDC95243 40x40cm

WDC98062 85x85cm

PPR45392 40x40cm

WDC95244 40x40cm

Amanda J Brooks’ unique work reflects the contemporary, casual and colour filled lifestyle of the picturesque Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Her works on large canvases are vibrant and textured using a combination of acrylics, ink washes and oils creating layer upon layer reflecting her love of nature, music and the coast. From her whimsical birds and animals, abstract contemporary florals and ocean pools to her compositions of beautiful bowls, fruit, and kitchen finery, Amanda’s work captures light and form in a breathtaking manner. Amanda J. Brooks (Grace be Mine) WDC98063 85x85cm WDC95245 40x40cm


PPR45393 40x40cm

natural life

Lucy Routh (Red Rose) WDC95322 40x40cm WDC91225 30x30cm

Lucy Routh (Tulips) PPR45451 40x40cm

WDC90740 60x80cm

PPR40473 60x80cm

WDC94365 40x50cm

PPR43236 40x50cm

197 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Law Wai Hin (Arrangement in Blue) WDC99544 60x80cm

PPR40731 60x80cm

WDC92697 30x40cm

PPR44382 30x40cm


natural life

Harriet Salt (The Preparation) WDC94631 40x50cm

Harriet Salt (The Afternoon Arrangement) PPR43398 40x50cm

WDC94630 40x50cm

PPR43397 40x50cm

Harriet Salt started painting at a young age and was heavily influenced by her talented mother who was already a true accomplished artist. She won a scholarship to Charterhouse School and continued her studies when she travelled to Florence to study portraiture under Charles Cecil for three years. When she returned to England, Harriet exhibited in a three-man show in Shepherds Market which led to Panter and Hall promoting her work in the London art fairs. The most pinnacle moment of her career came when she exhibited as part of a show with three young artists at the Petley Fine Art Gallery on Cork Street in London which led to her first solo show with the same gallery in New Bond Street in 2006. Harriet Salt (The Final Arrangement) WDC94632 40x50cm

PPR43399 40x50cm

199 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Hans Andkjaer (Red Flowers) WDC93172 50x100cm

PPR41128 50x100cm

Hans Andkjaer (Black Stems II) WDC99548 60x80cm


Hans Andkjaer (White Daisies) PPR40736 60x80cm

WDC99549 60x80cm

PPR40737 60x80cm

natural life

Hans Andkjaer (Black Stems) WDC41051 60x80cm

Hans Andkjaer (White Flowers) 41051 60x80cm

Hans Andkjaer (Floral I) WDC41100 40x40cm

WDC23154 40x50cm

Hans Andkjaer (Floral II) 41463 60x60cm 41100 40x40cm

WDC41101 40x40cm

22700 40x50cm

Hans Andkjaer (Red Poppies) 41464 60x60cm

WDC23153 60x80cm

22701 60x80cm

41101 40x40cm

Hans Andkjaer was born in Denmark in 1974. He has studied at many institutions including Montclaire University, New York, Exeter College of Art and Design, UK, and Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, UK. The predominant element in Hans’ work is charcoal drawing - he is attracted by the directness of the mark making process and the simple way the lines on a surface create shape and form. The properties of oil paint make an important addition to the surface quality of the work. His Scandinavian background has significantly influenced his work and is evident in the simplicity of colour, line, space and light and the use of nature as subject matter. In these works he has been inspired by the mixture of science and art that is found in botanical books and has found himself drawn to common field plants and flowers rather than to the cultivated flowers that often are depicted in traditional floral paintings. They have an unspoiled quality about them, which he appreciates.

201 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Shyama Ruffell (Dandelion Blue) WDC98092 85x85cm

PPR46041 60x60cm

WDC95333 40x40cm

PPR45460 40x40cm

Shyama Ruffell (In the Pink) WDC44997 60x60cm

44997 60x60cm

WDC44996 40x40cm

44996 40x40cm

Growing up in the Sussex countryside, Shyama Ruffell’s childhood memories of submerging herself in long grasses and discovering a more intimate magical world of insects and colourful wild flowers are a great influence on her paintings. Shyama’s images are packed full of colour, texture and pattern reminiscent of fabric and ceramic designs (another source of inspiration for her). Fresh flowers always fill her studio and are a fantastic reference together with drawings and photographs. With their semi abstract edge, her paintings become “A cocktail of William Morris and Rousseau in an English meadow, with a splash of Klimt…”.


natural life

Shyama Ruffell (Lets Play in the Field)

Shyama Ruffell (Green Dreams)

WDC98093 85x85cm

PPR46042 60x60cm

WDC95335 40x40cm

PPR45462 40x40cm

Shyama Ruffell (Sunny Flowers) WDC42217 40x40cm

WDC95334 40x40cm

PPR45461 40x40cm

Shyama Ruffell (Summer Blooms) 42217 40x40cm

WDC42216 40x40cm

42216 40x40cm

203 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Shyama Ruffell (The Cactus) WDC95570 40x40cm

PPR45570 40x40cm

Shyama Ruffell (Succulents) WDC94604 40x50cm


PPR43378 40x50cm

natural life

Shyama Ruffell (Jungle Boogie) WDC95569 40x40cm

Shyama Ruffell (Cactus Jungle) PPR45569 40x40cm

WDC95568 40x40cm

PPR45568 40x40cm

205 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Summer Thornton (Wild Meadow)

Summer Thornton (Floral Heart)

WDC90645 60x80cm

PPR40420 60x80cm

WDC92365 30x40cm

PPR44192 30x40cm

WDC95264 40x40cm

PPR45411 40x40cm

Summer Thornton was born in Norfolk and studied at Norwich School of Art and Design. After moving to London in 2000 she set up her studio in a Victorian warehouse in south London, where she began to create her contemporary watercolours.

“I like the unpredictable nature of using watercolour, it adds an element of freedom and richness to my work,

especially when the colours flow into one another.’

Summer Thornton (Vibrant Floral)

Summer Thornton (Marguerite Daisy)

WDC90644 60x80cm

PPR40419 60x80cm

WDC90640 60x80cm

PPR40415 60x80cm

WDC92364 30x40cm

PPR44191 30x40cm

WDC92360 30x40cm

PPR44187 30x40cm


natural life

Summer Thornton (Meadow)

Summer Thornton (Butterflies and Flowers)

WDC44207 60x60cm

44207 60x60cm

WDC44206 60x60cm

44206 60x60cm

WDC44136 40x40cm

44136 40x40cm

WDC44135 40x40cm

44135 40x40cm

Summer Thornton (Wild Bloom)

Summer Thornton (Orchid Blush)

WDC44138 60x60cm

44138 60x60cm

WDC44137 60x60cm

44137 60x60cm

WDC45062 40x40cm

45062 40x40cm

WDC45063 40x40cm

45063 40x40cm

207 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Summer Thornton (Wild Ruby) WDC21232 60x80cm

Summer Thornton (Iris) 21232 60x80cm

WDC21495 40x40cm

21495 40x40cm

45262 40x50cm

Summer Thornton (Gentle Breeze I) WDC40879 40x50cm

Summer Thornton (Gentle Breeze II) 40879 40x50cm

WDC40880 40x50cm

45264 60x80cm 40880 40x50cm


natural life

Summer Thornton (Oriental Blossom) WDC21231 40x50cm

Summer Thornton (Velvet Orchid) 45263 60x80cm

WDC21230 40x50cm

21230 40x50cm

21231 40x50cm

Simon Zen (Pink Flowers) WDC7353 60x80cm

22920 60x80cm

209 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Nicola Evans (Summer Scent) WDC95240 40x40cm

PPR45388 40x40cm

Nicola Evans (Summer Bouquet) WDC95239 40x40cm

PPR45387 40x40cm

Born in 1976 in a small seaside town on the south coast of England, Nicola Evans grew up with a strong interest in Art and Design. She gained a University degree in Graphic Design and Advertising, which led her to develop a love for Illustration. She takes inspiration for her artwork from everyday objects around her home and coastal surroundings where she spends most of her time.


natural life

Nicola Evans (Tulips) WDC95237 40x40cm

Nicola Evans (Poppies) PPR45385 40x40cm

Nicola Evans (Tulips I) WDC42443 40x50cm

WDC95238 40x40cm

Nicola Evans (Tulips II) 42218 30x40cm

WDC42442 40x50cm

PPR45386 40x40cm

Nicola Evans (Tulips III) 42219 30x40cm

WDC42441 40x50cm

42220 30x40cm

211 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Nicola Acaster (Full Blossom) WDC44891 50x100cm WDC44892 30x60cm

44891 50x100cm

In 1996, Nicola established her studio on Brighton’s seafront, an area now known as Brighton’s official Artist Quarter. Currently she is producing large Blossom paintings created from childhood memories of looking up into Summer skies through trees full of blossom.

Nicola Acaster (Oriental Blossom) WDC44894 50x100cm WDC44895 30x60cm


Nicola Acaster (Orchid in Greens) 44894 50x100cm

WDC44893 60x80cm

44893 60x80cm

natural life

Simon Fairless (Field of Starry White Flowers) WDC21481 60x80cm

Simon Fairless (Poppy Profusion) PPR40744 60x80cm

Simon Fairless (Chinese Blossom)

WDC21482 60x80cm

21482 60x80cm

Simon Fairless (Summer Bloom)

WDC44667 60x60cm

44667 60x60cm

WDC44666 40x40cm

44666 40x40cm

WDC23155 40x40cm

22790 40x40cm

213 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Tibi Hegyesi (Multiple Poppies)

Tibi Hegyesi (Three Poppies - Grey)

WDC45061 60x60cm

45061 60x60cm

WDC45059 60x60cm

45059 60x60cm

WDC45060 40x40cm

45060 40x40cm

WDC45058 40x40cm

45058 40x40cm

Tibi Hegyesi (Three Poppies - White)


WDC45056 60x80cm

45056 60x80cm

WDC45055 40x50cm

45055 40x50cm

natural life

Andrea Letterie (Happy Tree) WDC98080 85x85cm

PPR46030 60x60cm

WDC95292 40x40cm

PPR45425 40x40cm

215 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sarah Caswell (Fabulous Orange Dahlia) WDC42445 85x85cm

Sarah Caswell (Fabulous Black Wizard Dahlia) 42013 60x60cm

Sarah Caswell (Haworth Fireworks) WDC42201 85x120cm


WDC42446 85x85cm

42014 60x60cm

Sarah Caswell (Fabulous Pink Dahlias) PPR40730 60x80cm

WDC42448 85x85cm

42015 60x60cm

natural life

Sarah Caswell (Froth and Flounce)

Sarah Caswell (Magnolia Silk)

WDC98065 85x85cm

PPR46023 60x60cm

WDC90636 60x80cm

PPR40411 60x80cm

WDC97038 60x60cm

PPR45401 40x40cm

WDC92356 30x40cm

PPR44183 30x40cm

WDC95254 40x40cm

Sarah Caswell (White Hats) WDC42449 50x100cm

Sarah Caswell (Rose Trio) PPR41124 50x100cm

WDC42447 50x100cm

PPR41125 50x100cm

217 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Maggie Thompson (Pale Pink Petals) WDC42457 60x60cm

Maggie Thompson (Delicate Pink Poppy) 42205 40x40cm

WDC42456 60x60cm

WDC42205 40x40cm

WDC42206 40x40cm

Maggie Thompson (Sepia Summer I)

Maggie Thompson (Sepia Summer II)

WDC42207 60x60cm


42207 60x60cm

WDC42208 60x60cm

42206 40x40cm

42208 60x60cm

natural life

Maggie Thompson (Floral Harmony) WDC98077 85x85cm

Maggie Thompson (Pink Promise) PPR45422 40x40cm

WDC94310 40x50cm

PPR43210 40x50cm

WDC95289 40x40cm

Maggie Thompson (Dream of Me) WDC40884 60x60cm

Maggie Thompson (Summer Memories) 40884 60x60cm

Maggie Thompson (Perfection in White)

WDC40883 60x80cm

40883 60x80cm

WDC40885 40x40cm

40885 40x40cm

WDC40886 60x60cm

40886 40x40cm

219 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Bess Harding (Four Pink Flowers) WDC92580 30x40cm

Bess Harding (Nine Pink Flowers) PPR44307 30x40cm

WDC92581 30x40cm

PPR44308 30x40cm

Based in a studio at 401 Studios in South London, Bess Harding is always busy drawing, cutting, stitching and colouring. She loves the freedom that the studio space gives her to experiment and develop her own individual style. With a variety of artistic talents under her belt, Bess calls herself a freelance illustrator/designer/maker and her portfolio ranges from witty children’s illustrations and craft books to pattern design and more recently papercuts. Her textile-based florals allow Bess to channel her passion for handcraft design and to make something tangible away from the computer. Here, she mixes stitching with a variety of textured fabrics to create this quaint collection of folksy originals. Bess Harding (Three Pink Flowers) WDC92582 30x40cm


PPR44309 30x40cm

natural life

Nicola Evans (Scandi Flowers I) WDC94633 40x50cm

Nicola Evans (Scandi Flowers II) PPR43403 40x50cm

WDC94634 40x50cm

PPR43404 40x50cm

221 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Alyson Fennell (Heavenly Blooms)

Alyson Fennell (Flora Shangri La)

WDC98181 85x85cm

PPR46073 60x60cm

WDC98178 85x85cm

PPR46070 60x60cm

WDC95575 40x40cm

PPR45575 40x40cm

WDC95572 40x40cm

PPR45572 40x40cm

Alyson Fennell (Flowers of Eden)

Alyson Fennell (Floral Nirvana)

WDC98180 85x85cm

PPR46072 60x60cm

WDC98179 85x85cm

PPR46071 60x60cm

WDC95574 40x40cm

PPR45574 40x40cm

WDC95573 40x40cm

PPR45573 40x40cm


natural life

Alyson Fennell (Paradise of Petals)

Alyson Fennell (Explosion of Orange Roses)

WDC98184 85x85cm

PPR46076 60x60cm

WDC98177 85x85cm

PPR46069 60x60cm

WDC95578 40x40cm

PPR45578 40x40cm

WDC95571 40x40cm

PPR45571 40x40cm

Alyson Fennell (Tiny Rose Bombastic)

Alyson Fennell (Lillies of the Field) WDC98182 85x85cm

PPR46074 60x60cm

WDC98185 85x85cm

PPR46077 60x60cm

WDC95576 40x40cm

PPR45576 40x40cm

WDC95579 40x40cm

PPR45579 40x40cm

223 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Alyson Fennell (Pretty Chelsea Petunia)

Alyson Fennell (Explosion of Colour)

WDC98183 85x85cm

PPR46075 60x60cm

WDC95577 40x40cm

PPR45577 40x40cm

WDC99237 60x80cm

PPR40605 60x80cm

Alyson Fennell started her career as a hair stylist in London and was lucky enough to work alongside some of the most celebrated international photographers where she developed a passion for photography and picked up invaluable knowledge from the artists around her. She now loves to combine her appreciation of photography with her love of nature by creating enchanting fine art photographs.

Soft, hazy images taken in nature come

together with cleaner still life studio shots to make up Alyson’s highly sophisticated portfolio. She also likes to play around with symmetry to create ingenious kaleidoscopic compositions, pushing the boundaries of traditional floral photography. Alyson Fennell (Regal Rowan) WDC94605 40x50cm


PPR43379 40x50cm

natural life

Alyson Fennell (Champagne Pink Peony)

Alyson Fennell (Purple Anemone)

WDC99501 60x80cm

PPR40696 60x80cm

WDC92684 30x40cm

PPR44369 30x40cm

Alyson Fennell (White Orchid) WDC99238 60x80cm

WDC99236 60x80cm

PPR40604 60x80cm

Alyson Fennell (Pink Cape Daisies) PPR40606 60x80cm

WDC99235 60x80cm

PPR40603 60x80cm

225 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ros Berryman (Magnolia Bokeh) WDC90880 60x80cm

PPR40534 60x80cm

WDC92521 30x40cm

PPR44278 30x40cm

Ros Berryman (Chaffinch with Blossom) WDC95351 40x40cm


PPR45467 40x40cm

natural life

Ros Berryman (Forget-Me-Nots) WDC95350 40x40cm

Ros Berryman (Plum Blossom) PPR45466 40x40cm

WDC95349 40x40cm

PPR45465 40x40cm

Ros Berryman (Pastel Pink Cosmos) WDC94430 40x50cm

PPR43249 40x50cm

227 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Anna Newell (Pink and White Roses) WDC94492 40x50cm


Anna Newell (Orange Rose) PPR43294 40x50cm

WDC94493 40x50cm

Anna Newell (Yellow Roses) PPR43295 40x50cm

WDC94494 40x50cm

PPR43296 40x50cm

natural life

Shana Rae (Spring Pastels) WDC42692 40x50cm

Shana Rae (Lustre) 42692 40x50cm

WDC42691 40x50cm

42691 40x50cm

Shana Rae lives in Southern California with her Husband and three children in a beautiful old mission revival home built in 1906. Completely self taught, Shana is passionate about oil painting as well as photography. She particularly enjoys working with flowers, many of which are from her own rose gardens. Inspired by all things elegant, vintage and shabby-chic, Shana applies textures to her photographs to transform them into works of art, giving them a dreamy and ethereal quality, much like the oil paintings she dreams of creating.

Shana Rae (White Roses on Linen) WDC42690 40x40cm

Shana Rae (Plum Blossom) 42690 40x40cm

WDC42689 40x50cm

42689 40x50cm

229 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Frank Krahmer (Hepatica Nobilis) WDC40071 60x80cm

Yoshizo Kawasaki (Icelandic Poppies) 40071 50x70cm

WDC41581 85x120cm

22669 60x80cm

WDC22137 60x80cm

22668 40x50cm

WDC22668 40x50cm

Rod Edwards (Fenland Sunrise)

Peter Lilja (Misty Summer Evening) WDC40077 40x50cm


40077 40x50cm

WDC40076 40x50cm

40076 40x50cm

natural life

Ian Winstanley (Forget-Me-Nots) WDC42506 50x100cm

42506 50x100cm

Ian Winstanley (Field of Poppies) WDC44570 50x100cm

44570 50x100cm

WDC44216 30x60cm

Ian Winstanley (Summer Meadow) WDC93097 50x100cm

PPR41077 50x100cm

231 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ian Winstanley (White Still Life I) WDC44730 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (White Still Life II) 44730 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (Japanese Anemone) WDC44324 60x60cm


WDC44731 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (White Still Life III) 44731 40x50cm

WDC44732 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (Japanese Anemone 2) 44324 60x60cm

WDC44323 60x60cm

44323 60x60cm

44732 40x50cm

natural life

Ian Winstanley (Japanese Anemone 3) WDC44246 60x80cm

44246 60x80cm

Ian Winstanley (Vintage Rose) WDC94229 40x50cm

PPR43388 40x50cm

233 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ian Winstanley (Flower Collection II) WDC94466 40x50cm

PPR43269 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (Flower Collection) WDC21898 60x80cm

22671 60x80cm 22670 40x50cm


natural life

Ian Winstanley (Anemones in Bottles) WDC45349 60x80cm

22772 30x40cm

WDC23141 40x40cm

Ian Winstanley (Pansies) WDC44740 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (Red Anemones) 44740 40x50cm

WDC44132 40x40cm

44132 40x40cm

235 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Howard Shooter (Baroque Flowers) WDC94608 40x50cm

PPR43381 40x50cm

Howard Shooter (Succulent Heart) WDC95523 40x40cm


PPR45536 40x40cm

natural life

Howard Shooter (Floral Pop) WDC94589 40x50cm

PPR43371 40x50cm

Howard Shooter (A Cupful of Flowers)

Howard Shooter (Pretty Cups and Flowers) WDC45368 40x50cm

44477 30x40cm

WDC44478 40x40cm

44478 40x40cm

WDC44477 30x40cm

237 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Rachel Dein (Cosmos, Japanese Anemones, Cyclamen and Californian Poppy)

Rachel Dein (Daffodil, Hyacinth, Lisianthus and Veronica)

WDC95601 40x40cm

WDC95545 40x40cm


PPR45584 40x40cm

PPR45582 40x40cm

natural life

Rachel Dein (Dandelion, Daisy, Yarrow, Vetch)

Rachel Dein (Solomon’s Seal, Dicentra and Fiddlehead Fern)

WDC95600 40x40cm

WDC95602 40x40cm

PPR45583 40x40cm

PPR45585 40x40cm

Artist Rachel Dein’s method of plaster casting records the texture, pattern and delicacy of plants and flowers in a unique way, capturing the most intricate details. Rachel studied art at Middlesex University before working as a prop maker for the likes of English National Opera, the Royal Opera House and the Globe Theatre. Here she honed her skills in sculpting and moulding. Later, as a busy mother of three, Rachel set up her own studio in the attic of her north London home and began experimenting with simple techniques of casting using clay and plaster. “At college it was considered uncool to cast in plaster – it was too messy, not conceptual enough. But I got to the stage when I just needed to start making my own things again. Luckily for me the time for craft and making things is now.”

