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FRIDAY MAY 23, 2014

Big plans for Kimberley site By


Kimberley Centre, on Kimberley Road, Levin, has been sold. A Ho r o wh e n u a- b a s e d developer, who wishes to remain anonymous at this stage, has bought it for an undisclosed price. He said, now that the sale p r o c e ss wa s a b o u t t o b e completed, he could move on to the next stage — gaining approval for a project start that will include a l o n g - t er m makeover of the 48 hectare area. The plan is to see the former psychiatric facility, that at its peak had 1000 resident patients, transformed into a retirement village complex set in an expansive park-like setting. The developer has told the Horowhenua Chronicle it is estimated that it will be a 20 to 25 year-long project and he is confident that, once completed, it will be in the forefront of preferred places to enjoy life.


SOLD: A Levin developer has purchased the former Kimberley Centre with big plans for the future. He said this had been a longawaited project that he had put a lot of thought into it and was excited about a number of positive things the development

would bring to the district. The project will engage c o n t r ac t o r s , s e r v i ce s a n d suppliers from around the district, creating new long-term jobs

for local people and ongoing training opportunities for young people who see their future in the building trade. The project had the potential

t o b e c o me a s i g n i f ic a n t employer, he said, and securing the property was a massive winwin for everyone locally. Once completed, the retirement complex will have an estimated 600 residents. The site went on the market at the end of last year and attracted reasonable interest, according to Harcourts Commercial Consultant Brian Kendrick. Tenders closed on April 3. Mr Kendrick said there was a great deal of history attached to the Centre, which was a military base from 1939 until 1942 before becoming a psychiatric hospital in 1945, closing in 2006. A rating valuation in August 2013 put the land value at $1.75 million and improvements at $2.1m. Rick Schimpf, president of Riding For the Disabled, based at the Centre, said the sale was inevitable, however they had gone about their business as usual. ‘‘I am looking forward to talking to the new owner and discussing the long-term plans and where we may fit in,’’ he said.

PHO release only adds to uncertainty over practice Horowhenua Chronicle has been visited by a number of Dr Kirsten Sauermann’s patients concerned by rumours that she was not going to continue practicing in Levin. The following comment was received from Jo Howells, director of development and innovation, Central PHO. ‘‘There has been interest in

what is happening at Dr Kirsten Sauermann’s practice. We have been supporting Dr Sauermann to effect a seamless transfer of the practice into new ownership that will ensure services to the enrolled population will continue seamlessly, if selling the practice is what Dr Sauermann chooses to do. Dr Sauermann is working

through this decision currently and we will be in a position to provide you with more information (which I or Dr Sauermann will do) later this week hopefully, early next week at the latest. ‘‘In the meantime I ask that you do not respond to any speculation as to what may or

may not be happening with this practice please.’’


UNCERTAINTY : Dr Kirsten Sauermann — will she stay or will she go? PHOTO: FRANKIE WEBB

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Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, May 23, 2014


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FOXTON’S famous horse tram gives travellers a ride down memory lane most Sunday afternoons. For $5 you go ‘round the block’ down to the Manawatu River Loop and back to the tram station on Main Street. The tram is undoubtedly one of the most photographed attractions in the Horowhenua. There really is no nicer way to see the town.


Fire Service

In reply to Mr Brian Gore, letter 30 April 2014 Great Volunteers. There are always two sides to a story regarding Volunteer Fire Brigades fire sirens. They do have a role to play in a civil defence emergency and they also tell us, the people who called for help, that the volunteers are coming. It also informs firefighter’s partners that the volunteers may not be home for a few hours or days. I have to agree with Brian that there are better ways to call out the emergency service 24/7 without using the old prewar sirens. Unfortunately, like everything it costs.

2 LT MILK $2.99 Main Highway, Foxton 06 363 8033

HAVE YOUR SAY Letters should contain your name, address and phone number, whether handwritten or sent by email. Noms de plume not accepted. Letters should be no longer than 300 words. Letters can be emailed to:

Levin and Horowhenua District have dedicated and wonderful volunteers who work hard to protect our community when disaster strikes. Levin used to have three paid station keepers/firefighters and one paid Deputy Chief /Fire Safety Officer working out of the Levin Fire Station responding to help the community during day time hours Monday to Friday years ago, but again cost cutting by the Government and the New Zealand Fire Service has reduced this to one paid support officer serving all five volunteer fire brigades throughout the district. I agree we are well into the 21st century but Horowhenua District is still back in the dark ages. Kapiti has moved forward by having 24/7, three paid firefighters and one paid fire officer responding to calls from the community with volunteer firefighters backing them up when needed. K S THOMSON Levin ■ Chief Reporter replies: Correspondence on this matter is now closed.

Council explanation

In Response to David Thomson letter: The Revenue and Finance Policy is a document which is reviewed as part of Council’s Long Term Plan process. The next Long Term Plan is due to be adopted in June 2015, for the 2015-2025 period. To review this policy outside of the Long Term Plan process would involve significant amount of work, in addition to our scheduled work programme. Its traditional three yearly review is seen as a reasonable balance between achieving best practice within this policy sphere, while not incurring excess cost to ratepayers. The Draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 which went out for public consultation on the 21st March did not include any changes to the existing Revenue and Finance Policy. To now make changes to the existing Revenue and Finance Policy would require Council to formally begin an additional formal special consultative process under Section 83 of the Local Government Act, which simply would not be possible by 30 June 2014 when the Draft Annual Plan must be adopted. Council is beginning work on the Long Term Plan 2015 – 2025 now, and look forwards to promoting active and meaningful engagement from the community it serves through this process. We welcome all public feedback on this policy through this process, and will ensure the relevant submitters to the 2014/2015 Draft Annual Plan are engaged in this process. DAVID CLAPPERTON HDC chief executive ■ More letters page 4

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Mortgagee Tender: Industrial Premises For Sale 50-54 BRYCE STREET, SHANNON


• Large warehouse facilities with good stud height • Sizable canopy that may be able to be enclosed • Land Area 1.0319 hectares (more or less) • Total Building Area 4344m² (more or less) • Property divided into four titles with large block of land available for potential expansion

For Sale by Mortgagee Tender closing 4pm Tuesday 27 May 2014. Doug Russell MOB 027 222 8088 DIR 06 350 3889 Grant Lloyd MOB 021 433 144 DIR 06 350 3887 Commercial Consultants (PN) Ltd, Colliers International, REAA2008

Friday, May 23, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle


NEWS IN BRIEF Computer security overlooked

About 80 per cent of home computer users who admit that they don’t take measures to protect their online security cite laziness as the reason, a PhD study from Victoria University, Wellington found. Research found, despite extensive media coverage about the risks, that creating a ‘one size fits all’ security message is not effective. Tailored messages would be more effective. People’s previous experience was also found to impact on how confident they felt in their ability to protect themselves. People who had experienced a virus on their computer were more confident if they had managed to solve the problem, people who’d never experienced any issues often had the attitude that if it hadn’t happened, there was nothing to worry about and some people blindly trusted every website they used without considering legitimate sites can get hacked.

Women need to keep up exercise


PRESENTATION: A big day for Manawatu College student Cullum Peni as he presents Horowhenua District Mayor Brendan Duffy with the Youth Declaration.

Cullum joins the voice of youth By PETER FRANKLIN Cullum Peni, from Manawatu College, spent last week at Auckland University with 200 students selected from all over the country to formulate a Youth Declaration. Cullum, who is deputy head student, student council chairman, UN Youth Ambassador and house captain, said it was an intense week but one he thoroughly enjoyed. The goal of the declaration is to provide a youth perspective on various areas of public policy, such as education and science, youth

development, active citizenship and law and order. The declaration is regularly used as a point of reference by politicians, who use the youth perspective on a wide range of topics in contributes when making policy changes. Cullum said he was part of the Law and Order focus group, which developed statements on topics such as youth justice, drugs, justice reinvestment, prisons and judges. He said all the focus group statements went under heavy scrutiny and audits from the United Nations Youth facilitator and the participants themselves to ensure the

content of the youth declaration was accurate and relevant. ‘‘Naturally we tackled somewhat touchy topics and the declaration does have an amount of controversy. But as youth we recognise that, while some issues are touchy, they must be addressed sooner or later.’’ He said the document will be given to iwi, nonGovernment organisations, community groups and the Minister for Youth Affairs, who will give a formal reply. In the past, the Governor General has received the declaration.

Cullum personally presented the declaration to MP Nathan Guy and Mayor Brendan Duffy. Mr Duffy said it was encouraging to see young people getting involved in policies, not just locally but on a national and international footing. He was happy to pass on a copy of the Youth Declaration to the Horowhenua District Council chief executive and all senior council managers to read. Cullum’s trip to Auckland was funded through the active youth fund administered by Horowhenua District Council.

Women over 30 are more at risk from heart disease due to lack of exercise, than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure, according to an Australian study that followed the health of more than 30,000 women born in the 1920s, 1940s and 1970s. Researchers from the Centre for Research on Exercise, Physical Activity and Health at the University of Queensland concluded from approximately the age of 30, the risk of heart disease caused by inactivity is greater than other risk factors. The study recommends 30 minutes of activity a day to gain health benefits, from walking to fitness classes and gym-based activities. Information about safe and effective exercise can be found at the NZ Register of Exercise Professionals,

St John says thanks

The St John Area Committee are delighted with the generosity of Horowhenua people. The St John Appeal week raised $2526 which will contribute to the operation of its ambulance service. St John wants to thank all the collectors who volunteered their time, and to the retailers who accommodated them, making the appeal week a success.



Saturday 24th May


Playford Park:-

Senior Bs - 12.15pm against Ngati Toa Senior As - 2pm against Wanderers

Keep the fire service informed if burning rubbish By PETER FRANKLIN Levin volunteer firefighters are continually being called to investigate sightings of smoke and, while that is a good thing, Levin chief volunteer fire officer Lindsay Walker says people have to realise that there is not a fire ban currently. On Monday the brigade

were called out twice to investigate smoke sightings, and to a Middlesex Street address where a pot had been left on the stove unattended. He says smoke can cause issues, if it is drifting over the state highway and impeding drivers vision then it becomes a danger. Other than that, fires in rural and urban areas can be lit.

)(( '& %$# "$'#

Mr Walker says safety of life and property is the paramount concern and he thanks people for keeping a watchful eye out. It would be a great help if those intending to light a large rubbish fire would let their nearest brigade know. ‘‘When the alarm sounds, volunteers drop tools and respond, but it is a bit frustrating when it turns out

Halliwell Turf:-

Women’s Hockey - 3pm

Donnelly Park:-

Women's Netball (Check Wed. 21st May Chronicle for time)

to be a controlled burnoff, or a small rubbish fire,’’ he said. Before lighting a rubbish fire, tell your neighbours, don’t put anything like plastic or rubber or something that will create excess smoke and cause a nuisance, always have a water supply or sand and a shovel close by, just in case it starts to spread and needs to be brought under control quickly.

Lite lunch provided for the Old Timers & Sponsors Bar facilities & snack food available For the Early Birds the traditional 9 hole round of Golf can be scheduled.

If interested please phone Jack Bowick • 368 8453 (Evenings)

0- %+)( #E+B >E;85. 2" 3E/ 0,0. *IG)( 00DA 25E(I= A: 7:- ,,-4+/= A: 7:- ,,0A 111.K+J)(;+.HE.(F +BC)(@K+J)(;+.HE.(F

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*)*(' )&*%#**#!$ ")'&*#)!"


