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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Right Tyres. Right Choice.

More to ‘homeless’ than meets the eye

INSIDE this week

By ALECIA ROUSSEAU A Palmerston North addiction expert says the community needs to be aware of the issues facing the city’s homeless and less fortunate. Lew Findley has been working with addicts since 1976 and co-ordinates Shepherd’s Rest, a home for those who have, in his words, been cast out from society. The charitable foundation runs four houses and six flats, which means they can house up to 75 people at a time. ‘‘We have 64 residents at the moment; these are mainly men but we also have women and students. Some are addicts and some are mental health patients. We also have ex-prisoners,’’ explained Mr Findley. A recent Massey University study that explored the challenges facing homeless people in Palmerston North found that, despite the city having one of the highest proportions of rental properties, a higher prisoner and student population put pressure on lowcost housing. ‘‘No-one wants to fund or take care of these people; they are not good enough to fit into any specific criteria so they come to us — it gets put on the community to take care of them,’’ Mr Findley said. The centre discourages begging but some residents struggle to support themselves and find busking a good means to fund their addictions. ‘‘We have one man who is


Water battle

— page 3


IN NEED: Often people labelled as homeless are actually residents of refuge homes. incredibly intelligent; he uses his talent to collect money each week to buy his pouch of tobacco but never, ever would he approach people and ask for the money. ‘‘People are too quick to judge our residents but you need to know the story behind these

cases; we have an ex-top table tennis player, we have one man who travelled Australasia as a top guitarist and on the other end of the scale, we have a woman who was once known as the Queen of the Black Power.’’ Mr Findley said mental health issues were among the most


common reasons residents had entered the facility. ‘‘If we weren’t here, these 64 men and women would be living on our streets; there is nowhere else for them to go. ‘‘It’s not society that has let them down, it’s the Government.’’

Picturesque Pit

— page 9

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Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, July 18, 2013



Benny comes to Palmy

Benny Tipene and mentor Ruby Frost will be heading to The Stomach today in a bid to drum up support for the grand finals. Benny was revealed as one of the finalists on Monday night, alongside Whenua Patuwai and Jackie Thomas. Host Dominic Bowden will also be onsite as the X Factor crew films the singer on his hometurf. The public is invited to meet Benny and Ruby from 1pm-2pm at The Stomach, 84 Lombard St.

Digital switch

New research by Colmar Brunton for the Going Digital programme shows there’s still around 3100 Palmerston North homes and 1100 Manawatu District homes with TVs that need to take urgent action to keep watching TV after September 29. Across the lower North Island, 91 per cent of homes now have digital TV, but nine per cent of homes need to get Freeview, IGLOO or SKY. ‘Going Digital’ will be out in the community over the next few weeks to give people advice on what they need to go digital. You can find out more by phoning 0800 838-800, or checking their website,

Submissions delay hearing

The high number of submissions made to the Property Review Hearing has led to a delay in the dates of the hearing. Last year the Council reviewed its holdings and identified a number of properties that are delivering minimal or no value to the community. Almost 300 submissions were received on the proposal and the hearings will now be held on Wednesday August 7 and, if required, Thursday August 8.

Fatal crash on SH3

At about 4.30pm last Sunday, a car travelling south along State Highway 3 near Awahuri collided with a northbound truck and trailer unit. The driver was 57-year-old Wanganui man, Gary Peacock, who died at the scene. His dog was in the car and also died at the scene. The truck driver escaped unhurt and an investigation into the cause of the accident is currently underway by the Serious Crash Unit.

New police dog for city

Four patrol dog teams graduated from the Police Dog Training Centre in Trentham last week, including one who will now reside in Palmerston North. Deja will join dog handler Senior Constable Brendon Ross as a patrol dog. The dog’s work will include sniffing out illegal materials, searching buildings and tracking criminals.

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HAERE MAI: Students at Kopane School performed a Powhiri last Friday for family and friends as part of a Maori cultural day. The kids also baked some fry bread, enjoyed a hangi lunch and attempted some flax weaving. PICTURE: ROB MILDON


Health and fluoride facts

Matthew Willey [Guardian, July 11] is a self-proclaimed sceptic, something that (so it would appear from his online presence), is a bit of a hobby. I now understand his vehemence in arguing against the idea of not putting fluoride in the water. He’s pursuing his hobby and loving the argument. Good on him. A man needs a hobby. Unfortunately his hobby is leading some people up the garden path in the non-

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fluoridation of town water debate. I have a hobby, too. My hobby is promoting health through natural means. I have made an in-depth study of what it takes to be healthy, versus how to medicate someone so they don’t feel so sick. I have a long list of former clients who will testify to my successful programmes. Yet I can tell from his latest letter that Mr Willey knows he’s on shaky ground because he has resorted to name-calling and desperate arguments. For the benefit


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of Guardian readers, here are some facts I’ve found out about fluoride and human health. ■ Fluoride is a useful component in the prevention of tooth decay. ■ Optimal results are derived from topical application, which means direct contact with the teeth, as in the form of a mouthwash or application of toothpaste. ■ Fluoride was put into town supply water before toothpaste and mouthwash manufacturers started putting it into their products. ■ Excess internal consumption of fluoride can lead to fluorosis (discoloration of the teeth). All this information is substantiated by research that anyone can and should check out for themselves. I hope this helps clarify the case for the cessation of townwater fluoridation. ASTARTE Palmerston North [Abridged. Assertions about the pineal gland are unsubstantiated. Fluoride is effective both ingested and topically applied — RM]

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Manawatu Guardian

Water complaint under way to Rights Commission

By ALECIA ROUSSEAU Residents in Tokomaru are laying an official discrimination complaint with the Human Rights Commission against their council. Horowhenua District Council has put the village on a precautionary boil water notice for approximately 10 years after its Long Term Plan failed to include an upgrade for the town’s water supply. A spokeswoman for the council said a previous boil notice had already been in place for the past three years and residents had only become more aware after mayor Brendon Duffy addressed them at a recent community meeting. ‘‘The decision to defer Tokomaru water treatment plant upgrade to 2025 was made during the 2012-22 Long Term Plan, which was consulted upon with the community,’’ explained HDC communications manager Raewyn Perry. The water grade in Tokomaru is currently E and D grade. This comes from an ‘‘open source’’ above Horseshoe Bend where it is possible for the water to be contaminated after factors such as heavy rain, dry summers and stock movement. ‘‘Open water sources with no catchment protection from animals and domestic activities face risk of animal and people gaining access to the water, hence possible contamination,’’ Ms Perry said. Tokomaru resident Christine Toms said boiling water for more than a year or two was unacceptable. ‘‘Even in a civil defence emergency it is unacceptable to have to boil your water for more than week. We will not receive an upgrade until 2025 and the council will not budge on this,’’ she said. Ms Toms also reached out to Palmerston North mayor Jono Naylor in an attempt to find a solution. ‘‘I met with Mr Naylor to see what help we could get from Palmerston North and he was incredibly good about it but we need something done now. Tokomaru’s water does not meet

HOROWHENUA mayor Brendon Duffy. national drinking water standards — we know this because samples were taken which showed the DCA and TCA levels to be over 50 per cent.’’ A long time Tokomaru resident who wished not to be named, said she had been living there since the 70s and had not heard of the water making anyone unwell. ‘‘I just got back from holiday and the first thing I did was pour a glass of water — it’s the best tasting water around. I’ve never known anyone to get sick from drinking it.’’ The Ministry of Health classifies water that is E grade as having an unacceptable level of risk but, the boil notice means the water supply is compliant with the Public Health Risk Management plan. ‘‘What we can’t control is the protozoa levels in the water which means things like giardia

Even in a civil defence emergency it is unacceptable to have to boil your water for more than week. We will not receive an upgrade until 2025 and the council will not budge on this.

— CHRISTINE TOMS, Tokomaru resident

and cryptosporidium can sometimes form, and because we don’t actually know, a boil notice is put in place as a precaution,’’ Ms Perry said. Tokomaru’s water is subject to chlorination but research shows protozoa are resistant to this process.

A RIGHT: Water standards are a focus in Tokomaru.


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Manawatu Guardian

Crying with the world’s best

Thursday, July 18, 2013


OYEZ!: Caroline Robinson in full town crier flight. Picture: Rob Mildon

By ROB MILDON Palmerston North town crier Caroline Robinson is off to Canada this month to test herself against the best of the best. The world championship invitational in Kingston, Ontario brings together more than 30 town criers from Canada, England, Australia, the United States, Belgium, and of course New Zealand. These are all people who’ve won their national title on more than one occasion.

Town crying at this level is serious stuff. Each cry is judged on six criteria. ‘‘There’s one judge who doesn’t even look at you,’’ says Mrs Robinson. ‘‘They

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sit with their back to you with a copy of your cry, and they point to every word you say. Every ‘‘um’’ is another word, and a point off. I’ve never been brave enough to do it without my scroll!’’ Cries are given a strict limit of between 120 and 125 words. Humour is permissible, as long as it is not ‘‘salacious or sordid’’ (the rules’ exact words). To complicate matters, the Canadian summer is fiercer than our own. ‘‘Yesterday it was 36 degrees there. My regalia is made of wool, fully lined, and it’s a full greatcoat with a cape on it. I’m going to be hot enough to roast a Protestant — as my Catholic grandmother used to say!’’ Mrs Robinson’s regalia — which sometimes sees her mistaken for a pirate — was created by students at the Palmerston North School of Design. ‘‘They did a fabulous job.’’ Kingston is one of those cities that manages to be very New Zealand, even though it’s thousands of kilometres away. ‘‘I’m really looking forward to going there.’’ Mrs Robinson says it has elements of Palmerston North as well her home town of Oamaru. ‘‘I was fascinated by the things I found out about Kingston. It almost

Yesterday It was 36 degrees there. My regalia is made of wool, fully lined, and it’s a full greatcoat with a cape on it. I’m going to be hot enough to roast a Protestant — as my Catholic grandmother used to say!

encapsulates all my interests throughout New Zealand in the one place.’’ The city was considered for the capital of Canada when the country was formed in the 19th century. ‘‘Queen Victoria had the last laugh. I’m sure that if Kingston had been ‘Queenston’, things would have been very different.’’ Town crying is physically demanding, and changes to your body can affect your performance. Mrs Robinson has lost 60kg in three years. ‘‘I don’t have the abdominal ‘oomph’ that I used to have. I’m going to the gym every day to try and build up my diaphragm and my lung capacity.’’ The competition runs from August 1-5.


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Manawatu Guardian


What do Palmerston North residents think about the new welfare reforms? A brief chat with residents on the streets of Palmerston North revealed varied reactions to the Government’s newly introduced welfare reforms. The reforms aim to decrease the number of people who receive a benefit and include measures such as pre-employment drug tests, emphasis on attaining employment, and stopping benefits to those who have outstanding arrest warrants.



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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rink link to drop in crime By ALECIA ROUSSEAU

g g n t i n i e k k G lliic Kids CC

and are giving you The the chance to win a brand new bike all you have to do is “show us your best shots”

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SNOWED IN: Whetu, ‘aka’ Chaz Michael Michaels, is a regular visitor to The Square’s Ice Rink. PICTURE: ALECIA ROUSSEAU

used the rink and they were expecting numbers to rise. ‘‘We saw almost 25,000 people visit the rink last year; we are hoping to exceed that again this year.’’ The novelty of the rink was worn out last year and gathering numbers for its second appearance had

You must be 10 years or younger, email your best shots (max 3 per person) into the Guardian at

been harder, he added. Mr Webber suggested the rink would be keen to return again next year. ‘‘We will stick around as long as the community wants us.’’ ■ Palmy Ice Rink will be open until August 18, 10am-10pm, The Square, Palmerston North.










We are searching for the

Manawatu’s best photo it could

Palmerston North’s Ice Rink has been attributed with lowering crime in The Square, according to local police. Senior Sergeant Brett Calkin said the icy attraction had caused a considerable reduction in crime as a result of its many visitors. ‘‘We believe it has contributed to a reduction in crime during the day in The Square. More people deter offenders and this means there have been less issues,’’ he said. Three thefts were reported in the ice rink’s opening weekend, but Sergeant Calkin said he was not aware of any further incidents. ‘‘We are not aware of anymore thefts taking place and we do not see it as a problem location. After the recent publicity surrounding the thefts, things seem to have dropped off significantly.’’ Ice World director Gareth Webber said it was good to hear the venture was helping to keep crime down. ‘‘We have been getting really positive feedback and have noticed within the rink, there has been a massive drop in thefts and any trouble,’’ he explained. ‘‘It’s logical to assume that with more people and security around, people would be deterred.’’ Mr Webber said already more than 8000 people had

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Manawatu Guardian



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Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd is issuing a recall on specified Samsung top loader washing machines sold in New Zealand through various retailers. Samsung Electronics Australia is voluntarily conducting this recall to ensure the safety and quality of its products for its consumers. Identifiers: Samsung top loader washing machines with the following model names manufactured in 2010, 2011, 2012 and some models in 2013 are affected: SW75V9WIP, SW65V9WIP, SW80SPWIP, SW70SPWIP. Other models are not affected. The model names can be found on the back of the washing machine, see image below. Please contact Samsung for details of the affected serial numbers.



