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First Returns Inspiriting

The ANCHOR An Anchor 01 the Soul, Sure and Flrm--St. Paul

Fall' River Mass., ThursdaYi May 10, 1973 $4.00 per year Vol. 17, No. 19 Š 1973 The Anchor PRICE 10¢

Diocesans In Rally For Anti-Abortion Led by an organizing committee including many members of the F\lll River Diocese, Massachusetts anti-abortion organizatiqns will hold a three-part rally in Boston from 12:30 to 3 Sunday afternoon, May 20. Titled "Witness for the Unborn-An Assembly and March for Life," the event will begin at the State House steps on Beacon Street where at 12:30, following a brief ecumenical prayer service, Dr. Mildred Jefferson will deliver the keynote address. The assembly will then proceed to City Hall Plaza where at approximately 1:30 other speakers will be heard. From there, participants will continue to the Federal Court House at Post Office Square for a final assembly. Featured speakers who will be

Over $300,000 Mark First returns from the 115 parishes and the Special Gift dona- . tions received to date bring the total to $308,216.00, in the 1973 Catholic Charities Appeal. "It is most gratifying to see the initial parish reports." said Joseph H. Feitelberg of Somerset, diocesan lay chairman of this year's Appeal. "It indicates a most favorable response by the people in the parishes to Bishop Cronin's call for support of the works of chairty, mercy, social service and other apostolic endeavors of the diocese," he noted. Every parish which surpasses its 1972 fina'l total in the Appeal ~


in this year's campaign will be listed on the Honor Roll. Last year, 88 p;lrishes execeeded previous totals and were enrolled on

the Honor Roll. The goal in this year's Appeal is for one hundred percent representation on the

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participating have already borne witness to the dignity of life. They include Mrs. Susan Anderson, Birthright of Cape Cod; Mrs. HOLYOKE (NG)-More than Jean Healey, Birthright of the . 140 clergy, nuns and laity from S'outhshore; Dr. Jefferson, President of Value of Life Commit- 11 New England dioceses in. tee, Inc.; Marianne Rea, Secre- six -states.......met with their 24 bishtary of Mass. Youth FOR Life; ops in an historic Regional ConRoy Scarpato, President of Mass. vention here which produced Citizens for Life, Inc.; and Prof. documents on family life, youth, Gordon Zahn, University of Mas- abortion and nearly a score of suggestions for' consideration by sachusetts. Members of the clergy who American bishops. During the two full days of will conduct the ecumenical sertalk, the bishops l!'istened to and vice include Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, Newton; Rev. Albert E. learned from highly articulate Bates, Braintree; Rev. James J. laity and clergy in some 20 small Haddad, St. John's Seminary, group sessions. A contingent of Brighton; Rev. Stanley S. Har- 40 youths found, as one put it, akas, Hellenic College, Brookline. that "bishops are human" and This. "Witness for the Unborn" is being sponsored under the . Turn to Page Ten .


New Englanders Find Meeting Success pressed to meet them on a regular basis. The family spirit which pervaded the discussions communicated the' notion that an era of dialogue has arrived and .polarization is waning in the American Church. The convocation, and. 11 others like it across the United States, had a set purpose: to probe questions of "Fami,ly Life and Marriage" and "Youth and the Church'! and to give special consideration to abortion. The findings will form the input for what the National Conference of

Shows Priest's Victimhood In Rev. Leo C~rry's Life Just as the mother of the apostles James and John did not fully understand "that their foliowing Christ would mean sharing in a new and eternal and perfect priesthood whose offering would no longer be vicarious, but for real ... so Father Leo M. Curry was chosen by Christ to drink deeply of the cup of suffering."


Honor Roll. .Indications show that every parish will strive to surpass its 1972 contributions. The first parishes to attain honor roll stat liS this year are St. Louis, Fall River with a total of $3,383 up to this date, and St. Rita, Marion with a present total of $2,622.00. Other parishes are close to achieving Honor Roll Status. A new plan, started a few years ago, divides the diocese into five areas, listing the first five leading parishes in each area. There would be 25 parishes listed. The areas are: Cape Cod and the Islands, the Attleboros, Taunton, New Bedford and Fall River.

So spoke Rev. Daniel E. Carey, pastor of St. Dominic Parish in Swansea as he delivered the homily at the concelebrated Pontifical Mass' of Christian' Burial for his classmate, Rev. Leo M. Curry, Co-Chaplain of the Catholic. Memorial Home, who died on May 5. "When Father Curry stood at the altar to offer the Body and Blood of the Lamb of God, he was at the same time offering his own bodily sufferings in union with Jesus. "The cup Father Curry offered was filled with :the sufferings of the High Priest, but inseparably intermingled in that cup was the wealth of his own. It was not unfortunate, it was of divine plan and design, that Father Curry suffered mental anguish and physical pain for so many years of his life. "Pressed to his lips was the same cup of which Jesus drank, tl1e same cup that was offered to James and John, the same partici'j)ation in the Victimhood of the Lamb of God. "In this our own day, we hear much of the participation of the laity in the priesthood of Christ. An earlier generation heard little of this profound truth whereby Turn to Page Three

Catholic Bishops will say on the subjects in their annual meeting next November. Bishop Louis E. Gelineau of Providence,.R. I., spokesman for the New England bishops said a committee of four prelates-Archbishop John F. Whealon of Hartford, Bishop Peter L. Gerety of Portland, Bishop Wa,lter W. Curtis of Bridgeport, Bishop Joseph F. Maguire of Boston-will study all the information and report back to the bishops of the region. After approval by the region's bishops, the recommendations will be sent to the NCCB in Washington for consideration along with the reports of the other 11 regions. The New Englanders did their assignment and went further. They took 10 "consensus" votes on extra things they thought the hierarchy should know their views about. These included Communion in the hand which they indorsed almost unanimously; exploration of "women in the ministry"; education on the subject of unconditional amnesty for draft evaders; appointment of vicars in dioceses for the Spanish-speaking; examination of diocesan investment policies in the light of Turn to Page Six

Invitation Bishop Cronin cordially invites all the clergy, Religious and laity of the Diocese to participate in the priestly ordination of Rev. Mr. Steven R. Furtado, Rev. Mr. Philip J. Higgins and Rev. Mr. Horace Travassos in St. Mary's Cathedral, Fall River, on Saturday morning, May 12, at 11 o'clock.

Priests wishing to concelebrate with Bishop Cronin are alsked to bring amice, alb, cincture and stole.

A MOTHEWS LOVE: Mother's Day, May 14, is an American hoBday, but the love celebrated on that day is a universal experience. In India, Mrs. Jyoti Kankamala lovingly holds her daughter, Renau, as they await help ..t a child care center in the diocese of Nagpur, India.

All priests present are invited to take part in the laying of hands in the ordination rite. They are to be vested in cassock and surplice or Mass vestments.



Special Gifts

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thyr:, May 10, 1973 --

...... I •-..atlona

PARISH TOtTALS Attleboro Area

$500 Rev. Msgr.WiIliam H. Dolan $300 Rev. Raymond W. McCarthy $250 Rev. Walter J. Buckley $200 Stonehill CoIlege $185 Maguire Roofing Co. Pawtucket $100 F. S. Payne Co. Cambridge $50 Rev. 'Edmond Tremblay $25 Matthew F. Sheehan Co.

New Be.dford Area

NEW BEDFORD _4,829.35 Holy Name 3,500.00 274.60 Assmuption 8,084.00 Immaculate Conception 2,611.00 3,710.00 4,005.50 11,496.51 Mt. Carmel 6,510.00 2,689.00 Sacred Heart 5,422.00 1,522.50 St. Anne 4,355.50 St. Anthony of Padua 2,660.00 400.00 St. Casimir 2,279.50 1,149.00 51. Hedwig 941.00 St. Hyacinth , 2,161.00 7,831.25 St. James John the Baptist 4,016.25 Cape & Islands Area . St. 2,525.60 St. Joseph 2,823.00 St. Kilian Buzzards Bay2,430.00 St. Lawrence 4,297.00 St. Margaret 6,923.00 St. Mary Centerville2,215.50 St. Theresa Our Lady of Victoyy 4,j37.95 FairhavenFalmouthSt. Joseph' 9,601.80 6,657.00 St. Patrick MarionHyannis2,622.00. St. Rita 9,656.00 51. Francis Xavier .MattapoisettOak BluffsSt. Anthony 3,704.00 766.00 Sacred Heart South DartmouthOsterville3,718.99 ' St. Mary 8,178.00 Assumption WarehamPocassetSt. Patrick 4,692.00 3,289.75 51. John South Yarmouth- St. Pius X 9,777.50 1raunton Area Vineyard HavenSt. Augustine 506.00 TAUNTON Hol;Family 4,237.00 West HarwichHoly Rosary 753.00 Holy Trinity 5,057.00 Sacred Heart 3,669.85 St. James 3,638.00 Fall River Area 51. Joseph 3,860.00 FALL RIVER St. Mary 6,349.00 St. Mary's Cathedral 8,378.00 DightonEspirito Santo 1,185.00 St. Peter 1,291.00 Holy Cross 1,405.00 RaynhamHoly Name 15,681.00 St. Ann 2,023.00 , Notre Dame 5,560.00 Our Lady of the Angels ,'"'""" ,,,,,,,It, .'''''' III ,,".",,,,.,,11"1111111' '''''''''''''''''''1''"", 13,087.00 Holy Rosary 1,864.00 Immaculate Conception 4,004.77 7,281.00 Sacred Heart 51. Anthony of Padua 1,888.00 517.00_ ·Attleboro Area St. Elizabeth St. John the Baptist 2,675.00 51. John, Attleboro 8,084.00 3,476.00 St. Mary, Seekonk St. Joseph 6,510.00 St. Louis 3,383.00 St. Stephen, Attleboro 5,422.00 St. Mathieu 1,931.00 51. Theresa, S. Attleboro 4,355.50 St. Michael 4,687.50 51. Mark, Attleboro Falls 4,005.50 St. Patrick 3,326.00 St. Roch 2,506.00 St. Stanislaus 2,438.00 Cape & Islands Area St. William 4,165.50 St. Pius X, S. Yarmouth 9,777.50 Santo Christo 1,278.00 St. Francis Xavier, Hyannis 9,656.00 AssonetSt. Bernard 2,366:00 Assmuption, Osterville 8,178.00 St. Patrick, Falmouth 6,657.00 Central VillageSt. John Baptist 3,311.00 Holy Trinity, West Harwich 5,057.00 North WestportOur Lady of Grace 4,254.QO SomersetFaU River Area St. John of God 4,689.00 Holy Name, Fall River 15,681.00 St. Patrick 6,399.50 St. Thomas More '7,811.50 Our Lady of the Angels, Fall River 13,087.00 SwanseaCathedral, Fall River 8,378.00 Our Lady of Fatima ~i,186.00 St. Louis of France S,316.50 St. Thomas More, Somerset 7,811.50 Sacred Heart, Fall River 7,281.00

ATTLEBORO Holy Ghost St. John St. Joseph 51. Mark 51. Mary (Seekonlc) St. Stephen 51. Theresa NORTH ATTLEBORO Sacred Heart NORTON St. Mary

I'~'''''''''''''''' l'" '~'



Books Needed

An appeal for Catholic books for free parish libraries has been received from the Republic of Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon. During 1972, say officials of the Sri Lanka Association of Parish Librarians, seven 50-book libraries were organized with the aid of donations from the U.S. Anchor readers may send books to M. Henry, 25/3 Lauries Road, Colombo 4, Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Packages should be marked BOOKS-NO VALUE and should 'bear the donor's name and return address.

New Bedford Area Mt. Carmel, New Bedford 11,496.51 St. Joseph, Fairhaven 9,601.80' St. James, New Bedford 7,831.25 St. Mary, New Bedford 6,923.60 Holy Name, New Bedford 4,829.35

Ta ll.ln ton Area St. Mary, Taunton Holy Family, Taunton St. Joseph,. Taunton Sacred Hea.rt, Taunton St. James, Taunton

6,349.00 4,237.00 3,860.00 3,669.85. 3,638.00

NEW HEAD: Miss Lisa Ydung, 19. is the new hea~ of the board of ltrustees of Fall River the American Freedom from Hunger Foundation. A pret $1700 8.M.C. Durfee Trust Company medical student at Augsberg $1100 College, Minn., she coordi~' nated 1971 walks in the White's Family Restaurant $1000 Twin Cities when 35,00q A .Friend (2) walkers raised some $200,; Slade's Ferry Trust Company $500 i 000 for the foundation.

Corcoran Supply Co. Holy Name Women's Guild Advance Frocks Corp. Attys. O'Donoghue & O'Neil Brow's Pharmacy, Congdon & Carpenter Foundation, Providence Union St. Jean Baptiste Consei! Cheverus No. 231 The Spectator Boyer Paper Co., Inc. Simon's Supply Co., Inc. Mr. Joseph Lima

$40 Poirier Rambler J. E. Amiot & Sons Jay Vee's, Inc. 6 $36 Tru-Seal Window Company $35 Lion Automotive Stores, Inc. Engine Service & Supply, Inc. $25 Joseph Nadeau & Sons Travis Furniture Company Pilgrim Casket Company Joseph M. Madowsky Brenner Associates Andrews Fruit Co. Tom Beedem Co. Ray's Auto Radiator Works Irven F. Goodman, Architect Paul B. Sullivan Insurance Agency, Inc. Dr. Beniamin Leavitt Albert G. Pierce Darwood Mfg. Co. Lamport Company Roger Dufour Piano & Organ Studio Craft Corrugated Box, Inc. Dr. Charles J. Sasson Dr. Alan G. Simpson Joan Fabrics Holy Ghost Portuguese Social Club, Inc. Danfred Jewelers Fall River Paper & Supply Co. Somerset Speed Equipment General Paper & Supply Co. Everett Motors . Chaufferurs & Teamsters Helpers Local No 526 Rev. Arthur C. Lenaghan Catholic War Vets Post No. 1869 East Main Hardware J. B. Travers Lumber Towne Heating Co., Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Dispirito , International Ladies Garment Workers Union Local No. 178 FaIl River Gas Company $350 Lafayette Cooperative Bank One day· conferenc,es on "The St. Vincent de Paul Society, Des¢rt Experience and the RelevanCe of Religious Life in the Notre Dame Exchange, Inc. $300 World" will be conducted by Cherry & Webb .Company Rev. W~Iliam McNamara: O.C.D. ·$250 on Saturday, May HI at Notre A Friend' Dame College, Manchester, N.H. $200 and on Sunday, May 20 at Our Anderson-Little Co., Inc. Lady of 'Mercy Center, Madison, Harry Gottlieb Conn. I Delta Electric Co. Father McNamara, founder of ' $155 t.he Spiritual Life Institute of: Mr & Mrs Michael J. McMahon America and author of "The Art I $150 or Bfing Human," spends much I Midland Print of the year as a hermit at Nada I Atty. Charles I. Tucker Cont~mplative Center in Nova I $125 Scotia. His New England appearChace Mills Curtain Co., Inc. ances will be sponsor,ed by the I. T. Almy Associates SisteIi' Formation Conference. _ . $100 Reservations for the New Colonial Wholesale Beverage Hampshire program may be Corp. made with Sister Margueri~ Gra- I Fall River & New Bedford Exvel, 235 Mitchell St., Manchester, I press and fbI' the ConnecticUit day with I Jackson Company, Inc. Sister Dolores Crowley, 167 Neck I St. Vincent de -Paul Salvage St., IYIadison. Sisters and laity I Bureau, East Main St. Necrology are ~elcome to attend. Each day I Econo-Car MAY 19 will begin at 10:~OAM. and close White Spa Caterers with Ii liturgy at 3 P.M. Partici- I Dr. David- N. Shulman Rev. Ambrose Lamarre, O.P.. 'pants are asked to bring a lunch. I Aluminum Processing' Corp. 1940, Dominican Priory,' FaIl The Sky House River. Slate Yard Salt~ Tioga Sportswear Rev. Thomas Trainor, 1941, , Durfee-Buffinton Insurance 'Pastor, 51. Louis, Fall River. In Fall River $75 Pon>, rides for children will be -MAY 20 I Roma Chemical Color Division featur~d at a yard sale to be held Rev. Antonio L. daSilvia, 1952, I United Merchants & Mfgs., Inc. from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. Saturday, Pastor, Our Lady of Health, Fall Mathieu Oil Company May 12 at Holy Union Prim3ry River. $55 . School, 527 Rock Str,eet, Fall I Coffee Sam Industrial Caterers MAY 23 River. , $50 Rev. William F. Donahue, Furniture, Jewelry, bric-a-brac, Lecomte's Dairy books and household items will I Fall River Knitting Mills, Inc. 1944, Assistant, St. Francis Xavier; Hyannis. be among articles offered at the I Spindle City Dye Works sale, Which will be held inside Furniture Village MAY 24 the school in case of rain. ReEdward Brayton Rev. James F. Clark, 1907, freshments will be avaHable Founder, St: James, New BedRegal Floor Covering throughout the day and a cake ! Flynn's Package Store, Inc. ford. I sale wlll also be held. Proc¢eds will benefit the inno1111I11I111111I1111I1111I1111I1111I11I11I111111I11I111111I11I11I111111I11I11I1111I11I1111I11I11111111I1111I1111I11I11I11I11I11I1111I11I1111I1" vative school, which has frequently been singled out by edu-' I:. cators for praise as combining the best features of traditional For Families and mddern educational theory. Mrs. James Wallace is chairJuly 21 Thru August 13 man for the sale, aided by a large committee of parents. $10 adults per day - $5 children under 16 yrs.,

Set MeditcJtion Study Days




THE ANCHOR Second Class Postage Paid at Fall River. Mass. Pu~lIshed every Thursday at 410 Highland Avenue. Fall River. Ma:ls. 02722 by the Catholic Press of the Diocese of Fall River. SUb$criptlon price by mail, postpaid ....00 per -relr.

OUR LADY OF PEACE RETREAT HOUSE Ocean Road, Narragansett, Rhode Island . - For Information and Reservations Call 401-884-767611111I11I111111I11I11I11I11I11I111I11I11I111I111111I1111I11I11I111I1111I11I11I11I1111I111I11111111I11I111I11I11I111111I11I11I111I11I11IIIIh.

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May 10, 1973


Final Rites for Fr. Curry

. W'~'('~/路; :<'~< 'i,:'~t:~:~ ,



~n, .~;~~ ~~$-

Continued from Page One we believe that all those baptized in Christ Jesus share in HIS priesthood to a definite degree. "But, though earlier generations may not have heard of it, may it not be true that they were not without an understanding of participation in the Victimhood of Christ. "Perhaps our parents and grandparents demonstrated their understanding more effectively than our own generation when we heard from their lips so often the e~pressions such as 'It is the will of God' and 'It is the cross I have to bear.' "Though they realized it not in theological terms, they were drinking of the cup offered to their lips by Christ the Priest. To all who are baptized in His Name, the Lord Jesus grants a share in his priesthood, and a share in greater or less degree in His Victimhood." Congratulating the family of Father Curry that their priest relative had been especially chosen by the Priest-Victim of Calvary, Father Carey offered a final tribute: "It is a privilege to be able to pronounce over our beloved brother priest, Father Leo M. Curray, 'Behold, a lamb of God.''' Principal celebrant of the Mass of Christian Burial, celebrated at the Cathedral Tuesday morning, was Most Rev. Daniel A. Cronin, -S.T.D., Bishop of Fall River. ' Some 30 priests concelebrated with the Bishop While many others from throughout the diocese witnessed the rites. Also assisting were Bishop James J. Gerrard, AuxiHary Bishop of Fall River, and Bishop James 1. Connolly, Former Bishop of Fall River. Born in New Bedford Oct. 31, 1908, he was a son of the late <


Robert J. Curry and Ann M. (Mullaney) Curry. Ordained hI Kiver May 31, 1934, by the Most Rev. James L. Cassidy, he was a gr~duat3 of St. Mary's a~d Holy Family High School in New Bedford and completed seminary at St. Charles and St. Mary in Baltimore. Formerly an assistant pastor at St.' Patrick's Church ,in Fall River, he had been assistant pastor at St. Patrick's in Wareham and St. Joseph's in Taunton. He served with the Society of St. Sulpice and was administrator of St. Augustine's Church in Vineyard Haven. He had been pastor of St. Joseph's Church in North Dighton. He is survived by a brother, Thomas Curry of Taunton.

Priest Celebrates Mot"er's Funeral Rev. ':-ohn J. Steakem, assistant pastor of St. Julie Parish in North Dartmouth and Religious Instructor at Bishop Stang High School, was the principal celebrant' of a concelebrated Mass of Christian Burial on Tuesday morning for his mother. Mrs. Margaret (O'Rourke) Steakem, the widow of the late James J. Steakem, died on Saturday, May 5. The Funeral Mass was offered in her home parish of 51. Joseph in Pawtucket, R. I.

For Blind Xavier Society for the Blind announces publication of a new magazine, "The Large Print Catholic Review," which will contain articles of religious and general interest printed in extralarge type on glare-free paper. Further information on the magazine and other services to the blind provided by the Xavier Society are available from 154 East '23 St., New York, N.Y. 10010.

