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Advance Test, Case on Legality

Of Tax Exemptions for Churches

Thurs., July 16, 1964,

Bible, Teaching Continued from Page One eut that Pope Pius XII, in the encyclical, Divino Afflante Spir_ itu, called it "the supreme norm of interpretation." Cardinal Bea made his points in Civilta Cattolica, a fortnightl}' review of the Rome province of the Society of Jesus. His article dealt principally with the Gos­ pels of SS. Matthew, Mark and Luke. He warned against trying to reconcile differences among the Gospels by seeking to extract their essential religious elements and regarding the rest as mere "dressing." Aside from the prac­ tical difficulties of attempting such distinctions, he said, "there would be a risk of abandoning facts and particulars that might be very important, simply be­ cause the exegete momentarily does not see their connection with faith and morals or with the essential points of the faith." 'Primitive' Passages . He also warned against giving more theological weight to Bib­ lical passages which scientific criticism indicates, are more "primitive." The more primitive passages deal more directly with events or with the words of Christ, while the less primitive passages are explanation fur­ nished by the Evangelists for a particular public. Such distinctions, said the car­ dinal, "must not give rise to confusion,' as if what is less primitive had less theological value, were less the Word of God, less genuine and less faithful to the tliought of Jesus. This might perhaps be said by those who consider the Gospels purely from the human­ istic-historical point of view, not by those who consider them as the inspired Word of God." Spirit of God Cardinal Bea began his article by pointing out that, while the Gospels are inspired by God, the human who is used by the Holy Ghost as His instrument still "makes use of all his faculties­ ef intellect, of imagination and of will-no less than any other human author." Cardinal Bea said the special influence of the Holy Ghost "leads the author to,' write pre­ eisely what the, Spirit of God ,wants and in the manner He wants." , ,After pointing out that the Evangelists gave varying ac­ counts of the life of Christ be­ cause of their human differences and their different' aims,' Car­ dinal Bea commented: "We may even add a word re­ garding the advantages of these differences. If the Apostles had not offered us· a preaching which varied in the, aspects it presented to us, in its emphasis and its manner of presentation, we might wonder why Jesus chose 12 of them, and 12 of such yarying temperaments, as they reveal themselves in the Gospels. "It is clear, instead that Jesus desired that the infinite light of His life and His doctrine, filter­ ing through the life, character and preaching of the Apostles, should be divided like sunlight in a prism into so many' colors of the spectrum, and should re­ veal itself as fully as possible in its abundance and its riches."

Reparation Day TRICHUR (NC) -A day of reparation for a recent series of clturch desecrations in Kerala was observed here in India's largest diocese. Following a re­ quest by Bishop George Alapatt of Trichur, shops owned by Catholics and Church schools remained closed throughout the diocese while reparation services were held in churches along with processio1l;i and mee~



La Salette As:signments Continued from Page One Regional Superior and Vice­ Provincial. He now resides at the General House in Rome. Father LeMay Father LeMay, superior of the La Salette Major Seminary, At:­ Ueboro, for the past six year;" is the son of Adelard LeMay and the late Mrs. LeMay of Man­ chester, N. H. He was educate:! at the minor seminary, Enfield, the major seminary in Attlebow, and completed his theological

studies at Fribourg, Switzer­ land. Following ordination in 1946, the new secretary general re­ mained in Europe and obtained a Doctorate of Sacred Theology. Returning to the United States in 1951, "Father LeMay taught moral theology, at the La Salette Serr. inary, Attleboro, and was appointed superior in 1958. Flither LeMay will report to Rome Aug. 10.

Privileged Coml1nuni cations Case Reaches U. S. Court of Appeals WATERLOO (NC)-The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit here in Iowa has been asked to reverse a lower couril ruling that statements to SL Church tribunal are privilegecil communications not subject tel, an action for defama,tion. Eberhard F. Cimijotti hali: asked the appeals court to re­ view a June 3 decision by a U. S. district court dismissing his suit against his former wife, Lauretta N. Cimijotti, and two other women for allegedly con­ spiring to damage hiin through statements to a Church tribunal. Mrs. Cimijotti had gone before the tribunal for permission to file a civil action of separatioll, and the two other women ap­ peared as witnesses in support of her testimony. In dismissing Cimijotti's 9Uit last month, District Court Jud,ge William C. Hanson held that

testhmony before a Church tri­ buna.! falls within the category of a :legally privileged communi­ cation, as do matters told to a priest by a penitent in the con­ fessional. IClites First Amendment Judge Hanson bll6ed his rul­ ing both on common law and the relig:ous Uberty guarantees of the First Amendment f.9 the Cons ~itution. He said that "to allow slander motions to be based solely upon statements made to the Church before its recognized officials and under its disciplines and regulations would be a violation of th,~ First Amendment." "A person must be free to say anyth ing and everything to his Churc:h, at least so long as it ia said ill a recognized and required proce<iing of the religion and t. a re(»gnized official Olf the re­ ligion," he held.


"BIIING, 1~~5~IIN -..--..


tutional establishment of reU­ gion. He said the exemption re­ sults in loss of $78 million yearly in potential tax revenueli in Baltimore alone. Turns Down Appeal Francis X. Gallagher, lawyer for the Baltomore archdiocese, said the sta'te has a right to choose whom it will and will not tax. In exempting church property on a non-discrimina­ tory basis, it is exercising this right, he said. The Rhode Island Supreme Court in 1961 upheld the consti­ tutionality of exempting church property from taxation, and the U. S. Supreme Court turned down an appeal from its ruling for want of a substantial ,Federal question. ' A similar test case is now pending in Illinois.


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BALTIMORE (NC) -Parties to a test case on the constitu­ tionality of tax exemptions for church and rectory property have been given until Septem­ ber to file briefs. Judge Wilson K. Barnes took this action after a day-long hearing on .the pros and cons of tax exemption for church prop­ erty. The suit, filed last October, was brought by Mrs. Madalyn Murray, widely publicized Balti­ more atheist, against city and state taxing officials. Religious groups, including the archdio­ cese of Baltimore, have also entered the case. Mrs. Murray was represented at the hearing by attorney Leonard J. Kerpelman, who con­ tended that the exemption for church property is an unconsti­

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~issio~ who will work out A Retreat for the Handi­ capped, first such event to be sponsored by the Fall River Diocese, will be held fruitful...