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Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Stan behind the music By DALE WICKEN


AWAPUNI RACECOURSE, PALMERSTON NORTH Featuring the Courtesy Ford - Ryder Stakes for the two year olds. Cheer on the two year olds as they battle for listed race status - with a great supporting programme, enjoy the heated comfort Awapuni Racecourse provides.

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There’s nothing we Kiwis like better than New Zealand triumphing over Australia. Perhaps that’s where our fondness for Stan Walker originates. Guardian reporter Dale Wicken spoke with the X Factor judge last Friday to see just how excited he was to be embarking on his upcoming ‘World Tour’ that will include Palmerston North. After exploding on to our screens as the winner of Australian Idol in 2009, the chilled-out, comical, caring musician has endeared himself to us even more over the years. He has recently appeared in the feature film Mt Zion, released numerous hit singles and is now on our screens again as an X Factor judge. Looking forward to seeing what’s next, the star is about to embark on a 23-show tour of New Zealand, bringing his talent to the Regent on Broadway on September 13. He thinks of Palmerston North fondly, saying it was one of his favourite shows of his 2011 tour. A kapa haka group opened for him, which he says made for a jawdroppingly emotional moment. Upon learning that we currently have an ice-skating rink in The Square, he laughs and says he’s a ‘‘pro faller-overer’’ and a ‘‘pro crasher-overer’’. He also jokes that he’d like his next endeavour to be plus-size modelling. While he was clearly the class-clown back at school, he has some serious answers too. ‘‘I wanted to be part of mentoring somebody who could go on to represent New Zealand,’’ he says of his motivation to join the X Factor panel.

Fiind ou ut more e: Freyberrg Commun nitty Pool

Th ham mes Stre eet, Palmerston n North Ph hone: 06 35 56 7317 • www z/fre eyb berg

While he’s used to being recognised on the street these days, he finds it refreshing to get recognised for something different. ‘‘I used to get Australian Idol — Black Box, but now I get X Factor, it’s all anyone talks about,’’ he says. Going from being judged to being a judge was an interesting experience for Stan. ‘‘We have to take ourselves out of it emotionally and be professional. I know I beat around the bush with my advice but, as long as they get it and I encourage them, it’s all good,’’ he says. In the future he’d like to work with Alicia Keys or Macklemore, but his ultimate inspiration is Beyonce, who he will most definitely be seeing when she comes to New Zealand. Stan has always been open about his faith, having performed at Parachute Music Festival in the past, and citing his beliefs as integral to his success. He says his career has pushed and pulled his faith, but without it he wouldn’t be where he is today. Despite our little chat being one in an undoubtedly long list of press interviews, he’s energetic and attentive the whole time. Regardless of his achievements and popularity, he’s modest and unassuming. ‘‘There’s lots of great singers out there. Lots that are better than me. What makes a difference is character. Character is what gets you further,’’ he says. It’s deep-rooted beliefs like this that make Stan Walker the right type of rolemodel. At only 22 years old, with so much success already under his belt, one can only begin to imagine what’s in store for this gifted young man. ■ Stan Walker will play at The Regent on Broadway, September 13. To buy tickets visit

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pit has come a long way By MARISE CLARK, Pit Park People The Pit Park People, in partnership with the Palmerston North City Council, are transforming what was a disused clay quarry into a recreational space that will be a lasting resource for the community. Since the project began in 1999, many thousands of native trees and plants have been planted, paths have been formed and three wetlands have been developed. People are increasingly visiting the park, as are a range of native birds, with a kingfisher one of the latest newcomers. The Pit Park is very much a community-based project that relies upon the ongoing commitment and effort of the Pit Park People and other wonderful volunteers that come in groups or individually to work there. In the last few years, progress at the Pit has also received a boost by gaining some funding from outside sources. A grant from Pub Charities received this year has let us purchase 185m3 of mulch. This is an absolute necessity for plant survival in the pit environment as it aids in protecting vulnerable plants from excess water loss in the dry periods and aids in conditioning the rather nutrient-deficient

y s a t n a F ghts i L in

Manawatu Guardian


Fantasy in Lights Spectacular

Kowhai Park, South Street, Feilding Saturday 13 July to Saturday 27 July 2013 Every night 6 pm till 8pm! Gate entry – Adults $10 Children $2 (intermediate & under) Family pass $20 (2 adults and 4 children)

Bring the family during the school holidays for a night of spectacular lighting in the beautiful natural surroundings of Kowhai Park, with fun themed lighting features.


FACELIFT: The Pit Park, as seen from the carpark looking toward Skoglund Park. A far cry from the piles of earth and broken asphalt that were the pit’s main feature in 2001! (‘‘before’’ and ‘‘after’’ photos can be seen for comparison on the Guardian’s Facebook page).

Light sticks for sale. Wear warm clothing, raincoat and sturdy footwear

Organised by Makino Rotary Club Contact 06 323 3318 Email:

year’s planting season. Over the years we have received many donations of plants from individuals and groups in the community. Almost all the plants you see growing in the pit are from these wonderful people. Thank you to our funders! These grants have made an enormous contribution to our ability to progress the work we are undertaking at Edwards Pit Park.

subsoil that we have to work with. An abundance of worms indicates a big improvement in soil quality. Grants from the Robert C. Bruce Trust and Fonterra Grassroots Fund have let us buy several thousand plants for this


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

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How has the first week of school holidays gone for you? Our household has found plenty to do — the ice rink has been a big hit. Not sure what’s on? Talk to the team at i-SITE Palmerston North, in The Square, about things to do these holidays. ■ As part of the Roman Machines exhibition at Te Manawa, there are a couple of workshop to take part in. Learn how to make Roman jewellery Friday 19th, Saturday 20th or Sunday 21st from 1-3pm. All materials included in the cost. Booking essential. Or bring along some material to make a tunic or toga on Friday 19th from 1pm-4pm. Tunic: bring enough material so that it covers you from elbow to elbow and from your shoulder down to your knee. Romans preferred heavier fabrics; the easiest one to source is possibly calico, there’s a good range at Spotlight. Go for the softer more subtle shades. Toga: for the average person about 5 metres should do it. Men should find something light and flowy — and remember, the whiter the colour the richer you were! Women’s togas can be in silk, satin or plain cotton. ■ Original art at affordable prices, including paintings, porcelain art and woodcrafts, is available at the Manawatu Art Expo. At the Convention Centre from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st. Doors open at 9am. ■ Join Stories at 6, a fun evening of stories for all the family, in the Children’s Zone. Starts 6pm at the

certificate in

Palmerston North City Library with yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows for all. ■ Creative Sounds’ annual foodbank benefit is back for 2013 and better than ever, part of the Semester Two ‘‘Welcome Back’’ celebrations. They bring you some of the best acts from around the country and right here at home. Featuring Joseph & Maia, Great North, Shannelee Ray and more. All you need to bring to get in the door is two items of food (two minute noodles don’t count). Cans are easiest and please, no perishables! Doors open at 7.30pm Friday, and the first band will be on at 8pm. ■ The Gypsy Baron by Johann ■ Continued Page 11

bachelor of exercise e

automotive engineering

& Sport Science

NZ diploma in Business

Truck and forklift driving

ArT & DeSIgn

National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing L3

national Diploma in Science L5 & L6

Certificate in Art & Design L4


Certificate in Exercise and Sport Performance L4

BeAuTy ServIceS

Certificate in Adult Teaching (Advanced) L5

Diploma in Interior Design L5

National Certificate in Beauty Services (Cosmetology) L3 Certificate in Fashion & Beauty L1

National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (Vocational/Workplace) L5 National Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care L3



Bachelor of Information and communications Technology (Applied) L7

Te Timatanga Certificate in Tertiary Study L2

graduate Diploma in Information & communication Technology L7

Certificate in Tertiary Study Skills L1

nZ Diploma in Business L6

HeALTH & ScIence

Diploma of Information and communications Technology (Applied) L5 & L6 Certificate for Advanced Computer Users L4 Certificate in Business Studies L4 National Certificate in Business Administration L4 Certificate in Information Technology for Business L3 Certificate in Tourism L3

Short Course in Canine Care and Behaviour L5 Certificate in Science and Health L3

HoSPITALITy & cookery Certificate in Professional Cookery L4 Certificate in Baking and Pastry L3 Certificate in Hospitality L3 Certificate in Professional Cookery L3

TrADeS Diploma in construction L5 Certificate in Carpentry L4

Postgraduate Diploma in clinical exercise Physiology L8

Certificate in Automotive Engineering L3

Graduate Certificate in Practice Development for nursing L7

Certificate in Automotive Panel and Paint L3

Bachelor of exercise & Sport Science L7

National Certificate in Goods Service (Core Skills) L2 (Truck and Forklift Driving)

Bachelor of nursing L7

National Certificate in Joinery (Introduction) L2

Diploma in veterinary nursing L5 & L6

For information on more of our Programmes please visit our Information Centre on the corner of King & Princess Streets, Palmerston North, or our website

Arts & Design




Health & Science


Business & IT


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Manawatu Guardian



Strauss II is a romantic musical feast of Comic Opera; full of great music including various famous dance themes, great arias, ensembles and chorus music. Regent on Broadway Theatre, this Saturday, from 7.30pm. A rare opportunity to hear Strauss’ original version performed in English with full sets and great costumes. ■ A touching and bittersweet comingof-age story is the latest play at Centrepoint Theatre, Peninsula. A feast for the imagination, Peninsula fuses light, sound, space and language into story magic. Opening night Saturday 20th at 8pm. Season runs through until 24th August. ■ Fantasy in Light storytelling at Kowhai Park, Saturday, 6pm-8pm. ■ Square Edge is hosting an illustrative narrative, including video, about All Saints Church called ‘‘Dormant Hope’’. Exhibition closes on Tuesday 23rd so take the time to view. ■ Are you looking for something exciting to do during the July School Holidays? Tall Poppies Youth Theatre is proud to present Spike Milligan’s Bad Jelly the Witch. Shows are spread across the city including Monday 22nd at Palmerston North City Library, 10.30am and 2pm, and the Feilding Library, Wednesday 24th, at 11am. ■ For lots of magical fun in the kitchen come to the Children’s Zone at the Palmerston North City Library on Tuesday 23rd to enjoy a performance by Zappo the Magician: Zappo’s Kitchen Rules, at 10.30am and 2pm.

■ Do you have a burning legal, investment or business question that you want answer, but are unsure who to ask, or maybe too afraid to ask? Well you have a chance with at Coombe Smith’s free Ask an Expert on Tuesday 23rd at 5.30pm. Experts will share their knowledge and answer questions. ■ The Manawatu Ideal Home Show is one of the largest and most popular home shows in New Zealand. The event features over 220 exhibitors. Held over Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 29th, the Ideal Home Show brings together the very best in products and services for the home. To be held at Arena Manawatu, with doors opening at 10am. ■ The Downtown International Carnival Day is a day to celebrate the variety of cultures in our centre and in the wider community. Retailers adopt a country of their choice to celebrate. There are a variety of performances throughout the day and stallholders sell products in a market style environment within the shopping centre. Come in to enjoy the entertainment, shopping and activities for the kids on Saturday 27th from 9.30am. Fun for the whole family! ■ The ‘‘Where’s My Job?’’ careers expo comes to Feilding Civic Centre, Wednesday 31st, from 9am. Showcasing local businesses and training providers to promote employment, training and career opportunities in our community. Open to all students, teachers, parents/ caregivers and the general public to come along.

n s lia ear a tr P us am A kh ac P

$2.48 kg

es rap G ss e l eed S ed R

$4.98 kg

$2.98 kg

d cke a p re- nion P nO kg 1.5 row B

$1.48 per bag

Specials Begin on Thursday 18th July until Wednesday 24th July

AT TWO LOCATIONS Just over the Ramp at 480 Rangitikei St 93 Albert St • Palmerston North Palmerston North PH 355 8380 • FAX 355 8381 PH 357 2188 • FAX 357 2189

With five new villas underway, there will be one perfect for you!


Five new 2-bedroom villas. Register your interest NOW Take a stroll through our beautiful village, view our Show Home and 2 villas available for occupancy now!

6 355 4665! 4665 5! Call Rod on 06

Independentt retirement ti t living li i att its it best. b 53 Brooklyn Heights Drive, Kelvin Grove.

All occupation licences for units at the village are secured by a first-ranking mortgage over the village land in favour of the Statutory Supervisor.

■ From Page 10

*Wholesale rates for wholesale customers, 5% discount to all small businesses, cafés, restaurants & caterers

N Z M S an eed da les rin s s

Feast of events during holidays


Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, July 18, 2013


.ªª G¯¶¬´Ÿ¡ xa?ff

W¢™• ÷Ÿ©ª¦› ÷¸Ÿª F I©Ÿ—¦«© ð©©•

Gf" ú<YI< +.KZ[ y¦ƒ•

IÄŸ•£µÄš df a•ªš _;cf¥¨ I•§µÄš de a•ªš d;ff¥¨


A crown of choral gems for the Queen CONCERT REVIEW Diamond Coronation Celebration Palmerston North Choral Society Directed by Alison Stewart St Peter’s Church, Palmerston North, Saturday, July 13 Reviewed by Ray Watchman.


