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How scientific research By Rob Starr

There have been many studies done in the last two decades that show marijuana can be beneficial in a variety of different areas...

makes for a good trip

you ask the average stoner what they considthings like memory loss can be tainted because some of er to be a good trip, the answer more than the research subjects use multiple likely won’t have anything to do with research substances along with weed. papers and statistics unless they have something to do with pot. In Translation? Party animals might the interest of balancing the kind of information people are getting in this have decreasing memory capacity era of fake news, we thought it be a good idea to explore the white lab coats’ as they get older for several reasons work and publish some findings from the National Institute on Drug Abuse but it’s unclear whether booze, weed about the effects our favorite herb has on your brain. or even the occasional ecstasy pill erases those brain First of all, let’s get the stats that we can agree on out of the way because cells faster. Then there’s the fact that nobody is going to get to retire anyway. the numbers say that marijuana use is trending upwards. The National Insti- It’s more likely you’ll be shoved out of your job by some smart software that tute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports 22 million people have used pot in the never tokes or sleeps. last month and the trend whereby men use more than women continues to escalate. They also report that using pot is a widespread activity among both Respond to cannabis adolescents and young adults. Here’s a few things that we know now after 20 years of research into how pot affects your brain. There are parts of your gray matter that respond to To Be Fair THC. That might be just another scientific attempt at stating the obvious The NIDA does a lot of good things including tracking new drug abuse but we should all consider the fact the endocannabinoid system is all a part trends and helping us understand how drugs work in the human body, but of the organ in your skull that responds to cannabis. have you ever noticed how any government agency spends a lot of money There have been many studies done in the last two decades that show on stating the obvious? All you really need to do to understand why marimarijuana can be beneficial in a variety of different areas like managing pain juana use is trending upwards is check out any one of a number of Doritos commercials. Advertisers always have their finger on the pulse of the latest and even muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis patients. Pot has even found a place as an alternative medicine for several brain disorders like Tourette’s popularity waves and there’s an insider’s message in all those precocious syndrome and schizophrenia. dogs and thinly veiled innuendos about the munchies. Now, in the interest of the kind of fair and balanced reporting that you don’t see a lot of these days, here’s a few more statistics we found from the Unlikely Bedfellows NIDA that might cause at least some concern initially. Keep in mind that If you’re looking for unlikely bedfellows why not convince your fellow we’ve got a spoiler planned. stoners to put the headphones down long enough to read The National A large study that came to us from New Zealand seemed to point to the Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recent publication that states fact that smoking marijuana in adolescence pointed to a significant drop in clearly marijuana is a good substitute for traditional medications in treating IQ later on in life. Personally, I don’t have an opinion on this one. When I involuntary muscle movements associated with Huntington’s disease? was a kid, we were too busy playing and having fun to worry about our IQs. That same seemingly stodgy lot also says that cannabinoids could be The NIDA also reports that some studies point to the fact that use in adoof use treating other diseases like Parkinson’s in the future. Looking for a lescence is associated with impairment in important functions like memory bottom line? Pot is legal in Califorina, still illegal federally but there’s an ever learning and impulse control later in life. flowering and budding body of evidence that it’s a good thing overall. If you are starting to get worried that enjoying the occasional blunt could By the way, here’s a final bit of statistical evidence you might enjoy. be reducing your chances of understanding the finer points of golf when The Huffington Post reported last summer on the 12 states that smoke you retire, there’s really no reason for alarm. Even the most stodgy white lab the most marijuana and we won. In fact, we had 4,633,000 users and coated researchers admit that any studies tying long-term marijuana use to those big research numbers should always translate into a good trip. Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


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Chicks cannot hold their smoke, dat's what is.

Brian Johnson, from The Breakfast Club, captures the predominant attitude of the cannabis community—in regards to girls chiefing*. 2 Although this quote is from 1985, this perceptionremains the dominant attitude of many. But what does it mean to “hold your smoke”? Thehegemonic opinion of the herbal community has created a gendered landscape, with normative boundaries that affect both men and women.

Example 1

When living amongst four gentlemen stoners, I witnessed the audience effect. “Social facilitation, or the audience effect, is the tendency for people to perform

differently when in the presence of others than when alone.” 3 On the evenings when the boys had guests, it was not uncommon to see displays of hyper-masculinity. One man would challenge another, to see who could take the largest dab. The results were consistent: in the presence of hegemonic gender identities, the men felt compelled to perform. However, just because you can take a fat rip, that doesn’t mean you can handle your high. More often than not, the gentlemen participating either passed out or threw up. Although the men could technically “hold their smoke”, indicated by the completion of the dab, they were not prepared to handle their high.

Example 2

The emphasis on the normative and gendered boundaries in regards to smoking, has created a stigma against women and their abilities to “hold their smoke”. While sex-dependent differences in cannabinoid reactions do exist4 ; the research is minimal and dependent on several external factors. An example of this is, One-Hit Lizzy. She is a recreational marijuana user, and a dancer with 12% body fat. Because of this she is labeled as a light-weight. Her body composition and usage habits have created an environment where she will never be able to appropriately handle a dab. After her one hit, she coughs excessively and is hence forth stoned.

To conclude, gender does not affect one’s ability to “hold their smoke”. Example 1 highlights some advantages and consequences experienced by males when smoking. The second example provides an extreme alternative to the former. The results for both genders are the same: if you can’t handle your smoke, you’re a bitch.

