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West Africa has been smothering from fires of various types of civil wars with ugly tribal, ethnic and some how semi-religious ingredients that had led to division, child abuse and so much hatred that at any point & at the least provocation and opportunity it can erupt from different places with devastating consequence; all to the benefit of outsiders seeking power, mineral resources and wealth. These greedy individuals or countries usually use the umbrella religious and political dissatisfaction to achieve their aims. In the case of Nigeria the consequences will be far more devastating and its effects will be felt throughout Africa collapsing governments, economies and bringing about destruction and suffering never before witness in Africa. Almost every West African country have felt the burnt of one civil crisis, unrest or rebel activity that produce much suffering and ruin the lives of millions who are yet to pick up their broken pieces. There are thousands of ex-combatants loose around without jobs and a stable future who were but child soldiers during the crisis in their various countries and have no other vocation. These boys and girls will be cheap hire to fuel a crisis they know nothing about and they will be weapons of mass destruction, since their only aim will be to kill and loot. Since they know nothing about rules of wars, they will be ruthless not even sparing pregnant women and children. We must remember that Nigeria has been the key in peacekeeping missions and will be force to draw their troops back home to protect their interest thus leaving open an advantage to those who were only afraid to act because of their presence. On the religious front the blaze will surely divide Africa especially West Africa in such a way that cannot be explain with words and better left unsaid. That is especially why we must take a closer look before advising retaliatory actions to the terrorism and unrest going on in that land now ; which could provoke the very reaction that will lead to nothing less them war. I am wondering about a lot of background silence and the lack of intervention of skilled men and women; the community of Religious Leaders from Nigeria who are more than qualified and have handled matters worst than theirs with diplomacy and gotten sound results; ex-presidents, and skillful retired personalities; both the military and civilian who comes from the crisis sections and government. Where are they that collectively they are

not putting the figures together and anticipating the future? Is it that politically there are under currents running for division in such quarters like the sleeping giants of the past seeking for independence and religious statehood? If so; have they taken into account what such division would cause the Country? Well I did not say this is happening but just sharing my thoughts based on past experience. In any case; the consequences of a crisis will have a very negative impact on the continent.Nigerians it is time to put hands on board to save your land. In times of crisis both opposition and Government members feel the weight. Mr. President if you want to solve this problem ;you must bring all former retire politicians from North, South, East & West together inorder to find a solution ;whether you see eye to eye with them or not. Forget anything that divide you people now ;whether tradition ,religion, etc. Nigeria is not just a Continent of a few million people but hundreds of millions (not accurate) and in the case of a crisis thinks about what would happen if twenty million refugees fleeing the crisis to a country of less then five million.It would be a recipe for disaster. Nigeria your country wealth will be taken away from you and govern by outsiders who will more then profit from the divide. The religious conflict will surely spill over to other countries and quenching it will far more difficult than containing it at this stage. Any Crisis in Nigeria could affect the continent for years; so before advocating force for force, it is better to look at the bigger picture. Religious Leaders from all side of the crisis should find a way of coming together and talk. Talk, talk, and talk more; for there is a God in heaven who is the Most Powerful, our rock & refuge who can help us solve this problem before it get out of hand. Leaders in Africa should start looking at the bigger picture and seeking solutions to the crisis in Nigeria; for the fire on one tree in the forest burn the entire forest if not check in time destroying animals, plants etc. The religious divide in Africa is already shaky and the potential of a religious crisis on the continent is possible with very grave consequences that would destroy the very growth of already undeveloped Africa. It could bring all types of extremist that have so far been mostly out of Africa. The ways of God are far different from man and He can fight for Himself; therefore let’s stop pretending to fight God battles. Yes there have been many killed but we can’t stop it by killing. That is not the Christian way and it will never solve this problem. Violence only begets violence, but soft word turn away wrath and save lives too. Therefore like before I want to conclude by calling the attention of the Religious Leaders of our day from every Church, organization or sympathizers to join me in praying that a peaceful solution through maturity and dialog will take precedent over revenge and crisis. Let’s initiate a forum to help bring the conflicting powers to the table for talks.


The religious crisis in Nigeria that have begun to slowly spread 1 the civil unrest couple with the silence of skillful men and women who qu...