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Novopay beyond repair — principals By FRANKIE WEBB Horowhenua Principal’s Association president Murray Powell believes the Novopay system is flawed with no hope of improvement. ‘‘After 19 months of frustration and time-wasting and assurances from the Minister and the Ministry of Education we believe the system and its implementation to be flawed with no hope of improvement,’’ he told the Horowhenua Chronicle. ‘‘Many of our support staff members (are) still not being paid for this year and we are already in week five of the term.’’ Mr Powell is aware of 15 local schools with continuing issues, many relating back to last year. ‘‘Novopay has been telling schools these staff (members) are still being processed,’’ he said. A national survey of 714 principals reported 66 per cent of schools still had unresolved problems from last year and on average almost 6 per cent of staff per school were incorrectly paid. ‘‘For an online system that was proposed to be time saving and economical this is a joke,’’ said Mr Powell, who has employed an extra office administrator because of the time spent on Novopay. Several times Mr Powell has


For an online system that was proposed to be time saving and economical this is a joke

Tel: (06) 368 0969 Address: 4 Queen St, Levin.

MURRAY POWELL Horowhenua Principal’s Association president


had ‘to fudge’ their reporting because the system appears to be quite inflexible. ‘‘For instance we employed someone in the school through a ‘work experience’ scheme and had to designate her as an ‘afterschool care worker,’’ Mr Powell said. ‘‘Teachers are no longer entitled — according to the system — to more than three days bereavement leave, even though their contract allows for more.’’ The Government Minister with responsibility for the Novopay issue, Steven Joyce, blamed the complexity of the school payroll system, and data entry rather than a software error. Whatever the cause, it seems teachers are likely to continue experiencing issues with their pay for some time to come.

Marking D-Day — page 3


HOROWHENUA Principal’s Association president Murray Powell believes there is no hope of improving the Novopay system which has caused huge pay issues for teachers in Horowhenua and nationwide. PHOTO/FRANKIE WEBB

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Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


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IN-HOME CHILDCARE We Have Vacancies Available Now For Children

, in Palmerston Nortgh. Levin and Feildin Phone 0800 SPROUTS

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e one week freon or $50 cre your account for


new enrolments


FORCES OF NATURE: Mist moving along Foxton Beach caught the eye of Reuben Anderson. He had his Nikon D5100 camera and snapped this amazing shot using a Tamron 17 - 50mm f/2.8 VR lens. Colour wasn’t necessary to convey the power and beauty of the forces of nature. If you have taken a photo that depicts the fantastic scenery or life in Horowhenua send it to


Great camp

We recently held the Barratt family reunion in Levin. We would like to thank the Levin Holiday and Motor Camp for suppling us very clean and well run facilities. Thank you also to all the local business that helped make it an amazing weekend. It was a pleasure to come back to Levin and enjoy all that Levin had to offer. THE BARRATT FAMILY Apiti

Use of lake

Reg Fowles asked if the owners of Lake Horowhenua are getting ‘yet another freebie’? Quite the contrary. Without the approval of Trevor made his owners, Parliament decided the could use car go faster with public this privatelyowned lake ‘free Local Classifieds of charge’. No compensation was paid to the then, or >> localclassifieds >> owners since. say it. sell it. buy it.

Under the control of the Governmentappointed Domain Board, this oncepristine lake has deteriorated to such an extent that the Environment Minister now rates it alongside Lake Ellesmere, the worst lake in the country. If you want to find out what the owners are doing to restore the lake, there’s a public meeting on March 16 when there will be an exclusive screening of Nicki Atkinson’s documentary. As for comments on Treaty settlements, it’s a pity the people of Levin don’t know their own history. The Lands Minister in 1895 referred to disgraceful dealings but none to equal those in connection with the Horowhenua Block. Wouldn’t you feel a little miffed if the Court authorised somebody else to sell your home and pocket the proceeds? ANNE HUNT Foxton Beach

Mall concerns

We are concerned with the claims made by your correspondent Andrea Bailey in last week’s addition of your paper. We would like to assure her and your readers that we have taken these concerns up with the head office of Dead Sea Beauty and should they engage in any further high pressure selling we will not be renewing their lease after the first month. It is also most surprising that Andrea Bailey was unable to contact us as the phone number which is in the local directory is answered in our office in Nelson and is a free call to local residents. Our contact details are also displayed on the manager’s office upstairs in the

HAVE YOUR SAY Letters should contain your name, address and phone number, whether handwritten or sent by email. Noms de plume not accepted. Letters should be no longer than 300 words. Letters can be emailed to: Mall and are 368 9100 , office 03 545-1092 (fax 03 545-1093), email, management, PO Box 667 Nelson. GAIRE THOMPSON Owner of Levin Mall Director of Armagh Investments

Dead Sea comments

I was disappointed to read the letter by Andrea Bailey regarding Dead Sea Beauty products. From the letter I could not ascertain whether Ms Bailey is against a new stand in the Mall, or against Israeli immigrants, or against immigrants being unpaid, or against the products being too dear or of inferior quality. The article she referred to is several years old and probably not relevant anymore. Staff in the Mall were pleasant and helpful. My wife (elderly herself) bought a product and thought the reduced price she paid was alright. Moreover she was pleased how the product worked on her hands when she got home. Has Ms Bailey a personal axe to grind, or is she afraid of competition. DICK RIS Levin

Plenty for petrolheads at swap/collectables meet By PETER FRANKLIN Looking for that special part for a project car, whether it be restoring job on a classic or vintage vehicle, or maybe a long-awaited hot rod, then look to the Horowhenua branch of the Vintage Car and Motorcycle Club at their swap meet and collectables day. The club will be holding their annual event at the clubrooms on Sunday,

March 22. For the keen bargain hunters and stall holders, the gates will open at 7am. Like other years the swap meet and collectables will be full of everything that you could imagine, from workshop manuals to wiring looms, headlights, seats and body panels. Organisers have made sure the canteen will be full to feed the hungry masses.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle

Epic drive to mark D-Day invasion By TANYA WOOD Ohau man Richard Taylor is taking his restored 1942 WC21 Dodge pick up on a 4500km epic drive across Europe to join hundreds of other World War II enthusiasts at the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France. Mr Taylor will be part of a Kiwi contingent taking five restored World War II vehicles, loaded into containers at Tauranga last week en route to the Sicilian port of Palermo. The two 1942 jeeps, 1942 Dodge weapons carrier, 1941 Dodge ambulance and 1942 Dodge pick up will join five other vehicles from Australia on April 28, for a six week trip that will take them through nine countries. The group will make their way up the Italian coast, across to Croatia by ferry, into Slovenia over the Austrian Alps, through Germany and over to France. Mr Taylor, 68, travelling with his grandson, said the trip will include visits to Pompeii, Casino, Rome, Paris and Hitler’s mountain retreat (Eagle’s Nest) in Germany. Signs have been prepared in all the languages of the countries they will be passing through explaining the reason for the trip and Mr Taylor is expecting ‘‘a fair bit of attention’’ from the locals. The vehicles average a top speed of 70km/h and will be taking the quieter, more scenic routes. Mr Taylor’s Dodge was only restored in the last 18 months after being shipped in pieces from Canada. There is



RICHARD Taylor from Ohau, right, and nephew Raetea Robinson, will be driving a restored 1942 Dodge pick up on a 4500km journey across Europe to the 70th anniversary celebrations of the D-Day landings in Normandy. PHOTO/SUPPLIED no support vehicle so if there are any breakdowns Mr Taylor said ‘‘we have tow ropes’’. Joking aside, he said the group has enough mechanical experience to support each other, and there were still plenty of WWII spare parts available in France and Belgium after thousands of vehicles were sold off after the war.

The nine-day D-Day celebrations starting June 1, promised a packed itinerary with something planned for each day, including visits to towns, villages and military cemeteries. Mr Taylor, who has ‘‘always had an interest in both WWI and II’’, visited France and Belgium in 2007 and was keen to see the cemeteries he had

missed that first time. On D-Day, June 6, the Kiwi and Australian vehicles will join hundreds of others to drive down Sword beach. While the vehicles are being shipped back from Holland on June 15, Mr Taylor and his grandson will be taking the opportunity to extend their European trip for a couple more weeks.

Clinics to battle parvo

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PROTECTED: Bailey Darwin’s much-loved pet Ella is fully vaccinated against deadly Parvo virus. Is yours? PICTURE: BAILEY DARWIN

until 3pm in the Levin and Horowhenua Veterinary Centre carpark on the corner of Queen and Cambridge streets. A charge of $40 cash or eftpos is made to cover costs, no booking is required and no previous history is necessary. Dogs must be well and over six weeks old.

ART SOCIETY COMMITEE The following people were elected to the committee of the Horowhenua Art Society: Dorothy Burt, president; Beth Berry, treasurer; Marlene McCartney secretary; Committee: Sarah Martin, Margaret Crighton, Ron Horne, Norm Smith, Pam Bagnall, Joan Keogh, Anne Young, Grace Goss. Last year’s

Normandy, France, June 6 1944 ■ D-Day was the invasion of German-occupied France that aimed to bring victory for the Allies In World War II. ■ The chief allied powers were Great Britain, France (except during the German occupation, 1940-44), the Soviet Union (after its entry in June 1941), the United States (after its entry on Dec. 8-11, 1941), and China. ■ It was the largest amphibious invasion in world history involving more than 5000 ships and 160,000 soldiers. ■ An airborne assault by 24,000 British, US and Canadian troops just after midnight preceded the 6.30am landings. ■ Infantry and armoured divisions landed along an 80km stretch of Normandy divided into five sections: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword. ■ A deliberate plan mislead the Germans into thinking the landings were taking place further north. ■ No New Zealand ground forces landed on the beaches of Normandy, but New Zealanders were on the ships and planes that carried troops ■ The Monowai and Aorangi, both from the New Zealand Merchant Navy, took their place in the D-Day armada.


By FRANKIE WEBB Levin and Horowhenua Veterinary Centre have seen several cases of deadly canine parvo virus in the past few weeks. ‘‘This hot, humid weather is perfect for transmitting parvo,’’ said Dr Simon Clark, Head Small Animal Veterinarian. ‘‘Many dogs have either died from the disease or had to be euthanised.’’ The result is disappointing as the centre has been running a ‘budget’ parvo clinic for three years which has resulted in a decline of parvo cases presenting at the clinic. Of 37 dogs tested last year, only three positive results returned. Catching the virus early is key in chances of patient survival. ‘‘Every dog should get at least one vaccination,’’ Dr Clark said. Qualified vet nurses will conduct this months one-hour clinics on Saturday from 2pm


committee members were thanked for their contribution to the wellbeing of the Art Society, along with all the unsung volunteers who help with events and keep things ticking along. Membership has increased and the various classes are well patronised, particularly Neil Perfect’s drawing classes.

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Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Draft Plan focuses on belt-tightening Horowhenua District Council has taken a close look at its finances in the development of its Draft Annual Plan 2014/2015, which is to be published on Thursday, March 20. Mayor Brendan Duffy said that in the past eight months, serious consideration has been given by both councillors and Council’s senior management to current operating costs and changes have been made resulting in a reduction of $1.5 million in operational costs. ‘‘It is important that council takes a strong and prudent approach in managing its finances in the years ahead, whilst completing the previous Council’s agreed infrastructure programme, such as for water and wastewater, as well as maintaining current levels of service,’’ Mr Duffy said. The Draft Annual Plan outlines the planned projects and activities, based on year three of Council’s 2012 -2022 Long Term Plan. It is to be put in front of the Council on Wednesday March 12, 2014 for adoption. This will be followed by extensive public consultation until the adoption of the final Annual Plan 2014/2015 in June 2014. The proposed Draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 incorporates a rates requirement of $29.6 million, which will require an average 9.92 per cent rates increase for 2014/2015. The 9.92 per cent proposed average rates increase across the district is an increase on 8.7 per cent proposed for year 3 of the 2012-2022 Long Term Plan. Chief executive David

Clapperton is confident that the proposed Draft Annual Plan is retaining both financial prudency and high-quality services for the District. ‘‘The rate increase, while high, is realistically what is required to ensure we are following a long term plan on behalf of the community that promises financial prudence and sustainability,’’ Mr Clapperton said. ‘‘The overall rate requirement for the coming year actually shows a decrease of 0.47 per cent to that projected for Year 3 of the Long Term Plan.’’ The key drivers for the proposed rate increase include a reduction in profit on property sales, an increase in loans servicing costs, increases in community and library costs and decreases in economic development revenue and parking revenue. Other key drivers include increases in interest rates and an increase in funding for the ongoing renewal of assets, such as pipes in the ground and treatment plants (financially defined as depreciation). There are also major capital projects such as the construction of Levin’s new water reservoir, renewals of consents for wastewater and ongoing maintenance, continued road upgrades, resealing the Levin Domain Cycle Track and many others included in the proposed Draft Annual Plan 2015/2015. Mr Clapperton says a complicating factor with the 2014/15 year’s rate increase is the effect of the recent revaluations on the

incidence of rates for individual properties. ‘‘Some properties on the fringes of urban areas have seen a very significant increase in land values reflecting the change in zoning to residential. While Council does not rate based on District Plan zones, the change in zoning has affected the valuations of these properties, which in turn affects the level of rates such properties will be levied for the land value-based General and Roading rates.’’ Mr Clapperton says the Council must take a sensible approach to setting a budget for the 2014/2015 year in order to meet statutory requirements under section 100 of the Local Government Amendment Act essentially ‘to balance the budget’. ‘‘In coming months I will continue to work with Council’s Finance Committee to develop robust strategies to manage the Council’s debt portfolio, including the possibility of asset sales to reduce debt,’’ he said. The Draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 will be published on Friday March 21. The public have until April 22 to make submissions, with public hearings of submissions to be held on May 7 and 8. The Council will meet for deliberations on May 21 and 22, with the Draft Annual Plan and rates resolution to be adopted at Council’s meeting on June 4. The public will be able to access the Draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 online at, or alternatively at Council’s service centres in Levin, Shannon and Foxton. First Aid Training

NZQA Accredited Full Course: 8.30am – 5.30pm Revalidation: 8.30am – 1.00pm (See website for more detail on revalidation course times) Wednesday March 19th Wednesday April 30th Venue: Kent & Little Building Level 2, 29 Queen Street Levin Group bookings Welcome Register by email, online or phone. Free phone 0508 487246 Email:

Please contact our office for further info. Links Training (2008) Ltd Training Professionals


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$%%1!0" 1&)2#"+%%0 '/( *.%)!,1*

%$ ' "((

Man in grinder accident


At about noon on Sunday a 47-year-old Dannevirke man suffered serious injuries when an anglegrinder he was operating kicked back and became embedded in his chest. The patient was driven to the Dannevirke Medical Centre emergency department. To minimise transfer time, local police and fire brigade officers prepared a street landing site directly in front of the medical centre. A short time later the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter arrived carrying a St John Ambulance Intensive Care

Para-Medic and the patient was then airlifted directly to Wellington Hospital Rooftop to undergo emergency specialist surgery. On Saturday, the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter was called to Otaki where a four-year-old Foxton girl had suffered a head injury while at the Otaki swimming pools. The girl was found unconscious by her caregivers and is thought to have slipped and hit her head while in the changing rooms. The patient was

stabilised by local St John Ambulance staff before being airlifted to Palmerston North Hospital in a stable condition. At about 3.30pm on Monday the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter was called out to a rural property near Eketahuna where a 34-year-old man had suffered chainsaw injuries to his arm while tree pruning. First-aid was given by family members at the scene. The patient was airlifted to Palmerston North Hospital in a stable condition for further treatment.

