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By Sean Kiernan

The Weed for Warriors Project was founded in 2014. Their mission statement is to advocate on behalf of all Veterans, to allow them the freedom to use cannabis, a recognized medical alternative to psychiatric drugs without any discrimination. WFWP was started in the San Francisco Bay Area by an OEF United States Marine Corps Veteran who found relief from his service-connected disabilities through cannabis and the fellowship of Veterans within the community. With the help of organizations like Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance, WFWP was able to provide local Veterans with cannabis education, a safe place to fellowship with other Veterans and safe access to free medicine with proof of service and current medical recommendation. Seeing the need for cannabis based groups nationwide, WFWP started to establish chapters throughout and beyond California, These groups would not be possible without the passionate leadership of the chapter presidents, the compassionate donations from vendors and the support of the cannabis community. Our mission is to help all those suffering from the unjust Prohibition of Cannabis, thus denying a medicine to our heroes that are having a dramatic impact on the suicide rates that are plaguing our Country. 18


Letter written to Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom at the State Capital on April 20th, 2016, by Sean T. Kiernan, Veteran and President, Weed for Warriors Project

Lieutenant Governor Newsom, Do You Really Want to Create Two California’s with regard to Cannabis? Dear Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, My name is Sean Kiernan and I am the President of the Weed for Warriors Project, a non-profit started in San Jose California in 2014. We are a group of veterans advocating for our Sisters and Brothers who have worn the uniform to have access to Cannabis in order to treat their War Trauma. Access to Cannabis provides an option to the cocktails of pharmaceuticals currently prescribed regardless of zip code.We read your editorial in the Modesto Bee on March 21, 2016 in support of the “Control, Regulate, and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act”, “AUMA” or the “Sean Parker Initiative” as it’s popularly called in the press. We have penned this letter to express not only concerns but to point out flaws in AUMA or what we have previously described as an initiative straight out of central planning. We would be remiss if we failed to mention that we support access to Cannabis for everyone, so while we are Veterans representing just 7% of the population who wear that title, we are fighting for everyone to have the freedom of choice to choose what medicines they are allowed to use or put into their body. To be fair, we are in agreement with much of what you wrote, so there is common ground. That agreement is the idea that the “war on drugs has been an abject – and expensive failure”. Also, we are in agreement on many of your points as they relate to fostering responsible use and production as it relates to Public Safety, and Environmental Protection. Also, if Colorado is any indication, the new funds raised could be used to invest in our communities, a much-needed change from the destruction the State has been responsible for in our communities under Prohibition, especially in communities of color and poverty. However, we must question whether your prescription, “passing AUMA” or the Adult Use of Marijuana Act is in the best interest of a significant portion of the State you hope to lead someday. It’s not that your stated goals are not admirable, they are. Nor that some of your wording and phrases with regard to AUMA don’t sound a lot like the prohibitionist, they do. In fact the entire “smarter approach” catch phrase you used has two issues: One, it’s Orwellian Doublespeak but that is likely related to the packaging of the Act so we can overlook that. The second, and more important matter with regard to AUMA is, it’s not as you so state the “smarter approach”. The goals you speak to in your editorial sound great for the most part, although there is so much more, however we do understand the need to be brief in a newspaper. Using your own litmus test for developing California’s legal Cannabis market, let’s discuss your support for AUMA. You state, “A successful marijuana framework would also reduce the size of the black market”. We understand this rational and in an ideal world we agree, however, we fail to understand the economic theory that “AUMA” would accomplish this. In fact, the passage of AUMA is almost certainly going to increase black market activity and probably dramatically. The why is pretty simple, AUMA increases the cost of production as you state, for the “good actors” or more simply put, those willing and able to adhere to the dramatically increased regulatory requirements AUMA and the other leviathan AB 266 puts into place. In addition, “AUMA” increases taxes dramatically on both the producers and the consumers who will be paying up to 25% sales tax to access Cannabis legally. Call us crazy, but increasing cost via regulation and taxes on producers and slapping a 25% tax on consumers will add both supply and demand into the black market, especially when legalizing the product