Horowhenua Chronicle

Coast Coachlines

Coming Events & Tours Coming Events &827 Tours Call Dave Today on 0800 827 For Club bookings tour dates can be arranged to suit

Coast Coachlines Day Trip to Wellington 21st May Depart: 9:00am Paraparaumu Lookout, Cable Car, Drive around Coast front to island bay) Arrive: Wellington (Botanic Rose Gardens; Lunch own expense) depart 2:30pm Wellington (afternoon tea supplied) Levin Otaki $55 Waikanae Paraparaumu $35 for Coach and afternoon tea. Feilding Indoor Craft Market Saturday 7 June One of the largest and longest indoor craft markets in New Zealand. Thousand of crafts on sale. Café on site - Free entry. Depart: 8:00am Paraparaumu Beach, Otaki, Levin, Foxton. Arrive: 10:00am Feilding Depart 2pm 3:00pm Levin (afternoon Tea). Cost of Trip includes Coach & afternoon Tea. Wellington $65, Plimmerton $55, Paraparaumu Beach, Waikanae $45, Otaki, Levin, Foxton $35 Daffodil Day Carterton Sun 7th September Pick Daffodils and enjoy the craft & produce stalls and gardens of Carrington House. Coach stops at Paua Shop, Markets and afternoon tea. Departs Levin, Otaki, Waikanae & Paraparaumu. Arrives Greytown Shopping 10.15am on to Gladstone to pick daffodils, Carterton for Paua shop, markets and Lunch. Depart Carterton 2.30pm for 3.30 afternoon tea. Arrive Paraparaumu 5pm. Trip includes afternoon tea, Levin $60, Waikanae & Paraparaumu $35 Blossom Festival Hastings Sat 13th Sept 2014 celebrate the arrival of spring in the Hawkes Bay. Departs Prm 7am, Waik, Otaki & Levin 7.45am arrive 11.30am Hastings, enjoy shopping, parade, local food and entertainment. Depart Hastings 2.45pm arrive Levin 7pm, Otaki, Waik & Prm at 8pm. Cost $80 includes Coach and Morning Tea. Paraparaumu - Bay of Islands Tour October 19 – 24th Sunday depart 8:30am Paraparaumu Railway Station by train. Arrive Auckland 7pm. Monday depart Auckland to Pahia to enjoy, Boat Cruise, Dolphins, Hole in the Rock, Russell, Paihia, Keri Keri, Cape Reinga then back back to Paihia, Auckland, on to Taupo and hot pools, return Friday 4pm. Cost $1480 includes Train Trip, Coach, Coach to Cape Reinga, Boat Cruises, Russell, Devonport, Taupo, Accommodation Hot Pools (own room extra) Light Breakfast, Lunch, afternoon tea. Cross Hills Garden Country Fair Kimbolton Saturday 15th November Stalls - Music - Food Gardens depart 7.30 Paraparaumu, Otaki Levin Over 140 high quality gift stalls, grab a delicious lunch and coffee and stroll through our 18 acre garden bursting with flowering rhododendrons and azaleas. Cross Hills Garden Plant Centre will also be open. Lots to keep the children entertained in the children’s playground and our Camellia maze. Great family day out! this is the biggest Garden Country Fair in New Zealand Cost from Wellington $80, Plimmerton $70 Paraparaumu Beach, Waikanae $60, Otaki, Levin, Foxton $50 Toast Martinborough, Sunday 16th Nov Wine & Food Festival Celebration of outstanding wines, fabulous food and great music set within a charming village atmosphere. Depart 9am return 6.30pm Levin Otaki $65 Waikanae, Paraparaumu Wellington $40 for coach. Arrange your own ticket at Ticketek We are taking booking now Marton Market Day Saturday 22 November, 9:00am – 3:00pm Marton Market day is on again, the street comes to life with stalls, entertainment, and bargains galore. Some of the finest arts and crafts, produce and food of the region to be enjoyed on the day. Depart:8am Paraparaumu Beach,8.15am Waikanae 8.30am Otaki 8.45am Levin, 9.15am Foxton Arrive 10am Marton Depart 2:00pm to Foxton (afternoon Tea) Arrive 4:30pm Paraparaumu Beach. Cost of Trip includes Coach & afternoon Tea Paraparaumu Beach,Waikanae $50, Otaki, Levin, Foxton $40 Wings over Wairarapa , Masterton 16th 17th 18th January 2015 Take the Family & Have a Picnic Day Experience 100 years of Aviation at Wings Over Wairarapa in 2015. 2015’s 9th air show will showcase some of the world’s rarest vintage aircraft from WWI and WWII, alongside stunning displays of contemporary aircraft and the future of aviation. Wings Over Wairarapa rivals any show for display content and reputation, and is now a significant event on the Australasian aviation events calendar Depart: 7:00am Levin,7:15am Otaki, 7:30am Waikanae,7:45am Paraparaumu Beach,Arrive 10:00am Masterton , Depart 4:00pm Masterton, Cost per person includes, Coach & Entry Levin, Otaki $90, Paraparaumu $85

For more information call Dave on : 0800 827 827 Email:

Friday, May 23, 2014

Shannon water dispute heads to mediation Horowhenua District Council and the eight parties contesting its application to discharge Shannon’s treated wastewater into the Manawatu River have agreed to attend Environment Court assisted mediation to discuss outstanding issues. Council has applied for consents to allow it to discharge up to 20 per cent of treated wastewater from the Shannon Wastewater Treatment Plant directly into the river during times of high flow, and the remaining wastewater to land bought by council in December 2012 for $4.1 million, an 85 hectare farm neighbouring the wastewater plant known as the Velvaleen Farm.The Manawatu River runs along the north and west boundaries of the farm. Council’s resource consent applications propose to use just 25ha of the farm for land-based discharge, although consent is being sought separately to trial applications to additional land currently considered to be less suitable for land discharge. Currently, Shannon’s treated wastewater is pumped into Stansell’s Drain which eventually

flows into the Manawatu River. Council has until May 23 to confirm its schedule of mediation topics and issues raised in parties' submissions. That schedule is expected to include water quality issues, cultural issues and irrigation issues. The eight parties, including Water and Environmental Care Association Incorporated (WECA), Manawatu Estuary Trust and Ngati Whakatere, want to see full discharge to land and have until May 30 to confirm their topics for discussion. At the Environment Court's pre-hearing conference on May 15, WECA and Ngati Whakatere representatives noted that there had been significant recent positive engagement between council and submitters, and that agreement is close on almost all of the issues involved. Gallo Saidy, Horowhenua District Council Group Manager Community Assets, said council appreciates the constructive manner in which submitters are approaching the project, and is looking forward to discussions with a view to resolving the outstanding issues.

NEWS IN BRIEF Car wash tomorrow

A car wash fundraiser for Waiopehu College’s 2015 Japan trip will be held tomorrow, 9am-noon, Buckingham Motors, Queen Street (the new AA Centre building).

New plant open for day

More than 30 people took the opportunity to look inside Shannon's new Water Treatment Plant in Mangahou Road during a public open day on Sunday. Responsible for treating the raw water supply from Mangaore River, the new $3.9 million plant includes a state-of-the-art membrane filtration system and control equipment, new pipes and other ancillary works necessary for the plant's operation, as well as a new plant building. The plant's commissioning has been completed and water quality recording will continue to ensure the plant is producing A-grade treated water to meet New Zealand Drinking Water Standards set by the Ministry of Health.


Sallies grateful

On behalf of the Salvation Army Levin, I want to thank the people of our community for your wonderful support of the recent Red Shield Appeal. I am pleased to report $7181.50 was raised locally to support our work in this community and throughout New Zealand. In the year to March 31 2014 the Salvation Army’s Levin Community Ministries helped 409 families with varying needs. This is a slight decrease on previous years, but shows there are significant numbers of people in our community in need of some sort of support. Thanks again for making the choice to

help us do what we do in this community. CHRIS COLLINGS Lieutenant, Corps Officer

Students’ vision

At a recent Council meeting, four of our wonderful Ohau students presented their submissions to Council regarding the community’s vision of having beach access via a walkway at the end of Muhunoa West Rd. We were extremely proud of our students, who conducted themselves with high standards of decorum and respect for the venue in which they were speaking, unlike the previous speaker. I hope this speaker learned from the

children’s presentations that it is possible to successfully present a case in a positive, gracious manner, without the rudeness, arrogance and sarcasm exhibited by her. I was disappointed our families were exposed to this sort of adult role modelling. Interestingly, one of the issues being discussed was people’s reluctance to attend Council submission meetings. It would not have gone unnoticed that extra chairs were required for the numbers of Ohau community residents who turned up. So proud of you, Ohau. KATHY TREVENA-BROWN Ohau School principal


15 - 19 Hokio Beach Road, Levin

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle



WHAT’S ON 10.30pm. $8 (members $5), children $3.


Horowhenua's Got Talent: This is the fifth annual show, open to performers aged 12-24 years with two categories available. Solo singer/dance and Group singer/dance. A great night of entertainment guaranteed, including performances from last year’s winners celebrating our talented young people. Te Takere, 10 Bath Street, Levin, 6.30pm, $5 13 yrs and above, $2 children up to age 12.

Saturday June 21

Concert: Rowing2Rio. Where: Levin Performing Arts, Queen Street, Levin. Performers: Kere Kerehoma, Sarsha Forbes, Unity Wara, Jo Chanel and many more. Levin Performing Arts are sponsoring venue. Fundraising for Ariana Ransom to attend Waka Ama World Championships in Rio.

Last Friday of every month


Te Takere concert: Levin acoustic duo Spex and Gary perform covers unplugged from Bon Jovi through to Simon and Garfunkel and everything in between. Everyone is invited along to relax, buy a coffee, bring their own snacks and enjoy good music. Gold coin donation appreciated.Te Takere, 10 Bath Street, Levin, 2pm.

Tuesday May 27

Levin and District Probus Club: Entertainment by Double Blend with morning tea followed by guest speaker Te Takere chief executive Jo Ransom, 9.45am, Cosmopolitan Club, Levin. Visitors and new members always welcome.

Thursday May 29

Electra Business After 5 - Powering Up: John Yeoman, Chief Executive of Electra, one of our region's largest companies, will give an update on the Electra Group of companies. Te Takere, 10 Bath Street, Levin, 5.30pm7pm. $5 at the door.

Friday June 6

Foxton Tourist & Development Association (FTDA) After 5pmish: Come and meet Darren & Stella who opened their Foxton business in April 2010 and has been a success story. Everyone welcome with an interest in Foxton and Foxton Beach. 5pm, Parlato & Associates Ltd, 7 Avenue Road, Foxton. Entry $5, BYO, finger food provided, entry includes a raffle valued with $50 prize. Enquiries to Paul Andrews, 06 363-5811. Ronald McDonald House - Annual Street Appeal: If you would like to volunteer to collect, please email with your name, location, time you are free to collect and contact phone number.

Wednesday June 11

We Are Made of Star Stuff: Lecture by Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, the woman credited with having discovered Pulsars. Hosted by the Horowhenua Astronomical Society at Te Manawa, Palmerston North, 6.30pm. Gold coin entry. For more information contact Horowhenua Astronomical Society president Dr Stephen Chadwick on 021 054 8647.

Friday June 13

Levin Folk Music Club Friday: Guest performance by Dave Murphy who has 30 years’ experience playing the blues. Horowhenua Scottish Society Hall, cnr Bartholomew Rd and Middlesex St, Levin, 7.30pm -

Levin Twilight Market. 5pm-8pm, Queen St Chapel Hall, Queen St East.

First Saturday of month

Movie and a meal for only $35!!

Pounamu Country Music Club: 1pm-4.30pm, Senior Citizens Hall, cnr Cambridge and Montgomery Streets. For more information phone Theresa or Geoff. 368-3959. Methodist Monthly Market: 87 Oxford St (next to the Adventure Park). 8.30-11.30am. Stalls $10 each, contact Rosemary 368-6977.

Applies to any movie after 5pm.


(M) 119 mins Drama/Mystery/Sci-fi (Contains violence) A terminally ill scientist uploads his mind to a computer. This grants him power beyond his wildest dreams, and soon he becomes unstoppable. Starring Johnny Depp & Morgan Freeman. Final Week - Fri 23 May 8.20pm, Sat 24 May 8.20pm, Sun 25 May 8.20pm, Mon 26 May 12.50pm, Tues 27 May 12.50pm, Wed 28 May 12.50pm

Second Saturday of month

Horowhenua Savage Club night: From 7.30pm at the Savage Club Hall. 28 Parker Ave, Levin. Everyone Welcome, Admission $3. Information Phone Grahame Robertson 368-0059.

Third Saturday of month

Ohau Market: 9am-1pm. Muhunoa West Rd, just off SH1, 4kms south of Levin. Contact Bev Hamilton ph 368-6986.

First Sunday of month

Foxton Delta Country Music Club: At the Foxton RSA, first Sunday each month. 1pm start. Entry $3 includes afternoon tea. Inquiries phone 368-7740.

Second Sunday of month

Levin Variety Country Music Club: Levin RSA , second Sunday each month. 1pm. $3 entry includes afternoon tea. Phone Win, 0274 742-603.

X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURES PAST (M) 131 mins Action/Adventure/Fantasy (Contains violence & offensive language) The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.

Fri 23 May 12.40pm, 3.20pm & 6pm, Sat 24 May 12.40pm, 3.20pm & 6pm, Sun 25 May 12.40pm, 3.20pm & 6pm, Mon 26 May 12.40pm, 3.20pm & 6pm, Tues 27 May 12.40pm, 3.20pm & 6pm, Wed 28 May 12.40pm, 3.20pm & 6pm

Third Sunday of month

Opportunity Knocks Music Club: At the Savage Club Hall in Parker Avenue from 1pm to 4.30pm. $3 admission.


