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Thursday April 2 2015 | Issue 643

On track: Funding boost for BMX track. — page 9.

Cafe ´ news: Rga cafe ´ moves another closes. — pages 22 ­ 27.

Real Estate: Nth Canty property sales. — page 31 ­ 35.

Aquatic journey may be at an end for many at Amberley private pool By ROBYN BRISTOW Three Cheviot women, who use Aquatic Journe ´ e’s pool at Amberley to maintain their fitness and mobility, are ‘‘distraught’’ the pool is about to shut up shop. Joan Zoutendijk, Phyll Johnson and Judy Grigor have made the journey south once a week for the past decade to exercise in the small private 32deg, six metre pool under the watchful eye of experienced tutors. But their weekly jaunt is in jeopardy because the lease has expired and they believe the building is also up sale. They say their visits have helped them recover from hip and knee operations, helped creaky arthritic joints and helped maintain their fitness and wellbeing. ‘‘It has offered us huge support,’’ they say. ‘‘A lot of older ones come and it is great for post­surgery rehabilitation. We are distraught it is just going to close.’’ It caters for a large catchment of people and those in Clifford Place say the business is a hive of activity and one which many of them enjoy using. The Cheviot trio are worried no­one has taken up the lease of the business from Ann Bergman, who with her family and in recent years the help of instructor, Kay Marriott, have run Aquatic Journe ´ e, a seven­day a week

Remembering . . . A ‘Field of Remembrance’ near the Charles Upham statue at Amberley will honour the FILE PHOTO. fallen.


Taking the plunge . . . Phyll Johnson, Judy Grigor and Joan Zoutendijk with instructor Kay Marriott PHOTO: ROBYN BRISTOW at the Aquatic Journe ´e pool in Amberley which is destined to close. business offering learn­to­ swim classes and aqua fitness for people from throughout North Canterbury. Ann and daughters Michelle Bergman and Tracey Hickman, have built the business up offering aquatic experiences for everyone from waterbabies to adults. But Ann is calling it quits and her family, who have impressive skills, have other commitments. Kay, an earthquake refugee from Queen Elizabeth II pool, who has helped run classes for Ann for the past two and half years, says she does not

want to take on the seven­day a week business at the age of 65 years. Joan, Phyll and Judy say using the Cheviot pool is not covered and ‘‘just not appropriate’’ and say there are people from all over North Canterbury who travel to Amberley as a pool is not available close to them. ‘‘Ann was wonderful but she has a bad back and her daughters are too busy,’’ they say. The pool was once part of the Amberley Medical Centre, but now it is totally closed off from the practice and

operates on its own lease. ‘‘Children use it in the school holidays. It is excellent for learn­to­swim classes and many little ones have learnt to swim here first before going to larger pools,’’ they say. Children’s classes are fitted in around aqua fitness classes with the pool able to accommodate two rows of three. The business also merges some land­based exercises into the classes for particular treatments. Urgent talks are being held with Hurunui Mayor Winton Dalley and others by those intent on saving the pool.

The fallen will be remembered in Amberley on April 22 and their memories kept alive with a World War One ‘Field of Remembrance’ outside the Hurunui District Council offices near the Charles Upham statue. The names of 64 men from Amberley, Leithfield, Broomfield and Balcairn, Omihi, Greta Valley, Waipara and Glenmark, who paid the ultimate sacrifice, will each be etched on a white cross in the field and lit by floodlights. Each white cross will be carried by a student from local schools and placed in the ‘Field of Remembrance’ and dedicated at the Flag ceremony. The project has been led by the Amberley Returned and Services’ Association, along with the council, who invited family members and others to become involved and sponsor a cross. But regrettably, says the secretary of the Amberley Returned and Services’ Association Don Ebsworth, only about 15 descendants of the 64 men have come forward. ‘‘It is a little bit disappointing,’’ he Continued Page 2 says.

30th April 2015

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Thursday April 2 2015



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Athletic ability shines at champs By ROBYN BRISTOW Amberley’s Gabby Gray always enjoyed athletics and cross country events at primary school. But it was not until Year 10 and 11 as a student at Rangi Ruru Girl’s School that her athletic ability began to shine under the guidance of coach Maria Hassan. Now studying at Lincoln University Gabby is continuing a strict training regime which has helped her win the 5000 metres at the Australian junior championships in Sydney earlier this month and take out fifth in the 1500m, ­ both with personal best times ­ 16’54.45" for the 5000m and 4’32.11" for the 1500m. Just a week earlier she won the 5000m Under 20 title and took silver in the 1500m at the New Zealand National championships in Wellington. Gabby is also the New Zealand under 20 road champion and was second at the New Zealand cross country championships. Her achievements have been capped off by being selected to go to Turkey as a member of a four­person team to compete at the World University team championships. ‘‘It is the trip of a lifetime, particularly as it is part of the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings during World War One,’’ she says.

On track . . . Gabby Gray (left) competing at the Australian junior championships in PHOTO: SUPPLIED. Sydney. The young athlete says if it was not for her friends she may not be enjoying any athletic success. Her school friends encouraged her to join them under coach Maria Hassan in 2010­2011 and from there it ‘‘all sort of came together’’ for her. She is now setting a long term goal of being selected to compete at the Commonwealth Games and is aiming to keep win qualifying

Track success . . . Harriet Bush (left), Fergus Eglesfield, Mairi Law.


events to get her to World championships. ‘‘Meanwhile I just want to keep improving my times,’’ says Gabby who was a finalist in the North Canterbury Sports awards last year. Maria Hassan says Gabby also travelled to Japan a few months ago as a reserve in a New Zealand team and ended up running in the 5000m, again in a personal best time. Along with Gabby, Hassan says several other athletes performed well at the New

Zealand national championships. Harriet Bush (15) from Cheviot was second in the 3000m in a personal best 10’16.74" and was also second in the 2000m steeplechase. Fergus Eglesfield (16) from Fernside won bronze in the Under 18 1500m also in a personal best of 4’00.41" while Mairi Law (17) from Rangiora won silver in the Under 20 3000m steeplechase in a personal best time 12’33.65".

Invitation to honour the fallen From Page 1 Mr Ebsworth said a lot of research had gone into ensuring the list of servicemen, which was collated with input from Waimakariri RSA’s and those further north, was complete. An invitation is extended to join in the ceremony at 10am where invited guests will speak and take part in the full medal ceremony. Those who will be remembered are as follows: Amberley: Ernest William Arthur, Alexander Blain, John

Stanley Boyce, Dick Carrington Bristow, Henry Rowland Davis, Arthur Elderton, Harry Espley, John Ford, George C Gadd, Arthur Robert Greenwood, Harold McMillan Harrison, Frederick William Hayes, Frederick George Holton, Philip Hunter, Charles Jones, John Charles Jones, Claude Leonard Knowles, James Lang, John Wilson McLean, John Steward McNeil, Jack Vernon Midgley, John James Mockett, William Henry Moore, Joseph C Russell,

Ernest Rossiter Smith, George Wise Smith, Ronald Terence Smith, James Richard Stanton, John Stocks, Robert Stocks, Alan J Turner, Roland Leslie Wilke, John Joseph Williams, George Winskill, Leslie George Winter, William Wornall, James Douglas Wyllie. Omihi: William Carson, David John Wilson Doak, Thomas Douglas Foster, William Simon Gillanders, Charles Davey Harris, George Kerridge, David Lilley, George Sagar, James Baynton

Starky, William Henry Dukes. Scargill: Robert Stockdale Atkinson, Frederick Victor Birch, Charles Frederick D Fox, Bernard Stewart Gibbs, Wilfred Louis Harrison, Alexander McInnes, Malcolm McInnes, Percy John Overton, Harry Stanley Rudman, Walter Shadrach. Waipara: James Hamilton, William Walker. Glenmark: Ernest Theodore Bock, Percy David Clive, Leonard Greville Ellis Hurse, Archibald Henry Jennings, William Walker.


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The News

Thursday April 2 2015

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Amuri principal farewells teaching Amuri Area School principal Neil Wilkinson is bidding farewell to teaching . . . Amanda Bowes reports on a varied career which has included supporting principals, staff and students in the wake of the Canterbury earthquakes.

Neil Wilkinson Pleasant Point High School pupils, organising uniforms and bus routes. He also worked with staff helping to find opportunities after the school closed. ‘‘It was a very rewarding time, but very sad on the last day when the flag came down and the bulldozer started on the buildings.’’ As there was much anger among the parents and community, Mr Wilkinson told them not to be bitter, they had fought hard to stop the school closing but had lost and now they needed to look forward. During his last week at the school, a colleague’s daughter, who lived in Waiau, said there was a Principal’s job coming up at Amuri Area School. Taking redundancy, Mr Wilkinson worked with David Mitchell, a racehorse trainer and spent his time as a volunteer, jogging horses and working at the stables, something he says he loved doing. While he worked with the horses, he was also putting together his application for Amuri. He saw the place as suiting everything he loved about working in a rural community and on May 21, 2005, started his new job. His wife, Rachael, was not keen on leaving South Canterbury, but Mr

Wilkinson says she will probably miss Amuri almost more than him. Despite retiring from the classroom, Mr Wilkinson has not finished with the education system. On February 1, 2011, he became the Chairman of the Canterbury West Coast Secondary and Primary Association. He applied for and took on the role as he thought it would be really nice if a country school Principal took on a leadership role. Three weeks into his new job, Canterbury was devastated by the earthquake which included many of its schools. Mr Wilkinson says his role changed significantly after the quakes as there was a lot of tension with enrolment numbers. Coming from outside Christchurch, he was able to give an unbiased view and not bat for any particular school. Looking after the welfare of Principals, staff and pupils was his main focus after the quakes. He decided after his terrible experience at Pleasant Point, he was determined that schools would not dictated to by the Ministry and he would try to make sure both primary and secondary schools shaped their own future. A vision was developed which has since been implemented and is ongoing. ‘‘It’s not finished but we have made progress. We now work closely with the Ministry. Before it was them and us, now we work together.’’ Although he has stepped down from that role, Mr Wilkinson plans to keep working as a consultant in education, carrying out annual appraisals and working with secondary schools to complete the vision. He says it is time someone new took over at Amuri Area School and while he has enjoyed his time there and integrated into the community it is time to move on to new challenges. ‘I am sad to be leaving such a great school, with wonderful staff, parents and pupils, but the school is in good heart and ready for the new Principal, James Griggs to take it into the future.’’ Any work Mr Wilkinson does from now on will be done on flexi time so that he can have more time for his grandchildren and maybe once again get involved working with trotting horses.

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Amuri Area School principal, Neil Wilkinson, promised himself he would retire from teaching when he turned 60. He has kept that promise and this week farewelled the school he has nurtured for the past 10 years. Mr Wilkinson says he wanted to be a teacher from a young age, both his parents were teachers and his grandfather was a lecturer at Teacher’s College. Over the years, he has seen huge changes in the way schools are run, the forms of assessment and their relationships with the Ministry of Education. When he went to his first job after graduating, there was no Board of Trustees, classes were still referred to as Standards and Forms and the schools had little say in their policies but were governed by the Education Department. After spending a year teaching in Ashburton and then four in Timaru, Mr Wilkinson applied for a job teaching music at Pleasant Point High School. He took on the role as Head of Department in Music and after 15 years stepped up as Deputy Principal. In 2003, he was looking for a new challenge. The Principal resigned and a week later the Government announced a review of network, with Pleasant Point High School ear marked for closure. The Board of Trustees advertised for an Acting Principal, which Mr Wilkinson applied for, got and started in 2004. ‘‘I took over as Principal in February 2004 not knowing what would happen. The worst moment of my life was on Easter Thursday, when the Ministry rang and said to stand by the fax machine at 2.00pm to find out if the school was going to close.’’ He stood by and received a fax saying the school would be closed at the end of 2004. ‘‘It was the worst way to be told ­ a fax! No direct contact at all.’’ Continuing on in his role he was also appointed as Closure Manager, a role he fought for and which was an unusual move as it was ordinarily a separate position. ‘‘The Closure Manager’s job was to make sure the Principal didn’t run off with the school’s assets or money.’’ As well as running the school, Mr Wilkinson prepared for the school’s demise, arranging new schools for the

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Thursday April 2 2015


Jayline SS280P Jayline SS600L Clean Air / ECAN approved. Clean Air/ ECAN approved. Heating area: Heating area: 120-160m2 140-220m2

A fire as unique as you are.

Founding members . . . Members of the new Rangiora and North Canterbury Model Railway Club (from left), Paul Tucker, Jennifer Bolton, Chris Gunn, Leon Parker, Peter PHOTO: COLLEEN LINNELL. Cornelius, Chris Leppard, Kevin Ching and Graeme Bolton.

Bosca FirePoint 360 Bosca Spring 550 Clean Air / ECAN approved. Clean Air/ ECAN approved. Est Peak Heat Output: Est Peak Heat Output: 14kw 19kw

Natures Flame Classic 9.5kW

Model railway club formed in Nth Canty

Natures Flame Evolution 10kW


61 Williams Street, Kaiapoi P 03 327 4813 | M 021 837 491 | Email carolyn@hiflo.co.nz Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm. Sat 9am - 12.30pm 15637595

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Collection Area

Thursday 2 April

Friday 3 April (Good Friday)

FRIDAY: Northern Kaiapoi CBD only


Refuse and Week 1 recycling collections change to Thursday 2 April

FRIDAY: Northern Kaiapoi (non-CBD), The Pines Beach, Kairaki Beach and Southern Rural Collection Areas, and the Pegasus and Rangiora Friday ‘Private Lane’ Collections

Refuse and Week 1 recycling collections change to Saturday 4 April

Saturday 4 April

Sunday 5 April

Monday 6 April


MONDAY: Oxford, Cust, Woodend, Pegasus and Northern Rural Collection Areas

Refuse and Week 2 recycling No change

• Only official Waimakariri District Council refuse bags and recycling bins will be collected • Refuse bags and recycling bins must be placed for collection no later than 7am including in the Kaiapoi CBD • Please check the label on the side of your recycling bin if you’re unsure whether your collection is Week 1 or Week 2 • If you miss your collection you can take your official Waimakariri District Council bags and your sorted recycling to the Oxford Transfer Station and the Southbrook Resource Recovery Park during normal operating hours (see below), free of charge.

Facility Southbrook Resource Recovery Park

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Local model railway enthusiasts have come together to form a club in North Canterbury. Founding president Arthur Linnell says nine people attended the inaugural meeting on September 13, while further meetings were held to get to know the prospective members and to establish a set of rules and establish some priorities. At a meeting in February a committee was formed, with Mr Linnell elected president, Graeme Bolton vice­ president, Jennifer Bolton secretary and Chris Leppard as treasurer. The club is now looking for a low rent venue to establish as a club room / train shed, ‘‘where we can develop a large model rail layout’’, Mr Linnell says. ‘‘By having our own room / shed we will be able to have workshops dealing with all aspects of model railways from small to large scales. ‘‘Members will also be able to run their own trains on the layout. Mentoring will also be available to new members wanting to start their own layout. ‘‘Most members have their own

layouts at their home, but in the meantime the club will work on a layout that a member has donated. This will be the nucleus of a transportable layout consisting of separate modules.’’ Mr Linnell says the club hopes to have the first stage ready for a big model train show at Pioneer Stadium in Christchurch in October. ‘‘The members have also been given the task of putting together a diorama with a rail theme, such as a rail siding, busy railway, a shunting yard, a station, or a train service depot, the ideas are endless. The dioramas will also be on display at the train show.’’ The club also plans to hold regular workshops on various aspects of model railroading. There have also been discussions with the Oxford Museum and assisting with the museum’s display of the old Bennetts to Oxford line. A model train show in Rangiora during the school holidays next year is also a possibility. Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month. For more information contact Arthur Linnell (03) 7459148 or Graeme Bolton (03) 3137873.

Church in the country A new initiative is seeking to bring church into the country. ‘‘Church in the Country’’ is a new venture run by Rangiora’s St John’s Anglican Church to connect with families north of the Ashley River. ‘‘It’s an idea we have to be a different sort of church for people who have moved into the area,’’ organiser Tina Thorpe says. ‘‘They have commitments during the week with work and they have their lifestyle blocks in the weekend, so going into Rangiora for church on Sunday may not be their thing. So we want it to be local and at a time that is convenient for country people.’’ She says the initiative is being run as a trial over three events with fun activities for the kids and ‘‘a shared message of whatever is the theme for the day and we have food together’’. The first event was held on February

22, the fourth anniversary of the deadly Christchurch earthquake, ‘‘and we had a good time enjoying a picnic, races and pancake tossing’’. The second event was last Sunday (March 29) at the Loburn Domain from 4pm to 5.30pm with an Easter theme, with egg tossing, hot cross buns and an Easter egg hunt. Another event is planned for Sunday, May 10, to celebrate Mothers’ Day. ‘‘We will then look to evaluate and assess the results of the trial,’’ Mrs Thorpe says. ‘‘We want this to be a multi­ denominational initiative. We have come up with the vision and we have invited other churches to join us in this venture. ‘‘It is church, but not church as you know it. We don’t want to put labels on people. If it ticks your boxes, great. But we’re not trying to convert people.’’

