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Thursday August 13 2015 | Issue 662

Amberley: Pool fundraiser appointed. — page 13 ­ 15.

Real Estate: Nth Canterbury property sales.

Champions: Saracens wins NC senior rugby title.

— page 32 ­ 34.

— page 29.

Chisholm block . . . The former Queen Mary Hospital block could soon be transformed into a European­inspired luxury day spa.


European-style day spa mooted By ROBYN BRISTOW A luxury European­inspired day spa, nestled in the former Queen Mary Hospital grounds, could soon become a reality. The Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa has been working on transforming the former Queen Mary Chisholm block into an international spa­experience for the past 18 months. But the concept comes with a $15 million price tag requiring an injection of funds from outside of the Hurunui District Council,

which owns the thermal pool complex. Thermal pools general manager Graeme Abbot says the cost is huge and larger ‘‘than the ability of the council to finance it from a commercial point of view and from a statute point of view’’ because it is over its funding limit. But he is confident ways will be found in the market place to make the vision a reality. Mr Abbot says the thermal pools is now in a position to take its proposal to the local

community at a public meeting on August 25, at 6pm at the Heritage Hotel. An Auckland company has been working on concept plans for the project and the company’s work had now been peer reviewed. ‘‘Our next discussion is with the community up here,’’ he says. ‘‘The Chisholm block is a beautiful old building. Some people may think I am a bit cuckoo for pushing the project but I have been looking at the Chisholm block for a long time

and it lends itself beautifully to this concept,’’ says Mr Abbot. He says a spa in the Chisholm block could build on visions and discussions already held within the Business Association several years back of Hanmer Springs being grown and marketed as an alpine spa village. There was around a dozen businesses that offered a spa or massage experience, or both, and ‘‘together’’ the concept could be ‘‘grown’’ for the village to become recognised as a national and international spa destination.

‘‘I think we can grow the market together. But we are also wanting something to put on top of our spa at Hanmer Springs which is the largest spa in New Zealand and attracts 18,000 customers a year,’’ says Mr Abbot. A European­inspired day spa in the Chisholm block would be the icing on the cake, outstanding for the town and could become New Zealand tourism’s most photographed product, he says. ‘‘It could be something really, really special.’’ Continued Page 2

The local service that


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Thursday August 13 2015


Celebrating declaration of peace

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Victorious . . . Saracens captain holds the Hunnibel Memorial Trophy presented to him by Vince Luisetti. Luisetti Seeds sponsored the North Canterbury division one PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP senior competition.

Luisetti connection

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It was appropriate that Vince Luisetti, a director of the competition’s sponsors, Luisetti Seeds, was on hand to present the Hunnibel Memorial Trophy to Saracens’ captain Josh Maynard, after his team won the North Canterbury senior division one competition. The Hunnibel Memorial Trophy was initially donated to the North Canterbury Sub Union, by the family of

Alf Hunnibel who was Vince Luisetti’s great­grandfather. Since Luisetti Seeds took up the sponsorship of this competition, Vince, who has coached Saracens junior teams in the past, has always said that he looked forward to the day when he could present the Trophy to the Saracens captain. And that day came on Saturday when Saracens won the competition for the first time. Report page 29 and photos page 20.

Council meets with Heritage NZ From Page 1 Meanwhile the council has met Heritage New Zealand on site at the former hospital site in a bid to find a way to get the Soldiers block up and running and occupied. Chief executive officer Hamish Dobbie says strengthening and refurbishing the building had come in at an estimated $5 million. ‘‘It is not looking that easy and we were

asking Heritage New Zealand what options were there and what else we could do to bring the building up to standard,’’ he says. Plans have been mooted for the pools administration to occupy part of the Soldiers block. Mr Dobbie says at present the council has no plans for the Nurses block. ‘‘We see it as being quite a problem,’’ he

says. However, $1.5m was attached to the building for earthquake strengthening because when the council took over the buildings it was seen as being the most earthquake prone. The initial fund was $2 million but $500,000 had been used to ‘‘simply get the building to a stage where it could be locked up’’.



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Cyril McCaskey’s diary tells of peace being declared at the end of World War II and it being celebrated with a bonfire and party at the Waipara Hall on August 13, 1945. This Saturday, August 15, his son John McCaskey, hopes to bring this celebration back to life with a ‘‘Trip Down Memory Lane’’ at a get together in the Tin Shed in Amberley. ‘‘It is 70 years since peace was declared and the Japanese surrendered,’’ says John. To commemorate this life changing event he has made up a soundtrack from days of yesteryear and woven narration into it, weaving it around his life as a young boy growing up on a farm in Waipara. As a young lad he farewelled his father and uncles as they headed off to war and remembers the landgirls who stepped into their shoes to look after the land. He was seven when the war ended and his memories, complete with slides projected on to the back wall of the stage, will give people a picture of the those days, the hardships, the fun times and the songs from the era. The Hurunui Theatre group is lending a hand with the chorus, acts, skits and a community sing­along featuring songs from Glenn Millar, Gracie Fields, the Andrew Sisters, Frank and Bing, Vera Lynn and more. ‘‘The new generation have no idea what life was like back then and I hope to be able to give them an idea through narration, skits and song,’’ says Mr McCaskey. The evening begins at 7.30pm, minus the bonfire John’s father spoke about. ‘‘There would be too much red tape,’’ says John. Entry is by a gold coin with the funds going toward the Glenmark Church Restoration Fund.

Ph Anthony Parish 0274 779 422 or 03 314 9999 and 03 313 6321 1343241

The News

Staff and animals take priority By DAVID HILL Staff and animal health are the priority as farmers take stock after the latest milk price drop. Last week Fonterra announced its forecast farmgate milk price had slumped to just $3.85, after a record high of $8.30 two years ago and $4.40 last year. However, Oxford sharemilker Scott Evans and Culverden farmer Sharron Davie­Martin say they will put staff and animal health first as they look to cut costs. Mrs Davie­Martin says she is aware of migrant workers stressed about their future. ‘‘We are very reliant on migrant workers and it is a huge concern that they will get laid off.’’ ‘‘Others are saying ‘my boss is so amazing, we got a box of goodies to help us get through’. There are lots of different angles coming through on Facebook. ‘‘We won’t change the staff on our farm. We are in a position to ride it out and come out the other end.’’ However, she is concerned for sharemilkers, particularly lower order sharemilkers, as ‘‘some won’t even make what they would have made on a salary’’. Mr Evans says he feels for other sharemilkers who ‘‘are going to be under the pump’’, as they are not eligible for the forecast 40­50 cent share payout or the 50 cent loan being offered by Fonterra. Mrs Davie­Martin says repairs and maintenance and ‘‘those things which don’t affect people or animal health’’ will go on the back burner this season as they look to cut costs. Mr Evans, who is the DairyNZ tactics for tight times Waimakariri focus farmer, announced in June he had a plan to get

Thursday August 13 2015

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million SALES CLUB

Milk price drop . . . Staff and animal health to remain top priority as dairy farmers tighten FILE PHOTO. their budgets. him through a tight season. He says the latest price drop will cause him to re­look at his budget, but is confident he will get through. ‘‘You can’t make too many big decisions without sitting down and doing the numbers and I’m halfway through calving at the moment. In my plan, I budgeted on a payout of $4.40, but I still had room to move. I could probably take out about $200,000.’’

Mr Evans says to get through, he will not be buying in any supplements this season and will ‘‘just use what I’ve got’’. He will also look at acquiring cheaper seed and doing his regrassing himself to reduce costs, and he will look to sell young stock to raise some revenue. ‘‘You don’t want to hold back because you dig yourself a deeper hole next year if you don’t set your farm up (by regrassing).’’

Brakes on for early morning traffic It is hoped slowing early­morning peak traffic on Christchurch’s northern motorway will speed up travelling times for North Canterbury commuters. The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) will begin trialling a new variable speed system on Christchurch’s northern motorway later this year in a bid to improve congestion, and shorten the commuting time from North Canterbury. The trial involves slowing down early­ morning peak traffic flows from the motorway during the approach into Belfast. If successful the variable speeds will remain until the NZTA sees improved traffic flows after the Western Corridor and Northern Arterial route are constructed over the next four to six years. High volume vehicle numbers on the northern motorway during the morning peak work­day commute to Christchurch exceed the network’s capacity causing a breakdown in traffic flows when motorists

slow for the 60km/h speed limit heading into Belfast. This sends a ripple effect through the road network reducing speeds on the motorway to less than 30km/h by 6.30am through to about 8am. It is hoped that these measures, which have been successful overseas, will mean considerably shorter travelling times for motorists commuting from Waimakariri to Christchurch. NZTA southern regional director Jim Harland says internationally, the introduction of variable speed limits along a motorway, which slows traffic before there is the breakdown in traffic flows, has shown to improve overall flows and travel times as the slower speeds keep everyone moving. Peak­hour motorists travelling on the northern motorway could also help ease the congestion by working from home one or two days a week, if possible, or changing their work hours. Mr Harland said. ‘‘Every little change that motorists make will help ease the problem,’’ he says.

Drivers could also think about sharing a ride with a neighbour some days. ‘‘Each person sharing a car reduces congestion.’’ The NZTA, Waimakariri District Council, Christchurch City Council, ECan and Christchurch Transport Operations Centre are also working on a range of improvements to the Metro bus service to help ease congestion on the northern motorway. These include increases in the frequency of bus services, changes to existing bus routes to improve coverage and the introduction of a new commuter service from Rangiora to Hornby, via Christchurch International Airport, plus improving bus priority to help improve traffic flows. ‘‘Public transport is designed to reduce congestion and make a stress­free journey for travellers,’’ says Mr Harland who hopes the Metro changes will make travelling by bus into Christchurch more convenient and appealing for North Canterbury residents.

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The News

Thursday August 13 2015

CERA red zone offer welcomed by Mayor

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Sunday August 16th Free Admission - Country racing at it’s BEST Full Bar and Cafe Service available Entrances off West Belt & Lehmans Road, Rangiora ABOUT THE REPRESENTATION REVIEW

Drop in sessions Thursday 20 August, 4pm - 6pm Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre Monday 24 August, 10am - 11.30am Oxford Library Wednesday 26 August, 10.30am - 12.30pm Rangiora Library To find out about the representation review, ward boundary changes and how they may affect you; you’re invited to public drop in sessions to ask questions and provide feedback. Submissions received by 14 September 2015 Further information, maps and submission forms are available from service centres, libraries and the council website.


I am running constituent clinics in Belfast/Northwood on the first Friday of every month and in Oxford on the last Friday of every month. Contact my offices to make an appointment.

normal consent process. ‘‘They may have to spend more on David Ayers has welcomed the renewed foundations ­ but that’s much the same for TC3 (green zone technical category red zone offers. The Waimakariri Mayor says the three) land owners.’’ Canterbury Earthquake Recovery The future of the red zone land is still undecided and will be the subject of Authority’s red zone offer recovery plan, which has enabled the Crown to make separate recovery plans. In the new offers for vacant, meantime, red zone land in the Waimakariri district insured commercial and remains residential zoned, uninsured properties in the residential red zone will with sections in Kaiapoi allow some families to move zoned either residential 1 or 2 and The Pines and Kairaki on. ‘‘I think it’s good to see Beach properties residential that uninsured people have 3. ‘‘It can be changed through been offered 100 percent of their land value, given land the district plan process and the Government as an cannot be insured. ‘‘I don’t know if it will interested party would be a part of that consultation,’’ Mr make a difference for Ayers says. everybody. I suspect a small number of people will take ‘‘And we wouldn’t up the offer, but I expect that necessarily have the same zone across the red zone and most won’t.’’ David Ayers they may not change ­ all The new offers are at 100 percent of the 2008 options are available.’’ Waimakariri district rateable land value Mr Ayers says there are several for all three property categories. interested parties involved in ‘‘Through the recovery plan process, discussions over the future of red zone all of the issues and public feedback land, including property owners, the have been carefully considered, and the community, the council, CERA, Environment Canterbury, Ngai Tahu final plan has been approved with new and the red zone reference group. Crown offers,’’ says Canterbury Property owners will have until Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) December 10 to decide whether to acting chief executive John Ombler. ‘‘The offers proposed to this point had accept the offer. The final date for settlement is February 26. included a lesser offer for uninsured properties ­ this was taking into account Any property owner who may be eligible for a Crown offer, or a top­up, things like the cost that may fall on but does not have up to date contact taxpayers in future disasters. But the details held by CERA, is encouraged to overwhelming feedback was that the contact CERA on 0800 RING CERA (0800 offer to uninsured property owners for 7464 2372) or email info@cera.govt.nz. their land should be the same as that for The residential red zone offer vacant and insured commercial property recovery plan can be viewed at owners.’’ Those who accepted the previous 50% www.cera.govt.nz, or hard copies are available at the CERA offices, and of land value offer will receive a top up. Christchurch City Council and Mr Ayers says those who wish to retain Waimakariri District Council libraries their red zone properties and want to and service centres. build on them can apply through the By DAVID HILL

Bridal contest at Oxford Brides will have the opportunity to take their bridal gown out of storage and don it one last time at a Bride of the Year contest at Oxford on November 7. The event is being run to raise funds for the Reynolds Heritage Pavilion at the Ashley Gorge reserve ­ formerly the Log Cabin ­ which is being revived and rebuilt by the Ashley Gorge Reserve Advisory group to feature as a shelter and information centre. Annette Wells says while the event is being aimed at the modern bride, no era is excluded if someone still has a gown that they can wear. There are good prizes on offer for the event which will take place in the GP Hall at the Oxford Area School. Judging is by popular demand. Mrs Wells says the evening will be preceded by a ‘Wine and Cheese’ gathering, there will be a parade of wedding frocks through the ages and a

Bridal contest . . . Bride of the Year at FILE PHOTO. Oxford. supper. The evening will be compered by Diane Harker, a member of the Edwardian Society in Christchurch and society members will also be at event dressed in period costume.

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The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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Stunning addition to civic centre By SHELLEY TOPP, A stunning new sculpture outside the Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre is part of the original design of the building. Warren and Mahoney architect Richard McGowan, a principal of the design firm, say the idea for a spherical element under the canopy was present from an early stage in the overall design. It was hoped that the sculpture would provide a ‘‘foil to the rectilinear geometry of the canopy and portico’’, and become something for people to interact with on a daily basis. The Kaiapoi Civic Centre, on the corner of Williams Street and Raven Quay, was designed by McGowan and Vanessa Carswell, a fellow principal architect at Warren and Mahoney. Initially, the sculpture had only been an idea, but became a real part of the project after the Blackwell family of Kaiapoi made a special bequest available for the purpose. ‘‘We were then able to develop the idea, model it in 3D (three dimensions) and then prepare accurate fabrication drawings, which was in itself a very complex exercise,’’ McGowan said. The sculpture was designed and documented by a Warren and Mahoney team of Jordon Saunders, Eoin Hudson, Carswell and McGowan, and was fabricated by Iovino Fidow, at Allsteel Fabrication Ltd in Christchurch. ‘‘The base sphere itself was made by a specialist maker in Taranaki and then shipped to Christchurch for the balance of fabrication work, which was the major

Art for community . . . The new sculpture outside the Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre. PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP

part of the making process, ’’ McGowan said. The completed sculpture was then installed at Kaiapoi by Hawkins Construction earlier this year. It is made of 3mm 316­grade stainless steel sheet, computer cut into a series of folded sections, which were then hand­ welded into position, ground back and polished. ‘‘Not nearly as easy as it sounds,’’ McGowan said.

‘‘We are thrilled with the end result, an enigmatic, but beautiful, object that can be accessed by all, speaks to our collective recovery from (the September 2010 earthquake) disaster, and is a testament to the skill of local fabricators,’’ he said. However, in the end, it was the individual viewers who would bring their own meaning to the sculpture, and appreciate it in their own terms, he said. ‘‘Which is by far the best outcome.’’

Sponsorship support on offer By ROBYN BRISTOW Community and neighbourhood groups in the North Canterbury and Kaikoura region have an opportunity to receive sponsorship support with the introduction of a new community fund by electricity lines company, MainPower New Zealand Limited. The MainPower Community Fund will share $10,000 between local groups including charitable organisations, cultural organisations and schools, based on nominations received by the people of the region. Chief Executive Bruce Emson announced the fund to coincide with the release of MainPower’s 2015 Annual Review. ‘‘This is a really exciting initiative for MainPower. Aside from injecting important funds into community organisations, the introduction of the fund means we are giving our customers the power to make decisions to ensure that our community sponsorship portfolio mirrors our customers’ priorities. As a

community­owned company, it just makes sense,’’ he says. Local residents are encouraged to visit the MainPower website and nominate three groups they think the Community Fund should support. Once the nominations are in, the fund will be divided proportionately between the organisations who receive the most votes. ‘‘In the short time that online nominations have been open, we have received over 500 individual responses which means 1500 nominations for local community groups,’’ Mr Emson says. Community ownership of MainPower entitles customers and the local communities to a share of profit. During the 2015 financial year, close to $9.3 million was distributed to qualifying customers in the form of a rebate or ‘pay back’ on monthly electricity bills. MainPower also provides profit distribution in the form of funding and in­kind sponsorship support, which totalled more than $300,000 this year.