(M) 123 mins Biography/Drama/Romance (Contains sex scenes) At the height of his career, Charles Dickens meets a younger woman who becomes his secret lover until his death. Fri 23 May 10.30am & 5.50pm, Sat 24 May 3.30pm & 5.50pm, Sun 25 May 3.30pm & 5.50pm, Mon 26 May 10.30am & 5.50pm, Tues 27 May 10.30am & 5.50pm, Wed 28 May 10.30am & 5.50pm


Third Tuesday of the month

(M) 100 mins Comedy (Contains violence, offensive language, sexual references & nudity) The adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. Thurs 15 May 10.20am, 1pm & 5.40pm, Fri Fri 23 May 10.20am & 5.40pm, Sat 24 May 10.20am & 5.40pm, Sun 25 May 10.20am & 5.40pm, Mon 26 May 10.20am & 5.40pm, Tues 27 May 10.20am & 5.40pm, Wed 28 May (Bring Baby Too - 10.20am) & 5.40pm

Foxton Probus Club: Monthly meeting at the Foxton RSA Easton Street starting at 10am. For fellowship, friendship and fun. Contact Dave Hardmen 363-8020.

Fourth Monday of month

Levin and District Probus Club: Cosmopolitan Club, Levin, every third Tuesday of the month at 9.45am.

Fourth Sunday of month

Country and Variety Music Club: Masonic Village Hall, Main Street, Foxton. Every 4th Sunday, 1pm-5pm. $3 admission includes afternoon tea.


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(M) 123 mins Action/Adventure/Sci-fi (Contains violence) The world’s most famous monster is pitted against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

Fri 23 May 10.10am, 3.10pm & 8.40pm, Sat 24 May 10.10am, 3.10pm & 8.40pm, Sun 25 May 10.10am, 3.10pm & 8.40pm, Mon 26 May 10.10am, 3.10pm & 8.40pm, Tues 27 May 10.10am, 3.10pm & 8.40pm, Wed 28 May 10.10am, 3.10pm & 8.40pm


(M) 138 mins Drama (Contains violence)

The life story of Jesus is told from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection. Fri 23 May 12.50pm, Sat 24 May 12.50pm, Sun 25 May 12.50pm, Mon 26 May 8pm, Wed 28 May 8pm


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Mon 26 May

10.10am 10.20am 10.30am

Godzilla (M), The Grand Budapest Hotel (M), The Invisible Woman (M)

Tues 27 May

10.10am 10.20am 10.30am

Godzilla (M), The Grand Budapest Hotel (M), The Invisible Woman (M)


The Grand Budapest Hotel (M) please note censor’s rating

Bring Baby Too Wed 28 May


(R16) 97 mins Comedy (Contains drug use, sex scenes & offensive language) A couple with a newborn baby face unexpected difficulties after they are forced to live next to a fraternity house.

Fri 23 May 1pm & 8pm, Sat 24 May 1pm & 8pm, Sun 25 May 1pm & 8pm, Mon 26 May 1pm & 8.20pm, Tues 27 May 1pm & 8.20pm, Wed 28 May 1pm & 8.20pm

Your Boutique Cinema and Cafe experience 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin, Ph 366 0330

(Rating & runtime tba) Comedy/Western As a cowardly farmer begins to fall for the mysterious new woman in town, he must put his new-found courage to the test when her husband, a notorious gun-slinger, announces his arrival.

MALEFICENT – Starting 29 May (Rating & runtime tba) Action/Adventure/Family A vindictive fairy is driven to curse an infant princess only to realize the child may be the only one who can restore peace. 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin. Ph 366 0330


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, May 23, 2014

Adventure Park offers free gym By TANYA WOOD Levin’s older residents have the opportunity to become a little fitter and healthier with free adult outdoor gym equipment in the town’s Adventure Park. The eight-piece gym equipment set is designed for gentle exercise to work the upper and lower body, using the person’s own body weight to push and pull against, plus a step machine and crosswalker for cardio workouts. Levin Adventure Park trustee Glynis Easton was inspired to set up the park gym after seeing a similar operation in Australia two years ago. The $7000 gym was installed last August by the Trust, funded by Southern Trust and Riverside Construction. Although the gym equipment is freely available to be used by everyone, it was chosen with older people in mind, Ms Easton said. ‘‘We really hope older people grab hold of this gym and get out there on nice days to use it. It’s a great way to get and keep fit.’’ Ms Easton confessed she has not used the gym herself. ‘‘I’m down at the park on a regular basis as a trustee and do see people using the gym, and hear visitors say they wish they had the same facility in their town, but I think there are still many locals unaware that we have this fantastic little gym that’s free to use.’’ Instructions for use are on a board and there is also a live demonstration on YouTube, titled ‘Adventure Park Outdoor Gym’. As with all exercise equipment, people should use it within their own capability, said Ms Easton, and if in

MORNING WORKOUT Levin’s Tim Parry enjoys a workout on the Adventure Park gym equipment most mornings before work and is amazed how well he feels after 15 minutes of exercise. ‘‘It is an established fact that weightbearing exercise in older age is essential to maintain fitness and wellness. This fabulous gym is perfect, with beautiful surroundings and trees, fresh air and no gym smells. Just time for you to make yourself feel stronger, fitter, better, happier.’’ Josie Ngatai, 72, another keen user of the Park’s gym equipment most mornings, aims to spend at least five minutes on each of the eight pieces of gym equipment. ‘‘It’s all good for my health and mind. We’re blessed to have this place and it’s very important we make use of it, especially when you get to our age when good health is so vital.’’ doubt, consult their GP first. She said outdoor park gyms are becoming popular throughout New Zealand and she had already received calls for more information from a couple of interested councils. The equipment will be maintained by the Trust. LVN210514splexercise

FUN GETTING FIT: Free adult exercise equipment at Levin’s Adventure Park is a hit with regulars Tim Parry and Josie Ngatai. PHOTO: HOROWHENUA DISTRICT COUNCIL

Providing Dental Care to the Horowhenua for over 30 years OUR TEAM

Royce Jones BDS Callum Dunsmore BDS Faenza Dunsmore BDS Finn Gilroy BDS

The Queen Street Dental team is available to meet all your dental needs and we welcome

Fiona Firth BDS Grace Chen BDS Helen Lloyd BDS


Erin Campbell Dip Hyg

Queen Street Dental Centre is pleased to welcome Grace Chen to our dental centre.

Grace has lived in Christchurch most of her life, and it was a big change to move up to Levin! Grace started working at QSDC earlier this year and is enjoying the experience so far. Grace is fluent in both Mandarin and English and will do her best to help you with any dental concerns. She enjoys general dentistry as it allows her to practice all aspects of care from restorative to managing trauma. Later on, Grace would like to get involved with forensic dentistry as it is an area she has an interest in. Grace is really excited about exploring all that the Horowhenua region has to offer and is looking forward to seeing you at our dental centre. Also it is great to welcome back Helen Lloyd and Faenza Dunsmore. Many of you would have seen Helen or Faenza in years gone by and it is great to have such experienced dentists back with us again. For more information about our practice and the services we offer visit or email

Phone 368 7788 to book your appointment today

In addition to Visa/Mastercard/EFTPOS we now accept payment with: American Express Q-Card Farmers Card

Friday, May 23, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle


Making the most of opportunity to learn By PETER FRANKLIN Six community-based offenders in Levin now have NZQA qualifications. Levin Community Corrections put together an initiative programme that had them learning while completing community work. Corrections Levin service manager Mark Cookson said the offenders completed unit standards over a six-week period that saw them learning how to keep food safe and work safely in a commercial kitchen. Mr Cookson said the training course was a joint effort across several areas of Corrections. ‘‘The training was designed by Corrections’ Offender Employment team and delivered in Levin by a qualified cooking instructor from Manawatu Prison,’’ he said. Mr Cookson said it had benefited the offenders to be learning while they were completing their sentences. They now have a qualification and practical knowledge they can use at home or seeking employment in the food industry. The course was part of the Work and Living Skills training programme that allows probation officers to direct up to 20 per cent of the sentence of community work (if over 80 hours) to be spent on work and living skills training. ‘‘It’s the first time we’ve run a course like this and we’re rolling similar training out to Community Corrections sites in Masterton, Feilding and Palmerston North,’’ Mr Cookson

LVN210514splCorrections -2

CORRECTIONS PRESENTATION: Brian Batchelor, Principal Instructor, Manawatu Prison; Laurie Duncan, Manawatu prison’s cooking instructor; Mark Cookson, Levin service manager and Joanne Parker, acting service manager, chat to an offender who completed the course. said. Levin’s community garden, The Garden of Eden (He Tupu Ngatahi) also played a part in the course: produce used in the course came from the garden. A number of offenders serve their community sentence in the garden that is managed by the Anglican Church. ‘‘Reducing re-offending is

Corrections’ top priority and, by helping offenders to gain skills and qualifications, it could help them gain employment. ‘‘Research shows that getting a sustainable job can reduce the likelihood of re-offending and help create safer communities,’’ Mr Cookson said. Offenders can be sentenced to carry out between 40 and 400


GARDEN OF EDEN: Mark Cookson on site at The Garden of Eden, Levin’s community garden.

hours of community work. They are encouraged to complete their hours as quickly as possible, and can work up to 10 hours a day, or up to 40 hours in any one week. Corrections is committed to reducing re-offending by 25 per cent by 2017. Community Corrections manages offenders to hold them to account to comply with their

sentences and orders, reduce their likelihood of re-offending, minimise their risk to others, and help them become productive and contributing members of society. The unit standards undertaken by the offenders were: Practise Food Safety Methods in a Food Business and Apply Safe Working Practices in a Commercial Kitchen.


Students at Leaders Convention Earlier this year a group of student leaders from Horowhenua College attended the Global Leaders Convention in Wellington. This convention is designed to inform students about global issues, empower them to become inspiring leaders and take action to resolve these issues at a global level. Organised by World Vision, it provides students with learning about global inequality and world hunger. Students were thrilled to catch up with Max Mason (2013 Horowhenua College head boy) who is currently serving as a Global Leadership Ambassador. In December 2013 Max went to Malawi to launch the 2014 World Vision 40 Hour Famine campaign. We were very proud

to see a local student representing our community so well. The convention was held in the Beehive, Wellington. The presentations were superb and students found the input from Sam Johnson, Christchurch Student Army, to be a great source of inspiration. The cherry on the top of a great day occurred when our students bumped into John Key as they left. The students could not resist a photo opportunity and John Key would have been silly to miss a photo opportunity with future leaders of our nation! Horowhenua College students are taking action to address hunger in Malawi by raising funds for the 40 Hour Famine

campaign. Students have fundraising booklets and will be approaching members of the community to sponsor them for this event. The college will also be holding a box city weekend in which they live in cardboard boxes to experience the plight of the world poor and homeless. Please feel free to enquire about this initiative or support our students.

ON the steps of Parliament, a group of Horowhenua College students who attended the Global Leaders Convention in Wellington.


ALL HEATING INSULATION & VENTILATION COSTS 'Warm air rises to the ceiling where it is trapped and wasted, some ceilings reach temperatures of up to 35 degrees.' Now you can use excess heat from your living area by moving it to practically anywhere in the house, with a Carrier Room 2 Room Heat Transfer Kit. Our fan operated, ducted kit has been specifically designed for domestic use, and uses the same amount of power as a single 100w light bulb!


Free Phone:

0800 600 321

Offering Free Quotes in your Area for a limited time




Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle

Wanderers lose by one point By TANYA WOOD Levin Wanderers came within one point of a draw against opponents Waikanae in their premier grade game on Saturday at Levin Domain. The Levin side was up 8-0 at halftime but a couple of mistakes in the second half saw Waikanae grab the advantage and take the final score to 12-11. Kaye Tia, in the number eight jersey, scored Wanderers’ only try, with two penalty kicks from openside flanker James Karauria. Wanderers’ spokesperson Hendrix Warren said the team were a bit unlucky to come away with a loss. ‘‘It was a real ‘slug it out’ type of match but the guys played really well and they’re improving as a team every week.’’ He said the team had been focusing on their defence but their real strength lay with the forwards. ‘‘We’re pretty good at retaining possession and, despite the loss, we’re very encouraged by the performance of the team overall. We’ve got a large pool of players to call on which is a nice luxury to have.’’ With just the one win, against College Old Boys, Wanderers are currently at the bottom of the Premier Grade


COMING THROUGH: Levin Wanderers first-five Martin Tupara pushes aside Waikanae players in the premier grade game on Saturday at Levin Domain. PHOTO: TANYA WOOD table after eight games but, according to Warren, the team are still in with a chance to

make the semifinals. Warren believes the competition is the closest it has

been for a number of years. ‘‘Any team can be beaten on the day.’’

