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Needles, CA: breaking ground in cannabis.........................10 Marcosus..............................................................................................12 Green Rush in a California town.............................................18 BIGG A.......................................................................................................23 Snoop Dogg Puff Puff Pass Tour..............................................24 The Pomona City Movement..........................................................26 Big Percy...............................................................................................29 The Long Beach City Movement.................................................30 Marijuana and Sex...........................................................................36 The Don Juan Show: The 420 Honey..................................... 44 Don Juans Player’s ball....................................................... 45 Editors Choice - reviews............................................................56 The Buzz........................................................................................ 58 growing the Natural way..................................................... 62 Cannakids: Aj’s story......................................................................66

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Breaking Ground Written By: TBC

“We are out to prove that even within this industry, we can be good corporate citizens.� Drew Milburn

As the Vice-President of Operations at Medical Investor Holdings, Drew Milburn handles everything related to cannabis for the organization. This includes designing new dispensaries, cannabis cultivation centers, and extraction centers, and managing their operations. Before working within the herbal industry, Milburn served as a marine. After his service ended, he eventually got into manufacturing, in particular, best practices for manufacturing. Before moving to California, Milburn was working hard in Colorado.



TBC: How did you transition into the cannabis industry? DM: “I owned and operated a dispensary in Colorado Springs. In fact, we had the first licensed dispensary in Colorado Springs. It’s called WeGrow Colorado. From Colorado we expanded to Arizona, Nevada, and California as well. We also worked with some projects in Canada.” What motivates you to continue within this industry? “We are only scratching the surface of the industry itself. There are very few times within history, where a person could say they are on the front-edge of a movement.” Milburn believes that the marijuana industry will be thriving for years to come. He credits the success of his organization to focused intentions and sound business practices, and also takes pride in his organization’s commitment to regulation. He mentions how his organization is one of the few cultivators with permits in southern California.

What would you say to the military community to address the topic of marijuana? “Veterans who have found relief through cannabis, are finally leading better quality lives. We’ve seen nothing but positive results through veterans using cannabis.” The VP of Operations clarifies his position on the topic in regards to veterans and troops. Milburn believes that as military personnel, one should not be impaired on the job—whether it be alcohol, marijuana, or Vicodin. He differentiates between patients using the flower as an herbal remedy, and those who abuse the professionalism of the industry. Although Milburn works within the industry, he is not a cannabis user.

“Our business is completely focused on being proficient in the regulatory model... What we are bringing to the cannabis industry is, what we consider is very good and proven, manufacturing business practices and retail business practices.” You spoke a lot about being educated on this topic, how does your organization come into play on this subject? “We spend the time to educate our local citizens, from city council to the average citizen. Anyone that has a question, we take the time to answer it.” Milburn comments on the necessity for the industry to bring education to the forefront. He speaks of a current project with his organization. Working with a small college in Needles, CA, Milburn and his associates hope to incorporate a cannabis curriculum into their programs. It will address the topics of jobs within the industry, as well as all the functionality of cannabis in general. They expect this project to come to fruition in the next six months.

On October 12, 2016, the “official” Ground Breaking Ceremony took place on the site in Needles, CA. (Opposite page) Attending were several people from the City including the Mayor, City Manager, members of the City Council and others in the City including representatives from the local college that will be launching a cannabis cultivation education program.

What are your opinions on the cultural (Above) The event was led by California State Senator Tony Strickland. In addition, Drew Milburn, aspects of the practice? “I grew up in a conservative southern our VP of Operations spoke about the new facility, the benefits that the city will receive in terms town, we were told that the use of of tax revenues and new jobs among other things. cannabis was wrong. Again, that was information passed down from one “I do not partake in the cannabis. I am in the business of generation to another. When I got involved after I opened my first cannabis for the purpose of being a good steward within the dispensary, I realized very quickly that all the information I had been industry, and I think the industry is exciting—but I am not a given was wrong.” user of the product.” Milburn believes that every individual should be able to have the choice of whether or not to partake in marijuana usage. He comments on the legality of the drinking age, and states that a similar structure be in place for cannabis use. The former marine criticizes the rumors that circulate around marijuana usage, speaking on the dated and archaic propaganda that has been generated by the government and the police.

Any concluding thoughts? “We need to remember that we have a responsibility to police ourselves, and be good stewards of our trade if we are looking for widespread acceptance.” [In reference to the cannabis industry.]

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Groupie Basics Hometown: Long Beach, CA Genre: Rap/R&B Education: Compton College, Montana State Zodiac Sign: Scorpio “It’s about being freaky”


Presented by Snoop Dogg & Doggystyle Records, It’s Lit Merry Jane: Marcosus x Wiz Khalifa (drop) is featured on Young Doggystyle Compilation Vol. 1. The album is available for download at Within one month there have been over 25,000 downloads, 150,000 views, and 90,000 streams. The album is gaining popularity fast, featuring artist such as Snoop Dog, AbSoul, and Ace Hood among others. Marcosus is touring with Snoop Dog on his Puff Puff Pass Tour 2. Available online, Marcosus also has available Grand Daddy Purp and Sour Diesiel. These rhythmic tunes highlight some of the sensual pleasures of some of our favorite strains.


The The Fresh Fresh Prince Prince of of Long Long Beach Beach TBC: Tell me about your first experiences with smoking? M: “I hit the blunt at 14 years old, and I ended up running out the theatre busting-up laughing—and I never smoked again until the end of high-school.” In his youth, Marcosus was not an advocate for marijuana. In fact, he used to take his friend’s weed from him, and dispose of it! His friend would always retaliate with you can’t judge me until you try it. Realizing the truth in his friends words, he opted to hit the blunt one night. Marcosus recounts his evening at the theatre, reminiscing about his distracting, uncontrollable, and hysterical laughter while watching a Scary Movie film. . Motivated by his football opportunities, Marcosus avoided smoking throughout the majority of his school career. He smoked once more at the age of 17, but most of the time remained abstinent. “I was the sober friend. I stayed behind if we got caught; I was the guinea pig. They would smell my fingers and check my pockets, but I didn’t smoke so they let me go. . .It was really wasn’t until junior college, Compton College, that I got into it. I think that was the funnest time for me. The team was fun, because smoking was a social thing.” As an educated man, how were your experiences in college? “When I was at Compton College, we didn’t have all the strains that exist now. Your options were Chronic and Skunk weed. Oh! And there was Prentendo; it looked like Indo and smelled like Indo. But when you smoked it, it was not Indo (chuckles heartily).” After playing football at Compton College, Marcosus continued at Boise State University. It was in Idaho, where he used a vaporizer for the first time. A teammate, a Caucasian tight end, offered him a 4 foot tall vaporizer. He hit it. He was high all day. Now he’s decided to stick to flower. Marcosus

finished school at Montana State University where he earned his degree in Sociology and Psychology. Marcosus believes that one must “do things fresh. [You] need to educated and experience other cultures.” Let’s talk about your music, where does your inspiration come from? “The streets, Uncle Snoop, DMX, Nate Dogg, those are a few. Nate Dogg especially, he’s a legend—and he was sitting on my couch...” I’m sorry, what? Nate Dogg was on your couch? When Marcosus was around the age of 8 years of age, he came home to find Nate Dogg, Warren G, and another gentleman conversing in his living room. Dumbfounded, he immediately approached Nate Dogg; he asked questions, he tried to sing, because he couldn’t believe who he was talking to. “Yeah, my Auntie C. rushed me upstairs because—I don’t know. I guess I was asking too many questions. But I was 8 years old! What else was I going to do?” In your song It’s Lit Merry Jane, you mention that there is “nothing like a pretty girl smoking weed”. What do you find sexy about marijuana? “To me, watching a pretty girl break down the weed is like foreplay. Oh, you gonna roll-up for yourself and your gonna be licking the blunt like that? That’s sexy.” Marcosus, the up and coming artist from Long Beach is passionately pursuing his endeavors. In addition to his music career, he has a strain coming out in late November called Marcosus Space Rock. He says,“ You can find it where you find me. Don’t meet me there, beat me there.”He is working with Martin from Our Medicated 420 Creations. In conclusion of our interview, he included one final note. “Thank you Uncle Snoop. Real recognize real.”