The News

Thursday April 2 2015

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Papermaking in a ‘world-wide classroom’ By ROBYN BRISTOW Mark Lander is taking papermaking to the world thanks to a bit of ‘‘Kiwi ingenuity’’. Lander invented a Little Critter Hollander Bater papermaking machine and today 402 of them are spread around New Zealand and the world ­ stacked end­to­end they would be higher than the Empire State building. This ‘‘world­wide classroom’’ of papermaking is the result of a ‘‘30­year obsession’’ which began when Lander had to find a way to feed and clothe his family. Flax, harvested from throughout Canterbury, became his friend as he learnt the art of papermaking on his Little Critter ­ a machine he can now tote around the world in a suitcase. ‘‘I have a Fine Arts degree from Canterbury University and painted. As soon as I had a little family I realised I couldn’t really go to the art shop and buy what I wanted and spend money when the kids needed shoes and feeding,’’ he says. So after hours and hours of research his papermaking regime born. ‘‘I collected enough money to make the first one, sold that to the first person, got some more money and it goes round and round. ‘‘It is like a world­wide classroom. I am known and loved around the world, work on a minimum wage and have never been out of the red,’’ says Lander who began his work in Oxford but has now set up a gallery in Amberley. Fine Arts students from Massachusetts College of Art and Design recently immersed themselves in papermaking in Amberley. The 14 students and two staff from one of the top schools of its kind in the United States, said it was the best fun they had had on their tour of New

Zealand. Lander, who was just back from Cambodia where he installed one of his papermakers, played host to the students at his new studio on the corner of Carters and Osborne Road. Students made paper in the morning and then spent the afternoon grinding up earth pigments for paint or glazes. Lander says he took a Little Critter to northwest Cambodia in a suitcase where the World Mate Emergency Hospital provides free trauma care to impoverished landmine and motorway accident victims. The 110 bed facility is in Battambang and has about 250 in­patients and 900 out­patients. Lander’s suitcase weighed 30kg and was full of tools and a Little Critter which he installed to help with patient recovery and to build up a wee business to help raise funds to care for those in hospital and their families. He had the bare essentials in the way of clothing and returned home without any luggage as his suitcase was used as a vat in the papermaking venture he set up. Nails and screws were bought from several stores and he worked ‘‘miracles with nothing’’ to make the machine happen. Banana tree trunks proved an ideal material to make ‘‘beautiful paper’’ along with crushed stalks of sugarcane that turned into a creamy­ yellow paper. Lander can also pack them up into a 25kg and send them unaccompanied to anywhere in the world in ‘‘four days’’. His first was sent bit, by bit, through the post to Chicago. One of his next jobs is working for the Havana University in Cuba and the current one under construction is off to Trinadad. ‘‘I am making a machine a week. It’s not a problem. Art however, is my main love but making machines keeps the

All wrapped up . . . Students from Massachusetts College of Art and Design wrap themselves in paper to celebrate their papermaking efforts at Mark Landers studio on PHOTO: SUPPLIED. Amberley. wolf from the door. There is a small wage component. I haven’t sat down for 15 years. ‘‘I haven’t been out of the red either. It is amazing what you can achieve with nothing,’’ he says. Lander’s art world evaporated overnight when the Canterbury earthquakes struck. ‘‘A third of my income had gone and I could not afford the mortgage any more in my Loburn home. That is how I ended up in Amberley. Lander has crafted a studio, alongside his little cottage, out of an old shed once used as a showroom by Bashers Timber company. There is carpet on the floor, an 1890 grand piano stands to one side and

around the walls is Lander’s distinctive works ­ on his own handmade paper. ‘‘I started to learn to play the grand piano three years ago and just loved it. It is the only creative thing I do that doesn’t make a mess,’’ he says. The Massachusetts students loved the grand piano and they were ‘‘so musical’’. ‘‘I often have kindy groups in here making paper or standing five deep at the piano,’’ says Lander. His creativity extends to the materials he uses in his works ­ old rags and towels that have been run through a Little Critter and pulped, wood pulp and his earthy colours. ‘‘People often just come in and sit looking at paintings because they are so beautiful,’’ he says.

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Thursday April 2 2015

Maintaining rural roads a continuing challenge I write this on the morning after. After being after the cricket and the Northland by election. Both events will have been well dissected by now. The cricket has been a great event for the game, but also for both of our countries. I believe we have done a grand job of promoting our nation to the wider world and only time will tell as to how much benefit we gain. The summer weather provided a fantastic backdrop to the event . The by election result will provide national with some food for thought. It may be seen somewhat as a protest vote but there is an underlying theme here and central government should take on board that the provinces do have a voice and must not be left out of the growth equation ­ not withstanding that most of the growth going forward will be around Auckland and other larger centres. Maintaining our rural roading infrastructure in a safe and sound state is a continuing challenge for territorial authorities, particularly

now with larger trucks and growing numbers of independent tourists moving through the regions networks. The Inland road from Kaikoura through to Hanmer is but one of these and affects both Hurunui and Kaikoura. The rural economy provides most of the products that eventually provides the manufacturing,proces­ sing and transporting jobs that bring in the overseas funds that in turn drives our economy and creates the growth here in New Zealand. The Hurunui /Waiau and Kaikoura water zones are the first of the Canterbury water zone committees to have a support team allocated to them to help the local committees in implementing their zone programmes. By December it is envisaged that all zones will have these support services available . This support should strengthen the local committees and get more works under way on the ground. Have an enjoyable Easter break.

Lost and found The following property is reported as lost to the Rangiora Police ­ have you seen it? Sunglasses, a Samsung touchphone in black soft case, a Samsung cellphone in red case, a plain gold wedding band, a ‘‘Sacrifice’’ black scooter, a black wallet, a charm ­ a gold ball with silver on it. The following property is at the Rangiora Police Station looking for a home ­ A pink combination bike lock.

Smokey’s Country Music Sing­Song Join Smokey & Lorraine along with our group of Golden Oldies & Entertainers, for an afternoon of the old­time sing­a­longs ­ Saturday April 11 in the John Knox Rooms Rangiora, commencing at 2pm. There will be a cuppa & nibbles, along with ‘off the floor’ singers, raffles & give­a­ways. We will go ‘back in time’ with the good old songs of yesterday. Door Raffle Admission $4. Kite­making for the family A kite­making session will be held in the Amberley Domain from 10am to 12 noon on Easter Monday. John Grater will teach how to make and fly a simple but snazzy kite from paper, sticks, glue and string. On Tuesday, April 7 from 2pm to 4pm there will be more fun at Cartooning for Kids, taught by artist Neville Sinclair at the Scargill Hall. These Timebank Hurunui Learning Exchange events are open to all for the payment of time­bank credits or a small fee. Bookings are essential. Call (03) 314 3406, email tbhlearningexchange@gmail.com or go to hurunui.timebanks.org/ page.learning­exchange­programme.

Wychwood : The making of one of the world’s most magical gardens by Karen Hall The garden at Wychwood, at the foot of the Great Western Tiers in northern Tasmania, is one of the world’s most magical places. Wychwood combines Scandinavian design sensibilities with temperate­climate country­garden charm. And to top it off, the idyllic Mole Creek, which is home to brown trout and a platypus, runs through the back of the property. Grumpy Old Men 2 by Paul Little Ian Ferguson, Merv Smith, Precious Mackenzie, Ian Mune, Eric Watson, Michael Hill, Jon Zealando and 41 other men sound off on all manner of modern­day irritations. Some contributions are serious and some light­hearted, some trivial and some profound but all are entertaining and thought­provoking. My Story by Julia Gillard ‘I was Prime Minister for three years and three days. Three years and three days of resilience. Three years and three days of changing the nation. Three years and three days for you to judge.’ On Wednesday 23rd June 2010, with the government in turmoil, Julia Gillard asked then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for a leadership ballot. The next day, Julia Gillard became Australia’s 27th Prime Minister, and their first female leader. These titles are available in both Waimakariri and Hurunui libraries. Find out more about recent additions to the library collection by going to the library catalogue at waimakariri.kotui.org.nz or hurunui.kotui.org.nz or contact your local library.

Dear Editor, I recently went for a walk down the creek that runs from under State Highway One by the vets to the new bridge at Wineberry Estate. I was horrified at the terrible state it is in. If it’s not thoroughly cleared out before the winter rain comes I dread to think of the flooding that would occur. It’s especially badly overgrown and shallow from the Osborne Road point to the new bridge. The last two winters saw real bad flooding along that stretch. I say urgently to the council, while the creek is dry, get a narrow digger in there now to open it out and allow the up and coming rain water to flow out to sea quickly. If they don’t get on to it now, there will be big regrets in a few months time. I say do now while you can. Its a disgrace the way the council have neglected it. Out of site, out of mind? I am sure that the owners of the properties that back on to this creek would also feel more at ease if it was relieved of the ever increasing debri. It’s got to be done sometime soon so why wait. Yours, Jack Harcourt


399 20 only

CAIRO 2 seater



Riccarton Megastore, 179 Blenheim Rd. Ph 341 3196 • Northwood Supacenta, Radcliffe Rd. Ph 323 5460 • Open 7 days • www.bigsave.co.nz

Early life in Oxford showcased

The News

Thursday April 2 2015

Page 7


Early Oxford . . . The bush­walk entrance to the unfinished new section of the Oxford PHOTO SHELLEY TOPP Museum, the Ray Mehrtens Room. beech forests, plus 26 homes and many sawmills. The progression of technology advancements is clear in some of the exhibits, particularly in the agricultural section. While farmers no doubt appreciated the new labour­saving devices, their workers were not always that keen on them, Mr Mehrtens said. A hay tedder and accompanying hay mower, circa 1880­90, on display in the exhibition, had caused an angry outburst from farm workers, who rightly feared the new machinery would cause job losses. Household items have not been forgotten in the new exhibition, with early washing machines, sewing machines, ovens, and butter churns being moved from the original part of the museum to the new section. There are also plans to include a hands­on experience in the household­ items section to allow visitors the experience of washing clothes the hard way, by hand without a machine. A television will also be installed in the new extension to show authentic film footage demonstrating how many of the exhibits were used. This is the fourth extension to the museum which was built in 1979. The new facility has already been


Red My Lips is an international non-profit organisation. We run a month-long annual awareness campaign where supporters worldwide use Red Lipstick to raise awareness and funds, from 1st April 2015 to 30th April 2015. Wear Red Lipstick or a creative alternative to create visibility, e.g. Red T-Shirt, and demonstrate solidarity and support for ALL Survivors of Sexual Assault and speak out against rape

myths and victim-blaming. All About Art Tattoo Studio Rangiora and the FFTC New Zealand will be supporting this event for the month of April. Get a set of Red Lips Tattooed for $60.00 and $30.00 will be donated through The Christchurch Police Rape Crisis Centre to a Support Group of their choice.

Phone for bookings: 03 310 6669 or 022 125 7761

Join Us in raising Awareness about Sexual Violence and Speak Out against Victim-blaming.

given the stamp of approval by the Canterbury Museum exhibitions manager Neil Philips and exhibition preparator, Chris O’Rourke. The Canterbury Museum officials visited the new facility last year as part of a Wellington­based Te Papa National Services knowledge ­ exchange programme for museums. ‘‘I think it’s really exciting for Oxford. This is going to be a fantastic local facility, Mr Phillips said then. ‘‘Our role is to help them refine their ideas so we can tell the whole story without getting overwhelmed by what you are wanting to communicate. ‘‘It’s a significant project. Doing something like this would be a big project for the Canterbury Museum,’’ he said. The Oxford Historical Records Society has also been busy creating a World War 1 display at the museum. Part of the display sits in front of a huge, wall­size photo enlargement of a battlefield in Belgium taken during 1916. The display was created specifically for this year’s Gallipoli Centenary on April 25, to commemorate the ANZAC landings on Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey. ‘‘The display also includes a Birch Hill memorial as well,’’ Mrs Brown said.

• Exceptional Service • •

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Your Hosts, Trent and Carolyn Allison Main Rd, Culverden Ph 03 315 8492

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The Oxford Historical Records Society is showcasing Oxford’s early life in a new purpose­built extension to the town’s museum. The project is a labour of love for this small group of volunteers who are passionate about ensuring a link with the past is not lost. The new extension will be named after Ray Mehrtens, the society’s chairperson. ‘‘It was his vision,’’ the society’s secretary, Voila Brown, said. Mr Mehrtens spends many hours working at the museum, and has restored many of the agricultural implements on show there. The Ray Mehrtens Room is not expected to officially open until October or September this year. However, it is already packed with a wide range of exhibits which have been donated or are on loan to the museum. It is now mainly sorting and signage work that remains to be done. Mrs Brown said they were very proud of the museum. ‘‘It’s lovely to show people around,’’ she said. The new exhibition tells the story of Oxford life between 1850 and the 1930’s when forestry, sawmilling and agriculture were dominant industries in the area, and horses and bullocks, played a vital role in transportation. It begins with a walk through a reconstructed beech forest complete with waterfall, birdsong and a large collection of stuffed birds. The birds came from a taxidermist’s private collection and were originally on display in the older section of the museum. The old collection includes a New Zealand bittern/kaoriki, a bird of similar size to a heron, and sometimes referred to as a spotted heron, but now believed to be extinct, with the last recorded sighting during the 1890s. ‘‘The Department of Conservation provided the birdsong audio,’’ Mrs Brown said. After the bush­walk entrance it is hoped to have an early Maori exhibition depicting food gathering, camps and early maps showing the area of habitation. Next there will be exhibits highlighting the importance of forestry, sawmilling, farming, blacksmiths, horse transport, carpentry and sheep farming/ shearing in the area. ‘‘At one time there were 27 sawmills in Oxford,’’ Mr Mehrtens said. ‘‘Ninety per cent of the timber used to build Christchurch was milled at Oxford.’’ However, the Great Fire of Oxford which began on January 14, 1898, and accelerated by high northwest winds destroyed much of the area’s valuable

Page 8

The News

Thursday April 2 2015

Have your say The Rate Debate

We are proposing to change your rates Let us tell you why Hurunui District Council's Long Term Plan (LTP) for 2015 - 2025 Consultation Document is now available, and submissions are now open. Our Consultation Document outlines the key issues and priorities for the next ten years, as well as the Council’s financial position, and includes links to supporting documents, strategies and policies. Chief Executive Hamish Dobbie says the Consultation Document is a must-read for all ratepayers and residents in the district. “We have come to the difficult position of proposing rates increases to pay for core service upgrades, particularly in the water and sewer area. Costs have been driven up through increased central government regulatory standards. To fund these upgrades, and manage the

associated debt in a sustainable manner, we are proposing some fundamental changes to the way we have historically done this.”

fund replacements. • Changing to a district wide rating system to pay for water and sewer services instead of localised targeted rating. Mayor Winton Dalley said that it’s a balancing act between the money needed to provide services for the community, and what can be afforded. He said that the council is very

“The changes will affect some people more than others. Although the proposed changes will increase rates from our historically low levels, we are still confident that the Hurunui district will remain an affordable place to live and that our debt will be managed into the future.”

O ne G

lobal Sewerage Rating System

One Global Water Rating System

As a result of the increased regulatory standards and the consequential, expensive, infrastructure upgrades ahead, the key changes being proposed are: •

keen to hear people’s views on these proposals.


Using the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa profits to repay debt and to spend less of the profits to offset the general rate.

• Charging rates to fund the depreciation of water and sewer infrastructure so that there isn’t a need to borrow to

Fees and Charges Have your say for 2015-2016

We have reviewed our fees for our services for next year. Most of the fees will remain the same but there are some price changes to: water fees, cemetery and plot

charges, pensioner housing rentals, transfer station fees, food licences, building and resource consents and development contributions.

Submissions close on Thursday 30 April 2015

Submissions close on Thursday 30 April 2015 To make a submission:

Web: www.hurunui.govt.nz/LTP Email: submission@hurunui.govt.nz Write: LTP Submission, Hurunui District Council, PO Box

13, Amberley 7441 Drop your submission into any of our libraries or service centres

More information

To find out more about our proposals for the Long Term Plan and Fees and Charges, visit our website www.hurunui.govt.nz/LTP or libraries and service centres.