239 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ryuijie Douglas (Ice Form 22) WDC44961 50x100cm

44961 50x100cm

WDC44772 30x60cm

Ryuijie Douglas (Ice Form 7)


Ryuijie Douglas (Ice Form 51)

Ryuijie Douglas (Ice Form 60)

WDC44967 60x80cm

44967 60x80cm

WDC44965 60x80cm

44965 60x80cm

WDC44963 60x80cm

44963 60x80cm

WDC44966 30x40cm

44966 30x40cm

WDC44964 30x40cm

44964 30x40cm

WDC44962 30x40cm

44962 30x40cm

natural life

Frank Krahmer (Rose)

Ian Winstanley (White Tulips) WDC93170 50x100cm

45197 50x100cm

WDC41601 60x80cm

43012 60x80cm

Ian Winstanley (Reminiscence) 44733 50x100cm

241 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ahmed Sirry (Orchid II) WDC21556 60x80cm

21556 50x70cm

Ian Winstanley (Blossom & Butterflies) WDC44729 40x50cm


44729 40x50cm

natural life

Ian Winstanley (Orchid I) WDC42575 60x60cm

Ian Winstanley (Orchid II) 42575 60x60cm

WDC42576 60x60cm

42576 60x60cm

243 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

figurative ‘Butterflies’ by Loui Jover p251

natural life

Loui Jover (Icon)

Loui Jover (Marilyn) WDC98167 85x85 cm

PPR46058 60x60cm

WDC99393 60x80cm

PPR40660 60x80cm

WDC95514 40x40cm

PPR45533 40x40cm

WDC94569 40x50cm

PPR43355 40x50cm

WDC92626 30x40cm

PPR44342 30x40cm

Loui Jover is an Australia based artist who sells his work all around the world and exhibits in public, corporate and private collections. Having drawn as a child, Loui continued to develop his talent by drawing obsessively every day and in doing so has evolved a very unique artistic style. Despite having a variety of approaches to his work, Loui is most famous for drawing with ink on sheets of vintage book paper. He loves the fragile nature of the delicate pages and being able to breathe a narrative into the work by fusing the drawings with the printed words.


natural life

Loui Jover (The Little Tramp)

Loui Jover (Butterflies)

WDC99401 60x80cm

PPR40668 60x80cm

WDC99387 60x80cm

PPR40654 60x80cm

WDC94577 40x50cm

PPR43363 40x50cm

WDC94563 40x50cm

PPR43349 40x50cm

WDC92634 30x40cm

PPR44350 30x40cm

WDC92620 30x40cm

PPR44336 30x40cm

Loui Jover (Butterflying) WDC94581 40x50cm

Loui Jover (Butterfly Days) PPR43346 40x50cm

WDC94580 40x50cm

PPR43345 40x50cm

247 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Loui Jover (Her Sonata)

Loui Jover (Melodies Solace) WDC99394 60x80cm

PPR40661 60x80cm

WDC99392 60x80cm

PPR40659 60x80cm

WDC94570 40x50cm

PPR43356 40x50cm

WDC94568 40x50cm

PPR43354 40x50cm

WDC92627 30x40cm

PPR44343 30x40cm

WDC92625 30x40cm

PPR44341 30x40cm

Loui Jover (Her Finest Moment)


Loui Jover (Arabesque)

WDC99391 60x80cm

PPR40658 60x80cm

WDC94567 40x50cm

PPR43353 40x50cm

WDC92624 30x40cm

PPR44340 30x40cm

WDC94579 40x50cm

PPR43344 40x50cm

natural life

Loui Jover (Never Know Again)

Loui Jover (Always) WDC96305 85x120cm

PPR40652 60x80cm

WDC99395 60x80cm

PPR40662 60x80cm

WDC99385 60x80cm

PPR43347 40x50cm

WDC94571 40x50cm

PPR43357 40x50cm

WDC94561 40x50cm

PPR44334 30x40cm

WDC92628 30x40cm

PPR44344 30x40cm

WDC92618 30x40cm

Loui Jover (Etheral)

Loui Jover (Path)

WDC99388 60x80cm

PPR40655 60x80cm

WDC99396 60x80cm

PPR40663 60x80cm

WDC94564 40x50cm

PPR43350 40x50cm

WDC94572 40x50cm

PPR43358 40x50cm

WDC92621 30x40cm

PPR44337 30x40cm

WDC92629 30x40cm

PPR44345 30x40cm

249 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Loui Jover (Tempest)

Loui Jover (Planets)

WDC96310 85x120cm

PPR40667 60x80cm

WDC96309 85x120cm

PPR40664 60x80cm

WDC99400 60x80cm

PPR43362 40x50cm

WDC99397 60x80cm

PPR43359 40x50cm

WDC94576 40x50cm

PPR44349 30x40cm

WDC94573 40x50cm

PPR44346 30x40cm

WDC92633 30x40cm


WDC92630 30x40cm

natural life

Loui Jover (Poetica)

Loui Jover (Rain Lovers)

Loui Jover (Flash)

WDC99398 60x80cm

PPR40665 60x80cm

WDC96307 85x120cm

PPR40656 60x80cm

WDC99399 60x80cm

PPR40666 60x80cm

WDC94574 40x50cm

PPR43360 40x50cm

WDC99389 60x80cm

PPR43351 40x50cm

WDC94575 40x50cm

PPR43361 40x50cm

WDC92631 30x40cm

PPR44347 30x40cm

WDC94565 40x50cm

PPR44338 30x40cm

WDC92632 30x40cm

PPR44348 30x40cm

WDC92622 30x40cm

Loui Jover (Focus)

Loui Jover (Blossom) WDC96306 85x120cm

PPR40653 60x80cm

WDC98166 85x85 cm

PPR46057 60x60cm

WDC99386 60x80cm

PPR43348 40x50cm

WDC95513 40x40cm

PPR45532 40x40cm

WDC94562 40x50cm

PPR44335 30x40cm

WDC92619 30x40cm

251 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

James Paterson (Paint) WDC96313 85x120cm WDC99557 60x80cm


PPR40743 60x80cm

natural life

Irena Orlov (Lady in Blue)

Irena Orlov (Lady in Rose)

WDC90574 60x80cm

PPR40352 60x80cm

WDC90575 60x80cm

PPR40353 60x80cm

WDC92294 30x40cm

PPR44130 30x40cm

WDC92295 30x40cm

PPR44131 30x40cm

Mike Edwards (Magnetize) WDC7652 85x85cm WDC44877 60x60cm

Mike Edwards (Icon) 44877 60x60cm

WDC44318 85x85cm

44334 60x60cm

WDC44334 60x60cm

253 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (I Would Walk to the End of the World with You) WDC99498 60x80cm

PPR40693 60x80cm

WDC92679 30x40cm

PPR44364 30x40cm


natural life

Sam Toft (Little Red Caravan on the Hill) WDC92680 30x40cm

Sam Toft (On Jack’s Beach) PPR44365 30x40cm

WDC94544 40x50cm

PPR43334 40x50cm

Sam Toft lives by the sea with her two lovely dogs, and a pond full of fish named after the Shipping Forecast. She did not always want to be an Artist. Instead she thought of working in a Post Office or being a Gymnast. However, in the absence of a suitable Circus to run away with, she went through a number of jobs including a Fire Extinguisher Sales Person, a Wedgwood Rooms Worker, a Silver Service waitress, a Catering Manager and a Yoga Teacher to name but a few. After a Degree in Business Studies, and a year working in an office as a Death Grants Advisor in Kingston, Sam decided to move to Liverpool with her sister and did a part-time BTEC in General Art and Design at City College. Here she met some kind and dedicated teachers who allowed her to dream that she had finally found her vocation. Haunted by a return to Silver Servitude, she decided she really REALLY wanted to be an Artist and practised every day. A strong work ethic, good friends and a healthy imagination have helped her on her way... Today Sam works from a seaside studio, alone but for her dogs and BBC’s Radio 4. It’s a wonderful life, not without its ups and downs, and she feels grateful to be making a living from drawing a whole bunch of imaginary friends. She is surprised and delighted to see her dear Mr Mustard go from strength to strength. She dabbles in creative writing, sculpture and has recently made a whole cast of puppets from her well loved characters. It’s hard work but she loves the idea of becoming a fledgling puppeteer. Now that’s an impressive moniker for the Passport!

255 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (Her Favourite Cloud II) WDC93181 50x100cm

PPR41138 50x100cm

Sam Toft (Out for a bit o’ Brunch) WDC93182 50x100cm


PPR41139 50x100cm

natural life

Sam Toft (Tea for Two Tea for Three) WDC93184 50x100cm

PPR41141 50x100cm

Sam Toft (Afternoon Tea) WDC93178 50x100cm

PPR41135 50x100cm

257 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (The Doggie Taxi Service) WDC93185 50x100cm

PPR41142 50x100cm

Sam Toft (Breakfast in Bed for Doris) WDC93179 50x100cm

PPR41136 50x100cm

Sam Toft (The Suitcase of Sardine Sandwiches) WDC93186 50x100cm


PPR41143 50x100cm

natural life

Sam Toft (Putting the World to Rights) WDC93183 50x100cm

PPR41140 50x100cm

Sam Toft (A Sneaky One II) WDC93177 50x100cm

PPR41134 50x100cm

Sam Toft (Carrying on Regardless II) WDC93180 50x100cm

PPR41137 50x100cm

259 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (Brighton Naked Bike Ride) WDC92681 30x40cm

PPR44366 30x40cm

Sam Toft (Best Face Forward) WDC95567 40x40cm


PPR45567 40x40cm

natural life

Sam Toft (Just One More Hill) WDC94543 40x50cm

PPR43333 40x50cm

Sam Toft (Electric Bike Ride) WDC93138 50x100cm

PPR41098 50x100cm

261 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (Dogger, Fisher, Light Vessel Automatic) WDC94603 40x50cm

PPR43377 40x50cm

Sam Toft (Searching for the Legendary Sea Pasty) WDC95564 40x40cm


PPR45564 40x40cm

natural life

Sam Toft (Spring)

Sam Toft (Summer)

Sam Toft (Autumn)

Sam Toft (Winter)

WDC93135 50x100cm

WDC93136 50x100cm

WDC93134 50x100cm

WDC93137 50x100cm

PPR41095 50x100cm

PPR41096 50x100cm

PPR41094 50x100cm

PPR41097 50x100cm

Sam Toft (Which is Your Favourite Season?) PPR40620 60x80cm

263 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (The Day I Met You) WDC91288 30x30cm

PPR48143 30x30cm

Sam Toft (The Apple doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree) WDC95565 40x40cm


PPR45565 40x40cm

natural life

Sam Toft (Walking the Sausage) WDC95566 40x40cm

PPR45566 40x40cm

Sam Toft (It’s a Wonderful Life) WDC94542 40x50cm

PPR43332 40x50cm

265 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (We Saw Three Ships Come Sailing by) WDC90982 60x80cm

PPR40581 60x80cm

WDC94489 40x50cm

PPR43291 40x50cm

WDC92560 30x40cm

PPR44301 30x40cm

Sam Toft (The Same as it Ever was)


WDC90549 60x80cm

PPR40327 60x80cm

WDC92271 30x40cm

PPR44115 30x40cm

natural life

Sam Toft (A Bikeful!) WDC94488 40x50cm

PPR43290 40x50cm

Sam Toft (An Audience with Sweetheart)

Sam Toft (Double Decker Bike)

WDC90553 60x80cm

PPR40331 60x80cm

WDC90555 60x80cm

PPR40332 60x80cm

WDC92275 30x40cm

PPR44119 30x40cm

WDC92277 30x40cm

PPR44121 30x40cm

267 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (A Day of Light) WDC93039 50x100cm

PPR41039 50x100cm

Sam Toft (A Lovely Light, Nantucket)

Sam Toft (A Little Light Supper)

WDC90548 60x80cm

PPR40326 60x80cm

WDC90551 60x80cm

PPR40329 60x80cm

WDC92270 30x40cm

PPR44114 30x40cm

WDC92273 30x40cm

PPR44117 30x40cm


natural life

Sam Toft (Walking with Mansfield)

Sam Toft (Doris and the Birdies)

WDC90556 60x80cm

PPR40333 60x80cm

WDC90552 60x80cm

PPR40330 60x80cm

WDC92278 30x40cm

PPR44122 30x40cm

WDC92274 30x40cm

PPR44118 30x40cm

Sam Toft (Feeling the Love at Nauset Light)

Sam Toft (Seven Sisters and a Lighthouse)

WDC90550 60x80cm

PPR40328 60x80cm

WDC94490 40x50cm

WDC92272 30x40cm

PPR44116 30x40cm

PPR43292 40x50cm

269 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (Walking Down to Happiness) WDC93124 50x100cm

PPR41087 50x100cm

Sam Toft (Following the Pumpkin) WDC94257 40x50cm


Sam Toft (Just Beginning to See the Light) PPR43156 40x50cm

WDC95423 40x40cm

PPR45493 40x40cm

natural life

Sam Toft (Keep on Keeping on) WDC94491 40x50cm

Sam Toft (Orient Express Ooh La La) PPR43293 40x50cm

Sam Toft (Watch this, Doris!)

WDC93122 50x100cm

PPR41085 50x100cm

Sam Toft (Let’s Take the Bus to Somewhere New)

WDC90984 60x80cm

PPR40583 60x80cm

WDC90983 60x80cm

PPR40582 60x80cm

WDC92562 30x40cm

PPR44303 30x40cm

WDC92561 30x40cm

PPR44302 30x40cm

271 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (Tea for Two) WDC95099 40x40cm

Sam Toft (Tea for Three) PPR45287 40x40cm

Sam Toft (A Romantic Dinner for Two) WDC95096 40x40cm


WDC95098 40x40cm

Sam Toft (I Would Wait My Whole Life for You) PPR45284 40x40cm

WDC93025 50x100cm

PPR41029 50x100cm

PPR45286 40x40cm

natural life

Sam Toft (Lovely Weather for Ducks) WDC91202 30x30cm

Sam Toft (A Spot of Handie Holding) PPR48002 30x30cm

Sam Toft (Singing Lessons) WDC45302 40x50cm

WDC91201 30x30cm

PPR48001 30x30cm

Sam Toft (Taking the Girls Home) 45303 60x80cm 45302 40x50cm

WDC45305 40x50cm

45306 60x80cm 45305 40x50cm

273 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (Bums on Seat) WDC43034 40x50cm

Sam Toft (Looking Through the Gap in the Beach Huts) 43034 40x50cm

Sam Toft (A Romantic Interlude)

WDC41590 50x100cm

41590 50x100cm

Sam Toft (Along the Prom)

WDC4977 50x100cm

21224 50x70cm

WDC21223 40x50cm

21362 60x80cm

WDC21357 30x40cm

21357 30x40cm

WDC21359 30x40cm

21223 40x50cm 21359 30x40cm


natural life

Sam Toft (Her Favourite Cloud)

Sam Toft (Doris Earwigging)

WDC41674 60x80cm

41674 60x80cm

WDC41353 40x50cm

41353 40x50cm

Sam Toft (Picnic Time Approacheth) WDC41592 40x40cm

WDC4941 60x60cm

21221 40x50cm

Sam Toft (Moses Follows that Picnic Basket) 41592 40x40cm

WDC41591 50x100cm

41591 50x100cm

45100 30x40cm

275 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (Hugs on the Way Home)

Sam Toft (Big Smackeroo!) WDC45158 30x30cm

WDC41351 30x40cm

45104 40x50cm

41672 40x50cm 41351 30x40cm

Sam Toft (Carrying on Regardless) WDC92694 30x40cm

Sam Toft (Love on a Mountain Top) 45434 40x50cm 45099 30x40cm


WDC92695 30x40cm

Sam Toft (A Moon to Call Their Own) 45435 40x50cm 45102 30x40cm

WDC43041 40x50cm

43041 40x50cm 45103 30x40cm

natural life

Sam Toft (Remembering When we First Met)

Sam Toft (I Just Can’t Get Enough of You)

WDC45307 60x80cm

WDC45298 40x50cm

45307 60x80cm PPR47018 50x70cm

45299 60x80cm PPR47019 50x70cm 45298 40x50cm

Sam Toft (A Sneaky One)

Sam Toft (Dancing Cheek to Cheeky)

WDC94115 40x50cm

45436 40x50cm

WDC43033 30x40cm

43033 30x40cm

WDC41352 30x40cm

41673 40x50cm 41352 30x40cm

277 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (Off for a Breakfast) WDC41354 40x50cm

Sam Toft (A Moody Balloon) 41675 60x80cm

WDC92696 30x40cm

41354 40x50cm

Sam Toft (Sniffing the Lilac) WDC22895 60x80cm WDC45154 40x50cm

Sam Toft (Home from Home) 22895 40x50cm

WDC21222 40x50cm

21363 60x80cm

WDC21360 30x40cm

21222 40x50cm 21360 30x40cm


45101 30x40cm

natural life

Sam Toft (Grand Day Out)

Sam Toft (Somewhere Under a Rainbow) WDC41676 60x80cm

41676 60x80cm

WDC4972 60x80cm

21226 60x80cm

WDC41355 40x50cm

41355 40x50cm

WDC21361 40x50cm

21361 40x50cm

Sam Toft (The Square, the Round and the Arched)

Sam Toft (Freewheelin’ with Joyce Greenfields and the Felix 3)

WDC41593 40x50cm

WDC94246 40x50cm

41595 40x50cm

45108 40x50cm

WDC45161 30x30cm

279 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sam Toft (Crossing with Ducks) WDC43040 40x50cm

Sam Toft (Walkies) 43040 40x50cm

Sam Toft (Tiptoe through the Bluebells) WDC43038 40x50cm


WDC43039 40x50cm

43039 40x50cm

Sam Toft (Ernest, Doris, Horace and Stripes) 43038 40x50cm

WDC4973 60x80cm

21227 60x80cm

WDC21356 40x50cm

21356 40x50cm

natural life

Sam Toft (Small Dog) WDC22086 40x40cm

Sam Toft (Doris helps out on the trip to Mzuzu) 22935 40x50cm

Sam Toft (A Nice Day for it) WDC43036 40x50cm

WDC42498 50x100cm

42498 50x100cm

Sam Toft (On the Edge of the Sand) 43036 40x50cm

WDC42499 40x50cm

42499 40x50cm

281 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Mike Maurice (Bonneville Salt Flats) WDC90532 60x80cm