IÄŸ•£µÄš db .•³•¡Ÿ _;cf¥¨

W¢™• ÷Ÿ©ª¦› ÷¸Ÿª F I©Ÿ—¦«© ð©©•


Writing to the Palmerston North Choral Society on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, her Lady-in-Waiting noted ‘‘Her Majesty hopes your concert will be a great success.’’ The concert was last Saturday evening’s choral celebration in the city’s St Peter’s Anglican Church to mark the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation in Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953. Her Majesty’s kind hopes for the success of the concert were by no means disappointed, with the choir, chamber orchestra, four vocal soloists and organist delivering a robust celebration that would have gladdened the heart of any monarch. All praise is due to musical director Alison Stewart for her competent,

disciplined approach to the works presented. The Choral Society was well within its comfort zone and obviously enjoying the opportunity to present this concert, meeting the demands of four coronation anthems by Handel with confidence and giving a satisfying account of itself in Mozart’s Mass in C Major, the Coronation Mass. Vocal dexterity and a high degree of musical precision are required for works such as these to succeed, especially so with Handel. Under Stewart’s direction, the choir and chamber orchestra rose to both these challenges extremely well, perhaps at the expense of some colour contrast. But rather that than to suffer a choral performance spiralling out of control into musical anarchy. The standard of the choral and orchestral performances was further enhanced by those of the outstanding soloists. Soprano Janey MacKenzie, mezzo Jody Orgias, tenor Jamie Young and bassbaritone Roger Wilson. The sheer professionalism of these four singers gave a wonderful lift to the evening, with MacKenzie and Orgias particularly

Info Hotline 355 5656


I´§¯¦£ xda?ff

W¢™• ÷Ÿ©ª¦› ÷¸Ÿª F I©Ÿ—¦«© ð©©•


+Kc%" Zý Gf" <".K \¦§µÄš d I´¥Ÿ´¨Â´£ _;ff¥¨

NI€ô•F ŠRI Cƒ• ¹I€“•F×

.ªª Ÿ¯¶¬´Ÿ¡ xda?ff ú¯§¶ª•µ´¡ ¶¦¨¥ª¯¨´§ŸÄ£š µ£¯§¬ø

W¢™• ÷Ÿ©ª¦› ÷¸Ÿª F I©Ÿ—¦«© ð©©•


DESPICABLE ME 2 (PG) Contains low level violence (1hr 50mins) (Sorry no complimentaries) • Thu 3.30pm Fri/Sat 3.30pm 5.50pm Sun/Mon 3.30pm Tue/Wed 3.30pm 5.50pm MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (G) (2hrs 5mins) (Sorry no complimentaries) • Thu 10am 5.50pm Fri/Sat 10am Sun/Mon 10am 5.50pm Tue/Wed 10am PACIFIC RIM (M) Contains violence (2hrs 25mins) (Sorry no complimentaries) • Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/ Mon 12.30pm 8.20pm Tue 12.30pm EXCLUSIVE 3D PREMIERE SCREENING! THE WOLVERINE (TBA) (2hrs 25mins) (Sorry no complimentaries) • Tue 8.30pm (Normal 3D prices apply) Wed 12.30pm 8.20pm THE WORLDS END (TBA) (2hrs 35mins) • Thu 10.30am 1pm 6pm 8.30pm Fri/Sat 10.30am 1pm 5.30pm 8.30pm Sun/Mon 10.30am 1pm 6pm 8.30pm Tue 10.30am 1pm 5.30pm 8.30pm Wed 10.30am 1pm 6pm 8.30pm THE WOLVERINE (TBA) (2hrs 25mins) • Wed 2.40pm 5.30pm DESPICABLE ME 2 (PG) Contains low level violence (1hr 50mins) • Thu 10am 12.30pm 3pm 5.30pm Fri/Sat 10am 12.30pm 3pm Sun/Mon 10am 12.30pm 3pm 5.30pm Tue 10am 12.30pm 3pm Wed 10am 12.20pm 2.50pm MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (G) (2hrs 5mins) • Thu 10.20am 1pm 3.30pm Fri/Sat 10.20am 1pm 3.30pm 6pm Sun/Mon 10.20am 1pm 3.30pm Tue 10.20am 1pm 3.30pm 6pm Wed 10.20am 1pm 3.30pm EPIC (PG) Contains low level violence (1hr 55mins) • Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/ Tue 10.45am 1.10pm 3.30pm Wed 10.15am 12.40pm 3.30pm

THE HEAT (R13) Contains violence, offensive language & sexual references (2hrs 10mins) • Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue 3pm 5.50pm 8.30pm Wed 3pm 8.30pm

Cinema Gold Schedule


PRIVATE PEACEFUL (M) battle violence (1hr 50 mins)

THE LONE RANGER (M) Contains violence (2hrs 45mins) • Thu 10.45am 8pm Fri/Sat/Sun/ Mon 10.45am 5pm 8.10pm Tue 2.15pm 8.10pm Wed 2.15pm 8.20pm

Thu 1.15pm 8pm Fri 3.30pm 5.45pm Sat 2.30pm 8pm

MAN OF STEEL (M) Contains violence (2hrs 35mins) • Thu/Fri/ Sat/Sun/Mon 2.15pm 8.30pm Tue 10.45am 5pm Wed 10.45am 5.15pm

10.30am 12.30pm 5pm Sun 3.30pm Mon 1pm 3.45pm

PACIFIC RIM (M) Contains violence (2hrs 25mins) • Thu/Fri/ Sat/Sun/Mon 5.40pm Tue 5.40pm 8.30pm Wed 8.20pm WORLD WAR Z (M) Contains violence, offensive language & horror (2hrs 10mins) • Thu/Fri/ Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue 8.30pm Wed 5.50pm MUST FINISH SOON! ADULTS & STUDENTS $10.90 CHILDREN & SENIOR CITIZENS $9.40 FAST AND FURIOUS 6 (M) Contains violence (2hrs 25mins) • Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed 5.30pm THIS IS THE END (R16) Contains violence, offensive language, drug use & sexual material (2hrs) • Thu/ Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed 8.20pm RIALTO THE CONJURING (R16) Contains horror & content that may disturb (2hrs 5mins) • Thu/ Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed 11am 2pm 8.15pm THE GREAT GATSBY (M) Contains violence & sex scenes (2hrs 30mins) • Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/ Mon/Tue/Wed 5pm.

delightful in duet. Palmerston North audiences are very fortunate in having opportunities to hear soloists such as these performing locally and with local ensembles. The show-stopper was also the last item on the programme, British composer Charles Hubert Parry’s monumental I Was Glad a setting of verses from Psalm 122 written for the coronation of King Edward VII and performed at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. With the voices of the four soloists undergirding those of the Choral Society, and organist Roy Tankersley belting out a dazzling accompaniment on the St Peter’s pipe organ, I was Glad was indeed; a performance fit for a queen. The chamber orchestra led by Stephanie Buzzard, with Roy Tankersley on harpsichord, deserves a special mention. This ensemble of instrumentalists gave a great account of itself, launching enthusiastically into the spirit of the occasion and lending an authenticity to the ‘‘period’’ music. In all, a memorable evening. Long live the Queen!

This week, on your LOCAL radio station...

Gf" BZ%.ýZ[" I".IZ[ Zý I@.[ ]._" @´µ§´¡µÄš d? .•³•¡Ÿ _;cf¥¨

ut ...

Sun 5.30pm Mon 3pm 5.40pm Tue 3pm 8pm Wed 1.15pm 8pm PING PONG (PG) coarse language (1hr 26mins) Thu 10.30am 3.40pm 5.50pm Fri 2pm 3.50pm 8pm Sat Tue 11am 1pm 5.45pm Wed 10.30am 3.40pm 5.50pm NT LIVE THE AUDIENCE (PG) sexual references (2hrs 40mins) Thu 12.30pm Fri 10.30am Sat 7.30pm Sun 2pm Mon 12.30pm Tue 7.45pm Wed 12.30pm WHITE LIES (M) violence and nudity (1hr 45mins) Thu 11am 5.40pm 8.15pm Fri 11am 6pm 8.15pm Sat 1pm 5.45pm Sun 11am 5.45pm Mon 5.45pm Tue 10.30am 12.45pm 5.30pm Wed 11am 5.40pm 8.15pm BROKEN (R16) violence, offensive language, sex scenes and content that may disturb (1hr 40mins) Thu 3.50pm Fri 1.15pm Sat 10.45am Sun 10.30am Tue 3.20pm Wed 3.50pm REMEMBRANCE (M) violence, sex scenes and nudity (part subtitled) (1hr 55mins) Sat 3.15pm Sun 1pm

SENIOR CITIZENS’ MORNING TEA Second Tuesday and Last Tuesday of Each Month. Morning Tea served from 10am, 10.30am movie. Bookings Essential 30 July: PING PONG 13 August: THE WAY WAY BACK

FRIDAY 18.00 Best of British 19.00 AM Unsigned 11.00 Volunteering’s Voice 19.00 Black & Blue 12.00 A Green Ear 20.00 Musical Geeks & 13.00 Emma in the Afternoon Nerdy Freaks 15.00 The Russian Show WEDNESDAY 16.00 BBC: Assignment 19.00 AM 17.00 Amazing Grace 10.00 Two Hands 19.00 Doing it in the Dirt 12.30 This Week in 20.00 Metalheads Parliament SATURDAY 14.00 Squarewaves 12.00 Democracy Now! 15.00 Women’s Voices of 14.00 Paakiwaha Poland 18.30 Friend of Marilyn 16.00 BBC: Heart and Soul 19.00 The Latin Hour 17.00 The Russian Show 20.00 Combustible Lemons 17.30 Authentic Success SUNDAY 18.00 Friend of Marilyn 19.30 Catholic Radio 19.00 Bhutani Awaj 12.30 Mostly Harmless 20.00 Te Puutake 13.00 Bhutani Awaj THURSDAY 14.30 Let the Bible Speak 19.00 AM 15.00 Irish Time 10.30 Cityscope 15.30 Musical Confection 11.00 Don’s Discourse 17.00 Tinig Pinoy 11.45 Wheeler’s Corner 18.00 A Green Ear 15.00 Youth Factor 19.00 Telling Tales 16.00 BBC: Discovery 20.00 Metalheads 17.00 Musical Confection MONDAY 17.30 Don’s Discourse 19.00 AM 19.00 SquareWaves 10.00 Collaborative Voices 20.00 Spectrum Disco Party 12.00 Iain Lees-Galloway Show MP for P. North 12.30 A Man With Two Hats 13.00 Unwelcome Guests 15.00 Nana Moo’s Country Show 16.00 BBC: The Documentary 17.00 Women’s Voices of Poland 20.00 The 80’s at 8 Join Adam every Monday at TUESDAY 8pm for “The Eighties at 8” 9.00 AM Also available On Demand at 10.00 Wesley Methodist! Church 11.00 PN Street Van 12.30 Cityscope Good Luck 16.00 BBC: Science in Benny Tipene! Action 17.30 A Man With Two Hats

9pm - 9am daily


Thursday, July 18, 2013




Manawatu Guardian

ut ...

Strong performance can’t overcome meandering story MOVIE REVIEW Everybody has a Plan Cinema Gold 113 minutes Reviewed by Dale Wicken Some actors seem to relish a challenge, and that’s evidently the case for Viggo Mortensen in this dark and brooding Spanish film. Not only does he display impressive and fluent Spanish, but he also plays two different characters: identical twin brothers Agustin and Pedro. Mortensen is undoubtedly the best ingredient in this somewhat undercooked affair. Agustin and Pedro lead very different lives. Agustin is a paediatrician in Buenos Aires who, on the surface, seems content enough with his life. Pedro lives a dismal existence as a bee-keeper around the Tigre Delta

region where the brothers grew up, and is dying of cancer. He’s also an accomplice in a kidnapping ring.


When Pedro’s visit to Agustin ends in his death, Agustin decides to assume his brother’s identity and moves back to his childhood home and into Pedro’s life. The film’s setting is hauntingly beautiful, but it suffers from a lack of narrative and an unbelievable premise that the main characters in Pedro’s life accept that Agustin is Pedro. At times the film is so slow it crawls, which becomes frustrating when there’s so much obvious potential. It’s atmospheric and soulful, but not gripping enough. And although the large issues of dual identity and mortality are clear and explored to a certain extent, what it is that director Ana Piterbarg is saying about them is unclear. While Mortensen succeeds in this challenging role, there’s another challenge within this film: to not leave the cinema annoyed at the inconclusive ending and the fact that the tension you’ve been feeling throughout the film was worthless.

'! +$&! *")#"&%() 20 July – 24 August

It’s always summer when you’re a kid ... but summer has to end

show sponsor:


Food is Art & Art is Food The two combine @ the Van Uffelen Gallery and The Gallery Restaurant New Zealand’s qualified framing professionals CAFE & RESTAURANT A warm inviting oasis providing superb food, friendly service, excellent brunch, lunch and dinner menus with a relaxing atmosphere.

Come inside and relax by the fire WE ALSO OFFER... • Needlework, qualified textile experts. • Free In-home consultations / Mobile framing. Our job as your custom framing expert is a simple one: to help you create a framing solution that best reflects your style, your decor and your art. We do this with an emphasis on creating an outstanding experience while working within a budget that is most comfortable with you. There is literallyy no jjob to bigg or small.