The News

Thursday April 2 2015

Page 9


On track . . . The team backing the building of a BMX track in Amberley: Mikal Mielsen (left), of Amberley Beach, John Shepherd of John Shepherd Ltd, Delia McLean, Julia McLean, Sam Thorn of Thornz Contracting along with Rangiora, BMX track manager and head coach, Stan Hauraki Tumu, and Leon Menzies, a BMX rider (rear), at the site of the proposed new PHOTO: ROBYN BRISTOW BMX track in Amberley.

BMX funding boost A proposed BMX track in the Amberley Domain on reserve land previously occupied by a contracting firm, is well on its way to becoming a reality. A the Hurunui BMX Club has been granted $45,000 by the New Zealand Community Trust. Club spokesperson Julia McLean says

Roses Iceberg and Margaret Merrill

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half the amount needed for the $190,000 track has now been raised with $50,000 in donated material and product already committed to the project. The club plans to build an entry level competition BMX track on the property which is tucked in behind the Amberley School.

Scurry champs at show Scurry racing will once again entertain at the Oxford Agricultural and Pastoral Show this Saturday. Entrants will be competing in the annual Zilco Scurry New Zealand championships where there is a generous prize pool sponsored by Zilco Equestrian Products. On top of this competitors have a chance to add an extra jackpot of $1000 cash to the first prize if they can clear the ‘‘Tavendale and Partners $1000 Challenge Gate’’. The challenge gate will be only 10 cm wider than the carriages attempting to pass through it at full gallop ­ just two inches each side in old measure. Local law firm Tavendale and Partners specialise in resource management matters and have chosen to support Scurry New Zealand because like them it is Canterbury­based with a national reputation. The Scurry New Zealand Championships will take place in the main ring just before the Grand Parade. Photos credit : Victoria Caseley

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The News

Thursday April 2 2015


What do

Type of Rate

Costs to User(s)

District-wide general rate

$34.76 average per rateable property from 2023/24

Capital $’000

Operating $’000



Type of Rate

Costs to User(s)

Capital $’000

Operating $’000

Eastern District Sewer Scheme treatment upgrades

$155.30 per property connected to scheme



Capital $’000

Operating $’000

$18.69 average per rateable property from 2015/16



$31.15 average per rateable property from 2019/20



Type of Rate

Costs to User(s)

Town Centre Upgrades District-wide general rate Rangiora Parking Districtwide roading rate


The News

Thursday April 2 2015

Page 11

Kaikoura’s annual boat New Amberley policeman fishing contest at Easter Fishing boats from throughout the upper South Island will be in search of the big one, in Kaikoura’s annual boat fishing contest on Easter Saturday. The Kaikoura Boat Club’s annual open fishing competition will be held on Easter Saturday, April 4, and is expected to attract fishing boats from as far afield as Blenheim, Nelson and Christchurch. Committee member Bruce Hills says entries have gone up each year and he hopes to top the tally of 70 boats, which comprised around 200 people fishing, achieved two years ago. ‘‘It just keeps getting bigger. We’re not sure where it will end up. Some of the big competitions in the North Island are quite huge. ‘‘But it’s not a fish slaying event. We don’t want people getting bins and bins of fish. ‘‘It’s not about quantity, we’ve got to protect the fishery.’’ He says the new catch limits under the Kaikoura Marine Management Act need to adhered to. ‘‘It’s fantastic for the area, Te Korowai o Te Tai o Morakura (the coastal marine guardians) have done a fantastic job and we want to keep it all tidy.’’

Last year’s competition was cancelled due to the weather, so Mr Hills is hoping for better luck this time. ‘‘At the first one the weather was marginal and the second year was OK, but last year we had to cancel it, so we are hoping and praying for a perfect day this day ­ we think we are due for a good one. ‘‘If it doesn’t work this Easter we may need to look at having earlier.’’ A new dive section was added in the preparation for last year’s cancelled competition, to encourage divers to set off in search of the biggest crayfish and butter fish. The competition is sponsored by Kaikoura Mitre 10 and Hunting & Fishing, with $18,000 worth of prizes, including prizes for the heaviest fish and the biggest average weight on the boats. Weigh in will be by the South Bay Boat Club ramp, with the prizegiving at the South Bay Trotting Club rooms from 4pm. Entry forms are available online at www.kaikouraboatingclub.org.nz. They are also available from Kaikoura Mitre 10 and Hunting & Fishing and Sefton will host a service to entries will also be accepted on the day. commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, The service will be held the evening prior to Anzac Day ­ April 24 at the Sefton Domain Cenotaph at 6pm. Carville Stewart says a small group of residents who are responsible for the Clubhouse which was broken into in community newsletter and who organise the early hours of Thursday morning. the Christmas carols in the domain, The police would like to hear from decided to hold the event because of its anyone who may have seen a car or importance. people acting suspiciously around the ‘‘We do not usually hold an Anzac Day school or near the Amberley Golf service in Sefton, but because it is the course. 100­year remembrance of the Gallipoli Phone (03) 314 8808. landings we decided it was appropriate

Bill Parker rumbling through at 4.30am.

Anzac service at Sefton

Police seek help with burglaries Amberley police are keen to hear from anyone seeing anything suspicious around the Amberley School and Amberley Golf Course last week. The Amberley School was broken into in the early hours of last Wednesday morning. A burglary followed at the Amberley Golf




Constable Bill Parker is looking forward to policing in Amberley. Constable Parker, who has moved to Amberley following Senior constable Arnold Hooykaas move to Alexandra, says he enjoys small stations and is used to ‘‘rural policing’’ having spent the past six and half years stationed at Franz Joseph. Prior to Franz Joseph, where for the past two years he policed the area on his own, he spent eight years in Greymouth. The ‘‘born and breed’’ West Coaster is living in Amberley with his wife and son and is looking forward to working with the community. He says the move has brought them closer to extended family and opens up more education opportunities for their son. Constable Parker is coming to terms with the amount of traffic passing through, particularly when trucks start



to do something,’’ he said. The service will be compered by Robbie Bruerton and will be attended by Waimakariri Mayor David Ayers, Returned Services’ Association representatives and singer Melissa Eder. Sefton School children will also be involved in the service at which there will be a wreath laying ceremony. ‘We re hoping to get support,’’ says Mr Stewart. The annual Anzac Day fun run held in Waikari, has been cancelled this year due to the Anzac 100 ride. The fun run will be held again next year.


Page 12

The News

Thursday April 2 2015




per week*

Dave Lay, Owner/Sales Manager

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2007 TOYOTA VITZ 1.3L, 95,000kms Silver





2008 PEUGEOT 407 SPORT 2.8L, 80,000kms, Gold


2007 SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5L, 115,000kms, Gold


2.3L, 212,000kms, Red

21 Good Street, Rangiora Phone 03 313 5332 After Hours 0276 131 065 1565381


Find us on

The News

Hunters to converge on Kaikoura Hunters are encouraged to test their skills in Kaikoura next week. The Kaikoura Volunteer Fire Brigade is hosting its annual pig and stag hunt during Friday to Sunday, April 10 to 12, as its major fundraiser. Organiser and volunteer fire fighter Richard McClelland says around 100 hunters from as far north as Blenheim and as far south as Rangiora are expected to converge on Kaikoura for the annual hunt. Around 20 to 30 children are also expected to enter. He is hoping for more entries this year, with better prizes up for grabs. Proceeds from this year’s hunt will go towards purchasing new rescue equipment for

the fire brigade. The final weigh in will be held at the Kaikoura freight yard on Beach Road at 2.30pm on Sunday, with the prize giving to follow with food and drinks available to purchase. ‘‘There’s usually a good crowd at the weigh in, with more than 100 people coming along for a good yarn and catch up,’’ Mr McClelland says. Entry for the open section is $40 per person, with prizes for the average weight deer, the average weight pig, the heaviest boar and sow, the heaviest stag, the best antlers and best tusks. Prizes are also awarded for the best combination of stag and pig, and the

heaviest pig entered by a woman. Children aged 12 and under can also enter on the day, with prizes for the heaviest rabbit, hare and possum. More information and entry forms are available at the Kaikoura Volunteer Fire Brigade’s Facebook page, where you have the chance to own an aluminium scallop dredge. A silent auction is also available at PGG Wrightson. Entries for the open section close at 10am on Thursday, April 9.

Harris Meats Providing the highest quality meat products to butchers, supermarkets and people throughout North Canterbury.

Thursday April 2 2015

Page 13

Got Rust? Crash Damage? Failed a WOF? Just Feeling Tatty? All insurance or private work taken care of - guaranteed! Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Agricultural Machinery

Onsite quotes - Panel Repairs - Mig Welding - Painting

KEV’S PANEL & PAINT T 57 A Beach Rd, Kaikoura (Behind the vet)

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Fancy Fancy a Guinness, Guinness, Irish Irish Beer Beer or or Great Great NZ NZ Wine? Wine? Retreat Retreat to to Donegal Donegal House! House!

‘The ‘T The Little Lit ittl tlee Irish Iris Ir ish h Hotel Hote Ho tell in the the Country’ Cou ount ntry ry’

Bar Restaurant Accommodation Function Facilities Weddings Gardens Lakes

Ph 03 3198 761 Fax 03 3198 396 0800 352 435 Email: info@harrismeats.co.nz www.harrismeats.co.nz School House Rd, RD1 Kaikoura Ph/Fax 03 319 5083

Stag hunt . . . The Kaikoura Volunteer Fire Brigade’s annual pig and stag hunt is expected FILE PHOTO to attract hunters from far and wide.


Re eservations 0800 346 873 email donegalhouse@xtra.co.nz


Mayor issues challenge Kaikoura Mayor Winston Gray has laid down the gauntlet for his annual mayoral bike challenge on Easter Saturday. Mr Gray expects around 40­50 cyclists to assemble at the corner of SH7 and Flintoft Mouse Point Road, north of Culverden, this Saturday, April 4, ready to depart at 10am for the 100km bike ride to Kaikoura. Bad weather on the Thursday evening before Easter saw last year’s mayoral bike challenge initially cancelled. ‘‘Last year we actually decided to cancel it because we were concerned about the roads because of the storm on the Thursday night. But then it came out fine on Saturday and so we rang round a few people and decided to go ahead anyway.’’ Mr Gray says 30 cyclists still turned out last year, including one keen cyclist from Rangiora who was out for a training run. Cyclists can join the ride along the way, with pick up points at Mt Lyford at 11am, for a 70km ride into Kaikoura, and

Lynton Downs School at 2pm. The ride finishes at the Kaikoura Rugby Club rooms at Takahanga Domain with light refreshments. Mr Gray says so far just one registration has been received, but he expects more to turn up on the day. ‘‘It’s not a race. It’s a day out to enjoy and to test yourself out, if you wish. The important thing is to have fun and keep safe. ‘‘It’s a fantastic ride. It’s got some challenges. There’s some significant climbs along the Conway and there’s some great downhill runs and some areas of easier grade riding. There’s a good mix. ‘‘I thought about making it less than the 100km this year, because I haven’t done lot of riding lately. But I’ve decided to do it anyway ­ I’ll just have to suffer for it the next day.’’ Everyone is welcome to join in. For more information, go to the Kaikoura District Council website or contact Winston on 027­4345037.

Racing around this summer?

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83 Beach Road, Kaikoura Ph 03 319-6009

Kaikoura District Council and IWK supporting KVFB Pig and Stag Hunt

Please dispose of carcasses responsibly. Offal pit available at the recycling centre – a charge will apply

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The News

Thursday April 2 2015

North Canterbury Dining Guide W W



Café, Restaurant & Function Venue

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Canterbury’s No.1 Family Destination

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BOOK YOUR 2015 FUNCTION NOW Weddings, Corporate, Birthdays, etc. All enquiries welcome Bookings being taken now for lunch, dinner

We have No Surcharge on public holidays! a If you make for the BOOKING t or buffet on Sa gs, the Sun evenin l will second mea e. be half pric ay Until 31st M

We are situated on the corner of SH1 & Ashworths Beach Rd

Relaxation . . . Michelle Fahey relaxes with a coffee in the beer garden at JR’s Bar and Grill.

Open 9am-9pm Daily Like us on Facebook

P: 0 P: 03 3 312 9411 941 C: 022 162 9899 E: castleparkcafe@gmail.com





Open Thursday-Tuesday | 5pm-9pm

WOOLSHED CAFE & GARDEN BAR Open 9.30am-9pm or later Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

Pub Meals & Hotel Accomodation Available

Phone 03 314 8508 or 03 314 9296


Group Bookings • Reservations Recommended

Pub has community feel JR’s Bar and Grill on High Street, Rangiora, is the perfect place to pop in for lunch or after work. Located next to Red Lion Corner, JR’s Bar and Grill has the perfect atmosphere, whether you want to relax after work, seeking a family night out or wanting to catch up with friends for lunch. ‘‘The atmosphere is great. We get a whole range of people, including those in suits and ties, workers in work boots, pensioners and 18­year­olds, so it’s quite a nice community feel,’’ manager Michelle Fahey says. ‘‘We believe a local pub is a place where people make new friends and maybe new relationships. It builds a stronger community.’’ And if you are a gold card holder, you can get 20 per cent off your food and drinks when you call in for lunch. A new chef has joined the staff, so call into JR’s Bar and Grill over the coming weeks to check out the new menu. The old favourites will still be on offer to tempt your taste buds, including the ‘‘Flintstone steak’’, which is ‘‘flamed before your eyes’’, a good range of burgers, salads and fries and the popular roast of the day remains at $10. A private function area is available free

of charge, if you are looking for the perfect party venue. Families are catered for, with two play stations to keep the kids entertained while the adults enjoy the atmosphere. And a big screen ensures you do not miss the big sporting events. Entertainment is provided on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and on Sunday afternoons a free barbecue is provided in the popular beer garden. On Thursdays, free sandwiches are on offer after work, while free nibbles are available to those who pop in after work on Fridays. A self­service TAB machine, 18 pokie machines, a couple of pool tables and darts are also available to keep you entertained. Michelle says JR’s Bar and Grill takes host responsibility very seriously, providing a courtesy van for pick ups and drop offs and lower alcohol beers are on tap, along with a good range of bottled beverages. ‘‘Please don’t drink and drive. We want to see you back again.’’ JR’s Bar and Grill gets in behind the local community, sponsoring local sports teams including Waimak football and a couple of rugby clubs, and supports local charities with fundraising.

for Mother’s Day (10th May) Brunch, Lunch available 8.30am-3pm Tues-Sun inclusive Cafe open till 4pm. Dinner enquiries welcome

Contact us on Ph (03) 310-8236


FRESH COFFEE ROASTED ON-SITE • Colombian • Guatemala • Kenyan • Decaf • Organic and many more varieties


• Muffins • Scones • Sandwiches • Slices • Cake • Quiche • Sushi, etc Open 7 Days Mon-Thurs 8.30am-4.00pm Fri-Sat 8.30am-8.00pm Sun 9.30am-3.00pm

196 High Street, Rangiora (opp Post Office) Phone (03) 313-8388 1475805

Your dining destination in Amberley

$10 Roast ................. 12.00-2.30pm & • Breakfast .......... Sat from 8.00am 5pm-8.30pm Every Day • Sunday Brunch.. from 10.00am New Winter Menu • Takeaway Meals

Gold Card Holders 20% Discount

OPEN 6 DAYS (Monday Closed) Opening Hours 5pm-9pm 63 Percival St, Lilybrook Centre, Rangiora


including drinks with a meal only

18 Pokies T.A.B 1565090

Free Function area available Live Entertainment Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun

‘Please Don’t Drink & Drive’

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37 High Street, Rangiora • Phone 310 7546

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The News

Thursday April 2 2015

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The News

Thursday April 2 2015

Woodend cycle-walkway taking shape By DAVID HILL Stage one of the Woodend to Woodend Beach cycle / walkway has been completed from Judsons Rd to Sandhill Rd. Trust Aoraki, which manage the gaming machines at Pineacres Restaurant, recently awarded a grant of $9000 to the project, bringing the fundraising account to more than $28,000. This includes assistance from the Woodend Ashley Community Board, council roading team and public donations through a Givealittle webpage and the

‘‘buy a metre’’ campaign. Project convener Kirstyn Barnett says she is delighted with the support of local organisations and residents. ‘‘To see stage one completed so quickly is really exciting, and shows the level of community support.’’ Construction manager Greg Inwood is now working on plans for stage two with council, which requires extra detail as it includes two winding corners, an historic site, trees and banks. The Lions Club of Woodend is hosting a humorous men’s health night at Flat White Cafe

on April 18, with some of the proceeds going to the path project, while the Pegasus Residents Group has also made a donation. The Woodend Community Association is planning several fundraisers this year and encourages other local community groups to get behind the project. People can also make donations at The Grub Hub Cafe or North Canterbury Stockfeed Supplies. For more information on the project, contact Kirstyn on (03) 3125150 or 021­312230 or email kirstynbarnett@gmail.com.

