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The art of creating simple, a long history...

Designed by Will Keith Kellogg,

Designed by Yataro Iwasaki,



Designed by Edward Young,

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... so have I.

When you need a logo or trademark crafting to represent your company or product, it’s a good idea to work with someone who asks great questions and listens hard. Someone who can understand the future you want to create and can help those you want to involve in it, see it. That comes with experience. My name is Paul A Dennis, I am a designer who loves to make a mark. Here are some...

Ensemble 52 - A theatre company that needed a brand stage to play on.

Standing up for quality helps win the Butcher’s shop of the year award.

Reflecting the raw musical input from a Hull based Recording Studio’s owner.

Forward thinking e-learning development company.


Communicating and educating through the art of live theatre.

Motivationally branded luxury envelope range.

Darts supplier startup on Ebay.

Encore Direct Plc, the top performer in bespoke envelope manufacture.

ISP provider frees up employees to work from home using VOIP.

Working to support a Hull Film Industry with inspiration from J. Arthur Rank.

A new property agency that works hard to support both Landlord and Tenant.

Venture project for branded collection of Marine Art.

LuvUll a mark to show there’s a lot of it about.

Online nutritional advice for busy professional women.

Multi-zone background music system for pubs, restaurants and hotels.

IT and internet service provider with a background in innovation.

Building services group pays homage to their Hull roots.

Providing building plastics to local traders since 1977.

A technology investment company nurtures their brand portfolio.

Venture project for online delivery of Yorkshire Pasties.

I am based at PAD Studios in Hull’s Old Town. Comprising a Design Studio and Gallery space for exhibitions, workshops and talks around “Creativity” across the Arts and Business.

Creating a little niche for himself - by Dave Windass. Paul A Dennis has boundless amounts of enthusiasm for his work. Which, after over 38 years in the creative industries, is quite an accomplishment in itself.

When called on to develop a brand Paul’s experience and expertise come to the fore. Paul says: “Initially, most times, I undertake a simple brand audit. Talking to fans of the

Having studied art and design in Hull, he headed to the bright lights of London where he what makes it valuable and unique to them. spent seven years in design and advertising straight in and designing variant logos or any agencies, ending up in Covent Garden. graphics based only on what I, the owner or In the mid 1980s he returned to Yorkshire internal people think.” Marbles Design in York, before enjoying spells with Charles Walls Advertising and then helping set up the Creative Store in Leeds, who’s main client was ASDA. It’s clear that, having long-since established his new business, Paul is as keen to make a at a Mac. Based in Hull in the East Riding of services but it’s niche is company brand design. The majority of his work involves businesses. Indeed, his own strapline “The Brand Champions’ Champion” is exactly what he becomes.

the media and of course customers. If it’s not aligned with the internal brand objectives, they take the appropriate action to change it.”

“Often, we’re laying the groundwork for what their company really stands for and how that can be made clearer to those who they seek trust, loyalty and sales from. That process is enlightening for me, and the client. We can then go on to make much better brand communication decisions from this simple initial analysis.” An average day at work is, Paul points out with a smile, both long and diverse. “I still really love designing logos for brands that have something to say. That and developing my own online venture projects, keeps me very busy!”

Paul A Dennis @PADnPencil

42 High Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, England HU1 1PT. mob: (+44) 7361 99368

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