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FROM THE TEAM Burt Lamont, John Jones, Julie Beattie, Troy Conole, Roger Handford, Doug Curtis & Hayley

1. Stick to the speed limit Speed kills more people than anything else on our roads. If you speed when driving, you are more likely to cause death or serious injuries if you are involved in a crash. Speed is deadly because of the sudden stop caused by impact with another object; your internal organs continue to move forward at the speed you were going before the crash, meaning they’re crushed against your skeleton and severely damaged. 2. Catch a taxi if you’ve been drinking If you’ve had a few drinks, catch a taxi or get a lift from a sober friend. Alcohol (and some prescription drugs) can slow your reaction time and affect your ability to drive safely. 3. Snooze before you drive Driver fatigue is one of the lesser-known causes of road fatalities in New Zealand. For safe driving, avoid lengthy journeys without breaks and stop to take a nap if you feel tired or drowsy.

8. Look before you turn 6. Stay left 4. Keep your eyes on the road Check your blind spot when turning or When driving on the open road, it is Many crashes are caused by driver changing lanes, and be sure to give crucial to keep as far left on the road inattention, so be aware at all times of way to all oncoming vehicles. If there as you can. As a rule, the driver’s seat potential hazards, the actions of other are other vehicles turning, you must should be in the centre of your half drivers, and any pedestrians or cyclists give way to those coming from your of the road. Slow down for corners sharing the road space with you. For right. or curves in the road so that you better road safety, do not talk on your can maintain this position and avoid mobile phone while driving and make 9. Drive for the conditions collisions with oncoming traffic. sure your focus stays on the road Take extra care when driving at rather than on any distraction inside night, in wet weather or in conditions 7. Pass with care the car. As well as your immediate where visibility is reduced. For good Maintain a safe distance between your surrounds, look ahead to see any road safety, increase your following car and the vehicle you are passing: hazards further on so you have time to distance, be extremely careful and this should be at least two seconds’ deal with any dangerous situations. ensure that all lights on your vehicle distance. Take care when passing are working. a cyclist, pedestrian or horse rider, 5. Make it click and give them extra space. If you are If you are wearing a safety belt when 10. Be WOF up-to-date at all times travelling slowly and causing a backyou crash, your chances of surviving Keep your car in a fit state by having up of traffic behind you, pull over so are increased by 40 percent, so make regular maintenance checks for brakes, that traffic can pass. If you are being sure your passengers in both the front tyres and general running of your passed on the road, move as far to the and back seats are belted in at all vehicle. left as you can and don’t increase your times. This is a legal requirement in speed. New Zealand.

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Karting Christmas can run for up to 75 kilometres. The Honda Drift has six-inch, knobbly pneumatic tyres for good grip on the CHRISTMAS came early and on ground. Only one gear is needed and it wheels for father and son duo Bruce and has a rear hydraulic brake. four-year-old Aaron Williams. “It comes with a harness for safety and “I thought it would be a nice treat it’s got a roll bar,” says Mr Williams. for the both of us. It gets us together as “We’re looking at getting number plates father and son,” says the solo dad and too.” ex-streetstock car racer. In the meantime, Aaron is properly “I saw the go-kart in a catalogue and accessorised with crash helmet, goggles thought that’ll do for me and my son to and a whole lot of enthusiasm. go blatting around the park.” “When he comes over, he sits on it and Young Aaron did not know about the pre-Christmas treat until it turned up at keeps asking me when we’re going out on it. his dad’s place. “I’ve heard about go-kart racing at a “His eyes lit up. He loves it,” says Mr track near the airport. He can get into Williams. that when he gets a bit older.” The go-kart arrived in three sections Mr Williams is now looking at at but was easy to assemble, he says. buying a newer version of the go-kart The 200cc, single cylinder, air-cooled with a roll cage so he and his brother can 4-stroke, 6.5hp Honda Drift is capable of race them. reaching speeds of up to about 50kmh, “On Christmas Day me and my brother although the speed limit can be adjusted and Aaron will go down to the park for a to suit beginner drivers. Its 3.6-litre fuel tank means the go-kart bit of a blat,” he says.

by Mark Peters

Brian Read.

