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The 3 Week Diet is broken down into three main components for easy reading. 

Diet: The diet portion of The 3 Week Diet is just that— the actual diet. It consists of four phases with radically different elements. For example, during your first week on the diet you’re very likely to see weight loss around 7-10 pounds. In Phase #4 you’ll learn how to determine your BMR, and how to use it to calculate the calories and nutrients you’ll need each day to meet your weight loss goals. You’ll also learn how to effectively time your meals, how to create a 24/7 fatburning environment through the foods you eat, how to balance your hormones to increase fat-burning, and how to use optional supplements to dramatically increase your weight loss.

Exercise: While the diet portion of this book alone will turn your body into a fatburning furnace, I have added quality exercise routines which can nearly double your results. One of the reasons most diets fail is because the amount of exercise needed to make the diet work requires way too much time. But when it comes to exercise, fat loss is actually driven by intensity—not time. With The 3 Week Diet, you’ll enjoy some serious fat-burning and body shaping workouts in just 20-30 minutes per day… and only for three days per week.

Willpower, Motivation and Mindset: Most people find this section eye-opening, because it dispels some of the often-repeated, common myths about willpower which prevent many from succeeding. It's not only interesting, but an important element of this diet plan. This section will help you power through your willpower challenges, and give you a host of easy-to-follow options which virtually guarantee your success on The 3 Week Diet.

All in all, the pages that you are reading are absolutely guaranteed to help you strip off 10…15… even 20 pounds or more of stubborn fat from your body over the next 21 days. But more importantly, this book is going to give you the keys to creating the body you’ve always wanted, because you can use these methods to become as lean and healthy as you desire. Yes, I’m talking about 6-pack abs, and even single-digit body fat percentages, if that is what you want to accomplish. This book is going to give you the ultimate “secrets” on how to lose weight virtually on-command, and how to keep that weight from ever coming back. In reality, this book will give you a new life. A life in which you are no longer embarrassed about your weight or body shape… a life filled with happiness and increased self-confidence… and most importantly, a longer and healthier life for years and years to come.

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The 3 Week Diet Free PDF  

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