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THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., Apr. 5, 1973

,The ,Parish Parade

Consumer Meat Protests May Spark Wise B.uying

ST. JOSEPH, , ATTLEBORO Beano workers will mark the first anniversary of the game in the parish tonight. Led by Charles Buebendor, many parishioners have donated every Thursday night to the project since its inception. A retreat for high school students of the parish will be conducted' this weekend at Ephpheta House, Manville. A father-son supper will take place in the church hall at 7 Sunday night, April 15. A judo exhibition will follow the meal.


By Joe and Marilyn Roderick It has been cool in the garden this week so I have not been too venturesome as yet. There is time and enough to begin the chores that have to be done outside without 'suffering the discomforts of the cool and sometimes downright frigid spring breezes. Whether the boycott will evenThe garden seems to be a tually lead to a reduction in food little ahead' of itself this prices remains to' be seen, but . year, and I am a week or so ,just the fact that so many peo-

behind. The major task ahead of me is getting the lawn in some sort of shape. Our young dog, Missy, has .wreaked havoc on it and, 1 think the days of a green lush' , lawn are past. This week 1 raked it cl~an and intend to fertilize it this weekend. But there are huge holes in it caused by our digging pup which will have to . be reseeded and worked from scratch. There are also more dead spots on the lawn than 1 care to count and they will represent a great deal of special care. At best, lawns are dfficult to keep, but the addition of a dog makes' them almost an impossibility. However, a lawn makes a garden, and 1 don't intend to give up the ship without a fight. Dwarf Evergreens We have been doing a considerable amount 'of ordering for the garden in preparation for the Spring. Our biggest investment again is the purchase of dwarf evergreens. These are attractive in themselves and do serve. a functional purpose. in that they remain relatively small and require a minimum of ,upkeep. Most of the dwarf ever~ greens. are not true dwarfs but they are semaller than the monsters that grow and 'overwhelm our small houses and plots. They are interesting to watch develop and add a graceful touch to the garden. We have also' purchased some new phlox. Ours have gradually aged and taken on the magenta hue typical of this flower as it goes to seed. Every three or four years we find that we have to replenish our supply of new plants for late Summer bloom. In the Kitchen By' the time this column is published 1 hope that we are' coming to the end of a' completely meatless week, and even more than that I hope that it is a suc- ' cessful one that reaches from coast to coast. This will be the first, time in my history as a homemaker that - 1 can remember a group of consumers banding together to. make their protests heard. (Unless "you want to count the Bos· ton Tea Party.) This is a democracy that we hope is responsive to the pulse of the people and it's about time that pulse began beating loud enough to be heard. Oh, sure that there will be many groans as those who enjoy beef do Wlithout" but 1 must admit that I'm amazed that almost everyone I have spoken to this week fervently avows that he or she is going to go meatless. From .Ji/:>eral extreme to ultraconservative, the cost of food has touched the lives of everyone who has to ask "How much."


ST. STANISLAUS, FALL RIVER The Women's Gu~ld will meet tonight after 7 o'clock Mass. -The Mass will be offered for the beatification of Frederick Ozanam, founder of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, in whose honor this week has been set aside. Parishioners are invited to attend a lecture at 4 P.M. Sunday, April 8 in the school auditorium by Dr. Charles Smiley, astronomer and former faculty member' of Brown University. He will discuss the work of Copernicus, as part of an international observance of the 500th anniversary of the birth of the founder of modern astronomy. Preliminary homilies will be heard at all Masses this weekend in preparation for a parish Lenten .retreat. The Men's Club will hold elections at 7 P.M. Sunday in the school hall. Prospective members are invited to attend.

