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Thursday May 28 2015 | Issue 651

Equestrian: Young riders win in Australia.

Water woes: Ire over Amberley’s water quality.

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Real Estate: Nth Canterbury property sales. — page 30 ­ 35.

New families settle in Rangiora as the town’s population grows BY SHELLEY TOPP Rapid population growth has seen an influx of new families settling in Rangiora. The town’s population grew by 1550 in the two years between 2012 to 2014 and is expected to reach 20,000 by 2026. Meanwhile the Waimakariri District was home to 54,400 people in 2014, Statistics New Zealand figures show. Of those people, 16,450 lived in Rangiora, where 200 building consents were issued for new dwellings in 2014. Crisanna and Hugo Nel, and their two young sons, Blain, aged 3, and Acton, nearly 2, moved to Rangiora last September. They wanted to be closer to family and friends, and initially planned to move from Wellington to Christchurch. They chose Rangiora instead, because the housing market represented much better value. They also enjoy the close proximity of rivers and beaches, and the ‘‘beautiful weather’’. ‘‘It’s much better than Wellington,’’ Crisanna said. Initially Hugo, who is a master plumber, drainlayer and gasfitter, was uncertain about leaving the capital city because their business, Water Craft Plumbing, was doing well there. But they have not regretted their decision.

Family time . . . Crisanna and Hugo Nel with their two children, Acton, aged 1, and Blain, aged 3, moved to PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP. Rangiora from Welllington last September. Crisanna, a teacher, is working part time at Ashgrove School, in Rangiora, and at the Oxford Area School, and Hugo is busy, with most of his work coming from the Waimakariri area. ‘‘We love living here, Crisanna said. Business numbers have also

increased 27 percent in Rangiora in the 10 years to 2014. However, Enterprise North Canterbury’s chief executive Heather Warwick said the last two years had been ‘‘real tough’’ for Rangiora’s retailers. ‘‘That has been because of the lower foot traffic due to

Farmers not being here,’’ she said. ‘‘Obviously some businesses have closed, but there are a lot coming too.’’ These included Farmers, which was expected to open again in August 2016, and the new PAK’nSAVE supermarket, opening later this year.

There was also a Joe’s Garage restaurant planned for Rangiora, and the completion of the new Conway Lane buildings later this year would provide more retail and office space for High Street. It is expected that the new developments will provide many jobs for Waimakariri people. ‘‘We want more people working locally so they are not on that road every day,’’ she said. ‘‘There are real positive signals. ‘‘It’s not just about what is happening in High Street, it’s also about what is happening in Southbrook.’’ The South Island’s largest catering company, Rangiora­ based Continental Caterers has moved a big part of its business from the Rangiora central business district to Kingsford Smith Drive. The company’s head office is now located there and a new cafe, the Kingsford Smith Kitchen, representing another large investment in the Rangiora business sector. Soda Cafe has also moved to Kingsford Smith Drive from Lehmans Road, near the Rangiora Racecourse. Go Wireless NZ Limited, a wholesale distributor of wireless internet products, is also based in Kingsford Smith Drive, and Amuri.Net, a broadband provider, is building a head office there.

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The News

Thursday May 28 2015



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Death Is But A Horizon ... A Horizon Is But The Limit Of Our Sight Death Is But A Horizon ... A Horizon Is But The Limit Of Our Sight

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Wintry blast . . . Snow coats the Sulphur Pools at the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa after a wintry blast earlier this week.


Snow and cold winds hit Nth Canty By ROBYN BRISTOW Many parts of North Canterbury woke to a dusting of snow and bitterly cold wind on Monday morning. But farmers were counting their blessings the region did not get lashed with a heavy snow like parts further south. Severe frosts have followed the

southerly blast, however, making life difficult for some motorists with at least one truck and trailer unit coming to grief on ice and crashing and blocking the north bound lane at Ferniehurst/Siberia Stream on State Highway one early Tuesday morning. One household also reported burst pipes following a severe frost in the Hawarden

area. Many farmers now have their fingers crossed a north west wind might blow up to blow away the snow and reduce the number of frosts as the ground temperatures have been reasonably warm to date with a bit of growth and animals have been enjoying the warmer temperatures as well.

Intersection campaign under way Building great homes in North Canterbury

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Reducing the number of crashes at stop­ controlled intersections is the focus of a campaign running in the Waimakariri District. Nearly 40 percent of crashes happen at intersections in the Waimakariri area of Canterbury and in the first week of the annual two week campaign being run by Canterbury Police and the Waimakariri Road Safety committee, police have issued 81 infringement notices to motorists for failing to stop at stop signs. Canterbury Police Strategic Traffic Unit Supervisor in North Canterbury, Sergeant Rene Pabst said it was disappointing that motorists still appeared to have trouble stopping at stop sign controlled intersections and worryingly three disqualified drivers were among those who failed to stop at stop signs. ‘‘It is amazing that drivers still think they can drive past a stop sign if they slow down

or believe the way is clear. ‘‘This is not the case and ‘stop’ does actually mean ‘come to a complete stop’.’’ One driver was issued a notice for a red traffic light infringement on Smith Street over the motorway. Two other drivers turning right from Williams Street, at the Pineacres corner, to head north were issued an infringement notice for entering a lane unavailable to them. Sergeant Pabst said on May 22 a vehicle was seen driving through the stop sign controlled intersection at Johns Road and Plasketts Road at about 100kmh where a number of serious and fatal crashes have happened at this intersection in the past. ‘‘The driver, who claimed she did not see the stop signs, has been summonsed to appear in Christchurch District Court charged with careless use of a motor vehicle.’’ Inspector Al Stewart, Canterbury Police

n of


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Road Policing Manager, says driver behaviour at rural intersections is a district­wide issue. Around half of the crashes that Canterbury Police and Serious Crash Unit officers attend each year are at intersections. Many of these are caused when a driver is distracted, fatigued, under the influence of alcohol/drugs or driving too fast. ‘‘Canterbury roads are as safe as those using them and we want all road users to reach their destination safely. This is one of the reasons why we partner with Road Safety Committees and other organisations across the District to target poor driver behaviour.’’ While the annual campaign with the Waimakariri Road Safety committee ends on 31 May, Canterbury Police will continue to target intersections across the district throughout the year.

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The News

Adversity brings resilience

Thursday May 28 2015

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New amenity . . . Nicky Rutherford (left), Westpac’s Rangiora branch manager, Tracey McPhedran and Mike Rutherford, peer through the hole­in­the wall where a Westpac ATM will soon feature as part of the Rutherford’s new Fresh Choice supermarket. PHOTO: ROBYN BRISTOW. So when the call came to shut up shop, the very same day they returned from Wellington in May 2012, where they had witnessed Mike’s mum, Jean Rutherford receiving a QSM for services to the community, they were unprepared for the bombshell. ‘‘We found out in an email and had to walk down to the supermarket that night and close immediately. We had to remove staff and customers and close the shop.’’ A weekend was spent with the council ‘‘working out how we could get through this’’ and look after their staff. The couple employed 36 staff, many of whom had mortgages and other financial commitments and they decided they could not make anyone redundant. The Jaycees Room was to become the new mini Supermarket, one which the community and staff swung in behind, shifting the basic essentials to the new premises. ‘‘We were there 10 weeks and for nearly all that time we didn’t know what was going to happen to our existing store,’’ says Mike. ‘‘We had no EQC payout because it was a commercial building and no insurance because it was not earthquake related. ‘‘It was tough trying to stay positive and we had to sell the family home in Alexandra ‘‘to survive, keep staff employed’’ and meet overheads such as power for refrigeration. Few knew just how close it had come to Mike and Nicky ‘‘just walking away’’.

‘‘We couldn’t sell the supermarket because it did not meet the Building Code. It was worth nothing.’’ Eventually the news came through that they could strengthen the existing building. Eight weeks later the supermarket re­ opened with the Oxford Area School PTA and the community rolling up their collective sleeves and helping move, clean and restock shelves. But the couple had barely settled in and they began the next phase of their business life planning a new supermarket. The now very adaptable team has operated in a supermarket squeezed up to a third of its size while they waited for the new ‘‘very, very strong’’ supermarket to be built in behind which is around 140 to 150 percent of the building code. An emergency generator has been bought and in the true spirit of community Mike and Nicky say it will be available for to the community in any future natural disaster. The couple have made a huge investment in the community and have vowed to continue to invest in it through continuing to give free fruit to the Baptist Early Learning Centre and the Bright Horizons Early Learning Centre so little people can have fresh fruit every day. Mike and Nicky have also pledged to continue supporting the Oxford Area School, sports clubs, performing arts and service clubs in a community they have grown to love and feel right at home in.

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Oxford’s new Fresh Choice supermarket will open its doors on August 17. The new 1100 square metre store is double the size of the existing Supervalue and will house an extensive range of groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables, a butchery, a seven­day a week bakery and will run all Countdown promotions on grocery lines. Added to this is a Westpac ATM, which takes Visa and international credit cards and supermarket owner/operators Mike and Nicky Rutherford are also in negotiations with Kiwi Bank and New Zealand Post to move their businesses from the Waimakariri District Council service centre to the new premises. Westpac’s Rangiora branch manager Tracey McPhedran, says the ATM has been a long time coming. ‘‘But it will be a reliable and tremendous asset and an investment in the future,’’ she says. The machines were quite expensive and Westpac was the only bank prepared to install an ATM in the town, says Ms McPhedran. Mike says within two months of the Fresh Choice being up and running the old Supervalue in front of the new supermarket will be demolished and a few weeks later a new sealed carpark will be finished. ‘‘Complete completion will be late October,’’ says Mike of the multi­million dollar project. The opening will signal seven years in business for the couple in Oxford, the past four of which have been fraught with pressures for Mike and Nicky as they had to overcome the effects of Canterbury’s earthquakes and make a decision to whether to walk away from their Supervalue or commit to build the new Fresh Choice. They moved from Alexandra after expressing a desire to open a Fresh Choice in the Central Otago town. ‘‘But when I spoke to Progressive they encouraged us to go into a smaller supermarket and learn the business. ‘‘We weren’t in retail in Alexandra where I worked importing general textiles for the viticultural industry,’’ says Mike. Oxford became the couple’s destination with family support nearby in Woodend. ‘‘Our dream was to go back to Alexandra, but we loved Oxford and the community so much we decided to stay. Oxford has become our home and Alexandra our holiday destination,’’ says Mike. But when the Canterbury earthquakes struck, the couple’s dream was shattered. They conscientiously had inspections done following every quake of significance that hit the town to ‘‘protect their staff and customers’’.



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The News

Thursday May 28 2015

Water quality upsets Amberley man Commuter bus mooted


An Amberley man is fed up with the quality of the township water supply. Andrew McWhannell is questioning why he has to pay rates for such ‘‘poor water’’ that corrodes cylinders, washing machines, kettles and other appliances. He also worries that the amount of lime in the water could lead to health issues. ‘‘How much lime in the water is too much and does it become toxic?’’ he asks. ‘‘Who can say it is not affecting families and loved ones.’’ Mr McWhannell claims the Hurunui District Council has not replied to any of his queries about the water and that ‘‘numerous ratepayers have complained about the water and been fobbed off with ‘‘lazy replies from the council’’. ‘‘The council has let Amberley down and why should we spend so much money on hot water cylinders, hot water cylinder elements, jugs and showers and put up with lime deposits all over our cars, and windows when we clean them. And the list goes on,’’ says Mr McWhannell. ‘‘Is the Hurunui Council without funds to support the community and its families? Is the council irresponsible, inadequate, negligent or bankrupt?’’ Mr McWhannell has been told a $3000 filter will fix the problem in his home where he has recently had to replace a hot water cylinder element but he questions why he should have to dig deep into his own pocket for a filter that would require constant filter changes. He supplied photos to The News of the contents of his cylinder that gushed out corroded particles all over the floor of his home when the element was changed. He says he lives in a first world country, not a third world country and says the lime­laden water is costing ratepayers a lot of money.and questions why he should have to spend so much on

A commuter bus could soon start running again between Amberley and Christchurch. There was a weekday service prior to the earthquakes, but it stopped when patronage dropped after the quakes, making it uneconomic. However, Red Bus, responding to requests from Amberley locals is considering restarting the service and wants feedback, via a survey, to test the demand, timetable, the route and fares. Red Bus chief executive Paul McNoe says its Darfield and Oxford customers think their service works well. ‘‘No need to run the car, avoid congestion and parking hassles while having time to read or relax on the journey,’’ he says. Anyone wanting a weekday commuter service from Amberley should complete the survey or call 03 39 42604. The survey is at www.redbus.co.nz/ christchurch/amberley­ questionnaire.

Water woes . . . Particles drained from the bottom of Andrew McWhannell’s water cylinder and bits of the corroded element. He wants action to improve the Amberley water supply SUPPLIED before it costs him more money. a filter which would require filter changes. Others have concerns about the high iron content and have told The News they no longer wash white clothing in the water because it turns brown and that their sinks have been stained. Many are buying bottled water because they don’t like drinking the water and are angry that they are paying twice ­ at the Supermarket and through their rates. Council utilities team leader Brett Beer says improvements in the water quality should start to happen from July. Quality water from Leithfield Beach will be used to dilute the Amberley water to reduce both the iron content responsible for staining and the lime

content. He assures ratepayers the quality of the existing supply is not a health issue with the water tested twice a week. ‘‘It is more of a problem with the iron content staining and the lime making the water hard,’’ he says. Numerous consultation meetings and a survey on the water had been held but costs to improve the water had always proved to be the stumbling block. Eventually support was given to the dilution option and work was progressing well and although the improved supply will start running in July it will take a few weeks to get it up and running properly right across the town.

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Thursday May 28 2015

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NZ’s Role on the Western Front, WW1: Brian Lockstone is a writer who specialises in aviation and military history will speak on New Zealand’s role on the western front during WW1 in the Amberley Library, from 6pm to 7pm, Thursday, June 11. His talk will illuminate the story of the New Zealand Division, formed post­Gallipoli, and cover its key engagements on the European Western Front, including its liberation of the French town of Le Quesnoy. This is a TimeBank Learning Exchange event. The cost is 1.5 time­bank credits or $7 suggested fee. Register by emailing: tbhlearningexchange@gmail.com or calling 03 314 7332. For information about the time bank, go to http://hurunui.timebanks.org Hobby Beekeeping This discussion, which will take place in the Cheviot library from 2pm to 3.30pm, Saturday June 13, will be facilitated by Greta Valley bee enthusiast Glenda Fortune. She will cover bee sourcing, keeping healthy hives, legal requirements, training, honey harvesting and using bees for crop fertilisation. Glenda belongs to the Christchurch Hobbyist Beekeepers’ Club. Come to find out more about bees and also if you are a beekeeper and would like to contribute to the discussion. This is a TimeBank Learning Exchange event. The cost is 1.5 time­bank credits or donation appreciated. Register by emailing: tbhlearningexchange@gmail.com or calling 03 314 7332

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Mike Hart wants Oxford Area School (OAS) to be the school of choice for people in the area. The OAS deputy principal is set to take over as principal when Bob Norrish retires at the end of term two. He says the strong community and an enjoyment of working with the kids were the biggest attractions in committing himself to Oxford in the longer term and taking on the top job. ‘‘We want to be the school of choice for families in the area and our community has high expectations of our students. OAS can provide the very best possible education for the children of this community. ‘‘Our biggest focus is being a school of excellence and that’s the focus for the next three years. The kids achieving their personal excellence, fostering partnerships with the community and seeing how we can further improve those partnerships between the school, families, the community and the students.’’ However, one of the biggest challenges is a lack of space as the school roll has topped 550 students. Mr Hart is looking forward to nine teaching spaces and a new drama room being built next year. ‘‘That will be really exciting and it gives us an opportunity to dive straight into

modern learning practices. ‘‘Personally I’m really excited in being able to be more involved with the primary side of the school. I’m mainly involved in the secondary side of the school with my deputy principal role, so I’m looking to see how each area can help the other and how we bring the primary and secondary together.’’ He hopes to build on initiatives including senior form classes doing buddy reading with junior classes, house activities and ‘‘Activity Week‘‘, where primary and secondary students do activities together. The school council also has students representing years 5 to 13. Mr Hart has been the secondary school deputy principal at OAS since the third term in 2011 and was previously an assistant principal at Papanui High School in Christchurch. ‘‘Initially I came for the role. Being an assistant principal in a bigger school you only looked at a small part of the school, but at a smaller school you see the whole school. ‘‘That was the biggest drawcard.’’ The Hart family live in Rangiora, but plan to move to Oxford soon. Mr Hart’s wife Rebecca teaches part time at Ouruhia Primary School, near Christchurch, while the couple’s three children are ‘‘very excited about coming to a school where Dad works’’.

Wil lam s St


Willo ck S t

Deputy appointed to head Oxford Area



Ota ki S t

End of an era . . . Oxford Area School principal Bob Norrish (right) is preparing to hand DAVID HILL. over the reins to deputy principal Mike Hart.


Locally owned and operated


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The News

Thursday May 28 2015


by Stuart Smith - MP for Kaikoura

Drought-affected area Perspective important visited with Minister at times like these Last week, the Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy and I met with drought­affected farmers in Cheviot. The North Canterbury area is still extremely dry, having been largely bypassed by the recent rain. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to meet local farmers and to hear about their situation first­hand. I recognise the very difficult conditions they are dealing with and the Stuart Smith impact this is having on the farming community. I welcomed the announcement by Minister Guy that an extra $20,000 has been allocated to the North Canterbury Rural Support Trust. This will help the Trust with more intensive local activities, including individual visits and community events. Rural Assistance Payments (RAP) are also available for those facing extreme hardship. The Rural Support Trust can be contacted on 0800 787 254. Farmers are advised to work with

their accountants to access assistance and flexibility with tax obligations. I encourage people to seek help from the support services available and to look out for one another where possible. North Canterbury now has the highest soil moisture deficit in the country and has recorded the lowest rainfall for January to March since 1972. The 2015 year has been the second driest summer for North Canterbury since records began 75 years ago. The drought has added weight to the call for irrigation and water storage projects in North Canterbury. As a Government we have invested $120 million in the last two Budgets for Crown Irrigation Ltd to invest in major projects around the country. In addition to this, irrigation projects will receive a kick­start of $25 million in operating funding for five years from 2016/17 through the Irrigation Acceleration Fund (IAF).