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The News

Thursday August 13 2015

In the Electorate with


Pegasus Town first to Representation review benefit from upgrade in Waimakariri district The recent result for Pegasus Town residents, who will be first across the Canterbury region to benefit from a Vodafone infrastructure upgrade to deliver faster broadband, is certainly a great one. The announcement was made last month following a public meeting I convened between residents and Vodafone representatives. Since then, I’ve been meeting with constituents individually who are reporting connectivity issues. For Pegasus Town, the upgrades to Vodafone’s HFC network will result in internet speeds that are back at ultra­fast speed. Residents will enjoy three to four times the current capacity. The first step I advise is for people to speak to their retailer. Your broadband plan or your modem can affect your Internet speed. The next step is to look at whether it’s an infrastructure issue, as it was with Pegasus Town, leading to a conversation with your communications infrastructure company, Chorus or Enable. Communications Minister Amy Adams has launched an online broadband map that helps people to

source the best broadband options available to them. The map displays when ultra­fast broadband (UFB) or rural broadband (RBI) coverage is going to an area under the UFB and RBI programmes, and shows what services are available to individual addresses. To view your property, go to www.broadbandmap.nz. In Budget 2015 an extra $360 million has been set aside to deliver on Government’s promise to roll out world­class connectivity for Kiwis ­ $210 million for Ultra­ Fast Broadband and $150 million for the Rural Broadband Initiative. These funds will secure the next stage of the UFB network, extending it to 80 percent of New Zealanders, and contribute to major improvements in rural broadband. The Government is also establishing a mobile black sport fund of $50 million to expand mobile coverage on main highways and popular tourist areas. Local councils have a role to play in advocating for their communities and I was pleased to see how many people responded to the survey run by Enterprise North Canterbury to build a strong case for our area.

Thank you Dear Editor, I wish to publicly thank the very kind gentleman, who at the beginning of July in the New World carpark, came to my aid and started my car for me, as I had left my lights on! I wish to thank him sincerely for his patience and kindness. Yours, Annette Lohrey Oxford.

The Waimakariri District Council is currently undergoing a representation review. This is a review of a number of things: the number of councillors, the number of wards, the boundaries of those wards, whether or not there will be community boards, the size of community boards, etc. It has to be done at least every six years, although it can be done after three. It is six years since a representation review was carried out in Waimakariri. Earlier this year we sought views from the community over several ideas and now we have come back with a definite proposal on which to consult residents, as required by legislation. Since 1989 when the District was formed, there have always been four wards, although the boundaries have changed periodically. We are now proposing three. The main reason is that the law allows very little tolerance in the numbers councillors per head of population from ward to ward. It also requires councils to consider community of interest when determining ward boundaries. Meeting those two requirements was very

difficult and this is the proposed solution. We are now proposing a Kaiapoi­ Woodend Ward which stretches from Sefton to Clarkville and a Rangiora­ Ashley Ward which includes the area north of the Ashley between Ashley and the Garry River as well as the Rangiora to Cust area. The current Oxford­Eyre Ward (i.e. Glentui to Ohoka) is much the same as now, minus Cust. It is proposed that the Wards are represented by four, four and two councillors respectively. We are interested in your comments on these. We would also like your comments on the proposal to have two community boards within the Kaiapoi­Woodend Ward, based on Kaiapoi­Tuahiwi and Woodend­Pegasus, as well as one for the Rangiora­Ashley Ward. That would give the District three community boards, as at present. Another area of comment that we would like to hear is whether you think the Oxford­Eyre Ward should have a community board instead of the council­appointed ward advisory board that it currently has. It’s another chance to have your say on the future of our District!

Area Schools meet Around 200 teachers from area schools throughout Canterbury are expected to converge on Rangiora tomorrow, Friday, August 14. Rangiora New Life School principal Stephen Walters says having a joint teacher only day for refresher training and sharing of knowledge has real benefits for the schools involved. ‘‘We have a really strong relationship with the other area schools. They come to us because we are in the middle and we have such a great venue. ‘‘And we have a lot in common. We

have students who have been here for 13 years and they will have had interactions with students from the other schools over that time.’’ Mr Walters says in an area school there might only be one teacher for some subjects. ‘‘You can get very isolated in a small school, but having a joint area schools open day provides the opportunity to sit down with other teachers who teach your subject.’’ Other North Canterbury schools attending on Friday include Oxford Area School, Hurunui College, Amuri Area School and Cheviot Area School.

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The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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Spring celebration in Cheviot next month By ANGE DAVIDSON Lambs are on the ground, the days are getting longer and Cheviot is gearing up for its annual Spring Festival on Saturday, September 12. The festival will feature market stalls, garden workshops, family entertainment, wine tasting, an art exhibition and exquisite floral art displays, as Cheviot celebrates all things Spring. This years festival highlight is an evening with Lynda Hallinan, well known garden blogger and editor­at­ large of NZ Gardener. Lynda has been gardening ­ and writing about it ­ for almost 20 years. Her irreverent take on growing your own food is appreciated by a wide range of Kiwi gardeners and this promises to be an entertaining evening. Lynda will speak in the historic riverstone Knox Church, beautifully decorated by the Cheviot Floral Art group with a light supper, wine and dessert at the next door Two Rivers Cafe ˆ. During the day there are gardening workshops on Natural Drought Proofing with Olmec Sinclair, and The Secrets of Successful Planting with Freda Hunter. These workshops will be repeated throughout the day along with ballet recitals from Cheviot’s Dance Academy and botanical tours of the historic Cheviot Hills Domain, attractions which have been popular at past festivals. The magnificent oak trees of Cheviot Hills Domain create a perfect framework for the sea of daffodils that carpet the domain from mid­August. Cheviot Promotions chair Gary Mitchell says this year’s festival market place will be set up under the

giant oak trees on the Cheviot Area School grounds, and the festival will open with the school’s Kapa Haka group at 9.45 am. ‘‘This is the third Spring festival for Cheviot and it just keeps getting better. ‘‘The Cheviot Plunket family fun day is also happening in the school grounds complete with baby farm animals, Lulu the clown and bouncy castle. ‘‘We are really fortunate in Cheviot to have several great cafe ˆ s ­ all of them putting on Spring festival fare, and the town is celebrating with Spring inspired shop fronts and the very popular giant daffodils along the main road’’, says Gary. For the sports minded, Cheviot Lions are holding their annual quiz night at the Cheviot Trust Hotel on the Friday. This promises to be a fun and challenging night for both visitors and locals. Also on Friday night is the opening of Crossroads Gallery’s Spring inspired group exhibition. ‘‘The festival is an ideal time to stay the weekend in Cheviot and explore the surrounding area and Gore Bay. There is plenty of accommodation on offer from motels, to boutique B&Bs and seaside baches,’’ he says. Two Rivers Cafe ´ is putting on a special evening menu on the Saturday night, and the Cheviot Trust Hotel will also be open for dining. Cheviot’s Mt Beautiful wines share location with the Two Rivers Cafe ´ while both the Cheviot Vineyard and Mt Beautiful wines are available at the Cheviot Trust hotel. For more information, visit www.cheviotnz.com or Facebook, Cheviot Spring Festival. For tickets to the events, please call Debbie on 03 3198 505.

Spring fun . . . Experiencing the Cheviot Hills Domain will be a feature of this year’s Cheviot PHOTO: SUPPLIED. Spring Festival.

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Helping grow the country

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The News

Thursday August 13 2015

Rebound . . . Charlotte Whittaker (15) leaps high to secure another rebound for the New Zealand under 16 women’s team during the Australian state championship earlier this year.


Chasing her dream By DAVID HILL

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Charlotte Whittaker (15) is chasing her sporting dream. The Rangiora High School student, who is in Rotorua preparing with the New Zealand team for the Oceania under 17 women’s basketball world championship qualifying matches which begin tomorrow, dreams of one day playing professional basketball. ‘‘I really want to try and get to the world champs ­ it’s going to be massive. ‘‘When I’m older I want to try and get a scholarship in Europe or the United States. Professional basketball, that would be really cool, a really big achievement and I would love to represent New Zealand at the Olympics.’’ The under 17 tournament also features Australia, New Caledonia and Tahiti, and should results go according to plan, Charlotte hopes to play against Australia in the final in Tauranga on Monday, August 17, which will be the curtain raiser to the Tall Ferns v Japan women’s basketball test. Earlier this year Charlotte represented the New Zealand under 16 women’s team in the Australia state championship, featuring metropolitan and country teams from each state. The Kiwis found the competition tough and eventually finished 5th. Charlotte (who turned 15 yesterday) was in the starting five for every game and at 6ft 2 she is ideal for the ‘‘post’’ position. While she scored ‘‘quite a few points’’, her strength is getting rebounds ­ achieving 18

in one of the games in Australia. ‘‘I think I’m still growing ­ hopefully I will get bigger than my parents who are both 6ft 4.’’ Charlotte has been playing basketball since age 5 and comes from a basketballing family with both of her siblings playing the sport and her parents Caroline and Mark Whittaker are both involved in North Canterbury Basketball. ‘‘I like team sports and I like the social aspect of the sport and working as a team to complete the challenge. You’re not so stationary in basketball and you can play pretty much every position.’’ Charlotte does not have to look far for inspiration to achieve her goals. Former Rangiora High School student, and Charlotte’s ex­teammate, Mary Goulding is heading to the United States to play college basketball on a scholarship. ‘‘I look up to women in my community who are giving the benefit of their experiences to me and helping me develop.’’ One of those women is her teammate in the North Canterbury premier women’s team playing in the Christchurch senior women’s competition, Lori McDaniels, who is also the Canterbury Wildcats women’s coach and a former United States college basketball player. Other North Canterbury premier women’s teammates include Wildcats player Hayley Gray and Tactix netballer Gemma Hazeldine. ‘‘It’s a very fast paced game, but it’s really good. It helps me improve my game.’’

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Congratulations to last weeks winner Gina McKenzie .

The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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The News

Thursday August 13 2015

Rangiora & Kaiapoi Toyota


$89+GST per week

Lease off ffer based on a 20-month/30,000km term on a Non-maintained Operating Lease

2011 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 2012 TOYOTA YARIS 2009 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO VX F/DECK 70 SERIES 1300cc, auto, just 52,000km and in lovely 3.0 t/diesel, leather, 7-seater, very tidy

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The News

Remembering. . . The flag­raising ceremony at the Kaiapoi Cenotaph, In Raven Quay, last Saturday afternoon during a commemorative service to mark the 100th anniversary PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP. of the World War 1 battle of Chunuk Bair in Turkey.

Thursday August 13 2015

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Remembering . . . Jan Brooker (left) and Coreen Fletcher among crosses laid in memory PHOTO: AMANDA BOWES. of those who fought for the Waikari community in World War 1.

Chunuk Bair service In memory By SHELLEY TOPP Bitterly cold weather forced a service commemorating the 100th anniversary of the battle of Chunuk Bair indoors at Kaiapoi last Saturday afternoon. The memorial, which was organised by the Kaiapoi Returned Services Association, was to have been held at the Kaiapoi Cenotaph, in Raven Quay, but was taken indoors to the nearby Kaiapoi Club, across the road, out of concern for those attending. It was one of many commemorative services held around New Zealand on Saturday, to remember the soldiers who fought during the epic World War 1 battle of Chunuk Bair, one of three high peaks on the Sari Bair range above Anzac Cove, on the Gallipoli

Peninsula, in Turkey, during August 1915. The services were held in conjunction with an international commemoration held at the New Zealand Memorial at Chunuk Bair, Gallipoli Historical Park, last Saturday in Turkey. More than 800 New Zealand soldiers were killed during the battle, some only aged 17, and nearly 2500 were wounded. Before the indoor service at Kaiapoi, a moving flag­raising ceremony was held outside at the cenotaph with the New Zealand and Turkish flags both hoisted together. After the indoor service, a brief ceremony was held outdoors to lay the wreaths at the base of the war memorial statue at the cenotaph.





Open 10am–5pm, 7 days HORNBY 409 Main South Road Over 50 stores

of the fallen

The slope below Waikari Hospital is adorned with crosses to remember those from Hawarden, Waikari, Masons Flat, The Peaks and Scargill who lost their lives during World War 1. As part of the Chunuk Bair commemorations, the crosses have been reinstated for the public to visit and reflect on a campaign that was fruitless and a costly failure for the Allies. Coreen Fletcher and Jan Brooker who work at Waikari Hospital paid a visit to the crosses on a cold winters day to remember those who did not return home from the First World War.

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Ph: 03 344 6164


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The News

Thursday August 13 2015


The District’s representation arrangements The Council is seeking views from the community about ward boundaries, the future of community boards and the number of wards and elected members. At least once every six years the Council is required, under the Local Electoral Act 2001, to review our representation arrangements to provide ‘fair and effective representation for individuals and communities’. This is an opportunity for you to influence how people living in the District will be represented in future by local government, commencing with the October 2016 local body elections. Key proposals include: • Re-alignment of ward boundaries – a reduction from four wards to three wards • Proposed new ward names – Rangiora-Ashley, Kaiapoi-Woodend and retaining Oxford-Eyre • The number of councillors remaining at ten • Consideration of the status of the Oxford-Eyre Ward Advisory Board. A community board is a separate statutory body while a ward advisory board is a committee of Council with reduced delegation. Should Oxford-Eyre become a Community Board?

• Two Community Boards for the Kaiapoi-Woodend Ward (five elected members each + four councillors) with the names Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board and Woodend-Pegasus Community Board. • Rangiora-Ashley Community Board to have eight members + four councillors (three members representing north of Ashley River, Fernside, Mairaki Downs to Cust and five members representing Rangiora).

Drop in session To find out more about the representation review, and how this may affect you, you’re invited to public drop in sessions to ask questions and provide feedback.

Thursday 20 August, 4pm - 6pm, Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre


State Highway Community Board Boundary


Numbers of Councillors

Ashley River

Waik kuku Beacch



Monday 24 August, 10am - 11.30am, Oxford Library




Ashley River

Wednesday 26 August, 10.30am - 12.30pm, Rangiora Library


oodend Wo each Be


Eyre River

Th he Pines each/Kairaki Be

Ohoka Mandeville


Waimakariri River

Your views are sought by 14 September 2015. Further information, interactive maps and submission forms are available from service centres, libraries and the council website.

Submission Form

Any individual or organisation can make a written submission. We welcome both general and detailed comment. Your submission will be considered by a Hearing Panel and then Council in an open meeting. Please complete the name and contact details below. Anonymous feedback will be considered at the Council’s discretion. Please return your feedback by Monday 14 September 2015. Organisation (if applicable):

2. How satisfied are you with the proposed names for the new wards?


very satisfied

quite satisfied

not very satisfied

not at all satisfied

no opinion


Email: Primary Phone:


Alternate Phone:


*Postal Address:

Please comment, on these proposed names and indicate any alternative names that you would like to see considered.



Physical Address (if different from above)

very satisfied

quite satisfied

not very satisfied

not at all satisfied

no opinion

Please comment, on these proposed boundaries and indicate any changes that you would like to see considered.

3. How important do you think it is for the Oxford-Eyre Ward to have a community board rather than a ward advisory board? very important

quite important

not very important

not at all important

no opinion

4. How important do you think it is for the Kaiapoi-Woodend Ward to have two community boards? very important

quite important

not very important

not at all

no opinion

5. Hearings will occur on Thursday 1 October - would you like to present your submission in person? yes


*Please complete name and address details. Anonymous feedback will be considered at the Council’s discretion. Your physical address will assist us with understanding your local area.

If you wish your address details to be confidential. (Please attach any additional pages to comment further)

MAIL TO: Representation Review Feedback, Free Post 1667, Waimakariri District Council, Private Bag 1005, Rangiora 7440 SUBMIT QUERIES OR SUBMISSIONS TO: representation@wmk.govt.nz

150731114239 / GOV-03-02.01

1. How satisfied are you with the proposed new ward boundaries?

The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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Workshop Workshop Garage Garage

Amberley remembers the fallen By ROBYN BRISTOW

91 91 Carters Carters Road, Road, Amberley Amberley Phone 03 03 314 314 7730



www.brightstarpc.co.nz Remembering . . . School children stand among the Field of Remembrance at Amberley watched over by Charles Upham. PHOTOS: COURTESY THE HURUNUI DISTRICT COUNCIL.

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Keeping watch . . . The Charles Upham statue towers over the Field of Remembrance at Amberley.

In honour . . . The Amuri Mounted Rifle Troop stands to attention during the placing of crosses in the Field of Remembrance.


Bill’s Liquid Waste


Petrol & Diesel Mechanical Repairs

Amberley Precious Pets 221 Amberley Beach Road Phone 03 314 9669 027 324 5489

Cleaning throughout North Canterbury 1627498


Water Jump is available for schooling, Cross Country course will be open again soon. Ph 03 314 7076 to make a booking.

