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Upgrading your home is only limited by your imagination and budget. Is it a luxury bath, fabulous kitchen, incredible master suite or home theatre that you desire?

KITCHEN Your kitchen is probably the heart of your home. This is where memories are made and shared as families love to congregate in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless. White is the most popular color for cabinetry but combining cabinet colors is the latest trend in kitchen design. Blues and greens are also becoming popular. Quartz is the latest for countertops and islands. Commercial-grade appliances, extra sinks and dishwashers all add to the luxury kitchen. Also popular are pizza ovens, appliance garages, warming drawers and under- counter refrigerators for wine and other drinks. If you have space, consider a butler’s pantry which acts like a second kitchen - great for caterers or just an extra space for food prep without disturbing the main kitchen area.

BATH For a luxurious bath, create a spa-worthy retreat. Consider heated floors and towel racks, a steam shower and a large soaking tub. Create a separate water closet for the latest in remote controlled toilets that feature a night light, bidet and self cleaning feature. Turn a great piece of furniture into your double sink vanity for a sophisticated look. And why not have a sofa and television for added ambiance.

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N O R T H E R N V I R G I N I A | ďťżV O L . 1

MASTER SUITE Add a mini-kitchen which includes a small fridge and coffee bar along with a sitting area so that you can enjoy your wine or coffee first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Fireplaces are another nice touch for a romantic setting. If your home is equipped with gas, they are an easy addition.



MOVIE ROOM If you have a spare room, create your own private theatre with a high-definition flat screen tv, surround sound and theatre seating. A popcorn machine and fridge for drinks are nice additions. 6


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If you are looking for an exciting and affordable travel destination, consider the following locations. 1. Hawaii is a tropical paradise loved by all. It offers a rich marine life, unmatched underwater experiences, gorgeous landscapes, volcanoes, and interesting history. Of the six largest islands, Maui has the state’s most beautiful beaches - some with white sand and others with red or black sand. Oahu has Hawaii’s largest city and capital, Honolulu, which is known for Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor’s World War II memorials. The weather is perfect and there are endless opportunities for adventure. 2. Barcelona is both a beautiful city as well as a renowned beach town. It boasts a lively nightlife, lots of activities, and restaurants galore. There are amazing museums and galleries; Including the Picasso and Salvador Dali Museums, La Sagrada Familia, and other buildings by renowned architect Antoni Gaudi. Las Ramblas, the main walking street ends with a monument to Christopher Columbus honoring his discovery of the new world. 3. The Bahamas, which is made up of a series of islands, has the clearest turquoise water on the planet, as well as white sandy beaches. (...continued on page 10)


N O R T H E R N V I R G I N I A | ďťżV O L . 1

Underwater adventures abound dive for Spanish galleons, seek out the caves, or go sailing or fishing. The Bahamas offers a plethora of Ecotourism options, from bird watching to hiking. Nassau offers a few cultural sites like Ardastra Gardens and the Conservation center, in addition to being the capital city, but the Bahamas is great for island hopping as well. Or just pick one of the great resorts and relax at the beach. 4. Tel Aviv, known as the non-stop city, is a vibrant and exciting city on the Mediterranean Sea. It offers beautiful beaches, great cafes and restaurants, exciting night life and a 24 hour a day culture.


History abounds and there are interesting museums including the Tel Aviv Museum and the Eretz Israel Museum which covers archeology, folklore, crafts and features an onsite excavation of 12th century-BC ruins. Tel Aviv is also the technology and financial center of Israel.


g n i v i L r o i n e S

N O R T H E R N V I R G I N I A | V O L . 1


Today’s upscale senior communities offer “resort style living” which is hospitality-oriented and resembles a 4-star hotel or cruise ship rather than a hospital or retirement home. Amenities Some of the more luxurious communities at the deluxe level even feature lively bars with chandeliers and overstuffed pillows. More standard amenities include:

Activities: Education and Entertainment, Fashion shows, Lectures from retired professors and various social and cultural events which are all examples of regularly planned activities for residents at higher-end facilities. In urban settings, planned outings to the city for museums, art galleries or theater visits are frequent occurrences as well. Grounds-keeping: Luxury communities are beautifully designed on the outside as well, from gardens to ponds to putting greens and walkways. Many include well-appointed courtyards for residents to socialize, relax, or enjoy a meal. Concierge Service: Offering ‘Concierge Service’ is what makes a Senior Living community a Luxury one. Similar to a hotel concierge, a resident can use the Concierge to arrange hotel flights or tickets to events, a service that makes these luxury communities clearly more desirable to prospective residents and their families. 12