Leithfield outfall Dear Editor, For the peace of mind of those dependent upon the Leithfield Beach outfall to prevent flooding should we experience another ‘‘rain event’’ would the Hurunui District council please advise:­ Has a means been identified for clearing the blockage of one of the two discharge pipes which has been in that condition virtually from the time of construction? Will the equipment be available on short notice, be able to be retained and capable of clearing the repeat blockages that are virtually certain to occur during successive high tides at the time? Who will be responsible for authorising deployment of the equipment, including the ability to do so in anticipation (a forecast) of such an event? Has any means been identified of preventing these blockages? Yours, Peter B Nixon.

There has rightly been much media attention devoted to the severe drought conditions being experienced in Hurunui and particularly the Cheviot district. There’s no doubt that in the worst affected areas this drought is as severe and prolonged as many can remember. Care needs to be exercised when commenting, reporting and assessing the effects and severity of adverse events as circumstances are never the same and not comparable between events. An example is the extreme randomness of rainfall in a district like ours. A recent rain delivered a helpful 30mm to very limited parts of North Canterbury, with large areas receiving none and a smattering across the remainder. The reporting of 30mm potentially gives an impression of significant improvement while in fact overall conditions in much of the district actually deteriorated severely. Perspective is important at times like these. It’s inevitable that sections and individuals of every community will suffer devastating effects on their business and families from events and circumstances largely outside their control, a reality of life. The hard reality is, every business is at

risk of adverse events and are responsible for finding a way through. We live in a country where the Government generally gives no ‘direct’ financial assistance to ensure businesses survive these events, but do offer some assistance to ensure families survive. While the focus now is rightly on drought affected dryland farming our irrigated dairy producers are facing a 50 percent income drop resulting from falling export prices, reduced production and increased feed costs due to the drought, factors they have little control over. Our wine industry, after climbing out of prolonged periods of low prices, suffered losses due to a wet autumn last year and reduced crops resulting from severe frosts this year. Our visitor industry is showing signs of recovery after experiencing several years of tough times. People need to work with their financial and industry advisers and support networks, but most importantly tap into support from family and friends. Those networks can help in accessing any available assistance. It is clear and inevitable that this drought will impact our whole community for some considerable time and rain will not undo the damage immediately.

Scam doing rounds An Amberley woman is warning people about a scam doing the rounds. She warns the Flying Horse Paradise company in Malaysia got her address from the phone book and sent her a travel brochure and two scratch cards. ‘‘It is quite clever. Behold ! I have won $165,000 US. To receive the money you need to phone a number supplied on the card,’’ she says. ‘‘When the website is checked it looks OK. If you put ‘‘scam’’ after their name you discover that yes . . . there is

no such thing as a free lunch,’’ The scam is that tax has to be paid on the money before it leaves Malaysia and ‘‘they generously offer to pay half so you only have $3000 to pay’’. The woman says she is highlighting the scam in the hope she has saved someone from a ‘‘terrible mistake’’ by following the directions on the brochure. Police warn if it seems to be good to be true then it is and people should toss the information in the waste paper basket immediately.

The News

Thursday May 28 2015

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Three bin system binned Multi-court


Black rubbish bags are set to remain in the Waimakariri district. The Waimakariri District Council has decided not to introduce its controversial three­bin collection proposal at a council meeting last week, following public submissions to the 2015­2025 Long Term Plan. This means residents in the urban waste collection areas will continue to buy black rubbish bags from the supermarket and use the yellow top recycling bins. However, the council will continue to explore options for waste minimisation, Mayor David Ayers says. ‘‘What I raised at the meeting was the rates impact and the fact many people are doing very well with green waste and what is being offered is inferior to what many are already doing, in terms of composting or paying a contractor to take it away. ‘‘We are well aware that many in our community are living under severe financial constraints and so there is a concern about not putting too much of a rates burden on people.’’ The three­bin option received the strongest support in a survey conducted by the council last year and would have been similar to the refuse collection system in Christchurch ­ red top bin for refuse, green for organics and yellow for recycling. Mr Ayers says some submissions expressed the concern that the red top bin

could actually discourage waste minimisation, as the black bags are a direct cost to individuals. ‘‘Some families make a bag last two to three weeks or more, so the black bag actually encourages people to recycle.’’ However, Mr Ayers says the council will continue to explore options for managing organic and kitchen waste, to keep it out of landfill. ‘‘We are aware that some people are unable to compost or cannot afford to pay for someone to pick it up and some put it through their waste unit, which isn’t ideal, so they just put it in the black bag. ‘‘Organic waste in the landfill produces methane gas, which is a significant greenhouse gas which is worse than carbon dioxide.’’ Mr Ayers says there was also some misunderstanding about the areas where the three bin option would have been introduced. The safety of waste collection workers has been raised as a reason for moving to a red bin option. ‘‘We have to pay attention to the health and safety argument. ‘‘But I believe we can mitigate against the risks and be prepared to prosecute those who put sharp objects in bags,’’ Mr Ayers says. He says he is only aware of one major incident from disposing of rubbish in a black plastic rubbish bag. A worker was injured after a broken china plate was not wrapped up properly when it was put out in the rubbish.

facility on track By DAVID HILL

A new multi­court sports facility in North Canterbury remains on track, following last week’s council meeting. The Waimakariri District Council has budgeted $23 million for a new stadium in its 2015­2025 Long Term Plan over a two year period from 2020 to 2022. Mayor David Ayers says the stadium project will now be revisited in the 2018 long term plan process, with the council to undertake ‘‘a more thorough scoping study’’ in the meantime. The council proposes building the new stadium at the Maria Andrew Sportsground, next to the Rangiora Showgrounds. ‘‘We face the difficulty of not having a clear idea of the scope of the project yet, without a detailed concept plan, so $100,000 in the immediate term has been budgeted to do that work.

‘‘That will give the community ample opportunity over the next few years to decide whether the project should be progressed or not. ‘‘What does seem clear is that the indoor facilities in the district are under real pressure and that situation is not going to improve.’’ The district’s rapidly growing population is stretching the area’s sports’ facilities, with a number of sports organisations including the North Canterbury Sports and Recreation Trust and Basketball North Canterbury calling for a multi­court sports facility. More than 100 junior basketball teams play in a Friday evening competition, stretching North Canterbury’s limited resources. If it’s signed off in the next LTP, Mr Ayers says the council’s contribution would be loan­funded.

Corrections to errors Bags remain . . . The status quo for rubbish collection remains after a three bin wheelie bin system was ditched by the Waimakariri District during Long Term Plan deliberations. FILE PHOTO.

In an article on Page 10 of The News last week entitled ‘Older drivers face extra challenges’ the words braking and brake were inadvertently changed to breaking and break throughout the article. The error is regretted. Also the date of a presentation by Billy Graham at the Waipara Hall should have been June 4 not June 14 in an article on page 7.



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Thursday May 28 2015

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Tasty treats . . . Chris and Max Button’s new kitten Nugget, settling in to her new PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP home at Kaiapoi. to get one off Trade Me,’’ she said. Stacey Bruce also looked to Cat Care and Betty Jones, a close neighbour, when her family were ready to adopt another cat. ‘‘I’ve grown up with cats, dogs, birds and fish. We love animals. They teach kids responsibility.’’ Raven, a two­year­old tortoiseshell, with a silky smooth coat, had a rough start to life also after being abandoned as a kitten near the Cust hotel. She took refuge under the hotel and relied on the kindness of strangers for food before she was eventually caught and taken to Cat Care. Now she has a new home for life with Stacey and her family. After only a month in her new five­star accommodation she

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seems right at home and shows no sign of wanting to return to her old pub life. However, a couple of days after Raven arrived at the Bruce family home, she went missing. Stacey telephoned Betty thinking Raven might have made her way back to Cat Care. They spent several hours that night calling Raven and searching the neighbourhood for her without success. However a short time after they called off the search Raven casually made herself known again as if nothing had happened. She had found a lofty hiding place and had been quietly observing the frantic search from her secret spot high up on a kitchen cupboard. Once she was satisfied that this family really did want her she made herself known again. Raven was not Stacey’s first choice either. She initially fell in love with a stunning black persian called Milo at Cat Care. An older cat, aged seven and a half, with a playful nature, Milo arrived at Cat Care after his former owner could no longer care for him. By this time Milo had all­but removed himself from his chaotic former home as if he realised he was no longer really wanted there. He has gorgeous jade green eyes with a relaxed, gentle nature. Stacey wanted to take him home but Betty believed he would be better suited to a quieter home without children. Raven has been a great choice for the Bruce family. ‘‘She has settled in really well,’’ Stacey said. ‘‘The kids love her and she is just a lovely companion. Betty is really good at matching cats with families. The Cat Care team do a fantastic job.’’ Betty said they had rehomed 140 cats since last December. Milo is one of her favourites yet to find a new home, but would make a lovely companion for an older couple with a quiet home, she said.

Cold poses problems


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When Chris and Max Button’s much­loved cat died last year, after being run over near their Kaiapoi home, they were heartbroken. Sprockett was a real character and had become well­known in the neighbourhood where Chris and Max live. ‘‘She used to wander up towards the club and wait in nearby bushes for Max to come home,’’ Chris said. Her death was like losing one of the family and they decided they couldn’t bear to replace her. However, as time went by they decided their house was too quiet without the playful antics of a feline companion. But Sprockett was a hard act to follow. ‘‘We really wanted a cat that was a bit of a hard case.’’ Enter Nugget, a tiny tortoiseshell kitten with beautiful black, white and tan markings. Born last February Nugget had a hard start to life and ended up with Betty Jones and the team at Cat Care Incorporated in Rangiora. When Nugget arrived at Betty’s home she was covered in fleas and in poor health after being doused with fly spray by her previous owner in a futile attempt to deflea her. She wasn’t the Button’s first choice, but won them over by reaching out to Max through her cage then snuggling up to him and purring loudly every time he picked her up during their visits to Cat Care. Nugget has been in her new home now for about a month but already is proving quite a character. She sits curled up on Max’s favourite chair when he is out then races to the door to meet him when he arrives home. ‘‘We are really rapt with her,’’ Chris said. ‘‘She is super friendly and cuddly. They do such a great job with them at Cat Care. It is much better to get a cat that way than

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Thursday May 28 2015

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Thursday May 28 2015

The News wins award The News has once again been recognised at the annual New Zealand Community Newspapers awards. It was runner­up in the Frank Veale Memorial Award for the Most Improved Paper with a circulation over 15,000. The judge, Sue McPherson said The New’s new masthead emphasised its circulation to Hurunui, Kaikoura and Waimakariri and the variation of column widths and white space, along with sans serif heads with less decks had helped to modernise the look of the paper. It is the third year in a row that The News has received an award at the CNA

annual conference. The paper, which is owned by Allied Press, the publisher of the Otago Daily Times, has an audited circulation of 25,831 weekly and is distributed to rural and urban properties from the Waimakariri River in the south to Kekerenga, north of Kaikoura, in the north. The News, which is based in Amberley, also has a Rangiora office, and is one of 13 daily and weekly South Island papers in the Allied Press stable, which also broadcasts CTV in Canterbury and Dunedin Television in Otago.

Race to the Sky . . . Quad star Ian Ffitch.


Ffitch wins again Simply email your contact details and the correct answer to: info@thenewsnc.co.nz.

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An Amberley businessman returned home last month with a highly­prized trophy tucked in his luggage. It was the Possum Bourne Memorial Trophy won by Ian Ffitch, New Zealand’s leading ATV (all­terrain vehicle) and Super Quad bike rider. Ffitch won the trophy competing in the world’s longest gravel hill climb, the famous 14.5 kilometre Race to the Sky held in the Cardrona Valley, near Wanaka on April 17 to April 19. The trophy is awarded to the fastest New Zealand competitor in the race. The Race to the Sky made world headlines for all the wrong reasons in April 2003 when Bourne, one of New Zealand’s most successful and popular rally drivers, died after suffering serious head injuries during a practice­run collision on the course. This year the drivers of more than 100 cars, bikes and buggies competed to win the coveted title of King of the Hill. The race has been won eight times by Japanese rally driver Nobuhiro Tajima but this year he made a spectacular exit after

badly damaging his car in a horrific crash during the race. Amazingly he was not badly hurt. The race was won by Scottish driver Alister McRae, who is based in Perth. Ffitch said it was great to win the Possum Bourne Memorial Trophy for a second time. The trophy was presented this year by Bourne’s youngest son, Spencer, aged 16. Ffitch also won the inaugural trophy in 2004. His win this year became a long shot after engine problems with his Super Quad bike during preliminary racing meant he faced a race against the clock to repair the engine for the Final where he eventually finished in third place overall. Ffitch lives in Christchurch but works in Amberley running his own business, Ffitch Racing. He formed the company in 2000 after quad bike racing became popular and using his extensive racing knowledge today specialises in supplying high performance ATV accessories for the New Zealand and international markets.

Trail Bike Ride: A trail ride will be held at Whiterock, North Loburn on June 14 in support of the North Loburn School and with the support of Rangiora Motorcycles. Meet at Fords Road, Whiterock, Rangiora. For more information see North Loburn School Facebook page. Community Concert The Lions Club of Amberley, with the support of the Hurunui Community Arts Council, is hosting a Community Concert ­ ‘100 Year Anzac Musical Tribute’ ­ at the Amberley Domain Pavilion on June 14 at 2.30pm featuring the Rangiora Brass Band, New Zealand D Grade champion (Kenneth Love, musical director), plus two supporting acts from the Amberley School. Tickets: $10 available from: Amberley Probus Club (Joseph Bruerton 3149981), Amberley Welcome Club (Pat Croft 3148272), Lions (Tony McKendry 3148308) and Lindsay at Arthur Burke, 3140130. A Gig For Nepal: A variety of local musical acts from around Oxford and wider Canterbury region will come together on Saturday, May 30 from 6.30pm for a ‘Gig For Nepal’, raising funds for the earthquake stricken Nepalese community. Tickets $10 VIP, seated $20. Available by emailing agigfornepal@gmail.com or from Emma’s at Oxford (cash purchases only).




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Thursday May 28 2015

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Power and grace . . . Paul Power, from Kaiapoi, guides his Clydesdales through their work in the Horse Ploughing event during the first day of competition in the annual Ploughing PHOTO BY SHELLEY TOPP. Match at Swannanoa, in North Canterbury, last weekend.

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Ploughing on . . . Peter Mehrtens, from Oxford, driving his vintage 1952 McCormick Farmall FC International tractor during the first day of competition at the annual Ploughing Match PHOTO BY SHELLEY TOPP. held in North Canterbury last weekend.

Ploughing on show The precise art of ploughing was on display in North Canterbury last weekend. The annual Ploughing Match was held in fine, sunny weather, on flat, dry land farmed by Maurice and Geoff Winter in Swannanoa, and provided a colourful mix of old and new. The big, comfortable, modern tractors, with reversible ploughs, working alongside the gentle, graceful Clydesdales hitched to ploughs, with a driver often walking behind, provided a striking contrast between farming today and a century ago. The Clydesdales attracted most attention on both days. It was hard for spectators to take their eyes off beautiful giants of the equine world as they quietly went about their work. The Oxford Working Men’s Club Vintage Section Ploughing Match competition was held on Saturday, with the North Canterbury Ploughing Match Association competition on Sunday. Gordon Carter, from Rakaia, won the Vintage Qualifying event on Saturday, while Bill Skurr, from Oxford, and Alistair Chambers, from Lincoln, deadheated for first in the Vintage Open. The Horses’ Plough competition on

Saturday was won by Paul Power, from Kaiapoi, with his two Clydesdales. They also won on Sunday. The Silver Plough, on Sunday, went to Malcolm Taylor, from Cambridge, with Pierce Watson, from Ashburton, winning the Vintage Qualifying event, and Bill Skurr winning the Vintage Open event. The Silver Plough winner will now go straight through to the New Zealand Ploughing Championships to be held in Palmerston North next year. However, the winners of the Vintage events, and the Horse Team Ploughing event will have to compete at a Canterbury plough­off to decide who will represent their region at the New Zealand Championships. A date and venue for the plough­off is yet to be decided. Malcolm Hunt, a retired farmer from Rangiora, who is in his eighties, was a spectator at the event on Sunday. He said he used to do a lot of ploughing but not with Clydesdales. However he remembered when he was a small child sitting on his grandfather’s knee, while he ploughed fields using a team of Clydesdales. Ploughing was highly competitive he said. ‘‘It’s quite an art, but the modern tractors today with reversible ploughs make it so much easier.’’

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Thursday May 28 2015

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Stuart Grant’s departure will be a big loss for Kaikoura. Mayor Winston Gray says Mr Grant, who recently announced he will retire as Kaikoura District Council chief executive after 18 years on December 4, has made a major contribution to the district. ‘‘Stuart’s contribution has been excellent. He came here when things weren’t too flash and now we’ve got space to grow. ‘‘He has turned Kaikoura around from a precarious financial state to a community with sound infrastructure and resilience to go forward. He brought innovative thinking around accessing outside funding for much of the infrastructure works, which has reduced the burden on ratepayers over the years.’’ Mr Gray says Mr Grant oversaw some major projects, including the Ocean Ridge and Seaviews sub­divisions, and a plan change on the Kaikoura Peninsula, which has given the town ‘‘huge capacity to grow’’. Mr Grant has also played an


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integral role in ‘‘the strength of the community relationship with Ngai Tahu and the local runanga’’, and in Kaikoura’s environmental sustainability in becoming ‘‘recognised as leaders around the country for the results we have achieved’’, Mr Gray says. ‘‘Kaikoura is gaining an increased momentum as a tourism destination and a town where people can enjoy a fantastic lifestyle. While growth has been a challenge, I firmly believe we are getting closer to having some larger investments made here that will strengthen our economic base. ‘‘We are in a position to accommodate this growth and much of the credit must go to your work Stuart,’’ Mr Gray wrote in his report to last week’s Kaikoura District Council meeting. Mr Gray says he has spoken to Equip from Local Government New Zealand to begin the process of finding a new chief executive and says he is grateful the council has six months to find a replacement.

