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Forecast 20,000 At Liturgy Week Annual Meeting

THE ANCHOR Thurs., July 16, 1964

Prelate Advises


In .God's Church

ST. LOUIS (NC) - Ad­ vance registrations already nearing 1,600 indicate the 1964 Liturgical Week to be held here starting Monday, Aug. 24 will be the largest such gath­ ering since they were organized 25 years ago, Father David Thomas said. The advance registration is running almost three times greater than for any previous Liturgical Week, Father Thomas, local vice-president declared. He forecast a total registration of about 20,000 persons for the four-day convention. Last year's Philadelphia convention. drew some 13,000. Widespread interest in Cath­ olic liturgy reforms which will go into effect in the United States' later this year was cred­ ited by Father Thoma's for Ule record expectations. Theme for the week, "The Challenge of the Council: Per­ son, Parish, World," was in­ spired by the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, enacted by the Second Vatican Council, Father Thomas said. Changes in Worshilt


Emile Cardinal Leger of

Montreal counseled Catholics

here to be patient while the

Conversion Issue Stirs Isra'el J·ERUSALEM (NC) - Strong support has been given in Is­ rael's parliament for a bill intro­ duced by the minister of justice that would prohibit use of "di­ rect persuasion" on minors to convert them to another reli­ gion, and would require con­ sent of both parents to conver­ sion of minors. Some speakers took the posi­ tion that the bill was only a first step that did not go 'far enough to solve the problem of mission­ ary activity in Israel. Avraham Shaki of the Nation­ al Religious party and Yaakov Katz of' the Ultra Orthodox Workers' party urged an out­ right ban on admission of any child to an institution in which instruction in another religion is given. Asks Court Approval Shaki contended that conver­ sions should not be ailowed even with parental consent, but ~hould require court approval as well. Mrs. Esther Raziel-Naor of the Nationalist party wanted an adoption law that prevents chil­ dren from being "ensnared by +he nets that are being cast for their souls." The danger of the missions lay not in conversion alone, she said, but in the alien values being instilled in chil­ 'dren's hearts.

Car'Wash Members of St. Joseph's parish baseball team, Fall River, will sponsor a car wash forn 10 to 3 Saturday, July 18 in the school­ yard. Proceeds will benefit the athletic equipment fund 4lff tbe 1eam

Church studies 'the different

views on modern medical dis­

coveries for family planning.

Speaking to members of the

Christian Family Movement, the

Cardinal said he did not intend

to pronounce on such' issues.

"The natural characteristics of

marriage are not always easy to

determine and we all know

there is a great deal of discus­

sion today on matters which

pertain to the most intimate as­

pects of family life.

"I am not going to argue for

any of the different views on

this matter, because this is II

question for the Church as whole to decide. It is not a mat,;.

ter ,which can be judged by

even the hierarchy of the, COUll''';'

·try and certainly not by an indi-, 'vidual bishop and much l~ss by

an individual prieSt," the Car:"

d'inal said.


CHURCH IN THE 'HALF"ROUND': Recently complete<Hn the Diocese of Covington, Ky., is this ultra-modern ChuI:ch of St. Catherine of Siena, at Fort Thomas. Statue of the patron saint surmounts the entrance. NC Ph oto.


number Qj convention events at Kiel AUditorium and' downtown hotels will demon­ strate how the new changes in Catholic worship will be carried out in parishes throughout the nation. Workshops, exhibits, general sessions and actual wor- ' ship services will help to show these reforms and explain theit;' purpose, Father Thomas said. ' Joseph Cardinal Ritter of St. Louis is host to .the 1964 pro­ gram and Auxiliary Bishop George .1. Gottwald is the local chairman. The sponsor of the week is the national Liturgical Conference which has headquar_ ters in Washington, D. C.


