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Says Acceptance Of Christ Key To Peace

Thurs., July 16, 1964

Catholic Bishops Urge. Faithful . Accept Act


PLAINFIELD (NC) , ~ Archbishop Thomas A. BOo< land of Newark said here that he agrees with the late

JACKSON (NC)-Missis­ sippi's Catholic bishop has appealed to the state's 71,000 Catholics to accept passage

Pope Pius XII that World War II. never ended because "men have not awakened to the true condition of peace, which lies in Christian morality." Archbishop Boland spoke ... ~me 300 members of the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima attending a 10th anniversary observance of the organization'. first pilgrimage to Fatima. The Blue Army is engaged in spread­ ing information about the Blessed Virgin's appariti1>ns and message at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917. •

of the civil rights act as loyal Americans. Bishop Richard O. Gerow of Natchez-Jackson asked the faithful "to make a positive con­ tribution in our state by reject­ ing the spirit of rebelilion and by standing for justice, love and peace." "Each of us bearing in mind' Christ's law of love can estab­ lish his own personal motive of reaction to the bill and thus turn this time into an occasion of spiritual growth. ' "The prophets of strife and ~istre9S need not be right," he said in a statement. "The people of our beloved Mississippi have the historic opportunity of giving to the world an example of true patri­ otism in a democracy," he said. " As Loyai Americans' "Dear Christian, Catholicpeo­ pIe, your Bishop calls upon you to accept the action of CongresS :~el~re~l Americans," saicl,the

'Silent Sermon'


RECEIVE REPLICA: The five millionth visitoli" to the Vatican Pavilion at the New York World's Fair receives a replica of the famed Pieta s,tatue on exhibition there. Mrs. Barbara Troost~yk and Lee Troostwyk and their children Sara 9, and Mark, 11, of Orange, Conn., accept gIft from Father .roseph T. Lahey, assistant director of the Vatican PavilCatholic Bishops of Louisiana· , km. NC PhotO. '

also have urged Citizens of 'the

state to comply with the letter "

of the Civil )lights Act and "to heed the voice of their conscience inobServirig its spirit.'" .'.,' , "Loyal compliance with' the law is clearly the duty or a:}i eitizens," they said in a" Joint statement. The spirit of the law "is the 80ul of a sOciety characterized by equality of rights and immu­ Bities," they said.

Communists,l-Ilit Red Attack, on Church

'Disavow',r: C:hilef~,n .Senator';s' Speec~

(~G)":"'Th,e 'sa~. "


The Archbishop recalled the devotion to Mary 'of recent popea and their appeals for prayer to Mary for world peace. He said Pope Benedict XV, pontiff at, the time. of World War I, had placed in the church of St. Mary Major in Rome a statue which is "a silent sermon in stone for all the world." "In one hand," he said, "Our Lady, holds the palm, whick symbolizes the peace which ia the desire of all men. In the other she holds forth the infant ch,rist. Quite simply she is say­ ing, 'You cannot have the one without taking the other.'''

" ,':~,:. Non-Catholics Mark

OfP~'U~~r" PapcdA~ni~ers~ry

SANTIAGo atbacking the Churoh and open­ Revolutionary Front: . tiago ar<$diocese, has called a . ly. sought ca,tholic votes for AI- Action, the coalition backing the " LONDON (NC) - Anglican Red attack on theOhurcll in the le:nde. An organization called Marxist nominee. ' and Orthodox leaders attended Chilean Senate "a grave warn- ' Catholics With Allende is' a 'Army of VultureS' • Mass offered in Westminst~ ing of what .Communism means ~llal1 but importent group in 1Ibe ., eath~dral here to mark the first aDd of, its inumtlons to perseCute ' In his attack, Barros char-ged' anniversary of the eoronatioJi OIl the Catholic ChurCh.'" ~ Church with possessing feb- Pope' Paul VI. . But the ¢1arPestprotestagaiJlM ~Aora ulous wealth used. to enrich . Archbishop Ig~ ~ardinal~ the speech of communist Sen: churchmen but not to help tile apostolic delegate, offered the Joaime Barros came from the p?0r. He .criticized ~ul.Cardinal Mass. Among those present wer4t Communist party itself, which , SlIva, S.?B., "of Santiag,o and, Archbishop, Athenagoras, Greek , BUDAPEST (NC)-A startling '" said the attack in no way 'te-' , 'VATICAN .CITY (NC)-:Pqpe" ' calle~, prIests an, ~rmy oJ vul~ IOr~~~~6x Metropolitan .in, Great ,. increase in th~ number of legal" fleeted its thbiking. ,.' ' . Puul VI has reasserted the r,ight, ,tuires. ..' ", :..'" Brltaiil, and Anglican Bishop abOrtions in', this country i$' 'The cli:lyafter making his at"::' of the m()r.~l UlW to ~ ro~e i n . I~ reply..the Santiag~ arch-. Mervyn Stockwood' of South." eausing concern among Church, 'tack, sen. Barros issued a re- fhe."proquchon of moVIes. ".: dlo~ese s a I d : . . . . :, waft, as well as representativeS leaders. ' , ., traction and accused himself' of . Spea~ing to particip;an~ in a".. "We ,lament the~nopPOJi,I,lJ?e . of' Archbishop :Michael Eamse;; . Statistics show that in the past, not underst..-mdfng the true corn.- eo~venhOJ~ ,o.f the It~ha.n Ca~h-. of the..Cqmmumst party~.p . of . Canterbury, the Anglican eight years more than 1,173,000 munist· position 'on' religion. It, ollc, a9S9,clat~on of mOtiOppIC,-.,. trymg. ,to 1II,volve, the. Catholie, ' primate,and the Anglican bish­ abortions have been performed~ was the first time in' Chilean' . tu~e theater managers, tbePo~. ,Church and its hiernrchy in 'the . op of London.··" '.' .­ Hungary has a total population ,history thoatt a' public retraction ,sa~?: . " " " ,struggle, whiclJ.! is exDuring the, Ma~ AichbishOlJ' of 6nly about 10 million.' 'had been made in the Senate: . I The moral order-we kn~-w:. elUSIvely the con<;ern of the po- ' , Athenagoras'knelt at a piie-dieu The number per year increased' 'Ilhe Red 'maneuver was seen ," hCJ.W ,unpopu~r. it is, ~o ~ecall. litic;.al paniEls." , "., .... : I· , before'the sanctuary. Archbishop from 82,000 in 1956 to 18,1,000, by observers .here as a commu-' . ~hlS ~p~d, .thlS Idea, thIS hIgher , It added that the Church for- John'Heenan'o! 'Westminste19 in 1963. The n~mber of'such op,.. nist effort to prevent a' Mattis/;' , ImperatIVI!. We know how bl?red ", goave Sen~ Barros and ~enied his, presided at the ~remony. .' erations has increased particu;' candidate, Sen Salvador Allen": ' , B1a~t p~ple look when ~Jl).~n~. "gratuitous affirmations: about, ., ., , . " , . , ,. larty among' young women, and, ,de, from IOSiIig Catholic votes'm'" dar~s to .!:peak of them. ~url,ng ..•,the wealth and ~nom~c privi- , more quickly among girls than'" the Sept. 4 presidential elections. a dISCUSSIon on the artlstIc as- lege of the 'Church." It'said that General Insurance married women. The Communist party is support-' pects of a show. the "goods that the' Church poIn a group of 100 wOlQen, it ing Allend~woo also denouncBoast of Freedom Bsesses have always been and was found that there were 11 ed Barros' attack-=-in his rnce "We' know that many produc­ will continue to be at the service. abortions before the age of 20, against· the Christian DeJl'\l)Cratic' er:sj artists, ~ritics and spectators of our brothers and. especially, '56~ . (:ounfy Street 62 be:fore the age of 25, and 126 candidate, Sen. Eduoardo Frei, a boast th~t they are free from the as,~, IO§ioal, the poor~st 81ld Across From

