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Dear All Another year at The Albany has passed and what a successful year we have had. Ofsted came in and were very happy with our Maths and English departments and stated that the school is significantly improving and going in the right direction. We have had huge sporting success in athletics, football rugby, cricket and netball. Our new outstanding tennis facilities and multi games areas are all completed and being used during and after school by so many students (The Andy Murray effect). Year 7 graduation evening and lower school prize giving celebrated the huge amount of effort students have put into their studies. The new Year 7 students visited The Albany and had a fantastic day mixing sport, technology, English and Maths. They join the Albany at such an exciting time. We have our new journal which will be bought for every student. Our new eLearning centre will be opened in September as an ultra modern state of the art teaching space. New school ties are available which represent the different house colours as we look forward to a good level of competition next year.

July 2013 Edition The Albany School Introducing our new Head Boy and Girl Mr Thorne and Mr Wimbush interviewed 12 Prefects for the position of Head Boy and Girl. After a whole day of interviews and some deliberation Luke Taylor is the new Head Boy and Emily Fitzpatrick is the new Head Girl. Senior Prefects are Danica Leach, Christine Babaloa, James Minton and George Smith.

Luke Taylor

It is also the time of the year where we say goodbye to some staff. Mr Caldecott, Mrs Green, Mrs Taku, Ms Virapin, Mr Bonnett, Mr Avory and Miss Creane leave us from the teaching staff. Miss B Ellis, Mr Sheehan, Mrs McLaughlin, Mrs Wilderspin, Mrs L Ellis, Mrs Lucke, Mrs Barry and Avelina leave us from the support staff. We wish them all the best and we look forward to our new staff joining us in September. I would like to take this opportunity to thank staff, students, governors and parents for their support this year. It is this support and hard work that make The Albany school a great place to learn. Happy Hols. Emily Fitzpatrick

July 2013 Edition

New Ties and House Colours

New Lockers

For September 2013

For September 2013 £1.00 COIN RETURN LOCKERS

From September 2013 new ties will be introduced for all lower school—year 7, 8 and 9. New year 7s will purchase their tie with their new uniform. Year 8 and 9 will be given a new tie upon their return to school on 5th September. The lower school ties are striped in each House colour.

Year 10 upper school students will also be required to purchase the new tie when it becomes available from Havering School Wear. The new ties for upper school relate to each house group with the ‘A’ in the new colour of the house.

As from September 2013 we will no longer be providing the locker system in its present form. In its place there will be lockers available for hire in the dining hall area. There will be a daily cost of £1.00 – pupils will need to put a coin in the locker to open it and it will be returned at the end of each day, when the contents must be removed. The lockers are not for overnight use.

Our school has now moved from Parentmail1 to Parentmail2. Please ensure you have registered as per the instructions which were sent via eLetter out on 10th July 2013.

END OF TERM ARRANGEMENTS On Friday 19 July the students will be dismissed by House group at the following times: Discovery and Enterprise dismissal at 11.40 Integrity and Aspiration dismissal at 12.15

The new House colours are now;


RETURN TO SCHOOL DATES Years 7 & Year 11s ONLY return on Wednesday 4th September 2013. Year 7s at 8.30am to the school hall Year 11 at 10.25am to their form tutors.


ALL YEARS back to school on Thursday 5th September at 8.30am & normal timetable .

July 2013 Edition



Please visit our new website at where we will keep you up to date for all school activities and notices.

Supporting the Albany School


Summer is finally here, but TASS are already busy planning the next big event “Halloween”. This is the always biggest event of the year and this year will be for all the students and children of The Albany as well as local Primary Schools, look out for more information as soon as we return to school after the summer holidays. Also we really do need more parents to come along and help out and offer new ideas for TASS. If you are interested please come along to our next meeting which is on Monday 15th July at 3:30pm, you are all welcome and if you would like to ask any questions please contact any of the below;

vice chairperson - Leigh Aarons vice chairperson - Jane Kemp secretary – Chris Blinkhorne All students in upper and lower school will be issued with new journals upon their return to school in September. All journals will be issued free of charge, but any replacement journals will be charged at a cost of £5.00.

July 2013 Edition

Year 7 Graduation

The year 7's Graduated with flying colours in an entertaining ceremony on Thursday 20th June and many students were awarded NSC Distinction certificates for their efforts over this their first year at The Albany. We were delighted that over 200 parents were able to attend and support their children and partake in refreshments provided by TASS Entertainment was in abundance with performances by : Emily Marsh Lillie Squibb Henry Lowe

Eleanor Champion Harriet Lucas Abby Champness Alex Martin Isabel Day Danielle Vann Bethany Hillyard Calvin Molyneaux Harry Cossey Darcie Salmons

Brandon Walsh Joe Arrowsmith

July 2013 Edition Gifted & Talented Trip to Cambridge University Kayleigh Marchant & Isabelle Mattia were selected as the top two Year 9 students to win a prestigious Government funded award under the Dux Scheme to visit Cambridge University. Congratulations girls!

