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THE ANCHOR-,-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., J~ly 9, 1964

Bond BetwE!en Priests

"'New 'R.ussian N'ovel .Shows ~Faults

God Love You

.In Soviet: 'System

By Most Rev. Fulton J: Sheen, D.D. Out of love for th~ priesthood will you, if it is possible help

By Rt. Rev. l\tsgt: .lohn. S.. Kennedy

Alexander Solzhenitsyn's' novel One Day in the Life of

. Ivan Denisovich was something.of·aSensation. And this not

80 much because of its literary 'quaiity (thoroughly respect­

able but by no means extraordinary) as because of its

publication in the. author's

He soon learns the why. of native land, Russia. It dealt their coming. The new building

with the slave labor camps is not to be used by the school

in the days of Stalin, and af-. after all. It is to be pre-empted

forded a realistic picture of the' for a reSearch institute, just in

misery· and degradation charac- . 'process of organization and teristic of those . witboutquarters. · 'establishments. . The news has a shattering The novel saw effect on principal, faculty, stu­ .. "the I i g h t of dents; The only one in the school print only after community who defends the K r u she h e v switch is the. Communist Party had denoun~ secretary. The principal cannot the cult of perbelieve that· the 1)uilding is being IOnality which taken away, nor can he believe pre v'a iled in that the decision is irrevocable. Stalin's tim e, He finds, however, that the de. and has drascision is a fact, and an irrevers­ tically dow n- able fIlel Grachikov, Secretary graded his preof the town's Party. Committee, decesSor. But it was unusuai, If sides with him and accompanies · ItOt. at that time actually Jlnique, him to an interview with Knoro­ 'that anything should be brought "zov,the top­ . out' in the U.S.S.R. w~ was ity in the town and "aleatUng critical of anything at anY time proponent of tbe'strong...wiUed. diU'ing the Soviet era. school of leadership.'" . Now another novel by Solz-' Im.p08~ Figure ~ 'henitsyn has been translate4 Kno.rozov ia imposing flg­ into English by David Floy~and ure, taU, lithe, with shaven head

.' MaX Hayward•. It. is called For a·nd mask-like face. He informs Good' of the Cause (Praeger. his callers that the ·comingof the $3.95) .. It, too, is controversial, institute is for the goOd of the' insofar as it is a criticism of tQWn. , It obvioumy is not sO much the, .eertain conditions in Russia. · )loieover, these conditions were gQod.of the town as his own im­ not confined. to the Stalinist portance that he has in mind. 'period, but, the author indicates, And he is adamant as to the .till prevail at least in some school's yielding its new build­ places. ing.· After the appearance of the By way of a sop, 'however, he new work in Russia, there were permits the school to have a sec­ Severe strictures on it and spir- ond structure on the same site, · {ted defense as well. The volume a structure which at this point in English contains not merely is nc, more than a preliminary the text .. of the novel, but a hole in the ground. .ampling of the opinions, pro And when the defeated prinand con, which it evoked.. cipal goes to view this conces. Faee Delay sion, he finds the deceitful Kha- . As to the novel itself, it con- balygin already there and having . eerns a technical school in a pro- workmen move bound'ary marks .vincial. town presumably remate so that the .property surrounding '. fr~niMoscow. The students, of the proposed second building is · about ,11igb school age, are re- reduced to almost nothing; to the . assembling after vacation. ·They . aggrandizement of the instiute. ,are delightedly looking forward .. ' Reactions to' Charge to ,immediate occupancy of n e w ''the principal has the last quarters both for the school and word: ''Why does it have to be? for themselves. For the goOd of the cause, I .The students had gone at the .,. suppose. Is that it? Well, just job with a will, and greatly .you wait!" And then, in the

