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The ANCHOR An Anchor of the Soul, ~ am4 Firm-ST. PAUL

FaU River, M~$sG' Thursday, Jan.. 26, 1961

Vol. 5, No. 4

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Norton Church Plans .New Parish Center ,

Rev. William D. Thomson, pastor of St. Mary;s Parish, 'lorton, announced today the plans for a new Parish Center~ The new structure will be located on the corner of Powers and West'Main Streets, Norton. It will be about a half mile from the Church, Father wm also be included ill the new Thomson said. The building building, the Norton pastor :wm consist of a standard stated. In all there will be four size basketball court with classrooms and a hall for the bleachers capable of seating 300 instruction of children. people. At one end will be a The modern school lunch pro., spacious stage with lighting ef- grams can be carried out in a tects that will permit parish 'fully equipped kitchen. Showers organizations to produce almost and public rooms are also in the limy type of program. plans for this growth of the There will also be two class- Norton Parish. IrOOms that will be separated by Fr. Thomson told The Anchor a folding door that can also reporter that the' work on this serve as an all~purpose room new parish plant will start after when the door is .rolled back. the' break in the weather and !{;v/O other smaller. classrooms hence not before March.




Thursday at 7:30







. In the first evening ordination in the Diocese and in

Jl'ew England, the Most Reverend Bishop will ordain three diocesan seminarians to the Priesthood next Thursday evening, Feb. 2, in St. Mary's Cathedral, Fall River, at 7 :30. !!those to be ordained are The Bishop will promote the Rev. Mr. James F. Greene of following La Saiettes to Tonsure Swansea, Rev. Mr. James F. in the Bishop's Chapel of the Keltey of New Bedford, and Cathedral on Wednesday eveRev. Mr. Thomas E. Morrissey of

Ban River. At 'the same ceremony, the Bishop will give Minor Orders 'to 10 Missionaries of La Salette, and will ordain one La Salette a deacon. These men have, been etudying at the La Salette seminary in Attleboro. ' ' Brother Roger BrIsson, M.S., It Manchester, N. H., will or:"ined a deacon. Brothers Leo~or Itousseau, M,S., of Woonsocket,' •. I., : and Francisco Maliwat, 11.5., of the Philippines, will be erdained to the last two Minor O1'4ers of Exorcist and Acolyte.


SOLICITORS RECEIVE WELCOME FROM EN'l'IRE FAMILY: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reilly of St. Paul's Parish, Taunton, contrib ute to the Parish Phase of the campaign for the new Catholic Memorial High School for Girls in Taunton. Left to right: James, 9; Maureen, 13; Janice, 10; Joseph, 15; Raymond Labrie and William O'Donnell, solicitors; Mr. and Mrs. Reilly and Mark, 4.,

Holy Rosary Parish First To Top Quota In Taunton Despite snow, cold and hazardous traveling col1ditions, fund raising campaign for the new 'l'aunton girls' regional Rosary Parish over the top and increased the general fund more 'than $130,000. The total now stands at $759,000. Rev. Conv., pastor of the Holy Rosary Parish, Tau n ton, prefaced his chairman's report with a few qut profound

the Parish Phase of the high school has put Holy from the 13 parishes by Gallistus Sczpara, O.F.M..

phrases of praise for his parish comm~ttee and parishioners. When Sylvester Sowiecki, chairman, announced that his parish had .surpassed their' quota of $40,000, the whole assemblage in the Taunton CYO Hall realized the reason for Father Sczpara's remarks. Bishop Connol'ly, who presided, and lay chairman Dr. Clement Maxwell lauded the work of this first quota-reaching parish in the team of 13 parishes , Turn to Page Twelve '

5tang A nnou'nces ''

,M a' r'.c .h D ate Re·g •.s'trat•.on:'

ning, and will ordain them to the first two Minor Orders of Porter and Lector at the ThursSister Anne Denise, S.N.D., day evening cerem,<?ny: ~rother principal, h arinounced Norman Beaudoin,M.S., of Ber- ' lin, N. H.; Brother Roger Benoit, that regist'ratio:p. for Stang M.S., of Southbridge, 1\1ass.; High School, No. Dartmouth, Brother Donald" Jeffrey, M.~., of will be held from 2 to 5 'in the Berlin; Brother Richard Lavoie,' 'afternoon, Sunday" March 5. I Members of -the faculty, will M.S., of West 'Warwick, R. I.; Brother George Loiselle, M.S., of ,welcome prospectiv.e students,for PawtUCket; ,R. I,,' Brother' Romeo the freshmal).class of September, Levasseur,~ M.S., of Van Buren,1961',' and their families, who are' Maine; Brother Franklin Major, free ~ visit the entire s~hooi. M.S.; of Nashua; N.H.; and:' -The entrance exam 'will be B ro't h'e l' . Maurice Martineau; ,hel!i Slltyrday;' March 11, at' 1IIl..s., 01. Manchester, N. H., ,',. '. 't~rll to Page Twelve '

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TAUNTON CONVENT: The :Most Reverend Bishop shown blessin'g the new St. Joseph's Convent home of the 'Sisters of the Holy Union of the Sacred 'Hearts who teach. in the parish schc)()l. As~isting, ,hi~ is' Rev. William II. O'Reilly, curate at the,pa:~ish.

Progr~ss'of Diocesan ',Sc:hool System

'Indicativ,e of 'Area's Growth The new Acting Diocesan Superintendent 'of Schools, Rev. Patrick O'Neill, assistant at St. 'l'homas More parish, Somerset, bring s a specialized background 'to his assignmeqt. He' holds a master's degree in ed-ucation from, Boston Con~ge. Work for his bachelor'of arts degree was completed at St. John's Seminary, Brighton. Father O'Neill, whose new :responsibility is effective inte,dents throughout the nation of educators, when Father Gorimmediately, will have in his and especially her~ in the East. man spoke all the rest of us care the largest number of A testimonial to 'his ability in listened carefully because he p U,p i Is ever enrolled in the' educational field is the fact always taught us much."

TRANSFERRED: Rev.' Stephen J. Downey, assistant at St. James Parish, New Bedford, has been transferred to St. Thomas More rarish, Somerset.

schools of the Diocese. There are 18,972 elementary and 3,285 high school students, for a total enrollment of 22,257. Addition of the sophomore class to Bishop Stang High School, adding of grades 'to several parochial schools, and the opening of Holy Name 'School in Fall River, have contributed to swell the student census. The excellence of the diocesan school system' is a tribute to Rev. Edward J. Gorman, Superintendent of Schools since June 23, 1932, whose zeal and dedication to Catholic education have won' him the respect and admiration of diocesan school super-J

that,many of his school programs have been taken over by school systems of other dioceses and archdioceses. A former Superinten~ent of Schools of the Archdiocese of Boston has said ()f Father Gorman: "At any meeting

'Father Gorman, who is also pastor of St. Patrick's Church, Somerset, will now have a neighbor of his in the school office, since Father O'Neill is stationed as an assistant in the adjacent parish of St. Thomas More. Aiding the school office in the task of coordinating educational efforts of the Diocese are two Diocesan Supervisors, Sister Felicita and Sister Miriam, both Sisters of Mercy. They are assigned to the Diocesan School Office, 368 North Main Street, Fall River, and 'their duties inelude periodic visits to every Turn to Page Twelve

AWARD: Rev. John Jo Considine, M.M., has received the Pierre Charles Mission Book Award for the best Catholic Mission book ,of 1960, titled "The Missionary's Role in Socio-Econom.ic Betterment",

I \



Castro Maga~w~ Seizu re Silences ,Cuba Free Press

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs.,Jan. 26, 1961

Diocese of Fa II River

, NEW YORK (NC) - The Inter-American Press As9Clla eiation's executive committee has protested seizure of the


Cuban Catholic magazine :La Quincena by the Fidel Caabe regime. ' The committee emphasize4 the seizure. of the fortnight. published by the Francisca1S is "the last step in the destruction of free press ill

. Cleru Appointments Rev. Stephen J. Dctwney, assistant at St. James Church, New Bedford, to St. Thomas More, Somerset, as assistant. Appointment effective Wednesday, January 25. '


Rev. Patrick J. O'Neill, assistant at' ,St. Thomas More, Somerset, also becomes Acting Diocesan Superintendent of Schools., Appointment effective Thursday, January 19.



The statement declared thd the Castro regime's action til taking over the magazine c0n.firms "that the Cuban goverlF ment follows strictly the wen,. ,known communist pattern d one single voice for the ,preSS!;, radio and television without any deviation 'from the official' part¥' line. " "The use- of intimidatiOll\, physical violence and finally confiscation of all informatiOlll media, have left ,the Cuban people isolated from the rest ,of the ,free world and without neWll other than that which the go?ernment permits them to hav.e:.the committee Irtressed.


Cau!)<a (QJ~ celY1lba~$t!fD~@ PLANTATION (NC)-Separation of Catholic families ,from parish life led to a breakdown in family, and moral life, and caused Cuba, to fall under communist domination; a Catholic newspaper editor said in this Florida community. Ms'gr. John J. FitZpatrick; , h~s alreaily infected a' nation. executive editor of the Voice, The godlessness of communism ':Miami diocese paper, spoke - is already destroying a people. ..:I . · Why? What caused Cuba to fall? U b' un ng a Solemn Pontifical l

PATRON.OF1NTERRACIALJUSTICE: Blessed Martin de P,orres,' a N egro P erUVlan, . joined the Dominican order ,d . ' an· became a surgeon and infirmarian. He was beatified in Masl Ordo 1837 and three recent meetings of'the Sacred Congregation . , ' f R't h . d' t d h ,~lDAY-St. .rohn Chrysqstom., 0 I. es', mica e t at 'a cailonizatl'on may be oecl'ded Bishop, Confessor and Doctol' upon shortly. NC-Photo. of the qhurch. III Class: Whit.. Mass Proper', Gloria', no Cr......... rl IS, r'l·est' rges aln' ng I·S . I Comm,on Pr,efaee. " ~

~e'red by Bishop Colesu mit that it was the appallMass man FO.J:J.Carroll of Miami, foling divorce of family and parish. ou'log dedication of the new st.' There was a breakdown of faml ily and moral life b~ause the ' _ ~... two grew apart. Men looked Gregor'y church . : _ Emphasizing that the unity of elsewhere for their God and the family and parish are, an "un- Ch h grew weak heatable combl'nation" against h durc 1 t't . h l'f because Th . it the forces of communism, Msgr. a os 1 sparis 1 e. e 'une Fitzpatrick said Catholic family beatable combination was no SATURDAY-St. Peter Nolasce. life will affect the moral tone longer there, the unity was Confessor. III Class. White.. of the 'community. Family and broken. LONDON, (NC) - A British help"), and "Marian year'" (he Mass Proper; Gloria; Second parish must work together _ U n i t y and Strengtll priest has appealed for plain would substitute "Lady year"). ,Collect St.' Agnes, Virgin and each must recognize its own ob- ' "The only 'answ~ to atheistie . English in translations of the Msgr. Smith sidestepped the Martyr; no Creed; Commaa 'ligations and the rights of the 'communism," he concluded, "is ,Church's prayers. issue of which parts of the litPreface. : Other, he said. ' , ' , a strong personal belief in, the English versions of. Latin urgy should ,be translated into 'suNDAY - SePtuagesima .~ Family 01' PariJlb divinity of Jesus Christ. The prayers are usually "cumbrous, English and which 'ones should day. II, Class. Violet. 'Masa /'" ''Wherever there has been ,only answer to immorali,ty is crabbed, almost, musclebound," stay in the Latin. Proper; ,No Gioria; Creede failure, wherever the family or, personal holiness through parish ~sgr. Ric~ard ~: Smith a~serted Translations 'Indigestible' Preface of Trinity. -', 'sh h~ lost ground, participation in the Mass and in In an__article In The Umverse, "Wbat I e d . WIth... . i.. MONDAY Sl M t· , t' 1 C . am concern Vir-the pan there has been a breakdown be- tbe, Holy Eucharist.' The only na 10m... atholic newspaper. the' t f E g li h . t h' h ar Ina, a" ~r' to th str gtb of He also took a swipe at the s~r ~ n s m ,0 w lC and Martyr. III Class. Reel\, an"..... t h e sal d . s t r ' comword' "vern.acular," Whl'ch he anyth ,,' I ng IS pu, Mass Proper', Gloria,' no Cr........ . . ethe en tween the t WO," the editor said. "Either the parish in its think- mumsm 11 ength ' that ~ il1g and planning has grOWD comes from the Eucharist. And said sends shivers, down many. . We seem ~. have lost touch Common Preface. &way from the parishioners, has we shall never conquer it, ,in spine. He said the word "EngWIth the traditions of our lan- TUESDAY-St. John Bosco, Coe,become unaware of their prob- any part of the world or in our lish" should be used. luage. fessor. In Class. White. Maill "lems or lost intimate contact own midst, unle. week after He criticized such terms as '''Anglica~ ~n' still ~rite the Proper; Gloria; no Creecll "with them, or the family has week the great majority of our ' '"benediction" (for, which he sug- ,most splendid bidding prayers. Common Preface ' ,divorced itself' from the parish, Catholic families ,seek"unity and 'gested ~ "blessing"), "~rpetual . "Our translation of. collect. ' . 'looking elsewhere for leader- strength in the Blessed s&era- suecor" (he su~gested "u'nfailing and secrets,and post-communions ' WE~NESDAY.. ..,... St. Igna~ 'ship"for moral guidance, for in- ment in their parish~."" , , aI;e, .u,sually indigestible " and-" "BlshQp ~nd, Martyr. 'III Cia. . struction, for .inspiration; haa unpleasant. ': , Red. Mass Proper; GIQria;':... ,refused to share in' parish life, TIlE ANCHOR lists the au"We· seem to be ,mesmerized Creed; C,ommo,n Preface. , ,has 'dispensed itself, from' our niversiuy dates of priests who "by Latin forms and the result it! THURSDAY-Pudfication of the common parish food, which ifl ' . lIervedthe Fall River Diocese cumbrous, crabbed, almost·mu... · Blessed Virgin Mary. II Clall&l. 'the Eucharist, and has chosen to _ .BEJRt!T (NC)-Fr. :faolino sinee Us formaiiOll in ,1904 ,elebound."' ," ,:White.Mass 'Proper; GloriaC 110 elsehere": tor. ciommon prayer. ' Dogale, a Sudanese priest, \'1(88 ,with the 'intentiontbatthe ' , ,Msgr. Smith said that "veril8cl,Creed;, Pre~ace. of Christmu. Breakdown ill ~ba , ~ntenced . to ,12 years in .priSOll ,faithful 'will· ,give them a "ulal'''ii1 a jargon, word. ... ' In Masses which, immedia~. c. The Monsignor, who 'is ,. ,last month in "Wau, according to prayerful remembrance.' '" -: "it. ~Ople who want'Some ' ~llow: the ~lessing ot. Candlet i member ,of MiaJDi's puban RefU- reports froin Khartoum receiVed ; ,JAN. alf" , , 'pa~sof the. liturgr iri Engll,. ,~d ProceSS1on, the Prayers ,.at : gee Committee, continued: "Only here in Lebanon. ",,,Rev. Joseph M. SilVia, 1951, 'j)lead 'theeause of the vernaCo- :., ,tbe.~~ (!i the Altar ,. . , 100 miles from us atheistic com, The priest, a .former, 'member ,Pastor, 'St~'Michael, Fali'River. ular,' they are tbe last ,per~on. ,omitted. ' '" munism has already taken roOt, of Parliament, was .found guilty . ". Rev. John 'T. O,IGr~dy~ 19i1, to be entrusted with the t8skof <, The Blessing 01. Candlee. ", of making copies of • eircular Assistant, ~late Concep- wanslation. allegedly written, byCbristiaft tiOD, Fall River.'·UObviousi7 they· haw, no :feel JAN. 38 , - , their own mother-tongue!' l U1<E ENG M!LHUL , The following films are to be secondary scbooibOys protesting Rev. J<Jseph M. Griffin, 104f., , ' lNSTEAD OF MELPlli.S' added t6 the lists in, their re- against government's substitut,inil: of Friday, the Moslem holy Pastor, St. Mary, Nantuckel THE WAY I, WIt' 8EfOA1 spectivtlclassifications:'" JAM. U ESSEX CENTER (NC) - .A Unobjectiona'ble :fer general day, for: Sunday as the official RENl&O 1M11i weekly holiday. . 'Rev. ChriStino J. ~orges, 1944, giant plastie "cocoon'" eoclO8ell patronage: Gorgo. ""HEEL CHAIR FWWM , Unobjectionable for adults and ," The circular,~of ,wbichonly . Pa,stpr" ::It., John Baptist, New construc:tion OIl the new Catha- ' ," . , lie ,here iB' Vei'nwmt 'adolescents: Home l8 ,the' Hero; from 120 to 150'copiefi'weresaidBedfOid: .' ;. White 'Warrior. ' ..' to have been, made, proposed. ' Rev. Albert J.' M~sSe,:I9H, 'which i8 progressing despite bed weather. Heat and' light' C8Il .' .Unobjectionable tor, adulb: protest "by peaceful means" for Pastol',' St. 'J()seph, :Attleboro." etrate the big polyethelene . Big Deal on Madonna SU-eet; All purely' religious reasons.' It JAN.,' 31 '; ,, ! pe!1 called f6r: a' bOycott'; of Sunday ,Bev. William F. Sullivan, 108G, 'plastic coVer, but it keeps OUt in a Night's Work. ObjeCtionable ,in part' for: an: work and faithful observance 01. Pastor, st. Patrick, Somerset. . 'the' wind.. and enables work to ,.. , ,: Rev. Manuel 'C. Terra, 1930. be done the year round: Central ! It Takes a Thief (low moral religious'duties. tone; suggestive costuming-this The four schooN>oys tried with Pastor, St. Peter, ProvincetoWa. '~~ch~ alrea~in'QpetatioG classificati<Jn applicable only ie the prieSt' were repOr'tedly sen, ,FEB. 1 ' prints shown in U. S. A.),. tenced to 1~ years each. Rt~ Michael J. O'ReiB7. 1948, Pastor, ImmaCulate eon.eepticm, Taunton.' FORTY HOURS ".FEB; I Books DEVOTION . The Winter edition of worth- " lV!ost ~ev . .williani Stang, D.D., Jan. 29-SlAnthonu, 'Taun- . while books ' compiled' -bY, the 1907, Firllt Bishop of Fall River. ton. Legion of Mary of New Bedford , Rev. Patrick F. McKenna 1913 'Pastor, Immaculate. Conce'ption; Sacred Heart, Fall River. lists the following titles: -' ' 202 ROCK STREET Feb. ~H 0 1 yN a me, New "Edith Stein," "John Kennedy" Taunton: Bedford. "Come With Me Home/' "Apostle . ,Re~. John t. McNamara, 1941, VA 4-5008 St. Joseph, Fall River. In A Top Hat," "Woman in Won- Pastor, Immaculate Co~ceptiOll, FAll RIVER, MAS~' Fall River. " 'Jesus Mary Convent,FalldedaIid," "A Nun With' A Gun" Rev. P. Roland Decosse, 1947, , River.' . "Walled',m Light;'" "The De~s Pastor, St. HY~cinth, New :BedFeb. 10--La'Salette Seniiriary,:·Watch.~ ." ',' ,9~ CAPE 'COD , " '., Attleboro'.' "Counselling The Catholics" ford. Feb. 12--0ur Lady of Fatima, . "Christ ,In: RuSsia;'" ,"catholic SwanSea~ " Viewpoint On'Ohurch Arld State " :i', " :" " Catholic Memorial Home," ,"Roses ~In December'" "Re'tre:rt Fall'River.. ' " , for 'Beginners," "Eliz1beth';Bay_ . St.' Anthony COnvent, ley'Seton," "Smile At Your.Own Fall River. Risk."" '. ... , SERVICESTATlON :"A Handbook ()n Mental' mTHE ANCHOR 'ness For The Catholic I.ayman " seccmd-clasa mall privileges authorized "What I A -' 'E .. .. , a$ Fall River, Mass. 'Published . eve." . , ' S. ~l cumenical CounThursday at 410 H;ighland Avenue. Fall 'cil," "C;:brist. Chi.!d In Flanders," 'ONE . STOP SlRVICI R!v'!r, Mass.. by ~e CathOlic frees of the ''Tourist In Africa" "TbeHan"Diocese of Fall R,ver, Suhscnptlog priAle of C'" ', " .... SP 5-9846

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'V~tican 'Weekly Hits Test-Tube Fertilization


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River....Thurs.,Jan. 26, 1961 \

