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2014 Supplement

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Louise McNaught We were totally bowled over to find out that Louise only graduated from her Fine Art degree in 2012. She already has an incredible body of work and a list of exhibitions as long as your arm, which is hardly surprising when you look at her work. Her ethereal, other worldly images of nature burst with shockingly bright, neon colours.


In some, the accents of soft, delicate wallpaper backgrounds or antiquated maps are the perfect antidote to the harsh paint splatters and bold colours. They wonderfully illustrate the delicate relationship between nature and ourselves and firmly make a point about man’s destruction of nature.


1. Wild Stag WDC98034 85x85cm Canvas WDC95177 40x40cm Canvas PPR45335 40x40cm Print MPPR45335 40x40cm Mounted Print


2. Wild Papillon WDC98033 85x85cm Canvas WDC95176 40x40cm Canvas PPR45334 40x40cm Print MPPR45334 40x40cm Mounted Print

3. Wild Wild Horse WDC98035 85x85cm Canvas WDC95178 40x40cm Canvas PPR45336 40x40cm Print MPPR45336 40x40cm Mounted Print

James Paterson Do you like traditional fine art but have a soft spot for low brow pop culture? Then James Paterson is the artist for you. Working predominantly in acrylic and oils, James’ work is always inspired by everyday objects, adverts and popular icons. It is this wonderful juxtaposition of fine art craftsmanship and nostalgic, pulp imagery that ensures James’ work is thoroughly contemporary despite giving a huge nod to the past. The influences of pop artists such as Larry Rivers, Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton are there for all to see, but it is the more subtle touches of Whistler, Sargent and De Kooning, evident in the confidence of his mark making that gives James his truly unique and thoroughly modern style.




Born in Darlington in 1977, James completed a BA Foundation Art Degree at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College and then went on to Nottingham Trent University where he studied Fine Art.

4 5

1. Pin-Up Parade WDC90846 60x80cm Canvas WDC94226 40x50cm Canvas WDC96229 85x120cm Canvas PPR40283 60x80cm Print PPR43142 40x50cm Print

2. Beauties of To-Day WDC90586 60x80cm Canvas WDC96232 85x120cm Canvas PPR40361 60x80cm Print

3. Heads Up WDC90485 60x80cm Canvas WDC94225 40x50cm Canvas WDC96228 85x120cm Canvas PPR40282 60x80cm Print PPR43141 40x50cm Print

4. Pink Telephones WDC93048 50x100cm Canvas PPR41050 50x100cm Print

5. Call Exchange WDC95167 40x40cm Canvas WDC97022 60x60cm Canvas WDC98031 85x85cm Canvas PPR45326 40x40cm Print PPR46012 60x60cm Print MPPR45326 40x40cm Mounted Print

asintended asintended is the creative outlet for graphic designer Clare Somerville-Perkins. As you can probably gather from the imagery, Clare has a passion for print, typography, interiors and vintage finds. Despite loving her graphic designer day job, Clare became tired of the relentless computer work involved in her trade and was desperate for some more hands on creativity. She cleverly decided to combine her passions and voila, this print collection was born. Clare creates these handmade prints using silkscreen printing and letterpress. Using a mixture of uplifting quotes and vintage imagery these bold designs are the perfect pick me up prints. 1




1. Make do and Mend WDC92264 30x40cm Canvas WDC90543 60x80cm Canvas PPR44103 30x40cm Print PPR40322 60x80cm Print SW11117A 40x59cm Wood MPPR44103 30x40cm Mounted Print

2. No Time Like the Present WDC92265 30x40cm Canvas WDC90544 60x80cm Canvas PPR44104 30x40cm Print PPR40323 60x80cm Print SW11118A 40x59cm Wood MPPR44104 30x40cm Mounted Print

3. Prisoners of our Minds WDC92266 30x40cm Canvas WDC90545 60x80cm Canvas PPR44105 30x40cm Print PPR40324 60x80cm Print SW11119A 40x59cm Wood MPPR44105 30x40cm MountedPrint

4. Riding a Bicycle WDC92267 30x40cm Canvas WDC90546 60x80cm Canvas PPR44106 30x40cm Print PPR40325 60x80cm Print SW11120A 40x59cm Wood MPPR44106 30x40cm Mounted Print

Frank Kiely Focussing his subject matter on the buzzing metropolis that is London, Frank’s work is a fascinating insight into the modern world. It represents the everyday hustle and bustle and shows that sometimes you need to step back and take a good look at what is around you. The black and white drawings with vivid colour pops focus your attention on things so associated with the city you might otherwise not have noticed them. It also forces you to confront your own identity and how it is affected living within such a large populous.



Frank studied at the Royal College of Art and since graduating has been exhibited widely in Britain, Europe and the USA.


