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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Right Tyres. Right Choice.


JUST SAY NO: Students and lecturers from UCOL are calling for a bylaw that would restrict legal highs being sold close to educational institutions.

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UCOL leads protest By ALECIA ROUSSEAU Legal high outlets should not be allowed to operate near educational institutions, according to staff and students at Palmerston North’s UCOL. Dozens of people took to the green on King Street yesterday voicing their concerns against the establishment of legal high outlets in close proximity to learning institutions full of ‘‘young people’’. UCOL communications spokeswoman Christine Beech said the aim was to provide a platform for the community where they could take a stand against legal highs. ‘‘It’s not just us who are concerned — we have lots of support from other organisations including Massey, YOSS, Te Wananga and the DHB. A lot of people are keen to see something done.’’

Lecturer Lorna Johnson said the City Council had the power to regulate where these products could be sold but were not doing it fast enough. ‘‘We know that some people are for regulation and some are for prohibition — whatever it is, something needs to be done by our council, now.’’ Ms Johnson said many students had expressed to staff members concerns about legal highs. ‘‘They have been coming to us for some time and we realised something needed to be done. This has come right from the bottom all the way to the top . . . unless a bylaw can be established now, who knows how many other outlets will pop up.’’ Lecturer Sheran Merritt said she knew of one shop which was purposely targeting younger customers.

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‘‘I have seen a guy standing outside all the time so the doors remain open, speaking to passersby — if you walk past you can see everything. It’s not good enough; I’ve seen good students have their lives go down the toilet because of this stuff.’’ Under the Psychoactive Substances Bill, legal highs cannot be sold in dairies or to anyone under the age of 18, no advertising is allowed except at the point of sale, and all products must have health warnings. ‘‘This legislation is not enough; we need a bylaw that can regulate where these shops are set up,’’ argued Ms Johnson. ‘‘We don’t want them near our students — we have a lot of young people, some 16, who are very vulnerable. We know that education and legal highs just don’t mix.’’

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Harvest Baptist Church


Location & Time for Services: 702 Main Street, Palmerston North Bible Classes For Everyone - Sunday 9:45am Morning Service - Sunday 11:00am Evening Service - Sunday 5:00pm Prayer & Bible Study - Wednesday 6:15pm

For Information Contact: Pastor Guy E. Bankston GDN071113Plunket

Simple Cremations

SORTED: Amy Viles with some of the stacks of clothes available at the Plunket Clothes Swap Shop.

We provide a compassionate cremation service to suit your requirements, with prices commencing from $1650.00

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Rose City Funeral Home Funeral Directors and Consultants

117 years service to the region. “Lower overheads, lower costs” Phone 354 8888 all hours 190 Ruahine Street, Palmerston North



The Original Bowen Technique

Gentle, fast and effective treatment for many conditions Suitable for all ages from the New born to the Elderly.

• Back pain and Sciatica • Headaches and migraine • Kidney and Bladder problems • Menstrual Irregularities • Allergies, Sinus, Hay fever • Knee and Hip Restrictions

By ROB MILDON Mums and dads know that babies grow up quickly — which is great, but with that comes the constant need for new clothes. The turn of the seasons can mean a whole new wardrobe, and the expense can build up quickly. Since March, the volunteers at Plunket have been coming to the rescue with their Clothes Swap Shop. Set up by community support co-ordinator Amy Viles, the shop takes donations, sorts and washes them, and then presents them ready to be exchanged for fresh donations. ‘‘We can find a home for everything,’’ says Mrs Viles. ‘‘If we can’t, we donate it on.’’ The shop is a great way to change a winter outfit for a summer one, or a smaller size for a larger — and sometimes the other way around if a new baby is on the way. It’s a very casual process, and everyone has always been very generous, Mrs Viles says, often giving much more than they take away. There’s a constant influx of new clothes from a volunteer team of hobby knitters, who make the occasional soft toy as well. Anything in excess of requirements is passed on to Refugee Services. The idea’s been a huge success, with parents finding the ability to upcycle or recycle a real boon, both in terms of community connection — Plunket is a hub for young families — and in money saved. The Clothes Swap Shop is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. ■ Plunket welcomes new volunteers. To donate your time, call Amy Viles on (06) 357-4844.

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Treat your family or workmates to morning tea at Robert Harris. To celebrate winning the flat white gold medal, Robert Harris

has a voucher for $100 for one lucky reader to be redeemed at our local Robert Harris cafe´, 87 The Square, Palmerston North. To be in to win, just e-mail ‘‘Robert Harris Gold Medal flat white’’ to, with your contact details. Entries must be received by November 14.


Whither representation?

I would like to know what the Mayor and city councillors plan to do about community engagement over their next three year term. So far the powers that be have managed to get rid of ward committees and now wards themselves. They must think all their Christmases




GOLD, COINS, JEWELLERY CASH PAID We are buying antiques, gold, silver, jewellery (any condition), watches, coins, military items (medals, badges etc), china, cutlery, clocks, fountain pens, old tools, boxes, old toys, old advertising, movie posters, paintings, art deco, art nouveau, collectables etc.

For further information, to make an appointment or for upcoming Bowen Course Dates


Contact Gay Jarvis on: (06) 355 2919

We are local licensed dealers with 30 years experience. We will call on you anywhere for your convenience.



BAGS PACKED: Meet Thelma. Thelma is a female shihtzu who is four months old — a super cute little girl looking for a loving home. If you are interested in adopting her, please contact PAWS Animal Shelter on 0224 PAWSNZ (729-769) or email PICTURE: JO SPENCE.

Freephone Cameron Percy


have come at once as their meeting allowances turn up in their bank account in the knowledge that they just have to turn up to a few meetings in the Council Chamber to fulfill their duty. Think about it, there are now no concrete mechanisms (wards or even forums) in which councillors need to go out to us in any meaningful way in which to front up and be in the teensy-weensiest bit accountable to us, the citizens of Palmer-

'0$(8 4 "+$#&,:+ 90,0+: 9*+ !*0+ 5&$(8 3"( 17/+6,$05 *46%"&;8 ,;67$;+5 (+,/1, 3-8"."846% ,4,)+"-! (+)!+6#$,59 %)3!* (+).;- 3"( 17/+6,$ #;,$)2) ".+ 0,/+) ' 1. &- 3!# !/4,&2 !7:48$-# 34(( ,*84! !1-#($2& !6):(($-# 9*+ 4 .711 !),#(4,(. !')15 422:22%:-,

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ston North who put them there. When I put the question to the Mayor before the election he said he would sit down with his councillors after the election and work out a meaningful way to engage with the community now that there are no wards Pull my other leg Jono, it plays ‘‘Jingle Bells’’. DION MARTIN Palmerston North



Phone 0800 837 777 All hours Palmerston North


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Manawatu Guardian

VINZ death investigated By ALECIA ROUSSEAU The Palmerston North VINZ station on Taonui St has reopened this week after an accident fatally injured a staff member. Police were called to the site last Thursday around 2pm after a vehicle rolled off a hydraulic hoist, hitting three bystanders and two vehicles. ‘‘It has somehow managed to accelerate out the rear door, hitting a car and causing one inspector fatal injures,’’ explained senior sergeant Warwick Denby. ‘‘We were very lucky not to have a second fatality — an elderly lady was sitting in another car [that was] being inspected. She lifted her legs when she heard the car coming. Both her and the other man who was hit have broken limbs.’’ He said police, VINZ and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment would now investigate how the car managed to roll off the hoist, killing the 61-year-old man. ‘‘We now have to determine how this freak accident occurred. This is a terrible, terrible situation.’’ VINZ released a statement last week describing the incident as an ‘‘unfortunate accident’’. Chief executive officer Frank Willett said management and staff had been deeply


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WORKPLACE SAFETY: An investigation into the death of a 61-yearold employee at this testing station will take months, according to police. PICTURE: ALECIA ROUSSEAU affected. ‘‘We extend our most sincere condolences to the families concerned . . . we request privacy during these trying times.’’

Police and VINZ have not released the name of the victim at the request of his family. The death has been referred to the coroner.

Coroner: Guy inquest will not resume By ALECIA ROUSSEAU An inquest into the murder of Feilding farmer Scott Guy will not resume, because the circumstances surrounding his death were adequately established during the police investigation and high-profile trial, according to a coroner. The report was released last week by coroner Carla na Nagara. She stated she had shared this determination earlier in the year with Mr Guy’s parents and widow, Kylee Guy. His parents ‘‘took no issue’’ with the provisional decision but the report says Mrs Guy felt differently. Through solicitor Chris Morris, Mrs Guy asked for the inquiry to be re-opened stating ‘‘the identity of the killer is a question of fact directly relevant to the circumstances of the death that has not been determined in the criminal proceeding’’. Ewen Macdonald was arrested and charged for the murder in



MURDER MYSTERY: A coroner has determined the inquest into the death of Scott Guy does not need to resume. PICTURE: SUPPLIED. April 2011 but was found not guilty by a jury in July 2012. Macdonald did not give evi-

dence in person during the trial and Mr Morris argued further that summoning him to do so at a coronial inquest would be a valid line of inquiry. ‘‘The question of who factually killed Mr Guy is quite a different question from that of whether Mr Macdonald bears any legal responsibility for his death,’’ he said. But Ms Nagara said continuing the inquiry would ‘‘only be to pursue a finding that Mr Macdonald — acquitted of Mr Guy’s murder — was the killer’’. ‘‘It is the identity of the deceased that needs to be established. It is not a requirement that a coroner should necessarily establish the identity of other person(s) involved in the death,’’ she said. In her view, she stated the coronial inquiry would undermine the integrity of the criminal law process and put the coroners’ court at risk of being a ‘‘backstop jurisdiction’’ to determine unresolved criminal matters.


Find out more: Freyberg Community Pool Thames Street, Palmerston North Phone: 06 354 3856

Are you a breast feeding mum or pregnant? We’re conducting a study looking at the composition of human breast milk from women of different ethnicities and are currently recruiting participants. Participants will be required to give expressed breast milk samples. All mothers will be reimbursed for their time.

Currently pregnant or have a baby less than 6 weeks old – we’d love to hear from you!

For further information please contact Hannah Smith or Sheridan Martell on 06 353 0962 or txt/call 027 839 4500

112 Princess St, (Opposite KFC) Palmerston North


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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Paving the way to the Games By ROB MILDON

Do You Have Varicose Veins Do you have spider veins


Have your varicose veins lasered half the recovery time & under local anaesthetic in Southern Cross, Wellington (Medical necessity criteria apply)


LOOKING GOOD: Nathan Abraham, Keri-Anne Johnson and Rachel Oemcke survey the products that will see them to the Special Olympics. PICTURE: ROB MILDON

Mr JK Wicks

EndoVascular/VascularSurgeon An Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society

Our new venue & clinic dates are: 14th of November, 12th of December, 30th of January 2014, 13th of February 2014. Horowhenua Health Centre 62 Liverpool St, Levin

Please call Emma or Donna for an appointment on

04 910 2178 ext 2081

Use your outdoor living areas all year round

• Warm & dry in winter • 99.9% UV protection for summer • Stylish & permanent • 5 year warranty

You’ve got to have a big smile.

sales advice from RACHEL OEMCKE

It’s always a good time for chocolate, but for a group of athletes with their sights on the Special Olympics now is better than ever. Picking up where they left off in 2010, Rachel Oemcke and Nathan Abraham have resumed their chocolate-selling business that is a major part of their fundraising efforts. In the short time they’ve been going, the pair have seen their empire stretch across Manawatu to Horowhenua and Tararua. Their product is clearly a big hit: days devoted to confectionbased commerce have seen as many as 100 sales. Nathan holds the record, marching 80 boxes out the door in an hour — an average of one sale every 45 seconds. Rachel and Nathan have mostly been concentrating their efforts amongst local business. What’s the secret to convincing staff to pick up


a box (beyond the obvious deliciousness, that is)? ‘‘You’ve got to have a big smile,’’ says Rachel, adding that the addition of a portable Eftpos machine had been ‘‘pretty much essential’’. Chocolate and convenience go together very well. The candy is almost entirely handmade, in New Plymouth. Nathan has travelled up to take a tour of the factory. ‘‘It was amazing,’’ he reports, ‘‘but a lot of hard work though.’’ A basketballer, he’s training for the National Champs in Dunedin. Rachel’s specialty is in the pool, where she swims freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. Her destination’s a bit further off; she’s hopping the ditch with the New Zealand team and going to the AsiaPacific Games in Newcastle, Australia. Boccia player KeriAnne Johnson, also a member of the original 2010 team, will rejoin the business after the nationals.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Manawatu Guardian




GIDDY UP: Giada Bailey, 3, enjoys a ride on this black stallion.