. 'VATICAN CITY (NC) Vatican City's weekly maga'zine has declared that much", 'publicized experiments in 'fertiiizing human ova)n a test .tube must be condemned "simply and absolutely." ·J,.'Osservafore della Domenica said the experiment lacked "the necessary respect fur life or for ,the human being, and' still less for the institution of marriage." It called the embryo produced )n the experiment "indiSputably human." : The publication was replying to a reader's letters on experiments carded out in the north Italian city of Bologna and widely publicized by the communist press. The reader asked the' Church's teaching on the m,orality of such test-tube 'llnions of sperm and ova. Infusion of Soul L'Osservatore della Domenica Jioted in its answer that theologians are divided as to exactly AMERICAN CARDINALS RECEIVE RED HATS: Cardinal Quintero (foreground), Archbishop of Caracas, when the soul is infused into the Joseph Cardinal Ritter, Archbishop of St. Louis, (left), Venezuela and Luis Concha Cardinal Cordoba, Archbishop body. It said that some theolokneels before Pope John as the Supreme Pontiff imposes of Bogota, Colombia, embrace after their official notificagians believe the soul is infused after a few weeks of life, but the biretta during semi,;public consistorya( Vatican City. tion of their nominations to the College of Cardinals'. NC that another and equally reTwo new South American cardinals, (right), Jose Humberto Photo. spectable group of theologians hold the Infusion of the soul occurs immediately, at the moment of conception. VATICAN CITY (NC)-The , Holiness had this chiefly in mind Us in the language of Rome." "Either way,", the magazine Welfare of Church Reviewing the four consistWrote, "the Church, following four new cardinals named by Cardinal Ritter said the new in elevating us, such as we are, natural and divine law,' de- Pope John' have been chosen to cardinals realize the honor given to such high dignity., so that the ,ol'ies at which he has created mands that due respect be given give special honor to the Church them "has not been granted as absolute necessity of the friend- new cardinals since his election to every human being, to every in the Americas' says Joseph' a reward for our merits, which . Iy relations and bonds of solid- to the papacy in October, 1958. human person and also toward Cardinal Ritter. we confess to be scant and in- arity becoming ever closer be- Pope John attached special sigth;~ minute creature which is The Archbishop of St. Lc;>uis, suffident,' but rather as an tween the two Americas should nificance to the number of cardindisputably human." /' inals created on each occasion. the senior of four new Princes honor to those duties in which be made evident to all. Respect Life of the Church, speaking in Latin we labor for the welfare of He said that the 23 created at "In certain areas of our conThe article concludes: "Laws on their behalf as they received the Church. And the nations of tinent religious needs require the December 1958, consistory must defend the weak and de- · the red birettas (square c,aps) our origin have been illuminated rr:minded him of his title as the fenseless, and the Church' has at the semi-secret consistory, by the light which radiates from help from every side, so that 23rd pope by the name of John. they may be met quickly and always done this. Today, there- thanked the Pope for raising Your Holin~s. The eight cardinals elevated in fore, the Church reminds the them to the Sacred College. December ] 959, signi fied the efficiently. "Your great goodness and conforgetful and warns those of bad eight beatitudes and the seven The Pope replied that the prePeace and Sefety faith to respect human life, to sentation of birettas to new card- descension which constantly excl'eated last March recalled the tends to .~ll parts of the world "Above all, it is more essential respect the laws Of conjugal co- inals "of the .two Americas-as three theological and four cardexistence and the social require- in the past to those of Australia, seems at this moment to be ad- that one America extend a help- inal virtues, he said. dressed in particular to the two ing hand to the other America, ments of the Christian family. Asia and Africa-is a tribute , Wheels of Chariot Americas. Two of US, in fact, are 'sister through the nobility of The Church ·therefore is ener* * * to the community of nations from America (Jose Card- aits common The four cardinals created on name, so that both getically opposed today to the which, without distinction of unnatural production of unfor- age and color, sit, beside each inal Quintero, Archbishop of together can push away the com- Jan. 16, he continued, brought to his mind the four faces on the tunMe creatures, that is of those oIher in * * * the Sacred Col- Caracas, Venezuela, and Luii mon threat and dangers with 'Cardinal Concha Cordoba, Arch- even greater firmness and wheels of Ezechie's chariot. They ereatures who have been cruelly · lege." 'bishop of' Botota, Columbia). I strength in the observance of are wheels, he said, "which go and ironically called 'children of The Holy Father ni>ted that am from North America, and, the Catholic Faith anq law." forward, which move around the syringe.' " his action in personally bestow- Ijis Eminence Giuseppe Cardithe throne of the Almighty, di"If this is done, it will coning the birettas signified "the nat Ferretto, although of Italian rected only toward His glory, tribute effectively riot, only to iii · intimate collaboration of -the nationality, is closely bol,md to towa'rd carrying forward the the welfare of the Church, but highest prelates with the Pope in ou,r'reJigious life in as much as fiery' chariot which in contact ,the apostolic ministry and the he has worked diligel')tly and also to peace and public safety." with the earth is transformed Pope John 'expressed hi. ge'leral government' (}f the LOS ANGELES (NC) - The fruitfully on' the (Pontifical) into a flame of. charity.", menace of smutty so~caned Church in parts of the Commission for Latin America, thanks to Cardinal Ritter for "the noble and considered words world ,like reflections of the of which he is .the scct;etary., ~lt" 'movies is that, they are which you have 'expressed to " .eeit by a largely tion~adult iight of the Pope among' ,the , Bonds qf Solidarib' audience, the Los AngeleS Times d,ifferent nations making, up ,the ' declared. , , community, of the Catholic . "I belive it is, not far fro,m " the truth if I think that YOUI' WAsHINGTON (NC)-SalvaThe Times noted in an edt:' ,'Faith." dor DaIl' has been con'tracted to torial that it has several times paint his impression of the vision criticized "gamy" films, but that of hell seen' by ,the children at ,S~RVICE producers have ,d~fended them the,1917 Fa.tima visions, accord_ Oft the grounds that their aud.., ing to the: BlUe Army', of Our fence is "sophisticated" ~nd LONDON (NC) -:- ,The Most had 'combined to make it SO:7- Lady of Fatima here in'this New, ready for "adult" films. Rev. Geoffrey Fisi;ler said shortly not least of ,which the Pope hi~ :'ersey community which will "The hole in this plea, so far be/ore announCing his retireself, who, i;lad made ~t clear ,he as the movies are concerned, is ment as ,Archbishop of Canter-, woul<i like to meet and be Oft acquire the work. An anonymous donor is sponsoring the' project, that the 'adult' subjects, ..• ar~ bury that the purpose of J~i8' friendiy terms with leaders 01. estimated to take one year. ' presented to a non-adult !lud- recent'visit to the Pope had been other churches." lence," the Times commented: " fulfilled." Creation of Secretariat "This is self-evident: what is "gloriously The Anglican Primate of All ' left Qf the ,movie box ~fice , England sa,id that the aim of his' After warm, refere~lCes to his ranges in its greater part rrom . call on Pope John was one, of ,hour-long conver~atIon wit b TAUNtON, MASS. children through teenagers. And ,uninhibited, unimpaired friend,;, Pope . JOh~tha,nAd hISt.subcSeqd~entl it is pretty hard, even for 'con- ',ship. The meeting with the Popem~et mg WI ',uguS 111 ar ma 'Plumbing - Heating", scientious parents, to govern the '\ THE BANK ON "giorio~siy fulfilled" his hopes, Bea,. S.J., pre~l~ent. of th~ ecuOver 35 Years movie selections of t ~e i r he said, just as had his earlier memcal. counCIl. s ~ecreta;lat for TAUNTON GREEN of Satisfied Service young." meetings with the Christian P~omottn~ ,Chl'lstlan Umty, I>r'. The Times announced it has 806 NO. MAIN STREET lt~aders in Jerusalem and Istan- FI~lwlerh tsa.1d : . t ~ Member of Federal Deposit established an advertising debul a IS gOlllg 0 come out "'Fall River OS 5-7497 Insurance Corporat10n partment committee to screen Archbishop Fisher ta Ike d' it? There ~s one partiC':'lar an~ movie advel't\sing copy and reabout his meeting with the Pope gene~al t.hmg. Th.e particular. 18 ject material which Is, "lewd, a meeting of the Anglican and the cr~atIon of .a new se~retal'lat 8uggestive or otherwise undeEaslern Churches Associatio'n' of which Cardmal Bea IS to be .irable." he the head and which' exists with reo 'Jo'eel Much Easier' one purpose only-to keep the This visit the places you've bee,n dreaming about all Vatican informed of the opinion. your great cities and hallowed Shrin,es of Europe "You know what happens and views of non _ Roman f. and the Holy Land. Join a congenial group, accompanied : Year' when the temperatuJ;e tises in ,a churches. BURLINGTON (NC) - A nun by a Priest, and treat yourself to the trip o,fa lifetime. f~ rather bleak frost, and you kllow was voted the "Man of the Year" what happens when it falls 'on 'requen' depart"...s - May '''rough SeiJtemMr ~ distinction by the citizens of a really torrid day: You feel ~ Visit Paris, Zurich, Lucerne, Einsiedein - ' through the ,~ this Iowa community. much easier, and quite honestly, Alps to ,Liechtenstein and Innsbruck. - Venice ilJ1,' d Pad!!a, Sister Mary Thomas of the Sisthat is what is happening in ,Assisi and Eternal Rome for that longed ~~ Audience ~Ith 01. St. Francis, who has been many parts of the world as a the, Holy Father. Then on to Lou.rdes, I.:lsbon and Fatu:na. ~S associated with the Burlington result of this tour. First class hotels, most meals, 8lghtseelDg, escort servIce, ~ Mercy Hospital for ,many years, "I carried it thl'.ough with no itS travel in,Europe and by Jet trans-Atlantic. The best f~r ~S BOYS WANTED for the conception of what might hap-' has been chosen for the honor. only $1068.00 - guaunteed by 12 years T.W.A. - LanseaJr ~ Priesthood and Brotherhood. pen. It was not the work of a The selection is made annually experience, as leaders in Catholic travel. Free brochure ~ lack of funds NO impedi~~ also details Holy Land Pilgrimages for Easter and Mid- ~2 by the Bul"iington citizens to gl'eat statemall who saw clearly ment. that this or that ought to be honor a person for special serv'I. Summer. Consult your local travel agent, any T.w.A.Ji done, but the idea of ordinary ices to the community. I~oc~~ ~ .Write to: ~ CATHOlIC TIAVa· LANSIA.. ~ people thinking: 'What fun it Sislet· Mary Thomas joined the 1026. 17th Street. N.W. Wash In.... D. Co P. O. Box 5742 Franciscan nuns in 1906. She has would be to do' this.' "It would not have been posheld the posts of supervisor and Baltimore 8, Md. sible unless other circumstancea director at the hospitaL




New Cardinals Give Special Honor to Church iriAmericas

Adult" Movies Menace Young

Da'ii and Fatima



Anglican Primate Says Purp.ose Of Meeting With Pope Fulfilled

for Bristol County



Bristol County, Trust Company

F~~~~~ ye~ !i~


Iowa Citizens Select Nun 'Man of

Trinitarian Fathers

g a It J!" ,1'


, ~ ~w






Emphasi'zes Di~ Educationa I Nee~ In So. America .

THE ANCHOR-Diocese, of Fan River-Thurs.,Jan.26; 194"1'

'Says Dale Francis' Ess~ys' Have Lasting Substan'ce

WASHINGTON (NC)Church officials in Lam America are making a new drive on behalf of Catholie

By Rt. Rev. Msgr. John S. Kennedy Among the most interesting and versatile of newspaper' columnists is Dale Francis. And much of what he writes is durable. Reading his essays week after 'w~ek, one finds them engaging and thought-provoking. Reading several dozen of them over I tried to explain it one day again, in a collection called to one of my friends in the con- ' Kneeling in the Bean Patch gregation. I wasn't very artic(Kenedy. $3.95), one is pleas- ulate about, it, not ,just because


ed and stimulated afresh. They have lasting substance and savor. which is considerably more than can be said for most columning. ' Mr. Francis is a 'highly articulate, convincing and persuasive champion of the Catholic ,Faith. But he is not a lifelong Catholic, at least in the strict sense. In his childhoed, boyhood, and youth, he was a Protestant. In faet, be served some years in the Protestant ministry. All through the pieces which make up this book he is alluding to tbat l>aekIround. But he does not see any dramatic and divisive break in hiB life, occurring with his reception into the Church. On the contrary, he keeps stressing the continuity. "As my understanding of Catholicism increased," he writes, "I realjzed that it was what I had always believed. I had been a Catholic all my life.'" Over Bean Patdt The title 1)f the book reinforces this thought. It Men! directly to the experience of a 'priest who, as a lad, worked on his father's truck farm. Many years later, assigned to establisha new parish, he learned that the land· purchased for the church site was what once had been his father's farm. "They' built the .church right over the old bean patch,'" says Mr. Francis, "and there on a morning you'll find Father Tom Cemon, still kneeling in the bean patch." Mr. Francis appropriates this story asa figure of his own. He is, he says, essentially the same person that he was in the days .before he became a Catholic. In Catholicism he has found 'the full development, the organic whole, of wh,at. was good and :uplifting in his beliefs and practices of former tinies.· , Mass Every· Day . , Like so many who· eventually are led by 'the Holy Spirit into the Church, Mr. Francis, although his antecedents were solidly Protestant, was intrigued and even drawn by things Catholic at an early age. He speaks, for example, of the fascination of midnight Mass at Christmas. One year he went from church to crowded church trying to get 'in for this ceremony. "It was not until years later that I learned that this Mass was not something special just for Christmas but that Mass was celebrated everY day." , Reality of Eucharist Even at nine or ten he longed for the reality of the Holy Eu.charist. Going to communion in . the Baptist church, he, regretted that it consisted of only a piece of cracker and a sip of grape juice. "I thought how wonderful it would be if Jesus had meant exactly what He had said, that this really was His flesh .. ,Later I became a minister and still I felt something was missing. I'· was a licensed preacher and I was permitted to ass'ist in the Holy Communion service, but I couldn't do it. Somehow I couldn't do it. -,

BYll'eau foil' LGne~y

LONDON (NC) - Britain's Catholic Introductions Bureau reports that it has fostered 607 marl'iages since its foundation in 1947. Most of its applicants are women, it says. The bureau is dedicated to the Holy Family. It has the approval C)f the nation'a bishops.

I didn't have the words, but because I didn't really know what it was I wanted to say. It was just that somehow the wonder of Christ's words struck me so forcibly that I knew Holy Communion was more than my own religion said it was." Studied Church What might be called his direct preparation for reception as 8. Catholic continued over a period of nine years, during which he systematically stu die d the Church. He emphasizes the -point that he was not seeking authority. "As a matter of fact; the authority of the Church had no appeal' to me at all when I was approaching the Catholic Church. It was one of the things I didn't like. I accepted the authority, perhaps even a little grudgiRg-Iy~ because I was convil'lced that Utie was the Church established by Jesus Christ." ProtestaDt Objections l:!ome of the, most distinctive chapters in the book deal with objections which Protestants commonly raise against the Church. They, say, fer example, that the Church is between the' person and God. His aRswer: Yes, it is, as a highway is between one and the destinatien one aims at , -it is the means of· getting there. The ChurCh, he says, is ...·the King's highway, seven-Ianed with seven Sacraments." .Mr. Francis tells us that one of, the difficulties in his becoming a Catholic was presented by devotion to Our Lady. To get to' love Mary as Catholics do to' pray to her as they d~thi~ he , deemed an impossibility. It proved to be nothing of the sort. . Attitudes Toward Mary But he does say something illuminating about the difference between the Catholic and Protestant attitudes toward Mary. To -the Catholic, he declares Mary is living and immediately.' present, whereas to the Protestant,'she is, an:! historical figure" onlY', remote and dim. And, he goes on, where~s the Mass is. strange and' incompre-· hensible to tl,J.e Protestant, our novena service is alike both in form and in nature to the ordinary Protestant evangelical worship service directed to God. So that, when the novena is in honor of Our Lady, the Protestant is prone to conclude that we give her the worship which is due to God alone.. Variety and vitality charaeter.ize this trenchant and sometimes inspiring book. It makes excellent occasional reading. .

27,005,000 Anglicans LONDON (NC) - Baptized members of the An g 1 i can Church in England and Wales number 27,005,000, the official Anglican ' yearbook reported, compared to more than. 4,000,000 Catholics.



LOWEM, MASS. Telepbone LoweD

GL 8-6&U IUl4 GL 7-7508 A mritfa"" PlBDta


SELF·HELP: This group of young students is training

at a Catechetical Teaching School in Costa Rica to teach religion in parish and public schools of Latin America. NC Photo.

education according to Carl. Siri. assistant director of, the Latin America Bureau, National Catholic Welfare Conference. Mr. Sid referred to a statement by Bishop Constantine _Luna of Zacapa, Guatemala. Bishop Luna said: , , "For the roughly half millJoa Catholics entrusted to my care I have only 26 priests. But what our people need most of all is a school, elementary at first and then high. For this I desperately require a group of Sisters. The entire city of Zacapa could be changed for the better, if they could have Sisters. "We have, sorry to say, nolbIng to offer 'these Sisters in return but souls, souls, souls."

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1'HE ANCHOR-Diocese of FcdI River-Thun.,Jan. ,26, 1961

CATECHISM GOES TO COLLEGE: High 'school catechism students in Immaculate Conception parish, North Easton, add the thrill of "going to college" to their weekly doctrine class. Left, senior boys David Garcia (left) and William Mowatt receive instruction from Seminarian Louis ' • • ' <. :

Church Offerings Are Quadrupled SAN ANTONIO (NC) .- A San Antonio parish has introduced the tithing system of church support. Father Ed Dworaczyk, pastor ef St. Margaret Mary's Parish, says parishioners will be expected to set aside 10 per cent of . their earnings for direct church contributions, school tuition and various collections. He .tilted this will eliminate bazaars, festivals, bingo and bake ules. A campaign to educate the parishioners on the tithing system was conducted before its initiation. It involved a month 01. talks before all parish societies, mailing of literature to all parishioners and sermons in the parish church and its two mismons. Father Dworaczyk' said the system has been well received. The collection on the first Sunday was four times the average Sunday collections. St. Margaret Mary's is the first parish in San Antonio archdioeese to introduce tithing.

Mission Institute ANAPOMS (NC) - Father Celsus R. Wheeler, O.F.M., Proyincial of the New York Franeiscan Fathers, has inaugurated • Brazilian Institute for Missionary Formation here. The institute provides a 10-week annual course designed to train American priests, Brothers, nuns 01' lay people for mission work in Brazil.


Manzel. Center, adults enjoy weekly discussion, hour with Rev. William Keegan, C.S.C., professor of theology at Stonehill. Right, senior girls Priscilla Gardiner (left)' and Kay Doherty, with 'Rev. John Steakem, in charge of CCP at Immaculate Conception.

Catechism, on Col,lege Level in North Easton As Townspeople Attend Stonehill Classes

C'atholics in Aust~ia Aid Congolese Poor

VIENNA (NC)-Two Austriall Catholic welfare groups raised . more than $10,000 in a week to By Marion Unsworth aid Congolese suffering lfrom Geographical location and initiative on the part of several persons have led to a unique famine and sickness. The appeal was made by the arrangement for the religious training of Catholic teenagers as well as adults in North Vienna Caritas and the S.O.S. Easton. Because the far-flung boundaries of Immaculate C6nception parish, covering Community for Immediate Help. some 29 square miles, include a college and a seminary, not oply do North Easton Several Austrian families have offered to take one or more youngsters receive benefits them, but waiting an hour . for formal ceremony connected with starving Congolese children into therefrom, but their parents the end of classes was inconven- the mandate. their homes for "a good 10", are using the opportunity to ient, Y/hile driving home and Rev. Joseph L. Powers, Dioc- holiday." increase their knowledge of back was a waste of time. esan CCD Director, presided at their religion. Again Father Sullivan was apthe service, ,presenting each Up until last September Chrisproached, and an adult discusboard member of the parish unit tian Doctrine classes had been sion group was formed under the with a manual descriptive of his held at the church in North direction of Rev. William Kee- duties. Easton, but with 160 boys and gan, C.S.C., professor °kf tbhetolO gy The North Easton parish is Joseph A. Charpentier. e ween gl' rls enrolled, and attendance at Stonehill. Each wee Reg. Pharm now .affiliated with the Archvery hl'gh, condl'tl'ons were far. 20 and 30 adults attend these .TEl.WY 6-0772 confraternity of Christian Docth from ideal. With the encourage- discussions and are very en u- trine in Rome and members are PRESCRIPTIONS . . ment of hl's ,pastor, Rev. Jo'hn J.' siastic about them. sharing in many spiritual prlVl. t e d out Father Stea k em pom b Casey, Rev. John Stea kem, in 1902 ACUSHNET AVB. . 1'dea I f or leges. and indulgences granted y .,.>' of CCD at Immaculate that the arrangement IS NEW BEDFORD un 11 d "It· th . ht Popes through the years. Conception, approached Rev. a concerne. IS e rig. Richard Sullivan, president of environment for the boys and Stonehill College,also North girls to learh, in regular classEaston. rooms, with blackboards to illusFather Sullivan agreed'to trate material,and small classes. allow the parish to use the Besides, they like' the idea of Stonehill facilities. As a result, coming to the college. Wi each Wednesday evening, eight "It's good for Stonehill, too, classrooms at the college are de- insofar as it makes the college voted to the teaching of religion more a part of the community. to high school students. In addi- There should be mutual coopertion, seminarians from adjacent ation between the two and somePius X Seminary serve as thing like this certainly helps it. instructors. As we go along we hope to bring in more lay people. Alr::-ady one Parents Too keeps attendance records for us, However, geography was to and another is teaching." play another part, for many }'irst in Diocese youngsters had to travel ·up to ~ five miles to attend instructions. Immaculate Conception added Parents were willing to drive to its catechetical laurels last Sunday when it became the first parish in the Diocese to have the CCD canonically established. Seven other parishes have reeeived the decree of canonical establishment, but Immaculate Conception was first to have the


~ L PI S L·



for Freq IIIt1slrdleJ &DkJets


CANONICAL DECREE: At ceremony establishing Confraternity of Christian Doctrine in Immaculate Conception parish, North Easton, left to right, Rev. John J. Casey, pastor; Dr. Vincent P. Wright, dean of Boston College School of Business Administration and president of parish CCD unit; Francis P. White, vice president; Rev. Joseph L. Powers, Diocesan CCD Director.

CATHOLIC TRAVEL OFFI((~ •. D Dupont Clrde Bldg., WcshIngtoa 6, D. C.

IN FALL RIVER DIAL 2-1322 or 5-7620

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"world·covering" pilgrimages.

