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What’s happening? Doomsday Delayed By Jungyoon Yu For most of us, we are glad that the world didn’t end on May 21. But Harold Camping and his supporters are now confused, or even disappointed that it didn’t happen. Harold Camping, who heads the Family Radio Network of Christian stations, had predicted that people would be sent to heaven on May 21, 2011. “In Camping's description of Judgment Day, the Earth would be wrenched in a great earthquake and many inhabitants would perish in the coming months, until the planet's total destruction on October 21,” wrote Although many people did not believe him (because his first prediction was wrong), supporters have helped him by setting up at least 2,000 billboards around the United States warning people of Judgment Day. ! Now Harold Camping has moved Judgment Day back by five months, which is October 21, 2011. This is now Camping’s 3rd prediction. His first prediction was about Jesus coming down from heaven on 1994 to meet devout Christians. Will his 3rd prediction be true this time? Well, we’ll have to wait five more months.

10/21 THE RENEWED JUDGEMENT DAY, as predicted by Camping.


Photos: endgadget


Playstation Network Down





Sony has just come clean with its next-generation PlayStation Portable. It's actually codenamed NGP and will revolve around five key concepts: Revolutionary User Interface, Social Connectivity, Location-based Entertainment, Converging Real and Virtual (augmented) Reality. It will be compatible with the PlayStation Suite and will be backwards-compatible with downloadable PSP games and content from Sony's PlayStation .! ! What does that all mean? Basically, it’s going to be a super hightech, touch screen PSP with HD quality. It’s rumored to have cameras on both front and back and a Facetime-like feature. Another rumor is that it will be capable of running Playstation 3 games. Apparently, Wi-Fi wasn’t enough for Sony, so they have added 3G capability to it. Games won’t come on UMDs (Small CDs specially designed for PSPs) but a “new media” similar to the PSP Go’s games. Also, there will be a touch panel on the back for added controls. Excited? Not so fast. The NGP isn’t going to be coming out until 2012, so if the world doesn’t end you can get your hands on one of these. Sony plans on releasing its official features at this year’s E3. The price expected for the NGP is around $350.00 when it first comes out. However that is a price worth paying for an ultra-cool touch screen gizmo, right?

On April 20th, 2011, the PlayStation Network went offline and it would continue to be down until May 14th, 2011. Nobody knows exactly what had caused the fault of the PSN (PlayStation Network). First, Sony simply thought that there had been a bug in the system and they could have the network back up in a day or two, but as they were working on it, they found that credit card information had been stolen. This made the situation even more serious because the credit card information had been stolen from over five million users worldwide. Later on, they discovered an elite hacking group known as Anonymous was to blame. However, they denied having anything to do with this super cyber attack. Currently Sony is working with the FBI to track down the hackers. Also PSN users are suing Sony for over one billion dollars because of the leak of information. In other news of the attack, Sony says that the expected fix date of the PSN won’t be until May 31st. Rumors say in compensation that PSN users will have PlayStation Plus for a month. PlayStation Plus is like a ticket to more exclusive content such as trailers, demos, and betas, which you originally had to pay for, but now is free for one month. Users will also get two free games from the PlayStation Store. Many other users are saying they deserve much more than just two free games and Playstation Plus that is why, if Sony loses the trial, all users will earn part of the money in their PlayStation Store wallet.

News in Pictures “I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working

when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.’’

STEPHEN HAWKING, world renowned scientist, on his beliefs of the human afterlife.

<< Pleasanton Middle School hosted the annual California Music Educators Association Music Festival on May 7, 2011. The Orchestra, Symphonic Band (pictured) and Choir competed, finishing with excellent and superior ratings.

>> A deadly tornado devastated Joplin, Missouri, killing over 125 and leaving horrific damage . The death toll is still continuing to rise. As you can see from the photo, entire residential blocks were flattened, cars were crushed, and trees were ripped apart. Everything was destroyed and lost. Photos: Yahoo! News, Arthur Hwang for 4.7


cool stuff The Savannah Cat BY: HOLLY PRYNN ! If anyone has ever heard of the Savannah cat, then you probably know that it’s the size of a German Shepherd. Some people say that this cat isn’t for families with kids because some cats can be aggressive and might not act well with kids. These cats are a mix of a Serval and a domestic house cat. The Savannah cat has been said to have a “wild look.” ! There is a reason for the wild look of the Savannah cat. The body, along with the legs, is very long and has a slender neck. Their ears are tall and stand up. The ears are dark grey, dark brown or black, and look like they have an eye on them. They have a short normal tail that has a solid black tip. Savannah cats also have the black teardrops below their eyes like the cheetah. The coat of a Savannah cat is tan with black spots. ! I know that some people say that this cat is aggressive, but others disagree. Just because they have Serval ancestors doesn’t mean that they’re all aggressive. The cat is also great with other cats, so you can have a variety of cats with the Savannah cat. There are some Savannahs that want to be held, some are reserved and stay to themselves. They could also be active or very laid back. ! The first Savannah cat was made when Judee Frank crossbred a male Serval with a Siamese cat. This was the first ever Savannah cat. The breed was called the Savannah cat because Judee named the cat “Savannah”. ! Savannah cats are intelligent and an energetic breed. They are a lot like a dog. They are like a dog because they can be easily trained, but you have to start when they’re young. Most of the cats even play in the water! These cats are intelligent because they can open cabinets, find the toys you hide, and can even play fetch. This breed gets very attached to their family, so you need to be committed. ! Overall, I would love to have this cat. They are, however, very expensive. If you would like to learn more, Google them and search for professional breeders. ~ Holly Prynn


