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mE ANCHOR-Diocese of FaR River-Thurs., July 9, 1964

Dioceso'n Wo~n At DI Meeting

Three Generations of Daly's At Press Club Family Frolic

Some 2,000 delegates, includ­ ing several from the Fall River Diocese, will attend the 1964 su­ preme. convention of the Daug·h­ ters of Isabella, to be held ill Washington Tuesday, Aug. . . through Friday, Aug. 14. Purposes of the meeting jn­ elude election of officers, intro­ duction of legislation and plan­ ning future programs. Miss Julia F. Maguire, supreme regent, of Topeka, Kansas, is general chair­ man. This will be the organization'l!l first Washington convention, but officials point out that they have . contributed to the Catholic Sis­ ters' College in the nation's capital, as well as to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Con­ cePtion. Full-time fellowships have been established in the School of Social Service at Catholic Univers~ty . under the name of the Queen .Isa bella Foundation.

By Mary Tinley Daly A summer highlight at our house, and the hOl;lses of em children is the Family Frolic put on by the Press Club. Attended by 5,000 frolicking families' of newsmen, even to the third generation, it is an annual "must" for' anybody who ever has at,: "And, Grandma, they had air­ tended. Papa or Grandpop planes for big kids and airplanes Newsman would be in the for little kids and . . . : " doghouse permanently if he "'J:1here was a milk wagon, with failed to get tickets for this, the ell-out good time for everybody from· toddlers to the cane set. Torrid temp­ eratures, blist­ ering sun, four Iwurs on-your-' feet, upset tum­ m i e s , sticky hands and 'faces, lost children­ why, these are­ .'t drawbacks, they are part and parcel of THE DAYl . Honestly, during the 10 Yeail.'S ~e Club has put on this per­ formance the Family Frolic . grows in' popularity-now in its IE!cond generation at our house. .and every year :brings the same familiarll--ride on a fire engine, merry-go-round, special ride on a miniature train, pony and horse rides, with additions every year. Hot Ifflgs First Contingent going from our bouse today included the Head of the House and the famllies (all but'the babies) of Pat, John­ By and Eileen: seven adults and nine children. (Ginny and I baby-sat the twins, "Baby" Bren­ nan and Little JO'hn). Plots and plans have been widely discussed for days by 8Dlall fry who had previously attended: "We'll get in the hot dog line first-let's take two, that'll hold us while we're lining up for the fire engine. And, Kate, don't get lICaroo when the siren blowS." "Yeah, then f9r the popsicles end cotton candy and peanuts­ you can put the peanuts in your pocket-and we'll go for 1he pony ride." "No, the train!" "The airplane r,ide, that's for m-e," said Sean. Milk Wagon-With Horse The day. quite evidently, went off with its usual flair according 10 the sticky, sunburned and ex­ hilerated gang that arrived at our house to pick up the babies.. "Grandma,' I ate four hot dogs, end I would-.a got another but Daddy took it away from me." (Ed.: 10,000 hot dogs, complete with mustard and relish were on the menu, a veritable Niagara Falls of coke, plus peanuts, cot­ ton candy, potato chips and pop­ sicles--"All you can eat" and no­ . body went home hungry, (a bit squeamish, perhaps, but not hun­ gry).

a horse pulling it! Just like they had when you were young, Grandma, long time ago." "I liked the train," from husky voiced, brown-eyed Kate. "I got lost," giggled six-year­ old Mary. "And the man said­ real loud over the thing-'Here is a little girl who isn't lost, but her mother is!' Then Mommy came to get' me. See, she was lost!" Zoo on Wheels Some of the variety of features included in this well worked­ out performance· included: a barnyard full of live farm ani­ mals-eows, chickens, rabbits, ducks - animals city children seldom see; also a mobile dis­ play of animals of the. forest, "a zoo on wheels"; a s<>lid pro­ pellant rocket ('From NASA with love' as the program put it); canine corps and mounted patrol; and for music, the Navy Band and a Hootenanny.' Included also were an exhibi­ tion ()f jiu jitsu and karate, sports demonstrations from fly casting to tennis, races for child­ ren, horseshoe pitching, and a ladies parking contest. (We have entered this ovef' and over, never won.) Good Time for All Also among the no~-wins this year, as usu·al, were our 16 for the . assortment of prizes, 664 listed, "and other valuable p.riz­

es." This matters not at all. Every_ body had a good time-an ex­ cellent get-together for any or­ ganization, providing a camar­ aderie established OIl the family plan. "We'll go again next year, won't we, Grandpa?" were part­ ing words as three carloads of families drove off. For one, their parents tell WI, there was no response to the jingle of the Good Humor man.