Picture by Paul Rickard

Read marks 50 in motor world By John Jones BRIAN Read is a true motoring man — the internal combustion engine has been the source of his employment and his main hobby. Brian started at what was then Holmes Motors 50 years ago and worked his way up from an apprentice to being the company’s (now Gisborne Motors Ford) dealer principal. He can still remember his first day, sweeping out the pit and helping to work on the servicing of a Mark 3 Zephyr for a stock agent employed by Dalgety’s. In his younger days, however, the mild-mannered business executive was a respected competitor at the Gisborne

Speedway Club — right down to the fashionable long hair. Saloon cars were his choice and he estimates he would have driven in a thousand races in the 23 years that he was a competitor — both in Gisborne and out of town. He was the club’s driver of the year in 1983 and 1984, won the main prize five times and was runner-up for another five. Starting as a scrutineer, he has been with the club virtually since it was formed in 1971, and has filled just about every office there is in the club. He is a life member. Through it all Brian has remained a loyal Ford man as well as an icon of the local motoring scene.

ADD TO KART: Bruce Williams and son Aaron Williams with a motorised Honda Drift go-kart Mr Williams bought as an early Christmas present for them both. Picture by Liam Clayton

You will comply ALTHOUGH their foray into bespoke police cars went all wobbly a while ago, that hasn’t stopped the founders of Carbon Motors — former Ford executive William Santana Li and former cop Stacey Dean — from having another crack at the law enforcement sector. This time, instead of a car, they are doing it with a robot. Their new company is called Knightscope and their product is the K5 Autonomous Data Machine — a robot security guard designed to predict and prevent crime.

Looking like the bastard son of R2-D2 and a blender, the K5 is said to pack infrared-capable video cameras, microphones, radar, lidar (laser radar), and thermal, ultrasonic and air-quality sensors. The data K5 collects is then processed by Knightscope’s “predictive analysis engine’’. If this all sounds eerily familiar, just add a couple of really big guns for arms and a weakness concerning stairs and you have the giant killer “security guard’’ robot ED-209 from the original Robocop film. — NZ Herald

Five real examples of the digital Vision Gran Turismo Mercedes may be built.

Plan to turn Merc vision into reality RATHER taken by the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo revealed recently as a special “digital-only’’ model for the Gran Turismo 6 PlayStation game? Really want one for real? Well, you may be in luck. It seems that a bloke called Jeff Halverson was also taken by the sexy, sleek virtual car. So taken by it, in fact, that his company J&S World Wide Holdings has committed to building five examples of the Uber-Merc by rebodying

a bunch of SLS AMG GTs. The carbon fibre body will make the SLS lighter by around 90kg to 100kg, so it should be faster despite the 6.3-litre V8 remaining untouched. Apparently one is set aside for sale in the US, and two will go to the Middle East and two to Europe. The asking price? A cool US$1.5 million ($1.8 million). Although it all may depend on Mercedes’ attitude towards someone else building one of its designs.

The Knightscape K5 crime prevention robot. Dalek design overtones?

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Working for Gisborne

FOR MORE INFO OR BOOKINGS CONTACT: BURT LAMONT Phone 869 0612 • Email: Leave message, name & phone no. and I will contact you.

ACtIoN Auto ArouNd towN

Beautiful Bentley THE Bentley S2 was a luxury car produced by Bentley Motors (1931) Limited of Crewe, Cheshire in England between 1959 and ’62. The changed designation of S2 was to mark the V8 engine and the improved air conditioning system that could be run from it. It was also used in the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 2. Bentley used the new Rolls Roycedesigned-and-built V8 engine of 6230cc (320 cu in) for cars built after October 1959. The cylinder heads and engine block were cast aluminium alloy, and hydraulic tappets were used for the overhead valve system. The compression ratio was 8:1 and twin carburettors with automatic chokes for starting were a feature. This large engine was designed to cope with the updated air conditioning unit for the comfort of the passengers without loss of power. An automatic transmission was coupled to this powerful engine which also coped