• Expert advice on all areas of framing

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• Sports shirts, memorabilia & 3D projects

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• Lunch

• Conservation & museum level framing

• Dinner

• Art installation & packaging

• Functions • Finger Food

We guarantee our workmanship for a minimum of 5 years Free onsite parking

CNR Princess & Church Street

• Weddings • Gift Vouchers • Children Menu

Phone /Fax 06 357 3944

Free Wifi


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

For all your favourite

British Foods visit

OPEN 7 DAYS Find us on Facebook for special offers. Search Tastes Of The UK

Tastes of the UK in the Milson Shopping Centre

Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Wed 10am-5.30pm, Sat-Sun 10am-4pm


Huge variety of soups, Heinz Muligatawny & Oxtail Lovely English tea - Yorkshire & Tetley tea, Ambrosia Rice Pudding. Devon Custard. Heinz Sticky Sponge Puddings. Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Pies & Puddings. Lots of amazing sweets - Bon Bons & Pear Drops. Rhubarb & Custard. Walkers crisps & plenty of chocolate to choose from.

Phone: 353 5397 •


GETTING YOU DOWN? Treat Yourself to some warming winter comforts

Tastes Of The UK in the Milson Shopping Centre - Winter Warmers and more treats to comfort you and your tummy! Skin Therapy on Linton Street - Pampering that is sure to make you look & feel good as well as warm your inner body Contours on Grey Street - Join us on the 20th July for an afternoon of Winter Wellness Chevelle on Broadway - Funky & Friendly studio team ready to give you the ‘pick me up‘ in hairstyles Georgie Girl on George Street - Come down and pick yourself up something to wear that will enhance your mood & brighten your day

Warm up for winter !!!

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Begin with a dry body brush down Full Body Exfoliation Body Masque Spa Capsule – An enticing combination of steam, light therapy, massage and water Finish with a gentle boy moisturising.

Transport yourself to a beautiful place with our gorgeously scented spa products range:

Chocolate Marine Fiji Souffle Moroccan Spice Relax the last 10 minutes to ease yourself back into reality with a lovely herbal tea or water.

Appointments necessary : Phone 353-1466 today to Book YOUR experience.

Follow us on Facebook.

Level 1, 2 Linton Street Palmerston North

“The Essential Wardrobe List”

“Latest Winter Looks For Your Hair”

“Skin Care For Winter”

“How To Maintain Optimal Health”

What every women should invest in to complete their wardrobe

How to keep your skin glowing this winter

That can be easily recreated at home

How to keep your skin glowing this winter

Contours Palmerston North, Level 3, 8 Grey Street. Saturday 20th July from 1-3:30pm

Gold Coin Entry - All proceeds donated to Camellia House SPOT PRIZES and the 1st 100 ladies get a FREE goodie bag

Bookings Essential - 06 354 9549

For that Fab

Georgie Girl has it all New Look


Come Into Our Warm Cosy Friendly Environment. Relax With Cafe Style Coffee. Receive A Hot Towel Hair And Scalp Treatment For The Month Of July And August. 328 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North | Ph 06 355 3228

Plus its

20% of Storewide 027 322 0948 46a George Street Palmerston North

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Manawatu Guardian


BATH TIME: Rachel House, Antonia Prebble and Whirimako Black share a scene in White Lies.

Historic tale slow but gripping MOVIE REVIEW White Lies (M) Cinema Gold 95 minutes Reviewed by Paula McCool Set early last century, White Lies shows how white society in New Zealand tried to repress Maori beliefs and values. Medicine woman Paraiti (Whirimako Black) leads a simple life, tending to her people. On a visit into town one day, Paraiti is summoned by a Maori servant, Maraea (Rachel House), to come and speak with her mistress, the wealthy Mrs Rebecca Vickers (Antonia Prebble) on a matter of grave importance. When she finds out what the task is, Paraiti refuses. Not much later, a tragedy occurs when a young pregnant woman Paraiti is helping dies during childbirth in a local hospital. Paraiti was not allowed to tend to her as white men’s laws forbid Maori to assist during childbirth.

In shock, Paraiti leaves her community and visits Rebecca to say she will now do her bidding. She sees her role as one of taking revenge for what has happened. The emotions involved in the film are very powerful and suspense is added through the secret shared by Rebecca and Maraea, which is not revealed until near the end. White Lies is gripping and a superb film, but this does not mean it is without its flaws. Without giving away too much, it is fair to say that Rebecca’s predicament is highly improbable, and some scenes just go on far too long. At one point, most people would be thinking ‘‘Oh hurry up and get on with it’’. There is also a big disconnect between the very brief first scene when Paraiti is a girl, and her history could have been revisited via flashbacks — this would have been really interesting. However, the acting by Whirimako Black is outstanding and by far the best thing the film has going for it. It is worth going to White Lies just to see how commanding a performance this is.


Complete with PENTAX standard single vision lenses*



Palmerston North – The Plaza: 355 8433.



Keep warm and get creative at Bead Bazaar! We have some fantastic Holiday Programmes planned using our cool and colourful beads!

City Library School Holiday Calender

Suncatchers Beaded Dragonfly Bookmarks Owl & Butterfly Necklaces Wire wrapped Hanging Heart Other Fun & Funky Jewellery Crafts

see us at 14 George Street, Palmerston North or email

- Friends - Social Group - Work Function

- Girlfriend’s Get-together - Hen’s Night!


JEWELLERY HOLDERS IN STORE NOW! BIRTHDAY PARTY AT BEAD BAZAAR ANYONE?? Let us share your birthday party with you! Children can create their own piece of jewellery, bookmark, bag tag…... the possibilities are endless! You choose the budget, the children choose the beads – it doesn’t get any easier!! We provide complimentary lollies and a dedicated staff member to assist with your part group – you can even bring the cake!

Contact us now for more information or to book a party!












• 10am - 12 noon • Children’s Zone

• 10:30am – 12noon

• 10am – 12 noon • Children’s Zone

Community Library Event

Big Bad Bug Craft

Winter Windmill Wonder

Te Patikitiki



Stories at 6 • 6pm - 7pm • Children’s Zone


For plenty of winter warming activities or a copy of the programme,

JEWELLERY MAKING EVENINGS A creative way to relax with

*Second pair must be from same price range of frames and lens range or below. Must be same prescription. Price for other lens types may differ. Extra options not included. Prices correct at time of print. Frames available while stocks last. ^Free SuperTough lens upgrade only available with standard single vision glasses for kids under 16. © 2013 Specsavers Optical Group • McCANN_SPE2405.


Held almost every day during the holidays from 10.30am to noon and 1.30pm to 3.00pm

$169 FROM

Helen’s Blinged Up Angry Birds



• 2pm Crazy Crocodile Craft

Are you keen to learn how to make beaded jewellery or simply fine tune your skills? Come along to our jewellery making classes every Thursday Morning from 10.30am -12.30pm or Thursday Evening from 5.30pm – 7.30pm.

Ring us now on 356 8612 for more info!

JULY BIRTHDAY SPECIAL Apend & Receive $20 - receive a $5.00 voucher $50 - receive a $10 voucher $80 - receive a $15 voucher $100 - receive a $20 voucher Conditions Apply

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Can’t think of anything to do or sick of being stuck inside?? Come down to Bead Bazaar at 14 George Street, Palmerston North and enjoy the colour, creativity and charm of our friendly staff! We’re here to help and look forward to your company! Bead Bazaar – for all your jewellery making needs, repairs and quality, handmade unique pieces of jewellery! Take care and keep warm!

Kristina & the Bead Bazaar Team



Pirate Pete • 10am • 1pm

Friday 19TH JULY ROSLYN Event Hip Hop Dance Lesson • 10:30am







CENTRAL & Community Library Event






Prize giving!!

Tall Poppies Bad Jelly the Witch • 10.30am Children’s Zone • 2pm Te Patikitiki Library

ZAPPO • 10:30am • Children’s Zone


• 10am – 12noon • Children’s Zone Wild Monster Mayhem

Bad Jelly the Witch

• 10:30am AWAPUNI Event TALL POPPIES CENTRAL Event Bad Jelly the Racataplin • 2pm Witch • 2pm

Roman Shield • 11am

• Children’s Zone

ASHHURST Event Stories at 6 • 6pm

• Sound & Vision, ground floor

*Roman Shield Competition must be in by Wednesday 24th at 4pm Entries can be returned to the Palmerston North City Library, Community Libraries or Te Manawa


Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Your Ideal Home at a great price GDN180713HomeShow

UNBELIEVA-BULL: The What A Load Of Bull team demonstrates their amazing range of products at last year’s Ideal Home Show.


The Ideal Home Show, on next weekend at Arena 2 and 3, will bring together all your renovating, DIY, building and lifestyle needs in one place for one weekend. If you have been thinking about upgrading your kitchen, painting that room, treating yourself to an outside spa or just need some new kitchen appliances then the show is a must visit event for you! With many of the 220 companies involved offering special Home Show-only discounts and prices you may find your renovating project will cost you even less than you think. If you are thinking about flooring then


For the latest brightest and best home related wares

26, 27, 28 JULY

FRI & SAT 10am-6pm & SUN 10am-5pm Arena 2 & 3, Pascal Street, Palmerston North

Over 200 exhibitors

you must see the team from Carpet Court on site at the show. For the best deals you’ll find on famous brand carpets and hard floorings and with an experienced team that knows floors like no others you can trust their free advice will be right for you. Take them the square meters of your home or show them your plans and grab an unbeatable deal at the show. Not only will there be lots of show specials but there will be an array of new products on display. The Tank Guy stand will be showcasing their brand new product: emergency water tanks for the everyday home. These are 200L tanks suitable for a few days’ supply; they come complete with a tap and water diverter kit that connects to your downpipe. They can also be used as a garden water tank over summer to keep the water fresh and allowing you to water the garden and wash the car with your own water supply. At a fantastic show price of only $129 these will be a very popular item. If you are planning a new bathroom then nothing says style like porcelain on cast iron claw foot baths. Set either in a traditional villa or bungalow, or incorporated into a modern style home with a blend of the old and the new, claw foot baths will ensure a beautiful bathroom to provide relaxation and enjoyment for years to come. Antique Baths will display several styles at the home show and will tempt visitors with a 50 per cent clearance on basin and bath taps, towel ladders and bathroom accessories. ‘‘We are lucky to be able to bring the best businesses from around New Zealand into one venue for one great weekend,’’ says Renee Murray from Peacock Promotions, organisers of the Ideal Home Show. ‘‘Carpet Court, Resene, Harvey Norman, Diamond Homes, Heatrite, Kitchen Studio, Leader & Watt and so many more. With over 220 local and national companies involved it’s a huge event for the region with visitors to the show coming from as far as Wellington, Taranaki and Hawkes Bay.’’ The Ideal Home Show is at Arena 2 and 3, Pascal St, Palmerston North, over three days, July 26-28. Remember, entry is free. For more details contact Peacock Promotions on (06) 354 0498, see, or join the Facebook page at w w w . fa c e b oo k . c o m/ IdealHomeShow.


06 354 0498 Visit the Home Show and you could WIN a dream package worth over $42,000 Including a: • $10,000 worth of kitchen or laundry appliances (Fisher & Paykel) • $10,000 of carpet including underlay and installation (Cavalier Bremworth) • $5,100 solar water heater (Solar Group) • $5,000 voucher can be spent on paint, wallpaper or curtains (Resene) • $3,000 New Build Quality Tracker programme (Realsure) • $2,000 worth of tapware of your choice (Foreno) • $2,875 Financial Immersion Workshop (Love to Grow) • $1,200 three day weekend for 2 at Taipa Bay including full Breakfast & dinner each day (EzyPay Holidays)

• $1,000 worth of wallcoverings of your choice (Vision) • $1,000 worth of Homestar consultation services • 2 fully installed Showerdomes to eliminate steam and moisture plus a bathroom gift basket. Total value $1,000 (Showerdome) • Apple iPad 16g (Property Press) • A property inspection report (Realsure) • Annual Home Series subscription (Trends)

Delivering Professional Quality Driver Training • DangerousGoodsCourse Tuesday30thJuly • ForkliftCourseOSHandFEndorsement Wed31stJuly • TruckClass2-5Course Starts22ndJuly (MusthaveLearnersLicence) • PassengerServiceEndorsement Starts22ndJuly • WheelsTracks&RollersonRequest DriverTraining, Assessments, Licensing & Endorsements, NZQA Registered & Accredited

For Further Enquiries Contact Joy P: 06 354 9362 E: 28 Jasper Place, Palmerston North

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Manawatu Guardian



Education & Training


Start building your future — today! that we take students every Monday, so there is no waiting. As soon as a student is ready to start, we’re ready to take them on.’’ G&H Training are currently offering specials on course fees. While the Practical Construction Skills course is always free for eligible learners, the Pre-employment Carpentry course usually

costs $704.00. However at the moment, a special price offer of $193 is available. Both courses are fulltime, Monday to Friday, 8am-3.30pm. They also offer a pathway from school, to training, to work, through our Modern Apprenticeship Service. We don’t just leave students after graduation; we support

them into the next stage of their career. ■ For more information, phone 0800 876-4664, check us out at or txt the word TRADES along with your name and location to 226 to register your interest.


Primary, Intermediate & Secondary students. Professional teaching by teachers. Specialists in Numeracy & Literacy tuition.