1. On The Turn WDC92256 30x40cm Canvas WDC90529 60x60cm Canvas PPR44094 30x40cm Print PPR40311 60x80cm Print MPPR44094 30x40cm Mounted Print

2. Centreland WDC92257 30x40cm Canvas WDC90530 60x60cm Canvas PPR44095 30x40cm Print PPR40312 60x80cm Print MPPR44095 30x40cm Mounted Print

3. Taxi WDC92258 30x40cm Canvas WDC90531 60x60cm Canvas PPR44096 30x40cm Print PPR40313 60x80cm Print MPPR44096 30x40cm Mounted Print

Louise Brown Louise Brown’s love for animals is evident from the first glance at her artwork. Living in rural Lincolnshire surrounded by ducks and chickens, it is easy to see where she finds her inspiration as an artist. Working predominantly in acrylics and oils, other subjects include cows, cats, horses and the occasional still life. You don’t have to be an animal lover to appreciate Louise’s imagery and her talent is all the more impressive considering she is entirely self-taught. Plus - Louise also has a line of ceramic sculptures and handmade ladies accessories, making us wonder if there is nothing this lady can’t turn her hand to?!




1. Hattie WDC95202 40x40cm Canvas PPR45358 40x40cm Print MPPR45358 40x40cm Mounted Print



2. Herbert WDC95203 40x40cm Canvas PPR45359 40x40cm Print MPPR45359 40x40cm Mounted Print

3. I Need a Haircut WDC95204 40x40cm Canvas PPR45360 40x40cm Print MPPR45360 40x40cm Mounted Print

4. Looking Sheepish WDC94258 40x50cm Canvas PPR43159 40x50cm Print PPR44126 30x40cm Print MPPR44126 30x40cm Mounted Print

1. The Three Amigos WDC94259 40x50cm Canvas PPR43160 40x50cm Print PPR44127 30x40cm Print MPPR44127 30x40cm Mounted Print

Simon Howden These wonderful landscapes come courtesy of artist Simon Howden. They evoke such feeling and are filled with such movement they remind us of long walks on cold, Autumnal days. You can almost feel the blustery winds coursing through the long grasses and making the trees sway. We love the subtle colours and the rough, haphazard brush strokes. Simon originally trained in fine art but has worked in the graphic design industry for over 30 years, which goes some way to explain the graphic, illustrative nature of his paintings. Simon achieves the organic ‘flow’ of each piece by using oils thinned with turps, allowing the work to take a totally different direction than planned and giving the oil paint an almost watercolour effect, enabling him to build up the layers. Add to that a layer of graphite and voila – a Simon Howden finest is born!




1. Through the Bracken in Mauve WDC90592 60x80cm Canvas WDC94269 40x50cm Canvas PPR40367 60x80cm Print PPR43168 40x50cm Print

2. New Forest Study WDC95219 40x40cm Canvas WDC97036 60x60cm Canvas PPR45377 40x40cm Print PPR6020 60x60cm Print MPPR45377 40x40cm Mounted Print


3. Brown Chicken WDC92305 30x40cm Canvas WDC94270 40x50cm Canvas PPR44140 30x40cm Print PPR43169 40x50cm Print MPPR44140 30x40cm Mounted Print

4. Male Pheasant WDC92311 30x40cm Canvas WDC94271 40x50cm Canvas PPR44141 30x40cm Print PPR43170 40x50cm Print MPPR44141 30x40cm Mounted Print

Ellie Foreman-Peck These birds with attitude are the creations of talented illustrator Ellie Foreman-Peck. Ellie graduated from the University of West England in 2008 with a degree in illustration under her belt. Now based in London she combines her love of stories and drawing working as a freelance illustrator specialising in hand drawn and collaged imagery. Since graduating she has worked for a wide range of clients including: Random House, GQ, The Telegraph, Gramophone Magazine, Creative Review, The Guardian, The Independent, Eureka, Harvard Business Review and CBBC.


You can’t help but be drawn in by the narrative nature of Ellie’s work, we find ourselves intrigued by what’s going on in her images. Ellie tends to create her visual stories using pencil, collage and Photoshop but she has been known to also use paint, pen and ink and screen-printing.


1. Finch on the Line WDC91204 30x30cm Canvas WDC94244 40x50cm Canvas WDC90535 60x80cm Canvas PPR48013 30x30cm Print PPR43148 40x50cm Print PPR40317 60x80cm Print MPPR48013 30x30cm Mounted Print

2. The Fall of the Finch WDC94245 40x50cm Canvas WDC90536 60x80cm Canvas WDC93038 50x100cm Canvas PPR43149 40x50cm Print PPR40318 60x80cm Print PPR41038 50x100cm Print

Gigi Garcia Gigi is her name and paper is her game. A talented graduate from the School of Visual Arts in New York, Gigi collects paper goods wherever she goes to add to her growing collection. A collage fanatic, her images are made from a variety of recycled papers. The artworks manage to be incredibly intricate, the detail that she manages to include is incredible but at the same time they are graphic and bold. Gigi currently lives and works in northern New Jersey where she also indulges her love of decorating cupcakes.




