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What went wrong in the Catholic Church that cause the Pope to resign and what are the lessons we can learn from this incident. The resignation of the Pope was long in the making and in 2010 I composed an article warning about the consequences of playing politics with God and setting our houses in order. The Leaders of great nations, Religions etc that chart the direction of the billions of humans under their direct or indirect supervision must take note of the policies and traditions that they met which must be upheld or reform; some that has led to the deterition of the moral standards of life or it4s upgrading. Was the Pope really too old to carry on the task or was he conscious stricken by the God he claimed to serve or uphold his policies? I do not intent to judge the Pope or the Catholic Church but to point to a light at the end of the tunnel that can assist us all in setting our houses in order. We all have our faults and skeletons and the Pope is no more than those distorting and misquoting the gospel for the purpose of getting rich or popularity or those nations that claimed to have been founded on religious principles who are contributing to the forces of darkness/Satan/hell by upholding and introducing into policies that are against the foundation of which they were founded in the name of equal rights, freedom, democracy, socialism etc. ; just for the sake of temporary political or social status or power.

That is why I want us to look at the bigger picture and pray that not only the next Pope of the Catholic Church. but every religious, political Leader across the earth wll take heed and review the path upon which they are directing the flocks or else they might find out too late that something worse than resignation might be their portion. Was the resignation of the Pope and Cardinal in any way related? Here is what the Pope said in a speech to his fellow Cardinals. “The Pope's resignation speech . . . Dear Brothers,

I have convoked you to this Consistory, not only for the three canonizations, but also to communicate to you a decision of great importance for the life of the Church. After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry. I am well aware that this ministry, due to its essential spiritual nature, must be carried out not only with words and deeds, but no less with prayer and suffering. However, in today’s world, subject to so many rapid changes and shaken by questions of deep relevance for the life of faith, in order to govern the bark of Saint Peter and proclaim the Gospel, both strength of mind and body are necessary, strength which in the last few months, has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry

entrusted to me. For this reason, and well aware of the seriousness of this act, with full freedom I declare that I renounce the ministry of Bishop of Rome, Successor of Saint Peter, entrusted to me by the Cardinals on 19 April 2005, in such a way, that as from 28 February 2013, at 20:00 hours, the See of Rome, the See of Saint Peter, will be vacant and a Conclave to elect the new Supreme Pontiff will have to be convoked by those whose competence it is. Dear Brothers, I thank you most sincerely for all the love and work with which you have supported me in my ministry and I ask pardon for all my defects. And now, let us entrust the Holy Church to the care of Our Supreme Pastor, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and implore his holy Mother Mary, so that she may assist the Cardinal Fathers with her maternal solicitude, in electing a new Supreme Pontiff. With regard to myself, I wish to also devotedly serve the Holy Church of God in the future through a life dedicated to prayer. From the Vatican, 10 February 2013 BENEDICTUS PP XVI If indeed it was; can we blame them or an age old tradition that needs to be reform? Here are some reports that came out after the resignation of the Pope. Whether these reports are true or false is not our priority for the movement; but they give us a foundation upon which to build our constructive debate. “From The Guardian, reporting on a story in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica: A potentially explosive report has linked the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to the discovery of a network of gay prelates in the Vatican, some of whom – the report said – were being blackmailed by outsiders. ...

The paper said the pope had taken the decision on 17 December that he was going to resign – the day he received a dossier compiled by three cardinals delegated to look into the so-called "Vatileaks" affair. ... The newspaper said the cardinals described a number of factions, including one whose members were "united by sexual orientation". In an apparent quotation from the report, La Repubblica said some Vatican officials had been subject to "external influence" from laymen with whom they had links of a "worldly nature". The paper said this was a clear reference to blackmail. The "Vatileaks" scandal began last May when the Pope's personal butler was arrested and charged with leaking salacious Vatican correspondence. The Vatican selected 3 cardinals to investigate the matter, and the report on their findings was delivered the same day Benedict decided to resign, according to La Repubblica. A spokesperson for the Pope would neither confirm nor deny the story. And the 300-page Vatileaks report has been locked in a vault until the next Pope arrives. The 54,000 lira question, to my mind, is whether Pope Benedict himself was somehow coerced into retirement. Here is a link to the original La Repubblica article: (now the correct link! h/t robcat2075) ORIGINALLY POSTED TO ANIMAL NUZ ON THU FEB 21, 2013 AT 06:06 PM PST. ALSO REPUBLISHED BY STREET PROPHETS .�

