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FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 Plumb’In Palmerston North


GOING . . . : Stuart Street residents Bill Luhrs, left, Barbara Hambleton, Carmel Speirs, Joan Luhrs, Mary Lucy and Dan Brizzle — with a giant box elder that is lifting the footpath. They are going to miss their leafy, green street but are delighted they will be able to have a say in what species will replace the trees when they are felled. In the background are two silver birch trees, planted by a former resident, which will also be removed.


ept S 9 27-2

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Axe to fall on Stuart St trees By LINDA FLETCHER Trees lining Levin’s Stuart St will be felled after being deemed unsafe by the Horowhenua District Council. The cul-de-sac in the northwest corner of Levin is lined with box elder and birch trees and has earned a reputation as the town’s prettiest street. It was judged the town’s best when the Keep Levin Beautiful competition was revived in 2009, the judges commenting that the mature trees set it apart from the rest. Horowhenua District Council operations manager Glen O’Connor said the 13 semi-mature trees are too large for the street’s small grass berms and are regularly causing significant damage to the footpaths and roads. ‘‘This recurring damage is not only costly to fix but is dangerous for pedestrians,’’ he said. There were also safety concerns with some of the trees and they needed to be removed.

Mr O’Connor said council was consulting with the street’s residents to determine their preference — either replace the trees with a small growing species that will not cause damage, or have a grass-only berm. When the consultation is complete, council staff will discuss options with residents. ‘‘Council will be arranging a meeting with residents to consult on the issues with the trees, roading services and footpaths in Stuart St before any trees are removed.’’ While the residents realise the roots of the trees are doing damage, they are sad they will be losing their green, shady street where they have often held their annual street party. Resident Mary Lucy said the trees were not well looked after down the years. ‘‘They’ve been badly cut back, hacked at really.’’ She hopes a species that will retain

It’s a lovely street — the trees have made it, but they are very ratty.

HELEN POLLARD, Former resident

the street’s ’s character is chosen. ‘‘People ask where you live and when you say Stuart St, they know it’s the one with the trees.’’ When they moved to Levin five years ago, Barbara Hambleton and her late husband Keith, chose the street because of the trees. She wants residents to be allowed to have a say in what type of trees are planted, if that is what is decided. In 1967, former resident Helen Pollard and her late husband, Peter, built the first house in the street. She says the trees were the wrong kind for a street.

‘‘Whoever put them there didn’t know what they were doing. ‘‘It’s a shame to see how horrible they have grown but the council never pruned them, they were not well looked after. ‘‘It’s a lovely street — the trees have made it, but they are very ratty.’’ Mrs Pollard said the district council would have to be careful about what was chosen. ‘‘I hope they replace them with something that will restore the street’s character.’’ The box elder trees were planted by the then Levin Borough Council about five years after the subdivision was started and a resident planted two silver birch trees at the end of the cul-de-sac. Judge of the 2010 Street of the Year competition Bev Mooney, from Manakau, said planting street trees gave an area so much more character and shelter — even if they were a lot of work in autumn.

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Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, September 27, 2013


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Horowhenua College photography student Keegan Maclachlan took a close-up photo of a frosty morning outside on his deck. ■ Have you snapped a good pic lately of someone or something in Horowhenua? Or maybe you’ve taken a picture of Horowhenua people doing something somewhere else. If you have and you want to share it with our readers email it to us at Put Scene in Horowhenua in the subject line and give us some details about who or what is in the picture.


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WAYNE BISHOP Your representative for Waiopehu

Offering a “Can Do” approach to our communities needs! Authorised by Wayne Bishop 22 Western Rise, Ohau

Daylight savings Just as it is getting lighter in the mornings Daylight Saving is going to start and lovers of the outdoors will get that extra hour of daylight in the evenings. Daylight saving begins at 2am on Sunday when clocks go forward to 3am

Friday, September 27, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle

Who’s backing the hopefuls Voting papers have gone out and with 16 days left before election day, this is your chance to have your say on who you want to see guide the district through the next three year term. The Horowhenua Chronicle has received a number of requests from readers to re-publish a list of the candidates standing for the mayorship and wards and those who nominated them. It is vital that each person eligible to vote in the local body election exercise their right. Mayor: Brendan Joseph Duffy nominated by Barry Judd and Ross Branigan. Anne Hunt nominated by Phillip Taueki and Ernest Poole. Piri-Hira Josephine Takapua nominated by Nina Pilkington and Cathie Bruce. Kere Kere Ward: Allan David nominated by Ross Brannigan and Neville Gimblett. Ross Brannigan nominated by Tony Robinson and Basil Vertongen. Ngarie Ellwood nominated by Amanda Street and Lorna Vertongen. Michael Feyen nominated by Colin Pickworth and Russell Ward. Miranui Ward: Ross Campbell nominated by Anthony Cottle and Michael Hook. Robbie Shaw nominated by Diana Timms and Judy Drake. Bryan Victor Vinsen nominated by Larry Thompson and Reid McKinnon. Levin Ward: Andrew Bertram nominated by Paul Tomlinson and Allan Day. Graham Bull nominated by Christine Raue and Leonard Taylor Rosemary Cleator nominated by Michelle Ingham and Rachael Wildbore. Graeme Galley nominated by Baden Berry and Joanne Young. Neville Gimblett nominated by Terence


Some young people have issues moving outside their comfort zone, others find discipline a challenge. A group of 24 Waiopehu College students took the bull by the horns and enrolled for a course with CACTUS which can prove life changing. CACTUS an acronym Combined Adolescent Challenge Training Unit and Support is a police led initiative, with support from Life To The Max, Corrections, NZ Fire Service, Waiopehu College and various other government and non-government organisations. ‘‘The kids have worked extremely hard,’’ said Levin neighbourhood policing team and instructor Constable Fiona Barker. ‘‘We, and the parents, are very proud of their achievements.’’ Having been involved in a number of these courses, Constable Barker has witnessed huge positive changes in many

While other North Island areas took a battering on Tuesday from a south-bound tropical storm, Horowhenua got away without a scratch. Horowhenua District Council environmental services manager Tony Thomas said council contracts supervisor Michael Longley had been out with contractors Fulton Hogan and Downers to check the district for damage and was pleased to say none was found, or reported. Mr Thomas said it would appear the worst of the bad weather went around the district, although he had heard of strong

DUFFY Determined Focused


Brendan Duffy


Anne Hunt

Osborne and Bernard Wanden. Garry Good nominated by Trevor Jefferies and Colin Brown. Margaret Anne Jeune nominated by Daphne Linnell and Gwendolyn SegalO’Regan. Victoria Kaye-Simmons nominated by Nikki Simmons and Wayne Kaye. Jo Mason nominated by Christopher Lloyd and Barbra Lucus. John Olifent nominated by Garry Good and Bernard Wanden. Perry Rackley nominated by Jennifer McMillen and Felicity Short. Tony Rush nominated by Graham Smellie and Garry Good. Dion Taniwha nominated by Carwyn Millard and Virginia Williams. Bryan Ten Have nominated by Kevin Rowsell and Peter Chandler. Piri-Hira Takapua nominated by Dorothy Wenham and Brent Cosgrove. Ginny Williams nominated by Raewyn Tyler and Edward Green. Peter C. Williams nominated by Jane

of the students. This course was no exception. ‘‘A student who was going to finish school at the end of CACTUS to work on a farm has now decided to join the army and has begun the process,’’ she said. ‘‘It never ceases to amaze me what comes out of these kids once they have completed the course.’’ The full contingent of 24 students achieved graduation. Some took to the podium on graduation night with newly gained confidence. Guest speakers, some having visited the students at boot camp breakfast, addressed the parents, carers and visitors. Much of the mentoring and support during the programme came from local businesses and individuals. ‘‘The CACTUS programme relies on the strength of community collaboration,’’ Constable Barker said. ‘‘The (community) contribution is significant, without it none of this would be possible.’’

No damage from storm battering By PETER FRANKLIN

VOTE Caring

Students take on CACTUS life-skills challenge course By FRANKIE WEBB


wind gusts in exposed places around Shannon and Foxton but they subsided and caused no problems. Another part of Mr Thomas’s responsibilities was the introduction of the council’s new parking meters into Levin. ‘‘We have tried to introduce these with a minimum of inconvenience and I’d like to extend our thanks to the public for their patience and understanding during this period.’’ During the changeover to the new meters, staff have been helping people understand and operate the machines. Mr Thomas said people should feel free to contact the district council if they need any assistance with them.



Piri-Hira Takapua

Poetsch and Robert Fifita-Tovo Waiopehu Ward: Wayne Bishop nominated by Lindsay Burnell and Jaqueline Campbell Christine Mitchell nominated by Mark Rolston and Majorie Parker Guy Morgan nominated by Peter Sim and Jill Roddick. Phil Taueki nominated by Vivienne O’Neill and Simon O’Neill. Foxton Community Board: Michael Coupe nominated by Gloria Downey and Kay Coupe. Michael Feyen nominated by Colin Pickworth and Russell Ward. Patricia Metcalf nominated by Lee Mason and Brenda O’Leary. David Roach nominated by Thomas Carr and Dorothy Kauri. Janine Smart nominated by William Feasey and Geoffrey McBrydie. Amanda Street nominated by Ingrid Thompson and Lorna Vertongen. Basil Vertongen nominated by Jaimie Brannigan and Amanda Street.

Connected Passionate Moderator Mentor Reasoned Approachable A mayor who delivers Maintain the momentum Approved by Brendan Duffy, 12 Lakewood Grove, Levin.

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Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, September 27, 2013


Students survive the longest day of Cactus physical and mental stamina. Later in the evening, their success was further celebrated with a formal People may have noticed passing out and dinner at the Horowhenua District Council police chambers. The event was officers attended by the students, wearing a family, friends and staff. pin on their Twenty four students left lapel completed the course which this week. began two months ago. They The pin is in met three mornings a week at the shape of 6am, rain, hail or shine and the extinct were put through their paces huia tail for an hour. feather, embedded with the Morning sessions closed police chevron and has a small each day with breakfast, cut at the top. followed by class room team The pin is in remembrance building exercises and guest of police officers slain on duty speakers, which included during the previous year. Olympic swimmer Danyon Police are fortunate there Loader. have been no deaths during I would specifically like to the last year in New Zealand. acknowledge local identities Remembrance Day is that also passed on their officially observed on personal experiences to the September 29 annually and group — Davey Hughes from brings police officers from Swazi, Corey Kennett from the throughout the Pacific to a Horowhenua-Kapiti Rugby service at the New Zealand Union and the Otaki MP Police College. As it falls on a Nathan Guy, plus several Sunday this year, it will be other great speakers. commemorated on Friday. Each speaker started with The huia feather was humble beginnings in Levin, sacred to Maori and the and with a vision and with wearing of the tail feather was goals, through sheer hard considered a great honour. work and determination, have The small cut at the top achieved their goals. signifies a loss, and signifies I became involved with a the passing of someone special driver found to be affected by to police. alcohol last Thursday I would like to acknowledge morning, just before lunch. a great bunch of students from The driver had managed to Waiopehu College this week. crash into three separate The Cactus programme of parked vehicles around the 2013 was capped off on CBD, before being stopped at Saturday with the ‘Longest the traffic lights on Queen St. Day’, a marathon of Inquiries have determined demanding team building the car was driven south on exercises, aimed at testing Oxford St before turning right in to Exeter St by Countdown supermarket. It was seen to have a flat tyre and panel damage down the lefthand side by then, however it is not known whether it had hit another vehicle or other structure. If you are aware of unexplained damage, anywhere from upper Queen St to Oxford St and have yet to report it to police, please STOP THE BORROWING AND feel free to contact CUT THE RISING RATES me.



Common Sense Financial Responsibility


ANNE HUNT MAYOR Approved by John Owen, Po Box 4 Levin


Wind gust flips trucks SH57 north of Shannon was reduced to one lane after this truck and trailer unit was hit by strong wind gusts on Tuesday, causing the driver to lose control. Marks on the road indicate the driver attempted to bring the vehicle back under

control but it left the road and rolled on to its side. The driver was taken to Palmerston North Hospital with moderate head injuries. North-bound traffic was diverted and south-bound traffic on the section of the highway

was reduced to one lane as the serious crash unit began an investigation. A large crane lifted the vehicle back on to its wheels and the highway was cleaned and normal traffic flows resumed at 7pm.

GREEN PRESCRIPTION Want to get more active and lead a healthier lifestyle but not sure how to begin? Green Prescription could be the answer you are looking for! WHAT IS GREEN PRESCRIPTION? Green Prescription (GRx) is a FREE 10 week community programme designed to get more people participating in physical activity. It targets adults aged 18+ who participate in no or very low amounts of physical activity. AIM: GRx aims to educate and motivate participants to enable long-term sustainable change. GET STARTED TODAY! GRx term 4 classes begin in Levin on 14 October, Mondays 10-11am at the Levin Aquatic Centre. To register, or for more info go to or call the GRx team on 0800 ACTIVE (22 84 83).

Friday, September 27, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle




Movie and a meal for only $35!! Applies to any movie after 5pm.

TURBO (G) 96 mins Animation/Adventure/Comedy

A freak accident might just help an everyday garden snail achieve his biggest dream: winning the Indy 500. lvn270913fewexpo

There will be plenty of information from lots of different clubs and organisations at this year’s Age on the Go Expo next week.


SeniorNet: Having difficulty with your iPad, Macbook, tablet, eReader, or phone? You can come and talk to a SeniorNet Tutor in the library for free. We are in the open space at Te Takere every Friday between 2pm and 4pm. Just look for the SeniorNet sign. Night at the Museum: Come along on the last Friday of each month and enjoy a Night at the Museum including a tour and short films from the past from 7pm. Something for everyone. Entry $8, 6pm -9pm, MAVtech, Movie and Sound Museum, Avenue Road, Foxton. To find out more email Tricia, Levin Folk Music Club Acoustic Night: A formal sing-around session, with supportive friendly musicians and singers. A friendly meeting of a diverse range of people sharing a wide music genre. This month’s optional theme is ‘One of the earliest songs you learned.’ 7.30pm-10.15pm, Horowhenua Scottish Society Hall, corner of Bartholomew Road and Middlesex Street, Levin. Entry $2. To find out more contact Anne Campbell, phone 368 3777 or


Chrome and Custom Auto Festival 2013: More than 130 custom cars, motorcycles and racing cars will be on display. Also featuring Levin music, stalls and lots of food outlets. Horowhenua Events centre, Victoria Street Levin. Gates open 9am to 4pm. Adults $5, children under 14 $2. Country and Variety Club: Masonic Village Hall, Main Street, Foxton. Every fourth Sunday, 1pm - 5pm. Everyone welcome. $3 a person includes afternoon tea. For more information contact Valerie 368-7740. Stampede Country and Variety Music Club: Levin Cosmopolitan Club, great band, $3 entry. Phone Jimmy Russell, 368 7882 for more information.