PPR40314 60x80cm

WDC92259 30x40cm

PPR44097 30x40cm

Mike Maurice (Bonneville Salt Flats II)


WDC90900 60x80cm

PPR40542 60x80cm

WDC92537 30x40cm

PPR44283 30x40cm

natural life

Mike Maurice (Clifftop Picnic)

Mike Maurice (Rival Attraction)

WDC90533 60x80cm

PPR40315 60x80cm

WDC90534 60x80cm

PPR40316 60x80cm

WDC92260 30x40cm

PPR44098 30x40cm

WDC92261 30x40cm

PPR44099 30x40cm

Mike Maurice graduated from St. Martin’s School of Art and, following a spell of military service, began a career in advertising at a time when an agency’s reputation was dependent on its creativity. He worked for a number of companies in the UK and South Africa including CPV, JWT, Leo Burnett and British Airways. He found illustration skills an asset when presenting ideas to clients, and markers were the chosen medium because of their speed. But retirement meant an end to frantic deadlines and so it was time to dig out the paints. A love of classic cars and an admiration for the railway poster art of the 1920s has led to a series of paintings in the art deco style that combine both interests. Mike Maurice (Sand Dunes) WDC90899 60x80cm

PPR40541 60x80cm

WDC92536 30x40cm

PPR44282 30x40cm

283 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Daniel Del Orfano (The Reunion) WDC99231 60x80cm

Daniel Del Orfano (Spontaneous) PPR40599 60x80cm

WDC99230 60x80cm

PPR40598 60x80cm

Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Daniel Del Orfano decided to stay close to his roots and attend Dowling College in Oakdale, NY. There he received his BFA in Art Education and was teaching full time by the Autumn of 2001. Though extremely rewarding, this was not his true calling and it was at this time that Daniel decided to divert his attention from teaching art to creating art, allowing him to expand his horizons creatively. As demand for commissioned work increased, Daniel began developing his expressive style, implementing techniques that emphasized texture over realism. Though the work depicted realistic scenes, the effects produced an almost ethereal feeling. The imagery began to take a back seat to the memory of which the image represented. Daniel Del Orfano’s work depicts life, not as it may be, but more as it is remembered- a snapshot, not of a particular moment but of an overall memory.


natural life

Daniel Del Orfano (And this too Shall Pass) WDC90659 60x80cm

PPR40434 60x80cm

WDC92379 30x40cm

PPR44206 30x40cm

Daniel Del Orfano (Where We First Met) WDC99264 60x80cm

Daniel Del Orfano (Endless Goodbye) PPR43297 40x50cm

WDC93128 50x100cm

PPR41090 50x100cm

WDC94506 40x50cm

285 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Alexandra Gardner (Diner with Two Figures) WDC42481 85x120cm

40891 60x80cm

WDC40891 60x80cm

Alexandra Gardner (The Chat Up) WDC42480 85x120cm WDC42479 60x80cm


42479 60x80cm

natural life

Alexandra Gardner (A Little Night Music; Florian, Venice)

Alexandra Gardner (Solitary Drinker)

WDC41242 60x80cm

WDC42477 40x50cm

41708 50x100cm

42477 40x50cm

41242 50x70cm

Alexandra Gardner (Valetta CafĂŠ, a Study) WDC42478 40x50cm

42478 40x50cm

287 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Aldo Balding (The Return) WDC42475 85x120cm

Aldo Balding (Midday) 42474 60x80cm

WDC42421 60x80cm

WDC90832 60x80cm

45115 60x80cm 42109 50x70cm 42108 30x40cm

Aldo Balding (Odyssey VI) WDC42420 60x80cm

Aldo Balding (Revelations III) 42107 50x70cm 42106 30x40cm


WDC42533 60x80cm

42533 60x80cm

natural life

Aldo Balding (Mistral) WDC94265 40x50cm

Aldo Balding (Summer Composition) PPR43164 40x50cm

WDC94264 40x50cm

Aldo Balding (Conversation in the Lounge Bar)

Aldo Balding (Estas)

WDC42476 60x80cm

WDC42534 40x50cm

42476 60x80cm

PPR43163 40x50cm

42534 40x50cm

289 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ashka Lowman (Daydream) WDC90891 60x80cm

PPR40540 60x80cm

WDC94439 40x50cm

PPR43253 40x50cm

WDC92528 30x40cm

PPR44281 30x40cm

Ashka Lowman (Autumn Gold II) WDC90890 60x80cm

PPR40539 60x80cm

WDC94438 40x50cm

PPR43252 40x50cm

WDC92527 30x40cm

PPR44280 30x40cm

Ashka Lowman was born in Wroclaw, Poland in 1976. Her formal education in art began at the age of 15 when she was accepted to The Wroclaw School of Art. After her graduation she started traveling abroad and like a sponge began to soak up different cultures, smells and sounds. She immersed herself in new and exciting environments, enjoying a splash of colour from the Caribbean and the elegant movement and passionate spirit of Latin America. She started to share these experiences with others in the best way she knew how, through her art. Ashka often paints women and provides an insight into the subjects’ personal time and space, allowing the onlooker to explore her beauty, elegance and mystery.


natural life

Michael J Austin (The Black Drape)

Michael J Austin (Red Dress)

21345 40x50cm

20424 50x70cm

21343 30x40cm

Charlie Mackesy (Antonia) WDC21391 40x50cm

Charlie Mackesy (Girl) 21391 40x50cm

WDC21390 40x50cm

21390 40x50cm

291 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Janel Eleftherakis (Little Black Dress I)

Janel Eleftherakis (Little Black Dress II)

WDC90955 60x80cm

PPR40560 60x80cm

WDC90956 60x80cm

PPR40561 60x80cm

WDC94467 40x50cm

PPR43270 40x50cm

WDC94468 40x50cm

PPR43271 40x50cm


natural life

Janel Eleftherakis (Little Black Dress III)

Janel Eleftherakis (Little Black Dress IV)

WDC90957 60x80cm

PPR40562 60x80cm

WDC90958 60x80cm

PPR40563 60x80cm

WDC94469 40x50cm

PPR43272 40x50cm

WDC94470 40x50cm

PPR43273 40x50cm

Janel Eleftherakis was born in Germany but moved to South Beach, Florida as a child. Here, she spent a lot of time with her very political and artistic Grandma and was immersed in a bohemian way of life. Hours were spent engrossed in photo albums crammed with pictures of her Grandma and her friends and family during the turbulent yet exciting forties, fifties and sixties. Janel’s memories of the wonderful scent of oil paints inside her Grandma’s tiny artsy apartment have stayed with her and guided her towards oil painting years later. Now residing in New England, Janel paints intimate figuratives that get up close and personal to reveal the seductiveness of the female form.

293 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Louise Nisbet (Amelie) WDC99249 60x80cm

PPR40611 60x80cm

WDC94523 40x50cm

PPR43312 40x50cm

WDC92589 30x40cm

PPR44312 30x40cm

Louise Nisbet (Eva) WDC99251 60x80cm

PPR40613 60x80cm

WDC94525 40x50cm

PPR43314 40x50cm

WDC92591 30x40cm

PPR44314 30x40cm

Having graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art, Louise Nisbet found herself working in the greetings card business as an in-house designer. She fell in love with the industry’s fast paced environment and ever-changing trends and never looked back. After a number of years of working in-house she decided to take the exciting step of setting up her own business and now works for both the UK high street and the international market. Combining her design knowledge with her fine art routes, Louise started to develop beautifully accomplished wall art pieces. Through sophisticated poses, her fashion prints retain an air of elegance in keeping with the traditional, while her enthusiastic brushwork pushes her illustrations into that appealing field of the contemporary.


natural life

Louise Nisbet (Isobel)

Louise Nisbet (Chloe)

WDC99253 60x80cm

PPR40615 60x80cm

WDC99250 60x80cm

PPR40612 60x80cm

WDC94527 40x50cm

PPR43316 40x50cm

WDC94524 40x50cm

PPR43313 40x50cm

WDC92593 30x40cm

PPR44316 30x40cm

WDC92590 30x40cm

PPR44313 30x40cm

Louise Nisbet (Sienna)

Louise Nisbet (Gabriella)

Louise Nisbet (Sophia)

WDC99252 60x80cm

PPR40614 60x80cm

WDC99254 60x80cm

PPR40616 60x80cm

WDC99255 60x80cm

PPR40617 60x80cm

WDC94526 40x50cm

PPR43315 40x50cm

WDC94528 40x50cm

PPR43317 40x50cm

WDC94529 40x50cm

PPR43318 40x50cm

WDC92592 30x40cm

PPR44315 30x40cm

WDC92594 30x40cm

PPR44317 30x40cm

WDC92595 30x40cm

PPR44318 30x40cm

295 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Michel Canetti (Danica) WDC90853 60x80cm

Michel Canetti (Philomene) PPR40521 60x80cm

WDC90854 60x80cm

PPR40522 60x80cm

Michel Canetti is a Paris born artist and advertising illustrator who has lived in Melbourne since 1997. Having graduated from the Sorbonne with a BA in graphic design and a Masters in painting restoration, he started his career as a set designer for Club Med working in such places as Senegal, Tahiti and Brazil. Over the years, Michel has earned a reputation as one of France’s leading fashion illustrators, working for Elle and Vogue, and for other fashion magazines in Europe. His work requires a delicate balance between creativity and control; flowing, rounded curves and sharp, sophisticated detail - the full, soft skirt of a ballgown balanced by delicate pointed heels. Painting in gouache allows Canetti to execute the spontaneous yet disciplined lines that best express the direction of the fabric.

Michel Canetti (Champagne Rose)

Michel Canetti (Ysolda)

WDC44867 60x80cm

44867 60x80cm

WDC44864 50x100cm

WDC44866 30x40cm

44866 30x40cm

WDC44865 30x60cm


44864 50x100cm

natural life

Michel Canetti (In Blue) WDC7655 60x80cm

Michel Canetti (Valeria) PPR40523 60x80cm

Michel Canetti (Joyce Cover) WDC8411 60x80cm

WDC44869 60x80cm

44869 60x80cm

WDC44868 40x50cm

44868 40x50cm

Michel Canetti (Joyce Cover 2) 8411 60x80cm

WDC41595 60x80cm

Michel Canetti (Joyce, NoĂŤl, Paris) 7717 50x70cm

WDC7662 60x80cm

7662 60x80cm

297 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

T. Good (Union No.1) WDC90630 60x80cm

PPR40408 60x80cm

WDC92349 30x40cm

PPR44176 30x40cm

T. Good (For Liberty No.1) WDC90627 60x80cm

PPR40405 60x80cm

WDC92346 30x40cm

PPR44173 30x40cm

The female form is both the subject and inspiration for T. Good’s work. Although the artist prefers to keep the materials simple, with soft paper and only one or two earthy pastel or charcoal colours, the resulting nudes are highly sculptural. The use of plain background allows the spectator to concentrate on the ‘form’ of the human body and, rather than creating a narrative in the work, Good allows the models to pose themselves, so as to capture natural moments, whether they be sleep, meditation or deep thought.


natural life

T. Good (Red XXIV)

T. Good (Nocturnes with Blue)

WDC90628 60x80cm

PPR40406 60x80cm

WDC92347 30x40cm

PPR44174 30x40cm

T. Good (Silk in Mocha)

WDC92350 30x40cm

PPR44177 30x40cm

T. Good (The Closeness of Goodbyes)

WDC90629 60x80cm

PPR40407 60x80cm

WDC92348 30x40cm

PPR44175 30x40cm

WDC94228 40x50cm

PPR43192 40x50cm

299 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

T. Good (Nocturne I)

T. Good (Nocturne III)

WDC22531 60x80cm

22531 60x80cm

WDC22530 60x80cm

T. Good (Trace I) WDC42542 60x80cm


T. Good (Nocturne IV) 22530 50x70cm

WDC22532 60x80cm

T. Good (Trace II) 42542 60x80cm

WDC42541 60x80cm

42541 60x80cm

22532 60x80cm

natural life

T. Good (Silk II)

T. Good (Silk I) WDC21878 60x80cm

21380 50x70cm

T. Good (Silk III) WDC21382 40x50cm

WDC21381 60x80cm

21381 50x70cm

T. Good (Silk IV) 21382 40x50cm

WDC21383 40x50cm

21383 40x50cm

301 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

T. Good (Red II) WDC42105 60x80cm

T. Good (Red III) 42105 60x80cm 42104 40x50cm

T. Good (Halcyon) WDC93066 50x100cm


WDC42103 60x80cm

PPR40213 60x80cm 42102 40x50cm

T. Good (Silk in Greys) PPR41063 50x100cm

WDC93036 50x100cm

PPR41055 50x100cm

natural life

T. Good (Shadow I) WDC42727 60x80cm

T. Good (Shadow II) 42727 60x80cm

T. Good (LBD) WDC42450 40x50cm

WDC42728 60x80cm

42728 60x80cm

T. Good (Trace) 42100 50x70cm PPR43376 40x50cm

WDC42451 40x50cm

42101 50x70cm PPR43375 40x50cm

303 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

T. Good (Ballroom I)

T. Good (Ballroom II)

WDC99499 60x80cm

PPR40694 60x80cm

WDC99500 60x80cm

PPR40695 60x80cm

WDC92682 30x40cm

PPR44367 30x40cm

WDC92683 30x40cm

PPR44368 30x40cm


natural life

Hazel Bowman (Lord of the Dance Pose)

Hazel Bowman (Tree Pose)

Hazel Bowman (Camel Pose) WDC99421 60x80cm

PPR40675 60x80cm

WDC99423 60x80cm

PPR40677 60x80cm

WDC99422 60x80cm

PPR40676 60x80cm

WDC92641 30x40cm

PPR44354 30x40cm

WDC92643 30x40cm

PPR44356 30x40cm

WDC92642 30x40cm

PPR44355 30x40cm

305 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Hazel Bowman (Tutu) WDC98064 85x85cm

PPR45397 40x40cm

WDC95249 40x40cm

Hazel Bowman (Ballerina) WDC94231 40x50cm

PPR43198 40x50cm

Hazel Bowman is a Scottish figurative artist. She has a passion for figures and delivers images of the physical form with such skill and accuracy that it is surprising to learn that she is completely self-taught. Specialising in charcoal and mixed media, Hazel creates powerful impressions with the intention of catching that one special moment on paper. She collaborates with professional dancers from Latvian burlesque to Russian, Argentinian and Scottish ballet dancers. The energy and emotion running through their routines is wonderfully captured by Hazel’s images. Full of movement, her drawings almost skip and dance across the page, throwing the viewer directly into that dance rehearsal room.


natural life

Hazel Bowman (Matinée)

Hazel Bowman (Premiére)

WDC44710 60x60cm

44710 60x60cm

WDC44712 60x60cm

44712 60x60cm

WDC44709 40x40cm

44709 40x40cm

WDC44711 40x40cm

44711 40x40cm

Hazel Bowman (Ruban Rose)

Hazel Bowman (Performance)

WDC44708 30x60cm

WDC90634 60x80cm

PPR40409 60x80cm

WDC44714 30x60cm

44708 30x40cm

WDC92355 30x40cm

PPR44182 30x40cm

44713 30x40cm

Hazel Bowman (Pazienza)

307 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Vasily Bratanyuk (Ballerina Fixing Her Shoe) WDC41196 60x80cm


Vasily Bratanyuk (Thinking) 41196 60x80cm

WDC41195 60x80cm

41195 60x80cm

natural life

Vasily Bratanyuk (Kristina Makhveladze) WDC41009 60x80cm

Vasily Bratanyuk (Oksana Kucheruk) 41009 50x70cm

Vasily Bratanyuk (Olga Pavlova I) WDC41007 40x50cm

WDC41006 60x80cm

41006 60x80cm

Vasily Bratanyuk (Olga Pavlova II) 41007 40x50cm

WDC41008 40x50cm

41008 40x50cm

WDC92596 30x40cm

309 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Harriet Salt (Easing Her Toes) WDC41201 60x80cm

41201 60x80cm

Harriet Salt (Getting Ready) WDC41222 60x80cm


41222 60x80cm

natural life

Charlie Mackesy (Blues on Gold)

Charlie Mackesy (Chicken Jazz)

WDC21385 60x80cm

21385 60x80cm

Jonathan Sanders (Masai Woman I) WDC42435 40x50cm

WDC21388 60x80cm

21388 60x80cm

Jonathan Sanders (Masai Woman II) 42127 50x70cm

WDC42436 40x50cm

42126 50x70cm

311 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

“To see life … to see the world; to eyewitness great events.” With these words, founding editor and publisher Henry R. Luce laid the foundation for what would become America’s first picture magazine. Over several decades spanning the heart of the 20th century, the magazine — calling itself, plainly and boldly, LIFE — published many of the most memorable photographs ever taken, documenting cultural and political events, as well as the celebrities who helped shape our modern world. Our Time Life collection brings together some of the most iconic of these images, including Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous photograph of a nurse in a sailor’s arms, snapped on August 14, 1945, as they celebrated Victory over Japan Day in New York City.

