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Anglican Church Seeks to Extend Use of latin LONDON (NC) - White the Roman Catholic Church in England is preparing to use English in part of the Mass, the state Ohurch of Eng­ land is seeking to extend its use of Latin. This move is included in one of two Anglican Ohuroh meas­ ures submitted-as the Estab­ Hshed Church must by law-to Parliament for approval. They seek to obtain legal recognition of some current Anglioan Ohurch practices ,already in use. And these two small requests, l\Qt sufficiently important to merit the title of parliamentary bills, are expected by some p0­ litical observers to arouse a storm in the House of Commons as further signs of the Anglican Ohurch's alleged "drift to Rome." One is called in official legal jargon the Vesture of Ministers Measure, and is about vestmeruts and rubrics. The other is the Pl1ayer Book (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure, and also deals with rubrics and liturgy. In general, these measures would simply recognize practices which have long been common in An­ gUcan churches. • Die-bards Protest "nle little gl'oup of, die--ha,rd Protestant Members of Parlia­ ment is planning, 'according to reports, to fight them tooth and nail. One sucb M. P. was said to have declared that some of their intended provisions such as le­ galizing stone altars and mass vestments, the use of unleavened bread for communion and ex­ tensions in the use of Latin were "attempts to legalize the Roman Gatholic forms." One clause in the Prayer Book Measure would extend the use of Latin. The Act of Uniformity, establishing the State Church, allows Latin in the colleges and halls of Oxford and Cambridge universities and in the three big Anglican colleges of Westrni,n­ 1Itler, WinCibester and Eton. Now it is proposed that i,t should be allowed in other universities and '"such other places of relig,ious and sound leM'lling as custom doth allow Ol' ordinary may per­" .

Prelate Has Reunion With Paratroopers WASHINGTON (NC)-Aux­ itiary Bishop Philip M. Hannan of Washington had a reunion with some of his World War II buddies at the annual oonven­ tiQll of the 82nd Airborne Divi­ .ion Association here. The bishop, who served, as a cmaplain with the paratroopers, gave the invocation at the con­ yention banquet. The convention elected as president .John (Spike) Lynch,president of 'the Chicago Fire, Fighters' Union and a member of St. Killian's parish there.

Approves Sainthood For 22 Martyrs VATICAN CITY (NC) - The Vatican's Congregation of Rites has approved the canonization of 22 African Negroes who were slain in Uganada in the 19th century for refusing to renounce their Faith. Vatican sources indicated the new saints would be canonized on Mission Sunday, Oct. 18, dur_ ing the third session of the Vat­ ican council. It was also expected that some note would be taken in the can­ onization ceremonies of 12 An­ glicans who died during the same persecutions rather than deny Christ.


Bishop of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Addresses Sacred Heart Parishioners, Fall River A zealous shepherd and a many-sized, fascinating man-thafs Bishop Alfred Francis Mendez, C.S.C., Ordinary and first Bishop of the Diocese of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, estab­ lished in 1960. Bishop Mendez preached Sunday at Sacred Heart Church, Fall River, under auspices of the Missionary Cooperative Plan. He outlined to parishioners the needs of his Diocese, comprising 1,100 square miles, but served by only 72 priests for 600,000 Catholics. Although born in

rtfl: ANCHOR-

Thurs., July 16, 1964


British Consider Overseas Family Planning Advice LONDON (NC) - Lord Dundee, British minister of state for foreign affairs, has declared that the J3ritish

