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Thursday July 9 2015 | Issue 657

Real Estate: Nth Canterbury property sales.

Rakahuri Shield: Saracens & Ashley rugby encounter.

Poppies: RSA gifted a cross of red poppies.

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Land owners frustrated by rules and regulations By ROBYN BRISTOW

Some North Canterbury farmers say land conservation and wetland development and protection is at risk because of rules and regulations that make it ‘‘too hard’’ and ‘‘too costly’’. Farmers say they now have to get resource consent to plant and restore wetlands on their properties and the Hurunui SNA group says this information is then being used, without farmers’ knowledge, to map wetlands and in one case, take legal action against a farmer. Chairperson, Fran Perriam, says one farmer has been put under the pump by Environment Canterbury (ECan) for clearing willows, noxious weeds and rushes from an area he planned to restore with native plantings. ‘‘An inaccurate mapped wetlands database has recently been done throughout Canterbury without the knowledge of affected landowners. ‘‘ECan have identified wetlands by spying on private land with binoculars from public roads and using information from funding application forms and resource consents information trustingly supplied by landowners. ‘‘ECan have then used the mapping, to take the legal action despite the fact the mapping database having a disclaimer stating ‘not to be used for RMA purposes’.’’ Ms Perriam says what ECan has done is illegal and denies landowners a fundamental right under the Resource Management

Act (RMA) to be consulted on matters affecting their property. ‘‘The reason why the mapping had the disclaimer was that before it can be used for RMA purposes it has to go through a proper consultation submission process so that the community and affected landowners can have a say,’’ she says.

❛ The above issues highlight why many landowners are now reluctant to supply their property information as clearly the ECan system is devious and cannot be trusted.❜ — Fran Perriam Ms Perriam says landowner interest in ECan’s funding applications for wetlands and streams has declined over recent years because ‘‘no­one trusts ECan anymore’’ and she claims ECan’s actions are deterring landowners from enhancing or creating natural areas such as wetlands and streams. She says ECan is proposing to introduce law soon that forces all landowners in Canterbury over 10 hectares to register their property with an ECan controlled online portal and do a farm plan. ‘‘The above issues highlight why many landowners are now

reluctant to supply their property information as clearly the ECan system is devious and cannot be trusted.’’ ECan director resource management Kim Drummond admits most wetland surveys are carried out on or from public land. ‘‘Permission is always sought from private landowners when survey and mapping requires direct access on to their properties. When seeking access permission, landowners are advised that survey results will be entered into Environment Canterbury databases,’’ he says. Mr Drummond says a regional wetland database was included in the Canterbury Maps online platform in 2014, derived from information from a CRI (Crown Research Institute) under contract to a government department, as a guide that is being refined all the time. ‘‘The online platform helps monitor and inform Canterbury Water Management Strategy goals and objectives for wetlands, which provide a variety of ecosystem health benefits,’’ Mr Drummond says. All Zone Implementation Programmes completed so far by Zone committees working with local communities include recommendations specific to wetlands through working with landowners, making assessments and stating that protection of wetlands is a criteron for new development, he says. Continued Page 2

Farmers . . . An artists impression of the new Rangiora Farmers.


Farmers begins Work on a new Farmers store in Rangiora will start within days. A construction contract has been awarded to Watts and Hughes and work is due to start mid­July with the store expected to be open in August 2016. The new store will cover more than 5000 sqm, over two levels, plus house other specialty stores. The former Farmers store was less than half that size. Four specialty retail areas will take up part of the groundfloor and face out on to High Street. It is proposed one will be a larger tenancy alongside three smaller ones. The Farmers Department store will take up the rest of the ground floor and part of the second floor with escalators, lifts and stairs providing access. There will also be a staff room and bathroom facilities. On the north side of the top

storey there will be a commercial office tenancy of just over 800 square metres facing on to High Street which will be accessed through a separate entrance from Percival Street. Ignite Architects Ltd have designed the building, Beca are the consulting engineers while the resource consent planner is Town Planning Group. The project is being managed by Project Economic. Farmers chief financial officer Michael Power says Rangiora shoppers will be delighted to know they are much closer to having a new modern Farmers store. It will include many of the latest developments in store design and provide customers with a modern, comfortable and safe environment in which to shop for the latest products the company offers, he says. Continued Page 2

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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

Expo birthday Rules frustrate


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visited’’ exhibition featuring The Kaiapoi Art Expo is set past expo guest artists from to celebrate its 10th birthday July 16. this weekend. The guest artists are Organiser Jackie Watson painter Philip Trusttum, says to mark the occasion ceramicist Andrew Carran three guest artists have been and sculptor Raymond invited to display their work Herber. Mr Trusttum has during the expo which will been painting and exhibiting be held at the Kaiapoi Club’s for 45 years and has Riverview Lounge this exhibited in Saturday inter­ and Sunday, nationally as July 11 and well as in the 12. Waimakariri ‘‘When we district. He started it we will have had no idea three acrylic what we had works on ahead of us, display at but now we the expo. have made it Mr Carran, to 10 years of Rangiora, so we began decided to making pots make it Guest artist . . . Rangiora at age 60 and extra ceramicist Andrew Carran will will have 20 special with examples of three guest be displaying his work at the Kaiapoi Art Expo this his work on artists PHOTO: SUPPLIED. weekend. sale at the instead of expo. the usual Mr Herber is well­known one and to have a fun for his steel and stainless opening night which will steel works at the Iron Ridge include cutting a birthday Quarry Sculpture Park, near cake.’’ the Waipara River. The official opening will The expo will feature just be held tomorrow evening under 100 artists ­ mostly for invited guests, before the painters ­ along with three expo opens to the public on photographers, four Saturday and Sunday from sculptors, two textile artists 10am to 5pm, for a gold coin and one glass artist. Twelve donation. schools have also entered Blackwell’s Department Store is sponsoring a live ice­ the schools exhibition, which is sponsored by Bowden sculpture demonstration Environmental. This outside the store on includes entries from nine Saturday, with Dennis Kaiapoi High School Taylor chiseling a special students. creation from a one metre There will also be items for high slab of ice. sale throughout the two days. Ms Watson will combine Major sponsors include her role as Art on the Quay Corcoran French, co­ordinator at the Blackwell’s Department Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Store and Bowden Centre, by putting together a Environmental. ‘‘Kaiapoi Art Expo Re­

From Page 1 Farmers spoken to by The News are throwing their hands in the air in despair at only finding out about wetlands being mapped and the rules and regulations around enhancing and creating natural areas on their farms. One, who has farmed in the Cheviot district for 25 years, says all the rules and regulations make it ‘‘too hard’’ to do anything. ‘‘We are better off to do nothing,’’ he says. He says a consent is even required these days to plant poplar poles to help stabilise farmland, ‘‘which we have been doing for years and all of a sudden we need consent to do it’’. ‘‘Obviously I am going to stop doing it. The more rules they keep putting in front of me the less I am going to do,’’ he says. It is discouraging conservation because of the cost.’’ Ms Perriam says ECan is also broadening the definition of a ‘riverbed’ in a way that could capture whole farms in a strict regulatory straitjacket. ‘‘ECan, again behind closed doors, have drawn broad brush inaccurate lines on maps, based on historic flooding channels, thus extending the definition of riverbed well beyond the obvious line and stop banks, capturing huge areas of private farmed land and then placing all the onus on landowners to argue why their land is not a riverbed. ‘‘Landowners are then having to spend thousands employing experts to present a case as to why their land is not riverbed,’’ she says. A farmer, who is endeavouring to make his irrigation system more effective and efficient has been caught up in the riverbed problem, discovering some of his farm, that has been in his family for 75 years, is suddenly

deemed riverbed. ‘‘It is private freehold land. I am really frustrated,’’ he says. He says historically the farm may have had a river running over it but that is how ‘‘alluvial soils are formed’’. He has old North Canterbury Catchment Board maps and has land where Catchment Board funding had been granted for river protection. ‘‘There is too many people in shiny suits and brogues making up the rules. They need to get out on the farm and talk to farmers. I don’t mind rules that are pragmatic and work. but they sit inside their Ivory Towers and don’t know a lot about farming.’’ ECan needed better communication with the farming fraternity so they did not have to battle to improve their properties. He says he had been told by an ECan engineer an area he was looking to develop was not riverbed. He put in a resource consent to ECan only to be told it was riverbed and was unable to back it up as the first person he had dealt with had left the organisation. This meant the area was not allowed to be intensively farmed. ‘‘The riverbed lines should be shifted to the river protection lines and everything outside of them is farmland,’’ he says. The ‘‘riverbed lines’’ had yet to be formally consulted but he warns many could be in for a huge shock, including many big dairy farmers. He was also critical of having to get consent, at a cost, to plant poplar poles, a rule he says which is now included in the Hurunui District Plan. ‘‘Everything they bring in, is a cost to us (farmers). ‘‘It is difficult enough to break even. It seems ridiculous,’’ he says.

New Farmers state-of-the-art From Page 1 Mr Power says the important thing for shoppers is they are getting a vastly improved shopping environment in a state­of­the­art store. ‘‘We have worked closely with the Waimakariri District Council, architects and owners Mandeville Properties to ensure the new building meets all parties’ requirements while

Use your outdoor living areas all year round

also being in harmony with the town’s main street architecture and landscape,’’ Mr Power says. Waimakariri District Mayor David Ayers says Farmers’ commitment to the Waimakariri area is very much appreciated by residents throughout the district. ‘‘Farmers means a lot to us and brings employment and other

commercial benefits to the town. Even in the construction phase the new store will have an impact. ‘‘We are delighted work is now under way,’’ Mr Ayers says. The former Farmers building suffered extensive damage in successive Canterbury earthquakes and closed its doors on March 2, 2012. It was demolished in August 2013.


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Finalist . . . North Loburn School’s Karetu Kids compete at the AgriKidsNZ grand final at PHOTO: NEW ZEALAND YOUNG FARMERS Taupo last week. as they qualified to secure $39 plane tickets, he says. ‘‘The team which won was the one which beat them at the Tasman regional final, so to have two Tasman teams in the top three

was pretty awesome.’’ Top honours were to the all boy team Peninsula Possum Pals from Tai Tapu School, south of Christchurch, which was competing in its first grand final.

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North Loburn School’s Karetu Kids were literally pipped at the post in the AgriKidsNZ grand final at Taupo last week. Principal Simon Green says the all girl team of Bella (13) and Heidi (11) Caughley and teammate Maddie Hassall (12) were thrilled to finish third, after qualifying for the final raceoff for the first time after four appearances in the grand final in the last five years. ‘‘They were thrilled with the result. The girls did really well and we were pretty proud with the result.’’ However, it was a Super Rugby inspired challenge which proved to be their undoing. ‘‘One of the exercises was to build rugby posts and then kick a ball over and I think they had 10 goes to get it over. ‘‘The irony is the last three years we had a boy who played rugby in the team, but never had a rugby exercise. So the one year we don’t have a rugby player in the team we get a rugby exercise, but that’s just the way it goes.’’ Mr Green says the team had good support from the local community, with financial support coming from a couple of local businesses to help pay for the trip. One of the mothers even got online as soon

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Karetu Kids pipped at the post

Thursday July 9 2015

Virtues touted on world stage FREE FLUE KIT


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Hanmer Springs and Kaikoura have been touted on the world stage. Thermal Pools and Spa general manager Graeme Abbot and Destination Kaikoura general manager Glenn Ormsby are back from China, after extolling the virtues of travelling to the South Island, and particularly Hanmer Springs and Kaikoura. Mr Abbot presented to GZL, the second biggest travel company in China during a 14 day visit to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing, as well senior frontline staff and managers of travel companies that specialise in New Zealand as a destination. The trip was organised by Christchurch International Airport, Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism and Tourism New Zealand. Interest in New Zealand being a destination has been very positive with plenty of feedback about the Hurunui district, Hanmer Springs and Kaikoura areas which can offer everything Asian visitors want from a New Zealand holiday ­ scenery, adventure tourism, high­end food and accommodation, hospitality and the iconic thermal pools and spa.

had our busiest summer on record,’’ he says. Mr Ormsby says the trip was ‘‘fantastic’’. ‘‘It was very positive for the South Island as a whole and for Christchurch as the gateway. We had a very good response for Kaikoura, Hanmer Springs and for the region as a whole.’’ The China trip followed a visit to Kaikoura and Hanmer Springs two weeks ago by the chief executive of China Southern Airlines, which is exploring the option of direct flights to Christchurch. Mr Ormsby says the visitors were treated to a trip with WhaleWatch and had lunch at Hapuku Lodge and Treehouse. ‘‘They certainly got a feel for Kaikoura and the wildlife and so forth. ‘‘We certainly have got a long way to go yet, but the future is looking bright for the region as a whole.’’ While the town has quietened down after the busiest summer in years, Mr Ormsby says there is plenty to do in Kaikoura in the winter. ‘‘The winter months are good for seeing the wildlife at its best ­ including the seals, especially the seals pups, dolphins and whales.’’



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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

Waimakariri District Council

needs your nominations for the Community Service Awards 2015 Criteria: • Anyone who has carried out significant voluntary services in the Waimakariri District to: the arts, culture, education, health, recreation, sport, welfare or youth • Must be nominated by two people of the Waimakariri District

Full criteria, details and nomination forms are available NOW from the Council’s Service Centres and Libraries at Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Oxford, and on the website waimakariri.govt.nz Nominations close on Monday 3 August 2015 This year’s Community Service Awards ceremony is being held on Tuesday 22 September 2015

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Community pride . . . Debbie Moody aka Minnie Mouse in a Christmas float (left) and Kerry PHOTOS: SUPPLIED. Higgs, working to save lives.

PONZ nomination for two HS residents By AMANDA BOWES Two Hanmer Springs residents, who have put their all into their community have been nominated for the Pride of New Zealand (PONZ) 2015 Awards. Kerry Higgs has been nominated for the Emergency Services Award, while Debbie Moody has been put forward for Fundraiser of the Year. Kerry, when he isn’t working as a gardener for the Hurunui District Council and taking care of the Hanmer Springs township, is the Station Manager for St John. With a volunteer base of 12 people, he ensures a roster that is fair to all and will cover shifts if they are unable to be filled. He is passionate about supporting the St John volunteers and will spend time mentoring and teaching on a one to one basis as well as providing training on a fortnightly basis. ‘‘There is a good mix of volunteers who have a real community can do attitude and who go out of their way to help others,’’ says Kerry. When The News spoke to Kerry, he was working some shifts in Christchurch to gain ‘‘further experience’’. In his spare time, Kerry helps out with a group that is restoring a wetland area at the base of Conical Hill. He says the area, Squirrel Lake, has been choked out with weeds and willow and the group is slowly clearing the area with the end goal to re­ establish native plants like grasses, beech, flax and toi toi. Kerry says he had no idea he had been nominated and it was a bit of a shock when he was informed. For him, being involved with Hanmer Springs and its people is just something he enjoys doing. Debbie Moody was also a bit shocked when she received an email about her nomination and thought someone was playing a prank on her. Debbie shifted to Hanmer Springs with her husband nine years ago, when there was a possibility the cancer she had been battling had returned.

She was working as a bank manager in Christchurch and loved the job as it involved helping people. With a caravan in Hanmer Springs, the family had stayed there often and when her husband suggested they move there for the healthy environment, Debbie jumped at the chance. She says she was prepared to do any type of work, but a position came up at the Heritage Hotel as a Conference and Events Sales Manager, which she applied for and got. Being involved with hospitality gave her a great background to help other small businesses in Hanmer Springs who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a sales manager. Building relationships outside her paid work, Debbie got involved with organising weddings and eventually became a celebrant. Her love for the Hanmer Springs community is strong and she also fund raises for Ronald McDonald House, Pink Ribbon, organises Stars in their Eyes, co­ ordinates a trip called Girls on Tour for women to have some time away for themselves, and volunteers for St John. About a year ago she was approached by the Community Trust who asked whether she would be interested in taking over the Hanmer Events. She agreed and has put her all into organising the Mountain Bike events and running competitions. Motivating everyone from children to the older generation to volunteer, Debbie has made sure the events have been a success with all profits going back into community organisations. ‘‘I just love the community here. When I got the email to say I had been nominated for the PONZ Fundraiser of the Year Award I thought is this for real? Then deleted it. It was a total shock.’’ The PONZ Awards were first held in New Zealand last year and there are six categories people can be nominated for. After the regional finals are held, those who make it through, go to the national finals which are held in September.

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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

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Students build cultural centre Students are getting hands­on experience in building Kaiapoi High School’s new cultural learning centre. The school’s year 12 building class has taken the learning out of the classroom to build an entirely new building. Principal Bruce Kearney says in previous years the class has been involved in building an extension to the school library and landscaping, but never a completely new project. ‘‘I’ve never heard of another school with students taking on a building project like this.’’ Technology teacher Peter Graham says the 13 students were learning some valuable skills which will hopefully see them ‘‘snapped up’’ by local employers when they leave school. The students have completed the external trusses and framing so far, working eight hours a week during class time, to fit around their other subjects, and coming to school during some weekends. ‘‘The students are really into it and take a lot of pride in their work. They come in during the weekend and work from 8am to 4.30pm and we’ve even had ex­students from the building class in previous years come along and help out. ‘‘And Bruce really supports it too. He’s coming along this weekend to buy fish and chips for lunch,’’ Mr Graham said last week. ‘‘The progress has been great. It’s not like Peter has 13 builders ­ they are students. These are young men who probably would have left school without a project like this,’’ Mr Kearney says.



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Framework . . . Kaiapoi High School principal Bruce Kearney checks on the progress of PHOTO: DAVID HILL. the school’s new cultural learning centre. ‘‘This is a key part of being a community­based school. We have to provide real pathways for all of our students. Schools have to accept the fact not all students are geared up for university entrance.’’ The project is being supported by the community, with Action Scaffolding putting up the scaffolding for free, while Sutherland ITM is providing materials and Pre­Cut Construction has provided the framing. ‘‘We haven’t actively pushed for that. We’ve just gone about it in a quiet way,’’ Mr Kearney says. The project, which started last month, is expected to take 12 to 18 months, with next year’s year 12 building class

having the opportunity to finish the job. ‘‘We are planning to have it closed up and weather tight by the end of this year and next year’s class will do the inside work and landscaping,‘‘ Mr Kearney says. The cultural learning centre will be open to all cultures in the school community, including European and Asian cultures, as well as Maori. The centre will also be available to the wider community. Kaiapoi High School also offers a hospitality and catering programme and an outdoor education and leadership programme to provide opportunities for students outside of academic pathways.