Friday October 4

Horowhenua Age on the Go Expo: 10am3pm. Celebrating International Day of the Older Person. The Age on the Go Expo is designed to promote positive ageing by highlighting activities and services that focus on good health, fun activities and support services for seniors in Horowhenua. Free

Free dental care for children Free dental care for 0-17-year-olds is being provided by MidCentral District Health Board’s child and adolescent oral health service during the school holidays. Starting from Tuesday until October 11 dental facilities will be open at Horowhenua Health Centre. Parents and caregivers can phone the health centre, phone 366-0060 for an appointment.

entry. Te Takere, 10 Bath Street, Levin. For more information contact Horowhenua District Council, phone 366-0999 or email

Fri 27 Sept 10am, 12.10pm & 4.30pm, Sat 28 Sept 10am, 12.10pm & 4.30pm, Sun 29 Sept 10am, 12.10pm & 3.40pm, Mon 30 Sept 10am, 12.10pm & 4.30pm, Tues 1 Oct 10am, 12.10pm & 4.30pm, Wed 2 Oct 10am, 12.10pm & 4.30pm

Thursday October 10

Diana, the movie: A Horowhenua Family History Group fundraiser. 6pm, Focal Point Cinema. Tickets, $20 for movie and a drink available from Lorraine Lepper, phone 368-4555 or Linda Fletcher, phone 368-9597. Saturday October 12 Quiltfest: Town and Country Quilters Club’s exhibition with merchants, raffles, challenges, cafe. 9am-4pm. Horowhenua Events Centre, Victoria Street, Levin. Entry $5 (under 12s free). For further information email : Roller Derby fundraiser: The Whenua Fatales Roller Derby League have a Sur5al tournament coming up in November and need your support.Teams from the lower and mid North Island will be coming to compete in this. Get a team of friends together, pick a theme,get dressed up and register with Aroha, Bar opens at 6.30pm, quiz starts at 7pm. Otaki Community Expo: 9am-1pm in the Memorial Hall, Otaki. A chance to find out what’s happening in your community - join a new club, take up a new hobby, find out about support or become a volunteer. A wide range of organisations will be there and cover all ages. If your club wants to be there too, book a stall. Contact Carol, phone 364-7732


(G) 105 mins Animation/Comedy/Family The Smurfs team up with their human friends to rescue Smurfette, who has been kidnapped by Gargamel since she knows a secret spell that can turn the evil sorcerer’s newest creation - creatures called the Naughties - into real Smurfs. Fri 27 Sept 10.40am, 1.20pm & 3.40pm, Sat 28 Sept 10.40am, 1.20pm & 3.40pm, Sun 29 Sept 10.40am & 3pm, Mon 30 Sept 10.40am, 1.20pm & 3.40pm, Tues 1 Oct 10.40am, 1.20pm & 3.40pm, Wed 2 Oct 10.40am, 1.20pm & 3.40pm



(G) 91 mins Animation/ Adventure/Comedy

A cropdusting plane with a fear of heights lives his dream of competing in a famous around-the-world aerial race. Fri 27 Sept 10.20am & 5.30pm, Sat 28 Sept 10.20am, 1pm & 5.30pm, Sun 29 Sept 10.20am, 1pm & 5.30pm, Mon 30 Sept 10.20am, 1pm & 5.30pm, Tues 1 Oct 10.20am, 1pm & 5.30pm, Wed 2 Oct 10.20am, 1pm & 5.30pm

Koputaroa Fun run/walk: 1/2 marathon, 1/4 marathon, 5km. Inquiries to Ivan Morgan 368-3622.

Friday October 18 Levin Croquet Club fundraising quiz night: Tickets $6 a person. Supper included. Contact 368-8813 for information and tickets.



• Vision • Experience • Integrity

Authorised by Garry Good, 58 Highbury Drive, Levin. Email:


(R13) 122 mins Action/Biography/Drama (Contains violence, offensive language, sex scenes & content that may disturb) A spectacular big-screen re-creation of the merciless 1970s rivalry between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Fri 27 Sept 6pm & 8.30pm, Sat 28 Sept 6pm & 8.30pm, Sun 29 Sept 6pm & 8.30pm, Mon 30 Sept 6pm & 8.30pm, Tues 1 Oct 6pm & 8.30pm, Wed 2 Oct 6pm & 8.30pm

Sunday October 13


(PG) 106 mins Adventure/Family/Fantasy (Contains violence & coarse language) In order to restore their dying safe haven, the son of Poseidon and his friends embark on a quest to the Sea of Monsters to find the mythical Golden Fleece while trying to stop an ancient evil from rising. Fri 27 Sept 3.20pm & 8.30pm, Sat 28 Sept 3.10pm & 8.30pm, Sun 29 Sept 3.10pm & 8pm, Mon 30 Sept 3.10pm & 8.30pm, Tues 1 Oct 3.10pm & 8.30pm, Wed 2 Oct 3.10pm & 8.30pm

ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US (PG) 92 mins Documentary/Music (Contains coarse language)

A look at Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry’s meteoric rise to fame, from their humble hometown beginnings and competing on the X-Factor, to conquering the world and performing at London’s famed O2 Arena. Fri 27 Sept 2.20pm & 6.30pm, Sat 28 Sept 2.20pm & 6.30pm, Sun 29 Sept 1.20pm & 5.50pm, Mon 30 Sept 2.20pm & 6.30pm, Tues 1 Oct 2.20pm & 6.30pm, Wed 2 Oct 2.20pm & 6.30pm

Your Boutique Cinema and Cafe experience 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin, Ph 366 0330

(M) 131 mins Action/Drama/Thriller (Contains violence & offensive language) While on a tour of the White House with his young daughter, a Capitol policeman springs into action to save his child and protect the president from a heavily armed group of paramilitary invaders. Fri 27 Sept 7.30pm, Sat 28 Sept 7.30pm, Sun 29 Sept 7.30pm, Mon 30 Sept 7.30pm, Tues 1 Oct 7.30pm, Wed 2 Oct 7.30pm

SENIORS MORNINGS & BRING BABY TOO *free morning tea with ticket purchase* ***Bring the Grandchildren this week***

Mon 30 Sept Tues 1 Oct

10am 10.20am 10.40am 10am 10.20am 10.40am

Turbo (G), Planes (G), The Smurfs 2 (G) Turbo (G), Planes (G), The Smurfs 2 (G)

Bring Baby Too Sorry, no sessions during school holidays 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin. Ph 366 0330


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, September 27, 2013

Club to ride in 20th year celebration Graham Egles. Present coordinator Kiaran King said like any club there have been some ups and downs during the branch’s time but at the present time there are approximately 55 active members, with the membership steadly growing. ‘‘If any of you past members are out there, we’d love to catch up.’’ he said. He said for the branch it is a milestone — 20-years of companionship for people who have a love of motorcycles and motorcycling. The club organises rides and trips throughout the country. Mr King said, for instance, last weekend several riders attended a ride for suicide prevention in Taranaki. They take part in many fundraising events and rides, including the Wellington free ambulance fundraiser. The branch meet on the first Thursday of each month. Even months are at the Otaki RSA,

It was 20-years ago . . . sounds like the start of a Beatles song and for the members of the Kapiti Ulysses members it is a sign of decades of enjoyable riding since the song first hit the charts. On Friday October 11, the Kapiti branch will celebrate 20 years since the branch held their first official meeting in the Jubilee Hotel in Otaki. At the time Ulysses members living in Horowhenua and Kapiti either travelled to Palmerston North or Wellington for branch meetings and a group of members decided that there was enough members locally to warrant applying to the central committee, then based in Hawkes Bay, to establish a local branch. At 7pm, the meeting started with the election of a committee, Peter Franklin elected as coordinator, others elected were, Linda Thompson, Andy Cummings, Les Mortimer and

uneven months at Waikanae Hotel. ‘‘Our celebrations will be centred around the Otaki Social Riders Club on State Highway 1 just north of Otaki township — look out for the black Ulysses flags.There is room for camping and campervans on the site.’’ he said. The agenda is as follows: Friday October 11 — evening get together at about 7pm to 7.30pm; Saturday — coffee at 10am, followed by tree planting and birthday cake cutting, then two rides are planned, one shorter for people who have time constraints and a longer one for those who don’t. Later at 7pm dinner will be served and the party will start. Any past, present or potential members are invited to attend.


HOME AFTER A DAY IN THE SADDLE: Ulysses Kapiti branch coordinator Kiaran King is gearing up for the branch’s 20th anniversary and he is looking forward to catching up with past members at their celebrations.

■ For further information contact Keith Heginbotham 06 364 5549 or Kathy Ellis 04 902 1770.

Club working on model of Levin and Shannon railway yards Levin Railway club members are on the brink of finishing a major project, a scale model of the Levin and Shannon railway yards. Club secretary Sue Wilke said all credit must go to the small group of dedicated club members who have put in a huge amount of time and effort and helped fund the project.

$154,000 Barry Osborne 027 232 7449 WEB ID: LEV2451547

2 1 1

$249,000 Jonathan Bentham 027 273 8269 WEB ID: LEV2426927

Family home with private outdoor living, all the work has been done.

$169,000 Barry Osborne 027 232 7449 WEB ID: LEV2298543

3 1 2

1 Heatherlea East Rd, Levin

24 Arapaepae Road, Levin Needs work, but huge potential. 4 bedroom home on 2023m²

232 Cambridge Street, Levin

37 Mckenzie Street, Levin

16 Parker Avenue All day sun. Low maintenance. Studio / sleep-out and conservatory.

amazing to watch the two yards take shape over the months, each tree, house and associated building, all carefully made by hand and placed in the right position. ‘‘A lot of research has gone into it, old photos have been studied to make sure everything is in the right place and to scale,’’ she said. With an eye for detail the builders have included the news

She said once completed the layout will give both locals and visitors to the district a ‘small’ look at what the yards and the surrounding buildings looked like during the 1950s and 60s. Visitor numbers to the club, based in the old courthouse at the Levin Rose Gardens, had been steady, however there has been a lot of interest in the new layout. Ms Wilke said it had been


4 1 1

Blueberry Art - so many options, so much to offer. Call today!

$825,000 + GST (IF ANY) Jonathan Bentham 027 273 8269 WEB ID: LEV2418596

This is a lovely home - first time on the market in over 20 years.

$269,000 Gay Leahy 027 224 2829 WEB ID: LEV2398052

1 2

2 1

Family home, huge deck and a bonus of self contained sleep-out

$259,000 Jonathan Bentham 027 273 8269 WEB ID: LEV2408323

Amazing riverstone home - must view!

$369,000 Gay Leahy 027 224 2829 WEB ID: LEV2447415

Conservatory, workshop, two garden sheds, heat pump

2 2

$259,000 Gay Leahy 027 224 2829 WEB ID: LEV2472013


31 Argyle Avenue, Levin 4 1 1

Low maintenance brick home, north facing conservatory & private garden

$268,000 Jonathan Bentham 027 273 8269 WEB ID: LEV2359689

to see what other clubs are working on. One annual trip that is always popular is the Taupo hobby expo. ‘‘We try to get up to the Taupo, now that is a lot of fun and it caters for all hobbies.’’ She said. Again these school holidays the club will have a layout operating in the Levin Shopping Mall, club members looking after the layout during the day will be able to answer any questions.

12a Sussex Street, Levin

251 Wallace Road, Levin 3

27 Bowen Street, Levin 4

stand that once stood on the platform of Levin station. Ms Wilke said like a lot of clubs they are always on the lookout for new members, and encouraged anyone with an interest in rail to attend one of their club nights which are held each Wednesday at 7.30pm. While there is a lot happening within the club, they do get away every now and again. Club members travel to other centres

3 1 1

626 Queen Street, Levin All the basics are covered, just needs a few cosmetic touches

3 1

BY NEGOTIATION Jonathan Bentham 027 273 8269 WEB ID: LEV2289933


3 1 1

1.00-1.30pm 57 Arapaepae Rd, Levin

1.00-1.30pm 12a Sussex Street, Levin

1.45-2.15pm 626 Queen Street, Levin

32 Heather Street, Levin

3 Norfolk Street, Levin Wanted: SOLD sign!


$149,000 Cher McCartney 022 060 8134 WEB ID:LEV2270877

1 1

Tidy, low maintenance home and already has good long-term tenants

$149,000 Cher McCartney 022 060 8134 WEB ID: LEV2426927

265A Oxford Street, Levin Phone: 06 367 0820

81 Denton Road, Levin 3 1 2

Well presented four bedroom home on 2.2838ha piece of heaven

$569,000 Cher McCartney 022 060 8134 WEB ID: LEV2386667

52a Keepa Street, Levin 4 2 2

Well presented, low maintenance. 490m² section with off-street parking.

$199,000 Cher McCartney 022 060 8134 WEB ID: LEV2465251


2.30-3.00pm 27 Bowen Street, Levin

1+ View these properties and more at PGG Wrightson Real Estate Ltd, Real Estate Agent, REAA 2008

Friday, September 27, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle



Cnr Main & Clyde Streets FOXTON 06 363 0022

Property Brokers Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

Own this grand old lady

WEB ID FTU32376 FOXTON BEACH 3 Watchorn Place If you are looking for a special project look no further. This grand old lady was reported to have been moved to this private section in a cul de sac many years ago. All of the rooms are spacious and there is plenty of storage in the garage. She is ready for a new owner to restore her to her former glory. This lovely home is surrounded by mature trees and the rear garden is so private. The privacy, warmth and family feel make this a fantastic property to own.

Two Properties - One price


Lynsey Vining

Mobile 027 450 7698 Office 06 363 0036 Home 06 363 5596


Lyn Vining


Mobile 027 436 7596 Office 06 363 0032 Home 06 363 5596


Winter Retreat

WEB ID FTU31315 FOXTON BEACH 18 Shortt Street Tired of the rat race?? What could be more relaxing than a stroll along the estuary, a few hours fishing and evenings spent snuggled up beside a cosy fire. Look no further for this bargain buy of a 2-bedroom cottage only one street back from the estuary. No traffic lights, no parking meters just a leisurely pace of life. Enjoy breakfast on the sheltered sunny patio. This cute cottage is a must to view so call Lyn or Lynsey now!!


