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FRIDAY December 5 2014 Issue 1089

Get ready...Santa’s coming to town! It’s Santa time this Saturday as Christmas @Sunkist kicks off the festive season in Beachlands. The free community event starts with a Santa Parade down Wakelin Rd past the shops from 1pm featuring pipe bands, local floats and, of course, Santa himself. The parade will finish at the Sunkist Bay reserve where this year’s Christmas@Sunkist celebration will be officially opened by local councillor Bill Cashmore. There’ll be all the Christmas trimmings as well as vintage games, have-a-go craft workshops, Christmas gifts for sale, food stalls, pony rides, a Christmas-themed dog show, face painting, raffles, bouncy castle and much more. At 3.30pm entrants in The Voice Talent Quest showcasing an array of local artists of all ages will entertain.

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Short of a drop

Coolest household water in town

Ph: 0508 732 843 $250 per 17,000ltr - $225 per 13,500ltr (3000gal) - $180 per 10,000ltr

LOOKING TO SELL YOUR HOME? Call us to see how we can help you! Stuart & Natasha Fitzpatrick STUART: 027 668 0287 NATASHA: 021 173 3402 The Log Cabin will be lit up and transformed into Santa’s magical grotto where youngsters can meet Santa. Later at around 6pm the family Christmas

concert will be officially opened by local MP Andrew Bayley. “The whole event will be an awesome Christmas celebration for the whole community,” says

Beachlands Community Trust ceo Jenny Carter. “We look forward to seeing everyone there enjoying themselves.” Above: Event organisors from left:Jackie

Matthews, Irene Crosswell, Casey Lloyd, Jenny Carter, Amanda Bann, Samantha Sutherland, Nicky Pellow and Paige Kendon.

Waste water bill shock

Some Beachlands-Maraetai residents are getting an unwelcome had mistakenly not been billed for waste water, some as far back Christmas present from Watercare – a backdated bill for waste wa- as 2011. Most are in this district with a couple in Omaha, north Auckland. ter. He says this is due to Auckland Council not passing on the necesOne is Maraetai’s Chris Postlewaight who, in an email to the PC Times says: “...letters are being sent out by Watercare Auckland sary property information during the council amalgamation prostating that they had not been charging some residents for their cess and in some cases where certificates of compliance hadn’t been sent by the council to Watercare. waste water since 2011. “We are looking at ways to ensure we can communicate with “They are now sending invoices to people – mine was over $2000! – and expecting them to pay by the 9th of December, right council more effectively. It’s not in Watercare’s interest for this to happen as it has deprived us of income, and it is not in the interests on Christmas when families are under enough financial strain.” Chris, upon phoning Watercare, was given up to six months to of our customers who are now faced with a big bill,” says John. (three lucky winners already) Meanwhile, Chris Postlewaight says: “After some to-ing and fropay the bill. “Yet this is something that sat around for over three years This ing, they finally agreed to allowing us to pay our account off over means that I would need to find and extra $339 per month on a one year, with payments not starting until January next year. That’s a bit better than the six months maximum they are telling people. single income with a young child.” John Redwood, Communications Manager for Watercare, “I’d urge people to ring Watercare and really state their case – esconfirmed to the PC Times that around 40 unmetered households pecially those with children and limited income.”

Beachlands Maraetai "Bringing water to your community for 30 years"




Tony Rawson ~ The Water Man

Ph: 2739-763

Beachlands Water Service

536 6508

Ph: 536-4990 Beachlands


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H O 2

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2 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (December 5th 2014)

City Rail Link gambling with Auckland’s future THE EDITOR SAYS BY DUNCAN PARDON duncan@pctimes.co.nz

