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Visions Guide Anthony Huang NSBHS Visions

The Visions Committee is the school’s media, communications and enrichment committee. We aim to enrich the student body and school environment through the voices of students, teachers and the general public. Our main initiatives are The 4U Paper, Enrichment, StudyGroups, Showcase and myNSB. The 4U Paper, our monthly student magazine is our longest-running initiative. The paper allows students to voice their interests and opinions in the articles they write, along with featuring interviews of teachers across all the faculties and alumni. For any avid readers, the 4U Paper is available on the circulation desk in the library. For the opportunity to get featured in the 4U Paper, send your articles to Write to your heart’s desires as length nor topic matters! The new Enrichment Initiative is a category of minor projects aimed towards improving the everyday lives of students. These projects include the NSBHS Guidebook, distributed to those new to the school like Year 7s and the laminated bell timetables in classrooms. In 2020, we hope to continue expanding the Enrichment Initiative to consist of more projects. StudyGroups is another initiative directed at supporting the academic prowess of students. There are two main categories of programs in StudyGroups — organisation of mentoring, and supporting self-study. One of our newest programs is StudyHub, a Google Drive containing resources like past papers, student notes, and textbooks. You can access this right now by checking your DET email — the one ending in The Showcase Initiative is aimed at recording and sharing the school-wide events. This is achieved through our hardworking student photographers, in which you can be a part of. These photos are posted on The Wing, our Facebook page, and on the Showcase noticeboard outside B17. myNSB is an app currently in development by Visions, intended to be an easily accessible universal app for all NSBHS students that all should have on their phone. It will contain information about the school including a calendar, event photos, and will be available for all committees to post their updates on. In addition to Members, Visions also has a Contributor program directed at junior students where people can apply for less intensive roles in the committee. While not officially members of the committee, Contributors still have most of the rights and privileges, receiving the same rewards for their work, usually in the form of merits. Unlike most other committees, Visions’ signups are online. To access these forms, just type in the link available on our ‘Join Visions’ posters around the school, or scan the QR code on the title page of the initiative you want to apply for, in this booklet. We look forward to reading your application!


The 4U Paper Initative 4

The 4U Paper is North Sydney Boys High School’s student-produced and run magazine. It is Visions’ longest running initiative. Normal editions are available every month from the Library Circulation Desk, with ‘Special Editions’ occasionally available featuring various themes from climate change, to student leadership, to introductions of new teachers. New editions of The 4U Paper are also available digitally through The Wing, our Facebook page at Articles 4U Articles are written by the students, for the students. Like the name suggests, the majority of The 4U Paper consists of student-written articles. Anyone can write for The 4U Paper and submit articles by going to or by emailing the article to The topic can be about anything in general from current events to movies and technology to food and much more. Writers who write more often for The 4U Paper can become Contributors which highlights their commitment and allows them to collaborate more closely with other writers and editors. If the writer’s articles are chosen to feature in the 4U Paper, their efforts will be rewarded through merits at a rate of 1 merit per 250 words. Interviews Interviews are conducted by Visions members and forms another large proportion of the 4U Paper. We interview a variety of people from NSBHS teachers, to alumni, to the occasional student. An interview incorporates a variety of tasks including organisation, question writing, interviewing, transcribing, editing and photography. These are managed by members who are responsible for the interview. We also hold opinion polls every month to see who students would like to be interviewed. Transcription Transcription is an important step of the interviews featured in the 4U Paper. All interviews are recorded, and transcribed at a later date. Transcribers need to be fluent in grammar and sentence structure. Fluent

typing skills are vital in order to be an efficient transcriber. Editing All articles and interviews go through an extensive process of editing, involving a minimum of 3 edits which occur before the article or interview is formatted. This is to ensure that only high-quality articles are produced. After the initial edits, the article is formatted and collated into the 4U Paper. A preview is accessible for Members and Contributors, to provide feedback. Editing Guide An editor’s job is to make sure that an article is completed to the highest standard of quality and professionalism. This includes editing grammar and punctuation, as well as sentence structure, word choice and checking for plagiarism. Grammar tips: Avoid run-on sentences. Separate two independent clauses with either a full stop or a conjunction. Make sure nouns and verbs agree. Avoid vague pronouns which can refer to more than one thing. Try not to avoid brackets when explaining things. Punctuation tips: Capital letters should be used at the beginning of sentences and for proper nouns. A hyphen is used to connect two words to create a new word, while an em dash is used to create a long break in the sentence. Use the apostrophe ‘s only to indicate possession. Leave lines between separate speakers in dialogue. Stylistic Choices Avoid using contractions and slang in a formal article. Splitting an infinitive may lead to awkward sentences. Aim to use different words instead of repeating the same words Remember that the internet exists! If there are any complicated words you aren’t sure about, it never hurts to check. Any statements that seem unrealistic should also be fact-checked. 5

