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THE ANCHOR thurs., July 16, 1964

Training Camps Bustling: Pro Elevens Invade N. E.

,-Tokyo Prepares ·For Olympics In October

By Jack Kineavy

The sports significance Of early July has broadened yet lessened in the past few years. Before the expansion of the major leagues and the consequent lengthening of the schedule, baseball's respective leaders on July 4th were acknowledged the teams des­ tined to cop the pennant. ators, '1-0. 1't was his 18th ap­ pearance of the season and his Strangely enough, this tra­ record now reads 4-8. ditional assessment bore up A twenty game winner in '63,


more otten than DOt. In recent Monbo figures to come on strong year5, however, early July has over the second half and if he become noted does, you can look for the SOx for the start of to play better than .500 ball. the professional Bressoud and Malzone turned in football train­ fine first half efforts. Tillman :tng season. and COnigliaro amazed every­ )'ootball in the one. Mantilla has given the club middle of Sum­ more than an occasional lift. me,!;, used to . Yastremzski has found the range. have little Ol" Stuart is the enigma. of the :u<l appeal for club. Author of most game win­ the aportsmind­ ning hits thus far (9), the most ed American, d~gerous hitter in the lineup 1;crtainly noth­ WIth men on, he nevertheless ing comparable creates a negative impression to baseball's Spring drills. Then with his studied lassitude afield. came the impact of pro-footbalI' On occasion he even disdains via television. passing the ball around the in­ Now you'll begin to find the field. He fails to run out ground sports pages across the nation balls to the infield-though Vic heralding the advent of grid P,ower forced him to once by camps. The progress of highly­ ~ply not tagging the bag until touted All-Americans will be . Stuart made the entire trip. duly chronicled. The same ob­ These antics mak!i! him the tar­ scure figures from some equally get of disapproving fans. obscure school will quietly move Golf Leader on the scene and be usually Pro golf's current leader has proves to be tire guy who is in: to be Tony Lema. He came back there on opening day. from a near ltisaster to win the Two of the ·NFL's brawny Cleveland Open in a sudden­ set are using N. E. college faeil­ . death playoff with Arnold Pal­ ities for their pre-season work­ . mer. Tony had had the $20,000 outs. The Giants are at Fairfield· .'first prize' all wrapped up in University, Fairfield, Conn. and regulation time when to the the Pittsburgh Steelers are amazement of all he "blew" a scheduled to check into South one foot putt on the final hole. Kingston, R. I., home of the Then on to Scotland and the University of Rhode Island, British ~n title which he took some time this week. handily despite a late but con­ Pats At Andover eerted challenge by Jack Nick­ The Boston Patriots, Eastern laus. ·Cbampagne Tony, as he is Division champions of the ran­ affectionately known, lauded his kUy grOwing American FootbiR 28-year old caddy for his assist­ League" will again train at ance then proceeded to give the Andover Academy, Andover,' 1labbergasted bagtoter a $1000 .Mass. New England fans, I'm' tip (first prize was only $4200). :ll1re, will endeavor to follow., ~ony knoWli what it's like to rlosely . the fortunes .of Jack ,need a dollar. As a 15-year old (~ncannon, former B. C. signaI- eacMie in' ~ san Francisco city caller,as h~strives for the No. ,tourney, be was outfitted with 1 spot with the Philadelphia his .first pai,r ,of golf sp~es by :Eas~. Jack, was. forced out, of ., Mrs~ '. v:~ ,(Ken's mother) the rookie game at Buffalo a . Who eouldn't bear to ~ Tony couple of weeks ago with a re- eompeting in sneakers~ . curriDg hamstring pulL


~.=-~~~~~ ,Open. Convention

:: ;:.~a:ns:=row:e:::·With'Prayer




TOKYO (NC) - Everywhere there is evidence that Tokyo is · preparing in earnest for the coming Olympics here this Octo­ ber. Signs publicize the Olym­ pics, banners 'are on· sale in stores, new hotels are rising, and the roads are being torn up. W'Orkmen struggle round .the clock, seven days a week, to finish the new highways Il()W under construction, and Tokyo is likely to be oversupplied with hotel rooms once the Olympics are past because of the large new hotels being constructed. The visitor will find Tokyo a friendly city-a bit confusing, perhaps, till he gets acquainted, but very friendly. When he asks directions to a Catholic church at his h'Otel, he will receive a little slip of paper, in English on one side and Japanese on the other, telling him the hours of Mass and the location of the church. On the reverse will be a map, with directions in Japan~ These are for the benefit of the taxi driver, who can then weave in and out of the many n;1rrow streets to the nearest Catholic church.

ROOFTOP SCHOOL: Sandwiched between a resettle­ Cathedr!,l Dedication ment area and as yet unsettled squatters (background) Nearing completion by that is the St. Peter in Chains roof top school, in Hong Kong, time, and scheduled for dedi<:a­ conducted by the Maryknoll Fathers. Here children poor in tion Dec. 8, will be the beautiful financial means have a chance to become rich 'in education. · and impressive cathedral of the Imm·aculate Conception, risiI1g Father John Donovan, M.M., Vicar General, accompanied high on a hill on the outskirts of by Father Michael J. Kiernan; M.M., school supervisor and Tokyo. In the form of a hl,lge pastor of the nearby St. Peter in Chains Church, pay a cross, the cathedral is likely to be a tourist and architectural visit to the school. NC Phot~