, ,

18th ANNUAL CATHOLIC EDUCATION CONVENTION: More than 1900 educators gathered last Friday and Saturday at Feehan High School, Attleboro to study, discuss and comprehend the trends in education and religious training, Top: Following the concelebrated Mass on Friday, Bishop Cronin met conventioneers in the lobby. Left: Sr. Eugenia Margaret Ready, SUSC of SHA, Fall River; Sr. Ruth Kindelan, SUSC, of Tauntop's Catholic Middle School; the Bishop; Mr. and Mrs. Andre Provost, lay teachers in Fall River Parochial Schools. Bottom: Sr. Barbara McCarthy,.O.P. of the Diocesan School Office discusses the convention with Sr. Claire Sinotte, O.P. <;>f Bishop Gerrard High School and Sr. Noella Letourneau, O.P. of St. Anne's School, Fall River.

Happiest of Days, Best of Memories, Mom!

~~itizens FALL RIVER



Sacred Heart Church Men's Club Community Paint Co. Dr. Henry A. Alves Jr. St. Ann Women's Guild, Raynham Silva's Fine Foods Bristol Athletic Club Sowiecki Funeral Home J. R. Tallman Insurance Co. Mechanics Co-operative Bank John Bright Shoe Store Allan M. Walker & Co. Inc.

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May.1 0, 1973

Teamsters; Farm Workers Union Struggl'e Is Tragic The farm labor problem, currently going from bad' to worse, doesn't readily lend itself to objective reporting. That's what I was inclined ,to when I originally , got involved in this problem as a consultant to the Bishops Committee on Farm Labor. As Carey McWilliams, editor When I first started going ·of The Nation, suggests in his out to California in that ca- Foreword to Taylor's book, one pacity, I fully expected to reason for this is that "it, ha~

$35 Mt. Hope Machinery Co. ~tty. Leonard Louison


find the leading papers in the, always been difficult to keep major agricultural areas taking special attention riveted on the a very conservative and possibly problem long enough to get subeven a reactionary stand on thc~ 'stantial results." Perhaps ~n­ other reason is that mucp of the information which researchers have pulled together on this subBy ject is hidden away in musty files and has never been madc MS'GR. available to the general public in readable. human-interest


Casey's Cleaners, Inc. Silva Funeral Home - $25

St. Pierre's Shoes Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Crosby Weir Auto Sales Andy's Market St. Jacques' Social Club William P. Crowley & Sons Norwell Mfg. Co., Inc. Hanson & Co., Inc. John B. Richards Monuments Tremblay Moving & Storage Co., Inc. Taunton Sportswear Mfg. Corp Ralph Cutillo Octagon Service Station Gondola Restaurant Taunton Venetian Blind Co. Universal Construction Co. Inc Francis M. O'Bov Atty. Thaddeus M. Strojny Atty. Anthony R. Mastromarino Atty. Frank V. Phillipe Atty. Theodore J. Alexio Dr. William E. Barnes Bugle Buick-Opal, Inc. Hodgman Mfg. Co. Memorial to Edward & Isabell Murby Sheridan Silver, Company Poole Silver Co. Patagon-6ear WotJ(S; Inc';" Atty. Philip J: Assira'n .. ', " Lewis & Lewis Powers Pontiac, Inc. Dr. William J. Adams Dr. Fernand B. Hamel St. Germain & Son Mason Box Leahy's Liquor Store, Inc. Dighton Industries Robell's


, Thoroughly Objective Taylor has filled this gap with ~ the publication of "Sweatshops in the Sun." He is a trained rcfarm labor problem anll openly porter who knows how to hold slanting their coverage in favor the reader's interest. He is also I of the growers and against the a master at the art of interviewARCHBISHOP HESTON' DIES: Archbishop Edward United Farm Workers Union. ing farm workers and their fam- Heston, 67, head 'of the Vatiban's Social Communications However, I found that many. i1ies and accurately reflecting heart attack at the Denver of the more influential Califor- not only the substance but also Department, died May 2 of nia papers were covering' the the spirit or the tone of the con- , airport. He is shown in his 6ffice in the Vatican shortly table grape dispute (and subse- versations he has had "with .lif- after his appointment as art:hbishop last year. He was quently the lettuce dispu.te) very erally hundreds of t-:-H~m in all in the' United Sta!es to speak at the University 'of Portland, objectively indeed. I am speak- parts of the Unite:! States. Ore. Archbishop Heston's funhal was held at the Univering here of their news coverage. He has summarized within the sity of Notre Dame i.n South Bend, Ind. NC Photo. not their editorial policy. I have limits of 20 pages all of the availI never paid much attention io the able information on the subject latter. of child labor in American agriObjective Reporting culture, its causes, and its possi- . Taunton . 1 St. Joseph Conference, St. The coverage of farm labor ble remedies.' And while he has " $300', ,,' IVincent de P~ul"Taunton ,-' problems,in some' of :tilw small- strong personal feelings' abollt 'R' en '11'" Ie M anu ' f t . 'C"·' i Sacred Heart Conference'· 5t towlf !md e~eil "s'om~"6f the J:)'ig- this problem arid- is"a' 'sEmsitive ac urml' 0.. . ,', . '),' .' . . . ; , IVmcent de Paul .... ' . - .. city California dailie's leaves reformeraCheiift;' ·J1e is' fair to Tau(1toJ)' Coqperatl\:·e,,~a.~~, $150 y' d~sir~d 'b~t i re'ally all patties ~cohcerned and thormuch, to' . ~250,,', ' Atty. William J. Fenton I', don't see how anyone could rea- oughly objective., Taunton Dally Gazettc $125 Taylor's major finding is that sonably complain about the reporting of men.{and women) like 800,000' children, aged. six to Babbitt & §immons $100 Harry Bernstein, Helen Manning, sixteen, work .on American cou!1tetbalance to the power exTaunton News Co. Ronald Taylor and George Baker. 'farms, more often than not un- ercised by the employer. WorkerThese people are high-c1a~s pro- . der dreadfully bad circunistances.- controUed power is the ingredient I james E. Miles Insurance fessionals in every sense of the They work because t~ey have to. essenti!ll to attain sluc-h a bal- lc\gency, Inc. I Alfred S. O'Keefe word and are to be commended The reason they must work is ance." I Weir Pharmacy for reporting the farm labor basically economic., ,Wages ,are Muscled In I McCabe Sand & Gravel problem with such thorough- so low and employment so unThaes 'what makes the current . Queen's Daughters going ·objectivity. certain in the' agricultural. in- struggle between the Teamsters I Nu Brite Chemical Co. One of these reporters-Ron- dustry that migrant children, of and the Farm Workers Union in I B.P.O.E. No. 150 Elks aId B. Taylor of the Fresno Bee necessity, have to work in the the Coachella Valley so tragic I $64 -is now doubling in brass as a' fields if their families a,re to and, frpm the point of view of Mozzone Bros. Lumber Yard California stringer for tlle Na-, survive. trade union ethics, so disgraceful I $60 _ tional Catholic Reporter. The ReExploited Labor and unconscionable. The Farm Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gomes porter couldn't have found a "Th~ children," Taylor writes, . Workers Union-which is clearNason Oil Company better man for' this assignment "are powerless. They 'are used ly the Union that the field workHe has been covering the farm by their parents, exploited by ers want to represent them-was I $50 I Atty. Hector Demers labor beat on a full-time basis farmers, left unprotected by the well on its ways to becoming a Joseph F. Enos Co. for some 15 years, and he knows government ... As a 'result chil- strong and viable union until the ! Frank J. Smith it like the palm of his hand, dren of all a'ges can and do Tea~st¢rs muscled their way I .league of Sacred Heart, St. work at the third most danger- into the act. The Teamsters-who Important Study J~cques ous occupation in the United seem to! have lost their sense of Taylor's iintimate, first-.hand knowledge of the farm labor States. They are part of a sub- decencY' and apparently have problem and his demonstrated servient labor force, a labor nothing but contempt for public skill as an investigative reporter force that receives precious little ?pinion - give every indication are reflected on every page of reward for its sweat, a labor that they are hell bent on dehis new book, "Sweatshop~ in force that is'without protection of stroying the Farm Workers the' Sun: Child Labor on the the law, a labor force that is Union. Farm" (Beacon Press, Boston, exploited because it is unorThe labor movement, in co' Mass., $6.95). This is a timely ganized and powerless." operation with church groups of The latter point is crucial. all denominations and other and important study of a very serious socio-economic problem. Taylor is absolutely convinced civic-minded organizations, owes When Savings and Divid,ends left on deposit I am pleased to be able to recom- that the organization of farm it to the farm workers and their 6% 2 and 3 yr. Term Deposit Certificate mend it enthusiastically and workers into a strong and viable children and to the Farm WorkNow Yields 6.27% without qualifiCation as the ,best union of their own choice is a ers UnIon to do everything 5%% to 2 yr. Term Deposit Certificate thing of its kind on the market. necessary condition for the elim- humanly possible to prevent this . Now Yields 6.00% The problem of child labor in ination of the terrible evil of from happening. Even at the risk 5'/2% 90-day Notice American agriculture has been child labor in American agricul- of splittIng the labor movement Now Yields 5.73% . studied repeatedly by govern- ture. down the middle, the Teamsters 5~% Regular Savings "The' enforcement of· labor must be, forced to retreat from mental and private agencies, but Now Yields ' 5.47%' to little or no avail. The prob- laws," he says, "has never been the field of agricultural labor Compounded Cont.inuo~sJy and, payab~e monthly lem is still very much with us. the traditional role of govern- and must"be taught to mind their




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S.E. Massachusett's Finest Food Stores!


As a matter of fact, incredible as this may sound. it's probably more serious today than it was a generation ago.'

ment without the aJ:plication of power from some outside influence. Labor unions exert such power. This force acts as a

own business, which doesn't have anything to do with the harvesting of agricUltural crops. (@ 1973 NC Features)

Bank b'f mall -

It costs you nothing

bass river savings bank' ~,

307 MAIN



New Bedford $2000 Standard Times Publishing Co. $400 New Bedford Five Cents Savings Bank $250 Catholic Women's Club $125 Captain Frank's Fish Market... $100 New Bedford & Acushnet' Cooperative Bank Seguin & Caron, Inc. Ernest J. Flood Dr. JamesM. Quinn A Friend Eastern Sportswear Universal Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. $75 Ashley Ford Company Hathaway Oil Co., Inc. $50 A Friend Glennon Roofing Co. Coastal Fisheries Sea View Fillet Michael C. Austin Funeral Home Glaser Morris Glass Co. Ell Vee Dee Alden Corrugated Container Corp. Blue Ribbon Laundry Adams & Adams States Nitewear Co., Inc. $40 Silverstein Family Store $35 Debson Mill, Inc. $30 Acushnet Saw Mills Co. Atty. Raymond Mitchel1 Manhattan Bottling Co. $25 • Guba's Pharmacy Dr. J. Greer McBratney Lafrance Jewelers , Babbitt St~~m Sp~c,ial\y Co. New Bedford Fillet Co., Inc. J. F. St. Aubin Co. Jay and Bee Fillet Co. Shuster Company George P. Ponte Insurance Agency Ryan & Scul1y, Inc. Capeway Sheet Metal Co. Browne Pharmacy, Inc. Dr. H. F. Riley . Park Motors, Inc. Dahill Co. Lesco's Wholesale Tobacco & Candy The Sippican Corp. Brodeur's Machine Co., Inc. Plumbers Supply Co. National Wholesale Co. New Bedford Catholic Guild for the Blind

Cape Cod $500 St. Margaret Conference, Buzzards Bay $100 Mid-Cape Motors, Hyannis Patti's Rib HO).lse, W. Dennis Sts. Margaret & Mary Guild, Buzzards Bay $50 St. Augustine Guild, Vineyard Haven Walter Welsh Council K of C, Provincetown $35 St. Joseph Guild, Woods Hole Ray's Barber Shop, So. Yarmouth Finley's Y·D Pkg. Store, W. Dennis Frederic's Flowers, Bourne $25 \ Pine Lighting & Electric, Vineyard Haven Coca Cola Bottling Co., Vineyard Haven Martha's Vineyard National Bank Doane, Beal & Ames Funeral Service, So. Yarmouth

THE ANCHORThurs., May 10, 1973


Falmouth ST. PATRICK $200 Gilbert Arruda Sr. Meribah Stanton $135 Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert J. Noonan $130 Rev. John V. Magnani $100 Charles Bachmann $75 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Grady $60 Mr. & Mrs. Herve H. Lajoie

SERRAN OFFICERS AT TRAINING CONFERENCE: A· sunshine break is taken by Presidents of Serra Clubs who met Saturday at Our Lady of Providence Seminary, Warwick. Left to right: Thomas Cahill, recently named president of the Fall River group; Dr. Paul Achin, in-coming president of the Attleboro club; Clinton Rimmer of New Bedford; Paul Fox of Providence and George Vaillancourt, outgoing president of the Attleboro Serra Club. .

Catholic Charities Appeal ••• Special Gifts Screencraft Products, W. Yarmouth West Dennis Pharmacy McCormack's Apothecary, So. Yarmouth Fruean Electrical, Inc., So. Yarmouth Davenport Realty, So. Yarmouth Wayside Studio Printing, So. Yarmouth Bourne Mill Restaurant, Buz· zards Bay Tiny Jim's Restaurant, Buzzards Bay

Attleboro Area $1,000 Attleboro Dyeing & Finishing Corp. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Lambert $300 St. Theresa' Conference $250 St. Mary Conference, No. Attleborp' $225 Attleboro Trust Company Luca & Irma Fantaccione $200 A. Caponigro Company Mrs. Leon Pini $150 Dr. John C. Lonergan Sacred Heart Conference Dr. A. J. Terranova $125 Dante, Inc. $100 L. G. Balfour Company Brook Manor Cumberland Engineering Co. Mr. & Mrs. Leo J. Lachapce Leavens Manufacturing Co. Thomas R. Leedham Taunton' Co-operative Bank Swank, Inc. $75 Reardon & Lynch Co. $60 Standard Plastics Co. $50 V. H. Blackinton & Co. King's Tire Service Blythe's Pharmacy

Carey Company Crown Ya~ Dye Company Cumberland Engineering Co. Dr. Daniel· Deyoung Fitzgerald Motors, Inc. Dr. D. Eugene Leco Pelletier's' Auto Service $35 Capodanno's Pkg. Store Reynolds & Markman $25 Attleboro Orthopedic Associates, Inc. Bernier's Pharmacy John R. Blackinton Bliss & Bliss Dr. Richard Brousseau Catholic Nurses Guild of Attleboro

Sign p'etition HUNTINGTON (NC) - More than 100,000 persons' have signed a petition issued by Our Sunday Visitor which calls for a constitutional amendment to protect ,the life of the fetus. Sign'ed copies were tabulated by OSV and forwarded to Mrs. Randy Engel, head of the U. S. Coalition for Life.

POSITION AVAILABLE WANTED: A bilingual organist/choir-master, full time in a large Maine parish. Excellent working conditions. Write to: FATHER R. L. CORRIVEAU, O.P.27 Bart'ett Street Lewiston, Maine 04240

R. H. Cheney, Inc.

Clover Super Market L. H. Cooper Co. Crescent Day Nursery Dwyer Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.· Foster Metal Products Vincent M. Germani Hank's Cleaning Shop Key Programs, Inc. E. G. Lambert Insurance Mr. & Mrs. Joe Levis MacDonald Moving & Storage Plastic Craft Novelty Co: J. P. Reynolds & Co. Ernest I. Rotenberg S. M. Heat Treating - S. M. Engineering Stone-E-Lea Golf Course Swift & Fisher, Inc. Thomas Tatarian Tim Tatarian Real Estate M. A. Vigorito & Son Willow Tree Poultry Farm


. $50 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Adams Dr. & Mrs. George DeMello Mrs. Eileene M. Finnell Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. William Callahan Mrs James Cassidy & Margaret Cassidy A. E. Clancy Mr. & Mrs. John Collins Mr. & Mrs. Leo Delaney Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Dolan Dr. & Mrs. Edward Fitch James Q. Lyons James A. McMahon Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Miskell Jr. . Dr. & Mrs. John Mitchell Jame!! McNichols Bernard O'Hayre Mr. & Mrs. Charles Polacki $40 Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bourgoin $30 Anonymous (2). Mr. & Mrs. Manuel P. Lopes Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Maguire Mr. & Mrs. Philip O'Brien Mr. & Mrs. John Osborne Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Smith . Mr. 8£ Mrs. Louis Tessier Jr. $25 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Buguey Mrs. William Hewins Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Reeves Mr. & Mrs. Fred Toran

CUSTODIAN· WANTED Person tl) ,do light cleaning in East Providence Department Store. 10 P.M.· 9 A.M. 5 nights per week Excellent wages. Good Medical and Health Benefits Available. If interested Call Collect-617·475-3380 Equal Opportunity Employer


;;ll 111111I11I111I111I11I1111I11I111I11I11I1111I11I11I11I11I111I11I111111I11I11I11I11111111I11111111I111I11I111111I11I11I11I11111111I11 1II111~


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• We Honor Major Credit Cards CAR DAMAGED OR STOLEN ? Our low rates will generally cover your replacement allowance.

Michael C. Austin

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:Funeral Service Edward F. Carney 549 County Street New Bedford 999-6222 Serving the area since 1921


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Attleboro-761·6655 §



flll IIII III11I11111111I11IIII11111111111111111111I11I1111111111111111111111I11I1111111111I11I1111111111111111111111I11111I1111111111111111111i:'


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-ThIn., May 10, 1973

Individ,!-al Effort


The Catholic Charities Appeal is a prime example of the whole People of God working together. . Every individual involved in the Appeal has a role to play. The Bishop focuses the work of charity and mercy that the Church must perform. The Appeal Office staff does the demanding work of lining up all the details and providing the theme and supplies. The priests of the parishes must give the commitme:nt and leadership and establish the parish structure. The volunteers who ring door bells must-{)ach one-do th{~ most important work of insuring that every individual is given the opportunity to share in the work of Christ by contributing to the Appeal. At this stage, the work of the Individual collector means much. . If a few collect.ors in each parish decide to make return calls, to speak with conviction to those whom they contact, to giv~ the exampr,e to others by their own seriousnesstheQ great difference will be evident and it will be a difference for good. If a few collectors take the easy way out-a perfunctory single call and then no more effortthe difference will be an unhappy one. Yes, the Church believes in giving great responsibilities to individuals. And if each individual cooperates, the work of God will be can:ied out.

If the!! re's/sr whlen we STart a new war, t7on'i' ror.1e'fJ, 1"0 scream laggressor l I at- rhe-m,

Continued from Page One social justice; special programs to involve !blacks, engage the elderly, support Indian people and .beef. up religious vocations. Concerning future convocations in the New England region, the bishops unanimously recommended that the experience of this year be continu~: that the bishops meet each spring with delegates of clergy, religious and laity of all dioceses. In reaching consensus points froM' workshop discussions on family life, the convocation asserted that present educational programs in human sexuality were "not effective" because they were not comprehensive enough.



