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Thursday November 12, 2015 | Issue 675

Kowhai Whiz: A winning drive for Laura McKay. — page 5.

Real Estate: Nth Canterbury property sales.

Weta Motel: A safe house for a weta to sleep.

— page 33 ­ 35.

— page 11.

Asher and Shadow share a bond By AMANDA BOWES Every day is an unknown for Asher Buckland and her family. But a black Labrador called Shadow, may soon change all that and become the Hawarden family’s saviour. The five­year­old dog is in training to help Asher, who at two and a half years old, suffers from a rare form of epilepsy knows as Dravet Syndrome which is caused by a mutation of a gene and for which there is no known cure. Only recently diagnosed after blood tests were sent to Germany, the tot suffers from seizures which can occur any time. Medications are of little use and Dravet sufferers can have many different types of seizures which means they require constant watching and supervision. For Asher’s mum, Belinda, juggling the needs of four other children who are home schooled, as well as not letting Asher out of sight, can take its toll. When her husband, Brendan, gets home from work, he takes over so Belinda can have some time out. It is hoped Shadow will help change all this by being trained as an assist dog, turning the Bucklands’ lives around. After some research, Belinda discovered that while Epilepsy Assist Dogs are being used in New Zealand, the age for a sufferer to apply for a dog is 14. The family were thinking about getting a puppy, but when they visited Jess at Tuscan Labradors in Christchurch, she was so moved by their story she

Close bond . . . Asher and Shadow. offered them Shadow as an alternative to a young boisterous pup. With help from the NZ Epilepsy Assist Dog Trust and Tevra Dog Training in Leithfield, Shadow is learning


how to look after Asher. Epilepsy Assist Dogs are trained to carry out a variety of tasks when a seizure occurs and some have been known to nudge or lick their owner’s hands before a seizure happens.

They can be trained to push an alarm if the person lives alone and stay by them after a seizure, lying close to their side and can summon help. The dogs are trained to fetch objects like a phone,

medications, glasses or anything else the sufferer might need when they regain consciousness. For someone like Asher, the dog will live up to its name and literally become her shadow. At the moment Asher has no freedom to play outside when she wants, without someone constantly by her side, but Shadow could make this a thing of the past. Already she is learning to follow Asher and it is hoped in time, having the dog with her will mean she can start to explore the world like a normal toddler. If she is outside and has a seizure, the plan is for Shadow to alert the family, then lie beside Asher until she comes around. Dog and toddler are forming a close bond and Belinda says it is comforting for Asher to have Shadow by her when she comes around from a grand mal seizure. In time, the Bucklands may be able to apply for Shadow to have official recognition, which will enable her to be with Asher in all the same places a guide dog can go. Belinda says while Asher has been having seven or eight seizures a month, by far the worst are the vacant ones, where she doesn’t breathe and turns blue. ‘‘We are very thankful Asher isn’t suffering as much as some children with Dravet Syndrome who can be seizing up to 100 times a day. ‘‘Having Shadow is going to make a huge difference to Asher’s independence and safety and will help her get through each day a little more easily.’’

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The News

Thursday November 12 2015

Siblings produce a thriller film By ROBYN BRISTOW


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A North Canterbury brother and sister combination have produced a feature length film ­ Demons Don’t Knock ­ which could soon be featuring in the South by South West Film Festival in Austin, Texas. The psychological thriller/horror film, which features locations in the Hurunui district, including the former Queen Mary Hospital site in Hanmer Springs, is the result of three years of patient filming by Leah and Daniel Perriam. Queen Mary was used during and after World War 1 for injured returning soldiers and those suffering shell­shock and was a ‘‘remarkable place’’ to be able to film, says Daniel. ‘‘It is full of atmosphere and given the stories we heard from the locals, it made us wonder if those lost souls were still walking the corridors. Filming there at night was frightening,’’ he says. ‘‘Demons Don’t Knock’’ is inspired by a true story and is ‘‘good enough for release in theatres around America,’’ according to American Entertainment Lawyers Ada and Zach who are talking to Blumhouse Productions, the producers of films such as Paranormal Activity, to try to get them to watch it. Daniel studied acting at the Birmingham School of Speech and Drama while Leah has acted in short films and was voted the best actress in the Christchurch 24­hour film contest in 2011. Both had small parts in Hope and Wire, a film about the devastation in Christchurch following the February, 2011 earthquake. Daniel and Leah have taken the challenges of producing a quality self funded film and turned them into

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People looking for an affordable first home have a golden opportunity with two state houses in the Hurunui district recently listed for sale. Housing New Zealand is offering the two houses for sale under a home ownership initiative to help eligible buyers to afford selected properties being sold across the country. Both properties are three­bedroom homes in the Hurunui district ­ one in Waiau on a large 1209 square­metre section and listed for sale at $160,000, the other in Cheviot on 1011 square metres and listed at $180,000. To help with the deposit, eligible buyers receive a grant of 10 percent of the purchase price of the property, capped at $20,000. Housing New Zealand asset manager Ryan Young says the initiative is designed to support first­home buyers

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opportunities. ‘‘The story is the most important component to creating a successful film followed by the acting and then the technical aspects. ‘‘Given our limited resources, instead of putting all our funds into a three week shoot, we bought our own top quality gear and filmed over three years to obtain stunning feature film quality. The test screening reactions have been incredible.’’ says Daniel.

Leah says she has always had a ‘‘dream of making a successful feature film’’. ‘‘However my world changed when I developed a rare seizure disorder. I was devastated that if this couldn’t be controlled then I could not have achieved what I wanted. Now that I’m well the film we have made is a story we felt compelled to tell. Fortunately films in the horror/ psychological thriller genre can be very successful without established stars,’’ she says.

Affordable first homes on offer By DAVID HILL

Covering Hurunui, Waimakariri & Kaikoura

Demons Don’t Knock . . . A scene filmed in the former Queen Mary Hospital grounds.


achieve their dream of home ownership. It is most suitable for people with modest incomes who can afford to make regular mortgage repayments, but have difficulty saving for a deposit, he says. ‘‘People who have previously owned a home may also be eligible for the initiative if their financial situation is similar to that of a first­home buyer.’’ Mr Young says these listings present a fantastic opportunity for first­home buyers in North Canterbury. ‘‘It is wonderful to be able to offer these homes for sale to first home buyers. This can really help more New Zealanders achieve their dream of owning their own home.’’ Eligible buyers will receive a grant of up to 10% of the purchase price to use towards their deposit and they may also be eligible for other first home ownership assistance, such as a Welcome Home Loan and the KiwiSaver

first­home deposit subsidy and/or savings withdrawal. ‘‘If you are eligible, you can combine these with the FirstHome grant to help you buy a FirstHome property.’’ As of November 2 this year, 259 properties have been sold through the FirstHome programme around New Zealand. More than $2.7 million in FirstHome grants have been paid out to these FirstHome buyers. Throughout New Zealand, 35 houses are listed with or in the process of being signed up with real estate companies to be placed on the market. Mr Young says the scheme has been very successful around the country and playing a part in helping families own their own home is very rewarding. To find out more, view the listings at: http://www.hnzc.co.nz/buying­a­house/ firsthome­properties/property­listings­ 1/canterbury­region.

Have your say

on the regeneration of your city Greater Christchurch Regeneration Bill Christchurch – Parliament needs you to have your say about a proposed 5-year plan to regenerate your city. The Bill aims to shift Christchurch from recovery to regeneration. The Bill supports a collaborative approach between central and local government, with regeneration planning open for public discussion. A new transitional organisation, Regenerate Christchurch, would be established. It would focus on certain areas of Christchurch (such as the residential red zones), but after June 2021 a new council-led organisation would be set up in its place. Read the Bill at: www.legislation.govt.nz. You can submit your thoughts to Parliament’s Local Government and Environment Committee on the Parliament website, or you can post your submission to: LGE Committee, Level 10 Bowen House, Parliament Buildings, WELLINGTON 6160. Submissions close 4 December 2015. Please mention REF#REGEN. NB: your submission will be shared on the Parliament website, so please separate your contact details from your submission. For more information: (04) 817 9523 or LGE@Parliament.govt.nz Follow us: www.facebook.com/localgovtenvironment

The News

Thursday November 12 2015

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Where Quality doesn't cost it pays

The Exclusive Brethren is planning to build a private school on four hectares of land at the corner of Johns and Lehmans Roads, in Rangiora. The Waimakariri District Council’s planning and regulation manager, Nick Harrison, says the land is owned by the Canterbury Education Trust which has filed a resource consent application to build the school, via Anna MacKenzie, of Avanzar Consulting Ltd. The trust is run by the Exclusive Brethren, a Christian group. The resource consent application has been returned to the consulting firm ‘‘with questions for further information’’, says Mr Harrison. Once those questions had been answered, a further assessment will be made as to whether the application will be publicly notified which will depend

on whether there are parties in the surrounding area affected by the development. Rangiora lawyer Keith Hales, a consultant with law firm Helmore Stewart in Rangiora, says five immediate neighbours of the site would oppose the proposal. ‘‘We think the whole concept is ill conceived,’’ said Mr Hales, who lives close to the proposed site. ‘‘We find the proposal offensive.’’ Mr Hales says the site is unsuitable because it is rural­zoned land and building a school on the land will also constitute a traffic hazard on the already busy roads around the site, with Johns Road a main route into Rangiora, and Lehmans Road a ‘‘feeder’’ for Christchurch­bound traffic. The group did not believe a need existed for such a school, Mr Hales said. ‘‘At the meeting we attended, we were

told that most of the pupils would be transported to the school from other areas,’’ he said. The group also has unanswered questions about the supply of water and disposal of sewage for such a large development. Hugo Vaughan, regional principal for the Exclusive Brethren’s Westmount group of schools in the South Island, said the land had been purchased for a school, which would cater for 150 students from Year 3 to Year 13. ‘‘Currently, the school is going through the resource consent application process,’’ he said. If the resource consent was approved, ‘‘our current school in Christchurch will relocate to the Rangiora site’’, he said. ‘‘We are a private school and we receive very minimal funding from the State, the same as any other private school in New Zealand.’’

New parking limits in Rangiora A growing demand for car parks has seen new parking limits introduced in Rangiora. Warmer weather, the upcoming festive season and the momentum generated by the rebuild and redevelopment of the Town Centre means pressure is growing on Rangiora’s parking supply. To respond to the growing demand for parking, the Waimakariri District Council last week approved an amendment to the Parking Bylaw 2007. P120 parking limits will be installed in the off­street car park south of Alfred Street and will apply from Monday to

Friday. The car park, between Rangiora Toyota and Countdown, previously had unrestricted parking. The car parks will be clearly signposted to reflect the new parking limits along with the area owned by Rangiora Toyota which requires its area for its car parking. The council’s Rangiora and Kaiapoi town centres portfolio holder, Cr Neville Atkinson, says the parking area to be changed is used predominantly by all day parkers and is not the best use of the parking area so close to the town centre. ‘‘Rangiora is going through a huge

growth phase and, as the demand for parking continues, we need to respond to make it convenient and enjoyable for people to shop or do business and to enable businesses to prosper.’’ As developments are completed, including the Farmers store, the Conway Lane precinct, the fit­out of Winnie Bagoes and other developments on or near High Street, there will be added demand for public on and off­street parking, Cr Atkinson says. P120 signs will be installed for the 100 parking spaces at the Alfred Street car park to provide a better turnover of parking.


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Artist’s impression . . . The new private school is being proposed by the Exclusive Brethren on rural­zoned land on the corner of Johns PHOTO: SUPPLIED Road and Lehmans Road in Rangiora.

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The News

Thursday November 12 2015

Have your say

about Riccarton Racecourse By AMANDA BOWES

Christchurch, have your say about the 40 hectares of Riccarton Racecourse proposed for housing development under the: • •

Riccarton Racecourse Bill Riccarton Racecourse Development Enabling Bill

The above related Bills are being considered together. The racecourse’s Board of Trustees have requested that some of its land be converted for housing. Of the proposed 600 houses, at least 180 would need to be affordable. Ngāi Tahu’s right of first refusal will be affected by this legislation. You can read the Bills at: www.legislation.govt.nz You can submit your thoughts to Parliament’s Local Government and Environment Committee on the Parliament website, or you can post your submission to: LGE Committee, Level 10 Bowen House, Parliament Buildings, WELLINGTON 6160. Submissions close 4 December 2015. Please mention REF#RICCARTON15. Your submission will be shared on the Parliament website, so please separate your contact details from your submission. For more information: (04) 817 9523 or LGE@Parliament.govt.nz Follow us: www.facebook.com/localgovtenvironment


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Living on a rural property close to a small town can be difficult at times, but as Guy Fawkes approaches it becomes more so. Trying to rescue two fear­crazed horses from breaking a leg as they gallop into fences is not only dangerous, but scary when there are constant explosions both on the ground and in the air and you can only tell where the animals are by thudding hooves or the pinging of wires. Likewise newly calved cows were in a panic, their calves blindly running into fences and hedges. My heading dog who never goes inside tried to bust down the cat door and ended up under the kitchen table convulsing each time fireworks went off. Greyhounds down the road jumped out of their paddocks, over high fences with hot wires and nearby ewes and lambs bunched tightly trying to escape the noise. Worse of all, it wasn’t even the 5th yet. This years fireworks seemed louder than ever and with the still night the ricochets echoed around the basin, making them seem even louder. Thinking after two nights of hell, it would be the end of it, was a pipe dream. We had five nights of explosions and even though stock had been shifted as far away as possible, they still got terrified. Apart from the monetary aspect of potential vets bills and the value of the animals themselves, it is not fun watching them in such a state of fear and not being able to to anything more for them. All over the country vets are busy dealing to injured animals, both domestic pets and livestock, all in the

Fireworks . . . The celebration is ‘hell’ for FIRE PHOTOS. some property owners. name of an idiotic ‘‘celebration.’ If there has to be fireworks, have them in a controlled display, like at Waipara or Waiau. It doesn’t help having the bangers on sale for just a few days beforehand, people just save them up and let them off night after night. Next time, if anyone is near farmland and about to enjoy the ear splitting sound of Guy Fawkes, maybe stop and think of the damage it can be causing to livestock nearby, let alone domestic pets. Better still, just ban fireworks.

The news in brief Cadet information evening Teens interested in joining the Air Training Corp’s No. 88 Rangiora Squadron can attend two information evenings later this month. Prospective cadets and their families will have an opportunity to see what the squadron has to offer. There will also be an opportunity to take part in activities at the training centre at the Canterbury Aero Club Clubrooms at the Rangiora. Cadets between the age of 13 and 15­years­old can join the squadron or those who are going to be moving on to secondary school in the New Year. For more information email northcanterburycadets@gmail.com. Balcairn concert Miho Wad’s pint sized jazz orchestra ends its AOTNZ tour at the Balcairn Hall in North Canterbury on Sunday, November 29. Discover happy groovy music from flute player Miho Wada, who effortlessly fuses music from varied genres played on different instruments along with her jazz orchestra. Part of the Mike Greer Concert series the evening begins at 8pm. Tickets $25 (inc Supper) Book: Sally Mac’s, Amberley, Sefton Garage, Stan’s 7 Day Pharmacy Rangiora.

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The News

Thursday November 12 2015

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Junior driver wins first race at Rangiora By SHELLEY TOPP Rangiora Harness Racing Club gave their race meeting a firecracker theme on Guy Fawkes Day last week, and young junior driver, Laura McKay delivered some fireworks of her own, winning her first race in only her third race drive. It was a gem of a drive from Laura, and an impressive run from Kowhai Whiz. The gelding is trained at Woodend Beach, in North Canterbury, by Laura’s boss, 2003 World Champion driver Mark Jones. Kowhai Whiz has now won six races and almost $50,000 for his owners John and Jill Hartnell. He had a difficult draw on Thursday, settling last early from outside of the mobile barrier arm, and still had a lot of work to do going down the back straight the last time. Although wide on the home turn, he was travelling sweetly and quickly raced to the lead, finishing a length clear of Unyielding Spirit, second, with one and three­quarter lengths back to Tehoro Holly, third. While Laura stayed calm in the run home, quietly urging the best out of Kowhai Whiz, over in the grandstand, her family and friends were getting much more excited, with one loud voice booming above all the rest. ‘‘Go Laura, Go Laura,’’ yelled her stepfather, bloodstock agent Justin Le Lievre, who is also one of her sponsors, and a former Trackside presenter. Justin said he believed Laura had a bright future in harness racing, and said she shared a love of horses with her mother, Teresa. Laura, whose nickname is Peanut, is a natural lightweight, and could be a jockey, sits quietly in the sulky. She began the day at Rangiora with only one race drive to her name. That was at

Winning smile . . . Junior driver Laura McKay who won her first race drive at the Rangiora Harness Racing Club’s meeting at PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP Rangiora last Thursday. Addington Raceway, in Christchurch, last October when she drove Fair Dinkum Bromac, also trained by Mark, to finish seventh. Her second race drive was also at Rangiora behind Fair Dinkum Bromac

again, to finish eighth, in the race just before her first win behind Kowhai Whiz. Laura said it was a ‘‘pretty good’’ feeling to win her first race. She was very grateful to Mark, and the owners of Kowhai Whizz for giving her the drive. ‘‘It was amazing,’’ she said. She began her career in harness racing working for West Melton trainer Cran Dalgety. After three years at Kentuckiana Lodge Laura headed to Australia where she spent 11 months in Sydney working for the leading New South Wales female trainer Kerry Ann Turner, before returning home to New Zealand earlier this year. She has worked for Mark for the last six months. While in Sydney, she drove in trials at the famous Menangle Park Raceway. Laura has a strong family connection with harness racing. Her paternal grand parents, Clive and Rona McKay are well­known harness racing identities, who have owned many good horses over the years, including their latest, Franco Nelson, who ran second in the New Zealand Trotting Cup last year, and was due to run in the $750,000 race again this year late last Tuesday afternoon. The McKays have also been big supporters of the standardbred yearling sales over the years, making headlines in 2007 for their $200,000 purchase of a colt by Christian Cullen out of Personality Plus, at Karaka, in Auckland. They also paid $150,000 for another colt by Christian Cullen, out of Kliklite, earlier in the day at the same sale. While a couple of days earlier they had paid top price at the New Zealand Premier Yearling Sale, in Christchurch, for a Christian Cullen filly, The Cullen Express.