Lyn Vining

Mobile 027 436 7596 Office 06 363 0032 Home 06 363 5596

Lynsey Vining

Mobile 027 450 7698 Office 06 363 0036 Home 06 363 5596

2 1 1

WEB ID FTU30968 FOXTON BEACH 26 Linklater Avenue This property has it all. A cute Bach with lots of places for the children to explore. A Studio Unit, mature gardens and is well fenced with hedges. But wait there is more! The section has been subdivided and this provides great potential for building a new dwelling or it could be developed and sold. Want more ? This property is within minutes of the Foxton Estuary and Boat Club facilities. Call Lyn now to discuss the opportunities 06 363 0032 or view on


Lyn Vining

Mobile 027 436 7596 Office 06 363 0032 Home 06 363 5596

Lynsey Vining

Mobile 027 450 7698 Office 06 363 0036 Home 06 363 5596

2 1 1


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, September 27, 2013


1 Bristol Street Levin 06 366 0880

Property Brokers Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

Bring us an Offer! RV $220,000

Owner has commitments elsewhere


WEB ID LU32326 BRING US LEVIN 211 Cambridge Street VIEW Sunday 29 Sep 1.00 - 1.30pm The owners will consider all offers! This 3/4 bedroom home with large downstairs rumpus/hobby room with toilet is just waiting for a new family. The open plan kitchen/dining room open to a west facing conservatory and adjoining good sized lounge, elevated for views and all day sun.This home is in a great location, zoned for Fairfield School. There is a Debby Turner garage /workshop and carport. An interior make-over Mobile 021 617 482 Office 06 366 0663 will add value. Great buying here - bring the family. Home 06 368 9400 Owners motivated and ready to go



3 1 2

WEB ID LU32656 LEVIN 3 Collingwood Street VIEW Sunday 29 Sep 1.00 - 1.30pm Near new roof, ceiling batts, kitchen(with excellent chattels-stove plus dishwasher), bathroom, laundry, the lists goes on. Murray Doreen If your family is seeking a warm three bedroom(all of Mobile 027 490 4773 good sizes), dining area, 2 sitting room areas, with a Office 06 366 0662 Home 06 367 3556 woodburner with wetback, double garaging, fully fenced easy-care grounds, so as you can all lead your lives without worrying too much about upkeep and maintenance, then you must check this very nice Margrit Searle Mobile 027 455 7706 property out. Office 06 366 0661


3 1 2

Quiet, sunny & awaiting your touch

Priced perfect in Petticoat Lane


WEB ID LU31878 SHANNON 15 Petticoat Lane View By Appointment 2/3 bedrooms, timber flooring and furnishing throughout. Lovely bathroom and kitchen. Re-wired. Single garage and additional carport. Insulated in ceiling, under floor and walls. Fireplace gives off good heat. Fully fenced section with views of Ruapehu. Good flow throughout and great for entertaining indoors and out. Ideal for a weekend retreat or full time living in a tranquil relaxed setting.

Michael Utting

Mobile 021 675 721 Office 06 366 0881 Home 06 368 3372


2/ 1 1

WEB ID LU32589 BEO LEVIN 3B Broadbelt Grove VIEW Sunday 29 Sep 3.15 - 3.45pm This 2 bedroom home has great views of the Tararua's and attracts all day sun. Situated back from the street, with single garaging. A blank canvas inside the house gives you the opportunity to create as you like and to put your mark on what could be a well presented home in a nice, quiet street. Priced right for selling. Call me today to view.


2 Michael Utting

Mobile 021 675 721 Office 06 366 0881 Home 06 368 3372

1 1

Friday, September 27, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle



1 Bristol Street Levin 06 366 0880

Property Brokers Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

Wanting space?

Popular family location



Lifestyle and character

Do the sums!

$219,000 WEB ID LU32624 $259,000 WEB ID LU31425 $390,000 WEB ID LL31946 $179,000 WEB ID LU32418 LEVIN LEVIN LEVIN LEVIN 36-38 Weraroa Road 76 Parker Avenue 100 Potts Road, RD1 135 Liverpool Street Just listed and ready for a new family to Close to town, schools and college. Perfect If my vendors could take their home with Here's a great opportunity to add to your 3 4 3 3 move into straight away. This lovely if you're looking for space outdoors for the them, they would. Renovated to a high current rental portfolio, or even get into character home has three big bedrooms, family. All fully fenced and safe for the kids standard, walk straight into this gorgeous the rental market. Tenants keen to stay. two living areas, tidy kitchen, modern and pets. 4 bedrooms, modern kitchen home and enjoy the peace and lifestyle this •3 bedroom house with double garage, 1 1 2 1 rural property on 6,070m2 has to offer. tenant paying $250 p/w bathroom, two toilets, single garage and with large gas oven and dishwasher. 3 car •Separate self contained flat, tenant paying carport. An ideal property for a growing garaging. family. $150 p/w 1 3 2 2 VIEW Sunday 29 Sep 1.45 - 2.15pm VIEW Sunday 29 Sep 12.15 - 12.45pm Debby Turner 021 617 482

Where town meets country

View By Appointment

Debby Turner 021 617 482

Debby Turner 021 617 482

5.06 ha so close to town

Executive Home



Debby Turner 021 617 482

To live on Lakewood

BEO $295,000 WEB ID LU32546 BEO $495,000 WEB ID LL32657 $395,000 WEB ID LU31914 BEO $495,000 WEB ID LU31554 LEVIN LEVIN LEVIN LEVIN 17 Kimberley Road 51 Roslyn Road 2 Easton Way 7 Lakewood Grove This delightful, immaculate, This property has all the ingredients and Designed for a quality and private lifestyle Rarely does a property in this prestigious 3 4 4 3 well-maintained property is a property you elements to provide your children with the this engaging brick and cedar residence sits location come onto the market. Situated must not overlook. The vendors have ultimate healthy lifestyle. Why not on a 824sqm stunning section. Offering on over an acre, in town, this open thought of everything to ensure that the easy-care property gives one a sense of throwaway the materialistic lifestyle and open plan kitchen/living + formal lounge 1 2 2 2 new owners are able to enjoy this home living in the country. chase the good life? Orchards, vege and dining. The master bedroom has views after a busy week. It really does lend itself to numerous gardens, chickens, lambs, calves? to the Tararuas. opportunities. 3+ 2 2 3 VIEW Sunday 29 Sep 1.00 - 1.30pm Margrit 027 455 7706 Murray 027 490 4773

No more chasing your tail

Murray 027 490 4773 Margrit 027 455 7706

Nature surrounds

Murray 027 490 4773 Margrit 027 455 7706

Priced to Sell

Murray 027 490 4773 Margrit 027 455 7706

Private paradise

WEB ID LL31976 $127,000 WEB ID LU31968 WEB ID LL32118 BEO $595,000 WEB ID LU31972 BEO $295,000 $459,000 LEVIN LEVIN LEVIN LEVIN 321 Arapaepae South Road 262 Lindsay Road 11 Linley Place 18-20 Graham Street Step out of the hustle and bustle of your This lifestyle property is a lifestyle indeed. If you are looking for an affordable 2 This beautifully presented home is well 4 4 2 3 busy life and treat yourself to a more Offering so much for those who desire to bedroom property close to town then look maintained and tastefully decorated cruisey lifestyle amongst mans best friends. live in a tranquil setting and enjoy the no further. throughout. Currently being run as kennels. good life. With approx. 11.52 acres of With a recently painted exterior, easy care Featuring three good sized bedrooms, 2 2 1 1 Located on approx. three quarter acre with fertile pasture. There is a 4 bedroom home back yard, garage, recently replaced carpet spacious kitchen with HUGE pantry, large amazing unobstructed views to the and 1 bedroom guest annexe. and tidy presentation this property ticks bathroom, 2nd toilet. There is also a Tararua's. plenty of boxes. swimming pool to enjoy in the warmer 3 2 1 months View By Appointment Murray 027 490 4773 Margrit 027 455 7706

Margrit 027 455 7706 Murray 027 490 4773

Investors or first home

Live in the dream



Angela Pilgrim 021 447 871

Ticks All The Boxes

Angela Pilgrim 021 447 871

Vendor says Sell

WEB ID LU28776 $139,000 WEB ID LU32754 WEB ID LU32742 ENQUIRIES OVER $185,000 WEB ID LU32000 BEO162,000 $125,000 LEVIN LEVIN SHANNON SHANNON 16 Grand Street 40 Clapham Street 5 Perth Street 2 Duke Street This sharply priced property is an excellent 2 bedrooms, single garage, warm and 3 bedrooms, single garage, warm and Motivated vendor and priced right for this 3 2 3 2 opportunity to secure your first home or inviting - this gorgeous home is situated inviting, this great home is ideal for a market. grow your investment portfolio. A within walking distance to town and really family or somebody looking to buy as a This gorgeous two bedroom home has delightfully sunny home with 3 bedrooms, has that wow factor. Established gardens, rental. Good tenant currently occupying been remodelled and freshened up for 1 1 1 1 open plan lounge and cosy wood burner. great for entertaining indoor and out. the property. Buy today and move in or let sale. Featuring double garaging, fully Fully fenced and has a spacious back yard. Well presented and warm, with a heat the current tenants pay off your mortgage. fenced back yard and plenty of space and privacy. pump. 1 1 2 VIEW Sunday 29 Sep 3.30 - 4.00pm Don't miss out, call me to view. VIEW Sunday 29 Sep 2.30 - 3.00pm Angela Pilgrim 021 447 871

Michael Utting 021 675 721

Michael Utting 021 675 721

Michael Utting 021 675 721


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, September 27, 2013

OPEN HOMES OPEN HOUSE Sunday 29th September 2013 LEVIN $188,000 28 MacArthur Street 2 bedroom - tidy $279,000 36 Argyle Avenue Modern home $138,000 4 Merton Place Tidy brick townhouse, walk to town $209,000 26 Charles Street 3 bedroom renovator $169,000 11 Quinn Road Family home $220,000 44 Featherston Street Terrific family home $165,000 29 Cargill Street Great starter $325,000 5 Tainui Street Price Reduced! Top Location!

Sun 1.00-1.40pm Sun 1.00-1.45pm Sun 1.00-1.45pm Sun 2.00-2.40pm Sun 2.00-2.45pm Sun 2.00-2.45pm Sun 3.00-3.45pm

11.30-12.00 37 Bowen Street, Levin Immac new ktch décor deck 3db brm lge gge $189,000

Sun 3.00-3.30pm

12.15-12.45 605 Queen Street, Levin Tidy 2 db brm updated kitchn conservatory $177,000

RURAL/LIFESTYLE $575,000 54 Waihou Road What a cracker! PBN 346 Kawiu Road Country elegance on 5822m2 $620,000 36 Claremont Rise Modern 4 bdrm home on 4940m2

29th September 2013

11.30-12.15 866 Hokio Beach Road, Levin $183,000 3 Bedrooms, double garage, woodburner

Sun 1.00-1.45pm

12.45-1.15 582 Queen Street, Levin Xfactor big living s/room 2 lg brm + more $210,000

Sun 2.30-3.30pm

1.00-1.30 3 Brms, fully fenced, carport

Sun 1.00-2.00pm

1.00-1.30 91a Parker Avenue, Levin 3Brm lge living areas new kitchen dbl gge $245,000

138 Tiro Tiro Road, Levin $129,000

1.30-2.00 129 Bartholomew Road, Levin Great package - fab 3brm house + s/c flat $250,000 1.30-2.00 3 Brm 2 living handy to town

15 Manchester Street, Levin $298,000

1.45-2.15 4 Brm family home, real value

7 Meadowvale Drive, Levin $187,000

2.00-2.30 44 Bartholomew Road, Levin 3Brm o/plan living low maint construction $215,000 2.15-2.45 1 St Annes Street, Levin Brick fab décor new kitchen 2brms+studio $229,500 2.30-3.00 3 Brm character home, reduced to sell

OPEN HOMES Open Home Times: Sunday 29th September 2013 Foxton 20 Harbour Street


12:30pm 1:00pm

15 Jenks Street


1:15pm 1:45pm

41 Coley Street


1:15pm 1:45pm

14 Hillary Street


2:00pm 2:30pm

264 Motuiti Road


3:30pm 4:00pm

19 Linklater Avenue


1:15pm 1:45pm

5 Robbie Street


2:00pm 2:30pm

5 Palmer Road


2:45pm 3:15pm

Himatangi Beach B/23 Kauwhata Street


2:15pm 2:45pm

22 Weld Street


11:00am 11:30am

21a Kings Drive


12:00pm 12:30pm

30 Prouse Street


12:00pm 12:30pm

36-38 Weraroa Road


12:15pm 12:45pm

2 Easton Way


1:00pm 1:30pm


211 Cambridge Street

Bring us an offer 1:00pm 1:30pm

3 Collingwood Street


1:00pm 1:30pm

76 Parker Avenue


1:45pm 2:15pm

137A and B Bartholomew Road $239,000

2:00pm 2:30pm 2:00pm 2:30pm

2/24a Tasman Street


3 Dunbar Street

Under RV - $160,000 2:30pm 3:00pm

2 Duke Street

Enquiries Over $185,000 2:30pm 3:00pm

1 Kirkcaldie Grove


3:00pm 3:30pm

14 Armagh Street


3:00pm 3:30pm

3B Broadbelt Grove

BEO $139,000

3:15pm 3:45pm


3:30pm 4:00pm

5 Perth Street

Waikawa Beach 26 Sarah Street

BEO $280,000

2:30pm 3:00pm

2.30-3.00 4 Brm, large living, new kitchen

5 Oriel Place, Levin $259,000 13 Avon Street, Levin $285,000

3.00-3.30 12 Glen Street, Levin Updated kitchen & bthrm 3 brms dbl gge $255,000 3.45-4.15 21 Cornwall Street, Levin Tidy 3brm, GV $190k, Vendor wants sold OFFERS

Rural Open Homes

1.00-2.00 112 McLeavey Road, Ohau 3Brm home 5 car gge tunnel house 2.6ha $449,000 2.30-3.30 428 Waitarere Beach Road, Waitarere Beach 3 Brm, large sheds, 2500m² $265,000

28th September 2013 1.00-1.30 3 Brms, brick, gge

Youth need better job presentation skills By FRANKIE WEBB When Levin Universal College of learning closed some years ago lecturer Vicki Timpson believed a gap was left. ‘‘Young people need a simple life skill like how to present for a job interview,’’ the fashion, health and beauty lecturer said. ‘‘It’s about confidence and self esteem. If you look good, you feel good.’’ She is offering a short block course during school holidays at Te Takere. ‘‘I’m holding two introductory courses to test the water. If there is the demand I believe is there, I will expand to offer a term time course on Wednesday evenings.’’ Girls from six to 18 years old will be catered for. ‘‘Workshops cover healthy eating, speech, skin care and of course fashion,’’ course director Vicki said. Make up skills are included in workshops for the older girls. ‘‘By the end of it, the girls will have been prepped to the point they are confident to step out on our catwalk looking and feeling the best they possibly can.’’ Course dates are October 2 and 9, contact Vicki Timpson, phone 362-6700, for more information.


Vicki Timpson, former Levin UCOL lecturer in fashion, health and beauty believes young Horowhenua woman are missing out on jobs because they don’t know how to present themselves.

New fish season looks promising Thousands of anglers around the country are getting set to turn out for the opening of the new sports fishing season on Tuesday and the Wellington region will be no exception. Fish and Game Wellington regional manager Phil Teal said the summer drought and relatively dry winter have seen trout feeding, rather than avoiding the winter freshes. ‘‘Recent monitoring has also shown healthy numbers of trout in the rivers, and their condition’s good, so prospects are looking great,’’ he said. ‘‘Recent rains will have freshened things up but most rivers should be running clear relatively quickly.’’ Mr Teal notes that one significant step this year was the relaxing of regulations for the Hutt River from one to two fish per day. Monitoring has shown the trout population to be in ‘‘pretty good shape.’’ He said that although it comes as a

Positive, Practical, Sensible

144 Liverpool Street, Levin $169,000

1.45-2.15 11 Kinross Street, Levin SAT 3 Brms, 2 living, gge + carport $169,000

surprise to some, the Hutt River is ‘‘a great trout fishery with excellent access which runs through a major population centre. Anglers have dubbed the river the coolest little Capital trout fishery in the world.’’ He said there’s also some excellent fishing to be had in the Ruamahanga, Rangitikei, and Manawatu catchments, within an hour’s drive of major population centres in the lower North Island. ‘‘Wellington, Wairarapa, Kapiti Coast, and Manawatu have some fantastic trout fishing opportunities right on the doorstep — and a growing reputation for quality river fishing.’’ Mr Teal said it is becoming more of a tradition to go fishing on opening day and he wouldn’t be surprised if a few anglers took a ‘sickie’ on Tuesday to take advantage of the promising conditions. ‘‘We don’t advocate pulling a sickie, but however you manage the time off, it’s certainly a good opportunity to reduce the stress levels from work, and from watching the America’s Cup.’’ ■ The sports fishing season starts on October 1 and runs through until end of April for most rivers — with extended seasons in several rivers and lakes. A sports fishing licence is required which is valid for the whole of New Zealand except Taupo. Licences can be bought online from Fish and Game Click on ‘licences’ top right of the homepage, or Sportsworld in Levin.