Stage one . . . The Woodend Beach cycle / walkway is beginning to take shape.

Music stops at school

Sad musicians . . . Jenna Meikle (left), Marilyn Johnson (teacher), Tom Spicer (at the back), Skye Somerville, Madeleine Haugh, PHOTO: SUPPLIED. Maddie Jeffries and Nicolas Crump (behind drums). The sound of music has stopped echoing in the corridors of Cheviot Area School. Notes no longer ring out from budding musicians as they do not have a teacher to nurture their talent. For the past 20 years Marilyn Johnson has taught students at the school to play the piano and other musical instruments. But Ms Johnson, who is well known to staff at the school, has taken up a fulltime teaching position of Year one students

this year and no longer has the time to teach music. She is excited to be teaching fulltime at Cheviot, covering maternity leave, but sad not to be able to continue with music. Ms Johnson hopes someone will step up to bring music back to the school, but sadly advertisements for a teacher to provide private lessons have been unsuccessful. Principal, Jen Rodgers, says music is a passion for many Cheviot students and if anyone can help please phone (03) 319 8787.

Golden streak The golden streak in North Canterbury with more wines from the Waipara region taking home accolades at the Easter Wine show ­ the country’s longest running wine competition. Gold medals in the show were awarded to Bishops Head Waipara Valley Chenin Blanc 2011, Waipara Hills Waipara Valley Gewurztraminer 2014, Waipara Hills Waipara Valley Pinot Gris 2014 and Mount Brown Estates Pinot Noir 2013. In addition to the gold, the Bishops Head Waipara Valley Chenin Blanc 2011 took home the Drinks Biz Trophy for Champion Wine of other Varieties. Bishops Head managing director and winemaker Peter Saunders said there was high hopes for the wines. ‘‘This is a tough category

as it includes a number of niche varieties and small quantities that winemakers work hard to craft, he said. ‘‘It’s a team effort at Bishops Head and the number of medals the region took home is a real testament to the fruit quality and winemaking in the Waipara Valley region,’’ he said. The region also received a number of silver medals including Catherine’s Block Barrique Ferment Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Mud House Single Vineyard The Mound Waipara Valley Riesling 2014, Waipara Hills Waipara Valley Riesling 2014, Bishops Head Waipara Valley Pinot Gris 2013, Mud House Single Vineyard Home Block Waipara Valley Pinot Gris 2014, Waipara Hills Equinox Pinot Gris 2013 and Terrace Edge Pinot Noir 2013.

The News

Thursday April 2 2015

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Inspire... Create... Admire


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Coffee break . . . Customers, Raewyn Herrell and Mary Overtoom, left, both from Rangiora, join barista Erika Hardie, centre, and owner Ange Rondel, at the temporary Soda Cafe PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP caravan in Kingsford Smith Drive.

A Christchurch based company since 1986



The smallest cafe ´ trading on one of Rangiora’s newest streets, Kingsford Smith Drive, will soon become number one. Soda Cafe ´, had become a popular brunch, lunch and coffee destination at 305 Lehmans Road, Fernside, for three years since opening on February 22, 2012. However, the popularity of the cafe ´ soon meant more space was needed. So when their lease expired at Lehmans Road the cafe owners, Ange Rondel and Phil Wilson, decided to move. They settled on new premises at 1 Kingsford Smith Drive, Southbrook. The Soda Cafe ´ sign went up on Kingsford Smith Drive last week, but because their new building is not ready yet, they are trading from a small green caravan, purchased from Trade Me, with only two tables and a few chairs out front under a canopy.

Ange said she was hoping to move into the new cafe ´ within six to eight weeks. In the meantime, many of their Lehmans Road customers, including Raewyn Herrell and Mary Overtoom, both from Rangiora, have called in. ‘‘We have been regulars since the get go,’’ Raewyn said. ‘‘The food is lovely and the service great.’’ There were also a lot of new customers too, Ange said. ‘‘Mainly tradies’’ from the area’s many surrounding businesses. Customers can expect the same delicious range of food to be served at the new cafe ´, using favourite ‘‘tried­and­true’’ recipes. However, they will also be offering more takeaway foods, such as salads and sandwiches, and the coffee brand will be different. Barista, Erika Hardie will be whipping up coffees in the new cafe ´using the Empire brand. ‘‘Empire do a lovely coffee,’’ Ange said.

Blue Rooster closes doors One of Rangiora’s most popular cafe ´ s, the Blue Rooster, at 90 Victoria Street, has closed its doors. When spoken to about the closure by The News last Monday one of the owners said he did not want to comment on the closure. However, a notice to their ‘‘loyal customers’’ has been placed in the windows of the closed cafe ´ ­restaurant. ‘‘Thank you! to all our loyal customers Blue Rooster. ‘‘Your support over the past eight years, even through earthquake and building strengthening disruptions, is sincerely appreciated. ‘‘We have continued trading through three difficult years since key central Rangiora buildings and businesses closed or relocated. ‘‘ Unfortunately we have reached the point where we need to give priority to our own building projects so we have decided to suspend trading until the Blue Rooster business is sold. ‘‘We regret the current inconvenience and trust the new cafe ´ owners will provide a special cafe ´ experience for you.’’



24 �� Wi





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Northwood Megastore Ph: 375 9999 Colombo St MegaStore Ph: 983 3000 Bush Inn Megastore, Riccarton Ph: 343 1300



Soda Cafe ´ moves home

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The News

Thursday April 2 2015

Rangiora & Kaiapoi Toyota TOYOTA












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The News

Thursday April 2 2015

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Future of the Heartland Forum

The aims of the forum are: 1. To work positively with central and local government to realise the government policy to double agricultural export earnings by 2025 while complying with the imposition of a raft of new environmental regulations. 2. To portray a better image of farming to the urban community by demonstrating that a profitable rural sector is also in their interests. 3. To emphasize that the farming community are responsible stewards of the land with enduring sustainability a core belief.

Modern design . . . The proposed new Riverside Church community centre in Kaiapoi will IMAGE: SUPPLIED provide a much needed community space in the town.

Kaiapoi church rebuilding By DAVID HILL Innovative engineering work will see Kaiapoi’s Riverside Church rebuild on its Charles Street site. The church’s main building, the former Rialto Cinema building, was destroyed in the September 2010 earthquake, however work is under way to build a new community church on the site on the corner of Williams and Charles Streets. Church member Alan Warman says 340 timber piles are being vibrated five metres into the ‘‘silty, sandy ground’’ to stabilise it and to resist lateral movement in any future seismic event. It is a technique developed by Auckland firm TTT Products Limited. The new community centre, which will cover a 647 square metre footprint, has been designed by Ahead Buildings Limited in Auckland, and will cost just over $2 million. The overall complex, including the existing hall down the back will be about 1200 square metres when complete. Mr Warman says the building will

include an 240­seat auditorium with a stage, along with foyer, smaller meeting rooms, office space and a commercial kitchen. He says the auditorium will be able to cater for up to 300 people at funerals and weddings, once the doors are opened up, and it will have a sweep out front for the hearse and wedding cars. It will serve a growing church community, which already has 80 to 100 regular members and the wider community. ‘‘We need the space because we want to run community events and hopefully the community, even if they don’t come to church regularly, will come to see that the centre belongs to the community and the community belongs to it. ‘‘We want to encourage the community to continue to knit together and help each other. We have been through the earthquakes like everybody else has and we want to be part of the future.’’ Mr Warman says a completion date has yet to be confirmed, but he is hopeful it will be in the next 10 months.


Friday, 17th April 2015.


Te Mania Angus Stud Selling Ring, Conway Flat, North Canterbury. Allow 2 hours from Christchurch. The venue will be sign-posted from SH 1.


9.30am – 5.00p.m. Speakers start at 10:30am. Early arrival is strongly recommended


Entry is limited to those who have pre-registered and paid. $25.00p.p. (Email: travel@fedfarm.org.nzor ring 0800 327 646). Open to all. Membership of Federated Farmers is not required. Places are limited so early registration is strongly advised. Registrations close Tuesday 7th April unless sold out prior.

Refreshments: Morning tea will be available on arrival Ticket price includes a lunch box Complimentary barbecue & refreshments from 5.00p.m. – 7.30p.m. Questions:

Question times have been scheduled. Priority will be given to written questions submitted prior to the conference.

Questions should be submitted by email to Jenny Pullen at european@xtra.co.nz, naming the speaker, the question to be posed, and your name and contact telephone number. Transport:

Transport may be able to be organised by your local Federated Farmers branch.

Accommodation: Accommodation in Cheviot and Kaikoura. Please note this forum is during school holidays, so book early. Registration:travel@fedfarm.org.nz or 0800 327 646 Open to all. Membership of Federated Farmers is not required. Enquiries: Jenny Pullen 03 3198642 or european@xtra.co.nz PROGRAMME M.C. Don Carson, Federated Farmers 1. Welcome - Charles Wiffen, Chairman of Organising Committee How this forum arose – Chilean Needle Grass and the need for Government assistance with biosecurity incursions. 2. Peter Townsend, Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce The importance of Canterbury agriculture to the economy of Christchurch and New Zealand. 3. Craige & Roz Mackenzie, Sam and Mark Zino Coping with external demands of markets in the 21st Century - farmers can do it! Questions 4. Hon Nathan Guy, Minister for Primary Industries The role of the Minister and Government in supporting agriculture in the 21st century. Questions 5. Nicole Masters, NZ Biological Farming Association Farming practices that will deliver value added opportunities for New Zealand agriculture 6. Dr William Rolleston, National President of Federated Farmers. Investing in agriculture – the value of R & D and the value of water storage Questions Lunch 1:10– 2:00p.m 7. Lindsay Lloyd, Chairman Hurunui Water Project Ltd Establishing irrigation schemes; opportunities and challenges. 8. Hurunui District Council Mayor, Winton Dalley A local government perspective on the issues facing farmers and the rural community. 9. Environment Canterbury , Dame Margaret Bazley Roles & responsibilities of regional councils and changes to the regulatory system that would enable councils to work more constructively with farmers. Questions 10. Doug Avery, Farmer Turning adversity into profit. Closing - Kaikoura MP, Stuart Smith Complimentary Refreshments & BBQ follow Major Sponsors: Federated Farmers, Silver Fern Farms, Fonterra, PGG Wrightson, Avon City Ford, Soil Matters, FMG, Charles Wiffen Wines, Rabobank Disclaimer: Programme may be subject to change

The News

Thursday April 2 2015

Hurunui youth saying yes Hurunui district youth are saying ‘‘YES’’ to emergency services. Hurunui Youth Programme co­ ordinator Rochelle Faimalo says 14 young people have now registered for the Youth in Emergency Services (YES) programme being offered in the district and late entries can still be accepted. Two weeks ago it looked like the programme would not go ahead, but thanks a late flurry of interest from parents since an article appeared in The News on March 12, Rochelle says she can confirm the programme will be begin with a five day camp at Birch Hill Lodge during April 13­17, the second week of the school holidays. ‘‘We actually need a minimum of 15 to go ahead, but I’m pretty confident I will find at least one more person, as youth are so last minute. ‘‘I have spent a lot of time connecting with youth in the last week and saying ‘I think you’d be great at this’ and about how this is a wonderful opportunity, so I think the message is finally starting to get out there.’’ The YES programme is funded by the Ministry for Youth Development and aims to strengthen the connection between young people and their communities by providing them with opportunities to get

involved in emergency services. YES was first introduced in Rotorua two years ago and five districts, including Kaikoura, successfully ran the programme last year. The Hurunui district was one of 10 districts chosen from throughout New Zealand to participate in the programme this year. Rochelle says the council has Ministry of Youth Development funding for up to 20 young people, aged 16­18, to participate. During the five day camp four emergency service agencies will run workshops to give participants a taste of what they do. They include the fire service (both urban and rural), Civil Defence, Land Search and Rescue (or LandSAR) and St John. Rochelle says the participants will then choose which agency to volunteer for during the remainder of the programme, however where they live will determine what options are available to them. She says she has received several enquiries from parents in the Waimakariri district, so it may be something for the Waimakariri District Council to consider next year. For more information on the YES programme contact Rochelle on 027­4271087 or go to www.hurunuiyouth.co.nz/yes.

Principal has mission By DAVID HILL Brian Seatter is keen to encourage more German students to come to New Zealand. Mr Seatter retired last month as principal at Rangiora New Life School and has moved to Germany to promote New Zealand as a destination for German schools. A fluent German speaker, Mr Seatter is familiar with the German school system having lived there for six years from 1985 to 1990 and his children attended local schools. He arrived in time for an international student fair in Munich last Saturday. Rangiora New Life School hosted 19 students from Lukas School in Munich for two weeks in October last year, following a visit by Mr Seatter to Germany in 2013. ‘‘It was a great success and I’m building on that because I realise there’s an opportunity to market New Zealand to other schools in Germany.’’ Mr Seatter says it is the dream semi­ retirement job, as Germany holds a special place in his heart. He spent two months in East Berlin in 1982 on a scholarship from the German government and spent a day locked up in a cell under the Berlin wall. ‘‘It was pretty terrifying, but that’s what it was like back then.’’ However, Mr Seatter was back in Berlin the day the wall came down and remembers sitting ‘‘on top of the wall rejoicing’’ when it was announced the two Germanies would be reunited. ‘‘Everyone went out on the street and we were all celebrating. It was just amazing and I’ve kept up the contacts in the intervening years.’’ Mr Seatter also has a daughter who lives in the Netherlands, so his grandchildren will be just a train ride away. He also has grandchildren in Australia and New Zealand, so hopes to return regularly for visits with German school groups. He has gone to Germany armed with letters of recommendation from the Lukas School principal and from Kassel University religious studies professor Petra Fraudenberger­Lotz, who has just completed a four week visit to Rangiora New Life School. ‘‘My belief is that a lot of schools want to come here as we offer a greater range of subjects that they don’t do in Germany like drama, photography and sports. German schools have physical education, but they don’t offer sports in schools like we do here. ‘‘We offer our kids far more and it’s rare in the world. And we have a wonderful landscape and beaches and the rural setting.’’ Mr Seatter has been a teacher for nearly 40 years, having started out as a part time religious studies teacher at Otago University, before becoming head of languages at Kavanagh College, a

On a mission . . . Brian Seatter has left for Germany on a mission to encourage more PHOTO: DAVID HILL students to visit New Zealand. Dunedin Catholic School, from 1979 to 1984. During his time at Kavanagh College, the school become an integrated school, which prepared Mr Seatter for when he led Rangiora New Life School through the integration process in 1994. ‘‘My conviction was that becoming an integrated school was a good thing for this school and it has been the key to the growth we have experienced and it has allowed it to become more closely related to the community. ‘‘The key thing that pleases me about this school is that we are non­ denominational. I like to think that I have taught people the same regardless of their faith or if they have no faith. I think it’s just terribly important.’’ Sharing resources with other schools and the wider community has become an important focus for the school, particularly with the school’s events centre which opened in 2013 and the athletics track. Mr Seatter says he is sad to leave the school before it hosts the CASA Festival with other North Canterbury area schools. He served as principal at Rangiora New Life School from 1991 to 2000, before returning as an English teacher in 2008 and became principal for the second time in 2012. Over the last three years, the school’s roll has ballooned from 300 students to 400 students at the start of this year, with a capacity for 420. The school’s proprietors are in the process of applying to the Ministry of Education to allow the school to grow to a maximum roll of 550 students. Deputy principal Stuart Masterton is filling in as acting principal until a new one is appointed.


Harvey Norman H Bedding in A Association with King Koil and Sleepmaker are proud to be Official and Ex xclusive Bedding Partners to the Crusaders!


MOORHOUSE AVE Cnr. Moorhouse Ave. & Colombo St. (03) 367 7500


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The News

Thursday April 2 2015

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The News

Thursday April 2 2015

‘Still Here’ at Art on the Quay By SHELLEY TOPP Twenty one colour photographs depicting red­zoned residents in Kaiapoi have just had a months showing at Kaiapoi’s Art on the Quay Gallery at the Ruataniwha Civic Centre and Library. It was the work of Christchurch photographer, film­maker and radio producer, Cosmo Kentish­Barnes in his latest exhibition ‘‘Still Here’’. The photographs captured poignant moments in time in the lives of people whose Kaiapoi homes were condemned to the red zone after the Canterbury earthquakes. Walking through a red zoned area in Kaiapoi led Kentish­Barnes to consider the project. He wanted to photograph the ‘‘exiled residents of Kaiapoi in front of their abandoned red­stickered homes, or on the land where they once had a home’’. The result was his ‘‘Still Here’’ exhibition. The spare, sensitive style of Kentish­ Barnes work in this exhibition was influenced by 19th century formal family portraits. But these photos were all enriched with personal stories written by someone in each of the images and placed alongside each frame in the exhibition. Each person recounts harrowing details of their earthquake experience, and, in some cases, ‘‘the insurance nightmares’’ that followed. ‘‘That noise? A plane, no, a train, no, and then the bang, the house and everything shook and shook ... That noise changed our lives forever,’’ Judy Hawker said. However, their stories also tell of the strength they gained, and help they received, from friends, families and strangers, and the wonderful, caring community spirit which emerged after the earthquakes. Although all the images have a certain similarity, the exhibition was all the

Skater . . . Wellington skateboarder Andy Collins (centre) shows off his skills to youngsters PHOTO: DAVID HILL at the new skateboard park at Kaiapoi’s Trousselot Park.