New Englanders

, I Wl~_H"'£'l'ilHtlti%l~@:m:1Jrmm~.,.~. .~ ~ ~ E 1 ! m I

Four Hi~~h -S'chool Seniors , I Receive Club Grants

A family curriculum needs to be developed to reach people of all ages ra1Jher than being simply ,premarital training or based on crisis response. The program should be devoted to "the full development of the human person," pre-school through adults, and involve both parents and better trained teachers. The report said couples should

A family in California is congratulating itself for having, receive special instruction in "fonning right consaiences" reas the father puts it, "escaped this world afoul'S." The garding .frequency of births withfeat was accomplished by building a house 12 miles up a Four area ~igh school seniors i parish and in the French, Latin in the contexts of the "pro-life clogged Northern California dirt road where the family wer~ recipients of scholarships I and Humanities clubs at Bishop teachings" of the 1968 encyclical lives off the land, has no electricity, seldom s'ees any other fron) ,the Fall River Ca·tholic I Gerrard. "Humanae Vitae." Woman's Club at its annual inMiss O'Brien, daughter of Rep. person, and has "peace of mind." It asked for greater training staHatiori banquet and Bishop's and Mrs. James A. O'Brien Jr., But is this really escaping the W9rId? NiglH program held Tuesday I is an honor student at Bishop seminarians in marriage counselAnd should the world be a olace to escaoe from? night. Gerrard and school representa- ling, collaboration between the Just about every thinking person has, at some time or Miss Mona Shea, scholarship I tive to the state-sponsored re~ U. S. Catholic Conference and another, lpoked longingly at that deserted island in the committee chairman, made i gional board of higher education, the National Council of Churches -in preparing family life materials South Pacific, or the lonely beach far from civilization or, awatds to Miss Patricia Driscoll, I which she serves as secretary. Miss' She is homeroom secretary, on t~e pastoral ca~e of mixed Somerset High School, as in the present iinstance, the top· of the mountain far Susan M.' McDonald, Il.M.C. Dur- I vice"president of the Christian mar:nage~ and speCIal efforts. to . . . . . away from it alL fee liigh School, Fall River, and Life Communit French.' Club _ reach dIVorced and remar:Ied The prospect of peace that these places hold out is a the Misses Teresa M. Patten a n d · y'.. persons who may feel ostraCIzed preSIdent, and active m student b th Cath I' 't .... most desirable one.' . Kathleen M. O'Brien, both of government, as well as serving . y e .... 0 IC c~mmunI y veBishop Gerrard High School, FaU on the yearbook staff. She has cause of theIr marrIage status. But is this the way inner peace is achieved? b ' . ch id It is quite acceptable for any person to wish to draw River.· een actIve m eer ea 'mg f or The youth report said "the Bi$hop Gerrard wa.s guest of both her school and Bishop Con- greatest need is communication." aside from time to time for rest .and relaxation and to renew hondr at the banquet. no\ily High School and has served . There is need for personalized, one's spirit. as president of her parish CYO. non-territorial parishes which Honor Students But there can never be a "dropping out" from life. Miss Driscoll, daughter of She is presently area CYO sec- would respond to "the total perPeople seek peace and serenity. What they really want Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Dris- retary and a youth member of son" and involve the young in is inner peace and serenity of the spirit. They want that coll, will attend Regis College, ,the CYO advisory council. She all decision-making levels. tranquility of soul that comes from inner balance and majoring in sociology.. At Som- will attend Newton College and Exploration was urged of happiness. It comes about when a person is at peace with erset High School she has Ibeen major in psychology. "women in ministry" through rehimself, at peace with his neighbor, and at peace with God. a cneerleader and active in search teams at the diocesan While a person lives he is necessarily involved with sports, student government, the I C'atho.lic Agency level. The measure did not mention ordination. people and circumstances and situations aroUnd himself. NatiOnal Honor Society, the schoc)\'s marching band and Seeks Revenue This is the, price one pays for being a member of the human Future Teachers of America. She race. To drop out from these is to drop out of humanity, holds the D.A.R. good dtizenship NEWARK (NC) - The New- Program Planned ark archdiocesan social welfare to shirk the responsibilities that every mature person must award. Mi$s' McDonald, daughter of office is asking government shoulder. On Prayer Types Mr. and Mrs. John T; McDonald, I units to give part of their federal But in the midst of all sorts of involvements and strife is one of the top two seniors at I revenue sharing funds to priA symposium on prayer moveand turmoil there can be peace. B.M.C. Durfee High School, con- vate programs which face cut- ments in the Church today will sistently placing on 1)he A\il-A I backs as the result of Nixon be held at 8 P.M. Monday, May Indeed, there must be peace. honor roll. She has been active I administration proposals. 21 at St. John Seminary audiThis is achieved when a person lives a life of integtorium, Lake Street and Comthe National Honor Society, Msgr. Joseph A. Dooling, diin rity so that he is true to himself, to his iQner values. student government and science, ! rector of the archdiocese's Mt. monwealth Avenue, Brighton. It is achieved, finally and above all, when a person is drama and classical clubs, and I Carmel Guild, asked the ·Essex Focusing on Eucharistic prayer, at peace with ·God-when his innner values correspond to has received awards in English, I County Board to devote part of there will be open Oiscussion of the Will of God, when his love of neighbor is a reflection Latin and homemaking. the funds to community pro- liturgical renewal and special Out'side school, Miss MeDon- I grams threatened by a cut-off consideratum of the 'Cursillo of his love of God and God's love of him. 1

@rh.e ANCHOR

OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE DIOCI:SE OF F,~LL RIVER Published weekly by Tho Catholic Press of the Diocese of Fall Ri.ver 410 Highland Avenue Fall River, Mass. 02722 675-7151 PUBLISHER Most Rev. Daniel A. Cronin, D.O., S.T.D. GENERAL MANAGER' ASST. GENERAL MANAGER . . Rev. Msgr. DanielF. Shulloo, M.A., QE!'I. John P. Driscoll ~leary

Press-Fall River

~';';-:"-.. ~-:. '_"':..":.~-='':,..:'':::'':.''':..='-=':'~.';' -.,. ...::.;.'~-- '. ,;,.-- ... _~-"~-=';"'-'::.:..:,;.~;.,.,-~~--_-..------.---_..._ '

-I of. federal

funds. Msgr. Dool~ng movement, ecumenism, Encoun. saId that he hopes to make slm- ter programs and Pentec'ostal I ilar approaches ~o officials in the prayer groups. I o~her three counties of the archSpeakers will include Rev. EuI diocese. . ·gene Bondi, O.P., spiritual direc' "We want to acquaint them tor of a Cenacle prayer group; Iwith the needs and stimulate Rev. Willam Morgan of the CurCLC Members i them to some kind of thinking sillo; Miss Judy Von Jess of EnMis$ Patten, daughter of Mr. as to how they can assist the counter; and Rev. Shawn Sheeand Mrs. William F. Patten, will Iprograms under the revenue han of the liturgical movement. attend Boston College, and ma- Isharing law," he said. There is heavy pressure at the county jor in political science. At BishThe pr<>gram is sponsored by op Gerrard High Scho~l she land municipal levels to use funds the Liturgical Commil>siQn of the holds membership in the Na- Ito reduce local taxes, he said. Boston Archdiocese and further tional Honor Society and the I Msgr. Dooling pointed out that infonnation is available from its Christian Life Commullity and as many as fifty percent of the secretary, Rev. Richard J. Butler, is on the yearbook staff. She has Ipeople the agency serves pay 59 Cottage Street, Sharon, telealso been active in CYO in he, Ino fees. phone 784-2265. . . \~ aid has worked in poHtical campaigns and engaged in parish CYO activities. She expects to attend the University of Massachusetts, majoring in cultural anthropology.


••.• lo.,;}'

~ I

I • ..,

• _;'...', I .•••






Thurs., May 10, 1973


$250 Rev. James A. McCarthy $170 Anonymous $150 John Greenhalgh $100 Louis J. MacArthur William Carr $50 Mrs. Martin Lawless Robert Hurley Otto P. Becker Jr. Norman Blodgett Robert Kennedy Marie Lawlor $30 .John F. Nelson Thomas W. Hood $25 Raymond Lucier, John F Evans F. Fernandes Sr., Francis Donaldson, Russell Burns Mrs. Manuel Britto, Robert A. Mosher, Frank A. Zammarohi, Charles B. Henry, Frederich O'neal Anthony Fortucci, C. Minihan, Mrs. W. McGarr, John P. Laird, Mrs. John P. Sullivan Thomas F. Dungan, Mrs. Elizabeth E Liebman, Joseph Whalen Fred Comings, Ralph Brown E. Beauregard, Raymond L~ Brun, Roger W. Beals, Francis Mackedon, Roland F. Brown C. Whittermeyer, George Smith .Iohn McCoy, George Denmark, Paul Sabourin Henry Thoma, Joseph B. Reynolds, Mrs. William McLaughlin, Richard Hopwood, Angelo J. Dimod ice


$300 Rev. Clarence Murr.hy $100 Anonymous Charles Haskell .John Shields $75 Sherwood Tondorf $50 . Anonymous .Ieremiah Callahan III Philip Boudreau Margaret Sheehan $32 Howard Rhodin $30 Anonymous John Bowes $25 Anonymous (3), James Shields John F. Shea, Zilpha Wright, John Everett, Dorothy Sanborn Donald Souza, Edward Daley, Richard Curley, Leo Flaherty, Charles Goodale William Adams, Ernest Swift, Charles Cassidy, Louis Sieracki, Dorothy Eastham Charles Strahorn, Thomas Shields, Donald Coombs, Mary Whalen, Roland Ashley Ralph Shea, Victor Adams, Crawford 'Hollidge, Edward Crosby, Daniel Flynn Francis Butler, Edwin Mroz, Philip McCartin, Lawrence Coleman


Buzzards Bay ST. MARGARET

MISS CYO PAGEANT CONTESTANTS: Fall River Area Cya members competing for the title are: Kneeling: Eliza Santos and Sue Walters. Middle: Joanne Belanger, Kathy Charron, Francine Freita, Kathie Raposa and Denise Bergeron. Re~r: Cheryl Pot. vin, Mary Ann Duffy, Debbie Amaral and Annette Berube.

Annual Miss



Eleven Fall River Ladies Competing Rev. Francis Mahoney and Rev. Thomas Morrissey, codirectors of the Fall River Area CYO. have announced that the thi~d annual Miss CYO Pageant will be held on May 29 at Bishop Connolly High School Auditorium in Fall River. The eleven CYOers from Greater Fall River competing for the title and their sponsoring CYO units, include: Debra Amaral, Our Lady of the Angels; Joanne Belanger, St. Mathieu's; Denise Bergeron, Immaculate Conception; Annette Berube, St. Jean Baptiste; Kathleen Charron, Notre Dame. Also, Mary Ann Duffy, St. Louis de France; Francine Freitas, Holy Name; Cheryl Potvin, St. Mathieu's; Kathleen Ra-

posa. Sacred Heart; Eliza Santos St. Louis de France; Susan Walters, Our Lady of the Angels. The winner will receive $500 in cash; trophies will be awarded to the four finalists. Gifts, donated by area merchants, will be presented to all the contestants. The girls will be judged on personality, talent, poise and appearance. The purpose of the pageant is to stress the positive image of today's youth by giving talented teenagers the opportunity to perform in public and thus help them develop confidEmce and poise. Theme The pageant coordinators hope that the young ladies will be encouraged, as a result of the


Church Leaders Hit Cutbacks

LITTLE ROCK (NC)-Sixteen The bishop said that the Protestant, Jewish and Catholic church leaders would appeal to church leaders here have criti- their own members and to govcized Nixon Administration bud- ernment agencies to work to get cuts involving social pro-, offset the effects of the, Admingrams and asked for a united istration cluvbacks. effort to offset the effects of the The statement said.the churchcutbacks. .The clergymen said "recent re- men "feel that one action we can strictive regulations, impound- take is to seek cooperation from ments and cutbacks in govern- and cooperate with all levels of ment spending ... endanger our government in Arkansas, to crecountry's ability to provide for ate a climate of opinion conits children, the urban and rural cerned with social needs, and to poor, the retarded and handi- . initiate disciplined citizen involvement that will assure the capped and the aged." At a press conference, Cath- maintenance and strengthening olic Bishop Andrew McDonald of of social programs conducted by Little Rock said that while the the most effective-40cal, state T~ibute to Pope statement was critical of the Ad- or federal-agency. VATICAN CITY (NC) - No ministration, "We're looking for "We further are requesting greater tribute can be paid to something very;positi~e, though." each of our religious bodies and Pope John's memory than devo"We feel there is a way out of' their members to investigate the tion to "the, person of Christ's vicar," Pope Paul has declared. th'edilemma if people understand local implications of these curReceiving a group from Pope that human rights should have tailments , to exercise a concern John's home town of Sotto il top priority," Bishop McDonald for the equitable use of Revenue Monte who came to Rome to said. The statement, he said was Sharing Funds, and to develop mark the decade since his death, not a political document but an leadership to help assure the the present Pope described him' expression of "deep concern for achievement of social justice at all levels.:' human needs." as "unforgettable."

event, to further develop the talents that Almighty God has given them and that other young people will be given a similar incentive. The theme chosen for this year's pageant, scheduled to get underway at 8 P.M., is "Aloha", featuring a Hawaiial1 Luau. Hawaiians on hand for the event will be played by si~ former Miss CYO Pageant contestants: Renette Dyrette, president of the Fall ~iver Area CYO; Renee Martin, Jeanne Lapointe, Sylvia Machado, Elaine Letendre and Janine Levesque, Miss CYO of 1972. The pageant will include two production numbers, talent presentations, impromptu situations and an evening gown competition. The latter portion of the program will -include taperecorded messages and candid slides of each contestant. Father Morrissey is general chairman of the event. Pageant coordinators include William Torpey, Noel Giard, Roger Dufour and Miss Levesque. Russ Whelan is choreographer. Youth coordinators are Robert Foster, Michael Moran, Roger Poisson and Raymond Potvin. Tickets for the pageant are available from the contestants and coordinators. Reservations may be made by calling Fllther Morrissey at Notre Dame rectory.

$300 Rev. John G. Carroll $75 The Misses Welsh $50 Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Savage Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Payton Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Sweeney Mr. & Mrs. John H. Gray Jr. A Friend (2) $40 Mr. & Mrs. John Riha $35 Katherine Fernandes â&#x20AC;˘ Mr. & Mrs. Fred McCom'miskey Dorothy Pina $30 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Andrews 1141'S. John F. Burns Sr. Mr. & Mrs. August E. Cristofori Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dobbins Lt. Col. & Mrs. Victor E. lindblom Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lopes Mr. & Mrs. John O'Connell $25 Mr. &, Mrs. Emiliano Gavazza, Mr. & Mrs. George Cormier, Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Nickerson, Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Bugg, Mr.. & Mrs. Charles Ehmann, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Stetson Griffith, Mr. & Mrs. Earl Reynolds, Mr. & Mrs. Henri Coulombe, Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Eno, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Neale Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Burns, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Dias,' Elizabeth Delaney, Mrs. William¡E. Reagan, Mrs. Armand Bedard A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Curley, Ida Monterio, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Nee, Mr. & Mrs. Fidele Arsenault Atty. & Mrs. James R. McMahon, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C, Wenzel; Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ehmann, Mrs. John Mulhall, Andrew & Kathleen Lynam Francis R. Samson, Mrs. M. Hartshorn, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ellis, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony D'Angelo, A. Clayson Tucy Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stevenson, Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Garneau, Mr. & Mrs. Steve Losior, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sweeney, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Scully Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Mercier, Catherine H. D. Bowen, Mr. & Mrs. A. Moore, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lopes, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Perry Eugene Lopes, In Memory of Leonard Charles Lopes

Asks Aid Needed by the pastor of St. John of the Cross Church, Adoor P.O., Quilon, Kerala, India are religious articles and used Christmas cards, which will be distributed to catechumens under instruction at five mission stations supported by the parish. They may be sent to Rev. S. Felix at the above address.

"Save Witlll Safety" at




'Dighton Meeting For Nurses

THE ANCHOR--Diocese of Fall River-Thur" May 10, 1973

Sout.h Yarmouth ST. PIUS X

$500 Rev. Msgr. Broderick



$200 Mr. & Mrs. Martin Geraghty

$125 Mrs. Arthur Morawski Anonymous

$100 Mr. & Mrs.. Edward F. O'Neil Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mannering Mrs. Anna Moorhouse Mrs. Joseph F. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Francis Hurley Mr..& Mrs. Joseph Rigby Mr. & Mrs. James W. Kelly Joseph Tuscher Mr. & Mrs. Raphael Altavilla John Coyle Mrs. William T. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Thomp· son

$75 Mr. & Mrs. Francis Conroy Mr. & Mrs. William H.' Mit· chell Mrs. L. W. Marchildon

$60 Mr. & Mrs. Ar!hur E. O'Leary



Mr. & Mrs. Clarence F. King Mr., & Mrs. James L. Keany Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Eastman Philip J. Hart Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Crowley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Hen· nessey Mr. &. Mrs. Leroy Baker Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. James Pomeroy Mr. & Mrs. William O'Brien Mary G. Hamilton Marjorie E.' McCready Mrs. Dennis J. O'Conner eMr. & Mrs. James P. Blute Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Charles Eager

$45 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Ev.ers $40 Henry J. Healy Mr. & Mrs. George Lucier

$35 Mr. & Mrs. John Osterman Mr. & Mrs. William T. Moyni· han

$30 . Madeline Shea, Harry Doherty Margaret & Hester Griffin Gertrude Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Francis X. Collins

$25 .:

Esther· M. Turnbull, Mary C. Turnbull, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Mori· arty, Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Lanza, Mr. & Mrs. John C. Murphy Mary E. ~alloy, Mr. & Mrs. James Feeney, Mr.::' & Mrs. Joseph Grady, Betty Ann Porrazzo, William Marnell Mr. & Mrs. George Magurn, Mrs. Vincent Roberts, Mr. & Mrs John J. Carroll, Mr. & Mrs. EIli· ott ,Martin, Mr. & Mrs. William MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. French, Mr. & Mrs. Peter McNamara, Mr. & Mrs. J. 'Chester Wheeler, Mr. & Mrs. William Robinson, John J. Gill Mr. & Mrs. John Sullivan, Mrs. N. F. Burgess, Barbara Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. James Ruhan, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Sheehy Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Norton, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Barbo, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Clarke, Mr. & Mrs. C. Samuelson, Mr. & Mrs G(~orge Wilbur . Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Muse, Mr. & Mrs Edward Ahern, Claire Harrington, Cmdr. & Mrs. Geo. Flanagan, Mr. & Mrs. James Mc· Geary

Beatrice Duffy, Marie Duffy, Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Jolly, ~r. & Mrs. Henry Diffenderfer, Mr. & .Mrs. Lewis Benn Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. John Grimes, Mrs. Joseph R. Henderson, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Lamont, Mr. & Mrs. James A. King Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Whitehead, - Charles Earley, Mrs. William B. O'Brien, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Lynch, florence Hatch Mr. & Mrs. John Manwaring, Mr. & Mrs. TreffIe Gervais, Mrs. Wendel S. Henderson, Mr. & Mrs Albert A. LaNinfa, Mr. '& Mrs. Richard O'Neill Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cassetta, Mr. & Mrs. William Cunningham, Mrs. Arthur J. SUllivan, Mr. & Mrs. Rtichard A. Sullivan, Dr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Gorman . Gertrude Santry, 'Mr. & Mrs. John McKenney, Mr. & Mrs. T. Walsh, Mr. & Mrs. William Gagnon, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Healey Anna j\. Tighe, Margaret Pad· den, Mr. & Mrs. John Gallagher, Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Webber, Mr, & Mrs. Anthony Cammarano Mr. & Mrs, Stanley J. Maciolek, Mrs. Joseph, Colgan, Mrs. Chester J. Powers, Mr.' & Mrs. William O'Reilly, Mr. & Mrs" Sterling Farrenkopf Mrs. Leo MacIver, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Lynch, Mr. & Mrs.' Ed· ward StreBe, Mr. & Mrs: Thomas Eaton, Eveline Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Patkoske, Mary C. McSwiney, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sheehan





$150 Minnie Gilmette

$100 Bemis Boies Russell Brennan Catherine Griffin Betty & Marion Halbritter Mrs. Francis Riordan . Daniel B. Thompson Donald Wolf

$50 Paul G. Carney William J. Carto" William' E. Connors Arthur J. D'Elia Charlotte McKean

$40 Norman 'Dagenais John Lopes Mary & Rose Sylvia

$35 William Downey

$32 Joaquim Pena

$30 David Doherty Donoghue Family , Gertrude Gibbs John Morrisey Richard Mulcahy Vincent Walsh Donald Taylor

The spring plenary meeting of the Fall River Diocesan Council of Catholic Nurses will be held at 2:30 Sunday afternoon, May 20 at the Novitiate of the Presen· tation of Mary, Elm Street, Dighton. Mrs. Thomas J. Fleming, president, will conduct a business session and Bishop Daniel A. Cronin will be guest of honor. Msgr. Robert L. Stanton, council moderator, will speak and celebrate Mass for attendants. Refreshments will follow Mass.