Call for a free assessment today on 0800 888 674 or visit Primary & Intermediate

✔ Maths/Numeracy ✔ Literacy ✔ Reading ✔ Spelling ✔ Comprehension sion

Secondary ✔ English

Yrs 9,10,11,12,13

✔ Maths

Yrs 9,10,11,12,13


Levels 1, 2 & 3

enrol now to study design full-time as an alternative to NCEA Study Graphic Design or Fashion Design fulltime in a dedicated studio environment and achieve - NCEA Level 2 - National Certificates in Design Level 2 & 3 - Advanced Certificate in Design Level 4 and produce a portfolio for entry to New Zealand’s leading degree courses or launch your design career. Zero Fees places available with Youth Guarantee (L2) and some fully funded places available for WINZ clients. or study part-time alongside NCEA. Talk to your careers advisor about our STAR & Gateway courses.


Trades training organisation G&H Training are different to other tertiary providers. Offering carpentry courses from their Roslyn workshop, G&H take youngsters who are interested in joining the building trade and give them an opportunity to make a start on a career. ‘‘For youth aged 16-17, we have the Practical Construction Skills course that is free to eligible learners,’’ says operations manager Steve Smithers. ‘‘This course is ideal for those who perhaps aren’t well suited to a school environment because they are still able to gain NCEA levels 1 and 2 and useful skills to help them get started in the construction industry. ‘‘This is an entry-level, practical course that gets young people gaining basic skills and there is even the chance of a scholarship to progress on to the next level.’’ There is also a Level 4 Pre-employment Carpentry course open to anyone over 16 years. This course covers all theory units needed for a building apprenticeship so, once an apprenticeship is secured, there’s no need to work all day and study all night. ‘‘When students come to us they learn the theory and gain hands on experience — some are then able to do a work experience placement during the course, which enables them to make good contacts in the industry,’’ Steve says. Once graduated from the course, students are work-ready and more appealing to employers. ‘‘Our graduates don’t need to take time off work to attend block courses as that part of their apprenticeship has already been achieved. The thing that really sets us apart is

Palmerston North - Call Sallie on 355 3450 Feilding - Call Karen on 323 3480

Small classes - Limited places - Enrol Now - 06 358 0188



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Grand Roast Meal Regular Pork .................................. $11 Beef ................................... $11 Chicken ............................ $11 Lamb/shank ..................... $14

Large $14 $14 $14 $17

Mussel Chowder

Poached Pear

Potato & Leek Soup

Cream Caramel

Shop 3. Downtown Shopping Centre, Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North

Mon-Sun 11am to 8.30pm

THE GRAND ROAST PH 06 359 4757

Golden Takeaway • 515A Main St •

Ph 357 6440 Any Large Size Chinese Meals



coke cola 1.5 litre Range 2 for



Chicken Fried Rice Chicken Fried Noodles Honey Soy Chicken Sweet & Sour Chicken

Any 2 burgers




040 Ruapehu Dve | Ph 3500040

• Lunch • Dinner Selections • Curries • Japanese Dishes • Rice Specialties • Burgers

Sitar Takeaways is pleased to welcome our new Executive Chef Vikas. Originally from India,Vikas joins the Sitar team with over 8 years of experience as an Indian Tandoori and Curry Chef.

P h o n e O rd e r s We l c o m e

Tel: 06 358 0714 | Fax: 06 358 0718

127 Botanical Road, Takaro, Palmerston North


MON-FRI 10am - 1.30pm 4.30pm - 8.30pm SAT-SUN 4:30pm - 8.30pm




• Open Tues - Sunday 9.30am onwards • Great Menu and Cabinet Food Selection • Beautiful Golf Course surroundings • Open to the public! • Fully licenced Bar • Modern facility • Ample free car parking 19 Centennial Drive, Hokowhitu, Palmerston North

The VIK is Palmerston North's only true craft beer & free house bar. The VIK has a superb Tapas menu, hand selected Craft Beers local and imported. The ever popular Home Brew and Soul Food Sundays have folks raving. Come down & share it all with good people.

V.I.K Restaurant.

Craft Beer Bar. Food Truck.

06 358 4999


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Beds: Invitation only ASK THE TRAINER

with NADINE STEELE One of the first questions I ask my clients when they start training classes with me is, ‘‘Who lets their dog sleep on their bed with them?’’ This question is met by wide-eyed owners generally feeling caught out and needing to confess this perceived sin of dog ownership. They brace for a lecture. Relax. Of course we let our dogs sleep on our beds. The greatest gift our dogs give us is their loyalty and nothing beats a weekend sleep-in with your fur buddy. For some of us, the feeling of security our dogs give us as they sleep beside us is priceless. There are a few points to consider, however, to ensure our dogs realise sharing our space is a privileged invitation — not their right.

It is equally important to make sure your dogs can and does settle in their own space, whether that be on their own bed or crate in your room or in another room in the house. This will ensure that if your dogs ever stay in someone else’s care or home, where bedsharing is not permitted, you will have dogs that are not stressed about the sleeping arrangements. We balance this behaviour in our home with a few basic rules. If your dogs race to your room and plonk themselves right in the middle of the bed, this needs to be corrected. Issue the ‘‘off’’ command and get yourself sorted and comfortable in bed. You can then invite your dogs to join you with the ‘‘up’’ command. This outlines that you are in control of what is ultimately a high-value resource for your dogs. The bed is an area where no play happens. If you encourage roughhousing or play, this behaviour will be normalised in this environment. So when you really are trying to get that sleep-in, an unexpected nip or body slam really won’t be appreciated. If your dogs are overexcited, ignore them completely until they settle

before you speak to them or pet them. This way they know exactly what behaviour gets the reward from you. A few nights a week in their own space is essential. Daytime naps on the bed when you are not in the room should not be allowed as the ownership of this space then comes into question. This confuses your dogs when you correct them for being on the bed, which they believe is their safe place. The same rules can also be used for the sofa — no invitation, no access. Your dogs need you to give clear resource boundaries. Paw point of the week: Our dogs see sleeping with us as a natural arrangement. A pack will curl up together for the night to ensure security of the group. Nadine Steele is a dog trainer for Mutts R Us. Send your questions to or for further information on Dog Guru, see



Stuart Lange

Shane Waihi

Steve Mudford

John Fow


*Offer ends 31st July 2013.


PHONE 06 359 0650

Life starts at retirement ... … in our Brightwater Villas!

Brightwater Villas are situated in attractive well-maintained grounds. We have 2-bedroom licence to occupy villas available for purchase NOW! Maintain an independent lifestyle with the comfort of knowing that support is at hand when needed. We also offer in-home support services and Brightwater Home is right next door if your situation changes.

OPEN HOME, 2pm-3pm FRIDAY, 26 JUNE Brightwater Villas: 69 Brightwater Terrace If you are in your retirement years and looking for a comfortable lifestyle, you owe it to yourself to visit Brightwater Villas.

Call (06) 366 0444 for more information, or check out our listing for Brightwater Villas on Trade Me Enliven Positive Ageing Services are provided by Presbyterian Support Central.



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Sprays to clean up in winter


Winter is the best season for treating many common pests and diseases in the garden. Pests often overwinter in cracks in the bark or take shelter in other hiding places while they wait for the arrival of warmer conditions. For centuries gardeners and orchardists have taken advantage of winter to break the cycle of pests and disease. These timehonoured methods of controlling garden problems during winter rely on three main ingredients: lime sulphur, copper and mineral oil. Lime sulphur: One of the most useful pesticides in the garden, lime sulphur has a long history, having been first developed in France in the 1840s. The French vineyards at the time had been infected by powdery mildew, a fungal disease that invaded the vines and dramatically reduced yield. Lime sulfur helped clear up the problem. Then, by the 1880s, it had been found that winter spraying with lime sulphur also helped control scale insects. Thus it became recognised for its double effectiveness as a pesticide and a disease control. Lime sulphur can be applied at winter strength on a range of fruit trees, roses and ornamentals while they are in their dormant (leafless) stage to control scale, moss and unwanted lichen. A spray

We are searching for the Manawatu’s best photo it could be of Scenery, pets family …. Or whatever!! The only catch is it must be taken in the Manawatu

We do not accept composite images using digital tools to enhance colours etc)

THE BEST PHOTO WINS!! A fantastic prize

You must be 10 years or younger, email your best shots (max 3 per person) into the Guardian at or come into our Guardian office on the cnr of princess and Broadway


See The Finalists and vote for the Best Shot at the Ideal Home Show

as the buds start to develop will also control black spot, powdery mildew and rust on pipfruit. The downside to Lime Sulphur is that it smells like rotten egg gas but this odour dissipates fairly quickly. Copper: Like lime sulphur, copper fungicides were first used in the French vineyards, but not until the 1880s. One of the first copper-based fungicides was ‘‘Bordeaux mixture’’, which is a combination of copper sulphate and lime. The disadvantage of traditional Bordeaux mixture is that it can clump and block spray nozzles. It’s also more likely to damage plants than other newer copper fungicides. Because copper sprays are used to create a protective barrier, the more even and thorough the coverage, the better the result. Copper Oxychloride mixes more readily with water than Bordeaux, which makes it easier to apply. Champ DP is an even more advanced formulation. And last year Yates introduced Liquid Copper, a form of copper that combines readily with water, creating a gel that

sticks onto plant material and provides excellent coverage. Timing is critical with all copper sprays and, because incorrect use of copper can be toxic to plants, it’s important to accurately follow the application directions. For example, leaf curl sprays should be applied just as the buds swell in spring. Most importantly, don’t over-apply copper sprays. In some places, where copper has been used on orchards for many years, there is now an unhealthy level of copper in the soil. Because of its small particle size and resulting low use rate, Liquid Copper is much less likely to accumulate at toxic levels in leaves or soil. Spraying oil: Conqueror Spraying Oil is a refined form of mineral oil that puts a smothering film over pests and their eggs. It, too, can be applied to deciduous fruit trees at a stronger winter rate and is very useful for controlling overwintering pests like scale, aphids, and mites. Otherwise these pests can survive the cold weather and rapidly build up their populations again in spring.

Furniture Prices*

! d e h s a l S

Save up to 54%

*Accessories not included

Venito - $1499

Trevision Dining Suite - $599

Queen Bed Set - $699 Why pay upto $1500

Soft pillow top with pocket springs for beautiful support. Amazing value! 5 years warranty!

7 pc suite in stained-oak rubber wood Exceptional value!

2 recliner chairs plus reclining 3 seater coach

Upholstered in hard wearing luxury suede. Black, brown or grey


Catalogue Sale ends this Sunday.

Quality Furnishers for over 25 years

167 Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North | Ph: 0800 115577, 06 355 0779

Diva - $1299 Why pay upto $2499

Upholstered in hard wearing easy care elegant suede. Stylish PU base featuring contrast stitching. Soft but resilient pocket coil seat cushions and a myriad of scatter backrest cushions offer sink into comfort.

GE Money Visa Now Finance Q Card

Lay By

Thursday, July 18, 2013

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Smooth operators Are the boards beneath your feet looking dull and worn out? Get them sorted with City Sanding Ltd, the largest and longest running floor sanding business in Palmerston North to date. City Sanding Ltd are experts at floors, both old and new. They provide professional floor sanding, durable commercial coatings, wood staining, gloss, low sheen finishes, sports court markings to international specifications. City Sanding Ltd specialises from bathrooms to gymnasiums — no job is too big or too small, we just do them all. We have a fast-track floor sanding and coating system for businesses that need to be back operating in two or three days. ‘‘We are local and have been sanding floors since 1990, that’s 20 years and we’re proud of it,’’ says owner Nick Pine. ‘‘We offer quality products and expertise in a timely manner,

doing the job correctly. Our floors are durable and go the distance with coatings that last for years.’’ City Sanding’s services also include carpet and vinyl uplift, cork title restoration, asbestos vinyl removal and diamond grinding concrete for floor preparation. It’s fair to say this floor team have more than a few tricks on their resume. With a combined experience of 75 years in the flooring industry, the team at City Sanding are extremely qualified to provide expert service and can ensure that even floors with the worst appearance will come to know true beauty. All City Sanding’s workmanship is guaranteed so quality floors are a given. Call Nick for expert advice on 0800 243-896 or 0274 421-771 for a free quote. Check out our website


TORCH & REGULATOR SERVICES Approved Service Agents for all Torch & Regulator Repairs. Prompt reliable service by qualified experienced repairer. Also for sale quality reconditioned Torches & Regulators: Oxy, acety, Co2, argon regulators & more. 737 Main Street (REAR SHOP), TERRACE END, PALMERSTON NORTH PHONE 06 359 0420

Roof Maintenance

➣ ➣ ➣

Secure Storage Flexible Terms 7 Day Access

specialist in crash repairs

Have your roof professionally sprayed by a rooftiler with 30 years experience in fitting new & maintaining old roofs. The product used is manufactured by one of New Zealands leading roof companies

Prices range from: For a free quote Phone Neville $120 for a small Roof Maintenance Ltd Prices quoted are approximate rates only. 2 Bedroom home to Height, pitch and amount of growth may $250 for a 4 Bedroom home with garage. effect prices.

Neville 027 448 1603 • A/H 06 354 6889

NZQA qualified professional tiler, who does all general tiling, under floor heating, water proofing, specialising in wetfloor area’s and home renovations.


when you mention this ad

• All Insurance Work • On-site Spray Painting • Chassis Straightening & Measuring • Plastic Repairs & Welding • Courtesy Cars Available

8 Edgeware Rd Palmerston North (Next to Firestone on Rangitikei St) P: 3544 726 Barter Card Welcome Welcome


Pettersson Plumbing & Drainage Ltd

Darren Pettersson




P 06 358 5038 F 06 356 3247 M 027 664 4655 PO Box 4125, Palmerston North 4442 E

Craftsman, Plumber, Drain Layer, Gas Fitter, Registered Shower Installer, Solar, Wetback You Name It We Do It Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

Phone: 027 540 5500 Email:


price per panel, discount for multipanels


Quality workmanship guaranteed. Call for a free quote.