SRO Crowds Greet

Cuban Refugee Show

MIAMI (NC)-It seems Father George Bez Chabebe, Cuban priest in exile here, has a hit on his hands. Four months ago he assembled a group .of Cuban refugees ranging in age from 14 to 20 years old. He whipped up a musical revue called "Remem­ brance of Cuba" with a cast of 50 members of youth organiza­ tions in Immaculate Conception parish, Hialeah. They have played to standiing'-room-on~ crowds in Miami's lar~est audi­ Assert Transfusion

toriums and have app.eared four times on local TV stations: Saved Mother, Child

Now. the priest-producer ba$. WESTWOOD (NC)-A blood booked 'the show in SanJua~, transfusion "administeredto Mrs. Willimina .Anderson over· her . Puerto Rico, and Santo Domi~­ go, Dominican RepUblic, and is protests and those of her hus­ band !laved. the woman~s life considering other offers, includ-. ing an appearance' at the New, . arid that of'.her· prematurely born son, according to doctors York World's Fair. • t Pascak Hospital here in New Jersey. : . Mrs. Anderson ·had carried her DRY CLEANING fight to avoid a blood trans­ and fUsion, considered necessary by FUR I\YORAGE doctors to combat 'h~r hemor­ rhaging, to the U.S; Supreme Court, which rejected .her appeal June 19. The Andersons sub­ scribe to the. Jehovah's Wi~­ 34-44 Cohannet Str.eet nesses teaching that blood trans­ 'fusions are forbidden by the

Taunton VA .2-6161 . Bibl.



...1. SOMBRERO IN LIEU OF DIPLOMA: Sister M. Jeane, O.S.F.• night supervisor at St. Anthony's Hospital,Mil­ waukee,has her head measured for sombrero by Juan B. De L::, Torre, instructor in Spanish, following completion of course in conversational Spanish as an aid to communi­ eate better with the many patients who speak nothing else.

'Real' .Moth·er Eal;t African Women ~ Visitors laud Church's

Concern f~rChildren.

WASHINGTON (NC) - The .. U. S. Gatholic Church struck. two EclSt African visitors as a­ "real mother who cares about· her children," they told govern­ ment and other officials at a luncheon here. Mrs. Kev,ina Tyaba, 29-year- . old leader of women's organiza- . tions in Uganda, and Miss Donata Iuka, 28-year-old sec­ ondary school teacher in Nyasa- . land, also asked that U. S .. groups which befriended them during a three-month visit send voluntE-ers to "help WI apply what we have learned." The two ended a toup of the. countrl7 at the luncheon. They. were sponsored by the United Nation:; Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and

the World 'Onion of. Catholic Women's·Organi:1;ations. Their trip was arranged by the National Council of Catholic Women.' Of Catholicism, tihey said: ''The' Church is a real mother who cares about her children, who· builds-' them parochial schools, . preserves family life through the establishment of family organizations and move­ ments, re-educates delinquents for a useful life and works with non-Catholics in solving mutual problems."




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Conege Awards Medal To Catholic Publicist CLEVELAND (NC) ' - Mra. Sara McCarthy, former corre­ spondent here for the N,C.W.C• News Service and longtime pub­ licist for Catholic organizations, was honored by Ursuline Col­ lege here. She was presented wi,ththe eollege's Ursula Laurus medal in recognition of the half cen­ tury she has devoted to "pro­ moting a Catholic culture through a dedicated woman­ hood." The presentation W38 made at the college's commence­ ment ceremonies. A newspaperwoman for· ... years, Mrs. McCarthy now is as­ sistant director of the Cleveland diocese's bureau of information. She served for 50 years as pub­ licity chairman for Catholic or­ ganizations from parish to na­ tional levels--almost alwQyS oa a voluntary basis.




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Members of the Staff of St. Anne's Hospital, Fall River, were among delegates to the Catholic Hospital Associa­ The moral issue has been rec...


Members of the Staff of St. Anne's Hospital, Fall River, were among delegates to the Catholic Hospital Associa­ The moral issue has been rec...