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Feels~ ;Red' :China' ",Blessed" :Sacrament' Churck,~Fa:U

River;" Rises~~~;~~~t<U~"1;'9~' 7, ~::n~~iSe~~d -, ,:-~~",,8~1it:h.ij,':'.ro1:v~nd HiU Voices Concern"

'. W~S~NGTON ' ..(NC) .~~"

,'.... Sa;;e~:.b~ the' ~eath"th~" :~tt~~i~~:~~~~:: L. mo~,: th~ir pastor' for. th~ Past' . Catholic Adla\S~ ~teven~: s:;s It .·five Y~~~(P~rishiC?n~~·ofl.Ji~~e4,Sacia~nt'Ch9rc=h~Fal1Ri~~r, are none the less pm. Schools Curb y ssl ma t ", e::dlmPOtt '.' f' PR~ ,paring, ~o'.\velcome th~pr~estWh({WI.ill b¢,<tl1:~,,';'fIftli' 'p.Mtor,. ()~'. the .flourishing bench V·Artn',CAN"CITY'. (NG) _ 'inn a ml anee. 0 ~ • h "Bl~ft d'S '.. t be' '. . ., .. '..... 'f' 'Cl:.l>"·A ,,-_.;.J, . • 'L. It ed F. . 'L. .L.L ~a 'w' the' United Nations.', ,pans ~.; l~Se ,~er~~en:, .gan.~::·~~9!!,:q.-,·'?:1'!.·~IClI. par18Ulo serv', 'l'em;1Ii- L'Osservafore 'Romano said .." . "".,, ·s~nL.:n""'residenfa'Of the' .,~" .. '~"-'''.'''' _.J' • ,'. . The for~er Dlinois :GovernOf' .. ~ b .. ~ . '• . " , ·...:~:.."':.L-.,~c~:;,c:....:;.;,;'tn--r-· Pope John referred to bas point~ out that support of ~me :south, ,end of .,Fan c. i~' )}) conditions in'Haiti,. 'Ceylon,


the United· states position of River as w.enasresiQ.en~O~" 'c. >:'\':; , keeping the' admittance of: CODl- North Tiverto'n.In 1892 tM · - ; : 1 ' , ; , ( munist-China .0U the agend~ of thea Bishop :of Providence 'J . '. the UN ~e~era~ Assembly :ha~ :. erected the ~isSion,/which:. was been declmmg. m recent years. known as St. Dominic's. intO,. a Appearing before the S,enate canonical parish. Rev. L. q. MasForeign Relatioas Comniittee,· sicOtte became first pastor of the the new U.S. Ambassador to the new parish, although third to be United Nations expressed the in charge at the church conSidopinion that this country is ered as a .mission. "likely to encounter some· unFather Massicotte was pastor accustomed rebuHs· and disap- for eighty-ears' during which' pointments" in the United Na- time thepari$h ~rospered great.~ns in years ahead. 11'. A rect()ry was erected and a The former Democratic presi- parochial school was established 4ential nominee said he could iii. the church basement. The DOt anticipate what the policy Grey Nuns who staffed St, Joef the Kennedy administration seph's orphanage were the first wi.1.1 be on admitting Red' China Sisters at the school, assisted by to the UN but he would abide several lay women. b,. it. Senator Bourke HickenIn 1901. Fa.ther Massicotte was JDoper of Iowa declared Mr. replaced by Rev. D. V. DeleStevenson had suggested a year marre. The new pastor carried ago that the United States could forward plans f:or erection of a end its embargo of Red China's new church which should, aeadmission to the UN as part of cording to· a newsp!lper account an overall' setUement of Far of the time, "rise majestically on Eastern problems. Mr. Steven- Townsend Hill as a monument 80n replied that whatever his 'to the living faith of the parishpersonal views as Ambassador ioners of .St.Dominic's." be would be Qound by the policy Change of Name BLESSED SACRAMENT l

. the

Sudan, British' Guiana and 'Guinea .when 'he voiced concern ,'overrest.rit:ti'ons' .011. CathOlie



aehools. .. The Pope spoke of his concem

. when he formaIly announced the names of four new cardinals. The Vatican City daily commented: 'Seriousl/y Tbreatened" '"It is known that in maOT countries which claim to be free, which aCcept the Charter of the United Nations or the Decliaration of Human Rightsundertaking therefore to respect the school dghfis. .classified ill these· documents· Catholie schools are' bard hit or seriouslJ' threatened. . "Conditions in the Republic of Haiti and other COllllltries of CentFal Ameriea are well known. In the Sudan miSSionaries are r&moved one by one. We have referred also in the past to the g re a t injustices. committed against Catholic ~hools ill Ceylon. The situation. in Guinea ·is no better."

,Life of Charity End. For Dr. Tom Dooley

laid down by the President and Cornerstone for the new Renovation of the church was Sacrament Church. ~ Secretary of State. 'church' was laid July 4, 1902. In dear to Father Boucher's heart In 1952, golden jubilee of the The Ambassador observed that the course of his remarks upon 'and work continued ·throughout erection of Blessed Sacrament, NOTRE- DAME (NC) - Dr. he thought, it "highly optimis- . this occasion, ;Bishop Harkins of the remainder of his pastorate. the sacristy became a chapel Thomas A: Dooley· will alw8.711 tic" to ,think that admitting Red Providence 'oUiciallY changed A highlight of parish history honoring Our Lady of the Most be remembered for his "spirit al China to the UN would be a con- the name of.the parish from St. occurred May 19, 1940 when Holy Rosary.. ,selflessness and Christ-like charakuctive ,move, end commu- Dominic to Most Blessed Sacra- three sons of Blessed Sacrament ' Parishioners are 1epresented .ity which has, earned the a ~ aist China's. isolation and make ment. . .together' celebrated their First in seven religious communities ation 'of' peoples throughout the Bed re~. easier to deal with. The completed 'church was Solemn Masses. They were for women, four congregations world." . blessed Nov, ~4, 1904.. Fattter Father Donald Belanger, Father' of priests, two of brothers and "His death is tndeed a loss for Delemarre' re~iiined pastor until .Gerard Boisvert .and Father very notably in thec1ergyot. ow;' nation," declared Father his death in 1926. During his Benoit Galland.' ·the Fall River Diocese. Theodore M. Hesbw-gh, C.s.c.. pastorate the Sisters of St. Iri.:1'942 Bishop CasSidy visited . Parish organizations include president of. the University al . Joseph replaced the Grey Nuns . the St. Vincerit de Paul Society, Notre Dame from which Dr. VATfCANV " CITYC(NC\- ~~ as teachers at Blessed Sacrament the repaired and redeco~ted League of the Sacrea Heart, the Dooley was graduated in 1948. S econd atIcan OunCI WI ' school, an. d the Tiverton area church and commented dn ,·ft in' Ladies (}f Ste. Anne. and the The famed "jungle doctor" ol 8tudy the organization of C'athof the parish was detach~d to words that delighted parishion- . Children of Mary. .Laos died last week in New olic alumni groups throughout become' a mission of "St. An_ ers: "There are richer churches ' Curate in the parish atprelJ- ·york'of cancer the diy after ha. the world. " . thony's of Portsmouth. 'in this Diocese, but none more t· Rev'R I d'B l' ·34th ~ii-thday. ., ".' . The 'preparatory commission . Tl\e y"ar. 1919 was marked by . beautiful." .en I S . 0 an ou.e. tbr the lay apostolate has e s t l iab -'" . '9 . . I' . 't ~M'I~w_"""""~M'I~"""""""'M'I """"'M'lM_ _""""". gigantic parochial campaign to In 1 51 a SO emn momen came ". lish~ a"committee ,to· survey: .pay off "the. 'church debt. Goa{' :when Monsignor' Boucher (who.' ReligIOUS . ~.rders ,and' c~mgr.ega$25,'o~P ~nd thE: drive was . 'h~4', bee~' raised 't,i>:' ~e miJ!Jsi- .' tions throughout the world to b 'b d t rea h' ."'ta! gnorate In 1945) reSIgned from eollect· iiilor~ati~n on .-alumnI· "~rJ~~rs~n 060. ,Q, . ,~., a. 'W.':' ',the' pastorate of 'Blessed Sacra:programs' ahd proJects connected ';rh '',, . 'n' (·'1Jaij;."merit,· He" blidegdodbye to par:. with graduates of their hi~h' ,ti· ~ eor~/'b:i~O. hJlcl .i.Ji . 'lshioners 'at all ~as~e~f on 'June ,8Chools ~hd colleg~s.. '. . when a bell that had J to; "then <condtlc~ed. final holy . The c.ommitteemcludes. r~~, at .~otre Dame Church; Fall hou~,as:pa~t'.of~ortyH~u~S', RsentatiV'es of the world con R' t' I t devotIons"" . ' .,' ,J " federatiods hf 'alumni lof I the : J.Ye,r, was P~. ,111, '? ,a~.~ .a, ; < ' , . '''F th'" M'" t B 'th·'" BI~S$ed Sacrament, and bap)Wsgr. Bouch~r ~as succeeded S a I eSIan a e. s, arIS . ro ti ~.." '"t'l;" tho " '. t ""N' <:_" t ' b R ',.... " n' E' t: . en, Christian' Brothel'S, Jesuit· z~ WI. U ,e ~atne 0 0 ... : as pas 0'; Y.,~,:,.:.~osep ., . I'athers; .J Daughters '. of Mary Dl,\JPe d~ Tre~ Samt Sacremen~. ". ,B~~~que, .,wh~ wa,s a,son, a(:~ Belp of' Christians, Religious 'of' . ~n, Feb~u~ry, 1926, Rev. OSI~ .. par~sh. f~ther ~o,urq;ue contu~-: '(":. the Sacred Heart and the Italian Bo.ucher , became p.a s tor ()l ,'lil,l~ the renovatIon. wor~ ?f: confederation of Catholic.schools. Blessed Sacrament.. By 1929 ~e ·predece~o~. ~n4 rema~ecl .~'s The sutvey is tei be made in ?adcomplete~y re,bred the par- ,p~stor until hu; dec~ase 11], 1955, 1961 and the committee hopes to Ish debt, ~nd.m 1931 bought l~~d when h~. was suc<:eeded boy 'publish a study' of the resulting for ,a new school. Construction Father pIOn. . material in 1962. Purpose of the began the sa,?e year and by June . Otht;r highligh~ in ~ri~h life report is to provide a statisticiil of· 1932 the plant was ready for ,~a~e m 1952. when parISbIOners basis on which to base recomoccupancy. Jomed the Slst,ers .of St.' Joseph mendations for the strengthening i~ celebration, of tht; gol~en iuer overhaLiling of existing alum_bI1~ of thel,l', arrIval In the Dt organizations. ,United States anq the Fall River, . Diocese. The Sisters' provincial, ' , .. WASHINGTON (NC) - The house is located directl,y acroSs .' U,S.' Supreme Court has been SQuth Main Street from .Blessed ,:. asked to· review the conviction WASHINGTON (NC)-Bishop of Norfolk, Va. man sentenced to fiveye'ars in jail and fined Charles .P.,Greco of Alexandria. La., was elected Supreme Chap- $2:000 fop' mailing photographs ·for 52 weeks will enjoy Local, National . '" lain of the Knights of Columbus of nudes. Counsel for the .man, chalat a quarterly meeting of the ,!,orld: . organization's board of directors lenged constitutionality .of the at the Statler-Hilton hotel·here. F,ed.eral postal statute under in the Light of Catholic Thought.. The election of Bishop' Greco wh,ich he was·convicted and 8';..,.' lued that ,the phot~pbs an. was announced by Luke E. Hart, -~t, obscene. . . Supreme Knight. Bishop Greco, CHARLES F. V~AS The m,~ a professional ~. : . Louisiana State Chaplain of the 254 ROCKDALf AVENUE ~K. of C. succeeds Msgr. Leo M. tOgra~he:r" eX-.Ma~ . NEW '~~MA5S.: Finn of .Bridgeport, Coni1. 'who divinity StUdent, was first foUJ;t(l, . . guilty U.S. DistHetCou~t' tn· died last.,Qct. 30. Bishop.,Greco has-been a.mem.. l'fM,:follt: :t-i~s c'onviotiC?D. w~S,·Up... 1 , • :"'.1. ·ber oLt.h.~ J.<. ,of' C•. since 1919,· h~~:. ~~'-'lthNe y;..S. ~~~. 9f, ~. '" , pe~ ~ ovem......... ,r<). t , He iS,a .m;\tive .. of Rodney, Miss.;.' was ord:ai,, the priesthoocl· """'".-~,"!', -.-~ ~~FEB. 12 .IS,:::SUBSCRlPTION· SUNDAY ~ ~., Ia. 1918,·~.(I,d .was consecrated a·' '''Tlte KEY·STONE·<· .i~

Council to Study Alumni Groups

was .










Seek Cou rt Rev.lew In Obscenity Case

Elect Bishop Greco Supreme Chaplain










~s~~ b~l~~~~h:s'Jsc~==:'" W~re,bQ""S~lesrQ9R.l, New and Used. .

on the CQllfraternitY.of Christian Qoctrine.. :".. ' .


'. '. :...

Tape .

NEW ORLEANS (NC)-eitJ' ~ l .' superintends"at.. James Bedmondsaid he win' dispense with requil'ementa fur·, blnb ·eertifj<lates- and other document. . . admitting SO dilldi'ell .at · Cuban refugee» to- NewOr1eaDa



r:· .;



. ~~ t




near' JJnioa , NewBedfo. ...WY~:; .




.' .


..' .~ I

~ving.,loCke~ lO8:J~.' ,

:. ,"";



..~ De,'If d~ks, c:Lairs, fil!D3. ~ iDets, tables, etc.. in wood and, steeL. ..AI80 metal 8tQrage cabinets. .sa'l.,


" :.,,;, ': .::«


OFFtCE EQUIPMENt ... We, show: a large assortmeDt·.ot used










I '~'



Fan River Units To Hear Priest

THE ANCHOR-Diocew of Fon,ltIver-Thun:,Jcm. 26, 1-961





Win Find Card TableVers'atile For', Child's Toys

Rev. Joseph L. Powers, Diae:> esan Director of the ConfraterilP ity of Chri9tian Doctrine, wHll be featured speaker at an o.pEm meeting to be held at 7:45 Turo=> day night, Feb. 14 at Holy NamG School, Pearce Street, 'by Faln River District One of the Dioe=. stn Council of a Catholic Wom,en. Father Powers will discuss implementation of the Confrate:nity program on the parish level, He has invited all priest directors and officers of CCD parish units to attend. A coffee hour , will follow the meeting.

By Alice Bough, Cahill ' During the holidays we visited friends with children and of course, first thing, we HAD to see Junior's new train. Thank goodn~ss we did not have to get down on all fours to join this busy railroad man in operating switches, f-or his mother had co~-, If you happen to have a round 'eeived a way of keeping him card table, why not dress it up ,off the floor and out from with a fringed cover? If you've 'under foot. A plywood board longed for a draped Victorian was mounted on two card tables, giving ample space for the entire set. , What a clever Idea, I thought, for Mother can fold the road:bed a way at night and clear Jaer living room. T his started 'talk about. the • s e 0 f car d tables and I'm happy to tell '70u we brought up many ways of using these adaptable pieces of ,furniture. 'Of course, most people are familiar with the u~ ,of such tables for bridge and refreshments following the game, but have you ever thought how ,you could serve an informal ,eompany supper in you,r living room with the use of card tables. ,Use as many tables as you'll need for your guests, four at each table, then have an extra table handy for serving hot dishes. With pretty cloths your tables can look rea1'ly festive and afterwards guests can indulge in cards -:- all entertaining being done in your living room.' Easy to Whip Up


table to put next to a favorite heirloom chair, this' will give you one and the advantage is that you can fold the table and put it away when you tire of the arrangement. ' Lots of people like to have a folding table handy in a hall closet to use in front of the fire, for -tea if someone ckops in for an unexpected 'visit. Don't overlook what you call do with a card table in bedrooms. When one of the children is sick, , use it to keep magazines, crayons and games handy. I like to use all oileloth in this instance to proteet the top from spills. You'll find that card tables make it ,easier to serve meals in ~,too. In Guest Room A young girl can make use 01. a card table as.a dressing table. She can gather bright chintz around the top anci tack it to the table. Because it wipes off so easily, she might cover the top ,with contact paper of the same basic shade as the chintz. With ' .a make-up mirror, lamp and' accessories, she has a very funetional and professional-looking dressing table. Then, too, Mother C8Il make her own kitChen office With folding table. Here she can plan menus and make phone calls. When the kitchen gets crowded at ~ time, it's easy to put table and papers away.

Bolivian Reds Attack: :~ .Cathedral, Paper

LA PAZ (NC)-Communlst3 and fellow-travelers threw tear gas bombs into La Paz cathedral and stoned the offices of, this capital's daily Catholic newSpaper in a well-organized rampage of anti-Catholicism. " They attacked the cathedral first. Catholics rushed to the cathedral square and drove them. off in a sharp free-swinging struggle. ' The communists regrouped and ' marched to the offices of Pres:encia, which has a circulation of 10,000, and is one 01. the JDOf!t widely read in the city. They subjected the newspapew ERL' PASSION PLAY: Top photo shows Passion Play , offices to a shower 01. stones. theater at picturesque Tyrolean village of Erl near Bavarian 'shattering windows aM eYeD. border. Bottom photo 'shows scene from play 'whose pell- damaging furniture. Catholics, learning of the c0mforniance goes back to 1613. NO Photo.. munist attack against the newspaper, then rushed to the offic~ and drove off the attackers a second time. They also rescued ,an editor of the newspaper,from a group of communist womell FLINT (NC)-InCTeased use of approximMe accuracy., to he d&- who had cornered him in the public education is 'inevitable if clared. square. American Catholic students ar~ , Also, an 'emergency buffet Mr. Kane said conservative to achieve an adequate educatable is easy tc) whip up if you estimates maintain that college tion, a sociologist declared here. enrollments will double by 1973, ,keep several folding tables handy.' Cover three ta'bles John J. Kane, head of the Uni- and if the present trend for more Sponsored by (placed in a row) with a long Journalists to Speak versity of Notre Dame's sociol- students to attend colleges con,unner and your buffet is ready. ogy department, told the First tinues, enrollments will triple by St. BerncH'd's Women's Guild Friday Club here' that the rising . that year. - Have you ever thought that At Catholic Meeting THURS. EVENING, FEB. 2 you can formalize a pair of fold- " MILWAUKEE (He) _ F'iw cost, of Catholic education will 8:00 P.M. He'said it has been estimated' ing tables with extra covers if n~ted journalists have been force greater participation • Door Prize - Refreshments that in the 1956-57 school year ' you need end tab~es for the added to the list of speakers for' public education. HOME MADE CAKE SALE American Catholics saved U. S. , living room? Invest in brilliant the 15th annual Wisconsin CathHe urged that every effort be taxpayers, "including themselves, St. 8ef'nard's Hall billiard-green fe,It, ~ut it the olic Action eonvention ~- be made to preserve existing course,'" almost 1.i billion So. MaiD. 81., Assonet siZe, of your table and add a held here from Peb. 3 to 5 and Catholic schools. But "equal ef- of dollars. forts must be made to see that heavy dark fringe to all four Feb. 17 and 18. The liive are Father, P1acld ,. they, continue to maintain standsides. Instead of using felt, one woman I know used contact Jordan, O,S.B., correspondent ards;" he added. , ENJOY WARM' RESTFUL SLEEP ALL WIN.TER paper in a marbelized design to for the N.C.W.C. News Service "If they cannot do so, their WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL cover her tables. ' and former foreign correspond- eontinuance is futile," he asThere are many uses for a· ent for the Hearst paper and for serted. "Ideally, every Catholic folding table'in your living room. NBC; BOb Considine, nationally child shoul~ ~ in a C~tholie Because you have good light you, syndicated columnist and Hearst ~hool. it is unposyour husband or the children reporter' Dave Condon Chicago Sible now and Will be more 90 may want to do homework there. Tribune' sports edito;; Father in the future." Mr. Kane trac~d Why not let a card table serve John Reedy, C.S.C., editor of the gro~h of the U. S. Cath~lic as your desk. You can fold it Ave Maria magazine, Notre, p?pulatIon and the corr~spondmg away wlien company comes, yet Dame, Ind., and Vincent Giese, rlSe in costs 01. education. it's sturdy enough to hold a big editorial director of Fides Put)., Phenomenal Growth lishers, Notre Dame. He noted that growth in the ~k'of papers and books. , 12 years ending 1957 "has been Or you might use a card table phenomenal." Catholie elemenat the end of,. SODl as a com- SMU Head Prauses tary schools students increased bination end' table and desk. by 80 per cent, he said, while Since it's good-looking, it call Dallas University DALLAS (NC) - The foup.. ,secondary school enrollment be left standing as long as you like, for it uses so litUe space. year-old Uniyersity of Dallas baa' jumped 61 per cent. ''But the past is nothing com, When u~d as a desk, the sofa been praised bY. the president 01. Southern MethOdist. Uq~versitypared to What the future will be lamp d04bles as 11 desk lamp. 88 ". work of great vision." The if population predictions eVeR laudatory, remarks were made 'Student Hop , by Dr. Willis M. Tate in • talk The second in a series of recto the advisory board of the University Of Dallas, o~rated b?' ord. hops for student nurses at· St. Anne's :S;ospital, Fall River the Diocese of Dallas-Fort Worth. Dr. Robert Morris,' Da1la.l will be held Frid8¥f Feb. 10 at president, disclosed the institu- the hospitaL now has 575 stUdents 15

Asserts Increased Catholic Use a Of Public Education Inevitable'








CharitY BaR An engraved trophy wiD. P to the winners of a waltz contest' • to be featured at the 13th annual charity ball of the ushers' cOmmittee of New Bedford Catholic Women's Club. It will be held tomorrow Dight at tbe New Bedford HoteL





SHOPPING CC:NTER ,- '1'eIeVuIOD - Jl'umltue ••Appllances - GroeeI'J' 1M Allen st.. New BedfOl'd WYman 7-93S.