Favorite Strains: Sativa: Blue Cheese •Hybrid: Girl Scout Cookies •Indica: Snoop Dogg OG Preferred method of smoking: Blunts •Swisher Sweets •Extendos 12


Atwater Village

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Beverly Hills


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Green Rush in Adelanto

When a landmark ordinance paved the way for the ground to be broken on a $2 million and nearly 13,000-square-foot medical marijuana cultivation and manufacturing facility in a small California desert city that has struggled since 2008,, the revitalization of these commercial spaces through this innovative approach turned more than a few heads in the high-end commercial real estate industry. Last November, 2015 the City of Adelanto passed Ordinance 539, paving the way for medical marijuana cultivation in designated industrial areas of the city. In December of that year, 25 medical marijuana cultivation permits were issued. The new facility will hire 90 percent of its up-to 30-person workforce from the City of Adelanto residents and the future implications have spurred momentum in quite a few industries including from some commercial realtors in the local area. The 420 Book caught up with Mr. Joseph W. Brady, President and Mr. Paul A. Casilla, Senior Commercial Sales & Leasing Associate for Joseph W. Brady, Inc., dba The Bradco Companies and asked about their involvement and interest in the impending changes to Adelanto’s industrial parks. A: (Paul) “The City of Adelanto has embraced medical marijuana cultivation as a viable solution to the fiscal deficits that have been mounting and recently reached a critical point over the past several years.” Q: What are some of the benefits of revitalizing these commercial spaces for the local economy and the implications for the medical marijuana industry?

Joseph W. Brady

Paul A. Casilla

760-951-5111 ext.101 760-951-5111 ext.112 High-End Commercial Realtors Weigh-in Q: Why have high-end commercial realtors become interested in medical marijuana cultivation?

A: (Joseph) “The Bradco Companies, the longest serving Commercial Brokerage firm in the High Desert region, saw an opportunity to facilitate some leases and sales within Industrial Park II & III. Our firm did not initially seek-out medical marijuana related deals. As Realtors, our job is to list properties on behalf of Sellers, or as we would normally do, to represent Buyers on purchases of industrial buildings and land, or representation of tenants on their interest in leasing space within these two industrial parks.” A: (Paul) As a commercial Realtor in the High Desert area, you have to work within the whole market, because there is not enough of any one product (e.g. office, retail, industrial, land, etc.) for a Realtor to specialize in. The implementation of medical marijuana cultivation ordinances by the City of Adelanto has created a high demand in the industrial market here. Due to medical marijuana cultivation becoming the new highest and best use for commercial real estate in the Adelanto industrial parks 2, 3, & 4 any commercial Realtors wanting to participate in this competitive market are going to have to educate themselves in order to best serve the needs of this newly emerging diverse client base. Q: How, specifically, does the City of Adelanto figure in?

A: (Joseph) “First, Adelanto is a city consisting of 33,497+ residents. It is one of five incorporated cities in the northern portion of San Bernardino County that our firm monitors, and is part of an area that consists of nearly 2,000± Sq. miles, with nearly 450,000± people within the High Desert region. On November 23, 2015, Ordinance 539 made official the City’s interest in having medical marijuana cultivation, termed agricultural, so it could become a permitted use within the city and specifically as zoned and defined within the industrial parks.” 18


A: (Joseph) “The High Desert region has not emerged from the down turn of 2008 at the same rate as other areas throughout the Inland Empire, and only had so much industrial space available for sale or lease to begin with. These problems were impacted by supply and demand issues when the city only designated Industrial Park II, Park III & Park IV as agriculture zones. This limitation has raised prices substantially (almost overnight).” A: (Paul) “The sudden boom in industrial real estate in Adelanto has effectively forced many small and medium- sized businesses tenants to relocate. This has not been an easy process for many; as there is not a surplus of turnkey industrial buildings within our region.” “If this boom lasts long enough, it will spur some new industrial development which will be good for the local economy creating construction jobs, new opportunities and additional industrial product for sale and lease.” “I think the implications for the medical marijuana industry in regard to Adelanto is that it is going to further propel the general acceptance of medical marijuana and likely create a model for other cities in California to work from over the next few years.”

Q: What plans do The Bradco Companies have for these types of ventures? A: (Joseph) “The Bradco Companies continue to monitor those tenants, buyers, sellers and those that have interests in industrial properties in Adelanto Industrial Park II & Park III and potentially even Park IV, which will be developed by an Orange County Developer. We have nearly 150 individuals and/or entities seeking space for development, lease or purchase.” A: (Paul) “The Bradco Companies is well positioned to facilitate the needs of buyers and sellers and those interested in leasing within the City’s industrial parks as well as those who are being displaced and need to find new facilities to relocate to. We will continue to represent as many interests as possible during this volatile market period.” Q: What’s in the future for this trend?

A: (Joseph) “I believe that the voters of California will approve the recreational use of marijuana by proposition 64 on November 8, 2016 and all cities within the state will take a look at the economic benefits of marijuana cultivation. Given time, I think supply and demand will meet and prices will level off within two or three years. Rents will be somewhat based on an industry standard and the type of improvements and equipment that marijuana growers need will either be completed by the landlords or specifically installed by the tenants.” A: (Paul) “I would expect additional cities coming on board in allowing medical marijuana cultivation, processing and dispensing. With the advent of alternative locations to meet the needs of the many entrepreneurs interested in being a part of this booming industry prices are likely to stabilize and fall below their current levels. Over time, there will be a normalization of pricing. Current pricing is truly an economic example of supply and demand in this limited market.”

Downtown LA

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Bigg A

Show Us the Way When you walk into studios

of Dogg Pound Recordsz, where Arnold “Bigg A” White is the Vice President, the ambiance reeks of creativity, and a little something else. “Cannabis is part of the creative culture” says White, and this VP wants to make sure that his artists have access to whatever they need to make game changing music. He even keeps a drum set bong in the studio just in case Snoop comes by to lay down a track. “Many major artists enjoy marijuana recreationally, but the thing that most people don’t realize is that most artists also use for medicinal reasons as well. I myself have arthritis and after years of being prescribed medicine that made me feel groggy and slow, I found that relief in medical marijuana.” His open mind and persistence have made him a pillar in the marketing and distribution sector of the entertainment industry, and although he has worked with countless artists we all know and love, don’t expect this titan to name drop. He is too busy building brands to stand of the success of others. Beyond his work building and developing Dogg Pound Recordz, Bigg A is also the VP of A&R at Serious Pimp Records and the CEO of Bigg A Entertainment, a management group that works to help independent artists and indie labels with branding, digital marketing, and physical distribution. Like all great stories, Bigg A’s begins in Compton California, where he was born and raised along side good friend Eric Wright, a man we all know and love as the musical innovator of hip hop, rapper Easy E. “He’ll always be Eric Right to me” Bigg A laughs when he thinks about their journey together, and how far the two had come, even before Easy E’s Death in 1995. After high school, White joined the United States Army, and after completing his service returned to find that Eric had become a major voice for Compton. Easy E encouraged his friend to quit the daily grind, and to get into the entertainment business, even as White began a new career at a local shipping yard. Fate has a funny way of changing your life abruptly. Just around the time that Eric lost his life, the shipping yard was shut down. While others lost purpose in the devastating shut down, Bigg A decided it was an opportunity. “Eric always said ‘open up a record shop’” says Bigg A, and he took his friend’s advice to heart. Bigg A decided it was time to become his own boss and opened one of the biggest record shops in Compton. The record shop was notorious in Los Angeles for its full wall memorial mural to Easy E, but became a sanctuary where up and comers in the rap game could come by, pay their respects, and maybe even lay down an impromptu track on the

