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Plans To Renovate Bathrooms At PMS Tech: Apple Unveils New Product New Item In School Cafeteria Elections: Ron Paul Wins Nomination Special April Fool’s Day Issue • Volume 2, No. 1


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Yearbook Class Merges With 4.7 Magazine



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Pleasanton Middle School Restrooms To Go Under Renovation

Short Note From the Editors: If you haven’t noticed, this is an April Fools Issue. That means NOTHING in here is real except the last page. No, we did not merge with yearbook and our school is not getting new bathrooms yet (unfortunately). We appreciate yearbook for being a great sport about this. Also, by reading this magazine you are acknowledging that 4.7 is not liable for any awkward situations that may arise from the published articles. You are also automatically promising us that you will not sue us for any reasons related to this issue. Enjoy!


5 | Ron Paul Wins Nomination Bryce Fan 6 | Qatar: A Free Country Aashna Avachat 10 | 4.7 Signs Merger With Yearbook Arthur Hwang and Zhi Yang Tan 11 | Plans for New Restrooms Underway Emily Ma

Arthur Hwang and Bryce Fan, Editors-in-Chief

The 4.7 Magazine Editors in Chief and Founders: Arthur Hwang and Bryce Fan Advisor: Ms. Jill Butler 4.7 Officers: Karen Chang, Secretary, Aashna Avachat, Public Relations/Marketing, Mary Nino, Treasurer, Jimmy Kim, Webmaster Student Editors: Jimmy Kim, Amy Zhao, Eleni Comstock, Zhi Yang Tan, Laurette Hanna 4.7 Journalists: Amy Cho, Rhea Macocha, Aashna Avachat, Gabriela Miller, Sonali Rajurkar, Arambh Ahuja, Eunice Trinh, Nathan Daniel, Allison Chen, Marc Gauthier, Rashika Sunku, Heidi Shen, Amy Zhao, Kellie Xie, Emily Lin, Jennifer D’Addabbo, Alex Rocha, Emily Ma, Jungyoon Yu, Vishant Gandhi, Adam Yu ©2012 The 4.7 Magazine All Rights Reserved

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World&Nation Pluto Reborn As Planet by Adam Yu and Emily Lin

Campaigning Has Paid Off

Back in  2006,  the   International  Astronomical   Union,  or  IAU,  took  away   Pluto’s  title  as  a  planet,  and   instead  was  demoted  to   dwarf  planet.  However,  due   to  numerous  complaints,  and   a  thousand  person  petition,  

the IAU  has  decided  to   reinstate  Pluto  as  a  planet,  the   only  exception  to  the  IAU’s   regulations.  Larger  objects   (such  as  Eris)  will  not  be   affected  by  this  change.   The  change  is  expected   to  take  place  on  August  24,   2012,  the  6th  anniversary  of   when  Pluto  was  demoted.    

New Country Formed by Nathan Daniel

There is a New Country on the Map 4

Most of  you  Pleasanton  Middle   School  students  know  about  what  is  going   on  in  the  world.  However,  you  may  not   know  about  Kibithyia,  a  new  country   created  two  months  ago.  The  new  country’s   government  is  still  struggling  to  unify  their   people.   Kibithyia  was  created  when  a  large   group  of  rebels  from  Australia  joined  a  coup   and  fought  against  the  government  to  secure   their  own  section  of  the  continent.  They  now   have  a  monarchy,  which  is  still  trying  to   elect  a  leader.  Kibithyia  has  promised  to  ally   with  Australia  in  the  next  World  War,   whenever  that  is.   About  1  million  people  are  part  of   Kibithyia  now.  Hopefully,  Kibithyia  will  be  a   thriving  and  growing  country  in  the  future.   Maybe  someday  all  of  Australia  will  join  it.