Police keen to locate fraud suspect Police are seeking public assistance to locate 49-year-old Edwin Henry Taylor in relation to prolific fraud offending nationwide. He has been identified as the suspect for recent offending in Feilding and the wider Manawatu area and there is a warrant for his arrest. He is extremely good at convincing his victims that he is caring and honest and takes advantage of their kindness. He has some skill in tattooing and sometimes uses an offer of a free tattoo to gain trust.

Taylor is described as being of European descent, 192cms tall and solid build with long dark hair that he normally wears in a pony tail. He is transient and known to travel large distances; so the appeal extends across New Zealand. If any members of the public see Taylor they should not approach him but instead call Police immediately. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact their local police station. Information can also be provided


EDWIN TAYLOR anonymously to the organisation Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Go purple to help Epilepsy NZ Kiwis are being challenged to be a ‘hero’ and take part in International Purple Day to help raise awareness of epilepsy, a condition that affects an estimated 90,000 people in New Zealand. Anything purple will be perfect on the day, so why not create a theme and organise an event at school, work or with friends? Wear your best and brightest purple clothing, the most

Roundabouts! Are easy to use when you know how… Take a second look at roundabouts

outrageous purple outfit, or go the extra mile and paint your face or hair purple. Get everyone to contribute a donation on the day. Epilepsy New Zealand is holding its third Purple Day and wants this year to be the biggest it’s ever been. Prizes will be awarded to the biggest and most creative Purple Day events held throughout the country. To host or take part,

register at online or email All funds raised go directly to Epilepsy New Zealand. Your support will contribute directly to improving the everyday lives of people with epilepsy and their families. ■ For further information, please contact Epilepsy New Zealand on (07) 834-3556

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle



Movie and a meal for only $35!! Applies to any movie after 5pm.


(M) 106 mins Action/Mystery/Thriller (Contains violence & offensive language)


GOING GREEN: Levin is in for a bit blarney and good craic this St Patrick’s Day. PICTURE: FRANKIE WEBB

Horowhenua doubles St Paddy’s Day fun By FRANKIE WEBB In true Irish style, St Patrick’s Day is two days in Levin. St Paddy’s day comes early to Levin RSA, which is holding celebrations and shenanigans this Saturday, March 15. Levin Little Theatre keeps it all traditional, celebrating on Monday, March 17, the doors open at 7pm.

Irish stew is on the menu to be washed down with a couple of hours of the best Irish entertainment in the district. From Irish dancers to Irish fiddlers, the programme has a little bit of something to tickle everybody’s fancy. Danny Healy takes charge of the evening accompanied by Brian McKean and Charlie Boyce. Ulsterman Ivan

Johnston is joined by Tina Healy sharing M.C duties and some good Irish humour. Traditional Irish Dancers will take to the stage, there’s a variety of singers and performers and a big dollop of Irish Stew served during interval. Tickets are $15, available at the door, but if you don’t want to miss out, purchase them at Clark’s Clothing this week.

Warning over measels outbreak A recent increase in measles cases in the Auckland region has prompted local health authorities to urge people to make sure they are fully immunised. MidCentral DHB’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr Rob Weir says immunisation is the best way for people to protect themselves against measles and is free to those who need it. You can protect both yourself and the community by getting immunised. Since December 1 there have been 61 confirmed cases of measles in New Zealand — 42 in Auckland, 15 in Bay of Plenty/Lakes and three in Wellington. The majority of the cases are linked to overseas travel (particularly to the Philip-


pines) however, with the rising number of cases, the risk of the disease spreading in the general community is increasing. To date, there have been no confirmed cases of measles in the MidCentral DHB area since the last nationwide outbreak in 2011. Dr Weir said, ‘‘Measles is a very infectious disease so anyone who is not immune to measles is at risk if they come in to contact with the disease. Measles symptoms include: fever, runny nose, cough and sore red eyes. After 3-5 days a rash appears on the head and spreads down the body. The disease spreads from person to person through the air from breathing, coughing and sneezing, and is contagious

s ’ h t i r ed



from just before symptoms begin until about five days after onset of the rash. ‘‘There is no treatment for the disease and the complications can be severe, requiring hospital care. The best way to protect yourself, your whanau-family, and the community against measles is to have two doses of the measles vaccine which is available through your GP or practice nurse.’’ If you think you may have measles you should stay away from work, school or public places to help prevent putting others at risk. You can phone your GP, Practice Nurse, or Healthline for advice on 0800 611 116.




178 Oxford St., Levin

Ph: 368-7520

An air marshal springs into action during a transatlantic flight after receiving a series of text messages that put his fellow passengers at risk unless the airline transfers $150 million into an off-shore account. Starring Liam Neeson & Julianne Moore. Wed 12 Mar 1.20pm, 6.10pm & 8.30pm, Thurs 13 Mar 10.40am & 6pm, Fri 14 Mar 10.40am & 6pm, Sat 15 Mar 10.40am & 6pm, Sun 16 Mar 10.40am & 6pm, Mon 17 Mar 10.40am & 6pm, Tues 18 Mar 10.40am & 6pm, Wed 19 Mar 6pm


(R16) 102 mins Action/Drama/War (Contains graphic violence, sex scenes & offensive language)

Greek general Themistokles leads the charge against invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes and Artemisia, vengeful commander of the Persian navy. Wed 12 Mar 3.40pm, 5.50pm & 8.10pm, Thurs 13 Mar 1pm, 3.40pm & 8.10pm, Fri 14 Mar 1pm, 3.40pm & 8.10pm, Sat 15 Mar 1pm, 3.40pm & 8.10pm, Sun 16 Mar 1pm, 3.40pm & 8.10pm, Mon 17 Mar 1pm, 3.40pm & 8.10pm, Tues 18 Mar 1pm, 3.40pm & 8.10pm, Wed 19 Mar 1.10pm & 8.10pm


(M) 118 mins Action/Biography/Drama (Contains violence) Based on the true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history, The Monuments Men is an action drama focusing on an unlikely World War II platoon, tasked with going into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their rightful owners. Starring Matt Damon, George Clooney, Kate Blanchett & John Goodman.

Thurs 13 Mar 10.20am, 12.50pm, 5.50pm & 8.20pm, Fri 14 Mar 10.20am, 12.50pm, 5.50pm & 8.20pm, Sat 15 Mar 12.50pm, 5.50pm & 8.20pm, Sun 16 Mar 12.50pm, 5.50pm & 8.20pm, Mon 17 Mar 10.20am, 12.50pm, 5.50pm & 8.20pm, Tues 18 Mar 10.20am, 12.50pm, 5.50pm & 8.20pm, Wed 19 Mar 10.20am, 12.50pm, 5.50pm & 8.20pm


(M) 118 mins Drama/Fantasy/Mystery (Contains violence & sex scenes)

A burglar falls for an heiress as she dies in his arms. When he learns that he has the gift of reincarnation, he sets out to save her. Final Session - Wed 12 Mar 3.40pm


(PG) 125 mins Biography/Comedy/Drama

Author P.L. Travers reflects on her difficult childhood while meeting with filmmaker Walt Disney during production for the adaptation of her novel, Mary Poppins (1964). Starring Emma Thompson & Tom Hanks. Final Sessions - Wed 12 Mar 10.20am & 1pm


(M) 116 mins Biography/Drama (Contains violence)

A victim from World War II’s “Death Railway” sets out to find those responsible for his torture. A true story. Starring Colin Firth & Nicole Kidman. Final Session - Wed 12 Mar (Bring Baby Too – 10.30am)


(G) 108 mins Animation/Adventure/Comedy

Fearless optimist Anna teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna’s sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter. Final Sessions - Sat 15 Mar 10.20am, Sun 16 Mar 10.20am


(R16) 116 mins Biography/Drama/History (Contains sex scenes, violence, drug use & offensive language) In 1985 Dallas, electrician and hustler Ron Woodroof works around the system to help AIDS patients get the medication they need after he is himself diagnosed with the disease. Starring Matthew McConaughey & Jennifer Garner.

Thurs 13 Mar 1.20pm, 3.20pm & 8.30pm, Fri 14 Mar 1.20pm, 3.20pm & 8.30pm, Sat 15 Mar 1.20pm, 3.20pm & 8.30pm, Sun 16 Mar 1.20pm, 3.20pm & 8.30pm, Mon 17 Mar 1.20pm, 3.20pm & 8.30pm, Tues 18 Mar 1.20pm, 3.20pm & 8.30pm, Wed 19 Mar 1.20pm, 3.20pm & 8.30pm



*free morning tea with ticket purchase Mon 17 Mar

Tues 18 Mar

10.20am 10.30am 10.40am 10.20am 10.30am 10.40am

Bring Baby Too Wed 19 Mar 10.20am

Monuments Men (M) 12 Years A Slave (R16), Non-Stop (M) Monuments Men (M), 12 Years A Slave (R16), Non-Stop (M) Monuments Men (M) – please note Censor’s Rating


– Starting 20 March

(M) 131 mins Action/Crime/Drama (Contains adult themes) Fresh from prison, a street racer who was framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross country race with revenge in mind. His ex-partner, learning of the plan, places a massive bounty on his head as the race begins.

MR PEABODY & SHERMAN – Starting 27 March (Previews 21-23 March)

(PG) 97 mins Family/Animation/Adventure/Comedy (Contains violence) The time-travelling adventures of an advanced canine and his adopted son, as they endeavor to fix a time rift they created. 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin. Ph 366 0330


(R16) 134 mins Biography/Drama/History (Contains graphic violence & sexual violence) In the pre-Civil War United States Solomon Northup a free black man from upstate New York is abducted and sold into slavery. Facing cruelty by a malevolent slave owner, as well as unexpected kindnesses, Solomon struggles not only to stay alive, but to retain his dignity.

Wed 12 Mar 10.10am, 1.10pm, 5.30pm & 8.20pm, Thurs 13 Mar 10.30am & 5.40pm, Fri 14 Mar 10.30am & 5.40pm, Sat 15 Mar 10.30am & 5.40pm, Sun 16 Mar 10.30am & 5.40pm, Mon 17 Mar 10.30am & 5.40pm, Tues 18 Mar 10.30am & 5.40pm, Wed 19 Mar 10.30am & 5.40pm

Your Boutique Cinema and Cafe experience 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin, Ph 366 0330


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Students Need Experience Blow Waves Shampoo/Set Long Hair Ups Semi Colours Tints 3/4 Top Foils Perms (LONG HAIR WILL INCUR EXTRA COSTS)

Straightening (Permanent) Ladies’ Cuts Men’s Cuts Fades

NO CHARGE NO CHARGE NO CHARGE from $30 from $45 from $30 from $40 from $45 $20 $10 NO CHARGE

Salon Hours Tue, Wed, Thur, Friday 9am-4pm Late Night Wednesdays till 7.30pm Phone 929 6651 for appointments

152 Bath Street, Levin

Playcentre opens doors Playcentre is not just for children but the whole whanau. Parents, caregivers and grandparents are encouraged to actively participate in the running of the centre. Playcentre is a great option for parents who want to be involved and feel invested in their children’s early education experiences, according to Levin Playcentre vice-president Jodie Shuker. ‘‘I love that I have input into my child’s education. I am encouraged to play and learn alongside my daughter,’’ she said. ‘‘Play focuses on the current interests of the children. My daughter is into animals at the moment so we find lots of ways to engage her through books, music, songs, games, puppets and imagery play.’’ There are 16 areas of play available every day, including puzzles, carpentry, puppets, water play, playdough, collages with planned trips throughout the year. While Playcentre encourages parents to stay and play, there are also opportunities for children to have independent days where parents can leave the session. Levin Play Centre is opening its doors tomorrow evening for parents, whanau and caregivers to come and see what’s on offer. Ms Shuker says Playcentre offers its members free parent education that gives parents and children skills and confidence for life. ‘‘Playcentre recognises parents as the ‘first and best teacher’ of their child. The open evening is a good opportunity to find out who we are, what we do, and what’s on offer for their children.’’ Playcentres welcome children from birth to school age and parents get three free visits to see if it’s the right place for them and their child before enrolling. Play Centres are funded by the Ministry of Education and follow Te Whaariki, the ECE curriculum. There are four Playcentres in Horowhenua: Shannon, Foxton, Levin and Ohau. WINZ subsidies are available. ■ Levin Playcentre Information Evening: Tomorrow 5pm-8pm, 13a Paisley St, Levin. Ph 368-2050.


MUM Ann Townsend gives son Alex a helping hand to go up the slide, while (below) Zoe Shuker and Kahu Paurini have fun on the train at Levin Adventure Park last week, during Playcentre Awareness Week. Playcentres around the region have been out in the community having fun days out and held open days for parents to find out more about the parent-led Early Childhood Centres that cater for children from birth to school age. It was also a perfect opportunity for the parents and children from Levin and Ohau Playcentres to have a fun day out together. Levin Playcentre will be holding an open evening tomorrow from 5pm to 8pm.