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New Zealand’s tourism industry leaders are set to visit Kaikoura next week. Tourism New Zealand board members will visit Kaikoura on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 2 and 3, and Mayor Winston Gray says it is a major boost for the town. ‘‘It’s really good to have them come to Kaikoura and it’s a real opportunity for us to promote the area. ‘‘It’s all down to (Destination Kaikoura general manager) Glenn Ormsby. He has got the connections and he has arranged it for us.’’ Mr Ormsby says he was at a dinner with Tourism NZ chairwoman Kerry Prendergast during a tourism conference last year, ‘‘so I


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invited her to visit Kaikoura and she agreed to come’’. ‘‘It’s a good opportunity for them to meet face­to­face with our operators and to see first­hand what we have to offer.’’ The board members will enjoy a cruise with WhaleWatch Kaikoura and visit the baby seals at Ohau Stream on Tuesday, before a networking function at Destination Kaikoura with local tourist operators in the evening. Tourism NZ will then hold its monthly board meeting at Encounter Kaikoura on Wednesday morning. Mr Ormsby says Ms Prendergast and Tourism NZ chief executive Kevin Bowler are both expected to attend.

The News

Thursday May 28 2015

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Board recognised The Kaiapoi Community Board has been recognised for its efforts to redesign Trousselot Park. The board won the best practice award in the ‘‘enhancing communities’’ category at the biennial New Zealand National Community Boards conference in the Bay of Islands recently for its efforts to give something back to young people. ‘‘Of all the projects that the board has been involved in over the past couple of years, this one perhaps best typified our involvement and engagement with the youth of the area,’’ says board chairwoman Robyn Wallace. ‘‘It is one of our objectives to bring life, family and laughter back into the centre of Kaiapoi following the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, and this project has been very successful in providing a focus to that.’’ The board featured the Weighty line up . . . Jackson Simpson, aged 4, checks out the line up of pigs at the Mandeville Tavern Pig Hunting PHOTO: ROBYN BRISTOW. competition.

Weighty line-up at pig hunt By ROBYN BRISTOW Over 30 pigs, including a boar weighing in at 82.5kg, were hung up at the Mandeville Pig Hunting Club’s annual competition last Sunday. Around 100 hunters took to the hills around North Canterbury from Friday evening until weigh­ in at the Mandeville Tavern in

Kaiapoi at 3pm Sunday, in an endeavour to get a share of the $8000 prize pool. But not all were successful with tales of woe about the ones that got away but not a word on where any of the prize winning pigs were taken from. ‘‘Up the Lewis Pass’’ was the reply to one enquiry. Ryan Nesbit’s 82.5 kg boar, won

him the top prize with Dave Good coming in second with a 79kg animal and B Funnel third with a 74.5kg boar. The heaviest sow was taken out by Mark Jones with an animal which weighed in at 40kg and M Neal was second with a 37.5kg sow. Jones also won the prize for the best average weight ­ 48.5kg.

concept and construction of the re­designed Trousselot Park recreation area and skate park in its submission. The skate park has been hugely popular with children and young people since it was completed earlier this year and a successful Skate Jam was organised by WaiYouth on Saturday. In the enhancing communities category, the judges were looking for projects or initiatives which promoted diversity in the community and which have incorporated the views of young people in the decision­ making or addressed the needs of children and young people. It is one of three categories in the awards, the other two being leadership and engaging communities. The carved trophy, which goes with the award, is on show at the Ruataniwha, Kaiapoi Civic Centre.

Disaster seminar Kaikoura tourist operators are encouraged to prepare for natural disasters. A civil defence seminar is being planned to help tourist operators to be prepared to help tourists during an emergency and prepare their businesses to recover from a disaster and strengthen their resilience. Mayor Winston Gray says given the number of tourists who visit the town each, it is essential that safety measures are place in case a tsunami or earthquake or another natural disaster occurs. The seminar, ‘‘A Day Working Together to Prepare Kaikoura’s Tourist Community for Emergencies’’, is being planned for Thursday, June 18, in the supper room in the Kaikoura Memorial Hall.

COMBINING THE BEST OF RETIREMENT EMENT MENT NT LIVING LIVI VING NG AND AN AGED CARE C E CA CAR • Meeting your needs our facilities will adapt to suit your chosen lifestyle by offering continuum of care from retirement village through to resthome/dementia and hospital level of care. • Our primary aim is to provide you with assistance and support so that you can enjoy the best life can offer with as much independence as possible. • Bainswood facilities are now part of the ARVIDA care group • Bainswood Retirement Village and Rest Home at 191 King Street located close to the main shopping precinct of Rangiora, offers villa/serviced Studio /Apartment and full rest home care. • Bainswood on Victoria offering Rest home and Hospital level care. This facility situated 28 Victoria Street is also close to the town centre. • Bainlea House, 29 Wiltshire Court which caters for those with Dementia and is a purpose built facility, recently refurbished. • A wide range of activities are offered including outings in our mini vans, bowls, Housie, craft groups and more. Entertainment consists of visiting school groups, singing groups and musicians. • All facilities cater for short term, long term care and Day care; we currently have rooms available

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The News

Thursday May 28 2015


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d. eeken w g n o. lo or tw r the l e a v i c o ily spe up a nd fam k a c i s p e t d h ma lty an p wit Roya u e h k c i l t tes to ca ur ma . time o y d o d o g an ansom f R l e ’s s g It’s a r n you a Ki Treat cost ’t n o It w

Sauza Extra Gold Tequila 700ml

Monteith’s Beer

Export Gold or Tui 330ml 24 Pack Bottles or Swappa Crate

37.99 pack

Billy Maverick Bourbon & Cola 7%

250ml 12 Pack Cans




or KGB 7%


330ml 18 Pack Bottles


250ml 12 Pack Cans


330ml 10 Pack Cans

250ml 18 Pack Cans



save even more! for details. MixedSix AskYouinstore




Collect 1 Point for every $20 spent.

RANGIORA 16 Southbrook Road • 03 313 6684 • www.henrys.co.nz HOURS: Monday to Thursday 10am–9pm, Friday & Saturday 10am–10pm, Sunday 11am–7pm Shout prices run from Monday 25th May until Sunday 31st May 2015 or while stocks last. Henry’s encourages safe & responsible use of alcohol. *Choose any 6 wines or spirits. Further discounts for Shout items do not apply. Excludes Beer and RTD’s.

19.99 winbeeer gift card spirits r e e b wingifet carsd pirits pack

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Thursday May 28 2015

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Your One Stop







Get the things you want, when you want them with Smiths City Finance



The Grizzlies . . . Coaxed by former All Black coach Alex (Grizz) Wyllie competing in the qualifying rounds of the Mixed Pull Teams competition at the Sefton annual Tug of War PHOTO SHELLEY TOPP contest at the Sefton School grounds in North Canterbury last Sunday.

Tug of War contest By SHELLEY TOPP Parking was at a premium in the quiet little North Canterbury town of Sefton last Sunday. An estimated 1200 people crowded in to the Sefton School grounds for the school’s Tug of War fundraiser. It’s an annual event for amateur teams of eight ­ plus two reserves. The competition is divided into two main events, the Trophy Pull Teams with a winning prize of $1500 and the Mixed Pull Teams, with first prize of $1000. Organiser, Richard Lange, of Sefton, said it was Sefton’s big day out. ‘‘We are expecting to raise about $15,000 for the Sefton School,’’ he said. ‘‘The kids get a direct benefit from the money raised but there is also a positive

flow on for the community too.’’ Once again this year the Cody Riders, made up of Sefton Motorcycle Club members, proved unbeatable in the Trophy Pull Teams competition. ‘‘They have won five years in a row now,’’ said Mr Lange. The Sefton Hooligans, taking part in the competition for the first time, won the Mixed Pull Teams event. There was also two Truck Pull competitions on the day in which teams had to haul a parked vehicle over a set distance as fast as they could. The St Bede’s College team, from Christchurch, took out the main Truck Pull event winning $300 for their school, while the Fastest Women’s Truck Pull was won by the Owens Freight team, who won $200.

TARRAS MK3 23.4KW WOODFIRE PACKAGE *installation not included. (Accessories not included).



*installation not included.



$359999 INCLUDES

$289999LESS THAN









SKU:8831042 *installation not included



Northwood Megastore Ph: 375 9999 Colombo St MegaStore Ph: 983 3000 Bush Inn Megastore, Riccarton Ph: 343 1300 4036


(White, Wheatmeal, Grain)



DAIRY DALE MILK (2L Varieties)

2 FOR $ .60


(Anzac, Choc Chip, Hokey Pokey, Kiwi Delight, Oat & Raisin, Peanut, Shortbread, Super Choc Chip)

2 FOR .00 $

$ .49






$ .65

25/05/15 to 31/05/15


Save 50


25/05/15 to 31/05/15



$ .38

Open 7 Days Factory Shop - Cnr Carmen & Buchanans Rd, Hornby • Ph 03 336 0547; Barrington - 254 Barrington St • Ph: 03 337 5676 Ferry Rd - Cnr Aldwins & Ferry Rd, Christchurch • 380 5035; Papanui - 101 Main North Road • Ph: 03 352 8335 Riccarton - 221 Blenheim Rd • Ph: 03 343 6041; Upper Riccarton - Cnr Yaldhurst & Racecourse Rd • Ph: 03 342 5048 New Brighton - Plaza Mall, Hawke St • Ph: 03 388 1962; Rangiora - 13d High St • Ph 03 313 1027 While stocks last.


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Thursday May 28 2015

Seedless Easy Peel Mandarins Just Juice Fruit Juice 2.4/2.8L






Fresh NZ Lamb Leg Roast







12 Pack



99 pack

Jacob b’s Creek k 750ml

(Excludes Sparkling/Reserves/Blends)

220g Cadbury Chocolate Block 190-2 (Excludes Bubbly/Mousse)



99 each

Cok ke//Spriite// Fanta/Lift/L&P 1.5L

Please drink responsibly




Chilean Bi-Colour Seedless Grapes 500g





$ 69


Carllsb berg//Tiger Bottles 330ml


Bluebird Original/Thick/Thinly Cut Chips 140/150g

Santa Rosa Boneless Chicken Roast 800g





99 each


$ 99 each

SuperValue Oxford: Main Rd, Oxford Ph 312 4305. Open 7.30am - 7.30pm daily. Specials available from Thursday, 28th May until Sunday, 31st May 2015 or while stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits speciďŹ ed apply per customer per day. Trade not supplied. Prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Certain products may not be available in all stores. Proprietary brands not for resale. Customer Support Freephone 0800 40 40 40.


SuperValue.co.nz S u svncn2805

The News

High, 84.3, Teegan Ashby, Waitangi Password, E. Three­Star Open National Championship ­ Wills Trophy: Shane Rose, CP Qualified, Australia, 36.6, 1, Clarke Johnstone, Balmoral Sensation, Waikato, 39.4, 2, Diane

Results: Oceania Senior Teams Competition: Australia, 219.4, 1: Katja Weimann, BP Cosmopolitan, 89.5, Shane Rose, CP Qualified, 36.6, Jessica Manson, Legal Star, 93.3, Isabel

Double standard floats. Good day and half day rates Ohoka / Clarkville area.

Please phone Sandy on

03 3 327 327 9454 945 54 or or 027 027 338 338 8958 8958

Cath Garden

Equine Consultant & Bowen Therapist • ESNZ Performance Coach • International teacher & trainer. • Available for lessons, dressage, in-hand work, classical and general riding all disciplines, round pen & ground work. • Solving problems, handling young horses. Bowen therapy – Horses - Humans - Dogs NZ instructor for Equine Bowen Therapy

“Helping Horses and Humans understand each other“ cath.nzequineinspirationz@gmail.com

Phone: 021 02361 1099

www.equineinspiration.net www.equinebowentherapyy.co.nz


The New Zealand Young Riders team has reclaimed the Oceania Teams Challenge after beating Australia at the National Three­Day Event in Taupo recently. The Jock Paget­coached all­woman team, consisting of Bonnie Farrant (Rangiora), on Kaipara Dior, Sarah Young (Tokoroa), on SS Galaxy, Tayla Mason (Waikanae), on Lucy with Diamonds, and Abigail Long (Levin), on Enzo, finished 87.2 points ahead of the Australians. However, in the Senior Oceania Challenge, Australia got revenge on its New Zealand opponents, taking this out easily. New South Welshman Shane Rose also took the honours in the three­star open national championship title, despite New Zealand’s Clarke Johnstone, on Balmoral Sensation, putting the pressure on him by ensuring he had no show jump rails in hand after the kiwi had a clear round. Rose rose to the occasion and took out the coveted Wills Trophy. Rose was especially proud of doing personal bests in all three phases on his horse CP Qualified. He is hoping this horse will be one that will take him to the Rio Olympics, but in the meantime is focusing on the Adelaide four­ star event in November. Johnstone is also planning on tackling the Adelaide four­star event as part of his bid to get back into the New Zealand Victorious . . . Rangiora’s Bonnie Farrant has helped the New Zealand young riders team Olympic team and is determined to get the reclaim the Oceania teams challenge at Taupo recently. PHOTOS: SUPPLIED better of the Australian next time. Gilder, Your Attorney, Waikato, 56.5, 3, Emily Cammock, In the two­star event, Bonnie Farrant and English, Feldale Mouse, E. New Zealand, 1105.9, 2, Abby Lawrence, Pseudonym, 66.5, Shaw Lee, Christchurch, 65.5, 4, Juliet Wood, Bold Trader, Kaipara Dior were the overall winners Whangarei, 69, 5. Clarke Johnstone, Balmoral Sensation, 39.4, Jessica Woods, after jumping a clear showjumping round, Defies Logic, E, Samantha Felton, Ricker Ridge Escada, E. One­Star Championship ­ Mamaku Trophy: Larissa Srhoy, Rockquest, (Rangiora), 47, 1, Clarke Johnstone, Matangi, while fellow Rangiora rider Larissa Srhoy Oceania Young Rider Team Competition: New Zealand, Aqua, 47.3, 2, Emily Cammock, Ngahiwi Frostie, 178.8, 1: Bonnie Farrant, Kaipara Dior, 53.6, Sarah Young, took top honours in the one­star class. (Canterbury) 48.8, 3, Sim Kann, Balmoral Henton, SS Galaxy, 63.1, Tayla Mason, Lucy with Diamonds, 62.1, Bonnie (19) is studying Environmental (Rangiriri), 50.4, 4, Jackson Bovill, Visionnaire, Hamilton, Abigail Long, Enzo, 64.8. Science at Massey University on a Prime 50.9, 5, Emily Cammock, Cavorts, 51.6, 6. Australia, 266, 2: Isabelle Bowditch­McIntyre, 76.3, Kenya Wilson, Winifred Fair, 105.4, Shenae Lowings, Venture Sky Minister’s Athlete Scholarship.

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Young riders beat Australians

Thursday May 28 2015

Now based near Leithfield, offering Grazing/Agistment Training & Schooling, stables, trotting track – arena soon!!!

Shelter & Barns


Horse Shelter

4.0m wide 3.0 depth 2.7m high

Star performer . . . Larissa Srhoy, of Rangiora, won the one­star national three­day title at Taupo recently. 1412115


BARN 3-BAY. 13.5m x 6m deep x 3.6m high Other sizes available

Hydraulic Hose Repairs


Water Jump is available for schooling, Cross Country course will be open again soon. Ph 03 314 7076 to make a booking.

BROOK TRUCK SERVICES 307 Flaxton Road Rangiora (Behind Hunting & Fishing) g) Ph: 313-6361 Cell: 0275-200-711

We’ll fix it - Wherever it breaks k

5a Cone Street, Rangiora. Freephone: 0800 426 639 Phone (03) 313 4862, Fax: (03) 313 4862 email: newbletimber@xtra.co.nz


Breakdown & After Hours Service

All Weather Arena is setup with Showjumps.

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Thursday May 28 2015

Sharney Downs Horse Cover Repairs & Gifts


• Horse Cover/Canvas Reppairs • Wash/Waterproofing • Nutritech Supplements / Vitamins • Horse Themed Gifts & Scarves • Fanny Adams Underwearr

• Float Hire (Oxford area) ea) • Available for Markets

3/46 Main Street Oxford 0274618205





Keep them Warm this Winter!

Crusader 200

Outer: 1200 Denier Polyester Ripstop

ONLY $14995 each

Fill: 200g Polyester fibre for warmth

Winter Rug



5 Chaff Varieties Balcairn Blend Lucerne, Meadow, Straw, Oaten

and Now Timothy!