SLADE'S ·FERRY TRUST Co. HOMEMAKER: Muriel St. Amad, Jesus-Mary AcademY9 Fall River, is top-ranking student in her school in an annual Homemaker of TOoo ~orrow contest. She win eompe~ in state' finals in March.

SOMERSR, MASS.... Next to Stop & Shop

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••• Invites your participation ~ the growth of a 'new Banking Institution COMMERCIAL and SAVINGS SERVICE MORTGAGES - AUTO and APPlI.iANCE loANS . Accounts Insured Up To $10,000 ',Member FederGJ Deposit Insurance Co. Marold J. Regan. President

ASSORTED COLORS TWIN 01' DOUBLE BED SIZE WASHABLE NON·ALLERGIC \ TWO YEAR GUARANTEE SLEEP ALL NIGHT anderthe wonderful warmth of a completely automatie eIeetrie blanket. Just one light blanket keeps you cozy '. • • no more mountains of bed covers to weight 70U down. You'll sleep betterfft) better. SEE YOUR B«TiK:At DEALER OR THE










... .

THE ANCHORThurs., Jan. 26, 1961 .-

ElW)~T MaD1l~ges, to Jj -

SM rrvive


,By Mary TinDey Daly



Time was 8 .'clock Of a Wintry Saturday morning. I was relaxing in .. a woolly areen bathrobe, aipping hot cof- . l' tie. "When?" t<N'ow." "'0. K." Committed by the rule .t, "Say yes 'unless there's some IIIilal reason to say no." MoUe;, Attire A quick swallow of coffee, clash into' whatever was handy. This time it was a discarded red flannel shirt once belonging to the Head of the House, a' pair of Markie's sneakers, an unfashionIlble mid-calf gray wool skirt, ., e 11 0 w bandanna wrapped' around head. Pulling on somebody's' brown ear coat, I Wll8 leady for take-off, leeling like ene of the "Six Hundred," DOt knowing where or why. " MOb, Mom," from teen-ager,


SEOUL (NC) - A large , torpedo that drifted onto the beach at the Korean island of Sochung brought catag.. trophe and then the Catholie Faith to the people of Sochung. For centuries the elders of the island imposed l:l strict ban on communications with the outside world and its evils. Then during the Korean War II large metal cylinder was washed ashore. Within minutes most O!f the men on the island were climbing all over the mysterious gift from the sea, trying to take it apart. Moments later 30 of ~hem were dead and many more mjured. The torpedo, had ex-

the more philosophical, "When people get older, I think it's all right for them to relax. My mother is 35 years old and I think by that time we ought to let 'em alone. They're more fun that way." "My 'mother-image'" somebody else took up (one attuned to psychological terms), "is not the least distorted by what my mother wears around the house. I think it's kind of cute to see her in Daddy's' old shirts and stuff like that and then come out, like-well, like whatever it, is butterflies 'come out of," "Emerge from' a cocoon?'" chauffeur was about to mention, but fortunately was deterred by a peremptory: ''Turn, left" Mrs. Daly. Two houses from the corner," With thanks from each,x number of teen-age passengers were disgorged from the car, a kiss 'and whispered,' "Thanks' loa,ds, Mom," froin our particular teen-ager. 'Nobody' had 'noticed chauf... feur's costume. . At home, I ,took a,head-to-foo~ look in the full-length mirror. Ugh! If this outfit didn't destroy the "Image," from no:w on I'ij paS!J over, Without' another anguishing scrupie, all those'magazine articles about '''proper dress for morning hours," Commonly accepted as "awful, but what mothers wear.'.' this get-up could be--why it is the fashion:


Death and Faith

1Pverworkoo term "imag~" is still in the forefront of :t\'merican consciousness. There is the "national image," , \&0 "company image;" the family, mother, father, school, ~~ image. It imposes, to my way of thinking, a pantingly IUlnatural striving to "be always look chick." (This, the ready for the photographers... Anglicized form for the French Take this as an upset of the chic.) -mother image": "You'll 'or don't know," from one of lIrive, Mom?" Teen-ager stood at phone, one hand covering mouthpiece, ~he [!BIb">,,' ether pouffmg fu~W' 111) hair-do in i • ron t of the ~~



Open ~oor , The elders decided that ignoring the' world could not shield . theIr 'isiand from its evils. So they deciEired open door 'policy and invited !1 Catholic' missioner to enter through it. A Maryknoll Missioner who visited the islalld during a recent tour, Father Michael J. Bransfield, M.M. of Glenview, Ill., learned the story of the torpedo when he remarked on the large number of cripples and young widows among the tiny populace. He also learned that today most of the villagers are Catholics.


'i ~



......='-'c..L_ _,...

;i •

,,:;;.i~~.~~....__:.L- ,..,.


L~~~~ ~",----': -.-:.J {,


ORIGINAL MARIAN PORTRAIT: This original portrait Of Our Laciyaf Perpetual Help is hOused in the Churcn Foresters' Whist of St. Alphonsus Ligouri, the, titular, church" assigned to Our-Lady of Victory 'Court, Joseph Cardinal Ritter, Archbishop of St. LO,uis. Many .Order of Foresters will hold s believe a Byzantine work of the 12th or 13thcEmtury. whist party at 8 Tuesday night, NC Photo. ..,' .... Jan. 31 at Frank Allen Wilcox

Post, American Legion Hall, Fall

Thi rd ,Part' of Fatima Message' Rerna .' S t t Yea r lEd InS,' ecre CI s' n

River. Miss Maureen McCloskey, chief ranger, is, chairman.

"'No, I gueas not. Probably DObody'll notice. After all, you're just driving." . FATIMA, (NC) _ Nineteen conversion of sinners. Needless to say, chauffeur, sixty ended without revelatioll The second part referred to MOther image distorted, slunk of the final part of the Fatima devotion to the Immaculate ~w in the driver's seat. secret. ' , Heart, of Mary, which the Home made We picked up a surprising It is the third part of the mesBlessed Virgin said in the appa'CANDIES DUmber of teen-agers, until the Name Committee Heads sage confided by the Biessed riti?n would be the mea~s. of CHOCOLATES ear resembled, one of the recent Of Catholic Daughters Virgin to three peasantchildr~n savmg many souls and givmg _lephonebooth-packing stunts. here on July 13, 1917. It was peace to the wor~d. . 150 Varieties "Nice of you ,to take us, Mrs. CHEVY CHASE (NC)-Chair- spelled out by' Sister Lucy; sole ,It ,was then, Sll~terLucy said, Daly," a passenger commented. 'men' of fow" national committees survivor of thlF three children,c' that Our Lady: asked for the conROUTE 6 near -.Ky mom would have but she of the Catholie Daughters of 'in a document she wrote in long- secration of Russia to her 1m": fairhav~ Auto Theatre W'asn't dressed."J).m~rica have been named bY'hand:'in,1941-42;' She' wrote the" ,maculate Heart and asked that "You ought-a see what ,JIl7 Margaret' J. Buckley, the su- account at thebiddfrig" of the people should receive ConimunFAIRH~Y~H, MASS. IftOther had onl" from anottier. preme regent, who, resides' here ,late' Bishop',Jose Alves, Correia ion on the first Saturday of'each ";he wears the most awful ~n Maryland. da Silva of Leiria.' ': ' "DW.nth in reparation for sins. Cbings around home: my father's 'Mrs. w. Cla:ncy HarriDgton, 'Sister Lucy entrusted,the thir!i" _....lIP _~' ... _ _ ~ TATATdlIhTd1JhT&Jh~d1IA. eId' sport shl.rt8, by sister's Dunkirk, N.Y., bank executiv~" . part 'of', the message 'to , the ' ~'" 4IIA' ~'dlIh '" tllIh ""dlIh T dlIh '" t1lIh'" tllIh dIIh, dlIh WIll WIll ~ lDeakers." . was nllmed chairman of the sO-. Bishop with the .stipulatio~ that '~, ,': .,," ;. " .,"" , ,.' ,& Chauffeur slunk sllill lower ia oial action and legislation com- it should not be made: p,:!b.lIc un~ ..: yoil can 'do ~ -,- seat. mittee; Mrs.' All~n E. Wolf, til after, her, de..,a,th,' or, U,ntil, 1960. . ~ "', . . ',' ~ -.: Minneapolis, Minn.,' insurance ~ ::'It "That's nothing," from another. . auditor,,~ the' civil . '. May Be in ROme, , .~ ~ -My mother says she can't work 4efense and,',h~ghW8Y safety' Church sources indicated early . ~ , , ' , . .'., ~ '-With anything good' on,''' En- 'committee; MrS: Frailk Callain 1960 that the message would ~ ~ JlUing giggle was unanimous. han, Roanoke, ,Va., 'public school, ,be opened' and examined but not ~ • ~ ""She looks juat terrible! Even teacher,' chairman. of the reLig- necessarily made public. ~ in- ~ ~ puts a rag around her head and ious vocations committee; and dications here are that the en- ~, ~ _lls a bandanna." 'ning the message is ~ eo Oneit,couldn't slink any lower Mrs. Roy Fitzgerald, San Diego, ve1ope, con t a I, '<a ~ ,C!1l-.r., civic leader, chairman of now, in Rome. " ~ ~ -.d still drive. Time f or g'eneral the ',social welfare committee. Two parts of the Fatima mes- ~ ~ .ntession had come. All folN' are l"egenta in their sage were revealed by Sister .: ~ "My mother looks fine wbea, r~ive states. Lucy- in 1941. . .. . ~ ~. IIhe goes out. All her skir~,are' '" . ' , . Th~ first -,yasthe .V!SlO~ at- bell, . ~ Mal short like they're W~ng , ; " ' " , ,Fund RaIsers, _:" w~i~ t~~ thr~, ~bI14t:e,~ ~w ~'" .~ ~ .em. And she's got' good loO;k.iiJg!· .' St: Ca'therine's Fund-~g Jlily 1S, 1917. It made such ,. ..:' ;, legs for a woman her age, neatly: QCou.P: au~iliary for the Sisters fearful imp,feIlS,ion o,n. them th~t· ~,' ~ to. But aro~d bome" She, of St. Dominic,ParJ>- Street, FaP.. ~ey'., all. ~ade, :contm';1,al sacrl-' ~ eut the oldies, skirts way :d~wn, " River wiU', bold installatioil ftees and' did' J?ena,nce for the ~ ~ below her knees! Says they feel,," cer~onies'at .A:4l) Tu:esd~ , "'" " ' ' ' : '. , ~ Mal w~:m; but ~ look,S ~e' -. '. night; Jan. 31 lit 37.: Park Street.' . A,. ULLEN'~ ,~ ',' :.. 8llWlre. , ' ~rospective members· are, iii:'; "'.9 .. ~ Privilqeo'-Age ., vit~ to attend., . Inc; ....: ' ~ . , ~ t -r think," frOJIl one, of .'the • " . , M 0 V ERS needed ~ ~phisticates on the back s e a t . . , " , SERVING ~ ~ "'When women get married .'. • fan River, New' Bedford ~ ~ women, I me!l~they oUg' . ~ with an ~

Dorothy Cox


wit" "

LoGic wliat


,.=' : t:

D.'. McM

r.:Malce those REPAIRS ODEL IMPROVE '- REM .



Attleboro Wom_,en'. , · : :.. Sla te C,CD 'Panel ' ~OUJ!E Attleboro 'District Four of the Dioce~n 'Council of Catholic Women will hold an open meeting Wednesday night, Feb. 1 at St. John's School Hall, Attleboro.' The pa~ish Mothers' Ciub will'

,6" HunlLESON AVE. Near Fairhaven Drive-In italian lDi9illl1ero Our Special~ ,Sell'vioe On· Patio






Na~iol'il.wid\!l Mov0ro


'V'H""'e'~I-p-"", VW"V'''''',.,a~, n"t...,-e'.,.d' ,..

-- l






WYman 3..0904 K'~mPton St~ N~."V Bedford

be hostesses. Mrs. William'Goff, , district chairman of discussion" ,,' '...... ,• dubs, will introduce Rev. Joseph L. Powers an~ a group of panel_ 1tIts, who w.ill explain the workjogs of the· Confraternity c4. AVON CALLING Christian Doctrine on the parish Mothers ambitious for children's future. Their training level. This meeting is open to any and education costs money. You can earn it in yow Dm or woman in the Attleboro ~ Itpare time. $2.00 AND UP PER HOUR. CAUarea interested in the work of the NEW BEDFORD AREA _ WY 7.7089 Confraternity, whIch the Bishop. CAPE AREA':'" Hyannis, Spring 5-9306 . , bwI expressed a desire to have ~ ~ill every parish in the ~ .......... ~AU RIY:R ~"!~ ~OS ~65 ...."........ ... ....


r:: . "'~.

'r.: ~



4 ~


~ ~ ~

~ .n,...~; ,n."~a'l'


~";" __ A





~ Making ',~ec::es$ary repairs NO~ wm save yotl ff'om ~ ~ . having "to m'ake maic:>r repairs LATIER ~





~ E;"


~ r;,s

B AN- ~ ft


CENTER BANK-Pu«h~se and Willla", SIs.


~~ ~ :-4 ~ ~. :'t

:-4 :-4

NORTH END BANK-Cor. Acushnet Ave. and Coffin Ave. ~. ~ SOUTH END BANK-Cor. Cove St. & Rodney French Blvd. ~ ~ L: Member federoJ Deposit Insurance Corporation ~ ~ . ,' . ~

..lllllV...IllJl7. ..IllJl7. ..IllJl7...IllJl7. ..qnp...IlU1.A.IlID7.A.qnp.A.IllJl7AIlIlVAIllJl7AIllJl7AIlIW~'llIPji



A~%s~rt 'C()U~~! cit

THE ANCHOR. Thurs,., Jan. 26;. 1961



En,tering New Mission 'Work Era ,



Christian lofe

THE HAGUE (NC)- l'kJ ~mlng ecumenical coum¥-~ ,~ d,esigned .to r,e ki n d l~ Christian life and not fA) 1lk2.


, .a 'cure:'all for' the ,world's pr0b6 ~

The Catholic ChurCh' today' : ., :has "entered upon a new era '. ~f missionary endeavor~" a

,lems, according' ,to the ,Catholie' BishoPs of Holland. , < Th~y said in a 30-page ,000IIlet explaini,ng the Second Va1liio 'Coiincii that its pJ~pose iii "to, study means "to renew rejuvenate Ghristianity." . . -"The Pope e~pects, and we . also, that the counCil will "ring on the inl).er purificati()n and reformation of the life of tibe Chul'Ch," the Bishops stated.

,Catholic mission exper1; said here." , ' , Father FrederickA. McGuire', : C.M., speaking ~yesterday at phair,of,Ul.1ity Octave ,services in the National Shrine of the jromacuiate Conception, de-, elared: , • "The Church has been planted • in 'almost every part of the world. Since 1926 native bishops, priests, religious nuns, and' Turning Point Brothers have increased a thous"The ecumenicat' council cartend-fold.'" D~ perform miracles," thCll' "The 'political domina,nee by: continued, "Every council hal!! :'.: 'the E~ropean powers of peomarked a turnmg point and • pIes in Asia, Africa and Oceania BOSTON AUXILIARY AT WAREHAM HOLY NAME BREAKFAST: Seated at the' renewal of, the 'life of the has c<imeto an end, " " head table for the annual Communion Breakfast the Holy Name Society of St. Patr.ick's Church, but it h~ also brought ; "In Puiny areas t~e w~ite man. Parish were seated left to right: Rev. John, A.. C.hippendale, pastor; Most Rev. Tho,mas, Jorth disillusionments. 0 U.t' is no longer welcome ... ,'Since, world is not iipe"for everythill1§.' the end of World War II, some J. Riley;D.D., Ph.D., Auxiliary Bishop of Boston; and Rev. ,James' W. Clark, ~oc~ety The problems the council w+Ji 40 nations have become inde:- ~haplain. Standing, left to right: Melvin Prada, treasurer; Claude Ellis~:president; Joseph 'have to solve 'are as nume~ pendept and many of these, in Canute, vice-president; and Paul McDermott, secretary.' " they are varied." :fact most, of ,them, were in that Subjects. ·that· the counctl vague area knoW'll as' missio~ . ,might deal ~th, the Bish~ ,wy lands. . . 0, -1.-0.,,,' stated, are the differing CODO' Colonial' Era Ends eepts of life, such as the Ma.... "With the' :'end of this: " v,; , _ ,. " 0' 0' ,W, the purely ..Although humanist and .' ." - II. II, ' , 'e,x~teritiaIi9t. Ca,tho-





Fede', ra,l A,SSlS • ta nee t p. rtVa t'e Ed·Ueat • K'eep's ' 'f' C Pro'Vl·s:ons' 'n,'st.:tu'.tw·n





, era' comes of necesSity a' change' lies in mission methodology."' ., LOS . A~GELE~ (NO) :-federal aid to p~ivate ~u~~ti~ is ~ot u~col1stitut·i~J.la1;:., Vie~sc:a::~t a:~e eav;~t~asth~ , . ,e , " Father McGl.lire stress~ that Msgr. P!ltrlck' J. DIgnan, dIrector of the N ewma!l Center, at the,Umverslty of Southern . ments of truth.' " in recent years Catholics have California, declared at an educational seminar at the center here. "The whole concept of ' G t Sf iff ' come to realize that missionary 'aid' needs to be clarified," Msgr. Dignan stated.. "The principle invol,ved in, the 'Fi,rst The 'BrI·eS&hOp'sgne·xpCI&aDI·lcleed th.... work is not '''somethmgoutside the life-flow of the Church," but ~mendmen~.needs ~o be .put happens to be an intp.etl'ill part of ' 1!he students,the research prO;- '.. general principles alone are. no is in fact its "essential work." ~ proper ~~rspectIve. The ~ducation to the minds. of these' ects or the military personnel . an~er to pr~ble~ ?f coe~lst-, '. He said "true humility" is the article was ,mtended to pre- parents." , • involved. • ence ~nd coop,:ratlon 10 ,a ~cIe." .. ehief requirement' in 'worki,ng' vent 'the establishment of a 'l'he' title of such ~egislation, . "How then can aid to pupil~, ,- th~h~ n~tenhr,elY ChrIstian. . for the conver-siOliof the world.- State religion not to prohibit the educator noted,· IS Federal·. who attend a church-sponsored' 'st t' y, ~Ued a ~storal lett!W "j, "We must' see ourselves las ,Cooperation b~tween the state aid t9 education. .''It is clear,"- ,elementary or high schooi: ~ a 109 .1' It theb?ok,let on ~~, weak tools" hi the"ha~ds' of' d Y" '" " he went on, '''that no mention ie 'considered as 'aid to reli-gion'r ecu~eOlca coun<:Jl was Christ' working through His " anTh:e Ip~l~pn~r interp~eta.tion 01. made of r~ligion. Hence, the he ask~. ' 'P.Ubl.lfi~hed' because the. council" , t t' 4Jt._.lF d I 'd "s ureIy a ch'l' ' .' slgOl c~e "is too big to be Church," he said. "We 'must this relationshi,p he said was con en IOn ' 1 1"" e era al 1 d IS not dlsfraftd tra ted In ' a short, pastorai.. .' '. t d to -ta _. ted h' ed b ' h ,emons learn to respect all people,the expressed In the Zorach decI- gran e , non. x. suPP?r c IS '. ecause e does not go to letter" irich and the poor, the learned sion, in which the U,S. Suoreme schools IS uncon~tItubonal lIS. by a publIc school. Or does he sud. and the ignorant, the' highly Court declared: "We are a re- no mean~ a logical concI~slOn, denlybecome enfranchised when , - - - - - - - - - - - - eivilized and the primitive ligious people whose institutions nor seemmgly, a le~al one. he reaches. co~lege or u~i.versity man." . presuppose a Supreme Being." GI Bm of Rights level, or IS mducted mto, 'the I~ "We must study that we ma-y Tradition of Cooperation The so-called GI Bill of Riglhts armed fOl'Ces, or is admitted to discover those elements in every "In this deCision, . upholding s~ a magnificent precedent in .,a,hospital? .. : religious faith which are true the release of public school pu- accord' with American tradition Public SChools and be prepar:ed to 'build on this pUs. for 'religion. classes" t~e, ,and th~ Constituti()n~ Msgr. Dig- "There was a time when pub'. JOSEPH M. F. DONAGHY " foundati9n a total linderstanding -court seemed ,to voice. the baSIC nan said. The GI Bill efCtended JIk schools, as we know them .. of total: truth," he declared. , American, tradition of coopera- Federa~ funds to veterans f~r, ,did not exist. It was during that 142 Campbell St. tion ot.Chureh ,and Sta~,~~i he ."st}l~y In any C?llege of.~helr '. ti~~. thli~ the Constitution was New Bedford; Mall. said. ' ,.,',' , ' : ,.. chOIce, whether It was ~ax-sup- " writt~l1,and adopted;' .. ,: WYman'9.6792 ',~Ie' w~ I~a· !et frequently t~e: po~nt is "ported or ,Chu~h~sponsored. ," .':~f,under any proposed leiis1""'l1lI 1""'l1lI raised, whether partICipatIon Of" ,.. The NatIonal Defense, ~duca-, ,lation, the allotment of Federal ) HEADQUARTERS FOR PITTSBURGH (NC)"":"" One of !'rivate ~du<;ation: in FederaL~id, , ~on. Act, of ~958 permIt~, }he '. a,id.~ e~ucation is ,made on ,the ", COLONIAL AND America!s greatest ..resources _., IS ~ constitutIOnal. The qu~stlon lendm~ of Fe?eral funds 1<) ,stu- 0:,; ?~SIS, of ~he .number of children TRADI1:~ONAL ~URNITURE its crowded bookshelves, _ soon arises because of a phrase In,,the .dents, attendIng Church-spon- In each state and the dis'trlbumay be; aiding the education- . s.?-.calledEverson Bus Ca!.J~ de- .. Bored c~lleges an~ even 1':0 t~. t~~n eliminates from thesebtme- ' hungry People of Africa's new' CISIon ha·n~ed dow~ by, the:,,~-' '~olleges .themselves. Federa~ aid . fIts, those' attending private: ". A' Delicious t' ' 'preme cour~,he sa~d.,. '., "IS ~lso.glv~n to res~areh pro)~s' ~chools, itls discrimination. D' JlaI~o~~: .it'will be th'a~ks to an . The ~6n9Igll.0r ~Idthe pl)rase.' at.mstitubons of 'hIgh:r learnmg " 18' unjust to the child,' cootra.l'J"· .. " Treat· _ 18.: "Nelther. . a, State, no,.r, the,. fed- \ ,wIt,h.O. ut regard to theH' stJatus as '1;(l'the American spirl't of J'.'-tl·ce Idea which originated with the , ' ubI i t ~ Catholic Students Mission Cl'\I- eral government can pass laws P Ie or, pr ,:,a e. ! and fair p~ay and has no COBBade and is bei,ng promoted by which aid one religion, aid an ~osPltal Grants stitutional' w~rranty" he said religions, or prefel' one religioo The HIll-Burton Act grants , . seminary students and the Pitts- over another." Federal money to hospitals _ ' . "': burgh Diocesan Co u n C i I 01. "Actual-ly," SllIid Msgr. Dig- Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and • Catholic Women. nan "the 'aid' referred to in non-denominational - for' nec' , Pittsburgh seminarians at St. pro~sed Federa-l aid to educa- essary expansion to meet. t h e ' ~ Meinrad Minor Seminary in In- tion legislation is not the type needs of 'citizens. For men a,nd "W~· '. 'B~-=---_ diana appealed to the Women's of forbidden 'aid' referred to ill. women in the armed forces, the:.....ll , ........... ~ Council to collect books to be the Everson Case. "government builds chapels end L..:.1a ~' , ' fieni to Catholic dioceses in .M' , ' w ...., nus Playground ', ' ca. ' ,' , . N~ Aid"tO Belig'lOIl provides chaplains. Platt Y Do, 'P " , • " None' of these programs' is 1'1 .-Reports. ,from many partS "The 'aid' coptinued lR pn.- \ 'considered aid'to,reIigion,MSgr. '", ,O.u~ !,ce~ arty"· that contfnent indicat~a'des- posed Feder~l,;iid legislation' jc"Dignan declared.-' ,The , Federal" Fashion Shows and " ,perate neec;l for efforts ~o ~unt- not aid to religion," Msgr. D~lJ- ,,; govemment .'·met'ely BBS'istinc:, ' · B a n vets. , . ', ),', ,


Furnitu're' ..Stoi',e owner/mgr.