10 60 TO


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle

Big milestone near for Levin School By FRANKIE WEBB Levin School can boast being the first in Levin. On February 24, 1890 Emily Jane Staff was listed as the first pupil on the school register. By 1892 the roll had grown to the extent a second building had to be added. It was the first in a number of buildings and locations the school has had over the past 125 years. Before moving to its current site in 1996 at 67 TiroTiro Road, it stood at what is now the site of the Levin Adventure Park. Levin School is still very much a part of the community going from strength to strength. ‘‘Next year we turn 125, that’s quite a milestone,’’ Principal Colin Offord said. ‘‘I would like to invite the community to come on board and help us celebrate.’’ Mr Offord became principal in 1997 and remembers being impressed by

the newness of the school buildings. ‘‘This school has much to celebrate,’’ he said. ‘‘I would like to hear from past pupils, staff and anyone who has had a connection with the school so a committee can be formed to arrange 125th celebrations.’’ The school celebrated 100 years in 1990, teacher then and now, Harry Harrison remembers it well. ‘‘Staff dressed up in period costume,’’ he said. ‘‘I also remember shifting from the old school to the brand new facility a few years later.’’ Mr Harrison celebrates his own milestone this year being a member of the Levin School staff for 30 years. ‘‘Over the years I have seen what a huge part the school has played in the Levin community, I look forward to next year’s celebrations.’’


TEACHER at Levin School since 1984, Harry Harrison helped the school celebrate 100 years and now plans to be part of the 125 year celebrations next year. PICTURE: FRANKIE WEBB

■ For information contact Colin Offord Phone 368-6562

evening port stays to capture the atmosphere of the surroundings. After a day in port and before dinner, you will be able to relax in their renowned Canyon Ranch Spa Club.


LEVIN School 1901, the first in the district, opened, in Queen Street, near the Salisbury Street corner on February 24, 1890.

Did any of you get down to Wellington recently to see Oceania Cruise’s stunning ‘Marina’ in Port? She has just visited our shores for her second Summer as part of Oceania’s Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific season. If you did see her, you would have noticed, among other things, that Oceania’s elegant ships are in the mid-size range, catering for 684 to 1250 guests maximum meaning that you are certain of a more personal cruising experience.


HEADS UP On February 3 Waiopehu College welcomed a record number of Year 9 students through the doors. These youngsters have quickly settled into College life. The 2014 year is now well underway and the staff and students at Waiopehu College are working towards building upon the excellent academic results gained in NCEA in 2013. The Government goal is that 85 per cent of all 18 year olds will have achieved NCEA Level 2 or an equivalent qualification by 2017. We reached that target at the end of 2013. Other statistics of note include NCEA pass rates of 80 per cent, 83 per cent and 52 per cent at levels 1, 2 and UE respectively. These figures compare very favourable to national averages of 66 per cent (Level 1), 73 per cent (Level 2) and 47 per cent (UE) for all schools of our type in New Zealand. From this year NZQA will change the style of results reporting from participation based to roll based. It is anticipated that subsequently the published results will show a decrease in pass rates as all students on a schools roll will be included, irrespective of any particular individual needs. Our after-school extension classes, Platinum (Year 12-13), Palladium (Year 11) and Iridium (Year 9 and 10) are up and


The size of Oceania’s ships ensures that 85% of their staterooms feature private verandahs and allows them to offer the best value in upscale cruising as well as exemplary personalised service with a high staff to guest ratio. Another very popular feature for their New Zealand customers is that the dress code for evenings on their worldwide cruises is ‘country club casual’ meaning that you don’t have to take formal evening wear on holiday across to the other side of the world!


STUDENTS at our Palladium study group running well with many students availing themselves of this opportunity. The programmes focus on higher order and lateral thinking, problem solving, time management and effective study techniques. By mid-year the Year 11, 12 and 13 students will be studying subject specific material. Our Senior Executive for 2014 has set goals and plans for the year. They are a very positive and energetic group and we anticipate they will have a very productive year.

Food and dining is always a big part of any cruise and again Oceania stand apart by offering the finest cuisine designed by a world-renowned Master Chef and served in distinctive open seating restaurants. If you are a budding chef or want hubby to pick up some culinary skills, you will love the onboard “Bon Appetit Culinary Center”, the only hands-on cooking school at sea! The other thing that we find is important to cruisers is the variety of, and time in ports of call. Oceania Cruises offer port intensive itineraries featuring more overnight stays and extended

With stunning global itineraries offered, including the Mediterranean, Alaska, Europe, Caribbean, Asia and Africa - as well as closer to home, the ‘Explore Your World’ brochure for 2014 cruises is currently offering heavily discounted fares and shipboard credits for selected bookings made before 31 March. With cruise itinerary names such as Mayan Mystique, Tahitian Pearls, Viking Passage, Ionian Summer and Iberian Sojourn you can just imagine what will be in store for you, but there are many others. We have Oceania’s informative brochures in-store now, so hurry in to get the best deals before the end of March. The 2015 Oceania cruising season is also now open and if you are planning ahead, we recommend you book early to secure your chosen sailing and best stateroom choice. What’s coming up in Levin…We have a full programme of information evenings planned for 2014 with our next evening on 27 May featuring Uniworld’s Boutique River Cruising at 5.30pm. Remember, we have a great range of travel accessories in-store including travel plug adaptors, money belts and in-flight socks. Tip of the week: When cruising, be sure to take a pair of binocculars for spotting marine life or getting a close up on some of the amazing coastal sights that you will pass.


Book by 31 March 2014 and receive up to US$650 Shipboard Credit~ per stateroom and enjoy a FREE Unlimited Internet package on select sailings. 7-35 night upper-premium cruise from $2,255 per guest*

United Travel Levin Kent & Little Building, 29 Queen St

(06) 367 8394

*CONDITIONS: Valid for new bookings to 31 Mar 14, or until sold out. Price is per guest share twin in NZ$, based on Nautica’s 24 Jun 14 sailing in a deluxe ocean view (C1). Price includes gratuities, port taxes & all applicable discounts, correct as of 4 Mar 14. Airfares are additional. Valid for new bookings only. Special conditions, currency fluctuations & availability restrictions apply. All fares & taxes are subject to change without notice up until full payment is received. ~Shipboard credit is per stateroom and cannot be redeemed for cash if not spent.Travel agent service fees are not included. Amendment & cancellation fees may apply. Prices are based on payment by cash or cheque only. Product is supplied by reputable suppliers with their own terms & conditions, please contact your local UnitedTravel Professional for details.


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Visionary leader changed country’s way of thinking By TONY VERDON The Mighty Totara — The Life and Times of Norman Kirk by David Grant Random House, $44.99 ORMAN Kirk was Prime Minister for only one year, eight months and 23 days, but in that time he had a greater impact on the country’s future than any of our most recent short-term premiers. He led the Labour Party to power in a landslide in 1972, ending the decadelong reign of National’s Sir Keith Holyoake and Sir John Marshall. Kirk was the last of New Zealand’s Prime Ministers to know true poverty, having grown up during the 1930s depression. He was self-educated, having read voraciously from childhood. His family’s poverty meant he was denied the opportunity of a university education and he left school at 15 to start work as a labourer. He later joined one of the country’s largest employers at the time, the Railways, and became a stationary engine driver. He became the country’s youngest civic leader when he was elected mayor of Kaiapoi, a borough on the northern outskirts of Christchurch, at the age of 30. That was in 1953, and his record stands to this day. He first entered Parliament as the MP for Lyttelton five years later, and he held the marginal seat until 1969, when he moved to the neighbouring and safer seat of Sydenham, which he held until his death in 1974. This may all seem very last-century to today’s readers, but this book attempts to explain how Kirk’s leadership began moving New Zealand towards a more modern, independent and robust approach to social and international issues. Kirk remained conservative in his social views until his death, but he managed to convey a vision of New Zealand as a more outward-focused and

Horowhenua history N in water colours The heritage community at Te Takere is excited about an exhibition of water colours which is being held later this month. Painted by Levin artist Peter Graham, they depict old Horowhenua buildings, some of them no longer standing. Graham bequeathed 84 water colours to the historical society when he died in 2011 and 30 of them have been selected for the fundraising exhibition. Included in the exhibition are paintings of the old Carnegie library, which stood on the corner of Oxford and Bath Street, the Levin Borough Council building, which was on one side of it, and the old Regent Theatre on the other. The magnificent Clark residence in Salisbury Street, now the site of Reevedon Rest Home’s retirement villas, and Te Kowhai, home of the Kirkcaldie family and later a function centre where many Levin brides held their wedding

TOP 10 NEW BOOKS Teen fiction Othersphere by Nina Berry Waterfell by Amalie Howard The Pearl Wars by Nick James All This and Heaven Too by Angela Johnson The Queen’s Choice by Cayla Kluver Afterglow by Karsten Knight Horizon by Alyson Noel Delusion by Laura L. Sullivan Jumping Fences by Karen Wood My Beautiful Failure by Janet Ruth Young receptions, are among the paintings of historical houses in the collection. Graham came to Levin in 1948 to work at the Levin Farm at Kimberley. He became New Zealand’s first training officer in the field of intellectual handicap and set up the National Training School for Teachers of the Handicapped. He was its principal until he retired in 1983 and was awarded a QSM for public service in 1978. A great interest in the arts, especially music and theatre characterised Peter’s life. He was

involved with the Levin Little Theatre, mainly in set design, but also in acting and directing. His art work was also an integral part of the programmes he developed for the intellectually handicapped The wine and cheese evening at Te Takere at 7pm on Thursday March 20 to mark the opening of the exhibition will be a chance to share memories of the historic buildings as well as the artist. Tickets are $15 and are available from the service desk at Te Takere.

WHAT’S ON AT TE TAKERE TED talks: Sebastian Thrun: Google’s driverless car. Sebastian Thrun helped build Google’s amazing driverless car, powered by a very personal quest to save lives and reduce traffic accidents. Graham Hawkes: A flight through the ocean. Graham Hawkes takes us aboard his graceful, winged submarines to the depths of planet Ocean (a.k.a. Earth). Anna Mracek Dietrich: A plane you can drive. A flying car it’s an iconic image of the future. But after 100 years of flight and automotive engineering, no one has really cracked the problem. Coming soon in the exhibition space: Art from the Past. An exhibition of watercolours featuring historic Horowhenua buildings by Peter Graham.

First night wine and cheese evening, Thursday March 20 at 7.30pm at Te Takere. Tickets $15. Tomorrow Baby play: Youth Space, 9am-noon. Friday Technology clinic for seniors: Presented by Seniornet, just bring along your digital device and the patient tutors from Seniornet will help you figure out any problems. 2pm-4pm Tuesday Baby play: Youth Space, 9am-noon. Toddler time: Children’s library, 10am-10.30am. JP clinic: Kowhai Room, 11.30am-1.30pm Saturday March 22 Time for some magic: As part of their annual conference being held in

Horowhenua Rotary has sponsored a magician Jonathan Usher to visit Te Takere. The show will be free to children and a gold coin donation for adults. Standup comedy at its best: New Zealand’s longest serving mayor Tim Shadbolt and his old mate Gary McCormick are on the way to Levin. Their show consists of many yarns and anecdotes about the wild and crazy 60s and 70s in New Zealand, interspersed with jokes and a debate about the future of the country - all in good fun. Te Takere, 7.30pm. Tickets early bird $30 or $35 at the door will be available at Te Takere and at Foxton and Shannon Libraries, or email

less insular society, where even the most disadvantaged had a fair chance of succeeding in life. Even Kirk’s political opponents, chief among them Holyoake, Marshall and Rob Muldoon, acknowledged his talents as a passionate and effective debater in Parliament. Under his prime ministership many far reaching reforms were either begun or enacted, many of which, including the accident compensation scheme, survive today. Author David Long goes into much detail about the

various illnesses that led to Kirk’s death, and the paranoia that enveloped him in his final months in office. Although there was an incredible outpouring of national grief when news of his death became public, Long overstates some of the international reaction. He says newspapers such as the Independent in Britain paid tribute. That cannot be correct because the Independent only began publishing in 1986, 12 years after Kirk was buried. This is a sympathetic portrait of one of New Zealand’s most visionary political leaders, although Long acknowledges Kirk’s personal foibles. Few would argue that Norman Kirk was an outstanding parliamentarian, and that his true potential as Prime Minister was never realised. A combination of illnesses contributed to his death at only 51. Readers searching these pages for serious revelations will be disappointed but the book provides long overdue credit to a significant influence on New Zealand’s progress since his death almost four decades ago.

CHALKLE CLASSES Every Monday Tai Chi: 10am, Te Takere. Computer basics: How to use your computer. Te Takere Education Suite, 10am. Today French for travel: Revive the French you learned years ago and practise it with other in different situations relating to travel. 7pm-8pm Te Takere education suite. Tomorrow Snappy CVs: Te Takere education suite. Education suite, Te Takere, 10am. Friday

Bring out the inner artist: An introduction to the basics of painting. Horowhenua Art Society studio, 119 Bath Street, Levin, 9.30am-noon Saturday Garden mosaics: Two-day class learning the processes and techniques to create your o w n c o l o u r fu l g a r d e n mosaics on concrete bases. 9am-1pm. 416 Tararua Rd, Levin. Tuesday Learn to draw: Practice new drawing techniques with pencil and other materials.

Horowhenua Art Society studio, 119 Bath Street, Levin, 6pm. Tuesday, April 1 Self defence lessons: Te Takere 6pm. For full details of the classes, including fees, and to enrol, visit the chalkle website, (click on ‘find a class in your community’) or talk to the friendly Te Takere staff. It is important to enrol as classes will be cancelled if there is not sufficient numbers.




Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle


Eventful summer for garden club members


HARVESTING: Paul demonstrating olive harvesting.


BUOYED BY BEGONIAS: Club members enjoy the begonias at Barbara Andrew’s garden. The Levin Garden Club completed 2013 with visits to members’ gardens, and began the new year with a visit to gardens in Foxton and the February barbecue. About 40 members and perfect weather made for a great day for our Foxton ramble. Paul Stephans, owner of Gabbani Olives gave a most interesting talk and oil tasting with bread and dukkah dip. He also demonstrated olive harvesting and gave pruning advice. Next, the club members

visited Maureen Burns’ establishing garden of four years where they also enjoyed lunch, then they were treated to a display of magnificent quilts by Fay Davis. Last call was to Barbara and John Andrew’s garden, created over the past 40-50 years, with meandering paths, mature trees, shrubs and perennials as well as a shade house with colourful begonias. All our hosts were most welcoming, the members really appreciated their efforts on our behalf.