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Keeps Growing By: Christina Smith

As cannabis gains more mainstream popularity and legal status in the United States, the stigmas and baseless drug laws that have stifled cannabis for nearly a century are beginning to be stripped away and a new social acceptance has emerged. In an effort to show support of cannabis culture and to capitalize on the recent “green rush,” celebrities have recently begun forming their own cannabis brands and partnerships in states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Rap artist and celebrity, The Game aka Jayceon Taylor has joined the likes of Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley, Tommy Chong, Willie Nelson, Wiz Khalifa, Whoopie and Maya, Ghostface Killah and others and has created his cannabis brand called ‘Trees by Game,’ in partnership with The Reserve dispensary in Santa Ana, CA and GFarma Labs and more recently in partnership with Be Lit Brand and Shine Papers. We wanted to find out more about ‘Trees by Game’ and other interesting facts about The Game and his relationship with cannabis so we delved further. The 420 Book: So you are a pretty fascinating and accomplished person. You’ve done everything from winning Grammy Awards, to number one albums on the Billboard 200 Chart, to starting your own record label, to appearing on a dating show, voicing characters on video games, and appearing in movies. There’s quite a lot of very impressive material there but the main focus of my interview today will be about cannabis since The 420 Book is a cannabis free guide to doctors and dispensaries in the Los Angeles and San Diego counties. So I know that you have a line called ‘Trees by Game.’ Can you tell me a little more about your brand? The Game: Trees by Game is basically, a lot of people say – it’s just a flower brand, it’s just marijuana – but it’s not. It’s just a big brand, sort of umbrella to anything that I have going on as far as the marijuana industry is concerned. We’ve got now 10 different strains of marijuana under the Trees by Game label. We just license weed out, we basically grow our own strains and then license them out to dispensaries in LA and Southern California. Of course, over the next eight months or so we’ll be expanding on that. Also we have trades, we have a deal with Be Lit Brand and doing a deal with Shine Papers, and just basically collaborative efforts by Trees by Game – rolling papers, lighters, rolling trays, merch – all of that and other collaborations with pretty cool companies. It’s sort of cool just sitting back and watching everything just grow and be cool, ya know?



The official partnership between ‘Trees by Game’ and Be Lit Brand was announced just recently on February 27, 2017 after the two met at the BIG Industry Show and High Times Business Expo in Los Angeles in January. GFarma Labs are the cultivators growing the strains for Trees by Game and Shine Papers is the first company to create elite rolling papers made out of 24-karat gold. The 420 Book: That’s very cool. So, you have several different flower strains under ‘Trees by Game.’ Do you have Indicas, Sativas, hybrids? You’ve got a little of everything? The Game: I think we got ‘em all. Ha-ha. The 420 Book: Very nice. So do you have a preference? Which one do you like the most? Do you like Indica? Sativa? Hybrids? The Game:You know what, it’s all cool. You know how back in the day before everybody got so particular about this strain or that, I just smoke weed, aiight. Makes no difference to me. If I smoke and it makes me sleepy, then guess what, I’ll lay down. If I smoke and it keeps me going then I keep going. But the one thing that stays consistent with me is that I don’t turn down the smoke. The 420 Book: Sounds like ‘Trees by Game,’ has got a lot of different things going on. You also have a THC-infused Lemonade, right? The Game: There’s three flavors: there’s Strawberry, there is Original and there’s Raspberry. They are all amazing. We’ve got G-Lemonade, which is my favorite. You can one-man can it, if you’re really about that life, but I think just sharing it with someone else and take half and you’ll get a pretty good high. It’s the body high – not like the body high like edibles gives you but for sure if you’ve definitely had a long day and you want something real legitimate, just drink half a bottle and I swear; you’ll have the best time of your life. The 420 Book: Very cool. I can’t wait to try it. I was in The Reserve dispensary a few months ago and I saw your flower there and it looked delicious. It was sparkling and it smelled really good. I can’t wait to try it! The Game: Ha-ha, yeah, it’s dope. The 420 Book: So is it only available in The Reserve right now or do you have plans to expand to other dispensaries? The Game: Well it’s only available in The Reserve which keeps it exclusive for now and it’s dope because people really like going to The Reserve and like you said, you go there – basically I got OCD in my life and everything has to be clean and nice and sort of modern and in The Reserve you don’t feel like you’re walking into one of those dirty-ass dispensaries. It’s really nice and everything is well-lit. It’s just a great overall experience, professional, and you feel comfortable in clean environments so a lot of people like going to The Reserve so for now it’s in the Reserve and as the company grows, Trees by Game, Green Street, we will start branching out here and there and servicing the marijuana community worldwide. Green Street Agency is the cannabis creative agency that manages the ‘Trees by Game’ brand. The 420 Book: Very cool. I can’t wait to see it here in San Diego where we live, where The 420 Book is located too. The Game: Shit, I can’t wait! The 420 Book: Great, thank you! So I definitely know you like to smoke, do you also indulge in edibles, vape pens, tinctures, topicals? Do you kind of explore that realm of cannabis too? The Game: FLavrx has my favorite gummy worms and basically the tape [CBD Transdermal Patch]. And they also have the best out. To me, I put it on my knee, not only did it put me to sleep, I put it on and wake up with no pain. I keep using it and trying it and it really works, really, really, really well. Man, I love FlavRx, it really is a nice product and it’s something that really is the next round that people need to look into.