Farm idea mooted for red-zone By SHELLEY TOPP A Rangiora woman would like to see the red­zoned land in Kaiapoi transformed into a polytech­type academy where young people wishing to work on the land can learn the skills to do so. She does not want to be named but is keen to learn what others think about her idea. ‘‘Rangiora and Christchurch have both set up polytech academies where young people, who do not wish to go on to higher education, can learn practical skills and get qualifications to enter the job market,’’ she said. ‘‘Rangiora High School has a limited agricultural component but nowhere do we have an institution where young people leaving school and wanting to work in some way connected to the land can go and learn the practical skills and qualifications to do with farming,

horticulture, forestry, dairying, basic animal care, farm safety, and other skills related to the land and food production. Not every child leaving school and wanting to work in some way connected to the land has the ability or desire to go to Lincoln University,’’ she said. ‘‘Within the Waimakariri District there is an abundance of people and organisations with the knowledge and expertise to set up such a project,’’ she said. A square kilometre of land was red zoned in Kaiapoi and at Pines Beach and Kairaki Beach. Nearly 600 commented when the public was invited to ‘‘Canvas’’ their thoughts for development of the red­zone from July 30 to September 12 last year, contributing more than 2750 ideas and values. It was an exciting vision of open spaces with a community focus, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA),

said at the time. ‘‘People have told us that they want to see the natural environment restored so that community activities can take place and new community facilities can be developed,’’ CERA Acting Chief Executive John Ombler said. ‘‘They would also like a place to remember the earthquakes and what happened to the land.’’ Recreation was a popular theme but there were also many people who wanted at least some of the land to be set aside for farming use. ‘‘A lot of good land has been taken over for housing and this would be a good opportunity to restore the balance,’’ one person said. Another said the land should be used for ‘‘an agriculture programme or something for youth, teach them how to live off a garden, or give a small section to all primary schools and run a garden competition.’’

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The News

Thursday July 9 2015


by Stuart Smith - MP for Kaikoura

Modern technology helps stay in touch One of the challenges of representing an electorate as large as Kaikoura is keeping in touch with everyone. The electorate stretches from the top of the Marlborough Sounds in the North to Ashley in the South, so face­to­face communication on a regular basis with constituents is simply not always possible. Modern technology has come to the rescue in the form of social media and I’m embracing its ability to reach, and interact with, a wide audience. Facebook is a good example. ‘Like’ my page, and you’ll find regular updates about where I have been, what I’ve been up to in Parliament, what issues I’m looking at and where I’m going next. It is great to be able to update it quickly and easily to keep constituents in the loop during very busy times and, importantly, get your feedback. To provide an inside view of what a week is like for me as the Kaikoura MP, I’ve started a video diary on my Facebook page where I tell you what I’ve been doing and also show you little pieces of Parliament, which may interest some. You might already have noticed that these videos are completely unrehearsed; in fact, I have very little time to prepare what I’ll say before I’m due in front of the camera. The videos are a great way for me to keep you informed. Additionally, I have been able to post clips of me inside Parliament, which you may otherwise never see. This column is a more traditional but no

less important way I choose to communicate, so I’ll take the opportunity to cover a few things that I’ve been up to lately. At the end of last month I visited Progressive Enterprises in Auckland ­ the company which owns Countdown supermarkets ­ as part of a Primary Production Select Committee site visit. I met some of the farmers who supply the supermarkets with meat and produce, including people from our own electorate. It was interesting to see the supply systems used by Progressive and I was impressed by these. I also attended the Ballance Farm Environment Awards that were held in Parliament. It was fantastic being there to see the frontrunners of this important industry rewarded for their work. Finally, I had the privilege of spending the day with a Myanmar Young Leader named Frank Exodus Chin. Frank is one of eight young leaders who have come to New Zealand as part of an annual study and experience programme. He was able to sit in with me on meetings, including a closed select committee meeting and he watched Question Time in the House. I enjoyed learning about village life in Myanmar. You can read all about this on my Facebook page too. However, as useful as social media is, nothing beats face­to­face contact: The door to my Scott Street electorate office remains open.

Long term goals in council plan Recently Hurunui Council adopted its Long Term Plan, a requirement for all Councils. This was the culmination of a year’s work by staff and councillors, in consultation with the community. I believe we offered the community unprecedented opportunities to have input into this Plan. A round of semi social events, which gave the community the ability to have personal conversations with elected members and staff early in the planning process, gave clear direction to council about what was important to the community over the next 10 years. Along with this information, council was obliged to include statutory requirements and a number of National Health and Environmental Standards in the Plan. Council also examined our current state in terms of financial strength and security, and the current condition of our vital infrastructure, consequently we implemented some fairly significant changes to our current financing mechanisms to ensure that we maintained and improved our strong financial position to enable us to meet the community’s expectations and deliver our responsibilities mentioned above. While council is presently in a sound financial position relative to

our total debt, our income, and our level of rating, we believed we needed to safeguard that position for the future in the face of the expected capital expenditure. Our proposals to secure ongoing financial stability includes setting a total debt limit linked to a percentage of annual revenue and a percentage of total capital value of council assets, these limits have been set conservatively by national standards. We will utilise more of the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools surpluses to reduce current debt and will stage the introduction of depreciation on critical infrastructure to start accumulating funds to assist funding the projected infrastructure replacement and upgrades. Rating for water and sewer across all users of those services supersedes the current scheme rating system and is designed to achieve affordable upgrades of our numerous small schemes. Changes to our proposed plan resulting from ‘submissions’ included a more graduated water rate alignment and an increased targeted Amberley swimming pool rate. Projected average rate increase of about 4 % over ten years will deliver the Plan and keep rates at the lower end nationally.

Nepal fundraisers Menz Shed Stuart Reesby, who is the regional representative of the Menz Shed nationwide charity will talk at the Hurunui Library, Amberley, on Thursday, July 16 at 6.15pm. at the Amberley library. Hear about the great projects the Amberley group has achieved and planned. Donations appreciated towards the group’s new shed. Cake decorating Marion Crawford and friends will show how to decorate cupcakes, Christmas cakes and make chocolate models, at 10am to 11.30am, July 21, at the Scargill Hall. Discover the tools and tips of talented confection artists! Morning tea included. $10 or 1.5 TimeBank Hurunui credits. Registrations required. Email: tbhlearningexchange@gmail.com, call 314 3406 or go to http:/ /hurunui.timebanks.org. Free Sunday Concert Gifted young musician Benedict Lim will give a piano recital in the Chamber Gallery, Rangiora Library, on Sunday July 19 at 2pm. The programme features music by Bach, Schumann & Prokofiev. This concert is presented by Waimakariri Community Arts Council in association with Creative Communities New Zealand. All welcome.

Cheviot churches have been doing their bit to help Nepalese following the devastating April earthquake which killed over 8800 people and injured more than 23,000. The three churches held a donation stall outside the Cheviot Supermarket in May raising $531, which has been forwarded to the Red Cross. On June 28 the collection from the Cheviot combined churches cafe ´ church service raised another $127.80 which has also been sent to the Red Cross for recovery work in Nepal, says Rosemary Barnes from the Cheviot Ecumenical committee.

The News

Rangiora Brass to defend title Rangiora Brass defends its National D Grade title at Rotorua this weekend. It has been busy rehearsing under the guidance of Conductor Keeneth Love, whose musical direction has strengthened and put the band in good heart. The band will be sporting new uniforms when it performs on July 10 and 11, thanks to generous sponsorship from the Rangiora RSA Club and Sparks, Rangiora. The modern uniforms reflect the progress the band has made in recent years with their style and variation of music catering for all tastes ­ jazz, swing and contemporary as well as traditional. The band, which is believed to be the only South Island brass band attending the championship beneath A grade, will take part in the street march on July 10 and competition on Saturday. Its progress can be followed on www.brassbanned.com which will provide live streaming to computers, tablets or smart­phones of the 2015 New Zealand National Band championships. The street march will screen on Friday from 12.30pm along with competition in both halls on Friday and Saturday, with Rangiora Brass scheduled to perform around 2.45pm on Saturday. The band has had a busy year competing at the Canterbury provincial contest and winning its

Thursday July 9 2015

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Top brass . . . Rangiora Brass president Steve Ditmer (second left) and drum major Julie Garing model their new uniforms with sponsors Rangiora RSA Club president Bernie Power (left) and Sparks Rangiora manager / buyer Wendy Bayler.

To view the paper online visit www.thenewsnc.co.nz

grade, performing at the opening of the refurbished Rangiora Town Hall, at Anzac Day services and at two Anzac concerts at the Rangiora RSA and Amberley, hosted by the Amberley Lions Club. Both concerts were performed to full houses which was great for the band and for its fundraising efforts, as they head North in defence of their title, with the support of ‘‘The Southern Trust’’, which made a substantial grant to the band to help it attend the national contest. Without this support it would have been very difficult to travel to Rotorua, a band spokesman says. The band is always on the lookout for new players, especially cornet players. Contact Steve on 027­6563737.

Students staying at school longer There has been a significant drop in the number of school students being suspended, stood­down and expelled from schools in the Kaikoura electorate, says Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith. He says students are also staying at school longer and getting better results. ‘‘In the Kaikoura electorate, stand­downs have dropped 19 percent since 2008, and suspensions have fallen 13.5 per cent. ‘‘Expulsions have dropped by 57.7 per cent. These figures show we have more kids staying focused on their education,’’ he says.

Mr Smith says National has worked hard to offer more options for students to keep them engaged in learning, such as Trades Academies and Partnership Schools. ‘‘And we’re supporting our teachers and school leaders to lift student achievement by helping them to collaborate and work together to share best practice in Communities of Schools. ‘‘The Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) programme is also helping create a more inclusive and supportive environment for students who need a bit more support.’’

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Community Awards Nominations for Community Service Awards are being sought by the Waimakariri District. The awards, which recognise the contribution volunteers make to the districts community, have been running since 1990.Generally nominees are District residents although exceptions can be made by the

judging panel if the voluntary community service was carried out in the district for the benefit of district residents. Nominations must be made by any two District residents and close August 3. Forms are available from the council’s website (waimakariri.govt.nz) and all council service centres and libraries.


03 327-7789

80 Williams Street, Kaiapoi


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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

Mainpower committed Dear Editor, We are very concerned about the message that was conveyed in the ‘Air plan and power cut a risky combination’ story that appeared in the July 2 edition of The News. As a community­owned company, MainPower is committed to delivering a safe, secure and reliable electricity network to the North Canterbury and Kaikoura region. Keeping the lights on for our 37,000+ customers has been our priority for nearly 100 years. Part of our responsibility, as an essential service provider, is maintaining and upgrading network assets and this can often result in planned power interruptions. We appreciate that outages are

inconvenient and where possible our staff work on the live network to maintain power supply to our customers. If customers are affected by a planned outage, they can expect to receive a letter in advance from their electricity retailer so they can make other arrangements. We realise that outages in winter months can be challenging for some members of our community, however the work we are completing is essential to maintaining capacity for both existing and new customers and based on continued growth in the region, it is just not practical to postpone work during winter. I have personally made contact with Miles Jackson, North Canterbury president of GreyPower, who has valid and legitimate concerns about his members’ reliance on electricity for

heating and cooking. We hope to meet with Mr Jackson and develop a plan going forward, for ways in which we can mitigate any impacts of planned outages on the elderly. Yours, Bruce Emson, Chief Executive, MainPower.

Reservations Dear Editor, There is a lot of speculation, world­ wide, as to whether or not there is in fact global­warming and if so, what is causing this. I have my reservations on this matter. However, may I bring to your readers’ attention the following facts. We shifted to Amberley in November of 2011, having been red­zoned out of Avondale in Christchurch. Owing to the fact that we have the eastern creek flowing through our land, we have an abundance of trees and other forms of plant life. This attracts a lot of birds such as the rather noisy but pleasant to hear, bellbird. Other birds such as fantails,

finches and blackbirds are, or should I write, were, plentiful. Over the past three years or so, there has been a noticeable dramatic decrease in these bird numbers chirping and flying around our area. Also, over the same three and a half year period there has been a big decrease in water flow volume in this eastern creek. (This is the creek that passes under SH1 opposite the veterinarians premises on the corner of Osborne Road, flows through a number of private properties then out to sea). Normally there is water flowing from April to late November. Here we are in July and yet the creek is still dry. Due to lack of rainfall, I presume. While I grow my own vegetables to the best of my and the grounds ability, they don’t last us all year round, so I have to buy from the greengrocer or supermarket. During the winter months radishes and carrots to name just a few have absolutely no taste whatsoever! What’s happening? Oh well. Looking on the bright side, there is now less birds to catch by those damn domesticated cats! Yours, Trevor Stanley­Joblin, Amberley.

Electronic filing at HDC By ROBYN BRISTOW Building Consents can now be filed with the Hurunui District Council electronically. The council has moved to electronic building consent processing to enable the fast transfer of consent documents from designers to building consent staff and clients. Donna Inwood, a local Amberley Licensed Building practitioner ­ Design, was the first to file electronically, arriving at the desk with a green stick instead of the usual wads of paper. The council will receive all building Consents/PIM’s via email, Dropbox, disc and stick but will continue to accept paper copies that will be scanned in. Clients will be able to download all approved consents via Scott Linton’s new Laserfiche web viewer via the council’s web page. Building team leader Kerry Walsh says the next move will be to a web­ based electronic submission portal and to building inspectors carrying Tablets within six months. ‘‘Until then builders and clients will have to have plans on site when inspections are carried out,’’ he says. He hopes it will help improve the council’s 10 day average processing time and ease storage woes. ‘‘Our strong room was completely full at the start of June (with at least 1.4 million pieces of paper) after 70 years of collecting paper,’’ he says.




Electronic age . . . Kerry Walsh (left) with his iPad and Kevin Roberts in the storage room at the Hurunui District Council where hundreds of building consents are stored on paper. The council is moving to electronic filing to ease storage pressure and speed up the transfer of documents. PHOTO: SUPPLIED.








MOORHOUSE AVE Cnr. Moorhouse Ave. & Colombo St. (03) 367 7500 304752_CCC

The News

Thursday July 9 2015

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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

Amberley Resthome & Retirement Studios New and refurbished units available now

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Garden volunteers . . . Rangiora RSA president Ian Thompson, with Ashley School Clean Greenies, Jaya Faith, aged 10, centre, and Sasha Dixon, aged 9, at the Ashley Cenotaph PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP garden planting day last week.

New garden planted at Ashley Cenotaph By SHELLEY TOPP

The Waimakariri District Council, Rangiora Returned Services Association (RSA) and Ashley School’s Clean Greenies have combined to create a native garden at the Ashley Cenotaph Reserve in North Canterbury. Last week representatives from each met at the reserve to plant the small trees, shrubs, flaxes and grasses in the new garden which had been prepared by council staff. They put the plants in two large rectangle garden plots close to the cenotaph. The Rangiora RSA president Ian Thompson said he thought the new garden was wonderful. He wanted to thank the council for their proactive approach towards maintaining cenotaphs in Waimakariri. He also wanted to thank the Ashley School pupils for their help in planting the garden. The Ashley School is just

across the road from the Cenotaph Reserve. Before the planting took place Michelle Flanagan, Green Space Community Engagement Officer at the Waimakariri District Council, gave a demonstration on how to correctly dig a hole for the plants. She also showed the volunteers how to remove the plants from their pots and prepare them for planting, by loosening the roots and giving them a tickle. The teacher in charge of Ashley School’s Clean Greenies, Rochelle Standen, said the pupils had enjoyed taking part in the project. ‘‘They absolutely loved it,’’ she said. The rest of the school had been told about the Greenies’ participation in the planting project during a recent assembly. ‘‘They were all very impressed,’’ she said.

Quiz benefits school


Did you know you can read The News online? Visit www.thenewsnc.co.nz

Over $6000 was raised by the View Hill to bring this to fruition. The school owes School at a quiz evening and auction at a huge debt to all who helped. the Oxford Working Men’s Club recently Competition was intense but genial, at which over 200 leading the good­ people turned natured rivals ❛ ‘‘The school owes a huge out. through a live ten The funds will rounds of diverse debt to all who helped. go toward a whole questions,’’ she school camp later says. Competition was intense but this year to The generosity genial, leading the good­ Hanmer Springs. of the community All tables were was further shown natured rivals through a live ten pre­sold at this in the ‘lots’ of popular annual goods donated for rounds of diverse questions.❜ event which auction by local brings the local businesses. community together to raise funds for Auctioneer Dave Topham did a great the school job of encouraging people to dig into Principal Bu Windsor, the their pockets and bid for items ranging quizmaster, says parents and helpers from treescaping to beautifully had a finely tuned set of skills for this handmade cushions. type of organisation. ‘‘The evening showed the true heart of ‘‘But there was still a tremendous this small rural community,’’ says Ms amount of work done behind the scenes Windsor.

The News

Thursday July 9 2015

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Government decision welcome By DAVID HILL David Ayers has welcomed the Government’s announcement last week that it will draft a new Greater Christchurch Regeneration Bill to replace the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011, which expires next April. The Waimakariri Mayor says, while the announcement was not unexpected, the proposal to replace the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) with a new entity called Regenerate Christchurch gives the district some clarity moving forward. ‘‘I don’t think that will affect us too much. A lot of the functions will be transferred to government departments, which we expected. ‘‘There will be residual CERA­type entity which will have a presence in Christchurch. There are several anchor projects which the Government is committed too, so it will want to have an ongoing presence.’’ Mr Ayers says the Waimakariri District Council’s main dealings with CERA are now around the residential red zone. He is hopeful progress will be made before CERA is disbanded. ‘‘We are expecting that will come out in the form of a draft recovery plan for public consultation.’’ However, the Government’s proposals have been met with strong opposition from the Labour and Green Parties, which have accused the Government ‘‘of trying to control greater Christchurch’s future from the Beehive’’. ‘‘Gerry Brownlee himself admitted the community is crying out for a new approach to get things moving. Instead, the new development agency announced appears to be just CERA with a new name,’’ Labour’s

David Ayers earthquake recovery spokeswoman Ruth Dyson said. Green Party Canterbury spokeswoman Eugenie Sage says last week’s announcement is another example of the Government’s attempts ‘‘to suppress democratic decision making’’ in Canterbury. ‘‘The post quake emergency is long gone yet the Government continues to seek to justify its meddling so it can impose super­sized and unaffordable anchor projects like the stadium and the convention centre on the city. ‘‘It is time for the National Government to trust the people of greater Christchurch to make decisions for themselves about the future rebuild of their region.’’ The Government’s proposals were included in a draft transition recovery plan released by CERA last week for

public consultation. CERA acting chief executive John Ombler said the plan was developed following advise from the greater Christchurch transition advisory board which was chaired by Dame Jenny Shipley and included Mr Ayers. ‘‘The report from the transition advisory board calls for a re­ invigorated Urban Development Strategy (UDS) and we can look to see the UDS taking the leadership of the greater Christchurch recovery projects, including the Cranford Street extension to the proposed northern arterial route,’’ Mr Ayers says. The UDS is a strategy between the Christchurch City, Waimakariri and Selwyn District Councils, Environment Canterbury, the New Zealand Transport Agency, Ngai Tahu and the Canterbury District Health Board to plan for population distribution, transportation and economic growth in the region. While the UDS was developed before the earthquakes, the implementation of the strategy has been instrumental in the recovery, Mr Ayers says. ‘‘The fact we had the UDS there helped, as it meant there was already planning in place, including transport planning, with projects like the northern arterial route in the planning as far back as 2003. ‘‘These projects were already planned and the earthquakes just gave them greater weight and made sure they were moved forward stronger and faster than anticipated. ‘‘It’s an integrated strategy and, while it will be invigorated, it’s still essentially the same strategy.’’ The Land Use Recovery Plan was used to fast track elements of the UDS which were considered essential to the recovery.