$26 Mary A. McGarry


GOWEN JUBILEE: Sister Maria' Riel, native of St. parish, Fall River, marks golden jubile~ as Missionaty Sister of Our Lady of Africa in ceremonies at promotion center in ,Piscataway, N.J. Professed in Algiers in 1923, she afterwards worked in Biskra, Algeria, in Kenya and in Tanzania, as well as in several other North African missions. Seventeen years followed in Levis, Canada, at an information center of the community. Since 1970 the jubilarian has been stationed in Piscataway. A sister, Miss Dorila Riel, is still a resident of St. Roch's, parish, and a brother, Brother Roger Riel, S.C. is stationed ·in Arthabaska l P.Q., Canada. Roch'~


Dorothy Lyons, Joan "Mason, Thomas McGuire, Harold! R. Mc· Kenna,'George L. McKim . Fran¢is X. Murphy, John G. Murphy, William E. Murphy, Thoma$ Peterson, Mary A. Pier· sail, John Raneo, Nellie Raneo EsthE\r Schmiederer,. F. Milot Underwood, Edward Uppgard, . Edwin Vigilante


Mr. & Mrs. Wm. F: Donoyan

$60 Mr. & Mrs. Earl Fratus

$50 Mr. & Mrs. N. Karukas Margaret Moran Mr. & Mrs. T. M. Golden Mr. & Mrs. Frank Shipman Irene Shea Mary Shea Mr. & Mrs. Francis Dolan Mrs. J. Shanahan Edward L. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. S. K. Reid, Jr. Mrs. Mary Jackson, Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Rose Mr. & Mrs. Paul Corazzari


$600 Rev. Msgr. William D. Thomson . St. ylncent de Paul Society


Harriet Butler, Mr. & Mrs. G. A. Richard, Mr. & Mrs. D. Constant, Mr. & Mrs. T. Kenneally, JYIrs. Richard Hallett Mrs. Richard Donaghue, Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Soutiere, Mr. & Mrs. D. H. Chase, Dr. & Mrs. James Dunne, Mr. & Mrs Jos. McManus D. Clark, Joseph C Kelley, Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Flynn, Mrs. Francis Morin, Mr. & Mrs. Everett Bisbee Mrs. Tovio Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. R. A. Auger, Mr. & Mrs. M. Field, Mrs. Henry Bouchard, Dr. & 'Mrs. J. H. Miller Eleanore Resmini, J. Wm. O'Brien, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kel· leher, Frank Marshall, Mr. & Mrs. John 'Madden Mr. & Mrs. John Forte, Mr. & Mrs. H. Wm. Geick, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. Tempest, Cedric Sears Mr. & Mrs. Cosmo Montagna, Mr. & Mrs. C. White, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Smith, ME ~·'Mrs. 'J.' Gal- ' ligan, Mrs. John Campion Mr. & Mrs. C. Cannon, Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Senesac, Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Powers, Mr. & Mrs. J. Mitchell, John J. McBride Mr. & Mrs. A. Trocchi, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Cairns Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Alfred McKenna, Mrs. Alfred Junior Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Mather Frank Conery, Mrs. Joseph Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Kehoe, Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Dutra, Mr. & Mrs. V. Enright John McGowan, Mrs. B. Lawton, Mrs. Sam ArGidy


. $500

Cecil.ia' O'Rourke

St. Ftancil? Xavier Bingo

$150 Mrs. John Hart



$35 Mr.' & Mrs. F., Golenski Mr. & Mrs. E. Daly Mrs. Catherine Towey Mr. & Mrs. E. Bonney W. F. Pillion °

$100 Mr. &i Mrs. William Conlon In Memory of Arthur .1:. Fisher Charles Riordon Bridget Gregg Mary Gregg In Memory of John'p. &: Lil· lian She~ 0-

$25 Joseph Aldonis, James Athy, Supports Argentina Harry Behr, Mrs. John Cain, Tobacco Strikers Micnael Charles GOYA (NC)-Bishop Alberto Courtenay Chase, Mrs. James Connell, James J. Connor, Ethel Devoto Qf Goya and his diocesan priests' council are backing M. Crowley, A.' H. Des Rocher John Donlay, Joseph Dooley, , a, strike, of .tobacco. plantation Lillian Dowd, Ronald Dowgiallo, workers against government price corttrols. Dennis Duggan Thomas Egan, William Falla, The Farmworkers League and' William Fehrnstrom, John Fitz· the Tobacco Growers Associa· maurice, F. Fournier tion join¢d forces to hold demArthur Frost, Donald Geary, onstrations at five key towns. John Gonsalves, Robert L. Han- Seven workers and a nun who nigan, Joseph Healy does social work among them Mrs. Eugene A. Hudson, Paul staged a hunger strike at the Hunter, Clifford Johnson, James Goya cathedral during "Tobacco Kellaher, LE,onore Lewis M()bilizaUon Week."





Mrs. Virginia Kendall Mr. & Mrs. George Silva E. J. Souza Mr. & Mrs. T. C. McGarry Mr. & Mrs. H~gh White Mrs. Margaret Raymond Mr. & Mrs. T. Loughlin


$28 Mr. & Mrs. J. Keveney





AI"uminum or Steel 944 County Street


NEW BEDFORD, MASS., 992-6618


The Vargas Oil Co. protects your family's heating comfort all year round• TRY US FIRST


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall Rive~- Thur., May 10, 1973

T,his Moth·e'r's Prayers Get Down' t,o Nitty-Grittie's For the strength to get up during the 'night to feed

a new baby. Dear God, with your infinite artistry, you formed my new cherub with marvelous features. His little head is magnificent. His eyes fascinate me; his baby ears lie so close to his head; his tiny nose is perfect ... ~ut, God, couldn't You have made that cupid mouth a bit less their presence permeates every of the house., Their insistent? This is the fourth corner voices shrill and harsh, re:::ount time, God, the fourth time the injustices of school, the mistonight I've gotten up to feed him. You helped cr~ate this child ... now, please .. , help.

dealings of their athletic opponents, and the imperfections of their brother . " . who ate the IDSt cookie. My appliances taunt me; their r''''i,'',::,,:::':':)y:',r:nY::;,:J, : presence permeates every corner of the house. Their voices, tyro annical and unrelenting, dict3tc By their demands. The vacuum cleaner hisses at a clogged hose; the washing rna· MARY chine thrashes, groans, and whines; the sink glubbs, refusing CARSON to swallow the coffee grou'nds, , fed it by a small child; the toilet regurgitates, unable to digest a paper cup .. the same small Meditation over a Cup of Coffee child. The trials of life overwhelm me; their presence perAfter the Children Have Left meates every nerve of my body. Hey, God. For School Cut it out! They're finally off ... and I Silent Prayer have a few minutes of peace before I go on with the chores of While Putting Dinner the day. I'd enjoy this moment on the Table more if things hadn't been so bad Tomorrow's payday, God. Supthis morning. per is a bit strange this evening, I'm sorry I lost my temper. But why don't they remember to because I've concocted 'it out of ga,t:her everything they need ... the odds and ends of leftovers. the night before? How can they It's not bad ... God, could you inspire just dawdle so, when the school, bus. one 'of'them to say, "Mom, this is due? I always feel terrible after a is good." hectic morning. I hate to send They're All iit Bed! them off like that ... havingThanks ,Be to God yelled at them. Because I really do love them, God. At last it's quiet. I've quelled It's getting late ... and my the last riot. Homework's done; coffee's cold. I'll take care of the Lunches made. Night prayers all house. But, dear God, will You prayed. take care of my children? Bring My husband' and I settle down them home safely. to precious moments of our own. I'll try harder this aftern:)on. Dreams ,and plans, anxieties Lamentation at Four-thirty in the Afternoon My




Oak Bluffs SACRED HEART $50 Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous $25 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Reagan, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gallant, Anonymous, Mr. & Mrs. WaIter Gallant, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas DeMont Mr. & Mrs. Dennis McCarthy, Anonymous, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Billings

Centerville OUR LADY OF VICTORY $150 . Mr. & Mrs. James Murphy $100 Dr. & Mrs. John Curran Mr. & Mrs. Leo Cushing Mr. & Mrs. John Norton $75 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Pendergast Sr. $50 Frances M. Blute Mr. & Mrs. William B. Cadogan Mr. & Mrs. William Glover Judge .,&Mrs., Henry ,Murphy

and hopes.. Then a little voice interlopes. "Mommy ... I wanna drink of water." Dr. & Mrs. Austin O'Malley Dr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Sheehy . $40 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Griffith $35 Mr. & Mrs. Vaimore Guertin Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Johnson $31 Mr. & Mrs. Olavi Wiiniakainen $30 Margaret M. Macpherson Mr. & Mrs. Graham Scudder Mr. & Mrs. Charles Swain $25 Mr. & Mrs. Harold Boyne, Mrs. Harold Bragle, Mrs. Agnes Canavan, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cannon, Randy Childs Mr. & Mrs. Robert Childs, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cross III, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Crowley, Mr. & Mrs. John Dean, Mrs. Arline Donelan Mr. & Mrs. William DuMont, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Duquette, Mr. & Mrs. John E. Eckert, Mr. & Mrs. RQbert Elliott, Mr. & Mrs. Neil'Feeley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Flynn, Mr. & Mrs. Jame:; C. Gordon, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gundal, Mrs. Albert Harkins, William Hearn Mr. & .Mrs., Leonard· M. ' Hig-

DOUBLE JUBILEE: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Duval, left, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Powell, longtime friends and members of St. Joseph's parish, New Bedford, join to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversaries. Among children of Duvals is Sister Rhea, S.S.J., stationed at St. Joseph's parochial school. gins, Mr. & Mrs. James Jones, Helen J. Keily, Mary E. Keily, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Leonard Mrs. K. R. Liston, Mr. & Mrs. Charles· MacAleese, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mara, Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Martone, Mr. & Mrs. Charles McDermott " Mr. & Mrs. John D. Murphy, Mary M. Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Noonan, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen O'Brien Sr., Mary L. O'Connor Mrs. Lilian O'Neil, Mr. & Mrs. Alan Packer, Mr. & Mrs. John J. Pendergast Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Arnold E. Pond, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Scaramelli· Mr. & Mrs. Robert Starck, Leonard Storer, Mr. & Mrs. R.' D. Thompson, Mr. ,& Mrs. Edward Tynan, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Walsh, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Yakola


$800 Rev. Msgr. Robert L, Stanton $500 For Peace and Justice $200 A Friend $125 . Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Baptiste $100 ' Fr. Callahan Council Knights of Columbus Francis A. Brel'tlt'Y Mrs. Mary E. Makela $75 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Krystofolski $50 Mr. & Mrs. William LeFavor & Family Mrs. Helen McGlashan Wareham Fireman's Association $40 Mr. & Mrs. Vito Mazzola $35 Mr. & Mrs. George St. John J. Vicino, Jr. $30 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Achin Mr. & Mrs. Philip McEntee Frances Murphy .

Mr. & Mrs. William Nolan Marion Catholic Women's Club Mr. & Mrs. Herman E. Prada $75 Mrs. Nelson Stephens Mr. & Mrs. Claude Ellis $27 $50 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rose Mr. & Mrs. Richard Zens $25 L. Cumming Isabelle Mr. & Mrs. John Alden, Mrs. $25 Amelia Baptiste, Mr. & Mrs. Adolphe L. Billotte, Mr. & Mrs. Mary Monte, Dr. &: Mrs. Wm. Robert Cahoon, Mr. & Mrs. FiI· Dawson, Halsworth Randolph, enio Cardoza Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Boys, RobMr. Joseph Cardoza, Mr. J. A. ert F. Boys Clongherty, Mrs. James Conroy, Naney Duggan, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cox, Mr. & Milton Laycock, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Antone Gomes . Francis Farrell Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. John Grenda, Mr. Thomas Von Mello, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Ralph Greene, Mr. & Edmund Valley Mrs. Don Higgins, Margaret Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brennan, Dr. Jackson, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Mat- & Mrs. Robert Johnson, Mr. & tos. Mrs. Fletcher Long, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Bradford Newell, Mr.. & Francis Miller, Mrs. Roland LeMrs. Delmo P. Pezzoli, Mr. & tendre Mrs. Charles Precourt, Frederick Mr. & Mrs. Domingo Nunes, J. Pulsifer, Mrs. Barbara Ramsey Mr. & Mrs. Edmund McCarthy, Mr. & Mrs. R. Sullivan Sr., Marion St. Vincent de Paul SoJoseph, Yeager, Mr. & Mrs. Rob- ciety ert Tassinari

Marion ST. RITA

$125 Rev. Gerald T. Shovelton $100 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Niccoli Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mead Mr. & Mrs. William McCarthy


DANCING EVERY SAT. NIGHT !\flay 12 - The Big Sound of Al Rainone & his Orch• Your Host-AI Tremblay

" LINCOLN PARK Rte. 6, N. Dartmouth



. Attention School Groups

PLAN YOUR PICNIC, OUTING NOW Special Arrangements for School Groups FOR DETAILS, CALL MANAGER-636-2744 or 999-6984 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ..!.......!-t • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May.l 0, 19.73

New Bedford

IF /1'S tYflJ AUllI:


Fairhaven ST. JOSEPH $200 Mr. & Mrs. William Carey $100 Assoc,. of the Sacred Hearts Margaret Nickerson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Saladino Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Tache $75 Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Brault Mr. '& Mrs. Earl J. Dias Dr. & Mrs. Edward L, Soares

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Earle Larkin Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Leclair Mr. & Mrs. Armand Marien Mr. & Mrs. Albert Mo.quin Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale Nicolaci Patsy Nicolaci ' Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Noyer Robert Paine Charles A. Stiles Mr. & M'rs. Donald S;Jllivan Mr. & Mr~. Joseph Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Sylvia Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Vincent $40 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Manley $39 Fred F; Wolanski $35 Mr. & Mrs. Ernest T. Balboni Mr. &' Mrs. Joseph Borges ' Mr. & Mrs. Ernest R. Bouley Mr. & Mrs. Lester Edwards Grace Gons,alves & Mary Coholan ' Mr. & Mrs. Roland Sequin Arthur McCormack John Walsh $32 Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Pare Mr. & Mrs. Antone Perry $30 Emily Ellis, H. A. Rioux & Alice Barney . Dr. & Mrs. Chester Baron Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Benoit Marguerite Carroll . Mr. & Mrs. John Dwy{\r Anne and Margaret Egan Mr. & Mrs. Henry Fortin Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Griffiths Mr. & Mrs. Charles Joseph Mr. & Mrs. John E. Lima Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. McQuilan Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Pifko Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Richards Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rielly David Wade Mr. & Mrs. Edward Welch $25 . Marguerite A~den, Mr. & MrS. Anthony Blanchard, Mr: & Mrs. Alan Boling, Mr.' & Mrs. Maurice Burke, Mr. & Mrs. Teotonio Corvelo Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Cost.a, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Costa, Irene Desmarais, Mr. & Mrs. - Patrick Doyle, Mr. & Mrs. Roland Despres Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Dube, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Duval, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Fernandez, Mr. & Mrs. David Fitzgerald, Mr. &. Mrs. Norll'\€Ind Gaudreau Mr. & Mrs. Frank Folger, Mary P. Gage, Mrs. James Greenway, Casimir Jarosik, Mr. & Mrs. James B: Lanagan Mr. & Mrs. Paul 'Lopes, Mr. & Mrs. William Machado, Mrs. Maynard McCartney, Mr. & Mrs. Augustus Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Meekin Mr. & Mrs. Edward Medeiros, Mrs. Josephine Melanson, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Murray, Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Mydlack, Mr. & Mrs. Rich· ard Nerbonne Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Olivera, Mr. & Mrs. Matth.ew O'Malley, Mr. & Mrs. Anson Paine, Mr. & . Mrs. Aaron Parr, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Payette Mr. & Mrs. Alcide Pelletier, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Picard, Mr. & - Mrs.' Edward Raposo, Mr. & Mrs.

Frank Rezendes, Mr. & Mrs. Norman J. Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rock, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Rogers,-Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Ruell,. In Memory . of Walter D. Smith Mr. &: Mrs. John Souza, Edwin R. Stiles, Gertrude Stiles, Mrs. I' Aurore Silva. Mr. & Mrs. Walter : . Silveira . Manuel Soares, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Bradford Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. William Towers Mr. & Mrs. Donald Tucker, Mrs. Edward Tucker, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Wall, Neal Wall, Mr. & 'Mrs. Clyde Voter; Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wagner

WHYDO'fHEY HAVE T(} - ,................::',

Mattapoisett ST. ANTHONY $1000 Anonymous $301) Mr. & Mrs. Charles McGowan $125 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Correia $100 Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Bilodeau Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Verdi $50 Frank Pimental $30 Mr. & Mrs. Ross Steeves $25 Mr. & Mrs. Migual Britto, Alice Corey, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cooper Mr. & Mrs. William A. Delgardo Mr. & Mrs. Donald Fleming Mr. & Mrs. John Gannon, Mr. & Mrs. John Dennis Gibbons, Mr. & Mrs. Robert A., Mr. & Mrs. William F. Hubbard, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Manning Mr. & Mrs. Pau.! E. McGowan, Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Morse, Mr. & Mrs. Francis O'Driscoll, A Friend, Alberta Silveira George W. H. Smith; Mrs. Anthony Snyder, Mary A. Sullivan, A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph. W. Zychowicz

New Bedford ST. THERESA $200 Rev. Rene G. Gauthier $120 Anonymous A friend . $100 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Fleury $50 Mr. & Mrs. Roger Renaud $35 Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Coutu $25 Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Lemieux, Mr: 8i Mrs. Doland Dumas, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Frechette, Paul Langlois, Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Roy Mr. & Mrs. Laurier Dumas, Mr. & Mrs. Normand Mathieu, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bourassa, Mr. & Mrs. Gaston Loranger, Mr. Adrien R. Anger Mr. & Mrs. avila Rock, Mr. & Mrs. Henri Valois, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Silveira, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Guerette, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Arsenal..ilt SACRED HEART $250 ' Rev.' Ernest E. Blais $100 Mr. &: Mrs. Normand Sequin Mr. & Mrs. Henry Daigle A Friend $40 Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Richard Menard $35 Gerald LaFrance

BIRTHRIGHT. LEADER WITH ADOPTED CHILDREN: Mrs. Wilfred Tremblay with her two adopted chil-

dren, Maureen, 13 months and James, six years of age.

Plan Anti-Abortion Rally Coptinued from Pag,e One auspices of Massachusetts Citizens for Life 'in conjunction with other pro·life organizations. throughout the state. Area: residents assisting 'in co-ordination of the! event include Michael P. Vandal, Westport; Bol:> Simmons, Fal1 River; Tim Mitch,ell, New Bedfor4; Mrs. Ann Tremblay, New ~edford; and Mrs. Anderson, denterville. Other recent diocesan actions on tM anti-abortion' front include the establishment by Massachusetts Youth FOR Life of an office in St. Anne's Hospital School of Nursing building, Fal1 River. Sister Jean Marie, hospi: tal adI)'linistrator, said that the

hospital will provide of(ice space and telephone service to the organization. She noted that the aims of the youth organization coincide with that of the h~spi­ tal in desiring to supply alterna· tives to abortion and disseminate anti-abortion information as widely as possible. In New Bedford, Mrs. Trem· blay has announced opening of a city headquarters of the Birth· right organization at 1773 Acushnet Avenue. Birt1)right will offer counselling in person or by tele'· phone and will maintain a 24hour answering service. Its office hours and telephone number will be announced within the next week, said Mrs. Tremblay.

'''i1ltlllll~llllllllll~:'lllllllll111",mlllllllltlll!.IIII~1111111111111111111111 11111nml"mllllllllllmmn"",lIllllllllllmll,'nlllll11lllntull"n,m,ll.11II11111111111111111111111111111111Um;Ill11111mllllllllllll

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Letourneau Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Deschenes Mr. ~ Mrs. Paul Lariviere A F(iend A Friend $25 Mr. & Mrs. Albel't' Pel1etier, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Forgue, Mrs. Frank kutis, Knights of Columbus, Bishop Stang Council No. 4532, Dr. & Mrs. Philip Chartier, Mrs. Frank Kutis' Mr. & Mrs. Emile Auger, Mrs. Herve tJedard, A Friend ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST $.335 I Rev. Manuel P. Ferreira $100 Aubertine Funeral Horne $50 A Friend (2) Dr. Marcio M. Bueno 'Mrs. Helenn Brough Atty. Edmund Dinis 'Mr. & Mrs. John Fernandes A Friend ' Mr. & Mrs. John Paul Rita St. John's Couples Club $35 A Friend Milton Richmond

o $30 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Barry Mr. & Mrs. Alfred De Costa $25 Eva Carreiro Mr. & Mrs. Charles Duponte Mr. & Mrs. James Gaffney Mr. & Mrs. Roger Lanteigne Mr. & Mrs. J. Mascaranhas Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Motta Perfection Oil Co. Mr. & Mrs. Armando Prenda . A Friend (2) Mr. & Mrs. Seraphim Salvador Manuel Soares Mr..& Mrs. Fernando Souza Mr. & Mrs. George Vasconcellos William Wal1ace Mr. & Mrs. Charles Xavier

Montie Plumbing .. Heating Co. Over 35 Years of Satisfied Service Reg. Moster Plumber 7023 JOSEPH RAPOSA, JR.. 806 NO. MAIN STREET Fall River 675·7497


$250 Rev. Leo T. Suliivan $115 Dr. & Mrs. John O'Toole Jr. $100 Lillian Cole Mary Cole . In Memory of James Harding Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Marshall $50 Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Early In Memory of the Foley Family $40 Mr. & Mrs. James Flanagan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McEntee $35 Mr. & Mrs. Eric Erickson Mrs. Elizabeth Markey $30 Mrs. DomenicaBel1enoit Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Finnerty Mr. & Mrs. Peter Giammalvo· Mrs. Marilyn Poulos $25 Mr. & Mrs. Martin Barry, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bramwell, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bures, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cabral, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Choquette Mr. & Mrs. Armito Ciacci, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cole, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Considine, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Couza,' Mr. & Mrs. Charles Deasy Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Gorczyca, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gorman, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Harney, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. James Harrington, Charles F. Joerres Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Joseph, Mr. & Mrs. James W. Leith, Mr. Edwin Livingstone, In memory of our daughter Kathryn Mary Lynch, Daniel Lysko ~ Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Mel1o, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mikina, Mr. & Mrs. John ,Mills, Mr.. & Mrs.' EImer Paul, Mr. & Mrs. Clinton Rimmer Joan Sheehan, Mr. & Mrs. George Swansey ST. KILIAN

$225 St. Vincent de Paul Society . $200 Rev. Justin J. Quinn $50 . Mr. & Mrs. Hervey Caron $35 Mr. & Mrs. Allen Bentley $30 Mr. & Mrs. Josepl1 Bernardo $25 ' Mary Augeri, Mr. & Mrs. John C. Gobeil Jr. Janet Hardman, Patricia Mello, Mrs. Gertrude Riviere

w. H. RILEY & SON, Inc•. "Serving the Community Since 1873"

Cities Service Petroleum Products Gasolene &. Diesel Fuels Fuel Oils ' Liquified Petrol~um Gas Stewart-Warner Winkler l;Ieating & Cooling Installations 24-Hour Burner Service 448 BROADWAY, TAUNTON Attleboro - No. Attleboro Taunton

New Bedford ST. MARY $250 Rev. Bernard H. Unsworth $100 Mr. & Mrs. John Nicolaci Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Guillotte . $50 Mr. & Mrs. Rene Carroll Mr. & Mrs. John Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Marshall Henry Gurl Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Costa, _ $40 Mr. & Mrs. Leo Robida $35 Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Maloney Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brown Mr. & Mrs. Normand J. Boutin $32 . Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Kobza $30 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Souza Mr. & Mrs. Howard N. Lord Mr. & Mrs. Edward Girard Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. A. LeDiane Mr. & Mrs. David Costa Mr. & Mrs. Thomas l\ilcKenna Henry Fortier $28 Mr. & Mrs. John D. Sylvia $25 Manuel Travers Mr. & Mrs. William Constant Mr & Mrs Raym~nd Letourneau Mr. & Mrs. Albert Pepin Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Beaulieu Mr. & Mrs. William Collins Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Kresge Mr. & Mrs. Robert Penler Mr. & Mrs. Francis Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Hart Mr. & Mrs. Paul Marashio Mr. & Mrs. Roland Tavano Mr. & Mrs.Gaston DeBrosse Mr. & Mrs. John Sardinha Mr. & Mrs. Albert Coucd The Shea Family Alice & Hazel Davis Edward Bell Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Winsper Mr. & Mrs. William Camara Mr. & Mrs. Louis Begin Mrs. Vincent Peternal Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Bertalotto Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Gabri.el HolmeS Mr. & Mrs. John Dexter Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Towers SAINTE ANN $300Rev. Roland B. Boule $52 Marie Lebeau $50 St. Vincent de Paul Society of Parish . Robert Choquette $45 In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Rene LaFrance $30 Mr. & Mrs. Ulysse Auger $25 Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Raphael St. Anne's Credit Union Mr. & Mrs. Harry Sears

Raynham ST. ANN $100 Dominic Cirino $50 Dorothy Walford Richard Ouimet James Hauch, Sr. $35 James Mulvihill Paul Fountain $25 Mary McGrath, Mrs. Eugene Heinig, Bernice Fountain, Raymond Paine, Edward Murby Arthur Howell, John Manganaro, George Dion, Jr., Elizabeth Larkin, Albert Ribeiro Edward Maloof, Lloyd McGovern, Edward Rogan

THE ANCHORThurs., May 10, 1973



BLESSING' OF MOTORCYCLES: Father Adrian Donachie, O.F.M. of Our Lady's Chapel, blesses motorcycles from the Star Riders' Motorcycle Club as cyclists and riders gathered Sunday in fr:ont of the New Bedford Franciscan Chapel.