Steam Flaked Maize, Steam Flaked Barley, New Zealand Canola Oil, Vitamins & Minerals


OPEN Mon-Fri 8am-6pm • Saturday 9am-1pm

40 Ashbys Rd, Balcairn Eftpos Available

Ph: 03 312 9205 | 027 367 5009 www.balcairnstockfoods.co.nz

Second chance for unwanted horses By AMANDA BOWES Behind a hedge, on a sprawling property near Woodend, unwanted standardbreds are being given a second chance at life. Jackie Law, along with several other women based in other parts of Canterbury, save trotters, pacers and sometimes broodmares when they have finished their racing or breeding careers and are destined for the pet food factory. Working with Standardbred Recycling and Re­homing, set up by Southbridge woman Michelle Morrison, Jackie has a constant flow of horses no longer wanted by their owners, breeders or trainers that she finds homes for. The dedication of the women, passionate about giving these horses another chance, has resulted in over 500 unwanted standardbreds going to new homes. As well as re­homing horses, Jackie trains, breaks­ in and races her own horses as well as for others. She also prepares yearlings for the annual sale and like many who care for animals, has acquired a collection of give away dogs, cats and a coloured sheep named Kevin, who thinks he is one of the stable’s team. When a call goes out for an unwanted horse to be picked up, generally whoever is closest will take the horse on. Only those that are healthy and able to go on and lead useful lives are taken in. Sometimes young horses are rescued that haven’t even got to the stage of being broken into harness. They may be the victims of simply too many youngsters coming on and being surplus to requirements. When a horse come off the track, or has been in training but not qualified, they are in racing condition. Each horse is treated as an individual

Rescued . . . Jackie Law and ‘‘Bek’’, one of her rescued horses that is now saddle broken, will go PHOTO: AMANDA BOWES on to make a new owner very happy. and when the time is right and they are ready, they are broken to saddle. Once they are happy in their new role, they are matched up to a new owner. Jackie says some horses come down from the racing ‘‘buzz’’ quickly, others take more time. The horses are sold as green ­ needing further training ­ and are placed into new homes all over New Zealand. While she loves all of the horses that come into her care, she says some are particularly special and will sometimes end up staying longer than usual, as they are too hard to part with. The majority of horses do go to new homes though and it has to be that way to enable the ones waiting to be picked up to have their chance at a new

life also. The once unwanted horses have excelled as hacks, show horses, musterers’ horses, trekking horses, pony club mounts, hunters and jumpers. Their inherently biddable natures means breaking them to saddle is usually a relatively hassle free task and Jackie’s young daughter quite often helps her by being the first one to ride the new recruits. With the horses all having different personalities, Jackie and the others are careful that the horse and prospective new owner match up, as they want to try to ensure the horse will go to a forever home. With Facebook being a popular forum for helping to re­home the horses,

Please pass horses wide and slow Specialising g in in Beginner and an nd Nervous Ner vo ous Riders. Riderrs. Plus Plus Eventing, Eventing, Jumping, Jumping, Dressage Dressage & Games Games • Lessons Le L ess son ons aimed aime ai med ed at at increasing inc ncrre ncr ea as sin ng g knowledge kn k now owle ledge le dg d ge & confidence co c onf nfid ide en nc ce e in in a FUN FUN & SAFE SAFE environment. • Well We W ell schooled sc ch hoo oole ed horses hors ho rses s & ponies, pon onie oni ies, s, or or BYO. BYO BY O.. • Qualified Qu Q ual aliffiie alif ed instruction iin ns sttrru uct ctio ctio ion (NZEFCC) ((N NZE ZE F FC CC C)) • Private Prriv P iva atte & g grroup g ro ou up lessons lle es ss son ons available, avai av aila lab ab blle le, e, Monday Mo M ond nday ay to to Saturday Satu Sa turd turd day ay

Phone Phone Julie Julie 03 03 313 313 9010 9010



228 228 Marshmans 22 Ma M arrssh hm ma an ns Road, Road Ro ad d, Ashley, Ashl As Ashl hleyy, Rangiora Ra R ang ngiora iora io ra a_j.ashleydowns@scorch.co.nz a_j. a_ j.asshl hley eyd do own wns@ ns@sc s@sc s@ scor orch h..c co. o.n nzz

Standardbred Recycling and Re­homing also has a page that features horses that have been re­homed in their new environments. To make ends meet, with constant feed, vet and farrier bills, Jackie also runs a cleaning business. When she’s not training, racing or rescuing, she will be hard at work ensuring others have a spick and span house or work environment. As the number of yearlings entered in the yearling sales increase, with only a small number probably ever making it to the race track, the need for people like Jackie, Michelle and the others who rescue and have a genuine concern for the Standardbred and its welfare, will only keep increasing.

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º Farmers º Lawnmowers º Buses º Contractors º Loaders º Trucks º Quads º 4x4 º Cars Wheel Alignments º

- State-of-the-art 15 Metre Bake Oven - Full Paint & Panel Service - Fleet Vehicles a Speciality - Painting of Horse Trucks, and Horse Floats, Truck and Trailer Units, Diggers, Loaders, Tractors, Caravans, Motor Homes and Cars.

Anywhere, Anytime - Waimakariri North - Cheviot - Hanmer Springs - Culverden - Amberley

Next to GVT Amberley, we have moved down the back at 82 Carters Road Culverden Branch Now Open at 20 Lyndon Street

By SHELLEY TOPP The bright pink seat, potted flowers and ‘‘welcome friend’’ sign outside the shop are the first clues. A string of brightly coloured Fanny Adams underwear pegged up along the back wall inside is another. The Sharney Downs Horse Cover Repairs and Gifts shop in Meyer Place, just a few metres off Oxford’s Main Street, is not your everyday cover repair business. It is more like stepping into a friendly neighbour’s home for a look at their colourful collection of treasures. The shop is a dream come true for owner Vicki Fursdon. She started out in a small way repairing covers from her home but with a background in retail she decided to ‘‘take a gamble and open a shop’’. Vicki wanted her shop to reflect her joie de vivre, her love of horses, and also the friendly, welcoming nature of country life. A love of cowboy (Western) culture, is also obvious in Vicki’s shop. She’s wearing boots and a red dress made with a cowgirl fabric, and the ringtone on her cellphone sounds like a paddock full of excited horses neighing and snorting. The Ten Guitars Heartland CD plays Marty Robbins singing his famous cowboy classic El Paso. ‘‘One night a wild young cowboy came in, wild as the west Texas wind...’’ The front of the shop displays an eclectic mix of horsey giftware, plus a big variety of other goods. Expect the unexpected here. Cushions with a hand­painted cowboy boot covered in poppies. Bits and bridles, hip flasks, tea towels, customised blackboards. A gorgeous tee shirt featuring

a palomino cantering next to a hawk in flight, and high­heeled, hand­made shoes sit beside the hand­written slogan: ‘‘Family is like nice heels. Always there when you need a lift.’’ There is also a large range of New Zealand made, hand­crafted vinaigrettes, sauces, relishes and sweets from Heavensent, and wall hangings. An old film projector sits in a corner next to a male mannequin torso showing off a pair of tight­fitting, hot pink Calvin Klein men’s underwear, is also a frequent talking point. ‘‘People always ask about the movie projector,’’ Vicki says with a grin. It is a long working day for Vicki. She leaves home at 4.45am every morning to start her other job, helping Oxford dairy farmer David Rowe milk his cows. She leaves the farm at 8am and heads back home to shower and dress for a day at her shop. ‘‘I trade my gumboots and overalls for a dress and high heels,’’ she says. One of the most popular items in the shop is the large range of New Zealand­ made Fanny Adams underwear, specifically designed for horse riders. ‘‘I sell a lot of them,’’ Vicki says. ‘‘They are just really comfy because they don’t ride up or roll down when you are riding.’’ There is a work bench out the back and a large sewing machine where Vicki repairs covers, makes aprons, leads and also does clothing alterations for customers. This part of the business will soon expand to include a mobile cover repair service, and she is getting Brian Barclay at the West Melton firm B.E.C. Fabrications to make a customised trailer for this purpose. She is also planning to offer customers a float rental service.

Calf Shed 21m x 6m NOW $ 14,178 * incl GST x 3.6m with Canopy, PA Door & Roller SAVE $ Door, Zincalume



(Wooden Gates not included)

Farm Building with Lock-Up 21m x 9m x 3.6m with Roller Door, PA Door, Zincalume





Double Garage with Storage 9m x 6m x 2.4m with 2 Roller Doors & PA Door


9,216 *

incl GST




Come and see the North Canterbury team

127 Main North Road, phone (03) 310 0247 or email northcanterbury@totalspan.co.nz

*Terms & Conditions apply. See website for details.

Call in and see the team at Birchbrook Equestrian, all-purpose Livery and Training Facilities.

• Facility hire options

• Two all weather sand arenas, 70m x 70m Jumping Arena with good quality jumps. 60m x 20m Dressage Arena fully marked • Purpose built Livery facilities • Equine Swimming Pool • Sand Training Track • New Shelters and Paddocks just built for both permanent and temporary accommodation. We can look after your horse, while you’re on holiday.

• Workshop Repairs and Custom Work

Don't forget to see Don Clarke for all your equestrian supplies

• Manufacturing of PVC, Canvas & Leather

Professional service at competitive rates • Large Range of Stockfeed • Leather and Canvas Care

• Foal Alarm Hire

Co ourme a new nd s pre ee us mis in es.


21,850 *

incl GST

Purpose Built Livery & Agistment Facility

Jelfs Road, Woodend Beach Contact: Catherine and David Butt Phone: 03 312 2589 Catherine: 021 104 7289 David: 027 438 6505 Email: d.c.butt@xtra.co.nz www.birchbrookequestrian.co.nz

PH: (03) 327-0171 www.autobodyrepairs.co.nz


Fun and variety in store

116 Courtenay Dr, Kaiapoi 1537107




Sharney Downs . . . Vicki Fursdon in store in Oxford.

Autobody & Glass Repairs Ltd

North Canterbury Tyre Service Ltd

Phone: Greg 0800 274 911 or 027 491 1190 Office: 0800 473 478 Fax: 03 323 7264

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If it stands still long enough we will paint it

Fully Mobile Tyre Service

24 hour service

Thursday May 28 2015

Hours: Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm. Saturday 9am-1pm 637 Lineside Road, Southbrook • Phone (03) 313-6056. Kevin Orchard • www.donclarke.co.nz

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Thursday May 28 2015

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Thursday May 28 2015

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The News

Thursday May 28 2015

The News

Thursday May 28 2015

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The News

Thursday May 28 2015

Servicing $12,700 2,700 2 Wheelers, us GST 4plus Wheelers & UTVs




100 + GST

*Conditions apply

1544512 1573715

Servicing North Canterbury Bikes for over 10 years All makes and models All warranties covered

motorcycle motorcycles otorcycle LIMITED

PH. 03 315 8667 • 027 631 7228


Perkins engine, Cabin, 32x32 power shuttle, wet clutch. Fitted with self-levelling front-end loader for “100 Family”, Euro Hitch.

Tym T1003 100hp Tractor $74,999 $69,999 plus GST • Tym Tractors starting from $16,600 Attachments Available: Mowing, Front End Loader, Back Hoe • Servicing ALL makes and models of tractors and farm equipment • On-farm Service — 3 Specialised Field Service Utes • NOW AVAILABLE: HYDRAULIC HOSES AND FITTINGS • Competitive Hourly and Mileage Rates 1581178

Wintering workshops popular

Mobile 0274-313-404 Phone (03) 313-2133 northern-tractor-services@xtra.co.nz

Wintering workshops are proving popular, as dairy farmers seek tips to get through after a challenging season. DairyNZ consulting officer Noelle Fox says around 70 people attended the Waimakariri district ‘‘wintering for success’’ workshop at a farm near Oxford recently and she has heard of similar turnouts at other events around Canterbury. ‘‘We had a good discussion around the potential for different types of crops for winter feed. ‘‘Moving forward, most people are managing their winter feed supply reasonably well and they know what crops they have. And we have some pretty accurate yield data to help them compare their feed budgets. ‘‘They really need to be on the ball and be aware of the situation they are in, moving forward.’’ Ms Fox says the overall outlook in the area is looking reasonably positive, given the challenges of a dry summer and the low milk price, but she encourages farmers to get involved in DairyNZ’s ‘‘tactics for tight times’’ programme and look out for more wintering workshops. ‘‘With the lower payout, cash flows will be tight right through into the early spring period, so people need to look ahead and think about how they will manage through the spring.’’ DairyNZ is organising a series of wintering campaign workshops this month featuring DairyNZ principal scientist for animal science Dr John Roche. ‘‘People need to get accurate body condition score measurements for their animals so they can target the at risk animals and not forget about the young stock,’’ Ms Fox says. ‘‘The young stock tend to be the ones which suffer when feed is tight, so check with your grazers to make sure there is

TRUST YOUR INVESTMENT WITH THE EXPERTS: Your Authorised John Deere Dealer Stocking Genuine John Deere Parts 24hr call out The largest service fleet in the region


799 Jones Rd, Rolleston 03 349 4883

sufficient feed.’’ Dr Roche will also be available to talk about the findings from a multi­ national research programme on the ‘‘transition cow’’. He is the lead investigator in a transition cow research programme involving teams from Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Wintering campaign workshops in North Canterbury: Waimakariri ­ Thursday, June 18,

7pm, Cust Community Hall ­ contact Noelle Fox 021­2462775. Culverden ­ Friday, June 19, 1pm, Hurunui Rugby Club, School Road, Culverden ­ contact Virginia Serra 021­932515. Tactics for tight times (the latest Hurunui field day was held earlier this month): Waimakariri ­ Thursday, June 25, 12pm, Cust Community Hall ­ contact Noelle Fox 021­2462775.

Farmers urged to have say on climate change


Planning ahead . . . Dairy farmers are being urged to seek advised as they plan ahead for FILE PHOTO winter and spring after a challenging season.

www.dne.co.nz 0800 432 633

RANGIORA MOTORCYCLES, NORTH CANTERBURY'S ONLY AUTHORISED HONDA DEALER. Boasting over 100 years combined experience. We can service all makes and models and offer a pickup and delivery service throughout North Canterbury. Canterbury

Contact Kevin for a service pick up or sales enquiry: 03 313 4593 or 0274 361 974 10 Albert Street


Federated Farmers has welcomed the Government’s public consultation on climate change, ahead of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris, in December. ‘‘We live in a global world, where as much as we are a part of its problems we are a part of its solutions,’’ says Federated Farmers climate change spokesman Anders Crofoot. ‘‘It is important that the public are a part of the discussion in setting New Zealand’s post 2020 climate change target. A critical element to having that discussion is that everyone understands the issues and trade­offs involved in setting our contribution.’’ Mr Crofoot says New Zealand’s economy is driven by exports, with 73 percent of the country’s merchandise exports coming from the primary industries and worth $35.2 billion. United Nations projections have the global population peaking at 11 billion by 2075 and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that agricultural output needs to increase by 60% by 2050 to meet this growth. ‘‘While New Zealand cannot feed the world we will play our part. It

would be irresponsible of us to squander or under­utilise our resources,’’ Mr Crofoot says. ‘‘Aside from being a net food exporter in a world of increasing food shortage, New Zealanders can be very proud that our farmers are among the most carbon efficient in the world. This puts us at an advantage on a global scale both scientifically and economically. ‘‘Through our commitments with the Global Research Alliance on agricultural greenhouse gases and the Palmerston North­based Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium (PGGRC) our country’s leadership extends beyond being an efficient producer of quality food and puts us on the world stage in our ability to reduce emissions.’’ Mr Crofoot says farmers’ investment in science through the levy­funded bodies has reduced their emissions per unit of meat and milk produced by 1.3% a year since 1990. ‘‘Our scientific and innovative advances are something we can export to the rest of the world’s primary producers. If we keep investing in institutes like these we will be able to further our climate change commitments while growing a strong and vibrant economy.’’

The News

Thursday May 28 2015

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We have feed and grazing available now • • • •

Feed Barley from $345/Tonne Baleage starting from $100 per 4x3 bale Standing Grass from 15c/kgDM Straw - Wheat, Barley, Ryegrass, Clover Tailings

Call James on 027 436 9989 or Shane on 027 436 9011


* All prices exclude freight. Standing grass excludes contracting costs. All grazing is done on a per head or c/kg of DM basis. Prices exclude GST Best duck . . . Riley Bell­Taylor (14), of Southbrook, near Rangiora, was proud of his Indian PHOTOS: DAVID HILL runner duck which won best female duck or drake.

Boost for poultry club By DAVID HILL Entries were down, but Rangiora’s poultry club received a boost last weekend. The North Canterbury Poultry and Pigeon Club’s 117th annual show, at the Rangiora Showgrounds last weekend, attracted just 454 entries, down from 533 last year, but gained some new members. Club member Ken Orchard says the club has gained some new members, who have left the Christchurch Poultry, Pigeon and Bantam Club, and received enquiries from a couple of members of the public keen to exhibit next year. ‘‘It’s a great boost for us to get some new members, because as a small club we struggle to keep putting a show together each year.’’ One keen exhibitor is 14­year­old Riley Bell­Taylor, of Southbrook, near Rangiora, who won best female duck or drake with his Indian runner duck. ‘‘I’ve been breeding them since I was 11 or 12­years­old, but this is my biggest win for a while.’’ Riley says his family entered 17 birds in all, mostly ducks, but also a game bantam and some Rhode Island Red hens. He says he hopes to compete at other shows around the South Island this year, including the national show in Oamaru,

Canterbury ATVs Ltd Woodend

Bikes for Farming, Hunting, Fishing & Recreation

SALES & SERVICE New & Used ATV’s & Side by side’s, parts & accessories. With an extensive range of side by side tyres available

Friendly experienced technicians on site for servicing & repairs. Specialising in side by side’s, with a modern state of the art workshop, all enquires welcome.

Ted Marris - Manager / 03 312 7927 / www.canterburyatv.co.nz

Best bird . . . North Canterbury Poultry and Pigeon Club member Ken Orchard checks out an australorp pullet entered by Brian Glassey, of Ashburton, which won best heavy breed fowl. during July 17­19, if he can persuade his mother and step­father, Mel Bell and Dan Higinbottom, to spend some time away from the family dairy farm.