for every adult in the state. One only needs to look across America at the legalization movement in places like Colorado where the black market is thriving. AUMA will ensure a black market that offers easier and cheaper access to Cannabis than legal dispensaries will. In addition, you state “we incarcerate too many Americans for non-violent drug crimes” and we agree! At the Democratic Party Convention in Los Angeles, you stated ““It was in 1971 when Richard Nixon, a Californian, declared a war on drugs as a backlash to massive shifts in cultural values,” Newsom said. “And since the 1970’s, our learning curve on the war on drugs has cost the taxpayers more than $1 trillion and counting. And that’s not even the most significant cost to our failed policies. Over that same period of time, the United States of America has spent over $120 billion to arrest some 37 million people for non-violent drug offenses. Think about that. That’s the equivalent of nearly the entire population of our great state.” We applaud your words and agree, however, your very speech conflicts with the wording in AUMA, the pathway you publically are championing. Looking at AUMA’s wording, the criminalization of cannabis and the pipeline from Cannabis to incarceration still very much exist. Simple possession of flower above one ounce of cannabis can land you in jail for six months and that jumps to a year if its concentrates you are caught with. This fact has us questioning whether you are serious about your comments that we incarcerate too many Americans for non-violent drug crimes or not? Now let us speak to AUMA’s endorsement by the NAACP, which you highlight. We fully understand and are aware of promises to Alice Huffman, the President of the California NAACP, who we absolutely admire. We would be shocked if AUMA garnered the NAACP’s support without the very clear understanding that as you state, AUMA is just the ”first step” and the NAACP we imagine is expecting so much more post November 2016 that will address the very real atrocities inflicted on our communities, especially communities of color by the War on Drugs. This is a War so racially tinged Michelle Alexander called it “The New Jim Crow”. This is really the crux of those in favor of the Sean Parker Initiative. It will pragmatically legalize adult cannabis for one segment of the population, people with money. You are going to create two California’s for Cannabis. One for those with resources who will be able to afford the tremendous cost increases associated with consumption or production that AUMA will entail; and the other, the black market where the sick, poor and disenfranchised will be forced to turn to. Think about this, the very communities of poor we have literally destroyed, veterans who have sacrificed too much already and many other vulnerable groups will now have the targets solely on their backs for the prohibitionist in law enforcement to keep the pipeline to criminality going. Is escalating the war on our most vulnerable really a good thing? We understand the concept of progress and moving the ball forward. However AUMA will run afoul of your first goal to reduce the black market. It will absolutely decrease the punishments for the privileged while focusing all the assets in law enforcement’s jihad against Cannabis on the poor and vulnerable who will be accessing the black market. This course of action will exacerbate, not remedy the over criminalization of our citizenry for victimless crimes, while punishing those most in need of easy and affordable access to Cannabis. If California’s endeavor to regulate the medical cannabis market last year with AB 266 has any predictive value for AUMA, it’s telling us the law of unintended consequences will be in full effect. The recent rush to outlaw cultivation and access in many cities and counties across California was in direct response to AB 266’s 70-page framework that “mistakenly”, per Assemblyman Jim Wood, included a continued on page 20 Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