WINTER SPECIAL from $150 to paint an panel

~ All work is guaranteed ~

Professional Tiler



0800 48 58 68

AA Accounting Ltd


Goodbye to gutter mess Guttervac is the answer

We do GST, Accounts and Tax Returns for small Businesses.


Palmerston North’s Premium Floor Sanding Company ✓ Professional sanded ✓ Gloss, Low Sheen, floors & Quality service Matt Finishes, Wood ✓ Suppliers, Installers of Staining Hardwood Floors ✓ All Old & New Floors ✓ Cork Tile Restoration ✓ Asbestos Vinyl Removal ✓ Carpet, Vinyl Uplifts All workmanship guaranteed. • Phone Nick Pine today

0800 243 896 or 0274 421 771 A/h 06 355 0440 Fax 06 355 0445 PO BOX 4397, Palmerston North •





Bobcat • Excavator • Truck Hire Dave Morse Ph: 06 359 2949 Mob: 027 284 1428

263 Ferguson St, Palmerston North

of what you pay now

PH 06 356 6651

Dittmer Collision Repair • Crash repair Specialists • Motorcycle repair • One stop panel & paint Approved by all insurance companies

934 Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North Ph: 356 8218 Electrical

NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL Fast & efficient service

SAL ELECTRICAL LTD Call Phil Smith 357 4914 or 027 210 4150

On Call 24/7 305 Rangitikei St, Palmerston North

Ph: 356 4912


Franchise Enquiries Welcome


Rubbish Removal Hedges & Pruning Guttering Cleared Section Cleanups

Murray Torwick

781 Rangitikei Line Palmerston north 06 356 7323 021 819 040

Jim’s.... More Than Just Mowing.



Benchtop Surfaces

Need a new counter top, benchtop or vanity top call

BENCHTOP benchtop SurfacesSURFACES Ltd

Phone (06) 356 9384 Fax (06) 356 9270 Email: 590 Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North

Tarsealing Digger Hire Earthworks Truck Hire

Have your premises treated by a Professional

ZERObugs Ltd …total Pest Control

Specialising in all types of Laminate & Solid Surfaces Corian, Koris & Roxx


• • • •

All products & treatment procedures applied by a Certified Approved Handler.



• Earth Moving • Hole Boring • Section Clearing • Trenching • Drain Clearing



• Appliance Servicing • Home heating solutions • Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Electrical 9199697AA


Free Trailer Hire Range of Sizes Business & Personal

Property Brokers Compliance Limited 238 Broadway Ave, Palmerston North Ph: 0800 786 725 Email:

Shoe Repairs

Clean Spouting Ring Richard Lindsay 358 4888 or 0274 435 883

➣ ➣ ➣


We treat for flies, spiders, ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, wasps, rodents & everything in between ‘Call us today for prompt, friendly service’ Karen on 06 355 8161 or 0800 116 016 or direct to Roger on 027 625 8180 Member of PMANZ & ERMA approved


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

SERVICES DIRECTORY Tomorrow’s antiques today REUPHOLSTERY CURTAINS Visitors welcome to our Showroom p: 06 357 1224 | 58 Napier Road, Palmerston North

We watch Antiques Road Show and admire fine craftsmanship from a bygone era. We see the longevity, beauty and the quality of pieces now admired by a generation born many years after the original craftspeople. I can’t help wonder how often this will happen in subsequent generations. As a result of the wasteful actions of our ‘throwaway society’ will there be those beautiful antiques available for future generations to admire? New Zealand firms like Blanchetts are certainly ensuring that there is a heritage to carry on that tells our story. Blanchetts Fine Furniture of 58 Napier Road, Palmerston North are a contrast to the wave of imported furniture. Blanchetts offer an alternative, making hand crafted furniture, using traditional methods. We use New Zealand timbers milled from sustainably managed forests and

make every attempt to reduce our waste. Our furniture frames are solidly made, with joints corned blocked, screwed, glued and dowelled. We know that these will survive for future generations to enjoy and we are so proud of this. If you are presently contemplating buying new furniture, we would ask that you seriously consider New Zealand made. We invite you to come to our factory to inspect what lies beneath the covers of our furniture. You will see solid wooden frames

forming the shape of our furniture and traditional coil springs being hand tied into our classic range. You will note top grade components and quality craftsmanship. The initial investment is high but longterm value is immense. Visualise your grandchildren proudly displaying your Blanchetts furniture in a futuristic version of Antiques Road Show. To begin this journey, please visit our website or visit our 58 Napier Road factory. Judy, Vicki, Bruce and John can be contacted on (06) 357-1224.

DOUBLE HAPPY FAST FOOD Next to the Railway



Any Large Size For $8

Small ............... $7.80

Buy ANY 3 large



Large ............ 11.80


and get a



Open 7 days 11.30am - 9.30am 287 Main Street | Phone 06 357 4057


Nice Tiles, Ugly Grout? Don’t put up with it any longer!

MOTORCYCLE TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION COURSES AT ALL LEVELS • Basic Skills Handling Test (BSHT) • Basic Introduction to Road Riding (learner licence required) • Intermediate Training and Assessment (restricted/full licence test preparation) • Refresher training designed for those returning to motorcycling

Bookings Essential

• Grout cleaning & recolouring • Grout replacement • Damaged tile replacement • Silicone replacement • Tile “Anti-Slip” treatment • Shower glass restoration • GARAGE CARPET TILES

OPEN 7.30 - 5pm Weekdays Saturday 9am - 4pm


OPEN SATURDAY 9am-4pm 62 Napier Road, Palmerston North

To advertise your business in the Service Directory


our Sales Team

At the Guardian

Ph:(06) 3575053

Call Graeme on 06 357 2101


Phone: 06 354 0030

* Wallpapering * Interior/Exterior Painting * Spray Painting * Water Blasting


027 716 4771 or 06 323 9925 Qualified Tradesman 30+ years experience

Gary Drew’s Cleaning Services Guaranteed to beat any existing commercial quote!

LocaL repairs


Commercial/Domestic Carpets & Upholstery Offices & Shops Car Grooming ming Windows Rentals Ovens Chimney Sweeping

0508 422 532

Gary: 027 764 4173

Top Quality - Surprisingly Affordable

Call Rob

Genuine spare parts 0800 372 273

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Right Royal carry-on! LOOKING BACK: Jim Richards tasting success at Manfeild.



■ To keep up with the latest news check out the Manfeild website,, and our Facebook page.


Amidst all the excitement about the arrival — still imminent as I write— of a new great-grandchild for the Queen, let’s cast our thought to another ‘‘royal baby’’ much closer to home. I’m referring to the Royal A and P Show New Zealand at Manfeild Park on December 6-8. We’re obviously really buoyed to have one of New Zealand’s greatest annual events returning to our region after an 11-year hiatus. The addition of royal status to an agricultural and pastoral event in Manawatu is a major coup for the region; we confidently anticipate seeing 25,000 people coming to our Feilding venue over those three days. Planning this showcase for the brilliance of the national agricultural sector is well advanced and we have been delighted by the positive response from sponsors, entrants and exhibitors. The community reaction to our call for active local participation in committees has also been fantastic. Like the annual Central Districts’ Field Days, the country’s largest regional rural event — staged at our venue every March, the Royal A and P Show will present the best that country New Zealand has to offer, but with greater emphasis on family fun and competition than pure commercial opportunity. The show committee has put together a massive programme including a Grand Parade, numerous competitions, trade exhibitions, a carnival and the return of the fireworks spectacular as the grand finale on the evening of December 8. We will progressively reveal details over the next month or so, but rest assured it will be a huge night of music, with some top national acts and a real singalong, party atmosphere. We can only reiterate that the Royal A and P Show is going to be an event for the region, by people of the region. It will be a showcase of all that is great about heartland New Zealand, with emphasis on equestrian, agricultural and horticultural excellence, that will provide a massive fillip in terms of crowd size, financial impact and competitor involvement. Our focus is also on the celebration of the 40 years since the circuit opened. The previous column sparked a lot of community interest and Terry Rush, a Manfeild Car Club old hand who has been good enough to guide us through the celebration planning, has fielded a lot of calls since. One small point that I have to remedy; in that previous column, I referred to a famous first national meeting joust between emerging greats Jim Richards and Leo Leonard, both in Ford Falcons. A slight error; Leo was in the race, but driving a Holden Monaro and further back in the fray. The other main protagonist in that first of so many epic battles seen at Manfeild was another famous name, Robbie Francevik. Upcoming events this weekend at Manfeild are a Central Districts’ Dressage competition on Saturday (July 20) and the Manawatu Car Club road and track event on Sunday (July 21). We look forward, as always, to the Palmerston North Hot Rod

Club swap meet on August 3 and the Evento Wearable Arts Awards on August 10, though sadly I’ll not be able to get to the latter, through being on holiday. A great shame because it’s always a fantastic night.



For the latest brightest and best home related wares

26, 27, 28 JULY

FRI & SAT 10am-6pm & SUN 10am-5pm Arena 2 & 3, Pascal Street, Palmerston North Over 200 exhibitors WIN A $42,000 DREAM HOME PACKAGE

Harvest Baptist Church Location & Time for Services: 702 Main Street, Palmerston North Bible Classes For Everyone - Sunday 9:45am Morning Service - Sunday 11:00am Evening Service - Sunday 5:00pm Prayer & Bible Study - Wednesday 6:15pm

For Information Contact: Pastor Guy E. Bankston Phone: (06) 355 8333 Cell: 021-203-7170

06 354 0498 /

Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Contact Dale on 06 357 5053 Employment Vacancies LOOKING FOR CHILDCARE, WORK OR TRAINING? If you want to work from home and consider yourself motivated and nurturing, We’d like to talk to you today! Home educators are independent contractors who benefit from PORSE providing full administration of famiily payments, access to tax benefits and ongoing support in setting up special terms and conditions with families. Enjoy a job where you can play, learn and train at work. Call PORSE today 06 357 7766

The company for women


Recruiters, trainers, leaders and team builders. Full training. Great bonuses and incentives. Potential of earning $550+ in your first month. Some selling required.

Phone 022 392 5299

Situations Wanted

Do you want to earn extra income? Have access to Avon products at discount prices? Have fun and make friends?

Be the best with the best Call or text: Gail 027 440 6687

EXPERIENCED house cleaner available. Anything considered, ironing etc. Honest and reliable. References available. Call Sharon now on 359 4116 or 027 220 6906

New Age Professionals


• Fully Licensed • FULL Gluten FREE menu • Superb Food • “Supreme” Coffee



FIREWOOD Dry - 3.8 Cubic metres for $260 (Macrocarpa or Pine). FREE delivery in Palmerston North. Phone Dean on 027 492 4050.

18 WORDS FOR $15.00 GST incl

For Sale DOLL collection. Antiques, reproductions, collectables, Maori/ Pacific Islands and International. Phone 356 7606 after 5pm. TELEPHONE Extensions competitive rates. Phone Scott Installation 353 7238 WARM cosy knitted bedsocks. Assorted colours. Adult size only. $5 per pair. Phone Judith on 06 354 6424

Business Opportunities CUSTOMER DETAILS:

RETAIL space $90 all expenses paid including power, eftpos etc. Bulls. Phone 027 348 3838

To Let

EXTRA Room Company. Half priced delivery for a limited time. Rent $54 per week. 0800 766 677 or


A Christchurch Psychic Detailed readings into the past, present, future & beyond. References available $50.00 Phone Carolyn 323 0655.

Public Notices

MANAWATU ART EXPO 19th, 20th, 21st July. 10am to 4pm daily. Convention Centre, Main Street, Palmerston North. $5.

VIDEO & Audio tape, slides and records converted to DVD/CD. Most tape formats accepted. Phone David on 354 4313

Need extra cash Have a garage sale Phone Dale now at The Guardian


CUSTOMER SIGNATURE: __________________________________ Insert Dates: ______________ ____________ ____________ Insert 1 Date

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CLASSIFICATION: ________________________________________ Bring in to the Guardian Office, Cnr Princess Street & Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North or post with your cheque to PO Box 1863, Palmerston North. Ph (06) 357 5053 if you have any queries.


“What’s on in the Community” ADVERTISING 38,200 Papers Every Thursday - Over 70,000 Readers

40 WORDS FOR $10.00 GST incl

06 357 5053


Learn computer skills for Learn to use a computer with Windows 7 and Office 2010 at your own pace with UCOL’s Free and Easy Computer Courses. Mon – Fri between 8.30am & 1pm Mon & Tues between 5pm & 7pm Free and Easy classroom 6.1.12 Princess Street, Palmerston North Phone 0800 GO UCOL or visit us on the corner of King and Princess Streets, Palmerston North



NAME: ____________________________________________________________

Appliance Services

Phone Dale at The Guardian 06 357 5053 or email

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________ PHONE: ____________________________CASH:

Trade Services

67 George Street Palmerston North Ph 06 3554238

Advertise with The Guardian We deliver to over 38,000 homes every Thursday.