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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

Red Cross . . . Members of the Loburn Women’s Institute, and Ian Thompson, president of the Rangiora RSA, with a cross the women made from hand­knitted red poppies for the Loburn Anzac Day Centenary commemorations earlier this year. The women have donated the cross to the Rangiora RSA for permanent display at the clubhouse in Rangiora. Back row left: Ailsa Goodare, from Rangiora, Sandy Cooper, vice­president, Balcairn, Pamela Cleeve, president, Rangiora, Ian Thompson, Raelene Turner, secretary, Rangiora. Front row left: Mary Busch, from Rangiora, Lorraine Duncan, treasurer, from North Loburn, Judith Chapman, from Rangiora. PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP

Red cross donated to RSA By SHELLEY TOPP A red cross made with more than 50 hand­knitted poppies for the Anzac Centenary commemorations earlier this year has been donated to the Rangiora Returned Services Association (RSA). The poppies were knitted by the Loburn Women’s Institute (WI) members and made into a cross by them for the Loburn Anzac Day commemorations on April 25. The cross has now been framed and will go on permanent display in the main hall at the Rangiora RSA’s club house in Victoria Street. However that will not be

for sometime as strengthening work on the club house building is due to begin later this year. Ian Thompson, president of the Rangiora RSA said the cross would be installed once the work was completed. Although the building had been virtually unscathed by the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes it didn’t comply with new regulations and so now had to undergo extensive restoration work. In the meantime it is possible that the cross may go on display in the Waimakariri District Council office foyer soon. The Loburn Women’s Institute is celebrating 85 years in existence this September. It is the

oldest WI in North Canterbury and possibly the busiest too. Their members are an energetic bunch of women who do a great deal of work for their community, and beyond, raising money for charities, knitting for those in need, running raffles, collecting aluminium tear tags and wine bottle screw tops to raise funds, plus donating books to the North Loburn School, and a red chair for the Loburn School. The New Zealand Federation of Women’s Institute was formed in 1921. It is a non political organisation open to all women and girls, and now has 18,000 members at 850 institutes in New Zealand.

Radio class . . . Waimakariri district youth are learning the art PHOTO: DAVID HILL of broadcasting and media at Compass FM.

Radio times A school holiday broadcasting programme has received a good response. Waimakariri District Council youth development co­ordinator Tina Curry says eight young people aged between 13 and 20, from Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Woodend, have registered to participate in the programme hosted by Compass FM aimed at giving them a taste of broadcasting and media. The News is also giving input during the two

weeks. ‘‘This is quite a good size for the venue we have. There was interest for more, but this is a good group and it’s a really great programme and a great opportunity. ‘‘One of the young people wants to enrol at CPIT next year, so this is a good stepping stone.’’ Compass FM manager Mike Le Petit said on Monday he was impressed with the group, with several already showing potential for a career in radio.



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Thursday July 9 2015

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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

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The News

Rakahuri Shield on the line as Ashley and Saracens meet The battle of the Rakahuri Shield returns on July 18. The Ashley and Saracens senior North Canterbury rugby sides will contest the Rakahuri Shield at the Loburn Reserve, the home of Ashley rugby, next Saturday, July 18. Last year, the inaugural event saw Ashley come out the first to have its name on the Shield after a hard fought encounter which ended 13 ­ 6 in its favour. The Shield takes its name from the Maori for the Ashley River. Although both teams draw players from the wider North Canterbury and Christchurch catchment, the river is seen as the border dividing the two clubs. The Rakahuri Shield was the initiative of a couple of ‘‘older guys’’ from Saracens who were keen to get some excitement back into rugby and to try to attract past players to come back and support their club during the day. The Ashley Club quickly came on board with the Shield becoming a permanent fixture for the two teams to play for during the season the North Canterbury round of competition. It seems their idea has certainly worked with the young players embracing the idea of playing for a trophy and sponsors being willing to jump on board to help make the day a success. There is much anticipation of the big fixture even though it is more

Proud Supporters of Ashley Rugby Football Club

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Rugby trophy . . . The Rakahuri Shield. than a week away. Both teams have embraced the clash as being the catalyst for some fundraising with this year’s funds raised during the day going toward junior rugby (JAB) at both clubs. Special one­off jerseys, which have been crafted especially for the day, will be worn by both sides and at the end of the day they will be auctioned off in the clubrooms from 5pm.

LANDSCAPES & MAINTENANCE • Paving • Planting • Irrigation • Lawns

‘‘The jerseys look really great,’’ says Pat Dooley a Saracens club member. It is expected the day will benefit around 600 players over both clubs with the funds being channelled into junior rugby development. Last year it was pink socks and gummies that went under the hammer with funds raised from the auction and other fundraising activities going toward the Cancer Society, particularly for Breast Cancer research. Mr Dooley says the Shield game gives the clubs the opportunity to fundraise without having to rely on local businesses all the time to support local rugby. The two teams are fierce rivals but great friends with some players having played for both clubs over the years. This year two brothers will feature but in opposing teams ­ Tony Ashby will be playing at fullback for Ashley while Oli Ashby is half back for Saracens. The trophy which was made in Hamilton, has been paid for by five club members from each club who were more than happy to put their hands in their pockets to pay for the shield and add a little bit of spice to the contest. Everyone is invited to come along on the day at the Loburn Reserve to enjoy the fierce rivalry of the two senior sides with Saracens keen to add it to their trophy cabinet for the first time and Ashley equally determined to retain it. Colouring competition page 17.


Blair Gibson • M: 0276 995 815 P: 03 313 7933 E: eastcoastlandscapes@clear.net.nz 1551612

Motorhomes Hydraulic Hose Repairs COF Repairs Full Mechanical Repairs Breakdown & After Hours Service

BROOK TRUCK SERVICES 307 Flaxton Rd, Rangiora (behind Hunting & Fishing)

Ph: 313-6361 Cell: 0275-200-711 brooktrucks@xtra.co.nz

Fully Mobile Tyre Service

e Thighty Alm

º Farmers º Lawnmowers º Buses º Contractors º Loaders º Trucks º Quads º 4x4 º Cars º Wheel Alignments Anywhere, Anytime - Waimakariri North - Cheviot - Hanmer Springs - Culverden - Amberley

Next to GVT Amberley, we have moved down the back at 82 Carters Road Culverden Branch Now Open at 20 Lyndon Street 24 hour service



BEEF • DEER • LAMB PIG &WILD GAME We travel throughout Canterbury offering a prompt, reliable service. With over 30 years combined experience in the butchering industry, Canterbury Homekill Services prides itself in offering a professional, honest service throughout Canterbury.

Bid Bid for for one one of f these these fantastic fantastic rugby r ugby jerseys jerseys made made and and worn wor n exclusively exclusively f for or the the

Rakahuri Rakahuri Shield Shield Challenge Challenge 2015. 2015.

Show Show your your support support for for your your favourite favourite club club and and players. players s. Proceeds to Junior Clubs.

AUCTION: 5 PM ASHLEY RUGBY CLUBROOMS VENUE: Loburn reserve, Loburn Whiterock Road, Loburn, North Canterbury GAME: 2.45 pm Saturday July 18th


The range of services is designed to remove all the hassles of home kill: • Mobile fully equipped abattoir • Advice for those not sure about killing readiness • All wild game processing • Dry Curing of small goods e.g. Bacon • We hang beef for at least 7 days “I need to give customers what they want,” says Noel. “That means that there is much more dialogue, more understanding of family needs, whether it is all about the flavours required, the leanness of the mince or the size of the roast portions.”



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24 Canterbury St, Ashley 03 313 7644

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Thursday July 9 2015

Contact Canterbury Homekill Services Ltd Phone: (03) 313 4771 Email: canterburyhomekill@yahoo.com Website: www.canterburyhomekill.co.nz

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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

Battery Mart 0800 24 50 24

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Match promises much

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Proud Sponsor of Saracens Rugby

By PETER WILLIAMS Ashley may have won the inaugural edition of the Rakahuri Shield last season, but the Saracens challengers will travel comfortably to Loburn on Saturday, July 18, when they challenge Ashley for the Shield. And their comfort won’t just be because of the new bridge over the river! Saracens have put together a 9 win/5 loss record this season having won their last nine matches on the trot. They will be hoping to have added a 10th when they challenge Kaiapoi for the Harry Bates Cup on Sunday, July 12. So they are very much the in­form team having taken the Deans Shield off Ashley on May 9 and successfully defended it twice in the interim, including an excellent victory over Glenmark­Cheviot. To be fair, though, on paper there is absolutely nothing between these two teams ­ that Saracens victory over Ashley in May was by a solitary point, 20­19 ­ and that match was a home

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Memb ber off th he Forest Management Group

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ShedBoss Christchurch

308 Flaxton Rd, Southbrook, Rangiora 7400. Ph: 03 313 1974 www.shedboss.co.nz • christchurch@shedboss.co.nz


A local Canterbury based company For further information contact:




FOR ALL YOUR FORESTRY NEEDS: • Valuations • Establishment • Silviculture • Emissions Trading Scheme (Carbon Credits) Management • Harvesting • Marketing • Cartage • RMA Consents • Operation and project (planning and management) • Forest Training and Auditing

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game for Saracens. Many of the losses that both teams have had have been narrow ones, such as when Ashley went down by just two points to the eventual winner of the combined competition, Methven. For Ashley, Jamie Young leads the more experienced side, with players like Warren Rean, Dan Middlemiss and Andrew Dunbar providing the glue around which the team effort is built. Five­eighth Lance Taylor has been spectacularly successful as a goalkicker since joining the team mid season. No 8 Josh Maynard has been impressive leading a Saracens team that is liberally sprinkled with North Canterbury representative players who have just returned from a trip to Queensland. Peter Manahi, Mark Smith and Nathan Goodwin have all contributed greatly to the Saracens forwards’ effort, while half­back Ollie Ashby, goal­kicker Dion Jones and speedster Josh Harrison have all made side contributions in what has been a true team effort for Saracens.

Forest Management Ltd


• Indoor - Outdoor Dining • Takeaways • Full Selection of Beers 573 Upper Sefton Rd • Ph 312 9851

On the charge . . . Saracens vice captain Willy Kerr heading for a try during their recent game against Ohoka at Southbrook Park in Rangiora on Saturday June 27. Saracens won PHOTO SHELLEY TOPP. 43­17.

Forest Management Ltd, PO Box 3718 Christchurch 03 343 4101 1612681

David Janett 027 434 1104 Glenn Moir 027 436 9264 Leith Christie 027 228 4251 Scott Henry 027 444 6469 Dave Chandler 027 351 5554 Mark Allen 027 551 2333


The News

Thursday July 9 2015

Page 17

The Rakahuri Shield - July 18,, 2015 2015

Captains come in all shapes and sizes as the Saracens and Ashley senior rugby captains are about to find out. Junior players from both clubs, which number nearly 600, are being invited to take part in a colouring competition to celebrate the second year of the Rakahuri Shield challenge between their two senior sides. Entrants are being asked to colour a caricature of their senior team captain in their club colours ­ Josh Maynard, a loose forward for Saracens and Jamie Young, hooker for Ashley. There are three sections for would­be artists ­ four years to seven years, eight years to 11 years and 12 years to 14.5 years and generous prizes for their

teams. Saracens club member Pat Dooley says JAB players will be handed an entry form showing a caricature of their captain ‘‘in action’’. The children will then do their best to colour their captain in their club colours. The winner of the four to seven age group, which plays 10­aside rugby, will win $100 for their team, while the winners of the other two age groups, which play 15­aside rugby, will be awarded, $150. The winners of the colouring competition will be announced at the auction in the clubrooms following the Rakahuri Shield encounter between the two senior sides.

ALL E CRET N O C K WOR www.concretepower.co.nz concretepower@scorch.co.nz


Daryl 027 230 9401

Sheppard & Ormsby Limited Chartered Accountants

Tackling your Accounting needs


77-83 High Street, PO Box 97 Rangiora 7440 Phone (03) 313 6001 Fax (03) 313 6475 sheppard.ormsby@xtra.co.nz

The award winning team at Mike Greer Homes North Canterbury are proud supporters of the 2015 Rakahuri Shield and North Canterbury Rugby Sub Union.

bringingyoumore. Call 03 313 0319 mikegreerhomes.co.nz


Captains go head-to-head in JAB colouring contest

Proud to Support Local Rugby

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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

Page 19

Growing demand for social housing By DAVID HILL Housing New Zealand is looking to increase its housing stock in the Waimakariri district to meet a growing demand following the earthquakes. Canterbury earthquake recovery programme general manager Paul Commons says Housing New Zealand is on target to complete repairs to its entire North Canterbury housing stock by the end of this year and is looking at building another 12 homes in the Waimakariri district from next year. ‘‘Housing New Zealand is committed to the recovery of its portfolio to pre­earthquake levels by the end of 2015 through a repair and rebuild programme. This will see up to 5000 home repairs and 700 new warm, dry homes built across the Canterbury region.’’ As at June 30, 4,260 homes have been repaired and 219 new homes built with the remaining 481 under construction or contracted to be built. Those new homes replaced homes deemed uneconomical to repair or in the residential red zone. All homes in the repair programme are being brought up to building code, with double­glazed windows, insulation, ventilation, new carpet and repainted as required, with the aim of making the Canterbury

Rebuild . . . New two­bedroom Housing New Zealand homes have been built in Beach Grove, Kaiapoi, to replace earthquake damaged and red zone homes. Housing New Zealand is planning to increase its housing stock in the Waimakariri district next year to meet growing demand.


housing stock ‘‘the warmest, driest and healthiest in the country’’. Mr Commons says all of Housing NZ’s properties in the Waimakariri and Hurunui districts are occupied, apart from one unit in Kaiapoi which is pending demolition for redevelopment. ‘‘This is in line with our overall occupancy levels across Canterbury which consistently sit at about 99 percent. ‘‘In areas of low demand for social housing, we are selling

some properties as part of the First Home Ownership Scheme. Presently, we have one property in Oxford and five across the Hurunui district undergoing sale within this scheme.’’ In the Waimakariri district, 116 properties have been repaired with just six to have their repairs completed. Five new warm, dry homes have been built in the region and a further 12 houses have been marked for potential future development in the next 18 months.

In the Hurunui district, Housing NZ owns 30 properties. Of these, 29 have had earthquake­related repairs completed and the other one remains in the repair programme. Housing NZ has around 1000 workers on the ground working on the earthquake recovery programme in the greater Christchurch area. Demand for Housing NZ homes has changed over the years, with one to bedroom homes now in high demand for single people and solo parents

with one to two children. ‘‘So we are building to meet that demand. It’s about getting the right house, the right size and in the right place.’’ People needing social housing apply through the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), where their needs are assessed. There are around 500 people in the greater Christchurch area on the waiting list for Housing NZ homes, including around 30 people in the Waimakariri district, according to the MSD website.


% 20-50 OFF


Cnr Blenheim & Curletts Rds, Christchurch Ph: 03 343 3204 Offers and prices advertised here expire Monday 20th July 2015.

The News

Thursday July 9 2015


Fully Mobile Tyre Service

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Next to GVT Amberley, we have moved down the back at 82 Carters Road Culverden Branch Now Open at 20 Lyndon Street


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sheds ‘n shelters WE CAN DESIGN ANY SIZE TO FIT YOUR REQUIREMENTS CALF SHELTER Dimensions: 3.0 Wide x 4.8 Deep x 2.4 High

Hawarden saddlers move on after 30 years By AMANDA BOWES In a world of imports, Hawarden based Wilkins Saddlery has thrived for nearly 30 years, providing hand crafted leather and canvas goods to buyers throughout New Zealand. It began when Les Wilkins was working as a musterer for the Pawseys at Double Tops farm, west of Hawarden. Les would make his own gear from a garage on the farm and when other people saw what he was making, his bridles, breast plates, saddle bags, halters and other items were soon in demand. In 1987, Les and his wife Heather shifted to Hawarden and converted a grader shed into a leather work shop. Les still did a couple of days a week at Double Tops and Heather began sewing up wool packs for Murray Gordon, who owned a wool buying business in Waikari. When testing the wool, a slash would be made in the side of the bale to take out a sample. The packs would then be thrown away. Murray saw this as a waste and decided they were better sewn up and re­ used. Heather started mending the packs by hand but when a machine was purchased she went down to the wool store to repair them. A New Zealand company, W. Wiggins asked the couple if they would be able to make saddle blankets and soon hundreds of foam saddle blankets with stretch towelling were being used by riders across the country until Wiggins was restructured. The couple bought a clicking press which cut out leather shapes and began supplying suede patches for jerseys to Shalimar in Kaiapoi. Over time thousands of Wilkins leather patches adorned the elbows of Shalimar’s wool jerseys. Les continued with his leather work and began repairing horse covers, in consultation with a local horse owner. They designed their own cover which became a must have for horse owners. The importation of cheap synthetic covers saw that side of the business slow down and so they stopped making them. Car seat covers and truck covers stayed in demand and at one time, Les and Heather made three to four truck covers for every truck in the large Heathstock Haulage fleet, which was owned by the late Murray Taylor. The leather side of the business was expanding with Les making good quality stock bridles, western saddles, stock saddles, halters and saddle bags along with other horse gear. They also designed and manufactured putties, and once word got out there was a huge demand for them. Orders were flying in and the couple then started supplying Farmlands. Heather says they were selling more

BARN 3-BAY. 13.5m x 6m deep x 3.6m high Other sizes available

Ivan Taylor Owner Operator

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5a Cone Street, Rangiora. Freephone: 0800 426 639 Phone (03) 313 4862, Fax: (03) 313 4862 email: newbletimber@xtra.co.nz

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• Flood control/repair

• Lifestyle Block driveways

End of an era . . . Les and Heather Wilkins in their saddlery workshop. The couple are retiring soon and shifting to Waimate.


than they could sew as everyone seemed to want a pair. If it was leather or canvas and could be sewed, Les and Heather produced it. Chaps were another popular item that once again they could barely keep up with the demand. The canvas took its toll on Heather’s hands and, as she was suffering from Psoriasis, the decision was made to sell the canvas side of the business recently. It has stayed in Canterbury and still retains the Wilkins Canvas name. Cow hide is the choice of leather used for most of the leather goods. Les says a travelling hide seller would call in and they would be able to choose each hide. Now, cow hides are ordered off the internet and sent from Auckland. The hides are imported from Mexico as the hides in New Zealand are generally too small. While Les is still busy making leather goods, Heather makes breast feeding pads for Lanowool, a company based in Denmark, but created in New Zealand. Boxes of the finely woven merino wool is sent to Heather and she then sews up the pads and sends them off a thousand pairs at a time. The wool comes from super fine merinos organically farmed on Mesopotamia Station. The breast pads are sold all over the world as well as New Zealand and are very popular as they can be washed and reused. They are also completely natural. While the couple are still busy with their work, they have decided the time has come to semi­retire. They are returning to Waimate, where they lived originally and take life a bit easier.