Modern Therapies: Assisted living communities offer personal care to their residents, and the best communities often offer top notch therapy on top of standard care. In addition to specialized pet and physical therapy, upscale communities often also provide top notch occupational therapy, and music therapy, and always from trained and certified professionals. Residences: The kitchen is the focal point of any home and it’s no different when looking at the residence at an Assisted Living community. A standard assisted living apartment has a kitchenette, traditionally including a mini-fridge, a microwave, and a small amount of cabinet and counter space. The luxury assisted living residences feature full kitchens and appliances plus top of the line finishes, like granite counter tops for instance. (... continued on page 14)

N O R T H E R N V I R G I N I A | ďťżV O L . 1

Dining: An upscale senior living community will most likely retain a registered dietitian on staff and employ experienced chefs who serve gourmet meals. Choice and variety are crucial for the success of a kitchen at a luxurious community and most have more than two restaurants within the community, each with their own menus. Personal Fitness Trainers and Recreational Facilities: Recreation rooms are always available to use at the residents’ convenience, with computer labs, fitness rooms and cinemas. Fitness programs supervised by physical therapists and personal trainers are also kept on staff by any upscale community. High-end assisted living communities also provide full service spa treatments, beauty salons for the women and barbershops for the men. Additionally, no luxury assisted living community would be complete without a heated pool and spa, which are always popular with residents. Pet Friendly: Studies have shown that pet ownership has been shown to be beneficial to seniors, and more and 14

more luxury communities are open to allowing residents to have their pets on site. There can sometimes be limitations regarding the size and number of pets. They frequently provide pet care such as dog walking, nail clipping, grooming and litter-box changes as well as formal, certified pet therapy. Spacious Apartments: One can expect about 20% more square footage at a Luxury community (approx 600 sf versus 500 sf at a standard community). A Two bedroom apartment at an upscale community can be more than 1200 square feet. Clearly, senior living is not what it was years ago. And for the retiree with means, it can be a lively, active, and rewarding lifestyle full of growth and fun!

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Travel in Style – by Bonnie Roseman

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my 35 years as a stylist, it’s to “carry on,” and by that of course, I mean take a carry-on bag! In order to make travel easier for my busy clients, I’ve spent years developing techniques to make traveling simple and fun. A carry-on bag is key to making your journey more enjoyable; no more hauling multiple bags, or worrying about losing your luggage, which can ruin your trip before you even begin! In my most recent trip abroad, I traveled to the Scandinavian countries before flying to Greece for a little sun in the Cycladic Islands. After that, it was off to Italy and over the Alps. All the while, I had just one bag with me. 16

N O R T H E R N V I R G I N I A | V O L . 1

To make the most of your luggage space, I suggest you wear your jeans and sneakers, and carry your leather jacket while you travel, to save space in your bag. Roll all items tightly! It saves space, and keeps everything from wrinkling. I usually prefer to stuff my undies and socks in my shoes. Select pieces with fabrics that can wash and hang to dry without needing to be pressed – it’s easier to keep things fresh and avoid using foreign cleaners that can be very expensive. Here are the basics for 6 weeks of traveling abroad across different climates. This short, gender-neutral list includes the basics for a great travel wardrobe. I recommend that your main wardrobe color for travel be black. It looks slimming on everyone, and doesn’t show dirt as easily. A few colorful tee tops can be added to give a little zip to your ensemble. All of these items will fit into your carry-on luggage and provide options for mixing and matching stylish looks while you see the world. You can then personalize your list by adding your toiletries, gloves, hat, or other essential accessories as needed.