HERE IS THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS REPORT: “Is there a network of homosexual clerics working within the Vatican? Undoubtedly, Yes. Was the discovery of that network a major factor motivating Pope Benedict to resign? Undoubtedly, No. Rome is abuzz with reports about a story that appeared in two Italian publications, La Repubblica and Panorama, alleging that in a confidential report to Pope Benedict on the “Vatileaks” scandal, three cardinals said that one faction within the Vatican bureaucracy was “united by sexual orientation” and could be subject to blackmail. The story—which has quickly spread around the globe—goes on to speculate that the cardinals’ report, submitted in December, shocked the Pope and prompted him to resign. Nonsense. Before we analyze the reports, let’s pause for a moment and notice how little hard evidence has been presented. All of the hundreds of speculative reports now circulating in the mass media are based on two Italian news stories. Those stories, in turn, rely on the reporters’ assertions, unsupported and unconfirmed, about the contents of the “Vatileaks” report. For all we know those assertions could be completely groundless. Even if they are (more or less) accurate, they could be highly exaggerated. The allusion to a homosexual network might have occupied just a few paragraphs in a voluminous final report. We don’t know. Is it probable that in their investigation of the “Vatileaks” scandal, the three cardinals found evidence of homosexual activity among officials of the Roman Curia? Absolutely! As the veteran American Vatican-watcher John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter put it,“frankly it would be a little surprising if they hadn’t.”

The three-cardinal commission was charged with investigating the motives that Vatican officials might have for leaking confidential documents. If they probed the secret activities and associations of Vatican officials, the investigators would naturally have unearthed some signs of homosexuality. Allen mentions two instances in which there has been solid public documentation of a Vatican official’s homosexual activities. In many more cases there have been rumors, unconfirmed reports, or circumstantial evidence pointing toward the existence of a gay faction. Pope Benedict, who has lived in Rome and worked with the Roman Curia for more than 30 years, has surely heard the reports and the rumors. He cannot possibly have been shocked by the news that some Vatican officials are homosexual. “He is probably the last person who would be surprised by such a socalled revelation,” remarked Jean-Marie Guenois, another veteran Vatican journalist and editor of Le Figaro. In a French television interview, Guenois made another compelling argument against the notion that the “Vatileaks” report prompted the Pope to resign. By all reports the Holy Father has been considering resignation for months. (Guenois believes that he made his decision in March of last year, after his trip to Mexico and Cuba.) The “Vatileaks” report was submitted on December 17. “I say that the Pope’s decision to resign had nothing to do with the information in this report,” Guenois concludes. If the three cardinals made the homosexual network a major focus of their report, and ifthey found the homosexual influence was more extensive than Pope Benedict had already realized, and if the Pontiff had not already made up his mind to step down, then conceivably the “Vatileaks” report could have been one factor contributing to the Pope’s decision.

But there is one more reason to believe that it would have been a minor factor, at best. Suppose, for the sake of the argument, that the Pope suddenly became aware of a powerful homosexual cabal. What would he be likely to do? Why would he resign? Why wouldn’t he stay and fight to restore the integrity of the Church? Throughout his life Pope Benedict has shown a consistent willingness to take on tough problems, even when his actions are likely to prove unpopular. He has always been ready to do whatever he can do to promote Catholic doctrine and discipline. ”Whatever he can do”—ah, there’s the rub. This Pope is no coward; he is not a man to run away from a problem. But there is a limit to his strength and he has reached it. There have been other reports, unconfirmed but credible, that the Pope’s health is rapidly deteriorating. If he is indeed losing his eyesight and his hearing, if his blood pressure is spiking and his energy is flagging, those would be plausible reasons for the Pope to step down. Not coincidentally, those factors would also match the reasons that the Pope himself cited for his resignation.”

Sex has been one of the leading weapons of Satan ever since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. (Don’t misquote me; I did not say sex cause the fall). We can attest to the Catholic Church dominance in the areas of charity, health and education in most of the third world countries and the fruits they bear are extraordinarily excellent; but when it come to morality they fall in the area of sex.

This is because the standards they set for themselves are extremely high and while there are those who can carry them out like the Apostle Paul; there are the majority who are weak in the flesh. So how do we cope with this virus that has been eating the very foundation out of the Catholic Church? The first thing to do is to reform the system in earnest through prayers and the guidance of God. Like I said in the above mentioned work in 2010; we have to be honest about it or face shameful consequences like these. I see this happening not only in the Church but in the political and social arenas. My message is simple and straight to the billions of our Catholics across the earth. IT”S TIME FOR REFORM IN THE CHURCH IFPOSITIVE CHANGES MUST COME IN AND IT START WITH RECONIZING THAT THE POPE IS HUMAN AND NEEDS GOD DIRECTION AND CMING OUT STRAIGTH ABOUT THE PASS , WHILE SEEKING REFORMS OF THE OLD TRADITIONS, DOCTRINES AND SYSTEMS THAT SHOULD FIND THEIR WAY IN THE PAGES OF THE HISTORY BOOKS. TO POLITICIANS LIKE BARRACK OBAMA OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND OTHER COUNTRIES WHO ARE BOWING TO STANDARDS THAT GOES CONTARARY TO THE PRINCIPLES UPON WHICH THEY WERE FOUNDED; I CAN ONLY CAUTION THEM TO TAKE A DEEP LOOK INTO THE SIGNS ON THE WALL…. As I congratulate Pope Francis I pray that God will guide and defend him as he embraces the huge task ahead!



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