The 420 Book: Okay, cool. That’s good to know! So what do you use cannabis for? Do you use it to help fuel creativity? To write music? Do you like it for relaxation? Just kind of everything? The Game: I just use it for relaxation. The 420 Book: Do you like to wake and bake at all? Or not so much? The Game:I wake up in the morning and do a little cardio. I’m pretty lean, I scramble some eggs and make oatmeal or something like that, drink water, I’ll smoke a bit to get my day started and just relax my mind. The 420 Book: Which method of smoking do you like more? Joints? Blunts? Bong hits? Pipes? Vaporizing? The Game: I like my Shine papers first thing in the morning. It’s the gold papers. I stuff it with indica and I keep it rolling. The 420 Book: So Shine Papers. Tell me a little more about that. I know you’re partnering with them. Is it like an all-natural leaf paper? The Game: It’s an all-natural leaf without the harsh taste. It’s really, really amazing, the flavor is amazing. It’s all fresh, you will not find the package where any leafs are damaged or dry cause it’s just not how we get down. There’s been no complaints yet, it doesn’t have any of those problems. Slowly but surely we’ll put all those other brands out of business. We got a better product. Most of these other companies, they aren’t even for cannabis, they’re for tobacco, and it’s one thing that these Shine leafs do, they’re created to focus on marijuana first and foremost, and a lot of these companies, once you smoke it. You should try one. I think everyone should try one. Slowly but surely we will knock everybody out the park. Shine Papers are the first company to create 24-karat gold rolling papers along with X Shine rolling papers by Tyga, gold blunt wraps, and natural shade leaf wraps. They also have a white gold line of rolling papers and ‘tattooed blunts’ that look like $100 bills. A 12-pack of 24-karat gold Shine rolling papers costs $55 on their website. The 420 Book:What is your favorite thing to eat when you’re high? I know everyone’s got their go-to munchies, what do you like? The Game: Oh my god, I’m on one of these dumbass diets. The only thing I have is a protein shake. I make a turkey sandwich with pepperjack cheese and spinach, or something like that. And that’s it and some rice paper chips or something cuz my diet is weird, but normally I would just open up a pack of Takis and some lemonade. But I’m trying to get this weight off before summer and cut up so I’m of course, I’m basically eating construction paper. The 420 Book: That’s really good, that’s really disciplined because I’m all about some Flaming Hot Cheetos and stuff like that. The Game: Yeah that’s why if I gotta pick my poison otherwise it would be Starburst, continued on page 32 Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


continued from page 23 Flaming Hot Cheetos and fucking Slurpees mixed with Churros. The 420 Book: Mmmm. That sounds really good… The Game: Amazing, right? Why does all the shit that actually taste amazing, suck for your health. If you think about it, it could’ve been the opposite, you know? Why does it have to be like that? But it is what it is. The 420 Book: Very true. So how old were you when you first started smoking cannabis? The Game: I think I was maybe ten years old or something and it’s just crazy because I have a ten year old and I also have a fourteen year old who I can’t imagine them even remotely getting close to weed. My house is so sheltered. I don’t smoke in the house, I don’t smoke around my kids; they don’t know anything about marijuana so it’s just crazy to think that I was ten and fucking smoking a joint. But really, if you go back in the day, back in the 80s, you know, when I got left at home, my mom would go to work all fucking day for me to watch my siblings which are younger than me, and I was like eight years old, so you know, it’s just, times have changed. These days, like my eight year old, well Cali is seven, if you leave your kids alone these days you’ll probably go to fucking jail, number one. The world has changed, you know. Parents are a little bit more overprotective so yeah I can’t see my kids smoking until they’re probably adults. My kids don’t even know anything about weed so they probably won’t even get into it.

The Game:Exactly. The Game touches on some important facts about educating one’s kids about the truths about cannabis. Simply lying to them (“it’s a gateway drug”) or scaring them away from it (“it’s as dangerous as heroin”) without actually educating them about the facts is not going to necessarily or effectively keep them from experimenting with it. Right now his kids are too young to be having that conversation but when they reach their young adult years, The Game believes that one day he will be enjoying the medicine with his matured kids. With more and more scientific data proving the wide-range benefits of the full spectrum of cannabinoids and therefore, disproving its sensationalized dangers, we should be seeing increased positive social mores and sensible laws surrounding cannabis culture. The 420 Book: How are you going to be celebrating 420 next month? The Game: We got a big event in the industry, and I would love for you guys to come out and cover it and come help and smoke with me a little bit, but it’s gonna be huge, we’re doing a few things. Video game tournament – a big event – we’re doing some dope shit. But Josh will give you more details. Joshua Shelton, of Green Street Agency, is The Game’s manager for ‘Trees by Game.’ And yes, Game, I would love to smoke out with you on 4/20. The 420 Book: Have you ever gotten in trouble with the law regarding cannabis? The Game: I can’t say that I have but I quit licensing and doing the things that I needed to medically do my thing. But I’ve never gotten in trouble for cannabis, but that is the reason I got shot. I got shot and damn near murdered over it in terms of weed back in 2001, which it ultimately led me on the road to being who I am so I guess it is what it is. The 420 Book: Yeah, damn that’s crazy. You were in a coma for a while after that, right? The Game: Yeah for just a little bit under a week. And I came out of that. A coma is kind of like a real short dream. Jayceon Taylor was shot five times at his apartment that he sold weed out of on October 1, 2001 by some unexpected visitors at the door. Luckily he managed to call for an ambulance but had slipped into a coma for a few days from the gunshot wounds. While recovering, he decided that he wanted to become a rapper.

Well, probably senior year of high school, something like that, you gotta be realistic with yourself. And one day when they do, we’ll smoke together. And you know I’ll tell them, regardless of their dad, not sneaking out smoking with their friends or being surprised, something like that, something that’s so cool for them to not want to tell their parents about it, and you know, their moms and me, we’re pretty young, we’re pretty cool and you know, we’re from the cool era. And I say, and I tell everybody, if you have kids, if you were the kids and you had parents that were born in the eighties and nineties, you’re going to have the most chill fucking parents ever. So It’s all good so we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it but for me, I was ten years old and I fucking coughed and I didn’t smoke again until I was probably about fourteen… and I thought I had just died. The 420 Book: Yeah it’s all about educating your kids and being smart about it so I like that you’re being a really good parent that way; it’s great. 32