ple are concerned means that we ST. GEORGE, are shopping with a more judiBROTHER HERMAN WESTPORT cious eye, getting more for our A whist party for the benefit food dollar 4f this is possible, •of the school fund will take place and passing up expensive con· Rec~gnizes· at 8 Saturday night in the school venience foods in favor of the hall on Route 177. Mrs. Joseph "more work involved" types that ~ello is chairman. cost less. Rehearsals are held in prepBrother Herman IE. Zaccarelli, Who knows, the r,ise in food cost may even lead to a con- International Director of the aration for the annual parish sumer market that is wiser' and International Food, Research and show, "The Fabulous Years," to more cautious than that of a Educational Center of, North be presented Friday, Saturday year ago because need forced Easton and a nationally recog~ and Sunday, April 27, 28 and 29, MT.CARMEL, SEEKONK buyers into judicious purchasing. nized authority ori institutional at Dartmouth High School. Bingo is played every WedA Rhode Island Consumer Seeing that this is our meat- food service, haS received a less' week, I wanted to make special testimonial from the nesday in the school hall, with consultant will be guest speaker sure that we topped it off with United States Army for his con- an early bird game at 7 P.M. and at the regular monthly meeting of the Women's Guild scheduled a great fish. dish. Joe proriounced tribution toward 'the develop- regular play beginning at 7:30. for 8 o'clock on Wednesday this one' delicious, therefore I ment of Army Food Service. SACRED HEART, night, April 11 in the church John D. McLaughlin, Major NEW BEDFORD feel it's worth printing, seeing center on Rte. 44. Refreshments that fish' is' my husband's fav- General, USA, :Commandant, The St. Anne's Women's Club will be served by Mrs. Beverly onite food but also noting that President, Departrrent of the he's fussy about how it is pre- Army Subsistence Operations Re- is sponsoring a discussion on Ferreira following the lecture. view Board, cited Brother Her- "The Right to Life" at -8 o'clock pare-d. The Women's Guild has finalman's contribut,ion to "develop on April 10th iri Sacred Heart ized plans for a cabaret at 8:30 Baked Cod With Shrimp Sauce Church Hall. Speakers will prel 2 pounds cod (or other thick a more effective, .efficient and sent the problem of abortion and on Saturday night, April 14 in economical food service program. the church center. Music will be fish fillets) The introduction of this modern offer their views on the situation, furnished by The Noblemen and % cup cooking oil discussing the various implicaArmy Food Ser~ic~. System has a buffet will be served at 10 1 teaspoon salt already significan~ly improved tions of the Supreme Court's de- o'clock. 1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms 22, 1973 which cision of January food service. sup,?ort for the Tickets will be $3.00 per per~ (canned maybe' ilsed. '}, ~- ,.aHows:.abortion,on ;demand. ' .. soldier." I. . son arid may, be obtained by ·1 can (10 oz.) cream of shrimp The topic will be discussed by contacting ,Mrs. Eleanor WhitGeneral· McLaughlin states, soup (I used the frozen kind.) "Through the broap application Dr. Frank Smith from Newton, ney, hostess for the evening or % cup light cream or milk of his professional' knowledge and Michael Vandal, a student any member of the guild. , 2 Tablespoons sherry in the field of food service,- at Boston College and chairman % teaspoon rosemary ST. PATRICK, Brother Hetman, h~s' made out- of the Mass. Youtlo! for Life. % teaspoon paprika SOMERSET at The panel of speakers hope, standing contdbutions to the parsley ,The Christian Co~cerns ComArmy Food Service 'program. The' the very least, to stimulate 1) Wash and. dry fillets thorspirit with which. his expertise thought which realizes the value mittee will meet at 8:30 tonight oughly. Cut into serving size was applied typifies the excel~ of life. All are welcome to at- at the Fisher House. All parishpieces and place in shall 2 quart lent rapport which exists be- tend, including proponents, op- ioners interested in joining this baking dish. Drizzle 2 Tabletween the Internatiqnal Food Re- ponEmts, and those uncertain of committee are urged to atte~d. spoons cooking oil over fish and search and Educational Center the righteousness of abortion. Additional teachers are needed sprinkle with salt. and the United States Army. Time will be provided for ques- for the Fall CCD program, and 2) Bake in a 350 oven 25 to may contact Sister Claire any His contributions haVe assisted in tions and answers. 30 minutes or until fish flakes morning at the Fisher House, providing the best ifood service easily when tested with a fork. ,telephone 673-3463. support for the soldier and will Baste with pan juices several be of lasting bertefit to the sultant, to numerous institutions A family communion breakfast times during ba~ing. United States Army. His assis- and organizations and writes will be held Sunday, April 15, 3) While fish is baking, cook tance reflects gr~at personal many books and magazine arti- following 9 A.M. Mass at St. mushrooms until tender in rededication and is Ii clear dem- cles. His most 'recent book is Louis de France hall, under the maining 2 Tablespoons melted onstration of the highest degree "Nursing Home Menu Planning, joint sponsorship of the Men's margarine or cooking oil. Add deof professionalism.", Food Purchasing and Manage- Club and the Women's Guild. frosted soup, light cream, sherry, Brother Herman attended Corment" which . he co-authored. Ticket deadline is tomorrow, and rosemary and paprika, stir' and nell University's School of Hotel Brother has been appointed to tickets are available from Betty heat thoroughly. and Restaurant Administration, the editorial Advisory Board of Novacek or Natalie DeGaetano. Remove fish to heated serving with advanced studies at George INSTITUTIONS/VOLUME FEEDTrips are planned to New York platter; spoon sauce over fish Univ~rsity. He ING Magazine and CAHNERS City on Saturday, April 28 and to Washington and garnish with parsley. Makes founded the Food Research Cen- BOOKS. - Nomination to this Chateau de Ville Thursday, May 6 servings. ter at North East6n in 1961, board is the result of outstand- 3. Further information is availNEX WEEK: A wow of a re- which serves church-'l"elated fa- ing contributions to the foodserable from Natalie DeGa,etano or_ cipe-Harvey'Wall-banger Cake, cilities in the United States. vice/lodging field. ~ally Fisher. from sent in by a diocesan reader. 'Closely associated with the commercial food indust~ throughout his career, he was chosen in 1965 Lay Councils Gear as one of the ten most ·notable To Commitment people in food service. WASHINGTON (NC)-The na- . The Food Research and EducaINC. tion's three major Catholic lay tion Center founded a newslet., councils have announced that ter to assist the elderly living their meetings' next October in alone to plan, purch~se and preNew Orleans will emphasize pare foods with a mO,dest budget, "commitment and accountabil- and Brother Herman serves as publisher of this newsletter. ity" of their groups. . The Community Leaders - of The national meetings "will seek consensus on issues dealing America cited Brother Herman, with the development of the pei- in the 1971 edition, i for his exson, the family, the Church, the tensive sociological involvement community and the global per- with feeding of American poor 363 SECOND ST. FALL RIVER, MASS. spective," the councils announc- and needy. .' ed. Brother Herman setves as conI

Army Brother', 1F'orte








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