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THE ANCHOR-Oiecese of Fall River-Thurs., July 16, 1964

Memo to Motorists

" \"otico'n Council

Paternal Hierarchy

Continued from Page One procedure of speeches." In short, it aimed at getting results of the Council meetings. The CardinalllJ met on Dec. 26, Jan. 15, Mar. JO. April 16-17 and June 26. Doctrinal Commission This group was entrusted '~e study and elaboration Of - two fundamental schemata: that on Divine Reveliltionand that on the Church, as well as pan of the one on the Church in our times." The special commissiGa formed by Pope John to work out the problems' concerning Divine Revelation contented )t.. self with making suggestions. The Doctrinal Commission has Fe-written in its entirety the whole schema. Joint meetings were also held with the Com­ mission for the Lay Apostolate. Plenary meetings were held on _March 2-14 and June 1-8, . Bishops and Dioceses l'he Commission' for Bishopt!l alld the Government of DioceseS held a, full meeting on March 3-13 after a series of subcom­ - mission meetings. Its schema is now reduced to three chapters and joint meetings were held ~ith the Commissions for Orien­ tal Churches, Religious Disei­ pline of. the' Clergy ~nd the Christian People. ' Oriental Churches This group held meetings duy­ ing the last session and a plenary meeting on March 10-16. Its text i6 considerably reduced. . MlssloDS The schema's new title "The Church's Missionary. Activity" HI indicative of a more specifie CQntent and an attempt not .. repeat ~ Church schema. Four · subcommissions prepared for the · plenary assemblies of May 4 and

The younger generation has always been the concern of those who are older. That is good and as it should .be. An older generation always hopes to pass on its responsi­ biJitie·s to those prepared, those of maturity and balance, those' who have learned the wisdom of the past, those trained in knowledge and in discipline. Children do not become this way by chance. Growt.h in knowing and in judgement does not come with the mere passing of time. The family is the first school, the parents the first teachers, the children students open to improve­ ment and training and direction. Dr. Karl Stern, a noted psychiatrist, has recently pointed out that the family is not doing its job, judging by the results. And he puts the blame on the vague idea of the family as a little democracy in which all have equal voice. In such a "family democracy," the child, just as much as the parent, has a voice and a vote. And the result is a 'family in which parents cater to the whims of the child, a family in which children give orders and make demands · to which parents must accede under threat of being called tyrants. Mothers' and fathers tamely submit to the black­ 'mail by their offspring and appeal for support to the · eoncept of a democracy, equality for all. The idea is ridiculous, ~the results havoc...such a family eoncept, furthermore, far from helping children, breeds · insecurity into their whole make-up. For children have · desires but' know that thes'e must be tempered by wisdom; they have wants but look for the steadying hand of control. They expect their parents to teach them how far their f1esires are to stretch. They want mothers and fathers to th£ Chu.nch provide discipline and to teach them self-control. , . Parents are not to be harsh, unreasonable and unreason­ ing dictators., ',l'heir role is the role of 'direction with love. I~BY REV. ROBERT W. HOVDA, Catholic University :But- parents must fulfill their role and insist that children take t.heirs. TODAY-·Mass as on Sunday. will of God is never an accom­ And the father of the family, especially, must project What is this "nature" that has plished, an achieved state of af­ -tllii image of strength and direction and control. A strong ,J)() longer "any claim on us" fairs, It demands life, move­ ·father, one who is a real man in that he is mature and (Fill'St Reading)? Certainly it js -ment, progress, wa;tchfulness­ :'balanced and morally strong, gives to his wife and children not "nature" as we commonly not a clasping of the past 'to 13.

Christian Unity

the real image of what a man and husband is; All too often use the word today. Here in our one's bosom. The, Secretariat for the Pre­ And in the Gospel Jesus weeps . when a case of juvenile delinquency crops up, investigation worship it means precisely a life lived without the over-all over Jerusalem. Jerusalem-of · moi~~n of Christian Unity had · shows the father of the family to be a weak man, one who "iew mentioned above. all plac,es! The city of believ~rs, 'a tht:ee-week meeting of experts -:has abdicated to his wife 'or children his proper role as head the city of the righteous; the · before its· general meeting oil It means a human life which 'm the family. His children grow up with no idea of control ooes not realize that God is our city where Temple worship con­ ~Feb. 2~-Mar. 7. It "re-elaborated or strength and act accordingly. ' ' Father and we are his heirs, a formed to God's own directions. with the coo~ration of the Com­ life of "happenings," without Yet he weeps * * • 'and drives , miSsion of Oriental Churches oil



th~' CWU:.1t CWith


Politics in Massachusetts The newspapers have had a happy time over the young adults who have proclaimed themselves candidates for office in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, taking advantage of the omission of the State Constitution to spell out specifically the minimum age for office-holders. Behind all the side-show, however, there is the disturb­ ing thought that maybe these young adults are trying to teach their elders a lesson. Maybe the' youngsters are disgusted with the odor of corruption that surrounds politics in Massachusetts. Perhaps, in their innocence, they are sick of the wheeling and dealing that encircles Beacon Hill and are trying to touch the consciences of decent men to at least become angry at the situation. Of course, as soon as corruption in politics is mentioned, the Massachusetts politician turns to his favorite answer, the technicality. No matter what the stench is in the air, he demands to be brought to the exact piece of political garbage that is objected to, and unless an accuser can come liP with pictures, places, dates and names, twice-documented and witnessed accordingly, he will cry out "smear." And meanwhile everyone knows that something is wrong. The name "politician" is an honorable one, belonging to many honorable men. They would do well to inspect their ranks and reject those of their number who wear it un­ worthily.