government was prepared to give technical assistance in "family planning" projects over­ seas. He told the House of Lords rt would be wrong for the British government to take the initia­ tive to help any country whose own government was not pur­ suing a "family planning" pol­ icy and had not requested help and advice. "The government recognizes the seriousness of the world population problem. We are pre­ pared to give technical assistance to family planning projects on the same terms as we give it in other fields," he added. Lord McCorquodale, w h ~ raised the 'matter, suggested that the United Nations should use its agencies to spread contracep­ tive knowledge throughout the underdeveloped countries and conduct "family planning" re­ search to find methods satisfy­ ing religious and cultural ob­ jections. Bishop Mendez and Monsignor Childs Food Production Solution , But Lord Dundee told him the . The project is under the pa­ trouble with the United Nations is shnple. A parish adopts a tronage of Our Lady of Guada­ was that it was dominated by parish in an iron curtain coun­ lupe and Bishop Mendez inter­ Catholic, communist and African try and once monthly offers a special Mass for it and for cap-' ested iron curtain Bishops in it states, none of whom are in in the course of the Ecumenical favor of birth control. He said tive peoples in general. Britain would do what it could National headquarters of the Council. The prel'<lte quoted a prayer to change the climate of opinion, league are at Post Office Box but he was pessimistic of the 248, Menomonee Falls, Wisc.,' recited by Auxiliary Bishop Eduardo Boza Masvidal, at a chances. from which complete informa­ large banquet. The auxiliary, Lady Su~merski1l, who" is a tion may be obtained. Bishop doctor, criticized this attitude Mendez recently turned over exiled from Havana, is also ac­ tive in the League of Prayer. and said the real solution to the operation of the league to a "May those who are hungry war on want was food produc­ zealous group of Wisconsin lay have bread; and may those of us tion. '~althus WWl an "economic ~se. people, but he remains as hon­ peasant," she said. Publicizel'9 who have bread, have ever a His hope is to send mission- ' orary chairman. of unproved contraceptives were hunger for justice and peace." aries from Puerto Rico to Latin He explains that the "captive Today, said Bishop Mendez, preying on ignorant women. American countries far the l' parish" adopted by an American those words are inscribed on the ­ The "pill" and other method'll South. "We have never 'sent out parish is notified, of its adop­ wall of that banquet room. could well prove harmful and to missionaries," he says, 'and this tion and that parishioners ,The prelate is now visiting argue that the birth rate would would be a wonderful thing for strive to attend their own church Chicago and will return to Puer:.. decline if the United Nations the Church in Puerto Rico." ' ' at the time Mass is being offered distributed contraceptives Wall The prelate has organized 'the for them in the United States. In to Rico for ordinations Satu.-­ to over-simplify the issue. Serna Club and Christian Family most cases they 'have no priests day, July 25. Movement in his DioceSe, and or services, but the knowledge notes tha't be was in on the of the prayers of their brothers "ground floor" of, the CFM, be­ in Christ is a real source of com- ' ing instrumental in securing the fOl't and inspiration for them. Notre Dame campus as 'a con­ ven,tion site for the organization. HU!l&"er for Justice Also aiding the Bishop in his One parish, Queen of Martyrs, works of mercy is a secular in­ stitute for young' women he has Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, has organized in Arecibo. Members adopted one of the most perse­ cuted parishes in Castro's Cuba, live in a community and: have rendered the infant Diocese Havana's Our Lady of Charity. "Both churches are full at the much assistance. time of the monthly Mass in Bishop Mende~' highest praise, Florida," said Bishop Mendez. oowever, is reserved for the Aufaina. That'. the time to visit Europe: Superh Cursillo movement; which he feels is the "instrument' that weather, •• theatres ... new shows ... sports eventa will change the Church in'Latia. ••. fairs .•• festivals. And no crowds of tourists. It'. America." , the time to enjoy a "Priceles." tour of Europe. Seven Cursillos are, literallY,"little WASHINGTON (NC)-An all courses in Christianity" ,and the different itineraries, oach with many departures. night vigil of prayer iii response Bishop says the three day pro­ to President Johnson's procla­ Where you got by jot oc sea to England, then HoI· ' gram can and often does: com­ mation urging t~' Americans pletely change men's lives. It is land, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Lucerne. ma.-k Captive Nations Week 'will primarily for men and Bishop Venice, Florence, Rome. Home via Paris. be held in the Shrine of the Mendez says it is important for Sacred Heart tomorrow night. Latin America that it remain 90. What you geh price includes jet (or ship), motoc President Johrnlon, in a .June , "Women have plenty of spir­ coach, hotels, most meals, sightseeing, multilingual 20 proclamation, called for an­ itual exercises," be says, "and nually by a 1959 Congressional escorts. ' ' , the Church fails in Latin Amer­ resolution, named July 12 to 18 ica because it is too feminine. Free brochure: Get all the facts in a big 24-pago. as a time to show U. S. support Men want something viriie and full-color brochure. Phone the number below, oc for the just aspirations of the masculine of their own. The people of Eastern Europe's Red­ drop in. No obligation, of course. Cursillo fills this need and if controlled nations. women 'take it over,' the men will abandon it." "Women," he concludes, "are strong in piety in Latin America, Henry J. Feite/berg, Pres. but the men are becoming strong ~2.9,~qrth Main 8t.. - TeL, 08 5-7408;' in knowledge." '~'i Established 1 9 0 6 " . League of Prayer ROUTE 6, HUTTLESON AVE.

Another project close to the ...... NEWPORT. PROVIDENCE: NEW BEDFORD. 1l0MERSET. episcopal heart is the League of Near Fairhaven Drive-In

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which he organized two years Service OD Patio

ago, following a suggestion from AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL SERVICE

a convert. Its mode of operation

Chicago, the Bishop is from an old Puerto Rican family. His grandfather was .the last Span­ ish governor of the island, and when it was ceded to the United States in 1898, his youngest son, the Bishop's father, became an American citizen. As a youth, Bishop Mendez led a cosmopolitan life. He stud­ ied in Spain and embarked from there to enter Annapolis. "But on the boat I met a handsome man who talked me into enter­ ing the seminary. At the end of the voyage, when he put on his Roman collar, I was astounded!" At any rate, the young man entered the Holy Cross commu­ nity and was ordained in 1935. He did administrative work at the University of Natre Dame and then served in various Texas Dioceses for 13 years before his ,consecration as Bishop of Are­ cibo in 1960. His pectoral cross, he re­ counts with pride, belonged to Bishop Lamy, fan;loUS mission­ ary of old New Mexico, immor­ talized in Willa Cather's novel, "Death Comes for the Arch­ bishop." Many Activities In Arecibo, says the Bishop, he confirms between one and two thousand youngsters each Sunday he is there. He has his own version of the Papal Vol­ unteel'S for Latin America, sev­ eral young women from New York who have volunteered as teachers in schools, of 'the Dio­

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~issio~ who will work out A Retreat for the Handi­ capped, first such event to be sponsored by the Fall River Diocese, will be held fruitful...


~issio~ who will work out A Retreat for the Handi­ capped, first such event to be sponsored by the Fall River Diocese, will be held fruitful...