1. Brown Bear WDC92302 30x40cm Canvas PPR44137 30x40cm Print MPPR44137 30x40cm Mounted Print

2. Bubba WDC92303 30x40cm Canvas PPR44138 30x40cm Print MPPR44138 30x40cm Mounted Print

3. Puffin WDC92304 30x40cm Canvas PPR44139 30x40cm Print MPPR44139 30x40cm Mounted Print

Kim Anderson Kims’ beautifully delicate artworks are designed at her home in one of the UK’s most creative hubs, Brighton. Unapologetically feminine, the works are inspired by anything from nature and vintage objects to interior design and magazines. Having graduated in Textile and Surface Design in 2002, Kim creates these stunning illustrations using a variety of media including paint, pen, ink and collage. Her designs have already been picked up by greetings card and gift wrap publishers both in the UK and the United States. In fact Kim’s greetings card ranges have been in the prestigious finals of the Henries Awards, the highest accolade for design talent within the UK card industry.




1. Splendid Peacock WDC94242 40x50cm Canvas WDC90520 60x80cm Canvas PPR43147 40x50cm Print PPR40304 60x80cm Print MPPR44089 30x40cm Mounted Print


2. Enchanted Tree WDC94240 40x50cm Canvas WDC90518 60x80cm Canvas PPR43145 40x50cm Print PPR40302 60x80cm Print MPPR44087 30x40cm Mounted Print

3. Hello Owls WDC94241 40x50cm Canvas WDC90519 60x80cm Canvas PPR43146 40x50cm Print PPR40303 60x80cm Print MPPR44088 30x40cm Mounted Print

4. Pink Bowl WDC95181 40x40cm Canvas PPR45340 40x40cm Print MPPR48012 30x30cm Mounted Print

Melissa Sturgeon Capturing the everyday subtleties is Melissa Sturgeons forte. CafĂŠs that are passed everyday without a thought, pubs so grand in their aesthetic yet entered without a glance; Melissa captures these buildings in the most breathtaking detail. The result is a glorious collection of contemporary paintings that allow the viewer a comforting sense of familiarity despite feeling that they are viewing the subject for the first time. 1






1. The Red Lion, Westminster WDC97026 60x60cm Canvas WDC95172 40x40cm Canvas PPR45330 40x40cm Print MPPR45330 40x40cm Mounted Print

2. Le Consulat, Paris WDC97025 60x60cm Canvas WDC95171 40x40cm Canvas PPR45329 40x40cm Print MPPR45329 40x40cm Mounted Print

3. La Esquina, New York WDC97024 60x60cm Canvas WDC95170 40x40cm Canvas PPR45328 40x40cm Print MPPR45328 40x40cm Mounted Print

4. The Regency Restaurant, Brighton WDC97027 60x60cm Canvas WDC95173 40x40cm Canvas PPR45331 40x40cm Print MPPR45331 40x40cm Mounted Print

5. Avalon Hotel, Miami WDC97023 60x60cm Canvas WDC95169 40x40cm Canvas PPR45327 40x40cm Print MPPR45327 40x40cm Mounted Print

6. Trattoria al Ponte, Venice WDC97028 60x60cm Canvas WDC95174 40x40cm Canvas PPR45332 40x40cm Print MPPR45332 40x40cm Mounted Print

This collection of images, produced exclusively for The Art Group takes the concept global, capturing transient moments in European cities whilst retaining that all important sense of familiarity. Melissa’s work is hugely influenced by her travels around Europe, her time spent in Paris in particular proved to be an important time in her development as an artist. It was here that she first created a series of carefully observed paintings exploring her interactions with the built environment, something that was to become her signature style. Melissa Jane Sturgeon was born in North London in 1975. She studied at North Oxfordshire School of Art & Design and Falmouth School of Art, graduating in Illustration in 1996.

Sunita Kedekar Having moved to the UK from India in 1999, Sunita was immediately struck by the beauty of the English landscape, the symmetrical architectural style and the seasonal change of hues all around her. It was these o bservations of her new surroundings that led her to produce this wonderful series of acrylic paintings. Her Indian background is still clearly evident within them, the vibrant jewel like colours combined with golden hues and clashing textures bring a taste of the Orient to the English countryside.


Sunita graduated in both Applied Arts and Fine Arts from the prestigious Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts in Mumbai in 1991. She has since worked in advertising that gave her the confidence to start her own design studio, working with interior designers and architects. Since her relocation the UK, her focus has been on acrylic paintings, which she has displayed in various exhibitions at the Wimbledon Art Studios.