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Church Seeks Hel, F,or Cuban Students, LAFAYETTE (NC) - Prie9is and ministers ,of all faiths in Lafayette have appealed from their pulpits for funds to help Cuban students at the University of Southwestern Louisiana here. The Chamber of Commerce is Sponsoring 'the cam,paign for' funds at the request of F'ather Alex~nder O. Sigur, Catholic ehaplain at the University. it.. goal of $5,000· has been set.' '. , Father Sigur said none offhe 20 Cuban students at .the uniVersity has received funds .from bome since .November" -


pa-t:~nts, who are pursuing a te- ," NEW ENGLAND sponsibility'imposed on them !b¥ ' . : ,"C L' J;& " ~;& " , . ' nature and by civil law in Be.A " " curing the. education of thed-r BA E children. lit is by Do metKtfl a l l ' ai~ to J;'elifMD,.. " ' Evely Sunday - $2.95 "Private schools, whether M,. ittcI"ding.... A I:i¥e' Lobster ligious-spolHlOred 01' otherWise, ",", .. are the exp~ession ol parental' THE rights in the matter Ot educaCASA BLANCA' tion. Their'cw--ricula invoive edCogg;haH Bridge, Fairhaven 1IC~tion; reiigioue ", !ftstructiOft'-

be plentiful, but Cc)pies of the, Bible are rare. To meet the need the Pitt&burgh women have launched a drive for books. An appeal h811 been made through parishes tor textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopcdias, works on religion, Social il,ci~nce, literature; history, ,scienc~, health, medicine, agricultUreand economics.

New BecIfoN:




at Ali Leading Food Stores SW'EETNICZS in-Massachusetts ASK FOR

Snow, THE ANCHOR,11 F Leaves,' Grass • • A"·tn the Day"'W s ork Thurs., Jan. 26, 1961 or John Burke of Bishop's Residence Sees Two- Thirds

Bishop Defends Priest Marching For Equality OKLAHOMA (NC)-The Bishop- here has defended a priest who 'was one of nine whites and Negroes arrested tor disturbing tihe peace during 1m equal rights demonstration. Bishop Victor H .. Reed of 'Ok": l~homa City' and TulSa, in a sta~ent backing Father Robert C. McDole, called racial discrim:.. iflation the "nation's number one moral problem." Bishop .Reed said the clergy's job laity "the' . i is to teach . 1 the . CIV c and socia Implication of . t' d' 'ty d l'ty of Ch ns s IgIll an equa I men." Lay people, he continued, ,shQuld put these tf,lachings intO practice, but "in isolated and, exceptional instances - 3J;l.d, In ab,sence. of sl!fflcient lay actiNity - the clergy may take direct



OfC hiP at ic upils In Public Schools


, B y Patricia McGowan to.". cheery sentence, spoken 'in a rich Irish brogue and 0 ,ac:com~anIed. by ~, WIde .smIle, IS the trademar~ of John Burke, indispensable at the BI~hop s resIde?ce on HIghland. Avenue, 'Fall RIver, since September, 1933. Snow in the WInte~, leaves In the .Fall, grass in' the Sl~mmer. commissions downtown and odd jobs, for ,P~ORIA (NC)-If 'pres"the, SIsters at the BIShop's . ' ' , e n t trends '~ontinue" some residence any time' ~ ,..~~;,;,~~::!,:~~~~, two-thirds. of 'the nation" those make u,p only part of Catholic. children will be "Mr. Burke's varied aetlvie .. public schools, in 20 years, all ties. ' , ' ednor said here. He's a good angel to the office staff of The Anchor, who look for. "Either we put on a tremea-' ·him first, no matter what goes dow; economic splurge in tiM; wrong, and he"s equally vital to ed uca:t·Ion f'le1d or we are going the smooth running of the Chan..; down the dra,in according to the cery Office the Catholic Welfare Bureau a' , the Family Life ideal of the Church, which is a ,Service 0' the Diocese, all of Catholic student in a Catholic! 'which. ha' their homes on the 'school," Thomas Klise said ; block bet, .'en Highland Avenue Mr ./ K'll'se, e d't' ': a I or O'f S cope :and Unc' ~wood Street that's ~ational weekly religion instr~c"!' "Mr. Buar :'s special charge. ' tiol)., publication for high sl:.hool His J'ob's not 'a, mere 'eight. " ,s,tu,den,ts, s.aid ponulation, tren"": action." .' hour a day ,stl'nt to hl"m. When "< uoo iEdicate .U.S" Catholics ,'may Father McDole, 8fl assistallit there's a bad snowstorm such as number 80 million by the tura ,at Corpus Christi ~arlsh here, is"" last week's, Inaugural Day' bliz-, -of the century. ,a. regular marcher m de~Qnstra- . "iarli, he's apt to be at Work bY trons held on Satur~ays m,down-' 5' in the morning, making sure. Million in College " ~ toWlll Oklahoma City. that sidewalks .around the At the univers1ty level, he sa14 Case Dismissed Bishop's house are kept clear.' , in a lecture, the number or After his arrest, the case was Three ~ishopS " . Catholics in public institutlom!l dismissed by ]'vf•• ..,icipal Court Mr. Burke has seen many of higher education is expected Judge Hillis Sanford, but the changes in his ne~rlY 28 years of to swell to one million by 197'eharges against the eight oi,hers work for the D~ocese. He ~aB, compared with 450,000 no.... were continued." , ser.ved under Bishops Feehan,' p,roportionate increases are preThe Judge said: "There' will' ' ~llSsidy, and<fo~n~lly an~ has, ,diotedall the way down. tAw : be testimony in this case the seen every buIldmg on the ' line. . assumption that the defehdant \ .' Bishop's . blo~k come under "U we could build 10, moN was on a frolic of his own and' ' Church dIrectIon. ,Notre Dames by 1970, whil;h ie his superiors have far more jU-'" ':W~en I started here, the ,other , impossible, we wouldn't bel , r.isdiction than I." bUlldmgs on the block were dealing with an insignificant Leaders of the demonstration' private residences," he explained; m~nority - 60,000 students," he objected to the world "frolic" As each became vacant and was ., said. and what they saw as an impli- ,availabl.e for sale, it was utiliz~d While the Catholic student ,cation by the judge that the' by, a ,Diocesan agency or, as 10 ' population has been growin~ priest was guilty. ",the case of Sacred Hearts Acadthe number of vocations to, the Bishop Reed commented OIl" emy Elementary Division, by a t~aching sisterhoods has been this, saying ijIat "no fact or Jm-' ,religious community of the Dio- ' dropping, he noted. ' plication may be drawn relative cese. \ "In the past seven years the to any guilt. F'ather McDole's -at_Mr. Burke arrived in Fan increase has fallen off by lit toreys insist there is no infrac- River from Ireland in 1929, per cent," Mr. Klise said. New tion of the law.' "the year of the crash, but I SNOW MAN: Snow disappears when John Burke and Sister-s, who used to total 3,600 The Bishop's 600-word state- don't think I had anything to do his plow appear on the scene. He's kept the grounds of annually, now number 1,300 ,pew. ment also warned that "we can- with it." He worked at St. Pat- Bishop's residence in shipshape condition since 1933. year. I not afford much time in grant- ' "rick's cemetery before coming ing that equality and equal op_ to the Bishop's residence. Heart parish.. He was married 'wedding anniversary this June. r----------~ portunity . • • which the law He has always lived in Sacred there and will celebrate his 25th . A lover of outdoor work, he's commands . . . and which right pleased at the variety his job conscience d~a-nd6." "j' aJ,~" affords. Mid-Winter is apt to be a slack period, when it isn't snowing, he notes. That's when . L" The head ~ of the Catholic ,communist past~ral W,as reaq. He "he catches up on special projects I 0 I!t Church in eastern' Cuba ,issued ' s t a t e d : ' he's promised the Sisters of St. LOUISVILLE (NC) ...... An ~p-,' his fourth· pastoral letter in, eight . ·'It i,s cerhlin that we areflght- ' Joan' of Arc at the Bishop's L peal for "adherence to truth'; in' ';Ihonths dEmouricing comJ!llmism . , irig communism. At this in house. 'Currently in the works is - - - - - - - education ;"'as made here by'" in' Cuba and, ,S~id that such' pas- . )ife, the hour. of fear-,-if it '~ver' a specially-sized bench just - - . - - -_ _- Jrlj Albert Cardinal Meyer, Arch-" torals are "the only 'means' of ,llffected us-has passed." ,'rig,ht to use with an koning bishop of Chicago at an academic "'publicity left." Already Within machine. convocation marking the 10th . ,"" Archblsho$l Enrique Perez" The Arc\1bishop first p~inted But John Bur~e;s philosophy annivel'sary of Bellarmine Col- :" 'Sel\antes of Santiago call~ on" .publicly to communism and of , life is best summed up in his lege conducted by diocesan" aiJ C~ban Chr~stians ,to, join, in'" Premier Fidel's governattitude tow a r d I his' Job: priests and Conventual Francis- ',' a ri~w fightagplnst communism.. ment last May,. when he said in ,,:~~~I:'e's n<ire~son," he says, ", eans. ' "We fight because we know a pastoral: "'We cailllot say that -why people shouldn't do more Cardinal Meyer d'iscussed the that there exist in the world the enemy is now at the doors, than they have to do." He does realls~ and ~ompleteness of today only two fronts face to becau~e it is already within, and everyone round him is hapCathohc educatIon compared to face" the 77-year-old prelate speakmg loudly as though set- pier for it. lI/!J.1/l~~ sec!Jlar ed~cation, and disputed told'his people. "One is made up tled in its own ~omain." t~e con,tentlOn th~t there is con- of those who are d,isposed to give . Other CU.ban bishops had prefhct between science and J!e- their lives for Christ .. ., the vlOusly ~arned of the ~hreat of KIT C HEN' ve.~led truth. other of those who consciously comm':'nlsm to the natIon-~nd Natura~ truth and revelat~n 01' unconsciously are trying to ArchbIshop Perez Serantes h l m - . -AmerlCtl'.· most envfed kltche form. one world of truth," the ; eliminate God. and erase 'him self had spoken against Red"jnCarqlnal ~id. "The believing i,n- from human life." fluence when he gave qualified ' ~GOODH telleet believes abOve itself, not,:" I ' ' ... " ", ,. support, ,to the Castro ,land reagainst itself. The world of my&, Denied ~.ther Means ,,fC)rm ,pr?gramllmonths earlier. . tery ~,also the worldof tru~.'·1 "The Archbishop ref e'r re d : "He said at that time ,he ,"Sl,l8:, II ,.. . , . " It 18 the.. ~uty ~ the ,cathQlicl· obliquely,.~, the $uppression of~ ,pecte~ that, tbe. authors of ' 'the "M'..JI..lleboro' .. _:....i. Route" .~, I college, the ~rdu~al said, to1be, freedom of the press under the ,_!,RJ,'anan law ,have,.the" ' J ' .. ,,: .. ' 1'" "m1QQ I~ ill "th~ vanguard of those ",hoi Caslroregime.'''We write i so:' fountain of ~oscow ,and not at Thomas F. 'Monaghan Jr:,i:,' '"EAS, , T fREETOWN , honor the whole truth, .by shOW-I many: pastorals," he said, ''be- i that" ,of . the Gospel, nor ' " '. "i I tng the way in which the w~rld I . cause they are theoiliy means '! that of .the wise papal encycli' ' Treasure.. , I.' of science and of techniques may of pUblicity left to us now that cals.. ." Please send nterature cease to be an obstacle of wor- the press, radio and teleyision .~-• 142' SECOND STREET [] Have sales'maR call at ... abip and become, on the conare a luxury reserved exclusive- . vary, a stepping stone to the IF for those whO oppose us." obligation. ' -I' OSborne 5-7856 glorification of God through .Mter d I ' th t the str Hame ,_ _ ~~: Christ." . . . . _ tod ec ~rmgb .a ,,~gth8ay lS aSlca lly WI ',FALL IIVEI , Add _" _ _!: Christ or against Christ," ArchCU b Sh DOW.. bishop Perelt-iSerantes implicitlY City _•••••_ _ _ - ~ threw down the gauntlet to pro':' NEW BEDFORD PITTSBURGH (NC) """" Priests Red hecklers who tried to disIn Cuba are lihouted down when'" rv,pt the Masses at; the Santiago they try to speak against Fidel \. ea~hedral, when his last antiINDUSTRIAL OILS ~stro, according tIQ a Cuban " " refugee. . HEATING Ol~~ Julio Calparzoro said: 'lIn OW' churches, the priests still say ..... TIMKEN Mass. But it they speak out against Castro, there always are : R'Y' 'Where The· OIL BURNERS a dozen men who jump up im...... Entire Family mediately and begin to sing the Can Dine & 'Twenty-six,th of July' song, a 273 CENTRAL AYE. l!lcoDOmic~ Castro movement anthem." Mr. Calparwro, onetime pari501 COUNTY ST. NEW BEDFORD ner in seven iron mines, ~scaped tn the United States with only NEW BEDFORD the clothes he wore, a pipe and WY 2-6216 •. $20. bill concealed m a king'W'( 3·175'1

I'll be



Cu ban p"re I,a.t,e S "

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", ,:,t'HE,At'lE:HO ~-~¢ces-el6f 'Fall' Riv'eF.i..r1i'Jj:s~;J~ri!:~26;1961 1m ~ihJi& Name of the Sacred i-lleaBi

A@ VE~,®~' :~'~'~~:ti$l"B@ ~ AfrtrQ fh1l]@e T@w@&@ .~rtr(Q1~~.t: M~@@~d 'By


By Most !Rev. Fultonu J. Sheenu, Jl).D. A. Bishop on the East Coast ~ A\frica Wi'ites as foliows: When 1I we.s, III few weeks ago, in our mission station ro alllminister Confirmation, one of the notices re2>d out by the priest during lHIoly Mass was a request for prayers for one of the' school children who the previous week had been killed by a lion. Last week one of our school teachers at ,another mission came to ask permission ro let some of the school children off ro help him reinforce the fence around his hut because the lions were bothering him at night. When last week III Father from another mission. who was here on a visit, was delayed on account of the rains, ,he bad ro stay wUh us for elephants had been reported along the road which he hacI io kavel ro get back ro his statioD.

'Father John ~: ~Thomas, S.J.

Il-ss~t§ociology, P,rof.-~t,lLouis


"After raising sevench'iIdr~n.and30 years of marriage, my husband has started ·dati1ui'a:.'young girl! At first he lied, saying'he w~ .attend~ng evening business meetings. Now he argues there's not'!'ting wrong in taking a girl to dinner or to .a show. What. . Should you 'tell the children? I do? He'just laughs 'at If your pastor can't get him to me when Iteil.him ,it's. not drop this affair, you should seek right: Should.I tell the chJld..· help from the children, at least,