Can supply own private space with indoor / outdoor living.


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º Farmers º Lawnmowers º Buses º Contractors º Loaders º Trucks º Quads º 4x4 º Cars º Wheel Alignments

Next to GVT Amberley, we have moved down the back at 82 Carters Road Culverden Branch Now Open at 20 Lyndon Street

North Canterbury Tyre Service Ltd

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Retreat R t t Ch Chalet l t



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• Full range of specialised equipment for farm fencing, subdivisions & lifestyle blocks. • Vineyard development (post driving & wire), deer, cattle & sheep yards, land blasting • Demolition work, sheds, gates, retaining walls. • 10 tonne wheeled digger with driver • 20 tonne tracked digger with driver • Commercial post driver with 4x4 tractor • Post & rail fencing - looks great & makes life easy for the rural lifestyler.

240 Carters Road (Cnr Grays Rd), Amberley, Nth Canterbury • gavinsjoinery@xtra.co.nz • a/h 03 314 2345

info@gracebrook.co.nz Ph. (03) 314-7076

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314 9480

Fully Mobile Tyre Service

24 hour service

Gavin Cattermole Proprietor

Four Wheel Drive & Passenger Tyres Specials Every Month. 13 Markham St, Amberley Phone (03) 314-8811 Fax (03) 314-8940

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Anywhere, Anytime - Waimakariri North - Cheviot - Hanmer Springs - Culverden - Amberley


Newly built with log fire, fully insulated, Ventilation System.

All Weather Arena is setup with Showjumps.

103A Carters Road, Amberley AMBERLEY: 314 8686 RANGIORA: 312 0133


There was a sombre ceremony in Amberley last week as people of all ages joined in remembering those who fell for their country at the battle of Chunuk Bair during World War One, one hundred years ago on August 8, 1915. A World War One Field of Remembrance was re­established outside the Hurunui District Council as Amberley RSA members, school children, the Amuri Mounted Rifle group and members of the public gathered together to remember. White crosses were placed at the foot of the Charles Upham statue and will remain for two weeks as a solemn reminder of those who gave their lives. They first formed a Field of Remembrance during Anzac commemorations earlier this year. Chunuk Bair was one of New Zealand’s epic stands on the Gallipoli peninsula. In the pre­dawn darkness of August 8, the Wellington Battalion swiftly moved up Rhododendron Ridge on to the summit, which almost inexplicably had been abandoned by its Turkish defenders. When the sun rose, Malone and his men, assisted by some Auckland mounted riflemen and British troops who also reached the summit, engaged in a desperate struggle to hold off the Turks. The Otago Battalion and Wellington Mounted Rifles relieved the Wellingtons during the night of August 8­9 only to endure a similar ordeal all through the long summer day. They, too, were relieved during the night of August 9­10 by two British battalions, which almost immediately succumbed to a massive counterattack launched by the Turkish commander, Mustafa Kemal. While the summit was lost, the New Zealand troops stemmed the Turkish flood down the seaward slopes of the hill, holding on to the Apex until the end of the campaign.

For Fo or fast, fast fas st, efficient, effi eff ef fici cie ent, en t, friendly fri r en endl ndl dly y service se s erv vice ic ce on on any any ny make mak ake e or or model mo od de ell car. car. ar Contact Cont na ac ct Rob Rob for Ro for an fo an appointment. appo ap ppo p in intm int tmen tmen entt. t. From Fo Fr om m Your Your ou ur Car, Carr, Motorbike Ca Mot otor orbi or bikke bi ke to to 4x4’s. 4x4’s. 4x4 4x s.

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The News

Thursday August 13 2015

Franchise For Sale

Providing proactive accounting solutions to North Canterbury Businesses. Call Ben Shore for a free consultation on your tax and accounting needs. 1628776

Companion Driving


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Pool appointment

By ROBYN BRISTOW The Amberley Community Pool Society has appointed Helen Douglas­Withers to spearhead fund­raising for the $1.75m dollars needed to build a new indoor swimming pool and leisure centre for Amberley and the wider Hurunui district. Helen has lived in Leithfield for the past 11 years with her husband of 23 years. She has two teenage daughters ­ one at university and one in year 13 at Rangiora High School. She has always been active in her community and has been president of the Ashgrove Parent Teachers Association, held various committee roles in Amberley Pony Club and is an active member of the Amberley Agricultural and Pastoral Association. Helen says in a country with so much coastline and so many rivers and lakes she believes the ability to swim is an

essential life skill. ‘‘But more than that, I see the swimming pool as one of the few public amenities that benefits every member of the community from babies to the elderly, from competitive swimmers to those just wishing to keep fit,’’ she says. The existing pool was built in 1927 and has served the community well. But 88 years on it is fast reaching its ‘use­by’ date, says Helen. ‘‘It will be lost if something is not done soon. With Amberley and the Hurunui region growing quickly following the earthquakes this has become all the more important,’’ she says. Helen is looking forward to the challenging role of heading the fundraising campaign and hopes that everyone in the area will get behind the cause and watch out for forthcoming news and events.

Plan submissions A total of 108 submissions have been made to the Hurunui District plan review. Hurunui Mayor Winton Dalley says it is a great result and reflects two years of hard work ensuring ratepayers had an opportunity to comment throughout the review process and to make submissions. ‘‘While not everyone is happy about what is in the plan, there is not too many people who have not had a chance to discuss it and put their point of view across,’’ he says. ‘‘We wanted to have discussions outside of the Environment Court, not in it. We made a commitment to engage with the community and we have done

that,’’ says Mr Dalley. The council had postponed the notification of the plan three times to enable conversations, negotiations and discussion, to be had with people over issues outside the legal system. ‘‘I am not sure there is an authority that has done that,’’ he says. ‘‘We are pleased with the result and people still have the ability to have their say with further submissions being called,’’ he says. However only people who had submitted on issues were able to make further submissions. While one issue (biodiversity) had attracted the most submissions it was one of around 20 submitted on.

1 1628782

Are you a serious, talented Crafter, Artisan or Designer?

Pop in and see Lindsay and Ann today or phone (03) 314-0130 Markham Street, Amberley www.arthurburke.co.nz

Funding focus . . . Helen Douglas­Withers who has been appointed to spearhead fundraising for a new indoor swimming pool.


We are keen to hear from clever people passionate about their creations who may be interested in marketing their wares.




• Electrolysis • Facials • Tinting • Eyelash Extensions • Manicures & Pedicures • Massage • Spray Tans

Contact Liz 03 261 5599 dpemhahn@hotmail.com or Stacey 03 314 8232 bapw3@hotmail.com

The News

Thursday August 13 2015

Page 15

Anti-bullying programme at Amberley School An anti­bullying programme is being introduced at the Amberley School. As part of the national Pink Shirt Day at Amberley School last term ­ the anti­ bullying awareness day throughout New Zealand ­ the Amberley Student Council decided to introduce the ‘‘Help Stamp Out Bullying Awards’’ programme. Amberley School Principal Kevin O’Halloran says research shows bullying will stop in less than 10 seconds most of the time, when others get involved and befriend those who are being bullied. ‘‘This is easy to say, but often very difficult to do, especially for young people,’’ he says. ‘‘I believe any school that says they never have bullying behaviours to deal with, although they may proudly state that they are a zero­tolerant school in regards to bullying as we are, is either burying their head in the sand or not being honest,’’ says Mr O’Halloran. The purpose of the new awards involves staff and students being able to recognise and celebrate students who are consistently making a difference in the school through acts of kindness, tolerance and respect for others ­ in other words living out the Amberley P.R.I.D.E values,’’ he says. ‘‘Essentially we want to hear about often­unrecognised young people who are the everyday ‘quiet heroes’ who regularly lead through action and example; those kids who will sit with, and are a friend to someone who often sits alone at break times, or isn’t well accepted by their peers. ‘‘We want to recognise those kids who go out of their way to welcome someone who is new to our school without being

nominate worthy candidates. ‘‘We want to honour these kids because we believe that our young people have a very important leadership role to play in making our school and community a safer, more respectful, tolerant and more caring place in which to learn, work, play and live.’’ Parents are also asked to consider supporting this programme with other sponsorship suggestions, as the school believes bullying can only be tackled when schools and families work together.


• Tree Felling • Stockyards & Retainables • Specialising in Vineyards • Dairy Farm Conversions • Wooden Ornamental Gates • Earthquake Damage Repairs

• Swimming Pool Fencing • Post Driving • Electric Fencing • Building FREEES • Fences QUOT • Build Haybarns

PHONE (0274) 350 279 or A.H. 314 8384 www.russellarthurfencing.co.nz

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Congratulations . . . Iain Douglas (right) and Jonty Dodd, the latest anti­bullying award PHOTO: SUPPLIED. winners at Amberley School. asked. ‘‘And most importantly we want to celebrate those children who have the courage not to stand by, but will be a friend to others who are being bullied, taunted, purposely left out, or ignored by others.

027 437 25 0

‘‘You know the kind of kids we mean, they don’t do these things for recognition, attention, or awards. ‘‘They act this way because they know it is the right thing to do,’’ says Mr O’Halloran. Parents are also encouraged to

Amberley Rest Home & Retirement Studios “Making Our Home Yours” 1 Hilton Drive, Amberley

Family owned and operated home close to all amenities, located only a short stroll from the Amberley township, where you can find cafés, supermarkets, hairdressers and other services. We offer the choice of standard or purchased studio rooms, both of which include:  24-hour care  Nurse-call bell system  Experienced Registered Nurses and welltrained Caregivers  Internal thermostatically controlled heating  Beautiful rural views  Comprehensive activities programme  Hairdresser/Podiatrist service  Scrumptious home-cooked meals “It is our philosophy here at Amberley Rest Home and Retirement Studios to promote a quality lifestyle for our residents in a supportive environment, encouraging our residents to maintain independence in a safe comfortable care setting. All residents are treated as individuals and shown patience, dignity and respect.”



For all enquiries call (03) 314 9250 Tracey 03 314 9250 or email amberleynz@xtra.co.nz

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The News

Thursday August 13 2015

Country y Fresh Washed Potatoes 2kg



Signature Range Mild/Colby/Edam Cheese 1kg




Fresh h NZ Beef Braising Steak k







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Speight’s/Summit Bottles 330ml


Fresh h Cut t Broccolli

99 24 Pack


Nature’s Fresh h Bread 700g

99 kg

Fresh h Tegell NZ Skinlless Chick ken Thigh Cutlets




Montana Classics/ Corbans Homestead 750ml

50 Just t Juiice Fruit Juice 2.4/2.8L



99 each

Schweppes Sparkling Soft Drink 1.5L (Excludes Classic Dry)

Please drink responsibly


$ 99 each


Save 10 Spend $80

Local, convenient & friendly SuperValue Oxford: Main Rd, Oxford Ph 312 4305. Open 7.30am - 7.30pm daily.

Specials available from Thursday, 13th August until Sunday, 16th August 2015 or while stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits specified apply per customer per day. Trade not supplied. Prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Certain products may not be available in all stores. Proprietary brands not for resale. Customer Support Freephone 0800 40 40 40.

3 for



per litre

on fuel

Redeemable at Challenge! Oxford Auto Centre Conditions apply. Available at Oxford SuperValue only. For a limited time.

SuperValue.co.nz S SuperValueNZ svncn1308

The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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Rider thrilled to be reunited with medal By AMANDA BOWES When a precious medal went missing at the Anzac 100 ride, all stops were pulled out to find it. Jed Millen, from Australia was taking part in the ride when he noticed the medal he was wearing (which had been his grandfathers) had dropped off before the Waikari service. People frantically began searched for it but to no avail. It was finally found by Oxford man Alan Russell using a metal detector and returned to Australia. Reporter, Amanda Bowes, who had reported about the missing medal in The News recently received an email from Jed expressing his thanks. ‘‘I cannot and will not be able to thank all involved in finding my grandfather’s medal enough. Blessings and good wishes will never replace the final smile, gratitude and of course the clip to the back of the head from my grandmother! ‘‘With the help of many, over there and here, THANK YOU! ‘‘ANZAC Day 2015 was a very special occasion, in the saddle, in a different country, New Zealand. When Luke called out to me ‘Jed, where’s the medal? One’s missing.’ My heart sank so low, Nan’s voice rings true, ‘Look after them, they’re

Found . . . A medal lost in the Anzac 100 ride has been returned to its owner. originals’ Nan has spoken those words many times. ‘‘I ran back to the spot in the paddock where we dismounted for our rest period before the morning service, a frantic scramble across the ground, people start to join in. We can’t find it, then I look back over my shoulder, it’s 18kms back to The Peaks. It could be anywhere between these points. The call comes to mount up . Let’s get the service over and done with, we’ll look some more when we get back. Service done, trot back. Most people help us out, circle gets

bigger ­ what the hell am I going to say to Nan? ‘‘The magic of close communities, newsletters, newspapers, word of mouth, karma and finally a bloody persistent handler of a metal detector. ‘‘Awkward silence when I meet up with Nan several times after returning from New Zealand, Nan knows without saying a word. ‘‘I know many gatherings took place in that paddock looking for the medal ­ thank you. The call comes, several in fact. ‘We found it!’ There is a God, I might yet escape execution! ‘‘ Mark Appleton (a New Zealand rider) brings the medal back over the ditch. A frantic call to Jeff (an Australian participant) ­ ‘I’ve got the medal.’ ‘‘After Jeff repairs, cleans and remounts the medals it’s off to Nan’s place, I am still feeling like the young kid confessing. At least this has a fantastic ending and so many people helped me out ­ Thank You! ‘‘We drive up to Nan’s, she knows something is wrong, the bottom lip drops. I try telling the story, Nan’s not happy, thinking the worst and finally I show her the medals all shiny and complete. ‘‘Thank you, thank you to one and all for the efforts and time looking for those medals, Nan has a smile and I live another day.’’

Weka Pass Railway Operating the first and third Sunday of every month.

Also available for Charters, Ch C Charters ha arr te tters errs,, School Sch Scho Sc ho oo oll Parties, P Partie arr ttiiie a es es,, Birthday Birt Bi rtthd hday day ay & Christmas Chr hris istm tmas as Parties Pa arr ti tie es Ph (03) 314 6813 (03 03) 3 31 14 68 681 13 3


Cultural exchange . . . Students from Shiyan No 2 School in China received gifts from primary students at Rangiora New Life School and principal Stephen Walters last week.


Students enjoy ‘blue skies’ By DAVID HILL Five Chinese students enjoyed their Kiwi experience last week. Primary school­aged students from Shiyan No 2 Middle School in Hubei province, China, spent last week at Rangiora New Life School (RNLS). It was the first time intermediate­aged students from the school had visited Rangiora, while secondary students have visited Rangiora High School in recent years. The students said they enjoyed seeing the ‘‘blue skies’’, meeting ‘‘friendly people’’ and the ‘‘fresh air’’. ‘‘It’s good for the kids to get exposed to kids from another culture and you never know where these things might lead,’’ RNLS principal Stephen Walters says. ‘‘It’s a good way to build relationships and it recognises that the world has shrunk. We need to make sure our kids are connected and exposed to the world.’’ The Chinese students were farewelled at a special assembly at RNLS on Friday, featuring a performance from the school’s kapa haka group and were presented with gifts from local primary students. Shiyan No 2 Middle School has 5000 students and is located in a small

provincial city of 500,000 in the Hubei province in central China, around one and a half hours from Beijing by plane. After leaving Rangiora, the students were due to spend a week travelling around New Zealand before returning home.

‘‘I have put away my paint brushes and will now continue with just my camera,’’ which is what an artist friend of mine once said to me. And certainly that is what the recent exhibition by John Maillard at the Chamber Gallery reminded me about. John has exhibited in galleries around New Zealand and the United Kingdom for two decades. He specialises in documenting people and landscapes. For the past 12 years he has been studying New Zealand landscapes and in particular the culture of rural New Zealand, assembling a body of work which reflects his love for the country. John has also worked as a photographer in many countries around the world, notably Gambia, and West Africa, and in the United States and Europe. As John claims Lifestylers are a special breed of people, who cross culture, race and identity in New Zealand, coming from all walks of life and are both rich and poor, but all are united by their love of the land. There are 23 works on display all the same size and lightly framed displaying people of all ages, often in warm, colourful outdoor clothing and often with their pets in close company, but like a myriad of family portraits with also the rural background brilliantly on display. John also has a website http://waihora­ gallery.com. The exhibition runs until Friday, September 4.

www.wekapassrailway.co.nz www.wekapassrailway.co.nz

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The News

Thursday August 13 2015



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The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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North Canterbury Rugby Finals day 2015 All the fun from the sidelines at Kaiapoi...

Keeping score . . . Two young boys keep track of the score at the North Canterbury Sub­Union rugby finals day in Kaiapoi last Saturday.

Canine Kaiapoi supporter . . . Keeping watchy at the North Canterbury Sub­Union finals day held in Kaiapoi last Saturday.