The 420 Book:Wow that’s so crazy; what an experience. I’m really glad you pulled through… So my next question, we have certainly come a long way from the days of stringent prohibition and taboos surrounding marijuana, yet we still have a long way to go. What do you think about the states that that have successfully legalized cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes? The Game: I’m excited about it... I think that there are still laws and parts of the legalization of marijuana that needs to pass basically in the next 5-10 years as far as legislation is concerned so we’ll just wait. I think that right now, to get into the cannabis industry, I’ve been waiting a long fucking time because those laws wouldn’t pass. Well if you know if you remember back in the early 1900s – well, we weren’t alive, but about prohibition – so the Patrons and Hennessey’s of the world were, of course, smugglers and hustlers back then. There were all these thriving alcohol companies but that’s basically now where we’re at with cannabis, so we were in the same space. At first it was just an illegal thing and now it’s getting more legal and more legal and now we have investments and companies and products…

The 420 Book: In February a bill was introduced in the House of Representatives called H.R. 1227: Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017, which essentially removes cannabis from the DEA’s Schedule of Narcotics. Do you think this bill will pass? The Game: I hope it passes. Then that would mean marijuana offenses would get straight out of jail, which would be really good. Which is all good, if you think about marijuana and the issues that come along with it, I think more has been done with it being illegal as far as people getting murdered and killed and shit like that, than it would if it had been legal this entire time. I mean, it’s really a flower, it’s not really a drug, it doesn’t alter anything. You can function, normally, once you’re more relaxed. You just, it’s just a good thing, man, so I hope it passes it would be a good thing.

The 420 Book: Any albums in the works right now? The Game: No, right now I’m just working on this R&B album called, “You, Me and Her.” I’m not featured on it; it will be a collaboration of R&B artists that I like. The 420 Book: Next Big Thing? The Game:I got a few shows coming up and the 420 Thing. My kids birthday is 4/25, so I got a few things coming up that are gonna put a smile on a lot of people’s faces. The 420 Book: Anything else you would like to say to your fans? The Game: Play by the minute. Live life. Have fun.

We are excited to see the ‘Trees by Game’ brand expand and continue to form partnerships For more information regarding H.R. 1227 Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017, with other cannabis companies in California. We also look forward to seeing his various please refer to my article in this month’s issue of The 420 Book titled, “Could This Finally strains of flower available in San Diego dispensaries and in other counties in the Southern Be the End of (Federal) Marijuana Prohibition?” California regions. In the meantime, head over to The Reserve in Santa Ana, CA to try it out! The 420 Book: The cannabis community can use all the help it can get in regards to celebrities coming forward and supporting the legalization movement. It helps strip the taboos and normalize the use of the medicine. Do you plan on getting involved with politics in any way to help this bill pass? The Game: As it comes I’ll make decisions based on how involved I want to be or not at all, so I’ll just wait and see. I’m not really one to get involved in politics. Some things work great and I’m always willing to help out a cause. The 420 Book: What do you think is the biggest myth surrounding cannabis? The Game: The biggest myth is that it’s harmful to people, that stuff’s bullshit. Like, come on, man. Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side



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Ganja Gold a c on n o Is s e ur G r ade exP er I enc e GanjaGold makes it their business to provide industry-leading products that fully express the nature of the plant and stay true to genetics. By Rob Starr

Providing marijuana products to over 100 collectives and literally thousands of patients across the state, GanjaGold makes it their business to provide industry-leading products that fully express the nature of the plant and stay true to genetics.The owner of Ganja Gold talked with The 420 book recently about his company and how GanjaGold strives to stay transparent and unique with terpene profiles and a variety of other best in class features. Q: TeLL us abouT Ganja GoLd and whaT Your comPanY does. We supply connoisseur/medicinal grade cannabis in the marketplace and we make sure our product is truly representative of the essence of the plant. GanjaGold has a stringent screening process to make sure that we source only the buds that have the characteristic of the strain. We’ve also branched out to include other product lines that embody our core values which is about supplying bud free from chemicals, pesticides and anything harmful to the body.


Q: You PosT Lab resuLTs on Your websITe. can You exPLaIn ThaT? The whole reason behind that was to demonstrate transparency on how we go about doing business. We feel that’s something people can connect with and embodies what we’re trying to bring to the marketplace. It’s important to have a sense of transparency and clarity on the products that we bring out under our brand. We also want people to be fully aware of what’s in the products they are ingesting. Q: TeLL us abouT Your ProducTs We are the creators of infused pre-rolls called Tarantulas and that’s our flagship product. It’s one of the few items where you can truly enjoy the strain for what it is. Everything in our inventory is harvested at the peak of resin production so the terpene profiles can be expressed in our product line. Q: whaT PLans does GanjaGoLd have for The fuTure? We want to go national delivering the same high quality product that we’ve delivered in California and leave our mark by showing there are companies that care about quality.

besT In cLass across The sTaTe


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Kelly Dizon Kelly is 32 yrs. old from Anchorage, Alaska She currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii Measurements: Bust-34D, Height-5’6” @kjdeezy How did you get your start in modeling? “I model at many Hot Import Nights and one day the 420 Honeys modeling agency recruited me to start working with them.” What are your goals? “I am in school right now and my goal is to finish up my business managing degree.” What do you do to stay in shape? “I go to the gym twice a week and do a lot of hiking. I try to eat as healthy as I can and do not consume meat – but I am not too on myself though.” What do you like to do in your free time? “I like to travel and I read a lot of books.” What did you want to be when you were growing up? “I am a business major – I want to own my own business but I haven’t figured out exactly what kind of business yet.” What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you watch it? “Gotham on Netflix – I am big fan of batman.” If you could stay a certain age forever what would it be? “Forever 22 – It was just the best year of my life.” What were you like in high school? “I was mostly a rave kid.” What do you miss most about being a kid? “I miss how everything was so exciting as a kid – Like going to the beach was such an adventure.” What did you do growing up that got you intro trouble? “My little sister would pick on me and I would retaliate or yell at her and my parents thought it was me starting it – She always got away with it.” Who is your celebrity lookalike? “People always tell me I look like Tiger Wood’s wife – but I don’t think I look like her.” What chore do you absolutely HATE doing? “Dishes – But I love doing laundry.” What is the nerdiest thing about you? “I love to google random things – Like the other day I searched: Why do you sneeze when you look at the sunlight?” What is your preferred method of medicating / favorite strain? “I love smoking bud and my favorite strain is Lemon Haze.”        38 38