microphone set up in the corner. Even Lil Wayne could be found playing video games in the back of the shop when in Compton. The record shop led to a DJ business which was just the beginning of his journey in the entertainment industry. After years of success in marketing and distribution Bigg A realized that the platforms built to help artist when he was coming up had been removed, making it harder and harder for independent thinkers and artists to build their own brands, and make a living off their art. “I have always put out records, but I put out records for other people. I like to put people in positions to do well and now I make it point to educate artists that I work with who are doing their own thing. Many lack the basic knowledge to control their own careers. When I meet these young artists most don’t know anything about BDS or IRC, or even how to generate a bar code for their product, leaving them vulnerable to big distribution companies. Let me educate you on how to do it yourself.” This mentality has made him a staple in the entertainment industry and even inspired him to create workshops where artists on the come up can gain practical knowledge about the industry. From record labels to clothing branding, it seems like Bigg A has his hands in a little be of everything, and his entrepreneurial pursuits have recently expanded from the entertainment industry into the the up and coming medical marijuana game. Bigg A has recently partnered with Seattle Private Reserve out of Seattle Washington to start DGP Buds. “SPR is one of the biggest manufactures of medical marijuana today” Bigg A told The 420 Book. They are in the for front of the movement, the way that Fillip Morrison was back in the prohibition days.” His work with the well established Seattle Private Reserve has also given him access to information only the major growers in the country currently know about. Many long standing companies in places like Seattle Washington are hopeful that if that if the most populated state in the union (California) decides to fully legalize cannabis, Federal agencies like the DEA will move to strike marijuana from the Schedule I drug list that also currently includes drugs like heroin and cocaine. If and when that happens DGP Buds is posed to be a major player in the green industry. When asked if he would be voting for recreational legalization on the November ballot in California, the answer was a resounding YES! “It’s gonna be big, but from what I understand if you are not already a grower you will not be able to get a license. That is the difference between medical and recreational.” Bigg A has always been an innovator and DGP Buds will most likely have the same innovative trend as all his other endevours. “Something I learned coming up in the hood, is that monkey see, monkey do does not work” says White. “Dont emulate what has already been emulated, created your own lane”.

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Snoop Dogg Announces His

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Warren G, DJ Quik & Tha Dogg Pound Among Those Joining Snoop Dogg On The Road (Los Angeles, CA) Snoop Dogg has announced his “Puff Puff Pass Tour Part 2.” Joining the iconic Long Beach, California rapper on the jaunt are pioneering Cleveland rap crew Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, longtime collaborator Warren G, Compton icon DJ Quik and West Coast rap duo, Tha Dogg Pound. Snoop Dogg protégés the Pomona City Movement and LBC Movement are also on the bill, which features several of the West Coast’s most prominent acts, as well as its next generation of stars. The “Puff Puff Pass Tour Part 2” is scheduled to kick off December 5 in Rapid City, South Dakota and will conclude on December 15 in Billings, Montana. The tour, which is still adding dates, is a follow up to Snoop’s iconic “Puff Puff Pass Tour” in 2001 and 2004’s Puff Puff Pass tour documentary. Snoop Dogg released his acclaimed Coolaid album July 1. The 20-track collection features the hit single “Kush Ups” with Wiz Khalifa, as well as the autobiographical “Legend” and “Super Crip.” Too $hort joins Snoop Dogg on the project’s “Don’t Stop.” Mentored by the late Eazy-E, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony put Cleveland, Ohio on the rap map in the mid-1990s. The music of Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Wish Bone and Flesh-N-Bone featured a groundbreaking blend of rapping and singing that stands among the most distinctive and innovative in rap history. With his landmark Regulate… G-Funk Era LP, Warren G helped usher in G-Fun, a sonic revolution that redirected the sound of rap with its laid-back vibe and equally chill vocal style. DJ Quik stands as rap’s preeminent rapper-producer, while Tha Dogg Pound (Kurupt and Daz) is one of the best rap duos of all time and made their debut alongside Snoop Dogg on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic LP (1992) and Snoop’s classic first album, Doggystyle (1993). Pomona City Movement and LBC Movement are two of Snoop Dogg’s newest protégés.

Tour Dates:

December 5 – Rapid City, SD @ Rushmore Center December 6 – Missoula, MT @ Adams Center December 7 – Tri Cities, WA @ Toyota Center December 8 – San Bernadino, CA @ San Manuel Stadium December 9 – Lake Elsinore, CA @ The Diamond December 10 – Los Angeles, CA @ Microsoft Theater December 12 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater December 13 – Loveland, CO Budweiser Event Center December 14 – Casper, WY @ Casper Event Center December 15– Billings, MT @ The Shrine For a complete list of tour dates and tickets go to 24


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y t i C a n The Pomo

t n e m Move

On Hip Hop

-and Violence By Benjamin M. Adams



Just a few years ago, the city of Pomona was plagued with periodic gun shots and the familiar sound of “Pop pop pop.” During the 90’s, the death toll was at an all-time high with up to 34 homicides per year, mostly due to gang-related violence. Dropping crime rates in the city of Pomona are partly due to the hard work of 16 artists behind the Pomona City Movement. The members of the Pomona City Movement are encouraging others to drop the guns for the mic. The Pomona City Movement is a project modeled after it’s Long Beach-based counterpart, the LBC Movement. The Pomona City Movement and the LBC Movement will be joining forces with an all-star line-up for the Puff Puff Pass Tour Part 2 featuring Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Warren G, Dogg Pound and DJ Quik. The Pomona City Movement is consciously driven- beyond the familiar cloud of smoke that many remember from the original Puff Puff Pass Tour. Snoop’s business partner, Damien “Big Percy” Roderick, is getting involved. “The kids now have an opportunity to do something with this,” Roderick told local reporters. The group was put together and realized by Big Percy and Pomona Young. Young’s recording studio, 6P Records, is aptly located on Gordon Street in Pomona. Young manages and is co-owner of the studio where all the magic happens.

Pomona Young “I’m Pomona Young, the co-founder of the Pomona City Movement,” Young told The 420 Book in an interview. “Me and Percy came together January 1st up under Snoop Dogg to bring this little musical fiasco that we call a movement to prevent a whole lot of unnecessary crime. We knew most of the gang members from every neighborhood, so all we had to do was reach out and touch them, sit down and give them a platform that was presented to us by Snoop Dogg. Once

they had a platform and a reason to work, they went to work!” Pomona Young says. “It’s been working ever since. It’s been overwhelming.” Young has known Snoop Dogg for his entire adult life and is also a member of the Pomona City Riders. “Pomona City- Above the law. That’s us,” he says. Crime rates are down in Pomona over the last several years and down from their peak in the heyday of the ‘90s. “I’ve personally experienced a lot of violence in Pomona. “I’m a ‘70s baby, and I’ve been here since birth. We’ve been number three on the crime rate for around four years. Doing my time as a gangbanger after duty. Being one of the perpetrators at that time due to ignorance. For me, it’s a big turn of events and it’s overwhelming now that I’m on the other side, preventing the violence here in Pomona. I’m from the 1st Street Gang, First Crip Street Gang San Diego Valleyand that was on the west side of Pomona. And I banged hard. We fucked up a lot of shit. Now we’re getting it together,” says Pomona Young. “It’s been a blessing.” “It’s a movement. It’s not about gangster music, it’s not about pimpin’ music, it’s a movement and everything that comes with that. It’s vocally correct, it’s musically correct, everything is correct as far as hip hop is concerned. We got it, Young says. “The message. The delivery.” I asked Pomona Young what’s next up on the line-up for his studio and pool of artists. “We’re about to start shooting the movie The Capital P, me and Suga Free up under Snoop’s Doggystyle and several other artists. We’re going to start shooting that in a couple of weeks, before we start heading out on tour,” Young says.