sPeeded its completion. It was direction of the remote and un­ to have been ready for use at the heeding Khabalygin, "Just wait, resumption of school, but they you··pig! Just wait, you swine!" fiDd there is still some unac- " In the appendix of 37 pages eountable delay. are printed some of the reactions This results from the refusal to this indictment of faults in of Khabalygin, manager of the the Soviet system. local relay factory, to sign, as Leading off, is an adverse nominal owner, for the final opinion which seems to argue acceptance of the building. that anything so monstrous simLidia Georgievna, one of the ply could not occur in the teachers, set about recruiting. U.S.S.R., that the author has groups of students to move ~presumed to "pass judgments on equipment from the old building· people and theh: actions, with­ to the new. There is exultation out reference to actual, living at the prospect of imminent pos- relationships," hence "operates session "o£"' a structure specific- '. in abstract categories which are ally . designed for the schOOI'l$not lRvested with . a· concrete . needs and adequately'equipped;· social content." But then all the joy isda~ed. '. , Cardboard Cutouts . Purpose of Visit ,. WhiCh to be jargon or For a delegation of very 1m- doubletalk; although its burden portantpeople swoops down.~" • plain: tile kind of criticism inspect the old, building.. Kha- . voiced by' Solzhenitsyn is un­ balygin is one of the group, warranted and intolerable. which also includes some Others take up the cudgels for . brusque, properous-looking per- the author, and maintain that eonages from Moscow. The prin_ there was reason for his writing eipal, Mikheyevich, shows them as . he did. "He exposes," says through, mystified as to the pui'-' one def.ender, "those who, while pose of their visit. ~ing the intere~ of· the state

as a cover, look after their own

~ittle: affairs at th~expense of the state." LAKE MORAWK (NC)-Our It is interesting to eavesdrop Lady of the Lake High School on this debate.: But one would .' here in New Jersey, a Patef'SOD. Itave to say that, if the !Situation . diocesan regional institution,.has, P6sed by the ~velist is signifi­ been renamed the Pope John cant, the people whb ~et it xxm High School by Bishop I, are hardly m~ than cardboard ••va,eh of Pateaon. cutout&.


.-" the


Rename . School

" ......

some of our brother priests in Africa, Asia, Latin AmeI'ica, <keania and other parts of the world?

P AVIlA HEAD: Father Raymond Kevane of Sioux City, 12,. has been named national director of the Papal Volunteers for Latin .America (PAVLA). He will direct the Papal Volunteer program from its headquart­ e:rs in Chicago. NCPhoto.

EJoliv ian Prelate Slays Maga.zine. Jteport False PATERSON (NC) - An alllxiliary' bishop of La Paz, Bolivia, haS described as false a U. S. magazine's re­ port that some leading Catho­ li.;:s are acquiescing in an un­ publicized birth control drive in Latin America. Bishop· Gennaro Prata, S.D.B., who was residing at Blessed Sacramen t parish rectory during a visit here in New Jersey, strongly. lienied the allegation. The 41-year-old Italian-born prelate was asked for comment on an ~icle in Look magazine which alkged that "an unpubli­ cized eantpaign for birth con­ trGI is' 11ll4er way in Latin America with the acquiescence arid mea£ured support of key elements I,f 'the Roman Catholic CJ!lUrch." . He calleii the Look article "an insult . to . the intelligence of Latin Am.erica as well as im­ pugning .the. integrity and loy­ alty of our priests."

"Furthermore," he said, "how far can one trust a journalist who will not reveal his sources? What priest could cond(}De birth control b~cause it is 'a lesser e~il' than abortion? The author's logic deJ:ies description. An evil, ever.. a lesser one, is not pE!rmitted. n' N:el'd More People' The prelate, a roem'ber of the SEllesians of St. John Bosco stated, thSlt "if we have learned anything from the history of at­ tempts ~ solve complex social problems by .the simple expedi­ enrt o~ hi ~ control, we have learned that the country which dE!Cides on, birth control has lost itl! vigor, is ~ing, if not already de,ad." Bishop l?rata· said the article's iIIlplicatio:lltbat "our part of the world is dead or dying" is an insult. "V7e' don't need fewer people--we need more people. We need :iD).migration. We need people with, lJkills and the tech­ nilcal knowledge to help' us de­ velop . our na·tural resources." .