• SOMETHING that’s likely to actually become an issue in a few years — a man in Georgia, US, was arrested and sent to jail for “stealing” 5c worth of electricity after he plugged his Nissan Leaf into a power outlet outside a school. Kaveh Kamooneh was at the school to watch his son play tennis when a police officer saw him plug his Leaf into

window demisters were another feature of the excellent bodies built by the very best body builders in the UK — Park Ward, Hooper, H.J. Mulliner and James Young. There were 1920 chassis made with 3124.2mm (123in) standard wheelbases and 388 with 3228mm (127in) wheelbases built between 1959 and 1962. Almost all were fitted with a standard body design but only the very best of materials and fittings were used in these fabulous cars. The reason I drew this car was that two of these limousines arrived at my family’s Pencarrow Lodge on the south coast overlooking Cook Strait. They carried the bride and bridesmaids for a wedding function. The road from the end of Eastbourne to the Lodge is rugged to say the least, but these two beautiful sturdy cars coped with the road with ease. They were both wedding hire cars domiciled in Khandallah, Wellington. They certainly did a great job and looked marvellous.

an outlet outside the school building. Kamooneh was arrested later that day and jailed for 15 hours. •Home of the • IS it time to dropGisborne those text-driving AA Agency laws and ban children from cars? A study from Melbourne’s Monash University has found that children, not telephones, are the biggest distraction while driving. The study followed 12 families for three weeks and used four cameras in each family’s car. It found that out of 92 trips, drivers were distracted by children 90 times. Cnr Childers — Rd & Carvarvon NZ HeraldSt


family pass $40 (2 adults, 3 children).

East Coast Museum of Technology Open daily 10am-4pm: Main Rd, Makaraka Gis. Aviation Preservation Society Inc Aviation Museum Open Sunday 9am-1pm Gisborne airport


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THE new-look vehicle testing station is working for all of Gisborne and is one of the few remaining community owned testing stations in New Zealand. Gisborne motorists getting their warrant of fitness from Gisborne Vehicle Testing (GVT) will quickly notice the changes made during their next visit. The refurbished testing station has just become the home of the AA agency. As well as being able to get warrants of fitness, driver licensing, update ownership records, register your vehicle, get new registration plates, buy road user charges and benefit from bulk buy discountsFriday December 27 GVT now offers AA memberships, passport photos, Saturday December 28 IRD number applications and maps. Businesses Sunday December 29 can even open a corporate account. “We have become a one-stop shop,” said WA165 (Steam Train) manager Bruce Walters. Departing Gisborne Railway A real focus on people from staff in both the vehicle testing area and AA departments, and Station at 11.30am. an upgrade in the premises and processes has Tickets from Gisborne i-Site. resulted in fast moving queues, significantly reduced waiting times and a friendly feel throughout Sunday, January 5 the facility. Motorists will feel like they are in a VIP lounge Gisborne American Car Club with a water cooler, newspapers and a television all Senior vehicle inspector Murray Peters 8.30am 11am. Petrolhead issuestill another warrant of fitness. available as they wait. “We are a commercially savvy operation,” saidbreakfast, Reads Quay behind the Bruce. emphasise its own reputation for quality and Court House. “The benefit of this is for all of Gisborne. reliability. Breakfast Ruba “We return all profits to Gisborne District Council “We areat proud to be Cafe. the home of the AA agency,” and ultimately to the ratepayers. said Bruce. AA is delighted to be associated “The more work we do, the more funding is keptWednesday, January 8 with Gisborne Vehicle Testing said David McLister, General here locally.” Raceway. ManagerGroup of AA Government Contracts. Gisborne Vehicle Testing is already in the top tierEastland “It ensures that AA continues to provide of New Zealand WoF facilities for its quality of work Eastland Superstock services to its members in the and volume of customers and understands it must Goldmembership Cup Invitation. Gisborne area, and the opportunity to join constantly evolve to remain competitive and an Gates atDistrict 6pm, racing withopen Gisborne Council and be the asset unique to Gisborne. dominant driver licensing Formingunit. a mutually beneficial association with starting at provider 7pm. ofadults $15,and motor with a power steering vehicle licensing transactions for the region, is a AA, one of the most reputable organisations in Electrically-operated windows and rear children $8, (5-15 years) real ‘win-win’ for the wider Gisborne Community.” the country, has helped the testing station

• Warrant of Fitness • Bulk Buy Discounts • Motor Vehicle Registration • Road User Charges • Change Of Ownership • New Plates • Driver Licensing • Home of the Gisborne AA Agency Open Monday – Friday 7.30am – 5.00pm 311BL021-11T Saturday 8.00am – 12.30pm 311BL055-11T Cnr Childers Rd & Carnarvon St