Gain Green Gain Green was born and raised in Pomona. Gain Green was recently featured on the single “Bacc in the Office” featuring Pomona Drey and Trapaholik Third. “This is all humbling, Gain Green told The 420 Book. “As an artist, this is my first tour. I am excited, and see this as an opportunity to get out there and make connections. I‘ve been doing this music for twenty years. I am at a point where I am serious about it. I love Snoop, I have been listening to his music for a long time. Watching his transition and him being able to keep his career going by reinventing himself several times and establishing a long career, these are the things I look forward to and hope to learn from. I’m looking forward to the Puff Puff Pass Tour now that Prop 64 has passed, we can move our heads forward now. “ “Snoop Dog and The LBC Movement was already in effect. Dealing with Percy – Percy is Snoop Dog’s main man. Percy is from Pomona so it basically trickled down to start the Pomona City

Movement. Everyone came together, from all sides of the city, East, West, North, and South. A plan was introduced, we all worked together, and it just grew from there. It came down to a process of elimination, and figuring out everyone’s roles. We ended up with 16 and we just kept working. Out of that selection, a few where chosen to work on the Puff Puff Pass Tour with Snoop Dog, Warren G, Bone Thugs, Tha Dogg Pound and DJ Quik.” Being part of the Pomona Movement is something that’s in his blood. “Since we’ve been involved in The Pomona City Movement, it has brought peace and unity to the gang violence. It’s taken away a lot of the violence. Statistically, the violence in Pomona is down by at least 30 percent. People who wouldn’t normally be around each are now around each other in the studio. Everyone’s come together and are doing things for the love of the city. We’ve made it about the city of Pomona, and not around individuals. The city alone recognizes the positive change. I’ve personally spoken with Major Rothman, and have spoken to city council, obtained permits to do things for the homeless and such. The Pomona City Movement has brought the city back together in a positive way.” “I would just like to send a shout out to Percy, Snoop Dogg, and Pomona Young for putting this all together. We are able to get into places we would have not have been able to get to had it not been for them. Thank you for building this structure for us. “ Continued on page 28 Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


Pomona Drey ReeRee

The artists that are willing to put in the time are the ones that last. “We are overwhelmed with excitement [for the Puff Puff Pass Tour Part 2],” Pomona Drey told The 420 Book. “This is like a dream come true. We’ve been working hard for a long time- for about six months straight. We’re finally here now, and we’re all excited.” “The Pomona City Movement was created to bring us all together in the city. It worked pretty well. It got us all together- the North, East, South and West. We never really explored each other’s areas. The crime rates are down about 30 percent and it’s at about 33 percent now. It’s been a good movement for the city. We really needed it. It’s been a long time coming. We need to make sure we stay above water.”

The female rappers of the Pomona City Movement have started their own spin-off called the Pomona Ladies Movement. Ishakia Riley goes by ReeRee and also happens to be the daughter of Pomona Young. “It’s been a dream come true,” ReeRee told The 420 Book. “Growing up, and watching these guys and now I get to be onstage with them.” “I was born in Pomona. Born and raised,” ReeRee explains. “Big Percy, Snoop Dogg and my father Pomona Young came together and they came up with this idea because they wanted to branch out from what Snoop has done for them for the LBC Movement. They gathered up pretty much all the artists they knew in the city, and anyone else who was willing to put some work in. It’s been a green light ever since.” The Pomona Ladies Movement have recorded a mixtape of their own. “We’ve been working on music in the studio. Music, music, music. And it’s great quality music, not just what’s going on with this new generation. West Coast influence, not that down South type of music. That women and men can enjoy. Party music, slow music. We’re touching on all subjects on this album which is called Mary Jane, that’s me and Mer-C with PLM. We have songs with PCM also on our new album. So be looking out for that,” ReeRee warns. The female rappers of the Pomona City In thehave male-dominated of hip hop, female rappers rarely get the Movement started theirworld own spin-off called respect they deserve. “The Ishakia guys in Riley PCM were the Pomona Ladies Movement. goes actually vouching for the ladies, and to cometoupbewith idea to start something for the ladies. by ReeRee and trying also happens the an daughter You gotYoung. so many guys in this and they of Pomona “It’s been a dream comethought that this would be a great addition. and Mer came together true,” ReeReeMe toldThe 420C Book. “Growingand up,it’s been good vibes. We’ve working we’re and been watching thesehardguysI’d andsay now I getabout to be30 songs in.” “Pomona’s crime rate went down at least 33 percent, says ReeRee. onstage with them.” all behind PCMBorn because have so many family and friends that “I“That’s was born in Pomona. and we raised,” are behind us “Big and backing us up. Dogg There’s ReeRee explains. Percy, Snoop anda lot of gang affiliated members of PCM and they put thatcame all aside just to my father Pomona Young together andkeep theythis going. They didn’t have to, thatbecause decision,they and wanted everyone camebut upthey withmade this idea to was in a position to make their livesoutbetter. Why not takehas this big for opportunity branch from what Snoop done them that they provided for usmostly and myThey father as well. guys that really stuck to it from for the LBC Percy Movement. gathered upThe pretty day one are still here as opposed to those much all the artists they knew in the city, and who chose otherwise. The crime rateelse is down Theput police anyone who 33 waspercent? willing to somecouldn’t work even accomplish that. That just goes to show youlight however big-hearted in. It’s been a green since.” and dedicated everyone is in Pomona.” “I really Ladies gained Movement a passion for this, ReeRee told us. “I don’t want to get The Pomona have recorded sidetracked by anything else. When I was given this opportunity, I wasn’t a mixtape of their own. “We’ve been working givinginitthe up studio. for anything. believemusic. the guys on music Music, Imusic, And feel the same way.” it’s great quality music, not just what’s going on withMer-C this new generation. West Coast influence, “Pomona’s crime rate went down at least 33 percent, not that down South type of music. That women game hasmusic, been on themusic. move. “I’m very excited – I’ve been all behind PCM because we have so says ReeRee. “That’s and Mer-C’s men can rap enjoy. Party slow grinding in the rap gang for years from here to Chicago – then I brought it that are behind us and backing us many family and friends We’re touching on all subjects on this album back home and represented Pomona this entire time. For Pomona Young and up. There’s a lot of gang affiliated members of PCM and they which is called Mary Jane, that’s me and Big Percy to give me this opportunity Mer-C and ReeRee aka Mary and put that all aside just to keep this going. They didn’t have Mer-C with PLM. We have songs with PCM also Jane PLM Pomona Ladies Movement - women have to,creative but theycontrol madeover that decision, and everyone was in a on our new album. So be looking out for that,” a project. so honored andtheir verylives better. Why not take this big position to make ReeRee warns.We about to be on tour with legends. I am blessed. Rock them big stages it’s an amazing feeling.” opportunity that they provided for us- mostly Percy and In the male-dominated world of hip hop, Mer-C is also aware of the need for reduced violence. “Pomona Young my father as well. The guys that really stuck to it from day female rappers rarely get the respect they went to different try and unite everybody bringasallopposed the to those who chose otherwise. oneand aretry stilltohere deserve. “The guys inhoods PCMtowere actually gangsfor down. everything was around hood and 33 percent? The police couldn’t even crimethe rate is down vouching the Basically, ladies, and trying tothat come upgoingThe try to unite. The crime rate went down – if it wasn’t for the Pomona City accomplish that. That just goes to show you how big-hearted with an idea to start something for the ladies. Movement there would be a lot more crime going on in the city. Pomona and dedicated everyone is in Pomona.” You got so many guys in this and they thought and Percy it all came together with it alla went “ISnoop reallyand gained passion for this, ReeRee told us. “I don’t thatYoung this would be aunited great and addition. Me and there.” want to get sidetracked by anything else. When I was given Merfrom C came together and it’s been good vibes. this opportunity, I wasn’t giving it up for anything. I believe We’ve been working hard- I’d say we’re about the guys feel the same way.” 30 songs in.”