Awapuni’s community spirit By ALECIA ROUSSEAU Celebrating Awapuni’s strengths and sharing them with the rest of the city was the aim of last weekend’s Awesome Awapuni Day. Hundreds of families converged on Alexander Park to take advantage of the many free attractions, including face-painting, bouncy castles and tandem bike riding. Supported by PNCC, police and other local organisations, the day focused on bringing residents together. Live music played throughout the day and Awapuni’s very own ‘‘Idol’’ also took center stage. Children enjoyed Tai Kwon Do demonstrations, sports competitions and a ride in the local fire truck. ‘‘The Awesome Awapuni Day couldn’t take place without the support of the wider community for which we are grateful,’’ said

Jane Julian, chairperson for the event. ‘‘Without the involvement of organisations like City Council, Police, emergency services, Kia Ora FM, Awapuni Rotary, Lions, Hotel Coachman and Pioneer New World the day wouldn’t be possible.’’ Senior sergeant Brett Calkin said day had proved a great success. ‘‘It was a really, really good day out — we had almost the same numbers as last year and the weather was beautiful.’’ Police who attended the event spent most of their time behind the barbecue, he added. ‘‘We had no trouble and for those police that were there, they really enjoyed themselves — we think everybody had a good time.’’ Mr Calkin said the initiative meant residents in Awapuni were given an opportunity to celebrate their community as a whole.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013



Spot Prizes

lanade. ks of the Esper ac tr sh bu e th rb t ave. Around car park, Fitzhe at rt ta /s sh Fini Pimp my Bike

Age Catagories: 4-6 yrs - 10.30am 7-9 yrs - 10.15am 10-12 yrs - 10.00am

COMPETITION Winners selected in each age group!

Please note: 4-6 yrs must have parent supervision along the track

Sausage sizzle and drinks for sale on the day. Listen to Classic Hits (97.8fm) Sunday morning for possible postponement if weather isnt the best. Get an entry form from any local school or the police station

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GETTING AHEAD: Tim Swainson in his workshop, still a little spooked by one of his more striking creations. PICTURE: ROB MILDON

*Wholesale rates for wholesale customers, 5% discount to all small businesses, cafés, restaurants & caterers

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Specials begin on Thursday 7th November until Wednesday 13th November

AT TWO LOCATIONS Just over the Ramp at 480 Rangitikei St 93 Albert St • Palmerston North Palmerston North PH 355 8380 • FAX 355 8381 PH 357 2188 • FAX 357 2189

Old skills for modern times

By ROB MILDON Leatherworking is one of those old arts you know used to be common, but has barely survived into the modern age. It falls to saddlers, hobbyists and people like Palmerston North artisan Tim Swainson to keep it going. There’s no process of formal training, Mr Swainson says, ‘‘but you’ll meet people who’ll teach you the skills’’. He picked up his first roll of leather more than 30 years ago. Having left university, ‘‘I looked for something to do with my hands’’. His brother-in-law made sandals, belts and bags, so Mr Swainson had a go, picking up skills from conferences and visiting artists. The techniques for working with leather are simple but extremely versatile, he says. The same method for making a mask can be put to work creating a bowl, for instance. ‘‘Once you learn the basics, your imagination takes it from there.’’ Ornitho Maia, winner of the 2008 World of Wearable Art supreme award, is a perfect example, he reckons. ‘‘That was brilliant. They used basic processes but extended them way, way out.’’ Mr Swainson uses wood — or in one case a clay cast of his own face — to mould

YES we cut foam to size... PALMERSTON NORTH 400 Ferguson Str Palmerston North 06 952 1224

Customer Parking off Oxford St

leather into what looks like a sculpture but is probably closer to origami. In this way, combined with dyes and paints, he makes boxes, masks and jewellery. Right now he’s looking into how leather armour is made. He found that his earlier artistic works were often mistaken for carvings. ‘‘People would say, ‘oh, that looks like wood’.’’ He turned to making more striking works; leering heads with frightful features that evoked strong reactions. ‘‘People would see them. I didn’t care if they liked them or not,’’ he says with a laugh. It might surprise you what constitutes ‘‘leather’’; it’s not just from cows. ‘‘Any skin is tannable,’’ Mr Swainson says. He’s used snake, toad, fish and stingray in his work, although because there are so few tanneries left in New Zealand, he imports most of his leather from Australia, Argentina or India. Leather’s versatility still has a lot of surprise value, he says. ‘‘You can do so much with leather. It can be soft as paper or hard as wood. That’s why I like working with it.’’ ■ Visit Tim Swainson and his leather creations at the Feilding Craft Market, tomorrow to Sunday at the Feilding Civic Centre. Doors open 9am.

WE ACCEPT COMPETITORS VOUCHERS Bring in your measurements and we will recommend the best foam for your project and cut it to size for you, while you wait. We can supply almost any shape you can think of. Come and ask the foam experts.


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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Manawatu Guardian

Tour sees youngest rider ever By ALECIA ROUSSEAU Hundreds of riders from across the North Island came together last weekend to compete in the annual Fitzherbert Lions Tour De Manawatu. The course consisted of four routes, ranging from 20km to 116km. Of all the contestants to make their mark, four-year-old Monique Rosewood was the youngest. She rode for more than two hours from The Square to Henderson’s Line. This was the second time Monique had entered the race.

‘‘I was 36 weeks pregnant with Monique and decided to enter,’’ explains mum Raquel Rosewood. ‘‘From early on she has been into cycling and I knew she was a solid rider when I first saw her take to a bike.’’ The persistent young girl rode more than 100 hours in preparation for the race. ‘‘Her granddad takes her out all the time and she just loves it,’’ said Ms Rosewood. ‘‘She really is committed to this.’’ Monique described the ride as ‘‘really

fun’’ and was already looking forward to next year’s race. ‘‘We will finish it this time,’’ Ms Rosewood said. The official winner of the Tour was harder to determine. A technicality saw 15-year-old George Roberts named the winner despite arriving at the finish line after Robert Stannard. A host of prizes including a kayak, cash, and TVs were given to participants and all proceeds from this year’s ride will be donated to local charities. ■ For a full list of results, visit

Unravelling the mysteries of colic Colic has caused headaches for new parents since people first started having babies, and after thousands of years we’ve still not nailed down what causes it. Now a new Massey University study wants to see if one possible cause can be ticked off the list, and they need your help to do it. The aim of the project is to determine whether electrogastrography (EGG), a simple electrical measuring procedure, can detect differences in the stomach activity between babies with and without colic. To do this, the researchers need about 60 babies with feeding difficulties or restlessness after feeding, and 60 babies without these issues, of similar age, with which to compare them. If you are a parent with a baby 1-4 months old, you are invited to participate

BEDS • We make our own beds • We custom make beds • We repair mattresses • We sell second hand beds • 6 year warranty

in our project. It is preferred that babies have been breast fed. The EGG works rather like an electrocardiogram (ECG). Three to five stick-on electrodes, similar to a sticking plaster, are placed over the upper part of your baby’s tummy. They pick up electrical impulses and record them. Readings are taken after feeding, while babies are asleep. EGGs have been used to help diagnose rhythm disorders in adults; the study will see if they can be picked up in colicky babies while observing normal rhythms in other babies. Mild infant colic is common and can occur in both breast-fed and formula-fed infants. It can be caused by a great many things, including the simple swallowing of air during feeding. There are some

06 355 3210


THE RACE IS ON: Riders in the men’s 116km section close in on the finish line at Memorial Park. PICTURE: KIRSTY KAIHAU


Delivering Professional Quality Driver Training • Dangerous Goods Course • Forklift Course OSH and F Endorsement • Truck Class 2-5 Course (Must have Learners Licence) • Passenger Service Endorsement • Wheels Tracks & Rollers on Request

All courses run monthly

Driver Training, Assessments, Licensing & Endorsements, NZQA Registered & Accredited

For Further Enquiries Contact Joy P: 06 354 9362 E: 28 Jasper Place, Palmerston North


First Aid Training

Roslyn Education & Community Health

NZQA Accredited

Full course 8.30am – 5.30pm: Revalidation 8.30am – 1.00pm (see website for more details on revalidation course times)

Wednesday 20 November Friday 6th December Venue: Rose City Aquatic Clubs Rooms Park Road, Palmerston North (Southern end of the Lido) th

Group bookings Welcome

Now located at 68 Grey Street

causes that are more difficult to test for, including simple abnormalities of the rhythm of mixing contractions. These may be due to a food allergy or simply from the baby’s stomach being slow to develop the normal rhythms found in infants. It is possible the EGG will detect these rhythm abnormalities. If so, it could become a quick and easy tool to identify the infant colic that is due to these disruptions. To find out more about what the research involves, or to join the study, contact Peta Larsen at the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health on, or 021 970-233. Participants will receive a $20 shopping or petrol voucher after each EGG session. ■ Bottle feeding — page 20

Register by email, online or phone. Free phone 0508 487246 Email: Please contact our office for further info. Links Training (2008) Ltd Training Professionals

Community Garden Opening Norton Park, Featherston Street (next to Life Church) Saturday 9th November, I0am-1 pm Come and enjoy a free family morning to celebrate the opening of the Community Garden in Roslyn FREE bouncy castl e, saus


and more! & spades age sizzle, fa ce painting, buckets


Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Don’t Be Put Off by High Priced Hearing Aids

Applied Hearing has the best solution for your hearing problems with quality hearing aids costing as little as $1050 each. All visits during the first year are free and you get an automatic 2-month trial period plus once the aids are finalised, a year’s supply of free batteries.

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Trolley Derby Cashmere Drive, Palmerston North Sunday 17 November 2013 - 10.00am - 2.00pm Registration Forms Available From: Palmerston North Police Station or online at

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$10 per Trolley Anyone can ride that trolley during the day

Style-savvy volunteers’ show boosts Red Cross By DALE WICKEN A very fashionable group of Red Cross volunteers took to the catwalk last Thursday night in a fashion show with a community objective. Hosted at the Red Cross Centre on Main Street, the show was a sellout, with over 70 tickets sold prior to the event. Women and men from all walks of life strutted their stuff in the show, with the ages of models ranging from 22 months to over 80 years. It was an exercise in team-building for the volunteer fashionistas, and a celebration of the new vigour that the shop has under new store manager Suzette Alderdice. ‘‘Sales have increased, and there’s a great excitement and momentum we’ve got going at the moment,’’ said Ms Alderdice. ‘‘I was shocked at the popularity of the show; we had to turn people away for tickets because we’d filled all the seats.’’ The night began in perfectly-tuned fashion, with barbershop group Manawatunes serenading the audience. The show GDN071113RedCross included fashion inspiration for all PRETTY IN PINK: Esther Stewart models the latest occasions, including a fashions for flower girls at the Red Cross last week. weekend barbecue, PICTURE: DALE WICKEN special occasion or even a wedding. One item that drew collective be used in the local community, to fund ‘ooohs’ was an exquisite wedding dress Red Cross initiatives like the in-school made from laced tablecloths. ‘‘People Savers’’ and ‘‘Save a Mate’’. All clothing featured in the show was ■ The Red Cross is always on the lookout for from the shop and was available for volunteers, particularly drivers. If you’re purchase afterwards. interested in lending a hand, phone (06) All money raised from the show will 358-0125 or call into the shop on Main Street.

Live the Life you choose at summerset Great people make a great retirement village. Nowhere is that truer than at Summerset. We have a warm and welcoming community where the greetings are friendly and the smiles are genuine. We’re here to enjoy life – whether it’s the organised activities or just getting together for a cup of tea and a chat. There are so many things to do here – but it’s always up to you which activities you choose to enjoy. To see the life we enjoy at Summerset, come to our Open Day on Sunday. For more information call Brent Davis on 06 354 0169. You’ll find us at 180 Ruapehu Drive, Summerhill.

Open Day

Sunday 10 November, 12 noon – 4pm

Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Stockcars puts foot to the floor THEATRE REVIEW Stockcars: The Musical Centrepoint Theatre, Palmerston North On stage until December 14. For times and booking information. phone 06 354-5740 or visit Reviewed by Rob Mildon

JOIN THE DISCUSSION: The most recent Green Drinks, in Square Edge, included a mayoral debate.

Saving the world one sip at a time

BY KARL PEARCE, Sustainable Manawatu What is ‘‘green’’ about people getting together to share drinks? Green Drinks started in 1989, at a pub called the Slug and Lettuce in North London. Edwin Datschefski was sitting with his green design colleagues Yorick Benjamin and Paul Scott when he noticed an enviro-minded acquaintance at a nearby table. That friend was sitting with a few of his own eco-conscious mates, so they pulled some tables together and a movement was born. Now many cities around the world have Green Drinks organisers who help green people get together for informal discussion and networking. The spirit of Green Drinks is that anyone can come, and this makes for interesting interactions. Locally, the Green Hub Trust and Sustainable Manawatu have been running these since 2011 in various locales. Through these years there have been a particular emphasis on green/enviro business featuring a variety of speakers, including Horizons Regional Council, beekeeping workshops, the Packaging Roadshow, Vision Manawatu, the Community Recycling Network and the Chamber of Commerce, with an average attendance of between 40 to 60 people. Now held at the Square Edge Community Arts Centre, the evenings attract a mixture of local environmental sector, local business people as well as city and regional

councillors. We have even had the odd MP attend. More recently, we held a mayoral debate between four of the the main contenders (the others were invited but unable to attend) which attracted over one hundred people. Green Drinks is a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded people in the not-for-profit, business and political sectors, with a focus on both environmental and economic sustainability. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. So we are looking forward to organising our final Green Drinks in November and searching for host organisations for 2014. If you think your organisation and business is enviro-forward thinking, entrepreneurial and business-savvy, please get in touch with me and we will check out what it is you are eco-doing and promote these through the Green Drinks initiative. Our next Green Drinks date is November 14, with various throughout 2014. If interested please contact me on

If there are two things that make Palmerston North iconic, it’s the roar of our Saturday night speedway and the special place we occupy in the rest of the nation’s joke vocabulary. Stockcars: The Musical, written by Palmy natives, exalts both of these things with a knowing smile, acknowledging that yeah, sure, we’re no Melbourne or Copenhagen, but we still rule, and two fingers to anyone who reckons different. Stockcars is one of those classic tales of the ‘‘Kiwi battler’’, filled with instantly recognisable saltof-the-earth heroes, despicable fatwalleted villains, and a strong theme of doing right by your mates. It’s the fractious relationship between former friends and rivals Cam (a gruff Mark Clare) and Malcolm (Jeff Kingsford-Brown, clearly relishing his return to the stage after years away) that drives the plot. It looks like the speedway is going to close, and Cam will do anything to stop it. He focuses his anger on Malcolm, but


is his old enemy who he should be worried about? The characters are strong archetypes without slipping into cliche. You want Cam to win out even as he makes one boar-headed decision after another. His relationship with his daughter Maz (Lucy Lever) is the strongest in the show, and their scenes of alternating conflict and reconciliation are the most touching. Jon Pheloung’s slimy property developer sinks his teeth into the love-to-hate-him ‘‘bad guy’’ role. It’s only Nathan Mudge’s Aussie boy Roy who doesn’t feel quite as genuine as he needs to be in a couple of spots. The songs serve to link to character together, reflecting their different attitudes to a common thread. They’re pretty simple—don’t expect Music Of The Night—and the Balladeers get to have by far the most fun with them, gleefully mining the quirks of timing and scene changes for well-deserved laughs. It wouldn’t be a play about stockcars without some furious speedway action, and the way this is accomplished is cunning in its simplicity, a well-tuned form of ‘‘show don’t tell’’. The last of the three races contains an inspired use of a cinematic technique that’s usually farcical when attempted on stage but works brilliantly in this context, and neatly overcomes the standard predictability that plagues final act ‘‘against the odds’’ sporting face-offs. The blood of Palmerston North flows in the show’s veins. As love-letters to your hometown go, it’s a pretty good one.




