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" is LV The Voice of the People"? check him out in this month's issue of Album Reviews. Read while I speak of his freshment album "The Definition of Luvy" I must hear if you haven't heard it already

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.V. The Voice of the People “Luvy” is a talented solo artist. His album “The Definition of Luvy” proves his unique creativity not only as a rapper, but as a poet in the song “Definition of Me” voicing his views of himself acappella. “I’m Here” introduces himself, telling you who he is and how he moves. Claiming his spot in hip-hop, letting you know that the music game is no joke to him and he will destroy you even on your own turf (lyrically).

He hits your World”, “Father’s tells a story of a mother, about the to him. Including child’s mother and like most chilboy blames him-

soul with songs like “Cold Day” and “I Need You”, young child crying out to his wrongs people were doing his own father. The young doesn’t even believe him dren in that predicament the self.

Luvy reaches out to his fans at the end of this track. Letting them know that they can come to him and talk/vent about anything they are going through (if they have no one else to turn to). In “You Aint Gotta Like Me”, L.V. makes it known that even though he may not be liked and/or loved by his peers, there is still a level of respect that he demands. Whether it’s on the mic or in the streets when it comes to this rap game. “The Draft” touches anyone who has or knows of a friend or love one in the service fighting for our country in this senseless war. He expresses how the government has enslaved the souls of the soldiers, that our country is in a war “with out” a purpose and lives are less important to the government then money and oil.


ey World” opens your eyes to some of the world’s bigthe government is ignorrather better themselves in“us” the people in the world productively.

gest issues that ing and would stead of helping


.V. gives encouragement in his part of this track, letting the world know a change is coming. The head banger on the album is “Brooklyn Bridge” need I say more? Ladies you know he didn’t forget about us “Mr. Luvy “ is a love track. He also has two bonus tracks #13: love the bee-bop at the end. This is another example of his many talents. #14: L.V. express’ is love and memories of a young man who lost his life at a very young age. He vows on this track to GO HARD in life to make up for Danny’s Death.


.V. ‘s album touches a lot of topics that most people would normally shy away from when rapping. His music is powerful and reaches out to the youth particularly.

You can find L.V. on (every Saturday 11pm)

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Album Review for LV The voice of the people or aka Luvy

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