The McKays, were also top purchasers again the next year, at the 2008 Australasian Classic Yearling sale, paying $420,000 for two more Christian Cullen colts.

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The News

Thursday November 12 2015

Around the electorate with


Electorate boundaries WW1 celebrations

I attended the Northern A&P Show a couple of weekends ago and as always at these wonderful events, greatly enjoyed seeing the best of what this region has to offer. As I said in my last column, events like this are fantastic opportunities for the community to come together for a relaxed, fun day, to exchange ideas and form support for one another. Sadly, I was not able to repeat the experience at the recent Amberley A&P Show due to overseas commitments, but I intend to visit many more shows during this coming season. I enjoyed meeting and chatting with many constituents at the Northern A&P Show, and I thank those who approached me to talk or ask questions. This is always one of the most enjoyable and important parts of my role as MP. From many of these conversations, I gathered that a number of people did not know where the Kaikoura Electorate actually stretches to. Some did not know that the Northern A&P Show was, in fact, just over the border in the Waimakariri Electorate, which is home to my fellow National MP Matt Doocey who also attended the show. Others were unsure where the electorate ended at its northern end. I can’t really blame them ­ this long, narrow electorate is one of the largest and possibly most varied in New Zealand. As you will see on this map, the tip of this electorate is the wild and windswept

Our World War 1 centenary commemorations in Hurunui continued recently with two significant events. Remembrance Day was celebrated with a short ceremony in Amberley with the White Memorial Crosses being placed again by our local primary school students adjacent to the Upham Statue. Remembrance Day, sometimes referred to as Poppy Day or Armistice Day is observed by many Commonwealth Nations to remember those who died serving their Country. Remembrance Day is also observed in most countries to commemorate the end of WW1 hostilities which formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918 with the signing of the Armistice, although WW1 officially ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919. New Zealand normally celebrates Remembrance Day on April 25, Anzac Day. In a twist of history, the ship carrying the paper poppies in 1921 arrived too late for Armistice Day in November so the RSA distributed them at the next commemorative opportunity, which was Anzac Day 1922. That date remains as our Remembrance Day with the poppies now being distributed the preceding

Boundary . . . Kaikoura electorate D’Urville Island in the northern most Marlborough Sounds. It’s an area that in many ways is a world away from the rich agricultural plains at the southern boundary in North Canterbury, but shares a rich farming history and close rural communities. You can also see clearly where the Kaikoura Electorate ends and the Waimakariri begins. Getting around this varied electorate was an early logistical challenge for me when I was first elected as Kaikoura MP, but I have made it my mission to do so and of course I can say each kilometre has been worth it.

Dear Editor, Thank you to Hurunui Waiau zone committee member David Eder for seeking urgency to fix the nutrient rules fiasco now rather than leave farmers to suffer for another 4 years. His request came after Environment Canterbury scientists at a recent zone meeting admitted that the Hurunui river load limit ­ that is being used to restrict dryland farming ­ is not a good measure of water quality. So not only is the science wrong & the 10 percent rule unfair, the rules are illegal. Of course ECan will say they have issued an advice note but this does nothing to fix the plan flaws. With David Eder retiring from the zone committee, our only hope is that his momentum to actually do something to fix the flawed plan is not lost. Yours, Jamie McFadden Cheviot

Friday. The poppies of Flanders Fields, brilliant red in colour, became the symbol of the blood spilled at war. Our second event was the visit of Steam Locomotive AB 608 bearing the name ‘Passchendaele’, in memory of New Zealand Railway men who died in the War. The restored Locomotive was hosted by the Weka Pass Railway and ran seven excursions to Waikari over three days. History records that since 1917, Passchendaele has become a byword for the tragic horror of the Great War. Passchendaele conjures up images of a shattered landscape of endless rain and mud, of shell craters, barbed wire, human misery alongside bravery and helpless Soldiers mown down by gunfire and artillery. The Belgium Village of Passchendaele was the scene of two major battles where countless injuries were inflicted and thousands died, including many New Zealanders. The Locomotives restoration and commemoration visit are fitting tributes to those railwaymen who died fighting for peace. While Passchendaele commemorations recall the horrors of war, Remembrance/Armistice Day commemorated the end of war and signalled the possibility of peace and freedom.

Church fair There will be bargains galore at the John Knox centre on Friday, November 27, at the annual Church fair. Starting at 2pm and finishing at 6pm at the centre on the corner of King and High Streets, Rangiora, there will be baking, books, jigsaws, jams, a white elephant stall, crafts, clothing, hardware, take home dinners, a sausage sizzle, chicken and rice and yummy desserts available. Garden Tour The Rehoboth Orphanage in India will benefit from a Garden Tour in Hanmer Springs on Friday (November 13) and Saturday (November 14) from 10am to 5pm in and around the village. Entry is $10 and is by ticket only from the Visitor Information Centre or Rosemary Price (03) 315 7008. Refreshments available for $2.50. Community Wellbeing Day The Wellbeing North Canterbury Community Trust will have volunteers in your area to raise awareness and funds to help our North Canterbury community thrive on Saturday, November 21. For more information go to www.wellbeingnc.org.nz.


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Rise 7:01am Set 9:39pm

Rise 7:44am Set 10:34pm

Rise 8:32am Set 11:25pm

Rise 9:25am

Set 12:13am Rise 10:23am

Set 12:57am Rise 11:26am


Fresh SW becoming strong S

Light S becoming fresh NE

Fresh NE turning N

Fresh N easing to moderate S

Light S becoming moderate NE

Light N becoming moderate NW

Moderate W becoming fresh NW

Swell Pegasus Bay Tide Chart

S 1.1 m 3



9 NOON 3


SE 0.9 m 3

69 NOON 3



E 0.9 m 3


9 NOON 3


E 0.9 m 3

69 NOON 3



E 1.0 m 3


9 NOON 3


E 0.8 m 3

69 NOON 3


The home of KwikKraft and Ramco alloy boats · Ramco boats from 4.75m to 8.6m with a choice of outboards. · KwikKraft recreational, adventure and commercial jet boats · Off Shore range from 6m to 10m with jet or outboard. · Finance available from no deposit and 5 years to pay. · Used boats for sale

SE 0.8 m 3

69 NOON 3



2 1 0

Waimakariri Mouth Amberley Beach Motunau Gore Bay

*Not for navigational purposes.


2.2 2.2 12:09pm 2.2 2.2 12:09pm 2.2 2.2 12:18pm 2.2 2.2 12:20pm 1.7 1.7 12:14pm

0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.5


6:37am 6:51pm 6:37am 6:51pm 6:46am 7:00pm 6:48am 7:02pm 6:45am 7:03pm


2.2 12:23am 2.1 12:52pm 2.2 12:23am 2.1 12:52pm 2.2 12:32am 2.1 1:01pm 2.2 12:34am 2.1 1:03pm 1.7 12:28am 1.7 12:58pm

0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.5 0.5

Wind and swell are based on a point off Gore Bay.


7:20am 7:36pm 7:20am 7:36pm 7:29am 7:45pm 7:31am 7:47pm 7:28am 7:48pm

2.3 2.1 2.3 2.1 2.3 2.1 2.3 2.1 1.8 1.7


1:05am 1:34pm 1:05am 1:34pm 1:14am 1:43pm 1:16am 1:45pm 1:11am 1:42pm

0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.5 0.5


8:04am 8:24pm 8:04am 8:24pm 8:13am 8:33pm 8:15am 8:35pm 8:11am 8:34pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa.

2.3 2.1 2.3 2.1 2.3 2.1 2.3 2.1 1.8 1.7


1:48am 2:18pm 1:48am 2:18pm 1:57am 2:27pm 1:59am 2:29pm 1:55am 2:27pm

0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.5 0.5


8:50am 9:12pm 8:50am 9:12pm 8:59am 9:21pm 9:01am 9:23pm 8:56am 9:21pm


2.3 2.1 2.3 2.1 2.3 2.1 2.3 2.1 1.8 1.7


2:32am 3:04pm 2:32am 3:04pm 2:41am 3:13pm 2:43am 3:15pm 2:40am 3:14pm


0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.5 0.5


9:36am 10:01pm 9:36am 10:01pm 9:45am 10:10pm 9:47am 10:12pm 9:43am 10:09pm

2.3 2.2 2.3 2.2 2.3 2.2 2.3 2.2 1.8 1.7


3:18am 3:52pm 3:18am 3:52pm 3:27am 4:01pm 3:29am 4:03pm 3:26am 4:02pm

0.5 0.6 0.5 0.6 0.5 0.6 0.5 0.6 0.5 0.4


10:25am 10:51pm 10:25am 10:51pm 10:34am 11:00pm 10:36am 11:02pm 10:31am 10:58pm

2.3 2.2 2.3 2.2 2.3 2.2 2.3 2.2 1.8 1.7

Come and see us at 305 Flaxton Road, Rangiora Email: kevin@theboatfactory.nz Ph: 027 577 4232


4:06am 4:42pm 4:06am 4:42pm 4:15am 4:51pm 4:17am 4:53pm 4:13am 4:51pm

0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.4 0.4

Graphic supplied by OceanFun Publishing Ltd.




5:55am 6:08pm 5:55am 6:08pm 6:04am 6:17pm 6:06am 6:19pm 6:02am 6:19pm




The News

Family time . . . Jack Harding and his little brother Lachie with a pet lamb.

Thursday November 12 2015

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Pet day impresses Dogs, cats, calves, pigs, lambs, a goat, a pony, plants, a huhu grub, a turtle, a rabbit, a bird and even a bee hive arrived at Waiau School’s pet day. The judges were impressed by how much knowledge the children had about their pets and how well they could care for and manage them. Events of the day included a calf and lamb feeding competition, a fancy dress contest, professional speakers teaching the children about vet practices and horse care, a sheep shearing and wool spinning demonstration, a Huntaway dog obedience demonstration and finally the grand parade. The children prepared pet projects, which were on display on pet day.

Showtime . . . Adriel residents with their entries and prizes.


Adriel celebrates the ‘Our Path Finders’ district’s diversity

A companion book to ‘‘Our Apron Strings’’, will be launched in the Hawarden Hall on Thursday, December 10. ‘‘Our Path Finders’’ recalls the lives of 246 men in the early days of the Hawarden­Waikari district who were born prior to 1920. Compiled by Doc Sidey and his support team of Janet Jensen, Omah O’Carroll, John Harper and John Sidey, it follows on from the success of ‘‘Our Apron Strings’’, which commemorated the lives of 170 women of the district born in the same period and its success was an obvious

incentive to produce a companion volume. It sold 740 copies, far beyond expectations, so a further reprint of 50 copies has been ordered to help out those who missed out on a copy. The local Historical Society will launch the new book at 2pm, but prior orders for it can be made by contacting Janet and Bevan Jensen, (03) 314 4060. ‘‘Our Path Finders’’ will cost $50, while ‘‘‘Our Apron Strings’’ will sell at $45. For people outside the circulation of The News, or who are unable to attend the book launch, the cost of packaging and posting a book needs to be included with their order.

Residents of Adriel have been helping celebrate the Hurunui district’s agricultural and pastoral diversity. Adriel, the Amberley­based rest­ home, that specialises in caring for people suffering from dementia, was a hive of activity recently leading up to the recent Amberley A&P show as residents marmalade, scones and other goodies to enter in the show. A total of 18 residents, along with staff who volunteered their services, went along to enjoy show day with a special tent set up for people to drop in to and have a chat with residents and staff. rest­home owner Mischeal McCormick says residents loved the day out visiting animals and in particular seeing if they had won any prizes. ‘‘It was so much fun, particularly as they had all enjoyed the preparation and being involved in the event which many had attended for many years,’’ says Mischeal. This week residents enjoyed the hype of New Zealand Cup Day at a ‘Fashion and Fascinator’ day at the home. Residents dressed up in their Cup

day outfits, enjoyed some bubbly and watched the races on television. Outfits also came under the scrutiny of judges. Mischeal says relatives also joined in the fun and laughter on Cup Day at the home. Meanwhile the vegetable garden at Adriel is getting a lot of attention by the men folk who have planted plenty of seeds in beds and tomatoes and peppers in the glasshouse. The farmyard continues to grow with the addition of a pet lamb. ‘‘We have a wee farmyard and residents love interaction with the chooks and animals,’’ says Mischeal. New editions planned for the future are different breeds of chooks to add to the Shavers that are already supplying eggs for the home. ‘‘We love to involve residents in every day activities that they used to do around their own homes and properties. It brings back lots of memories for them and they love reminiscing.’’ Mischeal says with the A&P show and Cup Day behind them they are now turning their attention to Christmas celebrations.

Think about those who have memory loss and associated problems . . .


Country ry Home Values with Community Spirit Day Care

Men’s Club

Relax axed, Homely Cottage Gardens (and even a few animals)

RESTHOME Please call us today to find out how we can care for your loved ones. Phone Mischeal or Sharron: (03) 314 8326 36 Osborne Rd, Amberley



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The News

Thursday November 12 2015

The News

Thursday November 12 2015

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The News

Thursday November 12 2015

E-magazines available are no overdue Being put on a charges as they waiting list for a are never due magazine is a back, there is no thing of the past limit to the at Hurunui number of titles District Council you can have ‘‘on libraries. loan’’ and you can The libraries receive an email have added alert when the electronic latest issue is magazines to the available. E­collection with It’s hoped that 33 titles now more teen and available. children’s titles At the moment will be available the library has 38 in the future for people on its people who can waiting list for NZ join the library House and free to enjoy Garden magazine E­magazines. and it only gets Titles available five copies of ­ a mix of titles the each edition. library has in Magazines are E­magazine . . . One of the titles available print and new issued for one online through the Hurunui libraries. titles ­ are: Field week so assuming PHOTO: SUPPLIED. & Stream, everyone picks Homestyle, How them up promptly it Works, Lonely Planet, Australian and brings them back on time, it can Men’s Health, MOJO, NZ Handyman, take at least eight weeks for the last NZ Business, OK Magazine, Pets, Red, person on the list to get the ‘latest’ Rolling Stone, Women’s Health and issue. Fitness, Yoga, Australian House & Via ZINIO, a platform / app that Garden, Australian Snowboarding, accesses the magazines, 500 people in BBC History, NZ Classic Driver, The the Hurunui district can download the Cut, Dish, Dogs Life, The Economist, latest issue at the same time and beat Digital Photography, ABC Organic the queue for the printed edition. Gardener, Good, NZ Gardener, NZ The magazines are exactly the same House & Garden, NZ Life & Leisure, as the printed version and can be NZ Lifestyle Block, Cuisine, Art New downloaded to any device, including Zealand and Popular Science. Kindle, via the ZINIO app. For more information go to: http:/ It’s a free service to library members /hurunui.govt.nz/library­home­2/great­ who can read the magazine online or reads/e­magazines/. download it for offline reading. There

000 1 $ e v sa


Queen mattress + base

WAS $1999



30 months interest free *Discount excludes Everyday Low Price furniture and Ecocare. Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply. Finance offfer valid 4 to 16 November 2015.


Riccarton Megastore, 179 Blenheim Rd. Ph 341 3196 • OPEN 7 DAYS • www.bigsave.co.nz

The News

A safe house for a weta during daylight hours By SHELLEY TOPP Some Lewis Pass weta will now have a safe place to hide during daylight hours. The Rangiora Menzshed has just finished a conservation project for Forest & Bird ­ making three tree­weta motels. Menzshed member Ian Stephenson, who made the motels, said they would be used in forest in the Lewis Pass area. The motels were made to provide wetas, which are nocturnal, with a safe place to sleep during the day, away from predators, such as mice, cats, rats and stoats. New Zealand has more than 70 weta species, including tree wetas, cave wetas, ground wetas, tusk wetas, and giant wetas, all of them endemic. Unfortunately sixteen of them have an at­risk conservation status. Fraser Maddigan, a Canterbury Department of Conservation biodiversity ranger, based in Rangiora, said that conservation groups had been using weta motels to monitor the weta numbers for a while now. There were 11 species of the giant weta, but the Little Barrier Island weta was recognised as the largest in the world, and can grow as large as a human hand. The Stephen’s Island giant weta was similar in size. Menzshed New Zealand is a registered charity which was formed in 2013 to support and encourage those involved, and, where possible, help others in the wider community by sharing knowledge and skills. The genial bunch of men at the

Rangiora Menzshed jokingly refer to their group as a wives’ babysitting service. But it is much more than that. The Rangiora Menzshed members meet on Wednesday and Friday mornings in their home at the Rangiora A&P showgrounds ­ and, aside from when they kickback for morning tea, it is a busy place. These men all share a great camaraderie and enjoy the wide variety of work they do at their shed. Recent projects include, making a dolls house, sandwich boards, dioramas, scenery for Ashgrove School’s Santa’s Grotto, cutouts for 7400 Upgrade’s colourful art display on the Farmers’s construction site wall in Rangiora, and even a coffin. They are always seeking new members, and from the looks of it the Rangiora Menzshed is a great place to share skills, learn from others, make new friends, have a laugh, work on personal projects and some for the community too.

Weta Motel . . . Ian Stephenson of the Rangiora Menzshed with one of the tree­ weta motels he made for Forest & Bird.