• Specialty work - tipping ute, 1.7 ton digger

Providing a range of equipment sizes for those big and not so big jobs 1484366

027 436 6300


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Mob:0272076128 | Ph:033106577 | E:hamish.troy@xtra.co.nz


The News

Thursday July 9 2015

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Market thrives through winter By DAVID HILL It might be the middle of winter, but people are flocking to the Ohoka Farmers’ Market for their weekly shop. Market manager Barb Warren says the market is packed with around 40 stalls this winter, keen to serve the growing number of loyal shoppers. ‘‘I think the weather forecast was for rain today, so the numbers are actually down a wee bit,’’ Ms Warren said on Friday, even as people were steadily queuing up before the market opened at 9am. She says people often arrive in two waves, the 9am rush of local shoppers and then the ‘‘townies’’ tend to arrive later at around 11am. ‘‘A lot of people like to come and sit down after shopping, it’s becoming a real social thing ­ it’s a real community environment.’’ Last Friday’s market was also a chance to say farewell to the Essex Bakery stall, which has been associated with the market since it began, Ms Warren says, with people queuing to get their last taste of the popular breads. She says there is a new bread stall already lined up to take its place. ‘‘We have no problem filling them in. There’s a fairly strict application process that seems to work for everybody. It’s a farmers’ market and I don’t want that to slip. ‘‘This market is well sought after, so we have a waiting list of stallholders wanting to come.’’ She says the market provides ‘‘a very well­balanced diet’’ with a mix of organic produce, fruit and vegetables, meat, cheeses, eggs, milk, bakery foods, seafood and specialty foods. While all of the food is produced either locally in Canterbury or in other parts of New Zealand, there was an international flavour to last Friday’s market with

From Melbourne to Ohoka . . . Melbourne busker Rhys Gillespie was mixing up the tunes PHOTO: DAVID HILL at the Ohoka Farmers’ Market last Friday. Melbourne busker Rhys Gillespie mixing up the sounds. While he was new to Ohoka, he says he was attracted by the surroundings. ‘‘It’s much more relaxing here than the streets of Melbourne and you’re not likely to get robbed here.’’ As well as busking, Mr Gillespie makes ‘‘effects pedals’’ for controlling the sound effects for musical equipment which he sells all round the world. Stallholders Gianni Prencipe and Loraine Liddle, who recently moved from Amberley to Swannanoa, say their organic vegetable stall has been well supported. ‘‘This market has attracted a steady crowd over winter because people know they can get their produce here. Barb does an amazing job, there’s not many markets quite like this,’’ Mr Prencipe

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9m x 7.5m x 2.7m






6m x 6m x 2.4m $



9m x 6m x 2.4m


Come and see the North Canterbury team 127 Main North Road. Phone: (03) 310 0247 Email: northcanterbury@totalspan.co.nz

*Terms and conditions apply, see our website for details.

says. ‘‘I’ve done quite a few markets and a lot of them have become open air supermarkets, where the produce is not necessarily produced in their country of origin. But here it’s local, it’s GE free and you’ve got a lot of organic produce.’’ Rural butchers Brent and Paulette Noye, of Flaxton, south of Rangiora, selling their produce at four farmers’ markets, but say they get their best support at Ohoka and Lyttelton. Some weeks there are busloads of tourists or rest home groups who turn up making the Ohoka market very busy. ‘‘The winter doesn’t seem to put people off,’’ Mrs Noye says. Mr Noye says he is developing a new low salt sausage, with just 0.4 per cent salt, instead of the usual 1.8%, which he hopes will make his sausages healthier.


• Mowing • Weedeating • Rubbish Removal • Rental Property Cleans • Waterblasting • Hedge Trimming • Tree Trimming and Removal • Ride-On and tractor mowing available

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Thursday July 9 2015



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CHRISTCHURCH PH: 03 928 1505 EMAIL: info@onyxhomes.co.nz Request a FREE brochure at: www.onyxhomes.co.nz

The News

Thursday July 9 2015

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Fundraising under way for a First Response vehicle in Waiau basic fire fighting equipment and general rescue gear. A fire brigade spokesman Grant Duncan says the brigade covers a huge area ­ from Mt Lyford to Hanmer Springs. Having a First Response Vehicle would allow them to respond quickly to incidents, particularly medical callouts which were becoming more frequent. It would also allow easier access in snow and floods and enable them to help out the Waiau­based St John paramedic during adverse events. Mr Duncan says funding to date has come from the New Zealand Fire Service, income from attending rural fires outside the area and local fundraising such as painting the school hall and pool and the Waiau Pig Hunt. The brigade is seeking expressions of interest to help raise funds in the

form of sponsor’s logos which will be displayed on the door sill of the new First Response vehicle when it arrives. They will remain on it for the life of the vehicle. Each sponsor would have a 200mm by 150mm space provided for their company logo at a one off cost of $1000 per transfer. Flintoft Contracting, Lott Contracting, Topp Contractors, Waiau Enterprises, Waiau Ground Spreading, Horton Signs, M & G Satterthwaite Family, Leslie Hills and Lochness Farms have already come on board. Applications are also being made to funding agencies for financial support to held fund the project and get the 4WD to Waiau as soon as possible. For further information or expressions of interest contact Grant on 022 5006144 or Ben Ferguson on 027 4384378.

Under New Management Lindsay Collins Welcomes All

• Accommodation • Cafe • Meals • Functions 18 Lyndon St, Waiau (03) 315 6003 waiaulodgehotel@gmail.com


By ROBYN BRISTOW The push is on for a dedicated four wheel drive First Response Vehicle for the Waiau and districts community. The Waiau Fire Brigade has already fundraised $15,000 for the $65,000 vehicle which would be used primarily to reach patients or incidents that can not be easily accessed by an ambulance or fire appliance. At the moment the brigade has access to a small four wheel drive vehicle which is used in snow or other events to get personnel and a paramedic to incidents. It is proposed the vehicle will be owned by the Waiau Fire Brigade which sees it as a huge asset to add to its main service truck and other equipment. It would be kitted out with a defibrillator, oxygen, a first aid pack,

Nothing’s a problem when you have a top team that’s easy to work with Give Wayne a call for all your building needs


A/H (03) 315 6333 or 027 243 2372

Sown with love . . . Grace Moriarty (top left) and Sam Moriarty, along with Celine Barnes (bottom left) and Jaime Simmonds proudly show the dresses they have made with love for PHOTO: SUPPLIED. Dress a Girl around the World.

Dressmaking for less fortunate Dress a Girl Around the World provides patterns, ways to be involved and opportunities to deliver or to help fund the delivery of dresses to girls around the world. Older members of Waiau’s Kidz Club have also been trying their hand at making the dresses. The club has been focusing on living circumstances of children, less fortunate than themselves in the Ghana region, during term two. As part of this four older girls have been sewing a dress, each for a girl as part of the ‘Dress a girl around the World’ programme. Guided by Claudine Barnes, they have diligently worked on making the dresses even though none of them have done any sewing on machines before. Every Monday after school they have met and the final results have been fantastic, adding to those being sewn by more experienced sewers in the Amuri group. Anyone interested can contact Mrs Thomas at the Amuri Area School or Marina at Rhodo Direct. To date the international programme has delivered over 300,000 dresses to 81 countries.

Providing great service, utilising experienced staff on quality machinery and equipment.

• Cartage • Hay & Baleage (round, medium & large squares, individual or tube wrapped) • Crop Harvesting (grass, whole crop, maize & fodder beet) • Feed Trading (maize, grass, cereal, fodder beet, barley, bales)

• Cultivation • Direct Drilling • Spreading (4 types of spreaders to meet all requirements) • Fodder Beet & Maize planting

Contact Peter — 0274 388 097 / (03) 315-6369 Operating Since 1990


Together a group of Amuri women are helping dress girls around the world. In an initiative started by Marina Shearer, Jeni Brett and Ann Thomas, a total of 30 dresses have been made to date to help young people in a poor region of Africa and other countries to have the pleasure of owning one dress. The group meets every fourth Saturday afternoon to sew dresses for Hope 4 Women International, an organisation driving the Dress a Girl around the World campaign which is aimed at giving young girls dignity and to help keep them safe from predators. In many cases it will be the only dress, made with love, some girls will ever own, says Ann Thomas who hosts the group at the Amuri Area School technology room. Sometimes up to five or six people join in to make the dresses. ‘‘We have fun getting together and sewing the dresses. Most of the fabric, which has to be good quality cotton, is donated. It is a basic, simple pattern that even newcomers to sewing are able to master,’’ she says. As the sewing circle becomes more familiar with the pattern, the more dresses they have been able to finish.

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Thursday July 9 2015

The News Thursday July 9 2015 Page 25

“ “ I really like the configuration of this type of vehicle and the fact that I can carry an extra passenger, gear on the back as well as tow my long line sprinklers around easily! I find it easy to operate, very comfortable to ride in and safe on my hills with its low centre of gravity. I have a long narrow farm with lots of track work and find that I am using it far more than I imagined I would – in fact I use it for 90% of my transport requirements. I have had a number of different brands of ATV’s over the years and can report that I am very happy with all aspects of my Kymco UXV500. I am so thrilled with it that in the last week I have purchased a 2nd one – a Kymco UXV700! S Anderson, North Canterbury Farmer

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Thursday July 9 2015

The News Thursday July 9 2015 Page 25

“ “ I really like the configuration of this type of vehicle and the fact that I can carry an extra passenger, gear on the back as well as tow my long line sprinklers around easily! I find it easy to operate, very comfortable to ride in and safe on my hills with its low centre of gravity. I have a long narrow farm with lots of track work and find that I am using it far more than I imagined I would – in fact I use it for 90% of my transport requirements. I have had a number of different brands of ATV’s over the years and can report that I am very happy with all aspects of my Kymco UXV500. I am so thrilled with it that in the last week I have purchased a 2nd one – a Kymco UXV700! S Anderson, North Canterbury Farmer

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Thursday July 9 2015


CoRneR oF MooRHouse aVe and LanCasTeR sTReeT pHone 03 366 5900

2009 suzuKI spLasH 64,210km, 1.2 Auto 5dr hatch, Alloys, Power steering, Cool car, Free 6 Month Warranty. $8,990 +oRC

2006 Mazda axeLa 1.5 spoRT 5 dR HaTCH 60,160km, Peppy 1500cc Chain Driven Engine, Alloy wheels, Body Kit, ABS, SRS Airbags, Free 6 Month Warranty. $12,990 +oRC

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2012 suzuKI swIFT 1.2 Rs 5 dooR HaTCH 47,774km, Factory RS Model, Alloy Wheels, Body Kit, Peppy 1200cc Chain Driven Engine, ABS, Airbags, Free 6 Month Warranty. $13,990 +oRC

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2006 Mazda MpV 23T 2300cc, 49,707km, 7 Seater, Dark Trim, Chain Driven Engine, Alloy Wheels, Free 6 Month Warranty. $14,990 +oRC

2014 nIssan x-TRaIL 20x 2000cc, 50km, Brand new car, 4WD, Chain Driven, High Seating Position, Airbags, Free 6 Month Warranty. $32,990 +oRC

2004 ToyoTa CaLdIna 123,000kms. Reliable 1800cc chain driven engine. Alloy wheels. Popular Toyota wagon. $7,990 +oRC

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2006 Honda FIT 80,000kms. Very economical. Reliable 1300cc chain driven engine. Spacious hatch. $5,990 +oRC

2004 Mazda deMIo 99,000kms. Good looking in black. Reliable and economical 1300cc chain driven engine. $5,990 +oRC

2007 ToyoTa auRIs 150 x M paCKaGe 1500cc, 26,843km, Push button Start, Chain Driven, ABS Braking, Airbags, Free 6 Month Warranty. $10,990 +oRC

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2004 ToyoTa aLLIon 86,000kms. Reliable Toyota sedan Reliable 1800cc chain driven engine. Alloy wheels and dark interior trim. $6,990 +oRC

2004 subaRu ouTbaCK 144,000kms. Nice blue colour. Cambelt replaced. Practical all wheel drive wagon. $7,990 +oRC

Over 500 cars available, 3 locations across Canterbury, all with quick and easy finance options


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Thursday July 9 2015

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Thomas’ train proving a hit Classroom finds new home Thomas the tank engine is proving a hit at the Rangiora Library. The Rangiora and North Canterbury Model Railway Club has set up a display at the Rangiora Library for the July school holidays, featuring Thomas and his friends. For just 50 cents, children can learn how to drive Thomas and his friends and earn a certificate signed by the Fat Controller. Children can also learn how to lay track, to make trees out of foliage, shrubs, buildings, landscape, grass out of sawdust, hills and tunnels. Sessions cost $1 per day per child to cover materials, including cardboard, printouts and glue. The club has sessions today and tomorrow and again next week on Monday to Friday, July 13 to 17, from 9.30am to 12pm and 1.30pm to 4pm each day. A site visit to a private garden model railway close to the library will also be available from 1.30pm to 3pm on Friday, July 17.

Young train driver . . . Adam Wake (8), of Swannanoa, learns to ‘‘drive’’ Thomas the tank engine and his friends at the Rangiora Library on Monday.

Acclaimed pianist in town Acclaimed New Zealand pianist, Stephen Watson, will play at the Chamber Gallery at the Rangiora’s Trevor Inch Memorial Library on July 10. He will perform Mozart, Liszt, Chopin and Beethoven at the concert, presented by the Waimakariri Community Arts Council. Watson began studying piano with Veronica van der Knaap at the age of four. From an early age, his playing was praised for its ‘‘extraordinary sensitivity’’ and charm. After gaining the Licentiate of Music New Zealand Diploma with Distinction at 14, he was granted special admission to study at the University of Canterbury with renowned German pianist

Professor Michael Endres. He completed the requirements for the Bachelor of Music degree at the age of eighteen ­ being one of the youngest in the university’s history ­ and followed this by graduating with First Class Honours in 2013. Most recently, he completed a Master of Music degree with Distinction, supervised by Dr Jian Liu, Head of Piano at the New Zealand School of Music. Watson’s brilliant academic record saw him receive numerous prizes throughout his university career. The concert starts at 7.30pm with tickets $30 for adults and $10 for students available from the Rangiora library. Ph. 03 311 8901. Cash or cheque only please.

An old classroom is set to be given a new lease of life at the Kaiapoi Community Garden. A piece of history from Kaiapoi Borough School is set to be preserved, with the last remaining classroom of the original school built in the 1930s to be moved to a new spot on the school grounds. Principal Murray Overton says the building was set to be demolished with the old library as part of the school’s redevelopment, until a better solution was found. ‘‘The Kaiapoi Community Garden is going to take responsibility for the building removal and re­siting it and then use it for the work they are doing.’’ ‘‘It’s great that the building is not going to be lost as the Kaiapoi Borough School site development starts next year.’’ Mr Overton says the building is largely made of rimu and it will need to be fixed up. The classroom has ‘‘all kinds of little features which have survived from the many hundreds of children who have passed through it over the years’’. The school developed a master plan with the Ministry of Education last year, as it looks to replace earthquake damaged buildings and to prepare for

Reuse . . . This 1930s classroom is going to be relocated into the Kaiapoi Community PHOTO: KAIAPOI BOROUGH SCHOOL Garden. roll growth to between 400 and 500 students over the next decade. The Kaiapoi Community Garden is located on the Kaiapoi Borough School’s back field and the community garden trust has a close relationship with the school, with students regularly helping out in the garden.

‘Wear It’ show in Hawarden The glitz and glamour of wearable art is fashion statement along the lines of ‘‘Off to coming to Hawarden as the ‘‘Wear It’’ join the Circus’’. Hurunui Wearable Arts show cases local The theme for the Open section is ‘‘Save talent. the Planet’’. The event is to be held at the With five categories there is a class for Hawarden Hall on August 1 from 6.30 to everyone. 8.30pm. For younger designers 0­11 years, Old A Tie Dye Toga After party will be held McDonald’s Farm is the theme, while for Year 9 to 13 starting at 9pm with tickets 12­14 year olds can create wearable art $10 for the party. For those going to watch based around ‘‘DIY Tie Dye’’. the wearable arts, tickets are $10 for The youth section ­ 15 to 20 year olds adults, child/youth $5 and under 5s free. have a challenge with ‘‘Once upon a Time’’ For more information and ticket sales, and those over 20 years old can create a visit www.hurunuiyouth.co.nz/wear­it.

HUGE END OF SEASON SALE Ride on and Rotary Cut Mowers

275 Flaxton Road, Rangiora Ph: 03 313 6640 Fax: 03 313 6641


See Gavin and Pete for great instore sale deals Sale ends July 31st

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Thursday July 9 2015


V T S ' IT» ON THE «



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Stroppy Old Women by Paul Little In the tradition of Grumpy Old Men . . . Discover what brings out the stroppy side of some of New Zealand’s best known ‘old’ women. Being Mortal by Atul Gawande Gawande examines his experiences as a surgeon, as he confronts the realities of ageing and dying in his patients and in his family, as well as the limits of what he can do. And he emerges with a story that crosses the globe and history, exploring questions that range from the curious to the profound. ‘Will’ by Cheryl Strayed At twenty­six, Cheryl Strayed thought she had lost everything. In the wake of her mother’s rapid death from cancer, her family disbanded and her marriage crumbled. With nothing to lose, she made the most impulsive decision of her life: to walk eleven­hundred miles of the west coast of America ­ from the Mojave Desert, through California and Oregon, and into Washington State ­ and to do it alone. These titles are available in both Waimakariri and Hurunui libraries. Find out more about recent additions to the library collection by going to the library catalogue at waimakariri.kotui.org.nz or hurunui.kotui.org.nz or contact your local library.

Old tree trunk blown up Windows rattled in Hawarden recently as nine sticks of gelignite exploded in one hit. Like something from the TV series Nigel Latta Blows Stuff Up, a century old macrocarpa tree trunk was split into several sections by the blast. The tree had been cut down months ago, but the remaining butt was to large to get a chainsaw through. After much input from locals, it was decided the only way was to blow it up.

A local licensed explosive operator was called in and after several holes were drilled into the trunk, the sticks of gelignite were fed into the holes. The trunk split enough from the inside out to allow Peter Black, from Waikari, to then saw up manageable pieces to be split for firewood. Residents describe the explosion shaking the ground and while they may have been startled, near by stock took hardly any notice of the big bang.

A word with Sir John Kirwan Westpac invites you to an evening with our Ambassador, Sir John Kirwan. JK will share his life experiences and anecdotes, with a focus on resilience and courage in the rural community. When:

Wednesday 29 July, 5.30pm - 7.00pm Light snacks served on arrival

Where: Amberley Pavilion, Amberley Domain, 50 Douglas Road, Amberley RSVP:

Please RSVP to westpac.co.nz/sirjohnkirwan

RSVP essential, limited seats available.

Thursday July 9 2015

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Awards evening . . . The Hawarden­Waikari Rural Fire Service at Rosebank Winery Estate.


Service recognised By AMANDA BOWES Five members of the Hawarden­Waikari Rural Fire Service were recognised for 24 years of service, and one member 21 years service, at an awards ceremony recently. The awards are based on the medal and bar system where by a medal is awarded after three years service and a bar added to it every three years after that. The Hawarden­Waikari Rural Fire Service began recognising the service of its members four years ago. Robbie Black, Johnnie McMillan, Alex Ferguson, Phil Purchas and Richard Murchison were awarded for 24 years service, while Steve Clyma was recognised for 21 years service. Alan Grigg, the Principal Rural Fire

Officer for Hurunui, was surprised and pleased when he was made an honorary member of the group and presented with a three­bar medal. The Hawarden­Waikari Rural Fire Service began in 1991, when the Hurunui District Council (through Government) had to ensure there was a rural fire service in addition to the National Fire Service. The unit originally trained with Carter Holt Harvey and the council leased an appliance from them. Now the unit has its own appliance and other equipment such as a smoke chaser which helps when fighting rural fires. Steve Clyma says the original sign up had about 100 names on it, but there are now 17 full time members. Next year is the unit’s 25th anniversary which ‘‘will involve a big celebration.’’