Woods Hole Native Marks Silver Jubilee As Carmelite Nun in Terre Haute J.Last Friday was a special day for the family of Sister Joseph of Jesus Mary, formerly Charlotte McKenzie of St. Joseph's ,par,ish, Woods Hole. The cloistered Carmelite nun celebrated her silver jubilee as a member of the' Carmel of Terre Haute, Ind. Among those rejoicing with her were her sister, Miss Helen McKenzie, a biology teacher at Lawrence High School, Falmouth, and her mother,' Mrs. Robert L. McKenzie, now a resident of Buzzards Bay, two married brothers, Robert and Richard, five nieces and a nephew. Another sister, Anne, died in 1967, and also passed away is her father, Robert' McKenzie Family members were not able to travel to Terre Haute for the jubilee, but members of Sister Joseph's convent are arranging a later celebration for them.

Spain, who has recently.been 'declared' the first woman Doctor of the Catholic Church, and who is still known for her tremendous spiritual insight, her wisdom and ller sense of humor, through timeless writings that are the patrimony of the whole world, Carmel today is still a place set apart for God. Through prayer and cloister, liturgy and manual work, the Carmelite nuns offer praise to God, and intercession for all men. They support themselves through mak路 ing altar breads, and liturgical vestments, and a variety of crafts, but Carmel is, above all, a solitude where the divine romance of God seeking the soul and the soul seeking God is still lived out in joyful giving. Jubilee Books

Last year Sister Joseph's Carmel celebrated its own silver Class President jubilee and she prepared two The religious is widely remem- booklets for the occasion, one a bered ,in Woods Hole and Fal- . history of the Carmelite Order mouth as, vice-president of her and a consideration of the place high school class, an honor stu- of the cloistered nun in the moddent and active sportswoman. ern world, the other a history of She received a scholarship to the Terre Haute foundation. Barnard College, where she was Both are beautifully illustrated senior class president in 1944. with photographs of convent life Following her graduation she and are enriched with poetry. served the Navy as a Wave, - Truly thought provoking are then worked in Washington gov- Sister Joseph's insights into the ernment service until she en- problem of adaptation to contemporary life'which faces many tered the Carmelites in 1947. traditional religious communities. The Terre Haute Carmelites, She writes: like those in South Dartmouth "Instead of seeking new ways in the Fall River Diocese, and and new forms of drastic change their sisters al1 over the world, for Carmel, some of which apare dedicated to prayer and sac- peal to our American drive f.or rifice in a cloistert!d life of si- quick achievement, should we lence, soHtuqe and communal not calmly and deeply re-think living.. the role of womanly love wrFounded in the 16th century rendered to Divine Love, and the by the famous Teresa of Avila, area of our inter-personal- rela-

tionships in Carmel? Would this not be a real key to our work of renewal? It could bring about a revitalization of older vocations, and inspiration for new ones. "Superiors need a new, understanding of the degree of ,individualization that exists in the growth process of each Sister. They need the vision and ability to meet the challenge of working out the process of spiritual and personal growth, not in a general way, but through meet,ing the personal need of each nun, at whatever level of human incapacity or spiritual underdevelopment she may be. The Holy Spirit is the unique director of souls, but to the extent of a woman's innate talent for intuition and understanding, can we not tend the spark of life and love until it can catch hold more deeply and rise to the demands of the living Flame? Two Contributions "There is no doubt but that our Holy Mother herself had this touch, this gift of dealing person to person with her nuns. There is no doubt; too, that Prioresses and Novice Mistresses attempt to imitate this quality of Teresa, but our nuns come from a far more complex world than that of the 16th century, and even carefully selected candidates reflect the 'Problems and complexities of our times. "Two new contributions that have come to us from the Council and that affect every relationship in the Church' speak of this point: the consideration of the human person as the summit of creation; and the notion of government for all superiors as a loving service."

$250 St. Vincent de Paul Conference, Holy Family Church, East Taunton $100 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Starvish $60 Mr. & Mrs. ~ohn Fitzpatrick $50 P. Deniz R. Chamberland Mr. & Mrs. William Davis $40 S. Punda $35 Mr. & Mrs. E. S1. Yves $30 Mary Raposa Mr. & Mrs. Frank Leddy Charles Kenyon Mr. & Mrs. Charles Geer Cora Silverman J. Mendes Mr. & Mrs. A. Dutra $25 Mr. H. J. Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Parish, Mr. Robert Larkin, Mr. & Mrs. F.' Jaros, Mrs. Mary Murphy and Family Mr. S. Slavick, Mr. George Lyons, Mr. & Mrs. John Cwiekowsky, Mr. John MCarthy and Family, Mr. & Mrs. F. Patrick Mr. & Mrs. F. Dutra, Mr. & Mrs. T. Lippold, Mr. & Mrs. A. Perreira, Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Oliveira, Mr. & Mrs. John Shea ST. JOSEPH

$400 Rev. John J. Murphy $75 Catherine Kervick $50 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Powers Mr. & Mrs. William Scully $45 Bessette Family $35 Garvin Family Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kennnedy $30 Helen Dahill Maribeth Dahill $28 MI'. & Mrs. Roland Ducharme & Family $25 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Bird, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Chaves, Edward Dahill, Mr. & Mrs. M. Desrosiers, Mr. & Mrs. William E Dias MI'. & Mrs. William Donovan, Jennie Driscoll, Catherine G. Gom11ey, William R. Gregg & Family, Mrs. Helen Harrigan Mrs. Edward Hoye, Esther Johnson, John P. Latham, Mrs. Mary Maxwell, Mr. & Mrs. William McCarthy, Jr. Francis A. McManus, Mr. & Mrs. William McGann, Grace E. McManus, Raymond Scully, K. Helen Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard M. Walsh




. . THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May 10, 1973


$50 Doris Levasseur Jeannette Dupuis Mrs. Yvonne DesVergnes & Louis . Mr. & Mrs. MarK Mercier $40 The Misses Boudreau $35 Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Gurn $30 . Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Paul Goulet Mr. '& Mrs. Rene Dubuc $25 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boucher, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Courbron,.' Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Dubuc, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Zito, Mr. & Mrs. Armand Boucher Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mohammed Lucien Paul, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Laferriere, Mrs. Edwin Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Maigret, Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Joubert

Old Is Lots of S•.lrprises· But Itls Com.fortableToo Old is reading that the high schoolers are having a Fabulous Fifties dance and wearing old-fashioned clothes. Old is mentioning that your hall closet .is a Fibber McGee closet and being the only one in the room who knows what that is. Old is saying, ,Old is remembering when pea: "the War" and everyone pie ta.Jked about women who asks, "Which war?" Old is dyed their hair. having a baby when your Old is explaining to your kids

roommate in the hospitaJ tells you her mother is your ag.e. Old is remembering whim you bought the family grocenes for $13 a week.




.~ ft\~i}J . '//.


what Lent used to be like. Old is recalling the time that four children were considered a small Old is how you feel when they ask' you at the kindergarten Spring songfest if you want to sit with the mothers or the grandmothers. , Old is trying on your wedding dress and crying at how it has shrunk. Old is feeling peppy and ready to attack the world each morning until about 9 o'clock. Old is not having to impress people anymore, not trying to look eighteen anymore, and not having all the answers anymore. Old is comfortable,

Old is having a mother'~1 helper hut recalling that she-, used to be called a hired girl. Old is how you feel when """"""IIII111111I1nIlU"""'"II"""I'''II''''''''"III'"'·'II'"'II''''''II11"1'"1"111"""11"'11 somebody tells you nostalgia is ick Rheaume, Helen Brady, Eliz~ dangerous. abeth Brady I ' • ' Old' is being able to recall the Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Varden, hue and cry against the crew Mr. & Mrs. William Leger, John cut when it· came in. Corr, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Strojny, Old is how you feel Whef'l your John, Vargas children ask you if they had Mr. & Mrs Coy Folik, ,Mr. & hospitals when you were born.. Mrs. Oscar Maynard, Mr. & Mrs. Old is knowing people who Stephen Mazzoleni, Jbhn Nichols, lost children to strep thmat a, Ruth Brady generation or two ago. Helen Murray, Mr. & Mrs. RoNo Drive·ins bert J. Ross, Emma Simmons, Mr. Old is a reality every time you & Mrs. John Goldrick, Mr. & Mrs. say, "When I was your age ... n Gerard Pigeon Old is telling your wide-eyed Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Prairie, Mr. daughter about filling up your & Mrs. Richard Andrade, Edward dance card with potential dates, Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Warren Linat the prom. . coln, James Kevican Old is mentioning that you Eileen MacCarthy, Mr. & Mrs. didn't have to fight off boys at a Stanley Roberts, Joseph LaNinfa drive-in because they didn't have drive-in theatres then. HOLY ROSARY, $250 ,Taul1ton Franciscan Fathers OFM CONV $50 SACRED HEART St. Vincent de Paul Society $300 $25' , Rev. Walter A. Sullivan Holy Rosary Sodality of Holy $65 Rosary Church Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Belanger $50 Katherine McMahon Norton $40 ST. MARY Mrs. Matilda Boudreau & Family $1500 ' Virginia Waldron Fernandes Super Markets, Inc. , $35 $200 Mary Kennedy Rev; Donald A. Couza Mr. & Mrs. John Mahoney $100 $26 St. Vincent de Paul Society, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur T. McDer- St. Mary'S Conference mott A Friend ' $25 $50 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dran'c Mr. & Mrs. Gerald DoiroL1, Mr. $35 & Mrs. Thomas Cunniff, Mr. & The Peter Mondor Family Mrs. Frederick Pagnini, Mr. & $30 Mrs. Clifton Pierce, 'Charles GoldMr. & Mrs. William Lynch rick $25 Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Perry, Mr. The Sch':riever Family & Mrs. Arthur Travers, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Daley Mrs. Galen Rheaume, Mr. & 1\1rs. Mr. & Mrs. John Rosato James Corliss, Elizabeth Doran Eugene Sullivan, Mr. & ·Mrs. A.ttlebo,ro Richard Peyton, Gladys Mslssac, Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCl.ellan, SACRED HEART Francis Cronan $100 M. Veronica McKenna, Mr. & Mrs. Edmond Precourt Mrs. John Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. $75 Chester Dewhurst, M. Elizabeth Mr. & Mrs. Fernand Goulet Dennen, Margaret McCarthy $50 Mary Reilly, Frederick Reilly, Mr. & Mrs. John Burke Anne Rcilly,'Mr.' & Mrs:"Ft'eder-- . Mr. & Mrs. Peter Tatarian


USO AWARD: Msgr. Francis L:Sampson (Maj. Gen., Chaplains Corps, USA, Ret.), president of the United Service Organizations (USa), presents to James E. Gallagher, prominent Catholic laymen of Philadelphia, the Board of Governors Award at the recent usa National Council meeting in Atlanta. The National Catholic Community Service is one of the five member-agencies of USO. NC Photo. $30 Mr. & Mrs. Normand Cloutier Mr. & Mrs. Edward Guertin Mr. & Mrs. George Mercure $25 Mr. & Mrs. Normand Achin, Dr. & Mrs. Henry Bedard, Mr. & Mrs. Wilfrid Bourgaullt, Mrs. Aldea Brais, Mr. Donald Clow Mr. & Mrs. Roland Dubuc, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Harris, Mr. & Mrs. Bertrand. Prefontaine, Mr.) & Mrs. Philippe Rainville, Mrs. Raymond Ringuette Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Roy , Mr. & Mrs.' Romuald Thibeault HOLY GHOST

$100 Edwatd R.' Milligan Mr. & Mrs. Roger Forget . Mr. & Mrs. Howard IBristow $60 Mr. & Mrs. James McAndrews tMr. & Mrs. Arthur Lorden $50 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nelson Marjorie Castro Clare V. Fielding Mr. & Mrs. Constant Poh~lek $45 Daniel & Mrs. Manuel Carvalho

Mary Sullivan $35 Rosalind Martelli Jean Galligan $30 Mr. & Mrs. Leon O'Brien Mr. & Mrs. Elezar Sicard Joseph Luerken , ... Mr. & 'Mrs. Frederick Ellis Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hoag Mr. & Mrs. Guy' DeTellis $27 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Alme'ida ' $25 Mr. & Mrs Arthur Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Victor Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Edgar L. Gagne, Mrs. Charles Sciolto, Mr. & Mrs: Joseph Am· bel'S Mr. & Mrs. George Ryan, Mr. & Mrs. John Hayes, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Vaz, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Ro· land Tremblay, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Castro Mr. & Mrs. Richard Castro, Mrs. Parry Laird, Mr. & Mrs. George Hart, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kelliher, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ag· uiar Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rocha,' Mr. & Mrs. John Reynolds, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Raposa, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Aveiro

$200 'Rev. Joseph L. Powers $175 Mrs. William Walton $150 Dr. John J. Killion Alme Grenier _ $125 Albert Gallant $100 Philip Cronan William Parker James Curtis Peter 'Amirotto Jr. Francis McKeon $75 Harold Thompson $50 Mrs. . Eliz. I Croke ' Anonymous Charles O'Neill Bernard D. Gamache Lawrence Duffany $40 Manus A. Foley $35',-' Jacob Belt $25 Joseph Grourke Sr.) Mrs. Michael Croke, John Precopio, Paul Hagarman, Joseph Ferland James Zmudsky, Robert O'Brien, Francis Gayton, M: Curran, Arthur J. Barry Theodore Guimond, Joseph Ryan, Edwin Maselbas, James E. Kelly, John Falvey Anonymous, Anonymous, James L. Dever, Joseph O'NeBI, Russell Carr Stuart O'Hara Jr., Gerard Kenton, Malcolm Fales, Francis Zenie, Robert S.Puhl Grace B. Fitton, Don Suite J



Protect 'your home while away !



Sentry -- Timer

• Turns lights on and off automatically • Discourages' burglary and vandalism.



Attleboro ST. JOHN

$100 Very Rev. Henry I. Munroe Rev. Daniel F. Hoye In Memory of John & Theresa Mahon Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Castro Mrs. Aldor Bibeault Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Bartek

$60 The Janson Family


Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Lynch Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Volpe Mr. & Mrs. Artrur .T. Mondor, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Jost Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Edwards Edward Scott


Mr. & Mrs.· Robert E. Cray, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Lapointe & Daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Machado, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond R. Machado, Mr. & Mrs. ,Manuel S. Mello Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Michael, Anne & Alfred Monteiro, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Nogueira, Mr. & Mrs. James E. O'Neill, Mr. & Mrs. John K. Perry Mr. & Mrs. James Rebello, Mr. &-Mrs. Louis Rosa, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Tessier, Ernest Teves Mrs. Mary Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Velozo, Clorinda A. Ventura, Memory of Edward Soares by Mrs. Eulalia Soares, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Wetzel, Mr. & Mrs. Zygmunt Ziobro

Rev. Edward C. Ryder

$200 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Messier St. Vincent de Paul Society

$150 M~.

& Mrs. George Agostini

$105 Dr. & Mrs. John Belsky


James Egan $50 John Murphy Florence Moran John Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mullowney Frank Padykula Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Mulligan Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lange ·$75 Mr. & Mrs. Francis Flaherty . Mr. & Mrs. John Harrington Mr. & Mrs. Robert 'Sweeney Dr. & Mrs. Alex. MacIsaac Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Downey $60 James G. Heagney Mr. & Mrs. Donald Blake Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Lambert Mr. & Mrs. B. A. Dzija Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kelley Inn Memory of Mr. Oscar G. Mr..& Mrs. Thomas H. Cuddy Menard, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sheehan $50 Mr. & Mrs. Donald DesVergnes $45 Mr. & Mrs. Clement Lesage Myles Daly & Margaret O'Mr. & Mrs. Alfred L'Heureux Keefe Mr, John Lynch Mr. Vincent Lynch . $35 Mr. & Mrs. John Carty Mrs. Ralph Mathieu Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Jewett Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Murray Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Casey Dr. & Mrs. Raymon Riley Anita H. King Miss Helen. Reilly $32 Mrs. Leland Smith . Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rockett $40


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May 10, 1973

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

& Mrs. &. Mrs. & Mrs. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs. David Blake Mr. & Mrs. Wm. J. Sitko

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. King, Mr. & Mrs Charles Taylor, Mr. $32 & Mrs. Albert Pion, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Biron Joseph Gaynor, Mr. & Mrs. David $31 J. Foley Mr. & Mrs. Roland Smith Mr & Mrs. Norman Cloutier, $30 Mr. & Mrs. John B. Harrington, The Fisk Family Mr. & Mrs. Donald Trainor, Mr. Miss Katherine Donahue and & Mrs. George Kohler, Mr. & Mrs. John H. Donahue . Mrs. Philip E. Rounds Mr. & Mrs. Jacques Leduc Mr. & Mrs Joseph Mahon, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Wood& Mrs. Paul J. McBrien, Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. O'Donnell, Mr. come $25 & Mrs. Robert Rohman Dr. & Mrs. Fred E. Woll Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Aissis Mr. & Mrs. Herbert J. Clegg, Mrs. W. J. Amos, Mr. & Mrs. Jr., Mr. & Mrs. John Carroll, Mr. John Balog, Agnes Blake, John & Mrs. Norman Morin, Mr. & Blake Mrs. James Murray, Mr. & Mrs. William ~lake, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Nunes . Robert L. Blanchard, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Gilroy, Martin Carr, Mr. & Mrs. George Mr. & Mrs. Octavio Geminiani, Casey, Mr. & Mrs. G. Edward Mr. & Mrs. Harry Loew, Mr. & Crane, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Sterling Dalton, Mrs. Ronald Caponigro, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dauray, Mr. Mrs. James Foley Mr. & Mrs. James Fitton, Mr. & Mrs. Rocco DeFruscio, Mr. & & Mrs. Norman Pelletier, Mr. & . Mrs. ·Edward Delorme, Mr.· & Mrs. Ernest Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. John Doyle Mr. & Mrs. Louis Emond, Jr. Mrs. Gerard Plouffe, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Roger Ferland, Mr. Paul Rixon . Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Paille, Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Foley, Mrs. & Mrs. Anthony Magina, Mr. & Manuel Furtado, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Albert Robistow, Mr. & Mrs. George Giguere Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Jackson,. Richard Busch, Mr. & Mrs. James Mr. & Mrs. George LaBelle, ·Mr: Murray, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Garon Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lerocque, & Mrs. Herbert Leddy, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Turgeon, Mrs. Norman LeMere, Mrs. Jeannette Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. Davft:l Shea, Mr. & Mr. &: Mrs. Leo Marcoux, Mr. Mrs. John· Braun, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Edmund McCann, Mr. & Peter Guimond Mrs. George T. McCarthy, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Creeden, & Mrs. Harold McCormick, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Gerard LaCombe, & Mrs. Manuel Mello Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Pelletier, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. William O'Brien, & Mrs. William Martin, Gertrude Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Olivier, McBrien Mr. Joseph Ostiguy, Mr. & Mrs. William Nerney, Mary Shee- Joseph Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Thomhan, John Evans, Sr., Sandra Kel- as Poole ley, Fred McCracken Mr. & Mrs. Julio Pugliese, Mr. Susan McGinn: In Memory of & Mrs. Edward Ring, Miss Anne Claire .& Thomas Mulleady, Mrs. Schiller, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick James P. Harris, Mrs. Raymond Theberge, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Byers, Mrs. John Holdgate Toppin Mrs. Joseph Amos Fredette, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Tracey, Mr. Mrs. Paul Bellavance, In Memory & Mrs. Ernest Trahan, Francis of Vincent M. McGinn, In Mem- Whalen, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Wildory of Mary Hart goose, Joseph N. Sherry

Mrs. Luke Urban, Mrs. John E. Connolly Mrs. Helen R. Burke, Grace Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. Terrance Lomax Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Sullivan, Mrs. Gordon Schofield Mr. 8, Mrs. Fred Badwey, Mr. & Mrs. John R. Fennessey, Mrs. Frank H. Johnson, Sarah B. White, Frances Harrington Anna Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Greeley, Florence M. Sullivan


$400 In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Burns

$200 Anonymous


$125 Mrs. Joseph F. Foley Sr.

