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While LivePerson customers typically enjoy a 20% to 25% uplift in online sales conversions, a 40% increase in average order value and a 25% decrease in email and voice support costs, it is not always our software alone that brings these results. The way in which chats are handled is extremely important in generating positive results for a business’ online channel. For this reason, LivePerson provides chat agent training for customers as part of the live chat implementation process. As we say at LivePerson, “Agents are the secret sauce of the LivePerson deployment.� Agent training enables our customers to reap the full benefits from their LivePerson deployment. For these brief but informative training sessions, LivePerson has developed a method of training called S.U.R.A. to prepare chat agents. teaching agents to follow the S.U.R.A. method our customers are able to achieve the following goals:

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Make the sale: chat agents will make more sales and reduce the amount of missed opportunities. Increase customer satisfaction: chat agents rapport and ability to meet the customers’ needs will lead to happy and loyal customers.

Increase lead generation: chat agents will be able to generate a higher quantity and quality of leads

When learning the S.U.R.A. model, chat agents are taught to: set the tone, understand the client, relay the solution, and achieve the sale or resolution. Each component of the S.U.R.A model is an important skill, proven to lead to agent success and customer satisfaction. Let’s look at each step of S.U.R.A. at bit closer now! Set the tone It is important for the chat agent to set an appropriate and positive tone in any chat session. It can often be challenging to transition tone of voice to chat and for this reason, LivePerson encourages chat agents to learn to: • Build rapport. Chat agents are taught to put a ‘smile’ in their chat voice, and are encouraged to use emoticons J in most environments. They are also encouraged to use positive words such as ‘Great question’ or ‘Fantastic!’ LivePerson training also stresses the importance of using the visitors name during the chat, such as, ‘That sounds great, John!’ • Develop cohesion. Agents are reminded that it is easier for a customer to close a chat window than is it to put down the phone, so it is therefore important to keep the momentum of the chat flowing. This is accomplished by always ending the chat phrase with a question, putting the ball back in the customer’s court. This technique is called playing ‘Throw ball.’ For example, instead of simply answering, “I will look for your order now,” LivePerson encourages the agent to add, “How does that sound?” or “ok?” to keep the customer intrigued. •

Avoid throwaway expressions. These needless phrases may have a negative connation. For example, “To be honest with you....” is not necessary in the chat transaction and may be misinterpreted. Weren’t you being honest before?!

Understand your client Now that a positive tone has been set for the chat, it is important for the chat agent to really understand the customers concerns and needs, in order to reach the common goal of assisting the customer with a sale or service. Likewise it is important that this desire to understand be conveyed to the customer. LivePerson therefore trains new chat agents to: • Listen to the client, without interruption. By making comments such as, “I understand that you are experiencing problems logging into the software. I am going to.....,” the customer realizes that the agent is aware of the issue, is interested to fix it, and is in the process of doing so. • Assess and ask questions to get to the root of what the customer is looking for. Questions such as, “Help me understand what you mean by that,” help both customer and agent get on the same page and create a collaborative atmosphere. •

Acknowledge the customers points and concerns. By having a two way conversation, the customer becomes aware that you care about them as a customer and are listening to their concerns. By saying “Good point,” or ‘I agree,” the customer knows he is being heard.

Relay the solution • After you have understood and paraphrased, outline the next steps and confirm. By walking through the solution, the agent can confirm that he is helping the customer most effectively. • Provide focused solutions. By showing the most cut and dry solutions, agents are able to keep the customers attention and make most efficient use of the chat time.

Ask if the solution meets the customer’s needs. Asking, “Will this work for you?” lets the customer know that their satisfaction is still in mind and the agent is willing to follow the best procedure for the problem.

Achieve the sale/ resolution • Gain control of the chat. Ask questions and clarify the need of the customer to make the chat as efficient and effective as possible. • Learn to identify the ‘moment of truth’ and listen for key phrases as indicators to approach the customer and ask for the sale. Look for subtle compliments or next step questions. For example, “Now what do I do?” or “How do I sign up for that?” •

Ask for the sale at the moment of truth. Once the agent has come to the point of placing an order, ask questions to help them do so. For example, “would you like me to send you to the online order form to begin your order today?”

While training customer chat agents, LivePerson also offers to help set up an incentive plan to motivate agents to use live chat best practices. Our Center of Excellence also offers additional tips for most successful chats, including: • Construct proper sentences •

Pay attention to capitalization and punctuation

Do not use multiple exclamation marks

Set your spell check in the Agent Console

Keep statements brief and avoid information overload

Keep the customer connected and involved in the chat

We would love to hear about your experience with LivePerson agent training and we are always interested to hear how the S.U.R.A model has been working for your business and your agents!

To download the tips, click the link below.

Get paid to chat pdf  
Get paid to chat pdf