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Thursday, November 7, 2013




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Latin films come to Library W¢™• ÷Ÿ©ª¦› ÷¸Ÿª F I©Ÿ—¦«© ð©©•


FY?$J FDFDH YZ FYDJ HÆ¢ ¦·Æœ e` Z©ž¶«Ä¶¦ d9cf¨« W [Æ¢²ª¶¶ HÆ¢ ¦·Æœ e` Z©ž¶«Ä¶¦ _9cf¨«

Food, friendship and fishing are among the themes at this year’s Latin American Film Festival. Beginning tomorrow at the City Library and playing until November 23, the Festival’s 12th year will showcase 10 Spanish language

films as a window into Latin American countries and cultures. Embassies of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela selected a film from each of

Palmerston North Choral Society Performing two of the world’s most modern and moving choral pieces

John Rutter’s

0-- F²¸¯¶¢¤ x_f>ff

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b آ

J$0':< HF$0': ?cüü\$H FYDJ F´ ¦¤·Æœ de Z©ž¶«Ä¶¦ ef9ff Æ«< e9ff¨«

Magnificat Karl Jenkins

Stella Natalis NZ Premiere

7.30pm Saturday 30 November, St Peter’s Church Ruahine St Palmerston North. Adults $25. Concession $20. Students $15 Under 10yrs free. Tickets from Choir or at venue from 7.00pm

their countries for screening nationwide, working with Massey University and the City Library to bring the festival to Palmerston North. Dr Leonel Alvarado, Senior Lecturer in Spanish Language at Massey’s Turitea campus, says the films include fascinating and critically acclaimed Latin American films. ‘‘Events such as this offer a unique opportunity not to be missed,’’ he says. This year’s selection includes Habanastation, a Cuban story of family, social and political issues; The Grandfather, a moving Spanish tale of exile and return to the homeland; The Way I Like It, a delicious Venezuelan story of Latin food and transatlantic love; Bad Day to Go Fishing, a heartfelt drama based on a classic Uruguayan short story; the acclaimed Argentinean film Sidewalls; the moving Chilean story My Best Enemy; from Ecuador and Colombia comes Fisherman, based on real events; Gods is a dramatic portrayal of the Peruvian upper class; Recipes to Stay Together takes us on a lively journey into Mexican cuisine;

0· -¢ xe_>ff *´²-· úcWec œ¶Æ¦¤ø xef>ff *©ª¸ xea>ff

W¢™• ÷Ÿ©ª¦› ÷¸Ÿª F I©Ÿ—¦«© ð©©•


_ '0:H \cA$ F´ ¦¤·Æœ e= '¶¸¶«Ä¶¦ _9cf¨«

9pm - 9am daily

the festival wraps up with award-winning Brazilian story, Buddies. Cuban ambassador Maria del Carmen Herrera Caseiro, will be at the opening night screening of Habanastation and will treat the audience to a Cuban cocktail. Brazilian ambassador Eduardo Gradilone will host a closing night event, with a talk about Buddies and sharing the delights of Brazilian food and drinks. All movies have English subtitles and will screen at 7pm in the City Library’s Sound & Vision Zone. Opening night begins at 6.30pm. All films are gold coin entry. For more information contact the City Library on (06) 351-4100, or the School of Humanities, Massey University, on (06) 356-9099 ext 81143.

Info Hotline 355 5656

This week, on your LOCAL radio station...

FFRIDAY RIDAY 16.00 BBC: Science in 19.00 AM Action 10.00 Man Up 17.30 A Man With Two Hats 11.00 Volunteering’s Voice 18.00 Best of British 12.00 A Green Ear Unsigned 13.00 Emma in the Afternoon 19.00 Black & Blue 15.00 The Russian Show 20.00 Musical Geeks & 16.00 BBC: Assignment Nerdy Freaks 17.00 Amazing Grace WEDNESDAY 19.00 Doing it in the Dirt 19.00 AM 20.00 Metalheads 11.00 Precious Memories SATURDAY 12.30 The Week in 10.00 The Mum Diaries Parliament 12.00 Democracy Now! 14.00 Squarewaves 14.00 Paakiwaha 15.00 Women’s Voices of 18.30 Friend of Marilyn Poland 19.00 The Latin Hour 16.00 BBC: Heart and Soul 20.00 Combustible Lemons 17.00 The Russian Show SUNDAY 17.30 Authentic Success 19.30 Catholic Radio 18.00 Friend of Marilyn 12.30 Mostly Harmless 19.00 Bhutani Awaj 13.00 Bhutani Awaj 20.00 Te Puutake 14.30 Let the Bible Speak THURSDAY 15.00 Irish Time 19.00 AM 15.30 Musical Confection 10.30 Cityscope 16.00 Beautiful Roses 11.00 Don’s Discourse 17.00 Tinig Pinoy 11.45 Wheeler’s Corner 18.00 A Green Ear 13.00 Adam in the Afternoon 19.00 Telling Tales 16.00 BBC: Discovery 20.00 Metalheads 17.00 Musical Confection MONDAY 17.30 Don’s Discourse 19.00 AM 19.00 SquareWaves 10.00 Collaborative Voices 20.00 Spectrum Disco Party 12.00 Iain Lees-Galloway Show 12.30 A Man With Two Hats 13.00 Unwelcome Guests 15.00 Nana Moo’s Country Show 16.00 BBC: The Documentary 17.00 Women’s Voices of Poland 19.00 Lockdown 20.00 The 80’s at 8 Join Ray Woodley every TUESDAY Thursday at 5pm for “Musical 9.00 AM Confection”, a mixed bag of 10.00 Wesley Methodist musical allsorts, on Access Church Manawatu! 11.00 PN Street Van Repeated on Sundays at 3:30pm. 11.30 Flatting Today 12.30 Cityscope


FRIENDS?: A Chilean patrol finds itself lost both physically and metaphorically in My Best Enemy. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Cinema Gold Schedule


THANKS FOR SHARING (R16) sex scenes offensive language and content that may disturb (2hrs) Thu 10.30am 1pm 8pm Fri 10.30am 3.15pm 8pm Sat 1.15pm 8pm Sun 12.45pm 5.30pm Mon 1pm 5.45pm Tue 10.45am 12.45pm 8pm Wed 10.30am 3.15pm 8pm CLOUDBURST (M) offensive language and nudity (1hr 45mins) Thu 1.10pm 6pm Fri 10.45am 5.45pm Sat 11am 6pm Sun 10.30am 3.20pm Mon 6pm Tue 10.30am 6pm Wed 10.45am 5.45pm INCH’ALLAH (M) violence and offensive language partly subtitled (1hr 40mins) Thu 10.45am 8.10pm Fri 3.30pm 6pm Sat 8.15pm Sun 10.45am Mon 3.40pm Tue 1.10pm 8.10pm Wed 3.30pm 6pm BEYOND THE EDGE (G) (1hr 45mins) Thu 3.30pm 5.45pm Fri 1pm 8.15pm Sat 10.30am 5.45pm Sun 1pm 5.45pm Mon 3.30pm Tue 3.15pm 5.45pm Wed 1pm 8.15pm GARDENING WITH SOUL (G) (1hr 40mins) Thu 3.20pm Fri 1.10pm Sat 3.40pm Sun 3.10pm Mon 1.15pm Tue 3.30pm Wed 1.10pm MET OPERA EUGENE ONEGIN (E) 4hrs 15mins) Sat 1pm


Second Tuesday and Last Tuesday of Each Month. Morning Tea served from 10am, 10.30am movie. Bookings Essential 12 November: CLOUDBURST

SESSIONS THURSDAY 7 NOVEMBER TO WEDNESDAY 13 NOVEMBER 3D “BRING BABY TOO!” THOR: THE DARK WORLD (M) Contains violence (Sorry no complimentaries) (2hrs 5mins)• Thu 1.45pm 8.30 Fri 10.30am 1pm 8.30pm Sat/Sun 3.15pm 5.50pm Mon 1pm 3.30pm 6pm Tue 10.30am 1pm 8.30pm Wed 10.30am 8pm THE BUTLER (M) Contains violence & offensive language (2hrs 30mins) • Thu 11am 5.30pm Fri 2.50pm 5.40pm Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue 11am 5.30pm Wed 11am THE COUNSELOR (R16) Contains graphic violence, sex scenes & offensive language (2hrs 10mins) • Thu 2.15pm 8.30pm Fri 10.30am 8.30pm Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed 2.15pm 8.30pm THOR: THE DARK WORLD (M) Contains violence (Not in 3D) (2hrs 5mins) • Thu 10.30am Fri 3.30pm 6pm Sat/Sun/Mon 10.30am 8.30pm Tue 3.30pm 6pm Wed 1.45pm CAPTAIN PHILLIPS (M) Contains violence (2hrs 30mins) • Thu 11am 2.15pm 5.30pm 8.30pm Fri 11am 2.15pm 8pm Sat/ Sun/Mon/Tue 11am 2.15pm 5.30pm 8.30pm Wed 11am 2.15pm 8.30pm ABOUT TIME (M) Contains offensive language & sexual references (2hrs 15mins) • Thu 11am 2pm 5.40pm 8.20pm Fri 11am 2pm 8.20pm Sat/Sun 2pm 5.40pm 8.20pm Mon/Tue 11am 2pm 5.40pm 8.20pm Wed 11am 2pm 8.20pm RUNNER RUNNER (M) Contains violence, offensive language & sex scenes ((1hr 45mins) • Thu 1pm 8pm Fri 1pm 6pm Sat/Sun/Mon/ Tue/Wed 1pm 8pm

ADULTS $10.90 CHILDREN $9.40 UNDER 5’S FREE Wed 10.30am GRAVITY (M) Contains offensive language & content that may disturb (1hr 45mins) • Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue 10.30am 3.30pm 5.45pm Wed 3.30pm MUST FINISH SOON! ADULTS $10.90 CHILDREN & SENIOR CITIZENS &9.40 RIDDICK (R16) Contains violence, sexual references & offensive language (2hrs 10mins) • Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/ Tue 5.45pm RUSH (R13) Contains violence, offensive language, sex scenes & content that may disturb (2hrs 15mins) • Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue/ Wed 8.15pm ADULTS AT CHILDRENS PRICES! ALL SEATS $9.40 PLANES (G) (2hrs) • Sat/Sun 1pm THE SMURFS 2 (G) (2hrs) • Sat/Sun 11am 3pm TURBO (G) (1hr 50mins) • Sat/Sun 10.30am 12.45pm RIALTO PRISONERS (R16) Contains violence, offensive language & content that may disturb (2hrs 45mins) • Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue/ Wed 10.30am 1.45pm 5pm 8.10pm

Thursday, November 7, 2013




Playing outside the square When you think jazz, Switzerland isn’t what pops first into your mind. Allow Swiss-based jazz quartet No Square to change your mind at the Evelyn Rawlins Room in Square Edge tomorrow at 8pm. With eight albums to their name, No Square have embarked on a goodwill tour promoting jazz, French language and cultural relations. They come to Palmerston North through the joint efforts of the Manawatu Jazz Club (MJC) and Alliance Francaise, on this 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between New Zealand and Switzerland. No Square is well known in Europe and has gained a large following abroad from its frequent tours. Palmerston North and Nelson are the only two smaller centres included in the group’s itinerary, so the MJC is delighted to have such a high profile group performing for jazz fans here — proving that such people do exist outside outside the big cities!


Formed in 1994, No Square have recorded eight albums and toured extensively across Europe and also a couple of trips around South America. This year, having just returned from Argentina, they have launched into a tour of China, New Zealand and Australia. Their lineup is sax, piano, bass and drums, playing ‘‘post-Bop’’. Such a dynamic outfit is guaranteed to play a captivating gig. Reviewing their concert in August, Miguel Bronfman of the Buenos Aires Herald wrote, ‘‘Within the classic format of jazz . . . No Square has developed its own style, based above all in the original compositions. In all, the band’s collective energy, the way they transmit their cohesion and their mutual commitment but also, their melodic, emotionally expressive improvisations, and creative percussive and rhythmic variations, are a real pleasure to listen to.’’ Check out their website with YouTube links at


Manawatu Guardian


ut ...