NINE-HOLE FOURSOMES GOLF TOURNAMENT Last Friday Levin Golf Club hosted the inaugural NineHole Foursomes tournament. Entries were limited to 12 pairs in each division, women, men and mixed. Jack Veltman presented three shields he had made. Tournament convener, Ngaire Hunter, said she was

very pleased with the support received from players and the club intend to add the foursomes event to the annual calendar. Prizes were provided by Levin’s New World Supermarket, one of the Clubs sponsors. Results were: Ladies: 1st

Louisa Craig and Betty Stephens, (Marton), Nett 39. 2nd Dyane Martinelli and Barbara Jonasen, (Otaki), Nett 40.5, 3rd Mary Wilson and Jean Bainbridge, (Levin), Nett 41. Men’s: 1st Tom Clarke and Allen Wills, (Tawhero, Wanganui), Nett 31.5, 2nd Wayne James, (Levin) and Pat

/9,3 *D-0 ,I/ .D 5,5

Tito, (Kapiti) Nett 37.5, 3rd Errol George and Napier McFedries, (Otaki) Nett 40.5 Mixed: 1st Lucy Montgomery and Corey MacMillan, (Levin) Nett 34.5, 2nd Ellen & Alan Harcus, (Foxton), Nett 36.5, 3rd Heather Haswell & Russell Parker (Feilding) Nett 39.5


Looking after those memories Captured images create wonderful memories, the family growing up, holidays, the big OE, but how do you protect your images from the ravages of time and accidental damage. Stephen Feldon, of Camera Place, says people have so many happy memories contained in their photo albums, they need to think seriously about having a back up copy made so that those important photos are never lost. He said having hard copies in an album, is great for easy access, but what happens in a fire or flood or just an accident where something gets spilt on them. It really pays to have a digital copy. Family movies that have been taken on VHS can and do deteriorate, have them converted to digital ensuring that they do not decay and disappear forever. Producing images that become lasting memories is a passion for the team at Camera Place, but they have taken the next step and also have an excellent photo restoration service in place. Stephen says he was brought in a photo taken in 1890, the picture had been looked after and was still in good condition, however to ensure that it is still around for generations to come he advised the owner to get a digital copy made. On the other side of the coin, getting prints from digital discs is another way of preserving those important times. Stephen says looked after prints will last 20-years or more, having copies in two different formats is a wise decision. ‘‘I look at it, in the same light as having insurance, if something happens all is not lost,’’

C0D.36. *D-0 C036HD-/ E3ED0H3/

+( 2#LL 8?@J @J= 8@4( 7$(K <J7< @ G<=@! >' ?@:@7 %<L= @:?$#4@L 65B ;:<7(?7#J% 7$(K &<: %(J(:@7#<J8 7< ?<K(A

D11 1D0 9FF E9*

0=0(H &F :G!H *, >E; $)"! ";7H :+HF 4?' +8

/G ,3 :31 286: AAA-9?>"!?#@?9"-9$-;%



5@@ CE7"$H H@$A@' 7"I!?7" . <?9B '$D!H D# F$7?'

/G ,3 :31 286: AAA-9?>"!?#@?9"-9$-;%


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, May 23, 2014

Fabulous Foxton FOXTON HISTORY By TONY HUNT In 1902 a Dr Bennett arrived in Foxton, when he left in 1905 the inducement was raised to £350. Dr Charles Mandl arrived in 1906 and eventually set up his practice on the corner of Clyde and Harbour Streets. It remained there until 1922. Dr Adams, son of the school’s headmaster, joined him for a time operating out of 10 Thynne Street. Dr Mandl was followed by Dr Eric Wylie, whose wife Eileen was a member of the original Robinson family of Foxton. He practiced in Clyde Street until his death in 1936, his family moved into 10 Thynne Street selling the practice to Dr Stephen Crawford. Within a year the Wylies moved back to the original site, swapping with Dr Crawford who took up residence in Thynne Street. In 1950 Dr Howard Teppett bought the practice and remained the town's doctor for 43 years. At 79, Dr Teppett was still practising when he died at his Thynne Street home on October 1, 1993, during a home invasion in which his sister Joyce was also brutally attacked. Horowhenua District Council, the local Rotary club and community rallied to create the Howard Teppett Memorial Rose Garden as a sign of remembrance and respect for the doctor. The other practice that became established in town was that of Dr Hyslop. In 1918 he set up practice in Avenue Road, and remained there until 1921. The first woman Dr to serve the town arrived in 1937, Dr Ada Platts-Mills practiced at 12 Park Street. In 1942 Dr Ludwig Beider took over the practice until 1946 when Dr Bruce Ryburn replaced him. In 1951 Dr Bill Malthus arrived and the town had no need for a new doctor for the next 40 years. Since then there have been many changes, including the building of a new medical centre.


TURN TO GREEN?: Foxton’s Save Our River Trust are hoping negotiations with Horizons Regional Council to turn the River Loop to green will get a green light. PHOTO: FRANKIE WEBB



17Thynne Street Foxton

P: (06) 3638643 M: 021 02319643

Group wants Foxton back in Loop By FRANKIE WEBB Foxton voices are being heard by Horizons Regional Council regarding restoration of flow to the Manawatu River Loop. Early this year a petition containing almost 2000 signatures was presented to Horizons asking for it to assist Save Our River Trust get flow restored to the Manawatu River Loop. Horizons have agreed to enter into discussions, having placed it on the agenda for its June meeting. The Loop was once the lifeblood of Foxton. Save Our River Trust members believe if restored it could hold the key to Foxton’s future. ‘‘Our motto has always been no flow, no life, no future,’’ SORT member and Horowhenua District councillor Michael Feyen said. ‘‘I want those people who signed the petition to know

it wasn’t done in vain.’’ The Trust arranged a trip around the loop for Horowhenua District Councillors, Horizons Councillors and Foxton Community Board. ‘‘It gave them a visual of what needs to be done, I believe it definitely contributed to getting this on the agenda,’’ Mr Feyen said. The meeting is being held at Horizons Regional House, 11-15 Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North on June 11 at 10am. ‘‘Anyone is entitled to speaking rights,’’ Mr Feyen said. ‘‘I hope a lot of people will come along to support this. It isn’t just huge for Foxton, it’s huge for Horowhenua.’’ SORT hope a 300m cut will restore flow to the loop, aiding in removal of pollution making the water suitable for a variety of uses including recreational.

WHIROKINO CUT Foxton’s Whirokino Cut was completed in 1943 as part of the lower Manawatu Flood Control Scheme. It was intended as a spillway but an unexpected flood broke through the upper end and diverted the river down the spillway, cutting off the Foxton loop of the river and causing great outcry at the time. The Foxton Loop has only a tidal flow and isn’t connected to the river at its top end, the upper end of the Loop having silted up during a flood in 1953. Since that time Horowhenua District Council has issued health warnings regarding activities at the loop most of the year round.

✂ ✂

RSA the place to go By FRANKIE WEBB

2 Avenue Rd, Foxton Manawatu Hotel Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 5pm - 9pm

Phone: 021 185 3258

Open: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 9am-12pm No appointment needed!

(next to Foxton Trading Post)

Bring in this advert for a free blow-dry with your cut




Mini Loader, Digger, Roller & Truck Hire


• 10 tonne excavator • 3 tonne excavator • 3 tonne loader • Associated equipment for debris cleanup • Appropriate safety gear

ALL available for hire, or call the experts

Ph/Fax (06) 368 9536 LTD Mob (027) 567 8912

SOUP FOR LUNCH! from 26 May om with ll c


Dennis Robinson

Like a phoenix, Foxton RSA arose from the ashes of a fire which robbed it of a historic building and decades of memories and irreplaceable memorabilia. In the almost eight years since, the club has had a few rocky patches but secretary Holly Robinson wants to leave that in the past. ‘‘So many areas have

lost their RSA,’’ Holly said. ‘‘We have to ensure the future of this club. I really want this fabulous facility to become a community hub.’’ Holly is aware the number of returned service people are dwindling. ‘‘We have to move with the times,’’ she said. ‘‘I want young people to come here, to know this is a safe environment. We


enarty bread r


WIN A BMX BIKE Entry with purchase of 2x1.5L or 2x2.25L from the coke range

Competition from 26 May to 30 June, see in store for details

(06) 363 5071

For all “A-Grade” Repairs & Servicing

• WOF • Tyres • Batteries • Mechanical Repairs • FREE Quotes 7.30am-5.00pm Mon-Fri 75 Main Street, Foxton

P h : 06 363 7353

have a fabulous library, a quiet area to study. Eventually I would like to see computers here for community use.’’ Holly wants to see the community make use of the restaurant which is open seven days a week. ‘‘Come on Foxton, get behind your club,’’ Holly said. ‘‘Non-members are welcome too.’’ Foxton RSA is at 1 Easton Street, Foxton. Phone 363-7670.


A Unique Shopping Experience

• Imported Dutch cheeses • Deli Meats • Groceries • Cosmetics • Confectionery • Organics • Quality souvenirs & gifts • Stone ground flour & much more in store! 7 Days 10am - 4pm Owner - De Molen

State Highway 1 Foxton 06 363 5777

Friday, May 23, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle


Fabulous Foxton Birthright focuses on helping kids By FRANKIE WEBB Many Birthright Foxton volunteers have walked in the shoes of those they help. ‘‘I was widowed as a young mother of two children,’’ Judy Bidlake said. ‘‘I can identify with some of the people we work with, I’ve been there.’’ Birthright doesn’t dish out money. ‘‘We’re here for the kids,’’ volunteer Joy Hansen said. ‘‘If a school uniform is needed or an essential school item, we will help. We will deal directly with the retailer. We can give food parcels.’’ Every Thursday from 10am until 2pm volunteers man an outlet centre in Whyte Street. There’s room for a cuppa and a chat. Items of furniture, clothing, toys and everyday items have been donated, much of it will be redonated. ‘‘Families registered with Birthright can come and pick up things they need,’’

secretary Pat Rawlinson said. ‘‘Anyone else is welcome to browse, and make a donation if they can.’’ Birthright Foxton has over 100 children registered. At Christmas those children receive a gift, during the year some attend a camp courtesy of Birthright. ‘‘It gives their carers a break,’’ Joy said. Tertiary education scholarships have seen Birthright kids achieve in a way they may not have otherwise been able. Volunteers are ‘allocated’ families. ‘‘We’re here for them, someone to talk to, for support, to get them in touch with agencies and services if they don’t know where to go,’’ Pat said. Like many organisations, Birthright Foxton, would love more volunteers. ‘‘We service Foxton, the beach, Himatangi and Shannon, it’s a big area,’’ she said. ‘‘If anyone has time to help we would love to hear from them.’’ Contact Pat Rawlinson, Ph 363-6628.


HELPING THOSE IN NEED: Birthright Foxton volunteers, from left, Pat Rawlinson, Judy Bidlake and Joy Hansen helping children from single parent families. PHOTO: FRANKIE WEBB




Specialize in Classic Cars & Motorbikes Diesel Repairs


FAREWELL FOXTON: This old ‘tower’ wasn’t about to give up it’s sentry position without a fight. Tonnes of concrete anchored it into position making the job of removal quite a task. Originally a feature, the tower had become dated, listing attractions which no longer exist and missing many new ones. A $45,000 sculpture featuring the Godwits which visit Foxton estuary each year will grace the entrance in future.

LADYS MILE FOXTON PHONE 06 363 8849 A/HRS 06 368 3091



For all your conveyancing, family law and estate needs.





Main Street, Foxton PHONE 06 363 8069

Anderson Funeral Services Ltd FDANZ FDAN FD ANZ AN Z Me M Member emb mber ber e

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Wayne Laursen

We provide a personal and caring service



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Monitored Security Video Surveillance Short or Long Term

MOBILE TELEPHONE 0274-428-408 or 0274-406-693 TELEPHONE 06-363-7536 FOXTON

Cell: 027 448 5384 Phone: (06) 363 6715 Email:

P: 0800 225 369 M: 027 442 8050 116 Purcell St. Foxton E:

Domestic, Commercial, Industrial & Maintenance Work

Contact Peter Barbour


Open Monday – Sunday 7am – 8pm PH: 06 363 7160


Pre-paid and pre-arranged funeral plans are available Locally owned & operated Kevin and Averill Anderson

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Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, May 23, 2014


1 Bristol Street Levin 06 366 0880

Property Brokers Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

How is this for starters?