the 420 Honey

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If You Smoke,

Bob’s your uncle By Rob Starr

Living in North America means enjoying one of the finest standards of living in the world. All the really good modern stuff is here and now that more and more states are legalizing marijuana, we can get into all the things our crass consumer-based society has at its disposal with a heightened awareness and openness that makes everything sound better, feel great and taste like nothing else. Still, facts are facts and some of the pastimes and/or staples of our Western lifestyle ( like weed) have their cultural roots somewhere else. And that’s why if you smoke, Bob’s your Uncle.



Marley that is. Those in the know understand the contribution of that Jamaican-man-of-the super-dread who could lay down a laid back tune that sloshed with an enchanting rhythm like the ocean washing up on the moonlit shoes of his home. Those who understand don’t question the link between the omnipresent blunt in his hand and the rapturous smile on his face in most of his pictures. There’s no doubt there’s a connection between Bob Marley and everyone’s favourite weed and if there was ever an ambassador of Mary Jane, Bob would hold the title. Here’s just a few reasons why: To Bob, marijuana was a sacrament. The Green Leaf was as holy to him as the Bible to a Christian and the Torah to those among us that follow the Jewish faith. That doesn’t mean he just liked to smoke either because Mr. Marley was a Rastafarian, and a member of that religious faith that used the herb for religious and medical purposes. What’s more, Bob wasn’t always a Rasta Man—he converted from Christianity in the 1960s. Bob wrote the kind of love songs that no one has even been able to equal. “No Woman, No Cry,” isn’t just one of the most moving of these, it’s also a fine example of the spirit of peace and love Bob and pot bring out in us all. Even though that song was considered one of his biggest hits and more than likely his most financially successful, he turned the song writing credits over to a Jamaican soup kitchen. Smoking weed makes us all more generous and peaceful—more willing and able to reach out to our fellow human beings and stay united in the human family. Bob understood that and even helped other famous musicians like Eric Clapton start their own solo careers by allowing him to cover I Shot The Sheriff way back in 1974.

A Name That Still Means Something Today

Famous people come and go and their names eventually drift away down the river of time. Bob Marley’s name has always held fast because he was an ambassador for reggae music and integrity at the same time. He once said that how great a man was depended more on how he could positively affect the people around him rather than his wealth. To that end, there are still a few family-run charities that carry on in Bob’s name spreading his gospel of love and compassion for our fellow man.

The Rita Marley Foundation

This is the foundation that encourages scholarships for youths to develop their skills in places like the Caribbean and the United States and takes great pride in refurbishing and rebuilding healthcare centers and libraries. The indigent music and arts program carries on Bob’s goodwill toward everyone by supporting services to other musicians that include emergency grants and access to healthcare.


This is the charity that’s runs by Bob Marley’s family. To date, they have completed numerous projects, raised awareness on several issues and well over $1 million dollars. This legacy prompted by Bob Marley’s estate has changed over a quarter of 250,000 lives since it was started.

Bob Lives On…….

There are even recent reports that the legacy of one of the greatest influential musicians and fellow smokers of all time is set to take another turn into the future. Tuff Gong, the factory where Bob Marley pressed vinyl music, is set to reopen partially thanks to an American company. The legendary factory was established in Kingston, Jamaica, way back in 1965 and includes a recording studio, a record shop and a processing plant as well as some other features.

have an impact on your com munity policies

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pot served with an olive By Rob Starr

Today, you can dab it, enjoy concentrates, bake it into cookies, smoke it through glass pipes and get high with the help of specially designed vape pens. Looking for a more traditional route to enjoy your weed? No need to worry about all those other methods spoiling your fun if your idea of good times is still getting stoned and listening for a backward mask in Stairway To Heaven—pot is still enjoyed everywhere in blunts and joints. And now there’s even a weedtrepreneur who has combined what’s old and new by marrying one of yesterday’s favorite ice breakers with today’s Mary Jane. Modern Martini Rx is a line of premium scientifically formulated cannabis cocktails. These innovative party starters are the brainchild of Brooke Wiseman and although the brand doesn’t contain any of the namesake alcohol, each flavour has 50-300mg of the finest cannabis that stimulates and invigorates, relaxing muscles and soothing pain while lifting your thoughts. Wiseman explains how this creative innovation that comes in a variety of interesting flavors like Absinthe Pear, , Ganja Grape and High on the Beach started. “I like distilling and blending, creating and design and the fact that I’ve put all that together,” she says. “The alcohol industry is very saturated and competitive, so two years ago I had the idea to take my brand, Modern Martini, remove the alcohol and infuse it with cannabis.”