Still Here . . . One of Cosmo Kentish­Barnes’ photos on display in the ‘‘Still Here’’ exhibition at Kaiapoi’s Art on the Quay.

Skate park proves a winner

young people. ‘‘You meet heaps of people through PHOTO: SUPPLIED A Wellington skateboarder visited skateboarding, snowboarding and Kaiapoi recently to offer pointers to local surfing and it’s a great way to connect stronger because of that as it illustrated in children. with people and to connect with the Andy Collins was invited by the kids,‘‘ Mr Collins says. a really powerful way the shock, trauma Riverside Church to connect with He offered some demonstrations for and loss these people, along with many others, suffered during the Canterbury children skateboarding in the new the kids, but says he learnt just as much earthquakes and throughout the skateboard park at Kaiapoi’s Trousselot from the kids. Park on Friday, March 20. ‘‘You never stop learning. There’s aftermath. Kentish­Barnes photographed the Riverside Church member Alan always something new to learn.’’ Warman says the skateboard park has Mr Collins says the ‘‘Casper flip’’ is his people in this exhibition in big empty sections, where once their homes stood, been ‘‘hugely popular’’ with local ‘‘go to move’’ on a skateboard, where you or outside broken, empty buildings, children since it opened earlier this flip the board upside down on to your foot year. in mid­air and ‘‘you’ve got to flip it back houses they used to call home. Since the skateboard park opened, the in the same movement’’. Mostly the images showed family groups. In the face of terrible adversity church has run a sausage sizzle for the The secret to becoming a good these people found strength, courage and kids on Friday evenings up until Easter. skateboarder was time and ‘‘a Mr Collins, who is also a keen snow willingness to fall over’’. He has had a hope. The close family bond, so necessary in boarder and surfer, was a popular visitor few broken bones, including his wrist and at the skateboard park as he had a arm, and ‘‘a few sprains and aches and achieving that, was uniquely captured in the portraits. skateboard and t­shirts to give away. pains’’. Jackie Watson, organiser of this He has been snowboarding since he He says there are a lot of similarities left school and has worked in Canada between skateboarding, snowboarding exhibition, said it had been ‘‘very well building terrain parks for snowboarding. and surfing. received from people, both in Kaiapoi and Christchurch’’. People who had been Since returning to Wellington he works ‘‘They definitely relate to each other. adversely affected by the earthquakes in early childhood education and makes Balance is probably the main thing. surfboards for a living and volunteers at There’s different skills you need for each were able to look at the exhibition and compare their own experience. the local Arise Church, working with sport, but they are pretty similar.’’ By DAVID HILL

The News

Thursday April 2 2015

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Johns family gathers for reunion By DAVID HILL North Canterbury’s Johns family is gathering Rangiora this weekend to remember their forbears. Alan Johns, of Rangiora, says around 100 members of the Johns family will meet at the Northbrook Reception Centre on Saturday, April 4. Mr Johns’ great­grandfather James Johns was born in Devon, England, in 1837, and immigrated to New Zealand via Australia in 1865. Johns Road in Christchurch is named after James Johns, who farmed at Devondale farm near Belfast, north of Christchurch. Before settling at Devonvale, James Johns leased and owned several properties on both sides of the Waimakariri River, farming a variety of sheep and cattle and growing crops. Mr Johns has located several newspaper advertisements placed by James Johns on the PapersPast website. ‘‘James was a bit of a wheeler and dealer stockman. He was a very astute stockman and that has followed through right to the present day in his descendants. They have all got a good eye for livestock. ‘‘He was a trader and he was very good with horses, sheep and cattle.’’ In 1865 James Johns leased land at Ohoka, which at one stage was flooded, before leasing land at Styx, near

Family heritage . . . The Johns family homestead at Devonvale. Belfast. Then in 1873 James Johns sold 40 acres (16 hectares) of land in heavy flax at Kaiapoi, while he sold 60 acres (24ha) near the Waimakariri River in 1875 and in 1882 he sold 20 acres (8ha) ‘‘between Papanui and Kaiapoi’’. James Johns’ obituary records that he was ‘‘an excellent farmer and a good judge of all classes of livestock’’ and he judged at agricultural and pastoral several shows. He entered Lincoln / Merino­


cross and Romney­cross wool in a competition at the Dunedin exhibition in 1889. In 1890 James Johns won a competition for the best kept farm in Canterbury under 350 acres (141ha) for Devonvale, which was handy to the freezing works, had 1600 sheep, grew potatoes, produced ‘‘72 bushels of wheat to the acre’’, had five milking cows and six working horses. The day before be died, he won several prizes at the Northern (Rangiora) A&P

Show. A year earlier he sent a large team of Shropshire, Southdown and English Leicester sheep by train to compete in several shows in Otago and Southland. James Johns had nine children, with one son drowning at New Brighton at the age of 12. Of the remaining children, he had five sons and three daughters, with descendants from all but the eldest son James attending the family reunion. After James Johns’ death in


1903, the family continued to farm at Devonvale, with his sons James and Felix becoming the first producers of pasteurised milk in Canterbury from 1921, in partnership with CS Forbes, brother of George Forbes (New Zealand Prime Minister 1930­1935), beginning with just 15 cows. The family also purchased 1100 acres (445ha) at Fernside to continue James Johns’ sheep studs, before selling it in the 1920s to concentrate on the pasteurised milk business. Devonvale farm and the pasteurised milk business was eventually sold in 1974. One son George Johns took his inheritance and farmed on his own account near Culverden, where his descendants continue to farm today. Mr Johns says the family will get the chance to view the display at Northbrook Museum, which includes several items of farming equipment donated by the Johns family from the Devonvale farm. Margie Brice (96), of Amberley, a daughter of George and granddaughter of James Johns, will be the oldest in attendance at the family reunion. Mr Johns says Rosemary Ensor, of Hanmer Springs, is writing a book on the Johns family, while Sally Heslop and Derek Johns have also been involved in organising the family reunion.




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Thursday April 2 2015

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The News

Thursday April 2 2015

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Under control . . . Field days organising committee members Andrew (left) and Nathan PHOTO: DAVID HILL Stewart, of Rangiora, keep an eye on the demonstrations at Kirwee last week.

New field days site a success By DAVID HILL The new South Island Agricultural Field Days site at Kirwee, near Christchurch, has been described as ‘‘better than Mystery Creek’’. Organising committee chairman and Waikuku dairy farmer Alastair Robinson says this year’s field days, held at the new Kirwee site, was a success, with around 27,000 people passing through gate, beating the previous record attendance of 25,000 achieved at the 60th anniversary event in 2011. The organising committee purchased the 40.5 hectare site for the two­yearly event after ending its 32­year association with Lincoln University in 2013. The former Lincoln site was 35ha. ‘‘All in all we are pretty happy. There’s just a few small areas to fine tune,’’ Mr Robinson says. ‘‘Most of the exhibitors have given really positive feedback and there was a good public attendance. We were probably slightly over our expectations. ‘‘Quite a few of the exhibitors told us it is better than Mystery Creek (near

Hamilton, the venue for the National Field Days) and to not change too much, so that is really pleasing.’’ Mr Robinson says the demonstrations area is one area which can be improved. ‘‘We can do a wee bit better by being a bit more organised. Now that we have been here for one event people know what we’ve got and what we can do. ‘‘The site is set up now so we will have a bit more lead in time next time (in 2017).’’ Mr Robinson says other improvements include having food stalls closer to the demonstration area, having a better map and signage for the covered sites, a baby changing area and having another first aid person on site. He says it is too early to say how much of a surplus this year’s field days has made, but the indications are looking positive. Mr Robinson says the organising committee will hold a debrief over the next couple of weeks, before taking a break. The annual general meeting is due to be held in August, where vice chairman Rodney Hadfield, of Southbridge, is expected to be elected as chairman for the 2017 field days.

Canterbury Rams . . . Ethan Rusbatch (in black) and Kyle Coston (in red) meet Waipara PHOTO: SUPPLIED School’s basketballers.

Canterbury Rams inspire Budding Waipara basketballers have been upskilling with the help of two Canterbury Rams basketball players. Canterbury Rams basketballers Ethan Rusbatch and Kyle Coston have been inspiring young players taking them through drills and skills that will help improve their game. The young basketballers at Waipara school wait eagerly by the gate every Friday at 12.30pm in anticipation of the Rams’ car pulling up to take the hour long lesson which have been a great motivator for the Waipara School teams.

Waipara School has two teams entered in the North Canterbury Friday Night Competition. In total twenty­three students play basketball ­ a record amount for a small school of only fifty students. The school offers students a ‘team sport’ environment as it is felt it is important to get all children involved. Rusbatch and Coston were rewarded for their efforts last week with a chocolate fish and certificate for their time as lessons came to an end.


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Thursday April 2 2015



1/3 1/3 1/3



Farm manager . . . Canterbury / North Otago dairy farm manager of the year Mark Cudmore, of Cheviot, relaxes with his wife Jess and children Flynn (8, left), Cooper (10, at back), Nate PHOTO: SUPPLIED (3) and Archie (7, right).


Subject to credit approval, fees, terms and conditions apply. Based on a 24 month Hire Purchase Contract. To approved Registered GST No Holders for business purposes only on applications for Polaris Ranger 570 HD models. Offer expires 31/3/2015. Polaris Finance is a program operated by De Lage Landen Ltd Company No: 135515.

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Dump Trucks – Trucks & Trailers – Graders – Excavators Specialising in: • Excavation • Effluent Pond Clearing with 15mtr reach excavator • Earthmoving • Drain Clearing • Farm Tracks • Land Clearing • Full Tree Removal and Wood Chipping • Suppliers of Wood Chip and Mulch for calf bedding, ground cover and landscaping • Screening Soil and Shingle

North Canty dominates again North Canterbury has once again proven it produces some of New Zealand’s top dairy farmers. Local farmers dominated the Canterbury / North Otago region in the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards announced last week, with Culverden couple Justin and Melissa Slattery winning sharemilker / equity farmer of the year and Mark Cudmore, of Cheviot, claiming farm manager of the year. This success follows North Canterbury claiming all three awards last year, including dairy trainee of the year. Mr Cudmore says the result was unexpected as he has only been a full time dairy farm worker for three years. He won the award for most promising farm manager last year. ‘‘My father’s side of the family were on dairy farms, so I did summer jobs milking cows, but I had never milked a full season until I started here three years ago. ‘‘It was a new conversion, so the business owner had a bit of courage and trust. He had never milked cows and I actually had the most experience of all the staff so it was a real learning experience,’’ says Mr Cudmore, who is married to Jess. The couple have four boys, Cooper (10), Flynn (8), Archie (7) and Nate (3). He milked 586 cows at peak this season

for farm owner Nick Ensor and says the farm remains on target to top 460kg of milk solids per cow and 1770kg of milk solids per hectare for the season on the 152 hectare farm, which is up on last season. This season he has adopted a policy of less inputs, using less supplements and less nitrogen. He put his success down to the quality of his staff. ‘‘I couldn’t have done what I have done without the staff and the people around me. It’s very easy to get information from the DairyNZ website and I’m not afraid to ask questions.’’ Mr Cudmore says he and Jess are ‘‘aiming to have a family focused life’’, with farm ownership being the ultimate goal. He completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Lincoln University, focusing on pasture management and worked 18 months on a sheep and beef farm at Cheviot, before working as a technical field representative specialising in pasture and forages for PGG Wrightson for six years. ‘‘The key thing is getting out and meeting people to get those opportunities. That’s the main reason I entered the awards.’’ Oxford contract milkers Ben and Jemma Abernethy were placed third in the farm manager category and won two merit awards. Justin and Melissa Slattery will be profiled in the next edition of The News.


• • • •

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Thursday April 2 2015

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Forum to address issues Renewing pasture pays off The spread of Chilean needle grass has provided the catalyst for a forum on April 17 to discuss topics of concern to North Canterbury farmers. The Cheviot needle grass liaison committee, in conjunction with Environment Canterbury, had decided to invite Agriculture Minister Nathan Guy to come and see the needle grass problem first hand. It also wanted to question him on whether any Government funding was available to help combat the spread of the bio security threat. From these discussions, and further discussions with the community, it was decided to invite other speakers to cover topics of concern to the rural community and the idea for the Forum evolved. The forum aims to portray a better image of farming to the urban community by demonstrating that a profitable rural sector is also in the interest of the urban community and emphasising the farming community are responsible stewards of the land with enduring sustainability absolutely in their interests. It also aims at establishing a good positive working relationship with local and central government to assist in its aim to double export earnings by 2025 while complying with the imposition of a raft of new environmental regulations. Speakers, include Dame Margaret Bazley, Environment Canterbury, Hurunui Mayor Winton Dalley, Charles Wiffen, chairman of the organising committee, Peter Townsend, Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce, Craige and Roz

Sticking to pasture renewal programmes pays off, even in a low payout year. Speaking to farmers at the Lincoln University Dairy Farm’s recent summer focus day, Agriseeds consultants Graham Kerr and Matt Smith say regrassing paddocks can be ‘‘highly profitable’’ in the long term, even with a low milk price. The pair say pasture remains the cornerstone to feeding cows in the New Zealand dairy Industry, and the amount of ‘‘pasture eaten per hectare’’ is a key profit

indicator. However, the lower payout poses some questions for farmers in terms of the return on investment in pasture renewal. Mr Kerr and Mr Smith say there are three options for farmers who are struggling to balance their budgets with pasture renewal requirements during tight times, including doing nothing, buying in supplements or continuing on as planned with pasture renewal. ‘‘Good cost control is very important, but doing nothing isn’t the best option.’’

Efficient 24/7 Dairy Refrigeration throughout North Canterbury

Mark and Sam Zino.

Servicing 100-plus North Canterbury farms from our new Rangiora g base.

Mackenzie and Sam and Mark Zino, award winning farmers, Nicole Masters, New Zealand Biological Farmers Association, Dr William Rolleston, national president of Federated Farmers, Lindsay Lloyd. Those attending will have the opportunity to mix and mingle with the Mr Guy and other speakers over lunch. Sponsors will have static displays in a marquee to exhibit their products and services. The venue for the Forum is the Te Mania Angus Stud Selling Ring, Conway Flat, North Canterbury starting at 10.30am on Friday, April 17. Registration inquiries to: travel@fedfarm.org.nz or phone 0800 327646. The programme for the day includes morning tea, lunch and concludes with a barbecue and refreshments.

We guarantee our products

Focused on being North Canterbury's most reliable liable supplier of Dairy Refrigeration products & services

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Thursday April 2 2015

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The News

Mixed results for North Canty By PETER WILLIAMS Oxford and Glenmark have had the best start to the season of the North Canterbury rugby teams competing in the Luisetti Seeds Combined Rugby competition. After leading 9­0 at halftime, Oxford went on to record a satisfying 20­7 victory over Celtic with captain Stew Dalzell dotting down for Oxford’s only try in the second half. Meanwhile, in excellent conditions at Cheviot, Glenmark turned in a heartening performance against Hornby, which is returning to the Combined Country competition after an absence of several seasons. Glenmark proved too good with a strong all­round performance, running out convincing winners by 43­3. Flanker Scott Vincent led the way while Sunia Kubu impressed on the wing. North Canterbury 2014 champions Ashley has already been hit by injuries and went down 10­20 to a committed Hampstead side in Ashburton. Richie Hancox scored Ashley’s only try, which was converted by Dan Cook, who also kicked a penalty. A young Ohoka side defended valiantly against Southern at Mandeville. The visitors got away to a flyer and used their big pack to quickly gain ascendancy in the forwards. Ohoka trailed 0­20 at half­time but clung on tenaciously, with 18­year­old lock forward Max Lines impressing in his senior debut match. Scott Beattie’s second half try was converted by halfback Freeman Eder. Southern ran

Engage . . . Lincoln halfback Jason Pietzner, who was playing his 250th senior match for his club, is about to feed a scrum in the PHOTO: SUPPLIED Lincoln v Kaiapoi match. out the winners by 37­7. It is heartening to see a number of players like Lines and Eder, who have played in the past for the Rangiora High School Press Cup team and then for the Ohoka Colts side, coming through to senior rugby in North Canterbury. At Southbrook both teams blooded a number of players new to senior rugby, with Saracens having eight in their squad and Methven 10. Saracens began impressively with right winger Ollie Bithry scoring two early tries but Methven replied in kind and the two teams were locked up at halftime 15­15.