Thursday November 12 2015

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The News

Thursday November 12 2015

Rangiora & Kaiapoi Toyota


2012 TOYOTA YARIS 2012 TOYOTA HILUX D/CAB 2WD 1300cc, auto, just 52,000km and in lovely 3.0 turbo diesel, towbar, tuf-deck. Great buying at



4.0 diesel, 2-tonne capacity, 5-spd. Must see

condition. Great value.


12-seater, 3.0 t/diesel, auto, low kms








Fully optioned, priced well at


3.5 V6, stunning drive, test-drive today

Stunning 7-seater, very highly spec’d, Crisp Silver Pearl. Just 13,000km Was $51,995

Now $44,995


2.5 AWD, auto, low kms, silver



1300cc, auto, very low kms. Fantastically economical & safe







Ex-demo, 1800cc, auto, just 800km



2.0L, auto, very well optioned, Lustre Pearl


1800cc, auto, great car at a sharp price!



2013 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER LTD; just 44,000km, stunning in silver with leather trim.........................$41,995 2014 HILUX SR5 D/CAB 4WD, 3.0 turbo diesel, ex-demonstrator, 7,000km ....................................... $47,995 2012 TOYOTA COROLLA GX H/B, 1800, auto, stunning in Wildfire, 34,000km........................................ SOLD 2009-2014 TOYOTA HILUX S/CAB, E/CAB, D/CAB 2WDs. Enquire today!................................ From $18,995 2010 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO VX, 3.0 t/diesel, 7 seats, leather.................................................. SOLD





*Offer is available from 1 October 2015 to 31 December 2015 (subject to stock availability) on any new vehicle from participating Authorised Toyota Dealers in New Zealand. The Service Plan covers parts and labour costs of scheduled service items for five years / 75,000km (whichever occurs first under normal operating conditions). The Warranty Offer provides cover for five years / 150,000km (whichever occurs first under normal operating conditions). The W.O.F Check Offer does not include the costs of any repairs required to pass the W.O.F inspection. For full terms and conditions visit our website, www.toyota.co.nz.


2014 TOYOTA YARIS (new shape) 1300cc, auto, safe and so economical! stunning colour

2005 TOYOTA AVENSIS, 2.0L, auto, very well optioned, Lustre Pearl..................................................... $9,995 2012 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO, 7-seater GX, 3.0 t/diesel, auto, low km .................................. $49,995 2008 TOYOTA DYNA VAN, 4.0 diesel, 5-speed, 2.0-tonne capacity..................................................... $19,995 2007 TOYOTA HILUX SR5 4WD D/CAB, 5-speed, 3.0 diesel, canopy & racks, value here .................. $25,995





Finance & Insurance Available

Rangiora: Percival St Ph 03 313 8186 any time • Kaiapoi: 86 Williams St Ph 03 327 9005

(Kaiapoi After Hours: John Mellor 027 478 7685) www.rangiora.toyota.co.nz • • www.kaiapoi.toyota.co.nz Dale Clark 027 424 1422 • Robin Illingworth 027 435 5105 • Ben Wood 027 566 0013

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Thursday November 12 2015

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Horse and dray track popular By SHELLEY TOPP A North Canterbury track proposed as an all­weather route for horse and dray traffic into the Lees Valley during 1876 is now a favourite training track for Woodend’s world champion mountain biker Anton Cooper. Anton won the Under 23 Men’s Cross­Country World Mountain Bike Championships, in Andorra, southern Europe, last September. He has competed and trained on some of the best tracks worldwide, but still rates Oxford’s Wharfedale track, as one of his favourites. With stunning scenery through the Oxford forest, the Wharfedale is one of the gems in North Canterbury’s long list of walking and cycling tracks. The beauty of the track is well documented in a series of wild­ ride, from­the­bike videos on You Tube, and it’s becoming popular with cyclists from all around New Zealand and overseas. The North Canterbury Cycling Club’s president, Ian MacDonald, says the Wharfedale is an iconic New Zealand track. ‘‘The Wharfedale is one of those tracks people will travel from all over New Zealand to ride,’’ he says. But it is also a work in progress. The club has done a lot of work on the track over the years, helping the Department of Conservation (DOC) with maintenance, and more is planned on Saturday, November 21 and November 22. During the weekend, track

Fairytales . . . Christchurch artist Gaby Reade brings to life Brothers Grimm fairytales in an exhibition running at Art on the PHOTO: SUPPLIED Quay in Kaiapoi until next Thursday.

Grimm fairytales Repair work . . . Department of Conservation ranger Jim Henderson, near Fosters Ridge on the Wharfedale track, walking along a previously blown out corner after reconstruction work was completed.


maintenance and drainage work will be done by volunteers from the club, and others associated with the inspirational, philanthropic Christchurch cycling­gear company, Ground Effect. The company is run by a bunch of self­confessed ‘‘cycle nuts,’’ who have contributed more than $200,000 from their slush fund to trail­building projects in New Zealand and Australia since they began business in 1994. They have also organised many volunteer groups to help with cycling projects, and anyone interested in joining the Wharfedale track working bee should contact them at their

website www.groundeffect.co.nz . The North Canterbury Cycling Club, in partnership with DOC, has also been granted close to $20,000 funding from Trail Fund NZ, and $10,000 from the Canterbury Community Trust, during the past 12 months to help with the work. Scott Walker, of T5 (Tip Top Trails and Tricky Trenches) Contracting, and DOC ranger Jim Henderson will do preparation reconstruction work on the track prior to the working bee. The long easy­graded track is suitable for intermediate or less­ experienced riders, and trampers, with an option to stay overnight in the Wharfedale hut.

‘‘Brothers Grimm Fairytales: Are you sitting comfortably? Then let me begin.’’ Art on the Quay’s latest exhibition, by Christchurch artist Gaby Reade, tells the story of five Brothers Grimm fairy tales in a series of solar­ etched prints, presented as individual framed prints, as well as in books and boxes hand bound by the artist herself. Star of this exhibition is the story of the Frogprince, shown at Art on the Quay for the first time. Based on Jack Zipes’ translations of the original Grimm fairytales, Gaby’s prints explore the tales in their earliest, darker form, incorporating their romance and violence in fine detailed illustrations. By presenting the prints in hand bound books, the artist

engages with the tradition of storytelling to which these tales belong. Born in Germany, Gaby immigrated to New Zealand in 1986, where she has lived in Christchurch since. Being of German and Polish descent, Gaby describes fairytales as part of her childhood. She explains that it was important for her to base her work on the original tales, which she was told as a child, because many modern versions deviate too much from the tale itself. Gaby was tutored in the first steps of the printing process by Dee Copland and Heather Maxwell, and continued to teach herself the solar plate printing method, which she has been developing since.

SIGHTSEEING – HUNTING – FISHING Alpine Springs Helicopters has recently purchased an R44 Raven2 helicopter and can now offer a large range of agricultural operations... Including:

• All weed-control spraying • Spot spraying • Crop-spraying/topdressing • Forestry spraying/topdressing • Fertilizer application • Seeding/re-grassing • General lifting work • Fire-fighting/stand-by • Pest control

For more information on services available and pricing, please contact Mike Geen: (027) 227 9872 • mgeen1@gmail.com

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The News

Thursday November 12 2015



with every On x Home!

A PERFECT FIT! A purpose-designed plan to suit your lifestyle - for LESS than a standard plan!

The management team of Onyx Homes are quite simply some of the best and most experienced people in the industry. It’s through this experience that Onyx Homes wants to bring to their customers a better standard of home that is often less than the standard-plan-built homes of their competitors. Onyx believe that everyone is unique, so why settle for a standardplan-home when you can have a purpose-designed plan to suit exactly your lifestyle and for less than a standard plan? A perfect fit! This is testament to our customers who have been amazed at the savings with Onyx, but also hadn’t realised their budget would allow for a such quality spec and design.

Just a few examples of custom designed homes for Onyx Homes clients

CHRISTCHURCH PH: 03 928 1505 EMAIL: info@onyxhomes.co.nz Request a FREE brochure at: www.onyxhomes.co.nz

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Thursday November 12 2015

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A Kiwi xmas celebration School fair back at Kaiapoi North By DAVID HILL

A Kiwi Christmas is set to be celebrated at Ashgrove School’s Santa Grotto. The annual school fundraiser, which will be held at Rangiora Showgrounds pavilion from November 27 to December 6, has adopted a kiwi theme. Committee member Chrissie Wrigley says Santa’s Grotto will be opened with a gala evening on Friday, November 27, from 4pm to 8pm. She says 38 stalls have so far been booked including pony rides, hot rod rides, gumboot tossing, dunk a teacher, children’s clothing, jewellery, bouncy castles, outdoor art and a car boot sale. There are several food stalls available for families to come down for tea, including a sausage sizzle and a burger bar. ‘‘It’s going to be quite a fun evening,’’ Ms Wrigley says. ‘‘Last year we had 2,500 to 3000 people who came to the gala and not all of them went into Santa’s Grotto, because obviously we couldn’t fit them all in at once, so some of them came back later in the week. So we wanted to make sure we had something for them to do on the evening.’’ This year Ashgrove School is running an art and craft competition in conjunction with the gala which is open to pre­ school and local school children, right up to adults. It will be judged on Friday morning before the gala by local artists. ‘‘We have donated the materials to the pre­schools and

School fairs are back and sale, with a large container bigger and better at Kaiapoi already crammed full of items, North School. and a silent auction. Fair committee chairwoman Visitors can place bids on Linda Dunbar says a fair was two rugby balls signed by held last year for the first time North Canterbury All Black in years and proved so Brodie Retallick, cricket gear successful the community is signed by Black Caps captain getting in behind a repeat Brendan McCullum, mountain performance this year, on bikes, a BMX and a Hanmer Saturday, November 21, from Springs pamper pack and 11am to 3pm. ‘‘some huge ‘‘People donations ❛We hadn’t had a have talked from local about how businesses fair for years and good it was and last year, so organisa­ years before last there has tions’’. year.❜ been more Other interest from attractions outside groups in having stalls. include dunking the teacher, We hadn’t had a fair for years needle in the haystack, a big and years before last year. second hand book sale, ‘‘There certainly hadn’t been chocolate wheel, a crack the Christmas grotto . . . Santa’s grotto celebrated by Ashgrove School last one in the time of my children code raffle with a $400 first FILE PHOTO being at the school, which is year. prize, a clothing stall, Harley the last six or seven years. Davidson rides, facepainting students to form a ‘‘Rakahuri the idea is that the kids will be There was a group of people and food stalls. left to make whatever they Choir’’ to perform at the gala. who wanted to see it happen Entertainment will be After the gala opening Santa’s and we’ve got the same want,’’ Ms Wrigley says. provided by a band, clowns, a Retirement homes are also Grotto opening hours will be committee back again this roving magician, and there will Monday to Friday 10am to 12pm year. Often you just need a being encouraged to enter, so be performances by Kaiapoi and 4pm to 8pm, and Saturday children can see some art and group of people to make it North School students. and Sunday 10am to 8pm. crafts they would not normally happen and if you have the Parking is available on the Entry is $3 per person. Photos right people it’s amazing what see. back field, with access from Art and craft making sessions with Santa can also be can happen.’’ Beach Grove. purchased. will also be held during grotto Mrs Dunbar says each class ‘‘It’s an affordable day out. For more information, find the is running its own stall, with opening hours, thanks to funding ‘‘We want people to come in Santa’s Grotto and gala pages on the junior classrooms from Creative Communities and do lots of things without Facebook ­ like the pages and go organising a huge cake stall, Waimakariri, to allow children spending loads and loads of into the draw to win free entry to while 35 outside stallholders to make some Christmas crafts. money,’’ Mrs Dunbar says. the grotto. Students from St Joseph’s have already been lined up. Find out more by liking the Prizes to be announced on Catholic School in Rangiora will The fair committee is Kaiapoi North School Fair Friday, November 27. also be joining Ashgrove School organising a white elephant Facebook page.

maiNlaND stocKcar

teams champs

FUN! For the

whole Family

Confirmed teams – Tasman Thunder (Nelson), KB’s Cowboys (Palmerston North), Eastern States Titans (Blenheim), Greymouth Grizzlies (Greymouth), Canterbury Crushers (Woodford Glen)

sat NoVemBer 14th 7pm start DoUBleDays roaD Kaiapoi | iNFoliNe 03 364 8833 | www.wooDForDgleN.co.Nz

Get Mor e at Harvey Norman Moorhouse Ave.


Moorhouse Ave Furniture & Bedding Super Store

More Lounge & Dining

More Beds & Manchester


Temporary entry via Pilgram Place

(If heading east down Moorhouse Ave.)

MOORHOUSE AVE Cnr. Moorhouse Ave. & Colombo St. (03) 367 7500 304776_CCC

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The News

Thursday November 12 2015

‘A Sense of Christmas’

Ho, ho, ho . . . Santa Claus made a jolly appearance at Cust School’s ‘‘A Sense of Christmas’’ on Sunday, November 8. Despite some welcome rain, visitors flocked to Cust for the Cust School PTA fundraiser ­ A Sense of Christmas on Sunday. People enjoyed Christmas­themed venues, plant and craft stalls, festive food and activities, with many trying their hand at wreath­making and Santa’s Grotto was very popular. Local businesses and groups had decorated Christmas trees and people could vote for their favourite, with a friendly competition going on between school classes also. Children were delighted with the baby animals and could experience pony rides, a bouncy castle, cricket games and a ‘‘Where’s Piko’’ competition. Chairperson Deborah Baggott says the biennial event was a great success. ‘‘It was great to see so many smiling faces enjoying the activities. A huge thank you to all my parent helpers, the Cust School students and staff, and the local community who have been so generous with sponsorship and support.’’

Top brass . . . Waimakariri Mayor and Mayoress David and Marilyn Ayers checked Cust School’s ‘‘A Sense of Christmas’’ on Sunday, November 8. PHOTOS: SUPPLIED

MainPower is donating $3 for every ticket sold, up to $1500. Funds are being raised to upgrade the school playground for the 150th anniversary celebrations in 2017, and further donations are most welcome.

Designer Fashion at Outlet prices

HORNBY 409 Main South Road, Open 10am-5pm, 7 days dress-smart.co.nz

The News

Thursday November 12 2015

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Waimak well survey

Japanese style . . . John and Sheryl Glass, of Rangiora, with their rare 1970 Mitsubishi Galant GTO M11 1600 which will be taking part in the Christmas Picnic Tour later this month.

Around 150 wells on the north and south banks of the Waimakariri will be visited from early November to February as part of an ongoing programme to understand groundwater flow around the River. The first stage of the work by Environment Canterbury scientists is to identify suitable wells for inclusion in a piezometric survey planned for July 2016. Landowners will be phoned, visited or written to regarding access to private wells. Environment Canterbury Groundwater Science Manager Carl Hanson said the piezometric survey will provide more information on the local water resource to inform future planning. ‘‘Our aim is to understand how

groundwater moves through Canterbury’s aquifers and the balance between ground and surface water. ‘‘The ongoing investigations will help to inform the Waimakariri sub­ regional planning process, which will begin in the zone next year,’’ he said. The sub regional process will feed into the Land and Water Regional Plan (LWRP) ­ Environment Canterbury’s planning framework on how land and water are to be managed in the region to deliver community aspirations for water quality in both urban and rural areas. The Waimakariri zone committee held a series of community meetings earlier in the year to ensure the community were involved in the process as early as possible and further meetings are planned.


Christmas Picnic tour By SHELLEY TOPP The Amberley St John Ambulance will benefit from a North Canterbury car rally being organised for Sunday, November 22. The profits from the Christmas Picnic Tour, which is being organised by Lorraine and Trevor Stanley­Joblin, of Amberley, will go to the local St Johns. The couple also organised the popular annual North Canterbury Classic Tour, held every March for the past 13 years, with 252 classic cars taking part in the 2007 event. The Christmas Picnic Tour will depart from the Hurunui District Council car park. ‘‘Reporting time is from 9am and closes at 10.15 am,’’ Trevor says. The event is open to anybody wishing to enter their vintage, classic, rare or exotic vehicles. Cars, stationwagons, vans, utility vehicles, trucks, campervans and even motorcycles, irrespective or condition, are all welcome. Last year, the organisers expected only about 40 vehicles to take part in the picnic rally, as it was a new event, but 99 were entered. This year, they are hoping for 120 to 140 entries. The entry fee is $15 per vehicle. ‘‘The first vehicles are scheduled to depart at 10.15am, driving a small tour of the old and new Amberley town, before going on a country drive to a North Canterbury venue for a picnic lunch,’’ Trevor says. This year will be the second Christmas Picnic Tour. Last year the oldest vehicle entered was a 1930 Ford Model A Town Sedan owned by Keith Price, 86, of Belfast.

While the most modern vehicle taking part was a 2014 Maserati Ghibli, from Loburn. The second oldest car was a 1931 Fiat Tipo 514, owned and restored by Amberley resident, Allan Rennie. However, a 1985 Excalibur, imported from America by a North Loburn couple, possibly attracted the most attention at last year’s picnic tour. ‘‘This exquisite Hollywood­style classic, is also a regular entrant in the annual North Canterbury Classic Tour,’’ Trevor says. The Waimakariri district Mayor and Mayoress, David and Marilyn Ayers, joined the picnic rally last year, touring in their ‘‘very rare’’ 1968 Ford 2000E Corsair V4. They have also been regulars in all 13 North Canterbury Classic Tours, Some early Japanese vehicles, which now have classic­car status, are also expected to take part in this year’s picnic tour, including a rare, immaculately restored, 1970 Mitsubishi Galant GTO M11 1600 owned by John and Sheryl Glass, of Rangiora. The sleek, white coupe is the only car of its kind in New Zealand and thought to be one of only three remaining in the world. John, who is a panel beater by trade, found the car in a Japanese scrap yard a few years ago and brought it back to New Zealand for restoration. Since 1972, Trevor and Lorraine have raised and donated $27,000 to a variety of charities through their shows and tours. In 2001, Trevor was awarded the American­based Meguiar’s Award for the New Zealand Car Collector Hobby Person of the Year.