That winning feeling . . . Megan Pepper, a teacher from Rangiora High School, celebrates Saracens’ success at the North Canterbury Sub­Union rugby finals day at Kaiapoi last Saturday.

The News photographer Shelley Topp joined the fun on the sidelines at Kaiapoi for rugby finals day last Saturday.

Young fan . . . Lucy Swindale, age 2, at the North Canterbury Sub­Union rugby finals day in Kaiapoi last Saturday.

Proud Mum . . . Eileen Manahi with her twin sons, Saracens’ players Peter (left) and Poa Manahi, after their team won the Division 1 Final at the North Canterbury Sub­Union rugby finals day at Kaiapoi last Saturday.

Celebration Smiles . . . Sarah Pugh (left), her son Morgan Pugh (Saracens No. 3), and Liberty Sanby, with dogs Murphy (left) and Mika.

Page 20

The News

Thursday August 13 2015

North Canterbury Div One Grand Final

Game on . . . Saracens and Ashley battle out the division one North Canterbury Grand Final at the Kaiapoi Rugby grounds last Saturday. Saracens won 22­15 and took home the Hunnibel PHOTOS: SHELLEY TOPP Memorial Trophy.

Scrum time . . . Ashley (green) and Saracens pack down in a scrum during the tense division one final.

Try time . . . Spectators celebrate as Saracens add to the score in the division one rugby final.

Staunch defence . . . Ashley endeavours to cut through Saracens defenders in the action­ packed final.

Reward . . . Saracens captain Josh Maynard walks forward to receive the winner’s trophy at the division one Grand Final.

The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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North Canterbury lower grade Grand finals

Rising high . . . Oxford wins a lineout in their division two North Canterbury Grand Final PHOTOS: SHELLEY TOPP. rugby match against Woodend at Kaiapoi on Saturday.

Pressures on . . . Woodend clears the ball as Oxford applies pressure during the North Canterbury division two final.

Golden times . . . Kaiapoi (gold) packs down against Hurunui in the under 18 final won by Kaiapoi 32足17.

Lineout time . . . Kaiapoi secures its lineout ball in its under 18 final against Hurunui.

Victorious . . . The Ashley under 14.5 rugby team that sneaked home for a win against Kaiapoi 25足24 in the grand final.

Tackle time . . . A Hurunui player lines up his opposition in the under 13 final won by Amberley in a nail足biter, 26足24.

Page 22

The News

Thursday August 13 2015

Golfer scores hole-in-one A visitor to the Amberley Golf Course was off to buy a Lotto ticket last week after holing in one at the par 3, 17th hole. Matt ‘the burglar’ Forward, from Sockburn, teed off with a nine iron last Thursday and watched his ball pitch about 60cm short of the hole. When he and his mate approached the green they couldn’t find the ball until they peered into the cup. ‘‘Sure enough it was in the hole. ‘‘His first ever ace, very good for a hacker visiting the course,’’ his mate said. The pair were complimentary about the condition of the course. ‘‘The course was immaculate. A great effort from the greenkeepers ­ they need Hole­in­one . . . Matt Forward, of Sockburn, to be commended.’’ scored a hole­in­one on the Amberley Golf The milestone was celebrated at the PHOTO: SUPPLIED Course last week. Leithfield Hotel before Matt headed off to buy his lotto ticket.

New Zealand Red Cross

Rangiora Course Dates 2015

Venue: John Knox Centre, corner High St & King St, Rangiora

Comprehensive First Aid 1 1/2 Day Course (12hrs)

Unit Standard 6402, 6401, 6400 or 26552, 26551, 6400. Cost $210.00 per person incl FA Manual workbook & GST. Time: Day One 8:30am - 5.30pm, Day Two 8.30am - 12.45pm Saturdays:


5 & 12 September

8 & 9 October, 3 &4 December

First Aid Revalidation 1 Day Course (6hrs)

Cost $120.00 per person (certificates must not have expired for more than 3 months) Time: All Courses 8.30am - 3.15pm Friday:

21 August or 18 September or 9 October or 4 December

Essential First Aid 1 Day Course (8hrs)

Unit Standard 6402, 6401 or 26552, 26551. Cost $150.00. Time: All Courses 8.30am - 5.30pm Thursday:

8 October or 3 December


5 September


12 September

Save-a-Live First Aid Course (4hrs) Unit Standard 6402, 26551. Cost $65.00. Time: All Courses 8.30am - 12.45pm Thursday:

8 October or 3 December


5 September

FOR BOOKINGS Please call 0800 REDCROSS or 03 339 7111 Book online at www.redcross.org.nz

Create Unique Greeting Cards Tutor Carol Stade, Cheviot, will hold a workshop on Wednesday, August 19 from 10am to 2pm on creating unique greeting cards. Carol is a craft artist who will show you how to use cut­outs, collage, relief effects, stick­ons and ‘‘bling’’ to make fun, personalised cards for all occasions. Fee, $20 or 4 TimeBank Hurunui credits. Register at tbhlearningexchange@gmail.com or call 314 3406. Self­care with Better Posture and Breathing: Tutor Belinda Meares teaches the mindful­movement method, the Alexander Technique and will show you how to alleviate aches and pains, reduce tension patterns, to gain more ease and energy in all you do at a workshop on Saturday, August 2, at Amberley, 10am to 2 pm. Cost: $20 or 4 TimeBank credits. Register at

tbhlearningexchange@gmail.com or call 314 3406. Lodge meeting All Manchester Unity members of all Lodges are invited to attend the Loyal Rangiora Lodge AGM on Monday, August 24. The meeting starts at 7:30pm and will be followed by social time. Please RSVP to Cat 03 310 6317. Youth offer technology support Need help using your computer, laptop, iPad, cell phone or camera? The Hurunui Youth Council is offering free technology sessions. You can also learn how to connect to the library and access ebooks, eaudio and emagazines. Come to the Cheviot library on Tuesday, August 18, from 3pm to 4.30pm, the Hanmer Springs library on Thursday, August 20, from 5pm to 6.30pm, and the Amberley library on Wednesday, August 26, from 4pm to 5.30pm. No registration required.

Funds for Hurunui toy library

Trial the world’s first tiny hearing aid that outperforms normal hearing*

The Hawarden Toy Library and the Hawarden Tennis Club are the first beneficiaries of the Rutherford Memorial Fund recently. The fund was established after the Hawarden­Waikari Playcentre was sold in 2014. The land had been donated by the late Athol Rutherford in 1963 for the use of youth in the community and a place on which to build a playcentre. When the playcentre closed and sold to Nicky Gardner, who set up a pre school, the building was owned by the Playcentres Association, but the land had three appointed trustees. The money from the sale of the building went back to the Canterbury Playcentre Association. The trustees of the land, Kate Jensen, Rachel Zino and Sandra Wilson, held a public meeting where it was decided the money from the land would be put into

A new almost invisible German engineered hearing aid enables wearers to understand speech in difficult listening situations even better than those with normal hearing.*

Boost for Greta Valley reserve

This world first advancement is a complete revolution in audiological engineering and delivers a perfect balance of rich, natural sound quality and audibility.

The Greta Valley Village Association has received as $3000 grant to tidy up a reserve behind the village. The Hurunui­MainPower Environmental grant will help the association clear broom, gorse and willow from the reserve, plant natives along the stream and wasteland and fence it so the area can be grazed to

Completely disappears

WANTED: 15 people to trial new hearing aid technology. Call 356 2324 to book now. Please hurry – appointments are filling up fast. *Clinically proven - for full details visit www.siemens.com.au/hearing

Rangiora Hearing Clinic

82 Victoria St, Rangiora. Freephone: 0800 727 366 Greg Foote, MNZAS Audiologist

a Rutherford Memorial Fund. The Hawarden Waikari Community Trust manages the funds which are to benefit children under 12 living in the Hawarden and Waikari areas. A secondary objective is allocating money to assist and support other charitable organisations in the area that benefit those 12 years and under. Scott Hassall from the Hawarden Tennis Club and Jess, from the Hawarden Toy Library were thrilled their applications for funding had been accepted. Kate Jensen says applications for funding can be made each year and two organisations can be granted funds. ‘‘We are very grateful the Community Trust has helped us out and it is nice that money from the sale of Athol Rutherford’s donated land has stayed in the area and will continue to be used for the young children as he always wanted,’’ says Kate.

keep it clear of noxious plants and weeds. Mark Davis was also granted $3000 to plant natives in a gully and road siding on Blythe Road, Cheviot. The funds will be used for fencing and buying native plants. Mr Davis has cleared pine trees from the main gully running along the roadside and carried out weed control.

Lost and found - Rangiora police The following property is reported as lost to the Rangiora police ­ have you seen it? A red wallet, a small gold diamond ring, an orange and white BMX, a white Sony XPeria, a brown wallet with silver clip, a black camera bag and view finder, a silver

chain charm bracelet and a builder’s apron and tools The following property is at the Rangiora Police Station looking for a home: A socket and spanner set and a child Pandora bracelet with one charm.

The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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with every On x Home!

A PERFECT FIT! A purpose-designed plan to suit your lifestyle - for LESS than a standard plan!

By Richard Freeman ~ Director Onyx Homes Ltd

Th The am off Onyx Homes are quite simply pll some off the h management team h best b and most experienced people in the industry. It’s through this experience that Onyx Homes wants to bring to their customers a better standard of home that is often less than the standard-plan-built homes of their competitors. Onyx believe that everyone is unique, so why settle for a standard-plan-home when you can have a purpose-designed plan to suit exactly your lifestyle and for less than a standard plan? A perfect fit! This is testament to our customers who have been amazed at the savings with Onyx, but also hadn’t realised their budget would allow for a such quality spec and design.

• Don’t believe everything you hear in the media some building companies trying to margin enhance, making ridiculous statements about huge building price increases. • If you want genuine best pricing and top quality give Onyx Homes a call. You are guaranteed to talk to LOCAL industry professionals with years of experience rather than a sales person trained over night drafted into the industry with limited knowledge and zero idea on building costs working off a pre prepared song sheet. A sad but true statement in many cases. • Honesty, integrity, experience and common sense always outweighs “smoke and mirrors” and unfortunately common sense is not that common in many cases. Building commodity prices ARE stable, and I will personally guarantee that.

CHRISTCHURCH PH: 03 928 1505 EMAIL: info@onyxhomes.co.nz Request a FREE brochure at: www.onyxhomes.co.nz

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The News

Thursday August 13 2015

The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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Choir to perform in Youth ‘welcome’ MP to Rangiora Rangiora Town Hall Waimakariri district youth have received guidance from their local MP on mental health issues. Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey A popular Christchurch choir going back into the local presented a mental health seminar is set to perform in Rangiora community, and it worked to the Waimakariri Youth Council this month, with the proceeds really well, so we decided to going to the local community. do it again.’’ on Tuesday, July 28, to help prepare for a wellbeing forum the youth The 130 year old The theme of this year’s council plans to run later this year. Christchurch Liedertafel concert is ‘‘The World in The seminar included how to Male Voice Choir is Union’’, looking ahead to the performing in the Rangiora Rugby World Cup, which remove the stigma of metal health, Town Hall on Sunday, August kicks off in England next self­harm and CBT (cognitive brain therapy) behaviour, beliefs and 23, from 2.30pm, with the month. thoughts. proceeds from the concert The concert will also Waimakariri Youth Council going to the Rangiora feature guest artists, Methodist Church to support including some items from members say it was a fantastic opportunity to gain an its work with children, youth Rangiora High School understanding of mental health and families. students. Musical director Malcolm Rangiora Methodist Church issues which affect so many people. Palmer says the choir decided parishioner Des Moore says The information will add real to bring its annual August the parish is planning to run a value to the upcoming wellbeing concert, which will also be children’s programme during performed in the Christ the next school holidays. Church Transitional Tickets cost $15 each and Cathedral this Sunday, can be purchased from Stan’s DUCK! August 16, into other 7 Day Pharmacy in Ashley Canterbury towns last year. Street, Rangiora, or by calling ‘‘We performed in Leeston Des and Rita Moore on (03) last year, with the proceeds 3137638.

forum which will focus on a range of health and social issues that affect young people, Waimakariri District Council youth development co­ ordinator Tina Curry says. As Mr Doocey will soon be moving into Rangiora, the youth council took the opportunity to give him a welcome pack. The Waimakariri Youth Council was also due to host celebrity chef Jax Hamilton for a master class food workshop at Rangiora High School yesterday (Wednesday, August 12). The workshop aimed ‘‘to teach students how to prepare tasty, cost effective food, but more importantly healthy, nutritious food because we have a major obesity problem in New Zealand’’, Ms Curry says.

Starkey Hearing Aid

Welcome . . . Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey (left) receives a welcome pack from the Waimakariri Youth PHOTO: SUPPLIED Council.

Deep Copper Saucepan

Rga’s Puss’nBoots Rangiora’s own Puss’nBoots didn’t have the best start in life, but he has well and truly landed on all fours now. As a tiny kitten he was found abandoned along busy Johns Road, near the 100km zone, in Rangiora. It was a certain death sentence for a small kitten. However, when Melissa Dealy came across him during one of her daily 5km walks, in February last year, the clever little feline quickly recognised an opportunity to turn things around in his favour, and simply followed her home. On their way home that day Melissa checked with people close to where she found the orphan to see if anyone owned him. Nobody did. ‘‘I was told that people dump cats along this road all the time.’’ She took him home and named him Boots because of his four white feet and his love of walking, but accepted that, although it was unlikely, someone may still be looking for him. Melissa went to a lot of effort to try to find out if Boots had a home, but eventually accepted he didn’t. She was happy to give the friendly, confident kitten a home, and he quickly made the most of his newfound opportunity, settling in to a cushy daily routine. ‘‘He’s never home,’’ Melissa said. ‘‘He comes home for tea every night, but rarely stays long.’’ He has an inquisitive nature and is often seen wandering along High Street, in Rangiora’s central business district, checking out the shops and calling in to see some of the retailers. He can also be found watching the skateboarders at Dudley Park, or the practice sessions at the new multi­turf facility there. But on cold days he makes a beeline for the Dudley Park Aquatic Centre where it’s nice and warm, and the


$2,000 ($8,000 new) ID 18388

ID 18385

Breville Coffee Machine

Vinyl Floor 100cm x 200cm

Electric Motor

ID 12727


On patrol . . . Boots on patrol at Dudley Park in Rangiora last PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP week. friendly staff have set aside a chair for him to curl up in for a snooze. Melissa, who is a chef at Monteiths Brewery Bar in Rangiora, said Boots loves people and loves exploring the neighbourhood. He has even turned up at Monteith’s to visit Melissa a couple of times. Sometimes he has wandered a bit too far though, but has been returned home safely by Betty Jones, of Rangiora Cat Care. ‘‘She has picked him up and brought him back home, a couple of times,’’ Melissa said. ‘‘She does an amazing job in the community.’’ Melissa said Boots used to wear a collar and an identifying tag but often came home without it which makes her suspect her resourceful Puss N Boots, may have another home close by, as cats often do. ‘‘The nice thing is that he is obviously looked after and loved by lots of other people which is reassuring for me,’’ she said.