About 60 members enjoyed the usual February barbecue in lovely sunshine at Carol and Peter Dyer’s, sharing tasty venison patties, sausages and an array of salads and finger desserts, as well as a wander through the garden. A lot people were interested in the stud Highland cattle on the property. The next meeting on March 26 at 7.30pm will return to our usual venue at Life Changers in Cambridge St with a guest speaker, competitions and sales table. All welcome.


FUN IN THE SUN: Garden club members enjoying the sunshine at the barbecue.



ne of the key factors in any successful business is time management, because time is money, turn-over is profit that adds to the viability of expansion. Another key component is having the right people in the right positions. For any manager this process can be time consuming and to some degree frustrating. After a hard day, tired and sifting through resumes and setting up interviews can lead to appointing the wrong person for the job which has the possibility of costing the company financially in the long term - a situation that no employer wants. Horowhenua Learning Centre (HLC) has seen the potential problems associated with recruiting good staff and have developed a

system that relieves the added pressure on employers and achieves their ultimate goal get the right person for the job first time. HLC is recognised for Developing People’s Potential and the organisation has taken another step to assist businesses in recruiting key personnel. HLC has two employment consultants, Lynette Ellis and Patricia Court, who both have expertise to sit down with an employer and learn about their business. The most important aspects being the type of staff required and the training needed to meet the needs of the business. Once Lynette and Patricia have that in-depth understanding of what is required and the time frame needed to have the position(s)

filled, they can get on with their job, taking the time consuming hassle out of looking for new staff. HLC consultants have access to an instant work force, whether it is seasonal, short or long term positions. There are a lot of pluses engaging the services of their specialist employment consultants. They have clients that have already undergone 'work ready' preparation. All the HLC clients complete a personal pathway plan and training is then provided to ensure they gain the skills they require to achieve their employment goals. With a total understanding of the business and the knowledge of the skills and goals of their clients, the consultants can confidently match perfectly their clients with the position on offer. HLC's free programme is focussed on building strong businesses with local people, and a commitment that they can design specific training programmes to ensure employers get the person they want, stress free.

For all employment inquiries contact Lynette or Patricia on 0800 368 1095 152 Bath Street, Levin

HLC not only develops people’s potential, it builds stronger businesses, and stronger businesses build stronger communities. HLC is at the heart of both the commercial community and the community at large, and prides itself on being the bond between the two.


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rev up neutral bedrooms with black and grey, and lots of texture


EUTRAL bedrooms promote relaxation and tranquillity with the right mix of finishings. No conflicting strong colours, just off-whites and natural tones to rest and energise the mind and body. Boring, you may say. Well, depends on how the room is dressed and your chosen style. Black, white and grey are considered neutrals. But think matt black walls, shaped crisp, white ceilings that follow the roof line, matai floors in high gloss, downlights and no window treatments. The bed is dressed with crisp, white bed linen and a white angora throw. The bedside tables are French Country tin and iron on one side with a decorative antique cabinet on the other. Knickknacks and treasures sit comfortably on either side, beneath black bedside lamps. black and white striped towels on an antique towel rail, and a set of solid timber drawers completes the look. A large crystal bowl of fresh lilies — bright-green stems with white flowers dusted in a hint of yellow pollen — sit on top of the drawers and a large, round fisheye mirror in gold gilt highlights the black wall. It’s a restful room that creates a little bit of drama and romance. Black in a bedroom doesn’t sound romantic but adding delicate detail changes the atmosphere and takes the sharpness out of the black. Pure grey is a mix of 50/50 black and white teamed with black carpet and white ceilings. I love rooms with interesting ceiling lines. Can you imagine it? The room is small and an unusual shape, so the space

Black beauty


needs to be opened up. A large mirror, the full width of the bed, replaces the headboard. The gilded silver frame helps lengthen the room and brings the outside in by reflecting the windows opposite. The bed is dressed in white linen and a grey angora throw adds inviting texture. Again, a bowl of flowers (this time it’s roses), with the odd ink sketch as artwork. The room is simply furnished with wrought-iron bedside tables, topped with a heavy marble floor tile in soft whites. Bedside lamps are black, trimmed in silver. Simple lightweight white curtains add a little romance to the room. If that’s not for you, what about a white bedroom? Well, this one isn’t totally white. Crisp white walls and ceiling with a black, textured carpet. The windows are dressed in sheer-white roman blinds. White pillows, white linen, and a quilted white spread are piled on the bed. A white shag pile rug provides contrast to the black carpet. Simple wall lamps, no bedside tables — the room isn’t quite big enough — and a large set of drawers containing family photos. A large crystal and iron candle holder sits in the corner. To make a white room work successfully you need texture and pattern. If all the finishes are the same you have no focal point, no texture, no surprises. Or is it soft whites you

NEO-CLASSIC: The romance of a white bedroom is given a subtle edge with black and silver.

prefer? Just a hint of colour on the walls and ceiling, neutral soft shades of cut pile carpet. The bed is layered with soft tones of white and creams, just a hint of colour, but textured colour. Simple sheers cover the windows and move softly in the gentle breeze. The bedside lamps are trimmed in silk and crystals. I’ve slept in the black, grey and white bedrooms. Each of them are inviting in their own way, simple in colour and relaxing, and the secret to these rooms is texture.

Consider a change in gloss level with the paint or polyurethane finishes from flat to full gloss or vice versa on the walls and the floor. Also, the texture of the carpet against the smooth paint work and the crispness of the white sheets against the textured bedspreads and throws. So would this work for you? My bedroom used to be a rich, deep red, painted over textured wallpaper, teamed with a purple bedspread and hot pink, orange and red horizontal striped taffy drapes. Now it is white with soft,

draping, sheer drapes and duet blinds behind as they have excellent thermal properties. Aubergine cut-pile carpet is simply a dream to walk on, and I use crisp white linen in the summer and a deep-red bedspread in the winter. ■ Terry Lobb is an interior/ kitchen designer and personal colour and style consultant who takes a holistic approach to living with colour, texture and style. email:; website:

love the life at SummerSet by the rangeS Great people make a great retirement village. Nowhere is that truer than at Summerset by the Ranges. We have a warm and welcoming community where the greetings are friendly and the smiles are genuine. We’re here to enjoy life – whether it’s the organised activities or just getting together for a cup of tea and a chat. There are so many things to do here – but it’s always up to you which activities you choose to enjoy. We’d love to introduce you to the friendly, relaxed way of life here at Summerset. Bring a friend along to our afternoon tea on Monday 17 March or call Robyn Minchin on 06 367 3085.

Open to View Monday 17 March 1pm – 3pm

With tours of the village at 2pm, and St Patrick’s Day afternoon tea at 3pm, 102 Liverpool Street, Levin THE BEST – FOUR YEARS IN A ROW

Summerset has been recognised as Australasia’s best retirement village operator for the last four years running.

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Horowhenua Chronicle

RSA wants poppies on until Anzac Day By FRANKIE WEBB The Royal New Zealand RSA is encouraging Kiwis to wear their poppies from Poppy Day, April 17, through to Anzac Day this year. David Moger, RSA chief executive, says 2014 is particularly significant because it heralds the start of World War I centenary commemorations. ‘‘Rather than wear a poppy for one day, we are encouraging New Zealanders to display it on their lapel through to Anzac Day, April 25, as a mark of respect and remembrance,’’ said Mr Moger. ‘‘Wearing a poppy is a way for Kiwis to connect to and honour the Anzac values of compassion, comradeship, courage and commitment, shown by New Zealand forces across all generations.’’ Poppy Day is the RSA’s biggest annual fundraiser. About 1.2 million poppies will be distributed this year. The RSA hopes donations will reach $2.5 million, which would be up by around $500,000 on past years. Poppy volunteers will be on streets throughout New Zealand from early April 17 and poppies will also be available from Z service stations. Donations from Poppy Day remain with each of the 182 RSAs throughout New Zealand and are used locally for the





Levin‘s lowest overall food prices.





support of war veterans, ex-servicemen and women and their dependants, whether or not they are members of an RSA. The RSA also provides support and assistance to the men and women involved in more recent conflicts. The poppy reminds people of sacrifices made for the greater good, both past and present and were the first flowers that grew in the battlefields of Flanders in Belgium during World War I. Poppy Day has been part of the New Zealand calendar since 1922, making it one of the oldest nationwide appeals.



We Have Just Expanded Our Range Of Quality Italian Made






With a large 46" collection deck, massive 450 litre collection capability and hydraulic Hi-Lift bin dump the FD450 is highly productive and fast - leaving a beautiful finish on lawns. Just like FD220R and the FD280 this machine has rear wheel steer so it's remarkably agile, perfect for properties with lots of trees and therefore makes your mowing highly efficient. Professional features such as electric cutting height adjustment, Hydraulic deck lift, blade cut off when bin full, and differential lock takes this mower to the next professional level.


GRILLO FX20. High performance out-front rear discharge dual mode cutting deck, quick mode change lever, professional hydrostatic drive, zero turn radius agility and electrically operated height adjustment and deck lift this advanced design will operate safely on slopes.


Your Authorised Grillo Specialist Dealer ANDERSONS OUTDOOR MACHINERY 39 Hokio Beach Road, Levin •


PHONE: 06 368 9665

Opening Hours: Sun - Mon 8am - 7pm, Tues - Sat 8am - 8pm

Specials apply from Monday 10th March to Sunday 16th March 2014 We reserve the right to limit quantities - trade not supplied


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Wednesday, March 12, 2014







Paths & Steps - water blast now to remove moss and leaves Outside Lights - make sure all lights are going and replace bulbs if necessary Smoke Alarms - make sure all batteries have been changed recently so they are working properly

Firewood - stock up now for winter so the wood is dry Windows - make sure windows are all sealed up nicely so no drafts enter Heating - make sure you have sufficient heating in your home so you keep warm!


New Zealand Owned Company • Onsite service available • Tractor tyres and Agricultural Tyres • Largest range of Tyres available in NZ

0800 4 Tyres 06 36 70520


Mothers Day

• Lt Commercial tyres • RV/4 x 4 Tyres • Batteries

Foxton Wood, Coal and Services 11 Bergin Road Foxton

Hours 7.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday | 9am to 12pm Saturday

Who you turn to for tyres.

356 Oxford St Levin |

06 3635543 • 027 2222640


$539.99 INCL GST EL4239

Metro is proudly 100% New w Zealand made and owned and nd Plumbing Solutions is proud to se be your local dealer. Choose 14 from over 20 models in the 2014 urs range, with a variety of colours me and finishes for every home nyy situation, from the compact Tiny Series to the massive Mega Series models. Key features from genuine wetback and boiler systems, overnight burning, direct vent technology and fires with cook tops to keep your home and family warm this winter.

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Supplying you with quality garden and landscaping products: Wood chip • Bark Nugget & Chip • Mulch • Compost • White chip • Riverstone • Scoria • Pebble • Shell • Topsoil • Sand • Pumice • Potting mix • Courtesy trailer available OPEN: 8.00am – 5.00pm Weekdays, 9.00am-3.00pm Saturdays

Gate 126, SH1 North, Foxton (look for sign opp Foxton Golf course)


(06) 363 5236

• All Metro fires are 6mm. You will find some brands use 3mm, possibly because 3mm costs 50% less than 6mm! • Metro offer both clean air approved and LTD models which operate at very high efficiencies when installed with the Metro ECO Flue • Premium 10 year firebox warranty and 1 year parts warranty • Proudly 100% New Zealand made • Trusted, reliable heat for your home Come and have a look at our range of Metrofires: Plumbing Solutions, 9 Hokio Beach Road, Levin.


Dare to compare!

Time to sweep our chimney, check your baffle and bricks. Come and have a look at : 9 Hokio Beach Road, Levin Ph. 06 367 2100



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Horowhenua Chronicle



Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Top teams head for Feilding as offroad racing season begins Local racers are aiming to get a strong start to their championship year as the New Zealand Offroad Racing Championship roars into action at Fielding on March 9. Palmerston North Offroad Racing Club has built an all-new course for the event and Club spokesperson Andy Briggs said local racer Martin van der Wal will be bringing out his spectacular V8 ThunderTruck and is aiming to take maximum points in his class. There is a strong spread of entries for all 12 championship classes beginning with the youth class of Kiwitrucks and running all the way to the anything-goes class one race cars. In the spectacular ‘unlimited’ class one for open-wheel race cars, a battle of the V8s is brewing. The 2013 class champion, Tony McCall, is bringing his BSL Terra Chev to race against new rival Ernie Hogg in the General Lee, a Scorpion Chev in the livery of the Dukes of Hazzard’s iconic Dodge Challenger complete with confederate flag! Also contesting class one is Auckland’s Gregg CarringtonHogg in his Chev powered twoseater. The Carrington family may well be on a world domination campaign, with Gregg in class one and the kids all spreading out across the other classes, said Andy Briggs.


MARTIN van der Wal will be behind the wheel of his spectacular V8 ThunderTruck At the other end of the spectrum from the thundering class one cars, Trae Carrington is one of three entries in the youth category for Kiwitrucks, miniature race trucks with motorcycle engines. Jaden Carrington will go wheel to wheel with Tony McCall’s son Ollie and Tyler Castle in class seven field for race cars with 1.2-litre VW

engines. Last but hardly least, multiple class seven champion Taine Carrington starts the 2014 season in the family’s very fast class five car. The newest class in the sport is for the Polaris and CanAm ‘UTVs’, with national class champion Ben Thomasen of Tauranga heading south with his new car to do battle with Paeroa

racer Mike Small, both in new Polaris RZR 1000 race cars. Geoff Matich, Wayne Rowe, Ricky Jessen and Ash Carlyle will contest Challenger class for race cars with 1.6-litre VW flat four engines. In the truck classes, Wellington’s Glenn Turvey is bringing his American-built Toyota to race against the local version campaigned by Rex

Croskery of Te Puke. Hawke’s Bay racer Dean Graham is moving up to the 1.6-litre ‘open’ class three for 2014 and will start his championship campaign this weekend. Registration and vehicle inspections are being held between 2pm and 5pm in the Feilding Town Square on Saturday March 8. Racing takes place at 127 Kawakawa Road on March 9 beginning at 10 am with three heats for each class followed by a 15 lap all-in feature race. A new 1.4 kilometre course has been built by event sponsors Rush Excavation specially for the event. In a ‘first’ for offroad racing, there will also be static displays of military vehicles and four wheel drives the former drawn from the keen enthusiasts of the New Zealand Military Vehicle Collectors Club and the latter from Manawatu Four Wheel Drive Club. The military vehicle guys will be a great addition to the event, and we may even see a tank brought out on the day. The four wheel drive guys are promoting the first round of their championship and we reckon their display will also help clear up any perception that offroad racing and four wheel driving are similar or the same, as the machinery is very, very different in each discipline, said Andy Briggs. Gate admission charges are $10 per person or $20 per family.