ADMINISTRATOR: Auxiliary Bishop Walter Sullivan of Richmond will serve as apostolic administrator of the diocese until a successor is named for Bishop John J. Russell, 75, who resigned because of age.

$35 Richard Blake Catherine Fisk Marilyn Fisk Mr. & Mrs. Wm~ Foley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene McGovern Mr. & Mrs. Eugene N. Perry


North Westport OUR LADY OF GRACE

$150 Rev. Maurice H. Lamontagne

$100 Adrien Picard Daniel Roy

$50 Jop.n J. Mamik Raymond Schoch In memory of Stanley Chnipcaia Our Lady of Grace Council of Catholic Women Drift Way ExcavaNng, Inc.

$30 John Haggerty Sr. Manuel Cordeiro

$60 Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. McCann

$50 Jane M. Borden Mr. & Mrs. John F. Kineavy Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Gardullo Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Santoro Charles J. Burke Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Silvia Lillian C. Hart Mary Hart Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Shovelton Mr. & Mrs. Francis Lussier Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Foley}r: Mr. & Mrs. John A. Power Mr. & 'Mrs. Charles Hague Edwin Doolan Thomas McCann Mr. & Mrs. James F. Nicoletti Dr. & Mrs. William H. Langfield $40 George W. Hopkins Mr. & Mrs: Donald Hussey


$25 Abel Novo, Marguerite Picard, Anonymous, Vincent.Nanni,·William King Smith Security Systems, Our Lady of Grace Holy Name Society, Westport Electric, M.anuel R. Fallia, Dr. Bernard Cronan Richard Barresi, Marie Cordeiro, Joseph Campbell, Friends, Frank Motta

Somerset ST. JOHN OF GOD

$500 Very Rev. Luiz G. Mendonca, V.G.

$100 St. John of God Women's Guild St. John of God Holy Rosary Rosary Sodality

$50 Mr. & Mrs. John Velozo Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Camilo Viveiros

$35 Mr. & Mrs. Leonel S. Medeiros

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O. Gagnon Mr. & Mrs. Robert Paiva Memory of Arthur Leit~

$26 Mr. & Mrs. John Gaspar


$100 St. Thomas More Conference St. Vincent de Paul A Friend Mr. & Mrs. Vincent A. Coady Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gibney


Mrs. Lillian M. Almeida, Mr. & ·Mrs. Antonio Benevides Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Frank Borges Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Camara, Mr. & Mrs. John Chellel

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Langfield Atty. & Mrs. Frank A. Rodrigues Mrs. Albert E. Mobuck Mr. & Mrs. Earl Heron

$30 In Memory of Margaret Connors Helena & Bernadette Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. Louis F. Fayan Mr. & Mrs. Peter Paskowski Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. James Crivaro

$25 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kozak, Mr. & Mrs. James Mullins, Mrs. Mary Philipp, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Hopkins, Mr. & Mrs. William F. Croke Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Latham, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Pepka, Sally A. Benson, Mr. & Mrs. Charles McDermott, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Droiscoll Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Furtado, Mr. & Mrs. James Hadad, Mrs. Robert E. Lord, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kaylor, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Foley III Mrs. Joseph L. Puhala, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Gaudreau, Dr. & Mrs. Donald Peters, Edward F. Welch, Mr. & Mrs. K. Sokolosky . Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. O'Connell, Mr. & Mrs. Herman Neher, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Gagnon, Mr. & Mrs. John L Shea, Mr. & Mrs. Henry McGowan Mrs. James W. Killoran, Mary Skammels, Helena Vallee, Mr. & ,



$100 Mr. & Mrs. Wilson W. Curtis Mr. & Mrs. Harold K. Hudner Mr & Mrs. J. Edward Lajoie Walter J. P,itera in memory of wife, Innocence

$75 Mrs. Ernest L. Wood

. $60

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard E. Boardman

$52 Mrs. William Freeman

$50 Mr. & Mrs. John M. Powers Anonymous Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Edmour Thibault $40 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Fayan Mr. & Mrs. Donald McCaffrey

$35 Mr., & Mrs. William S. Gray Grace P. Holden Mona C. Kennedy Mrs. Donald L. MacDonald

$32 Mr. & Mrs. Leon J. Menard

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. DeNardo Mr. & Mrs. Harold Senay Anonymous

$25 Mrs. Mary Archambault and Mr. & Mrs. Larry Szczesny in memory of Valmore J. Archambault, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Banville, Mr. & Mrs. George E. Borges, Mr. & Mrs. John Cabral Mr. & Mrs. J. David Connell, . Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Connors, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Drury, Anne V. Fayan, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Greenhalgh Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Higgins, Mr.. & Mrs. Normand R. Levesque, Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Luongo, Mr. & Mrs. William R. Mahoney Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. MoDonald Mr. :& Mrs. Edward S. McNerney, Mr. & Mrs. Andre G. Michaud, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Motta, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. O'Neil, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Oste Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Palana, Mr. & Mrs. George C. Penrose, Mr. & Mrs. Ambrose A. Powers, Mrs. Oliver S. Souza, Mr. & Mrs. John J. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Swales, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Swales Jr., Mr. & Mrs. John F. Sweeney, Mr. & Mrs. Clarence R. Wamboldt, Anonymous, Anonymous

CORREIA & SONS ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER • Television • Grocery • Appliances • Furniture

104 Allen St., New Bedford 997-9354



THE ANCHOR--Di'ocese o.f Fall River-Thur., May 10, .1973

The Parish Parade

Most Gardeners Are Happy ,To Share Their Expertise By Joe and Marilyn Roderick The Spring garden is in full bloom and if there is a time of the year when most gardens are pretty, it is now.

Most blooming plants of the low-growing variety give ample 'color without creating .the impression of crowding. Bulbs, . tulips, daffodils and grape I certainly have become hyacinths give the garden that?" recipe oriented. vivid color in groups and Most women want easy recclusters. Now is aRso the ipes with good results (myself


time to look at other peoples' gardens to. gather ideas for your own garden next Spr:ing. I have mentioned before that there is nothing a gardener likes more than· having people. visit and. admire his garden. This is something ,that. most people overlook in planning their own gardens; they search through catalogs rather than through. gardens. Of course, this is done out of misplaced shyness, but it is unfortunate that beginners fail to take advantage of the experienceand quality of other enthu· . siasts. Stop and Ask _ I still make a point of visitling pretty gardens and loolting for them. Whe!'! I see something different or especially eye-appealing I. do not hesitate to stop my car and inquire of the gardener, cven if it means knocking on a doo'r, to determine what it is that I ha've seen. I cannot. even count the number of times I have done this and how many times I have spent an hour or two. with some newly met gardene!' talking ahout his or her garden. This is especially true of the Spring garden when one sees so many perennials and small plants. There are so many var,i· eties of rock plants, for instance, that it is almost impossible' to have seen them all; a diHplay of interested ignorance is no crime. On these visits to other peoples'gardens I rarely seek plants; only infol1mation.Nobody likes a free-loader. Quite often, though, we end in trading plants that we are interested in, and it's a worthwhile experience on all sides. My' point is that gardeners as' a whole are both proud to sl10w and generous 'with information about their gardens and if the beginner wishes to avoid spending a great deal of energy needlessly he should take the opportun,ity to avail himself of the information he c~n garner from exp€~rienced gardeners. in the Kitchen Other than Watergate, one of the main topics of conversation where people gather in food. Very often it's the high' price of this. cOmmodity but almost as often it's a discussion of a favorite recipe. Since I have spent the past eight years or so asking "Do you have the recipe for

Business Manager ".

ROME (NC) - Msgr. Charles W. Elmer of the diocese of Austin, Tex., was named business manager of the North American . College in Rome, the residence for U. S. priests and seminarians studying here. Msgr. Elmer, born in Iron Mountain, Mich., May 19, 1923, was ordained in 1952 while a student at the North American College.

included), or if they are going to spend hours preparing a dish they want to be sure that it is one that will have excellent results. Dessert recipes are always a favorite and without a doubt over the years ,they are the ones that have elicited the most phone calls and letters. Desserts Are Tops Perhaps one reason for the immense popularity of cake recipes is that even if the man in your life is a staunch meat and potato man he Vlr.ill still try a variety (of desserts and most men enjoy cakes. . Cakes can venture out to club meetings, coffee clatches, and late snacks. They can be tucked into lunches, brought into the office foJ' everyone to try, or just kept at home to nibble on. When I thi~k back on the recipes that have crossed my desk, the ones, that stick out in my mind as the most popular are carrot c:ake,. red velvet cake pumpkin cake, sour cream coffee cake, ete. These are the ones that crop up year after year.,... with slight variations-but basi· cally the same and I'm posJtive that 20 years from now they'll still be the favorites with a few new twists. You know what Marie Antoinette said - "Let them eat cake.'" This very simple 'cake reclpe may already be in'your files but I found it in Gladys Taber's new cookbook, "My Own Cook Book," just recently published by J. B. Lippincott Company. Cormie's Pound Cake 1 package lemon Jell-O % cup apricot nectar % cup salad oil 4. eggs 1 package pound cake mix. 1) Add the first 4 ingredients to the mix and beat well. Bake an hour at 325'. Mrs. Taber comments that "This is a fine addition to a special afternoon tea, and we like it for a dinner with cran'berry sherbet after' a slimple one dish main meal.

Sister!; of Mercy Elect Director I

BETHESDA (NC) - Sister M. Silverius Shields of Dallas, Pa., was elected executive director of the Federation of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas at the federation's annual conference here. Sister Shields, currently provincial administrator of the Sisters of Mercy of the Scranton province, w.ill succeed Sister M. Jerome Hale as executive director in June. a The federation is an association of the leaders of 18 independent Mercy communlities, and the nine provinces and the gener· alate of the Sisters of Mercy of the Union. It provides leadership to 12,000 Sisters of Mercy.

ST. LAWRENCE, NEW BEDFORD The Parish Ham and Bean Supper takes place this Saturday evening at 5 in the Kennedy Center. . The Flea Market will take ST. MARY, place Saturday, June 16, at Holy NEW BEDFORD Family Grammar School. ArtiMay 13 is' the deadline to cles for sale will include knick, make ~eservations for the CCD knacks, jewelry, glassware, Installation Banquet to take' household items, small. appli'place in the school hall, minois ances, .etc. , Street, on 'Friday, May 18. Family style dinner, catered ST. THOMAS MORE, by White's Spa, will be served SOMERSET . at 7, with dancing to follow until The Women's Guild will have 1 AM. as officers for the coming year To reserve tickets contact Mrs. Sophia Trafke, president; Mrs. Dorothy DeCicco, chairman Mrs. Roberta Trainor, viceor Mrs. Gertrude Mello. president; Mrs. Mary Puhala and Mrs. -Eileen Gabriel, secreOUR LADY OF· ANGELS, taries; Mrs. Elvira Shea, treasu. FALL RIVER rer. The Holy Name Society will They will be installed at a hold a May whist party Saturbanquet to be held at 6:30 today, May 19. A baseball tdj, to night in the lower church hall. Boston is planned for Sunday, June 24. -Tickets are available ST. KILIAN, from Manuel Faria or Tony NEW BEDFORD Michaels. The Women's Guild will conChildren of Mary will attend duct a cellar sale 'in the school their annual mother's day and basement from 10 AM. to 9 feast Mass at 8 Sunday morning. P.M. Saturday, May 12. Proceeds A Father's Day Mass, followed will benefit the church.. Pastry . by breakfast is scheduled for and items for the sale may be 8 AM. Su~day, June 17. left at the rectory or donors may Cars, will be blessed at 1 Sun- call 996-6618, or 999-6132 or day afternoon, May 27 in the 994-2234 for pickup. church parking lot. Also on May 27 the summer schedule' of ST. ANNE, Masses. will go into effect, with NEW BEDFORD . A Las Vegas Night for adults a 7 AM. Sunday Mass in Portuguese and English Masses on only is scheduled from 7 to midthe hour from 8 through noon. night Saturday, May 12. A bufSaturday Masses will he cele· fet will be served. A rummage sale sponsored by brated at 4 and 5:15 P.M. the Ladies of Ste. Anne will be HOLY NAME, held Wednesday, May 16 through I FALL RIVER .'( Friday, May 18 from 10 AM. to . The'1923 club will hold a din· ~:30 P.M. and Saturday, May 19 ner dance Saturday, June 23. from 10 AM. to noon in the Members should he paid up by school basement. Sunday, June 17. The 6reater Boston Youth ST. CASIMIR, 'Symphony Orchestra will per- NEW BEDFORD form at Bishop Connolly High 'St. Casimir's Circle is sponSchool at 7:30 P.M. Saturday, soring a whist party at 8 P.M. May 12. Tickets are available at Saturday, May 12 in the church ,the rectory. hall, 2056 Acushnet Ave. Refreshments will l5e served. S'r.JOSEPH, Publicity chairmen of parish organizations ere asked to submit news Items for this column to The Anchor, P. O. Box 7, Fall River 02722. Name of city or town should be Included, as well as full dates of. all activities. Please send' news of future rather than past events.

HOSTAGE,: One of the 30 children who had been held hostage at St. Cecelia's elementary schopl in Peoria, Ill., is comforted after being freed. The children and a Sister who were held at gunpoint were released unharmed after one of three gunmen was killed by police. NC Photo.

Parish Pa:rade

ST. MARY, SOUTa DARTMOUTH New officers of the Women's Guild are Mrs. Richard farsons,· president; Mrs. Edward Anuszczyk, vice-president; Mrs; John Saint, treasurer; Mrs. Jeremiah Reardon and Mrs. Joseph Viera, setret~ries. . Members will attend a Communion breakfast at the parish center fo.llowing 9 AM. Mass Sunday, May 20. Reservations will close Monday, May 14. The annual Men's Night will take place Tuesday, June 12 and will feature an international potluck supper. ST. JOHN BAPTIST, CENTRAL VILLAGE A Mother-Daughte'r Commu· nion .1)reakfast will be held at Crandall House restaurant, Crandall Road, Tiverton at H Sunday morning, May 13. All parishioners and friends are welcome. Reservations may be made with Mrs. Lynwood Potter or any memb~r of the Ladies' Guild....... HOLY NAME, NEW BEDFORD The Senior CYO Basketball team, diocesan champions, will be honored at a Sports Night Thursday, May 31 in the Cranberry Room. A turkey dinner will be served at 7 o'clock. A guest speaker will be featured and door prizes will be awarded. \ Chairman for the affair is Thomas Mullarkey and ,co-chairman is Ernest L' Abbe. OUR LADY OF VICTORY, CENTERVILLE The Women's Guild will meet at 8 .P.M. Monday, May 14. A living ..osary will be held in the church under the direction of Mrs. Dorothy Silvestri, spiritual chairmlin for the guild. Also 'participating will be members of the ,parish CYO. A business meeting will follow the ceremony, and', tickets will be available for the unit's annual Communion supper to be held at Cummaquid Inn, Monday, June 11 with Rev. George Col'eman as speaker.

ATTLEBORO Parishioners will present a variety show at 7:30 Saturday and Sunday nights, May 12 and 13 at Attleboro High' School. Tickets are available from all cast members and at the rectory. , CCD staff members will attend a Mass at 6:30P.M. Monday, May 14, followed by a supper in the parish hall. Knights of the Altar will meet at 7 tonight. . .A special Mother's Day liturgy wI.ll be celebrated at all Masses\ thIS weekend and fam~lies are urged to attend as a umt. ST. LOUIS DE FRANCE, SWANSEA Plans are cOIllplete for a Mass, dinner and reception to be held Sunday, May 20 in honor of the sHver jubilee of Rev. Louis Boivin, pastor. The Mass will be concelebrated at 9:30 AM., not at 11 o'clock as previously announced. . . Those attending the event will sign a guest book for later presentation to the jubilarian. A photo album will / also be prepared for him. Tickets may be obtained through Tuesday, May 15 from Rev. John FoIster; general chairman, at the rectory, or from ticket chairmen Roland Levesque and Mrs. Lauretta Messier.

SACRED HEART, FALL RIVER The silver jubilee dinner and installation of new officers for Sacred Hear:t Women's GU'ild will takepla~e at The Coachmen restaurant, Tiverton, at 6:30 Monday night, June 4. In charge of arrangements is Mrs. Rose Sullivan, who was the guild's first president. She will be, aided by Mrs. RaYIllond Nestor, also a past president. Among invited guests are Bishop Daniel A Cronin and / Bishop James L. Connolly. Tickets are available from guild. members and reservations will close Sunday, May 20. Com. mittee members for the event will meet at 7:30 Monday night, May 21 at the home of Mrs. Sullivan. <



Swansea ST. LOUIS DE "'RANCE $400 A Friend $300 Rev. Louis R. Boivin In Memory of Joseph F. Dufour $100 St. Vincent de Paul Conferenc,~ Maurice Lincourt $75 Emile Cote Armand Francoeur $50 ' Holy Name Society $35 Charles Menard & Robert Paquette ... $30 Albert Michaud Leo Rochefort $25 Francis McCurdy, Daniel Berthiaume, Romeo Charest, William O'Neil, Roland Goddu Karolina Trimborn, Edward Plante, George Levesque, Adc1ard Larue, Normand Fortin Roland Aubut, Owen Griffin, William Bourassa family, Edgar Gaudreau, Antone Almeida George ,Boule, Mrs. Robert Dufour, Armand Gauthier, Thomas Butler, Alphonse Mendoza, Leo Mathieu

Assonet ST. BERNARD $300 A Friend $250 Friends $200 Rev. John P. Cronin $125

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Sullivan $120 Mr. & Mrs. Roderick D. Ferullo $100 A Friend Mr. & Mrs. Robert Barboza Keneth R. Rezendes Mr. & Mrs. Marianno Rezendes Sr. $50 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blake Mr. & Mrs. John L. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Benoit Charland St. Bernard's Conference of St. Vincent de Paul $30 A Friend $25 Franklin Arnold, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Lynch, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Simmons, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Thompson

Fall River , ST. WILLIAM $500 Rev. Msgr. Raymond T. Considine $150 In Memory of William Desmond Crowley $100 Elizabeth R. & James E. Fitzgerald Mary M. & Helen L. Donovan $75 Rev. John F. Moore $50 Mrs. Howard Worthington Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Araujo Alice F. Crowley Mae Riley The Boodry Family Mr. & Mrs. Francis Gauthier Gertrude V. Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. John Maitoza $30 Thomas Eccles Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bronhard $25 Christopher Lake Jr., Rose Lopes, Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Mar-

tin, Mrs. John Potts, Henry Raposa Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bugara, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Moore, Mr. & Mrs.. William Terceiro, Martha Hobbs, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. John Kane, Mr. & Mrs. Alcide Talbot, William Bradbury Sr., William Bradbury Jr., Mr. & Mrs. John Donald Helen M. SulIivan, Mr. & Mrs. Wiliam Sewell, In Memory of .James A. Quinn, Genevieve Connolly, James Doucet John A. Diskin, Gotwald Family, Mr. & Mrs. James 'Fingltas, Mr. & Mrs. Roland Talbot, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Dooley

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May 10, 1973 ST. STANISLAUS


$800 Rev. James F. Kenney $300 St. Louis Women's Guild $250 St. Louis St. Vincent de Paul Society $200 Rev. Hugh J. Munro $150 Mr. & Mrs. William Whalen Jr. $100 The Connerton Family In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. McCarthy $50 Mrs. Ann Tutle Mr. & Mrs. Robert White Thomas Doran Rita Doran Margaret Doran Annonymous $30 In Memory -of: Mr. & 'Mrs. Michael Tobin Thomas Conroy Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Vincent $25 Mrs. Mary. Cantwell, Peter Cantwell, Alice Bailey, Mrs. Evelyn Cr~igh & Family, Mrs. James Benson Mrs. Lloyd King, Mr. & Mrs. John Maher, James Whalon, Jr. ST. JOHN BAPTIST

$325 Rev. Daniel A. Gamache $65 A Friend $50 A Friend $32 Mr. & Mrs.' Willia~ Guillemette $30 Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Pa'quette $26 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ouellette $25· Mr. & Mrs. Louis R. Bouchard, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Boulay, Doris Dubreuil, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Gagnon Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Gauthier, In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Guimond, Mr. & Mrs. Philias Ouellette, Mr: John Perry, Mr. Norman Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Vidal ST. MATHIEU