However, the second half belonged to Methven, which scored four tries, one penalty and one conversion while Saracens could not add to their half time score. Methven’s forwards were able to hold the ball for long periods and its backs complemented the forwards’ effort by making the most of the steady supply of front foot ball, exposing deficiencies in Saracens’ defensive patterns. Any ball that Saracens did get was quickly turned back over to Methven. After having several years away from division 1 rugby, Saracens’ loosie Darryl Smith was picked as the Saracens

player of the day, while Nathan Goodwin won the Waimak Real Estate player of the day award. The match at Kaiapoi was in many ways a mirror image of the Southbrook fixture. Again it was the local team that dominated the early exchanges, with the new inside back pairing of Englishman Stu Pearham and South African Sean Swart being particularly impressive and establishing an early lead when Swart scored a well­constructed try. However, the visitors Lincoln, which is the playing­ through champion, soon fought back. Gradually the Lincoln side, that lacked any cohesion early in the match got on top and established dominance in the second half to run out comfortable winners 42­17. Lincoln has a much­ changed squad this season, losing no fewer than 16 players from last season’s competition winning side. A feature of this match was the evergreen Country half­ back Jason Pietzner, who had announced his retirement at the end of last season, responding to the plea to lace up his boots again. He celebrated what was his 250th division 1 match by scoring a try to generally directing play with aplomb. Only division 1 rugby will be played over Easter. The only match to be played in North Canterbury will be at Mandeville, where Ohoka hosts Darfield on Thursday evening at 7.30 pm. Most matches are being played on Thursday evening, although Saracens’ match against Southern at Hinds will be played on Friday afternoon.

North Canterbury rugby results Luisetti Seeds division one: Kaiapoi 17 Lincoln 42, Glenmark 44 Hornby 3, Oxford 20 Celtic 7. Luisetti Seeds division one, section

one: Saracens 15 Methven 40, Hampstead 22 Ashley 10, Ohoka 7 Southern 37. Mike Greer Homes North Canterbury

Thursday April 2 2015

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birds, snow, hail & vermin from blocking up your spouting Quality materials: BHP Colorbond steel mesh with unique patented louvre which will even keep out pine needles. Will not rust or sag with age or load. 10 year warranty, range of colours. Proven in Australia & New Zealand over the last 15 years


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ELLESMERE / MID CANTERBURY / NORTH CANTERBURY COMBINED RUGBY DRAW FOR THURSDAY 2 APRIL 2015 (EASTER WEEKEND) LUISETTI SEEDS DIVISION 1 - SECTION 1; Lincoln v. Glenmark, Lincoln 1, 7.00pm, G Peddie; Assistant Referees: M Quinlivan, G White; West Melton v. Oxford, West Melton 1, 7.00pm, A Stead; Assistant Referees: R Amyes, S Lamont; Hornby v. Kaiapoi, Denton Oval, 7.00pm, S Laird; Assistant Referees: A Brosnahan, R Busch; Rakaia v. Prebbleton, Rakaia 1, 7.00pm, K Pottinger; Assistant Referees: G Shaw, C Kelland; Celtic v. Southbridge, Celtic 1, 7.30pm, K Opele; Assistant Referees: M Bell, P Hunt. LUISETTI SEEDS DIVISION 1 - SECTION 2; Burn/Duns/Irwell v. Ashley, Dunsandel 1, 8.00pm, J Shalfoon; Assistant Referees: D Sullivan, C Love; Ohoka v. Darfield, Mandeville 3, 7.30pm, K Fitzgerald; Assistant Referees: K Hancox, G Dunseath. Waihora v. Hampstead, Tai Tapu 1, 7.00pm, M Gameson; Assistant Referees: P Turnbull, K Jones; Rolleston v. Methven, Rolleston 1, 7.30pm, R Goodman; Assistant Referees: S O'Reilly, G Schwass; Friday, 3 April 2015: Southern v. Saracens, Hinds 1, 2.30pm, M Gallagher; Assistant Referees: A McGirr, J Greenslade.

Proudly Supported by:

division two: Ohoka 25 (4 tries) Amberley 36 (7 tries), Kaiapoi 3 Ashley 8, Glenmark­Cheviot 12 Hurunui 24 (4 tries), Saracens 10 Woodend 28.

mODiFiED iNVASiON & rAMP rAce derBY





confirMed enTrieS:

From Stratford: 67S Richard Pierce, Wellington: 8W Michael Burt, 9W Blair McPhee, 15W Peter Holmes, 17W Jonas England, Greymouth: 5GM Brandon Parkinson, 32GM Iain Whyte, 54GM Steve Thompson, Blenheim: 72E Scott Valk, Woodford Glen: 1NZ Luke Keegan, 3NZ Hayden McKay, 4C Mike Gourley, 9C Garry Lennon, 10C David Thompson, 15C Todd Richards, 22C Nathan Birss, 24C Dan Rae, 46C Brett Stack, 67C Nigel Nevin, 71C Jake Ackers, 81C Paul Richards, 88C Phillip Allan, 89C Andrew Boulton, 99C Darren Nankivell.

ADmiSSiON: Friday night – Adults $17, Family Pass $35, Seniors $10, Under 5’s Free! Saturday night – Adults $20, Family Pass $40, Seniors $15, Under 5’s Free!

fUn for THe wHole fAMilY! DOUBLEDAYS ROAD KAiApOi infoline 03 364 8833 • www.woodfordglen.co.nz

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The News

Thursday April 2 2015

Sefton wins cricket Sefton is the champion of Canterbury country cricket. It has added the Canterbury Country championship to its North Canterbury title it won earlier this season by beating Southbrook at the Mainpower Oval on Sunday. Sefton captain Andrew Laffey won the toss and under overcast conditions the bowlers did the rest. A very good Aaron Robinson slip catch in the first over got rid of the dangerous Matt Brine off James Tapper and that set Goal . . . Waimak United’s Reagan Sherriff calmly scores from the penalty spot druing PHOTO: SUPPLIED football action last weekend.

Waimak United wins away

the scene. He did the same later to get Country rep Jack Boyle off Matt Rowe. Southbrook never generated any momentum, unlike the reply which rollicked along. Tim Harrison and Tapper were impressive as they added 80 in just 75 balls. Craig Renai took the only wicket for Southbrook. Southbrook 91 (33 overs; T Hancox 22, J Boyle 16; E Cameron 3/15, J J ones 3/28, M Rowe 2/19) lost to Sefton 93/1 (16 overs; J Tapper 41, T Harrison 34no; C Renai 1/8).

Hawarden dominates bowls

The Hawarden Bowling Club have had another outstanding year in competition. The club has managed to retain both the Jock Matheson Shield (senior A The Stadium Cars Waimak United division Barely one minute into the second half interclub) and the Jim Clarke Shield one men’s team travelled out to a blustery the Waimak team took advantage of the Brookside Park in Rolleston to take on wind at its backs, putting striker Tom (interclub triples) in the Hurunui sub­ Selwyn United. Chadwick through one on one with the centre competition. Long time member of the bowling club The young Waimak side started well with Selwyn keeper, who he calmly went around several good forays into the Selwyn half. and tapped into goal for a 2­0 advantage. Paul McKay achieved a feat which hasn’t happened for 20 years, by winning three However the increasing wind started to Waimak continued its dominance take a toll and the Selwyn team gained through the second half and another good some dominance with the help of the team effort was finished off by Shayne breeze. Ewen. Waimak looked well in control at 3­0 Waimak keeper Lee Hinton made but toward the end of the match Selwyn several good saves and was called upon to striker Dan Ede was able to beat the take multiple goalkicks as Selwyn failed to defence and grab a consolation goal. Saturday afternoon Thomas pairs: North/ find the net. The final score 3­1 to Waimak. Player of Waimak then took back the ascendancy the match was shared between 16­year­old South: Suzette McIlroy / Beverley Brain 1, with some good passing and a strong run defender Ollie Willis and striker Tom East/West: Helen Paterson / Heather into the box from Reagan Sherriff saw the Chadwick. Waldron 1. Selwyn fullback take him down in the act of The Waimak team have a double header Monday Afternoon 3­day match: N/S: shooting, gaining the Waimak team a over Easter weekend, on Saturday, April 4, Dawn Simpson / Jeanette Chatterton 1, penalty. v Cashmere Technical at the Kendall Park Nancy Harris / Carole Anderson 2, Val Sherriff then converted from the spot to Turf, kick off 2.30pm, and the second on Timms / Jeanette Joyce 3. E/W: Richard give Waimak United the lead, which it held Monday, April 6, v Parklands United at the on to heading into halftime. Parkland Reserves, kick off 2.30pm.

titles ­ the open singles and open pairs, with Craig Schroder and the open triples with Richard and Michael Habgood. Other competition winners include Wylie Evans with the Junior singles, Brian Giles and Michael Habgood in the pairs, Richard Habgood, Winton Dalley and John Street in the triples and Paul McKay, Richard Habgood, Dave Ewart and John Street in the fours.

Rangiora Bridge Club results Luisetti / John Rawson 1, Helen Dunn / Liz Duke 2, Roger and Ann Harding 3. Wednesday evening individual pairs: N/S: Kareen McKay / Gaynor Hurford 1, Jill Amer / Joyce Gray 2, Stephanie Galbraith / Pauline Miller 3. E/W: Shirley Newton / Anthony Hopkins 1, Owen Evans / Glenda Frapwell 2, Jeanette Chatterton / Colleen Adam 3.

The News

Thursday April 2 2015

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April 2, 2015 |

Properties for sale throughout North Canterbury

651 Lower Sefton Road, Sefton Deadline Private Treaty, closing 2pm 24 April 2015, (unless sold prior) Contact Linda Warren-Davey at Harcourts Twiss Keir Realty on P 03 313 6158 or M 027 3000 145 E linda.warren-davey@harcourts.co.nz View online: www.harcourts.co.nz/RG7181

Time to say goodbye… …and hand over the keys to new owners who will enjoy creating their own memories in this lovingly cared for, quality built family home in immaculate condition. This property “Hillview” offered to the market for the first time, has wonderful vistas to Mount Grey, and as the garden shelter has matured over the years, the views are now framed by the spring garden borders and established native hedging. Sited perfectly for all day sun and sitting proudly within well maintained grounds, the family residence consists of five bedrooms, two bathrooms, an expansive light filled kitchen with a large corner box window, and


plenty of bench and cupboard space. The dining/family room opens to the lounge through timber and glass doors where the spacious lounge offers lovely garden views through floor to ceiling windows. The double garage with automatic doors has internal access to a roomy hallway with plenty of storage space. The 4 hectare property is divided into four paddocks surrounded by established mature hedging, and is complemented by a 12 x 6 metre barn, with an additional lockable workshop and wood/storage shed. Tucked away behind the hedge, easily accessible from the kitchen is a





productive vegetable garden, alongside several apple and peach trees complete with garden shed. Accessed by a winding driveway flanked with attractive specimen trees, this charming lifestyle property offers many options for a variety of rural/lifestyle pursuits. Properties such as this are seldom available for sale, and tend not to last, so phone Linda for price guide and an appointment to view. Open Home: Saturday 4 April 2.30-3.30pm


more choice.


ready end April


ready end May

Kaiapoi Lots 25-27, Beach Grove

Rangiora 6 Hassall Street, Enverton

Rangiora 147 Ashley Street

149m2 dwelling size 3 bedrooms Main bedroom with ensuite and WIR

180m2 home 626m2 section 4 bedrooms Main bedroom with ensuite & WIR

151m2 home 600m2 section 3 bedrooms Main bedroom with ensuite & WIR

Open plan kitchen/ dining and living Walk-in pantry Separate toilet Separate laundry

Open plan dining/ living/kitchen Designer kitchen Study nook Covered patio area

Visit our showhomes in Silverstream, Sovereign Palms and Highgate Mike Greer Homes, North Canterbury, 346 Flaxton Road, Rangiora

Open plan dining/ living Double garage Fenced & landscaped

Call 03 313 0319 mikegreerhomes.co.nz



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The News

Thursday April 2 2015

$195,000+GST (if any)


Tea Rooms - Business

Harcourts ID: HS6348

Live The Dream...

Harcourts ID: BF23979

16 Lyndon Street, Waiau – Affordable business opportunity including on site accommodation located

70 Victoria Street, Oxford – ...At a price you can afford. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase this

on State highway 70 in the heart of the Waiau village. This spot makes an ideal stop off on the Alpine

fantastic home as there is nothing else like this in oxford. Surrounded by quality homes in this location

triangle tourist route which includes Hanmer Springs and Kaikoura not to mention a perfect place to stock

gives you the executive lifestyle, 40 Minutes from Christchurch with the buzz of the growing town. This

up for a day’s skiing at the local Mt Lyford Ski field. Brenda’s on Lyndon has been in operation for over

250m² brick home offers four double bedrooms spacious open plan living/dining and separate living.

6 years and shows good continual growth. Land and Buildings also available for sale $225,000+GST (if any).

All sited on a stunning 10120m² section with beautiful views of the foothills.

Jackie Frame

Gemma & Sue Roberts

P. 03 315 7084 M. 0274 435 9810 E. jackie.frame@harcourts.co.nz

P. 03 323 6045 M. 0272236471 or 0274401282 4 E. gemma.roberts@harcourts.co.nz

Licensed Sales Consultant

Licensed Sales Consultants

Lot 52 2140m2

From $165,000

Lot 53 2025m2

Lot 50 2055m2

Lot 36 2335m2

Lot 34 2195m2

Lot 59 2360m2


Lot 48 2185m2

Lot 39 2055m2 Lot 38 2390m2 + access

Lot 35 2145m2

Lot 58 2425m2


Lot 49 2550m2

Lot 37 2700m2

Lot 56 2135m2 Lot 57 2330m2



Lot 51 2160m2

Lot 54 2115m2 Lot 55 2035m2


Lot 40 2455m2 + access

Lot 33 2415m2

Lot 47 2335m2 Lot 46 2505m2

Lot 41 2100m2

Lot 45 2630m2

Lot 42 2075m2 Lot 43 2025m2

Lot 20 2280m2

Lot 12 2535m2

Lot 19 2070m2

Lot 18 2155m2

Lot 13 2060m2


Lot 16 2170m2

Lot 14 2145m2

Lot 15 2105m2

Lot 11 2000m2

Lot 24 2205m2

Lot 10 2130m2 Lot 5 1810m2

Lot 9 2300m2 Lot 6 1810m2

Lot 4 1800m2

Lot 3 1800m2

Lot 44 2050m2

Cric cke et Ova al Lot 17 2175m2

Lot 2 1800m2

Lot 23 2135m2

Lot 7 1850m2 Lot 8 1850m2

Lot 1 1800m2

Lot 22 2180m2


Lot 31 2065m2

Lot 27 2165m2

Lot 29 2080m2 Lot 26 2080m2

Lot 21 2155m2 BEACH

Stages 1 & 2 Selling Now!

Lot 30 2020m2

Lot 28 2200m2

Lot 25 2105m2

Lot 32 2095m2

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4

Harcourts ID: BF23553

When You Wish Upon A Star...

Harcourts ID: RG7105

Tekoa Estate, Amberley Beach Road, Amberley – If you are thinking of building a new home in a

84 Rossiters Road, Loburn – A spacious 240m home with mature sheltered grounds, magical

rural environment - think no more! This rural lifestyle subdivision close to the township amenities

outdoor living, double internal access garage plus separate workshop, 12 paddocks all hotwired and

offers something for the whole family to enjoy! Fully serviced lots ranging in size from 1800m²

with water troughs, cattle yard, 2 bay shed, tunnel house plus vege garden and fruit trees for home use.

- 2700m², internally fenced, covenants to protect your investment and integrated landscaped

Water supply is to tank, 1 unit per day. Set a few minutes from rural primary schools, Rangiora High

common area. The sections boarder the new Amberley cricket oval, have 360 degree views.

School, Ashley Rugby Club, Karikaas Cheese. You can make your wishes come true.

Gemma & Sue Roberts

Christine Tallott

Licensed Sales Consultants


Licensed Sales Consultant

P. 03 313 6158 M. 0274 906 042 E. christine.tallott@gmail.com

P. 03 323 6045 M. 0272236471 or 0274401282 E. gemma.roberts@harcourts.co.nz

$470,000+GST (if any)

Large Lifestyle or Small Farm








Harcourts ID: BF9636

Build Your Dream Home Here!