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Thursday July 9 2015


Live Lines MainPower Youth Sports Scholarships Do you know a promising young sportsperson? MainPower Youth Sports Scholarship applications open in July. Since 2004 the MainPower Youth Sports Scholarships have been helping talented local sportspeople achieve their goals and perform to the best of their ability. Each year, ten finalists are selected who each receive a $2,000 scholarship. From the finalists, a winner and two runners up are chosen who each receive a further $5,000 and $2,500 respectively. Last year’s recipients represented a diverse range of sports, from rowing to lawn bowls, and have continued to achieve highly in their respective sports. Visit www.sportstrust.org.nz/sportsawards for more information and to submit your application.

Issue 131 July 2015

Sports Scholar packing a punch Boxer, Hosea Watson, was one of the 2014 recipients of the MainPower Youth Sports Scholarship. Since his win, Hosea has continued to impress, claiming titles at both the North and South Island Golden Gloves Championships. Later this year he will represent New Zealand at the Youth Commonwealth Games in Samoa.

Winter risks We’ve seen some extreme weather in the region recently. With snow and high winds comes the risk of fallen power lines. Remember, never touch fallen power lines, keep clear, warn others of the danger and phone MainPower immediately for assistance.

Hosea Watson (in red) competing at the South Island Golden Gloves 2015.

Burnt Hill Substation, June 19 2015.

Website survey - Share your thoughts and win! We are always looking for ways to improve our website. Visit www.mainpower.co.nz, complete a quick survey and go in the draw to win a $150 grocery voucher*. *Competition closes midnight, August 12 201500000000000000. Full details at www.mainpower.co.nz.

MainPower 24 Hour Faults Line

Network Reliability Don’t forget, it’s a good idea to be prepared for a power interruption at home. Always have a torch with charged batteries handy and be sure to use candles carefully to avoid setting a fire.

Top four causes of unplanned power interruptions





Vehicle Accident




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Thursday July 9 2015

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Truffle festival a first for North Canterbury The humble truffle is set to take centre stage in Amberley this weekend. New Zealand’s first truffle festival is being held in Christchurch and North Canterbury from this weekend to celebrate the ‘‘underground fungal treats’’. Amberley truffle grower Gareth Renowden says Canterbury is New Zealand’s truffle growing capital, with the majority of growers living north of the Waimakariri River.

‘‘The festival is designed to give everyone a chance to taste truffles and discover why they’re such a wonderful gourmet experience. ‘‘There will be something for everyone, from the first time truffle taster to the aficionado, and a chance to learn how and why they’re doing so well in Canterbury. Nothing like this has ever happened before in New Zealand.’’ The festival kicks off this Saturday with truffle smelling, tastings and sales led by well­

known Canterbury chefs, Alex Davies at the Waipara Valley Farmers’ Market in Amberley and Jimmy McIntyre at the Christchurch Farmers’ Market at Riccarton Bush, while Jonny Schwass will be at the central city market on Sunday. A truffle day out in the Waipara Valley will be held on Friday, July 17, featuring a truffle hunt, a North Canterbury pinot noir masterclass with local winemakers and five course truffle lunches will be available at

Rustic Dining Table & Chairs


the Black Estate and Pegasus Bay Wineries. Popular Christchurch and Lyttelton restaurants will also be participating. Further truffle tastings and sales will be available at farmers’ markets in Lyttelton, Christchurch and Amberley on Saturday, July 18, and the central city market the next day. Local chef Kate McMillan will at Amberley on the Saturday. Truffles are the underground fruiting bodies of fungi which grow in lime­rich soils alongside

Farm Assistant Needed


trees such as hazels, oaks and pines, Mr Renowden says. North Canterbury is the fast­ growing truffle region in New Zealand, boasting more truffle producers than any other part of the country, with at least 15 trufferies (truffle plantations) supplying perigord black, bianchetto and Burgundy truffles to restaurants, lodges and hotels. For more information find Canterbury Truffle Festival on Facebook or go to www.canterburytrufflefestival.nz.

Black Pearl 7-piece Drum Kit


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Girl’s Bike

Bathroom Vanity

6x4 Trailer

Grazing . . . Horses grazing behind the break fence on winter oats.


Break feeding works well for horse breeder September when the horses begin the new trekking season While many are familiar with and the rolling land is then put the sight of sheep or cattle into barley for baleage. Young horses are turned out being grazed behind a break fence, horses are not an with broodmares to the back of animal usually associated the farm to get used to the terrain and build up muscle with the practice. For farmer Lawrie and develop sure feet. In addition to the trekking O’Carroll, break feeding horses on Waitohi Downs, on horses, there are two breeding the hills west of Hawarden, stallions, broodmares and young stock. Lawrie and his during winter, is a practice that works well for horses and wife Jenny have developed farm workers. their own breed of horse over the past 23 years and now most With 75 horses on the property, which are used in of the horses are black with a Lawrie’s Alpine Horse Safaris white blaze and white points. business, an efficient way to Several of the Waitohi Downs horses were used in the Anzac feed them over winter needs to be addressed just like other 100 Ride for visiting riders farm animals. who couldn’t bring their own Fifty horses are break fed on horses. Lawrie says break feeding green feed oats on a 250 metre the horses on the oats means long, five metre wide strip, which is shifted daily. they are in good condition for Lawrie says when they first the next season. Being introduce the horses to the relatively near the main house also means they are kept a green feed they are only put on to it for short periods of close eye on so if one needs time until they adjust over a medical attention, help is not couple of weeks. The horses far away. Break feeding the horses are also fed on grass and hay and once used to the oats can over winter will continue at Waitohi Downs as an efficient go on and off them as they please. and viable way of providing The feed will last until winter feed. By AMANDA BOWES




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HJC Helmet

Burton Snowboard

Wilhelm Upright Piano


Check With Seller


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James placed fourth By DAVID HILL

Boasting over 100 years combined experience. We can service all makes and models and offer a pickup and delivery service throughout North Canterbury. Canterbury

Contact Kevin for a service pick up or sales enquiry: 03 313 4593 or 0274 361 974 10 Albert Street


James Hoban has fulfilled his dream of competing in the ANZ Young Farmer Contest grand final. The Culverden farmer says he was thrilled with his fourth placing in the grand final at Taupo last week and appreciated the support from the Hurunui district. He was the first Hurunui YFC grand finalist since Andy Fox competed in 1993. ‘‘It was a really good experience. Taupo is a very cool place to have the contest. Everybody seemed to be excited to have the event there. ‘‘It was good to have a lot of family support up there and (wife) Maria was a huge support ­ it just takes the pressure off. ‘‘A lot of people from around home and in Cheviot and all round the Hurunui have been in contact and I have really appreciated their support. It just goes to show that people do take notice of the contest.’’ James says the contest events were streamed live on the internet and a number of people contacted him during the event to say they had just watched him compete. He is unsure whether he will compete again. ‘‘I will have to have a wee think about it. It just depends on work and family commitments. ‘‘It would be nice to have another crack, but it takes a lot work and it’s very stressful. ‘‘I have already achieved my goal of compete in a grand final and I was pretty happy

Young farmer . . . James Hoban tries his hand at PHOTO: NEW ZEALAND YOUNG FARMERS butchery. with fourth place. The guys who came first, second and third were in their second go, so I was the top of the new group of four.’’ Top honours this year went to Aorangi grand finalist Matthew Bell. James says he was pleased with his performance in the technical, agri­growth and interview sections, where he finished

second by just a few points. He spent a few days recovering in Rotorua with his family before returning to his farm in Culverden. ‘‘I think we will have a fairly full on couple of weeks when I get back, with the prospect of snow ­ it will be good for character building after the high of competing in the grand final.’’

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Thursday July 9 2015

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Survey to study farm debt Lincoln University researchers want to Zealand. know how farmers and their families are ‘‘As farms become more and more dealing with being in debt and the stress it substantial businesses, debt issues will can bring. drive much of their thinking in both Bruce Greig, Dr Kevin Old and Dr Peter expansion, and consolidation plans.’’ Nuthall, from the University’s Faculty of The survey asks farmers to assess a range Agribusiness and Commerce, are of statements giving their views of their conducting a nationwide survey particular situation. investigating farm debt and the level of ‘‘Answering the survey requires ticking anxiety experienced by farmers who incur boxes and providing a few figures such as it. farm size. It’s simple to answer.’’ Mr Greig says they want to discover how they manage debt as it is one of the many skills farmers require. ‘‘Farming in modern times is very capital intensive. Many farmers rely on debt to Planning ahead . . . Oxford sharemilkers Scott (left) and Leone Evans, with son Carter (four finance these investments. Using leverage has helped many farmers achieve their months), and farm owners Grant and Judy Evans discuss the farm budget for the season PHOTO: DAVID HILL goal of farm ownership, and wealth ahead with DairyNZ consulting officer Noelle Fox. creation.’’ ‘‘However, given most production units are family businesses, debt issues can impinge heavily on both the farmer and the farmer’s family,’’ Mr Greig says. milk solids payout, which fell to $4.40, By DAVID HILL He says there is currently significant having extra cows on farm in early spring attention on the farming debt situation, particularly in dairying. The concern is Scott Evans has a plan which he hopes will and over grazing pasture early in the get him through the coming season with no season, which negatively affected grass mostly about the consequences of high debt • Servicing ALL makes and models growth. debt. relative to the current profitability of of tractors He was also locked into contracts which The Oxford sharemilker outlined his farming, and primary production in • Servicing ALL farm machinery saw him import 5.2 tonnes of dry matter per general. plan to farmers at a DairyNZ tactics for hectare, which proved to be ‘‘a big tight times workshop at the Cust ‘‘Currently little is known about farmer • On-farm Service — 3 Specialised practices in this regard and the research mistake’’. Community Centre, near Oxford, last Field Service Utes However, culling stock had netted an month. will help better understand the farmer and • Full workshop facilities Mr Evans says he has reduced his cow extra $200,000 in income which was a family issues surrounding debt.’’ • Service & Repair 4-wheel drives The research data will be gathered by a turning point, Ms Fox says. numbers from 1210 to 1090, which will be • Service & COF repairs to trucks ‘‘You’ve changed the direction that you run in three herds (heifers and second nationwide postal survey with a • Competitive Hourly and Milage Rates calvers, mixed age cows and older cows) at were going in, which is quite exciting. It’s a questionnaire posted to 2300 farmers last privilege to be on the sidelines and see a stocking rate of 3.5 cows per hectare. He month. HYDRAULIC HOSES, what you are doing and getting the staff said this would allow him to buy less The sample is randomly selected from all FITTINGS & REPAIRS AVAILABLE involved was a really good thing to do. supplements and reduce costs. regions, farm types and sizes and the survey is being funded by Lincoln University. ‘‘In 10 years time you will look back and He has also adopted a zero budget, which means starting ‘‘at a nil base ­ no see that was the key change this season ­ Mr Greig says the results will provide Phone (03) 313 2133 changing the budget and selling 200 expenditure ­ and building up the budget critical information to the development Mobile 027 431 3404 heifers.’’ from planned decisions’’, DairyNZ and planning of primary production in New northern-tractor-services@xtra.co.nz Mr Evans says he also plans to milk all his consulting officer Noelle Fox says. A zero 1584066 cows twice a day at least until Christmas budget can take extra time, but can save and he hopes to regrass 28 per cent of the money in the long run, she says. farm, depending on how the season pans The plan was outlined to staff ahead of out. the tactics for tight times workshop and He also hopes to retain at least 300 calves staff were encouraged to give their input, TRUST YOUR INVESTMENT WITH THE EXPERTS: this year as an investment. he said. ‘‘I think the value of stock will improve ‘‘I modelled different scenarios ­ 1250 • Your Authorised John Deere Dealer with people culling a lot more this year, cows, 1150 cows and 1090 cows ­ and had a especially for in­calf heifers, and if the good look at our farm system and our • Stocking Genuine John Deere Parts cashflow and I put those figures in front of heifer price isn’t good I can always milk • 24hr call out them. the bank,’’ Mr Evans said. • The largest service fleet in the region ‘‘As a sharemilker the herd is the only ‘‘I spent lots of time in the office looking real asset I have so I need to make sure it’s at the models and doing lots of zero the best it can be, so I want to have a young budgeting and I decided on the 1090 cow D&E - THE HOME OF JOHN system as being the one with less risk.’’ herd.’’ Mr Evans and wife Leone are 50/50 Not only has reducing cow numbers DEERE IN NORTH CANTERBURY reduced the risk for the coming season, but sharemilkers for his parents’, Grant and Judy Evans, and were chosen as the it has also got Mr Evans out of debt. CHRISTCHURCH www.dne.co.nz Waimakariri district tactics for tight times He admitted he had got it wrong last 799 Jones Rd, Rolleston 0800 432 633 focus farm earlier this year. season, budgeting on a $6 per kilogram of

Farmer plans to be debt free



03 349 4883


BARE FARM LAND WANTED TO LEASE Between Waimakariri and Hurunui Rivers Suitable for Arable and Grazing

Ph 0274 393 673

Canterbury ATVs Ltd Woodend

Bikes for Farming, Hunting, Fishing & Recreation

SALES & SERVICE New & Used ATV’s & Side by side’s, parts & accessories. With an extensive range of side by side tyres available

Friendly experienced technicians on site for servicing & repairs. Specialising in side by side’s, with a modern state of the art workshop, all enquires welcome.

Ted Marris - Manager / 03 312 7927 / www.canterburyatv.co.nz

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KUBOTA WORKS FOR YOU. ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. Offer valid 20th April to 31st August 2015 and is available on Kubota tractors over 50hp. *Finance is based on 30% deposit and 36 monthly total term. Lending criteria apply. **1 Year free servicing is based on a maximum of 500 hours.


www.k kub botta.co.nz

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The News

North Canty set for challenge

From the sideline . . . Members of the Ashley Green under 14.5 team watches the action during their game against Saracens at Southbrook Park in Rangiora last Saturday. Ashley PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP Green won 38­12. significant in the final stages, while Brooker, Henry Hooker and Jack McFarlane were other forwards to impress. Joel Stockwell made the backline function with some authority when he entered the game at first five after 20 minutes. The Division 2 side showed admirable spirit to get back into the game and contributed much to what was a warm­up match for the Colts prior to their Ellesmere encounter. McDonald was prominent while Schroeder always made ground with the ball in hand. David Procter was the most incisive of their backline. Kaiapoi women having a good season By Peter Williams The 2015 season has brought something of a rejuvenation to women’s rugby in Kaiapoi. After having had to combine with the Burnside Club to field a team for the last couple of seasons, numbers have improved considerably in 2015, and Kaiapoi are not only fielding a team of their own, they are experiencing a very rewarding season. The team narrowly missed out on a place in the top division

after the competition was split into two, but they are pleased that their placement will enable them to foster the development of younger team members while still presenting a challenge. A highlight of their season to date was a thrilling upset win over High School Old Boys. The leadership and experience of established Kaiapoi players Rocky Kennett, Kerry Hampton, Nikki Hampton, Ashleigh Barnsdale, Keri Tuhuru, Becky Black and Mel Mills is invaluable. The team has been fortunate to secure some new members this year who are showing a natural aptitude. The team is certainly building a talented and sustainable platform for future seasons. Their immediate aim is to qualify for a place in the finals on August 8.

Page 35


By PETER WILLIAMS AND CHRIS ROWE On Saturday, all roads will lead to Southbridge as North Canterbury teams take on their traditional opponents, Ellesmere, at Senior, Colts, Under 18 and Under 16 levels. Ellesmere will be hot favourites to retain the Southbridge Shield at senior level, but North Canterbury should have benefited from its brief tour to Queensland last week. While they lost 21­34 to Queensland Country ­ the hosts scored a converted try in the dying seconds to extend the margin in what had been a close match ­ the North Canterbury team should have benefited from the opportunity to develop combinations for the Ellesmere fixture. The Colts will have derived similar benefits from their hit­out against the Division 2 rep side on Sunday. Colts draw with Division 2 reps A last conversion grazed the upright but continued outside to see a Division 2 representative side settle with a 29­all draw against the Colts on Sunday at Loburn. Down 29­5 with less than 20 minutes to play, the Division 2 side mounted wave after wave of forward momentum which produced four tries, the last with the final play. Luke Garrard scored twice with Khan Schroeder and Bernie Doyle muscling over for the others. Early in the game captain Sam McDonald had scored a soft try for the first points but despite playing with the wind that was it for his team as the Colts ran riot for a while. Impressive centre, Digby Heard dashed over fifty metres for each of his two tries and Danny Brooker did the same for his from broken play. They kept the pressure on early in the second spell too with prop forward Morgan Pugh scoring from a lineout drive and full back Ethan McDuff benefiting from some poor decisions on defence from the Division 2 rearguard. Colts captain Will Jamieson was influential for his team, his absence

Thursday July 9 2015

REPRESENTATIVE; Southbridge Shield Seniors, Ellesmere v. North Canterbury, Southbridge, 2.45pm, G Peddie; Assistant Referees: S Laird, A Hotop, SC: D O'Sullivan, C Love; Munro Shield - Colts, Ellesmere v. North Canterbury, Southbridge, 1.00pm, K Hancox; Assistant Referees: H Cook, A Stokes, SC: D O'Sullivan, C Love; Mc Giffert Trophy - Under 18, Ellesmere v. North Canterbury, Southbridge, 1.30pm, A Brosnahan; Assistant Referees: G Matthews, J Currie, SC: B Moir, P Turnbull; Tiny Hill Shield - Under 16, Ellesmere v. North Canterbury, Southbridge, 12.00pm, S O'Reilly; Assistant Referees: G Robinson, J Le Gros, SC: B Moir, P Turnbull. NORTH CANTERBURY LUISETTI SEEDS DIV 1; Sunday, 12 July 2015: Ashley v. Glenmark, Lob Lwr 1, 2.30pm, K Hancox; Sunday, 12 July 2015: Saracens v. Kaiapoi, Sbk 1, 2.30pm, A Stokes; Sunday, 12 July 2015: Oxford v. Ohoka, Oxford Oval, 2.30pm, S Laird. MIKE GREER HOMES NORTH CANTERBURY LTD DIVISION 2 RESERVE; Sunday, 12 July 2015: Ashley v. Amberley, Lob Lwr 1, 1.00pm, Chris Rowe.

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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

From the rugby sidelines

Selected . . . Waipara schoolboy, Omri Kepes.

Place in squad Waipara schoolboy Omri Kepes has been selected in the Canterbury primary A boys representative hockey team. Omri attends St Andrews Preparatory School and plays for the St Andrew College first eleven. Prior to that he played for the Rangiora Hockey Club for two years before going to school in Christchurch. It is believed Omri is the only North Canterbury team member selected in the A squad.