Cnr Oxford & Queen Streets, Levin

Contact: (06) 367 9333


Ross Brannigan for

Council – Kere Kere Ward Authorised by Ross Brannigan 2 Hart Street, Foxton Beach.


FISHING SEASON: The new sports fishing season has anglers excited.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle



Shirley Meredith, left, and Mavis Buckingham perform the opening day honours at Levin Women’s Bowling Club.

Rain delays bowls season start lvn270913splcycling

FOCUSSED: As the timing clock ticks down the only thing on the riders mind is the start.

Caution as race readies By PETER FRANKLIN

With more than 900 students expected to take part in the Sir Bernard Ferguson time trial on Saturday organisers and police are urging drivers to be extremely careful in the area of Koputaroa Road and State Highway 1 today for the second official practice and Saturday for the time trial.

More than 160 teams of riders will be coming to take part in the annual event from around the country. However, traffic safety is a priority for both organisers and police. The teams will be starting at Koputaroa School and will do the loop along Koputaroa Road onto State Highway 1 and left back onto

Koputaroa Road. Throughout the racing marshalls will be placed at strategic points to monitor race progress and traffic. Organisers are asking anyone planning to drive in the area of the race during Saturday to take extreme care. The event has been a main annual feature for secondary school cyclists for 45 years.

Heavy rain at the weekend forced the abandonment of any play on the Levin Women’s Bowling Club opening day for the new season but spirits were not deterred. A large number of members met at the club premises on Saturday to celebrate the event. The green was nearly totally inundated but it was possible to find one dry rink where newlyappointed Life Member Mavis Buckingham and Patron Shirley Meredith, were able to roll up the jack and first bowl for the year and declare the season open. The first event for the players this season was the centre pennants which was played at Waikanae Beach on Tuesday, unfortunately no wins were


The Levin Women’s Bowling Club was a mini lake on opening day. secured but it was agreed it is early in the season and the best is yet to come. The first tournament for the year is the Westpac-sponsored women’s triples gala to be held on October 4.

Council supports TV takeback With only a few days to go before TV goes digital in Horowhenua, the TV Take Back initiative is proving a success, with 300 TVs collected for recycling in the past five weeks. Government launched the TV TakeBack programme to assist in the safe dispose of your unwanted TV. TVs contain materials like lead that are hazardous to the environment and health, so they shouldn’t be dumped in landfills or into the environment but recycled responsibly. TVs left for recycling are taken to national facilities where they are taken apart. Components are recycled locally, or sent to specialist facilities overseas. Horowhenua District Council’s solid waste engineer Tony Parsons is pleased with the number of TVs recycled. ‘‘With TVs containing many hazardous components, we would much

prefer they are recycled, rather than being dumped in landfills,’’ he said. ‘‘It is great to see Horowhenua residents taking advantage of the TV Takeback scheme to dispose of their old TVs safely,’ said Mr Parsons. Even though some of the materials recovered can be sold, this does not cover the full cost of recycling. The recycled material has a variety of uses. Copper from around the electron gun can be recycled into new products. Wire that sits around the front of the screen is high grade iron that can to be recycled into metal goods, such as nails, nuts and bolts. ■ Visit for more about recycling unwanted TVs and convenient local drop-off points. For more information about local options, phone Horowhenua District Council 366-0999.


RESIDENTIAL Property Brokers Ltd Licensed REAA 2008

Cnr Main & Clyde Streets FOXTON Office 06 363 0022

Just like New


for MidCentral DHB

“A simple and effective health care service” • Patients are at the core • Front line services are crucial and must be revitalised • Attract world class health professionals to deliver our services • Ethics and transparency in everything we do • Improved health through education and engagement

A surgeon in our community for over 30 years, N. Manoharan developed the Ear, Nose and Throat Department at Palmerston North hospital.

He values your vote in electing him to the MidCentral DHB. Authorised by N. Manoharan 150 Grey Street, Palmerston North

WEB ID FTU32043 FOXTON 15 Jenks Street VIEW Sunday 29 Sep 1.15 - 1.45pm This 3 bedroom home has had extensive work with new plumbing, wiring, insulation and almost completely rebuilt. The garage has an auto door opener and internal access so as to shelter you from the wind and rain. Once inside relax in the lounge or prepare the evening meal on the huge gas cooker while talking with your family from the central work Jo Davenport bench. You will enjoy the openness, light and warmth. Mobile 027 319 7088 The bathroom and kitchen are both modern. The 3 Office 06 363 0035 bedrooms are neutrally decorated. Home 06 363 7226


3 1 1


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, September 27, 2013

The home of amazing and unique storage idea All Linus Pantry ry Storage Orga Organisers

w from $11.999 Now

All Madesmart S Storage Organisers

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All Linus Fridge Organisers Now from $11.99

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York Wire Stacking Basket

4 Tier Adjustable Spice Rack

072070 Usually $24.99 Now $19.99

York Wire Under Shelf Basket

012159 Usually $34.99 Now $29.99

072067 Usually $24.99 Now $19.99

Large Basket 072061 Usually $34.99 Corner Basket 072063 Usually $39.99 Mirror w/Hook 072052 Usually $29.99 Squeegee 072080 Usually $14.99

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Glam Cotton and Ear Bud Organisers

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168 Rangitikei St, Palmerston Nth Ph 356 4794

4 Drawer Organiser 072233 Usually $49.99 9 Lipstick Holder 072234 Usually $8.49 Deluxe Organiser 072195 Usually $39.99 12 Lipstick Holder 072129 Usually $9.99

Featherston St

Plastic Box Grey St

Glam Acrylic Cosmetic Organisers D 072286 Usually $24.99 E 072290 Usually $14.99 F 072194 Usually $39.99

53 Wilson St, Wanganui Ph 348 0151


Medical Organisers

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Prices valid Wednesday 25th September until Sunday 6th October 2013

Acrylic Drawer Organisers Sizes: Small and Large Square, Small and Medium Rectangle 077879-82 Usually up to $10.99

FREE CAR PARKING OPEN 7 DAYS *Accessories & Props not included.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle


References vital for defining language By PEARL FORSTER and Michael Dally If language defines a people then clearly it is important to have a register, or reference work, where everyone can look up the meanings of the words — and expressions — they use to communicate. The French — who seem to take such matters seriously — took 40 years to tabulate the first dictionary of their language. It went by the impressive name of Le Dictionnaire de L’Acade´mie Franc¸aise and was published in 1694. They weren’t the first nation to do so with the honour going to the Italians, who gave their dictionary an even grander title, the Vocabulario delgi Accademici


PROFITABLE: Samuel Johnson’s 1755 dictionary was a best seller.

della Crusca. It was first published in 1612. It was not until 1746 that a group of London publishers at last woke up to the fact a dictionary might be a good seller, a way of boosting their sales (and profits). They avoided using academics to do the job. It was surmised they would probably take years arguing over the semantics and interpretations of every word. Instead, they turned to a rather scruffy journalist with a reputation for being scintillating, a ‘‘writer who had a way with words’’. The publishers had in mind a ‘‘quick job’’. They chose well — and paid well. Samuel Johnson received the then outrageous sum of 1500 guineas (about half a million of today’s dollars) to put together a ‘proper’ dictionary. Up until then, glossaries of foreign or technical words were the only lexicons available. The publishers saw the need for a dictionary of English words and their meanings in common usage. As the son of a bookseller, Johnson knew what the book-buying public wanted, and therefore, what would sell well — humour. Not for Samuel Johnson some drybones old academic tome, full of dreary definitions. Make ‘em laugh may have been his motto. So he and his assistants spent the next nine years compiling 42,000 of what they considered the most significant words making up the language at that time. Published in 1755, The First Dictionary of the English Language was an instant hit and best seller. It led to numerous reprints and editions. The publishers were delighted with Samuel’s efforts and more delighted with their profits. Outside the grubby world of private enterprise, even the grand institution of Oxford University was impressed and the boffins bestowed their prestigious honour of Master of Arts on the now, not-sohumble journalist. Samuel Johnson was invited to speak at various notables dinner parties and

Aquatic Rush School Holiday Programme What’s on? 30th September – 11 October 2013 Every Weekday 1.00pm –3.00pm


Face Painting Sack Races Water Polo


Junior Aqua Obstacle course Kayaking


Face Painting Snorkeling Gladiators


Treasure hunt Water Boy Mini Top Town


Face Painting Sausage Sizzle $1 Water slide


WEEK TWO COST: GENERAL ADMISSION *CHILDREN UNDER 8 YEARS MUST BE ACTIVLEY SUPERVISED BY A CAREGIVER 16 YEARS OR OVER Adult $5.00 Children (Under 15) $3.50 Preschool $2.50 Senior $3.50 Student $4.00 Beneficiary $4.00 Spectators FREE

Face Painting Snorkeling Gladiators

Give us a clue Obstacle course Water polo

Face Painting Water Boy Kayaking

Junior Aqua Sack Races Mini Top Town

Face Painting Sausage Sizzle $1 Window Painting

Ph. 06 368 0070

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they always enjoyed a laugh with their meals. So there stood the tall, stout, stooped celebrity — disfigured by tuberculosis and smallpox in childhood — twirling and twisting his hands and fingers as he spoke. He rolled his head and grunted (probably from Tourette’s syndrome) and enjoyed the kindly name of Ursa Major or Great Bear, given to him by friends. Being famous and funny can open all sorts of doors and even the Irish, who also enjoy a laugh at times, honoured a now great man when the University of Dublin bestowed a doctorate on Samuel Johnson. Together with some of his new-found friends, Doctor Johnson established an exclusive club (The Club) and invited such well-known personalities Joshua Reynolds (painter), Oliver Goldsmith (novelist), Edmund Burke (philosopher) David Garrick (actor) and the biographer, James Boswell, to join. This last invitation may have been made with an ulterior motive, for Boswell’s subsequent book, Life of Johnson, also became a bestseller. The doctor of witty sayings, Johnson lived a life which demonstrated that we can all ‘‘live on our wits’’.


WRITER: Samuel Johnson compiled the first dictionary of English.

SOME OF DR JOHNSON’S BEST INTERPRETATIONS Adversity: ‘‘A human state, in which one most easily becomes acquainted with oneself.’’ Capital punishment: ‘‘When a man knows he is to be hanged it concentrates his mind wonderfully.’’ Excuse for one of his mis-definitions: ‘‘Ignorance, pure ignorance.’’ Fishing: ‘‘A stick and a string, with a worm on one end and a fool on the other.’’ Oats: ‘‘A grain which in England is generally given to horses but in Scotland sustains the people.’’ Patriotism: ‘‘The last refuge of a scoundrel.’’ Praise: ‘‘Like gold, it owes its value only to its scarcity.’’ Second marriages: ‘‘The triumph of hope over experience.’’ Women preaching: ‘‘Like a dog walking on just its hind legs it is not done well, but one is surprised to find it done at all.’’ Writing: ‘‘What is written without effort is, in general, read without pleasure.’’

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Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fabulous Foxton Your Choice Your Voice VOTE


Radio Foxton roars again By FRANKIE WEBB Believing a community needs its own voice, the late Ian Little established Radio Foxton more than 21 years ago. Adopting the good Kiwi bloke No 8 wire approach, friend and former Radio New Zealand technician Guy Vincent and Ian converted a disused bus shelter into a fullyfunctioning radio studio within a week.

for Councillor - Kere Kere Ward

I offer myself as a Kere Kere Ward Councillor having served on the Foxton Community Board for the last two terms. I am Foxton born and bred and own a home in Foxton Beach, a place I love to call home. For this next term I believe Council needs to maintain services within existing budgets, keep rates rises in line with inflation, have a clear and transparent forward planning process for essential services, encourage and support new housing, support environmental initiatives and positively promote the district’s tourist activity and new industry. Communication between council and residents is key as residents need a voice and want to be heard. As a local mother and grandmother with a Personal Assistant and Senior Administrator background, I am resilient, respectful and reliable and take an active interest in the community. I offer a no-nonsense honest approach to challenges, positive thinking and common-sense decision making.

Broadcasting House, Wellington was entering the computer age and there was a heap of perfectly good equipment saved from the dump. Ian and Guy secured enough equipment to get several studios up and running, plus spares. On September 1, 1991 Radio Foxton went to air on a temporary three-month licence. It was more than a dream for Ian, who for years had been a volunteer DJ on radio stations throughout the country, including pirate stations. By December, the status stepped up from temporary to permanent. The bus shelter studio was soon outgrown and local David Roache sourced a suitable building in Wellington and delivered Studio 2 to Broadcasting House, Main St, Foxton. By 1993 Studio 2 was bursting at the lvn200813fwmavtech

VOICES FROM THE PAST: Jan Saunders, MAVTECH volunteer is delighted to clear a space for Radio Foxton which should be up and running before Christmas.

seams. Mr Roache knew a local building which would fit the bill as Studio 3. After lifting it over a neighbouring fence, it was installed and continued to be the main studio. In 2008, when Ian died, his wife Chrissy taking control until her death earlier this year. At the time eight volunteers worked the station. The station closed a month later. After more than 21 years on air, the gap left behind was huge and too big to leave for long. Foxton’s Museum of Audio Visual Technology (MAVTECH) has offered Radio Foxton a home and it is expected to be up and running before Christmas. While much information is being kept under wraps, Horowhenua Chronicle believes local businessman and foundation Radio Foxton supporter David Roache has been heavily involved in getting things back on air. ‘‘We’re clearing out a big space for the station to set up,’’ MAVTECH volunteer Jan Saunders said. ‘‘We’re thrilled to have Radio Foxton back.’’

Local government started with wardens By TONY HUNT Local government in Foxton had its beginnings in 1867 with the election of wardens for the Foxton Highway District. Led by Captain Francis Robinson, the five wardens collected rates and administered the work necessary to keep the district roads and drainage up to scratch. The board continued its work until 1883. In 1875, the Foxton Local Board was established and J W Liddell, Dr Rockstrow, A J Whyte, F Loudon and T U Cook were

Authorised by Ngaire Ellwood 24 Forbes Road Foxton Beach

elected. All except Dr Rockstrow were local businessmen. In 1876, Provincial Governments were abolished and county councils established. Foxton was included in the Manawatu County as part of the Awahou Riding. Liddell and E S Thynne, who became the county’s first chairman, were the local representatives. The county also included the Horowhenua area. The early meetings were in Palmerston North and Foxton halls until an office was found in Foxton. The county and local road boards operated simultaneously, so the county clerk was kept busy explaining the dual rating to ratepayers.

