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THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fan 'liver-Thurs., July 16, 1964, '.

Asks All Citizens

To Welcome Law

Diocese of FaII River OFFICIAL 'l'RANSFERS

:Rev. Joseph L. Pcwoenr, cohaplai:n and instructor of Religion lit Bishop Stang High School. No. Dartmouth. to chaplain and klstruetor of Religion at Bishop Feehan High ScnooI. Attleboro. Be retains tile office of Diocesan Director of the Confraternity of Christian Doctr~. Rev. Patrick J. O·Neill. in residence at st. ThomQS, More, Somerset, to chaplain and instructor of Religion at Bishop Stang High School. No. Dartmouth. He remains Superin­ tendent of Dioeesan SChools.

TEMPORARY APPOINTMErrr Rev. Peter J. Mullen. newly ordained, to SaBed Heart

ChUl"dl, Fall River. as assistant. Appointments effective Frklay. July 17. 1964.

~....../t£.-;;:5 Bishop of Fall River



.Morally UnobjectionQble for Everyone Battle Hymn Brass Bottle Bridge on River Kwal . Circus World Day Mars Invaided Dream Maker Drum Beat Fall of Roman Empire Gladiators Gotd Rusft , Great Escape . . Incredible Mr. limpet

It's Mad Mad Mad World lillies of Field longest Day Modern Times tI'::mse on Moon Never Put it in Writing Ona Man's Way Papa's Delicate Condition Patsy, The Pepe Ready for the People

Romeo & Juliet Sampson & Slave Queen Sergeants 3, Summer Holiday Whan the Clock Strikes Who's Minding Store Wild & Wonderful Windjammer Yank in Viet Nam, A You Have to Run Fast Young Swingers, The

Unobiectionable for Adults, Adolesce'nts ,·,Act "

"Advance tG Rear ' ,Black Zoo . ,Blue Hawaii ,,' Captain Newman. :MD Chalk ,Garden Children of Damned Charade Citizen Kane Come Fly With Me Distant Trumpet " Donovan's Reef Evil Eye' .' Fort Dobbs'

Hamlet Horror of It All King of Sun lawrence of Arabia Man From Gafvestolt Mary, Mary Miracle Worker Muscle Beach Party Point of Order Ring of TreasolJ Sanjuro ' 7 Days in MaJ

Secret Door

Secret InvasiOll

Shock Treatment 633 Squadron South Pacific Surf Party Twenty, Plus Twa

Twice Told", Tales" "

Unsinkable Molly Brown

Voice of Hurricane

Walk Tighbope

,War is Hell

Weekend With lulu

Wheeler Dealers World of Henry Orient Young Doctors, The

Morally Unobiectionable for Adults .' All Nighfs Work

America, America : Becket Bedtime Stol}' Bye Bye- Birdie

Hypnotic Eye Loneliness of Long . Distance Runner Mafioso Mail Order Bride Man's Favorite Sport No" My Darling Daughter Operation Petticoat:, Paris When It Sizzle$, :0" Pilfow falk . Pink Panther • '"

Prize Term of Trial Thin Red line:

Third Secret

Thunder of Drums

To Bed, or Not to Bed

Town Without Pity

Two Ale Guilty

West Side Story

Woman of Straw

Zulu -, "

MgDAL FOR POPE.: Pope Paul VI receives the Thomas More Association Medal. on the 25th anniversary of that organi.2ation. Presenting the medal are. from left, Msgr. Edward Berr. principal of Central Catholic High School, Lima. Ohio; his brother Dan Herr, president of the Thomas :More Association. Chicago and John Drahos, sales manager. 'The A~sociation was founded tq promote Catholic reading ,and reading among Catholics. NC Photo.