Ron Paul All the Way by Bryce Fan, 4.7 editor in chief

! As the presidential elections of 2012 approach, four republican candidates are fighting for the republican nomination. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul have all been deep into campaigning. As of last night, Mitt Romney led the nomination with a whopping 450+ delegates. In dead last was 76 year old Ron Paul, with a mere 61 delegates. ! However, last night, California’s Republican Association surprised all four candidates with an early primary. Texas joined in along with seven other states, offering over 455 delegates up for grab. Mitt Romney lead the polls, but a shocking revelation was shown in the results: Ron Paul had won all nine primaries, making him in first place for the Republican Nomination with 517 delegates. Photos: Ron Paul 2012

! “This has been a long, hard road, and the path to civil liberties has finally begun!” yelled Ron Paul in front of his thousands of supporters. Eighth grader and current Pleasanton Middle School president Arthur Hwang had lots to say about this revelation: “Deep inside, I was rooting for this guy,” he told the 4.7. “To know he finally got these well deserved victories is really great news.” ! Right when it seemed as if the republican nomination was close between both Romney and Paul, Newt Gingrich suspended his presidential campaign. Rick Santorum decided to suspend his campaign to focus on his daughter’s illness. Thus, only two candidates remained in the race: Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. ! As the primaries of more western states began, Mitt Romney suddenly decided to return to his more lucrative career at Bain Capital

following allegations of his past history of firing people. ! Due to these unexpected campaign dropouts, Ron Paul had won the republican nomination. Recent straw polls show that he is ahead of Obama by nearly 32%, and that he is favored for the presidency. In fact, yesterday, both Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Santorum donated over 50K to the Paul Civil Liberty campaign. Spoke speaker Gingrich, “Though I really wanted this presidency, I have not seen a more determined, focused, and driven candidate like Mr. Paul.” Santorum, on the other hand, had even nicer things to say: “Ron Paul and Civil liberties is what we need in the White House,” he told the Associated Press. “There’s not a better candidate for the presidency than Mr. Paul.”




QATAR Where Everything is Really Free By Aashna Avachat


Qatar is just a sliver of a country, tucked in tightly between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Rebellions in the Middle East have been going on for a while, yet Qatar remains untouched by the violence and ! chaos of the rebellions, called the Arab Spring. So why is Qatar still safe? The reason just might be that Qatar's 250,000 citizens are probably the richest in the world, living right on a heap of oil-rich land. Ironically, many Arab leaders believe that the Campaigning Has Paid Off start of the Arab Spring is right in the heart of Qatar – in a television channel called Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera is a 24-hour satellite television network based in Qatar. The man who created this channel is the emir of Qatar, His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. He is behind all the peace and prosperity of this tiny country. ! The people of Qatar are possibly the richest in the world, with no taxes whatsoever, and everything important is free, such as health care, education, and electricity. The buildings look as though they were just created on a whim, with no thought and planning. Each is completely different from the other, with replicas of famous places around the world, all crafted neatly into the small country of Qatar. All of this was built in less than a generation, and many of the citizens still remember when it was all just a desert, and everyone lived in tents. It is an incredible transition, coming from such a

small undeveloped group of nomads, that suddenly turned themselves into a magnificent country. ! Paying for all of this? No problem. Qatar's location itself pays for everything. The country is right on top of the third largest oil reserve in the world. A new plant, “The Pearl,” (which cost $18 billion to build) makes the change from reserves to liquid fuels, which sell all around the world. ! The country is still an unfinished project, though. A new hospital will be built, one that is predicted to be one of the most advanced in the world. Six American universities have built school campuses in Qatar. A new Islamic Art museum recently opened. Buildings are still being built, but the citizens could care less that they have to wait just a touch longer for perfection. Life already is just about as good as it gets, and everything is free. ! But as Qatar continues to grow larger and more powerful, other countries around Qatar are already blaming the country for their rebellions. They say that Al Jazeera, the television network created by the emir is the cause for all their trouble, because it does something totally irrational, completely unheard of. What does it do? Al Jazeera simply

covers the news. This sets all the other countries off because, as 60 Minutes reporter Bob Simon put it, “This was the first and the only network in the Arab world that was independent. Everyone else was just doing what their government told them to do.” ! Al Jazeera broadcasts rebellions live, 24 hours a day. It not only airs in Qatar, but also in other countries. For example, the Egyptians watched the Libyans rebel, Syrians watched the Egyptians, and so on. The people of each country love that they are being publicized, but if there's somebody that hates it, it's the government. The emir of Qatar disagrees with critics who say he is influencing the fighting. Bin Khalifa says his country is just trying to support the citizens of other countries. Qatar has sent planes, weapons, and money to various countries to help citizens gain the upper hand in the wars. ! While critics may be right, it is no small thing to achieve this kind of wealth and power, especially when they started off as a group of nomads who lived in tents. I don't know about you, but if I had a choice, I would definitely choose to live in Qatar, the country where everything is free.