Time Life (Life Cover - Jackie Kennedy)

Time Life (Life Cover - Elizabeth Taylor)

Time Life (Life Cover - Monroe & Russell)

WDC90723 60x80cm

PPR40459 60x80cm

WDC90310 60x80cm

PPR40205 60x80cm

WDC94351 40x50cm

PPR43224 40x50cm

WDC94079 40x50cm

PPR43077 40x50cm

WDC92417 30x40cm

PPR44231 30x40cm

WDC92089 30x40cm

PPR44045 30x40cm

Time Life (Life Cover - Joan Collins)

Time Life (Life Cover - Rita Hayworth)

WDC90308 60x80cm

PPR40203 60x80cm

WDC90309 60x80cm

PPR40204 60x80cm

WDC90311 60x80cm

PPR40206 60x80cm

WDC94077 40x50cm

PPR43075 40x50cm

WDC94078 40x50cm

PPR43076 40x50cm

WDC94080 40x50cm

PPR43078 40x50cm

WDC92087 30x40cm

PPR44043 30x40cm

WDC92088 30x40cm

PPR44044 30x40cm

WDC92090 30x40cm

PPR44046 30x40cm


natural life

Time Life (Life Cover - Astaire & Rogers)

Time Life (Life Cover - Steve McQueen) WDC90312 60x80cm

PPR40207 60x80cm

WDC90307 60x80cm

PPR40202 60x80cm

WDC94081 40x50cm

PPR43079 40x50cm

WDC94076 40x50cm

PPR43074 40x50cm

WDC92091 30x40cm

PPR44047 30x40cm

WDC92086 30x40cm

PPR44042 30x40cm

Time Life (Life Cover - Johnny Cash)

Time Life (Life Cover - To the Moon and Back)

WDC90722 60x80cm

PPR40458 60x80cm

WDC90698 60x80cm

PPR40447 60x80cm

WDC94350 40x50cm

PPR43223 40x50cm

WDC94331 40x50cm

PPR43218 40x50cm

WDC92416 30x40cm

PPR44230 30x40cm

WDC92394 30x40cm

PPR44220 30x40cm

313 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Time Life (Audrey Hepburn - Broadway)

Time Life (Audrey Hepburn - Taxi)

WDC90721 60x80cm

PPR40457 60x80cm

WDC90720 60x80cm

PPR40456 60x80cm

WDC94349 40x50cm

PPR43222 40x50cm

WDC94348 40x50cm

PPR43221 40x50cm

WDC92415 30x40cm

PPR44229 30x40cm

WDC92414 30x40cm

PPR44228 30x40cm

Time Life (Audrey Hepburn - Oscar)


Time Life (Audrey Hepburn - Portrait)

WDC90719 60x80cm

PPR40455 60x80cm

WDC90294 60x80cm

PPR40189 60x80cm

WDC94347 40x50cm

PPR43220 40x50cm

WDC94063 40x50cm

PPR43061 40x50cm

WDC92413 30x40cm

PPR44227 30x40cm

WDC92073 30x40cm

PPR44029 30x40cm

natural life

Time Life (Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly)

Time Life (Grace Kelly - New York)

WDC90718 60x80cm

PPR40454 60x80cm

WDC90727 60x80cm

PPR40463 60x80cm

WDC94346 40x50cm

PPR43219 40x50cm

WDC94355 40x50cm

PPR43228 40x50cm

WDC92412 30x40cm

PPR44226 30x40cm

WDC92421 30x40cm

PPR44235 30x40cm

Time Life (Marilyn Monroe)

Time Life (Marilyn Monroe - Colour)

Time Life (Marilyn Monroe - Gold Dress)

WDC90301 60x80cm

PPR40196 60x80cm

WDC90688 60x80cm

PPR40439 60x80cm

WDC90726 60x80cm

PPR40462 60x80cm

WDC94070 40x50cm

PPR43068 40x50cm

WDC94326 40x50cm

PPR43214 40x50cm

WDC94354 40x50cm

PPR43227 40x50cm

WDC92080 30x40cm

PPR44036 30x40cm

WDC92389 30x40cm

PPR44216 30x40cm

WDC92420 30x40cm

PPR44234 30x40cm

315 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Time Life (Steve McQueen - Jaguar)

Time Life (Steve McQueen - Boxing)

WDC90399 60x80cm

PPR40251 60x80cm

WDC90304 60x80cm

PPR40199 60x80cm

WDC94158 40x50cm

PPR43119 40x50cm

WDC94073 40x50cm

PPR43071 40x50cm

WDC92161 30x40cm

PPR44167 30x40cm

WDC92083 30x40cm

PPR44039 30x40cm

Time Life (Steve McQueen - Takes Aim)

Time Life (Alfred Hitchcock)

WDC90305 60x80cm

PPR40200 60x80cm

WDC90293 60x80cm

PPR40188 60x80cm

WDC94074 40x50cm

PPR43072 40x50cm

WDC94062 40x50cm

PPR43060 40x50cm

WDC92084 30x40cm

PPR44040 30x40cm

WDC92072 30x40cm

PPR44028 30x40cm


natural life

Time Life (Marlon Brando - Book)

Time Life (Frank Sinatra - Piano)

WDC97043 60x60cm

PPR46034 60x60cm

WDC90299 60x80cm

PPR40194 60x80cm

WDC95317 40x40cm

PPR45446 40x40cm

WDC94068 40x50cm

PPR43066 40x50cm

WDC92078 30x40cm

PPR44034 30x40cm

Time Life (Frank Sinatra - Camera)

Time Life (Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra)

Time Life (Frank Sinatra - Phone)

WDC90297 60x80cm

PPR40192 60x80cm

WDC90725 60x80cm

PPR40461 60x80cm

WDC90724 60x80cm

PPR40460 60x80cm

WDC94066 40x50cm

PPR43064 40x50cm

WDC94353 40x50cm

PPR43226 40x50cm

WDC94352 40x50cm

PPR43225 40x50cm

WDC92076 30x40cm

PPR44032 30x40cm

WDC92419 30x40cm

PPR44233 30x40cm

WDC92418 30x40cm

PPR44232 30x40cm

317 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Time Life (War Time Kiss) WDC90695 60x80cm

PPR40446 60x80cm

WDC94329 40x50cm

PPR43217 40x50cm

WDC92392 30x40cm

PPR44219 30x40cm

Time Life (Mickey Mantle 1965)


WDC90731 60x80cm

PPR40465 60x80cm

WDC94359 40x50cm

PPR43231 40x50cm

WDC92423 30x40cm

PPR44237 30x40cm

natural life

Time Life (3D Movie Viewers)

Time Life (Measurement for Future Flight, 1954)

Time Life (Dennis Stock - Camera)

WDC90292 60x80cm

PPR40187 60x80cm

WDC97045 60x60cm

PPR46036 60x60cm

WDC90298 60x80cm

PPR40193 60x80cm

WDC94061 40x50cm

PPR43059 40x50cm

WDC95319 40x40cm

PPR45448 40x40cm

WDC94067 40x50cm

PPR43065 40x50cm

WDC92071 30x40cm

PPR44027 30x40cm

WDC92077 30x40cm

PPR44033 30x40cm

Time Life (World’s Highest Standard of Living)

Time Life (Gandhi)

WDC90306 60x80cm

PPR40201 60x80cm

WDC90693 60x80cm

PPR40444 60x80cm

WDC94075 40x50cm

PPR43073 40x50cm

WDC94327 40x50cm

PPR43215 40x50cm

WDC92085 30x40cm

PPR44041 30x40cm

WDC92390 30x40cm

PPR44217 30x40cm

319 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Time Life (Jean Patchett - MOMA 1949)

Time Life (France 1947) WDC90782 60x80cm

PPR40483 60x80cm

WDC97044 60x60cm

PPR46035 60x60cm

WDC94379 40x50cm

PPR43241 40x50cm

WDC95318 40x40cm

PPR45447 40x40cm

WDC92458 30x40cm

PPR44254 30x40cm


natural life

Time Life (June Pickney)

Time Life (Dior Leopard Print)

WDC90300 60x80cm

PPR40195 60x80cm

WDC90734 60x80cm

PPR40468 60x80cm

WDC94069 40x50cm

PPR43067 40x50cm

WDC94362 40x50cm

PPR43234 40x50cm

WDC92079 30x40cm

PPR44035 30x40cm

WDC92426 30x40cm

PPR44240 30x40cm

Time Life (Wide Shoulder Fashion 1959)

Time Life (Chihuahua)

WDC90735 60x80cm

PPR40469 60x80cm

WDC90783 60x80cm

PPR40484 60x80cm

WDC94363 40x50cm

PPR43235 40x50cm

WDC94380 40x50cm

PPR43242 40x50cm

WDC92427 30x40cm

PPR44241 30x40cm

WDC92459 30x40cm

PPR44255 30x40cm

321 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Time Life (Norma Baker)

Time Life (Models Playing Leap Frog) WDC90302 60x80cm

PPR40197 60x80cm

WDC99541 60x80cm

PPR40726 60x80cm

WDC94071 40x50cm

PPR43069 40x50cm

WDC92692 30x40cm

PPR44380 30x40cm

WDC92081 30x40cm

PPR44037 30x40cm


natural life

Time Life (Ballerinas in Window)

Time Life (Ballet Dancers in Window)

WDC90295 60x80cm

PPR40190 60x80cm

WDC90296 60x80cm

PPR40191 60x80cm

WDC94064 40x50cm

PPR43062 40x50cm

WDC94065 40x50cm

PPR43063 40x50cm

WDC92074 30x40cm

PPR44030 30x40cm

WDC92075 30x40cm

PPR44031 30x40cm

Ronnie Boehm (The Clown) WDC98032 85x85cm

Ballet Shoes PPR45333 40x40cm

WDC40233 40x50cm

40233 40x50cm

WDC95175 40x40cm

323 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

V&A - John French (John Cavanagh Evening Gown)

V&A - John French (Pierre Balmain Evening Gown)

WDC99551 60x80cm

PPR40739 60x80cm

WDC94624 40x50cm

WDC92701 30x40cm

PPR44386 30x40cm

PPR43392 40x50cm

John French was a photographer working in the 50s and 60s who introduced a new style of fashion photography involving natural light and low contrast, particularly suitable for newspapers. The fashion photography of John French can be found in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum.


natural life

V&A - John French (Madame Paulette Net Hat, 1963)

V&A - John French (Experimental for Royds)

WDC40227 40x50cm

WDC90985 60x80cm

40227 40x50cm

V&A - John French (John French & Daphne Abrams)

V&A - John French (Ros Watkins)

WDC90986 60x80cm

WDC90987 60x80cm

PPR40585 60x80cm

PPR40584 60x80cm

PPR40586 60x80cm

325 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

V&A - John French (Barbara Goalen - Car) WDC98141 85x85cm

PPR45494 40x40cm

WDC95424 40x40cm

V&A - John French (Barbara Goalen - Underground) WDC98143 85x85cm

PPR45496 40x40cm

WDC95426 40x40cm

V&A - John French (Barbara Goalen - Bracelet) WDC95629 40x40cm


PPR45609 40x40cm

natural life

V&A - John French (Nicole de la Marge) WDC98142 85x85cm

PPR45495 40x40cm

WDC95425 40x40cm

327 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

animals ‘Tranquility’ by Sarah Stokes p341

natural life

Louise Brown (Herbert) WDC95203 40x40cm

Louise Brown (Hattie) PPR45359 40x40cm

Louise Brown (Bushy Tailed) WDC95269 40x40cm


WDC95202 40x40cm

PPR45358 40x40cm

Louise Brown (Bright Eyes) PPR45418 40x40cm

WDC95268 40x40cm

PPR45417 40x40cm

natural life

Louise Brown (Stag) WDC95267 40x40cm

Louise Brown (Misty) PPR46054 60x60cm

WDC98160 85x85cm

PPR45416 40x40cm

WDC95505 40x40cm

PPR45525 40x40cm

Louise Brown’s love for animals is evident from the first glance at her artwork. Living in rural Lincolnshire surrounded by ducks and chickens, it is easy to see where she finds her inspiration as an artist. Working predominantly in acrylics and oils, other subjects include cows, cats, horses and the occasional still life. You don’t have to be an animal lover to appreciate Louise’s imagery and her talent is all the more impressive considering she is entirely self-taught. Louise Brown (What’s Up?) WDC95270 40x40cm

PPR45419 40x40cm

331 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Louise Brown (I Need a Haircut) WDC95204 40x40cm

Louise Brown (Spring Lambs) PPR46053 60x60cm

WDC95440 40x40cm

PPR45501 40x40cm

PPR45360 40x40cm

Louise Brown (Oink!) WDC95439 40x40cm


Louise Brown (So Cute) PPR45500 40x40cm

WDC95438 40x40cm

PPR45499 40x40cm

natural life

Louise Brown (Snooty Cow)

Louise Brown (Looking Sheepish) WDC94258 40x50cm

PPR43159 40x50cm

WDC94425 40x50cm

PPR43244 40x50cm

PPR44126 30x40cm

Louise Brown (Two Moos)

Louise Brown (The Three Amigos) WDC94259 40x50cm

PPR43160 40x50cm

WDC94426 40x50cm

PPR43245 40x50cm

PPR44127 30x40cm

333 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sarah Stokes (Eric in Flight) WDC90608 60x80cm

PPR40384 60x80cm

WDC94272 40x50cm

PPR43171 40x50cm

WDC92327 30x40cm

PPR44146 30x40cm

Sarah Stokes (Eric Sitting) WDC90610 60x80cm

PPR40386 60x80cm

WDC94274 40x50cm

PPR43173 40x50cm

WDC92329 30x40cm

PPR44148 30x40cm

Sarah Stokes is an artist from Wolverhampton where she lives with a her dogs Neville and Bear. Painting mainly animals, she specialises in watercolour and loves the intensity and luminosity of its colours and the unpredictability of the medium “I try and breathe new life into this medium with a more vibrant colour palette adorned with splashes, splatters and dribbles�. The rush of excitement that Sarah gets when she paints is reflected in her lively brushwork and colour blending.


natural life

Sarah Stokes (Missy in Motion) WDC99308 60x80cm

Sarah Stokes (Copper Blaze) PPR40631 60x80cm

Sarah Stokes (Roar)

WDC94559 40x50cm

PPR43341 40x50cm

Sarah Stokes (Headstrong)

WDC90905 60x80cm

PPR40548 60x80cm

WDC90906 60x80cm

PPR40549 60x80cm

WDC94454 40x50cm

PPR43257 40x50cm

WDC94455 40x50cm

PPR43258 40x50cm

WDC92544 30x40cm

PPR44286 30x40cm

WDC92545 30x40cm

PPR44287 30x40cm

335 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sarah Stokes (March Hare)

Sarah Stokes (Snow Wolf)

WDC90611 60x80cm

PPR40387 60x80cm

WDC90650 60x80cm

PPR40425 60x80cm

WDC94275 40x50cm

PPR43174 40x50cm

WDC92374 30x40cm

PPR44201 30x40cm

WDC92330 30x40cm

PPR44149 30x40cm

Sarah Stokes (Days of Innocence) WDC92376 30x40cm


Sarah Stokes (Patience) PPR44203 30x40cm

Sarah Stokes (Strut Your Stuff)

WDC94308 40x50cm

PPR43208 40x50cm

WDC90609 60x80cm

PPR40385 60x80cm

WDC92375 30x40cm

PPR44202 30x40cm

WDC94273 40x50cm

PPR43172 40x50cm

WDC92328 30x40cm

PPR44147 30x40cm

natural life

Sarah Stokes (Proud)

Sarah Stokes (Thunder)

WDC99496 60x80cm

PPR40691 60x80cm

WDC99497 60x80cm

PPR40692 60x80cm

WDC92677 30x40cm

PPR44362 30x40cm

WDC92678 30x40cm

PPR44363 30x40cm

Sarah Stokes (Tranquility)

Sarah Stokes (Flamingo Study)

WDC99263 60x80cm

PPR40621 60x80cm

WDC92600 30x40cm

PPR44320 30x40cm

WDC94545 40x50cm

PPR43335 40x50cm

337 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Sofie Rolfsdotter lives in the South of Sweden in a small town called Skurup with her husband and two children. Sofie has always enjoyed creative pastimes including crochet, knitting, DIY and scrapbooking but she didn’t really draw or paint until in her 30´s. When she moved into a new apartment (but couldn’t really afford to buy new artwork) Sofie was motivated to make some of her own using the surrounding nature as inspiration. “I live in Sweden where it’s dark, windy and cold and very bare on the bushes and trees half of the year, so I find that I draw a whole lot more nature inspired images in the spring and summer time, and more abstract/typography designs in the fall and winter.”

Sofie Rolfsdotter (Stop Buggin’ Me)

Sofie Rolfsdotter (Butterflies)

WDC99414 60x80cm

PPR40674 60x80cm

WDC92640 30x40cm

PPR44353 30x40cm

Sofie Rolfsdotter (Le Frog) WDC91320 30x30cm

WDC94585 40x50cm

PPR43367 40x50cm

Sofie Rolfsdotter (Flamingo) PPR48149 30x30cm

WDC93153 50x100cm PPR41104 50x100cm


natural life

Summer Thornton (Elegant Flamingos)

Summer Thornton (Tropical Flamingo)

WDC99279 60x80cm

PPR40626 60x80cm

WDC92608 30x40cm

PPR44328 30x40cm

WDC92607 30x40cm

PPR44327 30x40cm

339 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Lily Greenwood (Chinese Green) WDC44218 50x100cm

Lily Greenwood (Mottled Aubergine) 44218 50x100cm

WDC44293 50x100cm

WDC44574 30x60cm

WDC44576 30x60cm

Lily Greenwood (Bee)

Lily Greenwood (Ladybird)

WDC91285 30x30cm


PPR48140 30x30cm

WDC91286 30x30cm

Lily Greenwood (Butterflies on Warm Ochre) 44293 50x100cm

WDC93054 50x100cm

PPR41057 50x100cm

Lily Greenwood (Weevil) PPR48141 30x30cm

WDC91287 30x30cm

PPR48142 30x30cm

natural life

Lily Greenwood (Butterflies on Pale Ochre) WDC95263 40x40cm

Lily Greenwood (Butterflies on Turquoise) PPR45413 40x40cm

WDC95262 40x40cm

PPR45412 40x40cm

The beauty of Lily Greenwood’s paintings lies in her competent fusion of strong colours, composition and movement. Her genuine love of nature from an early age plays an obvious part in her work filled with birds, flowers and butterflies. Butterflies were first used as a means of playing with colour but have now become the classic signature of Lily’s work. Whilst being highly influenced by Eighteenth century printmakers such as Hokusai and Hiroshige, Lily has created her own inimitable approach by using collage, ink and varnish techniques to form her very own oriental style. Now a well-accomplished artist, Lily sells her work all over the world, has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally and was shortlisted for the New Lights Art Prize in 2013. Lily Greenwood (Butterflies & Blossoms) WDC44171 40x50cm

Lily Greenwood (Midnight Butterflies) 44171 40x50cm

WDC44294 40x50cm

44294 40x50cm

341 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Barry Goodman (Wasp)

Barry Goodman (Dragonfly) WDC97094 60x60cm

PPR46060 60x60cm

WDC97096 60x60cm

PPR46062 60x60cm

WDC91305 30x30cm

PPR48146 30x30cm

WDC91307 30x30cm

PPR48148 30x30cm

Barry Goodman (Moth)

Barry Goodman (Fly) WDC97095 60x60cm

PPR46061 60x60cm

WDC97093 60x60cm

PPR46059 60x60cm

WDC91306 30x30cm

PPR48147 30x30cm

WDC91304 30x30cm

PPR48145 30x30cm


natural life

Barry Goodman (Eleven Moths) WDC94582 40x50cm

PPR43365 40x50cm

343 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Louise McNaught (Wild Wild Horse) WDC98035 85x85cm

PPR45336 40x40cm

WDC95178 40x40cm

Louise McNaught (Wild Papillon) WDC98033 85x85cm

PPR45334 40x40cm

WDC95176 40x40cm

Louise McNaught graduated in Fine Art from the University of Greenwich in 2012. Her work features nature and animals with dazzling splashes of neon colour. Not wishing to limit herself or her subject matter, McNaught has a mixed-media approach, which usually manifests in painted-drawings on traditional and sometimes unusual supports, such as celestial maps. By using neon paint McNaught gives the animals their own inner light, presence and energy, and hopes to share with the viewer the awe that the natural world inspires within her. Her soft style suggests a delicate relationship between nature and ourselves, making a clear point about man’s destruction of nature.


natural life

Louise McNaught (Wild Stag) WDC98034 85x85cm

PPR46052 60x60cm

WDC95177 40x40cm

PPR45335 40x40cm

345 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Simon Howden (Brown Chicken)

Simon Howden (Male Pheasant)

WDC94270 40x50cm

PPR43169 40x50cm

WDC94271 40x50cm

PPR43170 40x50cm

WDC92305 30x40cm

PPR44140 30x40cm

WDC92311 30x40cm

PPR44141 30x40cm


natural life

Louise Tate (Scottie)

Louise Tate (Dachshund)

WDC94298 40x50cm

PPR43197 40x50cm

WDC94296 40x50cm

PPR43195 40x50cm

WDC92354 30x40cm

PPR44181 30x40cm

WDC92352 30x40cm

PPR44179 30x40cm

Louise Tate (Cocker Spaniel)

Louise Tate (Great Dane)

WDC94295 40x50cm

PPR43194 40x50cm

WDC94297 40x50cm

PPR43196 40x50cm

WDC92351 30x40cm

PPR44178 30x40cm

WDC92353 30x40cm

PPR44180 30x40cm

347 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jane Booth (Jack) WDC94302 40x50cm

PPR43202 40x50cm

Jane Booth (Jaz) WDC94299 40x50cm

PPR43199 40x50cm

Jane Booth was born in Derbyshire and lives and works from her Alfreton home and studio. She is a self-taught artist whose experience spans more than 30 years. In this time she has gained a well-deserved reputation for high quality and incredibly realistic paintings. She strives to capture not only an incredible likeness and detail, but also the character and the soul of her sitter, be it a wild or domestic animal, bird or person.


natural life

Jane Booth (Jack Russell Study) WDC94300 40x50cm

Jane Booth (Parsons Terrier) PPR43200 40x50cm

Jane Booth (Labrador) WDC95253 40x40cm

WDC94301 40x50cm

PPR43201 40x50cm

Jane Booth (Lookout) PPR45402 40x40cm

WDC93053 50x100cm

PPR41056 50x100cm

349 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Andrea Letterie (Little King) WDC95293 40x40cm


PPR45426 40x40cm

natural life

Gigi Garcia (Puffin) WDC92304 30x40cm

Gigi Garcia (Bubba) PPR44139 30x40cm

WDC92303 30x40cm

Gigi Garcia (Brown Bear) PPR44138 30x40cm

WDC92302 30x40cm

PPR44137 30x40cm

351 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Mario Moreno (The Leopard) WDC99516 60x80cm

PPR40706 60x80cm

Mario Moreno (The Zebra) WDC99517 60x80cm

PPR40707 60x80cm

Mario Moreno was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1965 and moved to the city of Malaga when he was 12. Mario’s interest in photography began at the age of 18 thanks to a Yashica 2000 Super. Self taught, he participated in local contests and exhibitions and his many trips all over the world allowed him to share visual moments from beautiful countries. When he moved to South Africa in 2006 his photography moved focus to African wildlife and landscape photography. His work has been internationally awarded and several of his images have been selected as finalists in the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.


natural life

Mario Moreno (The Elephants) WDC93166 50x100cm

PPR41120 50x100cm

Mario Moreno (The Giraffes) WDC93167 50x100cm

PPR41121 50x100cm

353 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Graphic designer and webmaster by trade, Nicolas Evariste started out as a photographer in Normandy, France in 2006. Usually working in black and white square formats, Nicolas captures aesthetic beauty through images that are both minimal and breathtaking. Rather than sharing the intense reality of nature, he chooses to explore a more personal, artistic vision. Nicolas opened his own exhibition gallery in 2013 in Montmartin sur mer (France) which displays a wide range of works from his varied portfolio.