continued from page 19 March 1st deadline for localities to pass regulations governing Cannabis or lose such power to the State. Restricting personal cultivation and making access harder is not something the sick and vulnerable can afford from a bill that is suppose to regulate their health care. You might be wondering, why a Veterans group cares so much. Well in 2012, the Veterans Administration published a report on Veteran Suicide. The numbers were not pretty, and worse, they understated the problem.  The study concluded that there were at least 22 Veterans committing suicide daily in our Country. At 22 Veterans a day, that is over 8,000 killing themselves each year.  Putting those numbers into context, veterans represent 7% of the US population; yet, they represent 20% of all suicides. That is bad news by itself, but wait, it is much worse. The numbers published by the VA in 2012 only included suicide data from 21 of the 50 states with the other 29 claiming they didn’t have the data or they could not provide it because of privacy issues.  An interesting but depressing statistic is California and Texas were two of the 29 States who did not provide data yet they represent 20% of our countries population. Using extrapolation it is not inconceivable that the actual number of Veterans killing themselves is over 20,000 each year. I don’t believe we would find much disagreement with the claim that our institutional response to the needs of Veterans is failing miserably. I also think if the government can’t help, it should do all it can to not exacerbate the problem further. The dirty little secret that is not really a secret is Veterans have for eternity, sought relief from their ailments of service from the cannabis plant. In fact, much is made of quotes attributed in the press of the time to our Civil War Generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee who championed its use amongst their soldiers. Grant is quoted as stating Cannabis is of “great value for the Wounded” while Lee stated he “wish it was in my power to place Hasheesh Candy into the pocket of every soldier because I was convinced that it speedily relieves debility, fatigue and suffering.” It’s not just Soldiers or Veterans who realize the healing properties of Cannabis. A study published by the American Journal of Public Health by professors from three US Universities suggest that access to legalized cannabis was associated with an 11 percent reduction in the suicide rate of 20 through 29 year-old males and a 9 percent reduction in the suicide rate of 30 through 39 year-old males. A demographic that hits the Veteran suicide epidemic center mass although we must not ignore our female Veterans who are exhibiting the same yet in many circumstances unique problems. How is the Weed for Warriors confronting this epidemic head on? The Weed for Warrior’s Southern California chapter was conducting one of its frequent meetings this recent fall at a local park. Over one hundred veterans spent the day barbequing and enjoying the friendships that any Veteran will tell you they miss. The other purpose of this event was to distribute cannabis to qualified veterans who can’t afford to purchase their medicine. The VA nor insurance covers medical marijuana and for a triple amputee Veteran, the $3,000 they receive in monthly disability payments barely cover their cost of living let alone discretionary income to cover cannabis. As the crowd of Veterans gathered to graciously accept their brown bag of donations, they peered inside to see flowers donated by growers, oils donated by manufacturers, vaporizers donated by entrepreneurs and lotions full of medicine that amputees swear by. Smiles permeated the veterans faces, spouses were happy knowing their families would be a little more at ease and the kids, well all they knew is mom and dad were happy. This day was a good day, a day that is in danger of becoming a thing of the past for these veterans who will have no alternative to turn to and given what we have learned, that will mean more body bags for those who already risked their lives for us. 20


How could this be? Well let’s turn to our political system in California. Toward the later part of 2015, California passed AB 266 also called California’s Medical Marijuana Regulation & Safety Act. Cannabis and Regulation collided and everyone is still sifting through the ramifications of trying to please everyone, well of course except Veterans. There is one thing that is for sure, donations of cannabis has been severely restricted and the cost of production and distribution will increase across the board. Producers have to sell their goods to middlemen who then sell the producers product, after a markup of course, to the dispensary who can if they wish match what is happening today free of charge. Under AB 266 almost all the donations the Weed for Warriors Project received that day at the park will be outlawed with risk of jail to all involved. In discussions with Weed for Warriors donors throughout the state, all of them, from growers to manufacturers, will now be unable to donate meds of any kind. Beard Bro Pharms, one of the biggest donors to WFWP states: “AB 266 practically makes it impossible to provide medicine to the most needy and deserving members of our society for the purpose of appeasing those who championed prohibition to start” There is still hope though as California is anticipated to pass legalized adult use Cannabis in 2016. In Colorado, many Veterans denied medicine through the States medical program (PTSD is not a recognized condition) receive their medicine through the State’s recreational program. So while AB 266 looks to hurt the most needy and deserving of our society, California still had an opportunity to make it right. However, not with yours as well as Silicon Valley billionaire Sean Parker support for AUMA. Reporter Jeremy Daw called AUMA, “an initiative by business, for business, and one that will undoubtedly leave many Veterans where Veterans are often left by our government, six feet under. Why? The Sean Parker Act as its being termed in the press or AUMA specifically prohibits any donations to anybody at all. So as we enter 2016, Veterans once again find themselves as a doormat for a system that lost use for them years ago. In everyone’s rush to claim victory or protect their interest, Veteran’s interests are clearly being ignored and that exclusion has been overplayed throughout our country’s history as to blunt the visceral reaction we should be having. With between 8,000 and 20,000 Veterans committing suicide each year in our Country, with California being home to the largest Veteran population, it is appalling to see the political class, partner with the for profit industry and the prohibitionist to once again marginalize our Veterans. We ask that you and the people of California stand with us and demand relief from the overregulation of medical cannabis via AB 266. We ask for redress or absent such, the rejection of AUMA as the model for recreational cannabis. Failure to do so will have the practical effect of denying too many sick patients their medicine and while keeping alive the black market so the justice system can continue to exploit the poor and disenfranchised for profits. We owe it to our Veterans who seek relief from the horrors of service. Horrors it seems obvious are not understood by those crafting legislation in Sacramento. We owe it to our communities who have been so disproportionately targeted by the Prohibitionist’s Jihad against Cannabis. We need to wind down the war against the poor, and that does not occur by regulating a pivot in law enforcement’s crosshairs from everyone to squarely and solely on the back of those not privileged enough to be considered “good actors” as you state. Thank you. Sincerely, Sean T. Kiernan, Veteran President, Weed for Warriors Project