Mer-C Mer-C’s rap game has been on the move. “I’m very excited – I’ve been grinding in the rap gang for years from here to Chicago – then I brought it back home and represented Pomona this entire time. For Pomona Young and Big Percy to give me this opportunity - Mer-C and ReeRee aka Mary and Jane PLM Pomona Ladies Movement - women have creative control over a project. We about to be on tour with legends. I am so honored and very blessed. Rock them big stages - it’s an amazing feeling.” Mer-C is also aware of the need for reduced violence. “Pomona Young went to different hoods to try and unite everybody and try to bring all the gangs down. Basically, everything that was going around the hood and try to unite. The crime rate went down – if it wasn’t for the Pomona City Movement there would be a lot more crime going on in the city. Pomona Young and Percy united and it all came together with Snoop and it all went from there.”


ry? involved within the indust e TBC: How did you first get cousin Sugar Bread at Pow erhous his for king wor an beg y Perc Big , l ago rs labe rd yea reco 20 r the ove for ng ns Beginni ng and promotio ted by handling all the marketi he ues, aven ous vari into Records in Pomona, CA. He star g chin aging the artists for that label. Bran and eventually transitioned into man Snoop Dogg and their relationship with d ecte conn soon was and industry began delving deeper within the ut 20 years. king as business partners for abo wor n bee ing hav They ed. blossom City Movement (PCM). ject right now, The Pomona records with hopes of fresh Let’s talk about your big pro decided to bring back Doggystyle they rs, yea 20 for op Sno with Since working every part of the the city. While op Dogg worked his way through Sno ch, Bea icting Long in ting Star nt. new tale g members and a variety of confl he collected artists from rival gan his in nt eme mov the ue purs trying to bring peace to the streets, to nt. Big Percy then decided eme Mov ch Bea Long the ted personas—and crea hometown, Pomona, CA. signed to Doggystyle Records. The and the Long Beach Movement are nt eme r, Mov City ona Pom the Both Puff Pass Tour Pt. 2. Ten years late discuss the upcoming tour, The Puff . PCM and LBM the from VP of the record label continues to ts ked artis in with the addition of the hand-pic Snoop is headlining the tour aga months, few t t has erupted in the pas With the recent violence tha n ever? tha ant ort imp re r movement is mo do you feel as though you op does a lot of things for my Sno did, I t wha and ch, Bea did with Long roots and the relationships— BP:“Going back to what Snoop the but , me being from Pomona and ch Bea Long from g bein him city. [With] deep.” people don’t understand, goes so ted in Pomona. He mentions youth football league, which is loca op’s Sno of Big Percy then recounts the sport for about 20 years. Big back to the city, they had not had and Big Percy confirms that how before Snoop brought football and his generosity towards his city, op Sno of s sing in bles the on ts Percy commen continuing to discuss gang violence al necessity at this a time. Before critic a of is s each time ng outr ity duri y mun ciall com his in his city, espe importance of community values r, Pomona, he briefly talks about the ced in Pomona during the last yea noti has he ges chan the of e som ts ligh high y Perc Big political insecurity. of the Pomona City Movement. the city and addresses the positive results The mayor has acknowledged it, violence has dropped drastically. g gan the r, yea last this “In BP: ilies and kids as well.” has acknowledged it, and the fam of people in fortunate nity is very inspiring. A lotvery valuable. mu com r you to nt me mit t is Your com e into community roots, tha er positions don’t seem to div ng artists that we have, have nev you se The re. futu the are kids the e aus by bec , ers ventures? able care r valu thei BP:“It is very , have fast-for warded Are you pursuing any new of Snoop and I are doing for them gs thin rol DJ Snoopadelic, another facet The cont . I nity and ortu ey, opp Bark in the had BP: “Snoop, Kev g, we now Dog op Sno icon the ] with ing a minimum of 5 years” his cohort are giving rise to new the Snoop Dogg umbrella. [Beginn Snoop is a ices provided by him, Snoop, and side. Because it just made sense. production, o vide ic mus as Big Percy explains how the serv such stry, indu have Snoop Lion on the Reggae the of g to find ues tryin aven ys ous alwa vari g and idin prov ys trying to adapt vating opportunities to young artists. By connoisseur of music and is alwa emerging artists, but they are culti ing help only not are they like, tours, recording studios, and the the new feel and trust out music.” op’s Rolling Paper’s, and Raw Paby nced erie exp es culti diffi growth within their communities. the preference towards swishers, Sno a of unts With reco y Perc infamous Big , ther toge Movement ona green economy. In addition to the While putting the Pomona City tive outlets. Working with Pom pers, Big Percy is no novice to the crea ition ve nutr ucti t prod plan a and on nt g Dog siste op con ing king with Sno a haven young artists in regards to find strains mentioned above, he is wor emerging artists. Providing them for the ce in spa them safe st a assi ted to s, crea ient duo Nutr Premium Young aka Pimpin’ Young, the s to the artists in the area. company currently titled Snoop’s otions io has given valuable opportunitie e plac handles Marketing, Media, and Prom a y e Perc hav ’t Big . don y herb the ing If for constructive creativity, 6T’s Stud grow gs. of son ld wor out g ckin kno are kids and the se you BP: “We bou ght a stud io, t. You can ’t brin g the gun s, for this brand as well. in Bary stay [the re]. It’s a safe spo the es etim ects, Big Percy is working with Kev som ” ht, ing. rnig build ove our you to stay e com you In addition to these ongoing proj n whe Money n nce, See t viole Poin the g d, brin calle t ncy can’ age you op Dogg on an all-new booking can ’t brin g the bull shit , and Sno and key tiple mul of ? company is a conglomerate City Movement female Gone. According to Big Percy, this ing artists from the Pomona ice. idea of the with up e cam Are any of the young emerg ated into a convenient one-stop serv ners olid part his cons ement, Snoop Dogg and facets of the music industry Mov ch ide Bea prov two will Long y y the entl pan curr with com are ng this e , inni Ther When beg other facilities es Movement. With no need to outsource and use inspiring the PLM: the Pomona Ladi rding nt, reco eme n, ing Mov uctio join es be prod Ladi o will ch vide Bea t, They -C. men Long age Mer the Man ghter, and a range of services including RMM , Ree Ree, Pomona Young’s dau women who comprise the the PLM e. mor and ios, 2. stud Tour Pt. Snoop Dogg on the Puff Puff Pass women. These two young ladies have ything that we do. I was raised by ever with hand in wanted to add? hand go ies “ . “Lad BP: other final comments you packaged as Mary and Jane any will re they the m Are albu : next TBC their on but the moves I make.” the names ReeRee and Mer-C, Lifestyle: Don’t watch me, watch RMM e ? “Th fer BP: pre you do ins what stra Big On the subject of cannabis, Berner’s, Kurupt’s Moonrock, and ) by Whiz Khalifa, Cookies from (KK Kush of lifa all Kha e— op, min Sno of by s fs BP: “Lea all business associate continued on page 36 all friends of mine, and these are Tray Deee’s Sunrock. These are ld.” wor abis cann the situations within them have their own strains and Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side 29

y t i c h c a e b g n o l e


t n e m Move The Long Beach City Movement will be joining forces with Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Bone Thugs N Harmony, The Dogg Pound and DJ Quik for the Puff Puff Pass Tour Part 2. Aside from plenty of puffing and passing, the tour will feature local all-star groups like as well as The Pomona City Movement, which was modeled after The Long Beach City Movement.