1. Sunrise WDC94239 40x50cm Canvas PPR43144 40x50cm Print PPR40300 60x80cm Print

2. Reflection WDC95179 40x40cm Canvas PPR45337 40x40cm Print PPR46013 60x60cm Print MPPR45337 40x40cm Mounted Print

3. Rest WDC95180 40x40cm Canvas PPR45338 40x40cm Print PPR46014 60x60cm Print MPPR45338 40x40cm Mounted Print

Mike Maurice If, like us, you are great admirers of vintage poster art then you will love the work of Mike Maurice. Mike’s work combines his two passions, classic cars and 1920’s railway poster art. The results are these stunning automotive paintings with an art deco twist. Mike graduated from St Martins School of Art and Design with a diploma in design and he quickly settled into a career in advertising. His work as a visualiser/designer, supplying ad agencies with storyboards and presentation visuals eventually took him to France where he lived for six years working freelance. He continued to supply ad agencies with illustrations via email before he returned to the UK where he began to produce these gouache paintings, a medium that was commonly used in studios when he first started his career.




1. Bonnerville Salt Flats WDC92259 30x40cm Canvas WDC90532 60x60cm Canvas PPR44097 30x40cm Print PPR40314 60x80cm Print MPPR44097 30x40cm Mounted Print

2. Clifftop Picnic WDC92260 30x40cm Canvas WDC90533 60x60cm Canvas PPR44098 30x40cm Print PPR40315 60x80cm Print MPPR44098 30x40cm Mounted Print

3. Rival Attraction WDC92261 30x40cm Canvas WDC90534 60x60cm Canvas PPR44099 30x40cm Print PPR40316 60x80cm Print MPPR44099 30x40cm Mounted Print

Jeremy Thompson If you have never been to Cornwall you need look no further than the paintings of Jeremy Thompson to get a feel for the place. The colours are absolutely spot-on and sum up the character of the Cornish coastline perfectly. Playing around with shape and scale with bold, primary colours contrasting against more subtle tones, Jeremy captures the individual character and personalities of Cornish harbours with fun, vibrant colours.


Jeremy lives in Newlyn in Cornwall making a living from his paintings having previously supported himself working as a fisherman, landlord and picture framer. Born in Forest Gate, London in 1963, Jeremy was lured to Cornish coast in 1987 – and hasn’t looked back! 3


1. Harbour Colours WDC94253 40x50cm Canvas WDC90540 60x80cm Canvas PPR43153 40x50cm Print PPR40319 60x80cm Print

2. High & Dry WDC94254 40x50cm Canvas WDC90541 60x80cm Canvas PPR43154 40x50cm Print PPR40320 60x80cm Print

3. Green Netter WDC94255 40x50cm Canvas WDC90542 60x80cm Canvas PPR43155 40x50cm Print PPR40321 60x80cm Print

Sara Nunan Sara creates intricate, whimsical maps that capture and celebrate the intimate moments of everyday life. Her maps are stunning in their detail and she can produce a map of anything – towns, homes, gardens, buildings, anything that can hold a memory. Sara graduated in Graphic Design & Illustration from Cumbria College of Arts and Technology in 1988. She mainly illustrates for magazines and books with a background in publishing as a designer, art editor and illustrator.

The Thames, London WDC93037 50x100cm Canvas PPR41037 50x100cm Print

Irena Orlov The wonderful thing about the work of Irena Orlov is the variety of subject matters she covers, and all in her inimitable style. Not only is Irena a fine contemporary artist she is also an architect, designer, illustrator and photographer – which might just explain her versatility. Irena’s artworks are beautifully expressive in style and uniquely portray the mood with colour and texture. She uses a combination of antique and a very clean, crisp modern design sense to achieve her individual art style.






Irena’s artwork has been licensed on to a variety of products including calendars, bedding and home accessories. Such is her dedication to art she says that she cannot imagine her life without it – and it’s a pleasure to share it!


1. Lady in Blue WDC92294 30x40cm Canvas WDC90574 60x80cm Canvas PPR44130 30x40cm Print PPR40352 60x80cm Print MPPR44130 30x40cm Mounted Print

2. Lady in Rose WDC92295 30x40cm Canvas WDC90575 60x80cm Canvas PPR44131 30x40cm Print PPR40353 60x80cm Print MPPR44131 30x40cm Mounted Print

3. Abstraction I WDC97032 60x60cm Canvas WDC98046 85x85cm Canvas PPR45362 40x40cm Print PPR46016 60x60cm Print MPPR45362 40x40cm Mounted Print

4. Abstraction II WDC97033 60x60cm Canvas WDC98047 85x85cm Canvas PPR45363 40x40cm Print PPR46017 60x60cm Print MPPR45363 40x40cm Mounted Print

5. Main Boulevard I WDC97034 60x60cm Canvas WDC98048 85x85cm Canvas PPR45364 40x40cm Print PPR46018 60x60cm Print MPPR45364 40x40cm Mounted Print

6. Main Boulevard III WDC97035 60x60cm Canvas WDC98049 85x85cm Canvas PPR45365 40x40cm Print PPR46019 60x60cm Print MPPR45365 40x40cm Mounted Print

Kathy Panton Artist Kathy Panton brings this little ray of 2d sunshine to you. Kathy’s bright, playful images are evidence of her previous forays into children’s book illustration and teaching art to children with disabilities. Determined to make her living as an artist, Kathy quit her job and set up an online shop and hasn’t looked back, which may go some way to explain the cheerful, sunny nature of her work!