STRANGE LAWS IN THE WORLD BY: AASHNA AVACHAT Did you know, that in Los Angeles, it's against the law ! for toads to be licked? Or that in New York, people can be fined $25.00 for flirting? These are just two of the silliest laws in America. Nobody really knows where these laws came from. ! Each country, state, and/or city has a few odd laws. In California, there are a few really funny ones, too. In Portola, you can't allow a dog to chase a squirrel in the summer. In Norco, anyone that wants a rhino as a pet must obtain a $100.00 license first. Probably only zookeepers need that law and the license. And, in Ontario, roosters may not crow within the city limits. Those people probably like to sleep in everyday. In Hawaii, there are a few odd laws, too. These may ! not be for all of the islands, but they are true. People can actually be fined if they don't own a boat. And magicians are outlawed, too. That's because coins are not allowed to be placed in anyone's ears! Of course, magicians can't survive without that trick, can they? Finally, in New York, citizens may not greet each other ! by “putting one's thumb to the nose and wiggling the fingers.” Also, it is against the law to throw a ball at someone's head for fun. Oops. All the kindergartners at recess will be arrested pretty soon! !

And......Funniest Law of the month.....In Thailand.....

It's illegal to leave your house if you are not wearing underwear!

The coolest band ever.


A close up on the Jazz Band from Pleasanton Middle School!

Jazz Band @ Pleasanton Middle School

Photos: Anette Lipski for the 4.7


The music program at Pleasanton

people better, and to hang out with his

absolutely LOVE jazz band. The people

Middle School is extremely successful.We have Band, Orchestra, and Jazz band! Each band is taught by

friends.” We asked him how his competition at Great America was and Neel replied, “Our Jazz Band got first

are nice and it is just so fun to play music. Jazz Band is just a place where you can be yourself.”

Mr. Ravina. Each music group recently took a trip to Great America to compete. The Jazz Band did amazing; they placed first.

place and overall best Jazz band. Basically, we’re the best.” Our next question asked how Mr. Ravina helps his students be successful. Neel said,

Jazz band truly seems like an incredible group to be part of. If you are interested in music, you should definitely think of joining. They are

During a Jazz band practice, we interviewed Neel Kale to get an inside story. The Jazz band has meetings

“Oh yeah. He tries really hard and he wants us to strive to be the best. He pushes us to our full potential and

amazing musicians and if you have not heard them play, definitely go check them out! Oh and by the way, the Jazz

every day after school from 3:15 to 4:00 P.M.- except on Fridays. We asked Neel what his favorite part about Jazz Band

makes sure that we always succeed. He is a great teacher and I am glad to have him as one.” Our last question we

band is looking for a pianist so if you have had over four years of experience and would like to join Jazz band,

was and he responded saying, “Playing the music, humming it, getting to know

presented to Neel was asking if he enjoyed Jazz band. Neel responded, “I

contact Mr. Ravina!


SUMMER VACATION is finally here! BY: BRYCE FAN ! For the entire school year, thousands of students at Pleasanton Middle School have eagerly waited for one, amazing moment: SUMMER VACATION. Summer vacation, for many of us, defines the time in which endless swimming occurs, happy vacations and new memories are created with our family, and a time of relaxation finally arrives. For many that I interviewed, summer vacation for them is surely to be an awesome one-- I even became slightly jealous. ! Seventh grader Alex Rocha, who is also a journalist for the 4.7 Magazine, is going to Cancun, Mexico, and Washington D.C. “I’m excited to find really cool and deadly gadgets at the spy museum, and I can use them on people as funny jokes” he says. Joe DeMello, a seventh grader is Ms. Butler’s seventh grade Block Class, says “I’m looking forward to camping during the summer. Also, I can’t wait to relax, hang out with friends, and go to my grandparent’s beach house.” As you can see, many students have already made exciting summer plans. Arthur Hwang is going to Korea for the summer. “I go every year, and as usual, I’m going to catch up with some old friends, see my grandparents, and of course, eat yummy Korean food.” … Boy, am I jealous of Arthur. ! On the other hand, some people had no idea where they were going to go for the summer. Seventh graders Nicholas Chen and Ryan Lee didn’t know at all what they were going to do during the


summer. “I’m not going to have fun during the summer with this stupid thing on,” complained Nicholas, with his new retainers on. ! Though most students have outstanding and fun vacations planned, the person that I’m most jealous of is seventh grader Savannah Gray. “I’m going to the Bahamas!” she said. “I can’t wait!!! I’m so excited.” Bobby Fjerstead, a seventh grader at Pleasanton Middle School, also has fun vacations planned. He’s going to Mexico and Michigan to see family and have fun. ! While everyone I interviewed has really fun plans for the summer, I’m here stuck with no plans. What I’m “looking forward to”? Well, for my parents, “fun” equals stupid summer workbooks, going to lunch with my grandparent’s Chinese friends, and getting doubled chores. I guess the only “fun” that’s planned for me this summer might be a trip to New Jersey to catch up with some old friends, visit my grandparents, and go to some table tennis camps. Hopefully, I’ll be able to swim with my family and friends and go to the beach, hang out with friends, and have at least one fun vacation. ! Ever since summer ended, we have been waiting over 275 days for this moment to arrive. For all of us students, those hours of work, 110% effort and pushing the extra mile, studying for tests, writing essays, and staying up late to finish homework will finally pay off. With three months of break, it’s finally time for students to relax and take a break from school. On behalf of the 4.7 Magazine staff, I wish everyone an outstanding, fun-filled summer in which new everlasting memories and fun can be created. Have an awesome summer and make the best of it!