, l'en? They think their Father i.s from the five that are married "With four priests and two laybrothera we heve opened a • wonderful man?" and consequently mature, territory of' about 39,000 sqUjU"e miles in ~ As the saYing goes, ''There's. Again, this may be painful for , you, but your husband is casting which 60,000 Masai-lead their rpaming pas~ fool like' a' shadow on their family name, toral life. They are apathetic and stoically _d fool!'" A. 'and if he continues the affair, it satisfied with what they have, herding their married man i a ' i s u n l i k e l y the'y won't hear about cattle and living on the blood and milk of iUs late fifties' ,',,"U anyway. their cows. On long', protracted .treks and a young. . ';". There is some possihmty that thro~gh hundreds of. miles 'of wjlderness' and 1IIlmarried g i r l , t h e y . can bring him to his senses vast and desolate expanses of oPen 'prairies, make a ridicu~ ,.: Since. hee.probably values their I have visited them, talked to them, tried . lous, couple. e~te'ein~. ,to establish friendly relations with themCynics and the -.'~.' Source of Trouble but the only response I got was a 0001 condescending conversation about cattle, the worldly - wise Getting' him to stop this affair snicker knowis only the'· first step, however. weather, and the coming independence. As ingly when they You' would' do .well to consult a soon as one turns the conversation towards .ee them, while counselor in order to find out religion, the reaction is the same that of the old Greeks to St. Paul on the aTeopagus: • the r s regard' what h~s happened to your mar';; tbemaspathetic. . riage. PIIILIPPINE BISHOP:. 'We will hear you about that another day.' The absurdity of the situati~n What's the source of the Father Quentin Olwell, C.p.. "Witb swarms of flies buzzing around one's head, squatting iB not a mere matter of dif.fer- ,trouble? Do you enjoy any social of Brooklyn; superior of the .nce in age. A mlddle:"aged mar- life together? Are .you. careful hi a manyatta (a group of eight or ten buts surrounded by a Red man' has acquired clearly .about' y'our appel\rance? Have .-Passionist Fathers in the fence) where the cow.dung lies one foot deep, one realizes how .ecognized family com~.itments,. you .'biken each' other, fOf .' Philippines, has been named bard, 'work .is among the Masal. n ;reminds on~ of similar beginIll) that he cuts a poor f1gure as, . granted? E~,c" etc.', nings .by men like Breboeuf and Jogu~ among '.the American Vicar Apostolic of Marbel, .Indians. as irresponsible playboy. or "'a' .S.omething has gone. We have to stan with nothin'g, absolutely nothing: Mindinao and titular' bishop pIlant suitl~r. Since marriage is. after all these years and you both no' churches, no schools, no convenis, no hospitals, no converls. o f Tabraca, Africa. NC Gut of tl,le ques~i(;m" we m\1st lU!'7'. have a serious obligation .to find I did not even find a house for myself on my arrival In my eume that .the girl is either bar-'out:what it is and what you' can Prefecture. Since there are no Christians, there Is no Income, Photo. tiering her.. youthful companion- do about it. and any new step we wani ro take or any new ventore we want ie inau~ull'Me will have ie be finaneed from ootside." lIhip for a price'ot seekirig a·_t~'Differeni Approach placement for. her fath~. ':' the :Other ha~d, if your Perbapsyou would like to make a sacrifice to the Holy Father But such affairs are not merely husband' persists in being a Continued from Page One ...·til .d n absurd' -- e a . They neces- playboy, you will have to take 'elementary school in the Diocese.- tor this and other missions. You could build a chapel in an area like this one for as little as. $2500. What a joy it· will be to know , sarily' involve' serious violations .a different approach. This may With Father O'Neill, the sis~. t' e The m'arriage contract ters establish, a uniform curr,icuthat Somewhere on ~is, earth, our :LOrd in the Eucharist is being . .... JUs 1C , , .. ' . ' call for a readjustment of attianites husband and wife m a. tudes and practices. lum for elementary schools, coadored for the first time! .Not· many 01. our readers can afford , ed , i'nd1'ssoluble u'nion that' $2560, but' we know a thousand ca~. For the millionS we ask only sacr First, don't lose confidence ill ord1'nate tests and examinations by its very nature demands a yourself. Before God and society, and act as' pl1rchasing.agents for a 'dime day in' the name of the. Sacred Heart. At the end of total commitment to mutual sup- you are his wife and the mother many school needs. The office each ·month send your offering to the Holy Father through hill port, service, ·loyalty and low of his children. Nothing he may also handles administration of ,. Socie~ for '~e' PropilgatiOil of the Faith. . throughout life. . .: do can deprive you of these IQ tests to fourth and· seventh' · Marriage partners are not free . titles, so act with assurance. grade and first and thlrdyear 'GOD LOVE YOU to C.O.·"Although I am only 1len and stm Second, don'tiliay themartyr's high school students.. , go to 'School, 'maybe this $1 will ~uy Some other child' a school to set limits to\this total co~i~ ment. They pledge to give role, or feel too sorry for yourAnother important part of the book." .' . :10 I.F..S. for $30. HI would like to make a monetary themselves wholly to each other. .self, or withdraw into the past. school 'office's program is the gift to' the .poor of the world, in appreciation fOl' a :veryspecial They become one. They are :no At your age you 'have a good arrangement of a yearly. teachers' . gift I--have just received-namely, my United State's' cItizenship." longer their own:,Even ~in tragic many years ahead of you, so convention and science'fall'.·In ' •. ,:;,:~. ,.L,A,B. "lam' enclosir,tg a',money·order 'for $5 for the POOl' eases when conjugal love or af- dress up, widen your outside previous years the;: ~onveniioQ OIf:the··world: I am a widow" '75 y.ears old wit~only D;ly s~ial se!ection seem impossible,.tbey are:. contacts and interests and try was held. at St. Anne's: School,. CtirUy·.for, an i~, but I. want to share part 0If ,it for this DOt free. to !five these .....1;0 build a fuller, more independ- Fall River, but in 1960: and prDb-' worthy' cause."" ---, elsewhere. . ' e n t life-for yourself. a~ly this year it.wiUbe"peld ~t: Cut out this.cohmm, pin,your sacrifice to It'an4 'mail it to the utterly w~nr. "He evidently thinks he can BIShop Stang H1gh School..' .,' - Moit Rev. Fulton' J: Sheen, National .Director' of the Society fOl' Your husband's shallow. att~ -ignore your feelings now because Father O'Neill is a ·~ativ.e ,of. :tltepto.pagation.of the Fai!h, .36,~Fifth.A,,-eIiue,.New York 1, N. Y .. tude suggests that he-f~els. he 18 you appear helpless without him. Sacred Heart parish; ~Fa,ll R~ver.~ or:y.oJ'ic);)iocesan D4'ector, RT., REV. RAYMOND. T. CONSIDINE, doing nothing wron~ becau~ he The more upset you become, the He attended Coyle H1~1;i School.' 368; Nortb' Main' Street;- Fall River, Mass.' . ' ,'. ,. h~shnotth~~t h~dl mHar1ta~_ reulattet1orn: ,more sure of himself he will be•. ' Taunton, before. ent~ing: O';lr '.. - " ~ ," l WIt 1S gIr. e..." Play It Cool Lady of Providence Minor SemDAU.~HTERS 'Of ST. PAUl wrong on tw,o score,s. , Th'l'rd rem'em-b- love __.. inary and then sL .. John's . . ' are based, ... on respect. lU"" Brighton. He was ordai'ned. (I4-23i Ie labor .. . F irst,. th . e marriage con tract affection CIi;i _ . vino,ard CIa CUt Apoatlo·of tbo. bmds him to more th~ lit~e ob- Don't throw yourself at him. 1 9 5 7 . , Editio : Pr.... · ladio; Movla and , .... servance, of physical fide. ty. He Don't humor or baby him. Don't A brother, Rev.'Cornelius~ ,"';011, With " ' - modo... moo..., ..... bas no r1?ht to confer tb!s type beg or plead with him. O'Neill, is a curate at 'st. Joseph'. ionary Si."rI bring Chri..•• Doctrtne of affectIon an~ a~tention on Better, play it cool.. You oft <:;hurch, Taunton. . 10 atl. . . .ard.... of race. coltH or ..... anyone excepth~s WIfe. of him no affection...Let him come __ ... infomtatiOll wri.. Ie. Second, there 1S the matterto you and then make it clear REV. MOTHY IUPIR.IOI eerious ~c~ndal. He must be get- that ydu want all of his attention ... R. PA"!:S ~V&. eoSTON •• MAli, ~. t:ing chIldish if !le thi~k~ that and love or none'. A. wife C8ll Continued from Page 0 ... ethers do not know.or w1ll not never. settle for. a part; either from· . the greater 'Taunton area' Jearn about the affaIr. .he claims all or she loses her \ conducting the camPaign. IT~ Has'LiWe Choiee husband's respect ' .. In addition to th~ quota' r~-' . What can you do? Yo~ say be Finally remain .lovable. Don't ing Holy ~osary:,.,I,'arish,; eight: IIefuses to c?n~t a p,nest be-: let yours~lf become embittered", other parIshes )ll~ve. re~~ec:J:. eau~ .. he InSIsts. he s d~ing or vengeful. You have the grace more th~n 60% ?~: ~uOtH. nothmg wrong. Smce he Ju,st . of t~~ sacrament, and thou~ ,Th~ panshe~ and;~the1r pastors .... Ia~ghs at .Y9ur pr!>.te~, you Ii. your 'partner is. 'temporarily' are. No. D1ghton" ,St. ~oseph, ~n nothmg ?y argumg WUIl playing the fool, your firm yet Rev. Francis A. McCarthy; Ta~n­ Available at your locol hun yourself. Christian attitude can save both ton, Immaculate: Concepboa, Under these cl,rcumstance~, it . him' and'your marriage.' . Rev. Thomas H. Taylor; Our grocer or Super Market eeems to me you have little . Lady of Lourdes, Rev. E. S. ehoice. You should take the de Mello; Sacred Heart, Rev. MQcLEAN~S problem to your pastor or a Francis McKeon; St. Anthony, priest you know well and ask his Rt. Rev. Manuel J. Teixeira. UNION WHARF FAIRHAVEN, MASS. help. This may be difficult for CHICAGO (NC)-Two priests, Also from Taunton, St, Joseph, you because you do not like to cloistered for years in a Trappist Rev. Patrick H., Hurley; St. spoil your husband's reputation,.' . monastery,. took off here for Mary, Rt. Rev. James Dolan; and but he has forfeited his right to Jakarta, Indonesia, in II jet 'St. Paul, Rev: 'John J. Griffin. .~ that by his actions. plane. The Most Reverend Bishop has F ,a t .h e r .Maurus Henrich, appointed' 'the Sisters of the L D..,;::;, 0;'\/0] O.C.S.O" cloistered 27 years, and tloly Union of' the Sacred 1l.1Q.J [J U ~ u;:l Jl) Father Aelred Tietj en, secluded Hearts, who have: six eleContinued from Page One 12 yeai's:"af the . Trapphif . inentarySchools'in'TiiUnton,to'~ Buy ·Supply ': I A,M. No other entrance exam New MeUary abbey, Dubuque, staff the new school. . will be given until late 'August. Iowa, headed for Jakarta <JIl a I't wits announced last night . . COMPLETE . " Stang High is a standard four-, , five-year loan plan. They will bit .that.:Dr/ ~le¢ent Maxwell,! will.'" ': 'i WORK 'llNIFORMS,~ .' vearhigh .school with' courses stationed at a monastery estab- 'lead a' p'ariel' diScussion o'Ii' the leading to a diploma in the ,.-lished by Dutch Trappists.'. ".' that broa,dcast , ;.· . ,···,:SHOP:,iTOWELS elassical, technical;' scienti~ic," : 'Since the expulsioii' of ali~'over Station "WPET, 'Taunton, teaching, nursing and business Dutch citizens by the Indonesian. Saturqay IIlorniag at. 9:30 and Also .Recloim Industrial Gloves fields. It has athletic program 'government no new members of' will' be repeated Sunday noon' 1'",>,:. for boys and girls, and' offers the order h~ve been allOwed into' OR the same station at 12:30. ether extra-curricula activities. the couritry from their native ~-.Holland. The call went out from Help . the Dutch Trappists for aid ALBANY '(NC) -'Pallotine COLOGNE (NC)-The Bishops from the United States. After priests and nuns have established . Successor to , of Germany have asked Catho.,. more than' a year of applications residences in the Albany diOCese New En'glaqd Overall & Supply ,Co. 1tcs to .contribute funds for and delays, the visas for the two to increase teaching staffs' in 10 Boward Ave., New Bedford Chile,· devastated last year by U. S. priests tinal.1T were ap- some schools. They were invited Pho~ WV '7-0'78'7 or WY 7-0788 ~quakes and, tidal wavea....... ,. PfOYe4-. , :~, , ,': . .. .. ,:,'-t )." :.,.;by ~i~911.' :w~~am.,~. Scuu,..





Diocesan Schools'


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'THE. ANCHOR,,":".Diocese of FafI.River-i-'Thurs.,Jan•. 26..1961':

Commends Henry' Ford's Ad.v:ice •. ~~~ Busi.l\I,e~~me'n

:' ~ "

,"y; .Msgr•. George. G. Higgins.


'Con'fererice of Secular histihites

. : "WASHINGTON (NC)-A two- Fa t'h:ef Stephen' HartdegeDj' , .day'~ilference of secula,r instiO.r.M., of neighboring HolT ' . ~~:or societies s~eking .Church .' Na~e College., ..' " . ',~:' ree~inition as secular institutes ' Secular,~ institJtes' are cle'rlc81" wil!:~ be held here .,peginning . or ~ay societies whose memb~ ", SatP~day, Jan. 2 8 . ' .'. se~ing ':Christian perfection, ' .. ,' IF)1s ~he ~ie,nnild. natio~ ·~r.ofess. <;hast,ity.; .and -Obe~~n,ce ',",' j ~. meetmg o(tlle, ConIerenceof tpe plull. poverty according, tQ. ,their;·, ,., Life of Total,' Dedication iii. the'. posWon, in the world•. ~hey ,~ .' . . . .world. Its asi;e~bly a,t the Cath-' ·not· .wear a. religious· hilbit, olic l:Jniv~rsitr'. of Alperica 'v.l;ls de) ..they generallY live .a,.oom- "" announcoo ',.~! its •. pr~sident, .muQity life.' . . ",

Director', 'NCWC Social, Action Department . ...

A survey conducted by 'Nation's Busin.ess' and.reported .

nor ",

In its January issue purports to show that' proposed changes


the Fair LabOr·Sbmdards· Act wouid. boost prices. and , inevitably result" iii additioluil un,einployment., .The federai .' law now requires all cov-" wages is rath~t lopsided. ''!"her ' ered employers to 'pay: a $1 . haVe their own problems to coli- . an hour minimum and over- 'tend with;and it Is natural ,that . time pa;y.. of time..:and-a-h'alf, they shoul~be'co~cerned about


for all hours over 40 in a work them. Thell' problems, however, week Proposed amendMents to are not to. be compared with the l~w would those of the millions ,of breadinc rea s e the winners who are currently earDminimum wage ing less than $1' an hour, which to $1.25 an hour Is .scandalously below a fami.l7 and would exUvmg wage. .MEDALIST; Vice Admiral tend coverage Profit by Readiag Hyman G. Rickover, father to incli.ide a of the nuclear-powered su~ Dumber of tra.. Mlnimum wage legisIatloa marine, will receive' the ditionally low' JDa1' not be the best possible W87 wage industries to raise the living standards of eighth annual Patriotism which are 'now these unfortunate" men and Award of the University of exempt. women. But those who oPPQse Notre Dame senior clasS OD. According to such .legislation as a matter of Feb. 22. Nation's Busiprinciple or .on the grounds that ness, "legislated it might lure underpaid workers wage increases, when there Is no away from marginal industries Nigerian Moslems Increase in productivity,. compel are. out of touch with the times ·Ask About Creche -.~ businessman either to raise and. I think, could profit from LAGOS (NC) - Hundreds 01. prices where competition permits a careful reading of. a receut Moslems came to see and ask or layoff employees to keep address by Henry Ford n. the Christmas creche set down costs, or both." Thus, we 'Mr. Ford, in addressing· a D&- about up. by· Dominican friars from are told, the proposed increase troit conference .sponsore.d by the Chicago at their parish in subIn the 'minimum wage "would U. S~ Chamber of Commerce, urban~aba here in Nigeria. aggravate a growing national counseled businessmen to take a Fathers Michael Dempsey, problem of unemployment" and more active interest in public "could tend to worsen our inter- .affairs. H,e .pointed out that too O.P., 'Ambrose WindbacheIj O.P., national balance of payments often American business leaders . !lnd J.ames S. McHatton,' O.P., problems." , . simply oppose government poli- were kept busy during the holidays answering questions about Revealing Excerpts cies; especially in such areaS • the illuminated crib they had T his 'particular argument economic and social matters, taK set up at the entrance of St. against amending the Fair Labor' . increases' and public works; Dominic's; ~p.urch.. ' , . StandardsA'd would carry more NegaUve Attitude ~ The ,Dominicans of the 011Iconviction if it were coupled ,Mere o~positio~ Is n.ot~:"" , eago province have at Yaba ODe with alternalive proposals for IS.., raising substandard wages and Mr.· Ford contended. He Chided 'of the most extensive parishe.' in the Lagos' archdiocese. ~ If it were directed merely at American businessmen for this cloSe to 5,000 communicam. proposed amendments to the law negative' attitude. They must, be had at their, ,Midnight . Mass _ and not at ,the substance. o~ .~~e said.· be ready to come up 'with Jaw itself. The following excerpts. intelligent· :alternative solutions. , Christmas. , from the·art~cle. ~ 'Nation's "For every busineSs gx:ipe," he Business are rather revealing: .concluded. "there "should' be at "Small businessmen through- least one constructive:idea." . , I out the couil'~r1,~,w~. aretoI4,. '.' ~ is. very . s6ur1-d.adviCit "feel the extensi()tl..of ,~,inilIulm . ln4~. Applying it t9the sub.., wage coverage ,not only w.ould, . ject .. under. dUicussion,' in. this . .... . . " . be an unwlill:I:anted:fed~ral'~,; ..:" t:OtUmJ1.,:,fshould "thaiihe: ': .\ . ~en, Aub,ertine Braugla,. vasion of' Ipcal coml1lerce, b~t:, .,time !}~~ \=P91e jor,opPQoents of " O.w,nera~d .. DirecSoJ' , . would mean.,layoffs and ~higher, , .minim,um wage legislation to tel1 ", Spacious Parking ,~riK. prices." . ,',.,' " :~: ,.'. ,. .' ".' l~' ~7: W:h.a:t ,alternative ,method: ~'. WY 2-2957 .. In otheJ;' ·"w.ord~;even ;j.f.,jh~~ .. We. ,ca~ ,soJye, tl~e ,wide!lpre~d",: ., . minimum ;w.age were. tol>elK,ept ....prol}t~nq)f.,sub1!taQdar!i;-wagell'"'. _. ;;~Z9 Allen st. New Bedford 'at the pre,sentrate,. "small,b!1si.,. , ', .. Negative oppositfoh·..'to·. roih.!":' ... p.,, ':...;:;,.~ •.,'....' ...;,;;.,;;......._ ......... 0... nessmen thvoughout, the 'A:oun';'J. 'mii'iri' wage'legislation iii worse" ,n Ie.~ •. '. try" woul.d ~e opposed aSla. mlit-',! 'ilian 'Do"soltition 'at aU .ani!; in";" ft K ~~r offPtrhm_cl~le to aofn~the~laten- cidentally, is very bad for the FII'ne,,,I' Home ,:. 810n 0 ecoverage ' e~. Wo" 'reputation of' tile," businesS '~o~ . . , , . . ". Employers' Convenience·" "·munitj·Ss'awhole. . , ,',: .:''> 5.7,1,S~cQn~St.. ,,·: . Furtherinore' we are' f61d'that ' ., ...... " ,- ". ." I" . ,. :' ~ Foil River;' Moss. " small businessmen would be op'Sou'th' · 'OS 9-.6072 po~ed to amending the l~w eyen CAPE TOWN (NC) _ There MICHAEL J. 'McMAHON' if l~ weret.?olt extetnded. to cover are 1.193,~99' Catholics, ,in the Licensed Funeral Director .tbelr par ICU ar en erprlses. Union of South' Air' 78 R "Even i,f the smaU:.volume cent of them Neg lc,a. per egistered Embalmer businesses were exempt," ·the· ... roes. Ui!tticle in Nation's Business reports, "price increases made r,'. necessary at manufacturing and ~ wholesale levels would' mean ..... added merchandise' costs and FUNERAL HOME hig!}er wages paid by iarge com_~~6·P!y.rnouthAv~nuG 469 LOCUST STREET petitors covered' by the ·law.,. , Fan River, Mass.-· .. FAll- 'RIVER, MASS., " would lure ~way,the small o~~ '. '. r.T~ 053.2271 •.... .os 7 2-3381 . ator's best: .!<m"ploye~s~ or ~ake. ~~Nta c. KARRI~TQtc7 Wilfred' C. Ebiro meet the highercosts.'~:. . . ~ __ . Funeral Dlrectw . Driscoll Sullivan, ..... In other words,. low-paid) . oi.d .. Regl,";red Emb(;I_








pOR " L/O IM~ IB

1-I .. ,oatt ON .





Funeral, Home




:."'·:"·"Old-t~kb}~d,'" . :'''' ..

.0.. °0U. ftK.

Afric:a"'" ,




these ," .;" '.. , ''r~;



JkNeJ iIOr - C. 'LorralDe Bclr , &os- LaFraitee'




m l m,' ..'" I :_~. 1 . :~ . _~ ,:'. ,'..~. ' '. ' .'

. ;WY7-7830 - •








~. :.

- ,;' . ''''', ..

""'~~(~Real Estat~,! Loa!'•.:;,' ~>~ i<





.,1 . •


,.(h;istmas.~nd:Vcic~'qubs~" ,.,






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. '. ':.' ., ". ~~.. ;~.' I' . I ( '0 ' j ' ~.


1 •. " ....:.1 "


, . 'I. I. . "


; '. , . > '. .. .. ,~n9"Accounta . • 5.. 1"---~_-.& 1_'-'&:_ _ ~ --

;, i



. _'..- ...-.. ,INSTITU"'r.'I'OIlllii...l' . .: .". ("IIIII( 'fo' : r SAVI'NGS '-' -_.- .__ .. -,;:,,_.-.' <:"'-,


" ".,: ..'~l,.


'. ~,.l·lB,.AG ~~!:',.: , IAVl-4C 53C ~': REG.57c

.. 7,·, .. ':

,!.':~"S.~~in9s Bank Life rnsurG~.·'





. ..,,,



h~~:~~~·.~tf:~i~;:'s~e~~~~~;:: ~:::,!I~:CI;i~ck' rl1,~si~.rBank~ng··S~ry;ces .



vanced in' i938 'agaiiiSttti4{'otI'" ""'":;':":::,~=:;==:;:::;::.= ~".~.~======.:. ginal bill' '(which 'caUec[' lcir\':i ,.'.',. . . . . . . ' '" ..... _, .,., ..,:

have been' ad'hntea'agai'nst' any" and all am~;l!imenti{to ihe la~><l What tlie' proponents' 'of arguments :Were relini m(yin'g: iii:';" 1938 and w:hat their .co\J,Dter,.·, parts in 1961 are ,also saying: ta·" that fedetal' r~.atiOD'Of Wages' .,. wrong~in principle. Tbisia . Dot to suggest that 1lhese. Mell. are' insiric~re, much less ·.that... Chey are p~artless.oppr.esso~,o;f CheI poor.i· i " . however: . , . .... do J:?elieve, ..~a('.' Cbelr approaclf to 'twn'>1"oblemlll£ ~,

,': ...





~ 1. "

,. A&P during thUi __I. P noW at A&P . Hurryl St~ u ing event • • • tremendoUs money-sav . values galorel



workers stay put for the, ~=:"::':' ':'===:":"~' eonveniE~nce' of t~eir employers .... ,'JEFFREY,-E. .even· if higher wll8 ejl ';u-~ ~vaij.;able . . Same Arguments These and similar arguments Funeral B.... presented in the article in :"~. Nation's Business :will' .have' Ii.", , .". ,.' .550' Loc1lll& SL: : . " familiar ritrg;to anYOne' wbohaB:" '.. . .FalJ,River. Ma8&. . studie'd the history of the Fair' ". "c'·,OS 2·2391' .... ,Labor Standards Act, Idepticillly . Rose E. Sullivatl the same"'arguments were ad;."';': ; , . Jeffrey E. Sulliv8Il

-':(annedVege'~b'e'" " 'So\e--finol Week\;



."'; '"

.-.~. . . ,




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.,.1 ' ~.


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, ..




