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With no Division 1 Club rugby this week because the representative team was in Brisbane preparing for next Saturday’s challenge for the Southbridge Shield, attention focused on the final round of the Mike Greer Homes Division 2 Top six Round robin, in which just the top four teams progress to the semi final series starting on July 18. When bottom placed Amberley inflicted an upset defeat on Hurunui, in a match played on Friday evening, it opened up the unconscionable prospect of perennial title­holders Hurunui failing to qualify. This was not to be though. Despite a wholehearted effort by Glenmark­ Cheviot, they went down to Woodend 7­12 while the resurgent Oxford side comfortably accounted for Saracens and in doing so uplifted the Pickering Shield. The bonus point gained by Glenmark­Cheviot in finishing within seven points of Woodend, was sufficient to lift them into a tie for fourth position with Saracens, and by virtue of Glenmark­Cheviot having won the match when these two teams last met, they will be the team to join Woodend, Oxford and Hurunui in a three­match round­robin semi­final series. Saracens and Amberley now play in the Division 2 Reserve Grade where they will be the two teams favoured to qualify for a place in the Grand Final to be played at Kaiapoi on August 8. Having won the combined U18 competition, Kaiapoi would have been favourites to withstand Hurunui’s challenge for the Ric Moore Trophy last Saturday. But they had to dig very deep

Working hard . . . Former Black Ferns squad member Becky Black shows her skills in fending off a Marist Albion defender on her way to scoring a try in Kaiapoi’s big win last Saturday. and could only draw with a Hurunui side that has gained much greater consistency in recent weeks. It will be a surprise if these are not the two teams to qualify for the Grand Final in this grade. Ohoka scored something of an upset in the U14.5 grade last Saturday when they tipped over the previously unbeaten Kaiapoi team 38­31. However, having drawn with Ashley Blue the previous week, Kaiapoi’s form seems to have tapered off somewhat in this grade injecting renewed interest in the

competition. Kaiapoi are still assured of a home semi­final, against either Oxford or Ashley Green, while Ohoka and Ashley Blue are locked in a battle to finish second on the table and thus earn home advantage when they meet each other in the other semi­final. Amberley U13 and Kaiapoi U11.5 are now the only teams not to have tasted defeat at all this season, but this Kaiapoi team had a close shave last Saturday, winning an unusually low­ scoring match against Hurunui Blue 5­0.

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The News

Chch United wins tough encounter

It was a chilly start at Waikari for the latest round of Hurunui netball, but the frost stayed away allowing games to start on time at 9.30am. Waikari took the court against Culverden B with Waikari’s Jude Kiniston playing at centre against Anna Crean from Culverden. These two mid­courters kept the game flowing when either team had possession. Waikari’s goal keep Michelle Philp and goal defence Stacey Fletcher kept the Culverden shooters on their toes with the half time score 16­11 in Waikari’s favour. Goal keep Isabella Neil and goal defence Jessica Macadam fought hard against

Waikari shooters goal attack Jenny Keeble and goal shoot Coreen Fletcher to get some ball back for Culverden. Mid­courters Bronnie Gunn and wing defence Michelle Fletcher continued to play well for Waikari. The Culverden shooters were accurate with goal shoot Hayden O’Shea and goal attack Ashnorr Kaur saw the game end 26­26. Results were: Senior A: Cheviot A 70 Cheviot S 4,

Hanmer A 48 Hawarden A 17, Culverden A 31 Waiau A 20. Senior B: Waikari S 26 Culverden B 26, Hawarden B 24 Waiau S 18. Senior C: Cheviot B 25 Hawarden C 20, Hawarden S 39 Waiau C 14. Primary A: Hawarden D 12 Waiau PA 7, Culverden PA 28 Cheviot PA 26. Primary B: Waiau PC 15 Cheviot PB 12, Hawarden PA 15 Waiau PB 7. Primary C: Hawarden PB 17 Cheviot PC 2, Culverden PB 20 Hanmer 0.

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North Canty results Hurunui Blue 40 Oxford Black 45, Ohoka Black 30 Glenmark­Cheviot 15, Ohoka Red 60 Kaiapoi 20, Oxford Red 35 Ashley Blue 35, Saracens Blue 40 Saracens Red 50, Woodend 15 Amberley 55. Under 9: Saracens Blue 60 Saracens Red 30, Ashley Green 30 Hurunui Black 40, Hurunui Blue 75 Ashley White 20, Ohoka Black 60 Glenmark 30, Oxford 5 Ashley Blue 60, Woodend 65 Amberley 35. Under 8: Ashley Green 40 Hurunui 30, Saracens Orange 65 Oxford Black 20, Ohoka Black 55 Glenmark­ Cheviot 70, Ohoka Red 65 Kaiapoi 60, Oxford Red 25 Ashley Blue 60, Saracens Blue 5 Saracens Red 55, Woodend 30 Amberley 35. Under 7: Ashley Green 90 Ohoka White 90, Hurunui Blue 110 Saracens Orange 90, Ohoka Black 105 Glenmark­Cheviot 65, Ohoka Red 55 Kaiapoi 90, Saracens Blue 75 Ashley White 45, Saracens Green 70 Oxford Black 60, Saracens White 60 Saracens Red 50, Woodend 50 Amberley 60. Under 6: Ashley White 60 Saracens Blue 60, Hurunui Blue won by default from Ashley Gold, Ohoka Red 85 Saracens Green 85, Ohoka White 80 Ashley Green 70, Oxford Black 60 Ohoka Blue 55, Oxford Red 65 Ashley Blue 70, Saracens Red 65 Saracens Orange 60, Woodend 50 Amberley 50.

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Cool start to games

The Matt Blair Motors Hurunui Rangers The final result was a 3­1 win to senior division two side played its last Christchurch United. home match of the league season Matt Blair Motors Hurunui Rangers against Christchurch United at the Presidents 7 Hornby United 1 Amberley Domain last Saturday, going This was the third time these teams down 3­1. had met this year, and with Hornby Both teams set out to attack at a winning both the first round match and frenetic pace, until United picked up on the friendly, the Presidents were a loose ball and sent enough players desperate to take this game. forward to outnumber the Hurunui They did so in style and with great defence scoring the opening goal in the teamwork. seventh minute. Hornby opened the scoring, but the United proceeded to bundle Hurunui lead was short lived with Dave Delany off the ball, scoring a second time scoring with a classic bicycle kick. around the 30 The equalising minute mark and goal was quickly ❛The equalising goal was holding a 2­nil lead followed by a at half time break. second and then a quickly followed by a second slog to half time The second half began with the with a 2­1 lead. and then a slog to half time Hurunui Rangers The second changing its game with a 2­1 lead. ❜ stanza was all Hurunui with the plan, but it continued to be frustrated by the pace and skill advantage in midfield Christchurch United defence, who becoming too much for Hornby to seemed to be everywhere. handle. In the end, Dave Delany completed his hat­trick and goals were Christchurch United had control of the game for almost 80 minutes, during also provided by David and Josiah which time they were able to score Peach, Matt Howells and Josh Smith for three times. a 7­1 win. This was a well­deserved win backing up last week’s victory over Hope was restored to Hurunui in the 80th minute when repeat attempts on second place Ferrymead Bays. the United goal had the ball land at Jay Other Results: Hurunui Rangers Masters 2 High School Old Boys 1, Serrano’s feet who had no problem Hurunui Rangers 15s 1 Western AFC 0, Hurunui Rangers getting it past the United keeper. 13s 4 St. Andrews College 1, Hurunui Rangers 12s 2 Christchurch United Rams 6, Hurunui Rangers 11th Grade The final 10 minutes belonged to White 0 Coastal Spirit Hurricanes 8, Hurunui Aces 4 Hurunui. Waimak Jackals 6, Hurunui Stormers 1 Waimak Comets 1, Hurunui Lightning 2 Waimak Bandits 0, Hurunui Lions 4 Attack followed attack but Hurunui Waimak Beetles 5, Hurunui Griffins 0 Waimak Ghosts 3, just could not find the back of the Hurunui Heroes 0 Waimak Thunder 17, Hurunui Hunters 0 United goal. Waimak Jets 5.

Mike Greer Homes North Canterbury division two: Amberley 20 Hurunui 17, Glenmark­Cheviot 7 Woodend 12. Pickering Challenge Shield: Saracens 15 Oxford 36. Division two reserve: Kaiapoi 16 Ohoka 22. Women’s: Kaiapoi 121 Marist Albion 7. Crusaders Secondary schools UC championship: Rangiora HS 13 Timaru BHS 21. Mike Greer Homes North Canterbury Under 18: Rangiora HS 5 Ashley­Oxford 23, Hurunui 18 Kaiapoi 18 (Rick Moore Trophy retained). Mike Greer Homes under 16: Hurunui 43 Kaiapoi­ Woodend 10, Barber Trophy: Oxford 56 Ashley/ Amberley 14. Under 14.5: Ohoka 38 Kaiapoi 31, Oxford 50 Ashley Blue 86, Saracens 12 Ashley Green 38. Under 13: Hurunui 22 Amberley 64, Ohoka 55 Kaiapoi 12, Oxford 10 Ashley 65, Woodend 24 Saracens 31. Under11.5: Hurunui Blue 0 Kaiapoi 5, Ohoka Black 26 Ashley Blue 24. Section two: Oxford 21 Hurunui Black 7, Saracens Blue 7 Amberley 46. Section three: Ashley Green 12 Saracens Red 46, Woodend defaulted to Ohoka Red. Under 10: Ashley Green 50 Hurunui Black 35,

Thursday July 9 2015

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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

Local umpire at Silver Ferns trial Club results By SHELLEY TOPP A trip to Auckland last week for the Silver Ferns trials took North Canterbury netball umpire, Michael Wyllie a step closer to a job he has eyed for ages. This year’s Silver Ferns trials in Auckland had special significance with the team being chosen for the Netball World Cup tournament in Sydney from August 7 to 16. The Silver Ferns have won the World Cup, which is held every four years, four times ­ in 1967, 1979, 1987 and 2003. As a member of the New Zealand Netball National A Umpire squad Mr Wyllie is naturally looking forward to the day when he gets the call to umpire a Silver Ferns international game. That’s likely to be another two years away, but he’s on the right path and on target to possibly umpire at the 2019 World Cup which will be held in Liverpool, England. As a male umpiring women’s netball, Mr Wyllie is the minority, with only six he knows of in New Zealand. He’s been umpiring women’s and men’s netball for 12­13 years beginning after he started playing men’s netball in 1999. ‘‘One day when I was playing they needed an umpire. Someone asked me to do it. It all started from there,’’ he

Umpire . . . Michael Wyllie in action during the Rangiora High School 3 versus Oxford 2 game at the North Canterbury Netball PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP. Centre courts in Rangiora last Saturday. said. Although men’s netball is not a well­known sport in New Zealand, it has been going for 30 years, starting very small during the early 1980’s. He’s passionate about the game.

‘‘I love the pace of it,’’ he said. He also enjoys ‘‘where netball can take you.’’ He’s off to Sydney in August to help umpire the games in the build­up to the women’s netball World Cup, in which


the New Zealand A team will compete. Mr Wyllie has played for the phenomenally successful Canterbury men’s netball team for six years. They won 18 national premiership titles in a row, before losing last year. But they are gearing up for a big performance in September to try to regain their title. The men’s team play against the Mainland Tactix women’s team most weeks as part of their training routine. ‘‘It’s very competitive. We don’t let up and neither do they.’’ The men’s team are also sometimes asked to play the Silver Ferns as part of their training schedule. ‘‘That’s a special occasion. Once every two or three years when they are in Christchurch for a training camp,’’ he said. Although Mr Wyllie ‘‘generally has something to do with netball every day’’, he also has a fulltime job as an administrator working at Harcourts in Riccarton. He now lives in Spreydon, but was born and raised in Rangiora, and that is why he decided to umpire for North Canterbury netball this year. ‘‘I’m loving it out at North Canterbury. It’s nice to be able to give something back to the community where you grew up,’’ he said.

Amberley Smallbore Rifle Club results June 29: M.Criglington 98.7, G.Wright 98.5, K.Brown 98.4, C.Rhodes 96.2, A.Heaven 94.2, R.Harper 92.2, W.Parker 92.2, M.Bradley 89.0, B.Devine 89.0, I.Frazer 88.2, G.Evans 87.1, J.Bradley 84.1, Grace Russell 84.0, Megan Parker 82.0, J.Douglas 81.0, Gemma Douglas 81.0, D.McIlraith 80.0, C.Bradley 78.1, J.Beaton 78.0, T.McIlraith 76.0, B.Robinson 74.0, M.Palmer 73.0, Genevieve Kamstra 72.0 Travel shoot and Tiverton Cup, round six, July 1: Division One teams: West Eyreton 787.56 (5) 28 points, Amberley 777.49 (4) 19 points, Rangiora 777.44 (3) 25 points. Division Two teams: West Eyreton 781.49 (5) 11 points, Rangiora 586.31 (4) 23 points, Amberley 578.34 (3) 19 points. Tiverton Cup highest individual scores: Gordon Wright 197.11, Robert Dalzell 197.10 (100.7), Peter Boerlage 195.15, Keith Brown 195.13, Tania Boerlage 194.11, James Briden 193.9, Amy Young 192.8, Alister Brosnan 192.4, Chris Kershaw 191.10, Sam Vincent 191.9. Rangiora Bridge Club results: Saturday Afternoon Oxford Pairs: North/ South: Helen Dunn / Allison Fleetwood 1, East/West: Helen Paterson / Janice Pickering 1. Monday Afternoon Presidents: N/S: Judith Driver / Jan Roose 1, Diana Faulkner / Liz Duke 2, Sue Solomons / Suzette McIlroy 3. E/W: Jenny Shore / Shona Keating 1, Janice Pickering / Robert Jarrett 2, Margaret Brownlee / Mary Warren 3. Wednesday Evening Premier Pairs: N/S: Judith Driver / Darcy Preston 1, Peter Van Leeuwen / Dave Putt 2, Jill Trumper / Joy Hayward 3. E/W: Liz Duke / Jenny Shore 1, Dawn Simpson / Gaynor Hurford 2, Geoff Swailes / Fred Thompson 3.

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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

Page 39

Reporter/photo­ grapher Shelley Topp captured the action at the North Catnerbury Netball Courts at Dudley Park last Staurday. It was the final round before netball takes a break for a week for the school holidays. Competition resumes on July 18.

Keeping watch . . . Umpire Michael Wyllie (left) during the Rangiora High School 3 versus Oxford 2 game in the senior section competition.

On the lookout . . . Ohoka’s Lianne O’Connor looks to pass the ball to team mate Kate Woollett, the Ohoka goal attack (who later changed position to wing attack), during their game in the Premier Grade competition against Kaiapoi.

Reaching out . . . Kaiapoi’s goal keep, Janneke Dollar, stretches up to intercept a shot at goal from Ohoka’s wing attack Kate Woollett during their game in the premier competition at the North Canterbury Netball Centre courts last Saturday morning.

In charge . . . Umpire Hayley Fletcher during the Kaiapoi 1 versus Ohoka 1 game in the Premier Grade competition on court one at the North Canterbury Netball Centre courts last Saturday morning.

Keeping score . . . Sarah Buxton, aged 13, left, Ashley Riley, aged 11, and Ella Luscombe, aged 8, all from Oxford, keep track of the scoreboard during the Rangiora High School 2 versus Oxford.

Keeping track . . . Chris Garrick writing up the statistics during games.

Watching from the sidelines . . . Jill Brown with her daughters, Stella Brown, aged 3, centre, and Mikayla Robb, aged 4, from Kaiapoi.

Watching and waiting . . . Amberley goal shoot Vanessa Bond during the Amberley 1 versus Kaiapoi High School 1 game in the senior section competition.

Page 40

The News

Thursday July 9 2015



July 9, 2015 |

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A Touch of English Elegance An elegant and alluring residence, symmetrical in its design, is available for a family that requires the facility to provide for extended family, house guests,independent teens or maybe to allow for a boutique business - B & B, beauty or hair salon - that’s how multi-functional this property is, in ever popular Fernside. Just 3kms to the centre of the Rangiora Township, nestled on the town boundary, the 4ha property offers four bedrooms in the main dwelling, three bathrooms, two lounges, a lovely country style galley kitchen in the east wing, and an additional kitchen in the other.


The property allows for additional income stream via the brand new two bedroom fully self contained guest house, as well as one wing of the house being self contained so that it can function independently from the rest of the home. Under floor heating and heat pumps are the main heat source, and due to its design, passive solar heating gives the house an additional boost on a sunny winter’s day. The well fenced and thoughtfully planned paddock layout includes a wide laneway allowing for easy transfer and movement of stock.



All weather riding arena, lunging arena and good quality post and wire fencing, with access to the Rangiora racecourse directly over the road, offers much for the equestrian enthusiast. The property would be ideal for training sport horses, race horses and breeding and raising young stock. Owners want sold, and are ready for action on auction day. Auction: 3pm Wednesday 5th August 2015 at Russley Golf Course, Memorial Ave, Christchurch (unless sold prior).

Display Home

House & Land Packages from $475,000

Wednesday to Sunday 12pm - 4pm

For more information or to view by private appointment contact Trevor Rowe 021 488 996

OPEN 17 Goodwin Street, Grasmere Downs, Rangiora


The News

$195,000+GST (IF ANY)

Thursday July 9 2015

Page 41

From $165,000

Tea Rooms - Business

Harcourts ID: HS6348

Where Futures Begin...

Harcourts ID: RG7200

16 Lyndon Street, Waiau – Affordable business opportunity located on State highway 70 in the heart of

Elm Green Sub Division, Rangiora – A quality subdivision located on the fast developing eastern

the village. This spot makes an ideal stop off on the Alpine triangle tourist route which includes Hanmer

fringe of Rangiora, just over two kilometres and a comfortable walking distance to the town centre.

Springs & Kaikoura not to mention a perfect place to stock up for a day’s skiing at the local Mt Lyford Ski

Sections from 600m² and priced from $165,000. Stage 1 - Titles available. Stages 2A and 3 - Titles

field. Brenda’s on Lyndon has been in operation for over 6 years and shows good continual growth. 2-3

due March 2016. All sections TC1 rated. Geotech reports will be available. Side and rear boundary

bdrm accommodation attached. Land and Buildings also available for sale $225,000 plus GST if any.

fencing included. Covenants to protect your investment. Quality design and construction.

Jackie Frame

Gary McNicholl

P. 03 315 7084 M. 027 435 9810 E. jackie.frame@harcourts.co.nz

P. 03 313 6158 M. 0800 ELM GREEN E. gary.mcnicholl@harcourts.co.nz

Licensed Sales Consultant

Licensed Sales Consultant



Development Potential!

Harcourts ID: RG7303

Investor Liquidates 3bdrm Villa

Harcourts ID: BF24638

77 Pattersons Road, Ohoka – 13.6 ha, zoned rural and a substantial opportunity, rarely available,

94 Main Street, Oxford – This character home has been refreshed with interior renovations nearing

is up for grabs. Our owners of 21 years are sad to be leaving but for health reasons, it is now

completion, but still retains the original charm of it’s true nature and is located centrally within Oxford’s

imperative to downsize. This property will be sold! Waikanui shallow silt loam soil with two road

township: 3 double bedrooms, new modern kitchen, separate laundry, wood floors & joinery, log burner,

boundaries giving excellent access to the property, on the outskirts of Ohoka and in zone for

140m² floor / 1126m² land. Set within the tranquil country environment, and with Mt Oxford striking a

Ohoka School, this is the perfect location to run a small lifestyle business, subdivide or land bank.

stunning back-drop it is the most beautiful village in New Zealand!