ID 11245

ID 11203

ID 16011

Husqvarna 5-speed 36’’

Snowboard & Boots

HTC Windows Phone 8X


ID 18378


ID 18377


ID 18346

If you want more information about an item or to contact a seller, visit www.postanote.co.nz and search the ID 0815r9062-a

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The News

Thursday August 13 2015

SHEEP JETTER NO ONE BEATS OUR PRICE! Over 1000 units sold Deep penetration Total body coverage 2.5 litres per sheep

Man u in N factu Z si red nce

198 0

$5112.00 + GST * Price includes Davey Pump & Honda Motor * Freight free to nearest main centre

Fencing All Types Security Fencing Barns & Stockyards Built Phone (03) 312-8666 Noel 0274 330 980 preencontractors@gmail.com

Rural Life

www.jj.co.nz 03 344 5645


Zone team to work with farmers believe we have got to develop empathy with the people we are having interaction with,’’ says Mr Brown. Closer farmer liaison is the aim of a group A drop­in day was recently held at set up in the Hurunui district under the Culverden where people could talk about umbrella of Environment Canterbury. concerns and issues. A pilot zone team has been set up ‘‘We want to see this happen on a regular covering ­ Hurunui­Waiau and Kaikoura basis. There will be ECan people who can zones ­ with the aim of helping deliver the listen and answer some questions and talk zone plans and helping farmers and through things. It is about us being landowners to find solutions to help them prepared to get out there and put ourselves continue to grow their businesses while in other people’s shoes,’’ says Mr Brown. meeting all the rules and regulations that ‘‘We need to have some understanding of may arise along the way. where things are at and there has never Hurunui­Waiau team leader Ian Brown been a better time than now with drought says the teams have grown out of the and low dairy payouts Canterbury Water Strategy and the setting ‘‘We can help people look for up of zone committees across the region of opportunities and solutions that are which there is now 10. pragmatic,’’ he says. The teams were there to progress the ‘‘We will work through situations before aims of the zone committees in areas from Working together . . . A pilot zone team has they become out of hand. There are development to improved environmental been established in the Hurunui­Waiau and challenges and there are things that need outcomes, irrigation, biodiversity and Kaikoura zones to help farmers meet nutrient to change. wetlands. FILE PHOTO ‘‘But as a team we need to be able to have He says the teams also have a community rules. discussion with landowners about options, focus in coming up with solutions for local and about how they can maintain their assistance and advice there and then, but communities. profitability in a slightly different others may need other people or ‘‘The teams will provide a closer organisations of ECan to become involved,’’ environment to what has been there in the alignment between the work of zone past.’’ he says. committees and delivery on the ground,’’ Mr Brown says the teams have been up While providing assistance to says Mr Brown who has a long association and running since the end of March. landowners and others, the team would with soil conservation and land ‘‘I would love it if people rang me and I management activities, and has worked for also be a ‘‘bridge’’ and a ‘‘link’’ to bring could go out, stand in the paddock and various parties together. many years with landowners in discuss a way forward and about the things It was unrealistic to think the zone team Marlborough, Hawkes Bay and Otago. that can or can’t be done. ‘‘A lot of the work within the team, which could solve all issues and problems but its ‘‘We can’t avoid rules, but the focus of the I am leading, is an extension of what I have aim was to establish good relationships team is on what the zone committee and the with other parties such as Dairy New been doing for a long time ­ working and assisting landowners to find more resilient Zealand, Amuri Irrigation, Beef and Lamb landowners want to achieve and how the rules can be used to achieve things,’’ he New Zealand and Federated Farmers farming systems in the Hurunui.’’ says Mr says. which could also help with issues. Brown. ‘‘I am really keen to work with anyone. ‘‘It is important that the team recognise This includes finding workable solutions There is more than one way of achieving other groups and organisations have a to provide irrigation, better water quality, things on farm,’’ says Mr Brown who is also significant role to play in helping achieve an improved environment and greater involved in a lot of private work on farms in outcomes that the zone committee has diversity. the Hawkes Bay and North Otago. articulated.’’ He is keen to get active community He looks forward to other zone teams Mr Brown says until the team and involvement in finding solutions to being set up across the region and landowners could ‘‘get to a level at least challenges and is working to get recognises their work will vary from farm to where they respect what each other is conversations going with individuals. saying, developing trust is really difficult’’. farm and zone to zone. ‘‘Since the team has been running there Mr Brown can be contacted by calling ‘‘We as a team have to get out there and has been a lot of calls from people about ECan (03) 3653828. various issues. As far as practical we will go listen and understand the situation. I and talk to them,’’ he says. ‘‘On some issues we can provide By ROBYN BRISTOW

The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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• • • •

Your Authorised John Deere Dealer Stocking Genuine John Deere Parts 24hr call out The largest service fleet in the region

D&E - THE HOME OF JOHN DEERE IN NORTH CANTERBURY Relaxing . . . One of Jackie Laws’ horses gets the benefit of Equine Touch.


Horses get Equine Touch allows the horse to experience a deep relaxation which not only benefits body After reading about Jackie Laws’ but also mind. Jackie Law presented the group with a standardbred rescue work in The News, variety of horses and was interested to see Janice Clyma, from Hanmer Springs, offered to treat the horses to a day of how one particular animal who she describes as ADHD as it can never settle, Equine Touch therapy. Eight students and practitioners would react to the treatment. She was travelled with Janice to the Woodend surprised when he not only tolerated it but responded in a very positive way. stables to work on a variety of horses. Equine Touch is taught the same way all Equine Touch therapy uses touch and vibration to help muscles heal that are around the world and reached New tight or damaged and works on the entire Zealand in 2004. Janice Clyma has been involved with animal. The day was also held as a memorial for Equine Touch for about nine years and the late Jock Ruddock, an ex­Kiwi got into it through her craniosacral therapy. wrestler turned Equine Therapist. Jock got into body therapy when ‘‘Equine Touch is a very powerful therapy. The vibration technique creates wrestling as he looked for different techniques to address the strains and energy and the horse just totally relaxes,’’ she says. sprains encountered when wrestling. Among her group working on Jackie’s Originally the technique was only horses were two students, one from taught to vets and when Jock met his future wife Ivana, who was training to be Germany and one from Japan, while a vet, he became fascinated by the way the others travelled from Oxford, Sheffield therapy worked. He not only utilised it in and Eyreton. his sport but became the guru for treating Acupuncturist, Jeff Silver, who has a horses around New Zealand. busy practice treating people in The very simple but effective treatment Christchurch and moonlights as an involves stretching the skin back to the equine therapist and hoof trimmer, took edge of the muscle or affected area and time out to share his skills with the group. Janice says the wonderful thing about challenging it. Gentle pressure sets up a Equine Touch, is that anyone can learn vibration that ‘‘rearranges’’ the cells and releases tension. the skill and make life for their horses better. She holds courses for both level Working over the whole body, Equine one and two a couple of times a year. Touch can have a hypnotic effect and


799 Jones Rd, Rolleston 03 349 4883

www.dne.co.nz 0800 432 633





1/3 IN 12 MONTHS

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*Subject to credit approval, fees, terms and conditions apply. Based on a 24 month Hire Purchase Contract. To approved Registered GST No Holders for business purposes only on applications for Polaris Ranger Diesel models. Offer expires 30/09/2015. Polaris Finance is a program operated by De Lage Landen Ltd Company No: 135515.

Screening Systems

Walkways/Pump Rafts

Environment conference The environment and the future of Beef and Lamb New Zealand (BLNZ) will be the topics of conversation at a conference in Christchurch on Tuesday. BLNZ’s environment conference is being held at the Tait Communications Conference Centre, 245 Woolridge Road, Harewood, Christchurch, on Tuesday from 10am to 5pm. Speakers include BLNZ South Island environment extension manager Turi McFarlane who will speak on ‘‘what your industry good organisation is doing for you’’, Ravensdown environmental

consultant Charlotte Glass will speak on ‘‘features of high profit, low footprint sheep and beef farms’’ and Otago University’s Henrik Moller will speak on ‘‘environment compliance: adding cost or adding value?’’. Other speakers include Ballance Farm Environment Award national winners John and Catherine Ford and former Federated Farmers national president Bruce Wills. BLNZ chairman James Parsons and northern South Island farmer director Phil Smith will speak on next month’s referendum. Registration closes tomorrow, August 14, at BLNZ’s website.

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Thursday August 13 2015

15 August, 9am - 6pm Super Fun!

Spend the day at the circus! Clowns, Stilt Walkers, Jugglers, Face Painting, Candy Floss, Balloon Animals.

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*For full terms and conditions, please see each retailer.

The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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Saracens claims 1st North Canty rugby title By PETER WILLIAMS The changing of the guard in North Canterbury rugby progressed another step on Saturday. For the second season in a row a club, which had never before won the senior championship in North Canterbury, claimed the honours. Last season’s winners of the Luisetti Seeds North Canterbury Division one championship, Ashley, looked to be heading for a second successive title when they led Saracens 15­14 with just 10 minutes remaining. But it was Saracens who found the extra reservoir of resolve. At the 71st minute mark, Dion Jones slotted a penalty goal from well out to reclaim the lead for Saracens when inspirational Ashley flanker, Matt King was penalised for slowing down the ball after a tackle. He was also yellow carded for this offence and suddenly Saracens’ spirit spiralled upwards as they sensed that a coveted victory was within their grasp. They swept back on to attack and when Ashley again infringed just a few metres out from their own goal­line experienced replacement half­ back, Tevita Vea, had the audacity to take a quick tap which caught the Ashley defenders napping. Although Jones’ conversion attempt missed Saracens held on for a 22­15 victory.

break. After the resumption, Ashley continued to have the upper hand in most exchanges and Taylor grabbed the lead for Ashley with a well­taken field­ goal. Ashley seemed to have the situation under control throughout the third quarter but they were unable to add any further points. It was Saracens who got the greater value from the second­ half replacements and when the pressure really went on in the last fifteen minutes it was the boys in the red and blue quartered jerseys who responded best. Josh Harrison was always a threat whenever he got the ball and was a deserved winner of Try time . . . Player of the Day Josh Harrison (Saracens) bursts through the Waimak Real Estate player the Ashley defence to score the opening try in the grand final on of the day award and captain, PHOTO: PETER WILLIAMS Josh Maynard and Willie Kerr Saturday. were the best of a hard­working Earlier in the match Saracens Dunbar crashed over following a forward pack. FROM THE SIDELINES: forward drive. In the second had the best of the early What seemed to be the exchanges and was certainly the quarter, Ashley’s forwards with largest crowd for many years King, Andrew Olorenshaw and more enterprising team. After Matt Kippenberger particularly surrounded the Kaiapoi Oval on eight minutes fullback Josh Saturday for the Division 1 Final prominent started to gain an Harrison hit the line at pace ascendancy and first five Lance with nearly as many watching after Saracens had secured the Metro Colts Final between turnover ball. He brushed aside Taylor guided them around the Glenmark and Christchurch field judiciously. This a couple of Ashley defenders to Boys’ High School 2nd XV on an dominance was rewarded 5 score handy to the posts and 10 adjacent field. There had been minutes later impressive centre, minutes before the break when similarly strong support for all Nathan Reid, repeated the dose. left­winger, Dan Cook set off on the lower grade Finals. There an angled run and linked up With Jones converting both with captain, Jamie Young, who would have been anxious times tries Saracens had shot out to a at Kaiapoi when the day dawned scored beneath the posts. 14­0 lead. with a light dusting of snow on Taylor’s conversion closed the Ashley’s response was the ground but it had cleared by immediate, though. No 8 Andrew gap to just two points at the

the time the first match began. The Kaiapoi Club are to be complimented on presenting the grounds in such outstanding condition. The fact that such a large crowd was in attendance, despite the extremely cold weather, shows that rugby is still very much alive and well in North Canterbury One minor disappointment for Saracens on Saturday, though, was that one of their team managers, Pat Dooley, was confined to his sick­bed and unable to attend. Pat is a genuine stalwart of both the former Rangiora Club and now Saracens, having unwaveringly supported the Club through good times and bad, and no­one would have taken greater pleasure from their win than him. No doubt his absence would have been used as a motivational factor. North Canterbury Grand Final rugby results:

Player­of­the­day: Josh Harrison ­ Saracens, division one. Luisetti Seeds North Canterbury division one final: Saracens 22 Ashley 15. Mike Greer Homes North Canterbury division two final: Woodend 20 Oxford 28. Mike Greer Homes North Canterbury division two reserve final: Saracens 20 Amberley 13. Metro Colts Trophy final: Glenmark 12. CBHS 2nd XV 11. Mike Greer Homes North Canterbury under 18 final: Kaiapoi 32 Hurunui 17. Mike Greer Homes under 16 final: Oxford 24 Saracens 5. Mike Greer Homes North Canterbury under 14.5 final: Kaiapoi 24 Ashley Blue 25. Mike Greer Homes under 13 final: Amberley 26 Ohoka 24. Mike Greer North Canterbury 11.5 final: Ohoka Black 29 Kaiapoi 34.

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Thursday August 13 2015

Oxford wins division two Without exception, all of the lower grade finals were very keenly contested, with some extremely close finishes in many of the grades. Division 2: Oxford 28 (Richard Taylor, Bernard Doyle, Jared Quirke, Les Cunningham tries, Chris Ford 2 pen, 1 con) beat Woodend 20 (Chris Ward, Andrew Procter, Sam McDonald tries, Will Clifford 2 pen, 1 conv) For three­quarters of this match, Woodend had the upper hand and it was only in the last quarter that Oxford assumed control. Woodend showed a greater willingness to move the ball through their backs but in the end the greater experience in the Oxford team, and particularly in their forwards, won the day. Division 2 Reserve: Saracens 20 (Luke Bignold, Craig Pethig, John Tavendale tries. Luke Garrard 1 pen 1 conv.) beat Amberley 13 (Ryan Demmocks try, Aaron Eddy (2 pen 1 conv) This was another closely fought match with Amberley always keeping within striking distance of the more favoured Saracens side. Metro Colts: Glenmark 12 (Henry Hooker, Danny Brooker, tries, Jeff Bigwood 1 conv) beat CBHS 2nd XV 11 (Ryan Frampton try, Brad Wang 2 pens) This match was a real nail­biter. Glenmark scored early in the match and led all the way but in the final quarter CBHS launched repeated attacks on the Glenmark

line and were finally rewarded in injury time with a try midway between the posts and the corner flag. The crowd were hushed as Brad Wang who had earlier kicked two very good goals lined up the conversion attempt which would have given CBHS the win but the kick was wide and Glenmark had held on by the skin of their teeth and retained their unbeaten record for the season. Under 18: Kaiapoi 32 (Dante Love (2), Wiremu Herewini, Callum Cooksley, Paris Kara, Logan Allison, tries Josh Merrin 1 conv) beat Hurunui 19 (Baven Brown, Liam Brown, Tapiha Allen tries, Tawhiri Cruickshank 2 conv) Hurunui put in a sterling effort in this match with Tapiha Allen and Jono Nikolaison leading the way in the forwards and it was not until the final quarter that Kaiapoi with their more polished backline eventually pulled away to put the seal on an excellent season, having earlier also won the Combined Competition. Under 16: Oxford 24 (Jamie Galway, Elijah Coulston, Clay Thomson, Jesse Bowring tries, Angus Mitchell 2 conv) beat Saracens 5 (Louie McLeod try) After a number of seasons of trying this group of players, and coaches Anton Bowring and Rex Mitchell, have finally won a Championship. They thoroughly deserved their win as they outscored Saracens by 4 tries to 1. Captain Jack Glassen led by

example and was particularly strong at line­out time. Under 14.5: Ashley Blue 25 (Nick Stewart 2 tries, Jack Marshall 1 try, 2 pen, 1 conv) beat Kaiapoi 24 (James Fowler, Jessaiah Smith, Cody Broekhuizen, Kees Tiweka tries, Riley Adamson 2 conv) This was another extremely close match between two very good sides, with the lead changing constantly. The Kaiapoi players were elated when Kees Tiweka scored to put Kaiapoi in front late in the game, but their celebrations were premature as Ashley Blue hit back a few minutes later with what proved to be the winning try. This performance is a real credit to the Ashley Club as their Green team also performed with distinction in this grade. Under 13: Amberley 26 (Angus Anderson (2) Jayden Boocock, Hamish Thompson tries), Jake Harvey­Heyward 3 conv) beat Ohoka 24 (Gus Kelliher, Connor Newton, Taylor Willis, Hugh Montgomery tries, Willis 2 conv). Under 11.5: Kaiapoi 34 (Carlos Lancaster­Bartlett (2) Jordan Soli (2) , Kaleb Wyber­Moore, Fletcher Johnson, tries, Soli 2 conv) beat Ohoka Black 29 (Anton Marshall(2) James Leen (2) Ashton Haigh 1 try, 2 conv). Both of these sides turned on an excellent performance and set the tone for the day. In the end there was only one try difference between the two teams.