Trial the world’s first tiny hearing aid that outperforms normal hearing* A new almost invisible German engineered hearing aid enables wearers to understand speech in difficult listening situations even better than those with normal hearing.* This world first advancement is a complete revolution in audiological engineering and delivers a perfect balance of rich, natural sound quality and audibility.

Completely disappears

WANTED: 15 people to trial new hearing aid technology. Call 356 2324 to book now. Please hurry – appointments are filling up fast. *Clinically proven - for full details visit www.siemens.com.au/hearing

Rangiora Hearing Clinic

82 Victoria St, Rangiora. Freephone: 0800 727 366 Greg Foote, MNZAS Audiologist

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Thursday November 12 2015

Lindauer Range

Early Times Bourbon 1 Litre



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Thursday November 12 2015

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Volunteers for sport priceless World War One stories on Tour By DAVID HILL

Sport Tasman Kaikoura advisor Luisa Coyle says sports volunteers are winners in her eyes. ‘‘Without them the sporting community that we have would not thrive. There are very few people in paid employment working in sport, so almost all clubs are run by committed volunteers making it happen,’’ she says. It was not just about the faces on the field, but also the secretary, treasurer and all the other hidden jobs that people did to help run a sports club, she says. Kaikoura’s sports volunteers were recognised last week at the Sport NZ / Lotto Volunteer Sport Makers Awards hosted by Sport Tasman after the public nominated volunteers in the community. ‘‘It’s always tough to pick two runners­up and a winner, as in my eyes they are all winners,’’ Ms Coyle says. This year’s winner was the Kaikoura ‘‘Blue Light Initiative’’, a group of people that works in with the police. ‘‘Tony Anker (Harcourts real estate), Mike Lawrie (high school teacher), Holly McKee (school teacher), Janine Bell (local business owner), Matt Boyce (police Sergeant) and Tony (police officer), plus the many parents who help get this programme together for kids aged from 13­19 from the Kaikoura community.’’ It is run over the course of eight weeks at three mornings a week with a 6am start with kids taught a drill and put through some ‘exceptional’ work outs. They are provided with a cooked breakfast after each session with food

Volunteers . . . From left: Janine Bell (Blue Light initiative), Emma Fissenden (5km Run Series, Duathlon, Heart Foundation Mother’s Day Fun Run & Bridge 2 Bridge), Matt Boyce (Blue Light initiative), Tony Anker (Blue Light Initiative), Shannon­Leigh (Endurance Athlete ­ Guest Speaker), Marty PHOTO: SUPPLIED Pattison (Swimming Club). includes swimming galas and weekend competitions within the club and also against other clubs. ‘‘He is a valuable asset to the Kaikoura swimming community.’’ Emma and Judith ‘‘are a great inspiration to the Kaikoura community’’, running the Kaikoura 5km run every Tuesday during term time, ‘‘no matter what the weather’’. ‘‘Both of these women are mothers, but still find the time to give back to the community. ‘‘It does not stop there. They also organised the Mothers’ Day fun run which saw all its donations going to the Heart Foundation. ‘‘There is the Kaikoura Duathlon, and also recently the Bridge 2 Bridge, a mountain bike and running event in the Clarence Valley raising money over $6500 for the hospital. All their events are for both children and adults.’’

provided from fundraising, donations and community grants. The event culminates with ‘‘The Longest Day’’ challenge. Some taking part are ‘‘at risk’’, others are there to challenge themselves and gain a sense of accomplishment and also a sense of achievement. All the people that help are all volunteers. The programme’s goal is participation in positive recreation and social activities to help young people to become involved in their family and community and remain at school longer and have a more positive outlook on life. ’ The runners­up were Marty Pattison, along with Emma Fissenden and Judith Ford. Marty dedicates hours each summer to organising and coaching junior swimming club groups, Ms Coyle says. This

The stories of four Cantabrians ­ from the Hurunui, Waimakariri, Selwyn districts and Christchurch ­ during WW1 War are told in a Canterbury Museum touring exhibition which opens at Hanmer Springs Library this week. The exhibition, Canterbury and the First World War, will be in Hanmer for three months and is travelling to libraries around Selwyn, Waimakariri and Hurunui over a two year period. The exhibition includes photographs, letters and military items belonging to soldiers Arthur Elderton from Amberley and Charles Ivory from Oxford. Audio entries from the diary of 16­year­old Cashmere schoolgirl, Alison MacGibbon (nee McLeod) tell of life during the last months of the war and the spread of influenza through Christchurch. Sir Robert Heaton Rhodes, who had already served in the South African War in 1902, was MP for Ellesmere and held a number of public positions during the conflict, including that of Postmaster General. In 1921 he gave 70 acres to the residents of Tai Tapu


Only 6 Weeks till Christmass! s View our collections online:

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Studio Premiu um m Canvas Bean Bags

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for a park. The gates to the park still stand as one of the Canterbury’s memorials to those in the area who served in the First World War. Sir Robert is known not only for his political roles and the amazing garden at his home, Otahuna, but also for his stamp collection which is now held at Canterbury Museum. The touring exhibition features a 1936 First Day Cover marking the twenty­first anniversary of Anzac Day, as well as Sir Robert’s photograph album which includes images of the declaration of war in Wellington. Exhibition curator, Sarah Murray says that as a nation, New Zealand suffered more casualties during the First World War than in any other subsequent conflict; more than 18,000 died and 40,000 were wounded. ‘‘For those at home, letters, diaries, photographs and other mementos, provided a welcome connection to their loved ones serving overseas. A hundred years on these items give us a remarkable insight into the lives of Cantabrians during the conflict, both at home and on the front line.’’

Canvas bean bags are thee perfect size for adults and children alike, suitable for the outdoors and relaxing in th the sun.


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Offers and product prices advertised here expire Sunday 15th November 2015.

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Thursday November 12 2015




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The News Thursday November 12 2015 Page 21

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• 23.0Hp Kohler V-Twin engine • 50” / 127cm side discharge 3 bla aded deck (quick attach) • Cub heavy duty series • Foot operated hydrostatic transm mission (no gears, clutches or brakes!) • Tight turning circle – only 30cm • Cast iron front axle • Mulch kit included

• 17.5Hp Briggs & Stratton OHV engine • 41” 2 bladed rear discharge deck (quick attach)) • Foot operated hydrostatic transmission (no gears, clutches or brakes)




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• 20.0Hp Kohler V-Twin engine • 42” / 107cm side discharge cutting deck • Twin hydro-gear transmission • Heavy duty 12-gauge one piece, full length steel frame



• 22.0Hp Kohler V-Twin engine • 46” / 117cm side discharge cutting deck • Twin hydro-gear transmissions • Heavy duty 12 gauge one piece, full length steel frame



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• Heavy duty shaft for gorse / broom cutting c • Optional scrub blades available • Comes will full body harness • 28.4cc / 1kw engine


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• 158cc Briggs & Stratton engine • 30cm diameter tines • 32-61cm adjustable width tines

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• 15.5Hp I/L Briggs engine • 41” out front dedicated mulch deck • Foot operated hydrostatic transmission • Articulated pivot steer • Ultimate vision & manoeuvrability

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• 22.0Hp Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine • 40” / 102cm timed 2 bladed rear discharge (ultimate finish) • Foot operated hydrostatic transmission • 300L catcher capacity • Catcher full alarm

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The News

Thursday November 12 2015

For Sale Open Home 61 Eders Road Woodend Price

Offers over $650,000

Contact Barry Keys 027 434 7689

Open Home Sunday 2.00 to 3.00pm. • Two storey, 340m2 Linea board dwelling with Colorsteel roof • Five bedrooms, study, two large bathrooms • Entertainer’s dream home with living, lounge, conservatory that flow out to a large, private and secure grounds of 1,314m2. | Property ID HN1404

Open Home

5A Gilbert Street Amberley Price

Waipara | 1006 & 1102 Glenmark Drive 670 Hectares Large Scale Farming Operation. Currently farmed as one unit, but property is available as individual units. Excellent finishing country, superb presentation. Currently cattle trading with bulls, dairy stock. Mix of contour, recent fertiliser and lime applications. 95 hectares Lucerne, 13.5 units Council water. Two tastefully renovated homesteads with supporting buildings. Purchase options available. | Property ID RA1660 Glendale, 306 hectares - offers over $3,600,000 plus GST (if any) Glenmark, 364 hectares - offers over $4,100,000 plus GST (if any).



Offers over $7,700,000 plus GST (if any)

Contact Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Inspection By appointment

Contact Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425

Open Home Sunday 12.45 to 1.15pm. Located on a rear section with an easy care garden and a stream boundary. Open-plan kitchen and living room; three double bedrooms, family bathroom with bath and separate shower and separate toilet. The kitchen has beautiful timber work surfaces, dishwasher, wall oven, rangehood and fridge. French doors in the living room give access to a covered verandah and paved patio. Plenty of space for vehicles with a double internal access garage. | Property ID AM1020




Deadline Sale

1841 South Eyre Road 4 Hectares

1471 Main North Road 3,500m2

Closing 4pm, Thursday 26 November 2015 (unless sold prior)

Closing 4pm, Thursday 26 November 2015



James Murray 027 436 8103

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718 Your Lifestyle Dream. This 270m2 home has four double bedrooms, three living areas, double internal access garage and a separate kitchen. Other features include large log burner with wetback, sheltered outdoor entertainment area and picturesque gardens. Four paddocks, stock yards, 2-bay implement shed and 2-bay lockable shed, well and water race. The property is set up perfectly for all classes of stock including horses, cattle or sheep. Only 35km from Christchurch Airport. | Property ID RA1663

Warehouse. • 15 metre x 12 metre insulated warehouse • 18 metre x 6 metre tunnel house and adjacent shade house • Zoned residential 4B (freehold) • Truck access, suitable for a variety of uses | Property ID AM1035

View Hill





$279,000 plus GST (if any)



Horsley Downs Road 8 Hectares

420 Island Road 8.09 Hectares

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718 Emily Newell 027 472 0409

Emily Newell 027 472 0409 Maurice Newell 027 240 1718 Country Retreat. This secluded property has many impressive features such as fertile soil, some of which has recently been re-grassed, cattle yards and own well. Relax under the stars in the luxurious outdoor bath. Fenced family garden, complete with green house. A 300m2 shed will impress. Shed includes 42m2 lined entertainment room, currently being used to run a home business. A four bedroom villa recently renovated with modern kitchen, log burner and heat transfer system. | Property ID RA1666

James Murray 027 436 8103

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718

Build Your Dream Lifestyle. Flat 8 hectare section, with a wetland area full of willows which would be perfect for a wetland garden or native area. A fantastic opportunity to live in the country while also being close to local amenities less than 4km from Hawarden Village, the pub, grocery store, school, rugby grounds and golf course. A perfect location to ride horses, farm bikes and raise the family. Subject to survey and title. | Property ID RA1662

Emily Newell 027 472 0409

Barry Keys 027 434 7689

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600

Allan Gifford 027 226 2379

Chris Abbott 027 435 2872

0800 200 600 | f armlandsrealestate.co.nz

The News

Thursday November 12 2015

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Dairy Cool . . . Murray Hollings and Lee Gilbert look at cooling system data from a dairy PHOTO: SUPPLIED farm.

The art of dairy cooling Safety first . . . A Dairy Women’s Network workshop in Culverden next week will focus on PHOTO: SUPPLIED farm safety.

Dairy women ‘can do safely’ New dairy modules, set up by Dairy Women’s Network (DWN), are aiming to change the Kiwi attitude of ‘‘can do’’ to ‘can do safely’’. A free workshop on the modules will be held at Culverden on November 18. The new modules are named ‘‘Step up to Safety’’ with workshops run by DWN members who are experienced in health and safety. They will be supported by Worksafe NZ and Hazardco. ‘‘The most important thing participants will get out of these free workshops is a 90 day health and safety action plan. They will leave having made a start with their health and safety system or some actions identified to progress to the next steps,’’ says project manager and Farmer Wellness Specialist Lynda Clark. The challenge is that some farmers may be complacent and think they have been let off the hook following the Government’s recent health and safety legislation announcements. ‘‘While sheep, beef, dairy and deer farming were deemed ‘low risk’ industries, the reality is that every industry should have a workforce that goes home safe at the end of each working day.’’ The dairy modules will take health

and safety out of the office and on to the farm to discuss what effective health and safety on­farm looks like. Clark says those attending the workshops will leave with a greater understanding of the current health and safety legislation and how it affects them. An understanding of where their businesses are compliant and where there is more action required, as well as tools and tactics for creating a positive health and safety culture on the farm will be addressed. ‘‘We are trying to instil a culture of safer productive farms, caring about people on farm, changing habits, overcoming resistance and establishing a positive ‘can do­safely’ culture.’’ Ms Clark says people often don’t know where to start and don’t realise they can make the changes themselves so help will be given to dairy farmers to take the next step for their own businesses and send them away with an individualised 90 day Health and Safety action plan they can put into practice straight away. The free Culverden workshop will be at the Fire Brigade Rooms, with registration at 9.30am. The course will finish at 2pm. Morning tea and lunch will be provided.

EXPERIENCE MAKESTHE DIFFERENCE ONYOUR FARM! Ex-farmer who understands farmers needs and budgets.

• Dams – Building and Cleaning • Dairy conversions • Dairy lanes • Stump removal • Drains • New house landscaping • Swimming pools and tennis courts • Farm Tracks & Shingle supply • Tough or Tender - Big machines for the big jobs. • Small machines for the small jobs. • A solution for every situation.

Dairycool’s data logging service to see if their system is adequate. Data is logged over a number of days and depending on the result, an individual plan can be made for that shed. ‘‘A few days of logging is enough to give a farmer an idea of where they sit with compliance, especially around their primary cooling system. We can look at what they need to do for current and future regulations. ‘‘Some farmers might be looking at a complete new cooling system, while others may be able to enhance their current one’’ Whatever the need, Murray and his team offer advice on an individual basis. ‘‘We work with each client according to their needs and situation and recommend solutions to ensure compliancy for future regulations. Whether they get their system up to speed now or do it gradually, we will work on a solution.’’ Dairycool also carries out maintenance on cooling systems and heat recovery. Murray says attitudes have changed over the years and most farmers maintain rather than wait for a breakdown to occur. If however something does go wrong, technicians are available 24/7 for help. Whether it is maintenance, data logging, installation or break down, Dairycool is there for the dairy farmer.

Don’t Cry ry Over Spilt Milk! Future proof your farming operation with milk cooling systems which exceed current & future compliance stand dard ds!

- Icebanks We - Demand glycol chilling a u g rantee Snap chilling systems capable of cooling milk our to 5 degrees entering the milk silo. - ‘Plug and Play’ water chilling products - Maintainence programme Base - 24 hr breakdown serv rvice v from our Rang giora Ba B se..

Agents for A

Focused on being North Canterbury ry’s most reliable supplier of Dairy ry Refrigeration products & serv rvices.

Beautiful Quarry Rock for all your interior architectural and exterior landscaping statements.

0274 517 175 ajshep@xtra.co.nz


With dairy farmers being increasingly accountable for their milk cooling systems, one company is there to offer advice. Dairycool, based in Ashburton and with a service base in Kaiapoi, have been helping farmers with their milk cooling and heat recovery systems for the past 11 years. The company was started by Murray Hollings after a long career in the dairy industry and refrigeration. With just one truck and a cell phone, Murray hit the road and built up his dairy client base. Over the years this has expanded to seven staff and a 24/7 on call service. With new regulations due to come into force in a couple years around the speed with which milk is cooled, Dairycool is busy helping clients understand what they need to do to meet these new regulations. Many dairy farmers’ cooling systems are no longer meeting the minimum temperature requirements for industry standards. ‘‘Sometimes we can just do some adjustments to the plate cooler, other times more work is needed,’’ says Murray. In two years, stringent new regulations will be enforced, so Murray is advising dairy farmers to find out where their cooling capacity is at and plan for the future. A large number of farmers are using

Lee 027 334 4365 • Ami 027 722 4456 www.dairycool.co.nz


Our Commitment – Your Future!