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Family Lifestyle Property


$195,000 WEB ID LU32624 RV:$220,000 WEB ID LL36845 WEB ID LU31425 $121,000 WEB ID LU36388 BEO $375,000 LEVIN LEVIN LEVIN LEVIN 36-38 Weraroa Road 157 Hokio Sand Road 76 Parker Avenue 44 Winchester Street Just listed and ready for a new family to Just 7km from town but a world away, this Top location! 5 minutes from kindy, Spacious unit with 2 double bedrooms and 3 4 2 3 move into straight away. This lovely modern brick house was built less than primary and college . 4 bedrooms, spacious separate lounge and dining. Small character home has three big bedrooms, two and a half years ago. Sited for the sun, kitchen and modern gas services for manageable grounds - bring the two living areas, tidy kitchen, modern and with wonderful views of the Tararuas cooking, hot water and heating. Insulation paintbrush and add value to this property. 2 1 1 2 bathroom, two toilets, single garage and from the spacious open plan living area in ceiling, double and single garage, fully Walking distance to town. Price reduction, carport. An ideal property for a growing and dream kitchen. 4046sqm (in 2 fenced and lots of extra room for parking. motivated vendors. family. paddocks) 1 3 1 2 View By Appointment View By Appointment VIEW Sunday 25 May 3.00 - 3.30pm Debby Turner 021 617 482

Invest in your future!

VIEW Sunday 25 May 1.00 - 1.45pm

Debby Turner 021 617 482

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Debby Turner 021 617 482

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Mary Dacombe-Bird 029 573 5161

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$212,000 WEB ID LU36577 $60,000 WEB ID LU36770 BEO $175,000 WEB ID LU33593 $175,000 WEB ID LU33624 WAITARERE BEACH SHANNON LEVIN LEVIN 590 Waitarere Beach Road 67 Nathan Terrace 67 Kawiu Road 2 Dorset Street What a fantastic buy in Waitarere Beach! This two bedroom cottage with big In a sought after area of Levin this home 3 2 2+ This two bedroom property is well 2 Here is a 3 bedroom house sited on an garaging and additional carport is in need has 2 bedrooms plus a 1 bedroom flat maintained and well presented 809sqm, fully fenced section, with great of lots of work, but has huge potential and downstairs. It attracts all day sun, has throughout. Featuring a single garage, tenants already in residence. is priced to meet the market. spacious rooms and is waiting for you to garden shed, sun porch and an established 1 1 2 1 There are two garages (one Call me to view, what could be potentially call it home. Established gardens and great low maintenance garden. This home is garage/workshop and one high stud single a very attractive property. for entertaining. Call me today to view. lovely and sunny with a quiet backyard. for the boat) 2 1 1 1 View By Appointment View By Appointment View By Appointment

View By Appointment

Mary Dacombe-Bird 029 573 5161

Michael Utting 021 675 721

Michael Utting 021 675 721

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Michael Utting 021 675 721

Family on the move

WEB ID LU36865 $445,000 WEB ID LU35964 $160,000 WEB ID LU37055 $750,000 WEB ID LL37066 $199,000 LEVIN LEVIN LEVIN MANAKAU 50 Trafalgar Street 2 Corfe Castle Lane 1/138A Tiro Tiro Road 99 Takapu Road The vendors have an addition to the family This impressive home of 236m2 offers This cosy three bedroom home is warm This is a wonderful opportunity to be able 4 3 3 3 to purchase a piece of tranquillity in the which calls for more space. breath- taking style and functionality and sunny and situated not far from town. elite area of Manakau. Less than 90km into After six years they are reluctantly selling combined with thoughtful Clad in brick with aluminium joinery it has Wellington, this is the perfect home to and hoping a family or couple will enjoy considerations.The impressive, but simple brand new carpet. This home is well priced 2 1 3 1 retreat to after work, or perfect for the this property as they have. for a retired couple, first home buyer or an gardens on a 864m2 section compliment lifestyle seekers. investor. Be quick to view. the home. Open plan kitchen/dining/living View By Appointment is the heart of the home. 2 1 2 1 VIEW Sunday 25 May 3.00 - 3.30pm VIEW Sunday 25 May 12.00 - 12.30pm VIEW Sunday 25 May 2.00 - 2.30pm Murray 027 490 4773 Margrit 027 455 7706

Margrit 027 455 7706 Murray 027 490 4773

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Margrit 027 455 7706 Murray 027 490 4773

Family lifestyle

Margrit 027 455 7706 Murray 027 490 4773

A home with warmth


WEB ID LU36637 $258,000 WEB ID LU34325 $455,000 WEB ID LL36354 $229,000 WEB ID LU36537 NEGOTIATION LEVIN LEVIN LEVIN LEVIN 10 Puriri Place 8C Sussex Street 145 Fairfield Road 22 Cornwall Street Do not delay here, this two bedroom This three bedroom home, approximately Located in the Fairfield area of rural Levin, A lovely property with some wonderful 2 3 3 3 townhouse built by very reputable builders six and a half years old has open plan living this is a property your family will love as it touches for modern day living. Spacious is seriously on the market. and excellent chattels throughout. With is only 1.5kms from Fairfield School and living, sun drenched summer house and This light, warm, very inviting and maintenance free brick and aluminium 3.5kms from the Levin Post Shop. This featuring a family room, lounge, 3 1 1 1 1 immaculately kept property is awaiting exterior, it features electric cooking and three bedroom home has a refurbished bedrooms, shower, bath, and separate those that wish to be super close to water heating, a heat pump, internal kitchen. toilet. Large 7x7m garage, garden shed important amenities. garage. and glass house. 1 1 3 2 View By Appointment VIEW Sunday 25 May 2.00 - 2.30pm

VIEW Sunday 25 May 1.00 - 1.30pm

Margrit 027 455 7706 Murray 027 490 4773

Margrit 027 455 7706 Murray 027 490 4773

VIEW Sunday 25 May 11.00 - 11.30am

Clive Williams 027 240 9265

Clive Williams 027 240 9265

Friday, May 23, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle



1 Bristol Street Levin 06 366 0880

Property Brokers Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

Great family home. Great bones!

Wow! Garden by the Beach


WEB ID LU36470 LEVIN 33 Duke Street VIEW Sunday 25 May 2.00 - 3.00pm Still holding the charm of the 1960's when homes were built to stand the test of time, this home is ideal for your first move into the property market. Separate lounge with log fire and a spacious kitchen and dining area also well positioned for all day sun. Schooling and many amenities close at hand. The section is perfect for the growing family.



3 Rohan Teaz

Mobile 027 433 0041 Office 06 366 0660 Home 06 363 8502

1 1

Something special in Shannon

WEB ID LU36923 WAITARERE BEACH 18 Hydrabad Drive VIEW Sunday 25 May 3.00 - 3.30pm You would not believe what a fantastic flower and vege garden you can grow, within a 300 metre easy stroll to a prime Waitarere Beach location. This home features two covered outdoor living areas for all year round enjoyment, where you can entertain family and friends. Featuring a walk-in pantry and large living areas with a cosy wood burner. The master bedroom is located downstairs and upstairs there are two bedrooms and a study, which can be used as a third Clive Williams bedroom. There is a double car garage and a large Mobile 027 240 9265 single garage. Office 06 366 1081

WEB ID LU36699 SHANNON 36 Whittaker Street VIEW Sunday 25 May 11.45 - 12.15pm This well presented three bedroom 1950's home is immaculate throughout - a real feel good home. Featuring open plan kitchen, dining and lounge and separate toilet from bathroom. The updated kitchen and big recreational/family area is great for entertaining indoors and out. Michael Utting

Mobile 021 675 721 Office 06 366 0881 Home 06 368 3372

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Shannon Style


The garaging is large enough for two cars and storage or work space. First time on the market in 30 years, this is a really well cared for family home. Owners say "get this sold today". Call me today to view.




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WEB ID LU36926 SHANNON 2 Vance street VIEW Sunday 25 May 2.00 - 2.30pm This gorgeous character three bedroom house is well presented throughout with beautiful timber woodwork and lovely open plan kitchen, dining and lounge area. It has new wiring, a new double garage and an easy-care section.



Call now to view this fantastic home. Michael Utting

Mobile 021 675 721 Office 06 366 0881 Home 06 368 3372

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Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, May 23, 2014


In the gap between the Sun’s departure from your income sector last Wednesday and Venus’ return on Thursday is a chance to take stock.


Within personal and professional

OPEN HOMES Sunday 25th May 2014 LEVIN $198,000

13a Kent Street

friendship and relationship building things are coming together, with a sense that united you can conquer the world.


On the work and income fronts there is a sense that if you put your mind to it that anything is possible.

LEVIN 11 Armagh Street



Sun 1.00-1.45pm

50 Winchester Street


After the weekend’s powerful alliance between income and career forces you’ve got a new sense of not only what’s possible but of your own power.

Sun 2.00-2.45pm

Superb townhouse


It’s on the work front that you have a chance to put your heart and intuition on the same page, while at the same time challenging old perceptions.


602 Hokio Beach Road

Sun 1.00-2.00pm

New to the market $405,000


Without knowing why or even having anything specific you can put your finger on, a new sense of confidence needs to be taken on face value. An important week for personal and professional networking. Also an important week for defining your financial objectives and priorities.

So close to town $245,000


Across the personal and professional fronts it all comes down to what your heart is telling you, with a new sense of confidence setting in.

121 Bruce Road

Sun 2.15-3.00pm

A great investment

Open Sunday 25th May 1:00pm – 1:30pm Solid three bedroom home with large double garage & generous sized section. Periodic lease in place paying $220 per week Malcolm Cooper 0211-611-031 Real Estate Agent REAA 2008 • Bulsara Ltd 0800 82 55 76

Call us: 0800 LOWEST FEES | (0800 56 93 78)


Sunday 25 May LEVIN 12.00-12.30pm 12.30-1.00pm 12.45-1.15pm 1.00-1.30pm 1.15-1.45pm 1.30-2.00pm 2.15-2.45pm 2.00-2.30pm 2.30-3.00pm

626 Queen Street 7 Sherwood Place 650 Queen Street 4 Argyle Avenue 226a Cambridge Street 62 Queenwood Road 3 Baden Street 44 Dorset Street 20 Queenwood Road


47 Grey Street

$188,000 $200,000 $229,000 $355,000 $299,000 $228,000 $193,000 $179,000 $379,000

SHANNON 11.30-1.00 Trackside Villas

4/91 Mako Mako Road, Levin $225,000

12.30-1.00 69a Queen Street, Levin Tidy 2brm t/house very close to town $173,000 1.00-1.30 2 Winchester Street, Levin Tidy 3brm brick home sunny lounge dbl gge $199,500 1.00-1.30 53a Strathmore Avenue, Levin 3+ Brms, o/plan living, h/pump, 2 car garaging $186,000

OPEN HOMES Open Home Times: Saturday, 24th May 2014 Shannon 79 Laward Road


51 Laward Road

BEO $300,000

1:00pm1 1:30pm

Foxton 1:00pm 1:30pm

1.00-1.30 17 Charles Street, Levin Great family home, 3 brm, dble gge $245,000

7 Huntley Street


1:00pm 1:30pm

56 Norbiton Road


1:45pm 2:15pm

1.00-1.30 6 Drake Street, Levin 3 Brm, o/plan living, handy to schools $159,000

5 Thynne Street


2:30pm 3:00pm

53 Cook Street


3:15pm 3:45pm

45 Kings Drive, Levin $242,000

1.30-2.00 3 Brm, garaging, NE location

14 Dorset Street, Levin $149,000

1.45-2.15 30 Hannan Street, Levin Great location f/fenced 3 brm big gge $177,000 1.45-2.15 5 Oriel Place, Levin 3 Brm character home, Fairfield School area $259,000 1.45-2.15 2 Brm unit close to town

13 Lincoln Place, Levin $113,000

1.45-2.15 48a Queenwood Road, Levin 3 Brm, 2 living, private setting $199,000 1.45-2.15 232 Cambridge Street, Levin 3 Brm, 2 living, conservatory, dble gge $239,000 2.00-2.30 183 Bartholomew Rd, Levin 3 Brm brick, 2 single garages, location $320,000


92 Seabury Avenue


1:00pm 1:30pm

5 Marine Parade North


1:45pm 2:15pm

10 Mack Street


1:45pm 2:15pm

37 Edinburgh Terrace


2:00pm 2:30pm

64 Edinburgh Terrace

BEO $249,000

2:30pm 3:00pm

131 Palmer Road


2:30pm 3:00pm

58A Pratt Avenue


3:15pm 3:45pm

46 Himatangi Street


22 Cornwall Street


11:00am 11:30am

152 Tiro Tiro Road


11:45am 12:15pm

1/138A Tiro Tiro Road


12:00pm 12:30pm

9 Sussex Street


12:00pm 12:30pm

4 Clyde Street


12:15pm 12:45pm 1:00pm 1:30pm

2.30-3.00 128 Cambridge Street, Levin 2 Brm, mod kitchen, close to town $139,000

8C Sussex Street


1:00pm 1:30pm

7 Rata Street


1:00pm 1:30pm

2.30-3.00 14 Cambridge Street, Levin 2 Brm unit, o/plan, i/a sgl gge $149,000

2 Corfe Castle Lane


2:00pm 2:30pm

1A Windsor Place


2:00pm 2:30pm

3.00-3.30 Super tidy 2 brm t/house

10 Puriri Place


2:00pm 2:30pm

33 Duke Street


2:00pm 3:00pm

36-38 Weraroa Road


3:00pm 3:30pm

99 Takapu Road


1.00-2.00 ½ Acre lifestyle, Ohau Village

9 Jervois Terrace, Levin $299,000

2.30-3.30 129 CD Farm Road, Levin 1990’s Cottage, ½ acre section $299,000 Cnr Oxford & Queen Streets, Levin Contact: (06) 367 9333 FINAL NOTICE


1:00pm 1:45pm


Real Estate Agent—REAA 2008

12:00pm 12:30pm

BEO $375,000

3.00-3.30 22a Kings Drive, Levin Family hme add yr décor pvte 1166m section $210,000

P: (06) 367 0820 PGG Wrightson Real Estate Ltd

Himatangi Beach


144 Liverpool Street, Levin $165,000

Tender $459,000


Following your heart, being happy and embracing a sense of adventure are choices and that instead of waiting for life to make it happen, it’s up to you.