If you can’t see us, see ACCA DACCA

■ Tickets are $25 adults, $20 Manawatu Jazz Club or Alliance Francaise members, $14 students, available at the door from 7pm. Refreshments will be served.





We would like to highlight the need to give cyclists the recommended 1.5 metre clearance by other vehicles.



book now on (06) 354 5740 or tickets from $18 - $38 dinner and show $68 pp


WINTICKETS to Garden Tour 9th and 10th November 2013

Enter now!

Simply email the word tour with your contact details to to enter the draw Entries close 4pm Thursday 7th November 2013.

Get in Quick

Buy tickets now from: Westpac Terrace End branch, Palmerston North Proudly supported by


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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Local Hair and Beauty How long has your team been hairdressing for?

Maree 11years, Tristina 5 years, Sarah 7 years & Sophie 2 years

What is the favourite part of the job?

Seeing ear to ear smiles on our clients when they leave the salon after receiving a new look from one of our team. We love the satisfaction of knowing that every day we make a difference in people lives by making them look great.

What is your teams specialty?

Weddings and school balls! This current year we added another string to our bow. Our team is now trained in Vani-t mineral make up so we can offer hair and make-up packages for weddings, school balls and special occasions. This removes the hassle of dashing from one place to the next.

Why should people come to your salon first?

-We are always on the lookout for new products and services that will make our clients hair even better! -We care about our clients -We use high end quality products, only the best for our clients -We also offer FREE parking and YUMMY coffee

346 Albert St, Hokowhitu, Palmerston North


How long have you been a beauty therapist? 3 ½ years What is the favourite part of your job? Making people feel comfortable in their own skin, helping my clients to feel good about themselves Why should people come to you first? • For our warm friendly atmosphere • Relaxing treatments • Free parking • Competitive prices What is your specialty? All aspects of beauty therapy, our speciality’s include waxing, gel nails (designs), eyelash extensions and vani-t spray tans, but we love a variety. What beauty tip can you give? • Cleanse your face with warm water using 1tbsp of gelatin & 1 tsp of warm milk, mix together briskly and paint onto your face as you would a mask. • Allow time for mask to set then peel of the entire layer. • Once removed tone and moisturize your skin this masks helps to draw out black heads deep in your pores and helps to remove dead skin.

Q : How long have you been a Hairdresser? A : 80 yrs combined between us all! Q : Whats your favourite part of the job? A : We strive to make people feel good about themselves, offering advice on colours & styling that would suit them. Q : Why should people come to you first? A : We’re an experienced team in a warm & friendly atmosphere, making people feel relaxed & comfortable Q : What's your Specialty? A : Our specialty is colouring, cutting & styling hair for special events




Q : What beauty tip can you give? A : ALWAYS use a heat protector on your hair when using hairdryers, straighteners or curling irons 362A Main Street, Palmerston North

A: 70a Manchester Street, Feilding l T: 06 323 4068 W:

PH: 358 4010 •


ALEXANDER’S mens hair stylists

proof out 9431978AA

Q: How long have you been a hairdresser? A: 38 years’ experience with four generations of hairdressers in the family Q: What is your salons specialty? A: Traditional ‘Hair Up’ hairstyles Q: What do you pride about your salon? A: We are one of the best hair stylists in the Manawatu that style for both men and women Q: What is your biggest achievement as a hairdresser? A: I won the ‘Hair Up’ section for bride of the year in Wellington and was a finalist for service in the Manawatu

La Madonna european Hairstylists | 06 356 9357

Q: How long you have been a hairdresser? A: Owned this Business 7 years worked here 17 years Q: What’s your favourite part of your job? A: Making people feel good, talking & listening to them Q: Why should people come to you first? A: Quick Efficient reasonable prices. No Appointment Needed. Q: What’s Your Speciality? A: Cutting 5 Chair Hairdresser Victoria Ave Hairdresser 31A Victoria Ave • Ph 3565704

How long have you been a makeup artist for?

I’ve been a freelance Professional Makeup Artist full time for 3 years now but I’ve had an interest in the industry since 1998. Becoming qualified has honestly been the best thing I have ever done and now I’m doing my Master International Makeup Professional qualification.

Whats your favourite part of the job?

I get to work with all sorts of people and show them how to emphasise the beauty they already have. I’m involved with a variety of events from Weddings, School Balls and other various functions to Avant-garde Fashion Shoots and Charity Fashion Shows. I love giving back. When you see someone look in the mirror and you see that instant confidence they have, it doesn’t even feel like work. I love it.

Why should people come to you?

I’m based in Levin but I travel all over the lower North Island. I also do Makeup Lessons and sell the products I use on my clients (see my online store at I use cosmetics that are not only long lasting and give beautiful results but are also formulated to be anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, which is great for sensitive skin, but also eco-friendly and cruelty free. It’s how all cosmetics should be.

What is your speciality?

I specialize in glamour makeup that is very wearable, soft and perfectly tailored to the woman wearing it. I believe you should still look and feel like you, only breath-taking.

Do you have a beauty tip to share?

I love sharing beauty tips on my Facebook page but one of my favorites is to swap your black eyeliner for a white one during the day. Use it in your waterline and frame your eyes with bronze or slate shadow instead. Instant youthful, wide awake eyes.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Manawatu Guardian


Thought-provoking, worthwhile and long MOVIE REVIEW Prisoners Downtown Cinemas Directed by Denis Villieneuve 153 minutes Reviewed by Dale Wicken The opening scene of Prisoners features an ‘‘always be prepared for the worst’’ speech that is such blatant foreshadowing that it’s borderline cringe-worthy. It’s not the most promising start, but it does get better. Hugh Jackman plays Keller Dover, a character seemingly epitomising the all-American male: a God-fearing, businessowning husband with two kids, a comfortable home and a talent for hunting. He’s prepared for everything, with a basement filled with supplies to see the family through a hurricane or zombie apocalypse. But he isn’t prepared for his daughter and her friend Joy to go missing. The police, led by Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal), soon have to release Alex (Paul Dano), the only suspect, but Dover is


STARE INTO THE ABYSS . . . Hugh Jackman contemplates taking the law into his own hands in Prisoners. convinced he knows something. From that point onwards, Loki and Dover butt heads about the course of the investigation,

each taking their own path towards solving the mystery. Gyllenhaal plays Loki in an understated but compelling way.

While he’s the stereotypical cop who threatens to lose the plot under pressure, he’s interesting, mysterious and intense.

Hugh Jackman is excellent. He’s monstrous, yes, but entirely believable, particularly in one scene where he rages at Loki in vein-popping, nostril-flaring fury. The two exemplify the notso-black-and-white hero-villain struggle. The film pushes logical as well as moral boundaries. There are plenty of twists and turns in the plot, and they’re not always straightforward. One sub-plot is frustratingly not explained or tied-up in the end, and doesn’t really add anything to the film, other than to confuse viewers. Ingredients like the ‘‘moral compass’’ character feel as though they were added to avoid too much deviation from the Hollywood formula. Prisoners crystallises the terror of a parent’s worst nightmare. It’s evocative and enthralling — though not enough that you don’t notice its considerable length. There are a couple of things that let it down, but the ambiguity presented about righteous violence, and how we’re supposed to feel about it, makes the film a worthwhile and though-provoking watch.

Local Hair and Beauty LIMBRICK HAIR & BEAUTY

Skin Therapy Day Spa Welcomes Aleisha From In Vision


Q: How long have you been in a Beautician/hairdresser ? A: 3 Years Q: What’s your favourite part of your job? A: Meeting new clients every day and making them feel great when they leave. Q: Why should people come to you first? A: Skin Therapy Day Spa offers the most amazing treatments. Q: what’s Your Specialty? A: Facials in Osmosis and Intraceuticals, a skin range driven by results. Q: What beauty tip can you give? A: Looking after your skin, sooner rather than late, will help you age gracefully. Level 1 /2 Linton Street Palmerston North Ph 3531466

I absolutely adore my bridal makeup clients

Q: How long have you been a Professional Makeup Artist? A: After Graduating with a Bachelor of Business Studies I saw a niche in the local Market for Mobile Makeup Artists and decided to pursue my passion for Makeup Artistry. With obtaining a Diploma in Makeup Artistry in 2012 I have successfully been providing my professional mobile services during weekends and week nights for just over a year now. Q: What’s the favourite part of your job? A: Being able to empower women of all ages to feel confident and look gorgeous. Q: Why should people come to you first? A: I thrive on using top end products such as M.A.C. & Artistry and continually learn new techniques to ensure I provide the best quality and most up-to-date service to my clients. A huge benefit is that you can enjoy my services in the comfort of your own home, hotel or local hair salon (if approved by the owner). Q: What’s Your Specialty? A: I absolutely adore my bridal makeup clients and think it is such a special event to be a part of! I also specialise in balls, beauty pageant makeup, skincare consultations and provide makeup lessons to a variety of ages. Q: What beauty tip can you give? A: Makeup is meant to only magnify the beauty that already exists. The key is learning how to magnify your individual beauty by using the correct products and application technique suited to you and your age!

m: 027 428 0702 • e: w:

Q: How long have you been in

the Hair/Beauty Business? A: Chris – 30 yrs; Sheryll – 20 yrs Q: What’s your favourite part of the job? A: Watching our clients walk out with a smile, happy with our one on one fabulated service Q: Why should people come to you first? A: Our days are about laughter & fabulating with your beauty Q: What’s your Specialty within the business? A: Fabulating Q: What’s one good beauty tip you can

give to our readers? A: Fabulate daily


PHONE 06 358 1159


Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Events bloom as summer holiday season approaches with JULIE BOWE Did you enjoy the taste of summer we had over the weekend? As it warms up, the number of events increases as well. For a full list of what’s on visit ■ Head out and enjoy the rhododendron flowering season at the magnificent 4ha Heritage Park in Kimbolton. Meander around huge lawns, ponds and pathways to view over 2000 Rhododendrons. ■ Local History Week continues. Here are some of the events remaining. For all enquiries and bookings contact Research & Archives at the City Library on (06) 351-4100 or visit them on the second floor. — Tour the seven sculptures installed by the Public Sculpture Trust between 2007 and 2012, with discussion about the origins of the works and the artists involved. Today at 2pm. Bookings essential. — A talk at Maori Battalion Hall on Cuba St looks at the hall’s history. Friday, noon. — The Victoria Esplanade was opened in

1897 to mark Queen Victoria’s 60th Jubilee. Tour on Sunday at 2pm. Bookings essential. ■ Congratulations to everyone nominated for Central Energy Trust Manawatu Sportsperson of the Year. The awards ceremony is on Friday at Awapuni Function Centre. ■ Manfeild is turning 40! Celebrate an evening of nostalgia with a fabulous meal, catch up with old acquaintances, enjoy entertainment by some old timers, and have a look through the archives, enjoying the memories. On Saturday 9th from 6pm. ■ The Steam Traction Society’s 50th Jubilee is on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th at 76 Maewa Road, Feilding. Plenty of traction engines, roller rides and a chance to steer one. Working portable and stationary engines, vintage tractors and machinery, live steam models, and steam driven sawmill. Open at 10am. ■ Zontas Manawatu Country Garden Ramble takes you around a selection of gardens, some of which have not been open to the public before, on Saturday and

the eleventh month: Armistice Day, Monday 11th. A short service of remembrance on the 95th anniversary of the armistice ending the First World War in Manchester Square, Feilding. ■ PechaKucha Palmerston North #6 is happening Tuesday 12th. Speakers are Agneesh Brahmbhatt on ‘‘Generative Design’’, Jennifer Moss on ‘‘Colouring lives with music’’, Sirjana Singh on ‘‘The love of words’’, Bettina Anderson on ‘‘Manawatu love 1’’, Neil Wallace on urban art, and David Lupton on ‘‘Manawatu love 2’’. At The Darkroom from 7pm. ■ A Festive Affair by Milverton Kindergarten. Make a start on your Christmas shopping. Includes a Christmas cooking demonstration by Hester Guy, Christmas decorating demonstration by the Christmas Heirloom Company with a complimentary glass of wine, nibbles and goodie bag on arrival. At College Street Normal School, Wednesday 13th from 6.30pm to 9pm. Tickets and enquiries to Keri at or 021 170-9286.

Sunday. You are given a map to plan you own itinerary to visit between 9.30am and 4.30pm. For further information and tickets, email or phone (06) 324-8731 ■ Peter Wedde, from Wellington, an obsessed energetic antique dealer with over 25 years in the trade, is giving public appraisals on Sunday 10th at Te Manawa. Come along and bring an item for evaluation. Note: charges apply to items being valued. From 10am. ■ Local History Week Open Days. — Caccia Birch began life 120 years ago as a relatively modest two-storied home overlooking the lagoon. Transformed into a luxurious home it later took on many roles and is now run as a function centre. Open Sunday 10th, 1pm to 4pm. — Palmerston North Electric Power Station on Keith Street; come to view an engine start up at 2pm. No charge but a donation towards earthquake strengthening this Category One industrial building is appreciated. ■ The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of

Childcare Answer for birthdays and after-school care manager Jody Jeffrey. Jack & Jill’s birthday parties, too, put the emphasis on "no stress, no mess and no fuss!" and range from simple play for the toddlers; to themed parties dipping into a huge range of costumes, involving princesses, pirates, superheroes and more; up to discos for the older kids. Each party is unique. "Our parties will be designed differently according to who’ll be there," says Jody. One was as simple as a photo shoot for a group of new mums and dads and their new babies. Jody maintains a dialogue with parents so that dietary, religious and other needs can be accommodated. All her staff are fully OSCAR-approved and are mature mums themselves — they know a thing or two about looking after kids. To take the headache out of birthday and after-school planning, contact Jack & Jill KidZone on (06) 355-4835; you can also find more information at or on their Facebook page.