Page 24

The News

Thursday November 12 2015


NZ Dairy awards entries open


Entering the 2016 New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards will help farm business performance and open doors to a whole new network of industry representatives. Entries in the 2016 New Zealand share farmer of the year, dairy manager of the year and dairy trainee of the year competitions are now being accepted online at www.dairyindustryawards.co.nz. All entries close on November 30. The 2015 New Zealand sharemilker / equity farmer of the year (now known as the share farmer of the year) winners Justin and Melissa Slattery say a huge benefit of entering the awards is gaining a free business appraisal, which is more

Hydraulic Hose Servicing -On-site Repairs

HAWARDEN TO HANMER 29 Mountain View Road Culverden P/Fax (03) 315-8994 Mobile 027 206 9185 1543821

“delivering quality at the best rates”

Amuri Spraying Ltd

F or a ll y our P rogibb, L iquid u rea a nd G eneral For all your Progibb, Liquid urea and General s praying rrequirements. equirements. spraying


• 2x 2x Self Self Propelled Propelled 24m 24m • 3x 3x Landcruisers Landcruisers 15m 15m Locally Locally Owned Owned and and Operated Operated Richard Richard Cater Cater 0274 0274 420 420 187 187 Aly Aly Youngman Youngman 027 027 583 583 2007 2 00 7

Concrete Bunkers Pump/Agri-Chemical Killing Sheds

For any quotes or enquiries contact us on 03 308-4816 or call into the yard at 205 Wilkins Rd, Tinwald, Ashburton. Email: info@hanhamconcrete.co.nz


Cattlestops Concrete Water/Feed Troughs Septic Tanks Silage Pits

Sharemilkers . . . Culverden sharemilkers Justin and Melissa Slattery say competing in the FILE PHOTO dairy awards makes good business sense. important given the lower milk payout. ‘‘By entering you go through your business with a fine tooth comb and find out where savings can be made. It’s a good way to analyse your business and it’s what everyone needs to do in a lower payout,’’ Mr Slattery says. James Foote, the 2015 New Zealand farm manager of the year (now known as the dairy manager of the year), says gaining feedback from the judges is hugely beneficial. ‘‘That was one of the main reasons we wanted to enter ­ to get feedback from people that don’t know us and to give us a reference that we were going in the right direction.’’ He says the networking opportunities offered by entering the awards have also been beneficial. ‘‘We were new to contract milking and we weren’t from a dairy farm background, so we had to get ourselves out there and meet positive people,’’ Mr Foote says. ‘‘We found the dairy awards great for that.’’ Mr Slattery says the awards provide great networking opportunities with other entrants, industry professionals, leading farmers and organisers. New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards general manager Chris Keeping says the entry criteria changes have broadened the scope of potential entrants in the dairy manager of the year competition. ‘‘We made the entry changes as some good people were missing out on being able to participate in the dairy awards programme as they were either too old, too experienced or were not in the right position to enter. ‘‘We’ve made it a lot more accommodating and that means a wide variety of potential dairy farm workers are now eligible to enter the dairy manager competition.’’ Mrs Keeping says farm managers, assistant farm managers, senior herd managers, production managers, herd managers, and 2ICs could all be eligible to enter. To be eligible entrants need to be employed full­time on a dairy farm on an individual employment contract (not self­employed), and have no equity in the farm business. ‘‘It’ll be really interesting for our judges as an entrant could be new to the industry ­ but have maturity and other work experiences ­ or have been in the

Farm manager . . . This year’s Canterbury / North Otago dairy farm manager of the year Mark Cudmore, of Cheviot, relaxes with his wife Jess and children Flynn (8, left), Cooper (10, at back), Nate (3) and Archie (7, right).


industry for some years.’’ The dairy manager of the year competition also allows for entrants to play to a particular strength in a ‘power play’ section. ‘‘The ‘power play’ is worth 20 per cent and enables entrants to choose a topic from five options to present on. It recognises that some entrants may have a greater responsibility or strength in one aspect of the farm business as compared to others.’’ The New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards are supported by national sponsors Westpac, DairyNZ, DeLaval, Ecolab, Federated Farmers, Fonterra Farm Source, Honda Motorcycles, LIC, Meridian Energy, and Ravensdown, along with industry partner Primary ITO. Mrs Keeping says entry changes were made to all three competitions in the 2016 New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards. Those considering entering can learn more about the changes and which competition they are eligible to enter at www.dairyindustryawards.co.nz.

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Farmers advised to plan now for a severe El Nino summer

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Cartage - Silage Drainage - Mulching Driveways — Foundations Cow tracks - Paddock work Site clearing - Stump Removal Farm Maintenance

Nathan Stewart


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El Nino . . . IrrigationNZ is warning farmers to plan now for another challenging summer. will shorten your irrigation budget significantly.’’ As the season goes on, regular maintenance will be essential, says Mr Curtis. ‘‘Checking pressure and sprinklers is recommended. Down the track when we get squeezed, water re­ nozzling might help stretch volumes out for longer. ‘‘Alternatively if you operate a number of irrigation systems, plan ahead now to shut off the less efficient ones ­ long laterals in pivot corners, for example, if water restrictions start to bite. That way you can continue to operate more efficient irrigators such as pivots and linear moves for longer.’’ Mr Curtis says the key to surviving this summer will be preparation, and support is available for irrigating


farmers to arm themselves before El Nino worsens. ‘‘Our website (www.irrigationnz.co.nz) includes checklists and guidelines covering early season maintenance and we offer training workshops and resource books to upskill irrigators who need advice. ‘‘Next month, we’ll also roll out a SMART Irrigation awareness campaign across much of Canterbury to remind farmers of the pathways to become SMART Irrigators. ‘‘With an intense El Nino breathing down our neck and the depressed dairy price, it’s more relevant than ever to be talking about how we can save money, time and energy by moving towards more efficient and effective irrigation practice,’’ says Mr Curtis.

www.canamnc.co.nz COMMANDER 800 DPS OUTLANDER 500/650cc



IrrigationNZ says irrigating farmers need to plan now for how they will use their seasonal irrigation volumes as a severe El Nino could mean many farmers will run short of water halfway through this season. IrrigationNZ chief executive Andrew Curtis was responding to NIWA’s prediction that the El Nino weather pattern is on track to be ‘‘the second most intense since 1950’’, with soils around the country drying out fast and irrigation in full swing as temperatures rise. Guidelines released yesterday by the Government urged farmers to use irrigation water efficiently and plan for water restrictions as they prepared for El Nino (http:/ /www.mpi.govt.nz/protection­and­ response/responding­to­threats/ adverse­events/classifying­adverse­ events­/preparing­for­el­nino/). Mr Curtis says the focus for irrigators needs to be on spreading water allocations further this season. ‘‘Timing is everything in a marginal season. Irrigating farmers need to start the season well and maintain consistent performance. Inefficient irrigation now will have a huge impact on whether your irrigation volume will see you through to March. ‘‘Irrigation scheduling is central to this, particularly now irrigators are limited in the water they have through seasonal volumes. With water meters in place, irrigating farmers should be keeping a close eye on what they are using, regularly reviewing soil moisture levels and crop requirements and applying water efficiently as possible. ‘‘Off the back of another dry winter there’s no room for wastage or poor performance as every drop will be needed this summer. We recommend sitting down and planning your water budgets so you know exactly where you are at.’’ Alongside appropriate irrigation scheduling, checking irrigation equipment is well­maintained and performing to specification will minimise down­time, leakage or delivery problems, says Mr Curtis. ‘‘Ensuring irrigators are working as they should guarantees you’re getting the best from the water you apply. Some simple early season calibration checks can save a lot of water over the season and are a no­brainer to execute. ‘‘Some systems may be 20­30% out and using more water than you need

Thursday November 12 2015


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Thursday November 12 2015

Balancing dry matter quality and intake Dry matter intake of grazing dairy cows in New Zealand is often restricted in order to manage pasture quality, which always has a negative effect on potential milk production. Even with a low pay­out as in this season, the economics of concentrate feeding still stack up. Low post­grazing residuals undoubtedly result in very good quality, leafy regrowth. However, the extra time spent searching and grazing into the

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Balancing act . . . Research indicates restricting dry matter intake in order to manage pasture quality has negative consequences. lower horizon of the sward may prevent cows from reaching their true milking potential.


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Time spent grazing to very low residuals is time lost increasing dry matter intake and rumen fill. Increasing the energy density of the diet and keeping cows fully fed is the key to improving productivity, as fully­ fed cows are far more efficient at utilising nutrients for milk production than underfed cows used to control pasture quality. It may be argued that poorer pasture quality may result from higher post­ grazing residuals. However, it may be more profitable to manage pasture quality through other methods without restricting milk production. A recent research trial conducted by Lincoln University, and partially funded through Dairy Business Centre (NZ) Ltd’s Dairymasters Tertiary Scholarship and Industry Development Programme, compared the traditional pasture­only New Zealand dairy farming system, targeting post­grazing residuals of 1480kg dry matter per hectare, with other farm systems. Increasing post­grazing residuals to 1760kg DM/ha combined with concentrate supplementation (average 3.5kg DM concentrate/cow/day) increased milk solid production from 1857kg MS/ha/year to 2457kg MS/ha/ year. Body condition score at drying off also increased from 4.4 to 4.8. Both supplemented farm systems compared in this trial produced higher margin over feed costs and body condition score at drying off, compared with unsupplemented systems. A greater milk response to concentrate supplementation was seen at high residual and it is likely that


improved nutrient absorption was responsible, as more constant rumen fill allowed cows to utilise the extra nutrients provided more efficiently. Results of the trial showed that unsupplemented cows did not have the extra nutrients available to reach their milk production potential or to maintain body condition score. The significant response to concentrate supplementation was a result of increasing individual cow performance and increasing milk production per hectare through stocking rate adjustment. Increasing stocking rate in the supplemented farm systems was necessary to avoid pasture wastage. In terms of milk production, a greater effect of supplementation may be expected in mid and late lactation, as the production of unsupplemented cows will drop off while supplemented cows reach a higher peak and hold production for longer. The benefits of maintaining higher body condition score throughout lactation and at drying off are likely to have major benefits for maximising peak production and improving reproductive performance. This research highlights the potential productivity gains achievable when cows are not restricted and fed a more balanced diet and the arising profitability potential from tweaking an existing farm system. This research trial was conducted from July 2012 to May 2013 at Lincoln University Research Dairy Farm and is continuing for a second full lactation, jointly funded by Lincoln University and Dairy Business Centre (NZ) Ltd.

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Thursday November 12 2015

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Exciting times ahead . . . LIC bull acquisition manager Malcolm Ellis is delighted with the PHOTO: SUPPLIED new AB sires making their way up the leaderboard.

New genetics at LIC farmers, and set new benchmarks in production efficiency,’’ he said. ‘‘These results will not only reaffirm their investment into high­quality genetics this season, but also their co­ op’s investment into breeding programmes to deliver new genetics which supersede the previous generation. ‘‘It shows farmers that the absolute lion’s share of the top bulls are with their co­operative. We are 100% committed to getting the best bulls on to your farm, in the most cost­effective way and as soon as possible, once we have that sire proof information.’’ The results were a culmination of a solid breeding programme, outstanding sire proving scheme and careful selection criteria, he said. ‘‘One of the things I really enjoy about this job is that you can’t hide from the numbers. Everything is measured. If you pick bulls of high genetic merit, they will deliver on the RAS list. ‘‘Often individual farmers have elements of personal selection criteria but the RAS list is the industry’s independent measure of excellence, based on the industry­designed and owned national breeding objective.’’ A number of the new 2011­born bulls would become part of LIC’s premier Forward Pack team, available to farmers this spring. They strengthen the team’s appeal to farmers seeking the fresh genetics for their herd as early as possible, Mr Ellis said.

Effluent cleaning . . . It may not be glamorous, but Paul Keen is ready to clean out your PHOTO: SUPPLIED effluent systems.

Effluent cleaning Effluent cleaning may not be the most glamorous occupation, but it can make a big difference to farmers. Craig­Keen Contracting was established by husband and wife team Paul and Ainslie (nee Craig) Keen in 2013 to offer effluent cleaning and spreading services to farms in the Culverden area. Mr Keen says the business started out with a tanker and stirrer to handle liquid effluent, but now the demand is mostly with solids from separators and settlement ponds. Services include cleaning out effluent ponds, sumps and wedges, stirring ponds and spreading separator solids. The spreading of either liquid or solid effluent has many benefits. Some of which are the improved fertility of the soil and an increase in the depth of top soil over a period of time which is beneficial for grass growth and cropping. ‘‘We can service clients’ systems on a regular basis whether it is every 3 weeks or monthly, or even yearly, whatever

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works with their needs. ‘‘If you maintain the effluent system you shouldn’t have too many dramas and it will often work out cheaper in the long run.’’ Although he offers a 24 hour emergency service, because of the regular maintenance Mr Keen says it is rarely called upon. ‘‘We’ve had a few calls and it just gives people piece of mind to know it’s there.’’ As well as building a loyal base of clients, Mr Keen says he has formed good relationships with local contractors which means a seamless experience can be offered to farmers and sharemilkers. ‘‘The local contractors have really helped us out by putting work our way and passed our number on. ‘‘It’s been great. We all work together and get the job done. The other contractors and I get in touch with each other to make it all pretty seamless for the farmer.’’ Mr Keen says demand for his services is pretty steady all year round.

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A fresh intake of dairy genetics has given the industry’s Ranking of Active Sires (RAS) list a shake­up this month. A number of newcomers are making their debut as some of the country’s highest­ranked artificial breeding (AB) bulls. Twelve 2011­born (12­code) bulls have knocked some of their ancestors off the RAS list after the most recent DairyNZ animal evaluation update (October 10) incorporated herd­testing data from new offspring now being milked on farms around the country. Jersey bull Bonacord TGM Brock leads the group of new graduates from LIC’s sire proving scheme, taking the top spot for his breed on the RAS list. He is the highest­ranked young graduate across all breeds (cross, Friesian and Jersey). He joins Lynbrook PS Solar­Keet (KiwiCross) and San Ray FM Beamer (Holstein Friesian) to make up the new trio of top bulls for their breeds. The three bulls are owned by LIC, a farmer­ owned co­operative that breeds about three­quarters of the national dairy herd. Following the animal evaluation update, LIC’s stable now holds 14 of the top 15 bulls across all breeds and 18 of the top 20 Holstein Friesians. That was a great result for this country’s dairy farmers, LIC bull acquisition manager Malcolm Ellis said. ‘‘Given that we are responsible for around three out of four calves born on New Zealand dairy farms, we have a responsibility to continue to drive genetic gain for the industry and our

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Thursday November 12 2015


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Feed into milk efficiency tested Data on a cow’s efficiency at converting feed into milk could be made available to farmers in seasons to come. DairyNZ and breeding companies are well on their way to generating a breeding value that measures how efficient a cow is at using feed for body maintenance or milksolids production (feed conversion efficiency). If the breeding value can be developed, it will save farmers money in feed costs. This breeding value, known as residual feed intake (RFI), is a measure of feed conversion efficiency. DairyNZ and LIC research have demonstrated that it is possible to select animals that are more efficient at using feed for body maintenance gain or milksolids production.

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Feed efficiency . . . Researchers are close to generating a breeding value to measure how FILE PHOTO efficiently cows convert food into milk. Breeding Worth (BW) measures an animal’s total feed conversion efficiency over a lifetime by selecting for the combined effect of producing more milksolids per kilogram of liveweight, living longer and calving earlier. By contrast, RFI ­ which is the difference between predicted feed intake and actual feed intake on a daily basis ­ is about an animal generating the maximum performance out of a unit of feed consumed. Economic value: If a cow consumes 1kg dry matter (DM) less per day for the same level of milksolids production, this saves farmers $85 per year in feed costs for a single cow. New Zealand Animal Evaluation Ltd manager Jeremy Bryant says investigations have shown there is economic justification for pursuing RFI as a new trait for BW. ‘‘However, there are still some unanswered questions before we can make definitive conclusions and include RFI in BW,’’ Dr Bryant says. Next research steps: DairyNZ, LIC and CRV Ambreed are investigating a future performance test approach which will involve having bulls in pens for about six weeks and measuring their feed intake and liveweight. From that, RFI breeding values can be estimated. Dr Bryant says first they are establishing a group of male and female siblings from common sires and will RFI test them to determine if there was a

genetic relationship between males and females. If the relationship is strong enough, i.e. efficiency improvements in bulls are shown in females, then RFI performance testing bulls is justified. The testing will also involve taking thermal images of an existing population of low and high RFI animals to assess the relationship between heat loss and RFI. Depending on the results, from 2017 young, elite bulls of breeding companies may be routinely RFI tested and RFI might be included in BW or produced as a stand­alone trait. The resulting RFI breeding value will allow breeding companies and farmers to more accurately select the most genetically elite animals that maximise farm profit. What will the research reveal? ­ If it is feasible to performance test bulls beyond the research phase. ­ If the relationship between bull RFI and female RFI is strong enough to translate RFI in bulls to cows. ­ If there are other predictors of efficiency that could be routinely measured in commercial or progeny test herds ­ for example, does more heat loss indicate inefficiency? This project is funded by dairy farmers through DairyNZ and by the Ministry for Primary Industries as part of the Transforming the Dairy Value Chain Primary Growth Partnership programme.

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Thursday November 12 2015

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Feed supplies low as paddocks dry out By DAVID HILL North Canterbury farmers are ‘‘running out of feed’’ as another dry summer looks set to take hold. Federated Farmers North Canterbury meat and fibre chairman Dan Hodgen, of Waikari, says the whole east coast from North Otago to Marlborough is getting dry as weather forecasters are predicting a dry El Nino summer. ‘‘Even parts of Mid­Canterbury, which had some surplus feed, are getting dry, so whether the surplus feed is going to be there next winter is in doubt. ‘‘It means farmers are having to look a long way forward. If you can’t grow it, you’ve got to look at where you can source it from.’’ However he says store lamb numbers are not as high as anticipated ­ ‘‘at this stage’’, which could be because there are fewer lambs on the ground. ‘‘One drafter reckoned he would be down 30% and that’s a big hit.’’ He says farmers he has spoken to in the Cheviot area, the hardest hit in last summer’s drought, seem to be coping reasonably well. ‘‘They are dealing with what they can deal with and looking to minimise the damage. ‘‘With the warm weather the lambs are doing well, so you are

Running out of feed . . . Hawarden farmer Mark Zino, pictured with wife Dry summer? . . . North Canterbury farmers are bracing themselves for Rachael and sons Angus and Ben, says feed supplies are low as another what could be another long, dry summer. FILE PHOTOS dry summer beckons. to 15%. the Hawarden Ewe Fair will getting the lambs away to the because it’s so warm, but we are ‘‘We’ve just got to reduce the depend on the weather over the works much the same as normal. If running out of feed. We just can’t demand for feed. The land is next two months. you can get 20% away, you also seem to push the feed in front of really struggling and not growing ‘‘We were just talking about that wean the ewes, so you can spread them quick enough. like it should. You can’t over­graze the other day. A few lines that are out what you’ve got .’’ ‘‘It’s not a drought yet, but it’s your paddocks two years in a normally there probably won’t be, He says this spring, although looking like it’s going to get that row.’’ but others which aren’t normally dryer than last year, is not much way.’’ Mr Zino says the challenging there, will be. If we get a decent dryer than normal, but coming Mr Zino says several farmers conditions could make for an rain two weeks before it, it could after a dry autumn and winter are already starting to de­stock interesting Hawarden Ewe Fair be really good, but if we don’t it ‘‘there isn’t much moisture left’’. and there are a number of empty early next year. could be a very quiet fair.’’ Hawarden farmer Mark Zino hay barns and silage pits around ‘‘It could be pretty hot, with Mr Zino says the delays in says his farm has been ‘‘missing the district. He and his brother people de­stocking now, they may developing the Hurunui Water out on the rain’’, with just 45mls Sam have already reduced ewe want to re­ stock at the fair, but Project are frustrating, as the falling during September and numbers and have accepted fewer there may not be a lot of stock extra water storage from the October. dairy heifers for grazing. He around.’’ scheme would help protect farms ‘‘The lambs are doing OK expects to de­stock by a further 10 Mr Hodgen says the success of from dry summers like this.