It’s the Little Things WDC92289 30x40cm Canvas WDC90569 60x80cm Canvas PPR44128 30x40cm Print PPR40346 60x80cm Print SW11145A 40x59cm Wood MPPR44128 30x40cm Mounted Print

Shauna Finn

Daniel Cole

Amanda Jackson

Sarah Stokes

Michel Keck

John Butler Sarah Winter

Jennie Ing

Tom Eckersley (Transport For London)

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New Releases

WDC = Canvas / PPR = Print / MPPR = Mounted Print

Jon Barker (Big Ben, Red Beret and Snow) WDC95162 40 x 40cm PPR45323 40 x 40cm MPPR45323 40 x 40cm

Chris Williamson (The Bluebells) WDC95116 40 x 40cm PPR45301 40 x 40cm MPPR45301 40 x 40cm

Jon Barker (Snow Time For A Kiss) WDC95161 40 x 40cm PPR45322 40 x 40cm MPPR45322 40 x 40cm

Chris Williamson (The Furrows) WDC95114 40 x 40cm PPR45299 40 x 40cm MPPR45299 40 x 40cm

Jon Barker (The Flat Iron Building, New York) WDC95160 40 x 40cm PPR45321 40 x 40cm MPPR45321 40 x 40cm

Chris Williamson (Them Thar Hills) WDC95115 40 x 40cm PPR45300 40 x 40cm MPPR45300 40 x 40cm

Chris Williamson (The Bet) WDC94120 40 x 50cm PPR43097 40 x 50cm

Aldo Balding (Mistral) WDC94265 40 x 50cm PPR43164 40 x 50cm

Chris Williamson (Barton Breeze) WDC95112 40 x 40cm PPR45297 40 x 40cm MPPR45297 40 x 40cm

Aldo Balding (Summer Composition) WDC94264 40 x 50cm PPR43163 40 x 50cm

Sam Toft (A Day of Light) WDC93039 50 X 100cm PPR41039 50 X 100cm

Sam Toft (Feeling the Love at Nauset Light) WDC92272 30 x 40cm WDC90550 60 x 80cm PPR44116 30 x 40cm PPR40328 60 x 80cm MPPR44116 30 x 40cm

Sam Toft (Cakes Expectations) WDC95191 40 x 40cm PPR45347 40 x 40cm MPPR45347 40 x 40cm

Sam Toft (A Little Light Supper) WDC92273 30 x 40cm WDC90551 60 x 80cm PPR44117 30 x 40cm PPR40329 60 x 80cm MPPR44117 30 x 40cm

Sam Toft (Following the Pumpkin) WDC94257 40 x 50cm PPR43156 40 x 50cm

Sam Toft (Lucky Legsie) WDC92276 30 x 40cm WDC90554 60 x 80cm PPR44120 30 x 40cm MPPR44120 30 x 40cm

Sam Toft (A Lovely Light, Nantucket) WDC92270 30 x 40cm WDC90548 60 x 80cm PPR44114 30 x 40cm PPR40326 60 x 80cm MPPR44114 30 x 40cm

Sam Toft (The Same as it Ever Was) WDC92271 30 x 40cm WDC90549 60 x 80cm PPR44115 30 x 40cm PPR40327 60 x 80cm MPPR44115 30 x 40cm

Milly Green (Alphabet) WDC90455 60 x 80cm PPR40271 60 x 80cm

Sam Toft (An Audience with Sweetheart) WDC92275 30 x 40cm WDC90553 60 x 80cm PPR44119 30 x 40cm PPR40331 60 x 80cm MPPR44119 30 x 40cm

Sam Toft (Walking with Mansfield) WDC92278 30 x 40cm WDC90556 60 x 80cm PPR44122 30 x 40cm PPR40333 60 x 80cm MPPR44122 30 x 40cm

Milly Green (London Taxi) WDC90456 60 x 80cm PPR40272 60 x 80cm

Sam Toft (Double Decker Bike) WDC92277 30 x 40cm WDC90555 60 x 80cm PPR44121 30 x 40cm PPR40332 60 x 80cm MPPR44121 30 x 40cm

Sam Toft (Doris and the Birdies) WDC92274 30 x 40cm WDC90552 60 x 80cm PPR44118 30 x 40cm PPR40330 60 x 80cm MPPR44118 30 x 40cm

Milly Green (Hot Air Balloon) WDC90457 60 x 80cm PPR40273 60 x 80cm

David McKee (Elmer, Pattern) WDC92292 30 x 40cm WDC94260 40 x 50cm WDC90572 60 x 80cm PPR44129 30 x 40cm PPR40351 60 x 80cm PPR43162 40 x 50cm MPPR44129 30 x 40cm

Howard Shooter (Butterfly Heart) WDC95210 40 x 40cm PPR45368 40 x 40cm MPPR45368 40 x 40cm

Howard Shooter (You Are My Sun Shine) WDC95158 40 x 40cm PPR45311 40 x 40cm MPPR45311 40 x 40cm