Harcourts ID: KI5728

103 Dalbeg Road, Balcairn – 19 Hectares flat and easy hill. Fenced into 5 paddocks. Council

14 Sincock Place, Kaiapoi – Set in a prime location in the heart of the popular new subdivision of

water supply plus good dams in 3 paddocks. Elevated building site with great views and power

Sovereign Palms, this spacious family size section of 704m2 is perfect for those wanting to build a

lines close by. Feels well out in the country but only 10 km to Amberley. Great opportunity to start

spacious family home and still have plenty of room for play areas for children and pets, gardens,

farming, enlarge a lifestyle property or downsize from farming to slow down but keep an interest in

entertainment areas and more. Don’t miss the opportunity to build you dream home on this private rear

grazing stock. Someone will grab this bargain, why not you.

section in a quiet location, amongst quality homes - call today!

Bill Dowle

Carole Morgan

P. 03 323 6045 M. 029 358 3175 E. bill.dowle@harcourts.co.nz

P. 03 327 5379 M. 027 288 8216 E. carole.morgan@harcourts.co.nz

Licensed Sales Consultant

Contributor to www.realestate.co.nz

Licensed Sales Consultant


The News

Thursday April 2 2015

Page 33

Page 34

The News

Thursday April 2 2015

For Sale

New Listing | Mt Fyffe Road, Kaikoura


New Listing | 49 Kotuku Road, Kaikoura


Mt Fyffe Heights. Unsurpassed views from mountains to the sea. Five totally unique, elevated lifestyle blocks set under Mt Fyffe with a native bush backdrop. Outstanding views over rural farmland to the Peninsula and Pacific Ocean. All blocks will be fully fenced with water, power and telephone on boundary. Close to Fyffe Palmer Walk, approximately five minutes’ drive to Kaikoura, north-west of township. Practical covenants, mail to gate and school bus. Subject to issue of new titles. | Property ID RA1631



Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600

See The Sea. Set in South Bay, this three bedroom immaculate double glazed low maintenance property would be ideal for retirees or a lockup and leave holiday home. With open plan living, opening out to the massive deck for indoor / outdoor living, relax and gaze over the sparkling South Bay water to the hills beyond. The master bedroom also has ranch sliders opening to the deck plus an en suite and walk in wardrobe. The second bedroom also has an en suite. Decor has neutral colours that would suit most people. Double garage plus there is extra parking for a small boat. | Property ID TU10541

New Listing | Springlands, Marlborough

Deadline Sale

Oxford | 99 Parish Road

Final Reminder

9,500m2 to 3.15 Hectares

7.6 Hectares

Attention Developers And Investors. Freehold title, zoned Rural Three. Modest, three bedroom home circa 1985 and outbuildings. Adjacent to vineyards and commercial development. Currently producing supplements and g razing cattle. A rare find being so close to Blenheim Central Business District, ideal land banking investment, suited to future development or simply a block where the most discerning lifestyler may settle over time. | Property ID BL1141

James Murray 027 436 8103 Canterbury

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119 Canterbury

By negotiation

By appointment


Closing 4pm, Thursday 30 April 2015


By appointment


Allan Gifford 027 226 2379

Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425 Canterbury

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718 Canterbury


237 Hectares

Contour, Irrigation & Production. • 223 hectares irrigated (213 hectares by three centre pivots). • Annual water consent for 1,053,000 cubic metres, 115 litres/ second (from wells) • 50 bail Milfos rotary with ACRs Protrack Vantage and walk over teat spray, In shed feeding with molasses and two deep cone silos set up for PKE, 620 cow yard with undercover vet race • Three homes | Property ID RA1628

Barry Keys 027 434 7689 Canterbury

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600 Kaikoura


By appointment


Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600

Deadline sale closing 4pm, Thursday 9 April 2015


By appointment


Maurice Newell 027 240 1718

Allan Gifford 027 226 2379 Marlborough

Chris Abbott 027 435 2872 Marlborough

0800 200 600 | farmlandsrealestate.co.nz

The News

Thursday April 2 2015

Page 35

For Sale

Amberley | 75 Willowside Place


Amberley | Willowside Place


Your New Home Awaits. This property is conveniently located close to sports facilities, primary school and g rowing shopping precinct. The neutral décor home consists of three double bedrooms, the master with walk-in wardrobe and en suite, open plan kitchen/dining & family room, plus a separate living room and study. The family bathroom has separate shower, luxurious freestanding bath and vanity. The living room and master bedroom have access to a north facing deck to relax and enjoy the afternoon sun. Design your own garden for the generous 1,100m2 section. | Property ID AM1009

Open Home

Affordable Sections - Conway Country Estate. Only 10 affordable sections left in this desirable subdivision located on the west side of Amberley Township. Amberley has seen tremendous growth over the past couple of years with many new homes being built and a new shopping centre with Countdown supermarket. Sections are walking distance to the local sporting facilities and primary school and Amberley’s amenities. Covenants in place to protect your investment. Build your dream home and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that is on offer in Amberley. | Property ID AM1010




Saturday 2.00 to 2.30pm


Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

1,108m2 - 1,289m2

From $137,500

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

New Listing

Deadline Sale


17 Hall Street Motanau Beach

Closing 4pm, Monday 20 April 2015 (unless sold prior)

By negotiation over $280,000




Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119 Open Home Saturday 1.00 to 1.30pm. Well presented, sunny family home, located on a private 1,229m2 rear section. The section has been beautifully landscaped and has a sheltered patio overlooking the garden. The home includes four double bedrooms, the master with direct access to the family bathroom, open plan living room with logburner and heatpump, dining room and kitchen, separate laundry and two car garaging with carport/woodshed. View today, you won’t be disappointed. | Property ID AM1011

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Magnificent Views. Magnificent, uninterrupted sea views from this 887m2 section at Motunau Beach. The section is positioned amongst quality home/holiday homes overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Motunau Island. Motunau is the ideal place for keen fishermen, divers and those just wanting to enjoy the beach community and relax. Approximately 1 hour from Christchurch, close enough for those weekend getaways. | Property ID AM1008

Open Home

Amberley Beach

134 Double Corner Road Amberley

56 Grierson Avenue 809m2







Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Open Home Saturday 3.00 to 3.45pm. Enjoy the peace and quiet of rural living at this magical spot. The manageable small holding with three paddocks is ideal for some pet sheep or a pony for the kids. The beautifully presented home includes five bedrooms plus a good sized study or sixth bedroom with a charming, sheltered garden. Enjoy the amazing views of the garden and out to the ocean from the sunny dining room. Both the family room and lounge room have cathedral ceilings. | Property ID AM1007

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119 Canterbury


New Listing

11A Carters Road Amberley

James Murray 027 436 8103 Canterbury

By appointment

Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425 Canterbury

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718 Canterbury

Residential Section At The Beach. What an opportunity - a fully fenced, section at popular Amberley Beach. Design and build your very own beach haven as a permanent home or weekend getaway. The section has some mature trees and hedges. Enjoy walks along the beach or walking tracks, a spot of fishing or a round of golf at the local course. This property is conveniently located only a short drive to Amberley township, popular cafes and wineries and 40 minutes to Christchurch. | Property ID AM1005

Barry Keys 027 434 7689 Canterbury

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600 Kaikoura

Allan Gifford 027 226 2379 Marlborough

Chris Abbott 027 435 2872 Marlborough

0800 200 600 | farmlandsrealestate.co.nz

Page 36

The News

Thursday April 2 2015

Automotive The material we first used in the local schools included amusing anecdotes for the volunteers. One involved a class being asked who was unhappy when the party was held to welcome home the Prodigal Son. A lad put up his hand. Forgetting the elder brother entirely, he replied: ‘The fatted calf.’ I’m told Passover in Jerusalem in AD 33 was pretty much like that. Forgetting the oppression of the invading army, people had streamed in from the surrounding areas to join their

family for the celebration of the nation’s release from slavery in Egypt centuries before. To hold the overflow, the city parks and gardens were flung open for overnight camping. Freedom camping almost 2000 years ago and legalised, too! And the only one feeling apprehensive was the sacrificial lamb. He was celebrating Passover this year, not with His own family, but with His disciples, the faithful and the not so faithful as it turns out. Jesus, knowing He was to be crucified the next day,

introduced two important examples. One, a reminder that lovingly serving our fellow man in the humblest of ways constitutes true greatness. And, in the taking of the cup of blessing and in the sharing of the bread, Holy Communion was instituted to remind us that He is indeed the Way, the Truth and the Life, able to bring us to peace with God. May God bless you this Easter as you celebrate the holiday (Holy Day) with family and friends. Pastor Rae Graham Waipara New Life

New lease of life for animal park A baby water buffalo, a mob of wallabies and a new name have given Hanmer Springs Animal Park (formally Wai­Ariki Animal Park) a fresh start. Kirsty Innes and Tim Abbott purchased the park in September last year and moved there from Hokitika with their young daughter. As well as having a second child since relocating, the couple has already made a number of changes to the park and business. ‘‘It was a big step for us ­ our friends teased us and likened us to the family in the Hollywood movie ‘We Bought a Zoo’ where a solo father and his two kids move into an old zoo and bring it back to life. ‘‘We have certainly gone through a steep learning curve,’’ says Tim. The couple’s first focus was on

improving the park. ‘‘We cleared a lot of areas around the park, renamed it and revamped the cafe ´ so things are now working the way we want them to,’’ says Kirsty. ‘‘Our next focus was on getting some new attractions so we purchased a baby water buffalo ­ Billy ­ who’s proving popular. He’s a character who loves following people around and is super cute.’’ Eventually, Billy will grow to weigh over a tonne and Tim and Kirsty hope to purchase a friend for him soon and eventually develop a pond for them to wallow in. The park is also now home to three new wallabies (aptly named Hop, Skip and Jump) who were hand­raised at a sanctuary in Waimate.

‘‘They’re characters too and because they have grown up around people, our visitors can go into their enclosure and hand feed them willow branches. The kids, of course, love being up close to them but the biggest fans have probably been their parents,’’ says Kirsty. Hurunui Tourism marketing manager Shane Adcock says it’s wonderful to see the park go from strength to strength. ‘‘The new animals and other changes have brought a new vibrancy to the park. We’re all looking forward to seeing what Tim and Kirsty do next ­ they have so much energy! This is awesome for the whole area ­ the more attractions we have, the more visitors will come and the longer they will stay in the Hurunui.’’

CASH 4 CARS and 4WD'S Phone Automotive Parts 03 313 7216 DISMANTLING and buying all models of Falcons now. Please phone 03 3125 064 .

For all of your Trades and Classified enquiries, please contact Amanda at The News on 03 313 2840

Public Notices

Public Notices

Possum Control - poison warning Mainland Vector Contracting Ltd wishes to advise that a ground-based possum control operation will be taking place to keep possum numbers under control to prevent spread of the disease. This operation will be conducted as a part of the TBfree New Zealand programme. Areas covered: The controlled area’s southern boundary is the Waiau River, the eastern boundary is the sea coast heading north along the coast to the Medina River. The boundary then cuts back to the west to State Highway 1 and continues along the Sisters Ridge cutting back south to the Waiau River. Operation date: 1/4/2015 to the 30/5/2015 Poisoning methods: Possum habitats will be targeted using Feratox encapsulated baits in bait stations or blue bags and will be attached to trees, and fence posts. Feratox capsules (dyed green) to be placed in a peanut paste inside biodegradable bait stations and biodegradable blue bags. The public is warned not to enter these areas and not to remove carcasses or baits. Baits are dangerous to people and dogs. General warning • Do not touch poison baits/bait stations/traps • Do not touch poisoned possum carcasses • Keep pets under supervision; do not let dogs eat poisoned carcasses • Do not leave children unattended • Follow the advice on the poison warning signs. If you suspect poisoning • Contact your local hospital, or dial 111 • National Poisons Centre 0800 POISON - 0800 764 766 • In the case of a domestic animal being poisoned, contact a local veterinarian.

For further information (including maps of the operational area) contact the operator Simon Bee, Mainland Vector Contracting Ltd, 0274 174 666

This week’s open homes in North Canterbury

Saturday April 4th Amberley

11.30am 1.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm

Cheviot 1.00pm

Gore Bay 2.00pm


12.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm


12.30pm 12.45pm 1.30pm 2.30pm

Sefton 2.30pm

Waikari 12.00pm


12.15pm 1.30pm 2.30pm 3.45pm

10 Amberley Beach Rd 11a Carters Road 75 Willowside Place 134 Double Corner Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Farmlands Real Estate Farmlands Real Estate Farmlands Real Estate


129 Ward Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.00pm 2.00pm 3.00pm


38 Moody Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir


12.30pm 1.30pm 3.00pm

20 Sincock Place 2 Cattemole Street 14 Toa Street, Beach Grove

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

12.30pm 1.15pm 2.00pm 3.00pm

5 Kawakawa Street 22 Pahua Street 81 Kawari Drive 33 Blackadder Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir


651 Lower Sefton Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir


6 Princes Street

Farmlands Real Estate



12.00pm 1.00pm

Loburn 2.00pm


3 Riverside Way

Harcourts Twiss Keir

12.30pm 1.30pm

20 Sincock Place 2 Cattemole Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir


84 Rossiters Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

12.15pm 1.30pm 4.00pm

Lot 8 Arlington Park 18/3 Reeves Road 12 A Golding Avenue

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

Monday April 6th Kaiapoi


Sunday April 5th Amberley

11.30am 12.30pm 3.00pm

1.30pm 2.30pm 3.30pm

7 Keating Street 28a Sidey Quay 25 Beachvale Drive

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir


59 Te Pouapatuki Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

Happy Easter!

The News

Public Notices

Easter Refuse and Recycling Arrangements Due to Easter, on week commencing April 6th, some collection days are changing. Normal collections resume on April 13th. Refuse and Recycling Collections Tuesday 7th April Hanmer Springs, Gore Bay and Mt Lyford, Greta Valley, Omihi, Motunau Beach, Scargill and Waipara Wednesday 8th April Amberley, Amberley Beach, Leithfield, Leithfield Beach and Cheviot. Thursday 9th April Culverden, Rotherham, Waiau, Hawarden and Waikari. Via the collections, it is possible to recycle the following. • Clean paper and cardboard. • Clean food, drink and pet food cans. • Clean plastic bottles (no lids), plastic containers and carrier bags. The following must not be placed in recycling bags. • Glass bottles (please recycle via the transfer stations). • Polystyrene, meat trays, plastic strapping, clothing, food and garden waste. When using Council’s collection service: • Only official Hurunui Council refuse and recycling bags will be collected. • Bags must be securely tied, not exceed 15kg and at the kerbside or Council drop off by 8am on collection day. • Bags must not contain garden waste, car batteries, tyres or glass bottles. • Medical or animal waste, needles, ashes, glass, sharp objects and liquids must not be placed in bags. • The contractor is not responsible for cleaning up bags split prior to their arrival. Refuse and recycling bags can be purchased from Council’s Amberley office, Amberley and Hanmer Springs transfer stations and Amuri, Cheviot and Hanmer Springs Service Centres. Transfer Station Opening Hours All transfer stations are closed on public holidays. In lieu of being closed for two days, Amberley transfer station will open on Tuesday 31st March and Tuesday 7th April between 10am and 4pm. For further information on waste and recycling, telephone 03 314 8816 or visit www.hurunui.govt.nz

Concrete Services AFFORDABLE concrete cutting with quality and removal work. Free quotes. No job too small. Ph 027 442 2219, Fax 03 359 6052 or A/H 03 359 4605. A PROFESSIONAL job by local owner operator, from concrete around new homes to resurfacing floors. For your next con­ crete job, residential or business, phone LE’ CON­ CRETE on 03 314 9366.

Landscaping TOP SOIL, screened and unscreened at Woodend Landscape Supplies. Open 7 days. Phone 03 312 2003.

Situations Vacant

Public Notices




Alan John Roberts and Lola Neroli Roberts has made application to the District Licensing Committee at Amberley for the renewal of the On-Licence in respect of the premises situated at 2 Jacks Pass Road, Hanmer Springs, Hurunui District known as Robbies Bar & Bistro. The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is that of a Restaurant. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is sold under the licence are: Monday to Sunday 8am to 1am. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Hurunui District Licensing Committee, at 66 Carters Road, Amberley. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the Hurunui District Licensing Committee, PO Box 13, AMBERLEY. No objection to the renewal of a licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in section 131 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the first publication of this notice.

GOUGHS NURSERIES Deal direct with grower and Save 30%-50% off normal retail prices Open Monday - Sunday 9am - 5pm Natives Exotics Hedging Landscape and Japanese Maples 1029 Tram Rd Ohoka No eftpos Est 1974 BARKS, Composts, Pea Straw & much more at Woodend Landscape Supplies. Delivery & cour­ tesy trailers available. Open 7 days. Ph 03 312 2003.