@PMS Mr. Habecker Assigns Homework For The First Time Marc Gauthier, 4.7 Journalist

On March 12, 2012, Mr. Habecker assigned homework to his 6th grade math class. His assignment was to do problems 1-17 for lesson 9-4 in the textbook. IN THE TEXTBOOK! For those of you who had Mr. Habecker in 6th grade you will understand the importance of this article. Never, in the history of Mr. Habecker’s classes, has he assigned specific homework. Some of you may be thinking, what about the MPQs? (Moodle Practice Quiz) What about Accelerated Math? That doesn’t count. Everyone had a different Accelerated Math worksheet every time. No one would get

the same one. And the MPQs are different every time you take the quiz. I’m talking about the same thing for everyone. And how many times did he tell you to use the textbook? None. How many times did he refer you to the textbook? None. The only thing that he has ever done with the textbook is give one to us at the beginning of the year, and takes it back at the end. ! One baffled student said, “Wow. I’ve heard all the jokes about Mr. Habecker’s homework load, but now. Those jokes have become a reality.” You can even ask Mr. Habecker. He said, “I can’t remember the last time I assigned specific homework. I

don’t think I ever have.” Mr. Habecker also said that he realized that students need to use the textbook at least a little bit. This would prepare them for 7th grade, where there are textbooks, textbooks, and a few more textbooks. A former student of Mr. Habecker said, “This is crazy. Homework from the textbook? That’s just demeaning.” PMS has seen something extremely rare! A once in a lifetime opportunity! This is outstanding! (Unless of course, you are in his class this year.)

Small Spy Cam Found in Harvest Park Bathroom Jungyoon Yu, 4.7 Journalist

! A few weeks ago, Harvest Park was sued for the first time. Why? Ben Dwain, 6th grader of Harvest Park, stumbled across a spy cam in the boy’s bathroom. Yahoo reporter, Mark Zulby, wrote, “This is the 8


first time happening at a school in California.” ! At about 9:47 a.m., Ben found the hidden camera on the ceiling while he was washing his hands. Moments later, Ben reported it to the school principal. The principal quickly called the police department, and when the police arrived, the scene was thoroughly investigated. Officer Sam Galry told us, “We have found

fingerprints on the camera, but they do not match any of the students at this school.” The police are still investigating the scene, and they hope to quickly find out who the perpetrator was. Mr. Dwain, Ben’s father, said, “Even though we don’t know who put up that camera, I want everyone making the right choices!”


Panda Express Coming to the Cafeteria? by Amy Zhao and Kellie Xie, 4.7 editor and journalist

Many  students  would   have  to  agree  that  our  school   seems  to  lack  a  good  selection   of  lunch  choices.  They  want   something  new.  That'ʹs  all   going  to  change  when  Panda   Express  dominates  the  menu.   Starting  from  May  1,  2012,   Pleasanton  Middle  School  is   going  to  start  selling  specially   ordered  Panda  Express   entrees.  So  now,  instead  of   geTing  a  container  of   macaroni,  you  can  get  chow   mein,  orange  chicken,  and   broccoli  beef.  Or  you  can  mix   it  up  and  get  an  order  of  fried   rice,  hot  and  sour  soup,  and   spring  rolls.  This  must  be  too  

good to  be  true.  Oh,  but  it  will   be.   Each  meal  is  specially   ordered  every  morning  from   the  Panda  Express  at  the  new   Pleasanton  Gateway  and   delivered  to  PMS  thirty   minutes  before  lunch  time.   That  way,  the  food  will  be  hot   and  ready  when  it  is  served.   Students  will  be  able  to  pick   up  whichever  meal  they  like   and  pay  at  the  cash  register.   Then  they  can  walk  out  the   door  to  sit  with  friends  and   enjoy  a  delicious  meal.  It'ʹs  as   simple  as  that.  Finally.