Difficult Course

CINCINNATI (NC) - Cincm­ nati's Karl J. Alter called on aU ~tizens to welcome the civil 'rights legislation "With a spirit of. gracious cooperation." The archbishop expressed' the hope that "the overwhelming re­ sponse" to the law would be based on "motives of a high order of nobility. on Christian eharit,. and justice, and on a genuine desire to promote the hue welfare .of our eountry." "All men of good will can now rejoice that the equal personal dignity of our Negro fellow Citi­ zens has been reeognized and guaranteed by the public law of our eountry," the Archbishop said. For Nation's Welfare ' . "Great obstacles have beetl overcome, but much still re­ . mains to be done. The new civft rights bill can be either grudg­ ingly accepted. its implementa­ tion resisted, and its promise of peace and reconciliation retard­ ed, or else it can be welcomed with a spirit of gracious coop­ eration and with the desire to , make it effective," he declared. "We sincerely hope and pra,. , that the overwhelming response ,will be based on motives of a high order of nobility, on Chri&­ tian Charity and justice, and Oft a genuine desire to promote the true welfare of our eountr.v.· the prelate declared.

Mass Ordo

:FRIDAY-Mass of previous Sun­ day. IV Class. Green. Mass Proper; No Glorfa or Creed; second Collect st. AlexiUB, . Confessor; Common Preface. characters they use for reading SATURDAY-St. Camillus De' instead of letters as we do. There Lellis, Confessor. ill Class. are thousands of these, but dur­ White. Mass Proper; Gloria; ing the occupation follow'ing 'second Collect SS. Symphor­ ,the war, a committee of schol,ars' osa and her Seven Sons, Mar­ reduced these to 1,850 basic tyrs; no Creed; Common Pref­ characters. They were to be the ace. .basic language of the press and SUNDAY - IX Sunday Aft el' general publicati0?'S.' Th~',: all " Pentecost. ,II ~lass. Gr~eD. have to be memorIZed; Mass Proper; qloria; Creed; ' , 3,000 Meanings , ' P r e f a c e of Trinity. .., , :In addition; one chai:aeter'ma,.' 'MONDAY-St. Jerome Ae~ ' 'have'several meanings-so t4ese ' .. ian, Confessor. m C,ll!!" I,S5G characters may hav.e a total " .' 'White. MaJ?~i~oper; Gloria; ,,'of 3,~OO or mo~ readingS. or', . second. Collect,'st. Margaret, .' meanmgs.,·, . ,', "VlrgiD and Martyr; no Creect; ,Needless to say. this does' n o t · Common Preface~ '. simplify the problem of the mis- . 'TUESDAY - St. Lawl'en<!e' at sionary.·· ' , . ' "" , 'Brlndisi, ConfesSor and D~ -, The FranCIscan Language of the Church. m CIaBa. ,School- here is used ,by' all the White M Pr • Gl . ,incoming missionaries except Second C~~ect ~P.rax= ,the Jesuits, 'who have a school Virgin' no Creed" Commoa of their ow,n ,for their scholastics. Prefa~. ' The teachers are all JapanwEDNESDAY-st. Mary ~agese-except for Japanese writdahme. Penitent. III Class. i~g, which is ta~ght·by a for. White. Mass Proper; Gloiia; eIgneI'. That foreIgner is· Father, no Creed; 'Common Preface. ' Beatus Theunissen, and he says 'THURSDAY - st. Apollinaris. with a smile: "I always tell " BiShop and Martyi. III Chisa. them stories. For every "little ' Red. Mass Proper; G~oria; '" ,sign I write on the blackboard. second' Collect $t:· ·Liborlu.r.. 'I,tellthem a big story." ,.' "'Bishopan4 'Confessor;,," " , ;, ,~; CoImDori ~refa~~:"

Lenrning Language First S'tage in, Life

Of Missioner in ~a'pan

·TOKYO (NC)-The first stage of missi,mary life in Japan is the Frarlciscan language school here. 'I here the missionary spends the first two years of his (~areer ir.. the Japanese missions ,--and it is a course that might :make some of his previous school work, seem ligM indeed. The basic purpose of the ,language school is to enable the missionary to speak: fluently., As one student said: "We come· into a ,highly -developed- culture." To , the ,extent that we can meet ,these.pec,ple on their own.level , are ,we likely to be effective in reaching, ,", them ,with ,our thoughts. our teachings. ' . t ' . " 1, Bu t J apanese IS no aS11llp e l;mguage to learn. J~st ~ example. take the kan11, the