Nicolas Evariste (In Love) WDC98072 85x85cm

PPR46027 60x60cm

WDC95261 40x40cm

PPR45410 40x40cm

Nicolas Evariste (Acinonyx Jubatus)

Nicolas Evariste (Majesty)

WDC98070 85x85cm

PPR46025 60x60cm

WDC98071 85x85cm

PPR46026 60x60cm

WDC95259 40x40cm

PPR45408 40x40cm

WDC95260 40x40cm

PPR45409 40x40cm


natural life

Pete Seaward (Tiger Stare) WDC94635 40x50cm

PPR43405 40x50cm

355 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Marina Cano (Shades of Grevy)

Marina Cano (Together)

WDC98073 85x85cm

PPR46028 60x60cm

WDC90648 60x80cm

PPR40423 60x80cm

WDC95265 40x40cm

PPR45414 40x40cm

WDC92373 30x40cm

PPR44200 30x40cm

Marina Cano (Zebra Grevy) WDC40393 50x100cm


Marina Cano (Zebra Grevys) 40393 50x100cm

WDC40392 60x80cm

40392 60x80cm

WDC42598 60x80cm

42598 60x80cm

WDC40448 40x50cm

natural life

Marina Cano (Sleeping Tigers)

Marina Cano (Zebras)

Marina Cano (Tenderness) 40448 40x50cm

WDC98074 85x85cm

PPR46029 60x60cm

WDC95266 40x40cm

PPR45415 40x40cm

Born in Cantabria in the North coast of Spain, Marina Cano has been interested in photography ever since she went out with her father before school to photograph the winter storms. As a little girl, she was fascinated with watching him bring his photographs to life in the dark room. Now, photography is a way of life for Marina. She loves nature (animals and landscape) and the medium allows her to perceive everything around her more intensely; objects, details, landscapes, movement, shapes and most importantly, light. Her photographs have appeared on magazine covers (PhotoArt, Photocult) and have been published in countless books and magazines such as National Geographic Travel. Marina has won international awards and has exhibited worldwide. All of her photographs are dedicated to her father’s memory.

Marina Cano (Elephants of Kenya)

Marina Cano (Elephants in Love) WDC42597 60x80cm

42597 60x80cm

WDC90649 60x80cm

PPR40424 60x80cm

357 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Pete Seaward (Rhino Run) WDC94636 40x50cm

Karl Ammann (Giraffe) PPR43406 40x50cm

Ian Cumming (Masai Mara Giraffe) WDC44727 50x100cm WDC44333 30x60cm


44727 50x100cm

WDC20726 40x50cm

20726 40x50cm

natural life

Joel Simon (King Penguin) WDC20725 40x50cm

Wayne R Bilenduke (Sweet Dreams) 20725 40x50cm

WDC40413 40x40cm

40413 40x40cm

Steve Bloom (Panda Bear with Cub) WDC40127 50x100cm

40127 50x100cm

359 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Tim Flach (Courtship) WDC93031 50x100cm

PPR41034 50x100cm

Tim Flach (Kanja) WDC93032 50x100cm

PPR41035 50x100cm

Tim Flach (Bhajan)


WDC93030 50x100cm

PPR40256 60x80cm

PPR41033 50x100cm

PPR47014 50x70cm

natural life

Tim Flach (Orangutan Family)

Tim Flach (Flying Mop) WDC97029 60x60cm

PPR45306 40x40cm

WDC95145 40x40cm

PPR45307 40x40cm

WDC95146 40x40cm

Tim Flach (Spirit) WDC90415 60x80cm

PPR40257 60x80cm

WDC94182 40x50cm

PPR43124 40x50cm

361 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Andreas Stridsberg (Grazing Together, Lofoten Islands)

Malcolm Sanders (Wild Stampede)

WDC44599 60x80cm

WDC44840 50x100cm

44599 60x80cm

44840 50x100cm

WDC44839 30x60cm

Rachael Hale (Lazy Afternoon) WDC21607 40x50cm


Rachael Hale (Jay and Connie) 21607 40x50cm

WDC40411 30x40cm

Rachael Hale (Brian) 40411 30x40cm

WDC40412 30x40cm

40412 30x40cm

natural life

Rachael Hale (Henry & Bradley) WDC21605 30x40cm

Rachael Hale (Loki’s Kitten) 21605 30x40cm

Rachael Hale (Oscar) WDC20610 40x40cm

WDC20612 40x50cm

Rachael Hale (Nikon and Nigel) 20612 30x40cm

WDC20613 40x50cm

20613 30x40cm

Jim Dratfield (Pugsy Malone) 20610 40x40cm

WDC21608 40x50cm

21608 40x50cm

363 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Life and Design is an eclectic and of the moment collection of imagery covering illustration, graphic design and compositions. You’ll see a riot of colour with cutting-edge designs, vintage posters, witty typography and bright abstracts that will liven up any interior space.

life & design ‘Autumn Leaves’ by Sofie Rolfsdotter p427

life & design

Andrew McNeile Jones (White Tulips)

Andrew McNeile Jones (Japanese Blossom, Chinese Vase)

WDC90974 60x80cm

PPR40573 60x80cm

WDC90973 60x80cm

PPR40572 60x80cm

WDC92559 30x40cm

PPR44300 30x40cm

WDC92558 30x40cm

PPR44299 30x40cm

Andrew McNeile Jones (Rice Bowl and Japonica) WDC94483 40x50cm


Andrew McNeile Jones (Black and White Cherries) PPR43285 40x50cm

WDC93120 50x100cm

PPR41083 50x100cm

WDC90975 60x80cm






Andrew McNeile Jones (This Place, This Day) PPR40574 60x80cm

WDC90976 60x80cm

PPR40575 60x80cm


University’s Ruskin School of Art with a first in Fine Art in the 1980’s. He then trained as a filmmaker and produced and directed award winning dramas, documentaries and commercials. In 2002, Andrew decided to leave the film business and concentrate fully on his art; particularly wanting to channel his passion for lighting and art direction into his painting. Andrew’s paintings aim to capture a cool, almost melancholy atmosphere, and sometimes hint at an offstage narrative. The subject matter ranges from humble still lives lit by raking sunlight, domestic interiors glimpsed through doorways and shutters, to occasional exteriors caught in the first or last light. He now lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and young family. He has exhibited regularly since 2003, and his work is in numerous private collections around the UK, in France, Holland, Italy, and as far afield as St. Petersburg.

Andrew McNeile Jones (I Think I Made You Up Inside My Head) WDC94482 40x50cm

PPR43284 40x50cm

367 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

life & design

Andrew McNeile Jones (One Way or Another)

Ian Winstanley (Drift of Butterflies) WDC44480 50x100cm

44480 50x100cm

WDC44479 30x60cm

Ian Winstanley (Tree of Butterflies) WDC95185 40x40cm


Ian Winstanley (Butterfly Harmony) 45409 40x40cm

WDC95183 40x40cm

Ian Winstanley (Array of Butterflies) 45410 40x40cm

WDC95184 40x40cm

45411 40x40cm

After college, Ian Winstanley developed his early career in Birmingham working for one of the top photographic studios. He was exclusively involved in the advertising and design industries, but later found fine art based work with the help of Private View, a London artist’s agency. Ian’s work philosophy is to approach an image like a designer would and draw inspiration from all areas of art. The ability to channel such information in a particular direction without destroying the initial energy needs a disciplined sensitivity. ‘My images should maintain a delicate balance between the natural and the refined – a mixture of the intentional and the arbitrary.’ Now in his thirties, Ian Winstanley has his own studio and is proving to be one of England’s leading fine art photographers. Ian Winstanley (Butterflies on Blossom) WDC93100 50x100cm

PPR41080 50x100cm

life & design

Ian Winstanley (Kaleidoscope of Butterflies) WDC93099 50x100cm

PPR41079 50x100cm

Ian Winstanley (Butterfly Heart) WDC45350 50x100cm

45385 50x100cm

369 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ian Winstanley (Lilac Butterflies) WDC94230 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (Butterfly Collection) PPR43389 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (Buttons Flower) WDC45354 60x60cm


WDC98132 85x85cm

PPR46051 60x60cm

WDC95410 40x40cm

PPR45488 40x40cm

Ian Winstanley (Buttons Heart) PPR45595 40x40cm

WDC45353 60x60cm

PPR45596 40x40cm

WDC95210 40x40cm

Howard Shooter (Butterfly Random) PPR45368 40x40cm

Howard Shooter (Butterfly Grid) WDC95209 40x40cm

life & design

Howard Shooter (Butterfly Heart)

WDC95211 40x40cm

PPR45369 40x40cm

Howard Shooter (Butterfly Circle) PPR45367 40x40cm

WDC95212 40x40cm

PPR45370 40x40cm

371 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Howard Shooter (La Lavende)

Howard Shooter (Lavender Love)

WDC45366 60x60cm

45109 40x50cm

WDC98131 85x85cm

PPR46050 60x60cm

WDC22675 40x40cm

22675 40x40cm

WDC95407 40x40cm

PPR45485 40x40cm

Howard Shooter (Home Floral) WDC93096 50x100cm


PPR41076 50x100cm

WDC95246 40x40cm

life & design

Howard Shooter (Hearts Collection)

Howard Shooter (Romance Collection)

WDC95248 40x40cm

PPR45394 40x40cm

PPR45396 40x40cm

Presently living in London with his wife and three children, Howard Shooter has been a professional photographer for 20 years. He specialises in food and still life, and has clients ranging from supermarket giants to international chocolate companies. His passion for art started at an early age and he started taking photos aged just twelve; he had his own darkroom in his bedroom at thirteen. Early photographic influences included photographers covering a whole range of genres, from Joel Sternfeld to Henri Cartier Bresson, but now Howard shoots mainly food and loves to cook. Howard enjoys working from his studio in Camden, London.

Howard Shooter (You are My Sunshine) WDC95158 40x40cm

Howard Shooter (All You Need is Love) PPR45311 40x40cm

WDC95156 40x40cm

Howard Shooter (Home is Where the Cake is) PPR45309 40x40cm

WDC95157 40x40cm

PPR45310 40x40cm

373 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Howard Shooter (Heart Triptych) WDC45381 50x100cm

45382 50x100cm

Howard Shooter (Boutons de Roses) WDC45367 40x50cm WDC21564 30x40cm


Howard Shooter (Les Coeurs) 21564 30x40cm

WDC23139 60x80cm

22673 40x50cm

WDC95168 40x40cm

Howard Shooter (Pink Floral Heart) PPR45597 40x40cm

Howard Shooter (Red & White Hearts) WDC95247 40x40cm

life & design

Howard Shooter (Rose Heart)

WDC95408 40x40cm

PPR45486 40x40cm

Howard Shooter (Vintage Floral Heart) PPR45395 40x40cm

WDC95409 40x40cm

PPR45487 40x40cm

375 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Derek Melville (Still Life with Bottles I) WDC44464 40x40cm

Derek Melville (Still Life with Bottles II) 44464 40x40cm

Marian Hill (Still Life I) WDC41143 40x40cm


WDC44463 40x40cm

Marian Hill (Still Life II) 41143 40x40cm

WDC41144 40x40cm

44463 40x40cm

Marian Hill (Herbs and Spices) 41144 40x40cm

WDC41145 40x40cm

41145 40x40cm

life & design

Andrea Letterie (3 Cups) WDC44146 40x40cm

Andrea Letterie (6 Tea Cups) WDC93059 50x100cm

44146 40x40cm

Andrea Letterie (3 Cups on Saucer) PPR41062 50x100cm

WDC44145 40x50cm

44145 40x50cm

377 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Nicola Evans (Coffee) WDC40983 40x50cm

Nicola Evans (Coffee Decaf) 40983 40x50cm


40980 40x50cm

Nicola Evans (Chai Tea)

Nicola Evans (Mint Tea) WDC40982 40x40cm

WDC40980 40x50cm

Nicola Evans (Hot Chocolate)

40982 30x40cm

WDC40981 40x40cm

WDC21511 30x40cm

21511 30x40cm

Nicola Evans (Cafe Espresso) 40981 30x40cm

WDC21510 30x40cm

21510 30x40cm

WDC21181 50x100cm

Mandy Pritty (Cappuccino) PPR41126 50x100cm

Nicola Evans (Red Wine with Pear) WDC21504 40x50cm

WDC21180 60x80cm

Nicola Evans (Wine and Grapes) 21504 40x50cm

WDC21503 40x50cm

21513 50x70cm

Mandy Pritty (Café Society) 21503 40x50cm

WDC21852 50x100cm

22681 50x70cm

379 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

life & design

Mandy Pritty (Café)

Lucy Routh (Bowl of Apples) WDC95320 40x40cm

PPR45449 40x40cm

WDC91223 30x30cm

Lucy Routh (Oranges & Lemons) WDC95321 40x40cm WDC91224 30x30cm


PPR45450 40x40cm

WDC42696 40x40cm

Sheila Marshall (Can I Leave the Marzipan?) 42696 40x40cm

Sheila Marshall (Can I Have a Fairy Cake?) WDC42693 40x40cm

life & design

Sheila Marshall (Can I Leave the Cherry?)

WDC42694 40x40cm

42694 40x40cm

Sheila Marshall (Can I Have a Pink or Yellow One?) 42693 40x40cm

WDC42695 40x40cm

42695 40x40cm

381 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ian Winstanley (Robot Cat) WDC94276 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (Camera Robots Triptych) PPR41053 50x100cm


Ian Winstanley (Robot Hair) PPR43175 40x50cm

WDC94277 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (Robot Hands) PPR43176 40x50cm

WDC94278 40x50cm

PPR43177 40x50cm

life & design

Ian Winstanley (Camera Collection) WDC90612 60x80cm

PPR40389 60x80cm

WDC94279 40x50cm

PPR43178 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (B&W Cameras)

Ian Winstanley (Vintage Cameras)

PPR40388 60x80cm

PPR40390 60x80cm

383 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Cassia Beck (A Letter to You)

Cassia Beck (Our Song)

WDC44458 60x60cm

44458 60x60cm

WDC44456 60x60cm

44456 60x60cm

WDC44457 30x30cm

45265 40x40cm

WDC44455 30x30cm

44455 30x30cm

44457 30x30cm

Cassia Beck (Free Parking)

Cassia Beck (Cup of Butterflies)

45331 40x40cm

WDC44460 60x60cm

44460 60x60cm

WDC44459 30x30cm

45266 40x40cm 44459 30x30cm


WDC95301 40x40cm

Cassia Beck (Dream) 45333 40x40cm

WDC44641 40x50cm

Cassia Beck (Wish Upon a Star) 45268 60x80cm

WDC44640 40x50cm

44641 40x50cm

Cassia Beck (Live Love Laugh) WDC44642 40x40cm

45267 60x80cm 44640 40x50cm

Cassia Beck (Home Sweet Home) 45269 60x60cm

WDC95300 40x40cm

45332 40x40cm

44642 40x40cm

385 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

life & design

Cassia Beck (Love)

Yvette Inufio (Bittersweet Nostalgia) WDC45414 40x50cm

Yvette Inufio (Dear Love) 45412 40x50cm

WDC45417 40x50cm

Yvette Inufio (Incomplete) 45415 40x50cm

WDC45420 40x50cm

Yvette Inufio (The Old Camera and the Rose)

Yvette Inufio (The Smell of Peonies)

WDC45425 60x60cm

45422 60x60cm

WDC45430 60x60cm

45428 60x60cm

WDC45424 40x40cm

45421 40x40cm

WDC45429 40x40cm

45427 40x40cm


45418 40x50cm

WDC22775 40x50cm

life & design

Howard Shooter (Fairy Cake)

Howard Shooter (Cup Cakes) 22775 30x40cm

WDC23138 60x80cm

22674 40x50cm

WDC22674 40x50cm

Howard Shooter (Fairy I) WDC44144 40x40cm

Howard Shooter (Macaroons) 44144 40x40cm

WDC45369 40x40cm

45334 40x40cm

387 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Howard Shooter (Picante) WDC22672 40x50cm


Howard Shooter (Picante II) 22672 40x50cm

WDC21565 30x40cm

21565 30x40cm

Howard Shooter (Tango)

WDC40442 50x100cm

WDC40443 30x40cm

life & design

Howard Shooter (Jive)

Howard Shooter (Salsa) 40443 30x40cm

WDC40421 30x40cm

40421 30x40cm

40442 50x100cm

Howard Shooter (Lemons) WDC42574 30x40cm

Howard Shooter (Love Coffee) 42574 30x40cm

WDC94464 40x50cm

PPR43267 40x50cm

389 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ian Winstanley (Coast Collection) WDC23143 40x40cm

Ian Winstanley (Seaside Collection) 22770 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (Lunar) WDC21562 40x40cm


WDC23142 40x40cm

Ian Winstanley (Still Life of Shells II) 21562 40x40cm

22771 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (Stone Hearts)

WDC44737 60x60cm

44737 60x60cm

WDC44736 40x40cm

44736 40x40cm

WDC45356 60x60cm

PPR45598 40x40cm

WDC42578 30x30cm

Ian Winstanley (Stonefish II) 42578 30x30cm

Ian Winstanley (Jellyfish) WDC42577 30x30cm

life & design

Ian Winstanley (Stonefish I)

WDC42579 30x30cm

42579 30x30cm

Ian Winstanley (Puffafish) 42577 30x30cm

WDC42580 30x30cm

42580 30x30cm

391 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Howard Shooter (Seaside Treasure) WDC23140 40x50cm

Howard Shooter (Driftwood Heart) 22774 30x40cm

Howard Shooter (Shell Collection) WDC44724 30x40cm


WDC94463 40x50cm

PPR43266 40x50cm

Howard Shooter (Shells and Pebbles) 44724 30x40cm

WDC44725 30x40cm

44725 30x40cm

Ben Wood (Pearl Silver Mouth Shell - Back)

WDC44628 40x50cm

WDC44627 40x50cm

44628 40x50cm

life & design

Ben Wood (Pearl Silver Mouth Shell - Front)

44627 40x50cm

Ian Winstanley (Duck Family Portraits) WDC44728 40x40cm

44728 40x40cm

393 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

print illustration ‘London Bus Blind’ by Barry Goodman p408

life & design

Barry Goodman (See London by Bus)

Barry Goodman (London Taxi)

WDC96304 85x120cm

PPR40602 60x80cm

WDC99233 60x80cm

PPR40601 60x80cm

WDC99234 60x80cm

PPR44306 30x40cm

WDC92573 30x40cm

PPR44305 30x40cm

WDC92574 30x40cm

Barry Goodman’s career in Design and Illustration laid the perfect foundation for his progression into graphic printmaking. Having studied at The London College of Printing, Barry now loves to design much larger graphic prints and paintings. Barry produces images of spectacular buildings and lovable automotives that are inspired by the world of architecture and transport all around him. Using a collage printing technique and a form of intaglio printing, he manages to create colourful, intricate prints with fantastic depth and character. Barry is now established as a highly collectable artist whose work is exhibited across the UK and internationally. It also features in numerous publications and private collections and was even found sitting proudly on the walls of The Library of Congress, Washington D.C.