.,:Catholic College Sta rs Prominent ·In, Battle for Oly'mpic Berths , NEW YORK (NC)-Veteran Olympic. team and even thf;!Y stais Harold Connolly and Jerry ,.l(Vi1l have to prove their condi­ , Siebert 'of California and Ira tion. at a Los Angeles .meet in , DaVis. of Philadelphia· qualified ,September. The nex-t five place.. . for the 1964 American Olympic winners in each event will be team in trials at Randal1s Island Los Angeles to battle for the Stadium. here. . . ' other ·tw'o places on the squad. , .. C;~m.noUY, the Boston College ", .Three Villanovans , ' 'alupmu£! . who won the19!>6 ' .. Among. those who qualified ,OlYmpic hammer thro"," title, for 'the Los Angel.!i!S meet was ',eo~ed Tommy Farrell, of .8t. John's U., ,.ash.e t~ssed the 16-:-poqnd i,ron . .r~aica, :N.Y., Nation;11 Colle­ :bal~ ~25 f~t ~ inches to. ou~ giate A,thletic Association 800­ class the field, ~ustas ,he had pleter champion, who .placed done lass week In the national fourth to Siebert in the 800 A.A~U. championships at New meters at 1:47.5, the fastest time BnIDswick, N. J;' of his career. .. . ' . A neighbor of Farrell and for­ Siebert, University, of Cali­ tot,nia graduate student, made mer high school rival, Bill Boyle hiS. second Olympic team as he o{ Notre.. Dam·e, also piaced won the 800. meters in 1:47.2, fourth in his event the 400 faStest time in the ,world this meters.' ': ,.ear. The s~edst17 from Wil­ Villanova .saw three of its let~ Ca!if. IS makIng : ~~e-. former stars qual,ify;, Vic ~wo­ ba~k this season after -retirmg la~, a graduate, placed foUrth in .1963. " . .'.. .1n: the 3,OOO;-niet~rSieeplechase tor Davis, LaSalle College at 8:47.8, and<l?aul Drayton' and grqduate, this will be .the third Don Webster,tilrr·thiid and fifth OlYmpiad. He first qualified in in the 200 meter dash. .: 19$1 as a 19';year old college ' sophomore and placed fourth in the; triple jump at Rome. In the trials here he led the field with a mark of 52 feet, 10%. inches. Just Ac'ross rlte

Only the winners here auto­ Coggeshall St. Bridge ,

matically . qualified .. for the



also expanding Atlantic $AN . FRANCISCO (NC) ­ CoMt League. The Roller .squad Archbishop Joseph T. McGuckeJl opened drills in :tate June on a opened the Republican national twice a week baSis at lIope High convention here 'with a prayer ill Providence. The club • fluit God illltminate the minds coached b,. Conrad Pensavalle, and hearts of delegates. former Dartmouth star. ~ archbishop of San FranA of fOnD~ N. E. eo1- dsco prayed that <lad's guidance lege grJ~ starS are,oD Ute JWter,help, "l~ partisan 'spirit per­ inclucliDg Bob. ~}"es,",ex. ,vert the order. of 'justice or !g­ Holy Cross end, in his second ,lJOrcme.e ~d 'us into· error." year with the team and Tony He prayE!d that through the Abraham, former B. C. pivotman convention's deliberations the who' is'roUildlng into playing country's defenses ma)<be mor­ eondition i1fier seVeral· season.s ' ally aM physiCally Strong. in the coaching ranks at New· . 'He petitiOned' that dis­ Bedford Vocational; The Roller .. cover the means by which every is llCheduled to open inexbibl- . bre8d~ may get employ­ tion play later this month. ment, every worker a' just re­ Sox StGek ward, all may obtain the full As baseball resumes after the possessionof·tbeir human rights AIl-Star hiatus, the Red Sox and that it be. realized nations find themselves some four may· no longer safely pursue S~t Catholic Center games behind a .500 pace and their interests in isolation :from this, considering the ineffective­ one another. . For Communications ness of Bill Monbouquette, is MEXICO CITY (NC) - A not too bad. Monbo completed Golf Tournament Catholic national center for mass his first game of the 1964 sea­ son last Monday in Washington A golf tournament for single communications media has been established here to deal with when he shut om the lowly Sen- men under age 26 will be spon­ sored Monday, July 27 at Norton matters relating to the press, Country Club by the Attleboro motion pictures, radio and tele­ Baseball Game area CYO. Top two ill'? .each of vision. A committee including repre­ Members of the Holy Name the tournament's three divisions sentatives of the lay apostolate Society of Sacred Heart parish, will represent the area in-a Di­ organizations such as Catholic North Attleboro, will Mtend a ocesan Golf Tournament at Po­ Red Sox basebaD game Friday casset Country Club Monday, AC,tion, Christian Family Move­ Bight, Aug. 14 ill Boston. ear. Aug. 3. Deadline for applications . ment and Knights of Columbus, 1ril1 leave the praocWaI a:boai :lor the Attleboro contea iI was named to draw up the cen­ JI84 11& 1:30, ~'a constitution. ~Juq2G. the

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attraction when it is complet~. .The hotels are unusually co­ operative with the. visitor. In­ formation desks willingly ,write in Japanese symbols the 'visitor's ·.destination, so that he may give . it to the taxi driver and thus ensure a cOJIlplete understanding of his directions. An' unusual feature of Tokyo's hotels, restaurants and tax'ica·bs . is an effective no tipping policy -and apparently none is ex­ pected. A 10 per· cent service charge is in lieu of the tips, but in many countries the ·out­ · stretched hand is still ·mucb 'in evidence-not so in Tokyo. , .. · 'That others ·were "preparing" fOr the Olympics was shown in press reports that Tokyo police had arrested 24 men and women said to be mass-producing po~­ nographic pictures; dolls, orna­ ments, etc., to·, sell .to foreign tourists coming for the' Olympics. ...

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