PMS TOP 6 SUMMER VACATIONS By Marc Gauthier and Arthur Hwang

1. Swimming 2. Lemonade Stands 3. Training for Track 4. Summer Camps 5. Visiting National Monuments HAVING FUN!

THE DEATH of a MASTERMIND President Barack Obama, with his staff, watches in the White House Situation Room as the raid unfolds. PHOTO:

BY: ZHI YANG TAN The  morning  of  May  1st,  2011   was  anything  but  calm.  Smoke  billowed   from  the  large  gap  in  the  wall.  The   choppers  whirled  overhead.  The  men   rushed  in  and  cleared  the  first  floor,  in   spite  of  bullets  raining  around  them.   They  rushed  upwards,  clearing  the   second  floor  along  the  way,  making  it  to   the  third  floor.  On  sight,  two  men  each   fired  a  bullet,  ending  the  life  of  a  man   while  he  reached  for  his  gun.  That  was   all  it  took  to  end  the  reign  of  terror   imposed  by  one  of  the  world'ʹs  most   dastardly  criminals.   People  across  the  world   rejoiced  as  President  Obama  announced   the  death  of  the  9/11  mastermind   Osama  bin  Laden.  He  told  the  world   that  a  team  of  Navy  SEALs  had  aMacked   a  compound  believed  to  be  inhabited  by   bin  Laden,  successfully  found  him  and   killed  him  with  a  shot  to  the  chest  and   the  head,  along  with  several  other  men   and  a  few  of  his  wives.

Bin  Laden,  a  world  famous   criminal,  was  best  known  for  his  aMacks   on  the  World  Trade  Centers  and  the   Pentagon  on  September  11,  2001.  After   these  aMacks,  President  Bush   commenced  the  "ʺWar  on  Terror"ʺ,  a  war   meant  to  combat  terrorism  in  the   Middle  East.  For  almost  10  years,  bin   Laden  evaded  detection  by  the  army,   until  he  was  discovered  in  a  compound   in  Pakistan.   In  September  of  2010,  the  CIA   discovered  bin  Laden'ʹs  compound  and   concluded  that  bin  Laden  was  in  it,  but   there  was  no  proof.  The  compound,   built  in  2004,  was  at  the  end  of  a  dirt   road,  about  2.5  miles  northeast  of   AbboMabad.  For  a  while,  the  owner  of   the  compound  was  believed  to  be   Waziristanian,  because  they  burned   their  trash  instead  of  leaving  it  out  for   collection.    On  March  14,  President   Obama  met  with  his  advisers  to  create  a   plan  for  aMacking  the  compound.  They   met  four  more  times  after  that  meeting.    

The first  approach  considered  was  to   bomb  the  house,  but  it  was  rejected  by   the  President    because  it  would  cause   civilian  casualties  and  there  would  be   no  way  to  actually  confirm  bin  Laden   was  inside.  The  second  course  of  action   suggested  was  similar  to  the  one  that   actually  took  place;  however,  it  was  a   joint  operation  with  Pakistani   intelligence.  This  plan  was  also  rejected,   because  it  would  require  extra  months   to  prepare  for  the  raid,  which  would   lead  to  a  greater  chance  of  information   leaking  out,  which  would  send  bin   Laden  into  deeper  hiding.   On  April  29,  8:20  A.M.,   President  Obama  authorized  the  raid  on   the  compound.  The  raid  was  scheduled   to  be  on  the  30th,  but  it  instead  took   place  on  the  next  day  due  to  cloudy   weather.  A  total  of  79  people  and  a  dog   were  involved  in  the  mission.  Twenty-­‐‑ four  Navy  SEALS  from  DevGru  (also   known  as  SEAL  Team  6),  participating   in  the  mission,  boarded  a  helicopter  and  


The Inside Scoop on:

NAVY SEAL TEAM 6 BY ARTHUR HWANG Time Magazineʼs cover featuring bin Laden

flew into  Pakistan.  At  1:00  A.M.  local   time,   the  SEALs  reached  the  compound  and   breached  the  walls  with  bombs.  The   team  made  their  way  through  the   building,  clearing  out  the  floors  until   they  found  bin  Laden  on  the  third  floor.   Near  him  was  a  pistol  and  an  AK-­‐‑47,   but  he  was  shot  before  he  could  get  to   them.  Bin  Laden  was  discovered  to  have   500  Euros  (about  $670)  in  his  pockets,   and  two  phone  numbers  stitched  into   his  clothes.   After  being  taken  by  the   SEALs,  bin  Laden'ʹs  body  was  confirmed   to  be  his.  However,  when  it  came  to  the   burial  of  his  body,  there  came  a   problem;  no  country  would  accept  his   remains.  Instead,  he  was  buried  at  sea.   Muslim  rites  were  performed,  and  his   body  was  washed,  wrapped  in  a  sheet,   and  placed  in  a  weighted  plastic  bag.   Afterwards,  his  body  was  put  on  a  flat   board,  which  was  tilted  upwards.  The   body  then  slid  off  the  board  and  into  the   sea.   The  world  has  been  rid  of  a   man  who,  as  the  leader  of  al  Qaeda,   commiMed  many  acts  of  terror  against   the  US.  No  maMer  if  people  hated  him   or  looked  up  to  him,  Osama  bin  Laden   will  remain  remembered  in  history.


! Technically, Navy Seal Team 6 doesn’t exist. The official name of the secret military elite forces group that killed Osama bin Laden is highly classified and not available to the public. This is the kind of counter-terrorism team similar to the Army’s secret Delta group kept out of the public eye. The team’s missions rarely make it to the media; they don’t even make it to official records. So it’s surprising that Team 6 is front page news nowadays. ! The members of the team are all “black” operatives, meaning that they work outside military protocol and engage in missions of the highest levels of classification, sometimes even breaking international law when necessary. Team 6 was created to respond to the 1980 attempt to

‘I can’t say a word about Team 6. There is no Team 6’ FORMER NAVY SEAL, speaking anonymously on the elite special-forces team that carried out the raid on bin Laden’s compound

rescue American hostages held in Iran. The mission was a horrific disaster, and that incident spurred the need for a secret counterterrorist group. The team was unofficially labled 6 at the time to confuse Soviet intelligence about the number of SEAL teams. There were only two. ! Since then, the team has developed into a high-profile military group. According to an interview done by Time magazine, mental strength is necessary to succeed in the team. The team gathers the most well trained officers of the American Special Forces. Still, half of them don’t pass the preparation courses. To prepare for the Abbottabad raid, the team trained all day long, every day, with 50 pounds of equipment, two weapons, and a sidearm for months. The SEAL 6 unit uses more ammo in one year than the whole marine of the USA. !