David McKee (Elmer, Rainbow) WDC93041 50 X 100cm PPR41041 50 X 100cm

Howard Shooter (Butterfly Random) WDC95211 40 x 40cm PPR45369 40 x 40cm MPPR45369 40 x 40cm

Barry Goodman (Electric Railways of London) WDC93043 50 X 100cm PPR41045 50 X 100cm

David McKee (Elmer, Squares) WDC91205 30 x 30cm WDC95208 40 x 40cm PPR45361 40 x 40cm MPPR45361 40 x 40cm

Howard Shooter (Butterfly Circle) WDC95212 40 x 40cm PPR45370 40 x 40cm MPPR45370 40 x 40cm

Barry Goodman (Rapid Transport Lines New York) WDC93047 50 X 100cm PPR41049 50 X 100cm

Howard Shooter (Stamp Hearts Red) WDC95213 40 x 40cm PPR45371 40 x 40cm MPPR45371 40 x 40cm

Howard Shooter (All You Need Is Love) WDC95156 40 x 40cm PPR45309 40 x 40cm MPPR45309 40 x 40cm

Barry Goodman (Paris) WDC93046 50 X 100cm PPR41048 50 X 100cm

Barry Goodman (London Destinations) WDC93044 50 X 100cm PPR41046 50 X 100cm

Howard Shooter (Butterfly Grid) WDC95209 40 x 40cm PPR45367 40 x 40cm MPPR45367 40 x 40cm

Howard Shooter (Home Is Where The Cake Is) WDC95157 40 x 40cm PPR45310 40 x 40cm MPPR45310 40 x 40cm

Barry Goodman (London, Paris, New York) WDC93045 50 X 100cm PPR41047 50 X 100cm

Charlotte Jordan (Autumn Woods) WDC94266 40 x 50cm WDC90585 60 x 80cm PPR43165 40 x 50cm

Ronnie Boehm (The Clown) WDC95175 40 x 40cm WDC98032 85 x 85cm PPR45333 40 x 40cm MPPR45333 40 x 40cm

Wendy Paula Patterson (Dove) WDC92298 30 x 40cm WDC90582 60 x 80cm PPR44134 30 x 40cm PPR40357 60 x 80cm MPPR44134 30 x 40cm

Rod Edwards (Canal Grande, Venice) WDC90591 60 x 80cm PPR40366 60 x 80cm

Rod Edwards (Lake Skadar, Montenegro) WDC93049 50 X 100cm PPR41051 50 X 100cm

Wendy Paula Patterson (Le Ballon) WDC92296 30 x 40cm WDC90580 60 x 80cm PPR44132 30 x 40cm PPR40355 60 x 80cm MPPR44132 30 x 40cm

Rod Edwards (Scala A Chiocciola, Ravello) WDC90589 60 x 80cm PPR40364 60 x 80cm

Rod Edwards (In God We Trust) WDC92301 30 x 40cm WDC94268 40 x 50cm WDC90588 60 x 80cm PPR44136 30 x 40cm PPR40363 60 x 80cm PPR43167 40 x 50cm MPPR44136 30 x 40cm

Wendy Paula Patterson (Once Upon a Time) WDC92297 30 x 40cm WDC90581 60 x 80cm PPR44133 30 x 40cm PPR40356 60 x 80cm MPPR44133 30 x 40cm

Rod Edwards (Venetian Ghosts) WDC90590 60 x 80cm PPR40365 60 x 80cm

Rod Edwards (Zabriskie Dawn) WDC93050 50 X 100cm PPR41052 50 X 100cm

Wendy Paula Patterson (Peacock) WDC92299 30 x 40cm WDC90583 60 x 80cm PPR44135 30 x 40cm PPR40358 60 x 80cm MPPR44135 30 x 40cm

Rod Edwards (Last Light - Keeler, California) WDC94267 40 x 50cm WDC90587 60 x 80cm PPR43166 40 x 50cm PPR40362 60 x 80cm