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IT COSTS YOU NOTHING TO LOOK FREE DELIVERY IN THE HOROWHENUA Open 7 days | Mon - Fri 9am-5pm | Sat 9am-3pm | Sun 10am-4pm

7-9 Oxford St, Levin Ph: 368 60700 Main St, Foxton Ph: 3663 89119

“we believe we have the lowest storage rates in the area” 116 Purcell Street Foxton 4814

Ph Office 363 8236 A/h 0274 428 050

In 1883, the Foxton Road Board merged with the county. Other changes for the county came when the Oroua and Horowhenua counties were established and in 1888, Foxton became an independent borough with E S Thynne its first mayor. The status was retained until the local body changes in 1988. In 1989, Foxton elected its first community board, as well as two members of the Horowhenua District Council. The longest serving mayors were Mark Perreau, who held office from 1925 to 1944, and Harry Podmore 1944 to 1956. Of the present day members of the community board, Basil Vertongen, David Roach and David Allan have served since its inception.


REMEMBERING: The Reverend Val Barber at Foxton’s All Saints Church with historian Tony Hunt where a window commemorating Captain Francis Robinson will be acknowledged, along with other Foxton pioneers at a special service on All Saints Day, November 3. PHOTO: FRANKIE WEBB

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle


Fabulous Foxton Health centre welcomes new patients By FRANKIE WEBB Foxton and Shannon residents are in the enviable position of having doctors not only taking on new patients but offering appointments within a reasonable time frame. ‘‘Waiting times at Foxton Family Health Centre for non-urgent appointments has been a bit longer than we would like,’’ said Dr Paul Cooper, the health centre’s medical director. ‘‘We feel we are out of the worst of this now.’’ Important developments, including an additional doctor, brings changes for the better at the Health Centre. ‘‘Doctors and nurses have daily appointments allocated for people who need attention on the day and we always endeavour to give same-day appointments for matters that need urgent attention,’’ Dr Cooper said. Dr Aleksandra (Ola) Buhr, a qualified American GP joined the centre in August. She practices two days a week at the Horowhenua Community Practice in Levin. ‘‘If allocated an appointment on the day, a patient may not always be able to see the GP or nurse of their choice, however there are always appointment times available.’’ Dr Cooper said. ‘‘That GP, or nurse, will have access to the patient’s detailed medical records and any follow up or on-going treatment will likely be with the patients regular GP or practice nurse.’’ Foxton Family Health and Raukawa Iwi Medical Services in Shannon are taking new patient enrolments for people living in the area. ‘‘We work as a team to cover the week, this means there may be a wait if patients book consultation with a specific GP, or nurse,’’ said Dr Cooper. ‘‘Patients can choose to wait for an


EXPANDING: Foxton Family Health Centre is taking on new patients with construction of a health centre starting next month. From left are GP and practice clinical lead Dr Paul Cooper, registered nurse Kelly McDonald, GP Dr Aleksandra Buhr, practice manager Christine Harper, administration Briar Roe, registered nurses Nickie Hyndman and Carol Cooper and GP Dr Nelson Nagoor. Absent: Janice Harrington and Mary Lineham. appointment with a specified GP or nurse.’’ In the short-term, the health centre is operating from the Robinson St and Lady’s Mile sites, with work on the new health centre due to begin next month. The Lady’s Mile practice is covering laboratory services, including blood tests, as well as visiting clinicians from the PHO and DHB. It also has Enhanced Care Plus Clinics, along with child



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eczema clinics, counselling, alcohol and drug services, PHO chronic special care nurses for diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory disease and conditions, and smoking cessation coaching. GP, urgent services and some practice nurse clinics are provided from the Robinson St site. A free enrolment helpline is available on 0800 55 56 57, or at the practice.

ALL available for hire, or call the experts,


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LAWYERS For all your conveyancing, family law and estate needs.

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Foxton Community Board

Janine Smart Vote for New Energy

Janine lives at Foxton Beach with her partner John Haverkamp. She is a member of the steering committee responsible for building the new Medical Centre and a Trustee of the Foxton Area Community Medical Trust. Janine has a high-level business background in the Textile Industry with additional experience working in both the economic and business development sectors. She now runs her own consultancy business and is contracted to the New Zealand Olympic Committee as their Uniform Development, Production and Distribution Manager. Her areas of expertise and interest include marketing, business development and community well-being. To these roles she brings exceptional relationship-building, innovation and implementation skills. Janine wants to inject some new, positive energy into the Foxton Community Board to increase its’ credibility and effectiveness and to obtain more positive gains for the Foxton area - including improved community health services, creating more job opportunities and careful scrutiny of all public expenditure. Authorised by Janine Smart, 28 Robbie Street, Foxton Beach


Horowhenua Chronicle

Crown Recognise Mandate In 1988, the first Muaupoko Claim was filed with the Waitangi Tribunal. The Claim become Wai 52. The Wai 52 claim was formally handed over to the Muaupoko Tribal Authority Inc (MTA) in 1999 and to the duly elected Hapu representatives of the MTA and the immediate whanau of the original claimant the late Tamihana Tukapua. Since 1999, the MTA, as the kaitiaki of Wai 52, had been progressing the Claim and more recently, seeking a Mandate from the Muaupoko claimant community inclusive of individuals and hapū of Muaupoko that Wai 52 represents as well as individuals that filed claims with the Waitangi Tribunal. Following the Mandate Vote in December 2012, the MTA received 87% in favour, representing significant cohesion and unity within our people to progress this kaupapa forward. That then initiated a Crown led submissions process on a deed of mandate. We are happy to announce on the 25th September 2013, MTA received full Crown recognition of the MTA’s mandate by a letter jointly signed by the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Hon Christopher Finlayson and Minister of Maori Affairs Hon Dr Pita Sharples. Both Ministers signed the letter and wrote: “We have concluded that the MTA has the support of Muaupoko Iwi and has processes and systems in place to ensure it is appropriately accountable to its claimant community. We are, therefore, pleased to formally recognise the mandate of the MTA to represent Muaupoko in direct Treaty negotiations for the settlement of all the historical Treaty of Waitangi claims of Muaupoko” “We confirm we are happy for members of the Muaupoko claimant community to participate in the Waitangi Tribunal’s Nga Korero Tuku Iho process in parallel with Treaty settlement negotiations” “We acknowledge the hard work that has gone into MTA reaching this stage of Treaty settlement development. We congratulate you on achieving this milestone and look forward to progressing Treaty settlement negotiations with you.” MTA is now working with Minister Finlayson’s Chief Crown Negotiator and officials from the Office of Treaty Settlements on the next phase of the Treaty settlement process, being Terms of Negotiation. MTA would like to acknowledge the late Tamihana Tukapua and others for their dedication and hard work for the betterment of Muaupoko. Stay tuned whanau, we will be organising regular updates such as this, as well as information hui, as we progress this important kaupapa on behalf of the people of Muaupoko.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ngā Kōrero Tuku Iho On the 31st July 2013, the MTA filed a submission in support of Deputy Chief Judge C L Fox and Waitangi Tribunal’s Nga Korero Tuku Iho process. MTA agreed with Judge Fox’s comments the process would benefit direct negotiations as well as it would the Tribunal’s process. Now that the MTA has received a Crown Recognised Mandate, including both Minister’s endorsement of the Nga Korero Tuku Iho process, MTA will be contacting its Hapū and claimant community soon. The Ngā Kōrero Tuku Iho hui process will provide the opportunity for claimants to present oral and traditional evidence, a process MTA strongly supported during our mandate campaign as a real opportunity for the people of Muaupoko to tell the Muaupoko story.

Muaūpoko Hui Rangatahi E ngā rangatira mō āpōpō, tēnā koutou katoa. He karanga tēnei kia āhei te hunga rangatahi nō Muaūpoko ki a ia anō, arā, “Whakahono Kia Tū Kaha Muaūpoko.” On behalf of the Muaūpoko Tribal Authority (MTA). We are hosting our third Muaūpoko Hui Rangatahi during the coming School Holidays (Monday 7th – 10th Thursday October 2013).

Heart Health Check Targeting YOU! MTA alongside Kai mahi of PHO are inviting all the Whanau to come along and get your heart, BP Glucose Check and basically help fix our Tinana so we can enjoy our lives longer. FREE FREE FREE, awesome environment and lovely Kai Mahi. WHAT: Heart Health Check WHEN: Thursday 31st October 2013 TIME: 10.00 am – 2.30 pm WHERE: Muaūpoko Tribal Authority Office 306 Oxford Street, Levin Nau mai haere mai

Horowhenua Junior Softball Free registration 5-10 years old Bring a glove if you have one WHAT: Junior Softball Muster WHEN: Saturday 28th September WHERE: Playford Park, Softball Diamond

The intention of our hui is to: • Connect Muaūpoko Rangatahi with each other and their Tūrangawaewae • Enhance Muaūpoko Rangatahi knowledge and understanding of Muaūpoko identity and culture • Strengthen the design of the Muaūpoko Education and Te Reo Strategy by including Rangatahi voices. Due to health and safety reasons we can only accept 40 Rangatahi max on the programme. You must register and pay a registration cost of $5.00 per person. Registration and Authorisation Forms can be picked up from the MTA Office.

Te Reo.

For further information, please contact Candyce Taylor on Ph. 06 367 3311 or email Whanau don’t sit back and wait! First 40 registrations with payments will be accepted. Ngā mihi, nā Mahanga and Maia Williams Project Coordinators Muaūpoko Education & Te Reo Strategy Ph. 06 367 5952 Cell 027 243 3561

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Whakawhanaungatanga (Team Building).

Taonga Puoro.


Friday, September 27, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle


Contribution honoured By NEIL ANDERSON


SELECTED: It’s a great feeling to have been picked to play for New Zealand for the second time.

YOUNG PLAYER GETS RETURN CALL Sixteen-year-old Himiona Henare is off to face the Aussies during the school holidays with the New Zealand under 17 touch squad. ‘‘I’m really looking forward to it,’’ Henare said. Henare will fly to Auckland on Friday October 4 and join the other 14 members of the touring squad. While they will only play in Queensland, the tour programme is intense. Henare plans to stay with touch rugby and continue to develop his skills.

‘‘Touch is fast and you have to be fit, which is a good thing,’’ he said. Playford Park has become the mecca for a range of sports in Horowhenua including touch. Touch module spokesman and main driver Mike McGregor said over the years the district has produced some outstanding players who have gone on to represent New Zealand. ‘‘I’m really proud to see these young guys, like Himiona, get selected for the national squads,’’ he said.

Indoor bowling stalwart Trevor Eagle has been honoured with a life membership to the Horowhenua Indoor Bowls Centre for his contribution to the game over the past 61 years. Trevor was introduced to the game by J G (Jim) Horn at the age of 28 and he was hooked from his second night playing. He began his involvement at club level with the Ihakara club where he spent two years, followed by seven years at Manakau and then onto Ohau where he has played for an amazing 52 years. He said he stayed there because the people are so nice and it is just like a family. In 1986, Trevor became the club patron and has gone on to become a Life Member. Although numbers of people involved in the game are dwindling, Ohau still has a very strong club. In all, Trevor has won over 100 club, 15 Horowhenua, 10 Tararua and 10 Awahou titles. Of these, he counts winning the Horowhenua Pairs in 1955 with his late wife, Kathleen, as a highlight, as they beat the Bowater brothers who were Horowhenua representatives. Another memorable moment came the following year when he won the singles, with the 18-end final having to be played three times over to find a winner, the first two games having ended in draws. At representative level, Trevor has played for Horowhenua for more than 30 years, including playing against

Rain stayed away Levin RSA Bowling Club’s Ashtons Soft Furnishing sponsored triples slipped nicely between rainy days and had a great tournament with full greens. One team handled the conditions better and gained four wins. The winners were Hore Broughton, Jim Smillie and Ron Bold with 4 wins, 20 ends and 45 points followed by Woody Woodmass, Lynette Metcalfe and Peter McConkey from Shannon with 3 wins, 22 ends and 43 points. Third were Heather Pratt, Michael Heather and Kahu Rickus with 3 wins, 19 ends and 36 points. The club is enjoying an influx of new members, with 10 so far this season. Members are reminded to refer to the programme board for competition teams information.

numerous years as a committee member, selector and centre president, and he is also a champion outdoor bowler. He was married to Kathleen for 36 years and worked locally for the Railways and Pirovano Pavers. Members of the Horowhenua Centre congratulate Trevor for this well deserved honour and thank him for his contribution to the game locally.

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Levin Ward

Authorised by Victoria Kaye-Simmons 18 Seddon St Levin

If you’re on the electoral roll you are entitled to vote in this year’s local government elections. You are able to vote for candidates standing for Regional Council, your District or City council and the DHB. You should have received your voting papers by now. Seize the opportunity to have your say in how our communities are governed.

These are city or district councils. The funct functions off territoria territorial councils (district and city councils) are: • Community well-being and development • Environmental health and safety (including building control, civil defence, and environmental health matters) • Infrastructure (roading and transport, sewerage, water/stormwater) • Recreation and culture • Resource management including land use planning and development control.

1 Wisdom

Burnell working for you


Horowhenua District Council

Make your vote count

territorial Authorities

the touring South Island team five times. He has been in the Top 8 Paterson Trophy team on numerous occasions, most recently in 2006 when in his 80s. One year, he made history by winning every one of his 15 games at the Paterson Trophy against some of the country’s top bowlers. Trevor is known for showing great sportsmanship. He plays the game competitively and is someone you would always rather play with than against with his vast experience enabling him to see and play shots that no one else could come up with. Trevor has also made a great contribution to Horowhenua off the mat, serving


Get inv lveD or


HONOUR: Horowhenua Indoor Bowls Centre president Kathy Field presented Trevor Eagle with his life membership badge.

Cnr Bristol & Stanley Streets, Levin or visit After Hours: Gary (06) 368 4123

in locAl GovernMent

District Health Board

District Health Boards are D responsible for improving, promoting and protecting the health of local residents and the communities in which they live. The Boards are accountable to the Minister of Health.

Further information

Re elect 1

Authorised by Lindsay Burnell, 146 Kuku Beach Rd, Levin

regional council

Wh your city or district council is responsible for community While services in your area, like road maintenance, libraries, recreation areas, land use and subdivisions, a regional council manages the natural resources across several city/district council boundaries for the benefit of the whole region. Horizons Regional Council manages the natural resources of the Horizons (ManawatuWanganui) region. The functions of regional councils are: • Resource management (quality of water, soil, coastal planning etc) • Biosecurity control of regional plant and animal pests • River management, flood control and mitigation of erosion • Regional land transport planning and passenger services • Civil defence (natural disasters, marine oil spill). Horizons is made up of 12 elected councillors from the following constituencies: Wanganui (2) Ruapehu (1) Manawatu - Rangitikei (2) Palmerston North (4) Horowhenua - Kairanga (2) Tararua (1)

Voting closes at 12 noon on Saturday, 12 October, 2013. For more information visit or contact the electoral office of the council or board you wish to stand for.