UCLUB40 Will Now Take Your Questions We have many clubs at our school. However, one club always stands out is U Club. U Club recently had a picnic and planted flowers in the field between the girlsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; bathroom and the 700 building. Not a lot of people know about the field there, but once they finished, it captured the eye. They had transformed it into a secret garden! We asked U Club the following questions during their outdoor picnic next to the 700 building.

Why do you like U Club?

What do you hope to accomplish by the end of this year for U Club?

Because it is undefined, gives kids a chance to share their creative ideas, and meet new people. (Mrs. DeVries)

I hope that kids would feel connected at school and excited about their ideas. (Mrs.DeVries)

Why are you having the picnic?

Is this the first picnic youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had in U Club?


Because we are starting to create our secret garden and enjoy being outside. (Mrs.DeVries)

What do you think U Club stands for? It stands for you, what you want. It also stands for diversity, unity, and connecting. (Inglish Hills)

What do you do in U Club? We listen to music, play games, draw, talk, and sometimes visit the senior citizens across the street from the school. (Mrs.DeVries)

Yes. (Mrs.DeVries)

What do you think about the advisors who facilitate U Club? I love Mrs.DeVries! She is very organized and dedicated to the club. (Inglish Hills)

What was the best part of U Club? Being with our friends and having fun! (Inglish Hills) Advisors: Mrs. DeVries Mrs. Comstock


Photo: Annette Lipski for the 4.7; photo art by Arthur Hwang

MINECRAFT: Nerd Game or something more? ! Is Minecraft a nerd game or can it compare up to a console game? Minecraft has potential but is still in its beta stage. It has a different look and feel than most other games. It has a nice pixely style and can be run on some of the older computers. Minecraft begins at $20 but will increase another 25% after it is finished with the beta stages. The creator, Notch, is still adding new things which increases its gameplay. Minecraft can appeal to multiple audiences, builders, and adventurers. ! The basic concept of Minecraft is to build, mine, and survive in the wild. Adventurous people might like this game because it allows you to fight mobs (such as zombies, spiders, and skeletons) or have fun with TNT and blow everything up. You can also go and find natural caves and dig deep down to find lava (if you fall in and die then all your items will probably burn with you. Duh) and get more minerals that is rare and deep in the ground. Some of the minerals are diamonds, iron, gold, and redstone dust. ! People who don't like the fact of exploring caves filled with mobs and might loose all their items in the lava, might enjoy building houses. There is an endless possibility of houses to create. You could add kitchens or bedrooms or create your dream house. A historical place like the White House or a farm that makes wheat for cake is a possibility. With the building aspect, you could do almost anything! ! Minecraft is impressive because it is 3x as large as the entire world. But after a while it can get boring which is why Notch (the creator of Minecraft) has allowed people to implement mods and texture packs. ! Texture packs do not affect the gameplay of the game but allows users to change the look if hate the 8 bit style of the game. There are hundreds of texture packs out there and each provides something new to the table. But keep in mind that you may have to get accustomed to the minerals again because the texture pack might change their color. ! Mods are special because they do affect the gameplay. Whether it adds more animals or villainous creatures, mods are spectacular since it can add many more hours of gameplay and can make you think differently in the wild. Some mods can even change how epic your worlds that are generated are. Mods are something that everyone with Minecraft should have: 1. They are allowed by Notch. 2. It brings something new to the game. ! Minecraft can be a nerdy game but for people who love to build or fight off zombies at night or just love being adventurous, then this could be a game you should try out.


tech Intel Switches to Mobile? By Jimmy Kim ! Intel CEO, Paul Otellini, announced on May 17 that Intel, which had been focusing on processors for PCs, will be moving its center of attention to making the most power-efficient mobile devices. Otellini explained that Intel will attempt to move its center from the power range of a mainstream laptop to smaller mobile gadgets like netbooks, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. This was proclaimed during a Intel investor meeting at the company’s headquarters. ! Essentially, the company is making a huge shift from 35-watt machines to 15-watt machines to increase mobility in devices. A typical device with a 15-watt processor is a very thin laptop like the MacBook Air. Mobile devices are on the rise with their internet connection always on, and Intel has decided to go with the flow. ! Otellini also declared that Intel is on the move with designing a new tablet, with 35 possible designs, some running on Android, and some running on Intel’s very own MeeGo operating system. Otellini also mentioned that it

might not just be about tablets, at some point, but also about convertibles such as notebook-tablet hybrids. As these tablet designs are still in the making, an Intel tablet won’t be coming out real soon, but we can be expecting one. ! As for smartphones, Otellini had only to say that Intel phones would be early next year, although

smartphones will be a big area of focus for them. These phones will be running on Intel’s Medfield Atom processor. ! During the meeting, Intel Executive Vice President David Perlmutter showed two new reference designs: one for a smartphone and one for a 7inch tablet. Both designs were about as thin as the thinnest smartphones and tablets currently available on the market; a good sign for mobility. ! Now, the real question is: will Intel be able to convert these slick, thin designs into real, efficient devices that consumers will want to buy? We’ll have to wait and watch…