NAME: __________________________________________________

ELECTRICIAN qualified prompt professional service. Installation, repairs, maintenance, security systems. Phone 027 446 7227 or 354 8682 after hours.

OPEN 7 DAYS 7am till 5pm

Need work today

38,200 Papers Every Thursday - Over 70,000 Readers





Fridge/Freezers Freezers Smartdrive Washing machine Gentle Annie Washing machine Electric Stoves (not wall ovens)

Phone 358 5894

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Bring into the Guardian Office, Cnr Princess Street & Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North or post with your cheque to PO Box 1863, Palmerston North. Ph (06) 357 5053 if you have any queries.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Manawatu Guardian

What’s On 8469360AA

In the community

SOUL to Sole Colour (Aura-Soma & Reflexology). This course is open to all those who have knowledge of/or are a student of Reflexology, and Reflexologists. Learn and experience the use of Aura-Soma Colour with Reflexology. Help balance the endocrine system with colour through the feet. Lifetime experience massage on the feet with colour. Starting Friday evening, 2nd August, Saturday 3rd August and Sunday 4th August. For registration/ enquiries contact Janice Hill on 06 357 9318 or 027 6249 176 or email REFLEXOLOGY Lymphatic Massage. One day workshop, Saturday 20th July. Learn and discover the Reflexology Lymphatic Massage and the colours that work with the Lymphatic System. Help your friends, family and for Natural Health Practitioners, add to your existing practice. For registration/ enquiries contact Janice Hill on 06 357 9318 or 027 6249 176 or email or contact Cathy Caldwell on 06 358 2900 or 027 4413 169 or email ANXIETY is experienced by everyone. Friends for Life - 7 week course - 5 to 12 year olds and family. Life skills to recognise worry, relax and handle difficult situations. Currently funded so no cost. For information/to enrol call Shelley on 350 1461 or email

Your Midweek Community Connection delivered to 38,000 Manawatu Letterboxes every Thursday. Contact Details Manager: Shona Lingham Reporters:, Classifieds: Dale Wicken For Advertising: Address Guardian Corner Princess Street and Broadway Palmerston North P.O.Box 1863, Palmerston North, 4440. Phone: 06 357 5053 Fax: 06 356 5058

TOY Collectors Fair by Manawatu Model Vehicle Collectors. Sunday 4th August 2013, Community Leisure Centre, 569 Ferguson Street Palmerston North. 11am to 2pm. Matchbox, Corgi, Dinky, Fun Ho!, train kitsets, plastic models, tin plate and much much more. Entry fee: Adults $3, Children under 15 free. Proceeds to Plunket. For more information & table bookings phone Bernie 06 353 7475 or email MANAWATU Supporting Families In Mental Illness, we provide support, advocacy and education to families affected by mental illness. Just as other forms of illness affect other members of a family, so to does schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, clinical depression and anxiety/phobias. This is a free confidential service to families and the community please Phone 3558561. WOMEN’S HEALTH COLLECTIVE: BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN - FREE health information, pregnancy testing, cervical smears(limited access), support, referral, advocacy. LOWER COST: Counsellors, complementary health practitioners for women and children. Open Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm, 53 Waldegrave Street, phone 357 0314,, BUJINKAN DOJOS NINJUTSU. Study in this unique Martial Art under Internationally qualified Black Belt Instructors. Effective Self-Defence Skills for all ages, male and female. Armed and unarmed combat, traditional and modern day weapons. Studied by police, military, security and civilians for today’s Self Protection Needs. Phone 354 3845 CANCER, Heart attack, Strokes and Diabetes are largely caused by what you EAT. The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) can prevent, arrest and even reverse some of these diseases. Free information evenings 29th and 31st July at 7pm. Adventist Community Centre 257 Ferguson Street Palmerston North. CONCERNED your children give up easily, jump to conclusions, are being bullied or shy? They would benefit from Managing Everyday Challenges for 7-12 year olds and their families. Gain skills to bounce back, increase confidence, become more resilient. No cost to family. Contact Shelly on 350 0307 or email HAVE Spirit, Will dance. Learn Bollywood, free style, contemporary, folk dance and the famous Indian classical form Kathak. Kids, adults or old, everyong has the right to dance and keep themselves fit. $10 per class per person, group discounts available. Contact Tanu on or 06 358 8904 (after 6pm). RECOVERY-CHURCH at The Salvation Army, Church Street Palmerston North. Every Tuesday night For all those who need encouragement, help in getting their lives together in situations of recovering from alcohol, gambling, broken relationships etc. For more information phone 358 7455. ALL WELCOME! SALSA or Zumba? Choose from any class and move to the Latin American rythm. Salsa and Latin American dancing class on Friday 6.15pm to 7.00pm. Zumba Tuesday from 6 to 7pm. Venue: Mi Casa Cultural Centre, 58 King Street. Fees: $90 for 10 classes. Enrol before 25th July for $50 for 10 classes. CLAIRVOYANT DEMONSTRATION this Sunday at 10.30am. Palmistry with Pam from Wanganui at the Caledonian Hall, Weld Street Feilding.


ht to g u B r o u by yo THE Manawatu Striders Vautier Pharmacy Winter Series, Sunday 21st July 2013. Manawaroa Pavillion, Manawaroa St, Palmerston North (behind the Esplanade Cafe). 9am runners, 9.30am walkers Enter on the day. 3km, 5km, 10km and 15km options. or call Alister on 06 353 7175 BREAKFAST Club: Sunday mornings, St David’s Church, Main St, PN (opposite Memorial Park), 9.15am till 9.45am. Cereal, toast and drinks available for gold coin donation per person. This runs throughout the year. Contact 358 3246 or CARNCOT School Gala and book sale. Saturday 2nd November. Put it in your diary now! "Cafe" Carncot, Lamb on a spit, cakes, sweets, preserves, recycled clothing boutique, toys, garden items, white elephant. Fun, games and entertainment for the whole family.


WOMENS AGLOW Thursday 25th July. Corner Cook and Cuba Streets. 9.15am cuppa 10am programme. Our speaker Linda Whitwell has been a missionary and children’s worker. She has faced many difficult challenges and has experienced the strength of God to help her persevere. CONSERVATIVE Party Leader Colin Craig is to hold a public meeting 7.30pm Wednesday July 24th at the Palmerston North Bridge Club, corner Cook and Cuba Street. Everyone is invited to hear and meet Colin. TEENAGERS in the house! - Triple P group for Parents of Teens - improve family life with your teen, build positive relationships and manage difficult situations, starting in PN on Tuesday 6th August 6.45pm-9pm. Register at Parentline 355 1655

CAMERATA sings in harmony. Enjoy a concert of sacred, blues, pop, jazz and folk music spanning FRENCH for children and adults, all levels. Group centuries. Sound and Vision stage, Palmerston classes and individual lessons. Holiday programmes North Library. Saturday 4th August 2pm. and workshops. Preparation to DELF/DALF exams. Special courses on demand. Classes held at Square Edge and in schools. Visit or call 06 560 0749 HOUSIE: Every Wednesday morning commencing 10.00am in the Rangiora Hall, Rangiora Avenue. Come and enjoy a pleasant morning in good company. A few raffles are also held. All in aid of the Veterans Hospital visiting fund. For more information , Phone 356 7280 INTUITIVE Art Workshop. Using different art mediums such as dyes - pastels - watercolour pencils. An opportunity to come and explore your potential. Saturday 27th July in Feilding. 9.30am to 4.30pm. Cost $80. Limit 10 people. Enquiries contact Lyn Pollock on 323 7468. MANAWATU ART EXPO, Convention Centre, Main Street, Palmerston North. Friday 19th, Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st July. 10am to 4pm daily. Entry $5, accompanied children and under 15 free. Original artworks at affordable prices. Paintings, porcelain, woodcrafts, something for everyone. NZ artists. PARENTING in a Blended Family - Parenting someone else’s children. This is a workshop for couples, with solutions and strategies for parenting as a non-nuclear combination of adults and children. 9.30am till 4pm on Saturday the 24th August. $25 (lunch provided). Register with Parentline 355 1655 PARENTING through separation course helps parents to understand what effect separation has on their children and how to help them through it. It also covers how to communicate with ex-partners and how the family court works. Phone 350 1461 or email SPANISH Intensive programme. Do you want to learn Spanish in just one week? This course is for you. 2 hours daily for a week. Monday 22nd to Friday 26th July from 6-8pm. $120, discount for students. Venue: Mi Casa 58 King Street. Enrol now! Limited spaces. WHAT Pushes Your Buttons - A parenting group, with Elayne Johnston, explore the triggers to your anger and frustration, their origins and how to deal with them. 6 two hour sessions starting Wednesday 14th August 9.30am-11.30am at Community House in PN, Register at Parentline 355 1655

What’s On In Friendly Feilding Every night until Jul 27

Fantasy in Lights 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Kowhai Park - South St. Adults - $10.00, Child intermediate & under - $2.00, Family 2 Adults, 4 Children - $20.00 Friday Jul 19 Feilding Farmers Market 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Manchester Square Feilding Saleyards Tours 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Feilding Saleyards Saturday Jul 20 Feilding Scout Garage Sale 7:30 AM, Feilding Scout Hall CD Dressage 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Manfeild Sunday Jul 21 CD Dressage 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Manfeild MCC Road and Track Day 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Manfeild Coming Events Saturday Aug 10 Evento Wearable Arts 7:30 PM, Manfeild. Tickets Feilding Information Centre. Adults - $32.00, Students - high school and under - $17.00, Premium seats - $45 Exibitions Feilding and District Art Centre The Animal Kingdom Runs 9 July - 26 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Feilding & District Art Centre - 35 Kimbolton Road. Closed Mondays.

For further details or to register your event, contact the Feilding & District Information Centre at 10 Manchester Square, Feilding, Ph 323 3318 or email Deadline 12 noon Friday



Stuart Lange


Shane Waihi Steve Mudford John Fow


Don’t risk it! As a tyre becomes worn it loses it’s ability to shed water, increasing the risk of aquaplaning. Aquaplaning is when a layer of water becomes trapped between the tyre and the road’s surface, causing the vehicle to ‘skate’ out of control. Don’t risk your safety driving on old worn tyres. Ask about the right tyre for your vehicle - now!





© copyright Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres (NZ) Ltd



PHONE 06 359 0650


Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, July 18, 2013


the get go. This is your life and your future.

You’ll be wearing many hats this week, with a sense of urgency on a number of fronts, along with a real call to action. Find a way to keep your cool.


An auspicious week for income matters, with Mars and Jupiter aligned in your income sector is giving you the leverage you haven’t had before.



While your birthday month wraps up on Tuesday this is far from the end of the story, with plenty more doors and options to explore.

For many reasons this is an auspicious week for relationship matters, with a chance for a turnaround and to draw a line in the sand.


While Tuesday’s Full Moon may trigger some personal and/or relationship tension it’s a reminder that there’s a need for authenticity on both fronts.


This is the week that things get more serious on the work front, the point where after establishing what you want it’s time to start walking the talk.

This is one of the most auspicious weeks of your professional year, but also one that could be fairly overwhelming. Take it one step at a time.


Move into your new solar year listening to what your heart is telling you, choosing to call the shots from




An important week for both personal and professional networking comes just as the communication lines are now able to flow more freely.


With the mistakes, misunderstandings and mishaps that often go with a Mercury retrograde phase behind you there’s a chance for a fresh start.

your focus to the road ahead.

The money gods are making this a week for drawing a line in the sand and taking your power back, shifting





Brain Benders

VŸod 3&6•j+ +j/+j)j3() Ÿ lbhhj+j3( ^j((j+ 1h (dj Ÿ^/dŸ•j(û Ü+b(j (dj fb$j3 ^j((j+) b3(1 Ÿ^^ )-&Ÿ+j) ×b(d 6Ÿ(odb3f 3&6•j+)û A1× ×1+` 1&( ×dbod ^j((j+) Ÿ+j +j/+j)j3(jl •Ò (dj 1(dj+ 3&6•j+)û ‘) Ò1& fj( (dj ^j((j+)" ×+b(j (dj6 b3(1 (dj 6Ÿb3 f+bl Ÿ3l (dj +jhj+j3oj f+blû ‰jo1lj+ &)j) Ÿ^^ ÖÍ ^j((j+) 1h (dj Ÿ^/dŸ•j(û


^Ê!$ ÍÇŒŒ÷$ >ÎôÍDñ•

RMßáÞÞ g‰ úX!Q !øF&X %$öXF• úUX $%FÕ ñXÙ ŒX…F…%Y úQúFX ú$ ÙQ% … A$$JX! Í!QÓX •m•l•jŽ d‰ ôX!!Õ‹V$‹!$ø%Y •dŽ a‰ ËU$!ú Ù!QúúX% &Xüü…VX •lŽ o†‰ >UXüü #QXZX •jŽ on‰ Çüø…F •jŽ ol‰ Ì…Q%‚$Ù üU…#X •mŽ ok‰ Ç%#$ÙX!XY …Q!Z!…Wú •jŽ og‰ ÂU$FX •jŽ oa‰ "QWú •ô…$!QŽ •lŽ no‰ Ëú$# üQV%…F •m•kŽ nm‰ ËQúX $W ñŒyü F…!VXüú UÕY!$‹ XFXZú!QZ üú…úQ$% •l•aŽ