Barry Goodman (Post Boxes)

Barry Goodman (Routemaster)

WDC90341 60x80cm

45256 60x80cm

WDC90342 60x80cm

44609 60x80cm

WDC99232 60x80cm

PPR40600 60x80cm

WDC94106 40x50cm

45255 40x50cm

WDC45362 40x50cm

45252 40x50cm

WDC92572 30x40cm

PPR44304 30x40cm

WDC92116 30x40cm

44608 30x40cm

WDC10228 30x40cm

Barry Goodman (Vespa)

Barry Goodman (Mini London)

WDC90343 60x80cm

45254 60x80cm

WDC90346 60x80cm

PPR40224 60x80cm

WDC94105 40x50cm

45253 40x50cm

WDC94109 40x50cm

PPR43090 40x50cm

WDC10227 30x40cm

397 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

life & design

Barry Goodman (Telephone Boxes)

Barry Goodman (The House) WDC95469 40x40cm

Barry Goodman (Battersea Power Station) PPR45518 40x40cm

Barry Goodman (Southbank) WDC95101 40x40cm


WDC95468 40x40cm

Barry Goodman (St Paul’s) 45328 40x40cm

WDC95100 40x40cm

PPR45517 40x40cm

Barry Goodman (The Bridge) 45327 40x40cm

WDC95104 40x40cm

45329 40x40cm

life & design

Barry Goodman (Mind the Gap)

Barry Goodman (Taxi)

WDC97008 60x60cm

44613 60x60cm

WDC10224 85x85cm

44611 60x60cm

WDC95103 40x40cm

44612 40x40cm

WDC97007 60x60cm

44610 40x40cm

WDC95102 40x40cm

Barry Goodman (Aston Martin)

Barry Goodman (Blue Mini Red Mini)

WDC97012 60x60cm

PPR46005 60x60cm

WDC95108 40x40cm

PPR45291 40x40cm

WDC93026 50x100cm

45323 50x100cm

399 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Barry Goodman (Taxi New York)

Barry Goodman (CV Paris)

WDC90347 60x80cm

PPR40225 60x80cm

WDC90348 60x80cm

PPR40226 60x80cm

WDC94110 40x50cm

PPR43091 40x50cm

WDC94111 40x50cm

PPR43092 40x50cm

Barry Goodman (NYC - LON - PAR) WDC93076 50x100cm


PPR41067 50x100cm

WDC97084 60x60cm

life & design

Barry Goodman (Motorway Map)

Barry Goodman (8 MPG) PPR46055 60x60cm

WDC96244 85x120cm

PPR40427 60x80cm

WDC90651 60x80cm

Barry Goodman (Columbian Bus) WDC90350 60x80cm

Barry Goodman (Aeroplane) PPR40228 60x80cm

WDC90870 60x80cm

PPR40533 60x80cm

401 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Barry Goodman (London Bus Blind) WDC93130 50x100cm


Barry Goodman (Electric Railways of London) PPR41092 50x100cm

WDC93043 50x100cm

Barry Goodman (Rapid Transport Lines New York)

Barry Goodman (Paris)

WDC93047 50x100cm

WDC93046 50x100cm

PPR41049 50x100cm

PPR41045 50x100cm

PPR41048 50x100cm

WDC93027 50x100cm

Barry Goodman (London Destinations) PPR41030 50x100cm

Barry Goodman (Paris Destination) WDC93028 50x100cm

life & design

Barry Goodman (New York Destination)

WDC93044 50x100cm

PPR41046 50x100cm

Barry Goodman (London, Paris, New York) PPR41031 50x100cm

WDC93045 50x100cm

PPR41047 50x100cm

403 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Barry Goodman (Anchor) WDC94558 40x50cm

PPR43340 40x50cm

Barry Goodman (Lollies) WDC99221 60x80cm WDC10230 30x40cm


PPR43390 40x50cm

WDC95106 40x40cm

Barry Goodman (Delicious Ices) PPR45289 40x40cm

Barry Goodman (Let’s Eat) WDC97011 60x60cm

life & design

Barry Goodman (Bucket & Spade)

WDC90351 60x80cm

PPR40229 60x80cm

WDC94108 40x50cm

PPR43089 40x50cm

Barry Goodman (Pineapple) PPR46004 60x60cm

WDC93145 50x100cm

PPR41101 50x100cm

405 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Barry Goodman (Ghetto Blaster)

Barry Goodman (Radio Stack)

WDC90869 60x80cm

PPR40532 60x80cm

WDC92520 30x40cm

PPR44277 30x40cm


WDC93075 50x100cm

PPR41066 50x100cm

WDC94309 40x50cm

Barry Goodman (Rewind) PPR43209 40x50cm

Barry Goodman (Typewriter) WDC98075 85x85cm WDC95271 40x40cm

life & design

Barry Goodman (Stereo Deluxe)

WDC90652 60x80cm

PPR40426 60x80cm

WDC92377 30x40cm

PPR44204 30x40cm

Barry Goodman (GPO 706) PPR45420 40x40cm

WDC98076 85x85cm

PPR45421 40x40cm

WDC95272 40x40cm

407 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

James Paterson (45rpm)

James Paterson (Heads Up)

WDC98069 85x85cm

PPR46024 60x60cm

WDC96228 85x120cm

PPR40282 60x80cm

WDC97039 60x60cm

PPR45406 40x40cm

WDC90485 60x80cm

PPR43141 40x50cm

WDC95258 40x40cm

WDC94225 40x50cm

Working predominantly in acrylic and oils, James Paterson’s work is always inspired by everyday objects, adverts and popular icons. It is this wonderful juxtaposition of fine art craftsmanship and nostalgic, pulp imagery that ensures James’ work is thoroughly contemporary despite giving a huge nod to the past. The influences of pop artists such as Larry Rivers, Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton are there for all to see, but it is the more subtle touches of Whistler, Sargent and De Kooning (evident in the confidence of his mark making), that gives James his truly unique and thoroughly modern style. Born in Darlington in 1977, James completed a BA Foundation Art Degree at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College and then went on to Nottingham Trent University where he studied Fine Art. James Paterson (Tropical) WDC94560 40x50cm


PPR43342 40x50cm

WDC96232 85x120cm

life & design

James Paterson (Beauties of To-Day)

James Paterson (Pin-Up Parade) PPR40361 60x80cm

WDC90586 60x80cm

WDC96229 85x120cm

PPR40283 60x80cm

WDC90486 60x80cm

PPR43142 40x50cm

WDC94226 40x50cm

James Paterson (Pink Telephones)

James Paterson (Call Exchange) WDC98031 85x85cm

PPR46012 60x60cm

WDC97022 60x60cm

PPR45326 40x40cm

WDC93048 50x100cm

PPR41050 50x100cm

WDC95167 40x40cm

409 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Mulga (aka Joel Moore) is a Sydney based artist who has created a world of wacky, lovable characters where apes wear funky sunglasses and rule the world and hip flamingos run wild. Mulga mixes intricate line work and vibrant colours with fantastic shapes to breathe life and emotion into his characters. With an impressive 56 art shows under his belt, Mulga’s talent is widely recognized. He won Gold at the 2013 Illustrators Australia awards, was a finalist and peoples choice winner at Hazelhurst’s 2013 Art on Paper prize and has worked with famous brands such as MTV, Adidas, Microsoft and Sol Beer to name but a few.

Mulga (Michael the Magical Owl) WDC90850 60x80cm

PPR40520 60x80cm

WDC92509 30x40cm

PPR44269 30x40cm


Mulga (Schubert the Diamond Sugar Skull)

Mulga (Herbert the Hypno Ape)

WDC90846 60x80cm

PPR40516 60x80cm

WDC90844 60x80cm

PPR40514 60x80cm

WDC90847 60x80cm

PPR40517 60x80cm

WDC92505 30x40cm

PPR44265 30x40cm

WDC92503 30x40cm

PPR44263 30x40cm

WDC92506 30x40cm

PPR44266 30x40cm

Mulga (Otis the Owl)

Mulga (Sarah the Magical Seahorse)

Mulga (Leroy the Lion)

WDC90849 60x80cm

PPR40519 60x80cm

WDC90845 60x80cm

PPR40515 60x80cm

WDC90848 60x80cm

PPR40518 60x80cm

WDC92508 30x40cm

PPR44268 30x40cm

WDC92504 30x40cm

PPR44264 30x40cm

WDC92507 30x40cm

PPR44267 30x40cm

411 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

life & design

Mulga (Frederick the Flamingo)

Blanca Gomez (London) WDC44345 40x50cm

Blanca Gomez (New York) 45259 60x80cm

WDC44166 40x50cm

45261 60x80cm

44167 40x50cm

44166 40x50cm

PPR44125 30x40cm

PPR44124 30x40cm

PPR44123 30x40cm

designer who currently lives in Madrid,

Spain. After

graduating in Advertising and Graphic Design in 2001 she has gone on to develop her career as a graphic designer, but she currently spends most of her time illustrating and generally getting her hands dirty. Blanca likes making small things with care; her website “cosas mínimas” means “tiny

things” in Spanish.

Along with art heroes such as Picasso, Calder, Sempé and Quentin Blake, simple things inspire her work which has been described as “colourful,” “playful” and “whimsical.” Blanca has worked for many clients around the world from her office in Madrid. She has recently worked with Uppercase Magazine, Velocity Art and Design, Chronicle Books and El País, to name a few. When she’s not drawing, she likes spending time travelling and taking


45260 60x80cm

44345 40x50cm

Blanca Gomez is a successful illustrator and graphic


WDC44167 40x50cm

Blanca Gomez (Paris)

Sisters Lisa and Elena Gomez make up the design studio, biroRobot. With over 25 years of illustration and design experience combined, the sisters create beautiful illustrations, surface patterns and art prints. Scandinavian and mid 20th century modern designs hugely influence their artwork and they are great admirers of Saul Bass, Paul Rand and Alexander Girard. Lisa and Elena share a love of all things simple, bold, bright and fun; characteristics that resonate throughout their prints. Between them they have worked for some great names including, Habitat, Ikea, Paperchase, BBC, Waterstones, Whistles and Armani.

life & design

biroRobot (Cabs)

biroRobot (Stacking Buses) WDC90743 60x80cm

PPR40476 60x80cm

WDC90744 60x80cm

PPR40477 60x80cm

WDC92434 30x40cm

PPR44247 30x40cm

WDC92435 30x40cm

PPR44248 30x40cm

biroRobot (NY Apple)

biroRobot (Find a Penny)

WDC90742 60x80cm

PPR40475 60x80cm

WDC90741 60x80cm

PPR40474 60x80cm

WDC92433 30x40cm

PPR44246 30x40cm

WDC92432 30x40cm

PPR44245 30x40cm

413 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Hennie Haworth (China London) WDC7993 50x100cm

7993 50x100cm

Sara Nunan (The Thames, London) WDC93037 50x100cm


PPR41037 50x100cm

Frank Kiely is an Irish born Artist who now lives and works in London. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2002 and in 2006 became an Associate of the Royal Society of Painter-Print-makers. His work takes everyday street life as its subject. He uses graphic line work in black on white, picking out part of the subject matter in colour to accentuate specific aspects of the scene or to tell a story.

life & design

Since graduating, Frank has exhibited widely in Britain, Europe and the USA. As a result his work is now in various private and corporate collections including BP International, Boyle Civic Collection, Clifford Chance, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Guardian/PMPA Insurance, the Royal College of Art and the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. Frank Kiely (Taxi)

Frank Kiely (On the Turn)

WDC90531 60x80cm

PPR40313 60x80cm

WDC92258 30x40cm

PPR44096 30x40cm

Frank Kiely (Centreland)

WDC90529 60x80cm

PPR40311 60x80cm

WDC90530 60x80cm

PPR40312 60x80cm

WDC92256 30x40cm

PPR44094 30x40cm

WDC92257 30x40cm

PPR44095 30x40cm

415 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Susie Brooks (To the Tower - London II) WDC45012 40x40cm

Susie Brooks (A London Eyeful II) 45012 40x40cm

WDC45011 40x40cm

Susie Brooks (They’re Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace II)

Susie Brooks (The Battle of Trafalgar II)

WDC45010 40x40cm

WDC45013 40x40cm


45010 40x40cm

45011 40x40cm

45013 40x40cm

WDC44796 30x30cm

life & design

Susie Brooks (London II)

Susie Brooks (London I) 44796 30x30cm

WDC44797 30x30cm

44797 30x30cm

Born in 1969, Susie Brooks grew up in Wiltshire. She gained her Honours degree in Illustration in 1991 at Bristol, and stayed on to work as a freelance commercial artist whilst studying for her Masters in Printmaking. She used fibre tip pens to draw local architecture and the built environment and started working with silkscreen printmaking in order to colour her line drawings. She found a natural affinity with the process - learning the age old disciplines of etching and relief printing along with modern techniques. In 2001 she completed her Masters and from there was launched into the gallery scene, selling work in London and the south and west of England. She founded the Brooks Smith Gallery in St Ives with her partner Rick Smith in 2005. Susie Brooks (London III) WDC44696 30x30cm

44696 30x30cm

417 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Amanda Colville (Hummingbirds)

Amanda Colville (Dragonfly & Dandelions)

WDC99265 60x80cm

PPR40623 60x80cm

WDC99266 60x80cm

PPR40624 60x80cm

WDC92602 30x40cm

PPR44322 30x40cm

WDC92603 30x40cm

PPR44323 30x40cm

Amanda Colville is a printmaker who creates beautifully designed linocut prints from her home in Norfolk. Using an old washing mangle her was



company born.







handcrafted designs add a touch of rustic charm to any wall and she manages to bring nature inside the home with colourful bird, insect and floral motifs. Her





symmetry has an obvious part to play in her work that she has had featured in publications such as Country Living Magazine, Liberty and Rialto Poetry magazine as well as numerous galleries and on-line stockists throughout the UK. Amanda Colville (Circle of Bees) WDC95492 40x40cm


PPR45523 40x40cm

WDC94546 40x50cm

Amanda Colville (Moths) PPR43336 40x50cm

Amanda Colville (Sunflower Birds) WDC92604 30x40cm

WDC92601 30x40cm

Amanda Colville (Moths & Thistles) PPR44321 30x40cm

Amanda Colville (Five Birds) PPR44324 30x40cm

WDC99267 60x80cm

PPR40622 60x80cm

WDC92605 30x40cm

PPR44325 30x40cm

Amanda Colville (Five Flowers)

WDC94480 40x50cm

PPR43282 40x50cm

WDC94481 40x50cm

PPR43283 40x50cm

WDC92555 30x40cm

PPR44297 30x40cm

WDC92556 30x40cm

PPR44298 30x40cm

419 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

life & design

Amanda Colville (Little Bee)

Little Design Haus (Pineapple)

Little Design Haus (Scandi Flower)

WDC94530 40x50cm

PPR43320 40x50cm

WDC94306 40x50cm

PPR43206 40x50cm

WDC92599 30x40cm

PPR44319 30x40cm

WDC92371 30x40cm

PPR44198 30x40cm

Little Design Haus is the creation of Lyndy Hants, a designer living and working in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and three children. After






Melbourne, Lyndy went on to work on a wide variety of creative projects from rendering animation cells to painting murals. But it was when she bought her first Mac in the 1990’s that she knew she had found her “home”. She has since had her work published on over 300 Greeting cards, Wrapping Papers, Stickers, Wall Art, Wedding and Party Invites, Notebooks and other Stationery and Baby Apparel and has collected many design Awards along the way. Always on the look-out for fresh inspiration, Lyndy is particularly drawn to Scandinavian design and loves fresh colors and clean lines. Little Design Haus (Geometric Apple)

Little Design Haus (Geometric Pear)

WDC94307 40x50cm

PPR43207 40x50cm

WDC94305 40x50cm

PPR43205 40x50cm

WDC92372 30x40cm

PPR44199 30x40cm

WDC92370 30x40cm

PPR44197 30x40cm


Sarah Stokes (Pineapple Rainbow)

WDC94550 40x50cm

PPR43337 40x50cm

WDC92606 30x40cm

PPR44326 30x40cm

Sofie Rolfsdotter (Autumn Leaves) WDC94586 40x50cm

life & design

Summer Thornton (Pineapple)

WDC98159 85x85cm

PPR46056 60x60cm

Sofie Rolfsdotter (Cacti) PPR43368 40x50cm

WDC99426 60x80cm

PPR40678 60x80cm

WDC92644 30x40cm

PPR44357 30x40cm

421 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ellie Foreman-Peck (The Fall of the Finch) WDC93038 50x100cm

PPR41038 50x100cm

WDC90536 60x80cm

PPR40318 60x80cm

WDC94245 40x50cm

PPR43149 40x50cm

Ellie Foreman-Peck (Finch on the Line) WDC90535 60x80cm

PPR40317 60x80cm

WDC94244 40x50cm

PPR43148 40x50cm

WDC91204 30x30cm

PPR48013 30x30cm

Ellie Foreman-Peck is a London based illustrator specialising in hand drawn and collaged imagery. Japanese woodcuts and old posters often inspire Ellie’s characterful, expressive prints. During her degree Ellie became very interested in line, all the different expressions one can make through a mark on a page: serpentine lines, scratchy lines, spontaneous, lively, hard or erratic and she continues to use this to great effect in her work. Since graduating with a first from UWE in 2008 she has worked for a wide range of clients including: Random House, GQ, The Telegraph, Gramophone Magazine, Creative Review, The New Yorker, The Guardian, The Independent, Eureka, Harvard Business Review and CBBC.


life & design

Roddy & Ginger (Daisy Bird)

Roddy & Ginger (Happy Birds)

WDC94285 40x50cm

PPR43183 40x50cm

WDC94287 40x50cm

PPR43185 40x50cm

WDC92337 30x40cm

PPR44163 30x40cm

WDC92339 30x40cm

PPR44165 30x40cm

Roddy & Ginger (Fine Feathers)

Roddy & Ginger (Pomegranate Tree)

WDC94286 40x50cm

PPR43184 40x50cm

WDC94288 40x50cm

PPR43186 40x50cm

WDC92338 30x40cm

PPR44164 30x40cm

WDC92340 30x40cm

PPR44166 30x40cm

423 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Jennifer Judd-McGee (VII) WDC42175 60x60cm

42175 60x60cm

Jennifer Judd-McGee (VIII) WDC42176 60x60cm

42176 60x60cm

Jennifer Judd-McGee is an artist living and working in Portland, Maine, US. Mixed media collage and illustration are her favourite mediums, and she loves to create dense, imaginary patterned landscapes, as well as playful, bright mixed media work. Her coastal Maine surroundings provide much of the inspiration for her work; the rest comes from her love of vintage wallpaper, mid-century design and old embroidery books. She has shown her work in galleries across the US and in Canada, and has done freelance editorial work and licensing in the US and abroad.


life & design

Mocchi Mocchi (Flowers Blossoming) WDC41153 30x40cm

Mocchi Mocchi (With the Wind) 41153 30x40cm

WDC41154 30x40cm

Mocchi Mocchi (Journey into the Distance) 41154 30x40cm

WDC41152 40x50cm

41152 50x70cm

Mocchi Mocchi is a collaboration by sisters, Sachiko Mochizuki and Junko Mochizuki. They graduated from Masa mode Academy of Arts and now spend their time in the studio creating screen prints for art and textiles. Nature makes up a huge part of their portfolio and the sisters love to play with unconventional compositions using leaf and floral motifs. Birds and butterflies fly in and out of trees and flowers and natural greens are given shadows and highlights to add contrast and depth to their images. Although they enjoy every part of the screen printing process, it is the “expression made from the method� that they love the most.