Amberley wins final The Amberley Rugby Club’s under 13 team, which was unbeaten all season, took home the Neville Pickering Trophy after beating Ohoka 26­24 in the grand final at Kaiapoi on Saturday. It scored 988 points over 16 games with only 184 points being scored against it. Amberley’s trophy cabinet will also be home to the North Canterbury Challenge Shield which it successfully defended five times and the Peter Hyde Memorial Trophy as round Celebration . . . Jake Harvey­ robin winners. Heyward, Jack Kearns, Walter The final was played in cold, damp conditions. From the Brown and Mason Inwood celebrate the Amberley U13 kick­off Ohoka dominated, team’s grand final win over scoring almost immediately in the corner and then led 12­nil Ohoka on Saturday. PHOTO: SUPPLIED after about the first 10 minutes. out of the bottom of a ruck and Amberley battled back and fought hard with a try to Jayden charged over. A great back line move saw Hamish Thompson Boocock, which was smartly out run the Ohoka defenders to converted by Jake Harvey­ Heyward. Amberley battled on, score a great try in the corner and tie the scores at 24­all. winning good ball through The conversion was calmly Angus Parish in the lineouts and through good forward play. and confidently put between the posts by the reliable ‘Golden Ohoka had all but shut down Boot’ of Jake Harvey­Heyward. the Amberley backs, and Confident tight forward play sneaked through for another try saw Amberley hold on to the out wide. Gutsy forward play ball for the final minutes to win. saw loose forward Gus Congratulations to an Anderson score for Amberley outstanding team on an shortly afterwards to make the outstanding season, and huge half time score 19­12 to Ohoka. thanks to Coaches Graeme The second half was just as tense with Ohoka scoring again. Burney and Andy Horn, and Amberley dug even deeper and Manager Geoff Hassall for the time, effort and expertise with was rewarded with another try the team. to Gus Anderson, who popped

The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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Hockey players welcome turf plans By SHELLEY TOPP The Rangiora Hockey Club has welcomed plans for a full­size hockey turf in Waimakariri, and is making good use of the new Dudley Park multi­ sport turf in Rangiora. ‘‘We are excited about the prospect of a full­sized turf in Waimakariri and have been involved in the consultation process,’’ club secretary Cat Hannah says. ‘‘The exact location has not been decided on as yet. Waimakariri District Council staff are working through the process and we look forward to hearing their decision.’’ Waimakariri Mayor, David Ayers, confirmed plans for a full­sized hockey turf, which has been budgeted for, at the opening of the multi­sport facility in Rangiora on July 31. The new multi­sport facility at Dudley Park has a high­quality sand­ based synthetic turf on top of old netball courts. It will be used mainly for junior hockey competition games and the club’s team trainings, but can also be used for other sports, such as netball, football and cricket. Cat said bookings for the new facility

Practice . . . Goalie Katelyn Winn and Lucy Moffat, who both play for Rangiora Kiwi Sticks Green, practice at the new Dudley Park Multi­Sport Turf in Rangiora last PHOTO: TONY KEANE week. had been great so far. ‘‘It is being used by hockey Monday to Thursday nights for between three and five hours each night and more bookings are coming in.’’ Pupils from the Rangiora Borough

School, just across the road, have also been using the facility during school hours. The Rangiora Hockey Club has experienced rapid growth during recent years, particularly with junior players, and this has occasionally created problems accommodating everyone at training sessions around Rangiora. ‘‘The kids and their parents are so pleased to have a brand new training facility where they are able to practice shots on goal and penalty corners,’’ Cat says. There is a wealth of talented young players in the district, with many of them being selected for Canterbury teams, and the development squads, including: Hayley McKellow (Canterbury Primary Girls A Team), Henrietta Clapham, Jemma Hughes, and Katie McBride (Canterbury Primary Girls B Team), Neve Sewell (Canterbury Primary Development Girls),Ty Grabowski (Canterbury Primary Development Training Squad Boys), Katelyn Winn (Canterbury Primary Development Training Squad Girls), Brittany Wang (Canterbury Girls Under 15 B Team, Division 2 Women), Josh Starling (Canterbury U18 Development Training Squad Boys, Youth Grade), and Rebecca Jelfs (Canterbury U18 Development Training Squad, Division 2 Women).

We have a need for quality winter clothing to stock our Rangiora shop CAN YOU DONATE?

Please drop your goods off in-store during business hours: Mon-Fri 10.00am-4.30pm Sat 10.00am-2.00pm NEW ZEALAND


RANGIORA SHOP 94 Victoria Street | Ph 03 310 7421

Save a trip to town and see your orthodontist in Rangiora Orthodontist Phil Murfitt holds fortnightly clinics at Kevin Ryder’s Dental Surgery, 19 Good Street, Rangiora. Appointments/en nquiries:

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Saturday’s wintry blast failed to stop the latest round of the Hurunui netball competition which was played at Hawarden. The Future Ferns had a mini tournament, playing three short games each, making it their last games for the 2015 season. Two senior games opened the day as players and spectators tried to stay warm. Hawarden A had a close fought match against Waiau A. With tight defence on both sides, and also good shooting, it was goal for goal throughout the game. At half time Hawarden was up by three goals. Waiau made changes in its mid­court going into the fourth quarter, but an injury to its wing defence forced it to return to its original line up. After a hard battle Hawarden came Netball action . . . Young netballers contest the ball during the Hurunui netball away with the win 25­23. Results were: competition at Hawarden on Saturday. Senior A Hanmer A 60 Cheviot S 21, Hawarden A 25 Waiau A 23, Cheviot A 54 Culverden A 18. Senior B Hawarden B 21 Waiau S 17, Waikari 33 Culverden B 30. Senior C Cheviot B 35 Hawarden C 6, Hawarden S 37 Waiau C

13. Primary A Hawarden D 16 Waiau PA 5, Culverden PA 46 Cheviot PA 17. Primary B


Netballers overcome wintry blast Use your outdoor living areas all year round

15 months


Normal lendin PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Hawarden PA 31 Waiau PC 3, Glenmark PA 11 Waiau PB 10. Primary C Culverden PB 18 v Hanmer PA 0; Hawarden PB 30 v Cheviot PC 1.

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Thursday August 13 2015



August 13, 2015 |

Properties for sale throughout North Canterbury

99 Ashley Street, Rangiora Offers over $438,000 For more information contact Malcolm Garvan on 027 231 4425 or view online www.farmlandsrealestate.co.nz – property ID RA1641

Sunny, Bright Home Sunny, comfortable, well maintained 170m2 home (built 1993). Neutral décor throughout. Three double bedrooms, modern open plan kitchen/dining/living (dishwasher, electric hob and oven, breakfast bar), separate lounge and laundry.

Double internal access garage (auto doors). Colorsteel roof, EQC repairs have been completed. Aluminium windows, sunny BBQ area. Established 697m2 section, nicely laid out easycare section, vege garden and back part of section is fenced for a dog.

Family sized bathroom with bath and shower, separate toilet. Log fire with wetback, heat pump and nitestore make this a very warm home.

There is also an in ground watering system for the gardens. Easy walk to Rangiora’s CBD and shops on bus route. Handy to Rangiora High

Move on and take off

School and located in the western side of town. Very close to the A&P Showgrounds. LIM and Vendors Building Report are available. Offers over $438,000 to be presented on or before 4pm Friday 4 September 2015 to Farmlands Real Estate, 269 Flaxton Road, Rangiora. Open Home: Sunday 9 August 1.00 to 2.00pm

Shareholders can now choose to earn Airpoints Dollars on the commission paid on Farmlands Real Estate sales. To register to earn Airpoints Dollars visit www.farmlands.co.nz/airpoints Terms and Conditions apply.

Farmlands has partnered with Airpoints™ to bring shareholders Airpoints Dollars™ as part of the Choices Rewards Programme.

PropertyTimes Timesisisdelivered deliveredto toevery everyhome homein inNorth South Canterbury Canterbury and and is is available available on Property on the the web web at atwww.propertytimes.co.nz www.propertytimes.co.nz

The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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For Sale

New Listing | 753 Depot Road, Oxford


4 Hectares


Too Good To Last. The house comprises three bedrooms, master bedroom with en suite and walk-in wardrobe, spacious open-plan living area which flows out to patio entertainment area and double internal access garage which is currently set up like a fourth room. The house is double glazed with triple glazing on some windows. Combined with features such as extra ceiling insulation, DVS, a wood burner and underfloor heating in the tiled areas, it would be toasty and warm even on the coldest winter days. | Property ID RA1642

Open Home

Leithfield | 6 Leithfield Road



Village Home. Tidy Fraemohs home, spacious living areas include dining, family room and lounge heated by an efficient log burner with wetback. The kitchen has good work surfaces, gas hob and electric oven, dishwasher. Three bedrooms, the master with en suite. Fenced, single garage plus two carports and two secure sheds for storing your toys. Located close to an excellent primary school; an easy walk to the local pub for a meal or a drink. | Property ID AM1021

James Murray 027 436 8103

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119



Sunday 1.00 to 1.45pm


Emily Newell 027 472 0409 Maurice Newell 027 240 1718

Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425

Sunday 3.15 to 4.00pm

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718

Over $438,000 to be presented on or before 4 September 2015

Open Home

Sunday 1.00 to 2.00pm


Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425


1,000m - 2,023m

By negotiation

Exciting Commercial Land Development. Ignore Previous Pricing - Invest in this fast growing region, great access, no commute worries here. Adjacent to SH1, reticulated Council water, Council sewerage, three phase electricity. Suit agri-business, retail storage, light industry, professional offices, cafe and medical facilities. Situated between Courage and Pound Roads. A major national rural servicing company have already established their business in the development. Vendor motivated to sell Stage One now. Stages 2 and 3 to follow. 14 sections in total. | Property ID RA1635



Open Home Contact

Sunny Home. Sunny, comfortable, well maintained home,170m2 (built 1993). Three double bedrooms, open-plan kitchen/dining/ living, separate lounge and laundry, family sized bathroom, separate toilet. Log fire with wetback, heat pump, nite store, very warm sunny house, double internal access garage. Established 697m2, nicely laid out easy-care section, vege garden, back part of section fenced for a dog. Easy walk to Rangiora’s CBD and shops. Located in the western side of town. Handy to the A&P Showgrounds. LIM and Vendors building report available. | Property ID RA1641

Amberley | Courage Road




Rangiora | 99 Ashley Street

Emily Newell 027 472 0409


Barry Keys 027 434 7689

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600

By appointment


Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425 Malcolm McNaughton 027 297 4297

Allan Gifford 027 226 2379

Chris Abbott 027 435 2872

0800 200 600 | farmlandsrealestate.co.nz

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The News

Thursday August 13 2015

For Sale Open Home

5A Gilbert Street Amberley Price $395,000

Contact Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Open Home Sunday 12.00 to 12.30pm. Open-plan kitchen and living room; three double bedrooms, family bathroom with bath and separate shower and separate toilet. The kitchen has beautiful timber work surfaces, dishwasher, wall oven, rangehood and refrigerator. French doors in the living room give access to a covered verandah and paved patio overlooking the garden. There is plenty of space for vehicles with a double internal access garage and off-street parking. | Property ID AM1020 View


43 Tauhou Place 775m2 Price

Marlborough | 784 Queen Charlotte Drive 3,985m2 Forever Changing Views. Te Puia Heights. Peace and tranquillity, bird life, quiet, micro climate, slice of paradise, outstanding views. All words used by our vendors to describe their special place. Outstanding twin living, four bedroom, three bathroom, 209m2 permanent material home set in a bush clad setting overlooking Mahakipawa Inlet, close to Havelock. Five car garaging and 100,000 litres of water storage. | Property ID BL1147



By negotiation over $729,000

Contact Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600


By appointment


Chris Abbott 027 435 2872

I’m On Top Of The World. That’s the feeling you get when you stand on this fabulous, elevated section, looking down over the sparkling waters of South Bay and the Pacific Ocean beyond. This gently sloping section is outstanding in locality, surrounded by quality housing with wrap-around mountain view, safe walking tracks, set amongst established plantings. Services to boundary. Vendor wants action - so be quick for this bargain-priced piece of paradise. Close enough to walk to town. | Property ID TU10549




Thinking Of Selling? I have had a successful first half of 2015, I now require new properties to market for Spring! If you’re considering selling, or know of anyone in your area who is planning to sell, now is the time to prepare for the upcoming Spring selling season.

Kaikoura | 68 Hawthorne Road

Kaikoura | 38 Miromiro Drive

1.7 Hectares



Call me today to arrange a free, no-obligation market appraisal.


Kathy Thompson

Residential, Lifestyle Salesperson


021 229 0600




70 Beach Road, Kaikoura

Kaikoura | 49 Kotuku Road

Kaikoura | 223 Beach Road




James Murray 027 436 8103

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718

Emily Newell 027 472 0409

Barry Keys 027 434 7689

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600

Allan Gifford 027 226 2379

Chris Abbott 027 435 2872

0800 200 600 | f armlandsrealestate.co.nz

The News

The Les Hassall Memorial Cup, which was going to be held on August 25, has been brought forward to August 24. St Bedes College and Hurunui College will kick off the rugby match at 1pm on the Hawarden Domain.

The event has been resurrected after not being held for seven years, but prior to this was an annual event. Hurunui College principal Stephen Beck hopes the match will continue to be played each year from now on and encourages all to attend.

North Canty sports results Rangiora Hockey Club results: The hockey season moves into semi final mode for the Rangiora Hockey Club next weekend. Results from last weekend were:­ Men: Division 2: Rangiora 1 Harewood 5. Player­of­ the­ day Justin Paulson. Division 3: Rangiora 1 Marist 2. Player­of­the­day Dawson Payne. Under 18: Rangiora 1 Harewood 8. Goals scored by Roy Atkinson. Player­of­the­day: Dominic Clear. Kwik Sticks 11­a­side: Rangiora 0 St Andrews 4. Player­of­the­day Giles Witt. Kwik Sticks 6­a­side: Rangiora 3 St Andrews 5. Goals scored by Ty Nelson. Player­of­the­day Kerryn Calder. Kiwi Sticks 6­a­side: Rangiora 3 Medbury 1. Goals scored by Ty Nelson 2, Brodie Simpson Player­of­the­ day Ethan Plimmer. Mini Sticks: Rangiora 4 St Marks 1. Goals scored by Danny Webb, Thomas van der Heiden, Jaren Blanchett and TJ Mattheou. Player­of­the­day TJ Mattheou. Women: Division One: Rangiora Evergreens 2 Harewood 1. Goals scored by Cath Milne and Karen Aitken. Division Two: Rangiora 2 Harewood 0. Goals scored by Claudia Petrie and Krystalena Roberts. Player­of ­the­day Brittany Wang. Under 18 Division 1: Rangiora 3 Southern 0. Goals scored by Kayln Thomas 2. Sam Knight. Player­of­the­ day Keighley Robertson. Under 18 Division 2: Rangiora 1 Southern 0. Goal scored by Chelsea Shekleton. Kwik Sticks Gold: Rangiora 1 Southern 1. Goal scored by Malia Parsons. Player­of­the­day Holly Warming­ Smith. Kwik Sticks Green: Rangiora 1 Hornby 0. Goal scored by Shontae Russell. Player­of­the­day Sarah Frizzell. Kwik Sticks 6­a­side: Rangiora 10 Avon/St Micheals 0. Player­of­the­day Alyssa Campbell. Kiwi Sticks Division 3: Rangiora 4 Marist 3. Goals scored by Catlin Baker 3, Phoebe Monopoli. Player­of­ the­day Phoebe Monopoli. Kiwi Sticks Division 4: Rangiora 2 HSOB 1. Goals scored by Jess Cooper 2. Mini Sticks Division 2: Rangiora 4 HSOB 6. Goals

scored by Evie Leeson 2, Alice McDonald, Ella Sharpe. Player­of­the­day Evie Leeson. Rangiora Smallbore Rifle results: Matthew Little 98.6, Sam Vincent 97.7, Brian Lunn 97.4, Thomas Warming­Smith 96.3, Joel Edge 96.2, Sam Vincent 96.1, Suzannah Smith 95.4, Paul Widdowson 95.3, Thomas Warming­Smith 95.2, David Cain 94.1, Brian Lunn 93.2, David Cain 92.1, Brayden Smith 90.1, Nikita Rhodes 89.1, Paige Brown 87.1, Henry Quicke 86, Liam Bulfin 85, Lucy Prickett 84, Barry Brown 81.1, Sam Hershaw 79, Sam Plows 77, Kealy McCann 74, Desrarnia Smith 64.1.

Public Notices

MOTHERS SUPPORTING MOTHERS A free, independent, confidential, non-judgemental service for mothers of babies / young children, and pregnant women. Group sessions every Friday in Rangiora, 10am to 12pm, War Memorial Hall and first Friday of each month in Kaiapoi, 1pm to 2.45pm, Kaiapoi Plunket rooms. For further information contact Chris 03 3129 787 or Frances 027 651 4854, or visit our website www.motherssupportingmothers.org.nz 1629639


Amberley Smallbore Rifle Club results: August 3: K.Brown 98.5, G.Wright 98.5, M.Criglington 98.3, Georgia Rhodes 97.4, D.Evans 91.2, M.Bradley 90.2, C.Rhodes 90.2, I.Frazer 86.1, T.McIlraith 82.0, G.Evans 81.0, D.McIlraith 79.1, J.Bradley 78.0, M.Palmer 77.1.


August 10: C.Griffin 99.6, G.Wright 98.6, K.Brown 98.6, M.Criglington 96.2, M.Young 95.2, T.McIlraith 93.1, Jessica Adcock 92.3, M.Bradley 90.1, J.Bradley 88.0, M.Palmer 85.0, Holly Tomlinson 83.1, G.Tomlinson 82.1, B.Devine 82.0, D.McIlraith 81.0, C.Bradley 73.0. Rangiora Bridge Club results: Saturday Afternoon Oxford Pairs: North/South: Bob Calder / Noel Grigg 1. East/West: Ros Crighton / Jill Saunders 1. Monday Afternoon Rata Pairs: N/S: Heather Waldron / Robin Hassall 1, Julie Brown / Jenny Hassall 2, Judy Bruerton / Linda Hanham 3. E/W: Denise Lang / Rose Fahey , Pat Green / Selwyn Green 2, Shona Keating / Jill Saunders 3. Wednesday Evening Plate Pairs: N/S: Noel Grigg / Dawn Simpson 1, Jack Lyon / Owen Evans 2, Diane Findlay / Darcy Preston 3. E/W: Robin Hassall / Gaynor Hurford 1, Marion Lomax / Nikki Kutyn 2, Lester Garlick / Colleen Adam 3.