PIRATES AND ANGELS: Birthday parties at Jack & Jill KidZone keep your kids’ imaginations working.

FAMILY MATTERS Homebased Learning Environments Seeking Passionate Educators and Excited Children! • Our service works with you, for you • Very attractive rates for Educators • Resources and equipment provided for educators and children to explore and discover! • Community groups and excursions at NO extra cost to you! • Educators work within TeWhariki framework • Homes meet MOE requirements • WINZ subsidies available - it could cost you as little as $1.09 per hour • 20 ECE hours are actually free!

“Let’s go on learning journeys together…”

So, why wouldn’t you phone us today? Talk to Our Paula Grigg!!

P: 213 9829 E: W: Quality Homebased Childcare.

No Stress, No Mess, No Fuss Come Party with us Fantastic Dress up themed Birthday Party for boys and girls. Great venue, plenty of room for the adult guests. Amazing Staff organize and host it all, home-style Party food, games Prizes and over 200 costumes.


Palmerston North Visitors Welcome

20 Free hours (no fees)

Positions Available, Taking enrolments now

Playgroup also available

Booking is Essentials

Call Jody Today 06 3554835 2b Pitama Road, Riverdale, Palmerston North


While children are still young, the lot of mums and dads is often a stressful one — and that’s without the additional complication of birthday parties or after-school arrangements. Fortunately, help is at hand. Let Jack & Jill KidZone take the weight of organising these things. You deserve a break! The after-school programme will keep your children busy in an environment suited to finishing homework as well as relaxing and having a bit of fun. Jack & Jill’s staff will pick your kids up from school, provide them some afternoon tea, and help with any homework they might have. After that, it’s activity time, and you never know what will be happening from day to day. Some days it might be board games or charades, others it’ll be making lava lamps or kites. At 4.30pm it’s time to wind down and relax with a dvd or and Xbox game. ‘‘We try to think outside the square with our activities, trying our best to give the kids a difference experience,’’ says Jack & Jill’s

187 Ruahine Street 06 354 4514

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Manawatu Guardian



REACHing out for two years REACH Roslyn has a vision of encouraging people in the suburb to participate in their community to make it a vibrant and safe place to live, and now celebrates its second birthday. The group was started after former mayor Heather Tanguay held a community meeting with residents, community and support groups and individuals and businesses in the Roslyn area. This networking culminated in the ‘‘Have a Say’’ Day in

February 2012 where people from the suburb came together to have a fun day at Norton Park and also have a say on what could improve the area. The community suggested several improvements, such as wanting the Scout Hall painted, raising the standard of parks in the area, and establishing a community garden. This garden was developed in Norton Park and will be handed over to the community on November 9. REACH Roslyn’s next project

is working with ‘‘at risk’’ youth in the area to use their skills to paint murals on the boundary fences at Norton Park. The group is also in the very early stages of working with PNCC to improve the park on Vogel Street. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month in the Roslyn Community Library on Kipling Street, where groups and Roslyn residents meet to discuss ideas for, and issues in, the suburb; REACH

encourages locals to come and have a say. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, November 20, at 5.30pm. Learn more about REACH Roslyn at the Roslyn Library, or from its Facebook page at ReachRoslyn. ■ Free technology training is being offered every second Friday at the Roslyn Library. November 15 is the next session.

Training slots are for up to 30 minutes per session, and, if needed, individuals can book in for further sessions. It covers anything from issues with cell phones, iPods and tablets to working with desktop PCs or laptops, including things like how to set up a Facebook account. You’re welcome to bring your own laptop along. To join in, visit Louise in the Library or call her on (06) 357-9287.

SERVICES DIRECTORY Blanchetts says thanks What an extraordinary year this has been. Blanchetts Fine Furniture of 58 Napier Road, Palmerston North, is so grateful for the business support of the people of the Manawatu region. Much of our business used to come from outside of our region with the sale of new furniture, of which we specialise in manufacturing traditional English and American style sofas and chairs. As well as manufacturing, Blanchetts supply curtain making and interior design consultancy services which have been well used. We see this as one of the many positive signals of the resurgence in our region’s economy. People are now more inclined to have

their weary sofas and chairs recovered. Our message is to consider refurbishment if the chair frame is solid. We can restore comfort levels; enhance the looks, and save sending more to our already burgeoning landfills. Blanchetts Fine Furniture use traditional methods of furniture making and restoration. Solid natural New Zealand timber frames are made by Tony Williams of Snake Gully Joinery and Bill Dear of Homewood Furniture. Furniture repairs are completed by Bill Dear and Brian Boyes of Woodcraft Restoration. Add to this blend Bruce, who is a first-class traditionally trained upholsterer, Vicki with huge sewing experience, Judy with Interior Design and Alan, our new apprentice, and you can guarantee

your project is in the safe hands of a very experienced team. Blanchetts’ factory, showroom and fabric displays are located at 58 Napier Road, Palmerston North. Look for our kerbside sign between Kruzin Customs and Kev’s Tyres almost opposite the Terrace End Cemetery main gates. Blanchetts contact details are: work (06) 358-1227 mob (021) 932-693, email john@blanchetts or visit our website at

OPEN 7.30 - 5pm Weekdays Saturday 9am - 4pm

The Best Way To Promote Your Business, Event Or Team...


We really appreciate your ongoing support and say a huge thank you to you, the people of our region.

Nice Tiles, Ugly Grout? Don’t put up with it any longer!

• Grout cleaning & recolouring • Grout replacement • Damaged tile replacement • Silicone replacement • Tile “Anti-Slip” treatment • Shower glass restoration • GARAGE CARPET TILES


OPEN SATURDAY 9am-4pm 62 Napier Road, Palmerston North

Call Graeme on 06 357 2101

To advertise your business in the Service Directory


Phone: 06 354 0030

LocaL repairs Genuine spare parts

our Sales Team

At the Guardian

Ph:(06) 3575053

0800 372 273

• T-Shirts • Stickers/Signs • Vehicle Graphics • Graphic Design • Digital Printing

P: 353 2094 M: 021 358 553


REUPHOLSTERY CURTAINS Visitors welcome to our Showroom p: 06 357 1224 | 58 Napier Road, Palmerston North


Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ready your garden for festive season Now is the prime time to get your property spruced up for the Christmas season, and The Landscape Supply Yard has everything you need to get the job done: bark, sand, soils, compost, aggregates, drainage and decorative stones, and a truckload of other gardening and landscaping supplies. You can purchase by the bag or go the whole nine yards and buy in bulk. If you can’t pick it up with your own trailer, hire one of ours for $5, or we can deliver it to you, 7 days a week, in any quantity you require. You can even order hot and cold drinks from Coffee in a Box, based at the Yard, to arrive with your delivery. What a way to start your project! Arranging a delivery is easy. You can order online, by phone, or stop by the Yard in person. If you order a load of two cubic metres or more, delivery is free to Palmerston North or Linton. The Landscape Supply Yard can even deliver two bulk products in one delivery.

If it’s a design you need to get you started, the Outerlife Design team are the residential landscape design specialists based at the Landscape Supply Yard. Drop into the Yard during the week to see them about how they can work with you to create a new vision for your home’s surroundings. They can prepare everything from a rough sketch to a full 3D computermodelled walkthrough, depending on your design budget. Even if you’re not shopping for landscaping materials, stop in at Coffee In A Box for a morning pick-me-up on the way into town. They’re open from 7am Monday, 8am Saturday and 9am Sunday, so even the earliest birds can get something to perk up their day. Let the team at The Landscape Supply Yard help you get ready for Christmas! Remember, we have fresh-cut pine Christmas trees available throughout December.

FUELLING UP: Shane heads off on another gardening supplies delivery; Sammy from Coffee In A Box makes sure he’s got something to keep him going.


The Solution to a Warmer Drier Bathroom JUST LOOK AT THE BENEFITS No Steam, Mould Extractor Fan and or Mildew Heater not required Condensation Eliminated


Clear Mirrors


Cosy Warm Less Cleaning Shower Saves Power


Local Supplier & Installer!

Wally Campbell

P 06 355 3252 | M 021 100 9074

New Zealand’s Zealand’s best New Zealand’s

tile deals arrarrived sdeals have in tilehave in

Palmerston rstonNNorth North Palmerston Largest selection of OPENING NING S SALE floor and wall tiles.

Extensive range of trade 60% to to 20 gear. DIY6 and

Friendly staff advice. ALL OFF ALLand TTILES

Formerly Formerly Lifes LifestilesDirect Direct Formerly Lifestiles

1021 Trem 1021 TremaineAve Ave 1021 Tremaine Palmersto PalmerstonNorth North Palmerston Ph 06 35 3583232 3232 PhPh 0606 358 Open MMon Open Mon - Fri Open - Fri 7.30am 7.30am- 5.00pm - 5.30pm. 8.00am SatSat 9 9 -- 3pm 4pm Sat 9am


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Manawatu Guardian

This is a very exciting and positive time to be involved with print. Fisher Print in Feilding is the Manawatu’s leading print manufacturer. Renowned for their ability to adapt and grow with industry and market trends, Fisher Print has a proud history of reinvestment, keeping up to date with the latest in print technology. As a result of their increasing workload and extensive national client base, Fisher Print has recently completed an overhaul of their finishing department. A new G + K High Speed Folder has been added which can average 30,000 A4 sheets down to DLE per hour. Alongside this is a new guillotine which can cut up to 1000 sheets of 80gsm paper with one stroke of the blade. This new equipment allows Fisher Print to give their valued customers a competitive edge with a faster turnaround, superior quality and better pricing. Fisher Print can handle any print order, big or small. They have a large array of printing and digital presses capable of producing work as simple as business cards, docket books and office stationery right through to full colour marketing, magazines and annual reports. They know the success of any product or form comes down to good design so,

& Commercial property owners • We arrive at your property, load your rubbish & go. It’s that simple!

We do all of the work for you by removing almost anything, from green waste, old office furniture to building waste & general rubbish...



D.C.M CONTRACTING • Earth Moving • Hole Boring • Section Clearing • Trenching • Drain Clearing

Bobcat • Excavator • Truck Hire Dave Morse Ph: 06 359 2949 Mob: 027 284 1428

whether you are after something that has strong visual presence or looking at the most cost effective and functional way of producing a form, our design team can help. ■ For all your design and printing needs, call Fisher Print on 0800 48 58 68 or email us on for a free no obligation quote.

The Best Way To Promote Your Business, Event Or Team...

NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL Fast & efficient service

SAL ELECTRICAL LTD Call Phil Smith 357 4914 or 027 210 4150

Approved Service Agents for all Torch & Regulator Repairs. Prompt reliable service by qualified experienced repairer. Also for sale quality reconditioned Torches & Regulators: Oxy, acety, Co2, argon regulators & more. 737 Main Street (REAR SHOP), TERRACE END, PALMERSTON NORTH PHONE 06 359 0420

Garden & Property Maintenance


Chris Dungan Electrical & Mechanical • All types of electrical installations, maintenance & renovations • Residential & commercial electrical contracting & servicing • Electrical inspections & caravan EWOF • Fitness equipment servicing

Lawnmowing Section Clearing Gardening Lawn Care & Spraying Headge Trimming Home Cleaning/Windows Tree Pruning Ride-on Mowing Landscaping Rubbish Removal Call now for a FREE same day quote

027 446 7140 • A/H (06) 323 2135

06 356 0000

Dave McLeod 021 842 777



Murray Torwick

781 Rangitikei Line Palmerston north 06 356 7323 021 819 040

• • • •

Tarsealing Digger Hire Earthworks Truck Hire



• Appliance Servicing • Home heating solutions • Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Electrical


Karen on 06 355 8161 or 0800 116 016 or direct to Roger on 027 625 8180 Member of PMANZ & ERMA approved


Pettersson Plumbing & Drainage Ltd

Darren Pettersson

P 06 358 5038 F 06 356 3247 M 027 664 4655 PO Box 4125, Palmerston North 4442 E

Craftsman, Plumber, Drain Layer, Gas Fitter, Registered Shower Installer, Solar, Wetback You Name It We Do It Quality Workmanship Guaranteed


Decks | Pergola and Outdoor Areas | Fences Small Alteration Work | Bathrooms | Demolition Work

0800 4 Local Builders Supporting The Manawatu ACC Advocate

Need help with ACC? We can help you Contact us today

Hazelhurst Advocates We are ACC Specialists Reviews • Appeals • Case Management Phone:(06) 353-1960


• Crash repair Specialists • Motorcycle repair • One stop panel & paint Approved by all insurance companies

On Call 24/7 305 Rangitikei St, Palmerston North

…total Pest Control

All products & treatment procedures applied by a Certified Approved Handler.