+ Panther Tracks

4.7 Magazine Signs Merger with Yearbook By Arthur Hwang and Zhi Yang Tan

PLEASANTON, Calif.–The Pleasanton Middle School yearbook class and 4.7 Magazine Club released a joint statement that they will be merging together, effective on September 2012. Both parties reached a definitive agreement and plan for a merger during a covert executive meeting on April 1. Like all things associated with the yearbook, Yearbook has insisted the negotiations to be kept top secret until the last minute. ! “This merger with 4.7 Magazine is a major milestone for Yearbook,” said Katie Forbes, Yearbook advisor. “We believe the merger will significantly expand our opportunities to connect our school and teach students journalism.” ! The 4.7 is a monthly newsmagazine targeted to students at Pleasanton Middle School, founded last year. With


Photos: Courtesy of Yearbook and 4.7

the merger, 4.7 Magazine Club will be added on to the yearbook class curriculum. Along with the yearbook, the incoming journalists will publish the monthly magazine, as the current club has faithfully done before. Current 4.7 advisor Jill Butler will be working with the newly created class also. ! This unexpected agreement follows a shortage of yearbook applications for next year and the departing of the 4.7 eighth grader founders, Arthur Hwang and Bryce Fan. Both parties seem to believe this is a win-win agreement. ! "Now that we are part of yearbook, people will actually keep it our magazines at the end of the year instead of throwing them away,” said Jimmy Kim, 4.7 journalist. ! Zhi Yang, yearbook staff, states, "It's a great idea. Next year's yearbook staff are

understocked, which is a bad sign. This usually lead to a hobbling bureaucracy plagued by procrastinators who stay up until one in the morning. It has happened before.” ! Both Yearbook and 4.7 staffers have enthusiastically embraced this situation. Yearbook staff have capitalized upon this opportunity to scold 4.7 journalists for their blatant misuse of desktop publishing tools. A yearbook staff member who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “With all due respect, looking at their layouts was crime to my eyes. I hope this will be an opportunity for them to learn grid layout skills and actually use real desktop publishing software like InDesign.” 4.7 journalists are also looking forward to receiving the much-coveted class passes that are exclusively made for yearbook staff. ! Both groups have more work ahead as they make sure the transition is carried out smoothly. They have promised the public they will return as a new, redesigned organization next year.


The proposed design shown above

Plans for New Restrooms Underway By Emily Ma, 4.7 journalist

“Oh, ew! No one flushed the toilets,” BANG! “There’s toilet paper on the ground and the smell is disgusting!” BANG! “And look. This stall has writing all over the inside of the door. Look at what’s on it!” BANG! ! The typical thing you do at least once a week in the bathroom. You pinch your nose, scoff at the terrible smell, and laugh about the toilet paper littering the ground. A week ago the bathrooms didn’t even cross the minds of the school faculty, but now it’s a major topic of discussion. I interviewed several students about the bathrooms. The majority of them replied along the lines of:

“Well, the bathrooms could be better. The place usually has spilled water under the sinks and dirty toilet paper around the toilets.” “The bathrooms have an unpleasant smell. Some faucets don’t turn on.” ! “People keep on scribbling on the walls and clogging the toilets.” “There never seems to be enough stalls, and there’s always a line during lunch. There are also stalls that don’t lock.” “Some of the toilets don’t flush.” “Only one or two of the faucets in the locker room still work. Plus, there are stalls with such battered locks that the doors don’t stay closed.” ! There were so many complaints about the quality of the bathrooms: spilled water, dirty toilet paper, a bad smell, scribbling on the walls, clogged toilets... Previously, nothing would have been done about the restrooms, but

the criticism about them drove the faculty up the wall. In the end, an important decision was made: Pleasanton Middle School will be getting new, improved bathrooms. According to the administration, construction will begin in May and will be completed for the 2012-2013 school year. Students will be using portable bathrooms during that time. The plan for the bathrooms’ new look has not been finalized yet and is under review by the administration and the Student Council. ! Hear that, Panthers? We’re upgrading our bathrooms, and that’s big. Soon, you’ll be walking into a fantastic restroom that will leave you speechless. There’ll be no more groaning and moaning about the un-cleanliness of the bathrooms. Soon, everyone will be talking about how amazing the new restrooms are. You’ll be stunned by the difference.


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4.7 Magazine PMS Vol. 2, No. 1 (April)  

Student magazine from Pleasanton Middle School

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