What’s 3.5kms long, costs $2.4 billion to build and $90 million a year to operate? The answer, of course, is the underground tunnel from Britomart to Mt Eden which is now, quite clearly, Auckland Council’s number one priority. It’s a huge gamble and one that, in my view anyway, has never been properly debated. Mayor Len Brown says its a game changer. I think it has the potential to bankrupt the city. Future funding is still up in the air, the plan being to fund the project through a combination of debt and development contributions while keeping rates at a (supposedly) manageable level. Operating costs will continue over the project’s estimated 70 year lifespan. There are still big questions over when the Government will start contributing its share of the funding. And there is scepticism in my mind as to whether a project of this scale can be delivered in time and on budget. It’s a project that makes huge assumptions about future

LAND SURVEYORS Hollier Greig Ltd

rail patronage, which has admittedly increased substantially in recent times, and whether it will have a significant impact on our gridlocked roads. Sorry, but I’m not seeing it. After decades of over-caution when it comes to public transport, Auckland Council now seem to be lurching to the other extreme in an all or nothing gamble to fix the city’s gridlock. A quick Google will soon take you to a report by a Danish professor of planning that shows urban rail projects as particularly risky ventures. In the 44 he studied the average cost escalation was 45% and in 25% of cases as high as 60%. In addition, he found eventual rail patronage to be lower than predicted. And even though the City Rail Link will free up the Auckland rail network, the network as a whole will continue to have its limitations. The outer eastern suburbs, for example, will continue to rely on private cars for years – probably decades – to come, even if bus transport can be sped up through arterial road widening and bus lanes. Auckland’s geography does not lend itself to rail. It does, however, lend itself to trams, ferries and cycling – three forms of transport that have rarely rated a mention.

Locals lose their locks for Pink Ribbon Appeal

LAND SURVEYORS & LAND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS A member of the D.N. Book Consultants Group When considering: • Subdivision of Rural, Residential and Commercial land • Redefinition of boundaries for building or fencing • Engineering and topographical surveys



Panelbeaters & Carpainters

Peter Murray

Mob 0274 863 828

Unit B 154-160 Harris Rd Industrial Park (just off Ti Rakau Dr)

The helping hands for your car ars yC Ph: 274 4778 Fax 274 4748 rtes ble! u o C ila Email: prima.panelbeaters@xtra.co.nz Ava


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marine forecast - vhf Channel 21 Auckland Forecast - 0900 999 + your std

You only have to go as far as Pine Harbour to see the obvious success of a commuter ferry service – one that gets you to the centre of the city quicker than by private car. Auckland’s harbour provides good internal lines of communication which should be used to a much greater extent. There also needs to be a lot more done on urban planning. Instead of cramming everyone into the centre of the city to avoid urban sprawl, thought needs to be given to developing satellite towns. Mercer and Huntly, for example, have barely changed in the past 50 years apart from as service centres for Auckland’s traffic. The nature of the workforce itself will also change over the next few decades. Thanks to information technology, more people will work either from home or a workplace nearby. There simply won’t be the mass commuter population able to use trains at fixed times of day. Meanwhile, as the City Link Black Hole sucks up funding, other essential projects are put on hold. It will take more than just good public transport to make Auckland the world’s most liveable city. It also takes parks, art, culture, sport, vibrant town centres and the development of inter-connected communities where people are supported, valued and safe. It will take a lot more than trains to do that.

Chrissy Smith (left), their close shave.