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San Pedro

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Sherman Oaks



Sherman Oaks

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Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


Don j uan There is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one can say, “look! This is something new? It was here Already, long ago. It was here before our time. What is twisted cannot be strightened, what is lacking cannot be counted. — Ecclesiastes 1:9-10

W e sa l u t e a l l m i l i ta ry a n d a r m e d fo rc e s

Honey of the month Annina Marie

Annina Marie has been in the limelight since having been signed and scouted by age 9. She is a professional dancer of Ballet, Jazz, Salsa, Tap and Modern Dance. Annina Marie has danced all over the country with various performers including Dan Aykroyd & Jim Belushi’s Blues Brothers Tribute Band, to on stage with Snoop Dogg. Annina Marie also has a passion for overall wellness which includes her Esthetician business. She is much more than just a pretty face. Annina Marie grew up a “military brat,” the daughter and Granddaughter of US Marines. Her father faced epilepsy after sustaining a combat brain injury at the age of 22. Annina saw firsthand the effects the pharmaceuticals were taking on her father and wondered what alternatives were available. After a walk-on appearance on The Bishop Don Magic Juan’s radio show, Annina immersed into education for medical marijuana after learning more of its benefits during the show with P-Funk Mastermind, George Clinton, and Cypress Hill’s B-Real. She attended the Cannabis Career Institute in Los Angeles and regularly attends and host events centered on cannabis education and advocacy. She made herself an example by getting her medical card, smoking daily, and giving up alcohol completely. “If more people smoked, people would be more insightful, as opposed to alcohol.” With this new found clarity, Annina realized that our Vets were suffering from prescribed medication. Seeking healthier alternatives would only put them in danger of being prosecuted or stripped of their benefits. Annina set out to prove she could do it all. Our Honey of the Month used her intelligence to speak out as a medical marijuana advocate, promoting education of marijuana and hosting events. Annina gives her support to The Weed for Warriors Project. She supports all veterans who desire healthy alternatives to their medical treatments. Anna Marie will be available for photos and a 420 Book signing on Saturday, April 16th at the KushStock Festival in Los Angeles. We look forward to big things from Annina and salute all her efforts. 28 28


Age & Measurements: 29, 34-24-34 Hometown: Laguna Beach Occupation: Professional Dancer, Model, Makeup Artist, Esthetician Professional Goals: Role in Major Film, Spa Business Owner Hobbies: Working-Out, Dance, Entertainment with Friends & Family Instagram-@AnninaUnger Facebook/Twitter-AnnineUnger


By Sunceree R.