JáÔ& o‰ ÷$$üX ZU…%VX •Z$FF$"Ž •dŽ n‰ ÌXZú…%VøF…! •jŽ m‰ ÌXü#$%üQ‚QFQúÕ •lŽ l‰ ÷ø×ø!Õ •dŽ k‰ ÂUX!X XYVXü &XXú •jŽ j‰ D!X… $W V!$ø%Y W$! ‚øQFYQ%V $% •lŽ oo‰ ñ$!úU ýüF…%Y &$ø%ú…Q% !…%VX •dŽ om‰ >…úúFX ‚!XXY Q%ú!$YøZXY W!$& ËZ$úF…%Y •dŽ oj‰ ôøWfX •jŽ od‰ >F$úUQ%V &…JX! •jŽ n†‰ $VV üU…#XY •lŽ nn‰ !…%Y $øú Z…!Yü •lŽ

x~}»¾{ •»¡}

\ ‡ q ] [


Sb^^ (dj f+bl )1 (dŸ( j$j+Ò +1×" j$j+Ò o1^&63 Ÿ3l j$j+Ò ÔÔÔ •1Ô o13(Ÿb3) (dj lbfb() Ù (1 Æû

O1× 6Ÿ3Ò ×1+l) 1h (d+jj 1+ 61+j ^j((j+) oŸ3 Ò1& 6Ÿ`j" &)b3f jŸod ^j((j+ 13^Ò 13oj– ê^&+Ÿ^) Ÿ+j Ÿ^^1×jl" •&( 31 h1+jbf3 ×1+l) 1+ ×1+l) •jfb33b3f ×b(d Ÿ oŸ/b(Ÿ^û âdj+jl) Ÿ( ^jŸ)( 13j >$jý^j((j+ ×1+lû ·==U ÔÓ ŽT:ù ·==U ÔÒ



¢•y }• ~ž¹[ I'l( Z^\e (%g.\%½ jŸod $j+(boŸ^ Ÿ3l d1+bÐ13(Ÿ^ ^b3j dŸ) (1 o13(Ÿb3 (dj 3&6•j+) ÙýÍ" Ÿ3l (dj 3&6•j+) oŸ3l( •j +j/jŸ(jl b3 Ÿ3Ò +1× 1+ o1^&63û ‰%' ^'l( (%g.\% Ö^'` ™ 'Ö^('½ âdj 3&6•j+) b3 jŸod djŸ$b^Ò 1&(^b3jl )j( 1h )-&Ÿ+j)" oŸ^^jl oŸfj)" 6&)( /+1l&oj (dj 3&6•j+ b3 (dj (1/ o1+3j+û S1+ jÔŸ6/^j" Éú 6jŸ3) (dj 3&6•j+) Ÿll &/ (1 Ð" ¿Ó 6jŸ3) (dj 3&6•j+) 6&^(b/^Ò (1 j-&Ÿ^ Æû }¡~Ä A&6•j+) oŸ3 •j +j/jŸ(jl b3 Ÿ oŸfj" Ÿ) ^13f Ÿ) (djÒ Ÿ+j 31( b3 (dj )Ÿ6j ^b3j 1+ +1×û V ¤²¥¤ €T>€T> n5ùùNT ~~•µ ’NN ;PRQ79 ;T9T;3TU

€T>€T> P9 ] ;TRP97T;TU 7;]UT?];O =S {Tû7=ú ~~•

’RT >4?mT: Sn?T 6Rn6 Q?<:=2T8 ù=4: n:Q6R?T6QV

™z›¸ Ï ƒ^b^'( Öø Ôø ÔÍ ÈÈ Í ƒ^b^'( øøÒ ÖÍÊ ÐÊÈ ÈÙÍ





Í Æ ¿ ¿ Á Í Ï É

ñ Á ñ ñ É Ã Ï Ë É Ë Æ Í Æ Í ñ Ë Æ Ã Ã Á Ò Á Í

ñ Á ¿ Á ñ Á Ï Ë Á Ò Á ¿ ¿ Ï ñ Á Ï Ò ¿ Í Á Ï Ò Ã ñ ñ ñ Í Á

Í Æ ñ Ã Á Ò Á Á

<Û?‰Pâ MÛ<



< †âçàà×ç⃠‹j*.((½ Êû âdj •13j êj1/^j" Èû ŒŸ+1&)j^" Æû A1(j" Ùøû I3bfd(" ÙÖû A1+6Ÿ^" ÙÒû ‘+o" ÙÐû Q^blj+" ÙÊû V3(b+j" ÙÆû I1dŸ" ÖÙû çjl ^bfd(" ÖÔû GŸ`j DŸ3Ÿ/1&+bû ƒ.Ö0½ Ùû åd+Ÿ/3j^" Öû í•^13f" Ôû í3&)" Òû í/&^j3oj" Ðû Œ1+3j+" Íû ê^1(" ÙÙû âŸ+Ÿ+&Ÿ)" ÙÔû ‘Ò+)db+j" ÙÍû ‰jŸlj3" ÙÈû âŸb^1+" Öøû í$Ÿ^" ÖÖû ‰jŸ^û

×ç⃉ÛIBƒPâ ‘d)" Ÿ/(" Ÿ)d" Ÿ)/" Ÿ()" dŸ/" dŸ/)" dŸ)" dŸ)/" dŸ)(" dŸ(" dŸ()" /Ÿd" /Ÿ)" /Ÿ)d" /Ÿ)(" /Ÿ(" /Ÿ(d" /Ÿ(d)" /Ÿ()" /dŸ(" )Ÿ/" )Ÿ(" )/Ÿ" )/Ÿ(" )(Ÿ/d" (Ÿ/" (Ÿ/)û

}•Ÿz|¢•œ} DP<DP<

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Manawatu Guardian

SERVICES DIRECTORY Friendly affordable appliance servicing Tired of doing the dishes by hand or using an oven that doesn’t cook properly? The Appliance Doctor is here to help, servicing all types of whiteware: washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fridges and freezers, stoves, cooktops and wall ovens. Bill Stewart is The Appliance Doctor. With over 20 years’ experience in appliance servicing you can rely on Bill’s knowledge and expertise to get your appliances operating smoothly once more. Bill specialises in the repair of Fisher &

Paykel appliances, having a van well stocked with F&P parts and many years of experience with this brand. He also services a variety of other brands so if you have several appliances of different makes needing attention that’s not a problem. The one low house call fee applies whether it’s one, two or more appliances being looked at on the same premises. If you have an older appliance you can trust that Bill will give you an honest appraisal of whether or not it is worth repairing. As he does not sell new or used

appliances, he does not have a vested interest in writing off your appliance. The Appliance Doctor provides the kind of personal service that only a small business can offer. Bill takes pride in providing an honest, friendly and reliable service where customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Affordability is important too, with very competitive charges, a low house call fee and no hidden costs such as charges for electrical safety tests, booking fees or mileage. Here’s a tip from The Appliance Doctor to save you money: always remember to check pockets before loading your washing machine as small items such as hair clips, coins and nails can block the pump. To book your unwell appliance for a visit from the doctor, phone Bill or Kate on (06) 359-2466 or see

To advertise your business in the Service Directory


our Sales Team

At the Guardian

Ph:(06) 3575053

Call Mike Nixon on 021 358 465 0800 SOLATUBE (765 288)

0800 123 666

Contracts Lt M d D

Phone Dean 027 492 40 50 or a/h 06 358 4881 for a free quote

• 20 years experience in appliance servicing. • Fisher & Paykel specialist. • Dishwashers, washing machines, fridges, dryers, stoves. Mobile • Friendly affordable service. EFTPOS

Golden Takeaway

515A Main St • Ph 357 6440

Any 2 burgers

Chicken Fried Rice Chicken Fried Noodles



Any Large Size Chinese Meals



Honey Soy Chicken Sweet & Sour Chicken

coke cola 1.5 litre 2 for Range




• Highly qualified, reliable, satisfaction assured

For competitive quotes and advice Darryl Judd Jonas Muller 027 445 0316 027 217 0799 Diplomas in Arboriculture

For all moss, lich Fo lichen, algae, al gunge removal al from tile & decromastic roofs, paths, fences, outdoor furniture etc Also, lawns sprayed for weeds & moss



JOB SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Phone Nigel 06 354 5153 or 027 645 2834 or Layton 06 327 6628 or 027 442 1629

Naturally Crafted Full or Partial



Ph 359 2466

Wanted All Cars & Trucks


Brighten Dark Rooms

$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$$ TOP CASH PAID TODAY $$$ $ $ Any Make & Model, Petrol or Diesel $ $ We pay up to $6000 on the spot for any: $ $ $ $ • Buses • Toyota Hiace • Hilux • Land Cruisers • Vans • Utes • 4WD • Trucks • Big Trucks $ $ $ $ FREE $ $ TOWING $ $ $ $ • Any Cars up to $ $ $ $ $2000* $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $  All Conditions  Dead or Alive  Top Cash Paid $ $ Accepted  Fast Service  24/7 Service $ $ $ $ $ $ Support your local buyer $ $ FREE TOWING FOR WRECKING $ $ $ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $

Bill Stewart

Save time and money with Plain English business documentation

• Policies & procedures • Work instructions • User manuals • Website Content For further information, call 027 354 9998 or email


Barry Williams C.D.T

Ph 06 356 6197

Registered Clinical Dental Technicians DENTAL 17a Lincoln Court, Hokowhitu, FINE DENTAL CERAMICS Palmerston North




10% OFF

Your next appointment OPEN MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9am - 5pm LATE NIGHTS Tues, Thurs, Fri by Appointment 58 LIMBRICK STREET, PALMERSTON NORTH PHONE 06 358 1159


Manawatu Guardian

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Winter Deals to really jump up and down about SAVE OVER 35% ON THESE sistema®

SAVE $2.00 22 Peg Hangi gi Frame gi Hanging Colours: Red, Green, Blue and White Usually $7.99ea 189406

SAVE $20.00 er Champion Clothes Airer 135 x 56.5 x 103cm Usually $49.99 0771327



SAVE $15.00





SAVE $15.00


850ml Sistema Microwave Porridge Bowl Usually $8.99 274141









3, 4 & 5 Tier Wooden Shelving Units with White Slat Shelves



SAVE $10.00


Sistema Microwave Noodle Bowl Usually $8.99 274120

2.6lt Sistema Microwave Rice Steamer Usually $18.99 274126

Hanging Peg Basket w with 20 Pegs Usually $9.99 077258



656ml Sistema Microwave Soup Mug Usually $7.99 274093



SAVE $10.00

3 Tier Shelf 34 x 33 x 80cm Usually $59.99 0771285


Bathroom Organisers e 072349-60 072349 60 Colours: Mushroom or White

A3 Drawer Units Colours: White or Charcoal 5 Drawer Unit 44 x 34 x 106cm 190007, 190008 Usually $89.99

NOW $74. 4 Drawer Unit 44 x 34 x 88.5cm 190005, 190006 Usually $79.99 NOW $64.99 3 Drawer Unit 44 x 34 x 65cm 190003, 190004 Usually $59.99 NOW $49.99 2 Drawer Unit 44 x 34 x 45cm 190001, 190002 Usually $49.99 NOW $39.99

32lt Rolling Box with Lid Colour: Clear Usually $14.99 077393



Tumbler Soap Dish Soap Dispenser

Usually $ 9. ea Usually $ 9.99ea Usually $24.99ea

Toilet Brush Toilet Roll Holder

Usually $39.99ea Usually $59.99ea


4 Tier Shelf 34 x 33 x 113cm Usually $79.99 0771286


NOW $7. ea NOW $7.99ea NOW $19.99ea NOW $34.99ea NOW $49.99ea 99

53lt Rolling Box with Lid Colour: Clear Usually $16.99 077394





SAVE $70.00

88lt Rolling Box with Lid Colour: Clear Usually $26.99 077293




SAVE $50.00


SAVE $20.00

SAVE $20.00



Studio Indoor Bean Bags Colours: Black, Red, Yellow, Cobalt, Orange, Burgundy, Emerald & Pink Usually $69.99ea 280086-280375 NOW 99


Colour selection may vary by store

100lt Bean Refill Usually $24.99 280002 NOW 99

12lt Ek Eko St Step Bins Colours: White, Red or Stainless Steel Usually $99.99ea 240195, 240062, 240207


$19. SAVE $5.00

SAVE $50.00

30lt Ek Eko St Step Bins Colours: White, Red or Stainless Steel Usually $179.99ea 240198, 240200, 240208

168 Rangitikei St, Palmerston Nth Ph 356 4794

Maire St

Rangatikei St


Featherston St

Plastic Box Grey St


53 Wilson St, Wanganui Ph 348 0151


3 Drawer Basket Storage Unit 49.5 x 49.5 x 73cm Usually $149.99 012485




5 Tier Shelf 34 x 33 x 146cm Usually $99.99 0771287




110lt Rolling Box with Lid Colour: Clear Usually $34.99 0771315


5 Drawer Basket Storage Unit 49.5 x 49.5 x 103.5cm Usually $199.99 012487

UP TO SAVE $10.00




ur t








o yt

Next to Oggies Cafe






ll S



Prices Valid Wednesday 17th July - Sunday 28th July 2013



FREE CAR PARKING OPEN 7 DAYS *Accessories & Props not included.

Manawatu Guardian 813199mg  

Manawatu Guardian 18-07-13

Manawatu Guardian 813199mg  

Manawatu Guardian 18-07-13