425 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Kim Anderson (Enchanted Tree) WDC90518 60x80cm

PPR40302 60x80cm

WDC94240 40x50cm

PPR43145 40x50cm

Kim Anderson (Hello Owls)


WDC90519 60x80cm

PPR40303 60x80cm

WDC94241 40x50cm

PPR43146 40x50cm

life & design

Kim Anderson (Splendid Peacock)

Kim Anderson (Pink Bowl) WDC95181 40x40cm

PPR45340 40x40cm

WDC90520 60x80cm

PPR40304 60x80cm

WDC94242 40x50cm

PPR43147 40x50cm

Kim Anderson lives and works from her home in the creative city of Brighton with her partner, son and their three cats. Since graduating in Textile and Surface design, Kim has created an extensive portfolio of artwork and is recognised for her use of paint, pen, ink and paper collage work. Kim takes inspiration for her bright and cheerful works from the colours and textures in everyday life. This might include vintage objects, contemporary art, interior design or simply creative images from magazines. Artists including Picasso, Elizabeth Blackadder and The Bloomsbury Group have also inspired Kim and sometimes just taking a stroll around her colourful and cultural hometown of Brighton can provide the spark that is enough to start the creative process.

427 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Wendy Paula Patterson (Peacock) WDC90583 60x80cm

PPR40358 60x80cm

WDC92299 30x40cm

PPR44135 30x40cm

With a passion for vintage and antique ephemera, Wendy Paula Patterson infuses papers and images from the past with her own unique style of digital painting to create her wonderful designs. Her work reflects a romantic and intimate charm with its seamless blend of the old and new. Her goal is to achieve a visual harmony with the past and present, adding exquisite detail and charm. She delights in transforming old, sometimes very shabby vintage images into beautiful new characters. Before embarking on her self taught digital creations she worked for Design Houses in Adelaide, London and Sydney as an Illustrator and Designer. Wendy Paula’s work is widely sought after and published worldwide.


Wendy Paula Patterson (Dove)

Wendy Paula Patterson (Once Upon a Time)

WDC90580 60x80cm

PPR40355 60x80cm

WDC90582 60x80cm

PPR40357 60x80cm

WDC90581 60x80cm

PPR40356 60x80cm

WDC92296 30x40cm

PPR44132 30x40cm

WDC92298 30x40cm

PPR44134 30x40cm

WDC92297 30x40cm

PPR44133 30x40cm

Wendy Paula Patterson (Paris 1908) WDC44173 30x40cm

Wendy Paula Patterson (Parisienne Chandelier) 44173 30x40cm

Wendy Paula Patterson (Mannequin Rose)

WDC45075 60x80cm

45075 60x80cm

WDC45077 60x80cm

45077 60x80cm

WDC44174 30x40cm

44174 30x40cm

WDC45076 30x40cm

45076 30x40cm

429 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

life & design

Wendy Paula Patterson (Le Ballon)

graphic ‘Louis Armstrong told us So’ by Bianca Green p439

life & design

Bianca Green, mother Brazilian, father German/ US American, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in December 1982. After a few years of childhood in Rio, her parents decided to move to Germany to offer her a better education. Following her graduation from school, Bianca followed her passion for music and worked at a local Radio station, then later for MTV Networks Germany. After working as a producer in various music TVformats, she felt that the music industry wasn’t right for her and left to seek new adventures. This led her to spend a year in San Francisco, back to Germany and on to Montevideo, Uruguay in 2010. There, inspired by South America and being far away from her reality, she started to create and finally dared to call it ART. Bianca is currently living in Berlin, Germany and describes herself as an artist, dreamer, and colour addict.

Bianca Green (Our Wonderful World) WDC90656 60x80cm

PPR40431 60x80cm

Bianca Green (Flowers of New York) WDC90655 60x80cm


Bianca Green (San Francisco Waters) PPR40430 60x80cm

WDC90657 60x80cm

PPR40432 60x80cm

WDC99553 60x80cm

Bianca Green (Picture This) PPR40741 60x80cm

Bianca Green (Seeing Sound) WDC94628 40x50cm

life & design

Bianca Green (Louis Armstrong told us So)

WDC95630 40x40cm

PPR45610 40x40cm

Bianca Green (Weapons of Mass Creation) PPR43395 40x50cm

WDC94629 40x50cm

PPR43396 40x50cm

433 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Lily & Val (Anchor) WDC94541 40x50cm

Lily & Val (Flamingo) PPR43331 40x50cm

Lily & Val (Sunshine) WDC94539 40x50cm


WDC94531 40x50cm

Lily & Val (Always) PPR43321 40x50cm

WDC94540 40x50cm

PPR43326 40x50cm

Lily & Val (Happy)

Lily & Val (Lemons) PPR43329 40x50cm

WDC94536 40x50cm

PPR43330 40x50cm

WDC94537 40x50cm

PPR43327 40x50cm

Lily & Val’s chalkboard designs are an original mix of nostalgia and modern style that mirror life’s simple pleasures so you always have a reason to smile. Each item is hand lettered and illustrated by Valerie McKeehan, who infuses her flourishes, flowers, typography and quaint illustrations with the same sense of whimsy and elegance that inspires her at home. In fact, that’s how Lily & Val was born. In 2012, newly wedded and drawing from a love of visual storytelling honed through her career in advertising, Valerie transformed an old picture frame into a “McKeehan’s Café” chalkboard for the kitchen. She fell in love with chalkboard art instantly. After illustrating each piece by hand, Valerie photographs the freshly drawn chalkboard to make a digital print, perfect in its imperfections, without worry of dust or erasing.

life & design

Lily & Val (Moon) WDC94538 40x50cm

PPR43328 40x50cm

Lily & Val (Tea) WDC94535 40x50cm

Lily & Val (Coffee) PPR43325 40x50cm

WDC94534 40x50cm

Lily & Val (Hot Cocoa) PPR43324 40x50cm

WDC94533 40x50cm

PPR43323 40x50cm

435 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Valentina Ramos (Hello Sunshine) WDC94514 40x50cm

Valentina Ramos (Today is Going to be Awesome) PPR43305 40x50cm

Valentina Ramos (Today is My Lucky Day) WDC94510 40x50cm


WDC94516 40x50cm

PPR43307 40x50cm

Valentina Ramos (Home Sweet Home) PPR43301 40x50cm

WDC94515 40x50cm

PPR43306 40x50cm

Valentina Ramos’ studio in Nashville, Tennessee invites us into her world of dream-like visions and fantasy. Here she creates playful artwork using pops of colour with intricate ink pattern and line detail that come together to form the lively, eye-popping designs for which she is so famous. Her 15 years as a graphic designer has given Valentina the confidence to make successful designs with an imaginative twist. Using Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph Pens she draws minute details that merge together to shape uniquely perfected illustrations. She also works digitally and in mixed media to create her collection of endearing animals, symbols and positive phrases.

life & design

Valentina Ramos (Dreams Come True) WDC94513 40x50cm

PPR43304 40x50cm

Valentina Ramos (Ampersand) WDC94511 40x50cm

Valentina Ramos (Hamsa) PPR43302 40x50cm

WDC94512 40x50cm

PPR43303 40x50cm

437 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Alexandra Snowdon of Snowdon Designs spent the first 20 years of her creative career as a graphic designer but always felt like a square peg in a round hole, knowing deep down that her real strengths lay in illustration. After taking a year off to travel in her mid thirties, she decided to return to University part time to concentrate on developing her illustration skills. Alex graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a first class degree in 2009 and in 2012 decided to leave behind her graphic design career to become a full time illustrator. Alex still loves traveling and that is where she finds much of her inspiration in hand lettering, vintage typography and hand painted signs from around the world. The lettering and illustrations in her prints are all created by hand, starting off as doodles in a sketchbook and the pieces are then finished using ink or pencil. Alex likes to leave evidence of all the human quirks and imperfections in her work, and in today’s increasingly digitised world that’s something to be cherished.

Snowdon Designs (Home is Where You Park it)

Snowdon Designs (Where there’s Tea there’s Hope)

Snowdon Designs (Coffee Makes Everything Possible)

WDC90712 60x80cm

PPR40453 60x80cm

WDC90708 60x80cm

PPR40449 60x80cm

WDC92406 30x40cm

PPR44225 30x40cm

WDC92402 30x40cm

PPR44221 30x40cm

Snowdon Designs (The Sea Forever)

Snowdon Designs (Housework Won’t Kill You)

WDC90709 60x80cm

PPR40450 60x80cm

WDC90710 60x80cm

PPR40451 60x80cm

WDC90711 60x80cm

PPR40452 60x80cm

WDC92403 30x40cm

PPR44222 30x40cm

WDC92404 30x40cm

PPR44223 30x40cm

WDC92405 30x40cm

PPR44224 30x40cm


WDC90605 60x80cm

PPR40381 60x80cm

WDC90606 60x80cm

PPR40382 60x80cm

WDC92324 30x40cm

PPR44143 30x40cm

WDC92325 30x40cm

PPR44144 30x40cm

Sarah Winter lives in the sunny seaside town of Bexhill-on-sea, England. She loves Inspiring words, typography and is passionate about the allure of the handmade, about traditional methods of design and the resulting beautiful anomalies. Sarah enjoys the process of production and values the uniqueness and personal influence that can only be achieved with this kind of hands on approach. Sarah’s vibrant typographic prints will brighten up any home and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Sarah Winter (Rainbow)

Sarah Winter (You Only Live Once)

WDC90607 60x80cm

PPR40383 60x80cm

WDC90604 60x80cm

PPR40380 60x80cm

WDC92326 30x40cm

PPR44145 30x40cm

WDC92323 30x40cm

PPR44142 30x40cm

439 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

life & design

Sarah Winter (Peace Begins with a Smile)

Sarah Winter (Be Yourself)

asintended (Make Do and Mend)

asintended (Riding a Bicycle)

WDC90543 60x80cm

PPR40322 60x80cm

WDC90546 60x80cm

PPR40325 60x80cm

WDC92264 30x40cm

PPR44103 30x40cm

WDC92267 30x40cm

PPR44106 30x40cm

The creative behind asintended is graphic designer, Clare Somerville-Perkins. As a designer working in front of a computer for 16 years, Clare soon found herself yearning some handson creativity. asintended became an escape from the technical to the handmade when she began to use silkscreen printing and a letterpress to make her prints. Print, typography, interiors and vintage finds all come together to make up Clare’s accomplished designs. Having worked as a graphic designer for years it runs in her blood and is evident in her typographic work. Clare’s motto is: ‘would I hang it on my living room wall? If it’s “yes!” then it’s full steam ahead.’

asintended (Prisoners of Our Minds)

asintended (No Time Like the Present)

WDC90545 60x80cm

PPR40324 60x80cm

WDC90544 60x80cm

PPR40323 60x80cm

WDC92266 30x40cm

PPR44105 30x40cm

WDC92265 30x40cm

PPR44104 30x40cm


If you look again at the work of Edu Barba it may not surprise you to find out that along with producing these amazing graphic works of art, he also works as an architect. Technical and ordered, the works are also playful and humorous, a wonderful combination that makes his style unique and instantly recognisable. Having had no formal art education, Edu uses his architect’s knowledge of proportions, compositions and color theories, along with his love of modern art in order to create his artworks. Based in Sevilla, Spain, along with architecture he also finds inspiration for his designs in everyday things.

life & design

Edu Barba (Bonjour)

Edu Barba (Bon Appetit) WDC90616 60x80cm

PPR40394 60x80cm

WDC90617 60x80cm

PPR40395 60x80cm

WDC94281 40x50cm

PPR43179 40x50cm

WDC94282 40x50cm

PPR43180 40x50cm

WDC92332 30x40cm

PPR44155 30x40cm

WDC92333 30x40cm

PPR44156 30x40cm

Edu Barba (Fabulous)

Edu Barba (Yeah)

WDC90618 60x80cm

PPR40396 60x80cm

WDC90619 60x80cm

PPR40397 60x80cm

WDC94283 40x50cm

PPR43181 40x50cm

WDC94284 40x50cm

PPR43182 40x50cm

WDC92334 30x40cm

PPR44157 30x40cm

WDC92335 30x40cm

PPR44158 30x40cm

441 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Go Jump in the Lake (Good Things)

Go Jump in the Lake (Happy)

WDC99223 60x80cm

PPR43093 40x50cm

WDC99224 60x80cm

PPR43094 40x50cm

WDC94116 40x50cm

PPR44207 30x40cm

WDC94117 40x50cm

PPR44208 30x40cm

Go Jump in the Lake (Chocolate)

Go Jump in the Lake (Wine)

WDC99222 60x80cm

PPR43096 40x50cm

WDC99225 60x80cm

PPR43095 40x50cm

WDC94119 40x50cm

PPR44210 30x40cm

WDC94118 40x50cm

PPR44209 30x40cm


WDC94640 40x50cm

life & design

Go Jump in the Lake (Time Wasted at the Beach)

Go Jump in the Lake (Lucky Enough) PPR43424 40x50cm

WDC94638 40x50cm

PPR43422 40x50cm

Go Jump in the Lake specialise in rustic shabby vintage style signs with humorous and inspirational quotes to adorn your walls and put a smile on your face. Based in Acworth, Georgia, they’re the original creators of the Go Jump in the Lake rustic wooden lake sign.

Go Jump in the Lake (Wake Up and be Awesome) WDC94641 40x50cm

Go Jump in the Lake (The Mountains are Calling) PPR43425 40x50cm

WDC94639 40x50cm

PPR43423 40x50cm

443 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Barry Goodman (London Paris New York Type) WDC93129 50x100cm

PPR41091 50x100cm

Barry Goodman (London Type) WDC94507 40x50cm


Barry Goodman (Paris Type) PPR43298 40x50cm

WDC94508 40x50cm

Barry Goodman (New York Type) PPR43299 40x50cm

WDC94509 40x50cm

PPR43300 40x50cm

Benoit Cesari (London Map) WDC96265 85x120cm

PPR40470 60x80cm

WDC90736 60x80cm

PPR44242 30x40cm

WDC92428 30x40cm

Benoit Cesari is an independent illustrator based in Montpellier, France. He likes to use different techniques to create his artwork. One day he may find himself using markers and black ink for Other days he may go down the more traditional route of using coloured ink or watercolours. Benoit plays with type by weaving letters into intricate spaces to create whimsical map illustrations. He loves to use bright colours and to create images that are “poetic and funny�.

Benoit Cesari (Paris Map)

Benoit Cesari (New York Map)

WDC96266 85x120cm

PPR40471 60x80cm

WDC96267 85x120cm

PPR40472 60x80cm

WDC90737 60x80cm

PPR44243 30x40cm

WDC90738 60x80cm

PPR44244 30x40cm

WDC92429 30x40cm

WDC92430 30x40cm

445 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

life & design

his illustrations that he scans and colours on his computer.

Julene Harrison (If Life Deals You Lemons, Make Lemonade)

Julene Harrison (Where there is Love there is no Darkness)

Kathy Panton (It’s the Little Things)

WDC42610 30x40cm

WDC42611 30x40cm

WDC90569 60x80cm

PPR40346 60x80cm

WDC92289 30x40cm

PPR44128 30x40cm

42610 30x40cm

Gregoire Ganter (Apple, Bicycle, Cow?) WDC7975 60x80cm

42611 30x40cm

Anthony Peters (Where there is Tea there is Love) PPR43391 40x50cm

WDC90697 60x80cm

45432 60x80cm 45325 40x50cm


WDC42545 30x40cm

Trent Siddharta (Alphabet Blocks) 42545 30x40cm

WDC42546 30x40cm

life & design

Trent Siddharta (Home Sweet Home)

42546 30x40cm

Philip Sheffield (History in the Making) WDC44283 60x80cm

44283 60x80cm

WDC44367 30x40cm

44367 30x40cm

447 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Louise Tate (Namaste) WDC94588 40x50cm


Citography (Buddha) PPR43370 40x50cm

WDC99242 60x80cm

PPR40687 60x80cm

life & design

Summer Thornton (Yoga Triptych) WDC93154 50x100cm

PPR41105 50x100cm

Summer Thornton (Om) WDC95527 40x40cm

Summer Thornton (Jade Buddha) PPR45538 40x40cm

WDC95526 40x40cm

Summer Thornton (Lotus Flower) PPR45537 40x40cm

WDC95528 40x40cm

PPR45539 40x40cm

449 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Eric Broug (Baghdad) WDC98161 85x85cm

Eric Broug (Damascus) PPR45526 40x40cm

WDC98164 85x85cm

WDC95507 40x40cm

WDC95510 40x40cm

Eric Broug (Marrakech)

Eric Broug (Granada)

WDC98162 85x85cm WDC95508 40x40cm


PPR45527 40x40cm

WDC98163 85x85cm WDC95509 40x40cm

PPR45529 40x40cm

PPR45528 40x40cm

life & design

Eric Broug (Cairo) WDC99317 60x80cm

PPR43343 60x80cm Geometric design within Islamic art plays a major role in Eric Broug’s artwork. Massively influenced by geometry on Islamic buildings, in books and on tiles and metal, Eric has built up an understanding of geometrics to enable him to create such well accomplished patterns and designs. His aim is to bring traditional geometric design into a contemporary playing field and to make Islamic art affordable to a large audience. Eric moved to the United Kingdom in 2000 to attend VITA (Visual Islamic & Traditional Arts) at the Prince’s Foundation in London. He completed his MA in the History of Islamic Architecture at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies). Mostly self taught, Eric has been studying Islamic art for over fifteen years relying mainly on books and lots of practice.

Eric Broug (Konya) WDC93146 50x100cm

PPR41102 50x100cm

451 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Troy Litten (Transit Graphics)

Troy Litten (Late Night TV) WDC96300 85x120cm

WDC94487 40x50cm

WDC96297 85x120cm

WDC94484 40x50cm

WDC98140 85x85cm

PPR40580 60x80cm

WDC98137 85x85cm

PPR40577 60x80cm

WDC90981 60x80cm

PPR43289 40x50cm

WDC90978 60x80cm

PPR43286 40x50cm


life & design

Troy Litten (Airmail)

Troy Litten (Tickets to Ride)

WDC96298 85x120cm

WDC94485 40x50cm

WDC96299 85x120cm

WDC94486 40x50cm

WDC98138 85x85cm

PPR40578 60x80cm

WDC98139 85x85cm

PPR40579 60x80cm

WDC90979 60x80cm

PPR43287 40x50cm

WDC90980 60x80cm

PPR43288 40x50cm

Troy Litten has worked as a graphic designer and art director for over 20 years. With a keen interest for traveling the world, Troy has combined this with his love of photography to document his travels through unconventional photos of regular things like tickets, stamps, street signs and other ephemera. “I’m fascinated with travel tickets and collect them everywhere I go. It’s unfortunately getting harder and harder to find unique tickets due to the increasing modernisation and standardisation of transport systems the world over.” The premise of Troy’s work is that the joy of travel isn’t about getting there, but about all the fun you can have along the way.