Necrology, JULY 17

Rev. William J. Smith, 1960,

Pastor, S';. James, TauntolL JULY 19 ; Darby's Rangers Most 'J1lev: Daniel P. Feehan, Flight frol\\ Ashiya D.O., 1934" second Bishop of Fan FUR in, Acapulco River, 1907-34., Global Affair ' JULY 23 Mud :. " Antique Pqtade" Rev. George B: McNamee., ,)1138, Pastor, ··Holy· Name,> Fall , In co;";j~nction"with the .65th I,.. 'For Adults' (With Reserv~tions)~ ': "anniversary celebration of St. '.' ': This classifieation is given 'to certain f i1rns, whicli, 'while not morally offensive '. River. 'staniSlaus parish, Fall River, an in themselves, require atution andsQme. anplysis and explanati~nas: a protection ~,to the uninformed against wrong Interpre~~ions and false conclusions. ,o,ld-fashioned parade ,will, ,.be Helen Aubertine' Braugh' ~". FOFlTY1iOURS'

held at 1:3G Saturday afternoon, I, Best Man Martin luther .'. This Sporting, life William H. Aubertine'" July 18~- Starting, from the ': Black like Me Organizer Tom Jones


Brian J. Aubertine church; the p;irade will ,go to Divorce: Italian, Style Pressure Point Under Yum Yum Tree '

downtown Fall River and re­ coor World' . Servant Victim

,;ruIy ,19--St Pius X, South Spacious Parking Area turn.'· Included in the' line of Dr. Strange!ove Sky Above & Mud Below' Walk on Wild Side

.. Yamlouth. 'WY,2-2957 81h Strangers in the City Young & Willing

march will be antique carS, bi­ . St. Stephen, Dodgeville 129 Allen St. New Bedford , Girl With the Green Eyes Suddenly last Summer cycles built 'for'two, and old ~ruly 2~-St. Francis of Assisi. fire-engines. The anniverSary New Bedford , Morally Obiectionable in Part for Everyone HoI;}' Redeemer, Chatham , will be further celebrated Satur­ . Black Sabbatfl Kissin' Cousins S~lendor in Grass day and Sunday, July 25 and 26 A :'AMILY TREAT

Aug. 2-8t. George, Westport Cleopatra Kittan With AWhip Strangler at Urban's Grove, Tiverton., Sacr ~d Hearts, Fairhaven Comedy of Terrors L<tiy in Cage Sunday in New York BAR-B-Q CHICKENS

St. 'I'heresa, So. Attleboro Conjugal Bed long Ships The Devil and tr.e Curse of living Cor~se Man in Middle 10 Co;rr;nandments Aug. 9---8t. Theresa., ::."l'ew Female Jungle Masque of the Red Death Fables Qf love BI~dford. 4 for Tex<is ,fiight Must Fall, . Tiara Tahiti (BrJ OUl~ Lady o£ Victory. FARMS

fUNERAL HOME, INC. Frightenad City Psyche 59 Viva las ',Vegas Clmterville. 145 Washin~on St~ Fairhaven

From Russia With lne Racing Fever Wtat A Way To Go R. Marcel Roy - G. Lllrralne R1ly

GI Blues Sr.ock Corridor , W t e r e Boys Are Roger laFrance

Just off Route 6

Honeymoon Hatel Small World of Sammy lee Yesterday, Today and FUNERAL DIRECTORS WY ]-9336

THE ANCHOR Horror of Party Beacb Soldier in the Rain Tomorrow llec:lnd Clm;s Postage PalO at Fall River, 15 Irvington Ct. Jessica Some Came Running Watch for Signs

Mass, Pul1lished every Thursday at 41ct WY 7-7830

While out for a Drive

~~,~~rg p~;:~IU~j ~~" D~:~e ~s~aIlD~lv~ Condemned' StoP at this delightful SpOt

New Bedford·

SulJSCrlptfoa IIrlca ~ lUll. DOitllakl $4.00 Empty Canvas Silence Weekend " ' YIIL Cardina~


Funeral, Home Inc.

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~issio~ who will work out A Retreat for the Handi­ capped, first such event to be sponsored by the Fall River Diocese, will be held fruitful...