Public Notices

Public Notices

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Public Notices


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Beneficiaries of MAINPOWER TRUST will be held on Monday 31 August 2015 at the MainPower head office building, 172 Fernside Road, Rangiora following the Annual General Meeting of MainPower New Zealand Limited which will commence at 5.30pm. Agenda 1. Apologies 2. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 27 August 2014 3. Adoption of Annual Report 4. To appoint Deloitte as Auditor in accordance with Section 101 of the Electricity Industry Act 2010 and to fix the fees and expenses of the auditor. 5. To consider any general business which may be properly brought before the meeting. All members of the public are invited to attend. Phone 03 313 8103 KM Hansell Secretary MainPower Trust


Hassall Cup date change

Thursday August 13 2015

• Must be 11 years or older • Earn extra cash while staying fit • Must be enthusiastic, honest and reliable • Distributing The News / Flyers to residential letterboxes

Phone 03 314 8335 for more details or email info@thenewsnc.co.nz • Please include your address, suburb and contact details

This week’s open homes in North Canterbury Thursday August 13th Casebrook

1.15pm 2.00pm


12.00pm 12.30pm

14 Broger Place

Harcourts Twiss Keir

50 Diamond Ave

Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.45pm

1.30pm 2.45pm 2.30pm 3.30pm


3.00pm 3.30pm

Saturday August 15th


1.45pm 2.15pm



1.00pm 1.30pm


2.30pm 3.15pm

Kaiapoi 11.45am 12.30pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 2.00pm 3.15pm

12.15pm 1.00pm 2.00pm 1.45pm 3.00pm 4.00pm


2.00pm 2.30pm


1.00pm 1.30pm 2.00pm 3.00pm 3.00pm 3.30pm


2.00pm 3.00pm

Waikuku Beach 11.30am 12.30pm


2.30pm 3.00pm

1.45pm 2.15pm

32 Bampton Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir


533 South Eyre Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir


1 Pratt Street

Farmlands Real Estate


6B Evans Place 12 Waiotahi Road 16 Lilian Street 50 Sterling Crescent 24 Lilian Street 14 Toa Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

3 Kuta Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir

87B Newnham Street 29 Tripoli Street 32 Kingsbury Avenue

Waimak Real Estate Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir

8 Stilt Lane

Harcourts Twiss Keir

53 Park Terrace

Harcourts Twiss Keir

73 St Johns Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir

Sunday August 16th Amberley

12.00pm 12.30pm

5a Gilbert Street

1.15pm 2.00pm 1.00pm 1.30pm 2.00pm 2.30pm 2.15pm 3.00pm


12.00pm 12.45pm


11.45am 12.00pm 12.30pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 2.00pm 2.30pm 2.45pm 3.15pm


3.15pm 4.00pm


12.00pm 12.30pm


2.00pm 2.45pm

Ohoka Farmlands Real Estate

12.15pm 12.45pm 1.00pm 1.30pm 2.00pm 3.00pm 3.00pm 3.30pm 4.00pm

12.00pm 12.30pm 1.00pm 1.30pm

75 Willowside Place 5 Hillview Place 6 Swindon Lane 9 Haydon Place

Farmlands Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Farmlands Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir

258 Marshmans Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

32 Bampton Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir

14 Broger Place

Harcourts Twiss Keir

533 South Eyre Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

218 Swannanoa Road 311 Lehmans Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

6 Brigham Drive

Harcourts Twiss Keir

6B Evans Place 1B/548 Williams Street 12 Waiotahi Road 20 Magnolia Boulevard 16 Lilian Street 24 Lilian Street 17 Tuhoe Avenue 50/150 Williams Street 3 Wakeman Way

Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir

6 Leithfield Road

Farmlands Real Estate

20 Pinewood Close

Harcourts Twiss Keir

25 Tuckers Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

145 Dawsons Road 33 Tristram Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

2.00pm 2.30pm


10.00am 11.00am 1.00pm 2.00pm 2.45pm 3.30pm

10.30am 11.30am 1.45pm 2.30pm 3.15pm 4.00pm


12.00pm 12.00pm 12.45pm 2.15pm

12.30pm 12.30pm 1.15pm 3.00pm


1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.30pm 1.45pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 4.00pm

1.30pm 1.30pm 1.30pm 1.45pm 2.00pm 4.00pm 1.30pm 1.45pm 2.00pm 2.15pm 2.30pm 2.45pm 4.30pm


3.30pm 4.30pm


12.00pm 12.30pm

Waikuku Beach

11.00am 11.30am 12.00pm 1.00pm

11.45am 12.30pm 12.45pm 1.45pm


2.15pm 3.00pm

792 Tram Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

7 Transport Lane 36 Church Street 753 Depot Road 122 Main Street 149 Main Street 179A High Street

Waimak Real Estate Waimak Real Estate Farmlands Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

36 Kahuraki kDrive 3 Kuta Street 5 Kawakawa Street 55 Kawari Drive

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

58 Kowhai Ave 32 Kingsbury Avenue 6 Oakwood Drive 117 King Street 99 Ashley Street Elm Green Sub Division 30 Sequoia Way 15 Cedar Place 226 Northbrook Road 9 Hassall Street 20 Milesbrook Close 19 Palmview Drive 6 Pimlico Place

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Farmlands Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

8 Stilt Lane

Harcourts Twiss Keir

50 Diamond Ave

Harcourts Twiss Keir

47 Park Terrace 53 Park Terrace 14 Allin Drive 11 Queens Avenue

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

17 Petries Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

The News

Public Notices

Thursday August 13 2015

Public Notices

Public Notices

Review of Representation Arrangements for the 2016 Local Elections On 4 August 2015 the Waimakariri District Council reviewed its representation arrangements, and resolved that the following proposal apply for the Council and its community boards for the elections to be held on 8 October 2016: Council Representation It is proposed that the Council comprise ten (10) members elected from three (3) wards, and the mayor. The three wards reflect the following identified communities of interest: Ward Communities of Interest Kaiapoi-Woodend d War The east coast of the District including Clarkville, Kaiapoi, Tuahiwi, Woodend, Pegasus, Waikuku and Sefton Rangiora-Ashley Ward Rangiora (including Southbrook) Fernside, Cust, Mairaki Downs, Ashley, Loburn and Okuku to the Garry River Oxford-Eyre Ward Eyreton, Ohoka, Mandeville, Swannanoa, West Eyreton, Eyrewell, Oxford urban and rural, and Glentui The population that each member will represent is as follows: Ward Population Members (2013 Census) Kaiapoi-Woodend d War 18,408 4 Rangiora-Ashley d War 21,309 4 Oxford-Eyre Ward 10,272 2 --------49,989 10

Population per member 4602 5327 5136 ------4999

In accordance with section 19V(2) of the Local Electoral Act 2001 the population that each member represents must be within the range of 4999 +/- 10% (4450 to 5497), unless particular community of interest considerations justify otherwise. Community Board Representation It is proposed that three community boards be elected. The three community boards will be: Community Board Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community d Boar Woodend-Pegasus Community Board Rangiora-Ashley Community Board

Area of Community Kaiapoi, Clarkville d an Tuahiwi Woodend including Woodend Beach, Pegasus, Waikuku and Sefton Rangiora (including Southbrook) Fernside, Cust, Mairaki Downs, Ashley, Loburn and Okuku to the Garry River

Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi and Woodend-Pegasus Community Boards The Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi and Woodend-Pegasus Community Boards will each elect five (5) members. The boards will not be subdivided for electoral purposes. They will each have two appointed Councillors from the Kaiapoi-Woodend Ward. The Kaiapoi-Woodend Ward will be subdivided for electoral purposes as follows: Subdivision Population Members Population (2013 Census) per member Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board 11,514 5 2302 Woodend-Pegasus Community Board 6,894 5 1378 Rangiora-Ashley Community Board The Rangiora-Ashley Community Board will elect eight (8) members. Four Councillors will be appointed to the Board from the Rangiora-Ashley Ward. The Rangiora-Ashley Community Board will be subdivided for electoral purposes as follows: Subdivision Rangiora Cust/Ashley/Loburn

Area of Subdivision Rangiora and Southbrook Ashley, Loburn, Okuku to the Garry River, Fernside, Cust and Mairaki Downs

The population that the members of each subdivision will represent is shown below: Ward Population Members Population (2013 Census) per member Rangiora subdivision 13,326 5 2665 Ashley subdivision 7,983 3 2661 The population each member of the Rangiora-Ashley Community Board represents falls within the range of 2663 +/- 10% (2,397 to 2929) in accordance with section 19V(2) of the Act. Further Information Copies of the Council’s resolution and maps setting out the areas of the proposed wards, communities and subd ivisions may be viewed and obtained from the Rangiora Service Centre (215 High Street Rangiora), Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre (Williams Street Kaiapoi) or Oxford Service Centre (Main Street Oxford). Any queries regarding the Council’s decision should be directed to Sarah Nichols, Governance Manager, 215 High Street, Rangiora. Email: representation@wmk.govt.nz Relevant information is also available on the Council’s website: www.waimakariri.govt.nz Submissions are invited Persons with an interest in the proposed representation arrangements are invited to make written submissions on the Council’s representation proposal. Submissions are to be forwarded to: Waimakariri District Council, Private Bag 1005, Rangiora 7440, 215 High Street, Rangiora or email: representation@wmk.govt.nz Submissions must be received by Council no later than 5pm Monday 14 September 2015. Jim Palmer Chief Executive

Public Notices

Public Notices

Public Notices

Public Notices

Public Notices


Public Notice of Adoption of Wastewater Bylaw 2015 The Council adopted its Wastewater Bylaw on 4 August 2015 under provisions of Section 145 of the Local Government Act 2002. The Bylaw comes into effect on 10 August 2015. Copies are available on the Council’s website www.waimakariri.govt.nz, or at Council service centres and libraries. The Bylaw protects public health and safety through controlling the quality and quantity of discharge of domestic and commercial wastewater into the Council’s wastewater reticulation. It also protects the public infrastructure investment by controlling access to the wastewater reticulation and facilities. It protects the environment by specifying acceptable and prohibited wastewater discharge characteristics which can be used to assess the quality and compliance of any discharge. 1628770

Rotary Club of Rangiora

It’s coming up again. . .


Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd October Rangiora Borough School Hall Our club supports many groups and individuals in the Rangiora district each year. Help us to do this again by donating... Books,magazines, DVDs, CDs, puzzles

Please check for updates on the website www.tiromoanabush. co.nz For all enquiries please phone 0800 66 44 33 PRAYER TO THE VIRGIN MARY (Never known to fail.) O most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruit of the vine, splendorous of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this, my necessity, O Star of the Sea, help me, and show me herein you are my Mother, O Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succour me in my necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. O show me here you are my Mother, O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3 times). Holy Mary, I place this cause in your hands (3 times). Thank you for your mercy towards me and mine. Amen - This prayer must be said for 3 days, and after that the request will be granted and the prayer must be published.


If you have books etc to donate we can collect them.

Equestrian HORSE Grazing available. Leithfield. 800m Track. Stables & range of paddocks. Call Cath 021 0236 1099 to discuss your needs.

Phone: Bruce Walker 0274 724 439 Rotary - serving the community

Work and Income Kaiapoi The Kaiapoi office will be closed from 12 - 1pm Monday to Friday from 10 August 2015. If you need to speak to a Work and Income staff member in this time please call on 0800 559 009. If you are receiving regular assistance from us, you can use My Account to book and manage most of your business with Work and Income. To set up and access My Account and see more about Work and Income products and services visit www.workandincome.govt.nz

Chimney Cleaning Concrete Services ABEL & Prestige Chimney Cleaning. Nth Cant. Owned and operated. Professional guaranteed service. All firebox repairs. Ph Ken & Trish 312 5764.

The Tiromoana Walkway will be closed for lambing from Monday 10 August, reopening mid October – date to be advised.

TOP SOIL, screened and unscreened at Woodend Landscape Supplies. Open 7 days. Phone 03 312 2003.


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AFFORDABLE concrete cutting with quality and removal work. Free quotes. No job too small. Ph 027 442 2219, Fax 03 359 6052 or A/H 03 359 4605.

Gardening BARKS, Composts, Pea Straw & much more at Woodend Landscape Supplies. Delivery & cour­ tesy trailers available. Open 7 days. Ph 03 312 2003.

Nursery GOUGHS NURSERIES Deal direct with grower and Save 30%-50% off normal retail prices Open Monday - Sunday 9am - 5pm Natives Exotics Hedging Landscape and Japanese Maples 1029 Tram Rd Ohoka No eftpos Est 1974

Invites you to a public meeting to:

• Update you on Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa business activities • Present an opportunity for the possible redevelopment of a Luxury Day Spa in the Chisholm Ward The meeting will be held at: THE HERITAGE HOTEL On Tuesday 25th August Commencing 6pm If you have any questions please contact: Graeme Abbot graeme@hanmersprings.co.nz

Hurunui Waiau Zone Committee Meeting An ordinary meeting of the Hurunui-Waiau Water Zone Committee will be held on Monday 17 August 2015 from 3.00pm until approximately 6.30pm, in the Waikari Hall. The public are welcome to attend all or part of the meeting. Agendas for the meeting may be located at www.hurunui.govt.nz (available from Thursday 13 August) in the Meetings Calendar. CLAIRVOYANT medium, clear accurate Automotive readings with Holly. Phone DISMANTLING and 03 314 9073. buying all models of now. Please phone Garage Sales Falcons 03 3125 064 . RANGIORA 24 Freyberg Street. Saturday 8am ­ 3pm. Accommodation Garden and Carpentry tools, both hand and elec­ WANTED TO RENT tric. Collectables. Good Rural Farm. 2 ­ 3 bdrm selection of goods. Priced house, by semi retired couple. We are reliable, to clear. have references available. be long term and Health & Beauty Must allow pets. Please phone 03 HOMEOPATHY Do you 685 5842 or 022 384 3041. suffer from Migranes, Hayfever, or a lingering Personal cough? Maybe a natural approach with a Homeopathic remedy will help. Phone Jennifer Mackinder (Dip.Hom) 03 314 8046.

To Let TWO BEDROOM house in Waikari, rural outlook, close to amenities. Freshly painted and carpeted. Not suitable for young children. Suit semi­retired or profes­ sional couple. Phone A/H 03 314 4288.


CASH 4 CARS and 4WD'S Phone Automotive Parts 03 313 7216 AUTO & MARINE UPHOLSTERY Cloth and vinyl seats repaired / recovered. Ute seats / Tractor seats, Ute / Boat covers repaired / replaced. Boat / Caravan squabs and cushions, 2 and 4 wheel bike seats, Floor mats / carpet replacements etc. Heavy machinery covers, Tramp mat repairs / replacements. Same day service by qualified tradesman. Ph Robbie Boyd 027 424 1876

Direct Cremations $1,845 GST incl *Other services available

0800 804 663


Decorating A Lady Paperhanger and Painter, all work guaran­ teed, free quotes. Phone Carol 027 435 9165 or 03 3127 327. TWEED Decorating for your painting and wallpapering needs, interior or exterior. Based in Hawarden covering the Hurunui area. Call Phil on 027 558 9333 or 03 314 4110. NORTH Canterbury Painters. Reg Tradesman. Interior, exterior painting. Free quotes. Covering North Canterbury, Oxford, Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Amber­ ley. Phone Robin Driver 03 327 7899 or 027 432 3520. PAINTER Top quality work. No job too big or small. We stand by Canter­ bury. Call Wayne 027 274 3541.

Pride & Quality Painting & Decorating Services

20 yrs exp, fast and friendly service. For all your painting needs, phone: Martin 310 6187 or 021 128 9867

The News

Public Notices

NORTH CANTERBURY FISH AND GAME COUNCIL 2015 COUNCIL ELECTION In October this year, the North Canterbury Fish and Game Council is holding an election for twelve (12) members. Call for Candidates Nominations are now called for the twelve (12) members. Candidates wishing to stand for the Council must complete a candidacy form and return it to the Returning Officer by 5pm on Thursday 27 August 2015. Candidacy forms and a candidate handbook can be obtained by phoning the election helpline on 0800 666 029 or emailing elections@electionz.com or downloading from www.fishandgame.org.nz/node/3189. If more than 12 nominations are received an election will be held by postal and internet voting during September/October. Voting closes at 5pm on Friday 9 October 2015 for internet votes and hand-delivered voting papers, and 5pm on Tuesday 13 October 2015 for postal delivered voting papers. Candidate Eligibility To be eligible for election candidates must: • be a holder of a current adult whole season licence to hunt game or fish for sports fish or the primary holder of a family licence • not be a bankrupt • not have been convicted of an offence involving sports fish and game • submit their completed candidacy form to the Returning Officer on or before 5pm on Thursday 27 August 2015 • submit with their candidacy form a candidate profile of up to 250 words • specify on their candidacy form which sub region they wish to represent. Sub-Regions The North Canterbury Fish and Game region has been defined as one entire region. There are no sub-regions for this Council. Electoral Roll and Voter Eligibility To vote in the election, a person must have purchased a 2014/15 adult whole season fishing licence or family licence or a 2015 adult whole season game licence for the North Canterbury Fish and Game region and have indicated their desire to be included on the Council’s electoral roll by ticking the box on their licence application form. An electoral roll of licence holders eligible to vote in the election is available for inspection at the Council office, C/- Department of Conservation, 32 River Road, Rangiora. Anyone not already included on the electoral roll and who believes they qualify to be included, can complete an enrolment application form available from the Council office or by phoning 0800 666 029. Applications for enrolment close at 5pm on Wednesday 9 September 2015. Any further questions may be directed to the Returning Officer on the election helpline or elections@electionz.com. Election Helpline 0800 666 029


Tree Services


NORTHEND FENCING LTD is in your area. For all fencing requirements eg; dairy conversions, vineyards, deer fencing, lifestyle blocks, post and rail, quality workmanship guaranteed, competitive rates. Phone Mike 027 313 1872.