THE A~¢HOR-Dioce5e of Fall ,R!~er- Thur:s.,Jdn. 26,. 1961

IThe Parish" Parade' Plan Malacada Suppers


First N~,tional Sto'res of Area Expand S&H Green Stamp' Plqn,


ST. STANISLAUS. . 'FALL RIVER One. hundred ~nd ninety-one in Brockton, Cambridge, Fal'l Holy ROsary Sodality. memFirst National Stores throughout' Rivero, New Bedford, ,Lowell. The Parent - Teacher and bers will serve a malacada sup- Alumni Assochltlon' w.ill hold _. . ,eastern Massachusetts today ~~Lawre~c!;!, Natiek, Waltham, per from 6:30 to 8:00 this Sat. gin the dis~ribution I;)f S & H . ,Dorchester, Fitchbl,lrg, and penny SlIle at 7:30 Saturday night urday night"in the school hall. A Green Stamps. John L. MacNeil;' ·Wo.rcesfer. . . in the Polish National Home. A concert will be given by Immac. executi.vevice':'president,· an. " . committee meeting will be held ulate Con'c;eption :aoys' Choir 'at 7:30 .tonight to complete arnOlln'ced yesterday. . . .' Walter A. Whitnack, executive . 'Vice:..president' of the company. tollowing the INPper. ACcordion '. rangements. "Because of the succ.ess;Qf S&H, .·said· the nation.'s .first redempmusic by Frances.al1d ;Marguero:Green Stamps in ouI' Hartford tiQncenter 'was built in Bridge-ite Zembo· and slides of scenes . ST. JOSEPH, TAUNTON Division, we have decided-to exp!>rt, Conn. at the turn of the in the Azores will also be feat.:. tend the plan to 'this 'area," Maccentury. New CYO officers include ured. Mrs. Olive Rego. and Miss . Neil said. The stamps ~ere. in:' Free copies of the S&H "Idea Evelyn Almeida head a large Robert Rodier, president; Linda Lopes, ,vice p'resident; Peter trodlIced last July .in First., Book," showing more than 1,000 arrangements committee. Miss National ~ew York. redeemable things, 'are available Almeida is also ill charge of a .Pirozzi, treasurer; Joan McAloon,' secretary. and Connecticut, and later in at all First Nat1e-nal C"L-ires. gift booth fro in which' 10 prizes western' M,,~~.,-,·.. ·.,tts.. OUR LADY OF LOURDES. will be awarded. Members of the TAUNTON "We chose the S & It Green Holy Rosary SodaHty and Holy A whist will be held Monday . Stamp pian," MacNeil said "beName Society will asist her. night, Jan. 30 in the church hall. C?"~e it is the ol1est and by far Re-elected to the board of dithe largest stamp plan in effect rectors of the parish credit Mrs. Mary Almeida heads a'large TAIPEr (NC) - A Catholic arrangements committee. in this country today. S & H union have been Cecilia C. Olipriest lectured on the Bible at Green Stamps, distributed by veira, Evelyn .Almeida, Henry the training center for PresbyST. BERNARD'S, the Sperry and Hutchinson ComLetendre and Tobias M. Furtado. ASSONET terian ministers for the whole pany since 1896 are the most of ~·ormosa. John P. Pereira is president of The Women's Guild will hold valuable stamps our customers the unit, which has declared a a whist party at St. Bernard's Father Joseph Meiners, S.V.D.. FROM ANTARTICA: "The can save. Throughout its 64 years tour per cent dividend for the Hall, South Main Street, Assonet lectured on "The Authority of Antarctic is no place for of experience it has an out- the Bible" at the Presbyterian year. at 8 Thursday night, Feb. 2. Mrs. ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA, w:illy-nilly men". declared standing' record of providing Theological College of Tainan, Edward Sayers and Mfs. John J. highest quality merchandise and FALL RIVER in western Formosa. Brown are co-chairmen. A cake the U.S. Navy's highest service." The annual malacada supper sale will be held in conjunction He explained the Caihoiic ranking chaplain, Rear Ad.:. and penny sale will be held Satwith the whist. At the same time, it was anteaching that the Church, not miral George A. Rosso, USN. urday, Feb. 4. The sewing unit Mrs. Thomas Roussell has been nounced at Sperry and Hutch:" the Bible, guarantees the Bible·. Monsignor Rosso became the inson's New England headquart- teaching authority. A half-hoUl' of the Council of Catholic elected vice president, replacing Women will meet Tuesd'ay night, Mrs. Norman Lefleur, who is first Chief of Chaplains ever ers that nine redemption centers question period that followed Feb. 21, following 7:00 o'clock moving from the parish. to visit Antarctica. NC will be built in this area in was very friendly, he later liedevotions. The executive board addition to those now situated ported. ST. WILLIAM'S, Photo. . of the council will meet MonFALL RIVER day, Feb. 6 in the parish hall. The Women's Guild is sponST. JAMES, OUR LADY OF ASSUMPTION, soring a series of public whist NEW BEDFORD OSTERVILLE parties every Tuesday night in Msgr. Noon Circle will hold' a III the Providence of God is a special virtue of members 01 A coffee hour benefiting our the parish hall. Hostesses are . public ham and bean supper every Religious Community 01 Sisters. Fab1,llous is,the popular Lady of Assumption Guild to guild members. from 5:30 to 8 Saturday night, t ~ word that Clomes to mind when_ which the public is invited will IMMACULATE CONCEPTION; Feb. 11. Mrs. James Clark and L• .~S "./,' hear stories of dedicated nuns beginbe held at 8 tonight at Spruce FALL RIVER Mrs: Edward Mackay are co~V d'", ning a c~aritable work with little or Tree Lodge under direction of 't', ~. nothing in the way of money and The Women's Guild will hold . chajrmen. The next regular Jeannette Bowes. Facilities for QJ 0 bringing into beiDa' great schools. a ham and bean supper, followed meeting will be held Wednesday. card and other games will be ~ hospitals, and other .institutions vi by square dancing in the church Feb. 8. available and hot canapes will + .. ~erClY. All that they do is lor God hall this Saturday night. Mrs. ST. MARY'S, be featured for refreshments. . and they know that He will provide DeloresCangello, guild president,· ·SOUTH DARTMOU'nI The Guild has been sponsoring is chairman for the supper. for their Deeds aa they work for m. The Women's Guild will hold honor and glory. Acting, as God olte. a series of bridge parties in ST. ANNE'S, a bean supper at 6:30 this Satur,. does. through human instruments, 1& members' homes through 1lhe FALL RIVER 'day night, with Mrs. Marsh'sll 'Vi. ill lrequently through generous bene:; Winter months. · Dr HoI, FaIhtr's MiJ.siott AiJI New Senior Holy Name SociGelette and Mrs.' 'Norman :R. laeio... ' that the Siste... 'reeeive th. ST. JOSEPH, . ftr tht Orimtal Churr/, ety ot'ficers include Orner Le-' 'Menard, co-chairmen. _De;' essential to eflirrl on them FALL RIVER brecque, president; :t;Iernard H. ST. LAWRENCE. ' :. " '. .orb of charib·. . The Men's Club will hold a Paciuette and Henry .1; Olivier.' . 'NEW BEDFORD:: . . Twenty five yean ago a' group til CAaMBLITESISTERS pre-Len.ten ham and bean IlupThe ·Couple's.Club. will meet itarted a school in a small house ill the' YlIIace 01' NARAKKAIo per from 5:30 to 7:30 Saturday ·yice presidents; Er'nest'V. Talbot., secretary; Joseph A. Beauchesne, ,'~rjday"night, Feb.' 10;\vith. _. ill iNDIA. The, school developed rapidly ad Is now one of the Dight~, Feb. 11. Bern;lrd TomlinlargeR (10 pobit of Dumbel'll) ia UleDioc~ of Bmakulam. M assistant treasurer. . : " "'. .' square'. dance "highiighting tbe' .on is ticket chairinan and ticyears ",ent by the' Sisters kept dreamlnl' of, the day wb'ea program. Movies on stocks and kets may be purcliased .at Ber- ST. ELIZABETH, ' , $he;' woUld have' a 'ConveDt aad. a 'C~apel. Aboat three yeai'll ' b o n d s 'were 'shown 'at the '·Jan.. 'Die's Cleansers. Gtal~lItla,r schoOl' FALL RtVER, 'A penny sale pOstpori~ fr~' ,.' they becan, constrUCltion but ,raD oat ,oi .m~ney 'when u.. children vim be admitted at half last Saturday beclluse' of '·snow'· u~ry ,meeti!lg.. ". :' : ' ",' , loundatloo . . . laid. For tile past' two yea... ' 00 lurther WOd price. ' will be held at8 'this Saturday ST. MA1,'IIIEU., .. , '.' :.,i " , , .... beeD able to be 'done' aad..the Sistel'tl, have beeD prayiq ST. ilYACIN'nI, night in the church hall, under· FA~L .RI-yEIl" " .... i , . ' dally tor the, $3.000 ,needed to flalsh·, their balldinl'. 1heir' laiOt NEW BEDFORD Is ... IItrODg." ever. that one .day ,G~ will provide them wltIa St. Anne Society will .sPonsor 8POnsorship of the' ·"Women'.The,.","ome l1'sq':lild '~il1 meet, Guild." . MOndllY eveiling at'7:30"in the . tile meaoa 01 'completiDg It.. Would yoa be ODe 01 the Ins"" a public ham and bean supp~'r at .eDts God inight aile 'In supplyinc pan 01 the money! HOLY CROSS. par·~sh'l1a~1. :M:r's.R~g~r'.Lafond,'. • Saturday night, jan. ~ in the , chairman,' has, announced that parish ball. Atranilistoi radio' F:ALL RIVER' ,:, , , , .. ,', . . 'an illustrated lecture will, be 'A "'CHRYSOSTOM" ia a ~ember of NEAR EAST MISwill be awarded. The Parent-Tea~her .Associa-, ,liven. by DQ~tor ~orge 'BouriSION CLUB established 'or the purp08e of maintaining semiDThe annual retreat will be held tion ~m hold a .soclal thIS Satu~-., akes. Members ~re rerriiilded t. arie. In Mission lands. Wlil you join t~e '~CHRYSOSTOMS';t In French Sunday through Tuea:. da,. ~n the parlsn "ha~' and wIn .. bring in bOoks tli~t ,could ,be The dUel are one .dollar a month. day, Feb. 19 to 21 and in Engalso sponsor a ,Springfa!'hion' the, sehOollibrar}r'.·· lish Sunday through Tuesday; .lhow at a date to be announced. '., OBEDIENCE TO TBEMOSAIC LAW, Fel:l. 26 to 28. The unit is selling dinner' napST. JOHN BAP'.i'IST; brought our Blessed Mother. to Jerusalem alter the birth 01 The Holy Name Society is in kins as a fund raising, activi'ty.'NEW BEDFORD. . Christ for her Purification and His }Jresentation III the Temple. process of being organized ill BLESSED SACRAMENT . The Ladies' Guild will hold a Reeognition, by the holy Simeon, 01 her Child as the Redeemer the parish. FALL RIVER • membership tea, for mothers of brought joy to Mary's heart. In the Temple that day Simeon Mrs. John B. Letendre wI)) Romeo Champagne heads the pupils in the parochial school spoke 01 the Saviour as being a "light 01 revelation"-this .. head the St. Anne Society for ,the parish credit union for the comfro~:% to 4 Sunday a~ter?oon, .hat all true lollowers of Christ must be. In pagan lands pries*, coming year, aided by Mrs. ing year after his re-election at. Feb. 12. Mrs. Edward Fmm a~d 8JSters ad brothers, truly shine as such in their Misslona~ Romeo AUbut, vice president, the annual meeting. Raymond Mrs. Robert Clark are co-chaJl'· actlyity. Mrs. Albert Lamoureux, _secreCloutier is vice-president and men.. . . In INDIA, SISTER PAULA and SISTER FRANCISCA. n"", tary; Mrs. Laura Maille, treasReginald J. Remy is treaSU1'er. ' Sprmg events Will mclude a lees 01 the SACRED HEART SISTERS, SEurer. ST. KILIAN March whist party, a ham and BASTIAN PADINJAREKUTT and THOMAS ST. MARY'S, NEW BEDFORD bean supper in April and a rum_ SOURIAMKUZHY, semlnariaDs " SAINT MANSFIELD The PariSh CYO win. attend a mage sale in May. A cake sale' JOSEPH'S SEMINARY, are preparing to be The Catholic Women's Club performance of the Ice Capades .will .follow all Masses th,is Sun~ "lights 01 revelation" to the non-believers 01 enjoyed presentation of a film in Providence and plans to atday. Mrs. Charles W. Duponte Y &heir own native land. Te prepare them' it depicting Trappist life at "- ,tend the Celtics-St. Louis bas- .chairman. eost $600 lor. each of the seminarians January meeting. ketball game in Boston Gude.u ST. ANTHONYOI(PADUA. .' and $300 for each 01 tbe I novices. U you ST. PATRICK, on February 5. FALL RIVER finance training of a seminarian 01' a FALMOU'J;'H HOLY NAME, ,. The. annual parish-sponsored ' novice yoa are helping to make it p~ible to bring the light ., The Holy Name Society win NEW BEDFORD, " malacada supper and penny !lale . ' ·Iaith· to countlesS souls. . .. :, . :'. . " .' .. ',. The .,Women's Guild wm hold will beheld Sl,\turday, F:eb., •. IlPOnSOf a spaghetti supper on Sunday night in the K of C Hall a pre-Lenten card p8rty at 8'at the parish ball. Manuel DO, ,. ..: "INTER'.~ TB,E. ,~oty LAND '. Tqesdaynight; 'Jan.· 31 at· the mingoes. is' . general chairman.:' ".' . "In' 'eertaln' 'sectio'ns 01 JOfdan' it gets very' COld, during Ute' for: membets and their familieL , Co..,chairmen Dr.. George l>e'" p~rish hall on:' :Co,unty . Sil:eet ...He wilL hold, a m~ting' Of~ corn". ,.,inter : months. A donation 'h!Oui" Refugee Fund belps Ua . . Mello and Raymond Knipsel and' Whist, bridge, c,",asta,a~dother..' mittees at ,7,~ul)qay.riight,:Jan. 29, · provide melter for the' PaleStine Refug~~ . ,,, pmes will be played. There will:: : also in, the . hall. Tickets are their committee have arranged be prizes and refreshments. Mrs. . available . .from .: all committee a program for the entire family. . COMPtETEL"l' FURNISHED for $1,000 this .. Precedi,ng·.the supper, BeneEdward Molleoand Mrs. Step~en,... members 9.r. at 160 ~outh MaiD abe eost oi lIapplY"'1l all' the" things' needed lor tile Ledwell are co-chai~eft. ..Street.. diction will, be celebrated in the ptoper Liturg!eal' worship' of . God' in' a Missl. Church at 5 o'clock followed by Church. Would yoa be In a pOsition lo make, such. the buffet style supper from gilt? U not, eonld you ptovide one or' more 01 u.. 5:45 to 7:30. Door prizes will be 101l0"'lng Sacred·' Articles: Altar ($'75), Mass Vedawarded an~ a full length'movie menta ($50j, Chalice ($40), Ciborium ($40), Tabernacle will be shown for the cbildren. . ($25), Censer ($20), Yea... supply of' Candles ($2c.~ ST. PWS X, :. ' '. •. i ' , .. . , .'1 . • 'lSanctua~ ·Lamp ($15), .'liar Linens ($15), ·Sanctuary Bell ($5Jo 80. YARMOUTH . ... TauntOil ~....... : The Women's Guild will spon_ . ". :, : ,.or a public Wlhist party '_ Monday night at 8 o'clock In the fRANCIS CARDINAL SPILLMAN, p,•• lden' ... ' .. ," .': . . " ."1' .• J.".1 church hall on Station AveDue. . .' ,. . . . ;,..... T• •~ ...., Secoy Mn. John Crawf~rd, general chainnan, haa announced that tlckets'inay be purchased at 1be ',F~·· '." ..:: 4eo lexington Ave; at 46th St. New Y~rfc 17; N. Y. door and refreshment. wiJ1 be " :, j.:" ,'. ,','. -erved. F A ....L RIVER

Priest Gives Lecture At Protestant Center












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\18 . THEANc;HOR.Dioces~off.alrRj'v'er~n{u':i·;Jari"'2~;'·.'.1?6'·F The. CatholDc in America

Roosew®~fr Appoints Taylor RepreS®C1~ative,to V~t;can

By Rev. Peter J. Rahill, Ph.D. , The dark somberness associated with November in the,northern part of our country was in 1928 in keeping with ., the dejected spirit 'of many supporters of Alfred E. Smith• .. Tho\Jgh three candidates divided between the two·'major· political parties have since' lor assisted the Vatican in dis- . receiveq fewer e 1e c tor a 1 tributing money and supplies to . votes, Smith's total of. 87 the millions. of war refugees. was dishearteningly .low.' Taylor'was riot ~ member of the Some political analysts asCatholic Church, yet he had. serted that the Democratic Parly. entertained the future Pope in was finished his home during the 1936 visit nat ion _ to the United States of Cardinal ally, though it Pacelli. might serve a Eariy Diplomatic ContaCt useful funcIn the Roosevelt Papers at lion in local . Hyde Park, N: Y., are many letcontests. Even ,ters of praise to .the President more positive for his. appointment, with a large were the asprop6rtionfrom those not of the sertions that Faith. ' nO major po'This was by no'means the first .. litical par t y diplomatic contact. From 1797 '.. would again the United States· maintained 'make the fatal consu'lar representation in Rome. mistake of nominating Ii Catholic For mal diplomatic relations .. tor the' pl'E;:sidency. were established by President , Everything from Smith's boyJames K. Polk: \These continued 'hood around New York's'Fulton until 1868, when Congress failed Fish Market to his affiliation to app..r opriate money for the ' .. with Tammany Hall were sugexpenses of our minister. . :!,Iested as reasons for his defeat. In the 20th century William : Undoubtedly these were factors, Howard Taft was sent to Rome ·. but a delegate from the Texas to settle the problem of the ., which' defected .in 1928 pro- Friars' Lands. This property was ::"daimed the consideration which owned by religious orders in "others avoided mentioning. Spain, and with our acquisition ) During the 1932 Democratic of' the Philippines the question ., Convention in Chicago Maury of disposition arose. ,.Hu·ghes declared: "They crucified Consequent to the negotiations ':that great American Alfred E. . of the future President with 'Smith on the cross of re~igious Pope Leo XIII the 'lands were YCW FOUNDER IN CONGO: Msgr. Joseph. Cardijn, founder of Young ChristIan intolerance." sold. and the issue amicably adWorker movement, is shown on stopover in Leopoldville, Congo, as he returns home Years of Depression justed without uproar. from a Pan-African meeting of his organiza tio'n. NC Photo. 'Yet in the very year of 'Vatican Furor' · .Smith's defeat there were more The death of President Roose,American priests than there had ·veltandthecessationofdeclared been American Catholics when war did hot terminate the Taylor George Washington became the Mission. This personal represenVATICAN CITY (NC) - The er by 258 pages than last year's . guese, Spanish and German""'"first President. tation continued until Taylor's first copy df the 1961 yearbook and took up 378 pages in ,the total of 2,040. This is despite the :, Nor did Catholic leaders van- health caused 'him to resign early of the Holy See has been pre-. fact that it contains a complete Annuario. The notes in the five ;·ish. in 1950. sented to Pope John. It includes .listing of the pontifical preparanon-Italian languages are availJames A. Farley and Ed;wlud Late the following year Pres- entries for the four prelates he able to those who request therri tory commissions for the Second I. Flynn directed the succes~ful ident Truman nominated Gen- made cardinals last week. :. this year in the form' of special Vatican Council, which the Pope campaigns' of Franklip. D. Roose-. 'eral Mark Clark as Ambassador' The Annuarlo Pontificio, be-:. inserts. appointed .last year. The reducThese ',New Yorkers' were to' the State of Vatl'can CI·ty. A' . sides', listing personnel' . tion in size - done to make the , The extent of 1lhe Church'. ' . 0" the _cceeded :by "Bob'!" Hilimegan reading .'on 'the thermOlpet!,!r.. of central. administration of the reference work easier to· hand:e growth is indicated by the new of St.' Louis; likewise a Catholic. . heat generated may be. found in ChurcQ;gives statistical'~ata for ~ wail made possible by elilli,.. . year-book's' 'statistics, compared The Great Depression: was the the headline of the magazine dioceses :throughout the world inating aU but. the Italian ver- "with those given. in the two principal concern. of most A!ller- .Newsweek: "Vatican Furor!',' . 'and .' vital' statistics on' the sionof th~ hi~to~cal notes.' 'previous yearbooks issued durleans 'during ·the 1930's. 'Unlike A complication arose. from a .world's· 2,500 'Catholic .arching Pope John's reign: LaSt .year, these notes wel'e the panic of 1893, it illcited no. law of 1870.. conne'cted wit.h the printed in six languages - ItalbishQps and bishops. , talk:" 'of'Catholicimmigraliori Peace Pollcy of Presid.ent Gr'ant," . , ';yearbook 'ni!lD, !'i:eooh, . English, . POMU. '.. . T,1!.lS, . yea.r!s , . Is sma . Notre Da~e ~eceiv'es being re'spoMil:ile' for ·the excess whereby army officers were for": of jOb-seekers; . '. :.. ' '. . bidden to accept civil 'positions. . 1959 1960' 1961 <i.rant From' Ford' Aft'er tPI:esident Coolidge· Before any solution was r~ached .. " ,.'. 74 I' 79 85. NEW YOR~. (NC)-Notre D&~e .gned· an" imm)gration bill on' .'General. Cl~rk withdrew "hi.' "RCar?dinalt~·.I'· d T''t I . P t" h' t · . 15" . I , "15 1'5 University is .ary'long .four uniMay 26,' 1924,. newcomers from' .. , . .:.. _ . ' .. :0; .•• : . . . . eSI en la an . I U ar a nate a e a " , versities given Ford·.Foun~ation 'eountries predominantly. Catho- . na6~~ 'criticoCUriit~ State~·, 'Resldeilti'al' Metropolitan Sees '" :316 . ~ 328 . 335 grants to,h~ip mak'e international 'lie were severely limited., 'How- Vatica.n'dipl&~ati¢ Residential Atehiepiscopal "42 ., '. 4i teaching and research "a permaever no restrictions at all were· . ", h . 1,283 1;334· 1,368.. nent ..part of. their ·programs. Illeeded du rl'ng the depths of eco- ,I.ncorrect I~ assertIng 't at O~I:'.' Residential Episcopal 'Sees beloved LIncoln would not do ' . ' .882 ! . 882' Notre Dame received a $25,000 nomic. collapse, years' during 'such .athing" for the' -fi~st 'Re'-' ·Tltular·Sees· . ·882, which more, people left our publican P,r'e sid e n t 'iid'ualiy' . 'Prela;tures and' Abbeys Nullius 85 86 ' 88 grant for' support of, its Soviet, . east I European program. ,shores than sought admittance. mad.e three,appointm.entsto the' Apos' t6l.ic.· Ad,m.·.i.nistrationS' . ',:, . ' , ':. 1f 11 1Q .and . Cooperate for .Peau " I Other gnints went to the followThirty-onedays afte.~ the Nazi P~pal States... . . Oriental,Rite Prelates . " '14 J. ,16 .18 ing universities: Chicago, Northpanzer divisions swei>t into p~ ' .. faternal Care.. . ' ... Vicariates' A~~tolic . . "216 178:· 158 western and Pennsylvania. The' land and World War IIcoin~' Longye1;lrs before~ ArchbIshop . Prefectures ApOstolic 1.15. 120 123 . grants to the four universities \ menced,' President· Roosevelt 'John Ireland bad POll') ted, out, the 'M''... ..... d I 'd d . t D" 6. 6 6 to~1 $7,965,000. ,proposed s·endi'ng.a special' en- Church,· refuses her' love to :. ISSIons all ,n epen en,. 18 • . . .' . '.