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Step back in time come presented in a silver basket lined with newspaper. The 50s were nothing if not deliciously full-fat. YOU can’t miss the Classics Museum The museum entrance is filled with on the way into Hamilton — a red vintage car is perched on top of a pole on nostalgic items such as picnic sets, counter-top jukeboxes, slot machines and the building’s roof. It signals the labour colourful seven-inch vinyl records. of love of Hamilton businessman Tom By the time we enter the museum we Andrews, whose father Les works at the have well and truly turned our back on museum on the weekends and daughter the modern world. Emily who is the museum manager. I’m not a vintage car enthusiast, but To start the time-travelling experience, there is the Jukebox Diner on the way to once inside, we can’t help falling in the museum’s entrance. On the menu are love with the selection of cars Andrews has chosen. To start, there’s a red and retro milkshakes, burgers and American hotdogs, as well as all-day breakfast foods white 1958 Isetta Motocoupe and a fawn-coloured 1967 Fiat 500F Bambino, like eggs benedict. Even the salt and complete with fuzzy dice. pepper shakers are tiny old-fashioned The blown-up photographs on the walls Coca-Cola bottles. are just as enchanting. One features a In the corner, under the eye of a lifesized Elvis holding a blue guitar, is a two- Bambino car full of beauty queens, a Karori school converted into a city block toned dodgem car from the famous Long Beach Pike Amusement Park Zone, which complete with pedestrian crossings, started in 1902. The car is typical of those fences and “buildings” to teach road safety in 1957. Another shows an “eggmade in the mid-50s and children are and-spoon” race, where cars had to be allowed to climb inside the precious car and relive the dodgem era, which started driven with an egg in a spoon balanced on the bonnet. in the 20s. As well as the beautiful cars, there There is also a jukebox, a gumball are also fairground carousel horses and machine and a model of a roller-skating a selection of framed matchstick cases Betty Boop waitress at the door. The featuring a 1920 Studebaker and a 1909 place is packed on a rainy Saturday Oakland. The past seems like a pretty afternoon and we order Raspberry Fizz cool place. creaming sodas and curly fries, which

by Danielle Wright

Kiwi racer Brendon Hartley has joined the Porsche factory racing team and will drive the new 919 Hybrid. Photo supplied

Kiwi Hartley proud to be with Porsche — he and co-driver Jonathan Hirschi brought their Murphy Prototypes OrecaNissan LMP2 home in first place to NEW ZEALANDER Brendon Hartley notch up the team’s first win in the has become a works professional driver championship. for the official Porsche AG team for the In his first full season racing sports 2014 World Endurance Championship. cars, Hartley has won in Europe and The 24-year-old will be one of the America. His win in the ELMS is just youngest fulltime endurance drivers in the category and joins a six-strong roster reward for a season that has been of drivers in two new Porsche 919 hybrid fraught with mechanical emergencies cars as the German manufacturer makes when he and his co-driver have been in its first full-on assault in 16 years on the winning positions. Although Hartley realises this is his world endurance title. biggest opportunity to date, he won’t be Hartley’s team-mates include retired Formula One driver Mark Webber; former out of his depth. “It’s a very ambitious project for Formula One test driver Neel Jani; Porsche, and to be part of the comeback Timo Bernhard and Romain Dumas, of one of the biggest names in endurance who between them have seven overall victories from 24-hour races Nurburgring, racing will come with huge pressure. It will be a big task, especially knowing our Daytona and Spa, and overall victory competitors have been developing their together in Le Mans with Audi; and cars for a few years now. Marc Lieb, who has scored five overall “It’s funny actually — all through my wins in 24-hour races, four times on the career I was the youngest and at the end Nurburgring and once at Spa. The twoof my single-seater career I realised I car factory team will race in the eightwasn’t the youngest any more. But it’s round World Sports Car Championship all swapped around now and I’m the that includes the Le Mans 24-Hour in youngest again. France. “Experience plays a big part and “It was a very, very special moment for me when I was announced at the Porsche endurance racing is all about teamwork. Night of Champions as one of the drivers I know I’m young for this type of racing but I have a wealth of experience and for next season,” Hartley said. have shown I can do a good job. “It’s probably one of the proudest “I’ve progressed a lot in the past two moments of my life to be signed by years and can only get better, especially Porsche as a factory driver. with all the stuff I can learn from my “I have so many people to thank for team-mates — and there’s definitely a lot helping to get me where I am now from I can learn from them.” — NZ Herald starting in New Zealand. “It’s a massive opportunity for me and I will take every advantage to do well. “I’ve had some lows in the past and I’m happy to acknowledge that — but I did learn from them and they did make me stronger.” After being released a few years ago by the Red Bull Junior Development Formula One squad, Hartley has proved he can mix it with the world’s best in endurance racing, including setting the fastest class race-lap times in some of the biggest events in the world, including the Le Mans 24-Hour. Hartley ended his European Le Mans Kiwi driver Brendon Hartley has joined the Series season on the best possible note Porsche factory racing team. Photo supplied

