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CHAIR OF THE BOARD OF MANAGEMENT Time can pass very quickly when there is so much to do and you’re having fun doing it. After serving five years on The 519’s Board, including three years as the Chair, I am stepping off the Board this year to allow room for new talent. I believe that new people can bring new ideas to the table—and that is healthy for the Centre. When I first ran for the Board in 2004, it was with a very clear mandate. I wanted to help make the Centre a more welcoming space for everyone. Over my five year tenure, I worked on doing just that and more. Working closely with the Centre’s Honorary Patron, Salah Bachir, I worked hard to raise funds so that the Centre could have expanded meeting space to accommodate our growing communities. In March 2009, we celebrated a huge milestone, bringing the Capital Campaign to a close with an unforgettable Evening with the Legendary Diahann Carroll. I am honoured and must thank Mr. Bachir, for acting as a guiding light, he has inspired me to work harder and better—his dedication to the Centre is incredible.

Overall, my experience has been amazing and I am proud to have played a part in increasing the Centre’s profile in the community. Today our new logo and website match the newly transformed Centre where everyone can speak, listen and be heard. Our Resource Development and Communications positions are now in place to raise much needed funds for the Centre’s internationally renowned programs and services. Our Starry Night and Green Space on Church Pride events are some of the most sought after parties during Pride Weekend. I must thank my fellow colleagues on the Board for such an amazing experience. Especially, I would like to acknowledge Joan Anderson for being my confidant and moral support during my first year as Chair. I’m confident in our new team, great Board members, amazing new ED, and talented staff and volunteers. I will not totally leave The 519. I’m just stepping out of a position. I’ll still be around and helping out where I can for many years to come.

BOARD OF MANAGEMENT As a policy-based Board, The 519’s Board of Management provides vision, leadership and oversight to the organization. We are grateful for the leadership and support of the 2008-2009 Board of Management:

Mathieu Chantelois CHAIR Natasha Garda VICE-CHAIR Marv Lucey TREASURER Jake Schonfeld SECRETARY Joan Anderson Jessica Carfagnini

Lyle Kersey Enrico Mandarino Donald Middleton Derrick Navarro Kabir Ravindra Councillor Kyle Rae EX OFFICIO



Looking back on 2008/09 we have accomplished so much together and have laid the foundation to ensure long-term viability and sustainability for years to come. The Centre made significant strides towards achieving our strategic objectives. The following outlines just a few. We: • received the distinguished Public Service Quality Award of Excellence for our efforts to educate thousands of service providers about the issues and barriers facing Trans people in our communities • increased our Pride revenue by 65% to fund our internationally recognized community programs • showcased the important work we do during Pride by hosting our successful Trans Night in the Park which included a film screening using the building as a back-drop • organized the Annual Older LGBT Seniors’ Conference attended by more than 250 participants; • celebrated our first ever Kids Pride Parade • hosted the 2nd Annual Refugee Pride Event which highlighted issues impacting queer refugees and newcomers; • reached 90% completion on our renovations • established our programs and services evaluation strategy to enhance how we help people in our communities

• launched our new website featuring interactive Web 2.0 and social networking technologies • redesigned our new logo after a broad community consultation • increased volunteer involvement at the Centre by over 20% • upgraded our IT and business software systems to enhance reporting and financial planning • approved various organizational policies including the 3-year Resource Development Strategy • reviewed and approved our Board committees terms of reference and our Public Advocacy Framework All of this was done in cooperation with the Board, staff and volunteers and the input from the community. I continue to be amazed and thankful for the dedication, commitment and excitement that so many of you bring to The 519 everyday. Our future is bright, focused and ambitious. We will continue to dedicate our resources and skills to improving the quality of life of people who live in this neighbourhood and the broader LGBT communities. 2010 will bring many new and exciting initiatives at The 519 including the Official Grand Opening of our transformed space, the opening of our new Café, the Mosaic project and so much more.

OUR MISSION The 519 Community Centre is a meeting place and focal point for the creative enhancement of a vibrant healthy downtown community. We respond creatively and passionately to the needs of the local neighbourhood and the broader LGBT communities by providing resources and opportunities to foster self-determination, civic engagement, and community enrichment through social recreation, volunteerism, arts and culture and community participation.

PROGRAMS AND SERVICES The 519 offers a wide spectrum of internationally renowned Programs and Services meeting the diverse needs of our local neighbourhood and the broader LGBT communities. We strengthen our communities by supporting capacity building, civic engagement and participation in the neighbourhood and beyond; by engaging volunteers and developing programming that reflects the distinct needs of Toronto’s diverse downtown

“When I retired, I wanted to help the community. Volunteering at The 519 has allowed me to meet new people and to see this centre and community grow.” LEE SNEDDON


communities. Our Programs and Services support the development of our communities in two primary areas: Community Services and Child and Family Services Our Community Services Programs include Trans Sex Worker Outreach, Queer Immigrant and Refugee Support, Free Professional Counselling, Trans Training and Support, Anti-Violence Training and Support, Anti-Proverty and Older LGBT Programs.


people celebrated Pride at our Green Space on Church


individuals and 60 corporations and organizations generously donated to The 519


children and families visted our Family Resource Centre

The Child and Family Services Programs at The 519 include pre-natal and queer parenting courses, family resource programs, schoolage March Break and Summer Camps, and Special Events. We offer supportive resource and referral services for families and parentsto-be within each of our programs.