P: 353 2094 M: 021 358 553

Dittmer Collision Repair


0800 48 58 68

Phone (06) 356 9384 Fax (06) 356 9270 Email: 590 Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North

We treat for flies, spiders, ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, wasps, rodents & everything in between ‘Call us today for prompt, friendly service’


Property Brokers Compliance Limited 238 Broadway Ave, Palmerston North Ph: 0800 786 725 Email:



Ph: 356 4912

934 Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North Ph: 356 8218

Goodbye to gutter mess Guttervac is the answer

Clean Spouting Ring Richard Lindsay 358 4888 or 0274 435 883


Free Trailer Hire Range of Sizes Business & Personal


Specialising in all types of Laminate & Solid Surfaces Corian, Koris & Roxx

• T-Shirts • Stickers/Signs • Vehicle Graphics • Graphic Design • Digital Printing


➣ ➣ ➣

SurfacesSURFACES Ltd


~ All work is guaranteed ~

Secure Storage Flexible Terms 7 Day Access

BENCHTOP benchtop

ZERObugs Ltd


Neville 027 448 1603 • A/H 06 354 6889

➣ ➣ ➣

Need a new counter top, benchtop or vanity top call

Have your premises treated by a Professional GDN071113fisherP


Prices range from: For a free quote Phone Neville $120 for a small Roof Maintenance Ltd Prices quoted are approximate rates only. 2 Bedroom home to Height, pitch and amount of growth may $250 for a 4 Bedroom home with garage. effect prices.

• Rubbish removal for Residential

Call John: 0800 JUNKIT or 027 258 6548

Roof Maintenance

Have your roof professionally sprayed by a rooftiler with 30 years experience in fitting new & maintaining old roofs. The product used is manufactured by one of New Zealands leading roof companies


Benchtop Surfaces


Fisher Print—your local one-stop print shop

Rubbish & Junk



Shoe Repairs



Palmerston North’s Premium Floor Sanding Company ✓ Professional sanded ✓ Gloss, Low Sheen, floors & Quality service Matt Finishes, Wood ✓ Suppliers, Installers of Staining Hardwood Floors ✓ All Old & New Floors ✓ Cork Tile Restoration ✓ Asbestos Vinyl Removal ✓ Carpet, Vinyl Uplifts All workmanship guaranteed. • Phone Nick Pine today

0800 243 896 or 0274 421 771 A/h 06 355 0440 Fax 06 355 0445 PO BOX 4397, Palmerston North •


To advertise your business here Call Jannine (06) 357 5053


Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flavoursome and flexible fennel By TOD PALENSKI, Awapuni Nurseries For those of you who regularly read my gardening columns it probably feels like I’ve extolled the virtues of quite a few vege and herb garden ‘‘must haves’’ in the past few years. If I had to name my top three must haves (lettuce, basil and courgettes in case you’re wondering), fennel wouldn’t be in the list. But it would feature in my ‘‘really nice to have’’ list. ‘‘It’s an incredibly versatile plant, which adds flavour to any stirfry, pie, roast dish, dip and more. While I tend to eat fennel like

I would a leek, peel off the harder outer layers and slice up the white base of the plant to use in pies, salads or stir-fries, you can in fact eat the whole plant. The seeds can be used to spice up dishes and the leaves for garnishes. The only downside to this herb masquerading as a vegetable is that it requires a bit of space to grow. But if you can grow tomatoes, you can grow fennel. They like the same type of conditions (sunny, dry and welldrained) but unlike tomatoes only grow to about as high as your knees. Fennel also grows nicely next to parsley, mint and thyme

for the same reason. Grab some fennel seedlings from your local supermarket, Bunnings or The Warehouse. Alternatively, purchase them from our online shop at and have them delivered direct to your door. Once you’ve got your seedlings and found a suitable spot in your garden, simply dig a little hole and plant. In around eight to 10 weeks, depending on the weather where you are, your flavoursome fennel will be ready to sample. Remember simply throw any parts of the plant you don’t use into your compost.


NICE TO HAVE: Fennel, seen here flowering, is great for adding spice to dishes and as a garnish.

SERVICES DIRECTORY Putting clutter out of sight with HomeTech Manawatu ‘‘The stairs can provide access to your roof through any part of the home, for example in your hallway or garage,’’ says Mike. ‘‘They are insulated so no-one has to worry about any draughts.’’ A good time to install is now, he added, before you get all those extra gifts at Christmas time. ‘‘It’s all about saving room and having clutter-free, living spaces.’’ The stairs come in a range of styles to suit any de ´cor and are an easy way to add value to your home. HomeTech has been providing healthy home solutions to the Manawatu since 1992 and is part

Naturally Crafted Full or Partial DENTURES N.Z.I.D.T.

Barry Williams C.D.T

Ph 06 356 6197

Registered Clinical Dental Technicians DENTAL 17a Lincoln Court, Hokowhitu, FINE DENTAL CERAMICS Palmerston North


of a nationwide network, from Kaitaia to Bluff. Mike is a qualified builder with over 20 years’ experience. He can supply and install skylights for daylighting; the Solatube Daylighting System and FAKRO Skylights/Roof Windows, whole home condensation control, ventilation and attic stair solutions. Solatube Daylighting Systems are one of the best on the market and add more than just light; they too can really change the way you feel about space. ‘‘ They enable people to make use of previously unusable, dark spaces,’’ says Mike.

Brighten Dark Rooms Call Mike Nixon on 021 358 465 0800 SOLATUBE (765 288)


STAIRS folded up. ■ Contact Mike Nixon today to arrange a free in-home consultation of your daylighting, space or healthy home needs on 0800 HOMETECH (466-383), or visit their website

$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$$ TOP CASH PAID TODAY $$$ $ $ Any Make & Model, Petrol or Diesel $ $ We pay up to $6000 on the spot for any: $ $ $ $ • Buses • Toyota Hiace • Hilux • Land Cruisers • Vans • Utes • 4WD • Trucks • Big Trucks $ $ $ $ FREE $ $ TOWING $ $ $ $ • Any Cars up to $ $ $ $ $2000* $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $  All Conditions  Dead or Alive  Top Cash Paid $ Accepted  Fast Service  24/7 Service $ $ $ $ Support your local buyer $ $ $ $ FOR WRECKING $ $ FREE TOWING $ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $

Wanted All Cars & Trucks

0800 123 666


Are you sick of searching your place top to bottom for that extra space? Have your kids left home but their stuff hasn’t? If this sounds like you, then you need to invest in FAKRO Attic Stairs. ‘‘Almost every house has an attic and you’ll be amazed how much extra space you can find,’’ explains Mike Nixon, from HomeTech Manawatu. ‘‘I can install these stairs for easy, safe access to one of your homes largest storage areas.’’ The foldaway stairs need little space to operate and come with an easy to open hatch and 10 year warranty.


Bill Stewart

Ph 359 2466

• 20 years experience in appliance servicing. • Fisher & Paykel specialist. • Dishwashers, washing machines, fridges, dryers, stoves. Mobile • Friendly affordable service. EFTPOS

WWW.GUARDIANTREESERVICES.CO.NZ 100% GUARANTEED • 06 354 6990 • Highly qualified, reliable, satisfaction assured

For competitive quotes and advice

Darryl Judd

Jonas Muller

027 445 0316

027 217 0799

Diplomas in Arboriculture

For all your painting requirements INTERIOR & EXTERIOR PAINTING SPRAY PAINTING PAPER HANGING RESTORATION Phone Dean 027 492 40 50 or a/h 06 358 4881 for a free quote


STAIRS pulled down.

14 COSMOPOLITAN CLUB (est.1889) Palmerston North


Take advantage of our fantastic facilities & events in a great family environment

$45 Single / $75 Dual 22 Linton St, Palmerston North

Phone: (06) 357 6022

Rubbish & Junk



• Rubbish removal for Residential & Commercial property owners • We arrive at your property, load your rubbish & go.

It’s that simple! We do all of the work for you by removing almost anything, from green waste, old office furniture to building waste & general rubbish...

Call John: 0800 JUNKIT or 027 258 6548

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Manawatu Guardian

What’s On 8469360AA

In the community

BOLLYWOOD Mania - Have Spirit, Will dance. Learn Bollywood, Free Style, Contemporary, Folk dance and the famous Indian classical form Kathak. Kids, adults or old, everyone has the right to dance and keep themselves fit. $10 per class per person; group discounts are available. At Rangiora Community Centre, Rangiora Ave, Palmerston North and 53 Peter Hall Drive, Kelvin Grove. For futher details contact Tanu on or 06 358 8904 (after 7pm). CARBOOT Sale fundraiser for West End Kindergarten, 16th November from 9am to 2pm. Book your spot now. $15 per space at Cloverlea Tavern carpark, 301 Tremaine Ave. Contact for more information. CLAIRVOYANT Demonstration this Sunday at 10.30am. AGM with question session, with Carol. At the Caledonian Hall, Weld Street, Feilding. COLOUR Workshop - How to enrich and strengthen your aura and energy field using Aura-Soma Essences and Colour. Discover your unique gifts and talents and future possibilities. Sunday 24th November 10am to 4pm. Bookings essential. For enquiries/registration contact Janice Hill on 357 9318, email or phone Jenny Mathews on 355 8281. DOWNHILL walk Saturday 9th November. Shuttle Bus from Pohangina Village Centre (8.30 to 11.30am) to top of Ridge Road. Walk through farmland and native bush back to County Fayre for lunch. $12 adults $5 children, under 5 free. Lunch included. For more information phone 329 4759. DUTCH meet for a drink on Monday 11th November from 7pm at the Rose & Crown, Palmerston North. Everyone welcome. Phone 06 326 9291. ENERGY Healing. Feeling tired, stressed, in need of some "me" time? Come and experience an Auric/ Magnetic Healing. Golden Touch Healers. Monday 11th November 2013, 7.30pm to 9pm. Theosophical Society Hall, 310 Church Street, Palmerston North. Cost: Donation. For enquiries contact Ken or Lyn on 323 7468. FEILDING Craft Market. Friday 8th, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of November. Feilding Civic Centre, 9am to 4pm. Cafe on site. Free Entry. Only twice a year this is the big 3 day Christmas Market. Two halls full of handmade and unique gifts with thousands of crafts on sale. FRENCH for children and adults, all levels. Group classes and individual lessons. Holiday programmes and workshops. Preparation to DELF/DALF exams. Special courses on demand. Classes held at Square Edge and in schools. Visit or call 06 560 0749 HOKOWHITU Village Centre presents "Christmas in the Village", November 29th from 5pm to 7pm. Join us for family fun and entertainment. Father Christmas and carol singing. Decorate the Christmas tree. White Elephant, Book stalls and Christmas gifts for sale. Free candyfloss. 358 Albert Street, Hokowhitu. IMAGINE, DESIGN and CREATE - through wood burning, tukutuku, one stroke painting, korowai: some resources provided. Contact Te Whare Akonga, 120 The Square, back of ANZ on Broadway Ave, Palmerston North. Phone 06 357 7882 KOREAN Society invites all to free movies at Downtown Cinemas, 8 November at 5.45pm and 8.15pm. Open invitation also to College Street School on the 9th of November for live performances and a K-Pop contest to celebrate Korea Day. Come for a fun family time and enjoy some spicy culture!

Find what you’re looking for. >> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.