by Eric Thompson



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The vintage car museum in Hamilton.


Take advantage of these higher than normal discounts on these models in stock at Gisborne Motors

MAZDA 3 GLX 2.0 litre auto hatch Retail including ORC $33,545

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Retail including ORC and 5000km RUC $66,232



Mazdacare benefits apply to all new Mazda models



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Variety Bash THE annual Variety Bash fundraising event for sick, needy and disadvantaged kids gets under way again in March and will see a convoy of colourful characters and their unique vehicles departing Auckland on Saturday, March 15 and travelling throughout the central North Island and East Cape. The GT Limo team, sponsored by GT Radial tyres and captained by Ewen “The Westie” Gilmour, got their fundraising effort under way in November with a show’n’shine at Hampton Downs. The event, which saw more than 100 cars and motorbikes attend, with owners and passengers enjoying some controlled laps around the track, was a great success. “Almost $2500 was raised on the day, which was a fantastic start to our fundraising drive and goal of reaching $10,000,” said Gilmour, a long-time Variety ambassador. “It’s a challenge in these lean times to attract sponsors and generate donations, but I’m confident we will manage to achieve our target. New Zealanders are very supportive of the work Variety does to help improve the lives of Kiwi kids.” One initiative the team has developed includes a charity auction, with a selection of unique or unusual items up for grabs on Trade Me. Gilmour has donated two of the auction lots.

“It would be fair to say I’m the country’s most widely recognised marriage celebrant, so a wedding with me certainly can be a wedding with a difference.” To complement the big day, there are two jewellery lots available as part of the charity auction. The first is the chance to bid on wedding jewellery, courtesy of Charles Lewis Fine Jewellery, to the value of $3000. Its team of experts are specialists in designing and manufacturing highest quality rings and jewellery sets, ensuring your jewellery is an eye-catching addition to your big day or any occasion. And just in time for Christmas is the chance to buy $1000 value of items from the Michael John Jewellery designer collection. Other items include a set of new passenger tyres courtesy of the GT Limo sponsor, GT Radial tyres, and the opportunity for your car to feature in Driven’s Me and My Car column. Gilmour is also donating a show to the auction effort. “It could be a show just for yourself and your special someone, a work social club event or after-dinner comedian,” he said. Visit Trade and search GT Limo to view auction items.

Tyre pressure check

Eye on fuel costs IN the lead-up to Christmas, people tend to use their cars more as they do their Christmas shopping or head off on holiday. As petrol prices hover around the $2 a litre mark, it is worth knowing ways to keep fuel consumption in check. Here are 10 ways you can do that.

6. Smooth Operator Don’t be one of those drivers who race away from one set of lights and slam on the anchors when approaching the next. Not only can this give your passengers whiplash, it wastes precious fuel. Using smooth and gentle acceleration and steering is the key. 1. Plan your trip 7. Switch off Whether heading into town or another If you car does not have a modern stop/ part of the country, plan your journey. Take start fuel-saving system for heavy traffic direct routes and avoid times you know situations, then simply switch off your traffic will be heavy. engine. This will be that little bit nicer for 2. Lose weight your wallet. Having a car’s boot or interior packed 8. Wheels and tyres with unnecessary gear means the engine Ensure tyres have the correct air has to work harder to move the car around. pressure. It is said 25 percent loss in tyre Remove all excess weight. pressure means a 2 percent increase in 3. Windows up fuel consumption. It may not sound like Drive with your window down at much but it gets worse if your wheels motorway speeds and you are throwing are out of alignment. If a car is pulling to money away. It is said your average fuel the left or right and you counter-steer to bill will increase by 30 percent. So above prevent this, your engine is working harder, 80kmh, keep windows up. using more fuel. 4. Remove drag 9. Air con Cars are more fuel-efficient if they cut Use the air-conditioning sparingly as cleanly through the air. Remove luggage the engine is having to work harder if you racks or add-ons you don’t need, to leave it on all the time. decrease drag. 10. Engine maintenance 5. Short shift Keep your engine in tip-top condition. The higher the engine revs, the more fuel Getting a regular service, checking oil, cam you are burning unnecessarily. Whether belt etc will allow you to detect whether you are commuting around town or on the a mechanical problem could be affecting motorway, keep revs as low as possible. your fuel consumption. — NZ Herald