joins the Puff Puff Pass Tour Part 2 By Benjamin M. Adams

Snoop, with the help of DJ Drama and Gansta Grillz dropped Beach City, a mixtape featuring several members of the Long Beach City Movement last year. The movement is working on several new projects and mixtapes.

Beefy Bankz Beefy Bankz is ready for the tour. “It’s a great opportunity to get out here and get the exposure, Beefy Bankz told The 420 Book. “The LBC Movement is going to be astronomical once everything comes together for everybody. We’re so diverse. Everybody’s got so many different styles and stories to tell. We come from so many different walks of life. We’re all from different neighborhoods for one. We’re all from Long Beach. Most of our neighborhoods were enemies, so we try to make a positive impact on the community and the rest of the world.” An all-star group based in Long Beach is long overdue. “We’re kind of like the West Coast Wu-Tang clan, Bankz says. “We already have a West Coast Wu out here. It’s like a gumbo pot.” The trend of increasing violent crime in Long Beach has not gone anywhere. “Growing up out here, you gotta know how to fight, Bankz says. “Even though a lot of people are using guns, you gotta know how to fight. You get what you got coming to you. If you’re out on the streets, you know what you’re doing. The shit that happens to the majority of people out here, they had it coming. I’m not talking about innocent people and victims. You know where it gets you.” Beefy Bankz says his music is difficult to describe. “I’ve got three different personalities to a degree. You got Beefy Bankz, the hustler, you got the conflict, which is more conscious for the streets. What I want to bring to the table, some good music, my business ethic, knowledge from these people that set me up with millions of dollars, I gotta get it.” In the studio, Bankz has showed no signs of slowing down. “We’re working on the new LBC Movement album in the studio. We got some new projects going. We’re keeping the library full. It’s about sixty-seventy songs. We’re pretty much ready to go. We’re all just working. We came together as a group with every individual being



in the studio with the Dogg or in the studio together. Everybody in the group is constantly working. Somebody’s sitting in front of the board, somebody’s sitting in front of a Mac, somebody’s on the mic, somebody’s doing something. “First and foremost, I want to shout out to Snoop Dogg, RNM for putting the whole tour together and keeping it knit for us, and shout out to my partners in the LBC Movement,” says Bankz.

Willie Mammuth Rapper Willie Mammuth is a member of the Long Beach City Movement. “It’s a blessing, Willie Mammuth told The 420 Book. “I’m very excited. I’m ready.” Anticipation for the Puff Puff Pass Tour Part 2 has been a clarifying moment for the rapper. “The LBC Movement was created to promote peace and positivity, Mammuth says. “We feel that we have a great gang of artists. We have the female groups, the male groups. It was started by Percy and Snoop Dogg, Pomona Pimpin’ Young. We’re just doing our music and chasing our dreams and promoting positivity.” Willie Mammuth released his single “Found a Bone” last summer. Mammuth has rapped many odes to Long Beach, including performances on the title track “Beach City” with Fade RR, SD The Emcee, Yung Zeke, Jooba Loc, Lil Moe and Yada. “My music is reality. It’s my life experiences, explains Mammuth. “Reality rap.”

Young Zeke “I’m very excited to be a part of that tour,” Yung Zeke told us. “Being out there with a legend is definitely exciting. As a youngster, I remember the original Puff Puff Pass Tour.” Yung Zeke’s latest project is GODA, meaning “Greatest of Dem All.” I would describe my music using three words- it’s dope, unique and I’m creative in the way I present my bars. Zeke is a member of the Long Beach City Movement. “The LBC Movement is a group of guys from the East, West, North and South side of Long Beach. It was a group of guys from different parts of the city from where we belong. The LBC Movement was able to form a group that was solid. Everybody was cool. We made history in Long Beach with a movement like that.” Growing up in Crip territory is something that Zeke is all to familiar with. “I grew up in Long Beach, Zeke says. “I was raised in the ‘90s era, when there was red and blue violence and all of that. Back then, you couldn’t wear red.” The Long Beach City Movement is representing the LBC in a way that no other Long Beach locals can- by joining Snoop Dogg on the Puff Puff Pass Tour Part 2.

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In his research, Wayne C. Koff found that,“following the use of marijuana, sexual desire was said to increase by 48.5% of those questioned.”1 Later he clarifies, that the results varied by gender; only 39.1% of males reported an increase versus 57.8% of females.2 The social conditions of marijuana usage has the ability to create sexual desire. The herb provides muscle relaxing benefits while simultaneously operating as an inhibition-releaser. Although it is 2016, gendered stereotypes still exist such as the sexual double standard. Marijuana serves as an inhibition releaser it two ways. For women, the relaxing benefits allow women to turn off their cognitive boundaries. Anxiety, social pressures, behavior norms ease away, as the flower encapsulates the mind. Unlike alcohol during a sexual episode, which takes away one’s ability to make sound decisions as consumption increases, marijuana brings about a heightened awareness of the self and thy partner.


Koff continues to discuss the effects of marijuana and sexual enjoyment. The results of his study showed that 51.3% of heterosexuals questioned reported an increase in enjoyment during sexy time, following the usage of marijuana.3 Both genders reported heightened physical sensations, while cognitive activity became restrained. Koff’s claims, “It seems probable that the effects of the drug cloud the mental scope of human sexual activity and allow the physical sensation to become more pronounced.”4 For men, the intensified feelings were most pronounced during orgasm creating a more enjoyable experience.

1 Wayne C. Koff, “Marijuana and Sexual Activity, ” The Journal of Sex Research 10, no. 3 (1974), 196., 2 Ibid., 197., 3 Ibid., 198., 4 Ibid., 198., 5 Ibid., 200., 6 Ibid., 199., 7 Ibid., 200




For those who are in heterosexual relationships, partner satisfaction proved to be a notable example of the benefits of marijuana and sexual activity. “My girlfriend’s desire and satisfaction were probably heightened judging from the number of her orgasms,”5 comments a male participant. According to Koff, “59.5% of the males believe that their partners’ satisfaction of sexual activity was greater while stoned; while 47.4% of the females believe that their partners found sexual activity more satisfying while ‘high.’”6


Moderate marijuana dosage plays a critical role in producing desirable results during sexy time. According to Koff, “ Dosage can be divided into two categories, those being quality and quantity.”7 Dependent on several factors, the appropriate amount of herb depends on the quality of your flower. If your shit is boof, then it is necessary to increase your quantity. However if you’ve got that dank, then your quality eliminates the need for quantity. Using a measuring system of reefer cigarettes, 1 deemed appropriate for higher quality herb, while 2 of them satisfied patients with more boof-esque flower. In addition, be cautious, edibles with too high of a dosage can leave participants exhausted. The intake of marijuana as a precursor to a sexual escapade, has many benefits ranging from creating sexually desirable atmospheres to increasing physical sensations during the climax. Proper dosage and partner satisfaction are also strong contributing factors to increased sexual satisfaction after marijuana usage. So light up, lube up, and always be safe. With Love,


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Samone Taylor

29 yrs. old • Hometown: Los Angele, CA • Current city: Sherman Oaks, CA Measurements: waist-28”, hips-44”, breast-38D • Ethnicity: African American      

How did you get your start in modeling?

