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Useful Yards, from page 13 In fact, the neighbors are quite supportive of the farm. Jay and Melissa Onheiser live next door and often trade meat and produce with Longster and Naugler. “We love it,” Jay Onheiser says. “The fresh food tastes better, first of all. A lot of people are under the impression you can’t do this in the city, but the only time you have a problem is if the neighbors don’t like it. I think everyone should do it.” In fact, the Onheisers do have their own farm – just not in their backyard. They have farm land in Kentucky, where they raise pigs, cows and grow produce. The produce Longster and Naugler grow varies by season, but at any given time, they have upwards of 30 different fruits and vegetables available for their table. “In the beginning, it was pretty time consuming,” Longster says. “Now that we’ve got it all going, it isn’t as much work.” They both work full time, but enjoy spending time working on the farm in the evenings. “I’ll come out, grab a beer and putz around,” Naugler says. “We’ll invite people over and tell them we have something cooking. It’s a passion to share this with other people. We love to give stuff away.” Continued on page 22

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The 863 Magazine - July & August 2017  

Useful Yards: Sustainability in a Backyard; Lake Wales Little Theatre: Looking ahead at its 40th Season; CPR: Life Saving technique taught t...

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