1:00pm 1:30pm

12 Webb Avenue

3.00-3.30 3 Brms, brick, gge

130 Forest Lakes Road 321 Arapaepae Road


Any challenges you face now you'll hardly feel as you bulldoze your way through them. If it feels like you're bulletproof it’s because you are.

Foxton Beach 10 Seabury Avenue

157 Hokio Sand Road

24 Tasman Street, Levin $139,000

1.00-2.00PM 1.45-2.15pm


Having strong friendships and relationships has little to do with luck and everything to do with the time and effort you’re willing to invest.

Open Home Times: Sunday, 25th May 2014 Auction

1.15-1.45 3 Brm, dble gge, 1037m² section


2:00pm 2:30pm

11 Huntley Street

1.00-1.30 28 Kings Drive, Levin Lovely 2 brm, great grounds & location $185,000


This is a week where good intentions when it comes to finding a balance between work and play are likely to be tested, with failure not an option.

Manakau 3:00pm 3:30pm

Shannon 26 East Road


11:00am 11:30am

36 Whittaker Street


11:45am 12:15pm

80 Grey Street


1:15pm 1:45pm

2 Vance street


2:00pm 2:30pm

A Whole Lot Of House • • • • • • • • •

Four generous double bedrooms Open plan living space plus rumpus room Separate office / study Modern kitchen and bathrooms Internal access double garage Stand-alone workshop Extra parking for campervan / trailers Easy commute to Palmerston North Motivation running high to SELL



Tenders close 12.00pm, 28 May 2014 at PGG Wrightson Real Estate, 265a Oxford Street, Levin (if not sold prior) 47 Grey Street ID: LEV2643581

Jonathan Bentham B 06 367 0820 M 027 273 8269 H 06 367 0836

Waitarere Beach 18 Hydrabad Drive


3:00pm 3:30pm

265A Oxford Street, Levin Phone: 06 367 0820

PGG Wrightson Real Estate Ltd, Real Estate Agent, REAA 2008

At Barnardos KidStart Childcare we understand that your child needs a safe and nurturing environment to learn, play and grow. We offer home-based childcare for children from 0 - 5 years of age. We have vacancies across the Foxton and Levin districts. Barnardos, trusted in your community for over 40 years.

Call us now! 08 0800 KIDSTART ds tart ardosKidStartChildcare

If you would like to be part of this new monthly feature, please contact Debra Brown at The Horowhenua Chronicle. Phone: 366 0251 or email:

Entry from second trimester until baby is 1 year old. Phone 368 8678.

ENGAGING Families in Early Childhood Education - Levin Only If your child aged 3-4 years is not participating in ECE we can help find a centre that suits you. Home learning plans for your child also developed. Phone Sapphire 368 8678


FREE Childbirth

FAMILY Start Horowhenua

and Otaki. We support families facing challenges to build their strengths and capacity to ensure their children have the best possible start in life.



meet Mondays & Wednesdays 9.30am – 11.30am. Music & Movement Fridays at 9.30am & 10.30am with morning tea for both sessions at 10am – both during School Terms. $1 per child, concession tickets covering all groups available. The Salvation Army, Durham Street, Levin.

a great opportunity to learn about pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting whilst meeting other parents-to-be! To register for these fun and informative classes, call Kylie 368 6313.

Early Years Hub is here to support you raise healthy, happy children. Are you pregnant or do you have children under the age of 7 years? We can put you in touch with people who can help. Phone 367-6291

PLUNKET provides advice and support to families with under 5’s. This includes parenting groups, Monday “Babies and Tots” playgroup, and our Car Seat Service each Wed: 9 – 12pm. Call (06) 368 6762 for all enquiries.



Sprouts In-home childcare is unique and offers quality care and education in Levin. We believe that by building responsive, reciprocal relationships with children and whanau they will develop a true sense of belonging. This empowers children to build foundations and become confident and capable learners through life. We work together with parents and whanau to fulfil the aspirations they have for their children by educators providing warm nurturing environments that are welcoming, safe, caring and supportive. Our educators foster children’s natural curiosities and recognise unique individual strengths and interests by building on them.

Morning Sessions for 2-5 year olds Afternoon Sessions for 4 year olds with “Fantastic Fours” Programme • All Day option available for 4 year olds • Low child to teacher ratio • Educating and caring in a safe, nurturing, Christian environment • “20 hours ECE” and WINZ subsidies available for those who are eligible


Phone 368 6233

19 Rugby Street, Levin e-mail:

Hono Wahine Resource Centre

Sprouts offer that S ff flflexible ibl hours h h t fit fi aroundd families f ili needs, d 4 to 1 ratio ti with ith only l two children hild under 2, free Music sessions, free weekly play groups that educators attend, 20 hrs free ECE to 3 and 4 year olds, Winz subsidies and one week free or $50:00 credit on your account when you enrol with Sprouts.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding information and advice FREE pregnancy tests 79 Oxford Street

We are here as a service to help our families too so if things are tough, give us a call and we will see what we can do to help.

Breastfeeding Cafe

Pictures are some of our Levin educators Karen, Rosemary, Carolyn, Hetty and Anna-Marie with their care children who have just finished attending a free Sprouts run Music group that runs every Wednesday from 10:00am till 11:00am; during term time, at the Memorial Hall Queen Street Levin. This service is open to the public and it totally free.

Lactation Clinic

Call: 06

368 0072 or 0800 777 688 for more information.

Open Mon-Fri

Monthly by appt.

Phone 367 0030 0274747131


“H el lo

Looking for Childcare?

Horowhenua Chronicle

W or ld ”

Friday, May 23, 2014

Welcome to our


Dan Knight and Amber Waho are pleased to announce the birth of their son, BLAKE ALAN THOMAS KNIGHT. He was born on 7th May 2014 and is a healthy, happy baby brother for Briaan and Jamie-Lee.

Contributing articles from the early years initiative collected by Levin Early Years Hub and Hono Wahine


KYLIE Kia Ora. My name is Kylie Wakelin and I am a Childcare Consultant for Barnardos KidStart Childcare. I was born and raised in Central Hawkes Bay in the small farming community of Wallingford. Three years ago my family settled in the Manawatu, after some time living in Auckland and Nelson. My previous work experience includes working in community mental health promotion, suicide prevention research and community development roles. Before becoming a Childcare Consultant, I was a home-based Educator. I have three gorgeous, fun children Maike 17yrs, Aimee 4yrs and Ash 2yrs, and being a homebased Educator allowed me to initially stay at home raising them while earning an income to help support our family. A benefit to home based care has been the strong, lasting bonds with the children in my care and their families. We still play together today! My own children learned to share and

gained a sense of community while having adventures that enriched them as individuals. I have also used home-based care for my children and we still keep in touch with our Educator, who will always have a special place in our family. It is a very unique relationship, and for many parents, one of the most appealing aspects of homebased childcare. The excellent child to educator ratio gives children the opportunity to form strong connections and get plenty of one-on-one attention – both important factors in fostering their development. In my role I have formed relationships with all of our fun and experienced local educators and I can guide parents with gentle support and lots of information to help them on their journey meeting and selecting an educator. It’s a privilege to witness the start of a new relationship between family and educator - I absolutely love my job!


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, May 23, 2014

168 Rangitikei St, Palmerston Nth Ph 356 4794

Maire St

Rangatikei St

Range includes lipstick holders, makeup organisers, jewellery stands and more.

Featherston St

Plastic Box Grey St

53 Wilson St, Wanganui Ph 348 0151



ur t







t uy

Next to Oggies Cafe






ll S






Prices valid Wednesday 21 May - Monday 2nd June 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle

Recipe No. 50

Farrah Wraps Spicy Lamb Kofta with Tzatziki


Ingredients (Serves 1)



1 Farrah Premium White Snack Wrap

1. Heat a little oil in the bottom of a pan.

60g Gourmet Lamb Strips or Pieces

2. Add the lamb to the frying pan with the Moroccan seasoning and cook until golden brown.

1 dsp Moroccan Seasoning 1 ½ dsp Cucumber & Mint Yogurt Dip

3. Place the cooked lamb down the middle of the wrap, top with the yogurt dip and sprinkle with the chopped mint.

1 dsp Chopped Fresh Mint

4. Fold up the bottom third of the wrap, then fold the right side over, and lastly the left side to form the wrap.

Come in for demonstrations and tastings each week Tuesday to Saturday.

Eating Out Guide ENJOY OUR POPULAR LUNCH Monday to Friday



Book Now




State Highway 1 Te Horo Phone 364 3022


Fully Licensed -BYO


T he Village Cafe

Tramway Cafe Foxton is moving across the road to the Post Office Hotel


(Friday nights only)

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday - 9am to 4pm Dinner - Thursday to Sunday nights - from 6pm

Cnr Durham & Oxford Sts, Levin • Ph: 368 9157


Open Thursday 5pm onwards Roast Night 2 Courses $15

685 Queen St, East Levin • Phone: (06) 367 3509 Cafe Open 10am-2pm Sunday to Friday

57 Main Street, Foxton (06) 363 8780

Available Monday - Sunday



Full A La Carte Menu



33 The Avenue (North of Levin) • Ph: 368 3545


Poppies Restaurant Lunch: Tuesday, Friday and Sunday arlic from 11.30am A free G ith Dinner: Friday and Saturday from 5.30pm

bread w al e main m ’s y a d r Satu

Levin RSA 32 Bristol St


Twist of

Asian Comes

To The Cossie Club Along with your Old Favourite Menus

Join us & Taste our New Menu. Experience An Asian Feast

Levin 368 3475


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, May 23, 2014










Each number represents a different letter of the alphabet. SMgKk Khk igIkQ dkKKkML into all squares with matching numbers. Now work out which letters are represented by the other numbers. As you get the letters, write them into the main grid and the reference grid. Decoder uses all 26 letters of the alphabet.