Enrichment Initative 6

Enrichment is a new initiative composed of a series of mini-projects focused upon improving the student environment. It endeavours to inform and present projects to students in an intuitive manner, enabling a more involved experience for all students. One of these mini-projects is our annual NSBHS Guidebook, including helpful information like public transport, updated uniform pricing and maps, helping those new to easily navigate around our school. Another of these mini-projects is our continued maintenance of signage around the school. In every classroom, you might notice a set of maps, bell times and evacuation diagrams.

In 2020, we hope to continue to grow the Enrichment Initiative, with a focus on consensus and improving communication around the school. As Enrichment is a newer initiative with fewer defined roles, this will be both challenging and rewarding for those who wish to be involved with a wide variety of skills being used. Graphics Design Graphics design is the backbone of the Visions Committee, in its aim to improve the school through communication. In Visions 2020, we hope to refocus on this, with a specific role for doing graphic design and posters, distinct from the 4U Formatter role.

We’re also trying to help students take part in the variety of activities available at our school through regular ‘Enrichment Audits’, where the details about clubs and committees — where, when, how to join — are surveyed and updated on the Enrichment noticeboard. We also provide publicity for NSBHS’ clubs upon request. 7

StudyGroups Initative 8

StudyGroups is a Visions Initiative, with the primary goal of developing the academic lives of students as well as assisting teachers in guiding students through course content. Being a selective school, everyone wishes to achieve the best results they can and StudyGroups helps to do this with its different projects such as StudyHub, StudyCore and StudyLounge. These are all environments which help to nurture students’ academic abilities.

on individual preference can choose when they meet their mentor. The available times are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday lunches. To sign up, just visit the StudyGroups Google Form where you can provide your details. This allows us to allocate you with a trusted mentor and you may begin your journey of improving your academic career. To confirm sessions you will be contacted via email by Visions, so that your StudyGroup is completely organised.

StudyHub, is the home of all student resources and allows students to be able to look at past papers, notes, textbooks and videos that can help them learn the content for their subjects. StudyHub is a shared drive where resources are continually added to ensure that students can have everything they need to help them improve their grades. From teacher videos to student notes, StudyHub has everything that both students and teachers need in the classroom. The shared drive will be shared to every student’s email and Google Drive account, so that they can access all the resources provided.

StudyLounge is a joint program which is run by both Visions and SRC, during the weeks before the exam block. It provides students with space where they can join their friends in collective studying. In addition to this, free food and drinks are provided, other senior students and teachers are also available to help students for certain subjects if needed. No registration is needed to be part of StudyLounge, you can just turn up with your friends and begin.

StudyCore is the program in which mentees are paired with a mentor who assist them in certain subjects, which they are struggling with or want to improve on. These groups are put together and depending

To get involved in StudyGroups and these available projects you can sign up on the Visions Google Form and can join the committee as a volunteer. Once you have volunteered for a full year, you can become a member where you will be open to more opportunities in helping improve student and teacher life at the school.


Showcase Initative 10

The goal of the Showcase Initiative is to record and share the occurrence of various school events through photos. Though it is one of Visions’ newer initiatives, the process has been streamlined so that student involvement is easy.

After photos have been uploaded to our Team Drive, they are watermarked with the Visions logo and are ready for sharing! You may have seen our photos on the Showcase noticeboard opposite the Drama Room or on Facebook.

Planning for photography can begin from 1 - 3 weeks prior to an event depending on its importance. For example, photographers would be given more notice for the Athletics Carnival compared to a lunch sausage sizzle. Similarly, the amount of photographers required would also depend on the event. We conduct all of our communication and organizing on our Discord server.

To get involved, sign up as a contributor. You will be given many opportunities to prove your initiative until Term 3, when you are able to sign up as an official member. Those who have proven themselves will be accepted.

To ensure the utmost quality of our photos, we use DSLR cameras at events. These can easily be borrowed from the IT Staffroom! Training sessions will be held for new members who show promise, but may not know how to properly operate these cameras.