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, September 27, 2013

Whenua Fatales rock in new uniforms By PETER FRANKLIN It was third time lucky when local roller derby team, the Whenua Fatales, headed to Palmerston North to take on The Swamp City Roller Rats — Poison Ivies, and earn a hard fought win. For the Fatales it was time to put their two previous losses behind them and show they were a force to be reckoned with, downing the Swamp Rats 143-93. It was a well-deserved win as the players have been training hard and it has showed, not only with a win but encouraging sponsors to offer support. Receiving new uniforms from Levin-based Kapinua and supplements supplied by Go Natural Health shop in Levin helped give them the boost of energy required to win. Team members are looking to November and the biggest event they have hosted, The roller derby Sur5al tournament will feature teams from the mid and lower North Island in Levin with the intention of being the last ones standing.

The Fatales know it will require a physical fight to win the tournament but their confidence is high and they believe with a big home crowd support they will win. To raise funds for the tournament, the team is holding a themed quiz night at the Athletic Rugby clubrooms on Saturday, October 12. Doors open at 6.30pm. Be part of a fun night out and support your local team with a night of quizzes, dress ups, spot prizes — $25 per team, up to five per team. Door sales available. To register your team, email Aroha at


WELCOME WIN: The Whenua Fatales are rocking in their new uniforms supplied by Levin company Kapinua. PHOTO DENISE NEWTON


Photo: lvn250913pjfrees

FULL WORKSHOP: Asher and Peter Rees doing what they do best — building competitive race cars.

Best of both worlds for family building stockcars By PETER FRANKLIN

Whether it’s a big game or a big news story, if you don’t have Freeview, IGLOO or SKY* by Sunday, you won’t be able to watch any TV at all! Remember, every TV and recording device needs to go digital.

Find out more at or call 0800 838 800. *Not all services are available in all areas. To check which services are available in your area, visit MCH0784

Peter Rees makes the short walk from his home to his workshop and opens the door to what has, during the last 14 years, become one of the country’s most respected stockcar engineering shops. For Rees, it is more than a business — it is his life and one he thoroughly enjoys. ‘‘I’ve got the formula right, keep things simple and affordable,’’ he said. Rees’ passion for stockcar racing has been inherited by both his sons. Asher, like his dad, drives superstocks and stockcars and Ethan sits behind the wheel of a stockcar. Rees Race Cars is a big operation tucked away in a country setting. On the outside it may look relaxed but inside it is a hive of activity with new cars under construction and old cars being refreshed for the coming season. This year has been a busy one with 25 new cars rolling out of the door for expectant customers, plus five new cars built for himself and his boys. ‘‘It has been a lot of work but enjoyable and that is why we are in this business,’’ he said. In 16 years of racing, Rees has become one of the big names in the sport and is

the New Zealand champion for the second consecutive year. To do it three years in a row would be an amazing feat but Rees is realistic about his chances. ‘‘It is going to be a lottery, so many variables can either make it or break it. ‘‘I’m sure I’ll cop a fair share of attention but I’ll be in the mix and be trying my hardest,’’ he said. Rees realised early in the piece that his on-track success would benefit his business, so as his cars got better and his on-track performance thrilled the crowd, the Rees legend was born and has spread rapidly throughout the country. In his stockcar career, Rees has been to England twice, driving the unlimited F1 stockcars. ‘‘They are a whole different ball game to our cars but the experience improved my driving,’’ he said. ‘‘I’m lucky, my sport is my job and my job is my sport, not many people can say that.’’ Rees said he was looking forward to the annual open day at his race car engineering workshop on Saturday. The workshop, on Pukepuke Rd off SH1 north of the Himatangi Beach intersection, will be open to the public from 9am until late.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle

There are unfortunately a lot of misconceptions about SUPERGRANS and what they do. For those who are unsure, SUPERGRANS is NOT an organisation of grey haired, old, interfering busy bodies that come into your home and boss you around or are there to clean your house or babysit your children. We are a voluntary organisation, of primarily women, who have or still are, raising families through lots of different circumstances. These ‘mentors’ are willing to share their knowledge and skills – at no charge – with ANYONE wishing to learn a practical life skill. These skills are taught in your home, at your pace, using resources you already have and if required helping you to access what you need to achieve your goals. We match you with someone we feel you will get along with and have the knowledge you need. Practical life skills are a broad thing. If we can’t teach it to you we will refer you to someone who can. Our mentors are famous for cooking nutritious, economic, healthy meals on a limited budget. They can show you how to make your meagre budget stretch and sensible ways to deal with your finances. You name the life skill and we’ll teach it to you. We are renown for “Helping people – help themselves’ in a kind, caring and non-judgemental way. All you need to do is contact Kim or Rose on 367-0680 and they’ll be happy to discuss how we can work alongside you.

Parent-led workshops at the Hub

Drawing on the expertise of parents themselves, the Hub has now held 3 successful parent-led workshops. This week a small groups of mums got together to talk about Food for Toddlers. Young mum, Amber Arnold, worked with the Hub’s project leader to develop and implement a workshop which included discussion, brainstorming, practical activities and a great lunch! Everyone said they had enjoyed getting together and learned heaps. Good on you Amber! Keeping in mind the Hub’s focus on children 0-6 years, If any other parent would like to have a go at facilitating a parenting workshop on a topic they are particularly interested in please contact the Hub on 06 367 -6291.

meet Mondays & Wednesdays 9.30am – 11.30am. Music & Movement Fridays at 9.30am & 10.30am with morning tea for both sessions at 10am – both during School Terms. $1 per child, concession tickets covering all groups available. The Salvation Army, Durham Street, Levin.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding information and advice FREE pregnancy tests 79 Oxford Street

Breastfeeding Cafe


Monthly by appt.

Phone 367 0030 0274747131

GRAY Carla (nee Gempton) and Matthew are pleased to announce the birth of Fletcher Carlos Anson, Born 18 August 2013, 8lb 15oz. A wee brother for Brayden, Cooper and Mason. Huge thanks to Dr Van and the Palmerston North Midwives.


a great opportunity to learn about pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting whilst meeting other parents-to-be! To register for these fun and informative classes, call Kylie 368 6313.

Located in Levin call Leisha 06 368 2242 Great gift idea for parents and grandparents Lay by and gift vouchers available.



midwife Taleah King has relocated to Levin. She is passionate about Maori health, teen parenting, safe sleeping practices, health and nutrition in pregnancy. All midwifery services are provided, call Leah - 021 705 783.

FAMILY Start Horowhenua

and Otaki. We support families facing challenges to build their strengths and capacity to ensure their children have the best possible start in life.

Entry from second trimester until baby is 1 year old. Phone 368 8678.

Contributing articles from the early years initiative collected by Levin Early Years Hub and Hono Wahine

Morning Sessions for 2-5 year olds Afternoon Sessions for 4 year olds with “Fantastic Fours” Programme • All Day option available for 4 year olds • Low child to teacher ratio • Educating and caring in a safe, nurturing, Christian environment • “20 hours ECE” and WINZ subsidies available for those who are eligible

Open Mon-Fri

Lactation Clinic

Each sculpture is individually hand crafted to create for you an exact replica of your little one’s hands and feet. An adorable keepsake for you to hang in your home and enjoy, day after day.

FREE Childbirth

SPACES AVAILABLE Come and Visit Hono Wahine Resource Centre

W or ld ”


“H el lo

What SuperGrans is Not



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19 Rugby Street, Levin e-mail:

in the Horowhenua over the past few weeks to feature in our “Early Years Parenting” page! Send in a photo of your newborn with 40 words and we will publish this FREE for you.

Hello World

Email to:

ENGAGING Families in Early Childhood Education - Levin Only If your child aged 3-4 years is not participating in ECE we can help find a centre that suits you. Home learning plans for your child also developed. Phone Sapphire 368 8678


and Play at Levin Playcentre. Mixed age sessions (0- school age) Mon - Thurs 9am - 12noon. 3yrs and over Fri 9am to 1pm. Play Baby Under 1 session Thurs 12:30-3:30pm. Ph 368 2050 13a Paisley St, Levin. ECE Licensed.

EARLY Years Hub is here to support you raise healthy, happy children.

If you would like to be part of this new monthly feature, please contact Debra Brown at The Horowhenua Chronicle. Phone: 366 0251 or email:

THE LEARN PROGRAMME care to your child such as a nanny, grandparent, relative or friend and although we are not funded to work directly with parents, we encourage your participation during visits. I really enjoy helping create wonderful

memories I




Hi, my name is FI MOFFAT



and I am your local Footsteps

through the monthly photo and

Are you pregnant or do

Teacher. It is great to have

learning stories that I supply.

returned to the Levin community

Each child receives their own

you have children under

where I grew up and where my


the age of 7 years? We

earliest and fondest childhood

story and achievements which



they keep and which serves

In my role as a qualified early

as a wonderful record to look

can put you in touch with people who can help. Phone 367-6291 BARNARDOS home based childcare. quality service. 0 – 5 yrs. FREE* for 3 & 4 yr olds *conditions apply. Call us on 368 0098.





childhood kaiako (teacher) for

back on. In my role, through

Footsteps, I work with many

consultation with caregivers and

local families in the area to


provide the Footsteps 'Learn'




to suit the individual needs

Ministry of Education our free

and interests of the child. To








home-based programme entitles

begin a learning journey for

your preschool child to receive

your child; with regular visits

monthly visits from a kaiako like

from a kaiako in your home call

me, when there is a caregiver

0800footsteps / 0800366878

in place. Your caregiver can be

and make a world of difference

anyone who provides regular

for your child in their early years.


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fishing fans quiz Otaki MP on quota management The September meeting of the Waitarere Beach Fishing Club was attended by Otaki MP and Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy. The large turnout of members enjoyed his informative address and appreciated his preparation and knowledge of his portfolio and willingness to answer all questions. Quota management, stricter rules for commercial fishermen, recreational fishing quotas and Cloudy Bay clam harvesting

were among the matters discussed and members left with a favourable appreciation of his efforts. Raffles and spot prizes in fishing competitions were raised and Mr Guy promised an early resolution of the problem associated with this. He is also looking into the interference by commercial fishing with kontiki fishers from the beach. The fish of the month for August was won by Darryl Murphy with a 2.68kg


WEB! 06 367 9168

12 Keepa Street, Levin


Give us a call or drop by our show room.

Computer Solutions Levin Sales • Service Support

Upgrade your existing windows & doors to Double Glazing NOW!

Features & Benefits Reduced Condensation For a FREE quote Improved Insulation call Improved Comfort 10 year Warranty on Double Glazing 368 3296 Savings on Energy Costs Minimal Disruption by Professional Installers

For more information visit

TheLawStore Barristers § Solicitors § Mediators

Specialists in Family Law, and more

Michael Laing

Mark Duston


163 Fairfield Road, Levin | Phone: (06) 367 9875 Mobile: 027 223 4190 Email:

Principal/Managing Director Offices in Levin, Paraparaumu and Porirua


Hall, 7pm, on Thursday October 10. It is to be a combined business meeting with the speaker to be named. The club’s next fishing competition is at Labour Weekend, Sunday October 27, starting at 8am with weigh-in at 4pm. Categories for the heaviest fish (excluding rays, sharks and eels) for boat, longlines and surfcasters. This will be followed by the annual meeting at 6pm in the Scout Hall, followed by a barbecue.

kawahai. Fish of the month for September is red cod and next month is snapper. Fishing is picking up as spiny-dogs relocate to colder water. Boaties are catching snapper and gurnard and surfcasters are reporting good catches at the river mouth. Kontiki fishers are still not seen in great numbers. The rough weather put a damper on the local whitebait catches. The next meeting is back at the Scout



Everything you need to know about aquatics, sport, events and recreation in the Horowhenua. Looking for a sport or event, to take part in? Then you have come to the right place. Check out this column on the last Friday of each month to find out everything that is going on in sport and recreation in the Horowhenua. If a club or community group has an event or programme coming up, let us know and we can help promote it. Daylight saving starts on Sunday and I will be using the evenings to take part in more sport and recreation. I encourage you to do the same with your friends and family. There are lots of sport events and initiatives happening next month which you can join, including running and walking, cycling and a business house hockey league. So what are you waiting for? Get out and about and enjoy the sunlight in your day. Event: Koputaroa half marathon. Grab your sneakers and get ready for the event run by Levin Harriers on Sunday, October 13. It’s a great event for all fitness levels as you can run or walk and choose a distance to suit your fitness level. Distances available include a half marathon (21km), quarter marathon (10.5km) and a 5km event. Round up your friends and make a day of it — a

great way to spend a Sunday. More details and to sign up visit Sport: Cycling. More than 1000 secondary school cyclists from all throughout New Zealand will be in Horowhenua this weekend for the New Zealand secondary school road cycling nationals in Koputaroa on Saturday. The event has a proud history it has been run in the Horowhenua since 1968. Levin Cycling Club has all its junior riders competing for their respective schools. Head to Koputaora School to take in the action, cheer on our local riders and get inspired. More information at Tip: Get active with your workmates. Round up your workmates and enter a team into the Horowhenua Hockey business house 6-aside competition. The popular league caters for all levels of players with several grades available, including competitive, social and family. The league starts on Friday, October 18 and runs for six weeks. More information at ■ Kathy is part of the Aquatics Horowhenua team promoting sport and active recreation opportunities. ■ Experience our difference at


275 Oxford Street, Levin

Service Otaki & Levin Phone 3646146

Norman Page Levin 367 9675

? you


g g in b ug at’s Wh

24 Hour

7 Day Electrical

Pest Control-Approved Handler Carpet Cleaning to AUS / NZ standard Window Cleaning Venetian Blind Cleaning & Repairs Mattress, Carpet & Upholstery Sanitising 027 620 6305



Approved by John Olifent, 797 Gladstone road Levin

• All parts & servicing • Free Warranty Services Servicing all Vehcile types Specialising in Holden, Suzuki, Izuzu and Mazda

Friday, September 27, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle


Recipe No. 56

Old El Paso™ Chili & Garlic Chicken Rice


Ingredients (Serves 4) Old El Paso™ Mexican Rice Kit Chili and Garlic

Method: 1. Heat oil in a frying pan and stir fry chicken pieces over a high heat for 4 minutes or until well browned.

2 Tbsp Pams olive oil

2. Add vegetables, stir well and cook for a further 2 minutes.

500g chicken fillet, sliced

3 Add the seasoned rice and give it a good stir for a further minute.

2 capsicums, chopped

4. Add sauce pouch, spice mix and water to pan and stir until well mixed through.

1 red onion, chopped

5. Bring to the boil then reduce to a medium heat and simmer for 10 minutes, occasionally stirring gently.

1 ¹/₃ cups (330ml) water

6. Serve straight from the pan and enjoy with your family and friends.

Try with a: Triplebank Awatere Valley Pinot Gris 2013 Citrus peel and ripe peach aromas, the palate has spice, lovely fruit intensity, not too sweet with good density of fruit and a long lingering finish.

Come in for demonstrations and tastings Tuesday to Saturday.