Quin Buildings Levin 20-30 Coventry Street Levin, 5540 Ph: 06 366 0184 Fax: 06 368 1326




(427 243)


$7700 EXCL GST

or Call Us for other Design Options

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle

Levin Fresh Chicken Nibbles


99 kg


ALL ABOARD: Cr Tony Rush got the lowdown on the luxury mini coach commuter service from Travel Choice managing director Colin Wordsworth.

New option for Wellington visits By PETER FRANKLIN

Travelling to Wellington has been made easier with the introduction of Travel Choice, a commuter service based in Palmerston North which services Horowhenua commuters. Managing Director Colin Wordsworth says he identified an alternative to the Kiwi Rails Capital Connection between Palmerston North and Wellington. Mr Wordsworth says it is his intention to operate an executive service with a budget price tag. The service uses luxury Mercedes vehicles, fitted

with the ultimate in comfort seating and wifi. One of the first to use the new commuter service was councillor Tony Rush. He says one of the things that has impressed him is that the service operates with no ratepayer funding. ‘‘I really like the operators attitude, and their plans to expand the service,’’ he said, For Mr Rush it was not just a case of having a look through the well-appointed mini coach, he did the round trip. The early morning comuter service starts at Palmerston North, then picks up passengers in

Levin and Otaki. Mr Wordsworth says the service will also operate on Saturday mornings for those intending to have a weekend in Wellington experience, returning on Sunday. Mr Rush says the service will add value to living in the district as people can move to and fro from the capital in comfort, without the headaches of running their own vehicles. The service leaves Weraroa Shopping Centre on Oxford St at 6.45am and returns to Levin at 6.35pm, Monday to Friday.

Yummy Genesis Apples

149 kg

Anchor Butter 500g



USA Californian Sunkist Navel Oranges

299 kg


YOUNGSTERS from the Tokomaru Early Childhood Centre perform for their grandparents.

Treat for grandparents By TANYA WOOD Nanas, poppas, grandmas, granddads, nan-nan and even a Parky (Druid for old man) were entertained by their grandchildren at Grandparents’ Day, held at Tokomaru Early Childhood Centre last Wednesday. The 18 youngsters, aged three and four, performed action songs and introduced

their grandparents before playtime together and morning tea. Heather King, who had travelled from Napier especially for the event, says she received the invite and thought ‘‘why not?’’. ‘‘It meant a 6 o’clock start in the morning morning but I love being a grandmother and spending time with [granddaughter] Scarlet.’’

Head teacher Jane Craig says grandparents all make an effort to come to the event, which is held every two years. ‘‘It’s quite amazing as some of them do live far away.’’ She said Grandparents’ Day fits with the ECE Te Whaariki curriculum, focusing on relationships and belonging.

Coca-Cola 18 Pack Cans Range

10 Offers valid from 12th to 16th March 2014 in New World Levin only. Open 7am - 10pm, 7 days. While stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Terms and conditions apply.





Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winter-ready your plants Its That Time Again!

The Cossie Club


Now into our 6th year We continue to support

AROHANUI HOSPICE DATE Sunday 16th March Start Time 1p m TICKETS le $ 0 Per Vehic 2 ness House Or $ 50 Busi to all Entrants vided & Meals Pro

$100 prize for Best Dress and Vehicle so dress up your car or dress up your team, Grab Your family, grab your friends or make up a business house team for day and support our local Hospice. Tickets on sale now at the Levin Cosmopolitan Club. Tickets are limited.

Winter is a hard time for many plants when they are of a tender variety or if they do not like wet feet. Water-logged soils, chilly winds, frost and snow don’t bode well for lots of plants. There are a number of things you can do now that will help your plants get through the winter better. Plants such as citrus trees cannot stand their roots in water for prolonged periods and if this happens they are likely to die. You will be aware of areas on the section where water tends to pond and if there are any plants nearby such as a citrus tree, which don’t like wet feet, then the best thing you can do is dig a trench just beyond the drip line. The depth should be about a spade depth or more and left open. The trench may go right around the tree or if near a fence at least in a half circle. The idea is that rain water will drain into the trench and as it is exposed to sun and wind it will evaporate fairly quickly taking the moisture away from the root system. If you have a vegetable plot it is good gardening practise to have a trench



all around the plot for the same reason. If you don’t like trenches then its a matter of installing a drainage system to remove surplus water. To assist in the prevention of wet weather diseases you can spray all susceptible plants and preferred plants with Perkfection Supa. Perkfection is used for recovery from/or prevention of, the following problems, Black spot, Downy Mildew, Phytophthora Root rot, Canker, heart rot, damping off, crown rot, leaf blight, silver leaf, late blight, collar rot, pink rot, brown rot, Armillaria, and gummy stem rot. This fortifies the plant?s cells, increases the plant?s immune system and makes your plants less susceptible to invading pathogens. The recommendation is to use Perkfection at 4ml per litre of spray once a month. The next step is to make the plants more cold hardy and to keep the foliage green; for that we need a combination of magnesium and potash which is available through Fruit and Flower Power. Magnesium is involved in chlorophyll production, which converts sunlight into sugars and in activating enzymes. Because of its role in chlorophyll, the first symptoms of magnesium deficiency show up as yellowing, usually between the veins of the older leaves. In severe deficiencies, the entire leaf will turn yellow or red and then

brown, with symptoms progressing up the plant. There are numerous plants that show this tendency, citrus, Daphne, rhododendrons, tomatoes, passion fruit, roses to name a few. In winter, because of the cold, yellowing of foliage is more common because of low levels of magnesium. Once the yellowing starts to appear then already the plant is having problems and even when magnesium is supplied, it takes several weeks or months before the lovely dark green colour is restored. During this time the plant is weakened, as the chlorophyll is not working to its full potential which makes the plant more susceptible to diseases and pests. As the weather cools and winter approaches, plants feel the chill like we do but plants cant put on a jersey like we can. Plant’s protection from chills and frosts comes from having adequate potassium in their diet to harden up growth. Thus us gardening commentators always suggest to gardeners to supply potash to their plants as winter starts to approach and to avoid too much nitrogen. Apply Fruit and Flower Power once a month from now and through winter to ensure firm growth and green foliage. Vaporgard is a spray on frost protection that is used at 15ml per litre over your more tender plants. One application will give frost protection down to minus 3C for

ruou€¥§ ƒ€•©s -z-ur-«r¥


ÆÇÁOÈã ¿ÃŶ¾ £èÌÌ v§ r¥§ €z

÷ £èÌÌ v§ ¿ÆŸÅÇŒÆÇ Ç¾ ôIðýÌèìÓý! ÷ u!ìICôUìIL £ôIIãÓIß v§ €è!Iô ÷ ÆÇÇv‡ RUOÏÌÓCÖì RÌÓ!ÏÓ!C ÷ wÓ¹£Ó r-• RèÓÌì¹Ó! ÷ ÄŒ v§ou Ó!ûèìð ÷ ÅŒ }ƒ« Ó!ûèìð ÷ ƒèûIô !Uôôýß RI‡IÌ ÷ ƒßÓûI Õ ðÖUôI ÅÉÇ ÷ oILÓU ûÌU‰Iô ÷ §ýèRÌI }ƒ« ðÖUôÓ!C

²è¿¹Í Ë» ?6á?5B6 åÌ—ÃÌÍ Ë» ?6?5#ßE CITRUS plants don’t like wet feet.

three months within three days of application. Even if you are in an area where frosts are not normal, the film of Vaporgard will protect the plant from winter chilly winds and rain. Vaporgard works a treat except when there is two or more frosts in a row, the cells in the plant do not have a chance to recover before the next frost and damage will occur unless extra protection is used such as frost cloth. The big advantage with Vaporgard is that you don’t get caught out by a sneaky frost. Vaporgard also acts as a sunscreen against UV so the foliage of the plant will become a darker rich green within a couple of days of spraying and the plant will gain more energy from the sunlight. If you have sprayed your plants with Vaporgard and later on you want to spray Perkfection Supa again then you need to add Raingard to the Perkfection spray so the two films merge allowing the Perkfection to enter the plant. Hardy plants such as brassicas also benefit from protection and the easy way to supply this is with crop cover. Not only will it reduce insect pest problems but it will offer protection from elements, bird and cats. Will we have a mild winter like last year or will the winter be more along the lines of what has happened in the northern hemisphere? Who knows but if we winter proof our gardens and plants now one thing is for sure, they will better handle what ever nature throws at them. ■ For gardening problems ring me at 0800 466-464 (Palmerston North 357-0606). Email or got to

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle

O ut Out



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New manager feels at home in Levin From Wellington to Levin and loving the change, Joanna Thomson has been appointed the manager of Enliven’s Levin Home and Reevedon Home. Joanna was born and raised in Otaki and believes that her appointment to Levin is like coming home. "We’ve always considered Otaki as part of the Horowhenua so, yes, it is home," she said. Joanna says both Levin Home and Reevedon Home have a good foundation and, with the fact that she has worked for Enliven for over three years in Wellington, the transition has been smooth. She says her biggest task now is to get to know both staff and residents, and develop allimportant relationships. Joanna has been in the working in aged residential care for more than 10-years. "This is an industry that I care about and have made my career path in," she said. While both Levin Home and Reevedon Home are run by Enliven, they have retained their own uniqueness and that is why they are special places for the residents who live there. Levin Home has traditionally been considered as a home for


MANAGER: Joanna Thomson has been appointed the manager of Enliven’s Levin Home and Reevedon Home. war veterans and this continues to be an important part of its history and future. However, with a new generation of retirees who don’t have

immediate experience of war, Levin Home is now home to many members of the community including men, women and couples.

Feel at home with Enliven

Community Support

Reevedon Villas

Reevedon and Levin Home’s

We can offer practical home help to support you to stay at home for longer.

Our boutique retirement villas offer independent and secure retirement living in the centre of town. Adjacent to Reevedon Home, the villas are perfect for couples who need different levels of support but want to stay close to each other.

If you or your loved one needs extra support, then Enliven’s Reevedon or Levin Home’s may be the perfect option.

Most of our services are available seven days a week for both short and long term support. We will work with you and your family to tailor something that’s right for you. You may be eligible for funding or you can pay privately.

Come and see for yourself at our open home: 10am – 11am, Friday 21st March.

You’ll enjoy companionship, fun and safe and peaceful surroundings; whilst we support your daily living through our rest home, hospital and dementia care services.

Call us to find out more about the range of support services we can offer.

For more information call us on 0800 ENLIVEN (that’s 0800 36 54 83) or visit


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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aabout bout aatt your your 9552971AA

LOCAL REST HOMES/RETIREMENT LIFESTYLE VILLAGES! Millvale House Millvale has so much to offer L E V I N We provide hospital level care We care for people in a small cosy home with just 13 residents

Experience each moment richly Each person has a private bedroom and can enjoy the beautiful garden, cosy lounge and homely environment. Family become an important part of our community. We welcome your enquiry.

42 Mako Mako Road, Levin | Please contact the manager: phone (06) 367 2027 | Email:

We have had some glorious weather in Levin and here at Millvale Levin we have been taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine. We have spent time sitting in the garden underneath the trees and enjoying the benefit of a gentle breeze. There was great excitement today as a few of our residents enjoyed watching the gardeners at work. They commenced rolling out the new lawn in our extended garden area, planting the flowerbeds and preparing our vegetable patch, so things are really starting to take shape. All our residents are looking forward to our

planned barbecue to celebrate the completion of the new decking. We will be spending time together, as best friends do, chatting, laughing, singing and sharing the fun with our residents in their home. The weekends are a time when our residents can enjoy live entertainment. Our diversional therapy team are currently approaching community based groups, schools, churches and individuals to broaden our team of volunteers with an aim to helping us meet the needs of our residents by involving them in the community. We want to ensure our residents maintain links to

the community, and while it is not always possible for our residents to go out to the community, the community are always welcome here. We hope to have volunteers from choirs, churches, dance groups, drama groups, schools, and individuals who would be willing to spend a little time now and then helping us to brighten our residents’ day. The most precious gift we can give a person is our time. Feel free to contact our diversional therapy team at Millvale House Levin if you would like to join us in this venture, giving the precious gift of time. — Helen McLeane

Combined dance a highlight


MAVIS and Madeline. We’ve had a lovely few weeks here at Lonsdale and Riverside Lodge with a romantic Valentine’s Day dance and afternoon music with and tea and icecream. We also enjoyed a young guest who was happy to be held



DANCE TIME: Shirley, Tau, Barbara and Caryl ready to go to the dance. by all and really cheered up the day for everyone. On fine days we’ve been out in the garden with our residents who have helped tidy and plant bulbs and seeds, and we are now looking forward to fresh flowers and

vegetables from our own gardens. This month the highlight of our calendar was our attendance at the local combined resthome event, Dancing at the Ritz. We all dressed up to the nines with




boas and tiaras for some, and danced the night away. Someone even wanted to bring a friend home with them. Sadly there was no room in the van but we do think a new friendship has started and are very happy for them.

If you or your family member would like to have a look around and meet our friendly staff and residents please give us a call on 06 363-8498 we would be more than happy to show you our happy home from home in either Foxton or Foxton Beach.