The idea was groundbreaking but not very easy to implement. She explains how the vodka product had a patented bottle design that she used as a fulcrum to head out in a different direction. “My passion was more medicinal. I loved to medicate with cannabis more than drinking vodka,” she says adding that her background as a business woman in Las Vegas prompted her to create Modern Martini Rx’s predecessor, a ready to drink vodka line. After she moved to Southern California, Wiseman found a shift in the popular culture to cannabis. “People in Southern California don’t go to the bar and drink as much. They vaporize, and eat and smoke marijuana.” This lifestyle change prompted her to hire a chemist who she worked with for eight months to replace the liquid buzz in her products with an herbal one. The end result of their liaison is what’s been called The World’s First Infused Cannabis Cocktails. They are complete and ready to drink with different varieties that only need to be chilled and poured into a Martini glass. everything comes in 12 or 24 packs. The Chrome Collection even includes energy drinks, capsules and Magic Macarons cookies. Modern Martini Rx, is a unique product and a bridge to enjoying weed in a new setting. “You can drink cannabis and it can be social in a different way,” Wiseman says.

cannabis infused premium martini Scientifically formulated

Modern Martini Rx is the perfectly blended ultra premium quality single-serve Cannabis Cocktail. Our drinks do not contain alcohol, but does contain 50-300mg of the finest Hybrid Distillate Cannabis. PRoudLY SeRVING ALL CALIFoRNIA & ARIzoNA dISPeNSARIeS and Coming soon to nevada

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e x n t sto . n r u pn at s ep g t n i un v a e e L



Premium Marijuana Cigars OG Kush • OG Wax • OG Oil three in one!

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Save your brain

smoke a blunt By Jillian Marshall Dank news is billowing out from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego where researchers have just released their findings that show that marijuana could play a vital role in the battle against Alzheimer’s Disease.   The scientist stumbled upon the discovery during the testing of another experimental Alzheimer’s drug called JI47. Although the jury is still out on JI47 the researchers noticed that the drug did activate endocannabinoids, the receptors in the brain which allow marijuana users to feel the positive effects of appetite improvement, pain management, and mood improvement. These tests also revealed that the endocannabinoids were actively reducing brain cell inflammation, an underlying factor in the progression of Alzheimer’s.   Intrigued by their findings the scientists set out to test the direct effects of marijuana on memory. Neurons were gown in the lab and altered to produce a high amount of Amyloid, the toxic protein that builds up like plaque on nerve cells notoriously found in the brains of progressing Alzheimer’s patients. The cells were then exposed to varying amounts of isolated THC, everyone’s favorite psychoactive compound found in cannabis, and the researchers were amazed by the results. The study shows that the THC actually removed the Amyloid from the test neurons, allowing cells that would normally shut down and die to survive. The conclusion is that exposing patients with Amyloid damage to THC could actually  improve their neurological connections and theoretically improve memory. The results have given scientists more hope that a cure for Alzheimer’s could be on the horizon all thanks to our favorite nurse, Mary Jane!   The Salk Institute researchers began sending out smoke signals about their new discovery this summer, in hopes to continue to receive new grants and permits to 50


further their research on the correlation between cannabis and the brain. Their findings were recently published in the Scientific Journal Aging and the Mechanisms of Disease. This is not the first medical study to research the effects of cannabis on Alzheimer’s Disease, but this is the first to record its benefits in slowing the diseases progression and fighting one of its causes. Even with these new findings the DEA has yet to acknowledge that cannabis has any medical benefits. As legislation changes, hopefully this November, researchers hope to expand their experiments to find more uses for the herb.

Until then the Scientists from the Salk

Institute stand by their original findings. The next time someone tells you that cannabis will rot your brain, shrug them off. They probably won’t remember saying it in a few years, but you will.

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Donald Bouchard is the founder and CEO of Alegre Science, a San Diego based supplier of magnetic resonance instrumentation for a range of industrial applications such as the agricultural industry.   Alegre Science has teamed up with a Sacramento based start-up started by 3 chemists looking to make a better extraction system for plant materials. What is Alegre Science introducing in this issue of The 420 Book? In a word, melloeX. The world’s simplest and best liquid-CO2 based extraction system for botanicals.  What is so exciting about this product is that it is selective and simple which I’ll describe in more detail.  You’ll also hear some more features beginning with the letter “s” such as safe and silent (it’s a passive device) and storage, because of a patented idea to store each pass of the extraction in a sealable container. What’s so selective about it?:  As we’ve noted above, the melloeX is a liquid-CO2 extraction device which means that it does not use supercritical CO2.  There are many advantages to working in the sub-critical CO2 liquid regime.  We’ve called it the melloeX because the conditions under which it operates are not harsh as what is found in the supercritical extractors.   The liquid-CO2 extraction process might take a little longer, it turns out that it is worth the wait. The actual extractor operates at less than 5 °C (just above ice temps) during the extraction process.  What that means is that it retains all the terpenes to preserve the flavor and fragrance of the oils which are so important to the enjoyment of the oil vapes. Successive extractions (roughly two hours in duration) of the same buds yield fractions which are successively lower in oils but higher in actives. The fourth extraction requires the addition of some ethanol (in the form of 190 proof grain alcohol) to get the brittle product which is a whopping > 95% actives.   There’s also no need for winterization because the conditions are so gentle and don’t extract the waxes. An additional benefit of the lower working temperature of this extractor is that labile compounds are preserved in the process.  In comparison, supercritical extractors have a higher working temperatures ( greater than 100 °F) and the acids are lost. What’s so safe about it?: The extractor is what engineers describe as “over-designed” in terms of the device’s safety factor.  Since it works under pressure, safety was our #1 concern and the melloeX is designed to withstand more than 4 times the normal operating pressure.  In fact, it is impossible to get the device to such pressures.  There are also pressure relief valves if the extractor gets to 150% of the normal working pressure, so there is absolutely no hazard like there is in butane extractors. What’s so simple about it?: Well, that’s the beauty of the melloeX, you have a simple device to assemble, put your buds in a porous paper cup, add dry ice to the extractor and bolt it shut using the torque wrench provided.  You then warm the body up to get the CO2 to a gas which builds up pressure in the device, then you circulate the ice water through the system for about two hours to extract the oils and the actives.  The beauty of this devices is that the extract collects into a sealable container, an airtight sealable container which give the person or the lab the flexibility to collect multiple passes of material into the same containers.  It also allows users to store them under more inert conditions so that the oils don’t oxidize.  Terpenes are reactive with oxygen, so the less oxygen on the sample, the longer the oil will last.   You are making a lot of claims, how can you back all this up? Well, we are all chemists by training in the company and we rely on a technique called gas chromatography to analyze each extraction product.  We’ve got the data and next month in The 420 Book, we’ll show you the proof! How can anyone whose interested see this technology?: Well, starting in April, we will have demonstration units available to demonstrate how this works. We are also going to provide free demonstrations in a number of locations in Southern California, those who are interested should contact us.  