All of our programs are community-based and operate from an anti-oppression, socialjustice framework.


percent more people sought LGBTQ-specific immigration and refugee services at The 519


community groups and organizations met at The 519


private counselling sessions were provided by 22 professionally trained volunteer counselors


meals were served during Sunday Drop-in


people were educated on topics involving anti-homophobia, LGBTQ aging and Trans 101


kids attended our social-justice based Summer and March Break Camps


REVENUE Member, Rental and User Fees 2%

The 519 Church Street Community Centre is committed to providing quality programs and services while at the same time ensuring that we manage our financial resources responsibly. 2008 saw the implementation of new financial management policies and systems which will assist us in this goal moving forward.

Donations and Fundraising 13% Government Grants 19% United Way 11%

As a City of Toronto Board of Management, The 519 receives core funding from the City to ensure community access to the Centre. This funding ensures the building is maintained and staffed for public use. The 519 leverages funding from donors, foundations and corporations to develop programs and services which meet the emerging needs in our communities.

City of Toronto 55%


2008 2007 Operating

REVENUE City of Toronto – Core Funding Government Grants Fundraising and Donations Membership, Rentals and Other Income


1,207,625 736,761 187,658 50,131 2,182,175

1,154,870 790,148 133,391 55,192 2,133,601

962,065 90,028 155,532 739,485 246,353 39,814 2,233,277

959,766 89,419 105,675 697,238 228,648 5,572 2,086,328



For the year ended December 31, 2008

EXPENSES Core Salary and Benefits Building Occupancy Costs Materials, Supplies and Services Program Salary and Benefits Program Materials, Supplies and Services Amortization of Program Assets **

TO TA L EX P EN S ES Surplus / (Deficit)

**An interfund transfer of $174,010 was made from Building Funds to purchase Capital Assets in 2008, including kitchen equipment and telephone systems. The amortization shown represents the depreciation of those assets over 5 years and is a non-cash expense.

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS In addition to our internationally-renowned programs and services, our centre is animated by the community organizations which meet at the Centre. In fact, many community institutions had their start at The 519.

community groups which use our space. Sports leagues, 12-step and support groups, ESL classes, cultural communities, artists, drag queens and leathermen all call The 519 home. Our communities meet, participate and celebrate at The 519.

Today the diversity of the communities which meet at The 519 is showcased by the

As our newly renovated Centre opens, we will welcome many more new and exciting

“The 519’s programs and services are innovative, dynamic and vital to the community. We’re so happy to be a partner in that success.” NADA RISTICH


DONORS AND PARTNERS OVER $10,000 City of Toronto | United Way of Toronto TD Bank Financial Group | BMO Bank of Montreal Ontario Arts Foundation | Cineplex Entertainment The Counselling Foundation of Canada Scotiabank | Andrew Pringle | Daniel Greenglass Carolyn Sifton Foundation | Mouth Media, Inc. Tony and Liz Comper | TELUS Communications The Wellesley Institute | Labatt Breweries of Canada

$5,000 - $9,999 Frederick and Douglas Dickson Memorial Foundation | The Fleck Family Foundation Downtown Subaru | Royal Bank of Canada | The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation CTV Globe Media | Segal LLP | Mongrel Media | St. Joseph Communication The McCain Family Foundation | Mohammad Al Zaibak | TransCanada Construction Rogers Communications | Deluxe | VISA Canada

$1,000 - $4,999 Donald and Clayton | Maple Leaf Classic | Chum Charitable Foundation | Paul Austin | Bill Graham Pride and Remembrance Run | Clinton Young | Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation | Brian Terry Canadian Gay Open Tennis | Robert Crichton | John Lloyd | Community One Foundation The Church Street Group | El-Farouk Khaki | Alexander Street Theatre Project |Michael G. Tevlin The Canada Trust Company | Woodrow Wells | Pride Toronto | Clive B. Veroni | Dean Carlson Douglas Elliot | Michael Batterbee | Rick Mercer | The United Church Foundation | John Barnett Michael Waterfield | Magna International | Joseph Mimran and Associates | Robert Mitchell | Tibotec Bruce Freeman | John Rider | Paul Brehl | Olga Korper | Paul Litt | Paul Devereaux |Martin Kohn Stephen Lewis Foundation | University of Toronto | Toronto PWA Foundation | CMHA York Region Casey House | AIDS Committee of Toronto | Prime Timers

$500 - $999 Brian Provini | Robert Archer and Richard Pond | OA | Filomeno Jose | Bruce Lawson Michael Robinson | Family Service Toronto | Rainbow AA Group | Paolo Cini | Promises Group Mustafa Nazarali | Spencer Xiong | TICOT Social Society | Woman Abuse Council of Toronto Jane Rowe | George Pratt | Rui Biaventura | Out in Recovery | Diamond Taxi Dispatchers Ella J. Bernhard | Daniel Bain | Brian King | Domenic Bellisimo | Pia Kleber | Michael Liebrock

$250 - $499

groups to The 519 and welcome back some old friends. The community groups which use our space are central to the culture and community of our Centre, and we are so thankful for the role they play in making our Centre the success that it is.

Richard Glaze | Jack Brannigan | Peter Birt Robert Norquay | Debtors Anonymous Donald Altman Martin Boily-Cote | Ross Gorrie Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous Brian Hockey | Narcotics Anonymous Terry Ellis | Colm P. Foley | Lee Sneddon Thomas O’ Shaughnessy | Bill Vrantsidis



519 Church Street, Toronto, ON. M4Y 2C9 PHONE 416.392.6874 FAX 416.392.0519 EMAIL WEB MAIL

The 519 Church Street Community Centre is registered charity number 11931-0761-RR0001

Financial Group

The 519's 2008-2009 Annual Report  

An overview of The Centre's operations through 2008 and 2009.

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