Still Delivering Hard Ass Rhymes


If you are a true fan of hip-hop then you already know Cold Hard of the group Crucial Conflict of “Hay” fame. If not, let’s take it back to the West Side of Chicago during the early 1980s when the Vice Lord gang ruled the neighborhoods. Here we find a young man, who despite his great upbringing, found himself being influenced by the opulent cars, designer clothes, and large stacks of money the pimps, drug dealers, and gangsters flashed around the hood. When you are raised and live in an underprivileged area, constantly seeing the finer things, can certainly spark a desire to obtain those things.. “You were gonna be a few things in my neighborhood...a pimp, a drug dealer, or a gang banger, those were all the options you had left to come up in my neighborhood.” In the case of Cold Hard, he chose to get those things through unscrupulous means, in other words, robbing and stealing. He was taken under the wing of high ranking Vice Lord Willie Lloyd, who taught him “the game.” He smoked marijuana daily and perfected his craft of criminal mischief. This in turn led Cold Hard to incarceration, but was released at 19. Fresh out, Cold Hard started hitting the house party scene in an area of Chicago referred to as “K-Town.” He had given himself the moniker “Cold Hard-Courageous One Lord Delivering Hard Ass Rhymes Destructively” to set himself apart from other MCs and to bring attention to his flow. There he met up with his neighborhood buddies, Kilo, Wild Style, and Never, where they would battle and rock the underground parties. Deciding that the wicked ways of the streets was not his calling, Cold Hard formed the group Crucial Conflict with his boys. They rocked all local scenes but set their sights on bigger things. While shopping for labels they visited Death Row Records in Los Angeles. Sitting in the parking lot, smoking on “Cali Dodo” the guys brainstormed and wrote their 1996 smash hit, “Hay.” From there their fame spread and they were signed to Palace Records. But this story does not end here as a happy ever after fairytale, it ends as many do for hardworking, aspiring artists, in turmoil. After breakout fame, 7 years of grinding, Billboard chart tops, and

3.5 million records sold, Cold Hard and the rest of the group found themselves under promoted, under paid, and locked into a bad contract with their record label. The guys pressed on and continued to tour the United States, Asia, and Eastern Europe, all while trying to be released from their contract. Cold and his fellow group member continued to work as a group but also pursued individual pursuits

His new album, “The Party Animals” is all about igniting fun all over the world and is due out in late May.

as well. They dropped the album Planet Crucon on indie label Buckwild Records, worked on solo albums, and took time for family and spiritual needs. Cold began filming “The Chronicles of Cold Hard” on YouTube, made an internet miniseries about Chicago called “The Block Diaries,” and mentoring his son Lil Cold that is following in his Dad’s MC footsteps. He has recently performed on the Midwest Legends Tour with Bone Thugs N Harmony, Da Brat, Twista, and Do or Die, had an April 1st performance with Too Short, and will soon be promoting “The Party Animals” with Crucial Conflict. “Love is what pushes me to do music.” Even after a bum record deal Cold still strives to have fun and make music with the same passion as when he was 19. His new album, “The Party Animals” is all about igniting fun all over the world and is due out in late May. With over 20 years in the industry Cold still smokes regularly to relax and have fun. He agrees that Veterans and disabled should be able to use cannabis as their treatment alternatives because he saw firsthand how it comforted his father who battled diabetes, suffered a leg amputation, and died in 2005. From him, he learned about the lighter side of life and to always have fun and enjoy yourself, and that desire is what keeps Cold Hard delivering destructive rhymes. @CruConColdHard, CrucialConflictChicago Where Where the the grass grass isis ALWAYS ALWAYS GREENER GREENER on on the the other other side side

29 29

Finding a copy

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We have over 1,600 dis tribution l ocations throughout L os Angeles! 1 Volume 2015 October

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NoW oU K Do Y RIGHTS? YoURtiOns answered es yOur qu Io N L Iz AT L E G A E U .S . H T IN tate infOrmatiOn -s state-tO

visit your local evaluation doctor, dispensary or call us!

The 420 Book 858-831-9000 30 30


The 420 Book’s

exclusive Journalist

“The Bishop”

Don Juan and just some of his celebrity friends Check out page 28 for his monthly feature, “The Don Juan Show”

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Where Where the the grass grass isis ALWAYS ALWAYS GREENER GREENER on on the the other other side side

31 31

South LA



South LA

Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


South park



Van Nuys

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West LA

Stress to Finesse

Mac Lucci By Sunceree R.