• Rest Home, Hospital, Dementia, Palliative, Respite and Day Care • 24-hour care delivered by experienced and qualified nurses and carers • Fresh, nutritious home cooked meals • Sensory garden for all to enjoy • Accreditation and compliance with the MOH Aged Care Standards

Contact us today on (06) 363 8498

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Horowhenua Chronicle

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Madison Lifecare residents keep on the go The residents at Madison Lifecare have been extremely busy in February. They have been competing in their own winter Olympics alongside the Sochi Olympics. The competition has been fierce with residents

competing in a number of skills including Olympic skittles, darts, indoor golf and boccia. The competition ended on Thursday February 27 with the medal ceremonies taking place on the Friday. It was great to see residents

really enjoying their chosen sports. Madison Lifecare residents enjoy a varied and busy recreation programme run by our qualified diversional therapist Sandra. If they are not going for a drive to the

beach for fish and chips, you may find them in Foxton having a tram ride. They have also been seen in the Botanical Gardens in Palmerston North for a picnic or sitting in one of our lounges with their feet in a foot spa

looking forward to the village quiz night in March which will test the residents on their knowledge of music. Congratulations to management and staff for achieving four years accreditation.

while having their nails done. The sky lounge is always in use when the Hurricanes play. The Village residents often come over and join in bingo on a Monday afternoon and enjoy a glass of wine at cafe ´ afternoon. We are

It’s about peace of mind... * VILLAGE * RESTHOME * HOSPITAL GENEROUS 1 bdrm Villa now available




WHERE TO NEXT? An energetic group of adventurers from Summerset care centre’s ‘let’s get out and about’ club at Nga Manu Nature Reserve. The group of hardy adventurers had a great day that included a barbecue lunch and a somewhat peaceful ride home.

Residents have peace of mind knowing that the continuum of care is available under one umbrella so you can focus on the important things in life or just enjoy the peace and quiet of carefree living





Ph:06 367-2305

Come and see why summerset is the best


ree r f pack u o on i ty Ge mat r o nf


RUSSELL and Maureen Johnson and their pet labrador Jodi

Summerset has been recognised as Australasia’s best retirement village operator four years in a row. That’s why, when you come to our village in Levin, you get an immediate sense of people enjoying the best retirement has to offer. There’s a beautiful mature garden setting that our residents love. The warmth in the people you meet that reflects a welcoming, friendly community.

If you’re thinking of a move to a retirement village, and would like a free information pack, call robin minchin on 06 367 3085, or drop in to see us at 102 Liverpool Street.

tHe BeSt – four yearS in a roW Summerset has been recognised as Australasia’s best retirement village operator for the last four years running.

No slowing down for couple Since moving to Levin from Nelson just over a year ago, Maureen and Russell Johnson have driven straight into the heart of the community, literally. Russell works voluntarily as a driver for the Horowhenua Health Shuttle and is a relief school bus driver for Levinbased Madge Motors. Maureen and Russell also volunteer their driving skills to take their fellow Summerset village residents in the village’s van for outings and local trips.

The Health Shuttle is a wonderful service and, of course, it’s all voluntary, says Maureen. Russell found out about it through the Salvation Army, of which he is a member. The couple, who are in their 70s, don’t seem to mind a bit of driving, having lived in their motorhome for six years while they travelled the country. Though the vehicle is now up for sale, they get their driving fix helping others. Both Maureen and Rus-

sell, and their Labrador Jodi, moved to Levin to be near family. ‘‘Once we decided to move to the Levin area we did our homework and felt that Summerset Levin offered us a spacious village, a relaxed lifestyle, more value for money, parking for our motorhome and a choice of many activities via a busy events calendar within the village. One of the best things is the central location of Levin, it’s not far to other destinations.’’

9556607AA 9163542AA


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Prior and Palmer collision repairs and painting Had a recent mishap in your vehicle? You need help. Call Dennis at Prior and Palmer Ltd for all your vehicle collision repairs and painting repairs. Located at 111 Cambridge Street, just three minutes walk from the Post Office, it’s ideal for customers who need to leave their vehicle for assessment. They can walk into town for coffee or shopping for the 15 minutes it takes to complete the assessment. Our workshop is a modern well equipped facility complete with our new inverter spot welder, two auto robot chassis straightening machines and measuring systems, mig steel welders, mig bronze welders and spot welders, hoist and lifting equipment plus numerous other tools and equipment required to

carry out the repairs on any type of vehicle. The workshop is equipped with a spray and bake oven. P r i o r a n d P a l m er ar e Horowhenua’s only panel and paint business to have changed to the Glasurit environmental friendly waterborne paint system, which can reproduce paint factory genuine finish on completion of repairs. We have an up to date paint mixing and tint room along with a large preparation area used to prepare vehicle. We have staff competent and experienced who are capable of returning damaged vehicles to their pre accident original condition with pride. Prior and Palmer are approved collision repairers for all insurance companies.





Gary Drew’s Cleaning Services Guaranteed to beat any existing commercial quote!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Email:

Commercial/Domestic Carpets Offices & Shops Upholstery/Cars Windows Rentals Ovens Chimney Sweeping


James Petrie


M: 022 329 1783 | P: 06 363 8170

DIESEL SERVICES • Commercial & rental property cleans • Regular or one-off spring cleaning • Move in/out cleans, sanitise cleans • Full carpet, window & oven cleans • Security checked and fully insured • Free/online quotes, local operator • Franchise opportunities available

0800 803 200

B.G. Buck Ltd

Full Diesel repairs & Maintenance TRANSPORT & GENERAL ENGINEERING

06 368 2037 06 368 1591 Mobile Ian 021 532 995 Ken 021 246 8202


Small Equipment & Ride On Mower Servicing


Industrial - Domestic - Commerical Commercial Refrigeration

• Accredited Heat Pump Suppliers & Installers • Home Ventilation Systems • Inspections • Caravan Certificates • Town & Rural • Pumps, Motors 2 Sheffield Street, Levin • Generators Ph: 367 9086 Email:

SERVICING THE HOROWHENUA FOR OVER 50 YEARS The best test is the test of time!



Gary: 027 764 4173



108 Oxford Street, Levin. Ph: 06 367 9951


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Horowhenua Chronicle


Touch Kapiti Horowhenua Under 15 Mixed Team Thanks to these businesses for supporting our team JACK MANU proudly sponsored by


STAN GOODMAN NZCE (Civil) Director Mobile: 0274 475 651 Email: 4 Anne Street, Waikanae Ph: (04) 293 7176 | Fax: 04 293 7136

SAM TAYLOR proudly sponsored by

Niel Thomson Mortgage Specialist 04 2982413 or 0274773545

APERAHAMA SIMCOCK proudly sponsored by John Adair Managing Director PO Box 398 T: 04 293 7266 | M: 0274 415 425 E: www. 182 Ngarara Rd, Waikanae 5036

LIAM KELLY proudly sponsored by

Lisa Pilling 04 237 0230

PAORA CONNOR-PHILLIPS proudly sponsored by


KACEE AUGUST PUHIPUHI proudly sponsored by

MANUKAU STORE ‘The best little country store’

Operated by Rollings Lewis & Sharon Hollow

ARANA MURPHY proudly sponsored by FOURWINS TUNING LTD Paddy Enright Managing Director Phone (06) 368-6927 13 Power Street, Levin

The Touch Kapiti Horowhenua Under 15 National Boys Team represented our province in the Mai FM Touch New Zealand Junior Nationals, in Papamoa on the 14th –16th February 2014. The U15 Boys team are a mixture of experienced and development players from our region, who trained hard all summer with their coaches Martin Tupara and Elaine August. The team reached and exceeded their personal and team goals, proudly ‘bridging the gaps’ on the field that they had experienced earlier in the season at regional tournaments, becoming a menacing opponent and one to watch out for at the next Nationals tournament. With half of the team moving up to the U17 grade next season, we wish you well and look forward to improving on our success next season with the addition of new team members. We also congratulate Kacee, on his selection to join the New Zealand U15 Boys team for the Trans Tasman series later in the year Our team,management,parents and the TKH Committee thank all of the businesses for their sponsorship this season, our communities thrive with your support. proudly sponsored by


Good Roasters, Good Times Kapiti Lights Complex, Paraparaumu Sam Doak - Manager 0276630063

TANE MATTHEWS proudly sponsored by


Taha Aruhe Homestay Featherston 063089601 | 0274431733

DOMINICK NORMAN proudly sponsored by


Ph: 06 368 2571

ALIZAY ROACH proudly sponsored by


Fitness Centre 17 Waerenga Road, Otaki Phone: 06 364 6191

TYRELLE TAUKIRI proudly sponsored by

Tattoo Fusion 505 Queen St, Levin Aotearoa, New Zealand 06 368 0565

SHAUN BIGNALL-TUPARA proudly sponsored by


Ph: 06 368 2571

LENNIX TOVO proudly sponsored by LENNIX TOVO

JETT GREENHOUSE LTD Mario & Lucy Fifita 063679011 | 0272066569

JESSE SKINNER proudly sponsored by


Richard Cornell - Director Ph. 06 368 4992 | Fax. 06 368 4392 Mob. 027 439 5010 State Highway 1, 2km South of Levin


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Feilding go to table top Croquet Manawatu-Wanganui Golf Croquet Interclub competition, week seven. An unexpected 5-3 victory by Wanganui over table leaders Rose Gardens, left an opportunity for Feilding. Feilding’s team grabbed the chance to move ahead of Rose Gardens with a 7-1 win over recent improvers, Marton. Levin

was unable to take the opportunity to take second place, its 4-4 draw with Takaro leaving them in third place. Wanganui’s win allowed it to get ahead of Marton. With three weeks to go, Feilding must now be favourites, with a three-point lead and a huge net hoop advantage.

MOLLOY CLAIMS CROQUET TROPHY Lois Molloy of Levin has won the Griffith Trophy (handicap 16 and over). The Griffith Trophy has been competed for in the Manawatu Croquet Association (now Croquet Manawatu-Wanganui) for many years. Competed for by high handicap players, it is unusual in that the games are of one-hour duration, short by association croquet standards, and the win-

ner being the player winning the most hoops over the course of the event, rather than the most games. The reason for the unusual format is lost in history but believed to be that it would encourage attacking rather than defensive play. The 2014 winner: Lois Molloy (Levin) 26 hoops, Runner-up: Jenny Harding (Levin) with 20 Hoops.

GOLF RESULTS Levin Golf Club: Monday March 3, Mixed 9 hole stableford: Joe Barnao 24, Bill Bradley 18, Helen Hewitson 17. Tuesday March 4, Convenors Trophy round 2 stableford: Dale Futcher 42, John Jeffries 41, Michael Muirhead and Rangi Tipuna 40. Twos: Ray Grout, Joshua Hartwell , John Mullane, Alan Kearns and Eric Smith. Wednesday March 5, Hosie Cup 1 and Betty Henderson Putting Net Medal: Margaret Hooper and Judith Walton 71, Norma Mercer 72, Rosie Priest 74. Thursday March 6, 9 hole mixed ambrose, Front 9: Mary Wilson, Joe Barnao, John Bone and Bill Bradley 22.5. Back 9: Pat Jullian, Bruce

Garratt and Corey Mac Millan 23. Early starters stableford: Fred James 41, John Mullane 39, Joshua Hartwell, Eric Smith and Peter Coleman 38. Twos: Robert Harris, Fred James and Martin Wallace. Late starters net medal: Roger Perring 69, Ray Harvey and Alan Kearns 73, Ron Moody, Ray Grout and Alistair Finn 74. Twos: Shane Wadsworth. Saturday March 8, Early Men Stableford: Eric Smith 43, Noel Craddock 40, Warren Goyne, Gordon Weston and Rangi Tipuna 38. Twos: Robert Forth and Mike Tate. Ladies Stableford: Judith Walton 40, Audrey Harrison 38, Helen Forth 37. Twos: Joanne Wilton-Eadie.

Late starters stableford: Chris Goddard 43, Gerald Harpur and Kieran Corkill 42, Graeme Cliff and Philip Young 41. Twos: Gerald Harpur, Paul Kereopa, Ernie Leslie, Roger Perring, John Saulbrey, Bruce Smith and Robert Ward. Foxton Golf Club: Results for Tuesday March 4: Ivan Poole 45, Barry Allport 43, Russell Jack 42, Baz Woodcock 41, Bruce Stafford 41, Rob Moore 41, Ray Toy 41, Elliott Olson 41. Saturday March 8 overall winner: Lorna Soo 65. Group 1: Kim Kuiti 69, Dave McCall 70, Sheeree Tatana 71, Brad Ryder 72. Group 2: Barry Allport 72 Maurice Filer 73, Tony Hunt 73, Murray Wan 74.






25 Main Rd South (next to Placemakers)

Covering the Horowhenua



Got a drip? Call Rodney today! Cell: 027 448 5384 Phone: (06) 363 6715 Email:

If you would like to advertise in the

Trade Professionals Please telephone

(06) 368 5109


Locally owned and operated Registered Locksmiths with 22 years experience.

Great service, low fees, call now…

Phone 06 368 7172 Mob 021 766 438


• Up to 4 Litres of New quality engine Oil • New Standard Oil Filter • All Other fluids Checked, topped up • Tyre Pressures Checked • Lube, grease where applicable • General check tyres, air filter, lights, wipers belts etc.