“I just know a lot of photographers and I started taking photos. One day I started submitted them to magazines 8 years ago for Show Magazine and got on the front cover of Succoso Magazine.” What types of modeling do you engage in? “Magazines, events, print work, urban modeling, lingerie, nude modeling, promotional modeling for Royal Blunts, and Be Real TV. ” Do you have any tattoos? “I have one tattoo on my wrist and one on my lower back. One is of the Horus Eye which means protection, royal power and good health.” What do you do to stay in shape? “I just try to eat healthy - I don’t eat red meat, shell fish, bread or soda. I try to keep a low-carb diet as well as eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.” What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you watch it? “Good Morning America – I love watching TV in the morning so I can stay up to date with current events.”

What did you want to be when you were growing up? “I wanted to be a singer. I am not trying to pursue it right now but I still keep my voice trained.”

What do you like to do in your free time? “I love to go shopping, read, play poker, go fishing and cooking. I love roller coasters and try to make it to Magic Mountain whenever I can.”

What is the nerdiest thing about you? “I have two degrees – Liberal Arts & Psychology. I am really good at math and in my free time I tutor high school kids.”

What is your favorite book? “The Book of The Dead – It is about Egyptian mythology.”

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don juan and the annual

Considered th e number one international in a row, The pimp for 13 Bishop Don years Juan served Year at the an as the Playe nual Players r o f the B al l. This ball is a and women gathering of who have pro men ve n to be succ industry. The essful within event is open th eir -in vitation, Don everybody is Juan states welcome incl th at ud ministers, an ing family, fr d anyone else iends, athlet es, . The festivities begin the first evening on Fr greet gives iday. The mee everyone an t- and o pportunity to contestants in a relaxed meet the oth en er vi on Saturday, ronment. The at the Players main event is B all, when the are selected best of the b . Finally, Su n es d t, ay givin g e very offers the P one an opp layers Brun ortunity to p ch, while reminis artake in fe cing on the jo llowship ys of the even ing before. TBC: By who’s standards? Who judges the pimp of the year? Dependent on the varying individuals within the game, The Bishop included, the decision process is narrowed by regional differences. For example, The Bishop says you would ask one player about the best player in his state, such as Hawaii; from there, you would consider the “top player” from each state. On the first evening of the Players Ball, at the meet-and-greet, contestants are considered based off a criteria and conversations past. The Bishop elucidates further: BDJ: “It’s based on a criteria. [Meaning] Your cars, clothes, jewelry, your woman, and your flash period. How good you’ve been in 12 months. . . There is nothing disrespectful about it. It is one of the most recognized events, because guys will spend thousands of dollars getting themselves and their girls together for the event. To look to the best, to win, it’s a competition.” The first Players Ball was hosted October 12, 1974 in Chicago, and the The Bishop has continued this tradition ever since. A combination of a birthday party and celebration of players, the function will be returning back home to Chicago this year. The black-tie affair is expected to bring in a plethora of fascinating identities including big names such as Snoop Dogg, who has been the DJ for the past two years, as well as Whiz Khalifa, Ray J, and others. The Ball gives a variety of awards, including a special award called the Don Juan Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is given to persons who have made outstanding differences in their community. TBC: Does the award come with any benefits? BDJ: “For a 12-month period, you are respected for what the award was presented for. For example, Player of the Year. If you became Player of the Year, all Players around the country would have to respect you, because you were voted in.”

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TBC: Let’s talk more about the lifestyle and women. Do you have a woman in your life, or do you have bitches, tell me more? BDJ: “I do not pimp anymore. But I can make things happen for a woman and change her life from the worst to the best. I can give her direction, understanding, and a good prayer life. Prayer changes things, if you’re obedient and loyal, good things can happen in life.” The Bishop believes there are a lot of false intentions that exists within modern-day relationships. He comments on the necessity for companionship, stating that if a gentleman takes the effort to brighten-up her life, she will then go the extra mile to help make things happen. In regards to his previous lifestyle, Don Juan remarks on the changes he has noticed within the industry and the actors that support it. BDJ: “The game is so different because there is no real loyalty. People are willing to sell out and compromise their families and friendships. The game is not the same. There was a code: no money, no honey. But men today, do not follow any code. TBC: Concluding remarks? BDJ: “I’ve been around, people know me. I mean what I say, and say what I mean.” Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


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Santa Ana

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Bush Master Bars Are Coming To A Dispensary Near You Lab Tested, Patient Aproved

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product review

This two-time award winning 1st place strain “El Chapo O.G” is killing the game right now. It is the most wanted flower on the market. Definitely a “boss” status line from OG Cali Buds. Pick some up today! OG Cali Buds in Los Angeles, @ogcalibuds

Chroncierge is the purveyor of the finest cannabis the world has to offer. Cultivated by master growers who handpick only the absolute cream of the crop for each artisan product offering. Specializing in the rare art and exotic selections proven to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. Chroncierge “First Name in Luxury Cannabis”, @chroncierge

After opening his first restaurant in Las Vegas, Wing King LV, Brian Peace grew his menu to over 80 flavors of sauces. Being able to see the enjoyment these sauces have brought to others, he decided to take them to a ‘higher’ level! Creating Wing King Infuzed - offering his vast array of sauces infused with cannabis, giving those with debilitating diseases, illness, pain or any other discomfort the ability to medicate while enjoying Wing King sauces. Brian truly feels blessed with the opportunity to do something he is passionate about while improving the livelihood of others! @wingkinginfuzed

Toss out those messy syringes! The patent pending Jetty Dablicator is a direct dabbing apparatus, filled with Jetty Extracts refined CO2 oil(Approx. 70% active cannabinoids). Perfect for on-the-go use! Simply twist and apply the desired amount of medicine from the metal tip to dab onto your favorite glass piece or vapor pen. Filled with 1 ML of strain specific CO2 oil, the Jetty Dablicator is the cleanest, most efficient method of its kind. Also available in their high potency gold line

Pure Vape offers the cleanest oils and waxes on the market! Their patented method of formulation and CO2 extraction guarantees high potency as well as a clean and safe product. Their vape cartridges provide a full terpene infused profile, making it extremely flavorful and potent.,, (213) 537-2030



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The emeralD cup Sonoma County

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high Times cannabis cup LaS vEgaS

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Growing pot au


By Rob Starr The legalization of medical marijuana in many states has been growing and cultivating pot has become a big business. As vacant industrial sections of cities and towns across America find new life with entrepreneurs willing to exchange building widgets and products in factories to cultivating and nursing weed , the way we grow marijuana is taking on a new look. Consider the demand. Statistics tell us there are 1,246,170 marijuana users legally registered in their individual states as of March of this year. In California alone there are 758,607 patients who have signed on to use medical marijuana. estimates that if our favourite herb was legal for medical purposes in all 50 states and D.C., there would be 2,604,079 registered users in the United States alone. So, while it’s obvious that as pot goes mainstream and it’s important to grow more of it to meet consumer demand, how and where has become a new area of interest. Indoor pot has always been held up as the pedigree because you can control the environment and even tinker with CO2 levels that boosts the THC results. These indoor crops are coddled whereas their outdoor cousins have to put up with all of the elements including wind, rain and the other natural elements that can make it hard for marijuana to flourish. Outdoor herb