It is said that we are products of our environment. In the 1940’s & 50’s South Central, Los Angeles was the epicenter for much of the city’s prospering black community and the hub of the West Coast Jazz scene. During the 1960’s & 70’s it saw the beginning of racial division among the neighborhoods. The 1980’s saw a foreboding shift within its 51 square miles and 25 neighborhoods. It saw local factory closures, a rise in unemployment, and an increase in poverty and crime. The rise of the crack epidemic brought further darkness, as did the explosion of gang activity. In an environment of such turmoil what sort of products were being produced in South Central? Many would think the product of a big time, drug dealer father and ex-gang member mother, would result in yet another negative statistic. Mac Lucci was “born into the fast lane” of flashy cars, money, guns, and violence as a result of his father’s drug dealing. He was showered with the finest name brands, constantly moving from place to place until 1992, when both of his parents were indicted on Federal charges and sent to prison; cutting off the extravagant life style he had been accustomed. He was 8 years old, now living in the hood with his Aunt and older cousin Big Doty, who inspired him. Mac would free style with his cousin for fun, but his main interest was hanging out with his cousin and friends. As he got older hanging out turned into trouble. “Being bad, I used to ditch school and would sneak off and read his raps in his room. I was really kind of amazed at how he could put the lifestyle to rhyme.” By 17, he was kicked out of high school with a baby soon due. Sitting on a bus stop Mac decided he would not be a statistic. He needed to do something positive with his life. He opened his notebook and seriously wrote his first bars. By 18 he had his first album that he promoted through Guerrilla marketing, the old school





way; selling it out of the trunk of a car. Taking his knowledge from the streets, using his talent and persistence is what led Mac to Snoop Dogg. “I met him through determination and ambition, coming off the streets, selling my music out of the trunk of the car. I think the Man upstairs led us to each other. I ended up at a video shoot with a bunch of my homies...He told us to rap and we started rapping... and that’s what happened.” His first major performance was at Centinella Park (Edward Vincent Jr.) in Inglewood, a rival gang neighborhood. “There was a lot of tension. One thing I seen was how music can break borderlines.” People were able to sit back and listen, hearing rhymes that told their way of life, their struggles, and their hustles letting them forget about gang beef for that moment in time. This only fed Mac’s drive to pursue his music career. Mac was intent on sharing stories of the South Central streets as he lived and experienced them. He wanted to let people know that you can make it despite the adversities you face in life. His lyrics speak of smoking daily and the hustling lifestyle he lived. He began smoking marijuana at an early age, “I remember as a youngster when you’re down and out and doing bad. You think about doing something illegal to get money. Instead, you smoke bud. You hit it and take a deep breath. You stop and think it out. It relaxes you.” This issue salutes Weed for Warriors and support s the Veterans Equal Access Act. We asked Mac if he agreed that Veterans should be allowed to use marijuana for their treatments of chronic pain and PTSD. “For them to be able to hit the bud, it’s going to calm them down and relax them. It’s going to calm down their anger if they have any or other things of that nature. That’s what it does, it relaxes you. They should definitely do it.” Since meeting up with Snoop, Mac has toured the United States, appeared on mixed tapes, written and directed movies, started the