Christine Tallott

Mitchell Roberts & Mana Tai

Licensed Sales Consultant

Auction: Wednesday 22nd July 3.00 p.m. (unless sold prior)

P. 03 313 6158 M. 0274 906 042 E. christine.tallott@gmail.com





Auction: Wednesday 22nd July 3.00 p.m. (unless sold prior)

Licensed Sales Consultants

P. 03 323 6045 M. 0274130797 or 0276262824 E. mitchandmana@harcourts.co.nz





Two Homes on 4 Hectares

Harcourts ID: RG7310

Mortgagee Auction

Harcourts ID: BF24624

1273 Oxford Road, Cust – From the moment you arrive you will be impressed. An oasis of privacy,

59 Robertsons Road, Balcairn – Much thought and planning has been put into the design of this

space and quality, with gracious living areas including extensive indoor/outdoor flow. 4 large

open plan home with 3 extra-large bedrooms, 2 ensuites plus a 3rd shower and toilet between the 3rd

bedrooms, study with supersized rumpus room, the cottage encompasses 3 bedrooms plus study.

bedroom and living area. A new Rayburn wood range provides hot water for underfloor heating as well

It’s just oozing so much you won’t be disappointed.

as the 300 litre hot water cylinder, plus the benefit of cooking. With exposed Oregon beams creating a “Cathedral” like feeling this house is spacious and welcoming.

Odelle Rich

Bill Dowle

Licensed Sales Consultant

P. 03 313 6158 M. 027 269 0908 E. odelle.rich@harcourts.co.nz

Contributor to www.realestate.co.nz

Auction: Wednesday 22nd July 3:00 p.m.

Licensed Sales Consultant




P. 03 323 6045 M. 029 358 3175 E. bill.dowle@harcourts.co.nz





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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

For Sale


New Listing | 57 Churchill Street, Kaikoura




Looking For Seaviews? Two story, five bedroom home plus a selfcontained sleep-out. The jewel in the crown is the large purpose-built deck upstairs providing sun and views over the Pacific Ocean, down over the wharf, with the mountains in the distance. The open-plan living area is downstairs, heated by log burner on wetback. There are two smaller bedrooms downstairs, plus the bathroom with spa bath, and separate laundry. Upstairs finds the sunny master bedroom with semi en suite with two further bedrooms. Set on an established section, within walking distance to town.| Property ID TU10604



By appointment

Contact Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600


Amberley | Courage Road 1,000m - 2,023m 2

By negotiation


Exciting Commercial Land Development. Ignore Previous Pricing - Invest in this fast growing region, great access, no commute worries here. Adjacent to SH1, reticulated Council water, Council sewerage, three phase electricity. Suit agribusiness, retail storage, light industry, professional offices, cafe and medical facilities. Situated between Courage and Pound Roads. A major national rural servicing company have already established their business in the development. Vendor motivated to sell Stage One now. Stages 2 and 3 to follow. 14 sections in total. | Property ID RA1635


By appointment


Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425 Malcolm McNaughton 027 297 4297

Open Home

Open Home

Price Reduced

Offers Over


$649,000 considered on or before 2pm, Tuesday 14 July 2015 unless sold prior

15 Bridge Street Southbridge

75 Willowside Place Amberley

Contact Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Contact Jack Lowery 027 472 8644

Open Home Sunday 1.30 to 2.00pm. All Offers Presented. Brand new home conveniently located close to sports facilities, primary school and growing shopping precinct. Three double bedrooms, the master with walk-in wardrobe and en suite, open plan kitchen/dining and family room, plus a separate lounge and study, the family bathroom has separate shower. North-facing deck to relax and enjoy the afternoon sun and picturesque views of the Teviotdale Hills and Mt Grey. | Property ID AM1009

Open Home Sunday 1.30 to 2.15pm. Immaculately presented, four double bedroom family home. Open-plan kitchen/dining/lounge with modern appliances and heat pump, log burner (wet back), bi-fold doors opening to a verandah and private spa area, separate toilet, modern full-size bathroom. Large master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, en suite and ranch slider opening to the spa area. Attached double garage, two bay accessory barn. Paddocks ideal for pets or the kids’ hobbies. | Property ID LE1529

Open Home




On-site 2pm, Friday 24 July 2015



Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

8 Hillview Place 1,300m2

7 Leeston Lake Road Leeston


Jack Lowery 027 472 8644 Open Home Sunday 2.30 to 3.15pm. Three bedroom, quaint cottage recently decorated throughout. Very tidy interior, separate kitchen and dining with spacious lounge. High-stud ceiling, quality heat pump, bathroom with shower. Large english-style garden. Ideal first home or investment - why pay rent? | Property ID LE1528

James Murray 027 436 8103 Canterbury

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119 Canterbury

Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425 Canterbury

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718 Canterbury

Rural Views Town Location. If you are looking for a home with peaceful surroundings and a rural view, then look no further. This superb, modern home is located in a cul-de-sac with the grounds overlooking rural land. Open-plan living area with a modern kitchen, dining area and lounge heated by gas fire and heat pump, three double bedrooms, en suite with tiled underfloor heating, family bathroom with separate bath and shower and double garage. Beautifully landscaped. | Property ID AM1019

Barry Keys 027 434 7689 Canterbury

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600 Kaikoura

Allan Gifford 027 226 2379 Marlborough

Chris Abbott 027 435 2872 Marlborough

0800 200 600 | farmlandsrealestate.co.nz

The News

Thursday July 9 2015

Page 43

For Sale Amberley




From $137,500

By negotiation



Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Willowside Place 1,108m2 - 1,289m2

Affordable Sections - Conway Country Estate. Only 10 affordable sections left in this desirable subdivision located on the west side of Amberley Township. Amberley has seen tremendous growth over the past couple of years with many new homes being built and a new shopping centre with Countdown supermarket. Sections are walking distance to the local sporting facilities and primary school and Amberley’s amenities. Covenants in place to protect your investment. | Property ID AM1010

6 Princes Street 857m2

Cosy Rural Village Home. Beautifully presented, near-new home located in small rural village. The home consists of well-equipped modern kitchen, open-plan living/ dining, two bedrooms – master with walk in wardrobe and tiled wet room bathroom. The 857m2 section is a blank canvas for your landscape ideas. Waikari has many facilities including primary school, medical facilities, bakery, service station, café, gift shop and local pub. | Property ID AM1006





By negotiation




Maurice Newell 027 240 1718

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718

Polo Horses Or Cattle. If you are looking for a lifestyle property offering a modern home and first class facilities just across the road from the Blue Springs Polo School, this exceptionally well maintained property will impress. Three bedrooms plus office, family home with two living areas with professionally landscaped gardens. Double internal access garage plus a 9m x 9m shed with double roller doors and a 15m x 7.5m shed with large sliding doors - all lockable and private. | Property ID RA1637

Lifestyle Freedom, Right In Town. This four bedroom Oamaru stone home is set on 4 hectares right in the heart of Oxford. A land bank opportunity which already provides a 5-bay shed, an additional 500m2 shed, double garage with freezer room, woodshed and sleepout, sheep and cattle yards, cattle crush and loading ramp. All this only a short walk from the centre of vibrant Oxford. | Property ID RA1634

222 High Street 4 Hectares

107 Bramleys Road 5.5 Hectares





By negotiation




Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600

68 Hawthorne Road 1.7 Hectares

Mt Fyffe Road 9,500m2 - 3.15 Hectares

Mt Fyffe Heights. Unsurpassed views from mountains to the sea. Five totally unique, elevated lifestyle blocks set under Mt Fyffe with a native bush backdrop. Outstanding views over rural farmland to the Peninsula and Pacific Ocean. All blocks will be fully fenced with water, power and telephone on boundary. Close to Fyffe Palmer Walk, approximately five minutes’ drive to Kaikoura, north-west of township. Practical covenants, mail to gate and school bush. Subject to issue of new titles. | Property ID RA1631

Dare To Be Different. Optional solar power and underfloor heating throughout from central boiler system. Many other special features; modern kitchen with walk-in pantry, open-plan living with floor-toceiling double-glazed windows and doors, plus a separate media room. Four bedrooms, master with en suite and walk-in wardrobe. Set in a sheltered private location, with views over established native plantings with the mountains as a backdrop. Separate, older two bedroom cottage. | Property ID TU10591





Offers over $729,000




Chris Abbott 027 435 2872

Chris Abbott 027 435 2872

Witherlea 711m2

Queen Charlotte Drive 3,985m2

Forever Changing Views. Te Puia Heights. Peace and tranquillity, bird life, quiet, micro climate, slice of paradise, outstanding views. All words used by our vendors to describe their special place. Outstanding twin living, 209m2, four bedroom, three bathroom, permanent material home set in a bush-clad setting overlooking Mahakipawa Inlet, close to Havelock. Five car garaging and 100,000 litres of water storage. | Property ID BL1147

James Murray 027 436 8103 Canterbury

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119 Canterbury

Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425 Canterbury

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718 Canterbury

Size Does Matter! New to the market, this tenanted (love to stay) property, comprises four generous bedrooms (three doubles), en suite and walk-in wardrobe in master, separate laundry, very sunny kitchen/dining and substantial family/living room. Log fire and heatpump, covered verandah and good decking. Lock up garaging and carport at back door. This fully fenced, 711m2 section offers purchasers an ideal investment or spacious family home for themselves. | Property ID BL1149

Barry Keys 027 434 7689 Canterbury

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600 Kaikoura

Allan Gifford 027 226 2379 Marlborough

Chris Abbott 027 435 2872 Marlborough

0800 200 600 | farmlandsrealestate.co.nz

Page 44

The News

Thursday July 9 2015

Dry conditions greet rogaine race By AMANDA BOWES The 2015 Heights of Winter Rogaine competition started with a crisp frost at Blythe Downs near Cheviot for 400 competitors, where they were greeted with dry conditions. Twelve farming families allowed access over their properties for the event, held on Saturday, June 27, and while the dry conditions have been a nightmare for farmers, they made for a fast course. Rogaining involves cross country navigation on foot, using a map and compass. A topographical map is given to competitors and has about 60 check points marked on it. Each check point comes with a clue and teams collect as many check points as they can over the allocated time. The team with the most points wins. The Heights of Winter Rogaine was divided into two events ­ a 12 hour and a six hour contest. The 12 hour race was open for registration and course planning from 7am, with the race starting at 9am and finishing at 9pm, while the six hour ran from 11am to 5pm with registration and course planning from 9.30am. The event was to be held in 2014 but was rained out and 80 percent of the course was the same. An extra coastal strip

Scenic . . . The pristine Blythe Downs, near Cheviot, provided the backdrop for the 2015 Heights of Winter Rogaine Competition. along Nape Nape was added and the course covered many different types of terrain. With great weather, most of the teams stayed out for the full event, which meant many

teams arriving home together. Douglas Woods, from Rogaine NZ, said the Navlight system they used performed really well which meant team results were out quickly.

The Chris Forne and Greg Hamilton team took out the 12 hour event. Max Bixley and Martin Lukes won the MV Grade as well as coming in second place, while Tane

Cambridge and Nick Hann were close behind on third. The top women’s team of Georgia Whitla and Lara Prince came in fourth overall. The challenge for the planners is to create a course which cannot be cleared, so all competitors have to make choices about which controls to miss out. The planners achieved this with the winners leaving more than 500 points out on the field. In the six hour race, Steve McKinstry and Nick Ross came in first, with Carsten Joergensen and Jenni Adams taking second place and Connor Cleary and Stephen Harding coming in third. The course was planned by Douglas Woods and Colin Dixon, which over the past two years has given them an in­depth knowledge of the Blythe valley. Without the support of the local farmers, the event wouldn’t be possible and Douglas said the assistance of Stephen Field, from Blythe Downs, was essential for the smooth running of the event. ‘‘He is a proud farmer who wanted to make the event memorable for the competitors.’’ Anyone can become involved with rogaines and if interested can go to www.rogaine.org.nz.

This week’s open homes in North Canterbury Thursday July 9th Fernside

12.15pm 1.00pm

311 Lehmans Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

10 Tuhoe Avenue

Harcourts Twiss Keir

77 Pattersons Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

102 Peverel Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir

Kaiapoi 1.00pm 3.00pm

Ohoka 1.00pm 1.45pm

Riccarton 12.00pm 12.45pm

Harcourts Twiss Keir

Sunday July 12th 12.00pm 1.00pm 12.30pm 11.45am 1.45pm

Tekoa Estate Sections Amberley Beach RdHarcourts Twiss Keir 3 Courage Road Harcourts Twiss Keir 138 Carters Road Harcourts Twiss Keir 61 Willowside Place Harcourts Twiss Keir 39 Bank Street PGG Wrightson Real Estate

Cust 1.00pm 2.00pm

1820 Cust Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.30pm 2.30pm

1273 Oxford Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

Eyrewell 3.00pm 4.00pm

212 Isaac Road

12.45pm 1.15pm

6 Oakwood Drive

Waimak Real Estate

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.00pm 4.00pm 1.00pm 1.30pm

Elm Green Sub Division 30 Sequoia Way

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

2.30pm 3.00pm 2.30pm 3.00pm

18 Brockelbank Dr, Sovereign Palms Waimak Real Estate 13 Tuhoe Avenue Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.00pm 1.45pm 1.15 pm 2.00pm

15 Cedar Place 37A Ivory Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

3.15pm 4.00pm

10 Magnate Drive

Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.30pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.30pm

9 Hassall Street 18 Calvandra Grove

Waimak Real Estate Waimak Real Estate

228 Swannanoa Road 311 Lehmans Road

Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir

2.00pm 2.30pm 2.00pm 2.30pm

20 Milesbrook Close 58 Kowhai Avenue

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

14 John Leith Place

Harcourts Twiss Keir

2.15pm 2.45pm 2.30pm 3.15pm

7 Green Street 19 Palmview Drive

Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.00pm 1.30pm

34 Hodgsons Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

2.45pm 3.15pm 3.00pm 3.30pm

38c Victoria Street 7 El Alamein Avenue

Waimak Real Estate Waimak Real Estate

1.30pm 2.00pm

214 Loburn Whiterock Rd Harcourts Twiss Keir

3.00pm 3.45pm 3.45pm 4.15pm

23 Riverview Road 2 Kowhai Avenue

Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate

188 Grimseys Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

102 Peverel Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir

651 Lower Sefton Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

1/34 Browning Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir

1206 Two Chain Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

Fernside 12.00pm 12.30.pm 12.15pm 1.00pm



Amberley 11.00am 12.00pm 11.45 am 11.00 am 1.00pm

Waimak Real Estate

50 Sterling Crescent 17 Tuhoe Avenue



15 Cedar Place

28/261 Lees Road

2.15pm 3.00pm 2.30pm 3.00pm

1.00pm 1.45pm

Saturday July 11th 1.00pm 1.45pm

1.45pm 2.30pm

Harcourts Twiss Keir

Kaiapoi 11.30 am 12.30pm 12.00pm 12.30pm

8 Foxton Drive 11 Wyatt Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

12.30pm 1.00pm 12.45pm 1.15pm

16 Lilian Street 15 Foxton Drive

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.00pm 1.30pm 1.00pm 1.30pm

24 Lilian Street 4 Laurel Lane

Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate

1.30pm 2.00pm

47 Robert Coup Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

12.00pm 12.30pm

10 Keetly Place

Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.00pm 1.30pm 1.00pm 1.45pm

372 Mandeville Road 77 Pattersons Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

2.00pm 2.30pm 3.30pm 4.00pm

792 Tram Road 755 Main Drain Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

13 Church Street 36 Church Street 149 Main Street 122 Main Street 94 Main Road 645 Bay Road

Waimak Real Estate Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

3 Tutaipatu Avenue 5 Kawakawa Street 81 Kawari Drive

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twits Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

11.45 am 12.30pm 12.00pm 12.30pm

18/3 Reeves Road 19a Newnham Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

12.30pm 1.00pm

5 Foster Place

Waimak Real Estate

Oxford 10.00am 11.00am 12.00pm 1.00pm 2.15pm 2.30pm

10.30am 11.30am 1.00pm 2.00pm 2.40pm 3.00pm

Pegasus 12.00pm 12.30pm 1.00pm 1.30pm 1.45pm 2.15pm


Redwood 12.30pm 1.00pm

Riccarton 12.00pm 12.45pm

Sefton 2.30pm 3.00pm

Sydenham 11.00am 11.30am

Swannanoa 3.00pm 3.30pm

Waikuku Beach 12.00pm 12.45pm 1.00pm 1.45pm

11 Queens Avenue 14 Allin Drive

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

Woodend 1.30pm 2.00pm 2.30pm 3.15pm 3.00pm 3.30pm

50 Rangiora Woodend Rd Waimak Real Estate 54 Rangiora Woodend Rd Harcourts Twiss Keir 6B Paget Drive Harcourts Twiss Keir

The News

Public Notices

Public Notices

Public Notices

Public Notices

Thursday July 9 2015

Page 45

Situations Vacant Situations Vacant

Amuri Area School

Amuri Area School

POSSUM CONTROL POISON WARNING Excell Biosecurity wishes to advise that a ground-based possum control operation will be taking place to keep possum numbers under control to prevent the spread of Tb. This operation will be conducted as a part of the TBfree New Zealand programme.

Come along and help us make big plans for the future.

Operation date: 6th July 2015 to 26th February 2016.

General warning: • Do not touch poison baits/bait stations/traps • Do not touch poisoned possum carcasses • Keep pets under supervision • Do not leave children unattended • Follow the advice on the poison warning signs. If • • •

you suspect poisoning: Contact your local hospital, or dial 111 Call National Poisons Centre 0800 POISON – 0800 764 766 In the case of a domestic animal being poisoned, contact a local veterinarian.

Approved operator: For further information, contact the operator Craig Stubbs, Excell Biosecurity 03 313 5737 or 021 870 528.

The Annual General Meeting of the Hawarden Agricultural & Pastoral Association Will be held at the Hawarden Hall on Wednesday August 5th 2015 at 8pm All welcome. Please contact the Secretary, Charlotte Campbell 03 314 2334 with any apologies or enquiries.

SOUTHBROOK SCHOOL FAIR Sun ay 1 o er 2015 10 3 am – 2 3 pm

Calling all Stallholders id $5

A ut $15 l s $ 5 / s ss s 0 ui s o n 03 313 6 r 21 6 20 1



CASH 4 CARS and 4WD'S Phone Automotive Parts 03 313 7216

Public Notices

Public Notices

Hurunui Race and Gala Assoc. Inc. AGM Monday 3rd August 2015 7.30pm at Star & Garter Hotel Waikari All Welcome 1612702

Rangiora Table Bowls Club Are holding an Open Day at the Clubroom in River Road, Rangiora On Sunday 12th July at 1.30pm Everybody welcome Give it a go! Enquiries Maureen & Graham Cannan 313 1561

AUTO & MARINE UPHOLSTERY Cloth and vinyl seats repaired / recovered. Ute seats / Tractor seats, Ute / Boat covers repaired / replaced. Boat / Caravan squabs and cushions, 2 and 4 wheel bike seats, Floor mats / carpet replacements etc. Heavy machinery covers, Tramp mat repairs / replacements. Same day service by qualified tradesman. Ph Robbie Boyd 027 424 1876 DISMANTLING and buying all models of Falcons now. Please phone 03 3125 064 .

Concrete Services AFFORDABLE concrete cutting with quality and removal work. Free quotes. AMBERLEY LIBRARY VOLUNTEERS No job too small. Ph 027 442 2219, Fax 03 359 6052 ANNUAL GENERAL or A/H 03 359 4605. MEETING A PROFESSIONAL job Monday 27 July 2015 by local owner operator, from concrete around new Hurunui Memorial Library at 9am homes to resurfacing CLAIRVOYANT floors. For your next con­ medium, clear accurate crete job, residential or readings with Holly. Phone business, phone LE’ CON­ 03 314 9073. CRETE on 03 314 9366.