Perfecting Botanical Extraction

introducing the The world’s only portable, bench top liquid CO2 oil extractor. Safe

• Aerospace grade stainless steel • No flammable solvents • Engineered to 4x pressure standards


• Labile compounds are preserved for maximum benefit • Highest recovery of fragrance and flavor (terpenes) for unbelievable quality • Sub-critical liquid doesn’ t extract waxes




• Passive device uses natural convection

• Self Contained apparatus

• Reusable, sealable storage containers

• No loud pumps or motors

• No Solvent waste

• Collect similar cuts in one container

• User guide and procedure manual included

• Inexpensive storage containers

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Could This Finally Be the End of (Federal) Marijuana Prohibition?

By Christina Smith

There are currently twenty-eight states plus the District of Columbia that have some form of medical, recreational, or decriminalized cannabis laws in this country. With over half of the states moving the momentum of this country forward with billions of dollars in state coffers as a result of its taxation and regulation, it would be pretty difficult for the federal government to have a ground to stand on if all of its states pass some form of legalization laws. Some sources have predicted that if this momentum continues on the path it’s on, all states will have adopted medical or recreational laws by the year 2021, but until “marihuana” is removed from the DEA’s Schedule of Narcotics under the Controlled Substances Act, marijuana will continue to be illegal on a federal level and will continue to make things complicated for businesses and consumers that wish to participate in interstate commerce, utilize the benefits of banking, and be safeguarded from potential federal raids. But there may be a light at the end of a very long tunnel. On February 27, 2017, Representative Thomas A. Garrett, Jr. (R-VA) introduced H.R. 1227 Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017 to the House of Representatives, which was then referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce in addition to the Committee on the Judiciary. Senator Bernie Sanders proposed this same bill in November 2015 but failed to receive the support he needed from his fellow senators to move it forward. The main component of the bill will deschedule cannabis by removing it from the Schedule of Controlled Substances Act. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration cannabis is a Schedule I drug that “has no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” Statements like these are pretty laughable to cannabis enthusiasts and the thousands of doctors worldwide that would disagree with this false assessment of cannabis, as it has been used in treating many psychological and physical ailments and diseases for thousands of years. Just recently on March 16, 2017, the bill was referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations. If it passes the House, it will go to the Senate. If it passes the Senate, it goes to the President. If the President approves it, it becomes the law of the land. With the pace at which our Congress moves, this could

be years before it gets anywhere. As it stands right now with a Republican-controlled House, Senate, and Presidency, it’s very hard to say if this law will pass. This administration hasn’t exactly surrounded itself with forward thinkers. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been very overtly outspoken in his opposition to marijuana, stating that, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” He exaggerated the negativity of cannabis when he said “It’s not recreational. It can be destructive, and it consistently is destructive. Lives are at stake…” The only lives at stake are the ones ruined in the criminal justice system and those that suffer the repercussions of the black market and cartels that have thrived as a result of its prohibition. The facts show that it is physically impossible to overdose and die from cannabis, so how it is “destructive” is also perplexing. He also made the comment that “I am astonished to hear people suggest that we can solve our heroin crisis by legalizing marijuana – so people can trade one life-wrecking dependency for another that’s only slightly less awful.” Comments like these prove that Sessions is not only misinformed about the vast differences in marijuana and heroin; it shows that he isn’t bothering to seek scientific research and facts and statistics that would refute his absurd claims. Although the misinformation campaigns continue to dominate the conversations about cannabis from our government leaders, there are some major forces propelling legalization moving forward, and that is in the form of money. According to the founder of GreenWave Advisors, Matt Karnes, retail marijuana sales in the U.S. in 2016 were approximately $6.5 billion, an increase of 35% from 2015’s $4.8 billion. He said, “In 2017, we expect growth of 18% to $7.7 billion as new medical use markets come online.” He also believes that California will account for 40% of the market. Even if President Trump challenges the recreational marijuana market, GreenWave Advisors forecasts that the market will hit $18 billion by 2021. If all states carry the momentum forward and legalize for recreational or medical use, by 2021, retail marijuana sales will reach $30 billion. Now that’s a force to be reckoned with. So while our leaders will continue to fight against federal legalization and decriminalization, it’s really only a matter of time until (nearly) all states pass some form of legalization. At some point, the federal government must address the realities of cannabis and admit that it’s not the dangerous and harmful substance worthy of a Schedule I classification. We are eager to see the progress of H.R. 1227 and hope that it swiftly moves through Congress without significant delay.