· Capethorne - Greg Chamberlain - Ph 03 319 8500 - 021 549 229 · Riverlands J and Grassmere Chris Jeffries - Ph 03 319 8585 - 0274 608 849


Thursday 4th June 2015 2pm at Benmore, Cheviot

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Thursday May 28 2015


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PRE-OWNED TRACTORS Price New Holland T7.250, 200 hp, Auto Command trans, F/link & PTO, 775, hrs, as new cond....................$POA New Holland T7.170, 127hp, 860hrs,Range Command trans, side winder,s /steer, f/link, as new cond...$POA New Holland T7060, 217hp, Power Command transmission, 50kph, approx. 4315 hours.....................$82,900 New Holland T6030 Plus, 117hp,6 cyl, 1 owner, MX T10 loader, 2830 hrs............................................$77,900 New Holland T6050 Plus, MX T12 loader, 1 owner, 126hp, cab suspension, Very tidy..........................$69,900 New Holland TS115, MX 100 loader, 5660 hrs, serviced & checked, good tidy condition......................$49,900 New Holland TS110, Pearson 20-36 loader, 5620 hrs, 1 owner from new..............................................$39,900. Case IH CVX120, Pearson 20-42 loader, 50kph, variable transmission, tidy condition...........................$59,900 Case IH MXM 190, front linkage and PTO, 50kph, rear Snaplock 20.8R42 duals, 5610 hrs...................$64,900 Case IH MXU 125, ROPS, MX T10 loader, 3685 hrs,125hp 6cyl, being serviced & prepared for sale...$43,900 Case International 585 ROPS, 2wd, 60 hp, 1 owner from new, tidy condition.......................................$7,900 Kubota RTV 900, diesel, 2600 hrs, 1 onr, cab roof, windscreen, wiper, tidy condition............................$12,900

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The News

Thursday May 28 2015

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Young Rangiora driver runner-up Young team Rangiora High School student Ari Pettigrew finished runner­up in New Zealand’s premier young driver development programme raced off at the Manfeild race circuit near Feilding last weekend. Ari (16) was just pipped by fellow student Liam Lawson (13), from Pukekohe, for the $50,000 prize package. Young aspiring race car drivers from throughout the country gathered for the two­day competition with just six finalists making it through to the all important shoot­out last Sunday. ‘‘Ari was really the ‘dark horse’ of the competition and as the pressure came on he responded to put himself right in contention,’’ says co­founder Grant McDonald, who also lives in Rangiora. Ari went to the scholarship from a 10­year background in grass karting and as runner­up he will take the driver’s seat at any time during the 12­month programme if Lawson is for any reason unable to compete. He is also offered coaching and mentoring by Mr McDonald to help him progress into motor racing. Ari is the second young driver from Rangiora to win the runner­up prize after James Penrose took that same honour in 2007. The SpeedSport Scholarship programme was jointly founded by Mr McDonald and race team owner Dennis Martin, of Palmerston North, to offer young drivers a kick­start to a motor racing career and includes an all expenses paid year racing a Formula First single­seater in the Manfeild Winter Series and the New Zealand championship series.

kept to draw

Young driver . . . SpeedSport Scholarship runner­up Ari Pettigrew, of Rangiora, relaxes PHOTO: GEOFF RIDDER beside his racecar. The winner also receives a personalised race suit, boots and racing gloves provided by Chicane. Founded in 2000, the scholarship has started the careers of some of New Zealand’s top drivers and on this 15th anniversary weekend, three of the programmes most successful stars all enjoyed international success dedicated to their roots.

Triple NZ Grand Prix winner and TRS champion Nick Cassidy won a Formula 3 race in Japan. V8 Supercar star Shane van Gisbergen drove his team’s factory McLaren to victory at Silverstone, England. GP2 rookie Richie Stanaway won the Formula One support race at the Monaco Grand Prix and dedicated his win to the SpeedSport Scholarship.

The Waimak United division one men’s team hosted Selwyn on Saturday at the Kendall Park turf keen to follow up their upset first round win, in front of the best crowd of the season. The early part of the game was dominated by a fancied Selwyn side that included former Canterbury United rep Dan Ede. However the young Waimak side started to get into the game and created opportunities on goal. Pressure on the defence of Selwyn was rewarded when a soft back pass was cleared by the goalkeeper into the back of Tommy Chadwick rebounding into the goal. Play then remained quite even until Dan Ede rose above the Waimak defence to head home an equaliser before the break. The second half started again with both Waimak and Selwyn creating opportunities, but neither being able to score until the 55th minute, when a well worked corner was finished off by 16­year­ old Luke Frazer for his first senior goal. Waimak’s midfield was working hard along with centre back Brad Stewart, who was putting his body on the line with aggressive tacking, and this was knocking Selwyn off its game. Waimak then began to create opportunities, but was unable to score and was punished again when Dan Ede broke through the defence to equalise. Late in the game Waimak should have completed the victory, but was unable to score in two goal mouth scrambles. Waimak coach Dan Clarkson awarded the player of the day to the team, which had included five 16­year­old players, boding well for the club’s future.






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Thursday May 28 2015

Good win for Waiau

North Canty rugby results Luisetti Seeds division one, section one: Lincoln 19 Celtic 17, Hornby 14 Oxford 44, West Melton 24 Rakaia 38, Kaiapoi 13 Southbridge 37, Glenmark 41 Prebbleton 8. Section two: Saracens 19 Hampstead 16, Ashley 38 Southern 19, Burn/Duns/Irwell 34 Ohoka 9, Methven 14 Waihora 18, Darfield 18 Rolleston 12. Mike Greer Homes North Canterbury division two: Saracens 48 Glenmark­ Cheviot 28, Amberley 8 Hurunui 45, Ashley 13 Woodend 47. Crusader Secondary Schools UC championship: Lincoln HS 14 Rangiora HS 24, Rangiora HS retains the Country Cup. Ellesmere/North Canterbury/Mid Canterbury combined under 18: Ashley/ Oxford 13 Methven/Rakaia 32, Hurunui 46 Celtic 10, Kaiapoi 42 Malvern Comb 14. Under 16, section one: Kaiapoi / Woodend 42 West Melton / Southbridge 12, Oxford 36 Hampstead 38. Section two: Saracens 84 Methven 14. Mike Greer Homes North Canterbury under 14: Ashley Blue 66 Ashley Green 28, Saracens 10 Kaiapoi 65. Under 13: Amberley 27 Oxford 36, Woodend 7 Ashley 65, Hurunui 48 Ohoka 42, Saracens 12 Kaiapoi 67. Under 11: Amberley 27 Oxford 36, Hurunui Black 12 Ohoka Black 36, Hurunui Blue 55 Ohoka Red 0, Kaiapoi 43 Woodend 7, Saracens Blue 26 Ashley Blue 46, Saracens Red 26 Ashley Green 24. Under 10: Amberley 10 Oxford Red 65, Glenmark­Cheviot 20 Ashley Green 30, Hurunui Black 55 Ohoka Black 35, Hurunui Blue 50 Ohoka Red 15, Kaiapoi 60 Woodend 10, Saracens Blue 35 Ashley Blue 60, Saracens Red 20 Oxford Black 20. Under 9: Amberley 70 Oxford 35, Glenmark­Cheviot 65 Ashley Green 40, Hurunui Black 55 Ohoka Black 35, Hurunui Blue 65 Ohoka Red 10, Saracens


Milestone . . . Andrew Dunbar, pictured receiving his North Canterbury blazer last year, made his 250th appearance for FILE PHOTO Ashley, at Loburn on Saturday. Blue 20 Ashley Blue 60, Saracens Red 15 Ashley White 35. Under 8: Hurunui 25 Ohoka Black 60, Saracens Orange 50 Ohoka Red 30, Saracens Blue 35 Ashley Blue 70, Saracens Red 85 Oxford Black 10. Under 7: Glenmark­Cheviot 65 Ashley Green 50, Hurunui Black 55 Ohoka Black 65, Hurunui Blue 85 Ohoka Red 85, Kaiapoi 12 Woodend 8, Saracens Blue 75 Saracens Green 35, Saracens Blue 60 Oxford Red 60, Saracens Green 85 Oxford Red 50, Saracens Red 80 Oxford Black 80, Saracens Orange 95 Ashley White 40, Saracens White 45 Ashley Blue 75. Under 6: Kaiapoi Blue 50 Ashley Blue 50, Saracens Red 50 Oxford Black 50, Saracens Orange 45 Ohoka Blue 45, Saracens Green 20 Saracens Blue 20, Saracens Green 30 Ohoka Green 15, Saracens Blue 25 Ohoka Green 25.


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After a chilly start to Hurunui netball last Saturday, Waikari produced a great club day. Waiau A took the court against the Waiau Social team for a competitive game. The first quarter score saw Waiau A up 14­3. This was with the help of great shooting by goal­attack, Amber Lawson. A change to the Waiau A goal­attack saw Sarah Eastmond take the court for the second quarter. The defence of Waiau Social’s goal­ keep Bu Neil and goal­defence Thelma Fisher fought hard to keep Waiau A from scoring. Waiau A fought through to lead at half­ time 30­5. Overall Waiau A proved too strong for the Waiau Social team with the final score being 57­12. Results: Senior A: Hawarden A 42 Cheviot Social 22, Waiau A 57 Waiau Social 12, Cheviot A 43 Hanmer A 28, Glenmark A 17 Culverden A 10. Senior B: Culverden B 27 Hawarden B 10, Waikari 22 Hawarden C 12, Hawarden

Take a shot . . . Cheviot B lines up a goal against a Hawarden team last season. Social 42 Cheviot B 21. Primary A: Culverden PA 25 Waiau PB 6, Waiau PA 26 Glenmark PA 10, Cheviot PA 28 Hawarden D 12. Primary B: Cheviot PB 19 Culverden PB 18, Waiau PC 8 Hawarden PB 5, Hawarden PA 44 Cheviot PC 0, Cheviot PC 8 Hanmer 0.

Rangiora bridge results Saturday Afternoon Cherry Pairs: North/South: Pam Atkinson / Des Steere 1. East/West: Ros Crighton / Tom Rose 1. Monday Afternoon Two Day Match (First): N/S: Carole Bach / Judith Calder 1, Derek Wilson / Judy Hayton 2, Heather Waldron / Suzette McIlroy 3. E/W: Richard Luisetti / Jenny Hassall 1,

Tom Rose / Liz Duke 2, Roger Harding / Ann Harding 3. Wednesday Evening Presidents: N/S: Heather Waldron / Louise Davis 1, Linley Thomas / Brian Stewart 2, Judy Hayton / Des Steere 3. E/W: Jack Lyon / Lesley Smith 1, Lester Garlick / Tom Rose 2, Jill Amer / Adrienne Lamb 3.



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The News

Thursday May 28 2015

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Oxford, Glenmark earn home playoffs By CHRIS ROWE North Canterbury will have two rugby teams with home quarter­final advantage, as Oxford and Glenmark continued their good form on Saturday. Glenmark stayed top of its side of the draw with a relatively easy win over Prebbleton, gaining the bonus point in the process, and will now face Burnham/ Dunsandel/Irwell. Prebbleton was competitive with a good set piece, but two tries immediately after half­time finished the match as a real contest. Number 8 Sam Kartoa grabbed two tries in the course of an impressive effort while winger Sam Greenwood was also to the fore. Scott Vincent and Matt Keane were others to show out, both on the score sheet and in general play. Oxford, through securing a bonus point win over Hornby and with Lincoln beating Celtic, has gained a home quarter­final against Southern. With a fast track and sunny conditions, both teams utilised their back­lines as much as possible, which made a great spectacle. Leading 10­nil at the break, Oxford got down to business and scored five second half tries with Hornby replying with two fine tries of its own. Shining for Oxford was the loose forwards Josh Brown and captain Stew Dalzell, while halfback Anthony Barton and centre Maaloa Taumohuni also had strong games. All, except Barton, got on the score sheet. Blair Grice, Andrew Inch and Logan Telfer added the other tries. Ashley produced its best performance of the season to celebrate Andrew Dunbar’s 250th division 1 appearance. It led 10­nil after eight minutes, with Southern forced to play catch up rugby throughout. Ethan Cameron was strong in the mid field gaining two tries, with Dan Cook, Brett


Quarter­finalists . . . Old rivals Oxford and Glenmark, shown in their clash earlier in the FILE PHOTO season, have both qualified for the quarter­finals on Saturday. Cameron and Matt Rowe, in his 50th match, dashing 80 metres for the final try. The goal kicking of new first­five Lance Taylor was also impressive, missing just one long range attempt. But no­one was going to deny Dunbar his ‘‘player­of­the­day’’ recognition, this week operating from Number 8. Southbridge secured its quarter­final position with a comfortable win over Kaiapoi. Three first­half tries put Southbridge out to a 20­10 lead, with Kaiapoi having responded with a try to second­five Sean Swart. Kaiapoi looked like it may have brought itself back into the game when Brook Retallick landed an early second­half penalty, but Southbridge never conceded the ascendancy and as tempers flared in the final quarter Southbridge ran in two late tries to register a comfortable win. Saracens had success at its Club Day, winning an ill­tempered match over Hampstead. Cards, both yellow and red, were issued throughout with the visitors

Rugby - from the Sidelines Both Kaiapoi rugby teams in the combined teenage grades had significant wins. The under 18 side downed the previously unbeaten Malvern Combined by 42­14. First­five Dante Love and No 8 Wiremu Richardson both had very strong games. This Saturday Kaiapoi will be looking for a repeat when it travels to Ashburton to take on Celtic, which lost its unbeaten record when it went down 10­46 to Hurunui. In the under 16 grade the combined Kaiapoi­Woodend team had its first win for the season beating the much higher­ranked West Melton side 42­12. The inside back combination of

Vaysion Kara and Kyle Williams impressed for the combined side. It was a wonderful moment at Loburn when the Southern management, although beaten on the day, presented the player of the day tie to Andrew Dunbar in recognition of his 250th appearance for Ashley. The gesture was well received, with the tie soon being proudly worn. It has been a tough year to date for the Rangiora High School 1st 15, but last Wednesday in a Round 5 fixture of the UC Championship it beat Lincoln High School 24­14 to retain the Country Cup. This was a good effort and well deserved.

down permanently to 14 men within the first half. Winger Grant Broderson scored early for Saracens and prop forward Peter Manahi muscled over near half­time for a 12­7 lead. Although out­gunned, Hampstead scored two penalties and a well taken drop goal to lead 16­12 with just minutes to play. But another yellow card for a dangerous tackle saw the visitors reduced to 13 men. A final attacking scrum to Saracens produced a penalty try, with most of the Hampstead team walking off rather than waiting for the successful Dion Jones conversion. Halfback Ollie Ashby was the Waimak Real Estate player of the day, with Broderson and number 8 Johnny Turnbull also impressive. Ohoka went down to the combined Burnham side with Freeman Eder, contributing the points via three penalties. Max Lines and Hamish Collings had good matches among the forward pack. However, Jesse McNulty suffered what appeared to be a bad leg injury.