Value oil change, north service lane behind Tom Lancaster Cars + Rentals 318 Oxford St, Levin Ph : 06 367 9555 Ask for Leighton



New - Repairs - Advice Solutions - Quotes

PHONE BRIAN JONES 0274 549 573, A/H 06 368 9849 Email:

Restoration of Old Timepieces Trevor Dellow

We work for all the insurance companies Locally owned and operated by: 5A Durham St, Levin. Ph 06 367 0557 The Windscreen Repair Experts

Ph: (06) 367 9875 Mb: 027 223 4190

Workshop Repairs & Upgrades

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Michael Laing


Servicing Kapiti/Horowhenua since 1993

HOROWHENUA MOTORCYCLES LTD Mon -Fri 8.30 -5.30pm Sat 9.00 -1.00pm

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Pickup and delivery service


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One stop maintenance team • All work guaranteed & fully insured

All work carried our to WOF/COF standards

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Horowhenua Home & Property Maintenance

When experience counts

All styles of Fencing and Gates



TOPLINE FENCING Farm • Residential • Security Post Ramming • Retaining Walls

96,! 1)42"1/ 5)( :6,!/ "8/.2::)* %"8*6( /.2#/3 ("8*6( ,2.,$ 1)42"1/ +:"*"8& *661 :6,!/ 0 ($)):/ 1)4:2,)* +),-1".# *661/ 0 7#/,1))8/

022 162 1411



' ' ' ' '


• Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations • Decks & Fences • Driveways & Landscaping • Roof & Spouting Repairs • Insurance Claims

• All Construction – New Homes, Farm Buildings, Alterations, Joinery Repairs Phone: Mike 027 505 5877 LBP 103386 or Dean 027 496 6461 CBANZ MN02660

or Office: 367 0791

(06) 367 0004

If you would like to advertise in the

Trade Professionals Please telephone

(06) 368 5109

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle


Stockcars ready for teams showdown By PETER FRANKLIN All action on the track is the prediction from Robertson Holden International Speedway track manager Bryan Pukowski as he prepares to host the stockcar teams nationals on Saturday night. Pukowski says whenever they host stockcar teams events he can guarantee plenty of action and Saturday night will be one not to miss. ‘‘Teams from all over the country are heading here (Palmerston North), with one thing firmly on their mind — to go home as the winners,’’ he said. Local fans can look forward to supporting two teams — the former national teams champions the Pumas, who after their shock championship loss earlier in the season will be out to prove a point, and the unpredictable Passed Its, who have a wealth of experience to draw on. The current national teams champions, the Rotorua Rebels, have had a good season and will be looking at adding another cup to their collection. Pukowski says at this stage he can confirm that the Pumas, Rotorua, Wanganui, Stratford, Wellington, the KB Cowboys from Thames and Ron Tye’s Passed Its will contest the teams nationals. Pukowski says no team can be under-estimated. ‘‘Anything can happen and usually does, and that’s what makes it so exciting for fans,’’ he said. Racing starts at 6pm.


WARY: Bryan Pukowski says no team can be under-estimated ,all of them will be in with a chance to take out a victory on the night.


THERE is guaranteed to be plenty of action on the track.

STOCKCAR TEAMS NATIONALS Robertson Holden International Speedway, Cuba Street, Palmerston North

6pm Saturday, March 15, 2014

Adults $25 (16 years and over) Child $10 ( 8- 15 years) Family $60 (2 Adults, 4 Children) Children seven years and under FREE


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

>> localclassifieds >>

Notices Employment Motoring

say it. sell it. buy it.

ADVERTISING (06) 368 5109


Buy & Sell Trades & Services

Employment Vacancies Foxton Beach Holiday Park RECEPTIONIST

We are seeking a motivated individual to join the Front Office Team. This role is highly customer focused therefore you will need to be highly motivated with an approachable and friendly personality. Ideally, you’ll have some or all of the following things we’re looking for: ! A fantastic telephone etiquette ! Excellent communication and organisational skills ! Enthusiastic and a bubbly personality ! Able to work unsupervised ! Current knowledge on Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook is an advantage ! Hours are Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday This is a permanent part time position. If this position sounds like you, contact us for an interview. Phone 06 363 8211 or email to

BRANCH MANAGER PLUMBING WORLD Broad and challenging, allowing you to operate strategically, while remaining hands-on in daily operations. With a proven sales record, you’ll provide leadership to a team of four, motivating and inspiring them to achieve new heights! Email your CV to or call 0800 467 258.

Birthright Levin Incorporated

WE REQUIRE A 2IC For our large dairy farm 20 minutes from Palmerston North Are you looking to progress to the next level?

If you have solid knowledge and experience in dairying and have drive, determination and a passion for the industry we want to talk with you. We want to be the leading producers of quality milk in the North Island, if you want to help us to reach our goals, we will endeavour to assist you to reach your own goals. Apply today and find out about our competitive terms and conditions. Call Mary on 06 8782427 or email: for an information brochure and an application form

The closing date for applications is March 14th at 5pm


(Entry Level) HLC is looking for a professional and efficient person to provide reception and administrative assistance. It would be an advantage for the applicant to have … • experience in reception / office administration tasks • sound working knowledge of the MS Office suite of computer programmes • exceptional customer service skills • ability to display written and verbal communication skills • excellent self-management skills More information available on request Applications with CV and covering letter, to the CEO, by 5.00pm, Monday 24 March 2014. HOROWHENUA LEARNING CENTRE PO Box 582, Levin, 5540 Phone: (06) 368 1095 E-mail:

PO Box 1080, LEVIN 5540

LOGGING LOADER OPERATOR/ FOREMAN Required for local crew, must be experienced. Must have serious regard for Health & Safety Phone Duncan 027 244 8348

Trevor made his car go faster with Local Classifieds >> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.

Chelsea House Levin

Exciting leadership opportunity for an experienced leader/ centre supervisor who will have overall responsibility for the day-to-day management of the early childhood centre. We require an innovative leader who sets high expectations for the success of the business and quality of teaching within the centre. The successful applicant must have sound early childhood knowledge, full registration and proven _ experience in delivering a high quality curriculum within Te Whariki and the ECE Curriculum to ensure quality outcomes for children. If you are interested in this position please forward your CV with a covering letter to or phone Jo-Ann on 049025437

Fieldworker Vacancy

Are you looking for a new challenge? Help! Our Fieldworker has moved to Australia so we are looking for an outstanding person who loves children and enjoys working with families to take on her role. You will support families to build on their strengths while assisting them to develop a plan that reflects their own needs and goals. If you are a good organiser, family focused, computer literate and pay attention to detail, then we’ll love to hear from you. Initially, in order to align with funding contracts, this will be a fixed term position of 20 hours/week until 30 June 2014. Previous experience is desirable and some knowledge of support agencies in the district would be an advantage. For a copy of the job description and an application form, please contact us on (06) 368-7039 or email or pop into MTA reception at 306 Oxford Street, Levin. Applications close 5pm Monday 24 March 2014

★★★ Find what you’re looking for. >> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.

First with the Bay’s news

Advertising Manager Hawke’s Bay Newspapers

Senior media opportunities are hard to come by. There are only 6 daily advertising managers in the APN group in New Zealand and one of these key positions has become available at Hawke’s Bay Newspapers and it’s flagship publication Hawke’s Bay Today. Being only one of six daily newspaper advertising leaders in our group you will need to provide inspiration to a motivated team. Raise revenues and profitability. You will need to be a strategic thinker and have a long term vision. An ability to drive sales is a core requirement. We believe you will have a proven track record in media sales and you will want to make a difference. You may be from an associated business but feel you can make an impact in the vibrant newspaper industry. Newspapers are in an exciting phase. Digital revenue is growing and APN is striving to become the leading multi media organisation in Australasia. What a fantastic time to join an industry branching out into exciting new areas and offering total media solutions to our many loyal clients. Hawke’s Bay newspapers is a division of APN Ltd and publishes Hawke’s Bay Today, Napier Courier, Hastings Leader, CHB Mail, The Link and the Dannevirke News, along with a suite of complementary regular publications. Let’s not forget an integral part of our mix of products. You’ll enjoy exceeding targets and devising strategies to enable maximum revenue and profit growth, whilst at all times delivering smart and successful solutions for our varied loyal client base. You’ll be adept at nurturing and developing talent, and dealing with the pressures of a multifacet team. Organisation and communication ability are certainly key attributes for this position. An attractive package, inclusive of car and other benefits, awaits the successful applicant. To apply in confidence please send your CV and covering letter to: Confidential enquiries can be made to Russell Broughton 021 893 373 Applications close: March 24, 2014

Courier Leader Mail Napier

Your Community Voice



Your Community Voice

Your Community Voice

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle


To Let


Public Notices

3 bdrm house with study, SEASONED Pine 4m large section, $230p/w. 3 $250, 8m $400, free local Phone 022 600 6719. delivery. Phone 367 6396/027 652 4000. 3 bdrm modern hme, 3

Levin Little Theatre’s

St. Patrick's Night

John McConaghy

Danny Healy Brian McKean Charlie Boyce



TTickets from Clarks Clothing

Lawn Mowing Franchise Mr Green

Income guarantee - 90 lawns


0800 674 733

7:30pm (Doors open at 7pm) PPRICE: $15.00 Includes Irish Stew w Kapiti Irish dancers

Rachel Morgan Radha Sahar

from Monday, 10th March

TO PLACE AN AD Ph: 06 368 5109 Fax: 06 368 2366

(Some tickets available at the door)


4 bdrm close to north school, carpet, drapes, basement, car storage, $280p/w. Phone 363 8766. COMMERCIAL building, 182 sq mtr, Cambridge St south. Phone 027 496 9447. TIDY 2 bdrm unit, sgle gge and c/port, available now, $210 p/w, n/s, no dogs, cats ok. Phone 367 0073 or 027 683 6468.

To Let

Tina Healy Ivan Johnston M.C.s

Patricia Brunell Juliette Harris

Helen McLeane Maureen Mackie

d/wshr, h/pump, auto gge dr, suit prof person/s with refs, $270p/w. Phone 367 9934 or 027 4400 685.

Business for Sale/Wanted

spot prizes


LEVIN (ph 06 366 0666) 1 Bedroom

Rent P/W

8/44 Cambridge St ............................................................$150

2 Bedroom


1/6 Roosevelt St.................................................................$140 3/22 MacArthur St.............................................................$145 5/22 MacArthur St.............................................................$145 35 Dorset St.......................................................................$185 15 Linley St ........................................................................$190 17 Ferguson St...................................................................$200

2 Bedroom + Sleep Out

31 Graham St.....................................................................$215

3 Bedroom

Tuition Catherine Inger School of Dance 21 Power Street, Levin

♦ Tap ♦ Gym Dance ♦ Ballet ♦ Modern Jazz ♦ Freestyle

Pre School to Adults Enquiries to Catherine on (06) 367 2288 or 0275 897 534 8762907AA

Email: ♦ All classes taken by Fully Qualified Teachers - over 20 years experience

READING, writing, form filling, proof reading. For Sale Individual or groups, reaonable rates. Phone 3 berth Alpha, good cond, 021 248 3312 or 368 7486. plus full length awning, recent paint, $9000 ono. Phone 06 368 9572.


BOWEN THERAPIST Due to a medical illness the clinic will be closed until June and will be advertised when reopening. Apologies for the inconvenience.

MOBILITY Scooters, new and used. Free home demonstrations available. Southend Cycles, 117 Oxford St, Levin. Phone 368 5459.

Pets TOY Poodles pure bred, home raised, 2 boys, 1 girl, 2 dark, 1 choc. Please phone 06 363 7811.

Landscape Garden & Turf

Wanted to Buy or Exchange

TREE work, removal, BUYING now. Legacy Shannon. stump grinding, branch Antiques, mulching, fences, decks, Phone 362 7117. building maintenance. BJ’s Building & Property Maintenance 027 249 2575 WANTED! or 368 7895.

Lawn Care

GRDN & lawn maintnce comp rate. Call Bob 06 367 3102/021 143 8251.

Lawnmower Repairs CHAINSAWS, mowers, ride-ons, weedeaters, waterblasters, concrete saws, posthole borers, trailers, pumps etc, we hire and repair all makes and models. Levin Hire & Repairs, 126 Hokio Beach Rd. Phone 368 5058.

OLD GOLD JEWELLERY ✴ Diamond rings ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴

Bangles Bracelets Chains Watches Broken Jewellery

Anything considered BRENMUHLS JEWELLERS

169 Oxford St, Levin

77 Bartholomew Rd ...........................................................$220 33 Solway St......................................................................$220 4 Beechwood Ave...............................................................$225 11a Matipo St.....................................................................$240 7 Ross St............................................................................$240 21 Gordon Pl ......................................................................$250 35 Kawiu Rd.......................................................................$265 5 Highfield Pl......................................................................$270 3 Glen St ............................................................................$315

3 Bedroom + Sleep Out

41 Liverpool St...................................................................$295

4 Bedroom

15 Cobham St ....................................................................$255 16 Marlborough St .............................................................$280 30 Weld St .........................................................................$360 63 Kennedy Dr ...................................................................$370

5 Bedroom

574 Queen St .....................................................................$350 3 Hillcrest Lane ..................................................................$450

FOXTON (ph 06 363 0030) 2 Bedroom

1/2 Main St ........................................................................$130 45 Avenue Rd.....................................................................$175

3 Bedroom

11 Reeve St........................................................................$210 14 Hall St ...........................................................................$225 9A Johnston St...................................................................$230 16 Robinson St...................................................................$230 21 Union St ........................................................................$230


4A Shortt St .......................................................................$200 8 Trafalgar St .....................................................................$200

4 Bedroom

19 Linklater Ave .................................................................$220


21 Punga St .......................................................................$190


125 Park Ave......................................................................$210

3 Bedroom

107 Rua Ave.......................................................................$300

SHANNON 4 Bedroom

4 Kaihinau Rd.....................................................................$240



What’s On Join now and become a Club Member Wednesday 12th March

$300 - $5000


$100 - $3000 CARS

We buy any trucks Big or Small

0800 313 717 No Rego - No WOF - De Registered Damaged - Dead or Alive * Don’t worry WE BUY IT! All Makes & Models

We pay minimum $500 - $5000 for Toyota Hiace, Hilux, Landcruiser, Surf, Townace, LiteAce. * Selected Items FREE REMOVALS

24/7 Same Day Next Day

* Conditions apply (Selected items only)

Family Notices

Club Senior Members Day 11am Linedancing - Hudson Room 6.30pm Beginners, 8pm Intermediate Darts Adjunct 7pm - All new members welcome