Raffle Results

Lions Club of Amberley District Golf tournament major raffle results 034 181 011 189 085

Experienced Guide/Worker

Drum Tutor wanted for students Year 7 and above for 2.5 hours per week. Day and time is flexible. NCEA knowledge an advantage. Possibility to use facilities to also teach private students. Starting beginning of Term 2. Applications close 14th April, 2015. For queries please contact: Ms Anngow, HOD Performing Arts, Oxford Area School, Email: cloe@oxford.school.nz

North Canterbury

The News is the most trusted and fastest growing voice of the Hurunui, Kaikoura, Waimakariri districts and is produced weekly from our offices in Amberley and Rangiora. The News is an integral part r of the community newspaper network published by Allied Press Ltd, Dunedin, NZ’s largest independent publishers with daily, weekly and digital applications. r h Canterbury r is a fast-growing area and d Nort as such off f ers an exciting opport r unity for a journalist with proven experience to join the editorial team on Nort r h Canterbury r ’s leading community newspaper, The News. The position is based in Amberley and the successful candidate must be a self-start r er,, enthusiastic, have a nose for a good story r, be able to take photos and have a good understanding of the role of a community newspaper. Layout experience would be an advantage, but training can be given. r date to suit, but the position is Start available immediately. d Remuneration and other benefits discussed at interv r iew. Applications in writing, including curriculum vitae, to: robyn.bristow@thenewsnc.co.nz or to: The News PO Box 86, AMBERLEY Applications close Friday 24th April 2015.



• Must be 11 years or older • Earn a little extra cash while staying fit • Must be enthusiastic, honest and reliable • Distributing The News / Flyers to residential letterboxes

Phone 03 314 8335 for more details or email info@thenewsnc.co.nz • Please include your address, suburb and contact details

All prize winners have been contacted. Thank you for your support.

CLAIRVOYANT medium, clear accurate Engineering A Lady Paperhanger and readings with Holly. Phone EXCEL Eng. Ltd. Struc­ 03 314 9073. Painter, all work guaran­ tural & General Engineers. teed, free quotes. Phone Coded welding, House Carol 027 435 9165 or 03 Beams & Lintels, Poultry 3127 327. Machining, Profile Cutting, PUREBRED Pullets Hydraulic Press, Crane PAINTER Top quality Barnevelders available. $45 Truck Hire & Skip Hire. work. No job too big or each. Great layers, 11­12 Avail now for all jobbing small. We stand by Canter­ weeks. Phone 03 313 6153 work. We also manufacture & repair jet boats. Work­ bury. Wayne 027 274 3541. evenings. shop at 181 Loburn Whiterock Rd. Ph/fax 03 8884, mobile 027 486 Pride & Quality Painting Scrap Metal Wanted 312 0415 anytime. & Decorating Services NORTH Canterbury 20 yrs exp, fast and friendly Metals. Buying metals, cars service. For all your painting etc for recycling. Phone Joe Situations Vacant needs, phone: Martin 310 on 027 223 3593 or after GENERAL Labourers 6187 or 021 128 9867 hours on 03 314 9079. required, TC and SiteSafe an advantage. Yardman role available. Phone Jade 03 327 0656, Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Resourcing 66 Ohoka Rd, Kaiapoi.

Drum Tutor


Dave Scott Clive Earl Gav. Saunders Red ‘Nicholls’ Jock Croft



Page 37

Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant


Public Notices

Thursday April 2 2015

For successful North Canterbury Horse Safaris Business: Applicant must be a mature, competent, capable, focused horse person, able to ride and handle young horses, plus be able to shoe horses. Must have people, cooking and domestic household skills. Also be prepared to work weekends. Being an experienced first aider and able to speak different languages would be an advantage. Live-in position. Apply: Alpine Horse Safaris Lawrie and Jenny O’Carroll, Waitohi Downs, 310 Creans Road, Hawarden 7385 Ph. 03-314-4293

Sicon Ferguson Ltd operates a range of services encompassing roading maintenance, subdivision construction and maintenance, water and sewer infrastructure, rural irrigation development and parks and reserves. We have an annual turnover of approximately $40M and over 200 staff throughout Canterbury and the West Coast. We are currently tendering for the Hurunui Roading Maintenance, Operations and Renewal Contract and, if successful, would require the following experienced people: • Grader Drivers • Operations Supervisor / Foreperson • Roading/Drainage Foreperson • Digger Operators • Class 2 to 5 Drivers • Labourers Proven roading experience is essential.We are looking for talented, self-driven people with strong interpersonal skills and a practical down to earth approach. To register your interest in joining the Sicon Ferguson team and developing your career, please call us 027 278 3821 or flick us an email at recruit@sicon.co.nz quoting reference number 084.

Thursday April 2 2015

For Sale

Health & Beauty

Tree Services


SUMMERFIELD Fencing Ltd in your area now. Lifestyle or farm, sheep, cattle, horse, all types of animals. Fences, yards, sheds, arenas, shelters, runs. 27 years contract fencing. John is available to help with your design and planning. Ph Carol or John on 03 312 4747.

HOMEOPATHY Do you suffer from Migranes, Hayfever, or a lingering cough? Maybe a natural approach with a Homeopathic remedy will help. Phone Jennifer Mackinder (Dip.Hom) 03 314 8046.

BRIAN’S Tree Services. Tree felling, topping, shaping, firewood cut, rub­ bish removed, stump grind­ ing, branch chipping. Affordable rates. Phone 03 327 5505 or 021 124 4894.

ROOF Painting, Repairs & Cleaning. Concrete Tile Ridge Repairs and Flexi Pointing. Decramastic Tile re­chipping moss and lichen removal. Affordable rates. www.allroofs.co.nz. Ph Peter 313 0022. FURNITURE Removal. AXL Transport Ltd. Qual­ ity removals, at the lowest rate possible. South Island wide. Kaiapoi office. Phone 03 327 3216. PROPERTY MAINTEN­ ANCE. Lawns, gardens, hedges, chainsaw work, pruning, painting and minor home alterations. TOWN AND COUNTRY. Phone Mike 03 313 0261.

NORTHEND FENCING LTD is in your area. For all fencing requirements eg; dairy conversions, vineyards, deer fencing, lifestyle blocks, post and rail, quality workmanship guaranteed, competitive rates.phone Mike 027 313 1872.

NO bees? Rent a beehive. Fully managed by regis­ tered bee keepers. You get pollination plus honey. Phone 027 657 2007.

Butchery Canterbury Homekill prides itself in offering a professional, honest service throughout Canterbury

(03) 313 4771 www.canterburyhomekill.co.nz



NORTH Canterbury Tree Care. Specialising in big trees in small spaces, long term tree plans, advisory service, fully insured. Free quotes, prompt service. Phone Mike Gilbert 0800 WISDOM COUNSELLING for per­ 873 336. sonal, couples, family, prof. MNZAC in North Canter­ STUMP REMOVAL Ser­ bury. One2one, phone or vicing North Canterbury skype Michael 027 340 for prompt professional ser­ 8325, 03 745 9118 vice. Phone Tim 0800 178 www.wisdomcounselling.co.nz. 867.


Oxford Butchery Bevan and Shane Frahm


We can arrange to kill and process your Beef, Pork, Lamb, Venison and Game Meat NOW! Open Saturday Mornings Phone (03) 327 8219 A/H 027 306 3874





Free Measure & Quote *Conditions may apply

Ph: 03 313 6825 • Mob 027 232 6825 simplyccb@gmail.com www.simplycolourscurtainsblinds.co.nz

Bruce Evans 131 Ohoka Road Kaiapoi p. 03 327 3111 m. 021 293 6331


Wilson Decorators Ltd •Small Family Business • Qualified Tradesman • 30 + Years Experience • Painting • Wallpapering • Waterblasting • Roof Coating • Tidy Workers • No Time Wasted • Reasonable Rates • Free Quotes

Ph: 03 928 3537 Wayne 021 731 817 Lyn 021 207 4499 waylyn2@scorch.co.nz

Russell Arthur




For all of your Trades and Classified enquiries, please contact Amanda at The News on 03 313 2840 Fencing


• Swimming Pool Fencing • Post Driving • Electric Fencing • Building FREEES • Fences QUOT • Build Haybarns

PHONE (0274) 350 279 or A.H. 314 8384 www.russellarthurfencing.co.nz

Wastewater Septic Tanks Treatment Plants Drainage Irrigation


Repairs & Upgrades Virus & Malware Removal Checkup to Increase Speed Home & Business Onsite Visits Prompt Professional Service

“If it’s broke, let’s fix it”


Russell Thompson - Phone 027 943 4096 A/H 03 3127 562 | Email: todist@xtra.co.nz

Driveways Landscaping Retaining Walls Earthworks Foundations


• Tree Felling • Stockyards & Retainables • Specialising in Vineyards • Dairy Farm Conversions • Wooden Ornamental Gates • Earthquake Damage Repairs

6 Cable St, Sockburn P 943 6525 F 943 6527 sales@steelcanterbury.co.nz

Civil and Drainage

Computer Repairs


• Prompt, Reliable and Efficient • 40 years' experience • All work guaranteed • No job too small


51 Ashley Street Rangiora

Select Health

Electrical Domestic | Commercial | Repairs | Alterations | Additions

Full range of black, primed & galv. Products: pipe, box, channel, angle & flat, pay for what you need. Trade & retail sales.Open Mon-Fri 8.00-4.30pm, Sat 8.00-12.00pm.

Wanted AMBERLEY AREA, wanted to rent. Woolshed with power & water to have bus and small business. Ph 022 053 4766. NORTH Canterbury, small rough block of land wanted to buy. Up to 5A with stream if possible. Ph Rick 021 223 0680 or Sharon 022 053 4766.

Number one

Judy McArthur DC (UK) Applied Kinesiology, McTimony Technique, Craniosacral, Available Fridays


Engineering Fabrication

SCREEN PRINTING. For all your printing requirements. T­shirts, Hoodies, Hi­Vis vests and polos, Overalls, Caps etc. Please phone Heather 03 313 0261 or email norstar@clear.net.nz.

bacon Ph 312 4205 old-fashioned & ham curing. Oxford A/H 312 4219 or 312 4709

Chiropractic and Natural Health Care Dr Carissa McGregor Chiropractor ACC Accredited Available Monday - Thursday Ph: 03 313 0350



We can arrange to have your stock killed. Sheep, beef and pigs: process into portion packs and smallgoods and label to your requirements.

Chiropractic Services


03 313 2840


cut to length




Builder For all of your Trades and LOCAL Classified BUILDERS enquiries, Ring Mark 027 229 7310 please for a free quote contact www.longsilver Amanda construction.com at • Licensed Building The News Practitioner • Registered on Master



• Rural & Residential Fencing • Cattle & Sheep Yards • Pole Shed Builds

Ph Alex 0274 059 503 email storer.alex.pegs@gmail.com

Concrete UT ABOVE A C THE REST GOSCUT CONCRETE CUTTER LTD Specialise in: Soffut (Early Entry Saw) House & Factory Floor Slabs All Aspects of Ground Sawing, Floor Grinding, Wall Cutting/ Core Drilling – Up to 600mm diameter Residential & Commercial

• Decorative Cutting • Inyard Cutting & Drilling • Fumeless Hydraulic Equipment

Free quotes (will travel)

Graeme Gosney 0274 971 683 Phone 03 327 8341 Fax 03 327 8343 Email: goscut@xtra.co.nz


For Sale


The News


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The News



Fast - Local and there when you need us. For an obligation-free quote

CROCKERY CUTLERY GLASSWARE For all those special occasions

Call us now on (03) 313 5335

• Garden tidy-ups • Rubbish removal • Rose pruning • Shrub and tree pruning • Lawn mowing • Lawn maintenance • 27 years experience


Glass & Auto Glass

All Insurance Companies work welcome

Factory Showroom 202a King St, Rangiora www.northcanterburyglass.co.nz

We also repair Windscreens and install Double Glazing

Trudy McMillan 03 314 4144 or 027 684 2652



Garden Features

For all your hard landscaping needs Steps




Decks & Fencing

Brick & Stone

Free quotes Ph: 03 314 8366 E: gardenfeatures@yahoo.co.nz


Contact Tony for a NO OBLIGATION, Free Quote! Home 03 313 7605 027 774 2751 tonylamplugh@ clear.net.nz


Glass Repair


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Thursday April 2 2015

Painters / Decorators







Ph/fax 03 3144 110 mobile 0275 589 333 email pcjet@xtra.co.nz

PO Box 68 Hawarden North Canterbury



PHONE: 027 333 5322 A/H: (03) 319 6740 calvertpainting@yahoo.co.nz


Kaiapoi Podiatry




For All Your Foot Care Needs

Julia Home

Nat Dip Pod, SR Pod


Master Plumber of the Year 2010

• Car Bodies • Scrap Steel • Specialists in Farm Machinery • All non Ferrous

Canterbury owned and operated for over 60 years


oror03 Phone 0800 374 737 03310-8206 327 9499 DRIPFREE Email plumbers@clyne-bennie.co.nz Web www.clyne-bennie.co.nz www. plumbingshoponline.co.nz




FREE PICK UP AND WEIGHED ON SITE Ph (03) 338 7000 • Ah (03) 312 6553 Mike 0274 818 544 • Robbie 0274 818 027

Locally owned and operated

1326851 ncn1233409aa

Timber Sales

Quality Timber at discounted prices We have a wide range of timber

Pop in and see us or view our products online at www.royaltimber.co.nz Open Monday to Friday 7.30am - 4.30pm and Saturday 8am – 12 noon Call David on 029 770 9204 Amy 021 650 609 99 Mairehau Road, Burw rwood, w just off Marshlands Road BRING BRIN BR ING IN G THIS TH HIS I ADVERT ADV DVER ERT T IN AND AND D RECEIVE REC E EIIVE VE A 10% 10% 10 % DISCOUNT DISC DI SC COU OUNT NT ON ON YOUR YO OUR R ORDER ORD R ER R



Decking Farm packs from $30 150x50 h4 radiata $3.75 per meter Plus fencing, framing and more.

Water Blasting For all ENVIROTEC of your Waterblasting Ltd Servicing Canterbury Trades Commercial & Residential and • Graffiti Removal • Blocked Drains Classified • Pre Paint Cleaning enquiries, • Moss & Algae Removal Cleaning Drains pre winter please • Silicone Sealing (Brick & Block Work) contact • Concrete / Driveways / Ashphalt • Houses Amanda • Schools • Dairy Sheds at CALL NOW FOR A FREE QUOTE The News 0800 SITECLEAN (0800 748 325) on

David Manning & Associates Registered valuers and property consultants – urban and rural 537 South Eyre Rd, RD2 Kaiapoi Also: 222 High St, Rangiora

Ph: (03) 312-0282 • Fax (03) 312-0283 • Cell (027) 240 7808



03 313 2840

Mobile 0274 369 187 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

NEW PATIENTS WELCOME Please ring to make an appointment Ph 327 4288 42 Charles Street, Kaiapoi

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The News

Thursday April 2 2015

Arthur Burke Ltd

North Canterbury’s Holden and Suzuki Dealership

Top Quality Used Bikes

2012 Suzuki LT-F400 2010 SUZUKI LT-A450 2013 SUZUKI LT-F400




1999 Suzuki LT-F160...................................................... $3500 2012 Suzuki LT-A500 ..................................................... $7995 2008 Suzuki LT-F400 2wd ............................................. $4895 2010 Suzuki Ozark 250 2wd......................................... $4500 2008 Suzuki LT-A450 ......................................................$5700




2008 Suzuki LT-F400...................................................... $5495 2013 Suzuki LT-A500 ..................................................... $8995 2013 Suzuki LT-A500 Power steer ............................... $7995 2011 Suzuki LT-F400...................................................... $5895

* All Quads have been fully serv r iced ** All prices include GST

Sales: James DDI 03 314 0132 Amberley Service: Ryan DDI 03 314 0134

Beat the Winter Rush

2014 Holden Commodore 2014 Holden Malibu CD VF Evoke

Only 2,250km


2.5 6-speed auto, only 80,000km


1.4 ITI 6-speed auto, only 57,000kms.

2011 Nissan X-Trail ST-L 2.5 Auto

NZ new


2013 Holden Cruze CD

Was $19,,995


2012 Holden Captiva CX

2.2 Diesel, 6-speed auto, 7-seater


4x4 Double Cab, 5-5-speed manual


4.0L, 6-speed auto

2011 Holden Barina 1.6 Auto

5 5-door hatch only 31,000km

2003 Holden Rodeo LT


2008 Ford Territory SYTX AWD


Sales: (03) 314 0135 Neville or 027 220 2341 Craig • Service: (03) 314 0131 Tim 1564739

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The News North Canterbury 02-04-15  

The News North Canterbury 02-04-15

The News North Canterbury 02-04-15  

The News North Canterbury 02-04-15

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