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LUISETTI SEEDS DIVISION 1 - QUARTER FINALS; Glenmark v. Burn/Duns/Irwell, Omihi 1, 2.45pm, G Peddle; Assistant Referees: Chris Rowe, D Chinnery; Oxford v. Southern, Oxford Oval, 2.45pm, K Opele; Assistant Referees: G McGiffert, B Hyde; Waihora v. Celtic, Tai Tapu 1, 2.45pm, K Hancox; Assistant Referees: J Shalfoon, R Busch, SC: C Banks; Methven v. Southbridge, Methven, 2.45pm, S Laird; Assistant Referees: TBA. LUISETTI SEEDS DIVISION 1 - TROPHY; Darfield v. Lincoln, Darfield 1, 2.45pm, A Brosnahan; Assistant Referees: H Cook, B Ward; Saracens v. Rakaia, Southbrook 1, 2.45pm, G Welch; Assistant Referees: TBA. LUISETTI SEEDS DIVISION 1 - PLATE; West Melton v. Prebbleton, West Melton 1, 2.45pm, A Stead; Assistant Referees: S McLean, G Cullen; Ashley v. Hampstead, Loburn Lwr 1, 2.45pm, A Stokes; Assistant Referees: G Inch, S Adamson. LUISETTI SEEDS DIVISION 1 - PLAQUE; Rolleston v. Hornby, Rolleston 1, 2.45pm, A Hotop; Assistant Referees: K Jones, T Rowlands; Ohoka v. Kaiapoi, Mand 1, 2.45pm, K Fitzgerald; Assistant Referees: J Le Gros, R Eder. MIKE GREER HOMES NORTH CANTERBURY LTD DIVISION 2; Glenmark-Cheviot v. Ashley, Omi 2, 1.15pm, Chris Rowe; Pickering Shield, Hurunui v. Woodend, Hawarden 1, 2.00pm, D Taylor; Ohoka v. Kaiapoi, Mand 1, 1.00pm, TBA; Oxford v. Saracens, Oxford Oval, 1.00pm, G McGiffert; Amberley bye. METRO COLTS - CUP; Glenmark v. Ohoka, Omihi 1, 1.00pm, D Chinnery; CBHS 2nd XV v. Hurunui, CBHS 1, 2.30pm. WOMENS - CUP; No Fixtures for Queen’s Birthday; UC CHAMPIONSHIP; Marlborough B C v. Rangiora HS, Marlborough B C, 12.00pm. ELLESMERE/NORTH CANT/MID CANT COMBINED U18; Malvern Comb v. Ashley/Oxford, Darfield 2, 1.00pm, B Ward; Celtic v. Kaiapoi, Celtic 1, 1.00pm; Methven/Rakaia v. Hurunui, Methven 2, 1.15pm; Lincoln v. Waihora, Lincoln 1, 1.00pm, M Quinlivan; Rangiora HS v. West Melton/Rolleston, Rangiora, 2.00pm, R Lane. ELLESMERE/NORTH CANT/MID CANT COMBINED U16 SECT 1; Hampstead v. Kaiapoi, Hampstead 1, 1.15pm; Rolleston v. Celtic, Rolleston 2, 2.00pm, C Wootton; West Melton/Southbridge v. Prebbleton, West Melton 1, 1.00pm, S McLean; Oxford bye. ELLESMERE/NORTH CANT/MID CANT COMBINED U16 SECT 2; Lincoln v. Ashley/Amberley, Lincoln 2, 12.30pm, M Talbot; Methven v. Hurunui, Methven 3, 1.15pm; Waihora v. Saracens, Tai Tapu 2, 1.00pm, R Busch; Malvern Comb bye. MIKE GREER HOMES NORTH CANTERBURY LTD U14½ ; Tuesday, 26 May 2015: Ohoka v. Oxford, Mand 3, 7.00pm, L Brine; NCRSU Challenge Shield, Saturday, 30 May 2015: Ashley Blue v. Kaiapoi, Lob Lwr 1, 1.15pm, L Brine; Ohoka v. Ashley Green, Mand 3, 1.15pm, J Legros; Oxford v. Saracens, Ox 2, 1.15pm, B Hyde. MIKE GREER HOMES NORTH CANTERBURY LTD U13 ; North Canterbury Challenge Shield, Wednesday, 27 May 2015: Ohoka v. Amberley, Mand 3, 6.30pm, A Reev; Saturday, 30 May 2015: Ashley v. Kaiapoi, Lob Lwr 1, 11.45am, S Adamson; Hurunui v. Woodend, Hawarden 1, 11.45am, A Reev; Oxford v. Saracens, Ox Oval, 11.45am, R Hyde. MIKE GREER HOMES NORTH CANTERBURY LTD U11½ ; Thursday , 28 May 2015 Saracens Red v. Saracens Blue, Sbk 2, 4.30pm, Saturday, 30 May Ashley Blue v. Kaiapoi, Lob Lwr 1, 10.30am, R Brine; Hurunui Blue v. Hurunui Black, Hawarden 1, 10.30am, club/ref; Ohoka Black v. Amberley, Mand 2, 10.30am, TBA; Ohoka Red v. Oxford, Mand 1, 10.30am, TBA; Club/Ref; Woodend v. Ashley Green, Wood 2, 10.30am, TBA. MIKE GREER HOMES NORTH CANTERBURY LTD U10; Ashley Blue v. Kaiapoi, Lob Jnr 6, 12.10pm; Glenmark-Cheviot v. Saracens Red, Omi 2, 12.00pm; Hurunui Blue v. Hurunui Black, Haw Jnr, 12.10pm; Ohoka Black v. Amberley, Mand Jnr 5, 12.10pm; Ohoka Red v. Oxford Red, Mand Jnr 4, 10.00am; Saracens Blue v. Oxford Black, Sbk Jnr 6, 12.10pm; Woodend v. Ashley Green, Wood Jnr 4, 12.10pm. MIKE GREER HOMES NORTH CANTERBURY LTD U9; Ashley Blue v. Kaiapoi, Lob Jnr 6, 10.00am; Glenmark-Cheviot v. Saracens Red, Omi 1, 10.00am; Hurunui Blue v. Hurunui Black, Haw Jnr, 10.00am; Ohoka Black v. Amberley, Mand Jnr 5, 11.05am; Ohoka Red v. Oxford, Mand Jnr 4, 11.05am; Saracens Blue v. Ashley White, Sbk Jnr 6, 10.00am; Woodend v. Ashley Green, Wood Jnr 4, 10.00am. MIKE GREER HOMES NORTH CANTERBURY LTD U8; Ashley Blue v. Kaiapoi, Lob Jnr 6, 11.05am; Glenmark-Cheviot v. Saracens Red, Omi 2, 11.00am; Hurunui v. Saracens Orange, Haw Jnr, 11.05am; Ohoka Black v. Amberley, Mand Jnr 5, 10.00am; Ohoka Red v. Oxford Red, Mand 3a, 11.05am; Saracens Blue v. Oxford Black, Sbk Jnr 7, 11.05am; Woodend v. Ashley Green, Wood Jnr 4, 11.05am. MIKE GREER HOMES NORTH CANTERBURY LTD U7; Thursday , 28 May 2015 Saracens Blue v. Saracens White, Sbk 3a, 4.30pm; Saturday, 30 May Ashley Blue v. Kaiapoi, Lob Lwr Jnr 2, 10.50am; Glenmark-Cheviot v. Saracens Red, Omi 2A, 10.20am; Hurunui Black v. Hurunui Blue, Hawarden 2A, 10.50am; Ohoka Black v. Amberley, Mand Jnr 7, 10.50am; Ohoka Red v. Oxford Red, Mand Jnr 6, 10.50am; Ohoka White v. Ashley White, Mand Jnr 8, 10.50am; Oxford Black v. Saracens Orange, Ox 4B, 10.50am; Woodend v. Saracens Green, Wood 3A, 10.50am; Ashley Green bye. MIKE GREER HOMES NORTH CANTERBURY LTD U6; Ashley Blue v. Kaiapoi Gold, Lob Lwr Jnr 2, 10.00am; Ashley Green v. Kaiapoi Blue, Lob 5A, 10.45am; Ashley Gold v. Saracens Orange, Lob 5A, 10.00am; Hurunui Black v. Hurunui Blue, Hawarden 2A, 10.00am; Ohoka Black v. Amberley, Mand Jnr 7, 10.00am; Ohoka Red v. Oxford Red, Mand Jnr 6, 10.00am; Ohoka Blue v. Saracens Red, Mand Jnr 9, 10.00am; Ohoka White v. Ashley White, Mand Jnr 8, 10.00am; Oxford Black v. Saracens Green, Ox 4B, 10.00am; Woodend v. Ohoka Green, Wood 3A, 10.00am; Saracens Blue bye;

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The News

Thursday May 28 2015



May 28, 2015 |

Properties for sale throughout North Canterbury

Kenepuru Road, Marlborough Sounds 242 Hectares $3,700,000 plus GST if any, land buildings and forestry For more details please contact Allan Gifford on 027 226 2379 or view online farmlandsrealestate.co.nz Web ID BL1143

Greenfields – Sheep, Beef, Forestry and Carbon Farming Attention farmers and investors here is a great opportunity to procure a property offering diversity with excellent improvements, location and motivated vendors whom have carefully assessed the market which is reflected in the recent price adjustment. Approximately 100 hectares of improved pasture subdivided into 23 paddocks. 65 hectares steeper hill planted in forestry. 77 hectares approximately reverting to native with some grazing, this portion of the property is under a P.F.S.I agreement. Quality improvements include a substantial homestead circa 2000 of generous proportions and chattels. Large master bedroom with walk-in wardrobes, en suite and two other

Wool shed with a single stand and plenty of wool room has facilities including three horse boxes, tack and feed room. Hay shed and implement shed, sheep yards and separate cattle yards.

bedrooms, one currently being used as an art room and the other a sizeable office. Heat pump, wood burner, under floor heating and double glazing provide warm living environment. The home is encapsulated in an elevated site looking out over the stunning Waitaria Bay and beyond with a mature landscape of trees, fruit trees, berry house, large vegetable garden and additional plantings providing a healthy food source.

Approximately 35 hectares of forest ready to harvest, with other blocks coming on for succession harvesting. Registered deep water mooring and boat shed. Waitaria Bay can be accessed by boat from Havelock or by Kenepuru Road off Queen Charlotte Drive.

A second dwelling provides an additional four bedrooms, upgraded kitchen, two bathrooms, open fire and wood burner, polished floors with a tasteful landscaped section all in grand order. A very practical, good sized workshop is located close to the second dwelling.

Call agent for purchase options. The Vendors have reviewed their expectations and the property is now offered for genuine sale.

Marlborough | Northbank 404.8 Hectares Marlborough Finishing Unit. Here is your opportunity to secure this well known Marlborough family farm with many land use options for the discerning purchaser to invest, farm or develop. Approximately 200 hectares of fertile flats, 150 hectares rolling to medium hill, balance steeper grazing including 30 hectares woodlots. Two storey Oamaru Stone home with five bedrooms, two living areas, two bathrooms and double garage. Ancillary buildings include, 3-stand wool shed, 4-bay calf rearing shed, five hay sheds. Cattle yards and sheep yards. Renowned for stock performance and production. | Property ID BL1145 Price Contact

By negotiation Allan Gifford 027 226 2379

PropertyTimes Timesisisdelivered deliveredto toevery everyhome homein inNorth South Canterbury Canterbury and and is is available available on Property on the the web web at atwww.propertytimes.co.nz www.propertytimes.co.nz

The News

Thursday May 28 2015

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For Sale

New Listing | 172 Overtons Road, Scargill

Deadline Sale

Larger Lifestyle. Larger lifestyle with options (20.5 hectares), a bonus is the additional grazing available on the Reserve Crown Land adjacent to the stream margins. The three bedroom home, with spacious living, is situated in an attractive setting and is sheltered by mature specimen trees. An in ground pool, with a covered barbeque area completes the picture.


20.5 Hectares

A number of sheds are suitable for a variety of activities; they include implement, hay and wool sheds. A 100 x 11 metre shed with concrete floor could be utilised for specialised storage, calf rearing, or combined with the other buildings, would be an ideal base for a contactor. The property is subdivided into 11 paddocks. A picturesque stream runs through most paddocks. 172 Overtons Road is situated on a no exit, sealed country road, just 37km to the service town of Amberley and 87km to Christchurch Airport. | Property ID AM1018

Closing 4pm, Friday 26 June 205

By appointment


James Murray 027 436 8103 Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

New Listing

258 Foothills Road Okuku Price $230,000

Contact Maurice Newell 027 240 1718

Priced To Sell. Situated at Okuku and just 7km from the highly regarded Loburn Primary School, this versatile block has westerly shelter and its own well, from which water quality tests have already been done. The Ruapuna silt loam is free draining making it suitable for horses or cattle, yet it is usually considered a summer safe area for rainfall. With phone and power to the boundary, all you need to do is plan where to build your dream home and apply for a building consent. | Property ID RA1636

Open Home

52 Avoca Street Kaikoura Price

New Listing | Courage Road, Amberley


By negotiation

$557,000 plus GST (if any) As a going concern

Exciting Commercial Land Development. Selling Stage 1 now - Titles expected December 2015. Invest in this fast growing region. Adjacent to SH1, reticulated Council water, Council sewerage, three phase electricity. Suit agri-business, retail storage, light industry, professional offices, cafe and medical facilities. Situated between Courage and Pound Roads. A major national rural servicing company have already established their business in the development. Vendor motivated to sell Stage 1 now. Stage 2 and 3 to follow - 1,000m2 to 3,000m2 -14 sections in total. | Property ID RA1635



1,000m - 2,023m 2


James Murray 027 436 8103 Canterbury

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119 Canterbury

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600

By appointment


Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425 Malcolm McNaugton 027 297 4297

Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425 Canterbury

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718 Canterbury

Open Home Saturday 12.00 to 1.00pm. This boutique, seaside permitted B&B is set in a gorgeous location, close to the ocean. To be sold fully furnished (except artwork), the property comprises of two bedrooms, plus a self-contained studio. The house has been renovated to a very high standard, modern kitchen with granite benches and integrated appliances. Bathroom with spa bath and double shower. Double garage with multiple boat and campervan parking at rear. | Property ID TU10562

Barry Keys 027 434 7689 Canterbury

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600 Kaikoura

Allan Gifford 027 226 2379 Marlborough

Chris Abbott 027 435 2872 Marlborough

0800 200 600 | farmlandsrealestate.co.nz

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The News

Thursday May 28 2015

For Sale Waikari




By negotiation




Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

6 Princes Street 857m2

Cosy Rural Village Home. Beautifully presented, near new home located in small rural village. The home consists of well-equipped modern kitchen, open-plan living/dining, two bedrooms – master with walk-in wardrobe and tiled, wet room bathroom. The 857m2 section is a blank canvas for your landscape ideas. Waikari has many facilities including primary school, medical facilities, bakery, service station, cafÊ, gift shop and local pub. | Property ID AM1006

56 Osborne Road 1,280m2

Space Galore. There is plenty of space in this 1940s home. The living space includes a separate kitchen, open plan dining and living rooms and a very roomy lounge with access to a sunny patio. The home has two bedrooms plus a study, an updated bathroom and a separate shower room in the laundry plus a separate studio/sleep-out. The home has double glazing (in most rooms), an efficient log burner and heat pump. The section is fenced with a glasshouse, double garage and woodshed. | Property ID AM1016









6 Stanwood Grove 825m2

25 Piako Drive 7,124m2

Kerin Pitkethley 027 698 7453

Kerin Pitkethley 027 698 7453

Caters For All Ages. Three bedroom plus office home, huge en suite, family bathroom and separate toilet. Features a generous kitchen, open plan living, separate lounge, gas under floor heating and heat pump. Covered patio/deck leads to compact back yard. Internal access double garage with games room attached - offers a range of uses. Built in 2006, this home was built to be both mobility and wheelchair-friendly. Entry level shower, ramp off deck, asphalt drive, paths to outside utility areas. | Property ID DA1640

Position, Privacy And Potential. Three bedroom home (built 2014) on 7,124m2. Lounge/family room, master (with en suite) upstairs, two bedrooms and open plan kitchen/living (log fire) downstairs. Internal access garage, plus large 6m x 12m shed (3 phase power). Dormer windows provide both light and views, with balcony. Fully fenced - a blank canvas for you to add gardens and landscaping - with good fertile land and town water. | Property ID DA1633





$600,000 plus GST (if any)

Offers invited



Allan Gifford 027 226 2379

Allan Gifford 027 226 2379

Redwood Pass Road 153 Hectares

Gaze And Graze. Subject to title issue. Situated approximately 12km south-east of Blenheim CBD. Ideal bare land grazing block for dairy grazers or more particularly dry stock with sheep and beef farming also an option. Predominantly medium rolling contour with some steeper areas with a mix of pasture, small wetland area and areas of manuka, which may be of interest to apiarists with honey production in mind. Natural water from Utawai Creek. Good 4WD/ATV access tracks. | Property ID BL1129



223 Beach Road 1,658m2

228 Wrekin Road 25.7 Hectares

Grand Land, Sites And Vistas. Ideal grazing block with superb potential building sites capturing stunning panoramic vistas. Excellent conventional/electric fencing and all in pasture currently grazing cattle. Goldpine shed with attached self-contained smoko room, cattle yards, load-out facility and centre race feed. Bore water, dam. 2.5 Hectares SVIS (fully paid) water allocation. Planted recreation area has lawn area, pond, gazebo with BBQ and toilet facilities. Opportunity to expand land area. | Property ID BL1130



49 Kotuku Road 640m2



By negotiation

By negotiation



Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600

Irresistible Cottage Charm. This three bedroom character cottage has undergone a major renovation. North-facing, sunny open plan living, native timber floorboards and the gorgeous neutral furnishings provide a relaxed, serene atmosphere for easy, happy living. Spacious master bedroom with en suite, queen bedroom plus single bedroom/art room. Established, easy-care gardens with sheds and plenty of parking for boats, campervans and cars. Come and view and fall in love! | Property ID TU10496

See The Sea. Three bedroom, immaculate double-glazed low maintenance property ideal for retirees or a lockup and leave holiday home. Open-plan living, opening out to the massive deck for indoor/outdoor living, relax and gaze over the sparkling South Bay water to the hills beyond. The master bedroom also has ranch sliders opening to the deck plus an en suite and walk-in wardrobe. The second bedroom also has an en suite. Decor has neutral colours. Double garage plus extra parking. | Property ID TU10541

James Murray 027 436 8103 Canterbury

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119 Canterbury

Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425 Canterbury

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718 Canterbury

Barry Keys 027 434 7689 Canterbury

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600 Kaikoura

Allan Gifford 027 226 2379 Marlborough

Chris Abbott 027 435 2872 Marlborough

0800 200 600 | farmlandsrealestate.co.nz

The News


Thursday May 28 2015

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24 Acres, An Exceptional Offering

Harcourts ID: RG7258

Built To Stand The Test Of Time!

Harcourts ID: BF23932

159 Reserve Road, Balcairn – Spoilt for choices, look out the kitchen window to absolutely breath taking

372 Mandeville Road, Ohoka – No ifs, buts or maybes - this home must be sold! The ultimate private

views of the sea and surrounding hills. Bring Mum and Dad too as also offered up on this property is a

haven, comprising of a floor area of 302m2, with double glazed wooden joinery and sited on 4.3175ha

fully self contained flat. An ultra modern kitchen and lounge is generous in proportions that spills out onto

- macrocarpa shelter belt on all boundaries, gorgeous feature pond and gardens. 10x7 shed/workshop

a massive deck. Four oversized double bedrooms, master with ensuite and good storage throughout.

+ separate 4x6 bus height caravan shed, water via their own well; paddocks for stock. A perfect

Great garaging, stock yards and barns. The “good” life really can start today.

opportunity to secure a much loved home and an established lifestyle block - Viewing will impress!

Lisa Tippen

Gemma & Sue Roberts

Licensed Sales Consultant

Licensed Sales Consultants

P. 03 313 6158 M. 027 454 5416 E. lisa.tippen@harcourts.co.nz





P. 03 323 6045 M. 0272236471 or 0274401282 E. gemma.roberts@harcourts.co.nz




$685,000+GST (if any)

Villa + Sheds +1712m2

Harcourts ID: RG7265

A Place to Call Home

Harcourts ID: RG7254

179a High Street, Oxford – If you are starting out on the property ladder or looking for an investment,

214 Loburn Whiterock Road, Loburn – Nestled amongst a magical garden setting is a 4bdrm

then this cute villa is a sure winner. With three big bedrooms, all with robes, a spacious open

home with sleepout, double garage, and another fully enclosed 3 bay shed. Perfectly sized at 2ha,

plan living room incorporating kitchen, log burner and a large entry/sunroom area. Some TLC will

there is room for a pony or two and space for the family to enjoy. Can’t get much better than this!

enhance. Outbuildings include a 3 bay shed, two studios, a brewing room plus wood shed, garden

Inspections by appointment only. Phone Linda to View.

shed and hot house. A vibrant rural town with excellent cafes, shops and green spaces.