Ewen Gilmour is a long-time Variety ambassador.


• 1.2 litre MIVEC engine • Fuel consumption of just 4.6L/100km • CVT auto transmission • 5 star ANCAP safety rating • Front, side and curtain airbags • Active stability control, ABS brakes • Hill start assist • 4.6m turning circle • Mitsubishi’s Diamond Advantage warrranty

DEMO CLEARANCE demo Clearan C ClearanCe learanC learan Ce NOW ON noW on noW


DEMO $18,990 $11,300* $11,300* $11,300* $11,300* $11,300* NOW+ LANCER IN IN MITSUBISHI 2010 2011IN 2010 IN 2011 NEW GSR CLEARANCE A step ahead. NOW ON From





+ on road costs








• 2.0 litre MIVEC engine Great deals on all models. Come and see us today! • CVT auto transmission • Front, side, curtain airbags and driver’s knee airbag Total 1/3 payments $33,900 + ORC’s* Heated SeatS SmaRt coRneRinG HandS-FRee PaRkinG FRont and back liGHtS (PRemium only) • 5 star ANCAP safety rating (PRemium only) (PRemium only) RRP $35, 500 + OCR’s* • Bluetooth handsfree Compare any SUV with the 7 seater Kia Sorento R. Compare the look, Rear spoiler Lancer VR Sedan Specifications (Pictured) the features and the way we •look after you, then compare the price. • Touch screen audio system  2.0L MIVEC Engine • Reversing camera We may just surprise you.  115kWs of power  Active Stability Control • Alloy wheels ReveRSinG Rain SenSinG bluetootH  Active Traction Control cameRa WiPeRS HandS-FRee • Keyless entry  

$25,990 + on road costs

Seven airbags ABS Brakes with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution Automatic CVT transmission 16” Alloy Wheels Auto light-sensing headlamps Rain-sensing windscreen wipers Auto air conditioning 6-disc, 6-speaker audio system Cruise control Keyless Operating System Front fog lamps Leather covered steering wheel, handbrake lever and gearshift lever


• Leather interior, chrome nudge and sport bars • 2.5 turbo diesel • 407Nm torque/133kw • 3 tonne braked towing • Bluetooth hands-free phone system • Front, side and curtain airbags • 5 speed manual • Alloy wheels



$46,690+ORC LX Petrol 2WD


ubishi Motors To test Dealer, drive call the new 0800Lancer 54 53 52 Sedan or goask to your local Mitsubishi Motors Dealer, call 0800 54 53 52 or go to

+ GST and on road costs

nsist of WOF, 12 months *Payregistration just one-third anddeposit a full tank (including of fuel.your Paytrade-in a furtherifone-third any) plus in On12 Road months Costs time of up and tothe $600, final and one-third then drive in 24 away. Months On Road time.Costs At theconsist end ofof WOF, 12 months registration and a full tank of fuel. Pay a further one-third in 12 months time and the final one-third in 24 Months time. At the end of Finance Mitsubishi lending the termcriteria you own apply. the vehicle Offer applies with nothing to 2009more Model to Year pay. Other seriesfiLancer nance terms VR Sedan. available, Offer ends including 31 December no deposit2009. to approved Available purchasers. at participating Finance Mitsubishi lending criteria apply. Offer applies to 2009 Model Year series Lancer VR Sedan. Offer ends 31 December 2009. Available at participating jor fleet. Mitsubishi Motors Dealers while stocks last. Colour choice is limited. Offer not valid for government, rental, lease companies or major fleet.