Wooden Wall Art small 40x59cm / large 45x76cm

Sam Toft (A Moon to Call Their Own) SW10633A Small Wood

Sam Toft (The Square, The Round and The Arched) SW10584A Small Wood

Sam Toft (Bums on Seat) SW10632A Small Wood

Sam Toft (On The Edge Of The Sand) SW10585A Small Wood

Sam Toft (Singing Lessons) SW10602A Small Wood

Sam Toft (Feeling the Love at Nauset Light) SW11123A Small Wood

Sam Toft (Her Favourite Cloud) SW10582A Small Wood

Sam Toft (Love on a Mountain Top) SW10634A Small Wood

Sam Toft (Taking The Girls Home) SW10603A Small Wood

Sam Toft (Doris Earwigging) SW10601A Small Wood

Sam Toft (A Day of Light) LW11124A Large Wood

Sam Toft (Doris Brings Up The Rear) SW10586A Small Wood

Sam Toft (Along The Prom) SW10581A Small Wood

Sam Toft (Home From Home) SW10600A Small Wood

Sam Toft (Off for a Breakfast) SW10583A Small Wood

Sam Toft (The Same as it Ever Was) SW11122A Small Wood

Ian Winstanley (Love goes on Forever) SW10035A Small Wood LW10035A Large Wood

Jane Hewlett (Suffolk Beach Huts) SW10036A Small Wood LW10036A Large Wood

Jane Hewlett (Two Beach Huts) SW10038A Small Wood LW10038A Large Wood

Jonathan Sanders (Summer Breeze) SW10037A Small Wood LW10037A Large Wood

Jonathon Sanders (Heatwave) SW10034A Small Wood LW10034A Large Wood

Wooden Wall Art small 40x59cm / large 45x76cm

Cassia Beck (Dream) SW10110A Small Wood LW10110A Large Wood

Cassia Beck (Wish Upon a Star) SW10111A Small Wood LW10111A Large Wood

Barry Goodman (6 Campers) SW10829A Small Wood

Barry Goodman (Columbian Bus) SW11105A Small Wood

Barry Goodman (Delicious Ices) SW10826A Small Wood

Barry Goodman (Icecream Van) SW10828A Small Wood

Barry Goodman (Let’s Eat) SW11108A Small Wood

Barry Goodman (Lollies) SW10827A Small Wood

Barry Goodman (Routemaster) SW11107A Small Wood

Barry Goodman (Tuc Tuc) SW11106A Small Wood

asintended (Make Do And Mend) SW11117A Small Wood

asintended (No Time Like The Present) SW11118A Small Wood

asintended (Prisoners Of Our Minds) SW11119A Small Wood

asintended (Riding A Bicycle) SW11120A Small Wood

Kathy Panton (It’s the Little Things) SW11145A Small Wood

Mary Fellows (Happy Go Lucky) SW10450A Small Wood LW10450A Large Wood

Mary Fellows (It’s A Wonderful World) SW10447A Small Wood LW10447A Large Wood

Mary Fellows (Made in Britain) SW10449A Small Wood LW10449A Large Wood

Mary Fellows (Make Do And Mend) SW10708A Small Wood LW10708A Large Wood

Mary Fellows (Waste Not Want Not) SW10448A Small Wood LW10448A Large Wood

Go Jump In The Lake (Happy) SW10622A Small Wood



Victorian Gold

Brushed Aluminium

Wood Grain


White Pine


new profile & colours

AF858 Madison Black (24x30cm)

AF864 Madison Gloss White (24x30cm)

AF859 Madison Victorian Gold (24x30cm)

AF863 Madison Brushed Aluminium (24x30cm)

AF860 Madison Wood Grain (24x30cm)

AF862 Madison Oak (24x30cm)

AF861 Madison White Pine (24x30cm)

AF865 Madison Black (30x30cm)

AF871 Madison Gloss White (30x30cm)

AF866 Madison Victorian Gold (30x30cm)

AF870 Madison Brushed Aluminium (30x30cm)

AF867 Madison Wood Grain (30x30cm)

AF869 Madison Oak 30x30cm)

AF868 Madison White Pine (30x30cm)

AF872 Madison Black (30x40cm)

AF878 Madison Gloss White (30x40cm)

AF873 Madison Victorian Gold (30x40cm)

AF877 Madison Brushed Aluminium (30x40cm)

AF874 Madison Wood Grain (30x40cm)

AF876 Madison Oak (30x40cm)

AF875 Madison White Pine (30x40cm)

AF879 Madison Black (40x40cm)

AF885 Madison Gloss White (40x40cm)

AF880 Madison Victorian Gold (40x40cm)

AF884 Madison Brushed Aluminium (40x40cm)

AF881 Madison Wood Grain (40x40cm)

AF883 Madison Oak (40x40cm)

AF882 Madison White Pine (40x40cm)

AF886 Madison Black (40x50cm)

AF892 Madison Gloss White (40x50cm)

AF887 Madison Victorian Gold (40x50cm)

AF891 Madison Brushed Aluminium (40x50cm)

AF888 Madison Wood Grain (40x50cm)

AF890 Madison Oak (40x50cm)

AF889 Madison White Pine (40x50cm)

AF893 Madison Black (50x70cm)

AF899 Madison Gloss White (50x70cm)

AF894 Madison Victorian Gold (50x70cm)

AF898 Madison Brushed Aluminium (50x70cm)

AF895 Madison Wood Grain (50x70cm)

AF897 Madison Oak (50x70cm)

AF896 Madison White Pine (50x70cm)

AF907 Madison Black (60x80cm)

AF913 Madison Gloss White (60x80cm)

AF908 Madison Victorian Gold (60x80cm)

AF912 Madison Brushed Aluminium (60x80cm)

AF909 Madison Wood Grain (60x80cm)

AF911 Madison Oak (60x80cm)

AF910 Madison White Pine (60x80cm)

AF900 Madison Black (50x100cm)