] \ [ cx

cc cb




c^ c]




bc bb

ba b` HVtw YU††pw EZoYGn‡

VURSQQ cy SƒgeƒKP KPQ hkMk ˆƒRk EƒKh Vg~ƒMl kQK KP LmhPPd }\| ]y YMgIƒKk KkƒmhkM }_| \y tk dkl nƒKgPQƒd KP gKL ‚giikLK kdkmKgPQ IgmKPM gQ c[[x }a{^| [y WKƒKJKk }a| cxy Vƒdd kKdƒQl OdƒQK }`| ccy wlg‚dk OƒMK Pj ƒ QJK }^| cay pƒMik LQƒek }^| c`y YkMjkmK PMdl }^| c]y SPPlkQ hƒRRkM }^| c\y ogdl k€OMkLLgPQ Pj LJMOMgLk }`| bxy w€KgQmK ‚gMl }a| bby nk †kƒdƒQl MJi‚ KkƒR hgmh kQK KP WPJKh GjMgmƒ gQ c[\^ }[| bay XkLOPQl }_| b`y uƒKhkMgQi }\|

TSPW cy Vhk Ogi lPi gQ vPPKMPK vdƒKL }_| by WKPMR }]| ay WKƒKk Pj RgQl }`| `y EhƒMƒmKkM gQ SgQQgk Khk YPPh LKPMgkL }^| _y EPMƒd gLdƒQl }_| ^y Vhk nPMKh sLdƒQlTL dƒMikLK QƒKgPQƒd OƒMe }]| ]y tPd KMgP }]| cby uƒKhkM }]| cay GJmedƒQl LJ‚JM‚ QƒRkl ƒjKkM ƒ FMgKgLh kƒMd }]| c_y WƒgQi }]| c^y ˆkOƒMKL }^| c]y Fdƒme OgQk }_| c[y ˆPQk KPP NJgmed }_| bcy WhkkK Pj „PƒKgQi gmk }`|





vgdd Khk iMgl LP KhƒK kIkM MP{ kIkM mPdJRQ ƒQl kIkM a€a ‚P€ mPQKƒgQL Khk lgigKL c KP [y

How many words of three or more letters can you make, using each letter only once? Plurals are allowed, but no foreign words or words beginning gKh ƒ mƒOgKƒdy VhkMkTL ƒK dkƒLK PQk …IkzdkKKkM PMly Good 8 Very Good 11 Excellent


HOW TO PLAY It’s like sudoku: each IkMKgmƒd ƒQl hPMg~PQKƒd line has to contain Khk QJR‚kML cz^{ ƒQl the numbers can’t be repeated in any row or column. But it’s sudoku with a twist: The numbers in kƒmh hkƒIgd PJKdgQkl set of squares, called cages, must produce the number in the top corner. vPM k€ƒROdk{ 5+ means Khk QJR‚kML ƒll JO KP _{ 9x means the numbers RJdKgOd KP kNJƒd [y TIP: Numbers can be repeated in a cage, as long as they are not in the same line or row. © 2012 KenKen Puzzle LLC. All rights reserved

KenKen is a registered trademark of Nextoy LLC

The number game that improves your arithmetic

NUMBER UMBER FUN 2 Digits 03 10 53 93 3 Digits 093 300 301

325 345 434 457 644 794 947 4 Digits 1547

4702 7334 7789 8836 9984

7 Digits 0934033 2281244

8 Digits 26431137 5 Digits 30687411 14538 49535675 24791 52938763

NUMBER FUN 2 5 1 8 9 6 0 0 8 3 4 7 0 1

0 5 3 6 3 7 7 0 6 3 4 8 7 9 4 7 4 9 3

1 0 7 8 2 2 5 5 2 8 1 3 3 1 6 5 0 8 4 3 7 9 0 5 6 7 4 4



NZ CROSSWORD Across: cy oƒKƒRƒKƒ{ ]y VJKPM{ \y rgR FPdikM{ [y pƒ{ cxy Xkkl{ ccy qkMQkd{ cay YKhPQ{ c`y UKPOgƒ{ c]y oƒddkK{ c\y uPLh{ bxy oPƒ{ bby EƒIƒdgkML{ bay XkƒmK{ b`y Assembly. Down: cy oƒfPM{ by VkROkLK{ ay oPPl{ `y VgiikM{ _y GKPdd{ ^y UMkkMƒ{ ]y VMgQgK{ cby EPddkmK{ cay YƒQRJMk{ c_y YMPIkM‚{ c^y pkƒIkL{ c]y oƒKƒg{ c[y tƒLK{ bcy vdPky

SOLUTIONS WORDBUILDER got, gout, gut, hog, hot, hug, hut, ought, out, thou, thug, tog, tough, tug, ugh



• Rest Home, Hospital, Dementia, Palliative, Respite and Day Care • 24-hour care delivered by experienced and qualified nurses and carers • Fresh, nutritious home cooked meals • Sensory garden for all to enjoy • Accreditation and compliance with the MOH Aged Care Standards

Contact us today on (06) 363 8498

9611845AA 9163542AA

Friday, May 23, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle



The best secure lockup deals from Levin Lockups For convenience and affordability Levin Lockups is the way to go for commercial and private short or long-term storage needs. Levin Lockups in Sheffield Street Levin are the ideal solution when moving

house, going overseas and needing to safely store household items, or for those people who just need to clear some space at home. A secure storage unit at Levin Lockups is the way to go.

Manager Neil says Levin Lockups provide safe and secure units, from 1 x 2 metres to 6 x 6 metres at realistic prices for short or long-term use. People have different requirements and the storage units can be hired for just two weeks or 10 years -- Levin Lockups work to make life easy for their customers. "Customer satisfaction is our primary focus, we work with our customers to ensure that they get exactly what they need." With 120 units, security is of prime importance the storage units and grounds are monitored 24 hours, seven days a week. For total convenience access to the units is available seven days a week. For the best prices in the district, ease of payment -- they accept cash, cheque, Eftpos and direct bank payment -- you just can’t afford to go past Levin Lockups.

■ For more information talk to Neil phone 0800 453846.



ALARMS & CAMERAS PREVENT BURGLARIES PO BOX 596 LEVIN 5510 Colin Robb 027 442 9636, A/h 06 368 5385 Mike Hayes 027 442 9637, A/h 06 368 1111

CHIMNEY SWEEP • 23 years friendly, professional service • Clean and inspection • No mess, no fuss • Otaki/Levin

ONLY $60

MOBILE COMPUTER SERVICES PROMPT On-Site Service & Support. We Will Come to YOU!

• New Computers & Laptops Fully Hardware Checked • Repairs & Upgrades • Onsite New Computer Installations • Internet & Email Setup

• Virus & Spyware Removal • Data Backup & Recovery • Secure Network & Wireless Setups • Follow-Up Support Services

B L MicroTek Ltd LEVIN 06 367 9709

027 284 6020

Kapiti & Horowhenua Homes & Businesses

Full Diesel repairs & Maintenance TRANSPORT & GENERAL ENGINEERING


06 368 2037 06 368 1591 Mobile Ian 021 532 995 Ken 021 246 8202


Condensation Control Systems Ventilation Systems Heat Recovery Ventilation Bathroom Extraction Kits Digital Heat Transfer Kits 1 to 4 Room Commercial Ventilation Cost Effective HRV, DVS, Moisture Master and Smart Vent Ventilation System Servicing and Filter Change PHONE FOR A FREE QUOTE 0800 600 321 Heat Insulate Ventilate


Phone 367 8111 Mobile 021 675 337 Matthew Coley, Registered Plumber

For all your Plumbing needs - Go With The Flow

Roger Bloxham 364-6777



Small Equipment & Ride On Mower Servicing




Industrial - Domestic - Commerical Commercial Refrigeration

• Accredited Heat Pump Suppliers & Installers • Home Ventilation Systems • Inspections • Caravan Certificates • Town & Rural • Pumps, Motors 2 Sheffield Street, Levin • Generators Ph: 367 9086 Email:

SERVICING THE HOROWHENUA FOR OVER 50 YEARS The best test is the test of time!


Go with the flow (Levin) Ltd EXCAVATIONS


B.G. Buck Ltd


James Petrie


108 Oxford Street, Levin. Ph: 06 367 9951

M: 022 329 1783 | P: 06 363 8170

• Hedge trimming • General gardening • Weeding and spraying • Section clearing/maintenance • Tree pruning & removals • Security checked & fully insured • Free/online quotes, local operator • Franchise opportunities available

0800 803 200


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, May 23, 2014

>> localclassifieds >>

Notices Employment Motoring

say it. sell it. buy it.

ADVERTISING (06) 368 5109


Are looking for a young and energetic person to join our pack house team in a fulltime position. You will need to be punctual and able to work in a team, also lifting will be required. If this sounds like you, send your CV to:

Hessels Poultry Farm Ltd P O Box 81, Foxton

Employment Vacancies

Forklift Courses May 22nd June 26th OSH Approved, Learners, Refreshers, Standard, F Endorsements Pellet Jacks Bookings essential Ph Kerry 06 3660853

REGISTERED ELECTRICIAN We have a vacancy for the above position. The work we offer is varied and interesting, in all sectors of our trade. Are you a motivated and enthusiastic person that can work both independently and as part of a small team? Do you have a good eye for detail and deliver great customer service?

The successful applicant must have:

! A NZ current Practicing Licence ! A current NZ Drivers Licence

We offer:

! Van supplied ! Competitive rates ! Training supplied where required with ongoing support

Be part of a small friendly team environment If you have the skills we require, email CV to: or post to 2 Sheffield Street, Levin

$$ NO MONEY $$ Bills getting on top of you? Need to earn more $$? Give us a try! Part time or Full time Immediate Start Only requirements 18+ with positive attitude and a smile

Please phone ROXANNES (06) 358 4196 or Email: or find us on

Primar y Care Nurse – Maternity Cover

Foxton Family Health – Tran sitioning To Te Waiora Full time, fixed term – 16th June 2014 - 9th January 201 5 Do you have the knowledge, skills and motivation to step up and join our Foxton based team ? You will be covering materni ty leave and working with our management team and prac tice staff to improve the qua lity of our clients’ journeys and provide exceptional quality clinical care. Person qualities: • Innovative and practical, can embrace new ways of wor king. • Learns on the fly. • Embraces Maori values, prin ciples, beliefs, kaupapa, and tuku iho. • Relationship savvy. • Excellent communication. • Passionate about deliveri ng high quality experiences for clients. Skills and experience: • An understanding of Integrat ed Family Health Centres. • Medtech proficient. • Experienced practice nurs e. • Cer vical smear taker. • Certified Immuniser. Qualifications: • NZ registered nurse. • Current practising certifica te. • Current driver’s licence. Foxton Family Health will be moving into a new purpose built health centre in early July and tran sitioning into a new health serv ice known as Te Waiora. If you’re up for the challeng e, get in touch and show us what you have to offer. To apply for this position plea se go to the kingForUs site and downloa d an application form and self-eva luation. Fill these out then send them, along with your CV to vaca

Buy & Sell To Let

2 bdrm, n/e area, sunny, wd burner, insulated, c/port, pets neg, n/s, ref/ bond req’d, $180 p/w, Phone 367 2669.

Trades & Services

Garage Sales

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FOXTON 2 bdrm, very tidy, l/t, suit mature person/couple, $170p/w. Call MANAWATU COLLEGE 367 9934 or 027 440 0685. Stage Challenge FOXTON 3/4 bdrm char- fundraiser. Saturday 24th from 8am onwards. 3 bdrm family home with acter home, lge section, Car wash available also. 2 living areas, lge gge, $180p/w. Phone 06 329 TO VISIT VISITED pref l/t, $260p/w. Phone 9913/027 442 0061. 367 9934 or 027 440 0685. WARM, sunny, 21⁄2 bdrm flat with c/port, handy to FLAT 1 bdrm, warm/tidy, town, h/pump, suit workh/pump, clse to twn, s/c. ing or retired couple, no Suit mature person. Ref/ pets, $215 p/w. Phone 06 24A TASMAN ST bond. Phn 027 715 5262. Sunday 8am start. 368 1559. Household goods & clothing TO VISIT VISITED



Find what you’re looking for. >> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.


Open Saturday 9am-5pm; | Sunday 10am-4pm; Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm FREE DELIVERY(conditions apply) 315 Oxford Street, Levin • Phone: (06) 368 1170 Fax: (06) 368 1169 • Email:

19 CARLISLE ST For Sale 7:30am start. Household QUEEN headboard, 6 clearout. TO VISIT VISITED drawer dressing table, 2 four drawer tallboys, 3 two drawer bedside, good condition, offers. Phone 027 448 5686.


19 GREEN AVE Saturday, 7.30am start. Assorted items. TO VISIT VISITED


CAMBRIDGE ST NTH Saturday, 24th May. Signs out at 8am. TO VISIT VISITED


MATIPO ST Saturday 8.30am. Moving sale, everything cheap. TO VISIT VISITED


2 DRAKE ST Saturday 24th at 9am. Interesting variety of household items from two Wellington homes. TO VISIT VISITED

Do you need to renew your

“Sale of Liquor


Employment Vacancies


Let us take care of this for you. We can produce your “Sale of Liquor” notice, send you a proof and book it into the Horowhenua Chronicle to run for two consecutive weeks.

CARPET OVERLOCKING AND FRINGING SERVICE Available at our factory shop together with a large selection of NZ and imported rugs. Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm Open Saturday 9.30am - 12.30pm NORCA RUG CO. LTD 248 Oxford Street Levin Phone 368-8844 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ INCLUDES.... ★ ★ ★ • Grevillea “Robin ★ ★ ★ ★ Hood” plants, ★ ★ 2 sizes, $8 & $10 ea ★ ★ ★ ★ • Leucadendron, ★ ★ ★ ★ “Safari Sunset”, ★ ★ $10 ea ★ ★ ★ ★ • Pine Nut trees ★ ★ ★ ★ (large), $15 ea ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ TRADING ★ ★ ★ ★ HOURS ★ ★ ★ ★ 9am - 3pm ★ ★ ★ ★ Thursdays to ★ ★ Sundays ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Lindsay Road just ★ ★ ★ north of Levin ★ ★ ★ ★ off SH1. ★ ★ ★ Eftpos available! ★ ★ ★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★


Grazing 2.4 ha available for grazing on McLeavey Rd. Suitable for cattle, horses, on flat section. Access stock yard, term is negotiable. Contact 027 446 4862. GRAZING sought for 100 dairy cows, 1st June - 31st July. Contact Matt phone 027 532 7890.