Christine Tallott Licensed Sales Consultant

Deadline Sale: Wednesday 10th June 5.00 p.m. (unless sold prior)

P. 03 313 6158 M. 0274 906 042 E. christine.tallott@gmail.com





Linda Warren-Davey Licensed Sales Consultant

P. 03 313 6158 M. 027 3000 145 E. linda.warren-davey@harcourts.co.nz





Bags Are Packed - No Turning Back!

Harcourts ID: BF24365

Hanmer Springs At It’s Finest

Harcourts ID: HS6462

1B Murray Street, Rangiora – Located on a quiet street in the heart of Rangiora Township within

5 Rutherford Crescent, Hanmer Springs – Whether it is to be a family home or the holiday retreat... you

walking distance to shops, schools, restaurants, parks and playgrounds, this solid home is spread

will not be disappointed! The indoor outdoor flow of this home offers a perfect opportunity for alfresco

across a total floor area of 164m² and is neat as a pin. Central to the home is the open plan kitchen,

dining while you soak up the sun and the views of the glassy lake and the snow capped mountains. Well

dining and living area, with the kitchen being a user-friendly size and boasting modern appliances.

designed home featuring four bedrooms, three bathrooms, log burner, two heat pumps and a double

A series of windows and doors connecting to the beautifully landscaped grounds.

garage. City-bound our Vendor is super serious about selling. Call Jackie today to arrange a viewing.

Michelle Van der Park

Jackie Frame

Licensed Sales Consultant

P. 03 323 6045 M. 027 224 2066 E. michelle.vanderpark@harcourts.co.nz

Contributor to www.realestate.co.nz

Auction: Wednesday 24th June 3.00 p.m. (unless sold prior)

Licensed Sales Consultant




P. 03 315 7084 M. 027 435 9810 E. jackie.frame@harcourts.co.nz





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The News

Thursday May 28 2015

Contact me now to find out about my special June listing package!

Marilyn Te Amo Licensed Sales Consultant Contact me on p: 03 327 8131 or 03 313 9977 m: 027 253 5005 e: marilyn.teamo@waimakrealestate.co.nz KAIAPOI 2 Mathias Place





MANSFIELD PARK OPPORTUNITY How often does an opportunity like this come along? This 3 bedroom 90’s built home of 140m2 with internal access double garage is ideal for retirement or 1st home buyers. With great outdoor living area, sheltered well designed garden fully fenced and private location. The home is well presented throughout and possession is available anytime. Buyers guide $400,000 to $420,000. DEADLINE SALE: Offers close 4pm Thursday 4th June 2015.

KAIAPOI 26 Sterling Crescent

OPEN HOME: Sun 3.00—3.30pm Web ID: WRE11616

Marilyn Te Amo 027 253 5005

IDEAL YOUNG FAMILY Kaiapoi North Primary just across the road, Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre & Sports Complex within easy walking—just ideal for a young family. This immaculately presented 4 bedroom plus study or 5th bedroom home will fit all our family’s needs. With extra-large double garage/workshop plus additional parking area, very secure landscaped 556m2 section, what more could you want. Buyers guide $380,000—$420,000. DEADLINE SALE: Offers close 4pm Wednesday 3rd June 2015.


OPEN HOME: Sun 2.00—2.45pm Web ID: WRE11614

Marilyn Te Amo 027 253 5005

SPECIAL LISTING OFFER FOR JUNE List your property exclusively with me on a standard 90 day agency during June and receive the first 4 weeks advertising free. This includes professional photography and photo signboard. Plus should I sell your property unconditionally before the end of July 2015, you will receive a $500.00 voucher (fuel, groceries, travel etc.)


DARE TO BE DIFFERENT What a stunning design, oh so handy to golf course, preschool, primary school, café/restaurant and easy access to northern motorway. The home features 3 double bedrooms, luxury master en-suite and WIR, luxury family bathroom, the 2 very spacious living rooms provide excellent entertaining opportunities with an open air aspect and access to the sun drenched, sheltered private deck. The quality of fixtures and fittings will impress the most discerning buyers.

KAIAPOI 99 Williams Street PH 03 327 8131

KAIAPOI 243 Williams Street

Waimakariri Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Marilyn Te Amo Web ID: WRE11602

M: E:

027 253 5005 marilyn.teamo@waimakrealestate.co.nz 03 327 8131 www.waimakrealestate.co.nz

Marilyn Te Amo 027 253 5005

RANGIORA 207 High Street PH 03 313 9977


Waimakariri Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

HANMER SPRINGS PH 0800 452 642 Waimakariri Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

The News

ASHLEY 89 Copples Road

Thursday May 28 2015

Page 35

OFFERS AROUND $697,000 plus GST



Unique 10 hectare farmlet (with extra riverbed grazing) offering superbly refurbished 3 bedroom cottage with new kitchen, new bathroom, entertaining area, conservatory area and loft. This lovely property also offers woolshed, yards, implement shed, auxiliary sheds, private tree studded setting with orchard/garden and subdivision potential. On school bus route and easy commuting ensures unique opportunity! OPEN HOME: Sun 11.30am—12.30pm

Russell Clifford 0274 343 122

Web ID: WRE11555

KAIAPOI 99 Williams Street PH 03 327 8131

RANGIORA 207 High Street PH 03 313 9977

HANMER SPRINGS PH 0800 452 642


Waimakariri Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

This week’s open homes in North Canterbury Friday May 29th Rangiora

4.00pm 4.30pm

1B Murray Street


Harcourts Twiss Keir

Saturday May 30th Amberley

1.00 pm 1.30pm

Kaiapoi 12.00pm 1.00 pm 1.00pm 2.00pm

12.30pm 11.30am 2.00pm 3.00pm


1.30pm 2.15pm


11.00am 11.30am 2.00pm 2.30pm

58d Osborne Road

Waimak Real Estate

12 Roberts Coup Drive 12 Brockelbank Drive 16 Lilian Street 24 Lilian Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

179A High Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir

3 Wairepo Close 2 Kowhai Avenue

Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate

Sunday May 31st Amberley

11.00am 11.00am 1.30pm 2.00pm 2.30pm

11.45am 12.00pm 2.00pm 2.30pm 3.00pm


11.30am 12.30pm 3.00pm 3.30pm


3.15pm 4.00pm


1.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.30pm


12.00pm 12.30pm

12.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00 pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.30pm 2.30pm 3.00pm 3.00pm 3.00pm

12.30pm 1.30pm 1.30pm 1.30pm 1.45pm 2.00pm 2.30pm 2.45pm 2.45pm 3.00pm 3.00pm 3.00pm 3.30pm 3.30pm 4.00pm


12.00pm 1.00pm 2.00pm 2.30pm


2.30pm 3.30pm


61 Willowside Place Tekoa Estate, Amberley Beach Road 75 Willowside Place 3 Courage Road 6 Swindon Lane

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Farmlands Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Farmlands Real Estate

12.00pm 1.00 pm 2.00pm 2.00pm

89 Copples Road 258 Marshmans Road

Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir

11.00am 11.30am 11.45am 12.30pm 1.30pm 2.15pm

1/65 Gardiners Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir


1820 Cust Road 462 Earlys Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

2195 South Eyreton Road Harcourts Twiss Keir

12.30pm 1.30pm 2.30pm 2.30pm


11.00am 12.00pm 12.30pm 1.15pm 2.00pm

11.30am 12.30pm 1.00pm 1.45pm 2.30pm

12 Roberts Coup Drive 17 Mathia Place 29 Hills Street 12 Brockelbank Drive 50 Sterling Crescent 10 Tuhoe Avenue 7 Keating Street 10 Magnate Drive 243 Williams Street 18 Toa Street 17 Tuhoe Avenue 13 Tuhoe Avenue 25 Beachvale Drive 2 Mathias Place 2 Tapautu Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir

26 Terrace Road 73 Leithfield Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

12 Makerikeri Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

187 Bradleys Road 174 Jacksons Road 372 Mandeville Road 145 Dawsons Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

30 Littles Road 3 Stonebridge Lane 179A High Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

84 Pegasus Boulevard 11 Murfitt Street 5 Kawakawa Street 81 Kawari Drive 3 Tutaipatu Avenue

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir


11.00am 12.00pm 1.00pm 1.15pm 1.15pm 1.30pm 2.00pm 3.00pm

11.30am 12.45pm 4.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.30pm 3.45pm


1.00pm 2.00pm


1.00 pm 1.30pm

Waikuku Beach 11.30am 12.30pm 1.30pm 2.00pm 2.30pm

12.15pm 1.15pm 2.15pm 2.30pm 3.15pm


1.30pm 2.15pm


12.30pm 1.00pm 1.00 pm 1.30pm

3 Wairepo Close 18/3 Reeves Road Elm Green Sub Division 1B Murray Street 37A Ivory Street 19 Goodwood Close 20 Milesbrook Close 23 Riverview Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

651 Lower Sefton Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

Two Chain Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

65 Allin Drive 14 Allin Drive 11 Broadway Avenue 16 Collins Drive 11 Queens Avenue

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir

17 Vancouver Crescent

Harcourts Twiss Keir

50 Rangiora Woodend Rd Waimak Real Estate 4 Pankhurst Drive Waimak Real Estate

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The News

Thursday May 28 2015

Public Notices

Public Notices

No Change to rubbish and recycling collections and services over Queen’s Birthday Weekend

Scholars . . . Rangiora High School principal Peggy Burrows acknowledges scholarship winners Noellalee Taua (academic, left), Tahlia Herman­Watt (sports) and Anna Menzies (creative arts) after a school assembly last week.


RHS scholars recognised Three Rangiora High School students have received scholarships. Noellalee Taua (academic), Tahlia Herman­Watt (sports) and Anna Menzies (creative arts) were presented with scholarships from the Waimakariri Youth Council at a school assembly last week. The scholarships, for creative arts, sports and academic pursuits, saw the recipients receive a cheque for $500, a trophy and a certificate. Anna says winning the $500 means a lot to her.

‘‘The money will help me and my mum pay for my national New Zealand camps and other football things. ‘‘This scholarship is sooooo amazing to get. It’s an amazing opportunity to win because it really does help me in so many ways.’’ Noellalee says she is thrilled to win the academic scholarship. ‘‘Being the one who has won the academic scholarship means so much to me knowing there were so many applicants. ‘‘I thought I wouldn’t have had a

chance at receiving the scholarship, but as soon as I found out I had won it I was absolutely speechless and had no idea what to say. I wasn’t going to apply for this scholarship but I am so happy I did in the end.’’ Waimakariri District Council youth co­ordinator Tina Curry says the scholarships were presented to year 10 and 11 students, as the youth council wanted to ‘‘acknowledge the achievements of the younger students at high school as there is a feeling that older students tend to receive more acclaim’’.

Staff wellbeing essential The wellbeing of staff is crucial, especially during the winter months. Well Being North Canterbury is looking to lead by example by considering the wellbeing of its own staff and volunteers, as they deal with increasingly complex mental health issues, five years on from the Canterbury earthquakes. Manager Deirdre Ryan says it is about ‘‘walking the talk’’. ‘‘We call ourselves wellbeing and that’s something we want to encourage other people to do, so we need to do that ourselves. ‘‘It’s about being intentional with your own personal health and wellbeing, so you can keep up with the demands of operating in an environment such as this.’’ Well Being North Canterbury’s staff wellbeing initiatives are being led by volunteer co­ordinator Nicki Carter. ‘‘We are seeing our staff working to absolute capacity,’’ she says. ‘‘There’s lots of mental health issues out there and we are seeing a lot of complex cases that we are having to work through, and are staff are having to

live through it in their own lives too.’’ Ms Carter says staff are working through mental health issues resulting from unresolved insurance issues, the lack of affordable housing, the drought and social isolation, as well as ongoing earthquake­ related stress. ‘‘Alongside all of that, we have the challenges of keeping an eye on our team members. It’s about being aware of stress levels and managing that. ‘‘We’ve done a bit of work around the five ways to wellbeing and we’ve changed it a wee bit to fit with our organisation.’’ She says the idea is for colleagues to come up with ideas for what helps them ‘‘get through and to be well’’. As part of this process, workshops have been held for staff on emotional health and wellbeing, where staff were encouraged to come up with personal plans and stories to increase self­awareness ‘‘in the journey of wellbeing’’, Ms Carter says. This includes taking regular breaks ‘‘and going out for a walk in those breaks’’, while a massage therapist visits once a week to offer short massages at a cheap rate.

Rubbish and Week 2 recycling collection will be carried out as usual on Monday 1 June (Queen’s Birthday holiday) for Oxford, Cust, Rangiora-Woodend Road, Woodend, Pegasus, Sefton and the Northern Rural Collection Area. If you miss your collection you can take your official Waimakariri District Council bags and your recycling to the Oxford Transfer Station and the Southbrook Resource Recovery Park during normal operating hours (see the Council website for details), free of charge. Southbrook Resource Recovery Park/transfer station/ReSale Store and Oxford transfer station are open their usual hours and days. 

Rubbish Bag and Recycling Collections: Please place official WDC rubbish bags & recycling bins at the kerbside by 7am. The label on the side of your recycling bin shows which week your recycling collection is scheduled. Friday 29 May: WDC rubbish bag and Week 1 Recycling Collections as usual Saturday 30 May: No collection as usual Sunday 31 May: No collection as usual Monday 1 June: WDC rubbish bag and Week 2 Recycling Collections as usual Southbrook Resource Recovery Park: 284 Flaxton Road, Southbrook. Kiosk: 03 313 5499. ReSale Store: 03 313 5798. Sorry, we don’t accept credit cards. Friday 29 May: 8.30am to 4.30pm as usual Saturday 30 May: 8.30am to 4.30pm as usual Sunday 31 May: 12.30pm to 4.30pm as usual Monday 1 June: 8.30am to 4.30pm as usual Oxford Transfer Station: High Street, Oxford. Sorry, no EFTPOS available and we don’t accept credit cards. Friday 29 May: 12.30pm to 4.30pm as usual Saturday 30 May: Closed as usual Sunday 31 May: 12 noon to 4.30pm as usual Monday 1 June: Closed as usual Kitty Waghorn Solid Waste Asset Manager

The Ministry of Education also acknowledges the neighbouring Woodend Community Centre will not be large enough to cater for the roll growth proposed and it will not require the council to contribute financially to upgrading the facilities. They plan to enter into the detailed design over the next few months. This will include the replacement of classrooms at the northern end of the school and upgrading the teaching blocks at the southern end. The outdoor space will also be upgraded. When the council sold land to the Ministry of Education in 2001 it imposed a condition that if the roll of Woodend School reached 480 pupils the land would be offered back to the council at the current market value for repurchase if the council so desired to protect greenspace provision. However, Mr Craig Sargison, Manager Community and Recreation of the Waimakariri District Council says the present level of greenspace provision at the Woodend Recreation Ground is adequate to meet the community’s needs.

PUBLIC NOTICE SALE AND SUPPLY OF ALCOHOL ACT 2012 Section 101 Fire & Ice Cafe Restaurant & Bar Limited has made application to the District Licensing Committee at Amberley for the grant of the On-Licence in respect of the premises situated at 37 Amuri Avenue, Hanmer Springs, Hurunui district known as Fire & Ice Cafe Restaurant & Bar. The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is that of a Restaurant – Cafe. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is sold under the licence are: Monday to Sunday from 8am to 1am. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Hurunui District Licensing Committee at 66 Carters Road, Amberley. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the f irst publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary fo the Hurunui District Licensing Committee, P O Box 13, AMBERLEY. No objection to the issue of a licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in section 105 (1) of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the first publication of this notice. CLAIRVOYANT medium, clear accurate readings with Holly. Phone 03 314 9073.

Tenders are invited for the purchase and removal of the following building: What: Fire tanker Shed Where: 134 Percival Street Rangiora (Fire Station site) Size: Approx. 9m (long) x 4m (wide) x 3.6m (high) Construction: 1997. Timber framework, Zincalum clad Roller Door: Approx. 3m x 3m

Woodend roll cap to be removed Woodend School’s roll cap is set to be removed as the school plans for future growth. The Waimakariri District Council recently approved a Ministry of Education request to remove the Woodend School’s roll cap of 480 students as the school seeks to develop a master plan which could see the school roll reach 600 by 2030. Woodend School’s roll reached 380 at the end of last year and is expected to at least match that number again this year. Further roll growth is expected as the Ravenswood and other residential developments get under way. The roll cap was imposed in 2001 in an agreement between the Ministry of Education and the council to protect the greenspace provision in the area, community and recreation manager said in a report to last week’s council meeting. The council authorised staff to conclude a variation agreement with the Crown to remove the roll cap on Woodend School provided there is no further encroachment of the school on to the reserve land.

Public Notices

The site is to be cleared by 4.00pm Tuesday 30 June 2015.

For all of your Trades and Classified enquiries, please contact Amanda at The News on 03 313 2840

Enquiries to Tim Sheppard, Phone 03 311 8900 or 021 480 830. The above tender closes on Wednesday 3 June 2015 at 4:00pm. Tenders should be submitted to the Tender Box at the Rangiora Service Centre, 215 High Street, Rangiora 7440, in an envelope labelled ‘Tanker Shed Removal’. Highest or any tenders not necessarily accepted.

The News

Public Notices

Public Notices

Builder AFFORDABLE building work carried out by Quali­ fied Licensed Builder, all building work considered. Fences, decks, mainten­ ance, kitchens. Free quotes. Ph Cameron 021 213 8648 or (03) 327 5639. CONSTRUCTION ARK Construction Ltd. Avail­ able for all builds. 45 years + experience. Immediate start. Highly recom­ mended. Phone Alan or Karen 03 312 8032.

Gardening BARKS, Composts, Pea Straw & much more at Woodend Landscape Supplies. Delivery & cour­ tesy trailers available. Open 7 days. Ph 03 312 2003.

Nursery Automotive

CASH 4 CARS and 4WD'S Phone Automotive Parts 03 313 7216 DISMANTLING and buying all models of Falcons now. Please phone 03 3125 064 .

Chimney Cleaning AAAAA Abel & Prestige Chimney Cleaning. Nth Cant. Owned and operated. Professional guaranteed service. All firebox repairs. Ph Ken & Trish 312 5764.