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow pot outside. Far from it. Some people even find the organically grown outdoor herb preferable to its indoor counterpart. If you’re considering becoming a New Age farmer and growing some leafy green treasures in an outdoor space, here’s what you can expect from planting pot outside and au natural. Spring weeds you won’t mind

For many of us who love marijuana dearly, the four seasons are just different settings on the indoor controls we use to grow pot inside. When you get started where you live is important and it’s best to figure out the gardening zone in your part of the country. Generally, you should wait for about one week after the last frost before you grab the blue overalls and start seeding, however, most cannabis can be planted in most part of the United States in April through May. Keep in mind that you can move a plant you started inside outside, and the smoke that you started in your indoor garden can be transplanted to the great outdoors even as far along as midsummer. As your favorite herb starts to grow, tying open the branches can allow more sunlight to get to leaves that might otherwise be fighting to get their fair share. Keep in mind that in the right temperate climates an outdoor grow can save you in energy costs over and indoor enterprise because Mary Jane is a very hardy plant in the end. But what about the other seasons? Can you grow your herb in the summer heat or even when the leaves start to fall? Summer heat h … ea lthy weed!



Pot grows well in the summertime but depending on the rainfall, you might need to play nursemaid and water your flowering buds if they haven’t had a drink in three days. One of the most important things for any summer grow is making sure the soil doesn’t dry out. Of course there are extremes and any summer temperatures over 86°F can stop your weed from growing just like anything under 55°F can actually kill a crop off. Environmental factors are important

and heavy rains and winds can cause damage. However, cannabis plants should receive 5 to 6 hours of sunlight a day and if your climate has a reasonable temperature variance that includes these hours of light, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t try and let those plants stay outside in summer and late fall. Budding crop

Remember that your budding young cannabis crop also needs well-drained, organic soil that is slightly acidic. Here’s some other advice. If you have plants indoors that you are going to move outside, it’s a good idea to let them harden under the roof before you put them underneath the stars. Autumn pot grows

while the leaves fall

Rock phosphate, bone meal and blood meal are great slow release nutrients that you can add to the soil to help your crop. Everything that you planted and nurtured over the growing season is harvested during August and September. As the weather turns, it’s imortant to watch out for certain types of fungal diseases like bud rot. Forming a compost pile for what’s left over after the harvest will come in handy in the spring when the whole cycle starts all over again. Watch out for winter

In many parts of the United States, the temperature in winter doesn’t mix well with growing healthy smoke but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it if you’re lucky enough to have daytime temperatures between 75-86°F and a nighttime range of 64-72°F. It’s best not to try to grow your own weed if the temperature dips below 61°F at night even if you can use artificial high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting to mimic sunlight. Growing weed on your windowsill or in your basement might become a kind of leisure pastime with the kind of business that medical marijuana legalization is bringing. Along with growing your favorite flavor outside under the sun and stars, many serious people are getting involved with greenhouses as well.

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Evaluation Doctors



Evaluation Doctors

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A.J. meet my son,

Alexander Jarred Kephart, (A.J.), was 13 years old on the swim team, liked dirt bike riding, hanging out with his friends and playing video games when he started having pain in his left knee. We had taken A.J. to the doctors many times, each time, we were sent home with the diagnose of, “it’s just growing pains”. It was not until January that a lump appeared and at that time, an x-ray was taken and it was determined that more scans would be required. January 11, 2013, A.J. with diagnosed with stage 4 Osteosarcoma, the tumor was in his left leg, but by the time they had discovered the cancer, it had already traveled through his body and into his lungs. A.J. started chemotherapy right away. The types of chemo used, were hard on A.J.’s bones and he became osteopenia (brittle bones). Along with battling cancer, he was breaking his bones all the time. Also, since the cancer was in his lungs, A.J.’s lungs were collapsing and he was put on breathing tubes for about 2 months straight. They started chemo right away to try

and shrink the tumor. In May 2013, A.J. had his first of many surgeries, they were going to remove the tumor and determine by the size and percentage how much longer he would have to continue with chemo treatments. A.J. has been through many surgeries, for multiple reasons, from broken bones, to spinal vertebrae removal (all due to the cancer and chemo). Throughout this whole ordeal, A.J. has remained positive and always has a smile, always has time to talk, and is always ready to help out anyone in need. In April 2015, a scan showed the cancer came back with a vengeance, and we were informed to get A.J.’s things in order. We were scared of losing our son. He was running fevers around the clock, some as high as 104.7. He had lost 13 pounds in one week, was on pain pills 24/7, and was in constant pain. We felt hopeless until someone mentioned using cannabis. We asked A.J.’s doctor and she agreed we should try. She sent us to Dr. Goldstein, (we love Dr. Goldstein!!!), who gave us directions on the dosage and how to use cannabis oils with A.J. We started him on the cannabis and it was a God sent, after the 2nd day, A.J. the fevers went down, he started to eat and after a week, A.J. was down to taking only 1 pain pill a day. Having A.J. on the cannabis has been wonderful. It is now October 2016, 18 months after we were told that A.J. only had a few months to live. We are now more hopeful of his survival rate than we were just 18 months ago, all thanks to the cannabis oils. We will keep A.J. on cannabis the rest of his life. Thank you for reading A.J.’s story.

Please let me share this story by a guest speaker at A.J.’s High School which shows A.J.’s personality. A.J’s teacher told me this story and of course being Momma, I teared up and was so VERY VERY proud of our Little Hero. This story is not the first. This is our A.J. always thinking of others. Chris and I the proudest parents. We love our Monkey.

The Power of $15, written by Michele Neff Hernandez

Today I was the guest speaker for a career class at Royal High School in Simi Valley. My topic was non-profit leadership, and I spent about 45 minutes sharing both my personal story, and the story of the founding of Soaring Spirits with the class. As the students filed out after the bell rang, each passed by and thanked me for visiting their classroom. They were gracious and sweet. These students give me so much hope for the future of our world. One student was still in the classroom as the teacher and I chatted after class. After shifting through his bag for several minutes, this young man came over to the door to say goodbye. As he approached me, he held out a stack of one dollar bills. He asked me if I would please accept the $15 he had to offer as a donation in support of the work of Soaring Spirits. Both his teacher and I were stunned silent. His explanation for making this donation was this: “I’ve felt down at a few times in my life and if I have the chance to support other people who are going through a hard time just by giving the money in my pocket, I want to do that.” This young man had obviously faced his own challenges, and his response was to grow in kindness and generosity. His willingness to offer what help he could, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you A.J. for your kindness, for your compassion, and for turning your own pain into generosity towards others. The gift you gave me today will be a blessing for a long, long time. 66



Merchant processing for the cannabis industry

Proprietary software to process cannabis purchases and payments. Reloadable payent card (similar to PayPal or Starbucks) TRusTed meRchanT seRvices for the cannabis industry.

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san diego: 619 -781-2600 Los angeLes: 310- 873 - 8555

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True HumboldT rosin

It’s where heat, pressure, and the world’s fInest sun grown cannabIs combIne to produce a pure and solventless experIence lIke never before.

@gsdist |

@truehumboldt | 844-420-4733 |

Humboldt is more than a place where great medicine is grown. It’s an icon, a legend, an idea, a philosophy, a lifestyle. It’s our culture.

The 420 Book • LA • December, 2016  

Local information on: Dispensaries, Evaluation Doctors, Delivery Services, News and Events

The 420 Book • LA • December, 2016  

Local information on: Dispensaries, Evaluation Doctors, Delivery Services, News and Events