C:on'filrms in Prison 'STATEE.vILLE (NC)-Exiled Bishop . Rembert Kowalski, O.F.M.; of Wuohang, Ohina, who was . impr.isoned 28. months by th! Red ~~hineSe,' administered t1l<! sacrament of Confirmation to 101 inmates Of the minoU PeDitentiary lLer-


Here are the facts: 1. Many priests In Latin America e&1l suppOrt themselvfJll with four or five Mass intentions a month. Bu.t 80me have not had aJl7 for as long as six months to a

yea~ .

2. In other mission lands, where no

salary is paid to priests, they can live on

twenty intentions a month, though many

do not even average a .few a month.

3. Mass stipends generally are on the"

decline throughout the United States.

Many of the faithful will give mone,.· 'for

a ·'remembrance" and a card instead of

having Mass read for theill' special inien­

&ion. They forget that they are remem­

bered In ever,. Mass throughout the world

and that their Pastor reads, in strict jus_

tice, over sixty Masses' a year fOr their

intention. May we therefore ask, that aU

those organizations, mortuary establishment. and eocletifJll wile perhapS cet as much as $1,000 ·from·. people who contribute a dollar or more for a Mass-card remembr~ce, sent $500 of t.bM to the poor priests of the.;. world. 4. The Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faltll Rnds Mass intentions only to BishopS through01lt the world .. to equalise dJstribliUons to need7 priesia, We priests bel~ng to the only profession In 1Ile world in wbich It is unnecessary to ~me ~quainted wi~ one another. Tbe moment ~e need a brother priest, no "breaking In" period is nec­ essary. We knoW. his. heart; he knows ours. The bond'is even closer when one is in n,eed. If you. can help· your brothers in Christ, may We ask you. to send US some stipends regularly. YOu may even be willing to give ali the stipends you receive to prove that as ChtDt the High Priest emptied. Himself sO you empty ;Yourself in tlhis respect that Christ may reig·n. in all.

GOD LOVE YOU &0 J.M. for $10 "In 'thanksgiving for many graces received: my religion, six fine children, a good job and the privilege of' American citizenship." • • • to a Seminarian for $11. "I promised that I would continue &0 send The Society a donation, be it as small as this one. One of the seventh grade &iris gave me one dollar to give to you, and I added the other &en." ••• to Mrs. L.D. for $12 "This. Mother's Day, our mother ,. requested we send her present-money &0 the Missions. Despite crippling arthritis, 'Mom has worked hard tor the Missions for mlUl7 Tears and we proud children cladly send &his to YOILH


You carry ihe Blessed Mother's'image in your heart, but why not show .it by wearing her GOD LOVE YOU medal? The ten letters of GOD LOVE YOU fonn a' decade of the rosary as they encircle this medal originat-ed by Bishop . SbeeIl ·to honor the Madonna of the World. With yoUr req,uelrt and a cottesponding offering you orUer GoD 'LOVE YOU medal in any oDe of tIbe following styles: . . .

$.2 smell sterliIig silver

$ 3 small 10k gold filled

$ 5 large sterling silver

$10 large 10k goht filed



Cut out this coupon, pin your sacrifice to it and mail it to the Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen, National Director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, 366 Fifth Avenue, New York 1, N.Y., or your Diocesan Director, RT. REV. RAYMOND T. CONSIDINE, 368 North Main Street, Fell River, Mass.

"Save With 'Safety" at



·WN. T•. MANN·ING· (0.



..• DllcG BAnERtES."



Members of the Staff of St. Anne's Hospital, Fall River, were among delegates to the Catholic Hospital Associa­ The moral issue has been rec...


Members of the Staff of St. Anne's Hospital, Fall River, were among delegates to the Catholic Hospital Associa­ The moral issue has been rec...