TRAVEL WARDROBE Underwear 6 undergarments 6 pairs of socks Pajamas (your choice) Outerwear 2 tee shirts 2 button down shirts (one dressy, one casual) 2 pairs of pants (one jean, one black trouser) 1 pair of shorts 2 jackets (one leather, one raincoat) 1 cashmere sweater (pullover or cardigan) 1 bathing suit 1 basic black blazer (can be worn day or night) Accessories Scarves (colorful, lightweight) Belts (at least one black) Jewelry (a few pop pieces) 1 tie (traditional or bow tie) Shoes One heel or dress shoe One pair of flats (for day or night) One pair of sandals

Feel good, and look even better! Please contact me personally if you have any questions or would like to see my unique travel collection which can be dressed up or down. | | 917-209-0516 Bonnie Roseman Bio Fashion Designer. Style Consultant. Wardrobe Architect. The press has designated Bonnie Roseman as the ultimate fashion expert over the years. Featured on the NBC Today Show, People Magazine, and more, Roseman furthered her B-L-T brand by presenting her collection through the Home Shopping Network and Home Shopping Europe. Bonnie Roseman’s BLT has evolved into a full service boutique for women of all body types and lifestyles, featuring wrinkle-free fabrics and unique accessories that pack well and travel lightly wherever you go. Schedule with Bonnie and she’ll tell you all the secrets she’s been telling her clients for over 30 years. 17

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INVESTING FOR THE FUTURE Not many people stumble into financial security through sheer luck: a lottery win, big inheritance, or huge stock winnings. For most of us the only way to financial security is a long term plan of saving and investing. Consistency is key to reaching long term goals no matter your income. The sooner you start saving and investing, the longer your money has to compound and grow. Set goals for how much of your income you will invest monthly and stick to it. Keep investment money and cash reserves separate so you won’t dip into your investment account when the market is down. Keep expenses low and spend on what is really important to you whether it is experiences or material things. Try to avoid the big mistakes, like buying a home that is more than you really need or creating a heavy debt load. If your employer offers a matching 401(k) contribution, be sure to take advantage of that option and contribute at least enough to receive it. It is essentially 18

extra income that will grow and compound and is not taxed until you withdraw it. You can do it yourself but it probably makes more sense to work with a financial advisor who is more knowledgeable about financial markets. An advisor will help analyze short term vs long term needs, separate emotions from objectives as well as help with devising a portfolio and strategy suitable for your needs. Investing consistently over the long term is the best way to grow your wealth as there is no way to time the market.



AUG 10 | Early Mountain Wines Handmade & Vintage Market Come shop some of the best in handmade & vintage while enjoying Early Mountain wines in the beautiful Event Hall. For more info visit: AUG 17-18 | Airshow & Hot Air Balloon Festival A weekend of participant-fueled, high-flying fun awaits spectators, daredevils, and aircraft enthusiasts from all over the area! Watch as hot air balloons take to the skies, wing walkers amaze the crowds, and planes perform loop-de-loops! It is advised to arrive early, as this is one of The Flying Circus’ most popular yearly events. For more info visit:


AUG 31 - SEPT 1 | Virginia Scottish Games and Festival Celebrate the Scottish heritage of the Commonwealth as top athletes from around the country compete in traditional competitions of strength and skill. The event includes music, dance, crafts, a car show, sheep-herding demonstrations, children’s activities, and plenty of Scottish food and drink. For more information please visit:

SEPT 2 | Annual Herndon Labor Day Festival A fun outdoor street festival featuring unlimited samples from Virginia wineries, local craft brews, a craft show, sponsorship gallery, food vendors, and musical performances. The Town of Herndon Parks and Recreation Department produces the event in conjunction with the Herndon Woman’s Club. Partial proceeds go to scholarship programs. For more information please visit: SEPT 7 | Rosslyn Jazz Festival The 29th-annual Rosslyn Jazz Fest will feature a unique synthesis of sounds from the Gulf Coast that evoke jazz, blues, soul, funk and Caribbean genres. This year’s event will be headlined by the Houston-based band The Suffers, Grammy-nominated New Orleans brass band Cha Wa, singer/cellist Leyla McCalla (formerly of the Grammy award-winning Carolina Chocolate Drops), and D.C.’s go-go/jazz ensemble JoGo Project. For more information visit: SEPT 21 | Alexandria King Street Art Festival Always dedicated to its incredible arts and culture, Alexandria will welcome back the King Street Art Festival this fall, which transforms the city’s historic main street into (. . .continued on page 20)




(. . .continued from 19)

a world-class outdoor art gallery. Festival booths line King Street between Washington and Union streets, featuring over six blocks of artwork by more than 200 artists from the US and abroad. For more info visit:


OCT 11-13 | Fall Wine Festival & Sunset Tour Celebrate the history of wine in Virginia with exclusive evening tours of the Mansion and cellar, appearances by George and Martha Washington, and live music. During tours of the Mansion, visit the cellar where Washington stored his wine and learn about the successes and failures of our Founding Father’s endeavors with wine. A variety of hot and cold food and desserts including baguettes, gourmet sandwiches, and specialty sweets will be available on site from the Mt Vernon Inn Restaurant. For more info visit: OCT 19-20 | Virginia Wine Festival The longest running wine festival on the East Coast, returns to Bull Run Regional Park each year featuring local wines, live music, food trucks, and vendors selling local food and wares. For more info visit:



NOV 2 | Bourbon and Bubbles at The Barns Enjoy unlimited tastings of top shelf bourbon and sparkling wines, along with hand rolled cigars, barbecue, and live blues music. This unforgettable event supports the Foundation’s arts and education programs that reach more than 400k people annually in the community and nationwide. For more info please visit: NOV 24 | Bluegrass Concert Frying Pan Park Come join us at Frying Pan park at the Blue Grass Barn and enjoy the music, featuring Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass. The Farm also features a plethora of live animals and livestock, workshops, horseback riding lessons and other activities for all ages. For more info visit:


DEC 6-8 | Live Music at the Winery Bull Run, one of the Top 10 Favorite Tasting Rooms in Virginia, travel back in time at this scenic, working farm vineyard in an authentic 1860s setting. Offering Live music every Friday-Sunday, along with wine tastings of their fine Virginia wines while giving you a glimpse of their rich Virginia heritage. Delight in (. . .continued on page 22)




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their scenic, relaxing atmosphere as you sip on their handcrafted wines, enjoy delicious food, and mingle with friends. For more info visit:

ly-friendly event. Taste the specialties of area chocolatiers and enjoy the fun and live entertainment. For more information please visit:

DEC 14-15 | CANDLELIGHT TOUR Stroll the picturesque streets of Fredericksburg and enjoy docent-led tours of historic houses. Professional decorators, designers, and artists beautifully decorate each home for the holidays—a delight for the eye and an inspiration for the upcoming holidays. For more info visit:



JAN (TBA) | Annual Winter Ice Festival and Mega Block Carving Join us for the Annual Winter Ice Fest and Mega Block Ice Carving Competition! Bundle up and join the FREE fun! See world renowned ice carvers in action as they compete for prizes in this mega block competition. Stroll the boulevard and enjoy music, an iceless ice skating rink, plus cozy igloos lounges and photo ops with the Washington Capitals Slapshot. For more info visit: LATE JAN | McLean Chocolate Festival The Annual McLean Chocolate Festival is a community and fami22

FEB (TBA) | Chocolate Lovers Festival Join in on this annual two-day festival held on the first full weekend of February, featuring activities for all to enjoy. We continue an annual tradition with “love of chocolate” as a unifying theme. This popular festival continues to attract chocolate lovers from around the country, and has placed first among the Best Food Festivals in the Northern Region. For more information please visit: FEB 8 | African American Pioneers in Aviation and Space, Centreville Celebrate the significant contributions African Americans have made to flight and space exploration despite the overwhelming obstacles they had to overcome, with presentations, activities, and stories. This is one of several special Family Days held at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center annually. For more information visit:

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FEB 17 | George Washington Birthday Celebration Thousands will join in the revelry for the anniversary of George Washington’s birth in his adopted hometown of Alexandria, Virginia. The city celebrates the General’s birthday throughout the month of February with more than 15 festive events, including the George Washington Birthday Parade, a Cherry Challenge among Alexandria’s restaurants, free admission to historic sites, popular walking tours and an 18th-century banquet and ball. For more info visit:


MAR (TBA) | Alexandria St. Patrick’s Day Parade The Ballyshaners Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a family fun celebration that includes a classic car show, a dog show and a Saint Patrick’s Day Parade with over a dozen marching bands, and other groups celebrating Irish heritage. For more info visit: MAR 7 | Wine at Wolf Trap This extraordinary evening features a five-course dinner designed by award-winning Chefs and Restaurateurs. Each course is paired with wines hand-selected by a Master Sommelier, to beautifully underscore the culinary vision. Most 24

importantly, this event has raised more than $140k for Wolf Trap Foundation’s arts and education programs that will impact thousands in the community. For more info visit:


APR (TBA) | Founder’s Day Festival, Lake Anne Plaza, Reston Celebrate Reston’s founding with a fun day honoring the town and it’s founder, Robert E. Simon. Enjoy children’s activities, music, book signings, film screening, and more. Lake Anne is one of our favorite places to visit in Reston VA. For more information please visit: APR (TBA) | National Capital Area Cake Show, Fairfax High School View spectacular decorated cake displays by world-class sugar artists at the annual National Capital Area Cake Show. The festival features demonstrations, hands-on classes, vendors, bake sales, and a chance to meet celebrity TV sugar artists. For more information please visit: APR (TBA) | Leesburg Flower & Garden Festival An annual rite of spring for Loudoun County and it’s not hard to see why. The festival boasts 150 vendors (. . .continued on page 26)



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which include landscapers, gardening suppliers, plant sellers, outdoor living furniture, and more. There is also live music entertainment, activities for the kids, and delicious food. This year marks the festival’s 30th anniversary! . For more info visit:

MAY.23-25 | Viva! Viennna! Festival Celebrate the long Memorial Day weekend with fun rides, a variety of food, crafts, vendors, and live entertainment. 100% of the proceeds go to charitable, community and humanitarian organizations. For more info visit:


LATE MAY | Delaplane Strawberry Festival, Sky Meadows State Park Head to Sky Meadows for hayrides, old fashioned field games, dancing, music, magic, storytelling, crafts, a petting farm, an antique car show, a bake sale, hiking, and children’s activities. Pack your own picnic or purchase lunch and, of course, strawberry shortcake and sundaes. For more information please visit:

APR 24 - MAY 3 | 93rd Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival Winchester is full of spring fun when the family-friendly Apple Blossom Festival returns. Enjoy more than forty events including band competitions, dances, parades, carnival, dinners, luncheons, wine festival, a 10K Race, the Coronation of Queen Shenandoah, two large parades, and celebrity appearances. For more information visit: MAY 2-3 | Revolutionary War Weekend George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate hosts one of the largest Revolutionary War encampments of the year. See Continentals, Redcoats, and cannons in action on the estate, plus other Revolutionary War themed activities throughout the weekend. For more information visit:



EARLY JUN | NoVa Maker Faire The NoVa Maker Faire brings together an amazing collection of tech enthusiasts, engineers, woodworkers, metal workers, auto hackers, artists, teachers, and craftspeople from all over the northern virginia, Metro DC area and beyond! Our Maker Faire gives our local makers a chance to show us and tell us about what they’re making. For more information please visit:


NORTHERN VIRGINIA JUN (TBA) | Vintage Virginia Wine and Food Festival One of the most popular wine and food festivals in Northern Virginia takes place at Bull Run Regional Park. Enjoy Virginia’s best wine, delicious food truck fare, and top-tier musical entertainment, and shop for local artisan products. For more information please visit us at:


JUN 5-7 | Celebrate Fairfax Festival The weekend-long Celebrate Fairfax! Festival features 25 acres of concerts, carnival rides, nightly fireworks, family programs, green living info, giant lawn games, and more family fun. More than 130 performances on eight stages present national, regional and local artists. For more information please visit:

END OF JUL | Loudoun County Fair, Leesburg Experience a true country fair featuring 4-H animals, crafts, carnival rides, entertainment, food, livestock auctions, professional bull riding, and a mini demolition derby. Take a ride at the carnival, enjoy children’s activities and a pet show, enter the kiss-a-pig contest, and indulge in county fair favorites. For more info visit:

JUL (TBA) | Purcelville Wine & Food Festival The Purcellville Wine & Food Festival is nestled ‘In the Heart of DC’s Wine Country’. Enjoy live music from a variety of local musicians, wineries, craft breweries, gourmet foods, and wine related art and accessories. For more information please visit:

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10 Year Countdown

To Retirement

Money See Where You Stand - It’s time to assess how prepared, or unprepared, you are financially for retirement. • Take a quick test: Assuming your retirement is about 10 years away, you want to have roughly seven times your current salary in savings, according to research from Fidelity. That puts you on the road to having about 10 times your final salary saved by retirement and maintaining your present standard of living. Retire before hitting 67 and you’ll need more saved; after, you’ll need less. • D . o a deeper dive: Plug your current numbers (such as earnings, savings and future pensions) into an online calculator to estimate your retirement income. Experts say you’ll need 75 to 80 percent of preretirement income to live well — debatable but a good starting point. • D . on’t despair: You have 10 years to act, by earning more, trimming expenses or delaying retirement. “Whatever you can do can only help,” says George Papadopoulos, a financial planner in Novi, Mich.