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Thursday November 12 2015

Sustainability focus Local wineries win of Hurunui workshops gold in wine awards Sustainability is the focus of two workshops being held in the Hurunui district later this month. The community catchment workshops have been made possible thanks to the Ministry of Primary Industries’ sustainable farming fund. The first workshop will be held at the Hurunui Stables Cafe on Thursday,


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November 26, from 3pm to 5pm. A second workshop will be hosted by the Cheviot Trust Hotel on Friday, November 27, from 3pm to 5pm, A strategy for an incorporated organisation to cover farm practice and planning objectives for its members, especially as the Hurunui­Waiau regional plan is re­considered (including the 10% rule) will be discussed. An outline of membership requirements and governance options will also be tabled, led by James Hoban. Best practice Landcare resources will be discussed, with a full report from Mark Everest on 10 case study farm development scenarios for dryland farmers to be presented. Two new case studies involving the farming operations of The Gates and One Tree Hill, applying the Beef and Lamb New Zealand land and environment plan level three will also be discussed. The workshops are an opportunity for farmers to get involved and help ensure they can continue farming after Hurunui­Waiau regional plan comes into effect in 2017 without needing a resource consent. All welcome with refreshments provided. Please RSVP by Monday, November 23, to assist with catering. For more information and to RSVP: contact James Hoban on 027­2511986, Andrew Harris on 021­924842 or Phil Keene on 021­0358551.

Three Waipara Valley wines won gold at this year’s Air New Zealand Wine Awards. Judges awarded 84 gold medals from the 1407 wines entered from around the country in the competition. In addition 220 silver medals and 551 bronze medals were also awarded by the judges, bringing the total number of medals awarded across the 16 different classes to 855. Greystone Pinot Gris, Waipara Valley 2015 won pure gold in the Guala Closures NZ Ltd Champion Pinot Gris section. The Boneline Waimanu Pinot Noir and Waipara Valley 2014 won pure gold in the Nelson Airport Ltd Champion Exhibition Red Wine. Waipara Springs Riesling, Waipara Valley 2015 won pure gold in the Plant & Food Research Champion Riesling and New World Champion Open White Wine. Chair of Judges and Master of Wine Michael Brajkovich said the most pleasing aspect of this year’s awards was the spread of gold medals across a number of varietal styles and regions. Pinot Noir was once again the star performer with 18 golds. Predominantly the wines came from Otago, Marlborough and the Wairarapa, but Nelson, Canterbury and Hawke’s Bay Pinot Noirs were

❛The top wines were exceptional❜ — Michael Brajkovich, Chair of judges also in the mix. ‘‘The top wines from other categories were exceptional, particularly from Chardonnay, Sparkling, Gewu ¨ rztraminer and the Sweet White wines, and the quality of Hawke’s Bay Syrah continues to impress,’’ said Mr Brajkovich. Sustainability continues to be a strong focus of the Air New Zealand Wine Awards, with a record 99.7 percent of wines entered into this year’s competition having sustainable accreditation. The acclaimed trophy winning wines and winners of the elite gold medals will be revealed at a black tie dinner in Nelson on November 28. The Air New Zealand Wine Awards celebrate excellence in New Zealand winemaking and are widely considered to be the country’s most prestigious wine competition. New Zealand Winegrowers, the national organisation for the country’s 1600 grape growers and winemakers, has owned and organised the competition for 40 years.

Rural Life

The News

Thursday November 12 2015

www.jj.co.nz 03 344 5645

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New professor

Some of the South Island’s best rams will go under the hammer later this month. The 2015 Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Association Elite Ram and Ewe Sale will be held on Friday, November 27, at Canterbury Agricultural Park. Viewing is available from 9am, with the sale due to get under way from 10.30am. Breeds going under the hammer include Corriedale, Hampshire, Romney, Poll Dorset, Border Leicester, Texel, South Suffolk, Suffolk, Dorset Down, Southdown, white Dorper, blackhead Dorper and English Leicester. Last year’s Canterbury A&P Association Elite Ram and Ewe Sale attracted 238 rams and 24 ewes, with an average sale price of $1,781 for rams and $234 for ewes. Total sales of $286,725 were recorded.

The highest price was paid for two different Southdown rams, each selling for $14,000. One from Maclaka, BC Macaulay of Christchurch and the other from Clifton Downs, Chris Medlicott of Waimate. This was down slightly on the 2013 top price of $16,000, also paid for a Southdown ram. The Canterbury sale was traditionally held over two days in January. However, the event was moved to a single­day sale in November two years ago to bring it into line with the ram­ selling season. The ram sale catalogue can be downloaded from www.theshow.co.nz prior to the sale. For further information contact Mel Hobson on (03) 3033033 or email info@theshow.co.nz.

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Elite ram . . . Culverden farmer Sam Holland’s Texel rams have attracted some of the top prices at past Canterbury A&P Association ram fairs, including this one which made $13,000 FILE PHOTO in January 2013.

A British academic has been appointed Lincoln University’s new professor of farm management. Associate Prof Alison Bailey will take up the position in the university’s faculty of agribusiness and commerce early next year. An avid rugby fan, Prof Bailey has a strong interest in the outdoors and is keen for a new challenge. Her present position is as associate professor in farm business management at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom and she has written more than 70 publications in the field of agricultural management and environmental economics. She is also director of Reading University’s farm management unit and responsible for co­ordinating research, teaching and outreach within her subject area. She has also been a speaker at biennial International Farm Management Association congresses, co­authored an influential climate change paper and has 20 years’ experience in the agricultural sector. New Zealand is a country she has always aspired to come to and she already has many contacts in the industry here. Lincoln University deputy vice­ chancellor for scholarship and research Stefanie Rixecker said Prof Bailey would take the lead in developing and promoting the profession of farm management in New Zealand and the university was happy to have secured her for the position.

CCall all John ohn Pankhurst Pankhu Pa PPankh r t 03 03 314-5801 314-5801 or or 0272 0272 771 771 471 471

Livestock - stock@amuritransport.co.nz Fertiliser - fert@amuritransport.co.nz Freight - freight@amuritransport.co.nz Ph 03 315 3033 - Fax 03 315 8413 Bulk Grain – Shingle – Coal – Golden Bay Cement - Daily Freight Services 1670892

56 St Leonards St, Culverden

Manual, 2WD/ 4WD with a front diff lock that helps this model crawl out from nearly anywhere. Hassle free cold weather starting with fuel-injection & improved carrying & towing capacity

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The News

Thursday November 12 2015

Local teams pick up wins Swim club wins gold medals Oxford has its first win in the CRV Ambreed Country premier cricket competition thanks to a five wicket bag from Ryan Clarke. Leeston­Southbridge batted first and lost regular wickets at the top of the order before a 60­run stand between Angus Hooper and David Miles put it in a good position to push the score towards 200. However, tight bowling from Clarke restricted the score to 189, despite some late hitting from Tim Field, who finished with 49 not out. Clarke finished with impressive figures of five for 18 off just six overs. Oxford chased the score down with ease, only losing four wickets and with 14 overs to spare. Opening bat Daniel Fleming laid the foundation for the win with a quick­fire 34­ball 68 which included four sixes. Andre Mitchell then brought Oxford home with a patient 46 not out off 85 balls. Lincoln’s Hugh Patterson also grabbed a five wicket haul but ended up on the losing side, going down to Southbrook by 79 runs. Southbrook batted first and after being in early trouble at three for 10 managed to get through to 192.


hail, leaves, snow & vermin from blocking & damaging your spouting Quality materials: BHP Colorbond steel mesh with unique patented louvre will even keep out pine needles. Will not rust or sag with age or load. 10 year warranty, range of colours. Proven in Australia & New Zealand over the last 15 years.

NOW AVAILABLE: STAINLESS STEEL MICRO MESH Call Rohan anytime Mon-Sat for a no-obligation assessment & quote 03 982 8850 0800 486 532



Jack Boyle and Ash Andrews steadied the ship putting on 81 for the fourth wicket. Boyle went on to make 64 and Tom Rodden finished the innings strong with 44 not out. Lincoln never got started in its run chase and was bundled out for 113. For Southbrook, Craig Renai continued his good bowling form taking three for 22. Darryn Boyle also collected three wickets for just the 14 runs. Sefton got back to winning ways after its loss last week, dispatching Weedons by 45 runs. Sefton racked up 215 for nine in its 45 overs with Tim Harrison and Lance Taylor both notching half centuries. In reply Weedons could only muster 170. Shannon Dunnett top scored with 40 while Matt Laffey picked up an economical 3/13 for Sefton. Greendale notched its second win in a row with a big win over South Malvern. Batting first, South Malvern was rolled for 102 in the 35th over with only two batters reaching double figures. Tig Dalley benefitted from the poor South Malvern batting, finishing with figures of four for 15. Greendale knocked off the small total with the loss of only one wicket and 18 overs to spare.

Short scoreboards: Leeston­Southbridge 189 (T Field 49 not out, D Miles 37; R Clarke 5/18) lost to Oxford 190­4 (D Fleming 68, A Mitchell 46 not out; A Hooper 2/12) by six wickets at Rangiora. Southbrook 192­9 (J Boyle 64; H Patterson 5/35) beat Lincoln 113 (J Benton 36 not out; C Renai 3/22, D Boyle 3/14) by 79 runs at Southbrook. Sefton 215­9 (T Harrison 58, L Taylor 57; D Nightingale 3/31) beat Weedons 170 (S Dunnett 40; M Laffey 3/13) by 45 runs at Weedons. South Malvern 102 (M Pauling 38; T Dalley 4/15) lost to Greendale 103­1 (N Jenkins 48 not out) by nine wickets at Glentunnel.

A team of 39 from the North Canterbury Swim Club attended the Aquagym Challenge meet at Jellie Park in Christchurch. Gus Kelliher was one of the most successful team members at the meet coming away with four gold medals, two silver and a bronze. Brigitte Mahan, WaiSwim head coach, said there was a lot of great racing over the weekend with a number of swimmers gaining qualifying times for meets later in the season. ‘‘A lot of the athletes challenged themselves by trying out new events which was fantastic,’’ she said. Results:

Gus Kelliher: gold ­ 200m and 400m individual medley,

50m and 400m freestyle, silver ­ 100m breastroke, 200m butterfly, bronze ­ 200m breaststroke. Yohann Savry: gold ­ 50m breaststroke, bronze ­ 50m freestyle. Eloise Savry: bronze ­ 50m breaststroke. Wills Graham: bronze ­ 200m freestyle. Jess Roche: gold ­ 200m freestyle, bronze ­ 50m freestyle ­ bronze. Annamiek Noye: bronze 50m backstroke, 100m freestyle and 100m backstroke. Riley Stewart: silver ­ 400m individual medley. Jacob Webb: bronze ­ 100m breaststroke. Tamara Gurden: silver ­ 200m freestyle, bronze ­ 100m breaststroke, 100m freestyle. Will Roberts: bronze ­ 100 ­ backstroke. Tim Batchelor: gold ­ 200m breaststroke, 100m butterfly, bronze ­ 400m, 200m and 50m freestyle, 100m breaststroke. Bryn Atkin: bronze ­ 200m freestyle. Ollie Rayner: gold ­ 50m and 200m butterfly, silver 100m butterfly. Angus Syme: gold ­ 200m backstroke, silver ­ 400m and 200m freestyle, 200m butterfly, bronze ­ 100m butterfly. 13­and­under girls medley relay: Annamiek Noye, Virginia Higgs, Jess Roche, Aria Marsh ­ bronze. 13­and­under boys medley relay: Gus Kelliher, Jacob Webb, Riley Stewart, Wills Graham ­ bronze. 14­and­over boys medley relay: Angus Syme, Tim Batchelor, Ollie Rayner, James Buk ­ bronze. 13­and­under boys freestyle relay: Eugene Dickie, Riley Stewart, Jacob Webb, Gus Kelliher ­ bronze.

Junior tennis singles results Results from the North Canterbury Junior Tennis Singles Champs held on Saturday, October 31: Girls: 10­years: Tinesha Benson 1, Petrea MacGillivray 2, Lauren Whittaker 3, Alice Reid 4. 12­years: Neve Sewell 1, Hannah Corby 2, Evie Howe 3, Madeline Scott 4, Lily Gerrard 5, Isabelle Farmer 6. 14­years: Bianca Rae 1, Imogen Maynard 2, Katelyn Howe 3, Coco Gooch 4. 16­years: Ayana Ide 1, Shanae van de Wiel 2, Suzie Wilding 3, Noor Nolten 4, Katie Brown 5. Boys: 10­years: Ed Davidson 1, George Riley 2, Max Walsh 3, Zachary Adams 4, Tom Kerry 5. 12­years: Ryley Eder 1, Logan Benson 2, Rommel Wilson 3, Jackson Pullar 4, Joseph Drury 5, Nicholas Dobson 6, Lucas Kerry 7, Spencer Maynard 8. 14­years: Liam Adams 1, Will Riley 2, Jack Riley 3, Ethan Hattrill 4, Connor Wilson 5, Gene Gooch 6. 16­years: Dean Bagrie 1, Callum Moore 2, Ben Rudd 3, Luca McDonnell 4, Matt Jones 5, Jackson Page 6, Braxton Taua 7, Eirinn Moore 8. The top four in each age group will now go on to play four representative fixtures over the season, starting with Ellesmere on November 29 and Mid­Canterbury on December 6.

Creating a racket . . . North Canterbury junior tennis representative Logan Benson.




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DAILY BREAD White, wheatmeal, grain.


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SPICY BRAN BISCUITS 16pk Spices combined with bran to make e this delicious “dunker”.



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Dairy Dale 2L varieties.

09/11/15 to 15/11/15



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Open 7 days | 8 Convenient local locations Hornby • Barrington • Ferry Rd • Papanui • Riccarton • Upper Riccarton • New Brighton • Rangiora


The News

Thursday November 12 2015

Page 33

www.propertytimes.co.nz www.handshake.co.nz


November 12, 2015 |

Properties for sale throughout North Canterbury

104 Cullen Avenue, Ohoka $1,189,000 Mitchell MacDonald Licensed Sales Consultant P. 03 323 6045 M. 027 222 1292 E. mitchell.macdonald@harcourts.co.nz Brooke Kable Licensed Sales Consultant P. 03 323 6045 M. 029 777 6706 E. brooke.kable@harcourts.co.nz View online: www.harcourts.co.nz/BF25372

A Family Sanctuary Not often a property as beautiful as this becomes available to purchase and now the opportunity to make this magnificent home is yours! Set on a wonderful private and north facing 5000m2 and fully fenced section, enough room for the family and toys, but not too much room so your weekends are still yours to enjoy what this section and location has to offer. This 452m2 home boasts 5 generous sized bedrooms, 2 immaculate floor to ceiling tiled bathrooms, a large open plan designer kitchen with all the extras including engineered stone bench tops and a butler’s pantry, 2 separate lounge rooms and a separate dining with bi-fold


doors to the outdoor entertaining and large decking space designed to receive the all-day sun. Perfect for the entertainer, with fantastic indoor/outdoor flow. The storage throughout the home is more than enough including a 4 car internal garage. You will love the features of this property and the effort that the Vendors have put in to ensure a point of difference, from a mixture of black cedar and plaster over brick cladding to the large open spaces and skylights throughout to keep the home bright and airy. This property is not set to disappoint and is not a drive by - to appreciate the quality, you must view.





Approximately 25 minutes from the city, close to Mandeville Sports Club, decile 10 primary school, the school bus and local activities such as the Friday farmers markets. There is a real sense of community in Ohoka and a great location for your family to have all the room to grow and the private lifestyle money cannot buy in the City. Don’t miss out on this one, contact us today for a viewing!! Open Home Sunday 15th November 2.45 - 3.30pm

PropertyTimes Timesisisdelivered deliveredto toevery everyhome homein inNorth South Canterbury Canterbury and and is is available available on mes.co.nz Property on the the we at www. ro ert ttimes.co.nz

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The News

Thursday November 12 2015

Twiss Keir Realty - Hanmer Springs Shop 3 12a Conical Hill Road (03) 315 7084 www.harcourtshanmer.co.nz

Twiss Keir Realty - Kaiapoi 77c Williams Street (03) 327 5379 www.twisskeir.co.nz


Twiss Keir Realty - Rangiora 15 Good Street (03) 313 6158 www.twisskeir.co.nz


First Time To The Market!

Harcourts ID: BF25447

Retirement Dictates A Sale!