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Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant

PERSON to deliver Press Newspaper, on a relief basis. 2am start. Must have full New Zealand Driver’s licence. Apply in first instance by Texting 027 313 3412.

For Editorial enquiries or Letters to the Editor Phone Robyn on 03 314 8325

Thursday May 28 2015

GOUGHS NURSERIES Deal direct with grower and Save 30%-50% off normal retail prices Open Monday - Sunday 9am - 5pm Natives Exotics Hedging Landscape and Japanese Maples 1029 Tram Rd Ohoka No eftpos Est 1974



• Must be 11 years or older • Earn extra cash while staying fit • Must be enthusiastic, honest and reliable • Distributing The News / Flyers to residential letterboxes

Phone 03 314 8335 for more details or email info@thenewsnc.co.nz • Please include your address, suburb and contact details

Concrete Services AFFORDABLE concrete cutting with quality and removal work. Free quotes. No job too small. Ph 027 442 2219, Fax 03 359 6052 or A/H 03 359 4605.

A PROFESSIONAL job by local owner operator, from concrete around new homes to resurfacing floors. For your next con­ crete job, residential or business, phone LE’ CON­ CRETE on 03 314 9366.

Decorating A Lady Paperhanger and Painter, all work guaran­ teed, free quotes. Phone Carol 027 435 9165 or 03 3127 327.

Decorating TWEED Decorating for your painting and wallpapering needs, interior or exterior. Based in Hawarden covering the Fencing Hurunui area. Call Phil on 027 558 9333 or 03 314 NORTHEND FENCING LTD is in your area. For all 4110. fencing requirements eg; conversions, PAINTER. Top quality dairy work. No job too big or vineyards, deer fencing, small. We stand by Canter­ lifestyle blocks, post and bury. Phone Wayne 027 rail, quality workmanship guaranteed, competitive 2743 541. rates.phone Mike 027 313 1872. PAINTER and Plasterer available. No job too small. SUMMERFIELD Fencing Free quotes. Phone Reg Ltd in your area now. 022 189 8294. Lifestyle or farm, sheep, cattle, horse, all types of Pride & Quality Painting animals. Fences, yards, sheds, arenas, shelters, & Decorating Services runs. 27 years contract 20 yrs exp, fast and friendly fencing. John is available to service. For all your painting help with your design and needs, phone: Martin 310 planning. Ph Carol or John 6187 or 021 128 9867 on 03 312 4747.

For Sale

Situations Wanted

CARAVANS. For the larg­ WORKER available for est and best stock of UK House, Garden, Shed and Caravans in North Canter­ Farm. Phone 03 315 6587. bury. Contact Ken Hamblin, Motor Home Supplies 027 434 1260.

Engineering RAMS Romney Perendale x2. $50 each. Keen to good EXCEL Eng. Ltd. Struc­ home. Very friendly. Ex tural & General Engineers. pets. Phone 03 312 8032. Coded welding, House & Lintels, 1998 TOYOTA Caldina Beams GTT Turbo. 253,000kms, Machining, Profile Cutting, petrol, tidy for age/kms, Hydraulic Press, Crane recent service, brand new Truck Hire & Skip Hire. radiator. Ph 021 238 8121. Avail now for all jobbing work. We also manufacture NO bees? Rent a beehive. & repair jet boats. Work­ Fully managed by regis­ shop at 181 Loburn tered bee keepers. You get Whiterock Rd. Ph/fax 03 pollination plus honey. 312 8884, mobile 027 486 0415 anytime. Phone 027 657 2007.

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The News

Thursday May 28 2015




Health & Beauty Health & Beauty Health & Beauty WISDOM COUNSELLING for per­ sonal, couples, family, prof. MNZAC in North Canter­ bury. One2one, phone or skype Michael 027 340 8325, 03 745 9118 www.wisdomcounselling.co.nz.

HOMEOPATHY Do you suffer from Migranes, Hayfever, or a lingering cough? Maybe a natural approach with a Homeopathic remedy will help. Phone Jennifer Mackinder (Dip.Hom) 03 314 8046.

MINDFUL Stress Reduction, Life Guidance, Support & Mentoring. Jenny Kronfeld. Dip. Counselling (Inst NH) UK. Ph 027 452 7027. Merivale, Christchurch.

Tree Services

Tree Services

Tree Services

BRIAN’S Tree Services. Tree felling, topping, shaping, firewood cut, rub­ bish removed, stump grind­ ing, branch chipping. Affordable rates. Phone 03 327 5505 or 021 124 4894.

NORTH Canterbury Tree Care. Specialising in big trees in small spaces, long term tree plans, advisory service, fully insured. Free quotes, prompt service. Phone Mike Gilbert 0800 873 336.

STUMP REMOVAL Ser­ vicing North Canterbury for prompt professional ser­ vice. Phone Tim 0800 178 867.



STANDARDBRED Mare. For free home. Unique Black Magic. She left cup horse Unique Star to win 15 races. Just weaned by Sundon Filly. Phone 03 312 9201.

TILING J.A.S Tiling Services Ltd. Professional, prompt, friendly service. No job too small, free quotes. For all your tiling needs, kitchens, bathrooms, splashbacks, hearths, entranceways. Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, stone veneer, slate. Please phone Andy or Jo 027 322 7191, 03 310 7640 or email andy@jas­tiling.nz.

Hire North Canterbury Musical Society COSTUME HIRE


Brighten your party with authentic costumes Mon & Thurs 7 - 9pm Friday 4 - 6pm Saturday 11am - 1pm large groups by arrangement Enquiries please phone Rooms 313 4854 or Gail 313 6774 www.ncms.co.nz EFTPOS. Northbrook RD, Rangiora

FURNITURE Removal. AXL Transport Ltd. Qual­ ity removals, at the lowest rate possible. South Island wide. Kaiapoi office, phone 03 327 3216. GLASS and Glazing. Got a broken glass window? Insurance Work, Pet Doors, Mirrors, Retro Refits, Single / Double Glazing, Splashbacks, Fire Glass. Call your local Glazier Mark on 03 312 3253 or 027 242 6368. Shelley’s Glass and Glazing. 32 years in the Glass Industry. Oper­ ating in North Canterbury.

PROPERTY MAINTEN­ ANCE. Lawns, gardens, hedges, chainsaw work, pruning, painting and Landscaping minor home alterations. TOWN AND COUNTRY. TOP SOIL, screened and Phone Mike 03 313 0261. unscreened at Woodend Landscape Supplies. Open 7 days. Phone 03 312 2003.


Property Wanted

cut to length

WANTED TO BUY A 3 bedroom, tidy, permanent material house in Kaiapoi about $300,000. A do-up with Compliance Certificate OK. Ph 347-9844

Full range of black, primed & galv. Products: Pipe, Box, Angle, Flat, P.F.C. Re-Bar & Pre Drilled Base Plates. We can supply cut and deliver Mon-Friday 8-4.30 Sat 8-12pm

Building Structural Steel

STEEL CANTERBURY LTD 6 Cable St, Sockburn P 943 6525 F 943 6527 sales@steelcanterbury.co.nz

To Let

HOMESITTERS required for short term sits in Can­ terbury. Retired or not working preferred. Phone Lisa 03 359 2323 or visit www.townandcountryhomesit.com.


www.longsilver construction.com



• Licensed Building Practitioner


We can arrange to kill and process your Beef, Pork, Lamb, Venison and Game Meat NOW! Open Saturday Mornings Phone (03) 327 8219 A/H 027 306 3874

• Registered Master Builder 1233373

For all of your Trades and Classified enquiries, please contact Amanda at The News on

(03) 313 4771 www.canterburyhomekill.co.nz



Oxford Butchery Bevan and Shane Frahm

We can arrange to have your stock killed. Sheep, beef and pigs: process into portion packs and smallgoods and label to your requirements.

Number one

bacon Ph 312 4205 old-fashioned & ham curing. Oxford A/H 312 4219 or 312 4709

Chiropractic Services


Chiropractic and Natural Health Care Dr Carissa McGregor Chiropractor ACC Accredited Available Monday - Thursday Ph: 03 313 0350


Judy McArthur DC (UK) Applied Kinesiology, McTimony Technique, Craniosacral, Available Fridays

Select Health

Driveways Landscaping Retaining Walls Earthworks Foundations

Wastewater Septic Tanks Treatment Plants Drainage Irrigation

03 313 2840

51 Ashley Street Rangiora

Computer Repairs

Civil and Drainage


Bruce Evans 131 Ohoka Road Kaiapoi p. 03 327 3111 m. 021 293 6331

Repairs & Upgrades Virus & Malware Removal Checkup to Increase Speed Home & Business Onsite Visits Prompt Professional Service

“If it’s broke, let’s fix it”


GOSCUT CONCRETE CUTTER LTD Specialise in: Soffut (Early Entry Saw) House & Factory Floor Slabs All Aspects of Ground Sawing, Floor Grinding, Wall Cutting/ Core Drilling – Up to 600mm diameter Residential & Commercial

• Decorative Cutting • Inyard Cutting & Drilling • Fumeless Hydraulic Equipment

Free quotes (will travel)

Graeme Gosney 0274 971 683 Phone 03 327 8341 Fax 03 327 8343 Email: goscut@xtra.co.nz


Garden Tool Sharpening and Lawnmower Repairs Ph 313 3414

Wilson Decorators Ltd

Excavations & Driveways Sitescapes

Ph: 03 928 3537 Wayne 021 731 817 Lyn 021 207 4499 waylyn2@scorch.co.nz


TWO BEDROOM house in Waikari, rural outlook, close to amenities. Freshly painted and carpeted. Not suitable for young children. Suit semi­retired or profes­ sional couple. Phone A/H 03 314 4288.

Ring Mark 027 229 7310 for a free quote

Canterbury Homekill prides itself in offering a professional, honest service throughout Canterbury

SCREEN PRINTING. Ph 03 327 9522 1592735 For all your printing requirements. T­shirts, Hoodies, Hi­Vis vests and polos, Overalls, Caps etc. Wanted Please phone Heather 03 313 0261 or email FORESTRY Export logs heather.norstar@gmail.com and firewood logs wanted blue gum, oregon / macro­ ROOF Painting, Repairs & carpa / pine plantations, Cleaning. Concrete Tile forestry blocks / land clear­ Ridge Repairs and Flexi ing / stumps out / 20 tonne Pointing. Decramastic Tile excavator / removal dan­ re­chipping moss and gerous trees / dangerous lichen removal. Affordable wind blow / storm rates. www.allroofs.co.nz. damaged. Free quote. Ph or Ph Peter 313 0022. text 027 956 1642.

•Small Family Business • Qualified Tradesman • 30 + Years Experience • Painting • Wallpapering • Waterblasting • Roof Coating • Tidy Workers • No Time Wasted • Reasonable Rates • Free Quotes


HORSE Grazing available. Leithfield. 800m Track. Stables & range of paddocks. Call Cath 021 0236 1099 to discuss your needs.





For all of your Trades and Classified enquiries, please contact Amanda at The News on 03 313 2840



Contact: Grant McIlroy 027 345 9262


• •

13.4 hectares irrigated winter grazing available, due to the sale of cows Oxford area Vendor is prepared to do the work




Russell Arthur

Domestic | Commercial | Repairs | Alterations | Additions

• Prompt, Reliable and Efficient • 40 years' experience • All work guaranteed • No job too small 1463005

Russell Thompson - Phone 027 943 4096 A/H 03 3127 562 | Email: todist@xtra.co.nz


• Tree Felling • Stockyards & Retainables • Specialising in Vineyards • Dairy Farm Conversions • Wooden Ornamental Gates • Earthquake Damage Repairs

• Swimming Pool Fencing • Post Driving • Electric Fencing • Building FREEES • Fences QUOT • Build Haybarns

PHONE (0274) 350 279 or A.H. 314 8384 www.russellarthurfencing.co.nz


The News


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• Rural & Residential Fencing • Cattle & Sheep Yards • Pole Shed Builds

• Garden tidy-ups • Rubbish removal • Rose pruning • Shrub and tree pruning • Lawn mowing • Lawn maintenance • 27 years experience

Ph Alex 0274 059 503 email storer.alex.pegs@gmail.com

Glass Repair


Fast - Local and there when you need us. For an obligation-free quote

Call us now on (03) 313 5335 NORTH CANTERBURY

Glass & Auto Glass

All Insurance Companies work welcome

Factory Showroom 202a King St, Rangiora www.northcanterburyglass.co.nz

We also repair Windscreens and install Double Glazing


Crutching 60cent per/sheep

Making your life easier!

Contact Tony for a NO OBLIGATION, Free Quote! Home 03 313 7605 027 774 2751 tonylamplugh@ clear.net.nz

Thursday May 28 2015

Conveying with 2 people $125 per / hour

Ph 0274 919 309


Garden Features

For all your hard landscaping needs Steps




Decks & Fencing

Brick & Stone 1356450

Free quotes Ph: 03 314 8366 E: gardenfeatures@yahoo.co.nz

Painters / Decorators





• Car Bodies • Scrap Steel • Specialists in Farm Machinery • All non Ferrous



Master Plumber of the Year 2010




Kaiapoi Podiatry

For All Your Foot Care Needs

Julia Home

Nat Dip Pod, SR Pod NEW PATIENTS WELCOME Please ring to make an appointment Ph 327 4288 42 Charles Street, Kaiapoi

1326851 ncn1233409aa

Ph (03) 338 7000 • Ah (03) 312 6553 Mike 0274 818 544 • Robbie 0274 818 027

Locally owned and operated

• Wooden Windows • Caravan Joinery repairs and new

Phone Arthur 312 6525 021 310 737

Rural Fencing

Podiatrist 1364785


PHONE: 027 333 5322 A/H: (03) 319 6740 calvertpainting@yahoo.co.nz

oror03 Phone 0800 374 737 03310-8206 327 9499 DRIPFREE Email plumbers@clyne-bennie.co.nz Web www.clyne-bennie.co.nz www. plumbingshoponline.co.nz






Timber Sales


All livestock fencing and animal handling facilities designed and constructed. Fence repairs and maintenance. Quality workmanship and advice.

Call Allan for a quote 021 049 6151.


Water Blasting


Rural fencing services

Waterblasting Ltd Servicing Canterbury Commercial & Residential Quality Timber at discounted prices We have a wide range of timber

90x45 New Zealand Oregon Untreated $2.00 per meter Or H1.2 $2.50 per meter Plus decking, fencing, farm pack special and more

Pop in and see us or view our products online at www.royaltimber.co.nz Open Monday to Friday 7.30am - 4.30pm and Saturday 8am – 12 noon Call David on 029 770 9204 Amy 021 650 609 1593625




• Kitchen Cupboards • Wardrobes


• Graffiti Removal • Blocked Drains • Pre Paint Cleaning • Moss & Algae Removal Cleaning Drains pre winter • Silicone Sealing (Brick & Block Work) • Concrete / Driveways / Ashphalt • Houses • Schools • Dairy Sheds




Canterbury owned and operated for over 60 years



(0800 748 325) Mobile 0274 369 187 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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The News

Thursday May 28 2015

Rangiora & Kaiapoi Toyota TOYOTA












*Offer ends 30th June 2015. For full terms and conditions visit our website, www.toyota.co.nz.



1800, auto, stunning example, fully optioned & just 36,000km


3500 V6, auto, 7-seater. A must-see, just


Now $19,995



1.5, auto, alloys, very smart looker, just 34,000km

1800cc, auto, travelled just 46,000km, 7-seater




3.0 T/Diesel, 5-spd, Tufdek, towbar

Was $42,995 Now $40,995


4.5 V8 diesel, 5-spd, High Country pack. Very sought-after

Now $51,995


2.4, auto, p/steering, lovely condition so be quick


QUALITY USED VEHICLE SELECTION 2013 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER LTD; just 44,000km, stunning in silver with leather trim.........................$48,995 2009 TOYOTA HIACE ZL

3.0L diesel, 5-door, auto, 27,000km


2014 HILUX SR5 D/CAB 4WD, 3.0, turbo diesel, ex demonstrator, 7,000km....................................... $47,995 2012 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER LTD

Stunning 7-seater, very highly spec’d, Crisp Silver Pearl. Just 13,000km Was $51,995

Now $47,995


3.0 t/diesel, t/bar, very tidy truck

Was $36,995

Now $35,995

2009-2014 TOYOTA HILUX S/CAB, E/CAB, D/CAB 2WD’S. Great range available. Enquire today! From $19,995 2007 TOYOTA COROLLA SEDAN, 1.8 auto, just 84,000km, value here..................................... Now $10,995 2010 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO VX, 3.0 t/diesel, 7 seats, leather............................................ $54,995


2010 TOYOTA HILUX E/CAB 4X4 F/DECK, low km, 3.0 t/diesel, 5-speed............................................ $35,995 2005 TOYOTA AVENSIS, 2.0L auto, very well optioned, Lustre Pearl ................................................. $11,995



3.0 t/diesel, 5-speed. Ready to go to work!

Now $29,995


2012 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO, 7-seater GX, 3.0 t/diesel, auto, low km ................................ $49,995 2013 TOYOTA RAV4 GLX


Now $38,995


2.5 AWD, auto, low kms, silver

Was $39,995

3 to choose from, highly spec’d low-km examples, be quick.

2010 TOYOTA HILUX 2WD D/C, 2.7L, 5-speed .............................................................................. ARRIVING 2009 TOYOTA HIACE ZL, 5-door, auto 3.0 t/diesel, low kms.............................................................. $31,995


Finance & Insurance Available Rangiora: Percival St Ph 03 313 8186 any time • Kaiapoi: 86 Williams St Ph 03 327 9005

(Kaiapoi After Hours: John Mellor 027 478 7685) www.rangiora.toyota.co.nz • • www.kaiapoi.toyota.co.nz John Glubb 027 432 1610 • Amber Inwood 027 566 0013 • Robin Illingworth 027 435 5105

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