Hello readers! I am both happy and sad to say that this is the final edition of 4.7 this year. This chapter ends my trilogy, and hopefully satisfies my readers! There are several new characters introduced in this chapter, Ryu (dragon), Hime (princess), Tsuyoi (strong), Kori (ice), and Tsuki (Month). The boy at the door in the theatre was originally going to be named Kori, but when I put him in the story, it seemed like there was no place for him to introduce himself. The character Ryu was originally named ‘Ronnie’ but since all of the other characters had Japanese names, I had to change his. And Kori’s twin, Tsuki, was the most difficult to name, so I began putting random things into Google translate, hence the meaning ‘Month’. Please let me know if you are happy with this ending. You can give me your responses at - KAYLEE VANDAGRIFF

SLEEP by Kaylee  Vandag,iff CHAPTER THREE:

“Picking up the Pieces” TORA ! My hands shook as I rolled the body over, praying it wasn’t him. But then I saw his face. Burnt on one side, cut on the other. ! I stood up slowly. Shaking, I stepped backwards, crying and gasping in horror. My hands flew up over my mouth. I couldn’t believe it. He was dead. Forever he’d be dead. ! “No…” I whispered to myself over and over. The shock overtaking me, as my back hit a wall. I slid down it, my legs slowly slid out in front of me. Just as the blurry darkness appeared, someone kneeled in front of me. ! “Hey, are you ok?” A boy’s voice sounded. But it was so distant as I whispered, ! “He’s dead.” Slowly the words left my mouth, and just as the final sound slipped from my lips, I blacked out. I hoped I was dreaming. Because if I was dreaming, I wouldn’t have actually seen my father lying on the asphalt. If I was dreaming, he was alive. KIBO ! “Mister, hey, mister? MISTER!” These words pierced the sweet silence of my sleep, tearing through the last bit of what was keeping me from waking. I shot up, gasping, my eyes flying open, burning at the new light. ! “I’m sorry for waking you up mister, it’s just, I- I can’t find my parents.” I turned to see a young boy with dark brown hair and light blue eyes. His dirty clothes and tear-streaked


face told me he had been looking for a while. ! “I’m sorry kid, but I’m not even sure I know where I am, let alone your parents.” I said. My voice surprisingly cracky, as if I hadn’t had water in a month. ! The boy’s hopeful expression changed from confused to crushed. He looked like… well he looked like a boy who was lost and hungry. He began to cry, his tiny hands pushed him off the ground, I could tell by his pursed lips that he was trying his best not to. ! “O-ok. I’m sorry for waking you up m-mister.” He said, turning to go. As he walked, he limped, but he kept going. It was this that made me chase after him and put my hand on his shoulder. ! “Hey, kid, what’s your name?” I asked, looking square into his hopeless eyes. ! “Ryu.” He said, sniffling and wiping his eyes. I lifted him onto my shoulders as I said, ! “Well, Ryu, I’m Kibo, and I’ll help you find your parents. If you help me find my sister.” When I said this, I became aware of my surroundings. The partial buildings, crumbling where they stood, dirt roads, the way everything was familiar, yet not at all the same. How I was covered in dirt, my face scratched, it was like another world. ! Ryu smiled, and said to me, ! “Sure mister.” I held him on my shoulders; walking in the directions he pointed me in. Each empty turn we took made him sigh, but he stayed strong. The sun began to fall beneath the mountains, and Ryu began to yawn. I gently slipped him off my shoulders and onto his feet. He wrapped his hand around my two biggest fingers, and pulled me towards an abandoned house. The door was old and the paint was peeling. It looked too small for any family to live in, almost like a tool shed or something. Ryu pushed open the door, and pulled me inside. The interior

of the house looked like it contained a homeless group of wild kids. Ryu ran over to the small couch, a small blue blanket lay on it. He jumped on top of it and wriggled under the blanket. ! “Ryu-?” I began. ! “Five.” He interrupted. ! “What?” ! “I’m five.” ! I sighed. He had taken the question straight from my head. TORA ! I opened my eyes to a pitchblack sky; the hard stone that was beneath my head before I lost consciousness was now replaced by a softer pillow. The cold air that should’ve pierced my legs wasn’t there, instead I found a long blanket draped over my legs. I slowly sat up, and turned, expecting to find the silhouette of my dead father, but, instead, I saw the silhouette of… a box? There was a box where I was sure my father’s dead body had once been. What the heck was going on?! ! I stood, the blanket fluttering to the ground. I walked cautiously towards the box, my bare feet made no sound as they moved me closer. Closer. ! “I didn’t want you to faint again when you saw him.” A voice came from behind me. It was familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. I turned around, back to the place I had woken up in, to see a boy. He was taller than I was, and his eyes were neon green. His sandy hair covered one of his eyes, giving him the look of a college boy I had once met. ! “Where is he?” I asked shakily, standing as firm as I could. Which, at the moment, was about the same firmness as a pile of jell-o. ! “Under the box. But if you want, I could uncover him.” He said, walking towards me. ! “No! I- I mean, no, leave it there.” I said, backing away from the boy. I turned to go, but a hand on my shoulder stopped me. Photo:

! “Where are you going?” He asked, turning me to face him. ! “I don’t know. But anywhere’s better than here, with him.” I said, my voice cracking, my eyes watering. ! “I’ll show you somewhere we can go, if you want.” He said, letting go of my shoulder. ! “Sure.” I said shakily. He smiled and held out his hand, ! “I’m Tsuyoi.” He said as I placed my hand into his. ! “I’m Tora.” KIBO ! “Mister! Hey Mister, get up!” I heard the young voice long before I registered what it was saying. ! “MISTER KIBO!” The voice rang out, this time the call reached my brain. I sat up and then saw a tiny cloud of dirt fly as Ryu was launched off my chest. He landed in a lump on the floor. ! “Jeez mister. You’re really hard to wake up.” Ryu grumbled as he stood up, patting as much dirt from his rumpled clothes as he could. ! “Sorry. Hey, I forgot to ask yesterday, where exactly am I?” I asked, rubbing my eyes with the back of my sleeve. ! “Uh, Jamestown, duh. “ He said, looking like he could smack me upside the head. Not wanting this to happen, I decided to just leave the topic alone. ! Ryu bounded across the room to an old, dusty black radio. He turned up the volume, and the room was filled with a young boy’s voice, ! “We are in the farthest corner of Jamestown, inside of the old movie theatre. If you are lost or missing family, or just need food and shelter, please come here. We will explain all that is happening, and protect you from it happening again.” The voice stopped, and the radio buzzed. ! “We need to go there.” Ryu said firmly, his arms crossed. I sighed. ! “I know how to get there, but only from my house, and I have no clue where we are. Last time I checked I was in a hospital. So unless I died in the hospital and was sent to a terrible place after death, and I can just say ‘Take me to my house’, we’re kind of screwed.” I said, getting up off the couch. Ryu sighed, ! “Where do you live?” He asked after mumbling something about ‘crazy houseguests’. ! “4563, Shinrin Road” I said, looking at him with a look that said I was anything but entertained.

! “That’s down the street!” Ryu cheered, running to the dusty door and shoving it open. ! I stood up on tired legs and followed, hoping this kid knew what he was doing. TORA ! I stood slightly behind Tsuyoi as he knocked on the large doors of the movie theatre, the sign was missing several letters, so instead of reading ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows’, it read ‘Har P and the Deathly lows’. ! Tsuyoi knocked again, making the dust all along the banner fall down onto us like some kind of rain. ! “No one’s there. Let’s just go.” I said, tugging on his sleeve. He looked at me and smiled, ! “They’re in there, you’ll see.” He said, with more confidence than I thought possible. ! “Who’s there?” A voice came from the inside of the building, making me jump. Tsuyoi laughed, ! “Just two kids, I’m Tsuyoi, and this is Tora.” He pulled me out from behind him. The door opened, and a very tall dark-eyed boy stood in the doorway. He stepped away from it, and let us in. “Follow me.” He said, his voice was husky and worn. Tsuyoi followed, dragging me along. ! We came to a room with a poster for Megamind, and the tall boy opened the door. I peeked in to see about twenty kids sitting in an empty room, all the seats were gone. No doubt ripped up. ! “You’ll stay in here,” said the boy, and then he left, just like that. Tsuyoi walked in, confident and happy, but I stayed behind the door, hoping they wouldn’t care. Tsuyoi pulled me out from behind the door and pushed me inside. The door slammed behind us, signaling that I was now stuck inside, forced to socialize with these strangers. One of them was about two years old. She ran all over the place, her tiny brown pigtails flapping up and down. Two were about five; they sat in the corner, talking to each other. There were about six scattered around the room that looked no older than ten. There were about five of them that were my age. And there were about five that were about fifteen, Tsuyoi’s age. ! The youngest one ran up to me and looked up at me with little brown eyes.

“Hi. My name is Hime.” She said, taking my finger in her tiny palm and leading me to the middle of the room. I simply let her bring me to the group. One of the five-year-old boys ran over and sat next to me as I pulled Hime into my lap. ! “Hey Miss, my name is Kori. And this is my twin, Tsuki.” He gestured to the other boy who was standing behind him. ! The door then swung open, the boy who had shown Tsuyoi and me to this room was standing in the doorway. ! “You will stay here.” He said to the people behind him. Then a little boy with dark brown hair and light blue eyes limped in, behind him was a tall boy with green eyes and black hair. The same black hair that I had. KIBO ! I walked inside the room after Ryu. His little limping steps made him slightly slow, but he went on anyway. I scanned the faces, searching for one particular set of green eyes, and in the center of the room, holding a little girl, was the person who had those green eyes. ! She placed the child on the lap of a taller boy, and she jumped up. Tears fell from her eyes, and her black hair trailed behind her as she jumped into my open arms. ! “Tora.” I whispered, hugging my sister, crying and shaking as she was. We both knew that nothing would be the same, and that life would be the toughest now that we were alone. But at the moment, we didn’t care. All we cared about was that we had found each other, alive and awake.

-“The world is in your hands, it just happens to look like a pen.” -

-Kaylee Vandagriff



The EVIL Dentist BY: CELESTE BURNS ! Yeah, I know, really random. I’m due for an orthodontist appointment and it’s been nagging at the back of my head for a week now, so I might as well put my fears on paper. Maybe even in the school magazine. Oh, and my deepest apologies to my dear dentist, because I may have made fun of him once or twice. ! …Maybe three times. Evil Dentists…Yay. (Note the Sarcasm) ! I hate the dentist. I’m disappointed in myself, because “hate” seems like a very strong word, but I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. I mean, really, who wants an old guy (and by that I mean old) stuffing his hands in your mouth so that in ten years you’ll have beautiful teeth? Well I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t. And that, my friends, is why I hate today. …I’m going to the dentist. ! That inner hatred I felt towards my dentist only burned deeper as I hesitantly reached my hand out and grasped the doorway to his practice. The door gave a soft click and swung outward, sending a breeze of cool air over me. ! I slipped inside and made my way to the seats in the deserted waiting room. The room was brightly decorated, with soft green paint and blue, comfy chairs positioned in a semi-circle on a grey carpet. Its outdoorsy theme was completed with little dragonflies that hung in front of the main desk, and a leaf-themed ceiling.