Chimney Cleaning ABEL & Prestige Chimney Cleaning. Nth Cant. Owned and operated. Professional guaranteed service. All firebox repairs. Ph Ken & Trish 312 5764.

Decorating A Lady Paperhanger and Painter, all work guaran­ teed, free quotes. Phone Carol 027 435 9165 or 03 3127 327. TWEED Decorating for your painting and wallpapering needs, interior or exterior. Based in Hawarden covering the Hurunui area. Call Phil on 027 558 9333 or 03 314 4110. NORTH Canterbury Painters. Reg Tradesman. Interior, exterior painting. Free quotes. Covering North Canterbury, Oxford, Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Amber­ ley. Phone Robin Driver 03 327 7899 or 027 432 3520. PAINTER Top quality work. No job too big or small. We stand by Canter­ bury. Call Wayne 027 274 3541.


Serving North Canterbury for over 20 years

20 yrs exp, fast and friendly service. For all your painting needs, phone: Martin 310 6187 or 021 128 9867




• Must be 11 years or older • Earn extra cash while staying fit • Must be enthusiastic, honest and reliable • Distributing The News / Flyers to residential letterboxes

Phone 03 314 8335 for more details or email info@thenewsnc.co.nz

For Sale

Free Quotes

Pride & Quality Painting & Decorating Services


• Please include your address, suburb and contact details

New Houses, Alterations Light Commercial

Ph 027 227 7526 or 03 313 2454

Fixed Term until December 2015 Teaching Year 9 Due to roll growth we require a part time Maths and Science teacher every Monday and Friday. For more information and an application pack please call James on 021 024 79539 or email


For more information call James on 03 315 8233


The public is warned not to enter these areas and not to remove carcasses or baits. Baits are dangerous to people and dogs.

When: Wednesday 29th July 7pm – 9pm Where: Community Room at Amuri Area School All welcome. 1613043

Feratox capsules (dyed green) to be placed in a peanut paste inside biodegradable blue bait bags and bait stations. Trapping will also be used.

Inspiring Maths and Science Teacher wanted

Strategic Planning Consultation Evening

Areas covered: Amuri Range Tb operation (18,981ha). The southern and western boundary is the Waiau River, the eastern boundary is the Lottery River and the northern boundary is the Hanmer River and Hossack Station. Poisoning methods, poison used and nature of poison: Possum habitats will be targeted using Feratox encapsulated cyanide baits, in bait bags and bait stations and will be attached to trees and fence posts.

Kia Kitea Toikaka Nothing But The Best

Kia Kitea Toikaka Nothing But The Best

NO bees? Rent a beehive. Fully managed by regis­ tered bee keepers. You get pollination plus honey. Phone 027 657 2007.


50% OFF All items under $10

EXCEL Eng. Ltd. Struc­ tural & General Engineers. Rangiora Sales Coded welding, House Beams & Lintels, Secondhand Dealers 24 Edward St Machining, Profile Cutting, Hydraulic Press, Crane ph 313 8119 Truck Hire & Skip Hire. Avail now for all jobbing work. We also manufacture & repair jet boats. Work­ Fencing shop at 181 Loburn Whiterock Rd. Ph/fax 03 NORTHEND FENCING 312 8884, mobile 027 486 LTD is in your area. For all 0415 anytime. fencing requirements eg; dairy conversions, Entertainment vineyards, deer fencing, lifestyle blocks, post and WOODEND Beach Coun­ rail, quality workmanship try Music Club. Meet on guaranteed, competitive the 2nd and 4th Thursday rates.phone Mike 027 313 of each month. At 7.30pm, 1872. in the Woodend Commun­ ity Hall, School Street. Everyone welcome. A good SUMMERFIELD Fencing country supper. Contact Ltd in your area now. President Robert Lifestyle or farm, sheep, Jongenburger (03) 312 cattle, horse, all types of 7313 or Secretary Gail animals. Fences, yards, Campbell ( 03 ) 327 9371. sheds, arenas, shelters, Fundraiser is being held runs. 27 years contract Friday 10th July at Paparua fencing. John is available to / Templeton RSA, 7.30pm. help with your design and Great Music, dancing and planning. Ph Carol or John raffles. All welcome. on 03 312 4747.

Immediate Start Class Drivers WTR Operators Labourers/Roading Conditions apply. Christchurch / Canterbury based Please call Dave 027 222 0255 Or Murray 021 921 981 GENERAL Labourers required. TC and Sitesafe an advantage. Phone Jade Resourcing 03 327 0656, 66 Ohoka Rd, Kaiapoi.

Properties For Sale PRIVATE SALE FERNSIDE, RANGIORA 12 year old open plan dining-kitchen with four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Fire on wetback, heat pump with double glazed windows. Internal four car garage, Three bay implement shed and a 20x9 metre workshop all on a 8715m² (2 ¼ acres). Ideal for retired farmers or a business owner. Price guide early $800,000's.

Enquiries phone 027 432 2107

Thursday July 9 2015

Open Monday - Sunday 9am - 5pm Natives Exotics Hedging Landscape and Japanese Maples 1029 Tram Rd Ohoka No eftpos Est 1974


Brighten your party with authentic costumes Mon & Thurs 7 - 9pm Friday 4 - 6pm Saturday 11am - 1pm large groups by arrangement Enquiries please phone Rooms 313 4854 or Gail 313 6774 www.ncms.co.nz EFTPOS. Northbrook RD, Rangiora

Ideall as an exttra bedroom or office.

Fully insulated and double glazed for warmth. Three convenient sizes: Standard 3.6m x 2.4m, Large 4.2m x 2.4m Xtra-large 4.8m x 2.4m. Visit our website www.justcabins.co.nz for display cabin locations or call for a free brochure.

Health & Beauty HOMEOPATHY Do you suffer from Migranes, Hayfever, or a lingering cough? Maybe a natural approach with a Homeopathic remedy will help. Phone Jennifer Mackinder (Dip.Hom) 03 314 8046. WISDOM COUNSELLING for per­ sonal, couples, family, prof. MNZAC in North Canter­ bury. One2one, phone or skype Michael 027 340 8325, 03 745 9118 www.wisdomcounselling.co.nz.

Builder For all of your Trades and LOCAL Classified BUILDERS enquiries, Ring Mark 027 229 7310 please for a free quote contact www.longsilver Amanda construction.com at • Licensed Building The News Practitioner • Registered on Master

UT ABOVE A C THE REST GOSCUT CONCRETE CUTTER LTD Specialise in: Soffut (Early Entry Saw) House & Factory Floor Slabs All Aspects of Ground Sawing, Floor Grinding, Wall Cutting/ Core Drilling – Up to 600mm diameter Residential & Commercial

• Decorative Cutting • Inyard Cutting & Drilling • Fumeless Hydraulic Equipment

(will travel)

Graeme Gosney 0274 971 683 Phone 03 327 8341 Fax 03 327 8343 Email: goscut@xtra.co.nz

No job too small or big Free quotes

Ph 027 204 5358 (03) 312 7042

Old - New Domestic - Commercial No job too small Reliable and Professional Tradesman

Ph Chris 027 365 5818

S.T.O.L.A Tradesman Painting stolatradesmanpainting @gmail.com 16004147

Full range of black, primed & galv. Products: Pipe, Box, Angle, Flat, P.F.C. Re-Bar & Pre Drilled Base Plates. We can supply cut and deliver Mon-Friday 8-4.30 Sat 8-12pm

Wanted FORESTRY Export logs and firewood logs wanted blue gum, oregon / macro­ carpa / pine plantations, forestry blocks / land clear­ ing / stumps out / 20 tonne excavator / removal dan­ gerous trees / dangerous wind blow / storm damaged. Free quote. Ph or text 027 956 1642.



Forestry Wanted for Harvest

6 Cable St, Sockburn P 943 6525 F 943 6527 sales@steelcanterbury.co.nz

Tree Services BRIAN’S Tree Services. Tree felling, topping, shaping, firewood cut, rub­ bish removed, stump grind­ ing, branch chipping. Affordable rates. Phone 03 327 5505 or 021 124 4894.

Pine / Bluegum Any size block Best rates offered

Ph/text 027 319 0654 Email: stumpgo@xtra.co.nz



We can arrange to kill and process your Beef, Pork, Lamb, Venison and Game Meat NOW! Open Saturday Mornings Phone (03) 327 8219 A/H 027 306 3874


Oxford Butchery Bevan and Shane Frahm

We can arrange to have your stock killed. Sheep, beef and pigs: process into portion packs and smallgoods and label to your requirements.

Number one

bacon Ph 312 4205 old-fashioned & ham curing. Oxford A/H 312 4219 or 312 4709

Chiropractic Services Chiropractic and Natural Health Care Dr Carissa McGregor Chiropractor ACC Accredited Available Monday - Thursday Ph: 03 313 0350

Canterbury Homekill prides itself in offering a professional, honest service throughout Canterbury

Judy McArthur DC (UK) Applied Kinesiology, McTimony Technique, Craniosacral, Available Fridays

(03) 313 4771 www.canterburyhomekill.co.nz

Wastewater Septic Tanks Treatment Plants Drainage Irrigation

Select Health Computer Repairs


Bruce Evans 131 Ohoka Road Kaiapoi p. 03 327 3111 m. 021 293 6331

Repairs & Upgrades Virus & Malware Removal Checkup to Increase Speed Home & Business Onsite Visits Prompt Professional Service

“If it’s broke, let’s fix it”




Russelectrical Domestic | Commercial | Repairs | Alterations | Additions

• Prompt, Reliable and Efficient • 40 years' experience • All work guaranteed • No job too small

Phone Karen or Maureen 03 327 4919 or 027 427 4919

Mauds Softfurnishings 88 Williams Street, Kaiapoi (Up long driveway)



Building Structural Steel


Driveways Landscaping Retaining Walls Earthworks Foundations

Tree Services NORTH Canterbury Tree Care. Specialising in big trees in small spaces, long term tree plans, advisory service, fully insured. Free quotes, prompt service. Phone Mike Gilbert 0800 873 336. STUMP REMOVAL Ser­ vicing North Canterbury for prompt professional ser­ vice. Phone Tim 0800 178 867.



Graham Nelson Cell 027 313 1233 graham-nelson@outlook.com


cut to length

TV Work UHF Aerials Satellite dishes

• Curtains • Romans • Cushions and more Free measure & quote

Free quotes


Excavations & Driveways Sitescapes

Civil and Drainage










03 313 2840



GLASS and Glazing. Got a broken glass window? Insurance Work, Pet Doors, Mirrors, Retro Refits, Single / Double Glazing, Splashbacks, Fire Glass. Call your local Glazier Mark on 03 312 3253 or 027 242 6368. Shelley’s Livestock Glass and Glazing. 32 years X2 50LB PORKERS for in the Glass Industry. Oper­ sale, $50 each. Phone 03 ating in North Canterbury. 312 9201. DRESSMAKING. Bev’s Sew Good Services, still open for all your alter­ Landscaping ations, repairs, dress­ TOP SOIL, screened and making, curtains. Phone 327 5535. (formerly from unscreened at Woodend Landscape Supplies. Open Tamara’s). 7 days. Phone 03 312 2003. FURNITURE Removal. AXL Transport Ltd. Qual­ ity removals, at the lowest Trades rate possible. South Island SCREEN PRINTING. wide, Kaiapoi office. Phone For all your printing 03 327 3216. requirements. T­shirts, Hoodies, Hi­Vis vests and PROPERTY MAINTEN­ polos, Overalls, Caps etc. ANCE. Lawns, gardens, Please phone Heather 03 hedges, chainsaw work, 313 0261 or email pruning, painting and heather.norstar@gmail.com. minor home alterations. TOWN AND COUNTRY. TILING J.A.S Tiling Phone Mike 03 313 0261. Services Ltd. Professional, prompt, friendly service. No job too small, free quotes. For all your tiling needs, kitchens, bathrooms, splashbacks, hearths, entranceways. Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, stone veneer, slate. Please phone Andy or Jo 027 322 7191, 03 310 7640 or email Ph 03 327 9522 1592735 andy@jas­tiling.nz.


Deal direct with grower and Save 30%-50% off normal retail prices

Garage Sales HUGE Garage sale. 4 Smarts Drive, Leithfield Beach. Saturday, starts 9.30am. Clothes, Furniture, Horse Gear, Pictures etc. Can call earlier 021 185 4404.



To Let




MULCHER Chipper for TWO BEDROOM house hire. $200 per day. Phone in Waikari, rural outlook, 021 204 6687. close to amenities. Freshly painted and carpeted. Not LOG Splitter for hire. suitable for young children. Phone 021 204 6687. Suit semi­retired or profes­ sional couple. Phone A/H North Canterbury Musical 03 314 4288.


Gardening BARKS, Composts, Pea Straw & much more at Woodend Landscape Supplies. Delivery & cour­ tesy trailers available. Open 7 days. Ph 03 312 2003.


The News


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Russell Thompson - Phone 027 943 4096 A/H 03 3127 562 | Email: todist@xtra.co.nz

51 Ashley Street Rangiora

The News



Russell Arthur

Dairy Conversion Specialist

• All Farm Fencing • High or Down Country • Dairy conversions • Subdivisions • Post & rail fencing • Yard building • Security • Explosive license


• Specialist bulldozer and side mounted post driver • FCANZ Accredited Contractor

• Tree Felling • Stockyards & Retainables • Specialising in Vineyards • Dairy Farm Conversions • Wooden Ornamental Gates • Earthquake Damage Repairs

• Rural & Residential Fencing • Cattle & Sheep Yards • Pole Shed Builds

• Swimming Pool Fencing • Post Driving • Electric Fencing • Building FREEES • Fences QUOT • Build Haybarns

GEOFF ROGERS 021 640 748 or 03 317 8028 www.highcountryfencing.co.nz

PHONE (0274) 350 279 or A.H. 314 8384


Glass Repair

Contact Tony for a NO OBLIGATION, Free Quote! Home 03 313 7605 027 774 2751 tonylamplugh@ clear.net.nz


Landscape Design


Call us now on (03) 313 5335 All Insurance Companies work welcome

Glass & Auto Glass

Ph Alex 0274 059 503 email storer.alex.pegs@gmail.com


Fast - Local and there when you need us. For an obligation-free quote NORTH CANTERBURY

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• Garden tidy-ups • Rubbish removal • Rose pruning • Shrub and tree pruning • Lawn mowing • Lawn maintenance • 27 years experience





Thursday July 9 2015

www.directdesignlanddscapes.co.nz Landscape Architect available for Professional Garden Design

Factory Showroom 202a King St, Rangiora www.northcanterburyglass.co.nz

We also repair Windscreens and install Double Glazing




We provide new build landscape packages, one-off projects and garden makeovers. Call me for a free no obligation consultation.


For all your landscaping needs

Website: gardenfeatures.co.nz E-mail: info@gardenfeatures.co.nz Phone: 03 314 8366




Master Plumber of the Year 2010 Canterbury owned and operated for over 60 years

• Kitchen Cupboards • Wardrobes



Plastic Welding

• Wooden Windows • Caravan Joinery repairs and new


Phone Arthur 312 6525 021 310 737




PHONE: 027 333 5322 A/H: (03) 319 6740 calvertpainting@yahoo.co.nz




Kaiapoi Podiatry

For All Your Foot Care Needs

Order Products Online at: www.plumbingshoponline .co.nz

Julia Home

Nat Dip Pod, SR Pod

Phone: 0800 374 737 or (03) 310 8206 Email: plumbers@clyne-bennie.co.nz Web: www.clyne-bennie.co.nz 331B Flaxton Road, Rangiora 1604188

NEW PATIENTS WELCOME Please ring to make an appointment Ph 327 4288 42 Charles Street, Kaiapoi

Timber Sales



• Car Bodies • Scrap Steel • Specialists in Farm Machinery • All non Ferrous

Waterblasting Ltd Servicing Canterbury Commercial & Residential



Quality Timber at discounted prices

Ph (03) 338 7000 • Ah (03) 312 6553 Mike 0274 818 544 • Robbie 0274 818 027

Locally owned and operated

We have a wide range of timber including • Decking • Fencing • Framing • Farm packs • Landscaping and more

Pop in and see us or view our products online at www.royaltimber.co.nz Open Monday to Friday 7.30am - 4.30pm and Saturday 8am – 12 noon Call David on 029 770 9204 Amy 021 650 609 1599602


Water Blasting


• Graffiti Removal • Blocked Drains • Pre Paint Cleaning • Moss & Algae Removal Cleaning Drains • Silicone Sealing (Brick & Block Work) • Concrete / Driveways / Ashphalt • Houses • Schools • Dairy Sheds


Painters / Decorators





(0800 748 325) Mobile 0274 369 187 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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The News

Thursday July 9 2015

Rangiora & Kaiapoi Toyota DEALS THAT’L L MAKE YOU










*Offer ends 30th September 2015. For full terms and conditions visit our website, www.toyota.co.nz.





3500 V6, 7-seater, leather, just 19,000kms

1300cc auto, just 52,000km and in lovely condition. Great value.



Now $53,995


Was $42,995 Now $40,995




1.5, auto, alloys, very smart looker, just 34,000km

2400 auto AWD, low kms & stunning to drive



3.0 T/Diesel, 5-spd, Tufdek, towbar

4.5 V8 diesel, 5-spd, High Country pack. Very sought-after

Now $51,995


2.5 AWD, auto, low kms, silver


QUALITY USED VEHICLE SELECTION 2013 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER LTD; just 44,000km, stunning in silver with leather trim.........................$48,995 2009 TOYOTA HIACE ZL

3.0L diesel, 5-door, auto, 27,000km



Stunning 7-seater, very highly spec’d, Crisp Silver Pearl. Just 13,000km Was $51,995

Now $47,995

2014 HILUX SR5 D/CAB 4WD, 3.0, turbo diesel, ex-demonstrator, 7,000km ...................................... $47,995 2009 TOYOTA HILUX SR5 AUTO

3.0 t/diesel, t/bar, very tidy truck

Was $36,995

Now $35,995

2014 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER GXL AWD, (new shape), 7-seater, stunning in Crystal Pearl, 19,000km $53,995 2009-2014 TOYOTA HILUX S/CAB, E/CAB, D/CAB 2WDS, Great range available. Enquire today! From $19,995 2010 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO VX, 3.0 t/diesel, 7 seats, leather.............................................. $54,995 2005 TOYOTA AVENSIS, 2.0L auto, very well optioned, Lustre Pearl ...................................................$11,995 2012 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO, 7-seater GX, 3.0 t/diesel, auto, low km .................................. $49,995

2014 TOYOTA YARIS (new shape)






1300cc auto, safe and so economical! Stunning colour


1800 auto, cruise control, r/camera & much more

3 to choose from, highly spec’d low-km examples, be quick.

2010 TOYOTA HILUX 2WD D/C, 2.7L, 5-speed ................................................................................... $19,995 2009 TOYOTA HIACE ZL, 5-door, auto 3.0 t/diesel, low kms ................................................................ $31,995


Finance & Insurance Available Rangiora: Percival St Ph 03 313 8186 any time • Kaiapoi: 86 Williams St Ph 03 327 9005

(Kaiapoi After Hours: John Mellor 027 478 7685) www.rangiora.toyota.co.nz • • www.kaiapoi.toyota.co.nz John Glubb 027 432 1610 • Dale Clark 027 424 1422 • Robin Illingworth 027 435 5105

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The News North Canterbury 09-07-15

The News North Canterbury 09-07-15  

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