AF906 Madison Gloss White (50x100cm)

AF901 Madison Victorian Gold (50x100cm)

AF905 Madison Brushed Aluminium (50x100cm)

AF902 Madison Wood Grain (50x100cm)

AF904 Madison Oak (50x100cm)

AF903 Madison White Pine (50x100cm)



Victorian Gold

Brushed Aluminium

Wood Grain


White Pine


new profile & colours

AF802 Seattle Black (24x30cm)

AF808 Seattle Gloss White (24x30cm)

AF803 Seattle Victorian Gold (24x30cm)

AF807 Seattle Brushed Aluminium (24x30cm)

AF804 Seattle Wood Grain (24x30cm)

AF806 Seattle Oak (24x30cm)

AF805 Seattle White Pine (24x30cm)

AF809 Seattle Black (30x30cm)

AF815 Seattle Gloss White (30x30cm)

AF810 Seattle Victorian Gold (30x30cm)

AF814 Seattle Brushed Aluminium (30x30cm)

AF811 Seattle Wood Grain (30x30cm)

AF813 Seattle Oak 30x30cm)

AF812 Seattle White Pine (30x30cm)

AF816 Seattle Black (30x40cm)

AF822 Seattle Gloss White (30x40cm)

AF817 Seattle Victorian Gold (30x40cm)

AF821 Seattle Brushed Aluminium (30x40cm)

AF818 Seattle Wood Grain (30x40cm)

AF820 Seattle Oak (30x40cm)

AF819 Seattle White Pine (30x40cm)

AF823 Seattle Black (40x40cm)

AF829 Seattle Gloss White (40x40cm)

AF824 Seattle Victorian Gold (40x40cm)

AF828 Seattle Brushed Aluminium (40x40cm)

AF825 Seattle Wood Grain (40x40cm)

AF827 Seattle Oak (40x40cm)

AF826 Seattle White Pine (40x40cm)

AF830 Seattle Black (40x50cm)

AF836 Seattle Gloss White (40x50cm)

AF831 Seattle Victorian Gold (40x50cm)

AF835 Seattle Brushed Aluminium (40x50cm)

AF832 Seattle Wood Grain (40x50cm)

AF834 Seattle Oak (40x50cm)

AF833 Seattle White Pine (40x50cm)

AF837 Seattle Black (50x70cm)

AF843 Seattle Gloss White (50x70cm)

AF838 Seattle Victorian Gold (50x70cm)

AF842 Seattle Brushed Aluminium (50x70cm)

AF839 Seattle Wood Grain (50x70cm)

AF841 Seattle Oak (50x70cm)

AF840 Seattle White Pine (50x70cm)

AF851 Seattle Black (60x80cm)

AF857 Seattle Gloss White (60x80cm)

AF852 Seattle Victorian Gold (60x80cm)

AF856 Seattle Brushed Aluminium (60x80cm)

AF853 Seattle Wood Grain (60x80cm)

AF855 Seattle Oak (60x80cm)

AF854 Seattle White Pine (60x80cm)

AF844 Seattle Black (50x100cm)

AF850 Seattle Gloss White (50x100cm)

AF845 Seattle Victorian Gold (50x100cm)

AF849 Seattle Brushed Aluminium (50x100cm)

AF846 Seattle Wood Grain (50x100cm)

AF848 Seattle Oak (50x100cm)

AF847 Seattle White Pine (50x100cm)

New Display Systems



DISP004 Print Stand A Holds 60 mounted 24x30cm prints plus 30 50x100 prints (bottom)

DISP008 Frame Stand A Holds 28 SEATTLE 24x30cm & 28 50x100cm Frames Holds 42 MADISON 24x30cm & 42 50x100cm Frames

DISP011 End Cap Holds many variations of stock including canvases, 10x8� 3ds, prints and frames.

DISP005 Print Stand B (option 1 or 2) B1 Holds 60 mounted 30x40cm prints or 30 40x40cm (top) plus 30 60x80 prints (Bottom) b2 holds 60 30x40cm or 30 40x40cm (top) plus 30 50x70 prints (Bottom) with step

DISP009 Frame Stand B Holds 28 SEATTLE 40x50cm & 28 50x70cm Frames Holds 42 MADISON 40x50cm & 42 50x70cm Frames (also holds 40x40cm top/40x50cm bottom)

DIMENSIONS: 133cm wide, 50cm deep, 150cm high

DISP006 Print Stand C Holds 60 mounted 30x30cm prints (top)plus 30 60x80 prints (Bottom) DISP007 Print Stand D Holds 60 40x50cm prints DIMENSIONS: 56cm wide, 66cm deep, 150cm high

DISP010 Frame Stand D Holds 28 SEATTLE 30x30cm & 28 60x80cm Frames Holds 42 MADISON 30x30cm & 42 60x80cm Frames (also holds 30x40cm on top) DIMENSIONS: 120cm wide, 66cm deep, 150cm high

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Art Group 2014 Supplement  
Art Group 2014 Supplement