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the planning and the direction commended by our Lord in the Gospel. TOMORROW - Mass as on SUIl,day. ''If you mortify the wa)'s of nature through the power of the Spirit, you will have life" (First Reading). "Nature," in this sense, tends to disintegrate, tends' to chaos and ine~mingles1:ness.

The power of the Spirit, mani­ fested among us in many ways but espesci~lly in the teaching of the Gos{:el and in our public worship, gives us sanity because it gives us a view of life's mean_ ing, from birth through death



SA.TURDAY-St. Camillus de Leillis, Confessor. Both readings todllY teach of the self-sacrific­ ing love which only a Christian view of lif(~ can ultimately jus­ tify and render intelligible. . Jesus calls us his friends (Gospel), because "I have made known to you all that my Father has told me." He has made known to us the meaning which is so hard for us to see in "nature," He has made it pos­ sible for Us to "go out and bear fruit."

out of the Temple those who sold and bought there. The Church is not immune to the same rigidity and unyielding stubbornness which alienated the Chosen People of old from the living God.

MONDAY-St. Jerome EmiJ­ iani, Confessor. Charity and child-likieness, the themes of today's Mass are precisely the qualities which encourage re­ newal and reform, and which save us from rigidity. And both are of the essence of salvation for the Christian. Love-because the new life in Christ and' in His Spirit is the life of love: we live now for others. Child-likeness-because to live in the past, determined by the habits of the past, is to deny the Holy Spirit and the present action of the risen Christ. TUESDAY - st Lawrence of Brindisi, Confessor, Doctor. But, the teacher of Christ does not gauge his success by popularity, today's First Reading reminds 'us, The same love and childlike­ ness which move him to clothe the Word of God in modern lan­ guage and concepts and in terms of modern needs also encourage in him the faithfulness and trust of whic~ the Gospel teaches.

NINTH SUNDAY AFT E R PENTECOST. These years of renl~wal and .reform in the ChVlrCh, be"inning with the re­ form of, public worship, are WEDNESDAY St. Mary hard to understand for those of _ Magdalene, Penitent. This is a US who have l:ieen bitten by the feast-day of us all; for we are bug of self-righteousness all sinners. sel£··satisfaction, who have been And if love, ripped in man's !l() defensiv,e about Christianity little way from the context of that: we thillk any admission of the common good and the salva­ fault iS,lack of faith. ~on of us all, seemssome.iinles T'Dday's lessonS speak to our to lead - us into 'sin, love is problem. ,~rhe First Reading nevertheless the. great~ virtue warns us that "he who thinks which leads us to 'repenta~e, 141 he :rtands firmly should beware receive ,forgiveness:, an4 : abe ef ,I falL" SubmiSBioD .. tbe Spkit'. cbange-Qi-hean.


the basis of proposals alrea~

expressed in council * • ." , _,

_ Christian Education The Commission of Semi­ naries, Studies and Christian Education, in a plenary meeting of March 3-10, produced a se­ ries of "proposals" to be voted on without discussion. ' Clergy The Commission for the Di,.. cipline of the Clergy and the Christian People has presented , a document entitled "Of Priests". It contains 10 "proposals" to be voted on without discussion. Religious This commission's schema has been reduced thanks to the work of six especially erected 9Ub­ commissions. Lay Apostolate J~ schema is also condensed, here to five chapters. Expert8 met in Dec. 1963, Jan. 1964, aDd Feb. of this year in Zurich -. draw up the text. Joint meetingS were also held with other com­ mi&Sions. Sacraments 'The Commission for the Disci­ pline of the Sacraments has con­ centrated on Marriage during iUI plenary sessions of March 2-8. Results The final texts have beeil passed by the· Coordinating C;:ommission at its final meetirig on June 26. "Therefore," Msgr. Vallainc concludes, "all the me­ 'terial to be debated and voted oa "during the forthcoming third 'se6Sion now is in the hands of tbe Fathers who will thus be able to examine it and study ill depth." .


- Abstinence Union NEW YORK (NC)-The 92Jl41 annual tliree-day COBvention of the . Cetholic Total· Abstinence Union .0£ Ameriea will be held lIeft ~ Sunda1. Au&:. 9. ;


~issio~ who will work out A Retreat for the Handi­ capped, first such event to be sponsored by the Fall River Diocese, will be held fruitful...


~issio~ who will work out A Retreat for the Handi­ capped, first such event to be sponsored by the Fall River Diocese, will be held fruitful...