$250 Rev. Roger L. Gagne $75 Juliette Belanger $50 Edgar Poisson $35 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lapointe $25 Mr. & Mrs. Philippe Vaillancourt, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Poisson, Mr. & Mrs. Maur.iIIe Archambault, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Picard, Mr. & Mrs. George Cummings Ann Roussel & Mother, Mr. & Mrs. Normand Chouinard, Mr. & Mrs. John Cabeceiras

RETIRING: Bishop John J. Russell, 75, has resigned as Bishop of Richmond. He plans to live at Holy Rosary Church in the predominantly black area of Richmond but promised he would not "sit around in a rocking chair." ST; PATRICK. $300 Rev. Msgr. John E. Boyd $150 Rev. Paul F. McCarrick $100 Geraldine Harrington $45 Mr. & Mrs. William Rys $40 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Haponik $35 Mary Sweeney Mrs. William T. Donnelly $30 Ella & Mildred SulIivan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Biszko Mr. & Mrs. Henry Urban $25 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Fletcher, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Sincoski, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. Del Piano, Sarah Spellman, Mrs. Hilary White Edward Healey, Manuel Sears, Edward Coady, Joseph Coady, Mrs. John 'Coady Pizio Family, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Connors, Henry Augustine, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kuszay, Mr. & Mrs. Francis E. Powell, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Albert Arsenault, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Suart, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Moss, In Memory of Timothy & Annie Holland, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Halbardier Mrs. Alton W. King, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent A. Mannion, Leo Callahan, John J. Shay, Mr. & Mrs. Clovis Saucier Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Cahill, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cabucio, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sweeney


Ann G. Doyle, Elizabeth Flaherty, Honora Foley, Mrs. Leonard Greenhalgh, Arthur Hannafin Peter Hodnett, Alfred V. Jones, John Kiley, Julia Mahoney, Cyril Marcille Margaret McCloskey, Mrs. Th'omas F. Monaghan Sr., Eugene Morin, Eileen Murphy Louise Murphy, Daniel Netto, James Perkins, Edward A. PhilBps, Mildred Powers Delphis Rioux, John T. Scanlon, Timothy Thompson, Bernard Tomlinson, Charles Wills

$100 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kocon Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Sullivan St. Stanislaus Holy Rosary Sodality $75 John M. Desrosiers $50 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Deda Mrs. Walter Conrad Walter Pypniowski $40 Stanley & Mary Kudlacik In Memory of Paul & Frances Drzal $30 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Wojnar Mr. & Mrs. William Wolowiec Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sandom· ierski Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ernst Mr. & Mrs. Henry Paruch $25 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rioux, Anonymous, Mr. & Mrs. John Dopart, Mr. & Mrs. John W. Deveney, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Smith Mr. & Mrs. Walter Stasiowski, Mary Paruch, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gromada, Aniela Kruczek, Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kulpa Mello Family, Mary Niewola


$150 Rev. John J. Oliveira $100 Rev. Barry W. Wall St. Mary's Cathedral Beano St. Vincent de Paul Society Margaret Lahey $50 Helen Burns Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Magriby Mr. & Mrs. Edward Betty Janice Hurley Mary T. Hurley Ruh Hurley Thomas & Margaret Kennedy Catherine Lynch In Memory of Charles E. & Eliza V. Connors In Memory' of John & Alice Moran Helen Joy Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Coyle $40 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hayes & family MI'. & Mrs. John Mulrooney $35 Rose Riley Margaret Riley Francis Stone $30 Daniel Shea $25 Margaret G. Diskin, Mary O'Neil, Michaeline Russell, John Rogan, Luella Little Gerald Holleran, Mr. & Mrs. F. Cavanagh, Helen D. Goff, Eleanor Shea, Angela Cyr Thomas Sullivan, Francis Moran, Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Foley, Raymond Reynolds, Mrs. Katherine Kaufman Mary Arruda, James Coyne, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Martin & family


$300 Rev. Msgr. George E; SulIivan $200 Rev. Martin L. Buote $150 The Misses Foley $100 A· Friend . Francis L. Harrington Dr. Louis Kroger Nestor G. Silva $65 Leroy Borden $50 • Eunice Dion Julia Harrington John Mercer $40 Anne Borden Mrs. Thomas H. Duffy $35 . Gilbert Cabral Jr. $25 Jose Borges, Mrs. Joseph Boyd, Frances Brough, Mrs. Arthur Cote, Michael Dolan

.............. .

,.............. .. . .......






Minimum Deposit $100 Maximum Deposit $40,000 72 /0 Dividends Paid Quarterly and Every Dollar Insured in Full

1L 0/

No Notice Required for Withdrawal


$300 Anonymous

$100 Mr. &, Mrs. Roger Valcourt St. Vincent de Paul Society $50 Mr. & Mrs. Alex Vezina P. T. Crispo & family Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Couto $35 Thomas Cote $25 In Memory of Donat J. Francoeur, Mrs. Henri Berube '.

Main Office: 41 Taunton Green, Taunton, Mass. Branch Office: 1400 Fall River Ave., Seekonk, Mass. Branch Office: 21 North Main St., Attleboro, Mass.

Taunton cooperative bank ''The Bank That Sets The Pace For Progress' •••••••••••••••••••••••••• , •••••••••••••••• , ••• $


THE'ANCHOR-[)iocese of Fall River-Thur., May 10, 1973

KNOW YOUR FAITH God Loves' With An Eternal Love I I God--The Bridegroom! "You're nobody till somebody loves you." These opening lyrics of a once-popular song 'express one way of describing human love. In a sense, the sentiment of these words goes a bit beyond the ordinary "moon-spoon" ro,mancism of lesser lyrics. They state the impact of love on the Derson loved. For the, first time perhaps he or she feels like someone else has singled him or her out of the crowd as lovable.

Can God fall in love? If he did, could his love be blind? If it was, would it be infinitely blind? Who would 'dare sugge5t such things? God to us means infinite perfection. His love for his creatures merely appreciates that same perfection in' other forms.



When God loves his creatures, he recognizes the image .of his own'perfection reflected in them. In loving .us, God admires his' own' handiwork. But. we could hardly imag.ine God loving us as if he were real· Iy being attracted to someone outside himself. We can't think of him loving us 1n the way that one' of us "falls in love" with another. Those notions seem to violate our basic idea of what Go<! is.So much for our "basic idea." Whatever the reason; God in fact has chosen to describe himself frequently in the Bible as'·8. passionate and even foolish . lover. As God tells his own story, he blindly pursues 1m unworthy object-ourselves. And even repeated bad experiences with us never succeed in teaching him to give us up. The classical scriptural passages are Ezekiel 16, Jerem.iah 2, and 3, the Song of Songs, and the book of Hosea. In these and many other passages of the


The joy of such recognition and affection can bring a feeling of , self·importance and worth perhaps for the first time. . , Ordinarily, love does not stop there. It often leads to marriage, WITHOUT GOD: "We began to experience how cold the seal on the mutual affection and commitment of the lovers to ,and hungry, we were without him." A man walks alone one' another. Within the shared down a cold stre~t near a restaurant. ~nd liquor store. experiences of married life two nobodys can grow to even more Bible, ,the same t:heme~ ,recur and Sometime~ we just ,ih~ew mature somebodys - going beanyone ,can read thein. ' them aWay. But we did n~t let yond . the first joy of selfhim win our hearts. Sometimes Constant Appeal we gave those gifts to others God tells his own, love story. whom We found more attractive It extends over many years- than our divine Lover. Somemore than, the years' of anyone times we used his gifts to buy II' of our lives. He says he was at- other lOves we yearned for. A religion teacher I know tracted to us before we had any But God never let us go in made a unique resolution at the idea he existed. He sent gifts to peace. He kept after us, kept beginning of her year of teaching us to attract our attention and coming back, begging for our fifth graders. She resolved that try to win our affection. We . love. Sometimes he grew deeply no matter how she might feel took the gifts, we used and hurt and even angry with us. during 'religion class she would enjoyed them. Then perhaps he struck us and genuinely try to make the drove u$ away for a time. youngsters sense she was happy Sometimes that little harsh- to he w,ith them. Anyone with nells proved to be just what we teaching exp~rience realized how needed most. At such times we difficult this simple resolution often began to pay more atten- can become week after week. will be talking with maintenance tion to him as we began to exon the ground and l.eep you'in- perience how cold and hungry we were without him. formed." Twenty minutes later we were . Love: Sacrifice By But ¢ach time, no sooner finally for a low sweep of the Northeast Philadelphia air- wduld h¢ take us back and again FR. CARL J. port. This gave ground personnei offer us forgiveness, security and a chance to observe the belly of love, than we would turn worse PFEIFER, S.J. our turboprop Beechfraft. "It than before. We would take appears our front wheel is in gifts from others as well as from position, but the two main ones him. We sold our love for unare not. We're going to circle fo'r worthy petty objects. We gave Admitting to some failures awhile." our love away on the streets. during the year she ,generally Each time, God would again Reactions set out and wander in search of succeeded in communicating an Frowns and worry grew deep- us, crying out after us, whom honest 'joy at being with the children. More often than not a er and palms a bit more sweaty. he continued to love so, well. The first visible, but not verbal God is the lover and bride- smile greeted each child. At year's end she asked the signs of passenger concern soon groom who made an unfqrtunate children to write down what they came. A man in front' pulled out choice of a wife. We are the relnemebered most from the the plastic "For Your Safety" faithless, untrustworthy bride to cards and looked over my head whom he committed himself and whole year of religion classes. To to note'the red "exit" s'ign. Across to whom he always remains the teacher's astonishment althe aisle, a man took out a pad faithful and whom he always most every child mentioned in of yellow paper and began a' forgives, always trusts anew, al.- one way or other what was most memorable was that she seemed (last?) letter to his wife. ways will love. to be happy, to see them each We would 'never have written I thought and prayed. Not furiously in panic, just a bit more such a story about God. If it class. seriously. "Well, Lord, Bill Phil· - did not appear in his own Word, Joy is Key in Catechesis hin's work- as a priest w.ith the ,.we v'ould not dare to believe Her experience suggests to me permanent diaconate program in such things. Even when he as- an important dimension of cateWashington was as important as sures u$ they are true, the chesis, whether it be at home, Turn to Page Seventeen Turn to Page' Sevente,eri in school, or during the liturgy.

A Brush With Death· II A few days ago I had an ex· trem~ly close brush with death -and. one hour to prepa~e for it. It ha'ppened on a' Monday morning on a commuter flight from Philadelphia to Trenton. I was enroute to Princeton Theological Seminary for my weekly



graduate course in liturgy and had as companions 7 other veteran air travelers. We were fortunate to have as pilots two men quite young but compete'nt, most professional and remarkably cool under pressure. At 9:20 our plane approached the small Mercer County airport in Trenton, then zoomed up and circled away from the field. "Folks, we're haying trouble with our landing gear, but we


recognition. Love is like that; it increases us and draws out all of those things that lie dormant within us. God's Total Love Because of the centrality and significance of love in human experience, it is not surprising that God used it to describe his relations with men, But he did not stop simply with the emotion and effects of love; he used the symbolism of marriage to represent his devotion and commitment to those he loves. Anc;l so his People, Israel and the Church, are Iiis bride, and as the Bridegroom he constantly showers her with affection and signs of devotion. His love, however is different. In the most profound' sense, his love made nothing into somethings and somebodys by a creative word. Deserted and betrayed 'by his lovers, he entered over and over again into new marriages with them. As a matter of fact he never ,rescinded that initial contract and never stopped loving what was goo<! in his creation. Finally, unlike all human love and marriage which looks to some bene· fit to both lovers. God is totally unselfish and generous. All he asks is a return of the gift of . ., Turn to Page Eighteen

Jesus Clnd Joy Joy is a key to meaningful religious education. L~arning about God and the meaning of life is meant to be a happy experience, even if at times it may be difficult and painful. In the very first book written on Christian education, St. Augustine in the fourth century signalled out the teacher's joyful spirit as the second most important attitude of the successful catechist. The first requJsite was iove, which is creative of 'joy. Augustine writes in his First Catechetical Instruction: "The thread of our discourse is affected by the very joy that we ourselves eXiperience, and as a consequence is delivered more easily' and received more gratefully . . . our chief concern is what means we should adopt to ensure that the catechizer enjoys his work; for the more he is able to do so, the more agreeable will he prove." Augustine's insight, drawn from his own experience as a catechist has been confirmed by religious educators through the General Catechetical Directory (No. 53) and the American Bishops Basic Teachings for Catholic Religious Education (No.2) indicate the close relationship between insight into the reality of God's love and the experience Of joy. • Image of Joy Knowing God, recognizing his gracious involvement in our lives, is a source of joy." LearnTurn to Page Eightee':1

Fall River OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS $600 j Rev. Msgr. Anthony G. Gomes $250 St. Vincent de Paul Society $200 Rev. Joseph M. Ferreira Mr. & Mrs. George Tonelli Holy Name Society $125 Council of Catholic Women Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Benevides $100 Holy Rosary Sodality A Friend $60 Catholic Youth Organization $50 Arthur Rego Patricia Cabral Manuel Laureanno Joseph Mell<f' Paul Cordeiro Jorge Silva $35 Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Mello .Robert Correia Tobias Monte $32 Joseph Theodore

$30 Gerald Cardelli I.eonel Rodrigues Virginia Freitas and Son Manuel Leonara & Albertina Mello William Rego Ilenry Camara $26 Mary Raposa

$25 Juse Undo, David Rogers, CarIus Dionizio, Manuel Medeiros, Daniel Macedo Adelaide Arruda, Mr. & Mr~. .lames Arruda, Caetano Furtado. Manuel Correira, Victor Santos Jr. John J. Souza, Joseph V. Vel· uzo Jr.; Jonn'Me'dei'rosJr:, Er:' nest Souza, Henry Rego August Ricardo, Joseph Silvia. Children of Mary Sodality, Manuel Souza, Joseph Branco John M. Arruda, James Richner, Manuel Silvia Jr., Joseph ferreira. Manuel Raymond Mr. & Mrs. Antone Michaels, Antone Corvello, Manuel Magana, Carl Frederick, Manuel Aguiar John Moniz, Manuel Velho, 'JuIius Rodrigues, Arthur Silvia, Christiano Pacheco Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Apolinario, Alfred F. Almeida, Herman Botelho, Mary Thomas, Richard Couto . Alfred Coray, Fernando Martins, Lionel Botelho, R'ichard Pavao, Francisco Maurisso Maria Pereira, "Jose Souza, Antonio Pacheco SACRED HEART $300 Rev. Msgr. Lester L. Hull In Memory of Julia Ayers $150 Dr. John E. Manning Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Harrington $125 Quinlan F. Leary $100 The Grace Family John F. Hallissey Sacred Heart Conference, Society of St. Vincent de Paul Deceased Benefactors, Sacred Heart Conference, Society of St. Vincent de Paul Margaret M. Sullivan In Memory of Margaret E. Hammill, Mary N. Harrington, William J. Sullivan, Anne Clancy Alice & Mary V. Harrington Mr. & Mrs. John J. Harrington

David Creamer Frances C. Shaughnessey

THE ANCHORThurs., May 10, 1973



Margaret R. Sullivan



·Rev. Joseph Oliveira $150 Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert Vincent $100 Mary T. Carvalho

George Sullivan $50 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Hurley In Memory of Nathalie Murphy Elizabeth Leonard John H. O'Neil Mr. & Mrs. Eddy Kaufman Jane G. Broderick Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Duffy Mr. & Mrs. James H. Sullivan Sr. Mildred G. & Gerald I. Harrington Thomas D & Margaret F Tolan

$80 Joseph Carvalho $60 Joao D. Aguiar Beatrice Capeto Manuel S. Medeiros & Daughter Antone Souza

$55 Mrs. Maria Oliveira & Cecilia $50 Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Carvalho $40 Silvino Estrella Alfred Rocha Albert Capeto

$40 Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Mitchell

$35 Margaret M. Dunn Dorothy McLachlan I $30 Mr. & Mrs. James R. Mitchell $25 Regina M. Higgins, Kathryn & Margaret M. Whalen, Thomas Keane, Frederick J. Harrington, Mrs. Benjamin Stafford Raymond Rosa, Robert Carey, Margaret Desmond, Mr. & Mrs. Abel Marceline, Charles V. Mor-

ris Helen Kennedy,. Mary Ann Dillon, Mr. & Mrs. James H. Sullivan Jr., Mr. & Mrs. William Mercier, Edward Dillon Mrs. Monica Walmsley, Sarah Halligan, Mrs. Anne Bishop, Margaret & Leonora Donovan NOTRE DAME . $300 _ Rev. Msgr. Alfred J. Gendreau $100 In Memory of Dr. William J. Boudreau In Memory of Dr. Joseph A. Fournier


-l"ecile"Masse . . ,'.


Mr. & Mrs. Armand Dallaire Armand Deslauriers Mr. & Mrs.' Roger Labonte Mr. & Mrs. Robert Phenix

$40 Helena Chace Mr. & Mrs. Normand Clement $35 Jeannette & Medora Dupuis

$32 Mr. & Mrs. Roland Desmarais Mr. & Mrs. Albert Parent $30 Bertrand Boulay Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Demers Emelia Larocque

. $26

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Thibault $25 Mrs. Charles J. Anctil, Gerard Berger, Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Desmarais, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dumais, Mrs. Evangeline Foster Mr. A. Frascatore, Romeo Levesque, Pauline & Gertrude Lussier, Alma & Alice Masse, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Mathieu Mr. & Mrs. Ray A. Morrissette, Mrs. Laetitia Petit, Wilfrid Poirier, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Richard, Mr. & Mrs. Edgar St. Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Thiboutot, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tremblay, In Memoriam Jordan R. Valcourt ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA

$110 Rev. Jorge de J. Sousa $35 Mr. & Mrs. Emory Gomes & Sons ST. ELIZABETH

$50 A Friend

$25 Manuel S. Borges Laura/ Nobrega




Belmira Tavares Anonymous Manuel Cardoza & Son Gilbert· Mello William Barboza Arnold Martin Noel Medeiros $25 Joseph Farias, Francis I. Lennon, A Friend, Antonio M. Rego, Miguel S. Aguiar Alvin S. Rego, Edwin S. Rego, Manuel Rosa, Manuel Latway, BRUSH WI1'H DEATH: "And we felt the elation of a Joseph Rego Sr. James King, Antonio Oliveira, sinner after forgiveness, of a Catholic after Communion, of a Christian or, Easter Sunday." Children romping in the In memory of the Cabral Family, In memory of Mariana C. surf share their relation with one another. NC Photo. Mahon, Manuel L. Carreiro Antonio Goncalo & Family, Gilbert Feijo, Isabel S. Capeto, Arthur R. Ma<:hado, Raul O. "We're going to make twp Medeiros Continued from Page Sixteen Antone Mello, Irene Cabeceimine, and he crashed to his trial passes over the runway beras, Belisario A. Almeida, Henry fore the real thing." Just prior death at Chicago's Midway. PerJ. Pleiss, Leo .Schenck hapl!! . this is the moment you to the final approach I ~sked Angelo Stavros, A Friend the' paSsengers if they would' wimt'my efforts'to end.... ' .. Regret for my sins. Gratitude care to say the Lord's Prayer ESPIRITO SANTO for good things done. An act of together. Since there seemed to $50 contrition (glad I went to con- be no opposition, I led them in it, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Toni fession the we~k before). A and muttered a vocal prayer for prayer to St. Jude. I had finished our safe landing. Arms together. Head down. a Rosary early that morning in the drive from rectory to airport, Everyone braced against the seat in front. Engines cut, a silent Continued from Page Sixteen but decided on another. g)'ide, then bump, pause, bump, Around 10:00, the pilot 'spoke thought of such an overpowering to us briefly: "We're going to a seemingly endless (1500') slide love can frighten and disconcert circle for about an hour before on the hard pavement, crunch, us. plane stopped, all quiet, a nerwe attempt the landing to use But it is true. And since Christ up our fuel. It inay come sooner, vous hesitant peek to see if we came, we have even more than but not later than an hour. We'll are on fire. "Open up the emer- a spoken word to assure us of it. gency windows and get out of let you know." In Christ we see that foolish love Billy Graham, I read once, here." and the profitless end of dOlath Second Life uses his air trips as an oppor'on a cross to which it brought Away from the plane we real- him. "This is how we know what tunity to speak, preach and sp.iritually assist fellow passengers. ized it was over.. James Strader, love is-Christ gave his life for I would feel awkward doing that a United States Steel la,wyer us." I have loved you with an and yet wondered in these Cir- from Pittsburgh who wrote that everlasting love." cumstances if I shouldn't offer letter to his wife, threw a brief" my services for the others. It case 20 feet into the air, emmight well be a final opportu- braced me and said, "The Lord BEFORE YOU nity for some to confess, to Jesus Christ was with us, Father, BUY -TRY make peace wiij),.God. I finally may we meet one day in heaven." All of us strangers, probably overcame my reluctance, awkwardly stumbled up the aisle and never to meet again, smiled, and spontaneously mentioned to each I was a Cath- laughed, olic priest, and would be glad clasped one another. We were free. Like a ba'by to as£,ist in any way possible. OLDSMOBILE after Baptism. And we felt the 67 Middle Street, Fairhaven Acknowledgement. Nods of appreciation. Grateful words. But elation of a sinner after forgiveness, of a Catholic after Communo takers. munion, of a Christian on Easter Long Minute Sunday. A second life had, for ~~==-BAMBOO Around and around we went, us, just begun. looking at the field below, seeing , AQUARIUM the fire trucks, police cars, a , New England's Most growing crowd" of people. Beautiful Aquarium The fateful hour had nearly 75 TANKS FOR YOUR ended when a man rose, walked SELECTION back to my seat and asked if I would hear his confession. He '761·7690 245 MAIN STREET half sat, half knelt in the back Wide Selection of Accessories and after a few words his voice 25 Years of Service to the Public FALMOUTH - 548-1918 broke, the first noticeable crack ~ 726 WASHINGTON STREET ARMAND ORTINS, Prol? ,in an otherwise emotionally re~Route I, So. Attleboro, Mass. ~~) strained hour.