Eating Out Guide ENJOY OUR POPULAR LUNCH Monday to Friday


Poppies Restaurant Lunch: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11.30am

Book Now

Friday and Saturday Buffet Dinner from 5.30pm

Cnr Durham & Oxford Sts, Levin • Ph: 368 9157



Full A La Carte Menu

T he Village Cafe


Open Thursday 5pm onwards Roast Night 2 Courses $15

685 Queen St, East Levin • Phone: (06) 367 3509 Cafe Open 10am-2pm Sunday to Friday


SWEETAPPLE CATERING Every Wednesday & Friday Nights In The Club Wednesday Night $12.00 Meals Available,

Check The Blackboard For Details Friday Nights Check The Blackboard For The Menu.”

Karen Swensson Owner/Operator

368 3475




Tonight Bad Habitz’ Playing at the club


THIS SPACE COULD BE YOURS................ Phone 368 5109 to book your space today!



The only place to be


Phone: 06 368 7270


33 The Avenue (North of Levin) • Ph: 368 3545

ID’S - 1 FREE K MEAL r) de un d (12 an rchase of with the pu ult meal ad n ai 1m

opening hours 8.30am to 4.00pm every day 4 Buller Road, Ohau, Levin

Phone 06 362 6348


32 Bristol St

Salt & Pepper Cafe

9am - 4pm Thursday - Saturday nights 5.30pm - late 1164 State Highway 1, Manakau


Levin RSA

Saturday Special


Members, Affiliated Members & Guests Welcome

FULLY LICENSED Oxford Street, Levin

Tues - Sat Evening Meals Wed - Sat 12 - 2pm • Lunch Meals

Ph: 368 2571

This Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, September 27, 2013


GRUNT GALORE: The adrenaline will be pumping when the crowd hears the dragsters fire into life.


FUN CRUISIN’: Coupes are cute and Tararua Rodders Club president Nathan Davidson has a real nice one for those Sunday cruises.

Automotive magic feature of festival By PETER FRANKLIN

Tararua Rodders Club members get their heads together biennially and organise a festival of automotive magic they call the Chrome and Custom Auto festival — and a festival it is. They painstakingly talk to owners throughout the country and convince them to bring their pride and joys to Levin for one day — and they willingly turn up. Club president Nathan Davidson said he could confirm 130 plus entries in this year’s show, including American muscle cars, traditional hotrods, speedway cars and motorcycles. The off-

road brigade will be represented by owners of four-wheel drives and racing boats. He said up to five dragster owners have agreed to fire up their cars, some of which produce more than 700 horsepower. Visitors can wander among the huge array of vehicles inside the pavilion and view the Robertson Holden International Speedway big screen, showing some of the big hits from last season’s speedway action. More exhibits will be outside, along with music from classic local rock band Rubber Band. Mr Davidson said since the first show, entries have more than doubled and people throughout the country make the effort to come to Levin specifically for the event. ‘‘From a club’s point of view this is fantastic,’’ he said. He said it is going to be a fantastic day and the club has focussed on keeping the show affordable for families at $5 for an adult and $2 for children.


ADMIRED: Warren and Dianne Montgomery are the proud owners of a 1947 Ford that oozes ‘cool’.


LOT GOING ON: Like two years ago, there will be lots to see inside and out at the Chrome and Custom Auto Festival on Sunday.

■ The gates open at the Horowhenua Events Centre at 10am, with lots happening until 4pm.


• I was born and raised in Levin, and my husband Bruce and I have raised two sons on our lifestyle block and the family farm at Ihakara • I taught at local schools for over 25 years • I take an active interest in local issues. Key issues I am passionate about: • Prioritising spending to maintain and develop current essential infrastructure • Fairer rating systems • More Council consultation with outlying communities • Looking after our natural assets - an environment to be proud of • Making Horowhenua a good place for businesses to operate - supportive, helpful Council policies and attitude. The Waiopehu Ward needs strong advocates to voice your concerns. I can be one of those voices.

MAKE SURE YOU VOTE! Authorised by Christine Mitchell, 297 Potts Road, Levin


Friday, September 27, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle






Brain Benders

Each number represents a different letter of the alphabet. UOhMl Mil jhKlS flMMlON into all squares with matching numbers. Now work out which letters are represented by the other numbers. As you get the letters, write them into the main grid and the reference grid. Decoder uses all 26 letters of the alphabet.


JYsv [X……qv G\p[Io†

SROPNN ey ol …lƒfƒSm YV NlOhlN ihni OƒS kORT dwwbzdww] }c{b| by ZlQƒOƒMl }a| _y uRffR ROmlON }b| ^y ZQROMN MlƒT ihni RS ƒ ROfm MhMfl hS ILngfƒSm hS dwec }a{c| ewy qƒOjl LO‚ƒS ƒOlƒ }ew| edy UƒMlO RO hSl nRSMƒhSlO }`| ecy HOlƒMil hS }`| eay ‡hfLMl }ew| e^xe]y tRKlOSTlSM ƒjlSn ihni kLSmN pƒROh nRSMlSM RS OƒmhR{ YV ƒSm TLNhn }d{`{b| dwy GRkkll }a| dey Hfƒng Tƒjhn }_|

QPMT ey HOLNi }a| dy GƒQNh~l }^| cy GhM hMi NL‚LO‚N Rk HlƒniKhffl{ pƒO‚ƒSg ƒSm YRh YRh }`| by [lONRS iR NlffN fRMN }ew| ay IN lff }b| `y GRSNhNMlSn{ kllf }_| ]y Zlfk ‚lfhlk }ew| eey Zilff }^| edy uhSl nLM jfƒNN }_| eby uRO lKlO }`| e`y VlO mƒOg ‚fƒng }a| e_y qlƒKl RLM }b|




uhff Mil jOhm NR MiƒM lKlO OR{ lKlO nRfLTS ƒSm lKlO c€c ‚R€ nRSMƒhSN Mil mhjhMN e MR ]y

How many words of three or more letters can you make, using each letter only once? Plurals are allowed, but no foreign words or words beginning hMi ƒ nƒQhMƒfy YilOlWN ƒM flƒNM RSl „KlzflMMlO ROmy Good 7 Very Good 8 Excellent


HOW TO PLAY It’s like sudoku: each KlOMhnƒf ƒSm iROh~RSMƒf line has to contain Mil SLT‚lON ez`{ ƒSm the numbers can’t be repeated in any row or column. But it’s sudoku with a twist: The numbers in lƒni ilƒKhf RLMfhSlm set of squares, called cages, must produce the number in the top corner. uRO l€ƒTQfl{ 5+ means the numbers add up to 5, 9x means the numbers TLfMhQf MR lPLƒf ]y TIP: Numbers can be repeated in a cage, as long as they are not in the same line or row. © 2012 KenKen Puzzle LLC. All rights reserved

KenKen is a registered trademark of Nextoy LLC

The number game that improves your arithmetic

NUMBER UMBER FUN 2 Digits __ ]] 3 Digits b`d ab` `be `ba _de

_^w ^a_ 868 ^]^ ]aa 4 Digits cd]_ b_a` ^_ac



5 Digits wawe` eaa`w dcebe c_d`_ c^]_c ^c]bw ]wwdd

7 Digits `a^w]wc ]`]ca`b 8 Digits cae_eaa_ ^^_ca]w]

WORDBUILDER ads, deaf, def, fad, fade, fades, fads, fed, sad, safe, sea.

7 2 1

7 7

9 6 9 4 3 7 1 5 5 5 4 6 6 6 4

3 8 9 7 3 8 7 5 3

8 6 8 9 5 5 8 8 7 3 0 9 9 1 2 9 0 5 3 3 5 1 6 4 0 5 0 1

Kindly Sponsored by ...

9 0 0 2 2

4 0




NZ CROSSWORD Across: ey HOR YRS{ by IQƒOM{ _y \‚l{ ^y Hfƒng NR€{ ewy plMORQRfhN{ edy GƒOƒkl{ ecy rSiƒfl{ eay ImLfMlOƒMl{ e^xe]y Yl pƒSjƒh [ƒiR{ dwy qƒMMl{ dey ZROnlOy Down: ey HORRT{ dy \KlOMLOS{ cy olfNRS{ by ILnMhRSllO{ ay IfNR{ `y Yl€MLOl{ ]y GRS„mlSnl{ eey GƒOƒQƒnl{ edy GONMƒf{ eby IfƒN{ e`y v‚RS{ e_y \ThMy


• Rest Home, Hospital, Dementia & Palliative Care • 24-hour care delivered by experienced and qualified nurses and carers • Fresh, nutritious home cooked meals • Sensory garden for residents with dementia • Accreditation and compliance with the MOH Aged Care Standards

Inspection welcome - contact us today on (06) 363 8498

9354738AA 9163542AA


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, September 27, 2013


Daniel Ireland at forefront of family business ‘

We are still bright orange, you will still see us around town and we will still provide you with quality service.





Full Diesel repairs & Maintenance TRANSPORT & GENERAL ENGINEERING


06 368 2037 06 368 1591 Mobile Ian 021 532 995 Ken 021 246 8202


B.G. Buck Ltd


Small Equipment & Ride On Mower Servicing


Industrial - Domestic - Commerical Commercial Refrigeration

• Accredited Heat Pump Suppliers & Installers • Home Ventilation Systems • Inspections • Caravan Certificates • Town & Rural • Pumps, Motors 2 Sheffield Street, Levin • Generators Ph: 367 9086 Email:

SERVICING THE HOROWHENUA FOR OVER 50 YEARS The best test is the test of time!


Recent changes at Paul Ireland Digger Hire will see Daniel Ireland at the forefront of the business. Having worked with Paul as a father and son team for the past 18 years, Daniel will continue to operate the family business in order to meet customer needs. All the company’s main services will continue to be available, such as driveways, landscaping, soakholes, section clearing and general truck and digger hire. The demand for concrete work has also increased and we offer a range of services from sawcutting and core drilling to supply and laying or breakup and removal. With summer fast approaching, our topsoil and raceway lime proves popular for use in gardens, landscape projects, lawn maintenance and pathways. We stock a range of sand and metal products which are available for pick up from our depot, or we provide a delivery service. As our work requires us to keep up with industry demands, ongoing training for our staff means we are able to work with service providers and on larger commercial or industrial sites. ■ For any inquiries please call in to see us at 101 Hokio Beach Rd, or contact us on 06 367 8007.

CHIMNEY SWEEP • 23 years friendly, professional service • Clean and inspection • No mess, no fuss • Otaki/Levin

ONLY $60

108 Oxford Street, Levin. Ph: 06 367 9951

Roger Bloxham 364-6777



Gary Drew’s Cleaning Services Guaranteed to beat any existing commercial quote!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Commercial/Domestic Carpets Offices & Shops Upholstery/Cars Windows Rentals Ovens Chimney Sweeping

Gary: 027 764 4173



Friday, September 27, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle


Subaru Forester true to type RoAD TEST: COLIN SMITH Pictures: John Borren

THE NUMBERS Engine . . . . 1998cc four-cylinder horizontally opposed 16-valve direct injection turbocharged petrol Maximum output 177kW at 5600rpm Maximum torque .. .. .. .. .. 350Nm at 2400-3600rpm Length . . . . . . . . 4595mm Width . . . . . . . . 1795mm Height . . . . . . . . 1735mm Wheelbase . . . . . . 2640mm Kerb weight . . . . . . . . 1647kg Fuel tank capacity .. 60 litres Wheels . . . . 7.0 x 18-inch alloy Tyres .. .. .. .. .. .. Bridgestone Dueler H/L 225/55 ZR18


THE upright Forester wagon sticks to a familiar Subaru recipe while keeping pace with technology. control and rough road throttle and braking control. The XT is the Forester flagship with a $59,990 price tag. It’s visually differentiated from the rest of the range by vertical air intakes in the outer corners of the front bumper but remains low-key about its performance — it’s the only turbo Subaru model not to feature a bonnet scoop. The smart exterior is highlighted by 18-inch alloy wheels in a 5-spoke Y-design and there are fog lamps in the lower bumper, silver roof rails and privacy glass. Upmarket features include a powered tailgate, electric sunroof, rain sensor wipers and auto headlights, while inside the Forester XT is loaded with leather trim, heated front seats, dual zone climate control air conditioning and a power sunroof. The 6.1-inch touchscreen is home for the eight-speaker Harmon Kardon audio, satellite navigation and reversing camera display and a separate upper display gives extensive fuel economy and trip computer info — even keeping track of how much fuel has been saved by the auto stop-start system or displaying boost pressure and throttle percentages if you’re so inclined. The Forester offers excellent visibility from the raised driving position and the driver’s seat has power cushion height/tilt and slide/recline adjustments. The leather-trimmed steering wheel has manual tilt and reach adjustment and is fairly busy as home to cruise control, SI-Drive, audio and phone controls plus a small pad behind the lower left of the wheel with the trip computer buttons. Although a sunroof is part of the XT specification there is useful rear seat headroom and the new model provides improved kneeroom and footwell space. The rear seat is a 60/40 split fold backrest design with release handles accessible in the load area to expand the cargo space from 405 litres to 1457 litres. The other feature of the Forester XT are stereo camera-based ‘‘Eyesight’’ safety technologies introduced on 2013 Legacy and Outback top end models, providing lane-keeping alert, active cruise control, forward obstacle warning and emergency brake assistance functions. While the Eyesight features could help you in an emergency situation it’s unlikely to ‘‘see’’ anything that an attentive driver hasn’t seen. My preference with these technologies is the rear-looking systems, such as blind spot monitoring and the new cross traffic alert systems that add a safety margin to backing out of car parks.

The lane keeping alert, which ‘‘watches’’ the road markings, can be an annoying part of Eyesight and systems that remind the driver with a slight vibration through the steering wheel rather than Eyesight’s furious beeping are less likely to be switched off. In a market where SUVs seem to

increasingly be about fashion, rather than practicality, the Forester delivers modern driving refinement with load carrying versatility and the ability to go a little further off the beaten track than a conventional car. Not all of the cars that have tried to re-invent this category have maintained that focus.