Trip to Cambridge University by Kayleigh Marchant My trip to Cambridge was an excellent experience that was extremely helpful with my choices for the future. I was chosen to go by the DUX Scheme (Dux is the Latin word for leader) which is a program for bright students. I do aspire to go to Uni, and this visit just encouraged me even more. When we arrived in the Faculty of Law, we were told about the choices of A Levels and what you would need if you wished to go to Cambridge. They also mentioned what combinations of subjects would be helpful to get into good universities, and what sort of thing they look for. We were told that GCSEs aren’t too important to them, but I think that if you want to get into a good college to do A levels, successful GCSE scores are significant. After the introduction, we were taken to Queens’ College which is a part of Cambridge and were able to have lunch there. The hall where we ate was old, like most of the college, and very big. Almost all of Queens’ was more than 400 years old, including the church there and formal hall. Everything was decorated brilliantly, with gold and lots of bright colours. I couldn’t understand how the students there weren’t amazed by everything, but I suppose they were used to it, unlike us. After lunch, we were given a tour by two second year students who showed us all the main parts of Queens’. They took us into the library, which looked like something out of a film, and onto the mathematical bridge. There’s a story about that bridge that Sir Isaac Newton built it and that it needed absolutely no bolts or any fixings. But, years ago, a group of students supposedly took it down to see how it worked, but were unable to put it back up so they used bolts to put it back together. However, this is completely untrue. It was built at the wrong time to have been constructed by Newton, and it had always needed support fixings anyway. It was an unusual looking bridge none the less. We went to Cambridge at an exciting time as they were busy setting up for their May Balls, which are huge parties to celebrate the end of exams. Loud music was playing and pretty decorations were being hung everywhere. This is the upside of studying hard all year- a massive party! The more posh parts of the University apparently had a piano and orchestra on punts (boats) on the river during one year. After all that, we were able to have a full punting tour of the campuses. Punts are boats which are driven using a long pole to push along the riverbed. The colleges were fantastic and looked old enough to be part of a museum. There were lots of duck families on the river too, but they were so used to the punts that they barely took notice of us. I thought that this was the best part of the visit, being able to see the university from an angle not many people get to see it from. In conclusion, I’d say this was a very worth while trip, but the only problem was that only two of us from school were able to go. I think it would have made a bigger impression on other pupils who haven’t thought about going to college or uni. It might encourage them more to go, and that would make a big difference. I think this is a great idea and I hope the scheme continues in the future so other pupils will have a chance to go.

July 2013 Edition

Local Schools Working Together Trip to Ethiopia 19 students and three staff members from The Albany School and Marshalls Park School have been preparing to embark on a once in a lifetime journey. The group, created from both schools working together, are visiting Bekoji (an Ethiopian community) for two weeks from 8-22 July. They will reside in a ‘Stand By Me’ children’s home and work closely with the charity. As part of their preparation, the group have learned and developed many skills which will aid them whilst visiting Ethiopia. They have successfully completed a first aid course and recently gained some skills needed in painting & construction. Our main project whilst there is the completion of construction of water filter systems. The systems will provide clean drinking water for families to help improve their health. The team plan to provide over 50 water filter systems whilst there. Furthermore they are contributing to the construction of a 5,000 gallon water tank which will provide a consistent water supply for the children's home and school. The Team have also taken with them new toys, clothes and shoes for the Ethiopian children as well as new equipment to help them with their schooling. There will also be pampering nights, games nights and craft evenings to suit the interests of all children in the home. The students, staff, family and friends have spent two years fundraising and all money kindly contributed will be used directly for the project and for the benefit of the children at the home. An impressive £11,000 has been raised through a variety of events including a curry night, a band night, no food- no shelter, quiz night and bag packing. The group would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in organising and supporting the events as well as donating items and funds to this very worthwhile cause. We wish them the best of luck with the project and their visit to Bekoji.

July 2013 Edition

July 2013 Edition


The Albany School Careers Fair To:

Year 9, 10 and 11 students, together with their parents/carers Date: Thursday, 26th September 2013 Time: 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. Place: School Hall

Exhibitors from higher education, business and apprenticeship schemes will be on hand to offer their advice

College Transfer Evening Wednesday 9th October 2013—7pm

Music Tuition Fees

Year 10 and 11 students, together with their parents/ carers, are invited to a presentation in the hall by representatives of Havering Sixth Form College and Havering College of Further and Higher Education.

Autumn Tuition Fees are now due. Please therefore pay on Parentmail +Pay asap.

Having a Clear-out? Spare Uniform Needed

Having a clear out? Especially if your students have now left and finished their exams. Our ‘spares’ supplies are exceptionally low. Please consider donating any

unwanted uniform to the school for the attention of Mrs Burrows. Thank you for your continued support.