453 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Didier Mignot (Auto Néon I) WDC42146 60x80cm

Didier Mignot (Auto Néon II) 42146 60x80cm

Didier Mignot (Auto Néon III) WDC42429 40x50cm


WDC42147 60x80cm

42147 60x80cm

Didier Mignot (Auto Néon IV) 42148 30x40cm

WDC42428 40x50cm

42149 30x40cm

WDC98067 85x85cm

Mark Andrew Allen (Red Wheel) PPR45404 40x40cm

WDC98068 85x85cm

Mark Andrew Allen (Cali Car) PPR45405 40x40cm

WDC98066 85x85cm

WDC95256 40x40cm

WDC95257 40x40cm

WDC95255 40x40cm

Michael Jeffery (Cross-Fire)

Michael Jeffery (Hit and Miss)

Michael Jeffery (Over and Above)

WDC44875 30x30cm

44875 30x30cm

WDC44870 30x30cm

life & design

Mark Andrew Allen (LA Surf)

44870 30x30cm

WDC44873 30x30cm

PPR45403 40x40cm

44873 30x30cm

455 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Ben Allen (Future Girl) WDC44624 85x85cm

44623 60x60cm

WDC44623 60x60cm

Ben Allen (Kaleidoscope Zebra) WDC44620 85x85cm

44619 60x60cm

WDC44619 60x60cm

44618 40x40cm

WDC44618 40x40cm

Ben Allen is a self-taught artist who is inspired by textures found in everyday life that surround us on the streets and buildings, the rusting metals and corroded weatherswept posters of the streets and billboards, the peeling and fading layers that create a new image, unplanned and unpredicted. Working in a multitude of media and materials, his influences include comic book art, skateboard culture, surfing, travel, Japanese graphics, the Mexican festival “Dia de la Muerte�, typography, nature and the human condition. His paintings and prints are in private collections worldwide. He has worked with Levis, Virgin, Channel 5, The Hoxton Hotel and has exhibited his mixed content paintings in exclusive venues and galleries internationally as well as selling to celebrities.


life & design

Ben Allen (Tiger Two) WDC42200 60x60cm

PPR46085 60x60cm

Ben Allen (Zebrafitti Customized) WDC42427 60x80cm

Ben Allen (Graffiti Jungle) 42199 50x70cm

WDC44621 50x100cm

44621 50x100cm

WDC44622 30x60cm

457 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Beth Wintgens (White Tide) WDC42188 60x60cm

42188 60x60cm

WDC42187 40x40cm

42187 40x40cm

Beth Wintgens (Beyond the Way)


WDC42186 60x80cm

42186 60x80cm

WDC42185 40x50cm

42185 40x50cm

life & design

Steve Rostron (Windfall Light) WDC99204 60x80cm

Steve Rostron (Churnclough) PPR40596 60x80cm

WDC99205 60x80cm

PPR40597 60x80cm

Steve Rostron studied BA Fine Art at Cheltenham and Gloucester College and went on to teach in Yorkshire. In 2009, he relocated to Lancashire to devote more time to his art. Painting from a small studio with a fantastic view of Pendle hill, Steve captures the drama of the countryside from his outlook. Fascinated by the constantly changing weather that surrounds him, Steve often paints from memory and his view usually “informs the end results�. Using oils, acrylics and pastels, he loosely interprets the forms and shapes of the land to create abstract visions. Steve has exhibited work at art fairs in Liverpool, Reading and New Longton as well as having work permanently on show at the Longitude Gallery and Cloud Gallery to name a few.

459 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Irena Orlov (Abstraction I)

Irena Orlov (Abstraction II)

WDC98046 85x85cm

PPR46016 60x60cm

WDC98047 85x85cm

PPR46017 60x60cm

WDC97032 60x60cm

PPR45362 40x40cm

WDC97033 60x60cm

PPR45363 40x40cm

Irena Orlov (Main Boulevard I)


Irena Orlov (Main Boulevard III)

WDC98048 85x85cm

PPR46018 60x60cm

WDC98049 85x85cm

PPR46019 60x60cm

WDC97034 60x60cm

PPR45364 40x40cm

WDC97035 60x60cm

PPR45365 40x40cm

life & design

John Eaves (Two Yellow Horizons)

John Eaves (Suggestion of Dawn) WDC20484 60x80cm

20484 60x80cm

WDC20485 60x80cm

20485 60x80cm

Julie-Anne Gilburt (Ochre Pebble) WDC4672 50x100cm

21302 50x70cm

461 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Philip Sheffield (Ocean) WDC42548 50x100cm

Philip Sheffield (Planets) WDC42549 50x100cm

Philip Sheffield (Slideshow) WDC42754 50x100cm

42754 50x100cm

Philip Sheffield (Take 3) WDC42755 50x100cm


42755 50x100cm

Claire O’Hea (Plasma) WDC42184 60x80cm

Claire O’Hea (Silent Grove)

Claire O’Hea (Sacred Arbor) 42184 60x80cm

44656 60x60cm

WDC44654 60x60cm

44654 60x60cm

WDC44655 40x40cm

44655 40x40cm

WDC44653 40x40cm

44653 40x40cm

Claire O’Hea studied Textile Design at Winchester School of Art and Chelsea College, London. Coming from a fine art background, the influence of painting and drawing is evident in all of Claire’s designs. Claire’s technique combines intuitively drawn and painted marks, torn or cut out shapes and opaque and transparent areas. The process of laying down one colour that then dictates the necessity of another encourages a spontaneous way of working that relies on the eye alone to accept or discard elements that do not harmonise. This is an invigorating and exciting process that does not limit the infinite number of combinations and possibilities that exist within each idea.

Claire O’Hea (Bone) WDC42183 60x80cm

Claire O’Hea (Connect 4) 42183 60x80cm

WDC4784 60x80cm

4784 60x80cm

463 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

life & design

WDC44656 60x60cm

Sarah Leslie (Pink Rain) WDC23168 60x80cm

Sarah Leslie (Search for Rain II) 22823 60x80cm

Sarah Leslie (Red/Yellow Berries) WDC41264 40x50cm


WDC23073 60x80cm

Sarah Leslie (Botanic Winding) 41264 50x70cm

WDC23074 50x100cm

22820 50x70cm

22822 50x70cm

WDC41265 60x80cm

Sarah Leslie (Mandarin Interplay) PPR40735 60x80cm

Sarah Leslie (Opaque Layer Study I) WDC23167 60x80cm

life & design

Sarah Leslie (Red Silhouette)

WDC23200 60x80cm

23200 50x70cm

Sarah Leslie (Chocolate Sun) 22824 60x80cm

WDC23166 60x60cm

22825 60x60cm

465 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Transport for London (Summer Sales Quickly Reached) 45040 60x80cm

45038 60x80cm

45289 40x50cm

45288 40x50cm

Transport for London (Brightest London) WDC90620 60x80cm

Transport for London (The Lure of the Underground)

Transport for London (For the Zoo, Book to Regent’s Park) PPR40398 60x80cm

45050 60x80cm 45290 40x50cm


life & design

Transport for London (Trooping the Colour) WDC92268 30x40cm

45032 60x80cm 45031 30x40cm

Transport for London (A Bridge Across the River) WDC45036 60x80cm

Transport for London (A Main Line Station) 45036 60x80cm

WDC45034 60x80cm

45034 60x80cm

467 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Transport for London (Ceremonial London) WDC90621 60x80cm

Transport for London (LT Museum Collection) PPR40399 60x80cm

Transport for London (The Museum of London) WDC90624 60x80cm


WDC90623 60x80cm

PPR40401 60x80cm

Transport for London (Designed for London) PPR40402 60x80cm

WDC90622 60x80cm

PPR40400 60x80cm

WDC90625 60x80cm

life & design

Transport for London (Sightseeing)

Transport for London (Stagger Working Hours) PPR40403 60x80cm

Transport for London (5d Your Fare to: Victoria)

WDC90626 60x80cm

PPR40404 60x80cm

Transport for London (2d Your Fare to: Camden Town)

WDC45054 60x80cm

45054 60x80cm

WDC45052 60x80cm

45052 60x80cm

WDC45053 30x40cm

45053 30x40cm

WDC45051 30x40cm

45051 30x40cm

469 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Transport for London (Boat Race)

Transport for London (Boat Race 1923) WDC90685 60x80cm

PPR40437 60x80cm

WDC94324 40x50cm

PPR43212 40x50cm

WDC92387 30x40cm

PPR44211 30x40cm

45030 60x80cm

Transport for London (London Underground Map, Harry Beck, 1933)

Transport for London (Boat Race Map) WDC90686 60x80cm

PPR40438 60x80cm

WDC94325 40x50cm

PPR43213 40x50cm

WDC92388 30x40cm

PPR44212 30x40cm


PPR43135 40x50cm

WDC45041 60x80cm

45041 60x80cm

life & design

Transport for London (Black London Underground Map) WDC45043 60x80cm

45043 60x80cm 45286 40x50cm

Transport for London (London Transport Bus Blind) WDC45048 60x80cm

Transport for London (London Transport Tube Lines) 45048 60x80cm

WDC45046 60x80cm

45046 60x80cm 45287 40x50cm

471 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

V&A - Austin Cooper (Posters Victoria and Albert Museum Exhibition)

V&A - Austin Cooper (Exhibition of British Industrial Art in the Home)

WDC42639 40x50cm

WDC45431 60x80cm

42639 40x50cm

WDC42649 40x50cm


42649 40x50cm

life & design

W.H. Gispen (Giso Lampen)

Artur Bofinger (Der Stuhl - The Chair) WDC42619 60x80cm

42619 60x80cm

WDC42620 60x80cm

Vilmos Huszรกr (De Styl Front Cover) 42620 60x80cm

WDC42621 60x80cm

42621 60x80cm

473 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

A.M. Cassandre (Nord Express)

A.M. Cassandre (Grand Sport, 1925) WDC42522 60x80cm

42522 60x80cm

A.M. Cassandre (Wagon-Bar) WDC42524 60x80cm


WDC42523 60x80cm

42523 60x80cm

A.M. Cassandre (L’Atlantique) 42524 60x80cm

WDC42521 60x80cm

42521 60x80cm

life & design



Monte Carlo, Monaco

WDC45168 60x80cm

WDC45170 30x40cm

WDC45169 30x40cm

475 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Our Children’s section is a fun and colourful collection of imagery offering a stylish and contemporary way to decorate a space for the youngest generation. Cute animals sit alongside educational alphabets and imaginative characters that will inspire curiosity and wonder.

children’s ‘Pug’ by Simon Hart p484


Simon Hart (Beagle) WDC95628 40x40cm

Simon Hart (Pug) PPR45608 40x40cm

Simon Hart (French Bulldog) WDC95625 40x40cm


WDC95622 40x40cm

PPR45602 40x40cm

Simon Hart (Schnauzer) PPR45605 40x40cm

WDC95623 40x40cm

PPR45603 40x40cm

Simon Hart (British Short Hair) WDC95624 40x40cm

Simon Hart (Ginger Tom) PPR45604 40x40cm

WDC95626 40x40cm

PPR45606 40x40cm


Artist and designer Simon Hart works from his studio at home in Dartmouth, Devon where he moved to from London over 10 years ago. He is widely recognised for the unique collage style that gives his work such a strong identity. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art over 20 years ago he’s exhibited in many galleries throughout the UK and become best known for his bright and colourful seascapes focusing on the fishing villages and harbours of Cornwall and Devon. Simon’s charming illustrations that celebrate vehicles and robots are one of his favourite styles to work on as he is inspired by naïve and childlike art. More recently Simon has found new inspiration in the wildlife and nature that surrounds him, creating some wonderful illustrations of Woodland animals, birds, dogs and cats. Simon Hart (Ragamuffin) WDC95627 40x40cm

PPR45607 40x40cm

479 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Simon Hart (Red Racing Car - Number 8) WDC23119 40x40cm

Simon Hart (Green Car) 23119 40x40cm

Simon Hart (Orange Clown Car) WDC23117 40x40cm


WDC23118 40x40cm

Simon Hart (Tug Boat) 23118 40x40cm

Simon Hart (Yellow Taxi) 23117 40x40cm

WDC23116 40x40cm

WDC23121 30x40cm

23121 30x40cm

Simon Hart (Mississippi Steam Boat) 23116 40x40cm

WDC23120 30x40cm

23120 30x40cm

Simon Hart (Rocket) WDC44387 30x30cm

Simon Hart (A Robot & His Dog) 44387 30x30cm

WDC44388 30x30cm

44388 30x30cm


Simon Hart (Spaceship II)

Simon Hart (Spaceship) WDC44389 30x30cm

44389 30x30cm

WDC44386 30x30cm

44386 30x30cm

481 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Little Design Haus (Little Owl)

Little Design Haus (Geometric Fox)

WDC94303 40x50cm

PPR43203 40x50cm

WDC94304 40x50cm

PPR43204 40x50cm

WDC92368 30x40cm

PPR44195 30x40cm

WDC92369 30x40cm

PPR44196 30x40cm

Alys Paterson (Garden) WDC23257 60x80cm


Alys Paterson (Singing My Heart Out) PPR40746 60x80cm

WDC44583 40x50cm

44583 40x50cm

Nicola Evans (Little ROAARRRRY)

Nicola Evans (Mini Monkey) WDC44381 40x40cm

44381 40x40cm

WDC44379 40x40cm

44379 40x40cm


Nicola Evans (Baby Boo Bear)

Nicola Evans (Pinky Piggy) WDC44380 40x40cm

44380 40x40cm

WDC44378 40x40cm

44378 40x40cm

483 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

John Butler (Alphabet Boxes) WDC90653 60x80cm

PPR40428 60x80cm

Award winning children’s book illustrator John Butler is acclaimed for his lovable and realistic renderings of animals and the natural world. His much-adored books are enjoyed by babies and children worldwide and have been published in 20 countries. John has illustrated over 60 books for young children, and has won awards in the UK and the USA. It all started in the late 1970’s when working as a young artist in the north of England selling paintings. John received a commission to illustrate the cover of a satirical novel by Dylan Thomas and his friend John Davenport for Penguin Books. He moved to London to embark on his new career and received commissions to produce advertising posters, book covers and packaging illustrations. However, it is his work in children’s publishing that he has always found most rewarding and it is still a thrill when he receives the first edition of a new title.


John Butler (Cow)

John Butler (Cat) WDC95273 40x40cm

PPR48014 30x30cm

WDC95274 40x40cm

PPR48015 30x30cm


John Butler (Dog) WDC95275 40x40cm

John Butler (Elephant) PPR48016 30x30cm

WDC95276 40x40cm

PPR48017 30x30cm

485 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

John Butler (Frog) WDC95277 40x40cm

John Butler (Giraffe) PPR48018 30x30cm

John Butler (Jaguar) WDC95279 40x40cm


WDC95278 40x40cm

PPR48019 30x30cm

John Butler (Koala) PPR48020 30x30cm

WDC95280 40x40cm

PPR48021 30x30cm

John Butler (Owl) WDC95281 40x40cm

John Butler (Panda) PPR48022 30x30cm

WDC95282 40x40cm

PPR48023 30x30cm


John Butler (Pig) WDC95284 40x40cm

John Butler (Penguin) PPR48025 30x30cm

WDC95283 40x40cm

PPR48024 30x30cm

487 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

John Butler (Polar Bear) WDC95285 40x40cm

John Butler (Rhino) PPR48026 30x30cm

John Butler (Seal) WDC95287 40x40cm


WDC95286 40x40cm

PPR48027 30x30cm

John Butler (Zebra) PPR48028 30x30cm

WDC95288 40x40cm

PPR48029 30x30cm

WDC90455 60x80cm

PPR40271 60x80cm

Milly Green (London Taxi) WDC90456 60x80cm


Milly Green (Alphabet)

Milly Green (Hot Air Balloon) PPR40272 60x80cm

WDC90457 60x80cm

PPR40273 60x80cm

489 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are) WDC44061 60x80cm

44061 60x80cm

WDC44018 30x40cm

44018 40x50cm

Maurice Sendak (Let the Wild Rumpus Start I)


WDC44012 60x80cm

44012 60x80cm

WDC44060 30x40cm

44060 40x50cm

Maurice Sendak (Let the Wild Rumpus Start II) WDC44016 60x80cm

44016 60x80cm

WDC44015 30x40cm

44015 40x50cm


Maurice Sendak (Let the Wild Rumpus Start III) WDC44014 60x80cm

44014 60x80cm

WDC44013 30x40cm

44013 40x50cm

491 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Maurice Sendak (To the Land of the Wild Things) WDC44017 60x80cm

44017 60x80cm

WDC44065 30x40cm

44065 40x50cm

Maurice Sendak (Max) WDC44000 30x30cm


Maurice Sendak (Ira)

Maurice Sendak (Carol) 44000 30x30cm

WDC44003 30x30cm

44003 30x30cm

WDC44002 30x30cm

44002 30x30cm

Maurice Sendak (Max’s Room) WDC44011 40x50cm

Maurice Sendak (A Forest Grew) 44011 40x50cm

WDC44010 40x50cm

44010 40x50cm


Maurice Sendak (Max Sailing) WDC44009 40x40cm

Maurice Sendak (King of all Wild Things) 44009 40x40cm

WDC44008 40x40cm

Maurice Sendak (King Max, Carol and Bull) 44008 40x40cm

WDC44005 40x40cm

44005 40x40cm

493 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Rachel Taylor (Aloha) WDC44829 60x80cm

Rachel Taylor (Boys Toys) 44829 60x80cm

Rachel Taylor (Make a Wish)

Rachel Taylor (Lift Off) WDC42646 30x40cm


WDC42645 30x40cm

42646 30x40cm

WDC42647 30x40cm

42645 30x40cm

Rachel Taylor (Gymkhana) 42647 30x40cm

WDC42648 30x40cm

42648 30x40cm

Rachel Taylor (Lots of Love) WDC44830 30x30cm

Rachel Taylor (There’s No Place Like Home) 44830 30x30cm

WDC44832 30x30cm

Rachel Taylor (My Favourite Party Dress) 44832 30x30cm

WDC44831 40x40cm

44831 40x40cm


Rachel Taylor (Our World) WDC42644 40x40cm

Rachel Taylor (Elephant) 42644 40x40cm

WDC42169 40x40cm

Rachel Taylor (Tortoise) 42169 40x40cm

WDC42167 40x40cm

42167 40x40cm

495 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

Howard Shooter (Robot Metropolis)

Howard Shooter (Stiggle Stegosaurus)

WDC44723 60x80cm

44723 60x80cm

WDC44722 40x50cm

44722 40x50cm

Howard Shooter (Happy Hoppy Frog) WDC44717 30x30cm


WDC44716 30x30cm

44716 30x30cm

Howard Shooter (Trundling Tortoise) 44717 30x30cm

WDC44718 30x30cm

44718 30x30cm

Howard Shooter (Giraffe, Tortoise, Elephant) 44720 50x100cm


Howard Shooter (Monkey, Lion, Crocodile) 44721 50x100cm

497 WDC = Canvas / PPR or no Pre-Fix = Art Print

The Art Group - The Big Book vol.5  

The heart and soul of The Art Group is our longstanding “Art for all” ethos; bringing great quality, affordable art products to consumers ac...

The Art Group - The Big Book vol.5  

The heart and soul of The Art Group is our longstanding “Art for all” ethos; bringing great quality, affordable art products to consumers ac...