! Across the room from where I sat was a lady sitting at the front desk, lazily flipping through some papers. She finally came to one and called behind her, “Nicki is here!” ! Only moments later, a door next to the desk opened and a nurse came out. She smiled a sweet smile in my direction, which I somehow managed to return, and gestured for me to follow her through the doorway and into a small hallway. I obeyed silently. We went through yet another doorway into the main room, where a series of stations were set. ! The nurse led me to the furthest one, where I sat and waited for the dentist to come. ! At this point, I was pretty much having a full-on mental panic attack. Images of various dentists holding needles that were a foot long were flashing behind my eyes, and I wanted nothing more than to break through the window and make my escape. ! Just as I was about to get up and do just that, the dentist came. Nice timing, I thought bitterly as he sat down in his little stool and peered into my mouth. Things started to go downhill. He asked me a bunch of stupid questions that dentists sometimes ask. ! That was how I knew something bad was going to happen. A dentist never asks you stupid questions like, “So what grade are you in now?” or “What are you doing for summer vacation, anything fun?” unless they are planning to invade your mouth with a bunch of pokey stuff. ! Eventually, he told me the truth. ! I hated the truth.

! “Well, Nicki,” he started, “it looks like you have a cavity! I’d hold out another couple of weeks, but I’m sure you want to get rid of it now. Would you please come with me?” ! My head spun wildly as I stared at the dentist. A cavity. Oh gosh, not after what happened last time… ! “Sure,” I said weakly. I could feel my stomach knotting. ! He led me to a room off to the side and settled me into a lone chair in the center. As I turned my head to take in all of the scary needles and pliers, my internal panic-attack took the next step into full-out hyperventilating. ! The doctor settled himself into yet another little stool, and the nurse (who at some point had joined us) pulled up an identical one. My chair reclined backward, and soon I was looking up at the dentist and nurse. ! The nurse pulled something into my field of view. It was a little rubber device in the shape of a nose, with tubes branching off of it. I furrowed my eyebrows and peered up at the dentist. ! “Are you sure about that? I mean, you remember what happened last time, right?” ! The dentist and nurse shared a quick look before the dentist spoke. “No, but we have to.” ! I shrugged indifferently. “Alright.” ! The nurse lowered the device over my nose, and soon I was breathing in laughing glass. ! Now, I might as well tell you why I hate the dentist office. Laughing gas works a little bit stronger for me than other people. ! And after a while… ! Well, I start insulting the dentist. ! A lot. - Celeste Burns

The Backstage Pass BY: HOLLY PRYNN

I have had a lot of fun writing The Backstage Pass and I hope you did to! If you have any feed-back or on what I should write for the next year issues, please e-mail me at: This has been so much fun and I hope to hear all of your comments so that I can understand how to make my writing better and progress. I hope that you liked my story and that you keep reading our amazing issues! Thank you! Chapter 2 ! As the clouded leopard came out, everyone‘s jaws dropped. They had never seen an animal so adorable. The leopard was all tan with black spots. He had the biggest paws ever seen! His tail was also pretty big. The owner held out his tail, showing us that it was as long as his body. At this point, all the cameras came out. ! The next thing the leopard did was show off. The trainer slowly walked the leopard over to some steps attached to the wall. Next thing you know, he’s on the first step moving to the second. After the second step, there was a long beam about 10 feet in the air. That was his next destination. When the leopard was on the beam, the trainer stopped him. She had a little clicker in her hand and whenever she clicked it, the leopard would sing. His meow was so cute that all the girls went, “Awww!”. All the guys said, “Oh, brother.” Luckily, our photographer caught the leopard while he was singing. The perfect Kodak moment. Chapter 3 ! The trainer announced that we needed to move on to the next animals. She split the big group into two smaller groups. My group got to go see the rhinos. ! As we were told to stop at the white line, the two rhinos stood up. These animals were so big! We were told a little bit about rhinos, and then

the other trainer told us about their horns. ! She said, “It makes me incredibly sad to see rhinos without a horn. Some stupid people think that they have this magical power. To be honest, it’s even more magical when it stays on the rhino.” ! Everyone started to laugh, but at the same time felt sorry for the rhinos in the world that got their horns taken off. ! After that discussion, we got to feed and pet the rhinos. We were told to put the celery flat on our hands and then the rhino would use its little flap to take it into its mouth. When I got up to feed the first rhino, I was a little scared. I ended up dropping the celery. When I wiped it off, he ate it. The poor rhino was harmless. ! That rhino was only for feeding. The other rhino was for petting. The rhino was softer than you would have thought. The trainer told us that the closest relative to the rhino was a horse. That shocked us all. Chapter 4 ! As we were told to walk back into the arena, we saw a huge white wolf. This wolf looked like an Eskimo dog except way bigger. The trainer told us to howl like a dog. Then, the wolf joined in. It sounded so cool! It was way different from a dog. ! Next, the owner of the wolf put a mixture of spices on the ground. We were told to be very quiet and watch. The wolf went up to the spices and rolled in the spices. Everyone took their cameras out. Chapter 5 ! This will blow your mind away. There was a cheetah with a dog. And the dog was in charge! The cheetah

wouldn’t go anywhere unless the dog was there. The cheetah wouldn’t feel comfortable without the dog. ! One thing that everyone wanted to do was take a picture with the “odd couple.” The little kids wanted to pet the cheetah, but they probably would have been mauled. Even though the cheetah was bigger and stronger, the dog had the “d” for dominant. Chapter 6 ! Flamingos. Some say that they’re cute and cool to look at. I think that they’re kinda weird. But getting to feed them was pretty outstanding. They are very picky, though. When they come up to you, they eat and eat and eat! The flamingos are messy eaters. As they eat, they slobber. We fed them dog food in water. ! The flamingos’ eyes scared many of the visitors. They would look at you straight in your eyes. Some people even ended up leaving early. The flamingos aren’t as sweet as they seem. Chapter 7 ! Kangaroos may be small but let me tell you, they sure can kick. They’re also very soft. We got to feed the kangaroo little food pellets. It’s so gentle that I couldn’t feel anything. They can also kick really well. ! What I first thought of when I heard kangaroos kicking was the movie “Kangaroo Jack.” The trainer showed us how the kangaroo would kick. The kangaroo would also run and kick. ! The San Diego Zoo is really a great place to go to. It may seem a little weird at first, but it is way worth the experience. I honestly think that anyone who likes zoos or doesn’t like zoos would still like to see this. There was nothing that I didn’t like.

