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THE ANCHORThurs., Sept. 8, 1960

Patriots Launch 'Pro Season Against Denver Tomorrow



Help !$~@nders On Paengyong

By Jack IDll1eavy The Boston Patriots of the embryonic American Footban League are scheduled to open the 1960 campaign tomorrow night against the Denver Broncos at Boston University Field. At quarterback for the Hub eleven will be 34-year-old Ed "Butch" Son- come from sixth to first In a gin, veteran of Canadian season. This is unusual but not professional football and unique. The Dodgers jumped former Boston College ace. from seventh in '58 to the title

PAENGYONG DO (NC) _- Farmers and fishermen here faced starvation last Winter. They may soon be

self-supporting as a result of the efforts of an American PaengOpportunity knocked t w ice a year later. Over in the senIor circuit an~ yong and its two smaller neighfor the granite-jawed slinger other upstart club moved into bors, Taechong and Souchnng, who only last the final month of play in good located 60 miles,out in the Yelyear 'I" s playshape to go all the way. Pittslow Sea, will benefit from a ing for "coffee burgh's 6% game lead with 22 hospital, improved agrriculture and cakes" in games remaining should prove and 26 new fishing boats. the local semiinsurmountable. However, seven prQ c i r cui t • Father Edward Moffett, M.M.. of those tilts are with second Prime target of of Patterson, N. J., the only place Milwaukee. Anything reSongin's pitches priest on the island, early this sembling a split should assure is another B,C. year appealed to foreign relief Pittsburgh its first flag since Pie product, JimMcagencies in Korea to help the Traynor's days. Colclough, who starVing people of tbe island Olympic Obsell'Vations group. has been converted fro m _ The failure of the U:S. OlymCatholic Relief Servicef7-Nao back to end by Coach Lou Saban. pic track and field squad to live tional Catholic Welfare Confer_ FOOTBALL AT STANG: 'rhe'introduction of varsity Figuring, prominently in the up to advance notices has had ence' and Church World Service, Patriots' exhibition successes and a disquieting effect on the Amer- football at Stang High was inaugurated when Coach Carlin U. Protestant organization, due to see a good bit of action ican sports public. Considered Lynch, center, distributed practice uniforms to }Job came to the rescue with hIJD~ spelling Songin is Holy Cross' "shoo-Ins" were John Thomas McCarthy, left, and Bob Dobson, right both of St. George's dreds of bags of flour and cornTommy Greene. Relegated to the in the high jump, Ray Norton in Parish, Westport. • meal. The U. S. Army provided sidelines or perhaps to be in- the 100 and 200 meter dashes and transpor~tion of the relief goode volved in a late trade is Harvey Hal Connolly in "the hammer. to the islands. White of Clemson. Dick Soergel Thomas' defeat, was shocking. Armed Forces Assistance of Oklahoma State, another The B.U. ~9 year old hurdled the It was Gen. Carter B. Magruhighly regarded quarterback, seven foot barrier for the 38th didn't survive the cutting edge. time. For' his Russian opponent WASHINGTON (NC)-A Ben- 1'950, when as Capt. Leonard P. der, Commander-in-Chief of the , Also with the Patriots in the it 'was his first competitive seven edictine Brother, saluted here as La Rue, skipper o~ the Mereditll United Nations Command, whe role 01. chief personneiman is foot plus jump. The Russians at- one of this' nation's modern Victory,' he crammed aimost realized the islanders needed genial ~ike, Holovak, former tributed Thomas' inability to heroes of the sea, expressed deep 14;000, Korean refugees abo~rd more than temporary relief: He head coach at Boston College. approach his world mark of concern over apathy toward the his' ship a,nd sailed them to saf~ty directed ~is staff to examine General Ma~ager of the club is 7'-3%" to a' bad case of nerves. power of prayer and the dearth from advancing Chinese ',and measures which would help in ' Ed McKeever, onetime backfield This admittedly' was Norton's of vocations to the religious life. North Korean communist troops developing ,a productive. se1£. . coach at B. C. in the Leahy, era. trouble in the dashes. 