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-,:iltf"ANCH6R~Dioce5eofFa'Ii.. Riv~r-Thurs., Sept. 8~ 1960

Code Changes Continued from pqe 0 . . . "The Bishop is no longer '001,. . the custodian of the observ~ of the law, lie becomes its soul, supplying the law positively OIl the basis of. the demands of 'the necessities of his flock." Father Loew stressed that the new code is closely tied to the whole liturgical movement. He noted first of all that Sundays are now feasts of either the first or second class and thus take precedence over all other feasts except those of the first class. He said: St. Plus X Started Reform ..It is the· crowning, work 01. the reform started 'by St. Pius X for the reinstatement hf the regalar celebration of the 'dies D0mini' (the Lord's daY)' iil the twofold meaning of the' weekly celebration of. Easter and Baptism." .

Secondly, Fatl:ter Loew said, the new classification of liturgl';' HEADS STUDENTS: Greg cal days gives due ,emphasis .to Cusack of Davenport is the ' the liturgical cycle .of the. year, so that the "mystery of the' Re- new national president of the demption" takes, precedence Young Christian Students. generally 'over "the cycle of the an organization with 8,500, saints." He noted that "the members in the 50 States whole of Lent, with the raising of its ferial "~ays to the grade and the Bahama Islands. of third class, will take preceVows Today dence over the ordinary feasts Takes of the saints, which are reduced As Christian Brother In practice to simple commemoBrother Robert James Silvia, rations." F.S.C., son of Mr. and Mrs. Bishpps also have the right Frank Silvia, 306 French Street, to permit the solemn blessing of Fall River, pronounced first weddings during any period of vows in the Congregation of the , the year if there is just cause to Brothers of the Christian Schools do so. at ceremonies held today in the The aim of the reform is to community's novitiate at Narrasimplify and clarify existing li- gansett. turgical riorms rather than to A graduate of De La Salle Newport,' Brother introduce any starUing innova- Academy, tions. No changes were made Robert James will study for a . in the Ordir.lary of the Mass. year in Troy, N.Y., then attend, De La Salle College, WashingVigils are divided into three ton, D.C. Brother Eliphus Vic. classes. Vigils of the first class tor, assistant superior general, are those of Christmas and Pentecost. In the second class are presided at today's ceremonies. those of the Ascension, the As- Jan. '18; Finding of the Holy sumption, the Birth of St. John 'Cross,' May 3;' St. John before the Baptist and the feast of , the. Latin Ga~e, May .6; AppariSaints Peter and Paul. In the - Uon of' St. Michael'· the ,Arch:', third class is the vigil Of st. angel, May 8; St. Leo II, July 3; Lawrence. ' St. Anacletus, July 13; 5t. Peter Octaves are of two classes. Oc- in Chains, Aug. 1, and Finding taves of the first class are Easter 'Of. the Body of' 51. Stephen, and Pentecost and the octave 01. . Aug. 3. the second class is Christmas. Also removed was the com.. Feast Days of Three Classics memoration of St. Vitalis OIl The old twofold classification Apri128. of liturgical days accQrding to Another group of feasts haa rank and rite has . been disbeen reduced to a commemoracarded. Now feast days are 01. tion because of their local charone of three classes. There is no acter or because of uncertainty longer the distinction of the over historical elements. feasts in "doubles" and "simAmong them are the feast of ples." St. George, April 23; feast of. Thus, Sundays are divided Our Lady of Mount Carmel, July Into two classes: Sundays of the 16; feast of St. Alexis, July 17; first class include those of Ad- feast of, SS. Cyriacus, Largus vent and Lent. Sundays of the and Smaragdus, Aug 8; feast of second class include others durthe Stigmata of St. Francis of ing the liturgical year. Assisi, sept. 17; feast of St. EuFeasts which up to now have stace and companions, Sept. 20; been classified as "doubles of the feast of Our Lady of Ransom, first or second class" will now Sept. 24; feast of St. Thomas 01. be known as feasts of the "first Canterbury, Dec. 29; feast of St. or second class." Sylvester I, Dec. 31, and the feast Breviary Changes of the Seven' Sorrows of the The new code does not change 'Blessed Virgin Mary," . Three new feasts' have ,been the essential structure or form. of the, Divine Office. However, added to the calendar. They are· by simplifying the classifica- Jan. 13, the Bapti,~ of Our tion of. liturgical days, the re- Lord; July 17; St. Gregory Bar- , citation of the breviary will , barigo, and Oct. 23, St. AnthoRy Claret. ' . automatically be shortened. The greatest changes have Two feasts have been tranebeen made in the Matins, the ferred. The' feast of St. Irenaeul longest part of the Divine Of- of Lyons has been moved from fice. For the most part of the June 28 to July 3. The feast of St, year, the Matins will now con- John Vianney,' the Cure d'Ars, list of a single nocturn of nine ,has been shifted from Aug. 9 to Aug. 8. psalms and three lessons. Three other feasts have had The single nocturn will apply their names changed. The Cirto all Sundays, to all ferial days -with the exception of the last cumcision of Our Lord is now three. days of Holy Week-also to be known as the octave of the -to vigils, feasts of. the third Birth of Our Lord. The feast of dass, days of the octave of the Chair of St. Peter Apostle of Christmas and to the Saturday Antioch is to be known as the feast of. the Chair of St. Peter office of Our Lady. Feasts of the first and second Apostle. The feast of the MoSt dass and of the last three days Blessed Rosary is to be known ,of Holy Week will keep the as the feast of the Blessed Virgin Matins of three nocturns, with 01. the Rosai-).. Two votive Masses have had a total of nine psalms and nine lessons. Easter and Pentecost, their titles changed. The votive with their respective octaves, Mass "Contra Paganos" (Against will keep the traditional order Pagans) is to be called the of Matins, with three psalms and "Missa Pro Ecclesiae Defensione" (Mass in Defense of the' Church). three lessons. Eight feasts have been re- The Mass known as "Ad Tollenmoved .because they occur twice dum Schisma" (For the End of Schism) is now to be known' as in honor of a mystery or some the "Missa Pro Unitate Ecclesaint. Feasts that have been canceled siae" (Mass for Unity of the !CIWrcb,l., ue; ~ <Ii 81. Petea' at llomQ.



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'The changes, announced by . . for those bemg educated 'In I in the Catholic schoolsreceived Exemplifyingthevariedinterest!'!oftheircommunit...


'The changes, announced by . . for those bemg educated 'In I in the Catholic schoolsreceived Exemplifyingthevariedinterest!'!oftheircommunit...