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H willie's reserve From Outlaw Country to a Top Shelf near you By Benjamin M. Adams

illie’s Reserve is what Willie Nelson is marketing as his own “premium cannabis lifestyle brand.” Years of trailblazing have led to Nelson’s own branded cannabis. A full product launch this summer led to speculation about the company’s expansion. Willie’s Reserve is available in the recreational markets of Colorado and Washington and will become available in other states as they continue to expand. Nelson wants Willie’s Reserve to be the “Whole Foods Market” of cannabis. Willie Nelson is well aware of the rise of Big Marijuana- the inevitable rise of over-regulation that comes with legalized marijuana. Willie’s Reserve comes in nitrogen-sealed cans provided by N2 Packaging that seal in the freshness, so you always feel like you’re getting fresh bud. Sizes come in eighth or quarter-ounce hermetically-sealed cans or in prerolls in ½ gram or full gram sizes. Products come with a label proudly declaring “Grown by independent farmers.” The product line doesn’t stop there- Willie’s Reserve’s own c02 extracted vape cartridges are available in the universal 510 thread size. Disposable vape pens with chargers are also available. When Dan Rather asked Willie Nelson why he made the decision to attach his name to a marijuana brand, his answer was no surprise. “To prove a point, I think,” Nelson said. “I felt like if you really believe in something, why not promote it?” Nelson, at one time, was smoking up to three packs of cigarettes per day. Nelson’s lung collapsed in 1981, and he eventually switched from tobacco to cannabis. Cannabis eventually replaced whiskey and probably saved his life. For most of his life, Nelson has been an outspoken supporter of cannabis in all of its forms. Nelson partnered up with his longtime friend Michael Bowman to launch Willie’s Reserve. “Willie has spent a lifetime in support of cannabis, both the industrial hemp side and the marijuana side,” Bowman told the Daily Beast in an interview. “He wants it to be something that’s reflective of his passion. Ultimately, it’s his. But it was developed by his family, and their focus on environmental and social issues, and in particular this crazy war on drugs, and trying to be a bright light amongst this trail as we’re trying to extract ourselves from the goo of prohibition.” In 1985, Nelson, along with John Cougar Mellencamp and Neil Young, set up Farm Aid to support small local farmers. Since then, Nelson has had a long, intimate relationship with cannabis and hemp advocacy groups such as NORML. Nelson lives on a self-sustainable farm community in Maui with his neighbors Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson. Harrelson also has made several attempts to invest in the commercial cannabis industry. Last year, New York-based Tuatara Capital invested in Willie’s Reserve. Business has been expanding vertically and geographically. Willie Nelson hopes to eventually open up storefront locations. The full product rollout is expected over the summer. 58


Willie’s Reserve benefits the local farmers in the Colorado area. A strict set of standards assure that the farms account for the carbon footprint they leave behind.

West LA

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4 dose gummy edibles are avilable in 3 strain specific flavOrs!

We are a southern california based company focused on offering a clean & high quality cannabis product true to our name. Our recipe was meticulously crafted by a team of reputable culinary arts professionals to ensure every aspect of our product is nothing less than perfect. With 100 MG of THC, this medicated gummy is one of the best on the market. Pure Nirvana gummies come in 3 different flavors which are delicious and yet highly potent. The 420 Book loves Pure Nirvana!

4 Dairy Free 4 Gluten Free 4 Free of high fructose corn syrup 4 CO2 extracted oil with THC levels 60 exemplary THE 420 BOOK



Evaluation Doctors

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Politicians who’ve toked Born To Be Wild By Rob Starr ever watched the news and wondered if some of the politicians who make up the rules and regulations we live by had gotten their hands on some good weed at some point in their lives? Have you ever read a quote from a senator or congressman and wondered if maybe they were pulling your leg with the things they said to the press because they knew you were stoned and could remember what that felt like? Either way, if you have an inkling that some of the people who walk through the hallowed halls of our government might have indulged in a little smoke before they got there, you wouldn’t be wrong. In fact a little research shows a number of our most esteemed political figures might be even smiling for the camera for more reasons than just to get your vote.

Buzz Kills

Still, it’s more than likely a good idea to get the buzz kills out of the way first and that’s why we need to mention Bill Clinton front and center. Back in his Rhodes Scholar days at Oxford, Clinton admitted to experimenting with Mary Jane but said that he didn’t inhale and didn’t like it. Isn’t that a lot like studying to get a driver’s license and then waiting to buy a self driving car? Anyway, it sounds like Bill was doing what political types do best when he made that statement about the herb, so we should move right along to those elected officials who understand the value of a credible poll and a fresh package of Zigzags. Jeb Bush may or may not raise a few eyebrows. In our books, he gets the number one position for politicians who’ve toked because he was the governor of Florida and we think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in the Sunshine State who didn’t understand how well the sound of the ebb and flow of the pounding surf is complimented by the gurgle of a good water pipe.

There’s a great story about the Jebster. A former classmate of Bush’s at Phillips Academy tells the tale of how the future governor got him high at school and put on some Steppenwolf. Born to Be Wild, maybe, but not president. The number two position goes to Ted Cruz because if you take a long serious look at this senator from Texas who was a 2016 republican presidential candidate, you’ll see a striking resemblance to Alfred E. Neuman. At that point the question of marijuana use at some point in his life seems clear. Still, his people stand tall against the use of the evil weed although they do make the concession that the smiling senator experimented with marijuana when he was a teenager. In fact, one of his spokespeople even went so far as to say it was a mistake and he never tried it again. However, that explanation doesn’t account for Ted’s What Me Worry smile.


Then there’s Al Gore. A published biography has him pegged as an enthusiastic recreational user back in his college days “sometimes smoking as much as 3 to 4 times a week.” John Warnecke is an old friend of this past presidential candidate who also says: “We’d get stoned and talk about what we would do if we were president.” Wonder if there were any groovy pot dreams about hanging chads.

Pumping Pot

If your resume reads star of movies like Pumping Iron and Governor of California, the chances are there’s an interesting background to your story that might involve both bar bells and some flower top. For most people who know anything about Arnold Schwarzenegger it’s not a surprise that he smoked a little pot back in 1977 and is even immortalized enjoying a toke in the movie Pumping Iron. Finally, there’s at least one addition to our list that might surprise you because the former mayor of New York City who always wore a pinstripe suit liked weed as well. Honesty has always been the best policy regardless of the legal status of pot and Michael Bloomberg not only admitted to smoking pot in an article for New York magazine, but he also said he enjoyed it. And people say politicians never tell the truth! Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side




Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


The 420 Book • LA • April 2017  
The 420 Book • LA • April 2017  

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