Harcourts ID: BF25453

105 Verona Place, Ohoka – Immaculately presented both inside & out with a flexible layout providing

961 South Eyre Road, Eyreton – You will be surprised by how much value you will get for your hard

a multitude of choices in the accommodation & living spaces, with the convenience of 4 generous

earned dollar in this location. Evident the moment you enter the gates, this property has everything a

bedrooms, 2 bathrooms + spacious games room. The outdoor environment wonderfully completes the

lifestyler would desire - a variety of sheds, 96m² (2 lock up and 2 open bays) + separate stable, tack

home, while ensuring security, privacy & shelter. Sited on 2.0660ha with well set up paddocks, orchard,

room and wash down area all sited on 4.5715ha. Equally impressive is the robustly constructed four

small olive grove, vege garden & double garage.

bedroom + study family home with private and established sheltered gardens.

Gemma & Sue Roberts

Deadline Sale: All offers Friday 27 November (unless sold prior) th

Licensed Sales Consultants

Gemma & Sue Roberts

Deadline Sale: All offers Friday 27th November (unless sold prior)

Licensed Sales Consultants

P. 03 323 6045 M. 027 223 6471 or 027 440 1282 E. gemma.roberts@harcourts.co.nz





P. 03 323 6045 M. 027 223 6471 or 027 440 1282 E. gemma.roberts@harcourts.co.nz





Large Section - No Covenants

Harcourts ID: RG7405

Move in Before Christmas

Harcourts ID: BF25439

2/66 Osborne Road, Amberley – Are you looking for a unique section without covenants? This

14 Pakura Street, Pegasus – Our owners have changed address, leaving behind this stylish linea-

large interesting section (2730m2) has a gentle elevation, stunning views & is surrounded by mature

board and brick-veneer 4 bedroom family home which requires new owners immediately! Beautifully

trees. Sheltered from the prevailing north easterly winds it also will get the last of the sun. Services are

open-plan kitchen / dining with second separate living area, master tiled en-suite & walk-in-robe with

available. This section has consent for subdivision which expires 7 March 2017. Resource consent

outdoor access and superb outdoor entertaining areas with fully-fenced patio and decking.


conditions are available on request.

Christine Tallott

Mitchell Roberts & Mana Tai

P. 03 313 6158 M. 0274 906 042 E. christine.tallott@gmail.com

P. 03 323 6045 M. 027 413 0797 or 027 626 2824 E. mitchandmana@harcourts.co.nz

Auction: Wednesday 2nd Devember 3:00 p.m. (unless sold prior)

Licensed Sales Consultants

Licensed Sales Consultant






Instructions Are Very Clear - Just Sell!

Harcourts ID: HPG6325

Work Requires Relocation

Harcourts ID: BF25232

4 Charles Street, Kaiapoi – Views of River Kaiapoi. Large enclosed section. Double bedrooms.

18 Eyrewell Road, Pegasus – Due to work requirements, our owners are moving out of town and

Modern kitchen. Open plan living. Separate sitting rooms. Separate living rooms. Separate laundry.

require this recently built property (2015), sold urgently. This home has been designed for easy living,

Family bathroom and ensuite. Sunroom. Single external garage. Close to the shops, parks, rugby

with four double bedrooms, open-plan kitchen / dining, separate living area, office nook, master en-

grounds, schools and main highway.

suite and walk-robe and outdoor deck. A home perfect for entertaining, with large lawns that will delight and inspire all family members.

Amanda Smith

Mitchell Roberts & Mana Tai

Licensed Sales Consultant

P. 03 920 3030 M. 0274 222 648 E. amanda.smith@harcourts.co.nz

Contributor to www.realestate.co.nz

Licensed Sales Consultants




P. 03 323 6045 M. 027 413 0797 or 027 626 2824 E. mitchandmana@harcourts.co.nz





The News

Contributor to to www.realestate.co.nz www.realestate.co.nz Contributor

Thursday November 12 2015

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www.twisskeir.co.nz www.harcourtsdevelopments.co.nz

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The News

Thursday November 12 2015

Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant


MONTHLY, EVENING DG COURSES Courses in Christchurch, Invercargill, Cromwell & Mosgiel daily. Other areas by arrangement


Class 3, 4 & 5, Passenger, Vehicle Recovery, Wheels, Tracks, Rollers, Dangerous Goods, Forklift, OSH & F




Freephone 0508 2 DRIVE (37483) OR 03 348 8481 info@drivetech.co.nz www.drivetech.co.nz


Licensed Class, WTR, Pass Drug test. Please call Murray on 021 921 981

RANGIORA Community Choir is seeking expressions of interest for a Pianist. Commencing Feb­ ruary 2016. Enquiries and for a job description please phone Sarah 021 754 0419. RANGIORA Community Choir is seeking expressions of interest for a Conductor. Commencing February 2016. Enquiries and for a job description please Telephone Sarah 021 754 0419.


automotive plastic rep pair & refinish

Driving Related Health & Safety Training


North Canterbury Rugby Sub Union welcomes applications from suitably qualified and/or experienced Coaches and Managers for all of the above positions. Please note applications for the above positions close with the undersigned on Friday 20th November 2015. Confidential applications (clearly stating which position/s you are applying for) should be sent to: Ross Dixon North Canterbury Rugby Administrator 18 Green St Rangiora 7400 Email: admin@ncrsu.co.nz

Contact John 027 437 7165


Open Grade North Canterbury Senior Representative Coach and Asst Coach North Canterbury Senior Representative Team Manager North Canterbury Colts Representative Coach and Asst Coach North Canterbury Colts Representative Team Manager JAB North Canterbury U18 Grade Representative Forward and Back Coaches North Canterbury U18 Grade Representative Team Manager North Canterbury U16 Grade Representative Forward and Back Coaches North Canterbury U16 Grade Representative Team Manager

3 positions available in our busy North Canterbury Repair Centres • Estimator / Workshop Manager • Qualified Panelbeater • Qualified Painter If you think this could be you and would like to know more

(Road code & pre-assessment driving training provided)

The North Canterbury Rugby Sub Union wishes to invite applications for the following positions within its 2016 Open grade and JAB representative programmes. Responsibilities will include selection, planning and coaching through to the post season reviews. In addition you will develop relationships with our club coaches to identify talented rugby players. You will be focused on creating enjoyment, development and excitement while delivering high quality rugby coaching to our respective teams. We are seeking the coaches and managers for:

Job Vacancies


• Car Bumpers • Kids’ Toys • Fibreglass • Headlights • Grilles • Anything Plastic... HAS NOW MOVED info@kpx.co.nz Un nit TO 2 - 9UNIT S 6, 03 www.kpx.co.nz 5 STONE STREET 1664712

CASH 4 CARS and 4WD'S Phone Automotive Parts 03 313 7216


EXCEL Eng. Ltd. Struc­ tural & General Engineers. Coded welding, House Beams & Lintels, Machining, Profile Cutting, Hydraulic Press, Crane Truck Hire & Skip Hire. Avail now for all jobbing work. We also manufacture & repair jet boats. Work­ DISMANTLING and buying all models of shop at 181 Loburn Falcons now. Please phone Whiterock Rd. Ph/fax 03 312 8884, mobile 027 486 03 3125 064 . 0415 anytime.

This week’s open homes in North Canterbury

Thursday 12th November

Upper Riccarton


Harcourts Real Estate

Waikuku Beach

Harcourts Real Estate


Ashley Ohoka 4.00pm

2.45pm 5.00pm

Woolston 6.00pm


742 Marshmans Road 86 Whites Road 143 Kotuku Crescent


Harcourts Real Estate

Saturday 14th November Ashley 2.00pm


10.30am 1.00pm 1.45pm 2.30pm 3.00pm 3.30pm

12 Lewis Crescent 33 Cadman Street 3 Hutchison Street 30 Ward Road 42 Ward Road 17 Buckley Street

Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate

6 Port Robinson Road

Harcourts Real Estate


8 Makura Road

Harcourts Real Estate


17 Wakeman Way 25 Sterling Crescent 25 Tuhoe Avenue 15 Beachvale Drive 9 Hancox Street 11 Hancox Street

Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate


12 Makerikeri Road

Harcourts Real Estate


178 Bailey Road

Harcourts Real Estate

4 Kumara Street 14 Pakura Street

Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate

11.30am 12.00pm 12.15pm 12.45pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.30pm 1.45pm 2.00pm 2.15pm 3.00pm 3.00pm 3.15pm 3.15pm

2 Wallace Place

Harcourts Real Estate

Gore Bay 11.30am


Goose Bay

12.00pm 2.00pm

Kaiapoi 12.15pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.45pm 2.00pm 3.00pm

12.45pm 1.30pm 2.00pm 21.5pm 3.00pm 4.00pm

Loburn 3.00pm

Ohoka 1.30pm


1.00pm 1.15pm

1.30pm 1.45pm

Rangiora 2.00pm

11.00am 12.45pm 1.00pm 1.30pm 2.00pm

Harcourts Real Estate

11.15am 1.30pm 2.15pm 3.00pm 3.30pm 4.00pm


31 Allin Drive

143 Kotuku Crescent

Ashley 2.00pm

11.00am 1.00pm


Harcourts Real Estate

30 Staveley Street

Harcourts Real Estate

1/12 Lagan Street

Harcourts Real Estate


14 Brogar Place

Harcourts Real Estate


1820 Cust Road

Harcourts Real Estate

51 Beachvale Drive 11b Aldersgate Street 17 Wakeman Way 8 Glenvale Drive 25 Sterling Crescent 9 Hancox Street 4 Holland Drive 15 Beachvale Drive 11 Hancox Street 50 Sterling Crescent 287 Lees Road 25 Tuhoe Avenue 18 Wakeman Way 21 Wakeman Way

Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate

82 Bradys Road 12 Makerikeri Road

Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate



12.00pm 12.30pm 12.45pm 1.15pm 1.30pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.15pm 3.00pm 3.00pm 3.30pm 4.00pm 4.00pm 4.00pm


12.00pm 12.30pm 3.00pm 4.00pm

Harcourts Real Estate

14 Saracen Ave

Harcourts Real Estate


1/233 Bower Ave

Harcourts Real Estate

1.00pm 1.30pm 2.00pm 3.00pm 3.30pm 4.00pm 4.00pm

716 Tram Road 86 Whites Road 178 Bailey Road 145 Dawson Road 104 Cullen Ave 511 Mill Road 792 Tram Road

Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate

15 Harewood Road

Waimak Real Estate

7 Tiritiri Moana Drive 18 Eyrewell Drive 41 The Esplanade 14 Pakura Street 3 Winsloe Street 55 Kawari Drive

Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate

30c Ayers Street 26 Pimlico Place 3 Bridget Lane 64 Belmont Ave 2 Wallace Place 38 Acacia Avenue 104 Church Street 1 Park Street

Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Waimak Real Estate Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate

1494 Tram Road 674 North Eyre Road 380a No. 10 Road

Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate


New Brighton

742 Marshmans Road


129 McHughs Road



Casebrook Cust

Harcourts Real Estate

12.00pm 12.45pm

Tekoa Estate, Amberley Beach Road 5a Gilbert Street 138 Carters Road 34 Willowside Place 2/66 Osborne Road

Belfast 1.30pm

Harcourts Real Estate


1.00pm 1.15pm 1.30pm 2.00pm 2.45pm

Avonhead 3.00pm

Harcourts Real Estate

12.30pm 1.00pm Harcourts Real Estate 1.30pm Farmlands Real Estate 2.30pm Harcourts Real Estate 2.45pm Farmlands Real Estate 3.00pm Harcourts Real Estate 3.30pm


30 Staveley Street


1/61 Hanrahan Street

Sunday 15th November

Harcourts Real Estate



12.00pm 12.30pm

742 Marshmans Road

Avonhead 11.00am




12.30pm 1.00pm


12.00pm 12.30pm 1.00pm 1.15pm 2.00pm 3.30pm

12.30pm 1.00pm 1.30pm 1.45pm 2.30pm 4.30pm

Rangiora 11.00am 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.30pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.15pm 2.30pm

11.30am 1.45pm 1.45pm 2.00pm 2.30pm 2.30pm 3.00pm 3.00pm


11.00am 11.45am 11.00am 12.00pm 12.00pm 12.30pm

Waikuku Beach

2.00pm 2.45pm 3.00pm

2.45pm 3.15pm 4.00pm

Woodend 1.00pm



North Canterbury Rugby Sub Union Representative Coaches and Managers 2016 Season

47 Park Terrace 31 Allin Drive 32 Kiwi Ave

Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate Harcourts Real Estate

8 Petries Road

Harcourts Real Estate

The News

To apply please send a CV and covering letter via email to: winery@sherwood.co.nz

COUNCIL’S KERBSIDE REFUSE AND (WEEK 1) RECYCLING COLLECTION COMMERCIAL PREMISES in CBD, NORTH of the Kaiapoi River: your refuse and Week 1 recycling collection (usually Friday) will be collected on Thursday 12 November. Refuse bags and recycling wheelie bins must be placed for collection by 9 am in the ‘Northern’ Commercial Area: Williams St between Kaiapoi River and Sewell St, Charles St from 26/27 Charles St to New World, and South/West side of Sewell St from Williams St to New World.

RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES, NORTH of the Kaiapoi River (Week 1 recycling collection; no recycling collection for Week 2 properties) THE PINES & KAIRAKI BEACHES (Week 1 recycling) Southern RURAL COLLECTION AREA (Week 2 recycling: no collection) Friday ‘LANE TRUCK’ collection areas in PEGASUS & RANGIORA (Week 2 recycling: no collection)

Oxford Rugby Football Club AGM


Monday 16th November. Oxford Rugby Club rooms, Showgrounds, Bay Road. JAB AGM at 6.30pm, followed by Senior AGM at 8.00pm. If unable to attend, contact Matt Riley 027 454 8778. All Welcome.

Direct Cremations $1,995 GST incl *Other services available

0800 804 663

justfunerals.co.nz CLAIRVOYANT medium, clear accurate readings with Holly. Phone 03 314 9073.

2015/16 Summer Season

Opening Day

Saturday 21 November Pool hours

(until school holidays) Monday - Friday 3pm - 5.30pm Weekends 3pm - 5.30pm

Learn-to-Swim After School Programme:

Monday 7- Friday 18 December $10 per lesson

Holiday Programme:

Monday 4 - Friday 29 January

Your refuse and Week 1 Recycling collections will be carried out on Show Day – Friday 13th November – as usual The Southern Rural Collection Area includes Tuahiwi and the area south of Rangiora-Woodend Road, Woodend Beach & Woodend Beach Road, SH1/Main North Rd south of Woodend, Lees Road and Williams St north of Old North Rd. Please remember only “official” Waimakariri District Council refuse bags and recycling wheelie bins will be collected. Refuse bags and recycling wheelie bins must be placed for collection by 7 am, and please note that collection times may vary during the holiday period. Please contact the Council on (03) 311 8900 if you experience any problems with your kerbside collections. If you’re unsure which Week your recycling is to be collected, please check the label on the side of your bin.     RESOURCE RECOVERY PARK & TRANSFER STATION HOURS Southbrook Resource Recovery Park: 284 Flaxton Road, Southbrook. Transfer Station (03) 313 5499 ReSale Store (03) 313 5798 (Note: payment by cash or EFTPOS only. Credit cards not accepted) Friday 13 November (Show Day) 8.30am to 4.30pm – as usual Saturday 14 November 8.30am to 4.30pm – as usual Sunday 15 November 12.30pm to 4.30pm – as usual Monday 16 November 8.30am to 4.30pm – as usual

Public Notices

Amberley Swimming Pool

Oxford Transfer Station: High Street, Oxford (Note: EFTPOS is not available on site. Credit cards not accepted) Friday 13 November (Show Day) 12.30pm to 4.30pm – as usual Saturday 14 November Closed as usual Sunday 15 November 12.00 noon to 4.30pm – as usual Monday 16 November Closed as usual Kitty Waghorn Solid Waste Asset Manager

AIR RECRUITMENT EVENT No:88 Rangiora Squadron, Air Training Corps is about to begin its annual recruiting campaign in readiness for the 2016 training year. There will be two information evenings; Thursday 19th November and Thursday 26th November, 6.45pm – 9pm, at Canterbury Aero Club Clubrooms at the Rangiora Airfield. We are specifically seeking 13 to 15 years old or those who are going to be moving on to secondary school in the New Year. If you have any questions please contact us at northcanterburycadets@gmail.com.

Water Safety Sessions: Saturday mornings

For bookings or further info, phone Roz on 027 314 6291 or email rozp@free.net.nz or go to www.hurunui.govt.nz

Public Notices OHOKA Garden Tour and Fete, 22nd November, 10am ­ 4pm. Ohoka School, Jacksons Road, Ohoka. A $25 ticket ($30 on the day) includes admission to seven of the finest gardens Ohoka has to offer and entry to the Fete at Ohoka School. This years Fete has more new stalls than ever before, music, fine food, entertain­ ment for the kids and plenty of pre­Christmas temp­ tation. This is sure to be the best tour yet. Get your tickets early, contact Lianne 03 3126 064 or visit facebook.com/ohokagardentour for outlet details. Proudly sponsored by Bayleys and Team Pringle.

Builder LICENSED Builder. Over 30 yrs exp. High standards, Low overheads. Decks, alterations, restorations. No job too small. Phone Andrew 03 975 5691 or 027 318 4400.

Concrete Services

For Sale CARAVANS for sale. UK imports. Good selection. Phone Ken 027 434 1260. North Canterbury Cara­ vans. NO bees? Rent a beehive. Fully managed by regis­ tered bee keepers. You get pollination plus honey. Phone 027 657 2007.

Present this coupon for

$10 off

purchases over $50 Rangiora Sales Secondhand Store 24 Edward St. Ph 313 8119 Week 9am -5pm, Sat 9.30am – 1.30pm

Chimney Cleaning ABEL & Prestige Chimney Cleaning. Nth Cant. Owned and operated. Professional guaranteed service. All firebox repairs. Ph Ken & Trish 312 5764.


