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26th January, 2010

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Volcano erupts in Ecuador Page

3 China to save statue


3 Floods in Gaza

Good news

A volcano Lava

A volcano called the Tungurahua erupted in Ecuador in South America recently. It was spewing ash and lava 3,000 metres high, which is the height of a small mountain. The volcano has been active since 1999. It also erupted in 2006 and 2008. To learn more about volcanoes, turn to page 4.


2 3

China to save statue

Crater This is the ‘hole’ at the top of the volcano where lava, steam, ash and rocks burst out.

China will spend HK$78 million to save a Buddha statue carved into a mountain. The statue (like the one in the photo) is the oldest in China, and is about to fall down.



Joke of the day

erupted: exploded or burst. liquid: a substance that is wet spewing: (here) spitting out ash and can flow, such as water, oil and lava. or juice.

Word scramble

What is a volcano?

Gas that is created when water is boiling.

A mountain with hiccups!


Map of the world EUROPE


ASIA China


Answer: Steam.

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Bad news

Magma is super-hot, melted liquid rock. It can reach temperatures of up to 1,100°C. It is found inside the volcano.



A volcano that shows signs that it will erupt soon is said to be ‘active’. Volcanoes that are not active now, but may erupt at a later time are called ‘dormant’. And those that scientists think will never erupt are called ‘extinct’.

Where do today’s stories come from?



An active volcano

A sleeping giant

This is magma that spits out of the volcano during an eruption. It can be thick and slow moving, or runny and fast moving. When it cools down, it hardens and turns into rock.

Floods in Gaza

More than 100 people had to leave their homes in Gaza recently because of floods. In the photo, a woman is trying to save some of her things.

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The adventures of Toby and Rufus Wow! Look at that beautiful shooting star!

Oh it’s stunning!



Ahhh! It’s so hot!


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are Spot the difference There 5 of them.

Did you know? Volcanoes l Mt Fuji (pictured) is a volcano and a symbol of Japan. It is an ‘extinct’ volcano. Will it ever erupt?


l Some volcanoes are under the sea. The Hawaiian Islands were formed by underwater volcanic eruptions. Answers: Tree branch, Rufus’ mouth, a cloud, the rocks and lava in the air. Publisher : Melanie Holloway Editor : Jolene Otremba Assistant Editor : Ophelia Kwong Editorial Consultant : Mio Debnam Designer : Heather Martino General Manager : Fanny Ling Circulation Executive : Phoebe Fung

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Tuesday 26th January, 2010

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