The Wing The Wing is a project run by Visions, it is a Facebook Group where announcements will be made from all the school committees. To be added to the group, simply go to, click “Join Group” and answer the questions to identify you as a student. This allows students to become notified of events and occurrences around the school.

Showcase is both a rewarding experience and a great way to get involved in many school events!


myNSB Initative 12

MyNSB is an initiative to simplify student life through a companion app designed for NSBHS students. The app is available for Android and iOS users, with a web application in the planning stage.

enables us to build a feature-rich and good looking application. The myNSB team welcomes anyone who knows or is willing to learn any of the following languages:

The app has a multitude of useful features, like Event Reminders, Student Timetable, access to the 4U Paper, Calendar, and push notifications for important events.

- Java - Swift - C-based languages (C, C#, C++ ect.) - HTML/CSS - JavaScript

The app is currently in the development stage. A beta release of the Android version of the app will be available in early Term 1 2020. Joining myNSB Want to make a positive impact on the school? Why not collaborate with us on myNSB? Our development team consists of supportive and skilled programmers, who have experience in many languages. You will be welcomed into our community of Visions Contributors, who work with us as an extension of the committee. Dedicated programmers who contribute a lot will earn their position as full members of the committee, as a part of the myNSB initiative. Programming Languages MyNSB is a multi-platform application, requiring knowledge of many different programming languages. By working with other capable programmers, we build a wide and varied skill base

If you are willing to learn any of the languages listed above, our team is here to help you and answer your questions. Experience in text-based languages like Python, or block-based interfaces like Scratch, will make the process easier, but it not required. Be prepared If you would like to join myNSB, here are a few things to remember before and during the sign-up process: - We use GitHub to share our code repositories and track bugs or issues. Therefore, you will need a GitHub account to work on myNSB. - Our main communication platform is Discord. You will need a Discord account to stay up to date on tasks, info etc. - Visions members get a lot of cool perks, like member badges, recognition on your reports etc, so Contributors who contribute a lot have the highest chances of becoming a full member! 13

Members Joining in Term 3

As a Member

The process of becoming a member of the Visions Committee is slightly different from that of joining other committees.

As a member, you are expected to attend weekly Visions meetings in Lab 7 every Friday Lunch. You are also expected to contribute regularly to the project you are involved in. Each project has different ways that you can contribute in, so if you ever need help, feel free to ask other Visions members, the relevant Visions Executive, or the Operations Executive.

Applications are fully online. Therefore, there is no requirement for student and staff nominations and signatures. At LEAP, an express form can be completed at the Visions Stall, where your details are entered for us to then email you the links to the full applications. A4 Handouts with these links are also available next to the physical application forms for other committees. Applications are then picked out by Visions Committee Executives, and applicants of interest are then contacted by email to schedule an interview. Finally, the Visions Committee composed of successful applicants will be updated on the Visions Noticeboard in Week 7, Term 3.


Most projects are worked on through the NSBHS Visions ‘Shared Drive’ on Google Drive. All members have ‘Content Manager’ level of permissions on this drive. Visions’ platform of communication is through its Discord server. All members are expected to be active on it to receive updates.

Contributors Joining Visions as a Contributor does not require any interviews. Visions Contributors are volunteers who will work alongside Visions members in tasks such as writing and photography. This is a role with less responsibilities and requirements, while still allowing students to contribute to various projects such as The 4U Paper and Showcase. Contributors are encouraged to communicate to members through the NSBHS Visions Contributor Discord server. Contributors are not required to attend meetings on Friday which are mandatory for members. Currently, there are two initiatives which you can apply for a contributor role in, this is The 4U Paper and Showcase. You are able to write, transcribe, photograph, and give feedback for The 4U Paper Editions. The writer role allows regular writers to work closer with others as well as editors. This enables easier submission as well as information regarding articles and editions. The transcriber role allows easier communication and effective distribution of work within Visions. The photographer role is for those who would like to photograph during interviews or for other parts of an edition. The feedback role allows contributors to view a preview of editions for The 4U Paper, they give feedback on changes that should be made and relay this to formatters. For Showcase, the photographer role involves photographing events and occurrences around the school.


Visions Guide 2020 Designed by: Gary Chan, Dominic Cheung, Jonathan Yeo With thanks to: Anthony Huang. Luke Huang, Thomas Shalaby, Chris Lin, Sidharth Manoj Kumar


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