SMITH, CLARK, Lindsay Stewart ( Arnie). Brian William. Of Levin. On March 6, Of Shannon. Passed th Thursday 13 March Ladies Probus - Hudson Room 2014, at Palmerston away at Arohanui Housie - Hudson Room 7 .30pm North Hospital. Aged Hospice on March 7, (Increased Prizes) 77 years. A loved 2014, aged 68 years. father and Dearly loved husband Open Cue Sport Adjunct 7pm - All new grandfather. Loved of Raewyn, loved members welcome brother of Valma father and father-inFriday 14th March Quiz Night MacLeod, David, Paul, law of Stewart, Ailong Joker Draw 2 x $2000 to be won Jennifer Ingham and and Ant, Tina and Phil, Kyla and Nicky. Raffles Gary. In accordance with Loved grandad of his Saturday 15th March Karaoke with Hendrix 8.30pm Brian’s wishes, a ten grandchildren. private funeral has Dearly loved brother Sunday 16th March Annual Cossie Club of all his sisters and been held. Car Rally - 1pm Start brothers. Tuesday 18th March Linedancing - Hudson Room 3pm A service for Arnie will Beginners & Improvers be held at St David’s Presbyterian Church, Indoor Bowls - Hudson Room 7.15pm Stout St, Shannon on Members Draw HAWKINS, Friday March 14, 2014 Raffles Dianne. at 11:00am, thereafter Slipped away interment at Shannon Wednesday 19th March Levin Men's Probus - Hudson Room peacefully after a long Cemetery. Club Senior Members Day 11am illness on Sunday Linedancing - Hudson Room 6.30pm March 9, 2014 at The Darts Adjunct 7pm - All new Levin Home For War members welcome Veterans. Loved WAITE, th daughter of the late Leighton Thomas Hanita. Thursday 20 March Housie - Hudson Room 7.30pm Jack and Olive Open Cue Sport Adjunct 7pm - All new Hawkins. Loving On Sunday March 2, members welcome mother of Ainsley and 2014, suddenly, at Friday 21th March Quiz Night Corin. Loving Blenheim. Aged 21 grandmother of Sasha, years. Dearly loved Joker Draw 2 x $2000 to be won Sebastion, Spencer son of Tania and Raffles and Raphael. Loved Frank Waite-Harvey, Sunday 23th March Stampede Country Music Club sister and sister-in-law and Don Paki, loved Hudson Room 1pm - 5pm of Noeline and Ian brother and brotherReisch. Loved cousin in-law of Richard and Monday 24th March 60's Up - Hudson Room of Annette and Aimee, Nathalie and Tuesday 25th March Levin & Districts Probus Elizabeth and niece of Michaela, much loved grandson of Neville Gillian Wrightson. Hudson Room A celebration of and Ivy Waite and Linedancing - Hudson Room 3pmDianne’s life will be Bella and the late Joe Beginners & Improvers held at The Levin Paki and whanau, Indoor Bowls - Hudson Room 7.15pm Home For War loved great nephew of Members Draw Veterans, 40 Prouse Mark, Sheryl, and Street, Levin on Michael Tonks, and Raffles Thursday, March 13, nephew of Richard and TH TH ANNUAL EASTER 8 BALL CLASSIC 18 - 20 APRIL 2014, at 11:00am Marie (England) and followed by private Janet. Darling to Alicia. Amazing Dad cremation. to Ezrah, Joseph and Aniyah. Messages to Waite-Harvey Family, 5 Hillcrest Ave, Members, affiliated members and guests welcome Blenheim 7201. A funeral service for Public Notices Funeral Directors Leighton was held at the Mayfield Chapel, Blenheim on March 6, followed by private interment at Fairhall Cemetery on March 7.

Oxford Street, Levin Phone: 06 368-2571

Horowhenua SPCA



Thursday 7:30pm 27th March 2014 Freyberg Lounge Memorial Hall Levin

WATSON, Joyce. Of Levin. Peacefully on Friday March 7, 2014, at the Horowhenua Health Centre, aged 86 years. Dearly loved wife of David. Much loved mother and mother-inlaw of Jenny, Steve and Maria, Chris and Kath, Mark and Maryann. Beloved grandmother of Jeremy, Tim, Kelly, Scott and Terri, Aimee, Rachel, Jacob and great grandmother of Isabelle. Much loved sister to Edna and sister-in-law to the late Guy. A private service for Joyce has been held.

All Welcome

Lost and Found

LOST tailgate for ute + 2 fishing rods, on Friday between Shannon and Foxton Bch. Phone 021 0297 1686.


ARTS Horowhenua Trail raffle winner No. 35 - M. Kilmister.

Sports Notices

AGM Levin Cycling Club, 27th March 2014 at Levin Cycling Club rooms 7:30pm Levin Domain, Everyone Welcome.

TO PLACE AN AD Ph: 06 368 5109 Fax: 06 368 2366

Motor Parts & Accessories



Nigel never knew how many friends he had until he rented his house on the beach

Harvey Bowler Funerals Levin and Otaki FDANZ Locally owned

Funeral Directors





We are an approved provider of Eco Funerals NZ

>> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.


Ph: 368 2954

284 Oxford Street, Levin and 14 Rangatira Street, Otaki


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Public Notices Foxton Little Theatre

Horowhenua Obedience Dog Training Club Enrolment for Term 2 - 2014

Foxton Community Board meeting The Foxton Community Board will meet on

Pool Closure WHOLE COMPLEX Sunday 16 March

Monday 17 March at 6.30pm in the Lions Club

Closing at 12:00pm

Hall, 8 Park Street, Foxton. The meeting Agenda will be available online to view and download at and copies will be available from Council offices



Come along and meet our parents to be ....

Learn about: The birth process, Breastfeeding, Unexpected outcomes, Baby Needs. Your questions answered .... And much more!

Good Friday - no publication

Wednesday 23rd April:

Anzac Day - Run of paper bookings close at 3pm Tuesday 22nd April (normal deadline time). Classified booking deadlines remain the same as usual (10am day prior to publication date).

Wednesday 30th April: Run of paper bookings close at 3pm on Thursday 24th April. Classified booking deadlines remain the same as usual (10am day prior to publication date).

Carolyn Allan Secretary 363 7674

CHILD BIRTH EDUCATION CLASSES Enrol from 20 weeks pregnancy.

Friday 18th April:

Friday 25th April:

2:00pm Sunday 23rd March 2014

and libraries


Run of paper bookings close at 3pm on Wednesday 16th April. Classified booking deadlines remain the same as usual (10am day prior to publication date).

Levin Swim Club Meet Aqua jogging lane still available to public

AGM In the Theatre Main Street Foxton

Levin RSA

Enquiries to: Levin Child Birth Education Inc P O Box 106, Levin or Ph: 368 6313 and ask for Kylie or

Open for all generations



Tanenuiarangi Marae Committee Saturday 29th March 2014 1:00pm – 4:00 pm Levin RSA , 5 Devon Street, Levin


This Saturday from 4 pm St Patrick’s Day Celebrations, lots of fun, prizes, live music and Irish Dancing

Poppies Restaurant

Lunch: Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday from 11.30am Friday and Saturday Dinner from 5.30pm

We extend a very warm welcome to our members, your guests and visitors from affiliated clubs.

Horowhenua XIB 42 A 1 J (Horowhenua 11B42A1J Block 20464)

AGENDA 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Welcome by Chair Apologies Financial Report Add and replace Trustees General Business

Contact details: Mandy Fryer Email:


Public Notice of application for On Licence Sections 101, Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

Redbook Investments Ltd, 3 Muhunoa East Rd, Ohau, Levin, has made application to the District Licensing Committee at Horowhenua for the issue of an On Licence in respect of the premises situated at 3 Muhunoa East Road, Ohau, Levin, or the Restaurant known as Scarlet Kitchen. The general nature of business conducted under the licence is Restaurant. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is intended to be sold under the licence are: Monday to Sunday, 9am to 12am. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Horowhenua District Licensing Committee at 126 Oxford Street, Levin. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the issue of the licence may, not later than 15 working days after the date of publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Committee at Private Bag 4002, Levin 5540. No objection to the issue of a licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in Section 105(1) of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the first publication of this notice.

Clive hit the nail on the head when he recruited his hammer hands from the Local Classifieds. 8668282AA

Obedience and Agility Wednesday March 19th at 6:30pm in the Club Rooms Lake Domain, Queen St, Levin Enquiries: Phone Helen 06 368 4223

NOTICE TO OWNERS CONCERNING A LEASE OF MAORI LAND Te Ture Whenua Ma¯ori Act 1993, Sections 147 and 152 In the Ma¯ori Land Court of New Zealand Aotea District TAKE NOTICE that Paul and Sharyn Dowdle of Levin has made application to the Ma¯ori Land Court at Whanganui for a meeting of the owners seeking a lease of Horowhenua No. 6 Block. The Block is situated on Florida Road, Levin. A meeting of the owners of the land will be held as follows: Venue: Salvation Army Community Centre, 11 Durham Street, Levin Date: 24 March 2014 Time: 10:30am If for any reason the resolution is rejected or the meeting fails for want of a quorum, the meeting may proceed on an informal basis to consider the possible formation of an ahu whenua Trust. Further information can be obtained from Mrs Kath Davidson, Ma¯ori Land Court (please quote reference A20130009390). Signed: K A Davidson (Mrs) Deputy Registrar Aotea Maori Land Court DX Box PX10207 WHANGANUI 4541 Phone 06 3490770 Fax 06 349077 Email:

>> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.


Offer available while stocks last. Offers end April 30th 2014. Not available with other offers. Private customers only.

15 – 19 Bris stol Stre eett Levin mcholden.c co.n nz

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle


Mustang milestone to be celebrated The New Zealand celebrations to mark the 50th birthday of the Ford Mustang will be centred on the annual national Mustang convention being held in Christchurch over Labour Weekend. Ford New Zealand will take the role as the primary sponsor of this year’s national convention which runs from Friday October 24 through Monday October 27. ‘‘Being the global 50th anniversary for the iconic Mustang, the 2014 event in Christchurch will be a very special occasion and we’re delighted to be a part of it,’’ said Corey Holter, managing director of Ford NZ. ‘‘Previous Mustang conventions have been superbly managed by the respective organising clubs with their local sponsorships, and we have greatly appreciated their efforts. Accordingly we’re delighted to go further this year and provide direct support to the organising club, Canterbury, for this one-off opportunity in Christchurch.’’ The Canterbury Mustang Owners’ Club is equally delighted with Ford NZ’s involvement. Club President Jeff Waghorn recognises the impact and responsibility of Ford’s investment. ‘‘Our club had already been humbled by the opportunity of hosting the 50th celebration convention in Christchurch in October. Now, with Ford’s direct support, we are even more motivated to create an event truly befitting the 50th, and befitting the profile of the Ford brand.’’ The national Ford Mustang

A 1967 Ford Mustang hardtop in Playboy pink. convention will be held in Christchurch over Labour Weekend, from Friday October 24 through Monday October 27. While registrations are not due to open until April, the Canterbury organisers

confidently expect an all-time record of over 200 Mustangs, representing the years and models across the 50 years 1964 to 2014. The convention itself, and associated events will feature a

public show and exhibition, a ‘‘pony run’’ and a Ruapuna track day. It is expected to possibly be among the largest single brand events ever seen in NZ. Details will regularly posted and updated on



Reverse camera & 7 Air Bags 2014convention. All interested Mustang owners should ensure they are paid up members of their local Mustang owner clubs, details of which are listed on


• 3 Models • 6 Speed Manual • 7 Speed Sequential Auto • 7.0L/100 kms Manual • 6.6L/100 kms Auto


• 5 Models, 3 Grades • 2WD & 4WD • 7 Seaters • 6 Speed Auto • 7 Airbags


FIELD DAYS SPECIALS Retail $43,990 • HUGE SAVINGS • Factory Alloys • Cruise Control


• 8.1L per 100kms • Bluetooth


+ on road costs

330 OXFORD STREET, LEVIN | PH 368 6089 OR 0800 50 6089 A/H: Sales Manager: Greg Joy 368 9178 or 027 647 9905, Shae Bolton 027 351 5045


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, March 12, 2014




Yes just 59,000 kms AA Certified, an economical and reliable car packed full of great features including CD player, alloy wheels and new Tyres

Face lift model super modern design 5 door low kms checked and serviced, as new tyres




When Quality is important choose Ross McColl Cars just 58,000 kms, AA Certified, 5 doors, Very nice.



FREE BAND EXPANDER MTF Finance available


The Trade persons friend, economical petrol, Double sliding rear doors, serviced as new tyres

WAS $10,995







5 10,49





MTF Finance available



Experience Honda happiness at Ross McColl Cars. 5 doors, Low AA Certified kms, Super tidy

8 ,9 9 5

MTF Finance available

1800cc, Automatic, 5 door wagon. 60,100 kms. A fine example of this economical wagon Many extras including towbar


5 door hatchback. Automatic new shape nissan March 5 door hatchback, Automatic with only 23,500 kms on the clock, fun to drive and olutely amazing on gas. absolutely

9,9 9 5

MTF Finance available


This van is absolutely stunning, Extremely tidy, just 76,000 kms AA Certified Trust Ross McColl Cars, More photos at







8 ,9 9 5


MTF Finance available

5 10,99

MTF Finance available




5 13,99



MTF Finance available

5 21,99

MTF Finance available

MTA Horowhenua Kapiti Used Dealer Award Winner 1994 TOYOTA RAV4


Please have fun! Loaded with features including CD player, alloy wheels, keyless entry, low certified kms Two in stock

2000 cc, 5 speed, alloy wheels, 4wd, Popular and proven

1997 NISSAN PULSAR S-RV 1500 cc, automatic, a reliable sports hatchback





5.5 Stars out of 6 for fuel economy here at Ross McColl cars, 1300cc 5 door hatch, economical and reliable liable ble

WAS $8,995



MTF Finance available









5,9 9 5

MTF Finance available

5 $ 4 ,9 9

MTF Finance available

8 ,4 9 5

MTF Finance available



Zoom Zoom in this neat 1500cc, Mazda Axela, tiptronic, just 67000 kms, AA ceretified

Stand out from the crowd today, This stylish and economical car just 60,000 kms, AA Certified


What a superb car, many great features including upright seating, reverse camera, 7 seats and much more


Yes just 24,000 kms, AA certified, This car is in lovely order with lots of leg and storage room

WAS $11,995

WAS $8,995 @












8 ,4 9 5

MTF Finance available

5 11,99

MTF Finance available

WIN $100.00

*How- Get a work shop job done & go in the draw EASY! *Where – RMC Totara Street 367 5417 prize draw 31/3/14

5 10,99

MTF Finance available

5 10,99

MTF Finance available

Our fully equipped workshop in Totar Street now offers a headlight restoration service talk to Hayden today

Call Hayden on 367 5417


OPEN 24 / 7 at

06 367 5414 Calls Welcome After Hours

Tr u s

s t Ro


ol McC

rs l Ca

Wal, Roy, Pete, Ross

NATHAN (Wal) - 027 270 9941 ROSS - 0274 969 447 ROY - 06 368 5793 PETER - 06 368 8888

354 Oxford Street, Levin • Phone: 367 5414 • Email: • Service Centre: Totara Street, Levin, phone: 06 367 5417 *Finance conditions apply

*Applies to new RMC imported cars *Odometers checked on new imports

Horowhenua Chronicle 12-03-14  

Horowhenua Chronicle 12-03-14