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DAYTON (NC)-CathoIic, Protestant and Jewish lay scholars agree that a Christian understanding of the orole of Mary has been often obscured by cloudy terminology. Representatives of the three faiths met at the annual M~r­ ian Institute at the Univer­ standing more now-is a beauti­ sity of Dayton here in Ohio ful thing in that it is a way you tv discuS's their different get to Jesus Christ through ootions on the place of Mary Mary." itt the Church and in the ehristian life. Dale Francis, a Catholic jour­ nalist, declared that the ter­ minology used by the Catholic Church for many years "was so totally outside the terminology used by other Christians that we were fast ooming to a place where we were talking to our­ selves about Mary when we should be talking to the whole world." He urged Catholics to "return to a discussion of Mary that can be understood by all," and sug­ gested that the Scriptural ac­ count of the Marriage Feast of eana" is a plaee where Catholic and Protestant can meet." At the same time, a Presby­ terian, S. W. Becher, agreed that 1Ile meaning of the Immaculate eonception is not considered in most Protestant instruction. "I think you are using Mary to let to Jesus Christ more than we are," he said, "but I believe we are all going in the same direc­ tion, and this Is the ecumenical point. I definitely feel that the Immaculate Conception-know­ iPg more, and certainly under-

Roscoe Burger, a Lutheran, observed that Martin Luther de­ fended the idea of Mary's per­ petual virginity before and after the Reformation. But, he sa,id, devotional practices of Cath­ olics led evangelical Christians lJo turn their backs on the no­ tion. Some speakers at the day-long conference said they do not be­ lieve Mary had any part to play in the role of Christ or -His Church, or in the lives of Chris­ tians. Others said they were oonfused by such words as "adoration" and "veneration" when used by Catholics. " Speaking on the Assumption, Mrs. Harry DeWaire of the Evangelical United Brethren Church declared that how Mary's life ended is "irrelevant" and is not found in Scripture. Such a belief, she said, "would not be oonsistent with Protest­ antism." Father Thomas A. Stanley, S.M., dean of the university, said in oonclusion that the problems in terminology create fictitious differences that are "not with Mary, but with idols of Mary."

Chicago Divinity School to Offer Lectures on Catholic Thought CHICAGO (NC)-The Uni"In Cardinal Suenens we enyersHy ,of Ohicago divinity countered a man of profound 1'Iclt<l01 is planning to establish sensitivity lo the major issues •. professor~ chair of Roman that sustain Roman Ca-tholic­ Catholic Life and Thought. ' protestant discussions: Dr. Dr. Jerald C. Brauer, dean. Brauer wrote in Criterion, the . ~ school,sal'd school's quarterly' magazine. _..1-..... ."e d'Ivm..... . lec­ tures delivered at the school "We came to learn from one May 4 and 5 by Leon Cardinal another, we learned, and we Suenens, Archbishop of Brussels, came away friends. The relations Belgium, before faculty ~em- between Roman Catholic and hers and students were lIIO "ex- Protestant theological .insti,tu­ bilarating" that a way was nOM in the Midwest will nevet" eought to continue suell me:et- again be the same. Energies 'were DIgs. released that are now seekinc pl'Oper channels for expression Cardinal !uenens' lectures and oontinuation." eoncerned the Second Vaticaa Council's significance for the ehurch unity movement, and the Church's relationships 110 Western, religiously plUl"Qlilltic, .-tod non-Christian civilizatioos. . E~ouard W. Lacroix, president The university's d i v i nit y tlChool is American Baptist itt of Fall River Particular Coun­ . .igin, and parily governed. by cil of the SoCiety of St. Vineent • Baptist Theological Union, de' Paui, announces a general meeting to be held Sunday, but has professors and lrtudents trom a number of Protestant July 19 in oonjunction with the feast of Vincent, at S~. Yin­ denominations. Dr. Brauer is a ,Minister of the Lutheran Churell. cent de Paul Camp, North West­ port.

Members are asked to receive

Holy Communion in their par­

ish churches on that day and to

abtend ,the meetilig, scheduled

Key to Vocations for 3 in the afternoon. Families

MARYLAKE (NC) - Promo­ are invited to enjoy the camp tional techniques are needed to facilities and plans for the an­ ~tain religious vocations, but nual retreat and other matters even more important is that of interest to membeN wiUbe young people see "the image of discussed. Christ and of the Father iR Application blanks for the priests." last session of St. Vincent'. Coadjutor Archbishop P. F. Camp will be available. Pocock of Toronto gave this ad­

vice in an address to the closing

banquet of the first Canadian

National Conference of Diocesan

Directors of Vocations here in

Ontario. Vocations d:irecoors

from 36 dioceses attended.