BRIAN’S Tree Services. Tree felling, topping, shaping, firewood cut, rub­ bish removed, stump grind­ ing, branch chipping. Affordable rates. Phone 03 327 5505 or 021 124 4894.

GLASS and Glazing. Got a broken glass window? Insurance Work, Pet Doors, Mirrors, Retro Refits, Single / Double Glazing, Splashbacks, Fire Glass. Call your local Glazier Mark on 03 312 3253 or 027 242 6368. Shelley’s Glass and Glazing. 32 years in the Glass Industry. Oper­ ating in North Canterbury.

STUMP REMOVAL Ser­ vicing North Canterbury for prompt professional ser­ SUMMERFIELD Fencing vice. Phone Tim 0800 178 Ltd in your area now. 867. Lifestyle or farm, sheep, cattle, horse, all types of animals. Fences, yards, sheds, arenas, shelters, runs. 27 years contract fencing. John is available to TREE REMOVALS help with your design and THINNING & PRUNING planning. Ph Carol or John STUMP GRINDING on 03 312 4747. FELLING & TOPPING FULLY INSURED

For Lease

OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE approx 50sqm Kippenberger Ave, Rangiora Phone 021 202 2290


CRAIGS Trees (03) 327-4190

Free Quotes 027 2299 454


cut to length DIY Home Handy-Men & Women Need a piece of steel for your trailer or small repair job at home or maybe some Re-Bar but don’t want to buy a full 6 or 8 meter length? TRY


NORTH Canterbury Tree Mon-Fri 8-4.30 | Sat 8-12pm Care. Specialising in big 6 Cable St, Sockburn trees in small spaces, long P 943 6525 F 943 6527 term tree plans, advisory sales@steelcanterbury.co.nz service, fully insured. Free quotes, prompt service. Phone Mike Gilbert 0800 TILING J.A.S Tiling Services Ltd. Professional, 873 336. prompt, friendly service. For all your tiling needs, kitchens, bathrooms, Trades splashbacks, hearths, Ceramic PAINTING entranceways. tiles, porcelain tiles, stone For Sale Old - New veneer, slate. Please phone Domestic Commercial Andy or Jo 027 322 7191, CATTLEMASTER No job too small 03 310 7640 or email loading race, head bale & andy@jas­tiling.nz. Reliable and backing bar, adjustable platform, $5,000. Ph 03 Professional Tradesman 314 7484. SHARP 32" C.T.V with DVD and glass cabinet. In good condition, $80. 2 & 3 seater Lounge Suite. Good condition, $150. Phone 03 313 6446. NO bees? Rent a beehive. Fully managed by regis­ tered bee keepers. You get pollination plus honey. Phone 027 657 2007.

Ph Chris 027 365 5818

S.T.O.L.A Tradesman Painting stolatradesmanpainting @gmail.com 16004147

DRESSMAKING. Alter­ ations, and dressmaking from $10. Hems to wed­ ding dresses. Free quotes. Ph Bianca 027 345 8900 or 03 313 8528.

GOT A POSSUM PROBLEM? Private blocks wanted for fur trapping access by experienced trapper.

Phone 027 711 3637

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Public Notices

Public Notices

Public Notices

Situations Vacant Situations Vacant



Amberley Golf Club Inc has made application to the District Licensing Committee at Amberley for the renewal of the Club Licence in respect of the premises situated at Amberley Beach, Hurunui known as Amberley Golf Club Inc.

Glenmark Rugby Football Club has made application to the District Licensing Committee at Amberley for the renewal of the Club Licence in respect of the premises situated at Reeces Road, Omihi, Hurunui district known as Glenmark Rugby Football Club.



The applicant seeks to vary the conditions of the Club Licence and the following will apply; change in hours. All other conditions will remain unchanged. The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is that of a Sports Club. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is sold under the licence are: Monday – Sunday 11.00am – 10.00pm not exceeding 40 hours in any week. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Hurunui Licensing Committee at 66 Carters Road, Amberley. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the Hurunui Licensing Committee, PO Box 13, Amberley. No objection to the renewal of a licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in section 131 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the only publication of this notice.

Trades • Subdivisions • Hot Chip Sealing • Horse Arenas • Driveways • Shingle Supplies

Darwin Earthworks Ltd Rangiora Ph Rob McAlister 027 434 0315 A H 03 313 2276

STAINWORKS & Paint­ ing. All surfaces, fence and deck coatings. Incl exterior & interior painting. No job too big or small. Phone 027 245 5149. PROPERTY MAINTEN­ ANCE. Lawns, gardens, hedges, chainsaw work, pruning, painting and minor home alterations. TOWN AND COUNTRY. Phone Mike 03 313 0261. SCREEN PRINTING. For all your printing requirements. T­shirts, Hoodies, Hi­Vis vests and polos, Overalls, Caps etc. Please phone Heather 03 313 0261 or email heather.norstar@gmail.com.

Wanted FORESTRY Export logs and firewood logs wanted. Blue gum / oregon / macro­ carpa / pine plantations / forestry blocks / land clear­ ing / stumps out / 20 tonne excavator / removal dan­ gerous trees / dangerous wind blown / storm damaged. Free quote. Ph or text 027 956 1642.

The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is that of a Club. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is sold under the licnece are: Monday to Friday 4.00pm to 10.00pm Saturdays 1.00pm to 12.00 midnight Sundays 1.00pm to 10.00pm The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the Hurunui District Licensing Committee at 66 Carters Road, Amberley. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the Hurunui District Licensing Committee PB Box 13, AMBERLEY. No objection to the renewal of the licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in section 131 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the only publication of this notice. MAKKS Roast & Chinese. Lunch from $5, 11­3pm. Dinner Buffet from $9, 5­8pm. Call today for weekly specials. 03 313 9119. 90 High St, Rangi­ ora.

Situations Vacant

Rotherham Showgrounds, 10am – 12 noon $30 New measure $20 Re measure $75 lost or no card Phone Jan 03 314 8192


Public Notices


Public Notices

Thursday August 13 2015

Situations Vacant

WANT TO EARN SOME EXTRA INCOME? Reliable distributors wanted for part time work delivering catalogues and mailers into household letterboxes. • Regular Work • Keep Fit while you Earn • Catalogues for Distribution • Delivered to your Door • No experience Necessary You’ll be delivering for Reach Media - an established National Distribution Company Call now for more details. Ph: Sarah on 021 109 8890 or 03 313 6611 Or Email: sam_sarah@xtra.co.nz OUR Clients are busy again and we are looking for more Staff. Check out www.jaderesourcing.co.nz or come in & register with us between 9am ­ 4pm, 66 Ohoka Rd, Kaiapoi. Phone 03 327 0656. EXPERIENCED Forklift Driver required for immediate start. Rangiora. Must have current OSH. For details please call Jade Resourcing 03 327 0656 or 027 327 0656.



• Must be 11 years or older • Earn extra cash while staying fit • Must be enthusiastic, honest and reliable • Distributing The News / Flyers to residential letterboxes

Phone 03 314 8335 for more details or email info@thenewsnc.co.nz • Please include your address, suburb and contact details

The Waimakariri District Council is seeking to appoint a Human Resources Manager on a permanent full-time basis in Rangiora, North Canterbury. The Waimakariri District offers a wide range of recreational and lifestyle opportunities and is a very desirable location, being less than 30 minutes’ drive from Christchurch. Reporting to the Chief Executive, you will provide strategic and operational leadership and guidance in the areas of employee relations, health and safety, learning and development, organisational development and performance management. You will possess drive, enthusiasm and a positive nature to assist the Council to meet its business and human resources goals and objectives. Your leadership style and management skills will allow you to continue to develop and oversee a small but highly performing human resources team. A high level of emotional intelligence, commitment to continuous improvement and an ability to develop and maintain superb interpersonal relationships with a range of internal and external stakeholders will be essential. You will be results oriented, an excellent coach and mentor, exercise a high level of judgement, integrity and discretion and be prepared to go the extra mile. Previous experience and success in a Senior Human Resources role with a minimum of six years’ experience in a large organisation is required. In addition to this requirement, you must be a holder of a recognised human resources qualification or equivalent in a related discipline. An understanding of Local Government would be an advantage but is not essential. In return, we offer you a very competitive remuneration package, a friendly work environment, development opportunities working for a valued based organisation that strives to be an ‘employer of choice’. You are invited to send your curriculum vitae with covering letter and completed job application form to: Roxanne Ramsay, Personal Assistant, Waimakariri District Council, 215 High Street, Private Bag 1005, Rangiora 7440 or email your curriculum vitae, covering letter and completed job application form to Roxanne.Ramsay@wmk.govt.nz or apply online at waimakariri.govt.nz A job description for the position and an application form are available by contacting the Personal Assistant on (03) 311-8902 Extension 8804, or by visiting our website www.waimakariri.govt.nz. For additional information about this position please contact the Personal Assistant. Applications close on 14 August 2015 The Council is an equal opportunities employer

Thursday August 13 2015

Automotive For all of your Trades and Classified enquiries, For Vehicle Servicing please phone Allan contact Amanda at The News Tyre Services Ltd 23 High Street on

Accountant 1391722

WOF $35

Call Ben Shore for a free consultation on your tax and accounting needs.

03 314 7640 info@sasl.co.nz 5 Beach Rd, Amberley



Builder Semi–retired Builder


Carrying out all types of carpentry work & repairs in North Canterburyy. Totally honest & reliable. All building work considered. Free quotes – guaranteed workmanship. PH Steve 03 920 3081 or 027 433 9140


03 313 2840

Ring Mark 027 229 7310 for a free quote www.longsilver construction.com

Canterbury Homekill prides itself in offering a professional, honest service throughout Canterbury

• Licensed Building Practitioner • Registered Master Builder 1233373

For all of your Trades and Classified enquiries, please contact Amanda at The News on 03 313 2840

Garry W Mechen

Registered Clinical Dental Techncian

Phone (03) 313-9192

Number one

bacon Ph 312 4205 old-fashioned & ham curing. Oxford A/H 312 4219 or 312 4709



We can arrange to kill and process your Beef, Pork, Lamb, Venison and Game Meat NOW! Open Saturday Mornings Phone (03) 327 8219 A/H 027 306 3874

Wastewater Septic Tanks Treatment Plants Drainage Irrigation

Computer Repairs


Bruce Evans 131 Ohoka Road Kaiapoi p. 03 327 3111 m. 021 293 6331

Repairs & Upgrades Virus & Malware Removal Checkup to Increase Speed Home & Business Onsite Visits Prompt Professional Service

Wilson Decorators Ltd •Small Family Business • Qualified Tradesman • 30 + Years Experience • Painting • Wallpapering • Waterblasting • Roof Coating • Tidy Workers • No Time Wasted • Reasonable Rates • Free Quotes

Ph: 03 928 3537 Wayne 021 731 817 Lyn 021 207 4499 waylyn2@scorch.co.nz


38a Ashley Street, Rangiora


HOURS HOURS 8.30am 8.30am - 12noon 12noon Monday Monday to to Friday Friday

Allan Pethig For all your electrical needs. Residential & Commercial


For a/h repairs phone (03) 310-3044


STEVE SCOTT 0274 339 578 scottexcavation@hotmail.co.nz


Phone 03 313 7144 027 432 1534 Fax 03 313 2144 rgrantelectrical@gmail.com m PO Box 69, Rangiora



HIGH COUNTRY FENCING Dairy Conversion Specialist

• All Farm Fencing • High or Down Country • Dairy conversions • Subdivisions • Post & rail fencing • Yard building • Security • Explosive license

• Rural & Residential Fencing • Cattle & Sheep Yards • Pole Shed Builds

• Specialist bulldozer and side mounted post driver • FCANZ Accredited Contractor

GEOFF ROGERS 021 640 748 or 03 317 8028 www.highcountryfencing.co.nz



Free quotes (will travel)

We can arrange to have your stock killed. Sheep, beef and pigs: process into portion packs and smallgoods and label to your requirements.



Graeme Gosney 0274 971 683 Phone 03 327 8341 Fax 03 327 8343 Email: goscut@xtra.co.nz

Bevan and Shane Frahm

“If it’s broke, let’s fix it”


• Decorative Cutting • Inyard Cutting & Drilling • Fumeless Hydraulic Equipment

Oxford Butchery


Driveways Landscaping Retaining Walls Earthworks Foundations


Specialise in: Soffut (Early Entry Saw) House & Factory Floor Slabs All Aspects of Ground Sawing, Floor Grinding, Wall Cutting/ Core Drilling – Up to 600mm diameter Residential & Commercial

(03) 313 4771 www.canterburyhomekill.co.nz Civil and Drainage



Rangiora 03 313 6096



Trade Qualified and LBP

Butchery ncn1233331aa

The News


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Ph Alex 0274 059 503 email storer.alex.pegs@gmail.com



The News

Thursday August 13 2015

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Landscape Design

www.directdesignlanddscapes.co.nz Landscape Architect available for Professional Garden Design

Picture Framing







PHONE: 027 333 5322 A/H: (03) 319 6740 calvertpainting@yahoo.co.nz





By the SBS Bank - Parking at rear

PHONE 352 7594

artworkspapanui@xtra.co.nz www.artworkspictureframing.co.nz

OPEN: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm


• Car Bodies • Scrap Steel • Specialists in Farm Machinery • All non Ferrous

Septic Tank Cleaning

Northh Cant Canterbury's bu 's Most M t EExperienced x ri Custom Picture Framer Needleworks, Memoribilia, Originals, Prints, Canvas Mounting, Medals, Computerised Matt Cutting etc Forget the rest - come to the best. 10 Cone Street, Rangiora Ph 313 5474 sales@cameofinearts.co.nz www.cameofinearts.co.nz

Plastic Welding


Bill’s Liquid Waste



Master Plumber of the Year 2010

“Fine Arts Guild Commended Framer”

Providing custom framing for all artwork including needlework and memorabilia 6 MAIN NORTH ROAD, PAPANUI


Picture Framing



Painters / Decorators

Cleaning throughout North Canterbury

Canterbury owned and operated for over 60 years



Ph (03) 338 7000 • Ah (03) 312 6553 Mike 0274 818 544 • Robbie 0274 818 027

Phone Amberley (03) 314-9669

Locally owned and operated

Order Products Online at: www.plumbingshoponline .co.nz


Phone: 0800 374 737 or (03) 310 8206 Email: plumbers@clyne-bennie.co.nz Web: www.clyne-bennie.co.nz 331B Flaxton Road, Rangiora 1604188

Mobile 0275 379-694

Timber Sales

Quality Timb ber at discounted prices

We have a wide range of timber DECKING SPECIAL

• Graffiti Removal • Blocked Drains • Pre Paint Cleaning • Moss & Algae Removal Cleaning Drains • Silicone Sealing (Brick & Block Work) • Concrete / Driveways / Ashphalt • Houses • Schools • Dairy Sheds



(0800 748 325) Mobile 0274 369 187 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


Windows & Doors WINDOW MARKET PLACE • New & Used • Timber & Aluminium • Windows & Doors 8am-5pm Weekdays 8am-2pm Saturday 215 Waltham Rd, Sydenham Ph (03) 379 6159 info@windowmarket.co.nz Fax (03) 962 1012 www.windowmarket.co.nz



Waterblasting Ltd Servicing Canterbury Commercial & Residential

100 x 40mm Merch Radiata decking Usually $2.25 per metre Special price $2 per metre when buying all your decking products (jj (joists, bearers and piles) Come and see us or give us a call for a free quote or visit our online store for more details www.royaltimber.co.nz Open Monday to Friday 7.30am - 4.30pm and Saturday 8am – 12 noon Call David on 029 770 9204 or Amy 021 650 609 99 Mairehau Road, Burw rwood, w just off Marshlands Road BRING BRIN BR ING IN G THIS TH HIS I ADVERT ADV DVER ERT T IN AND AND D RECEIVE REC E EIIVE VE A 10% 10% 10 % DISCOUNT DISC DI SC COU OUNT NT ON ON YOUR YO OUR R ORDER ORD R ER R


Water Blasting




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The News

Thursday August 13 2015





91 Idris Road

03 351 3535


290 Halswell Road

03 322 4326


Unit 10, 6-8 Cone Street

03 310 7355

House of Hearing

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