LEARNING FOR LIFE - learn to live, live to learn. Fully subsidised, individually tailored learning programmes for adult learners: reading, writing, math, driver licence theory, design and art and more. Contact Te Whare Akonga, 120 The Square, back of ANZ on Broadway Ave, Palmerston North. Phone 06 357 7882 LITERACY AND NUMERACY - 100 hours fully subsidised includes learning assessment and individual learning plan. Reading, writing, maths, CV, IT, driver licence and much more. Contact Te Whare Akonga, 120 The Square, back of ANZ on Broadway Ave, Palmerston North. Phone 06 357 7882 LITERACY FOR WORKERS - fully subsidised literacy and numeracy programme for people in paid work, includes learning assessment and individual learning plans. Contact Te Whare Akonga, 120 The Square, back of ANZ on Broadway Ave, Palmerston North. Phone 06 357 7882 MANAWATU Jazz Club and Alliance Francaise present "No Square", Friday 8th November at 8pm, Evelyn Rawlings Room, Square Edge. Door sales $25/20/15. Their first NZ tour. A lively, well travelled group with eight albums. Formed in 1994, rave reviews worldwide. Contact Dave on 06 358 5883 MANAWATU Striders OPEN DAY, Sunday 24th November, 2013. United Cricket Centre (near esplanade cafe) Manawaroa Park, from 9.30am. Go for a walk/run. All catered for. Morning Tea and talk to the experts after. For full details go to: MANAWATU Supporting Families In Mental Illness, we provide support, advocacy and education to families affected by mental illness. Just as other forms of illness affect other members of a family, so to does schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, clinical depression and anxiety/phobias. This is a free confidential service to families and the community please Phone 3558561. MUSICA VIVA concert Monday 11 November 2013, Evelyn Rawlins Room, Square Edge, Palmerston North at 7:30pm. Door charge $5. For those who enjoy live quality music. All welcome. For more information visit ORGANPOWER No 82 Wednesday 13th November at 12.15pm at St Andrews in the City featuring Verdi, Festing, Dupre, Wagner and J S Bach. Free entry, donations invited. Coffee and tea provided. PALMERSTON North Healing Rooms, All Saints on the Squar.e Wednesday 12pm to 2pm, Thursday 7.30pm to 8.30pm. Closed school holidays. We are excited about all God is doing. PALMY CRAFT MARKET Calling for vendors. Market to be held on Saturday the 16th of November. Please email for more info, or call/text 027 7122 553. PARENTING sessions on: dealing with disobedience, developing good bedtime routines, managing fighting & aggression and hassle-free shopping. Coming to Awapuni soon. Take the morning out to suss out some strategies to get your kids responding more positively. Register with Parentline on 355 1655 PARENTING through separation course helps parents to understand what effect separation has on their children and how to help them through it. It also covers how to communicate with ex-partners and how the family court works. Phone 350 1461 or email PILATES Summer Shaper Series - aimed to improve your strength, tone and flexibility! Sundays 10.05am, Maximum Dance Studio, Victoria Ave. Beginners welcome. Cost $12. Spaces limited, please register to attend. or contact - 021 041 2469. PILATES for Pregnancy - feel strong, toned and flexible throughout your entire pregnancy. Experienced instructor guides you through a safe and fun class. Saturdays 11.05am, Square Edge Dance Studio. Cost $18. Spaces limited, please register to attend. or contact - 021 041 2469. RECOVERY-CHURCH at The Salvation Army, Church Street Palmerston North. Every Tuesday night For all those who need encouragement, help in getting their lives together in situations of recovering from alcohol, gambling, broken relationships etc. For more information phone 358 7455. ALL WELCOME! ROAD SAFETY - practice the theory tests, learn the road code, find a factsheet and everything to do with being safe on the roads. Contact Te Whare Akonga, 120 The Square, back of ANZ on Broadway Ave, Palmerston North. Phone 06 357 7882 SPELLING Problems? Don’t laugh, (laf)! People and businesses around the world can use the simple Kiwi spelling system - written like they talk (toc) - it is the way of the future! Get the simple single-page guide (free) from STRUGGLING with Debt? Do you need hope and a solution? Christians Against Poverty offer free debt counselling and support. Call freephone 0508 227 111. Based at All Saint’s Anglican Church, phone 358 2203 TE WHARE AKONGA OPEN LEARNING CENTRE in collaboration with Literacy Aotearoa are now offering Open Wananga programmes - Papa Ako: Learn to Learn, Papa Whairawa: Financial Literacy and Mahi Toa: National Certificate in Employment Skills. Visit 120 The Square, ANZ building, Palmerston North. Phone 06 357 7882 or email WOMEN’S HEALTH COLLECTIVE: BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN - FREE health information, pregnancy testing, cervical smears(limited access), support, referral, advocacy. LOWER COST: Counsellors, complementary health practitioners for women and children. Open Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm, 53 Waldegrave Street, phone 357 0314,,


t to h g B r o u u by yo



Your Midweek Community Connection delivered to 38,000 Manawatu Letterboxes every Thursday. Contact Details Manager: Shona Lingham Reporters:, Classifieds: Dale Wicken For Advertising: Address Guardian Corner Princess Street and Broadway Palmerston North P.O.Box 1863, Palmerston North, 4440. Phone: 06 357 5053 Fax: 06 356 5058

Trevor made his car go faster with Local Classifieds >> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.

What’s On In Friendly Feilding

Friday Nov 08, Saturday 09, Sunday 10 Feilding Craft Market 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Feilding Civic Centre - 84 Aorangi St.

Saturday 09, Sunday 10

The Sound MG Classic Race Meeting 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Manfeild. Country Garden Ramble 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Tickets Piccalo’s Café, or Phone 06 354 8731 The Steam Traction Society’s 50th Jubilee 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Steam Traction Society - 76 Maewa Road, Feilding

Friday Nov 08

Feilding Farmers Market 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Manchester Square Feilding Saleyards Tours 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Feilding Saleyards - 18 Manchester St. Rongotea Fireworks - weather permitting. 7:30pm, Te Kawau Rugby Grounds, Wye St, Rongotea Saturday Nov 09 59th Feilding Marathon 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM, Feilding Rugby Football Club - Drake Street Makino Rotary Garage Sale 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM, Manchester Square. Manfeild’s 40th Anniversay Dinner 6:00 PM - 11:55 PM, Manfeild. Tickets Phone 06 323 7444

Coming Events Thursday 28 November NZ Army Band - Home Town Heros Concert 07:30pm, Feilding Civic Centre - 84 Aorangi St. Adult - $20.00, Child - $10.00, Family - $50.00 Tickets Feilding Info Centre

For further details or to register your event, contact the Feilding & District Information Centre at 10 Manchester Square, Feilding, Ph 323 3318 or email Deadline 12 noon Friday




Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Business for Sale and Wanted

Contact Dale on 06 357 5053

Employment Vacancies


CLEANING round - Levin $30k incl gear, car, etc, $1300p/w guar 2 yrs. Phn (06)210 2278 Leanna.


Open Home

g government s superannuitants a association

protecting government employee superannuation since 1920

Speaker, Entertainment, and Luncheon

Armistice Day

The Public are invited to attend a service and laying of wreaths at the Cenotaph in the Square, Palmerston North on Monday 11 November 2013, at 11am. All Veterans to form up in front of the Cenotaph (Medals and Beret) by 10.50am.

All GSA & NPF, NZ Railways Association members and intending members are most welcome to attend a luncheon hosted by the Manawatu Branch of the GSA. Come along and help us to protect your pension. - Venue: Cloverlea Tavern, Restaurant & Function Room 301 Tremaine Avenue, Palmerston North - Thursday 28th November at 10.00 a.m. Please contact Liz Murphy Ph: 0800 888 247 R.S.V.P No later than 20th November 2013 Lunch Cost $20.00 per person

Paddy Clifford, Chief Executive 7 November 2013

Saturday 16 November

Barber Hall (Waldegrave Street)

10am - 4pm Free Entry

To enquire as a stall holder, please email

Advertise with The Guardian We deliver to over 38,000 homes every Thursday.


Garage Sales

GUM, Macrocarpa, Pine. 3.6 Cubic metres. Free delivery in Palmerston North. Phone 021 224 8717 or 357 9104

Garage Sale

For Sale

119 DENBIGH STREET FEILDING Huge moving country garage sale. This Saturday at 8am. TO VISIT VISITED

and dangerous goods endorsements. You must have held a full car licence for at least 6 months. This course qualifies for student loan funding.

Next course running in our Palmerston st Octob13th er 202014 12 Palmerston North North bbranch ranch - 1January

Ph. 03 928 2321


CALL NOW! 0800 267 476




A Christchurch Psychic Detailed readings into the past, present, future & beyond. References available $50.00 Phone Carolyn 323 0655.

Phone Dale at The Guardian 06 357 5053 or email

TELEPHONE Extensions competitive rates. Phone Scott Installation 353 7238

A class of truck licence, wheels, tracks, rollers, forklift

New Age Professionals

Need work today Palmy Craft Market

We require experienced Health Care Assistants to join our friendly and supportive team. Weekly pay.

This course provides you with a range of skills including :

Trade Services

CARPET Cleaning. 3 RMS $89, police/security vetted, 20 years experience. Phone (06) 368 9176 or mobile/text 021 0255 2516 email carpetcleaningsolutions2 CONVERT your video and audio tapes, slides and records to DVD/CD. Low cost, quality assured. Phone David on 06 354 4313 NIGEL’S small engine repair service. Your lawn-mower before summer. Phone 027 403 3162. Free pick-up and delivery.


Kick start your career with AMS Group.


Public Notices

“More than training, we deliver peace of mind”

OPEN Home at 63 Joseph Street this weekend. 10am to 5pm. Very central to town, close to all amenities. Phone 027 460 0043




40 year old guy seeking friendship first, with lady under 40, kids ok. Dissappointments and pain we all share, though unfair, you need not despair, this heart is one of much care. Phone or text 020 4012 9790 MALE, 60s, would like to meet a lady for friendship and a relationship if compatible. Hope to hear from you before Christmas. If you’re interested, reply to the advertiser #009.

The Wanganui Chronicle needs an enthusiastic and energetic reporter to join the team producing the city’s must read daily newspaper. We are looking for a qualified journalist who is keen to make their mark on both print and digital platforms and who will thrive on a variety of news assignments. The Chronicle is New Zealand’s oldest daily newspaper, based in the historic river city noted for its outdoor lifestyle, great climate, affordable housing, sporting activities, excellent educational facilities and lively arts community. Email or post a cover letter and CV to: Mark Dawson - Editor Wanganui Chronicle, PO Box 433, Wanganui email:

Need extra cash Have a garage sale Phone Dale now at The Guardian

or phone the Editor on 06 349 0717 if you want to discuss this opportunity

06 357 5053

Closing date: 15th November, 2013


38,200 Papers Every Thursday - Over 70,000 Readers


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CUSTOMER SIGNATURE: __________________________________ Insert Dates: ______________ ____________ ____________ Insert 1 Date

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Insert 3 Date

Pay for 2 inserts and get the 3rd one FREE

CLASSIFICATION: ________________________________________ Bring in to the Guardian Office, Cnr Princess Street & Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North or post with your cheque to PO Box 1863, Palmerston North. Ph (06) 357 5053 if you have any queries.


Do you buy AVON products? Come to a FIRST EVER AVON EXPO! Saturday 9th of November, at the Cloverlea Tavern Function room from 1-3pm NO DOOR CHARGE DOOR PRIZE, FREE RAFFLE PRIZES. ALL WELCOME. Text 021 492 635 for more info

18 WORDS FOR $15.00 GST incl

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Manawatu Guardian

2 Series Coupe here next year By COLIN SMITH The next phase in the re-ordering of the BMW model lineup has been confirmed with the announcement of the new 2 Series Coupe which will reach New Zealand in mid-2014. The upcoming 2 Series will replace the 1 Series Coupe and a convertible version is expected next year to complete the lineup. The two-door 2 Series sees BMW continue to pursue the numerical separation between its mainstream models and the coupe and convertible bodystyles. It follows a similar strategy which has separated the new 4 Series Coupe and Convertible models from the 3 Series and sees BMW using odd numbers for its mainstream models and even numbers for its Coupe, Convertible and new GranCoupe bodystyles. The 2 Series shares it underpinnings with the latest 1 Series hatchback including the rear wheel drive configuration, efficient TwinPower turbo engine technologies and eight-speed automatic transmission. To achieve a sleek silhouette the 2 Series measures 4432mm in length — 108mm longer than the new 1 Series hatchback and 72mm longer than the outgoing 1 Series Coupe (based on the first generation 1 Series). Boasting a traditional ‘‘three-box’’ the new coupe has a clearly defined boot and low-slung silhouette, a long bonnet, doors with frameless windows and a stretched roofline flowing into the rear. The new compact Coupe is also 26mm wider than its predecessor (at 1774mm) and has a 30mm longer wheelbase (2690mm). The front and rear track measurements are increased by 41mm and 43mm respectively. At the same time the vehicle height has been lowered by 5mm and the increase in interior space achieves an extra 20 litres of boot capacity (now 390 litres). The BMW 2 Series Coupe also boasts more efficient aerodynamics than both the BMW 1 Series and its predecessor, as reflected in a Cd of 0.29 for the BMW 220i Coupe. The lineup of engines announced for the 2

Series include 218d, 220d and 225d fourcylinder diesels and two turbocharged petrol engines. The 220i version shares the 2.0-litre petrol engine with the 320i developing 135kW and 270Nm while the high performance M235i version has a 3.0-litre six-cylinder TwinPower engine with 240kW output and 450Nm of torque providing 0-100km/h acceleration in 4.8secs for the eight-speed automatic version. BMW is keen to link the revived use of the number 2 to its 02 series of compact two-door cars — the original 1600-02 introduced in 1966 and the BMW 2002 series which debuted in 1968. Details of the New Zealand 2 Series Coupe range, including pricing and specification, will be released closer to launch in the first half of next year.

QUALITY GUARANTEE Your Guarantee of quality is assured when you purchase plants grown and selected by Oderings. Darryn Odering

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Nemesia Nebula Mixed


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Salvia Red Hot Sally Vibrant bright red flowers over many months on bushy compact plants. A great garden plant.






Tumbling Tom Planters A true trailing cocktail tomato with masses of delicious red fruit. Sold in attractive handbag pots.


Wally Richards – in-store Sunday 10th November 2.89





Petunia Colour Parade

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Swan Plants

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Hanging Basket

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Between 1pm and 3pm. Wally will be at our Palmerston North store to answer customer enquiries regarding his extensive range of plant health products. Come meet the man.

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Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, November 7, 2013



As the last Mercury retrograde phase of 2013 ends this will have a domino effect, for with the handbrake released the pace is going to pick up.

The more you can stay in the moment, not dragging up the past or projecting ahead and taking the time to connect, the more things will fall into place.


on the big picture, you’re able to see the value in a change of heart and mind, believing anything is possible.


There is a shift taking place that will see the miscommunications and misunderstandings fall off, especially if you don’t take things for granted.

There is a need to keep your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground as the tide starts to turn on the professional front, trusting your gut. By listening to your heart and focusing

| ¡ n









By taking the time to pick up the phone, confirm details or check you’re on the same page, you’ll maximise an important week for networking.


Mercury’s direct turn on Monday creates an important professional milestone, releasing the handbrake and any built up momentum.


Your genius comes from a vivid imagination and intuitive edge, which allows you to ride on the cutting edge of waves that most don’t see coming.


It’s on the relationship front that there is a need for both caution and optimism. Avoid assuming others are mind readers as the tide turns.

looking to the future rather than back over your shoulder, with the future starting to whisper your name.