~Holly Prynn 17


A School Y ear Throug h Each Other ’s Eyes BY: AMY ZH AO


rence e f f i D ck

ll ye e want a But do w

to ni Coms By: Ele en not, re here th a s ie k s Blue otions. wful em o r r o s g go, hintin me and o c s m r rsto Thunde of fear. hadow s a h it w orld: in the w o ls a is Yellow sun… ys of the a r e th In ren’s the child f o m a e gle In th smiles… s on the aisie d e … th e n I untrysid co

… All nice eful… what All peac t know o n ld u e wo Wheerfeeewls: blu d feels… What sa rt feels… nize What hu ot recog n ld u o e we w Wheorw yell .

Tired of Grading h omework. Grading th e tests. Posting th e grades.

BLUE by Alex Rocha Blue is everywhere, The painted sky of blue, r, With wispy clouds like hai tive hues. inc dist of nds ble l Gradua A royal blue ocean, With foamy sea green, motion, Tendrils of azure plants in ater scene. erw A refracted glasslike und lights, Many bursts of crystalline very delicate, s, flie ter but do as ng Flutteri new heights, to Dissipates like mint smoke te. fini de a Not conceived as In plants as well, in ballium, Blossoming iris kept secret like a bell, d pe sha Violet-blue flowers g delphinium. alin spir like s sure Natural trea Our spectacular planet, A symmetrical sphere, e grey granite, Oceans, and land like blu every year. Growing less magnificent


Buzzing w ith excitem ent— Will the te acher be n ice? Filled with anxiety— Will the p upils be n ice? Tired of Doing hom ework. Studying for tests. Checking grades.

Teacher A ppreciatio n Week— Give her a flower. Teacher A ppreciatio n Week? Student A ppreciatio n Week! Signing ye arbooks— Already m issing frie nds. Signing ye arbooks— Already m issing stud ents. Buzzing w ith excitem ent— It’s summ er vacatio n! Filled with anxiety— Will next y ear ’s class be as good one? as this

A School Year in Review

Time Flies By Jennifer D’Addabbo Small and meek, ! not knowing the way the world works ! and the wonders it holds inside. ! Questioning everything that pops up ! Into the empty mind. ! Outrageous dreams of growing up, ! Drifting in their imagination. ! A bud that just began the cycle. Tough and knowledgeable, changing and growing constantly, with dreams that are pushed forward. Able to answer their own questions In a quick period of time. Learning constantly, A young and exotic flower That is an in-between. Wise and self-sufficient, Trying to accomplish that dream Once found in childhood. Looking at the past in old photos or everlasting memories. Parenting their young ones to strive for their dreams. A flower that has faded colors, Replacing the young ones.

By: Connie Zhou

This year is almost gone, The moment we walk out the gates, Nostalgia will overwhelm, But perhaps the pain will abate.   Love, hate, fear, misfortune, luck, Happiness, sadness, disappointments, Have shadowed or lit up our day, But not stopped earth’s movements.   North Korea shelled South Korea, Openly challenging the South. On November 23, 2010, The North put their money in their mouth.   On December 21, 2010, Astrologers’ dreams came true— The first total lunar eclipse Since 1638 turned the sky black then blue.   Hosni Mubarak , an Egyptian autocrat Stepped down on February 11 Muammar Gaddafi, a Libyan tyrant Suppressed revolts throughout March 2011.  

On March 11, a 9.1 earthquake and a tsunami both proved a plight nuclear failures devastated Japan, though they put up a good fight.  Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, Tied the knot on April 29th, Nobility and commoners have a bridge.   Osama Bin Laden, 1957 –2011 Creator of grief and terror, 9/11,  Al-Qaeda, and terrorists Causer of the furor.   Apple’s new iPad, Ford’s new Hybrid, NASA’s last lift-off, China’s new bullet train. The world is undergoing a political and technological change, leading to our joy or bane.   So many events, whether Tragic or celebratory, Will continue to shake our world So all we can do is be ready.   We can dream, on and on, Examining the possibilities Of snow gracing our city, Of rolling the right combo on a die.   A year has gone by, A year of our childhood May not feel consequential now, But will contribute to what could.

Dance Allows One To Express By Simrin Bains I feel as if dance allows me to express whatever I am feeling inside. If I feel sad, I tend to do a dramatic dance, but when I am happy, I do an enthusiastic dance that requires a lot of energy. I feel as if the adrenaline is rushing through my veins and I am in a world of my own. While dancing on stage, I am

the most powerful girl alive. If I ever mess up, I just get back on track and try not to worry, because that is what a good dancer does. I love all the moves that my dance teacher has taught me and when I am older, I may have the chance to teach those moves to other children who are interested in dance. Dance is my life and no one has the power

to deprive me of it!



Memorial Day—No School

Last 4.7 Issue of 2010-2011 Released 8th Grade Promotion 5:00PM

Last Day of School— Minimum Day

Happy Summer! Read Online! To save paper (and money), our magazine is now online. Click on the link on our school website to continue reading the rest of the magazine at home. Or, just search “4.7 Magazine PMS” in Google.

What’s next? The 4.7 Magazine will be back for the 2011-2012 School Year in September. Our first issue is scheduled to be in October. Please contact 4.7 Magazine at or Ms. Butler ( in Room 310 if you are an incoming 6th, 7th, or 8th grader willing to join.

Good Luck! The 4.7 Magazine wishes our 8th graders good luck in high school next year. We will miss all of you. 20

4.7 Magazine PMS Vol.1 No.3  

3rd issue from the 4.7 Magazine Club

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