A Brush with Death

God Loves





Photo Supply


Jesus and Joy

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May 10, 197'3


Teresa's Book ,Is Insi,der's Story of Mafia Workings


Is there any point in reading My Life Jin the Mafia by Vincent Teresa with Thomas C. Renner (Doubleday, 277 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. 10017. $8.95)? Not to keep you in suspense-yes, there is. It is far from being an important literary work. He confirms the allegation It is not a profound study that the top men of the regional -of organized crime in the mobs have working arrrange· United States. There is mo- ments with one another, and a notony ,sordid sider's of the

in- its' dogged recital of details. ~ But it i:; an inaccount of the workings so-called Mafia or Cosa



KENNEDY w~:::=:t::*}:$m!W~m~~it11~§i?J~


Nostra which is corrupting this country· . Teresa, now in ,his middle 40s, was the number three man in the New England mob (referred to by its members as "the Office") until his arrest and conviction in 1969. Imprisoned at Lewisburg" Pa., he became an informer for the government later that same year, upon learning that the mob was cheating him of money to which he was entitled, and threatening his w!fe and children. His grandfather had been a member of the Mafia in Sicily, and after coming to this country headquartered a small gang in Boston. The author's father did not follow that lead, but worked hard in modest jobs to support his family. ' Vincent Teresa got in trouble early. He was insolent and intractable at school, and his education ended with the eighth grade. As a boy he gambled heavily and lost heavily. It was to pay debts thus incurred that he turned to a life of crime. Evidently he had a gift for winning people's confidence, and this he exploited in ever more ambitious - swindles. Versatile Criminal He says that he was never a "made guy," which meanfl a formally initiated member of the mob. To qualify as a "made guy" one had to perform a murder under orders. Teresa never fulfilled this requirement. But the list of crimes he perpetrated, or was somehow involved in" is extensive. It incudes the stealing of millions of dollars in cash, goods, and securities. He was involved in arson and counterfeiting. He ran crooked gambling junkets to Las Vegas, Antigua, Haiti, London. He loansharked and blackmailed. These are but a few highlights of the varied career of a versatile criminal. But of greater interest: than his personal accomplishmlmts is the insight he offers into organized crime. He knows antj tells , most about its operations in New England. But' he is acquainted with its personnel and doings in , New York, Chica'go, Detroit, Miami, New Orleans and elsewhere in the country:


ruling body of nine to twelve members called "the Commis: sian," 'The Commission' Each mob has its a'ssassination squad which keeps in regular training and is kept on regular salary. These squads are available for what Teresa calls "Iendlease assignments." Ifa boss in New England wants a special joh done, he can borrow one or more assassins from, say, a boss in New Jersey. "There's no charge for the service - it's a favor from one boss to another." The multiplicity and the magnitude of organized crime's enterprises are staggering. In terms of money, billions are involved. And the invasion of legitimate businesses is already major and continues to expand. The power wielded by this massive force of evil is tremendous, and certainly inimical to the society within which it functions. Corrupt Intrluence How account for its baleful success? Teresa cites, first, the buying oj' key police' officers and officials by the mob. He names some names, but not a great many. He instances the kinds of collaboration on which the criminals can count and the amounts paid for it,. The mob has its connections in the offices of at least some district attorneys, according to Teresa, and there are corrupt judges. II: has connections, too, in liquor licensing offices, in motor vehicle offices, and in other municipal and state agencies. It wields great political influence, a.nd it has power in labor unions. Then there is the attitude of people. On the part of some, there is indifference to what is going on. Others consider the mob glamorous and flock to clubs and resorts which it owns or patronizes. The mob counts heavily on the greed of individuals, not only in its vast rigged gambling system but also in its loansharking. The latter offers a prospect of profits which can 'be hidden from the federal tax collectors. Special Treatment Teresa observes of people, "The mOfe money they have, the easier they are to take." He speaks, for example, of a millionaire who, when he heard of loansharking, was eager to get into it. This man was a prominent citizen in a large American city. The mob's sway reaches into federal prisons, according to Teresa. \",'hen he was sent to Lewisburg, he found that other mob prisoners had a section to themselves. It was ruled hy Car.! mine Galente, known as Lillo, once undel'boss to the celebrated Joseph Bonanno. He had been convicted, on narcotics conspiracy charge. He had special food, special privileges, and special treatment.


tHE RIVER AND ITS VICTIMS: The human misery caused by the high water of tl)e Mississippi River is' shown on the faces of the couple standing in knee" deep water, in a residential area in Southern St. Louis. NC Photo.

God·I.The Bridegroom come more aware of true and shallow love, the ways it can grow or turn to hate, but above all the enormous challenge it, presents to the openness that is the basis of human and spiritual growth. For all of this concern about love we should- be thankful. If we know a bit more about what love really means and demands of us, this can certainly enrich our relations with one another and with God. Loveless World The gl,lards feared him, because Conversely, this same awaregoing against him could mean that one who did so would meet ness about authentic love and with an accident, perhaps fatal. lov,ing has made us conscious of Other mob 'prisoners showed him 'how loveless the world is. Racial, the respect due to one of his emi- social and economic injustice, nence, and he looked after their war, violence, family and instiinterests. They were in a highly t.utional indifference and selfishness, even the sometimeS bitter favored cla~s. polarization within the Church Civic Servic2 . have caused men to despair of As for religion, Teresa says finding love and· even to be that the younger mobsters do not cynical where they find it. Pereven gO through the external mo- haps the greatest enigma and tions atly more. "Church,'going is scandal is that 'so many speak dying (lut in the mob. But the 9f 'love of God and show little old guys still go to church, they love for their brothers and sislight cl1ndles, they pray to the ters around them, as if the two Virgin Mary an"d so forth. It's could be separated. from the old country. A lot of This last point is intimately guys have their own chapels in connected with our Bridegroomtheir house." God. He loves unequivocally his Teresa can propose no simple Bride and calls for love in remeans of ending organized crime. turn. But he also demands' that "I'll tell you one thing, though: we love those who constitute the Eliminate their profits from Bride; otherwise, what we call 'bookm~king . and numbers and love of God can 'be so individualyou have them on the ropes. But jstic and limited as to be no you have to make laws and make Jove at all. In the great comthe courts enforce them that mandment of love men are asked puts the street bookie in jail. If to love' the Bride 'just as they the big guy loses that army of love the Bridegroom. Nothing bookies he has, he's out of busi- less. ness." If his book, which proba-bly is headed for best-sellerdorrl', alerts people to the extent of organized crime's activity and powers, its publication and publicization will Est. 1897 have done a real civic service. Rut remembering the way audiBuilders Supplies ences I~ughed at the killings in 2343 Purchase Street the Godfather film, one wonders New Bedford how seriously anything. about 999-4551 organized crime will be taken. Continued from Page Sixteen love which he first gave. At the same time, he is a jealous lover, demanding undivided and lasting devotion. Our times have seen a renewed preoccupation. with love as central to human andl humane living. And despite a lot of slogan-making and shoddy expressions of love, we :t1ave be-

Sturtevant & Hook

Continued' from 'Page Sixteen ing about God's goodness "should awaken joy," for his is the "love of a father, the love of a/ spouse." The Bishops' final allusion to God's love as that of a "spouse" echoes a recurring biblical theme. ' Beginning with the prophet Hosea and running through to the very last chapters of the New Testament, God, and then Jesus, is referred to as the "Bridegroom." The image is always evocative of joy, because it recalls the intimately personal love God has for each individual as well as for his chosen people. Unless the religious educator communicates a sense of deep joy, people may rightfully question whether what he beUeves and teaches is really "good news." Joy, a mark of the Holy Spirit's presence (Gal. 5:22), can not ~ubstitute for sound doctrine or honest intellectual investigation in religious education. But the teacher's joy iii what he or she has to share is an obvious factor in making doctrine credible and intellectual effort worth while. , Each catechist might do well to reflect on whether he really is'happy to see those he is teaching, whether he shares with his students a personal joy in his faith. A serious resolution, to work at making religion education a joyful experience is not far from the very heart of becoming a more successful cate· chist.

Set Scout Retreat At LaSa lette The Attleboro-Taunton Area Catholic Scouting Committee is pianning a "God Is Outdoors" weekend on the grounds of La Salette Shrine, Attleboro, June 1 through 3. The program is open to Anawon Council Boy Scouts of all denominations. Troops from ot~er Councils may also participate. Each Scout will be 'asked to make a cross to be worn around the neck, and in making an altar frontal, collect items for an Offertory procession and partici. pate in a Biblical scavenger hunt. Among participants for the weekend will be Most Rev. James J, Gerrard, D.O., who will say Mass on Saturday afternoon and Rev. Ray Marshall of the First Baptist Church of Attleboro, who will conduct Protestant services. The speakers for the week~end will include Rabbi Phil Kaplan of the Congregation Agudas Achim of Attleboro, Rev. Andre Patenaude, M.S. of the La Salette Fathers, and three youths who have made Echo retreats: Rock: Bressette, Stephen Casey and Thomas Zyskowski. Further information on the "God Is Outdoors" -weekend can be obtained from Maurice Kent, chairman of the Attleboro-Taun. ton committee, telephone 1-8246525, or Rev. Normand J. Boulet, chaplain, telephone 1-226-1115.

;'N""':"'H""T"':"'; :, orriS •. rlpp: :, SHEET METAL ,: , J. TESER, Prop. , "


, 253 Cedar St., New Bedford' : 993-3222 : .,.""""""",-,--_.





Fall River HOLY NAME $500 Margaret G. Dillon $300 Dr. & Mrs. John Dunn $250 Patrick Phelan



Dr. & Mrs. Victor Palumbo Joseph F. Phelan $150 Maureen O'Rourke Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Clancy $125 May Leary Dr. & Mrs. John Carvalho $100 Mrs. Michael E. O'Rourke Frank Perry, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William Hargraves Mr. & Mrs. James E. Davitt Dr. & Mrs. Omer E. Boivin Rev. Msgr. Raymond' P. Kelly in Memory of Anne V. Kelly Mrs. William Connelly In Memory of George P. Hurley Rose E. McDonald Vincent M. Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fitzgerald In Memory of Gladys L. O'Neil Mrs. Harold E. Clarkin $75 Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Lynch Mona M. Shea Mr. & Mrs. Gustave Mattos Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Shea $70 Mrs. John J. Neilan and Elizabeth A. Neilan $60 M. Cecilia Sheahan & Margaret P. Kelliher Mrs. John 'Hogan and Katherine L. Hogan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Burke $50 The Kenny Family Mrs. Everett G. Crowley Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Fortin & 'Collette Mrs. Thomas Tansey Frederick B. McDonald Gertrude & Alice Lynch Dorothy C. Sullivan Mrs. Edward B. Downs Catharine Furze Mr. & Mrs. James B. Kelley, Jr Mrs. Henry Shea Dr. Margaret S. Doherty Dr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Roy Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McDonald Claire Mullins Atty.. M. Frederick Torphy Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Luongo Mildred V. Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dussault $40 Hussey-O'Neill Family Joseph W. McDonald John W. Cummings $36 Mr. & Mrs. Rene Beaulieu $35 Mrs. John White Mr. & Mrs. Romeo McCallum Mr. & Mrs. James K. Marum Elizabeth & Emma Connors Daniel T. Foley and Marion Mr. & Mrs. Fred Zebrasky Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dion Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Salois Mrs. James E. Mullins Mr. & Mrs. James Harrington' Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hodkinson Mr. & Mrs. Howard Marcoux $32 In Memory of Deputy Chief Walter Pietruska $30 Mr. & Mrs. Howard Melker Margaret Rita Sullivan Clarence Bonner Mr. & Mrs. James H. Hudner Mrs. Edmund Sunderland $25 William F. Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. William M. Aylward, Bernard Sweeney, Lorenzo E. Savard


Mary Smyth, Kathleen Smyth, THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May 10, 1973 Mary Kelly, Gertrude Kelly, In Memory of Dennis Crane Mrs. Raoul T. Gagnon, Agnes Murtagh, Grace CuttIe, M. Florence Sherry, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Clement Margaret H. Powers, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Nawrocki, Bernadette Walsh, Ella Dempsey, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Donovan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Stanton Mrs. Walter Fallon, In Memory of Kathleen Gillespie, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Phelan, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cummings Mr. & Mrs. John E. Cruger, Eleanore Howard, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Delaney, Elladore F. O'Neil, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ale~ crim Mr. & Mrs. William Henry, Mabel Moran, Kathryn M. Drogue, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Har:tnett, Mr. & Mrs. John Kenyon, Catherine Lysaght, Gertrude L. Mercier, Marguerite Bonner, Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Connolly, Jr., Edward P. Grace & Family Dr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Foley, Mrs. Arthur Shea, Mrs. Louise Ponton, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Gallagher, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. McGrady Mr. & Mrs; William White, Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Hurst" Mr. & CAST OF CHARLEY'S AUNT: Rev. William Cullen, SJ, director of the time-tested Mrs. David T. Sullivan, Margaret 'successful Broadway and' Hollywood comedy has announced the following members of Lahey, Nancy Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Canniff, the cast. Front,: Debbie Neto and" Phyllis Stanton. Center: Nikki Chouinard, Joseph CarMarion Kane, Mr. & Mrs. John valho and Pat Bednarz. Rear: John Affleck, Barry Costa; David Doraz, Joseph Occhi D'Ambrosio, Mr. & Mrs. Francis and Paul Young. Urban, Mrs."John Harding Alice Jane Harding, Mr. & Mrs. John Hart, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Morais, Mrs. Honora Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. HarThe Connolly Players are cer- to persuade Father Cullen to ed audiences in the title role of rington Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Leonard, tainly a troupe that is hard to undertake a spring production "The Salvation of Lonnie McIn Memory of Anthony J. Geary, stop. Rev. William J. Cullen, S.J., featuring only seniors in the Cain," Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Reinerio, the director of the Players, had final theatrical endeavor of their Cast Mr. & Mrs. Rouel Rapoza, Mr. folded up' his director's chair high school years. and put it away for the season When the senior actors chose Veteran actors John Affleck &\ Mrs. Bernard Ryan Mr. & Mrs. John P. Harrington after the late winter production, renown farce, "Charley'S' Aunt" and Joe Occhi are the two young Mrs. 'rhomas Collins, Mr. & Mrs. A Festival of Plays, a series of by Brandon Thomas, the director lovers, David Doraz is the amJames Costa, Rudolph LaVault, one-act comedies presented in capitulated and began produc- orous father, Paul Young his March. tion immediately. competitor for the affection of Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Sullivan However, retirement was far Although written and first Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez from Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Stafford, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Stafford, Jr., fmm the minds of the Players produced in 1892, "Charley's Brazil, "where the nuts come Mr. & Mrs. James Hoyle, Mrs. as they amassed their resources Aunt" has stood the test of time. from", played by Phyllis StanIt is as delightful today as. it ton. Others in the cast include James Eastwood, Anna Sullivan HOLY CROSS was over eighty years ago. As- Barry Costa, the butler,' Nicole Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Clark, Jr., suming the role made famous by Chouinard and Pat Bednarz, the $200 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Messier, Mr. Jack Benny in the movie version objects of young love, and Deb·Franciscan Fathers & Mrs. John J. Furze, Mr. & Mr~. and by Ray Bolger in the musi- orah Neto, who rounds off the $50 Richard' Wood, Mrs. Robert cal is Joe Carvalho, who delight- romantic interest. All the acHoly Rosary Sodality Hoole $30 tresses are seniors at Sacred Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kitchen, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Gancarski SANTO CHRISTO Mr. & Mrs. Francis Harrington, Hearts Academy. Mr. & Mrs. Stanley W. Genevieve A. Harrington, Julia $100 Two Nights T. Harrington" Mrs. James O'- Nowak Mr. & Mrs. Frank Perry & Helen Plichta Misses Celia Connell and Catherine $50 The production staff include $25 Catherine P. Harrington, Mr. Mr.' & Mrs. James Machado Thomas Higgins, Robert Flynn, 'Friend, Mrs. John Pietruszka & Mrs. William Renaud, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. John N. Brilliant Russell Abisla, Robert Abisla, Mrs. Robert Lapre, Mr. & Mrs. & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Mr. & Mrs. Joseph V. Medei- John Higgins and Jay Trahan. William Collins, Mr. & Mrs. Ar- Witengier, Valerie Winiarski, ros John Czerwonka is in charge of mand Desmarais Mr. & Mrs. Charles Szulewski $30 i publicity. and tickets. Mr.• & Mrs. Edmund Geary, . Holy Cross Choir, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Medeiros "Chariey's Aunt" will be preMr. & Mrs. James Donnelly, Ben- Joseph Rebello, Mr. & Mrs. Ted $25 sented at Bishop Connolly High evides Family, Mr. & Mrs. James Krupa, Szewczyk Family, Mr. & Santo Christo Federal Credit School Auditorium on Friday Murray, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Du- Mrs. Raymond Canuel. Union, Mr. & Mrs. Joaquim and Saturday evenings, May 18 soe Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ciosek, Lt. S. Machado & son, Mr. & Mrs. and 19 at 8:00 P.M. Tickets may Mr. & Mrs. David Bishop, Mr. & Mrs. Bronislaw Kozack, Mr. John F. Silvia, Mr. & Mrs. Thom- be purchased from members of & Mrs. Francis Carey, Mr. & & Mrs. Stephen Pirog, Holy as V. Simmon & family, Mr. & the cast and crew, at the school Mrs. Norman J. Roy, Mr. & Mrs. Cross Men's Club, St. Vincent de Mrs. Aneone Viveiros, Anon- office, and at the door. AdmisFranCis J. 'McGrath Paul-Holy Cross Conference. ymous sion is $1.50.

To Present 'Charley's Aunt' May 18-19

HOLY ROSARY $100 The Pacheco Family Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Toomey $50 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Roderick $30 Mrs. Pileria Ventura $25 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald DiChiara, Edith Sasso Flanagan, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Marcucci, L.S.McKenna Typewriter Service, Albert Ragonesi Rose Sisca, Lois Walkden

O~ Co.,



992-5534 1999-1226J I 999-1227 I




THE ANCHOR--:l)iocese of Fall River-Thur., Ma,Y 10, 1973

Fall River IMMACULATE CONCEPTION $300 Rev. Msgr. Arthur W. Tansey $200 Rev. Francis L. Mahoney Immaculate Conception Conference, St. Vincent de Paul

$130 William ,1. Dugan $60 Harry Kitchen $50 Immaculate Conception Women's Guild In Memory of Everett Lafleur Mr. & Mrs. Jo1)n Long Leonel Paiva

Mrs. Thomas Fleming Mrs. Genevieve Hennessey Mrs.. Mary A. Lennon & Miss Mary Lennon $40 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Guinen Mary Whitehead - $35 Mr. & Mrs. Lucien Bedard Mrs. Catherine Brahy Raymond Lafleur Mr. ~ Mrs. Thomas McHenry

$30 Charron, George Charbonneau, Mr:' & Mrs~ James Cobery' -.- . Georg'e . S. Gaspar Mrs. Clarence P. Sullivan Mrs. Louise Gaspar, Thomas $27.77 King, Mario LaCava, In Memory of William J. Mitchell, Eileen Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Mellen McNally $27 . Kenneth & Marion Boyer Fred J. McNally, John F. $26 Mooney, Mr. & Mrs. Afonso OliMr. & Mrs. James Bentley veira, Mr. & Mrs. James A. Part$25 ridge, Jane N. Sullivan Peter Sullivan, Mrs. Wright Bertha Ashworth, Arthur Bergeron, . Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse Turner


Open Daily 9 A.M. to lOP.M. Including Saturdays

The Furniture Wonderland of the East


Famous Simmons Hi-R-iser Studio


2 BEDS IN I SPACE This versatile Simmons Hi-Riser Bed will solve all your problems for spacli! and comfort. It's a bed (or two), It'S a studio couch (or two), it's the most practical bedding you can buy at a price you can't ignore.






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Just as the mother of the apostlesJamesandJohndidnot fully understand "that their fol- iowingChristwouldmean shar- ing in a new and eternal...


Just as the mother of the apostlesJamesandJohndidnot fully understand "that their fol- iowingChristwouldmean shar- ing in a new and eternal...