You have reached a critical point where over the course of the week the tide will turn on the income and work fronts, releasing the multiple handbrakes. Even though last week’s solar eclipse gave your birthday month a push start, it’s only now that you’re able to gain some noticeable momentum. From within there’s a tendency to start







Each number represents a different letter of the alphabet. Á!RûY ûVY WR÷Y% GYûûY!ý into all squares with matching numbers. Now work out which letters are represented by the other numbers. As you get the letters, write them into the main grid and the reference grid. Decoder uses all 26 letters of the alphabet.

c `

Brain Benders

n… nn


nl nk nj






mn 156

_Éü" ÌÆ‹‹ö" =ÍóÌCðŒ

OJÞßÝÝ n‰ !$!Ú„!Z •fŽ k‰ Ê[Y#ûR[ •jŽ f‰ ö„!WY ýû!R%WYZ R%ýû!ù&Y%û •kŽ c‰ ðW„#ùVR [VRYX •Yýû K%$Ú% X$! [ùûûR%W Z$Ú% „ f„W#$GY „û ÚV„û Rý %$Ú ËùýýYGG •k•kŽ n…‰ CGG ÁVRûYýz [„#û„R% „û ûVY m…n… Á$!GZ =ù# •k•iŽ nm‰ É$Ú%ýVR# K%$Ú% „ý Ì$!û ö$ùRý‹ ÌVRGR##Y X!$& ncl…‹nckc •iŽ nl‰ !ùýý •iŽ nj‰ ËY[$÷Y! •n…Ž nc‰ É!ùýûÚ$!ûVÖ •cŽ n`‰ =$%[Y„G •kŽ m…‰ Ì!Y[RýY •jŽ mn‰ C##!$ØR&„ûYGÖ •fŽ

GßÔ$ n‰ üRýû$!R[ [Y%û!„G Íû„W$ û$Ú% ÚVY!Y „ ûY&#Y!„ûù!Y $X ‹mn‰i= Ú„ý !Y[$!ZYZ R% n``j •jŽ m‰ "!$ZYZ •k•kŽ l‰ ËùR%ý •iŽ k‰ Ì$%ZY!YZ •[$GG$"Ž •i•kŽ j‰ ËY"ùR!Y&Y%û •kŽ i‰ ó„KY! •fŽ `‰ @RW$ûYZ •n…Ž nn‰ û%YØ#Y%ýR÷Y• ý$!û $X •cŽ nm‰ Æ%X„÷$ù!„•GY •fŽ nk‰ ð„&Y $X Ê$ùûV ûýG„%Z W$!WY• !R÷Y! „%Z ZRýû!R[û •iŽ ni‰ CGG •jŽ nf‰ ËY"ùYýû X$! VYG# •kŽ




!RGG ûVY W!RZ ý$ ûV„û Y÷Y!Ö !$Ú• Y÷Y!Ö [$Gù&% „%Z Y÷Y!Ö lØl •$Ø [$%û„R%ý ûVY ZRWRûý n û$ `‰

How many words of three or more letters can you make, using each letter only once? Plurals are allowed, but no foreign words or words beginning ÚRûV „ [„#Rû„G‰ ÉVY!Yzý „û GY„ýû $%Y h÷Y‹GYûûY! Ú$!Z‰ Good 9 Very Good 13



HOW TO PLAY It’s like sudoku: each ÷Y!ûR[„G „%Z V$!RÔ$%û„G line has to contain ûVY %ù&•Y!ý n‹i• „%Z the numbers can’t be repeated in any row or column. But it’s sudoku with a twist: The numbers in Y„[V VY„÷RGÖ $ùûGR%YZ set of squares, called cages, must produce the number in the top corner. !$! YØ„&#GY• 5+ means ûVY %ù&•Y!ý „ZZ ù# û$ j• 9x means the numbers &ùGûR#GÖ û$ Y"ù„G `‰ TIP: Numbers can be repeated in a cage, as long as they are not in the same line or row. © 2012 KenKen Puzzle LLC. All rights reserved

KenKen is a registered trademark of Nextoy LLC

The number game that improves your arithmetic

NUMBER FUN 2 Digits fn `n 3 Digits ni` l…f ljf l`l jfj

il… fnf fk… `…m `mj `c… 4 Digits ……k` …m…n

nlic m…ff 2226 mmjk lkik lfk… ki`n j…jl jjc` flin

ffic fckf 5 Digits ljjll fcnfl 7 Digits nk…nn`… nk``lml

1 4 9 9 3 2 3

7 1 7 9 2 5 3 6 8 0 2 0 6 9 1 2 2 5 1 7 6 3 3 9 3 0 7 5 7 0 7 7 5 5 8 4 6 4 3 7 4 9 8 0 3 5 7

1 4 0 1 1 9 0




NZ CROSSWORD Across: n‰ Í%Ú„!Zý• k‰ =Ö%R[• f‰ ü„!#• c‰ ü$%Y üYKY• n…‰ ËÖ„% ðYGýY%• nm‰ CK„!$„• nl‰ @$ûVY!• nj‰ ËY[ù#Y!„ûY• nc‰ ËYGR„•GY• n`‰ üRZY• m…‰ "Ø„[û• mn‰ Ë$ùWVGÖ‰ Down: n‰ Í#VR!• m‰ Á$!Y „Ú„Ö• l‰ Ê#$RGý• k‰ =VYÚYZ $÷Y!• j‰ ðYYZ• i‰ =!Y„û$!• `‰ û%û$GY!„%û• nn‰ =VY„#RýV• nm‰ CZ÷Y!ýY• nk‰ @ùGGY!• ni‰ "÷Y!Ö• nf‰ ÌGY„‰

WORDBUILDER ahs, ash, asp, hap, haps, harp, harps, has, hasp, pah, par, pars, pas, pash, rah, rahs, rap, raps, rash, rasp, sap, sharp, spa, spar


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Manawatu Guardian

across the


Totara Reserve opens for summer December last year we began a native bird monitoring programme, and initial surveying suggests increased sightings can be linked to pest control efforts.

Palmerston North

“We’ve also discovered whitehead and tomtit, which is really encouraging as we didn’t think these two species were present in the Reserve.”

Labour Weekend was opening weekend for one of the Region’s most popular camp sites and Horizons Regional Council is encouraging people to get out and enjoy all Totara Reserve has to offer. Horizons biosecurity and habitat protection manager Bill Martyn says Totara Reserve is the Region’s only regional park and offers plenty of opportunities for people to get up close with nature. “Totara Reserve is one of the best and most accessible examples of the ancient lowland forest that used to cover much of the Manawatu-Wanganui Region,” Mr Martyn says. “It’s a haven for native birds, particularly kereru and tui. In

While it may be too chilly for swimming just yet, Mr Martyn says the park has a number of walking tracks to suit all fitness levels.

What’s on?

“The Fern Walk, which takes 3-4 hours, leads you through the most intact part of the Reserve, while the shorter Pettifar and Gilchrist Loop tracks lead you down to the Pohangina River and make use of the Old Coach Road.

• Regional Council, 5 November, 10am • Catchment Operations Committee, 14 November, 1pm • Regional Council, 26 November, 10am • Audit, Risk and Investment Committee, 26 November, following Regional Council meeting Unless otherwise stated, meetings are open to the public and will be held at Regional House, 11-15 Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North.

“We also have barbeques, toilets, showers and drinking water on site, making it the perfect picnic spot.” Powered and non-powered camping sites are available from Labour Weekend through until Easter Weekend next year. Bookings are necessary for powered sites and can be made by contacting Kelly on 06 3294 737. Unpowered sites operate on a first in first served basis. More information about the Reserve, its facilities and rates for camping is available via the Horizons Regional Council website

Behind the scenes to computer screens From farm to forest and flowing stream, Horizons staff are always on the go to make this Region a great place to live, work and play. While most of this work occurs behind the scenes, we’re bringing a few snippets to the small screen to help you understand how your rates contribute to our Region. Horizons’Clip of the Week is a new initiative showing regional council staff out there doing what they do best. These clips feature on our YouTube channel horizonsrc and are fed through to our website, Facebook and Twitter pages. So far we’ve featured a member of our consents monitoring working with a farmer to test irrigator efficiency; our environmental educator working alongside students at Bushy Park; an iwi-led planting day at Whirokino as part of whitebait habitat restoration; free bus week in Wanganui; our response to calls via the pollution hotline; and our response to recent flooding. The clips will be many and varied as we look to share all the different things we do. Your input is essential to our work so if there is something you’d like to see more of, simply let us know.

Our Work

In the meantime, take a look. Find out more about what it is we get up to on your behalf and join the conversation online. We’d love to hear from you.

F: T: Y: y


shrub emum) is a semi-evergreen Tutsan (Hypericum androsa stalkless oval leaves opposite each with tall growing up to 1.5m other up to 100 mm in length. dy t is coming into flower if not alrea At this time of the year the plan in some areas. on roadsides, Tutsan in our Region is growingsts, farmland, planted forests, native fore m and river waste areas, gravel pits, strea in gardens margins, and in some cases, stills. its not to fussy where it sets root blish, it has This is not a plant to let esta s and once thousands of viable seedicate. While not established is very hard to erad be at a huge impossible, eradication would time, but to cost not only for chemicals andyou see this pasture quality/production. If 0508 800 800. plant call the pest plant team on 800 800 CALL HORIZONS ON 0508 NCE. FOR ADVICE AND ASSISTA

Natural Resource Management Maintaining and enhancing our Region’s Land, Air, Water, Coast.

Civil Defence & Emergency Management Leading the Region’s response to natural disasters.

Biosecurity/Biodiversity Preserving our patch of native New Zealand.

Catchment Management Reducing the risk and impact of flooding.

Transport Leading our Region’s roads, rail, public transport and total mobility planning.

Information Providing accurate information to guide decision making.

For more stories and information visit our website


OTHER EVENTS • Get to know your new regional councillors. Following local body elections in October there are now a few new faces sitting around the Horizons’ council table. Visit to learn more about the new councillors. • Totara Reserve camping grounds are now open for summer. Visit for booking information. • The annual Kids Fishing Day is on Sunday 17 November at Centennial Lagoon, Palmerston North. Given the popularity of these events, a booking system will operate however bookings are not currently open. Keep an eye on Fish and Game’s website for details in early November.

Your Local Councillors PALMERSTON NORTH

Murray Guy T 06 329 0898 M 027 439 6390 E Rachel Keedwell T 06 356 5519 M 021 177 2790 E Pat Kelly T 06 356 3400 E Paul Rieger QSO, JP T 06 357 8323 M 021 881 357 E

Get in contact with us T 0508 800 800 F 06 952 2929 Private Bag 11025 Manawatu Mail Centre Palmerston North 4442



Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, November 7, 2013









- 60cm BLAcK gLAss pYRoLYtic oVen - 90cm FRAMeLess inDUction cooKtop - 60cm stAinLess DesigneR DoUBLe DishDRAWeR - UnBRAnDeD 90cm stAinLess sLiMLine RAngehooD - 614L stAinLess FRench DooR FRiDge FReezeR



pReMiUM MeAt seLection pAcK WoRth $300


RotisseRie Kit WoRth $199

- 60cm stAinLess cLAssic pYRoLYtic oVen - 45cm stAinLess cLAssic coMBi steAM oVen - 70cm 3 zone inDUction cooKtop - 60cm stAinLess BUiLt UnDeR DishWAsheR - 90cm stAinLess chiMneY RAngehooD


WhY pAY $11,796

WhY pAY $14,435





- 60cm stAinLess cLAssic c pYRoLYtic oVen - 70cm 3 zone inDUction n cooKtop

WhY pAY $5,698

- 60cm pYRoLYtic DUAL zone ne MULtiFUnction oVen - 60cm BeVeLLeD eDge inDUction cooKtop

WhY pAY $3,998






h5000 seRies cLeARAnce sALee


DispLAY MoDeLs s & neW BoxeD stocK

WhY pAY $4,698





- 60cm stAinLess pYRoLYtic MULtiFUnction oVen - 75cm stAinLess gAs cooKtop


to choose FRoM


strictly limited offer. no holds available. Full manufacturers warranty applies. terms & conditions apply.





WhY pAY $3,499

WhY pAY $4,599 99

WhY pAY $849










WhY pAY $1,449


WhY pAY $1,599

SAVE UP TO $600 When YoU pURchAse An Aeg WAsheR & DRYeR pAcKAge




WhY pAY $3,198

promotion starts 5 nov 2013. pre-orders taken in store now.


- 7kg 1100RpM FRont LoAD WAsheR c - 6kg DUotRonic conDenseR DRYeR



purchase selected samsung cooking, refrigeration and laundry appliances to receive a BONUS samsung wireless portable audio system worth $399

purchase a selected Fisher & paykel Activesmart Fridge Freezer and receive a BONUS premium neat Meat selection worth $300

BONUS WiReLess poRtABLe AUDio A sYsteM

offer valid to 15 november ember 2013. Ask in store for further details.


pReMiUM MeAt seLection pAcK WoRth $300

terms and conditions apply. Ask in store for further details.



9 Maire Street Palmerston North 4410 Phone: 06 350 1870

WhAngARei AUcKLAnD - noRth shoRe AUcKLAnD - Mt eDen AUcKLAnD - neWMARKet





AUcKLAnD - BotAnY AUcKLAnD - Mt WeLLington hAMiLton hAWKes BAY - nApieR

KApiti coAst WeLLington chRistchURch

tiMARU DUneDin


Manawatu Guardian 06-11-13  

Manawatu Guardian 06-11-13

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