Freephone - LEVIN 0800 GARAGE (0800 427 243) • Single and Double Garages • Bach Shells • Garage Workshops • Sleepouts • Farm Buildings • Choice of Claddings • Kitsets available NZ Wide • FREE Quotes



Ph: 06 368 7401 Fax: 06 368 1326 Email: Website: Call us about designing your next garage


As more manufacturers join the fray and new models are launched, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard car makers claim they have re-invented the compact SUV/ crossover segment. The Subaru Forester has been around since 1997 and earlier this year it progressed to fourth-generation status. If others claim to reinvent the segment then the Forester’s squared-off and upright wagon styling, Boxer engine and symmetrical all-wheel-drive along with the five-seat configuration and clever storage flexibility provide a known quantity. Dimensions have grown a little with each generation but the proportions are familiar and you might say the Forester has become a useful benchmark whenever claims are made about newcomers redefining the market. You know what you get with the Forester. An effective full-time, fourwheel-drive system and 220mm ground clearance allows some moderate offroad or rough road terrain to be handled, while eager Boxer engines assist with a low centre of gravity for agile handling. Sticking to a familiar recipe doesn’t mean the Forester has become outdated. Subaru has kept pace with technology and the new top-of-the-range XT model boasts the first application of Subaru’s new direct injection turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine that punches out WRX-level power and easily accessible torque accompanied by enhanced efficiency. There’s also the responsive Lineartronic continuously variable transmission, which means a wide spread of ratios and finger-tip paddle shifting. The new engine has 177kW output at 5600rpm with 350Nm of torque available from 2400-3600rpm delivering refinement and strong acceleration. This is Subaru’s newest engine technology and the combination of direct injection with turbocharging is a likely preview of next generation WRX performance and potentially a Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 high performance upgrade as well. The Forester XT has the SI-Drive system offering fuel-saving Intelligent mode and more responsive Sport and Sport Sharp settings. With the Lineartronic transmission this also opens the possibility of altering gearing as well as throttle response and engine mapping, effectively giving the Forester XT a taller top gear in Intelligent mode. Cruising at 100km/h in Sport mode sees the XT settle at 2000rpm while Intelligent stretches the gearing out so only 1800rpm is required. For a car with 177kW of power and allwheel-drive, the Forester XT achieves respectable fuel consumption. The official figure is 8.5 litres per 100km and my road test average was 8.8L/100km with consumption dipping to 7.6L/100km on a highway check. The Forester has a reasonably firm ride on the highway with confident grip from the Bridgestone Dueler H/L 225/55 R18 tyres. The wide track, generous tyre size and all-wheel-drive gives a secure stance and the Forester steers accurately with reassuring traction on slippery surfaces. The introduction of push-button X-Mode provides low speed hill descent


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, September 27, 2013

>> localclassifieds >>

Notices Employment Motoring

say it. sell it. buy it.

ADVERTISING (06) 368 5109

Employment Vacancies


• 3 x Seasonal between October 2013 and April 2014

Aquatics Horowhenua is looking for a number of Lifeguards to play an important role in supervising the activities and patrons within our facility. You will be responsible for ensuring the safety of our patrons through active supervision by identifying risks, hazards and the prevention of accidents. You must be able to work independently and as part of a team. We are a 7 day a week business, offering rostered hours between 5.30am - 9.30pm; including weekends at our local centres in Levin, Foxton & Shannon. Potential Lifeguards will be required to complete a swim test prior to an interview & successful applicants will attend a full week of training. Applicants will need to undergo the usual pre-employment checks including criminal history checks. Our ideal candidates will possess a Pool Lifeguard Practicing Certificate, a current First Aid Certificate & a current driver’s licence. Further information about this role can be viewed by accessing the Position Description on our website below. To Apply: Download our Job Description and ‘Application for Employment Form’ from our website and apply today Email your CV which must be accompanied by a completed Application for Employment Form to: Applications close: Wednesday 2 October 2013

Darryl Harwood (06) 323 2399 or 0274 491 174 Richard Trembath 0274 993 992 Emmet McConnell 0274 437 671 Office (06) 324 8135

TUESDAY SALE 10.30 am Calves 11.00 am Prime sheep Store lambs Ewes 11.30am Weaners Yearlings 2yr old cattle Bulls CONTACT ELDERS: D Haworth (06) 368 2642 mob 0274 504 133 Rhys Staples mob 027 209 2836 PGG WRIGHTSON Callum Stewart (06) 323 5440 mob 027 280 2688



Approximately 20 hours a week Wed to Sun nights Must have 167

Phone Judy on 367 0972 after 4pm

Business for Sale and Wanted CLEANING round - Levin incl gear, car, etc. $1300p/w guar 2 yrs. Phn (06) 2102278 Leanna.


For Sale CARPET OVERLOCKING AND FRINGING SERVICE Available at our factory shop together with a large selection of NZ and imported rugs. Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm Open Saturday 9.30am - 12.30pm NORCA RUG CO. LTD 248 Oxford Street Levin Phone 368-8844

FLATMATE wanted in Hannan St, Levin, $120p/w. Phone 021 104 1598.

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ HOME ownership oppor- ★ ★ ★ tunity in Levin, no bank ★ ★ ★ loan needed, visit ★ INCLUDES.... ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ for more information. ★ • Vege Plants, buy ★ any number, .40c ea ★ ★ ★ ★ • Big Asparagus ★ ★ ★ Crowns, $1.50 ea, ★ ★ 3 + bdrm, 5km sth of ★ or 10 for $12 ★ ★ town, lge living, kitchen, ★ • Strawberry Plants, ★ no dogs, $250p/w. Phone ★ ★ $1 ea ★ ★ ★ 027 652 4000. ★ ★ ★ 3 bdrm house single gge, ★ TRADING ★ ★ heatpump, fenced, new ★ ★ HOURS ★ ★ bathroom, no dogs, ★ ★ 9am - 3pm $240p/w. Phone 06 368 ★ ★ ★ ★ Thursdays to 4760 or 027 305 9821. ★ ★ Sundays ★ 3 bdrm + slp/out, dbl gge, ★ ★ ★ n/e, $255p/w, ref req’d, ★ Lindsay Road just ★ ★ north of Levin avail 4 Oct. Phn 367 8308. ★ ★ ★ off SH1. ★ LEVIN 2bdrm hme, gge, ★ ★ ★ fenced, $190p/w. Phone ★ Eftpos available! ★ 06 367 0739/027 5311 456. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

Property For Sale

To Let

LEVIN central, 2 bdrm flat, deck, c/port + shed, l/tm, $175p/w. 0272493367 THREE bedroom rural house $180p/w. Refs req’d. Contact Levin Golf Club (06) 368 6189.


Trades & Services


• 2 x Permanent Full time

Make a splash as a Lifeguard this Summer!

Buy & Sell


Stock Auctions

Pool Lifeguard

Do you pride yourself on providing outstanding customer service and are a team player?


Wanted to Buy or Exchange BUYING now. Legacy Antiques, Shannon. Phone 362 7117.


We buy any trucks, vans, utes n 4wd any make or model, dead or alive.

Min $200 up to $3,000 (conditions apply)

Phone 0800 717 273

Cars for Sale

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66 MAKO MAKO Saturday & Sunday 9am 3pm. Urgent sale household goods, all furniture must sell. TO VISIT VISITED


4 ARMAGH ST Saturday 7am start. Assorted items. TO VISIT VISITED


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TO PLACE AN AD Ph: 06 368 5109 Fax: 06 368 2366

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Public Notices ATTENTION Mr Pat Hanna Va’a Mr John Craig Unless items stored at 239 Bruce Road, Levin are removed and outstanding payments made within 14 days from the date of this notice, the items will be sold. L.M. Kimber W. Kimber 27th September 2013

Public Notice Sections 9(4) Sale of Liquor Act 1989 POH Holdings Ltd, 57 Main St, Foxton, has made application to the District Licensing Agency at Horowhenua for the grant of an On Licence in respect of the premises situated at 57 Main Street, Foxton, known as Post Office Hotel. The general nature of the business to be conducted under the licence is Hotel. The days on which and the hours during which liquor is intended to be sold under the licence are: Monday to Sunday 10am - 1am. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Horowhenua District Licensing Agency at 126 Oxford Street, Levin. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the grant of the application may, not later than fifteen (15) working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the Horowhenua District Licensing Agency at Private Bag 4002, Levin, 5400. This is the first publication of this notice.

Public Notice Sections 9(4) Sale of Liquor Act 1989 CRC Manawatu Hotel Ltd, has made application to the District Licensing Agency at Horowhenua for the grant of an On Licence in respect of the premises situated at Avenue Road, Foxton, known as Manawatu Hotel. The general nature of the business to be conducted under the licence is Hotel. The days on which and the hours during which liquor is intended to be sold under the licence are: Monday to Saturday 10am - 1am, Sunday 11am - 10pm. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Horowhenua District Licensing Agency at 126 Oxford Street, Levin. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the grant of the application may, not later than fifteen (15) working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the Horowhenua District Licensing Agency at Private Bag 4002, Levin, 5400. This is the second publication of this notice. The first publication was made on Friday 20th September 2013.


288 OXFORD ST (opp Countdown c/park) LEVIN

Agria Potatoes 10kg $7.99 or 2 bags for $13 Yum Yum beef flavoured noodles $13.50 box of 30 or 2 boxes for $20 4 pack Pork Buns, $6 per pkt or 2 pkts for $11.00 Many more specials in store! All specials available for 2 weeks Opening Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat 10:30am - 5:00pm - closed Wed & Sun

NOTICE TO TRUST BENEFICIARIES TALK WITH THE ELECTRA TRUST Electra Trust beneficiaries are invited to meet with the Trust to discuss ideas or concerns with Trustees at the next formal Trust meeting, with up to half an hour of speaking time at: Te Takere Community Centre Rimu Room - 2:00pm Friday 11th October 2013 It would be helpful, but not essential, to notify the Trust Secretary of your intention to attend.

P H Birrell, Trust Secretary Levin 06 3687463


CONGRATULATIONS! “Spot the Difference” CompetitionWinner Capryse Marshall

Temporary Road Closure of Gladstone Road, Levin Horowhenua District Council advises that Gladstone Road from Makahika Forest entrance to end of the Road will be closed between 7.30am-4.30pm on Wednesday 2 October 2013 for road maintenance. Council apologise for any inconvenience caused by this closure. For more information about the road closure, please phone (06) 366 0999

GRAEME GALLEY Authorised by Graeme Galley, 44 Easton Way, Levin


FUTURE Sight Clairvoyant Card Reader. For appointments phone Val, 06 210 0883.

Horowhenua Chronicle

MEETING OF BENEFICIAL OWNERS He Hokioi Rerengatahi - Lake Horowhenua Accord group welcomes beneficial owners to share their vision for Lake Horowhenua in 2 years, 5 years and beyond. This discussion will inform the development of a sustainable Lake Restoration Plan.

Sunday 6 October 2013 10.00 am at Kawiu Marae A PUBLIC MEETING will also be held to have a community discussion with interested individuals and groups around actions in support of the Accord process.

Thursday 10 October 2013 7.00 pm, Horowhenua District Council Chambers Matt Sword Accord Chairperson He Hokioi Rerengatahi – Lake Horowhenua Accord For enquiries contact: Karen Corkill Horowhenua District Council Ph. (06) 366 0999

TO PLACE AN AD Ph: 06 368 5109 Fax: 06 368 2366

I will support plans to repay our debts quicker Future-proof our core services Council performance I will support council’s right to make a decision - without animosity I believe councils role is to stimulate debate and encourage new thinking I want to see us out-performing comparable councils I want to see us promoting the district more assertively I bring to the table Big picture thinking and imagination An interest in marketing the district stronger Business experience that tells me a positive attitude, great service, inclusive planning and a willingness to try different things will result in a different outcome. VOTE GRAEME GALLEY

★★★ Trevor made his car go faster with Local Classifieds >> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.


FamilyNotices Deaths


Memorial Headstones

ATKINSON, MERRILL, Trevor Alfred. Reg. Of Levin. On Paddy would like to September 25, 2013, thank my immediate peacefully at whanau, friends and Horowhenua Health neighbours for the Centre Star 4 Ward. overwhelming Courageous until the kindness shown at the end. In his 88th year, celebration of my dearly loved and dearest Reg who has devoted husband of left on August 20, 2013 Nona, together for 65 to hold hands with our wonderful years. only daughter Desiree Dearly loved father (October 23, 2012). Reg and father-in-law of would have been gob Heather and Ken smacked at the Edwards, Grant proceedings. He Atkinson, Hayley and always said this land Craig Whittington, is indeed paradise and and the late Jennifer you have been our and Karen Atkinson. angels. Dearly loved brother You’ve showed me of Ngaire Lee. how to live, Treasured Granddad How to smile, of Dion and Natasha What to say. Taratoa, Melissa and You’ve showed me Steve Yates, James what its worth, to love and Bridget someone each and Thompson. A special every day. Great Granddad (Yay Loving Reg was easy. Yay) to Kadus, Daniel, Cassie, Reilly and Liam. Dearly loved by all his brothers and Funeral Directors sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews. A celebration of his life will be held at Harvey’s Chapel, 284 Oxford Street, Levin, on Monday September 30, at 1:00pm, followed by private cremation at Horowhenua Crematorium, Levin. Messages to 15 Ferguson Street, Levin. Harvey Bowler Funerals Levin and Otaki FDANZ Locally owned


JAMES, Eleanor Wilma. Barry and Sharon, Kevin and Janice and families wish to thank family and friends, doctors and staff of Horowhenua Hospital for all the support and kindness shown during our mum’s and stepmum’s short illness. Please accept this as a personal thankyou of our appreciation.

★★★ Remember us in your Will and leave a legacy of hope For more information, call



"My Life, My Funeral" kits.

Simply call and we will happily send one out to you. This kit is an invaluable source of information and will help to ensure the wishes of a loved one are respectfully carried out.

Ph: 0800 332 273


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, September 27, 2013



2011 Holden Commodore Ute SV6

3.6L 6 Speed Auto, 1 Owner, Only 37,000kms, Alloys, Tow Bar, Tough Deck, Hard Lid Cover



2004 Ford XT Falcon

4.0L Auto, Only 91,800kms, Cruise Cont, Mags, Airbags



2007 Suzuki Swift GLX

1.5L Auto, Only 52,730Kms, Alloys, Elec Windows, A/C, CD, Keyless Entry, Cent Locking



2004 Holden Vectra CD

2.2L 5 Spd Auto, Cruise Cont, Tow Bar, ABS, Keyless Entry, Alloys


1999 Isuzu Wizard


4x4 3.0L Turbo Diesel Auto, Alloys, Towbar, Roofracks, Elec Windows, Sidesteps, CD, A/C, Window Tints



2010 Holden Colorado Crew Cab LT 4x4, 3L Auto Diesel, Tonneau Cover, Cruise Cont, Tow Bar, ABS


1.8L Auto, 5Dr Hatch, NZ New, A/C, Power Steering, Keyless Entry, CD Stereo ,local owner

1.3L 5 Spd Man, Airbags, CD, A/C, Elec Windows, Power Steering, ABS, Only 62890kms



2L Auto, Only 89,550kms, Tow Bar, Central Locking

3.8L Auto, Trac Cont, Cruise Cont, Elec Windows & Mirrors


2.7L Auto, 7 Seater, Towbar, Cent Locking, CD Stereo, Elec Windows, Alloys, Roofracks, $

1.5L, 5 Spd Man Diesel, Only 30760kms, A/C, CD, Alloys, ABS, Keyless Entry, Very Economical



2000 Holden Vectra GL Station Wagon

2.2L Auto, NZ New, A/C, Cent Locking, Roof Racks, CD Player



2003 Suzuki carry truck

1.3L 5 Spd Man, Drop Sides, Towbar, CD Player, NZ New, Power Steering, 4 Wheel Drive, Only 70,600kms


Home of HOLDEN


2006 Hyundai Getz CRDi


2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara JLX


2002 Holden VX Commodore Acclaim


1998 Holden Vectra GL


Only 64,300kms, 5 Spd Man, Stylish Looks, ABS, Alloys, Elec Windows & Mirrors


2003 Hyundai Getz GL


2005 Mazda 3 SP23


2003 Holden Astra City



360 Oxford Street Levin Ph 367 3924 A/hours: Gary 027 438 4123 Stu 027 347 2418

Horowhenua Chronicle 27-09-13  

Horowhenua Chronicle 27-09-13

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