before the age of 30. The fig­ Catholic. usual norms of the moral order.' nee(hest. ,$t;, Lowrence Church

ures show that. 18 per cent of During the campaign the Com- 'W,e know that unfortunatey the the women in Hungary have, an munist partyhas',ref~ined:f:rotn at1;ra~tiott ,of a large part of the' " W,."ns,' Compet."t."on ab<lrtion before the birth of their , . . productiol1., of ,films comes f,rQm TEL" Wy 4~O323 firlit child, and 74 per cent,be-'" , . . ' thee a~bi!:uoqs and often, un.;.". ST; JOHN'S (NC)-A Clitho-' . .. " fore their third child. Name Laymen Head, principled and exciting portrayal,' ,lic school choir of this city won' 'together with the rising ~um- :IOf .,D."oces'an'Bo·a'r'd .', .'.', of immodest scenes •.• • " ., ,fil\'Jt place in a nationwide group , bel1 of abortions, the ,birth rate "But WE' aiso know' that it is 'singing competition. The feder-' , her~ is decreasing because of .' WICHITA (NC) - A layman fhie unchangeable mission of our, . 'ation of' Canadian MusiC' Festi-' . .. a growing number of premature ,has been elected by the 19';;mem- ministry ~·tl affirm ~s"" vals, meeting'in Calgary; award-: . births and children born too . ber school board of the Wichita and absolute the moral postu- ,.'ed .the George'S. 'Mathieson frail to survive their first. days diocese to serve as its chairman. ',la1es Which sustain and' defend" Trophy for the best. choral, of life. ' '", Election of Raphael Letour- mlln's trul! life, his dignity, hiS singing by groups aged 19' and neau, vice-president of a local goooness and his natural and under to the' llO-girl choir of NEW BED,FORD

'firm and father of supernatuI'al destiny," the Pope 'Our Lady of Mercy ,Convent Teachers Volunteer , construction 10 children, was' described by cOJilcluded. . School here in Newfoundland. INDUSTRIAL OILS

For Mission Work local Church officials lWl the BRIDGEPORT (NC) - Two first time a layman has been HEATING OILS

school teachers here gave up named to head a Catholic school their Summer vacations to assist board. TIMKEN

Bishop Leo C. Byrne, apostolic in parish work in Puerto Rico. Boats are coming Kathleen Byrnes,' history administrator of Wichilp, said, OIL BURNERS

teacher at, Notre Dame Girls the election was "historic for the b,;ng;ng High School, and Margaret Sas­ diocese and the nation." The 80, a kindergar.ten teacher at pre~ate said that the "new board .. Roosevelt School, are working folloWs the suggestions of our LAR~GE as unpaid volun~eers in Naguabo, beloved Pope John that we in­ 501 COUNTY STREET Puerto RicO, assisting' two Sis­ vite our. lay people to share their tex;s of M~rcyat the Church of ,points of view with us.'~ The NEW BEDFORD : board ,determinespoliey for Our Lady of the Rosary. 'rheir main duty is helping Catholic schools in the 25 south­ WY 3.;1751 prepare parish children for' :first eastern Kansas counties which ' UNION WHARF, FAIRHAVEN . Communion. make up' the Wichita, diocese.

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~issio~ who will work out A Retreat for the Handi­ capped, first such event to be sponsored by the Fall River Diocese, will be held fruitful...