Offer Sea View Tour of Homes Tuesday .~

Wianno Residences Open to Visitors Summer visitors,' parishioners Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Burke, is and other members of the Dio­ located on Seaview Avenue, Wicese have their calendars starred .. anno. "A spacious hallway and fur Tuesday, July 21, when a green striped satin regency sofa sea View Tour of Homes -will beckon us onward to a colorful be spOnSored from 11 to 4 by living room housing a 15th cen­ Our Lady of the Assumption ,tury Madonna," note tour organ­ parish, Osterville. izers. "A magnificent dining S eve n outstanding Wianno room overlooks Nantucket Sound houses will be open to visitors and 'the gardens will also be , . and refreshments will be served open to visitors." at Our Lady of the Assumption , On Eel River Road is the Co­ lonial home of Mr. and Mrs. hall from 2 to 5, with the award Edmund Mauro. A terrace gar­ of prizes to take place at 4:30. Organizers of the tour note den is enclosed by a picket that it should prove a highlight fence and living and dining of any Cape Cod vacation and rooms "capture the beautiful state that tickets will be avail­ sunset view over the Eel River." able Tuesday at the, homes to Also on Eel River is "Twin be visited and -at the church ,Ships," the home of Mr. and Mrs. Twin Ships John P. Birmingham, where First on the list of homes is precise flower gardens and spa­ that of Mr. and Mrs. Richard cious lawns frame a view of Cain, Wianno Avenue, Oster­ river and ocean. "This beautiful ville. A Barnstable Colonial estate was originally planned house, it-has a gambrel roof and by a naval officer and the ship is surrounded by' an old-fash­ Sancta Maria in the cathedral ioned garden. Water colors throughout the house were German Translation painted by Mrs. Cain and much of the furniture refinishing and all the braided rugs used in the Of Bible Under Way STUTTGART (NC) -A joint interior decor are her work. "Crystal Tower," the home of German language translation of Mr. and Mrs. Felix Mirando, is the Bible supported by the Cath­ second on.. the list of homes. Its olic bishops of Germany, Aus­ gardens are its striking feature, tria and the German-speakjng highlighted by wildwood walks section of Switzerland is, now . to Crystal Lake and an exquisite under way here. In announcing the projec,t, Dr. rose garden. Otto Knoch, director of the A vine-covered porch is also worthy of note and the dining Catholic Bible Institute here, said that there had been some room mantle holds a hand­ painted tray over 250 years old. 'exploration of the feasibility of "Wyndecote," belonging to making the new version accept­ 'able to both Catholics and Protestants.

Brother Continues This was not found to be pos­ As University Head sible at present, but many of the most important texts will use AUSTIN (NC)-Brother Ray­ }.anguage familiar to Protes­ mond Fleck, C.S.C., after, two tants. A joint version is foreseen terms as president of St. Ed­ in the future, Dr. Knoch as­

ward's University here in Texas, has been reaSsigned to the office serted.

on a continuing ba·sis. Brother John Baptist Titzer,

C.S.C., provincial' of the South­ OFFICIAL west Province fYl. the Brothers WORLD'S FAIR .of. Holy Cr066;' said Brother Fleck has b~n relieved of his TRAVEL CENTER former additional duties as re­ ligious superior of the commun­ ity to devote full time to the . presidency. Brother Romard -,13arthe1,

One Church Green C.C.C. h8$ been Darned reUgioUl Taunton Y.1. _824·7511 aJperiol'.


e~iljnged ljving 'room Is prob­ ,ably typical' of the Twin Shops for which it was named." Salt-Water Pool . A salt-water swimming pool if; featured at the new home of :Mr.. and Mrs. Joseph Spenlin­ hauer Jr. "If you're interested in seeing how an old home can be converted into a background of light and proportion; how furniture can be made livable by artistic craftsmen in refinishing; if you are interested in creative innovations such as a venetian sconces in the kitchen, a wood appearing refrigerator and an· ultra family room, then you

should not miss this fascinating project just completed," say tour organizers. Climaxing the tour will be a visit to "The Foy House" of Mr. and Mrs. John Largay, which offers "the essence of seaside' living. French doors open onto rolling lawns and finally the sea view." A large committee is responsi­ ble for tour arrangements, headed by Mrs. Joseph E, Burke and Mrs. Bernard M. O'Keeffe as co-chairmen.



Interest Compounded'and

payable quarterly on our Notice Savings Plan

Bass River Savings Bank • • • •


Teaches Truth '"I do ask you to be patient. The Church's instinct in these matters of liVing, we can now see, has preceded, often by cen­ turies, the findings of sociolo­ gists; and this instinct of expe­ rience about human nature wheft correlated with the inquiries of

theologians and the teachings of

our Faith, and then defined and

formalized by a council or •

.pope speaking as a universa-l

teacher,' is a statement' about

man and his nature which' .know to be true, and we mug!

Jive by truth," he continued.

. "1ft saying this, I am not ar­

guing for any ,particular point

of view, nor disclosing what I

personally believe about this

maiter, except to counsel pa­ tience and confidence in God"

Church," Cardinal Leger de.;



One Mass in Latin SYDNEY (NC) - Despite the' decision of the Australian bish­ ops to permit a wide usage of English in the celebration of the Mass, each parochial church will have one Mass every Sun­ day in Latin, it was announced here. .

AnLEBORO'S Leading Garden Center

CONLON" DONNELLY South Main & Wall Sts.



Complete line Building Materials • SPIING ST., FAIRHAVEN

WYman 3-2611

THE SISTERS OF THE SACRED HEARTS ANt' OF PERPETUAL ADORAnON IIIwlle ItlIer_ ,.... IalIles .. )I" til.. .. Indllll a lIee~ ttlilla.s life at lave, Maratian, anti raparatl". II tllat s,~. ~I=S lI=::;ict1l=::'~~ ,ta.tIIe ldu~tlOll at ,.atII. retr

. r. fllrtller lnformatiOl, apply II

Sisters .of the Sacred Hearts. Fairhaven. Mass.,


~issio~ who will work out A Retreat for the Handi­ capped, first such event to be sponsored by the Fall River Diocese, will be held fruitful...