Built 2 Ball Label and has been nominated as 2014 – 2015’s “Player of the Year” at the Bishop Don Magic Juan’s Player’s Ball. Mac’s newest single, Big Boyz features Kokane and is available on ITunes and YouTube. His entire catalog can be heard on Fans should stay tuned for the release of Cortez Music 4. Mac is also featured along side with Snoop in the Gangster Musical, G7 available at the SnooperMarket. com. What’s next on the horizon for Mac Lucci? Aside from raising his 3 daughters, he continues to perform, write, and direct. Mac Lucci made the decision to be a product of South Central that embodies its complex history of music, prosperity, hardship, struggle, and ultimately of perseverance. “In the inner city it’s still dangerous. Hip hop and the weed culture are knocking a lot of it off. Everyone wants to get money now. For our youth coming up you want to slow it down. In the 90s, it was really dangerous in the streets. I remember being in elementary, junior high, high school when it was dangerous to walk home. Change is a good thing sometimes.” It’s Mac’s life and story that his fans relate to when he makes his music. He can mingle with his fans and let them know they can reach their goals by being real, being dedicated, and continuing to strive to be better. “There’s always going to be nonsense going on. But when you’re not focused on the nonsense and you ain’t looking for that, it’s easy to brush it off. Like I say in the “Cali Life” record, the only way you’re gonna survive in L. A. is you’re either an aggressor or a finesser. I like to finesse. I’m all about respect. Just don’t bother me and I ain’t gonna bother you. I can see some drama and smooth away from it, just because I’m not pushing my energy towards that.” Mac is definitely pushing his energy towards big things in his immediate future and we’ll be keeping our eyes on this rising star! @MacLucciDPG

Mac Lucci

West LA

Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side




Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side




A Veterans Testimony There are plenty of benefits of using cannabis treatments for veterans, here are the some interesting facts most veterans can expect from using medical marijuana for a wide variety of ailments:

Medical cannabis offers health benefits than anyone could actually thought. In fact, many health professionals prescribe them to some people to treat their various ailments whether they are mental or physical. The common individuals who would use marijuana are using cannabis to relieve the symptoms of PTSD such as anxiety and sleeplessness. In several states, they approve the use of medical marijuana to treat PTSD symptoms. Natural occurring cannabinoids aid in regulating the system that triggers fear and anxiety both in the brain and body. Decreasing anxiety is a major factor with cannabis treatments- relieving pain and suppressing the stimuli of depression, anxiety, and various triggers being a functional member of society. 

Patients also need to be aware of how pure their THC is nowadays- in dealing with medicinal marijuana, to make sure to use in low doses in order to acclimate being around in public which may worsen the anxiety and may make the person paranoid. Relieving arthritis discomfort- Marijuana can also relieve pain, minimize inflammation and promotes sleep. Sleeping problems are the common problem of most war veterans and it is associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Now cannabis will help relieve pain and discomfort of arthritis significantly compared to weeks of using pill medications, able to achieve improved sleep quality without side effects of taking this pill or that pill. It helps eliminate nightmares- For many war veterans with bad experiences related to their work, they would usually develop nightmares and marijuana can help eliminate the said condition. Nightmares are associated with PTSD and with marijuana many of these bad dreams may not occur. According to research, cannabis has showed a significant decrease of war veteran patients suffering from nightmares associated with PTSD. Treating chronic pain- Helping many war veterans suffering from injuries during combat and related to traumatic brain injury (TBI). Dealing with chronic pain is a daily battle for veterans. In one study, it says that using marijuana compared to other medications helps their appetite, awareness, consciousness and also helps veterans sleep better and lessen the pain.  Medical Marijuana and Suicide- According to statistics, there has been a higher number of war veteran suicides in the US since 2007. Many veterans were assigned in war countries like Iraq, Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan have a tendency to self medicate. This commonly leads to lethal combinations of drinking alcohol and prescribed medications. With medical marijuana, it could help eliminate the need for self medications and a treatment for suicidal tendencies. In fact, according to some reports, the military is having a change of view when it comes to medical marijuana and considers it as a valid treatment for PTSD.  Medical marijuana may also have some side effects and it can interfere with a person’s judgement, balance and attention. War veterans must be aware of these because they might also risk their own health. Some studies produced conflicting results stating that smoking marijuana could trigger a significant cancer risk, which is probably the reason why medical marijuana is referred to as “recommendations” or “referrals”. Be aware that prescribing marijuana is prohibited by federal laws.  As research increases on the benefits of cannabis, the lifesaving benefit it provides to war veterans also increases in no time. It has been believed that the substance of marijuana fights chronic pain and other symptoms of PTSD. Indeed, medical marijuana is becoming more popular in effectively treating war veterans suffering from those conditions compared to stacking pills on top of pills and the military is now open for such medication. As a veteran, I would urge anyone to seek out medicinal marijuana and it’s alternative medications to relieve my symptoms than being prescribed anything that comes with a laundry list of side-effects. Also, one of the side-effects of cannabis is Cheetos. Everyone loves Cheetos. 
-Mike Donovan. Veteran, US Coast Guard.