'Brother Marinus La Rue in the early days of the Korean supporting community. Bill Sullivan, Boston businesa The result was a program Connoily, defending Olympic Q,S.B.,. said: "It doesn't look a~ conflict.' :, executive and former sports pub- champion' and world record though the world is followipg A Gallant Ship plaque was started with $47,000 of U. So licist at B. C. and later Notre holder, predicted he would have th,e advice of Our Lady given awarded to the Meredith VictQJ;y, Armed Forces Assi§tance _ Dame, is one of the owners of a bad time of it. The former at Fatima. Not enough people and the ,offic~rs and men wh,o Korea (AFAK). the franchise. Bostonian, now teaching on the are p,ray-ing the Rosary." He said s~rved under Capt. 1.8 Rue re, Isolated from the mainla~ ,T,oday, is "Meet the Patriots West Coast; was quite critical of the widespread ~'lack of devotion ceived unit citations. the islanders will soon be abJe' Day" in,Boston. Under the joint the rough surface of the take-off , to God" was made more tragic After the hostilities, had to get medical care on Paengauspices of the Chamber of Com- circle which he felt would-and because' of the mounting "dan'- quieted, Capt. La Rue' was hos- YOllg. A new hospital is almost merce and the Patriots there'll it did - greatly impede his gers from godless oppression" pitalized for a kidney ailment: ready and will be equipped with be a motorcade to B. U. Field efforts. born'of communism. .. The Philadelphian said he began beds, ci-ibs, furnishings, an opwhere a buffet lunch will be Disappointment in the overall The accolade accorded Brother to think seriously about a "new erating ,ta~le, X-ray machin, served and an informal get- U. S. performance gave rise to Marinus for "one of the greatest career in religious life while he , anesthesia equipment and geDlo together held. The end result; it charges that there were several marine rescues in modern 'mari-- was conva~escing. erator for light. It will be staffe4 is h:>ped,will be a sellout Friday on the" 65 man squad that refused' time 'Iii story" took place in the .by four Korean ~ister8. . " "Devoted to Our Lad,. night at B. U. Field. to observe training regulations. N~tiona~ Press Clu?' Secretary "I bad a lot of time to' think Double SessioD5 Subsequent investigation pro;l(ed' of~~~rt:J.erce FrederIck M. MU~I- while I was in the Army :hos':' A. 'D~ McMULLEN Double sessions are the order the allegations unfounded. This ler pr~sentedthe, Broth~r ",Vlth pital in Japan, 'and after Ireof the day on N. E. College cam- came as no revelation since there tI:1e ~erchant Marme .Mentorlol,ls turned to Philadelphia I' made Inc. " .. puses where grid candidates have is· no more· dedicated athlete S,e~vlc~"Medal, the highest ~~co"1 my decision," he-said in explain, MOVERS just concluded their first week than, a 'trackman. ' ra,~lon". o~ th~ U, S.· MarI,tune ing how a 'sea hero became a SERVING ,The end of U. S. supremacy in of training. Optimism is the key_ CommiSSIon. Benedictine Brother. He added Fall liver, New Bedfc;»rd note at Harvard and Boston Col- the Olympic dashes - this was' The heroism of Brother Mar- that 'he took his name inrelilege. The Crimson, are rated the the first time since 1928 that the inus goes back to Christmastime, gious life because of his special , Cape Cod Area . pre-season pick of the Ivy U. S: dropped both the 100 and devotion to Our Lady, Star of Agen': League crop; the Eagles, facing 200 meterB---'-Came with startling Start NCitionalization the Sea. " AERO MAYFLOWER Navy a week from Saturday- suddeness. If anything, it proved ,,Brother Marinus, a seafaring with Army'to follow":"'will have the success of the track clinics Of Gui'nea Schools TRANSIT CO. INC. ,:" man for, 22 years, now operates sponsored by the State DepartROME (NC)-The African Re,. a gift shop at St. Paul's Abbey to prove themselves early. _Nation-wide Moven ' , public 6f Guinea, 'whose leaders in ,Newton, N. J. He is one of The Navy has just completed ment in,Eur,QPe. ' .. , WYman 3-0904 have belm hobnobbing with those only three Americans who' joined a three week training stint at 3~,Kemp&on S&. New Bedford of the Soviet bloc, has