Yearb'ook" Shoows 'Growth of· Church

· .welt."



sees .

'wai ..


triCia '.

~O:nd~ei~h~f ~~ti~:~ d::~d:~:~ :~~t:e:reri~~e r:~j~~;;.o~U~:~~



. Seminaries in Spain ;Away Applic'ant R. A. CO. ' • kind, and her affections flow ,~ut ESTELLA (NC) _ Spain's ,tion' or other 'necessary qualifi.()fFICE I FURNITURE" ~ore copi~us~y. in the directiOil crowded and money-poor semications in the candidates. . .. Stock for I",medlate Deli.en. of the majorIty , ' ,, ; , '" . 6 . 'hoi 'tl • DESKS • CHAIRS In coo"per~ting' with the Per- naries ~urn away 3,000 appliIn the 1959-19.0 sc . as c sonal Representative, of the cants yearly, according to a miayeared' 2,824 '. ,a,PhPhcants wehre . FILING CABINETS Though some oppositio'n im-. .. . ' '. turn away. T at means t at mediately flared up, the Presi- PreSIdent, the Holy See. had slOnary here; 500 to 600' . t· b' 1 st • FIRE FILES • SAFES es dent was' not' deterred. Pope' amplified its paternal care of th~ . ' Fathet'Rodolfo Bossler S.V.D t S . Pdrt1h s are ~Idng ~_ FO~DING TABLES most ab'ed of the r-the '. .. " .... ~. pal!lan, ewor ld WI AND' Pius XII welcomed his Christmas refugees \If. w,ar. poo saId that In tbe 1958-1959 "sch, .. ,0sl~nary oa~ostolate. of th"e Cath. , CHAIRS letter that they work together ohe: Church ea c h ye r Father (Next week:' A Catholic Prei-.· lastie. y.ear, 10,0~4 young men B ' 'I 'd "b a" S . for peace. Accordingly announce.. O!lS er sal ecause paIn R. Ao WILCOX CO. ident ) .' , asked admission to diocesan and . .., In ment was made of the appoint..· . " .. ' . . .' . '.' .' 15 to 20 per cent of all students 22 BEDFORD ST. ment of Myron C. Taylor as the Only. 'Vat'loc'an Cl0ty'. .rehglOl;ls sef!lmarles In SpaIn. Of . 'entering the 'minor seminal'7 FALL RIVER 5·7838 Personal Representative of the. that number, 3,005 were turned reacb 'the priesthood." President with thediplomatie .Pastor Dies away for lack of room in semirank of Ambassador. VATICAN CITY (NC) -His naries, 'lack of ·funds. to· cover Though peace proved distressHo'11ness Pope Johri XXIII vis-:. maintenance costs, and 'in some . ingly elusive, in Rome Mr.. T.ay. . . . . . lack of . Sufficient educ&ited the presbytery of Vatican City's only parish to pray ne~r . IKC. India Plans Moral, the body of its pastor, Father Spiritual· Courses , Nicola Fattorini, .,9.S.A... . , Father Fattorini died: after 30 NEW DELH;I (NC) - TheIn. dian Ministry of Education has . years as pastor! ofS'l;; An'n'i ·asked a special committee to church. His parishioriers in... <. ;prepare' textbooks to aid in eluded the Papal Gendarmes and teaching moral and spiritual the Swiss Guards as well as citii Oil' BURN'ERS values from the primary to " zens of ,Vatican City and other Also complete 'Boiler-Burner university level. persons resident there. or Furnace' Units. Eflicienl The basic ideas of various reThe Italian Augustinian had low cost heating. Burner and fuel oil sales. and service. ligions are to be included, as are been parish priest' at Cave and resumes of the lives and teach- Castelgandolfobefore becoming FRANCIS J.. DEVINE ARTHUR J. DOUCET Stanley Oil Co., Inc. ;·1ogs of the great religious lead~' pastor of St. Ann's parish, which f80 MI. Pleasanl' Streel embraces vIrtually. the 'whole of ers, saints, mystics and philosFALL RIVER, MASS. 363 SECOND ST. Mew Bedf"rd ' WY 3·2661 Vatican Cit)to ophers.


very day; to this churchman two years previously F.D.R. had first suggested our country's eooperation with the Holy See;

.'D'& DSaleS and Service,





THE ANCHOR..,. Thurs., Jan. 26, 1961

Red Sox Touring'Caravan Harbingers of Spring

Mansfield Youth Gains National Scout Honol1

By c1Jmre Kineavy Harbinger of Spring that now seems so remote if! the Red Sox entourage that is about to conclude an extensiv~ two week good will tour throughout the New England area. The group visited New Bedford on Monday night and ia scheduled to appear in Fall morrow night. Next week t'be River tomorrow. Among the Grabiee forces lineup against players expected to be OR Malden Catholic and later iD hand are Pete Runnels, A.L. the week travel to Braintree for batting champion, Vic Wertz, Frank Malzone and pitdhers Billy Muffett and Bill Monbouquette. Highlight of the tour in each of the major cities visited has been the :' question and ~' ' -,Y''i answer period . ~/~':", ," which has given " ".' New England " , '. fandom an op" ' portunity to gain a first hand account of the behind the scenes phases of the national pastime. The new approach in the field of pUblic relations has been well received despite adverse weather conditions. The Springfield smp, scheduled last Friday, was almost disrupted by the blizzard but Hy Hurwitz, a Boston ne~paperman, had ~ foresight to journey to the Insurance City ThurSd"v nig'ht and he addressed the 14 hardy R0tarians who braved the stonn to attend. A rookie is ~pec&ed to play a vHal role in the Red Sox new look for '61. He is Carl Yaatrzewski, former Notre Dame star, who has had two very good years in the minors. The youngster eame into pro ball as an infielder, then was switched M the ouWeld last year at Minneapolis. It W8I anticipated that he would step into tlhe left field spot vacated by Ted William. but Higgins now indicates that be wants a look at Yastrzewsld in the pivot position. _ In the event that Yastrzewskt proves adequate at second base, Pete Runnels will undoubtedly moveover to first base and Vie Wertz to 'left field. With Gary Geiger returning to duty ,th. would put left-handed swingers in the lineup at ORe time. No 'one . is more aware the Higgins of ilbe easy mark the Sox presented sOuthpaws'iG 1960 (9-26; to be exact) but 'he feels that Jensen's return and the strong I showing, of rookie Jim Pagliaroni will tend to offset Whatever imbalance exi•• 'We'll See.



Rulell :&e••xed ~ 1ftat.herman bew Ii 'low curve ball to saholastic hoopsten last week. The Headmaster'. committee came to 1he rescue, however, modifYing the rules to permit schools to play more than two games in one week, thereby affording them 11ft opportunity to reschedule contests postponed by the storm. The Clash betweea Durfee and Fairhaven, both' undefeated ia Bristol County 'eompetition, b88 been reset for the week 01. Feb. 20. ' The 'midseasoa piclure Ja Narry play i6 clearly in focw. Somerset, undefeatedia eight outings, and Holy Femily, beaten only once in nine games, spreadeagle the rest of the field. Bristol County leaders Durfee and Fairhaven, pursued closely by ,twice-beaten Attleboro, appear to be the class of the senior cireuit. Neither league bas much· balance, however, in that second division teams are singularly inept. New Bedford playing an Independeqtschedulc ~aces a make or break situation this week and next. The Crimson hosted peren:.' J nially strong Archbishop Williams on Tuesday and will en-' tertain Lawrence Central ~"

High School Debate" Coyle High School debate team, Taunton, hu been named pr~ident of Narragansett Debate League for_this season. The team opened its 1961 schedule with a win over Mt. St. Mary Academy, Fall River, debating on the topic of stl'engthening the lInitecI Natiom.

Twelve year old Timothy Kelleher of Boy Scout Troop 13, sponsored by St. Mary'. Church, Mansfield, has' reeeived a Certificate of Mer~ from the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America for his prompt first aid to his grandmother when she began choking on a food pan.. icle. Timothy instructed his sistel' to call a doctor, then a police ,ambulance when the doctor could not be reached. Meanwhile he gave artificial respiration to his grandmother and wali credited by police with saving her life. He is a second cla.u Scout.

a return go against Williams. Warrior Straits. Lack of height and depth have posed insurmountable obstacles for the hustling Coyle Warriors who go into tl~'s week's schedule <;till looking for their first league win. The Parochials threw a real scare inm intracity rival Taunton last Saturday before dropping a 58-45 decision .With less than four minutes remaining Coyle had a 45-40 lead but the loss of Dick Brezinski on· fouls signalled the Warriors' downfall. Providence College continues to give its followers fits as the Friars struggle to maintain their No.1 New England ranking. No less than eight of P.C.'s eleven vict~ries have been by margins of seven points or less. The Friars have a narrow 3.6 per game scoring bulge on their opponents contrasted with a 14.5 margin a year ago. Proving invaluable1D the Friars' cause is bi~ Jim Hadnot whose performance against Niagara last Saturday meant the difference in the ball game. The big feHow is having a fabulous year. Boston College will attempt the most ambitious football schedule in New England next Fa1l. Athletic Director Bill Flynn early this week announced a 10 game slate which opens with Cincinnati- and concludes wifl'h traditional rival Holy Cross. There are six neweomers on the slate: Houston, Iowa state, Texas Tech, Syracuse and Nortihwestern.. Holdovers, in addition to the Crusaders include Villanova, Detroit and Boston-University.' Paas, the bromide, Ernie.

Shwrt 60Y5 CHAPEL GOES TO SEA: Just aft of the bridge on the Italian supertanker Mare Nostrum is a small Catholic chapel consisting of an altar, six pews, and a sacristy that doubles as a confessional. At ports of call a priest comes aboard, offers Mass and hears confession. Here a visitor s~ps by while the ship is at South Portland, Me. NC Photo.

Asserts Anti-Integration Actions Show Educational Deficiency


M@"V~ ~@ Keep H©)QW~ So~v~nt

'PITTSBURGH (NC) - The Catholic Apostolate of Radio. Television and Advertising (CARTA) here launched a cernpaign to rescue Auberle Memo-. rial Home for Boys in nearl>,. McKeesport from the verge 011 ,bankruptcy. AUberle, known as the "Bo,. Town of the East," is conducte4 by the Capuchin friars. Ita plight was dramatized recent~ by the arrest of a man accused of bilking people under the pretext of running a benefit :b Auberle. Vohmteers have chipped is $24,167 to balance the home'. books for three months. CARTA will seek to keep the books bal-

NEW YORK (NC)-Demonof real American youngsters in strations against integration by the process of higher education" students in the South were a he continued. "And their voi~s "horrible example" of- educaare echoed by governors and tional deficiency, the president legislators, also products of of Notre Dame University said hig/ler, education in Amer!ca, ~ . .here. who still proclaim that the Father Theodore M. Hesburgh pro.mise of the American ConstiC.S.C., specifically referred ~ tutlOn .only app~ies in its fullneSll FREIBURG (NC) - The Ge.. the situation at the University of to whlte Amerlcans. ,man Catholic charities agency, Georgia in an address before the . "Something has been missing Caritas, announced that it carell for over 400,000 children dally Freedom Forum of the Anti- it! the educational process here Defamation League of B'nai something very basic somethin; ill its 6,000 kindergartens and B'rith. very important to m~n as man." nurseries. The agency said 5,051 of the 12,448 employees in thelll! He said that University stuInstitutions are nuns. dents who rioted against admission of two Negro students had New Bedford Serra Club will ~iled to "a~hieve an understand_ hold its monthly holy hour at 109 9f baslc, human truths and . 3 Sunday, Jan. 29 at St A ' human values." . Chun:h. . nne a Voices of Emotion ' DETROIT (NC)-It's .tooe887 " By saying, in effect, 'that '''we to obtain a divorce in Michigan, don't· want colored Americans to •. Circuit'Court jw:iet.complain- have the same educational oped here.' INSURANCE AGENCY p,ortunity that we have," Father Judge Chester P. O'Hara ree- Hesburgh' asserted; "thestnuture AU ,Kin. Of Insuf~' ~JPmended that, the Legislature teachers, lawyers, doctors, enIt WILLIAM STREET' tighten ,'the state's divorce laws, gineers, scientists, husbands 8,nd JfEW~ BEDFORD. MASS.: after reviewing the record of. wives were speaking 'invoices Dumber .of. cases,'where divorces".' of: 'emotion,' not of reason or DIAL WY 8-5153 ~ere granted ~ .co~ple& in early, ,: 1ait~ ,in 'our religious and poUtP....onal Service . years of marrIage. .ical heritage.", , . "It seeDUl that lately ~th "But they are stilt real voicel wives and husbands are runnmg ill here for, a di'Voree after they ~. K ~ance 'had their first spat," the judge IWMBING & HlATlHG, INC. The McMahon Counell No. 161 laid. "It also seems that many i tor Dom8lliie couples' go Into marriage with ,of New Bedford will sponSor a ~.IDciu*W the idea that it it doesn't 'take' 'Pre-Lenten Dan e e Saturday ~ Salea 8DlI they can alway. get • divorce." night from 8 to· midnight at the Oil Burners IJervice K of C Home. Dress is informal FOI'l'et ResPouiblUtJ' ~UI NORTH FRONT ST~En WY 5-1631 ) " , .. ,and door prizes will be awarded "I know 01. no couple who at according to AlbertL.'McMuU4!n ~ NEW BEDFORD '2283 ACUSHNET AVE. one time or another has not bad and William Rielley, ehairman NEW BEDFORD WYmaa 2-5534 lOme' spat or disagreement., It and co-chairman, respecUveiy. taket! time to get accustqtned to one another and this can!t, ,be done'in a few months,", be con" A. ~AM.~r Untied.' ' ',,' , COME IN - SEE, ~.and DRIVE '

Care$ for 400,000

New Bedford Serran.

.Judge Compla.ens . O f .Easy De. _vorce




of C




) , Heatinq Oils ,) 'and Burners




u,A responsibility 'goes with marriage and too many young folks of today are forgetting that," the judge states.





145 Washington St., Fairhaven Just off Route CJ WY 7~9336 . lVa~ for Sign~ • While out for a Drive • Stop at this Delightful Spot # ~

Protest Persecution Of Youth i... Cuba' ' , SANTURCE (NC)-The Gatholic Young Workers of Puerto Rico have denounced the seizure of the organization's headquar;. ters in .Cuba and the arrest of some of its leaders.' "We denounce before the world this aggression against the workin~ youth of Cuba who ~ persecute4.,', imprisoned a n cl killed for defending the Christian and democratic ideals of our American continent," a declaration' of the workers of Puerto Rico stated. The government of Fidel Castro persecutes the ChurC'b and its organizations because "they fight communism vigorously and without Ilear," the declaration added.





Most ~utifully Proportioned at


1344-86 Purchase St. .

New Bedford, Mass. ,.'


Complete Line Building Materials 8 SPRING ST., FAIRHAVEN wYman 3-2611






THE CATlHIOLIC PRESS IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF CATHOLIC LIFE: Bishop James L. Connolly (upper left) is one of the most avid

.,weekly readers of The Anchor ·which he established in April 1957. This diocesan newspaper conducts its annual subscription campaign next month. . Fr. Yves Tourigny, (upper center), Canadian White Father missionary, edits Musizi, a Catholic family 'publication in Uganda. Richard Cardinal Cushing of Boston (upper right) receives a copy of 'Treasure:in the Field' from the lluthor, Sister M. Fidelis of the Sisters of Notre Danie de Namur.

Fr. James Finley, C.S.P., vicar general of the Paulist Fathers, (lower left), looks at the first issue of Paulist Fathers News, first new Catholic periodical of ~961. The busy news room of the National Catholic Welfare Conference, which supplies The Anchor with all national and international news, is at lower center. A novel outline of the African continent covered with Catholie newspapers is at lower right~ ·The official Catholic Press .Month poster is in center of layout. February 12 will be Anchor Subscription Sunday throughout t~e Diocese~

Fall River Diocese to Ob'serve Catholic Press Month in February ~

A missionary-journalist who

was the deplorably t!UDall num-: - Father .Markert consulted Bi" T,'. Russell of 'the \ move that led. the United olic press. Marked interest was' ,Charle~town" S.C., first Epi~oStates Bishops' ,to establish the shown in the ideas advanced to pal chairman of the newly orar.nual observance" of Catholic change the situation.' But "most ganized PrellS Department; NatPress lVTonth~ 40 years ago. He is of the suggestions, though ~O()d ~?~al Catholic Welfar~ Conf~rrather FranCis Markert, S.V.D., in themselves," he' stated,we~ ence. ,; • Divin(\ Word missionary with. only more or less either ,ideal, 'Encouraged by the Bishop, • long record, in the Clitho!ic theoretical,or, limited in their ii'atQ~r' M;p:kert, suggested "~ri ')n~ens.ive a!1d hi~hly' central": ,Press, who now resides at the pr~ctic,abil~iy." ,Divine, Word· Seminary':, in. .'. He, ,was ~nv,in~ed that, ','the ized- campaign: backed up by'the' techny. Ill. Bornin,q,epna,ny on :Cath9lic press', 'in ,the United' Hierarchy. My 'suggestion was 'eb. 27, 1884; he came, ,to ,the States would' never amount 'to that the drive'should last a fufi TlJnited ,States a few months anything as long as it remained, week or mor'e and, should be efter his ordination in 1910. merely a ,bread-'and-butter af"- inaugurated by joint pastoral Fr. Markert has devoted 50 fair of some private printers, no letter of all the' Bishops of the years of his priesthood and work ,matter how good and well-' country." Pastors would be infor the'mission cause. Through- meaning Catholics they might spired to give "appropriate ser~ut these years, he has devoted be." ' ,moris, lectures" exhibits of varhimself constantly to important "It would never become a val- 'ious Catholic publications enprojects in the Catholic press. uable instrument of the Church," listing for ihis /work the cooper;While manager of the Mission says the German-born mission- ation of the' various Catholic )press, at Techny, he aiso ,edited ary "unless it was directed and organizations of men and wo!lor 38 years the Familienblatt, inspired by the needs and by men." outstanding Catholic Germa~~, the'wisdom of the living Church, At the annual meeting of the liillagazine in the United' States., guided at the same time by. the U.S. Bishops in September 1920, . The origin of Catholic Press authoriity of the Church as rep- it was voted unanimously to call lVIonth, as observed in the United resented by the Hierarchy," upon the American Catholics to States. dates back to the annual unite in a well-organized' cam- ' meeting of the Catho1il' Press Montreal Short 500 paign on behalf of the Catholic Association in Washington in press and March 1921 was desJanuary, 1920. Priests in Diocese Father' Markert recaJls that MONTREAL (NC)-The Archat the 1920 CPA meeting one of diocese of Montreal, whose two, Electriccd 1;he main topics of discussion .rllillion Catholics make it one of North America's largest, is short Controcton lMce ~liild T&u@mas "at least 500 priests, a publication LOS ANGELES (NC) -Mrs. on vocations states. elare Booth Luce will address This is reported by "Le Pretre" the amusement ind'ustry's 10th (The Priest), bulletin of the ~~ annual Communion Breakfast Work of Vocations association. here Feb. 5. Danny Thomas will It says that in 1911, when Ca'thV~4$ be master of ceremonies. The olic population here was 600,000, breakfast will follow a Mass to there were 25 new priests, but 944 County St. be offered by James Francis, only 27 priests were ordained New I~edford Cardinal McIntyre, Archbishop last year despite the fact that the ef Los Angeles. population has tripled since 1911.

"will be 77 in 'February iriitiated .ber of subscribers to the Cath.. hop. William







. 19nated as first 'Nationai Catholic PresS Month: This was. offiCially' aimotmced in a letter sent by BishQjl Russell, Jan. S. 1921, to all members of the HierarehY of the United States. '',l'he foilowing year" Press' Month-obser.vaJ;lce was changed to' February and' remained so ever sin'ce.' The change was made ',to b~ing the observance nearer, ,to ~he 'Jan. 29 feast day of St., FranCis de Sales, patron of the , 'Catholic Press. ' a few dioceses, because, of.


JB ·LUMBER CO. So~ Dartmouth and Hyannis So. Dartmouth WY '-9384 ~yannis

'local considerations, it has b~a ~ore feasible to hold the an. ~lUal ,observance in· another montii. Todlly Catholic, 'Press Month is observed throughout the nation.



SOUTI S'," ELECTRIC CO.' Electrlcol ContractOl''' 180 Liberty St.

FA« RIVEa OSborne 2-2143


BISAILLON'S GARAGE 24..Hour Wrecker Service 653 Washington Street, Fairhaven WYman 4-5058





An Anchor oftheSoul, ~ am4 Firm-ST.PAUL Ban River. At 'the same ceremony, the shownblessin'gthenewSt.Joseph'sConventhomeofthe 'SistersoftheH...


An Anchor oftheSoul, ~ am4 Firm-ST.PAUL Ban River. At 'the same ceremony, the shownblessin'gthenewSt.Joseph'sConventhomeofthe 'SistersoftheH...