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Right: Susan Rivera, and I know I can 10, and her mother challenge them Rebecca work on a painting together. This a little bit more was Susan’s first painting because they get class, while her mother it,” Vertoli adds. has taken three similar painting classes. Below: “They will bring Painting instructor Sheila others from time Vertoli, left, and her to time who get daughter, Olivia, 16. Olivia assists her mother inspired by their with the classes. friend’s paintings.” “I have taken her painting classes and wet paint together on the side,” says Vanessa O’Neill who has a graphics business. “I was an artist when younger and did a lot of paintings myself. I was skeptical about painting something in one to three hours. I was amazed and it unleashed all the creative time. You come to the class full of energy. You know what you are going to paint and what I have done I have hung up in my house telling people I did it in two and a half hours.” Others are just as enthusiastic. “I am not an artist,” Stephanie Hines says. “I met Sheila through our children being homeschooled together and our children were in the same choir and I found out she was an artist. She taught art for the cooperative and my daughter loves art and artwork, and I found out Sheila did bookings for parties. I

have had her come to my home. We needed a fundraiser done for the choir group and she did a fundraiser and she did a lot of the proceeds toward the fundraisers. She is so easy to work with.” “She is flexible about location and whatever works for you and is convenient with room for the event,” Hines says. “She has hired my daughter, who is really into art, and her daughter helps with the parties. You have people that can give you help for one-on-one attention and so it is really neat to have that kind of attention.” Hines played host to a house wine and cheese painting party for six to eight people. “She is really good working with various groups or a church or in the home. She is one of those people who everyone she meets is a friend so it is easy to have her host a party,” Hines says. “It was a wonderful way to get together with other people to come and do something in the evening and to get together and have the camaraderie of other people and enjoyment. Sheila has the way of bringing that out in you.”

The artist also can modify the artwork she has planned if her audience of participants would like to make changes in what they paint. “She can modify or incorporate what people wanted to paint in the one she has planned,” O’Neill says. “For fall you do a pumpkin or holidays do theme paintings. She changes it up and you do know subject matter before the class and it is a lot of fun.” “Sometimes with a group it is hard to please everyone,” Hines says. “At couples’ parties, a spouse paints one picture and one does another so they face each other (when hung on a wall). She does a variety of things.” Knowing her for a few years, O’Neill has a respect for her friend. “She is very personable and wants to connect with people deeply and not superficially. She takes pride in connecting with people at a deeper level so she can provide a service and that really shows,” O’Neill says. Because Vertoli wants all those attending to have a great experience, she keeps her class size to around 20 participants and prefers at least eight people to do a home party. The cost is $35 per person including the canvass 16 by 20 inches. For more information on Canvas Creations call 863-409-4594 or visit


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