begun the brotherhood in the BenedicQuonset Point Naval Air Station. Maryknollers Accept total nationalization of its Cgth':' tine's St. Ottilien congregation Coach Wayne Hardin, about to • EI Salvador Mission oUe schools, it was reported'here; ,in the last 35 years. launch bis second year at the MARYKNOLL (NY) The A Delicious Middies' helm, pronounced his Fides, mission' news agency, The congregation is one of charges fit and ready upon their Maryknoll Fathers have accepted said th'at in principle "the gov:15 throughout the world among Treat return to Annapolis last week- responsibility fo~ a new mission erninerit is supposed to buy the territory in El Salvador, Bishop the Benedictines and has misend. Hardin singled out Win.John w,. C,oQ'lber, M,M., Supe- buildings that were constructeci sions in South and East Africa' chester's Joe Bellino for special rior General of Maryknoll, hall b'y, the 'missions,' but outright and Korea~ The Newton, N,1'. commendiation. Bellino scored announced:", confiscation is the fact forl,lseen." abbey, headed by Abbot Charles ,",,' three times against Army last Fides said that in the Kankan V. Coriston, O.S.B., is the only Acting, ..on, the inv:itation of year, a feat unprecedented in the Bishop Benjamin .. Barrera y prefecture ,apostolic, one- of the U.. S. establishment 01. the' St. annals 'of ServiCe Academy Reyes, of Santa Ana diocese, the Church's three territorial juris- Ottillen congregation. " rivalry. dlctionll ,in Guinea, nine schools ,The Baltimore :Orloies, the Maryknollers will take over half will' 'p!lSS into the hands of. the of the Cathedral parish in, the American League's Cinderella city, of, Sa'nta Ana', and also the state when tp.ey open in October. - I.A. WilCOX CO. team, enhanced', 'their Uag country area e~tending toward The agency alooreported that the OFFICE FURNITURE chances by ,sweeping, ,a three the t>order of H~ridurall: ': governmerit has, declare~ ,that Ie, 8~* for l • •ediale OeJi~~ . ; game series with the Yankees Located'in a heavilY-populated Aug. 15, the feast' of the Assump,':' 1ast week. Should the Orioles area of northwestern El Salva- tiori of' the Blessed Virgin wil~ • DESKS • CHAIRScop the pennant they will have dor, the new territory has no no'ionger be a natiomll holiday: FILING CABINETS established ,parishes. The people It said the holiday has been • FIRE FILES • SAFES Request Documents there have only Qne Mass a Year transferred to' Nov. 1. This is All FOLDING TABlES at present. The central mission, Saints', day. AND CHAIRS' To Aid Beatification DOW under construction. will be , NEW 'ORLEANS (NC) - An A. appeal for letters and documents called Santa Barbara. 'MaryMade Rite Chip~, concerning the life ot Father knollers assigned there will be 22 BEDFORD ST. Francis Xavier Seelos, C.SS.R., under the direction of Father Ask for Them Today FAll RIVER 5-7838 who died in the, yellow fever Hugo M. Gerbermann, M.M. of lor all Nada, Tex., regional superior in epidemic here on Oct. 4, 1867, has been issued in conjunction neighboring Guat~mala. ' with his cause for beatification. The appeal was made by Father John J. Vaughun, C.SS.R., of 2030 Constance Street" New Coniult Orleans, who is working the beatifIcation cause. Father Seelos was born in JOSEPH M. F. DONAGHY Fuessen, Germany, on' Jan.' 11, oWner/mgr. 1819. He joined the Redemptor142 CampbeU St. ists and volunteered 8S 8 mis.~. 8edio'rd, Ma... sionaryin the United States. He was ordained in this country on " WYman 9·6792 ',', Dec.' :22,'1&.\4,' and :was a priest "HEADQUAinERS FOR, EXeter for'2:tyears·. He served in PittsSuccessors to DAVID DUFFo'& SON ',', COLONIAL AND Dennisport • 8-2291 burgh; :and in Aruiapolls, c.~ TRADITIONAL FURNITURE berland and Baltimore, beforeMAIN ·ST. ' 8-2292 , Tel. WY 6-8271 640 Pleasant 'Street New Bedforcf'" coming to-New OrleanS:


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'The changes, announced by . . for those bemg educated 'In I in the Catholic schoolsreceived Exemplifyingthevariedinterest!'!oftheircommunit...


'The changes, announced by . . for those bemg educated 'In I in the Catholic schoolsreceived Exemplifyingthevariedinterest!'!oftheircommunit...