AFFORDABLE concrete BALEAGE or Standing cutting with quality and Hay wanted. Phone Bob removal work. Free quotes. 027 412 9817. No job too small. Ph 027 442 2219, Fax 03 359 6052 or A/H 03 359 4605. Pets

Gardening BARKS, Composts, Pea Straw & much more at Woodend Landscape Supplies. Delivery & cour­ tesy trailers available. Open 7 days. Ph 03 312 2003.

AMBERLEY PRECIOUS PETS Boutique Boarding Kennel for small dogs. Ph 03 314 9669. www.amberleyprecious pets.co.nz

Properties For Sale SUMMERHILL 4.7 hectares, plus 3 sheds, power, phone connected, no house. Ph 022 382 7227.

Tree Services BRIAN’S Tree Services. Tree felling, topping, shaping, firewood cut, rub­ bish removed, stump grind­ ing, branch chipping. Affordable rates. Phone 03 327 5505 or 021 124 4894. NORTH Canterbury Tree Care. Specialising in big trees in small spaces, long term tree plans, advisory service, fully insured. Free quotes, prompt service. Phone Mike Gilbert 0800 873 336.

SCREENED Soil for sale. STUMP REMOVAL Ser­ Waipara area. Can deliver. vicing North Canterbury Phone 021 115 3689. for prompt professional ser­ AVAILABLE now quali­ vice. Phone Tim 0800 178 fied tradesmen. Roofs, 867. exterior and interior, com­ Nursery mercial painting. In North Canterbury for 20 years. Quality workmanship. No GOUGHS job too big or too small. NURSERIES Phone Mike Watts for a TREE REMOVALS free quote 027 931 1876 or Deal direct with 03 327 5388. THINNING & PRUNING grower and Save STUMP GRINDING FELLING & TOPPING A Lady Paperhanger and 30%-50% off Painter, all work guaran­ FULLY INSURED normal retail teed, free quotes. Phone prices Carol 027 435 9165 or 03 3127 327.


CRAIGS Trees (03) 327-4190



The successful applicant will have the appropriate level of experience and tertiary qualifications required for the position and be able to demonstrate a passion for the wine growing industry.

Council’s Refuse and Recycling Services over Show Weekend 13 to 15 November 2015

Public Notices

Possum Control – Poison Warning Excell Biosecurity wishes to advise that a ground-based possum control operation will be taking place to keep possum numbers under control to prevent the spread of TB. This operation will be conducted as a part of the TBfree New Zealand programme. Areas covered: Leader Valley TB operation (16,936ha). The eastern boundary is the Conway River, the southern boundary is the Leader Road, western and northern boundary is Black Hills. Operation date (approximately): 23rd November 2015 to 30th April 2016. Poisoning methods poison used and nature of poison: Possum habitats will be targeted using Feratox encapsulated Cyanide baits in bait bags and bait stations and will be attached to trees and fence posts. Cyanide paste will also be used around rocky outcrops and deep bush away from publicly accessible areas. Feratox capsules (dyed green) to be placed in a peanut paste inside biodegradable blue bait bags and bait stations. Trapping will also be used. The public is warned not to enter these areas and not to remove carcasses or baits. Baits are dangerous to people and dogs. General warning • Do not touch poison baits/bait stations/traps • Do not touch poisoned possum carcasses • Keep pets under supervision; do not let dogs eat poisoned carcasses • Do not leave children unattended • Follow the advice on the poison warning signs. If • • •

you suspect poisoning Contact your local hospital or dial 111 National Poisons Centre 0800 POISON – 0800 764766 In the case of a domestic animal being poisoned, contact a local veterinarian.

For further information, contact the operator Craig Stubbs, Excell Biosecurity, Office 03 313 5737 or Mobile 021 870 528.

MAKKS Roast & Chinese. Lunch from $5, 11 ­ 3pm. Dinner Buffet from $9, 5­8pm. Call today for weekly specials. Phone 03 313 9119. 90 High St, Rangiora.

MEMORIAM R L Austin, Flying Officer 415054 65 Squadron 126 Squadron, Teacher. Keep flying Dad. Thank you for all you taught me. 7th November 1977. Pauline Austin.

NORTH Canterbury Painters. Reg Tradesman. Interior, exterior painting. Free quotes. Covering North Canterbury, Oxford, Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Amber­ ley. Phone Robin Driver 03 327 7899 or 027 432 3520. ALL your decorating requirements, private and commercial, competitive rates. Free quotes. 25 years + experience. Phone Steve 03 312 5515, 027 576 0585. PAINTER Top quality work. No job too big or small. We stand by Canter­ bury. Telephone Wayne 027 274 3541.

Pride & Quality Painting & Decorating Services

20 yrs exp, fast and friendly service. For all your painting needs, phone: Martin 310 6187 or 021 128 9867

Fencing NORTHEND FENCING LTD is in your area. For all fencing requirements eg; dairy conversions, vineyards, deer fencing, lifestyle blocks, post and rail, quality workmanship guaranteed, competitive rates. Phone Mike 027 313 1872. SUMMERFIELD Fencing Ltd in your area now. Lifestyle or farm, sheep, cattle, horse, all types of animals. Fences, yards, sheds, arenas, shelters, runs. 27 years contract fencing. John is available to help with your design and planning. Ph Carol or John on 03 312 4747.

Open Monday - Sunday 9am - 5pm Natives Exotics Hedging Landscape and Japanese Maples 1029 Tram Rd Ohoka No eftpos Est 1974


027 315 6916

Health & Beauty HOMEOPATHY. Are you struggling with your health? Maybe a homeopathic remedy could help? First consultation free. Ph Jennifer Mackinder (Dip.Hom) 03 314 8046.

Hire TEMPORARY Fencing. New hire business based in Amberley, servicing all trades in North Canterbury. Ph 027 430 4348.

Landscaping TOP SOIL, screened and unscreened at Woodend Landscape Supplies. Open 7 days. Phone 03 312 2003.

Free Quotes 027 2299 454 Trades

TILING J.A.S Tiling Services Ltd. Professional, prompt, friendly service. For all your tiling needs, kitchens, bathrooms, splashbacks, hearths, entranceways. Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, stone veneer, slate. Please phone Andy or Jo 027 322 7191, 03 310 7640 or email andy@jas­tiling.nz.

• Subdivisions • Hot Chip Sealing • Horse Arenas • Driveways • Shingle Supplies

Darwin Earthworks Ltd Rangiora Ph Rob McAlister 027 434 0315 A H 03 313 2276


We currently seek a Vineyard Manager to oversee and manage operations on our 150 acres of vineyards in Waipara. This is an exciting opportunity for an applicant to be involved in all aspects of vineyard management from day to day operations, managing of staff, contractors and writing machinery, seasonal work plans through to setting vineyard budgets and investigating future developments.

Please Take Note!


Public Notices

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MULCHING MOWING Using Long Reach Arm. Suitable for Bunds, Drains, Roadside

Ph Craig 03 313 1779


Sherwood Estate Wines is based in the picturesque Waipara Valley, North Canterbury. Established by Dayne and Jill Sherwood in 1987 this family owned winery has grown from a one man band into a significant player in the New Zealand wine industry.

Public Notices

Plasterer / Painter Stopping, skim coating, decorative plaster work, all interior plastering and paint work. For a free quote



Public Notices


Situations Vacant

Thursday November 12 2015

Phone Brent on 027 256 6458

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The News

Thursday November 12 2015









SHEARER Sheep Shearer available, fully mobile setup for lifestylers. Also available for one stand work. Ph 021 0864 0372.

DRESSMAKING. Bev’s Sew Good Services, still open for all your alter­ ations, repairs, dress­ making, curtains. Phone 327 5535. (formerly from Tamara’s).

SHEARER Mobile Sheep Shearer available for Life­ style Blocks. Over 30 years experience. Phone Stuart 027 315 6916. ROOF Painter. Affordable roof painter available. Ph Troy 022 084 2706 or visit www.affordableroofpainting.co.nz.

STAINWORKS and painting. All surfaces, fence and deck coatings. Incl exterior & interior painting. No job too big or small. Phone 027 245 5149.

PLUMBING Craftsman Plumber. For prompt ser­ vice. Telephone Michael 022 321 2468 or 03 313 2468.

GAS, PLUMBING, Drainage & Heating, 24/7 service. Ph Mike Cairns Gas & Plumbing 021 132 8929 or 03 326 7949.

PROPERTY MAINTEN­ ANCE. Lawns, gardens, hedges, chainsaw work, pruning, painting and minor home alterations. TOWN AND COUNTRY. Phone Mike 03 313 0261.

SCREEN PRINTING. For all your printing requirements. T­shirts, Hoodies, Hi­Vis vests and polos, Overalls, Caps etc. Please phone Heather 03 313 0261 or email heather.norstar@gmail.com.




WOF $35

Semi–retired Builder

www.longsilver construction.com • Licensed Building Practitioner • Registered Master Builder


We can arrange to kill and process your Beef, Pork, Lamb, Venison and Game Meat NOW! Open Saturday Mornings Phone (03) 327 8219 A/H 027 306 3874


See us for your processing needs Specialising in Sausages,, Bacons, Hams, Salami and more... Gluten Free & Special Diet needs

Ph: 027 313 0161

Brent Noye alias “Brent the Butcher”

Chiropractic and Natural Health Care Dr Carissa McGregor Chiropractor ACC Accredited Available Monday - Thursday Ph: 03 313 0350

Bevan and Shane Frahm

We can arrange to have your stock killed. Sheep, beef and pigs: process into portion packs and smallgoods and label to your requirements.

Number one old-fashioned bacon & ham curing. A/H 312 4219 or 312 4709

Ph 312 4205 Oxford

Judy McArthur DC (UK) Applied Kinesiology, McTimony Technique, Craniosacral, Available Fridays

Repairs alterations & Manufacture Paul Berg 57 Wesley St, Kaiapoi Phone (03) 338-1112 canvasco@xtra.co.nz 0274 381-871

Wastewater Septic Tanks Treatment Plants Drainage Irrigation

51 Ashley Street Rangiora

Bruce Evans 131 Ohoka Road Kaiapoi p. 03 327 3111 m. 021 293 6331

• Decorative Cutting • Inyard Cutting & Drilling • Fumeless Hydraulic Equipment


Free quotes

Ph: Rga 928 3537 Wayne 021 731 817 Lyn 021 207 4499 waylyn2@scorch.co.nz





We provide • Domestic and Commercial • Wiring and Maintenance • Security Systems No job to small • Fujitsu Heat Pumps • Caravan Electrical Warrants

PLEASE CALL 0800 277 822

Domestic | Commercial | Repairs | Alterations | Additions

• Prompt, Reliable and Efficient • 40 years' experience • All work guaranteed • No job too small 1463005

Specialise in: Soffut (Early Entry Saw) House & Factory Floor Slabs All Aspects of Ground Sawing, Floor Grinding, Wall Cutting/ Core Drilling – Up to 600mm diameter Residential & Commercial


• Local Small family Business • Qualified Tradesman • 30 + Years Experience • Painting • Wallpapering • Waterblasting • Roof Painting • No Time Wasted • Free Quotes



~ FREE QUOTES ~1670945

Russell Thompson - Phone 027 943 4096 A/H 03 3127 562 | Email: todist@xtra.co.nz



Repairs & Upgrades Virus & Malware Removal Checkup to Increase Speed Home & Business Onsite Visits Prompt Professional Service

“If it’s broke, let’s fix it”

Wilson Decorators Ltd


Tarpaulins Sidecurtains Awnings - Sunblinds Marquees & Canopies Boat Covers Outdoor Furniture recovers Umbrellas




(03) 313 4771 www.canterburyhomekill.co.nz

Computer Repairs

Civil and Drainage

Driveways Landscaping Retaining Walls Earthworks Foundations

Canterbury Homekill prides itself in offering a professional, honest service throughout Canterbury


Oxford Butchery

Chiropractic Services

Graeme Gosney 0274 971 683 Phone 03 327 8341 Fax 03 327 8343 Email: goscut@xtra.co.nz




(will travel)


Home Kill & Wild Game Butcher



Select Health

Ph 027 212 3880 Ritchie


PH Steve 03 920 3081 or 027 433 9140

Ring Mark 027 229 7310 for a free quote

For all your Conveyor requirements

• Baler Belting • Mower Belts • Firewood Conveyor Belts • Fasteners • Belting Repairs & Maintenance • Installation / Fitting of Belting Onsite Service - Over 20 years experience


23 High Street Rangiora 03 313 6096



Tyre Services Ltd

Carrying out all types of carpentry work & repairs in North Canterburyy. Totally honest & reliable. All building work considered. Free quotes – guaranteed workmanship.



For Vehicle Servicing phone Allan

For all of your Trades and Classified enquiries, please contact Amanda at The News on 03 313 2840

Mainland Conveyor Services MCS


Trade Qualified and LBP

Agricultural Services


• Curtains Fr mea ee • Romans & qusure ote • Cushions and more Phone Maureen or Karen en 19 03 327 4919 or 027 427 4919

Mauds Softfurnishings gs 88 Williams Street, Kaiapoi (Up long driveway)


23vc 1591723vc

The News



• Rural & Residential Fencing • Cattle & Sheep Yards • Pole Shed Builds

• Swimming Pool Fencing • Post Driving • Electric Fencing • Building FREEES • Fences QUOT • Build Haybarns

PHONE (0274) 350 279 or A.H. 314 8384

Glass & Auto Glass

We also repair Windscreens and install Double Glazing



We provide new build landscape packages, one-off projects and garden makeovers.


For all your landscaping needs


Phone 027 6266 6566

Landscape Architect available for Professional Garden Design

North Canterbury



Massage Therapy


To contact us ph (03) 310 6534

All Insurance Companies work welcome

Factory Showroom 202a King St, Rangiora www.northcanterburyglass.co.nz

Landscape Design


Call me for a free no obligation consultation.

Sports, Injuries, Trigger Point, Relaxation, Deep Tissue

Website: gardenfeatures.co.nz E-mail: info@gardenfeatures.co.nz Phone: 03 314 8366

Pest Control

Painters / Decorators

Are you sick of being Pestered? All work guaranteed! Contact your Locally Owned & Operated Pest Experts today for a free quote and advice.

Combined Pest Control Spider & Fly Control


PHONE: 027 333 5322 A/H: (03) 319 6740 calvertpainting@yahoo.co.nz



Wasps • Spiders / White Tails Rodents • Silverfish • Fleas Ants • Flies / Cluster Flies Borer • Pest Control Products

• Cat Doors • Mirrors • Splash Backs • Showers Retrofit Double Glazing



For Sharp Prices & Fast Turnaround

Kaiapoi Podiatry Julia Home

Nat Dip Pod, SR Pod NEW PATIENTS WELCOME Please ring to make an appointment Ph 327 4288 42 Charles Street, Kaiapoi

• All flat Glass Repairs • Caravans • Horse Floats • Vehicles


For All Your Foot Care Needs

Order Products Online at: www.plumbingshoponline .co.nz

Phone: 0800 374 737 or (03) 310 8206 Email: plumbers@clyne-bennie.co.nz Web: www.clyne-bennie.co.nz 331B Flaxton Road, Rangiora 1604188

Can Supply & Install

Podiatrist 1364785


■ business cards ■ invoice forms ■ colour flyers ■ letterheads ■ rack cards ■ cartons ■ invoice books ■ labels ■ envelopes Contact Peter Jordan 16668671

Canterbury owned and operated for over 60 years


Domestic, Commercial & Rural

0800 500 442



or 03 313 1443 pestcontrollers@xtra.co.nz



For all Flat Glass repairs in Wooden & Aluminium • Doors • Windows • Conservatories

03 312 6278

Email LGRAPHIC@XTRA.CO.NZ 469 Mill Road, Ohoka www.lgraphic.co.nz



Master Plumber of the Year 2010

Approved Handler




Craig & Bridget Hughes

Neil Batchelor ph 027 210 0181 info@priorityglass.co.nz For first glass service!

Timber Sales



• Car Bodies • Scrap Steel • Specialists in Farm Machinery • All non Ferrous

Waterblasting Ltd Servicing Canterbury Commercial & Residential


Quality Timb ber at discounted prices

We have a wide range of timber


Decking from $0.97 cents

Locally owned and operated

Come and see us or give us a call for a free quote or visit our online store for more details www.royaltimber.co.nz Open Monday to Friday 7.30am - 4.30pm and Saturday 8am – 12 noon Call David on 029 770 9204 or Amy 021 650 609 99 Mairehau Road, Burw rwood, w just off Marshlands Road


Ph (03) 338 7000 • Ah (03) 312 6553 Mike 0274 818 544 • Robbie 0274 818 027

Water Blasting


• Graffiti Removal • Blocked Drains • Pre Paint Cleaning • Moss & Algae Removal Cleaning Drains • Silicone Sealing (Brick & Block Work) • Concrete / Driveways / Ashphalt • Houses • Schools • Dairy Sheds







Ph Alex 0274 059 503 email storer.alex.pegs@gmail.com


• Cookers • Fireplaces • Radiators • Central Heating g Installation

Call us now on (03) 313 5335



Fast - Local and there when you need us. For an obligation-free quote


• Tree Felling • Stockyards & Retainables • Specialising in Vineyards • Dairy Farm Conversions • Wooden Ornamental Gates • Earthquake Damage Repairs

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Glass Repair



Russell Arthur

Thursday November 12 2015



(0800 748 325) Mobile 0274 369 187 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Page 40

The News

Thursday November 12 2015

House of Hearing

100% NZ Owned & Operated

CLINIC Ashburton Blenheim Fendalton Greymouth Halswell Papanui Rangiora

PHONE 03 307 8949 03 579 5353 03 351 3535 03 768 5528 03 322 4326 0800 333 606 03 310 7355

Profile for Local Newspapers

The News North Canterbury 12-11-15  

The News North Canterbury 12-11-15

The News North Canterbury 12-11-15  

The News North Canterbury 12-11-15

Profile for the.star

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