132 Childers Road, GISBORNE

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Great deals on all models. Come and see us today! Premium model featured Brian Watts 021 222 0292 • Tristan Cowper 021 260 Logo 6674 Dealer


346 Palmerston Road, Gisborne Ph: 06 867 9438 a/h Gary 027 444 5214 Bruce 021 1265 120 Dealer Name | Phone | Address | website



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International award A RACING car designed by New Zealand students that can accelerate from standstill to 100kmh in under four seconds has won an international engineering award. The car, designed and built by University of Canterbury (UC) mechanical engineering students, topped cars from 22 other universities to win the inspired engineering award at the international university racing car competition at Victoria University in Melbourne. It was one of nine cars to finish both endurance races, and one of only two cars chosen to be driven by a professional driver for a test session. UC team spokesman Bruce Robertson said the driver, a current V8 supercar and former Australian A1GP driver, gave the team excellent feedback, which was a

Ecurie Ecosse collection has set new auction records

Record prices

A WHILE back we told you of an entire historic racing team going under the hammer — a collection of eight cars and a transporter from the Scottish Ecurie Ecosse team that won two consecutive Le Mans 24-Hour races in 1956 and 57 was being sold by Bonhams. Well, that auction took place on December 1 and managed to set all kinds of records, as well as find a buyer with enough passion (and cash) to keep a significant part of the collection together. The 1952 Jaguar C-Type sold for a staggering £2.9 million ($5.7 million), while the 1956 Shortnose D-Type sold for £2.6 million, both to the same buyer in

the United States. Although it didn’t make the highest price, the fantastic 1960 Commer TS3 three-car transporter was the surprise of the auction, exceeding its estimation by a cool £1 million to sell for £1.8 million following a fierce 20-minute telephone bidding war. In the end, the two-stroke transporter was sold to the same US-based buyer that scored the two Jaguars. The large price paid for the Commer transporter — that was immortalised as a Corgi model back in the 1960s — made it the most valuable commercial vehicle sold at auction. – NZ Herald

great honour. He said it was an incredible result for the university and a great credit to the department. “One event commentator told us our UC car was absolutely beautiful. UC has a great reputation for our focus on engineering design so everyone was expecting us to bring a good car. But nobody expected anything close to what we produced. “A design judge that has worked at Boeing Aerospace and Aston Martin Racing told our team that of all the cars in the competition, he favoured our car the most.” The inspired engineering award, one of only two major awards, came with a free Confederation of Australian Motor Sport motorsport licence for the team next year. – APNZ

Free alloys and Tomtom navigation with each Hilux 2WD purchase, conditions apply The car was designed and built by University of Canterbury (UC) mechanical engineering students.


29,990 +ORC



InCludeS: • Free Alloys • Free reverse sensors


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2007 TOYOTA cOROLLA “BLADE MASTER” 3.5 Litre V6 Auto, TRD Enhanced, Body Kit, 17” Alloys, Climate Air Cond, Stunning Car

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Was $26,990 10:22 AM Gisborne. 62 Carnarvon Street 06 867 9444 A/H: James Woochuk 021 0255 4388 Paul Norman 027 6081/10/13 2260 2007 ToyoTa auriS auTo 2006 ToyoTa ViTz 2006 TOYOTA RAcTIS Finance Options View over * Weekly figures based on 25% deposit (of the advertised price) over 60 months term 1.5, ABS, Airbags, 1.3 Auto 5 Door Auto, 7 speed, includes $350 documentation fee, subject to Toyota Financial Services normal lending criteria. Bluetooth, Great250 vehicles Air Cond, ABS, Airbags, TOYOTA VEHICLE INSURANCE – Ask for a competitive quote.Airbags, ABS, TOY 4253 Q4_TDA_Dealer Press_Quarter Page_263x91mm_v2_ISO.indd 1


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Prices above include cashback. Offer ends 31st December 2013 or while stocks last at participating Dealers. Cashback redeemed at point of sale. Vehicles to be registered by 31 December 2013. Not available with other offers. Private customers only. Prices above include cashback. Offer ends 31st December 2013 or while stocks last at participating Dealers. Cashback redeemed at point of sale. Vehicles to be registered by 31 December 2013. Not available with other offers. Private customers only. HN3064 A4 Press Landscape V3.indd 1

HN3064 A4 Press Landscape V3.indd 1


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