Firewood BONE dry pine 3m2 ready to use now, $200. Phone 021 721 046. DRY DRY DRY firewood. PYO from $20 pick up. Mac, Gum, Pine, Douglas Fir, 28 Tararua Road, Levin - in big glasshouse. 0274 A Grade. DRY Italian Alder 3.3m3, $240 split and del'd. Call 367 2073 or 0275 555 386. DRY pine 3.6m3 $220, 7m3 $400, free delivery. Phone 367 5456. DRY pine 7 x 4 trailer, 2m3 $150, free delivery. Phone 027 471 0386/368 5153.

Wanted to Buy or Exchange BUYING now. Legacy Antiques, Shannon. Phone 362 7117.


We buy any trucks, vans, utes n 4wd any make or model, dead or alive.

Min $200 up to $3,000 (conditions apply)

Phone 0800 717 273

Stock Auctions

TUESDAY SALE 10.30 am Calves 11.00 am Prime sheep Store lambs Ewes 11.30am Weaners Yearlings 2yr old cattle Bulls CONTACT ELDERS: D Haworth (06) 368 2642 mob 0274 504 133 Rhys Staples mob 027 209 2836 PGG WRIGHTSON Callum Stewart (06) 323 5440 mob 027 280 2688

Stock Auctions

Simply Phone us on

06 368-5109

or email us at:

Darryl Harwood (06) 323 2399 or 0274 491 174 Richard Trembath 0274 993 992 Emmet McConnell 0274 437 671 Office (06) 324 8135

Friday, May 23, 2014

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Trade Services

Garden & Turf PAINTER int/ext prof, for free quote, phone 367 TREE work, removal, 0604/021 168 7671 today. stump grinding, branch mulching, fences, decks, Gardening & building maintenance. BJ’s Building & Property Landscaping Maintenance 027 249 2575 LANDSCAPE mainten- or 368 7895. ance. Ring Mike 368-0630 or 027-242-3773. Tuition

Health Come & relax enjoy yourself

DEFENSIVE driving course May, book now. Phone Sarah 027 368 5010.


“Supan Traditional Thai Massage”

Certified & trained in Thailand Women & Men welcome Open 7 days 10:00am - 7:00pm From $50 per hour Otaki Beach Call Supan on 021 067 9991

Trevor made his car go faster with Local Classifieds >> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.


Public Notices


Tuesday May 27th - 3:30pm 28 Queen Street West

An imaginative and experienced performer and teacher Flexible and fun approach, for all ages

022 187 7002 or

Public Notices

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause

(Cullinane Steele Bldg)

Treasurer Required



Monday, 9 June 2014 At RSA Clubrooms

Remit (1) - door fee Remit (2) - rules All Welcome

Please attend and support your Section


Notice of road works Queen Street and Bartholomew Road intersection roundabout Horowhenua District Council advises that reconstruction work at the Queen Street and Bartholomew Road, Levin, intersection roundabout will take place between Monday 26 May and Friday 27 June, between the hours of 7.00am and 6.00pm. At times diversions will need to be put in place to assist with traffic flows. Council apologise for any inconvenience caused by these works. For more information, please phone (06) 366 0999. Michael Longley Contracts Supervisor Horowhenua District Council

MUSIC - VOICE & PIANO with Myrna Michell, M.A.

The OTAKI MEDICAL CENTRE will be closing at 1:00pm on Tuesday May 27th for important staff training

Horowhenua SuperGrans

Sally gave herself an A+ when she advertised her tuition services in Local Classifieds >> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.

Horowhenua District Council Ph. 06 366 0999 (24 hours) Fax. 06 366 0983 Private Bag 4002, Levin 5540 126 Oxford Street, Levin 5510 Website

Church Services

Facing Challenges?

Open Tuesdays 10am - 1pm Tuesday evenings by prior appointment

“Healing Rooms” Hope Centre, 3 - 7 Kent Street, Levin 0800HEALING or 0800 432 546 A free service where teams of three people pray with you for your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.


15,000 Papers Every Wednesday & Friday - Over 30,000 Readers

40 WORDS FOR $18.00 (GST incl) (Excludes AGM Notices, Raffle Results)


FamilyNotices Deaths


POWLEY, ST GEORGE, MATHER, Christine. Charmaine Yvonne. Barry. Of Mangaore Village, Passed away The Mather family wish express their Shannon. Peacefully peacefully on May 20, to at Arohanui Hospice 2014, at Levin. Aged 83 heartfelt appreciation on Sunday May 11, years. Cherished for the expressions of received 2014. Dearly loved wife daughter of the late sympathy following the sudden and soulmate of Barry. Roy and Nell Des death of Barry. Please Loving mother of Jardines. Loved sister accept this as a personal Wayne, and Wendy. of the late Roy, Bob acknowledgement. Treasured grand and Kelvin. Treasured mother and respected Mum to Michelle and Memorial friend. Jim (dec’d), Denis and Headstones In accordance with Tracey, Neil and Christine’s wishes a Miriam and Ailsa. private farewell has Adored Nana to Dean, been held. Cherie and John, Harvey Bowler Funerals Jamie and Sandi, Saira, Kylee and Paul, Levin and Otaki FDANZ Locally owned Paul and Jade, Vanessa, Abigail and SLATTER, Sophia. Great Nana Perry Michael. Georgie to Caleb, DJ., Former radio Emerson, Grace, Eli announcer of 95 FM and Jazmyn. Our Levin and 2XX FM heartfelt thanks to the Kapiti. Of Auckland. wonderful teams at Taken suddenly on Madison Lifecare and May 19, 2014, aged 50 Levin Home for War years. Loving Dad of Veterans for your care Amy, Melissa and of our precious Mum. Torey. Loved Pop to A service to celebrate Charmaine’s life will Zahara. be held at The Funeral An amazing, remarkable man whose Home, 545 Queen Street East, Levin, on example guides us, Whose wisdom always Saturday May 24, 2014, at 10:30am. Followed pointed us in the by private cremation. right direction, And whose love we carry with us, through every turn in the road. The things you have Funeral Directors given us through the years of our lives Have been some of the most priceless gifts any person could have ever received And we thank you with all our hearts for giving them to us. We will always love you.

A service and cremation will be held in Auckland. Messages to 547, Queen St, Levin.

Kathryn & Denis Mark

0800 ICMARK ~ (06) 368-8108

545 - 547 Queen Street East, Levin 197 Mill Road, Otaki

Remember us in your Will and leave a legacy of hope

MEETINGS The following meetings of Horizons Regional Council will be held during June 2014 in the Tararua Room, Regional House, 11-15 Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North, unless otherwise advised: Tuesday, 3 June Manawatu River Users’ Advisory Group 7.00pm

For more information, call

Wednesday, 4 June Regional Transport Committee 10.00am Tuesday, 10 June Strategy and Policy Committee 10.00am Wednesday, 11 June 10.00am Catchment Operations Committee Tuesday, 24 June Regional Council 10.00am Wednesday, 25 June 10.00am Environment Committee Should Members of the public wish to speak at Meetings, they are advised to view details on the Horizons’ website or phone 0508 800 800. M J McCartney CHIEF EXECUTIVE

CUSTOMER DETAILS: NAME: ___________________________________________ ADDRESS: ________________________________________ __________________________________________________ PHONE: __________________ CASH: $ __________________ EftPos: $ _______________ CHQ: $ __________________ CUSTOMER SIGNATURE: __________________________

Freephone 0508 800 800

Bring in to the Horowhenua Chronicle Office, 13 Bristol Street, Levin or post with your cheque to PO Box 547, Levin. Ph (06) 368 5109 if you have any queries.

ECO FUNERALS We are approved provider of Eco Funeral NZ

284 Oxford Street, Levin and 14 Rangatira Street, Otaki

Phone: 368 2954 •


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Friday, May 23, 2014




11 & 12 Seater vans, petrol and diesel, unlimited mileage

CARGO VAN FROM $100 PER DAY Unlimited mileage

CARS FROM $60 PER DAY Unlimited mileage

• All parts & servicing • Free Warranty Services Servicing all Vehicle types Specialising in Holden, Suzuki, Izuzu and Mazda

Phone Trish - 0800 744 111 or (06) 368 7169 for rental enquiries

HOROWHENUA MOTOR CO. LTD Cnr Bristol & Stanley Streets, Levin or visit After Hours: Gary (06) 368 4123

Quin Buildings Levin 20-30 Coventry Street Levin, 5540 Ph: 06 366 0184 Fax: 06 368 1326




(427 243)


$7700 EXCL GST

or Call Us for other Design Options


FLIP!: Anything can happen in stockcar racing as Shannon’s Ron Tye can tell you.

Ron sets platform for next season By PETER FRANKLIN The racing season is over and Ron Tye, like many others, took some hard hits and dished a few out. One of the most memorable was doing a mid-air roll coming out of turn one at Robertson Holden International Speedway in Palmerston North. Tye loves his teams racing and knows from experience the damage that can be done, in the noholds-barred clashes. Tye was pretty happy with the season. ‘‘I got fourth overall in every championship meeting,’’ he said. Fourth seemed to be a placing that lingered around his neck during the 2013/14 season. However, he was driving a new car and each week he got quicker. In the last part of the season Tye got the car handling dialled in perfectly and the machine showed its full potential. ‘‘Overall it wasn’t a bad season,’’ Tye said. A former member of the Pumas team, last season he joined the ‘Has Beens’. The new team was on a learning curve, finding out their


LOOKING AHEAD: Ron Tye already planning for next season. strengths and weaknesses. But it is time to put last year behind him and start getting ready for next season. Only a matter of days after the last race, Tye had pulled the motor out and sent it to Hartley engine builders for a freshen up, and the chassis was stripped and dispatched to Rees Race Cars to get checked and repaired. ‘‘It is not a case of being able to put the car in the garage and come back to it

a couple of weeks from the season start, and fire it up and go racing. It just doesn’t happen that way,’’ he said. During the five-month break, the car will be virtually rebuilt and everything is checked. Tye said he had until October to get the car back together and armed, with the knowledge on how it should be set up, 2014/15 could be a year that sees more successes for the No 99p and Tye.

Friday, May 23, 2014

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applies to new Navara (D22 & D40) and new X-Trail (T32) variants *The Pulsar recommended sale price of $24,990+orc is available on Pulsar ST Hatch and Sedan models and includes des $5,000 $5,00 Factory Bonus off the recommended retail price of $29,990. Finance Offer fer applie for approved applicants of Nissan Financial Services only. The Navara and X-Trail 2.9% p.a interest rate is available with zero deposit and 36 month term. None of the above offers are available in conjunction with any other offer, are only while stocks last, and available between 1st-31st May 2014. Additional finance related fees, charges and terms and conditions apply. Additional on-road charges apply. Excludes all lease and some fleets purchases. Navara Sports Bar shown as an optional accessory.

0800-356 1814 329 Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North WWW.MANAWATUNISSAN.CO.NZ

Contact Anytime: Peter Nunn 027 388 3333 Gareth Cox 021 268 0517 Mark Davenport 027 244 5824


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, May 23, 2014


Available For Immediate Delivery



1.5l Auto, Only 52,700kms, Alloys, Elec Windows, A/C, CD Stereo, Keyless Entry, NZs Favourite Small Car

Save $$$


1.3l Auto, Only 26,200kms, Window Tints, A/C, CD Stereo, AM Radio


3.0l Auto, Alloys, Towbar, Window Tints, Climate A/C, CD Player


Save $$$



Save $$$


2.0l Diesel, Auto, 1 Owner, Only 79,300kms, NZ New, Cruise Cont, A/C, Elec Windows & Mirrors


3.6l 5spd Auto, 2 Owners, Traction & Cruise Control, DVD Player, Leather Seats, Alloys, A/C, Elec Windows & Mirrors

Save $$$

NZ New, 2 Owners, 1.3l 5spd Manual, 53,500kms, A/C, CD Stereo, Keyless Entry, Elec Windows & Mirrors



Save $$$


Save $$$

1.5l Auto, Only 34,200kms, Alloys, A/C, CD Stereo, Elec Windows & Mirrors, Keyless Entry



Save $$$


Save $$$ 1 Owner, NZ New, 1.6l 5spd Manual, Cent Locking, Elec Mirrors, Power Steering, A/C



360 Oxford St.

367 3925 A/h Joanne 027 660 0041; Stu 027 347 2418; Gary 027 438 4123 FINANCE AVAILABLE AT A COMPETITIVE RATE NORMAL LENDING CRITERIA APPLIES

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Horowhenua Chronicle 23-05-14

Horowhenua Chronicle 23-05-14  

Horowhenua Chronicle 23-05-14