July 2013 Edition

24—27 June 2013 Disneyland Paris

Henna Colchester Zoo

Beauty Treatments

London Dungeon Fishing

Thames Chase

Italy Walking Tour of London



Woman in Black BMX

Movies Sports

Science Experiments

Planet Hollywood

July 2013 Edition

The Geography Department trip to The Bay of Naples, Italy 2013 During activities week a group of students were lucky enough to travel to Italy on a Geography expedition. The students all had a remarkable time. We travelled to the Bay of Naples to see Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius.

We also visited Solfatara, part of the super-volcano or Caldera which is found underneath much of the northern part of Naples. Another popular visit was the working mozzarella Farm!

Everyone including the teachers also enjoyed swimming in the Mediterranean every evening. I would like to thank all the students for their super attitudes and hard work with an extra special mention for Zak Bihmoutine for taking these extraordinary pictures. Further thanks to Miss Hase and Miss Vaughan who both worked tirelessly to make the trip such a great experience for everyone.

Reminder to students: The fieldwork reports and Italy diaries need to be handed in to Mr. Kingdom before Friday 12th July.

The tour also visited the very famous Amalfi Cathedral and travelled the road now immortalised in the classic film, “The Italian Job� but luckily for us the coach stayed on the road (only just!). The highlight for many was the voyage to The Island of Capri where we travelled in the following ways, mini-bus, Jet powered catamaran, Laser boat, funicular railway, local orange bus (hold tight!) and chair lift to the top of Monte Solaro. All this was followed by a walk down the 800 ancient Phoenician Steps and a shopping trip to Sorrento.

Stop Press: The Geography Department is planning to offer all students the chance to go to Iceland in summer 2014. Please check Parentmail for more information and return the reply slip to reserve a place.

July 2013 Edition

Activities Week 2013

Colchester Zoo - Year 7

In House Activities Just as much fun! During Activities week a group of Year 8 pupils had an enjoyable day making 3-D art using computers, designing an insect hotel, and taking part in Cupcake Wars meets The Apprentice.

The annual Year 7 visit to Colchester Zoo delivered lovely weather and a thoroughly enjoyable day last Monday. Children enjoyed seeing all the animals and a hands on experience with some creepy crawlies !! Considering the cost of a family ticket to Colchester Zoo it was agreed very good value for money. Two groups of pupils visited Stubbers Adventure Centre in Upminster, taking part in land- and waterbased activities. Although the weather was not brilliant, they all had a great time, and many have asked for a repeat next year.

July 2013 Edition

Biodiversity at the Chase

Pond Dipping at the Chase

Origami Years 8 & 9

July 2013 Edition


July 2013 Edition

Fishing Trip

July 2013 Edition

3 Day Camping Trip


July 2013 Edition

3 Day Camping Trip


July 2013 Edition

Leading the Way !! Year 10 Sports Leaders—Crystal Palace Congratulations to our Year 10 Sports Leaders who were brilliant at The London Youth Games Crystal Palace this week. Wednesday was Games Force training which they all passed (an accredited course) and Thursday the actual games where they had different volunteering roles. We received a very complementary email from the London Youth Games Team (see below) so you have made us all very proud! Well done all of you and thank you!

Our Fabulous Team: Peter Fullerton George Stevens Yasmeen Ali Becky Burrows Louise Hunt Nicholas Baker Bervan Ceco Katrina Green Shaima Benelbaida Leanne Dawson Matthew Lloyd Madison Cooper

July 2013 Edition

Year 10 Sports Leaders—Crystal Palace Email from London Youth Games Team From: Sam [] Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 5:24 PM To: L Wilson Subject: London Youth Games Thank You To Lisa , I just wanted to send an email to thank you and your students for all of their hard work last Thursday at the School Games Finals. Their attitude was fantastic and senior members of the London Youth Games and participants of the event were extremely impressed with them. I also wanted to thank your head teacher for allowing you and your students to take time off from school. We would welcome future applications from the school and individual students to volunteer at the London Youth Games. Kind regards, Sam

July 2013

More Year 10 Sports Leaders News As well as the very successful Crystal Palace Youth Games Event our Year 10 Sports Leaders also officiated at Wykeham Primary School sports Day on Fri 27th June

Rounders Results Results from inter-house rounders competitions this week:

Junior results: 1st Enterprise 2nd Aspiration 3rd Discovery 4th Integrity

Senior results: 1st Discovery and Aspiration 2nd Enterprise and Integrity Well Done Everyone!

Dates to Remember : Friday 19 July —End of Term and assisted at the Quad Kids Athletics Event on Tuesday 18th June.

Weds 4 Sept— New Year 7s & Year 11s ONLY Thurs 5 Sept— All years back to school

Have a great summer holiday Everyone

A busy time for our Sports Leaders. Thank you all of you for your support to our school!

See you in September!

TAN - July 2013  
TAN - July 2013