Save the easy way If you’re among the 82 percent of workers paid via direct deposit, save more by splitting your pay across accounts. Have your payroll department put part of each check into an online savings account, where it’s out of sight and out of mind. The direct-deposit users who split their deposits save up to $90 more per month than those who use another method to save, according to a recent study.


N O R T H E R N V I R G I N I A | V O L . 1

Pad your nest egg If you already have healthy savings in a 401(k), 403(b) or IRA, open a Roth IRA (in 2019 you can contribute up to $7,000 if you’re 50 or older), or put money into a regular taxable account. •

Why do it? You’re laying the groundwork for lower taxes later. Say you need a new roof on your house in retirement. If you take money from a 401(k) or traditional IRA, it is taxable as ordinary income, and you may end up in a higher tax bracket, explains Carolyn McClanahan, founder of Life Planning Partners. But you can pull your contributions from a Roth IRA tax free (earnings, too, if you’re at least 59½ and have had the Roth at least five years). You can also invest via a basic taxable brokerage account; when you sell securities, you’ll pay only (usually lower) capital gains taxes on the profits.

Pay down the mortgage The problem with a mortgage in retirement is that you may have to sell investments to cover payments. And sometimes that will be when the markets are down - the worst possible time to sell, says Shelley Giordano, chair of the Funding Longevity Task Force at the American College of Financial Services. Her advice: 1. In place of your monthly payments, make half payments every two weeks. Those 26 payments per year are the equivalent of 13 monthly payments, resulting in a faster payoff and lower total interest costs. 2. Got a tax refund? A bonus? A side job? Apply that to your principal. 3. Avoid refinancing your mortgage, since a new loan with a later payoff date means more of your monthly payment goes to interest expense, not an increase in your home equity. 4. Don’t use a home equity loan or line of credit for purchases. The new tax law makes that less attractive, says Giordano. And this is the wrong time to be growing your mortgage debt. (. . .continued on page 30) 29

N O R T H E R N V I R G I N I A | V O L . 1

Put new retirement savings to work Not sure where to invest additional money? Aim for growth, somewhere between a trip to Vegas and stuffing cash into your mattress. The sweet spot •. Balanced mutual funds: Seek a mix of stocks and bonds;

a 50/50 or 60/40 ratio of stocks to bonds is reasonable. • Target-date mutual funds: These balanced funds automatically adjust investments to lower risk as you age.

Conservative but sound • High-grade corporate bond funds • Money market accounts • U.S. government bond funds • Certificates of deposit and online savings accounts (See for Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.–insured banks offering higher rates.)

• Series I inflation-protected savings bonds (sold at

Work Prepare Your Plan B - Ask yourself these questions, and be honest. 1. Do I work in a stable and growing industry? 2. Do I work for a stable and growing company? 3. Is my heart still in it? Have you answered no to any? It’s time to update your LinkedIn profile and see what else is out there.

• Why do it: Only about half of workers cruise their way to a planned, voluntary retirement; the rest of us exit prematurely, often as a result of job loss or burnout. You still have time to regroup. “With 10 years to go, there is still enough runway to make a mark,” says career and retirement expert Nancy Collamer.

• .How to do it: You know the routine. Tell people who can help you. Sign up for job alerts on the go-to site in your industry. Browse the postings that interest you, and note the skills that employers are seeking.

• .Want to stay put? Get busy anyway. “Whether you drive a bus or work in a store or in a professional occupation, maximize your opportunities by building your capital,” Collamer advises. “Give talks or write articles to boost your profile, or take advantage of short-term training programs.” One option: Go to linkedin. com/learning and get online access to thousands of business, creative and technology courses for $30 per month.


Miller, Mark and Powell, Robert, AARP (2019, Feb 6). Countdown to Retirement: 10 Years [Web log post]. Retrieved from


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GENERAL CONTRACTOR Clover Contracting, Inc.............................. 15

PLUMBING M.E. Flow Inc....... Front Cover, Back Cover, 5 Marines Plumbing.........................................9

HEATING & COOLING M.E. Flow Inc....... Front Cover, Back Cover, 5

PLUMBING & MECHANICAL CONTRACTOR Clover Contracting, Inc.............................. 15


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