Archbishop Pocock commen­

ded use of promotional liter­

ature, publicity campaigns and

similar techniques in the voca­

tions field. But, he warned,

whenever young people and

their parents cannot find Christ

The Falmouth NationalBanIc reflected in the priests they Falmouth, Mass. know, there wiW. be a shortage .. tIM Vlllal. Ir... Since 112f ~ vocations.

M.eeting Planned For Vincentians




Non-Catholics Find Marian Terminology Confusing

Thurs., July 9,


NCWC Director BacksCommunity Health Planning NEW YORK (NC) - A Catholic hospital specialist stressed here that "unjust­ ifiable fears" underlie con­ cern over possible loss of auton­ omy by private hospitals par­ ticipating in community health planning. , "If by chance there are dang­ -- -ers in some plans, then it is most important that we become in­ volved as soon as possible in order to protect our own inter­ ests and rights," added Father Harold A. Murray. Father Murray, director of the Bureau of Health and Hospitals, ­ National Catholic Welfare Con­ ference, said participation by private hospitals in community lanning efforts protect _"the voluntary concept which has been so important in the . past and which will be needed in the future." "We do not protect ourselves EASTERN RITE CHURCH ANNIVERSARY: Princi­ by staying away from planning pals in the Golden Jubilee celebration of St. John the Baptist meetings, but we do by intelli­ Ukrainian Parish, Fall, were, len to right:.very Rev. gent planning and cooperation,'" Emil Manastersky, V.G.; Most R~v. Joseph M. Schmondiuk, he told a session of the 49th an­ nual convention of the Catholic Ordiriary of the Stamford Diocese· of the Ukrainian Rite; Hospital Association. Mr. Walter Romanowicz, genera:l chairll.lan, Rev. Michael In Self-Interest Kurylo, pastor of the jubilee parish. While hospital trade journals and planning literature "abound with" ,discussions about possible loss of autonomy by private in­ stiltutions Plirticipating in ,com­ munity planning, the priest said he personally has "never heard SAN FRANCISCO (NC) - A was completed before the temp­ of an institution or agency which res()lu tion opposing ~ discrimin- erature method for determining has lost its autonomy as a result 8'tion by hospitals against Negro ovulatio,n had been devised. of 'oommunity planning." doctors and Patients and a rec. N~d Information. "On the other hand, I have ommendatiqnurging physidan-' "Many ha,rbor doubts about witnessed and seen documented clergy programs on the rhythm . 'rhythm:" the report said.. It a growing list of hospitals and method of family· planning. is ~pparent that some of :the health agencies 'which are in­ highllghted the_executive -board· : oonfusion is the result of miscreasingly oommitting them­ meeting of the Na·tional Fede-' inf~rma,tion. . ' selves .to such plannin.g as a ration of Catholic J>hysicians' "Many couples seek the advice matter of enlightened self-inter_ . Guilds here. of priests and physicians on .the est, genuine concern to serve the The anti-discrimination reSo~ .' pradi~e of periodic contineQCe," .community and hope .for the lution noted that some hospital. the report continued., "It is, in­ future.... Father Murra,. said. deny admittance to Negro pa- conceivable that mem'bers ?f tieri:ts, and refuse to' 'accept qu'al_ either group eould counselor ified Negro physiCians on their advise coUples successfully with:­ staffs and in internshiJil and . out accurate informat.ion and CHICAGO (NC)- St. Xavier· residency training programs; confidence based upon experi- ,CoHege will dedicate a portion Such discrimination· is a civil .ence with its· proPer application.' of its new campus as Our Lady" and moral wrong, the r.esolution . '_!Since periodic continence ia Acre in ceremonies 'set for Sun- . day: About 1,000 ."deedholdeN'" said, concluding: uThe National the only method of fertility Con­ Federation of Catholic Physi- trol which is morally acceptable, who have donated funds for the project will be present for the ians' Guilds, in recognition of there is urgent need for the ex­ the Fatherhood <Xl God respect- change of info1'mation about the ceremonies and . the unveiling ing the brotherhood of man, determination <Xl ovulation by <Xl a 10-foo1 statue of Our Lad,. . goes on record as opposing disthe flemperll'ture method.'" . of Mercy. ._ _~----_------------­ ... _ crimination of Negroes in hospi- .... tals." . A report presented b,. the family life committee of the fed­ eration -noted that the training Gf many physiciaii6 and priests


Catholic Physicians Rap Hospital .Discrimi'nation, Urge Rhythm Study

'. Our, Lady's Acre

Sees Priest's Role









Prompt, Free Delivery in fALL RIVER, SOMERSET, TIVERTON 202 ROCK ST.





Members of the Staff of St. Anne's Hospital, Fall River, were among delegates to the Catholic Hospital Associa­ The moral issue has been rec...