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. THE ANCHOR-!?Jocese of Fan River-Thurs., Jury 16,


Jesuit Says Church, Labor Battle Latin American Reds CINCINNATI (NC)-An economist asserted here that U.S. organized labor is standing with the Chureh in thl~ battle against the forees of communism in Latin America~ Father Clifford Besse, chairman of Xavier University',J economics department, paid tensive education program 14) tribute to the AFL-CIO for promote the interests of frel~ its "most effective job" in labor, and thereby to counteract striving to achieve social the :forces of communism,'· Father Besse said. The program~ justice in Latin America. Speaking at the univer:sity's a gift, is financed by uniOll Summer lecture series, Father funds, he added. Under the educational pro­ J3esse said free labor and the gram, workers from the various Ch'urch "alone stand against the forces of communism in the Latin American countries tak~ 12-week training courses in practical realm· of housing, Washington, with ·a1l expenses clothing and a decent wage." paid. "Who else is engaged in such "In a way," said Father Besse, work?" .he asked. "The answer "it can be said that a key goal to that question can be deter­ mined by obServing who ·the in our Latin American policy is to save Latin America from number one targets. of the com­ communism and national social. munists in Latin America are ism through the instrumentalit:, today-the Church and free of a free labor movement," labor." "Depending on the relative strength of these two groups, communism will either fail or engulf all of Latin America," he added. .. Invests Own Funds VATICAN CITY (NC):"';" The Father Besse explained· that Holy See and Tunisia hav,e American labor is playing· im active role ·in .conjunction with reached an agreement· ensurinii: the Church freedom of action in the. State Department,...bqtit by tha.t :Moslem country and the inducing U. to flow transfer of many church build­ intO· Latin America and in the ings and properties to the Tuni­ work of lending technical a~ist~ sian government without com­ ance. . pensation. He pointed out that a consid­ Among the terms of the agree_ erable number ot U. S.ambas-. ment, it was revealed in an "au­ sadors and pther rep~esentat~ve!;l thoritative'" article· published·· in ol State to Latin American coun., the Vatican City daily, VOsser­ tries are men who held admins­ triitive positions· In the AFt.-eI9 vatore Romano,. -it has· bee:tl agreed that the present archdio­ labor organizations." "I would not be overstating cese of Carthage will be reduce,rl to· the status of the independent the point,"· he added, "to say prelature of Tunis. A Vatican th~t much. of the practic~ll im­ p1ementation of u. S. policy in press office bulletin termed -the agreement a "modus vivendi," Latin America today'is admin­ In the accompanying article istered by U. S. organized l~bor. In addition to vigorous efforts In the Vatican City daily, a­ "modus vivendi" was described to persuade firoms to invest 'pro.,. diktive capital in Latin America, as' a diplomatic international "labor itself is in,vesting its ·o:vvn c6nventioIiwhich "does ·not con­ stitute a complete or wholly funds in housing projeCts for satisfactory settlement of· tbe· workers,';' , various questions concer·ning re,;' Sound Investments lations between the Chi1rch and "These investments are re­ state in a given country," garded as sound and prOductive, Gives Assurance and are in no way regarded as In the absence of such a set­ • gift," Father Besse said. tlement, "evidently immatw'e Labor is conducting "an exor not yet possible, the 'modus vivendi' aims at ensuring at leaJPl: certain conditions indispensable for the life of the Church and for its relations with state au­ thorities and organizations." This modus vivendi is the fruit of a long period of negotions bE~­ tween the Holy See and Tunisi,ii, resulting in part from the wholesale migration of Itaiian and French settlers from Tunisia after it passed from French con­ trol to the status of all, independ­ ent country in 1959.




Jesuit Missioner ·Praises Alaskan Holy See, Tunisici Eskimos, Indians FAIRBANKS (NC)-A char­

Sig n .Accord . tered bush plane landed at the

Bishop Ahr Praises Romanian Catholics; TRENTON (NC)-Father Ilie Crihalmean, pastor of 511. George's church, Canton, Ohio, was elected president at the 16th annual Association of· Ro­ manian Catholics of Ameril:a convention here in New Jerse·y. Bishop George W. Ahr of Trenton lauded the courage I)f bishops, priests and faithful l)f the Byzantine Rite Ghurch :in Romania in the face of pe~secu­ tion imposed by the Romanian communist regime since f948. "By· their ~uit~ shlilll know them," Bishop Ahr said . PROMOTED: Very R,ev. in his sermon at the Solemn Edward Thadd~us, native of 'Concelepration of Divine -Lit­ Boston, and PrefeGt Aposto.:. urgy (Mass) in St. BasH's lic"ia Sokoto,·Niger-ia, sinCe " eh~tc~."In...the. hOI,l1\' of. tri~ 1954··h'··· b " " d'B' h' . they ,kept the Falth·and.·by·thelr '. as een name l~ op example entourage<! their floc:k ()f thIS newly erected AfrlCaIt .. to· hold fast to the unity·:lJf





small ·village of Kaltag on the

lower Yukon river last Novem­


It; single passenger was a

higl:.-ranking official of the De­

partment of Interior whQ had

come from Washington, D.'C. to

the lndian community to- consult

WiUI a white man about pressing

prohlems of Alaska's 43,000 Es­

kimc>s, Indians and Aleuts.

·T:le gnvernment ·.o,ff.i,c i a1

sou!:ht out, Father Jules· MI

Convert, S.J., French-bornJes­

uit who last May was named

superior of Alaska's far-flung

Jesllit missionaries.,

Speaks Troth The Arctic-toughened priest wh(;. has spent 22 years with Awka's wilderness-dwelling Es­ kimos and Indians is rapidly em€ ' rging as Alaska's most eio­ quen'tand outspoken defender ot 1he state's natives· and· their heritage.· . .A strong· advocate of the prO­ posed Domestic Service C·orps, Father Convert is executive seC­ retary of Alaska's Socio..ECo­ nomic Advisory Committee. It is ;leaded jointly by CathQiic Bishop Francis D. Gleeson, S.J., and Episcopal Bishop William Gordon, both of Fairbanks. It includes all Catholic and Episco­ palian missionaries of interior and Arctic Alaska in its mem­ ber:lhip. Acknowledgement throughout the state that things are not go­ ing well for Alaska'.s natives in the transition from their primi­ tiV€' way of life to the white man's civilization can be· traced in part to Father Convert· be­ camlE.'i he speaks the 1lruth as he seell it. ' Stone Age to Atomic HI have seen this whole a~ea . pas; from what could righUybe called a Stone Age way of. life to that of the Atomic Age," the JesJit told state officials severai yeaJ;S ago. "I have also witnessed the hurts and damage caused by too rapid an evolution· in the soc;.al and economic fields." A tall, handsome man' who his more than 50 y;ears, Father Convert joined the Jes­ uiu: in 1929. While in the French Army, he served in Syria, teac~­ ing at the University Beiru~,~pd traj ning with the French For­ eign Legion. He reached the· Un:.ted States in 1937 al\a com­ pleted his Jesuit training at Alna (Calif.) College. Drove Dogteam F'or '~ears after his a~ival In' 1942, Father Convert drove a dog:team in serving his parishes. Since being stationej:i' at Kaltag,. he has flown his own bush,plane' in ,~;rripg for the spiritual needs Gi ;iis native' floW ,., .'

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~issio~ who will work out A Retreat for the Handi­ capped, first such event to be sponsored by the Fall River Diocese, will be held fruitful...