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One Man Riot with a

Antonio Rucker

Compton’s own funnyman By Sunceree R. Three years ago Entertainment attorney Fred Dorton of Beverly Hills brought some “Ruckus” to the Don Magic Juan Radio Show, introducing Compton’s own funnyman Antonio Rucker to the Bishop. Immediately becoming fast friends, the Bishop has not only dubbed Mr. Rucker, “the next Richard Pryor,” but also crowned him the 2015 Don Juan Player’s Ball Comedian of the Year. How can this be? With comedic inspirations such as Mr. Pryor, Red Foxx, Moms Mabley, and Rodney Dangerfield and mentors such as the late, great Reynaldo Rey, Katt Williams, and Luenell, it’s easy to see. Starting over 14 years ago and gracing over 300 stages including The Hard Rock Casino, The Mirage, and The Encore, Mr. Rucker began his career under the tutelage of Reynaldo Rey with the Last American Comedy Tour. The advice he was given, “It’s a tough journey, stay the course.” This advice was well received, especially in 2009 when performing for one of the first times, in front of his parents at the Hollywood Comedy Store. He stated that he saw his mother repeatedly shake her head at his use of foul language during his routine. “That was my toughest night.” Going forward he became a crowd pleaser by approaching his audience as if he knows them and is having friendly conversation. This sets him apart from many other comedians because he tries to connect with his audience on a personal level. “I’m funny all the time and I strive to make at least one person smile or laugh every day, and have for the past 33 years. It’s who I am. I really care about people, a lot. Whatever walk of life you are, I’ll connect with you if you have any type of soul.” Mr. Rucker attributes his drive and dedication to his comedy as a direct result of his faith, religious beliefs and ironically, a past heartbreak from Follow Rucker on Instagram at: comedian_antonio_ruckus Catch his shows around Los Angeles hotspots: Maverick’s Flat J Spot Comedy Club Comedy Store



his dear friend, first, and only love Kiana Hammock. He stated that the impact of the breakup forever changed him and it’s something that he has never fully recovered from. In addition to being funny he would like our readers to know, “I’m much more than just a comedian.” He is also a student of the craft, spending a lot of his free time watching and studying other comedians. He supports his community by giving back time helping the homeless and being an inspiration to inner city youth. He’s been the Master of Ceremonies for the Black History Month Town Fair in Palm Springs and Long Beach multiple times and performed a private event for the 70th birthday party of 6th District Long Beach Councilman Dee Andrews. Besides, being personally mentored by and working with Reynaldo Rey, Luenell, and Katt Williams, Mr. Rucker has also worked with Mike Epps and Kevin Hart, to name a few. We asked Mr. Rucker who were the entertainers he’d most like to work with? His enthusiastic reply included Dave Chappelle, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, George Lopez, Martin Lawrence, and the ever smoking, trash talking, Ron White. He aspires to reach performance heights of appearing on Saturday Night Live as many great comedians have. We are confident that this aspiration will soon become a reality! The last question we asked Mr. Rucker is the question we always ask all of our guests,’ what is your opinion of marijuana?’ “The Ruckus” stated that he has been a user and advocate of marijuana for over 24 years. He believes and supports it’s medicinal effects. As a proponent for marijuana and the 420 Book, we proudly support and hope for nothing but continued success for Antonio “The Ruckus” Rucker.


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Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


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Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


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Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side




Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side




The 420 Book • LA • April 2016  

Local information on: Dispensaries, Evaluation Doctors, Delivery Services, News and Events

The 420 Book • LA • April 2016  

Local information on: Dispensaries, Evaluation Doctors, Delivery Services, News and Events