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oinciana resident Kathy Stutzman is a self-taught art adventurer. She took art in high school, however, life interrupted, she says, and it has only been in the last few years that she has returned to her creative roots. Through books, videos, informal online courses, and a large dose of trialand-error, Stutzman has tried her hand at several mixed mediums, and most recently has leaned toward that of sculpture and encaustic painting with hot wax. “I love the idea of recycling and upcycling and use dictionary pages, found objects, etc., in many of my art pieces,” Stutzman says, and adds she uses her creative abilities to inspire, affirm, and encourage others. “I call my art ‘inspiration art,’” she says. “My goal is to spread the the love of art and send a message of joy, encouragement, and inspiration.” “Following this desire, I participate in two groups, Art Abandonment and Salty Sidewalks,” Stutzman says. “In this day and age when money is tight, art abandonment is a way of helping folks to enjoy and discover art in their lives and homes.” “I periodically leave free art in various locations, a kind of ‘random acts of art’ for whoever finds it,” she says. “One piece

863 Readers’ ART: Kathy Stutzman By Andrea Cruz

ended up in California!”

The art of Kathy Stutzman is spritual in nature, and is largely of an encaustic medium, which uses hot wax to create images. All photos provided by Kathy Stutzman to The 863 Magazine.

Stutzman explains that Salty Sidewalks combines art and the Gospel. In participating in Salty Sidewalks, she leave “salt leaks,” peppering local areas with the salt of God’s word and the encouragement of prayers, trusting God to have the “right” person pick it up. “They are small art pieces encouraging people to not give up and letting them know that they have not been forgotten,” she says, and adds that her hope is that the artworks she creates will uplift and feed souls. Stutzman is active in a local artisan guild that gives her the opportunity three times a year to exhibit her art, and has exhibited in Winter Garden Art Gallery and Ridge Art Gallery in Winter Haven. “A dream of mine would be to create enough meaningful art that speaks to people’s

hearts and gain enough exposure that would enable me to have an exhibit of my own in five years,” she says. “I would also like to see my pieces in stores, making them more accessible.”


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