By Teri Doran Big-hearted coasters came out in full force last Sunday to support the third annual Pohutukawa Coast Pink Ribbon Appeal, in what turned out to be the event’s biggest success to date. Hosted at Beachlands Chartered Club, record numbers turned out to shave their hair, mos, and beards to raise money for cancer charities. Last year the local fundraiser made the most money in a single event for the Pink Ribbon Appeal. This time round organisers’ expectations were surpassed when that record was more than doubled. “Last year we raised $5000, this year we raised more than $12,500 and still counting,” says Shane Norton, who began driving the appeal three years ago. Karen Gordon, another principal organiser, sums Michelle Cadman and Carol Laing after up the local community in one word – “awesome.” “You blew us away,” she says to the Pohutukawa Coast community who supported the event. “The Club was full and overflowing out the doors. In total 20 children, 25 men, and three women The footpath that runs frontage would open up shaved off their locks for a cure. on top of the sea wall an area to sunbathers The youngest participant was two-and-a-halfshould be doubled in and barbeques. years-old, and the oldest aged 72. width. It should be wide Sell the cliff top reThomas Allsopp, age 10, raised more than $500 enough to be a dual car- serves that lead nowhere on his own, and Mason (8) and Makai Holroyd (5) riage-way for opposing any more and develop topped $325. pushchairs and grand- the Sunkist Bay Beach Chrissy Smith of the Recycled Clothing Store also parent operators (with into something that we sacrificed her curls, accumulating approximately dogs) to pass-by without can share with new ar- $2,00 in donations, and Michele Cadman of NZ tetering over the edge. rivals with pride. Travel Brokers raised more than $2000 dollars when Extending the retainshe took the brave step of going bald for the cause. ing sea wall along the CHARLIE PEAKE Another 20 men were due to have their Movemremaining reserve beach Beachlands ber mos shaved, but despite four local hairdressers working non-stop, time simply ran out. THE BIBLE SAYS: Be completely humble and gentle; be This year for the first time an auction was included, patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort an addition that raised an extra $2000. to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. Money will be allocated to one of three organisa(Ephesians 4:2-3) tions chosen by participants, with Breast Cancer set to receive almost $6500, Kids Cancer more than WORD FOR THE WEEK $2000, Men’s Health about $4000. The South AuckDECEMBER land Hospice will also receive a donation of $500. How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness how the time The appeal has one more event to come. In Februhas flewn. How did it get so late so soon? ~ Dr. Seuss ary local dogs will be doing their bit when they takeoff in the Furmazing Race. It is being organised by local women, dog trainer Fiona Bailey, and dog groomer I am Devon McDonald of the law firm Swayne McDonald. Denise Brackenbury. Our legal team of six lawyers and registered legal executives has more than 140 combined years of legal practice experience. Details of the K9 funWe can help you in a wide range of legal matters – including draiser will soon follow conveyancing, relationship property, small businesses, leases, on the events Facebook wills, estates and family trusts. page, Pohutukawa Coast Call us for an initial relaxed and confidential chat about Pink Movember Appeal, Branch office conveniently located at: your legal needs. Botany Junction, corner Ormiston Road www.facebook.com/PoWe’ll have the right lawyer & Te Irirangi Drive. Phone 265 2700. hutukawaCoastCancer to help you.

Better access to Sunkist Bay

The steps to the Green Bay beach/ Motukaraka Island are no more, and according to Franklin Local Board member Malcolm Bell will not be replaced making this Reserve redundant. At Sunkist Bay a foot path beside the steep road down from Wakelin Road to the boat club area is also badly needed.

Legal issues? Need to find the right lawyer to help you?

Compassionate and dedicated, our staff are here to help. Talk to us today about our FDANZ approved pre-paid & pre-planned funeral options. Howick: Cnr Picton & Walter MacDonald Sts | Ph. 533 7493 Manurewa: 88 Great South Rd | Ph. 267 2530 fd@resthavenfunerals.co.nz | www.resthavenfunerals.co.nz

• Devon McDonald

Visit us at: www.smlaw.co.nz

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (December 5th 2014) 3

Functions - School Holiday Programme - Gymnastics ww.tepuru.co.nz (09) 536 5360 Sport / Fitness

Run to mark Lydiard anniversary December 11 2004 was the day running legend and long term Beachlands’ resident Arthur Lydiard, OBE and ONZ, died in Houston Texas. He is still sadly missed by his family, friends and athletes all around the world. To commemorate this day his widow, Joelyne, along with Olympian Barry Magee, have put together a fun run at Omana Regional Park on Saturday December 20 starting in the car park at 10am. Arthur was known as being a wonderful man and inspirational coach. Internationally, his training methods produced many Olympic gold medalists (in a variety of sports) and many more silver and bronze

Council aims to tackle homelessness Auckland Council, in a briefing to the new Government, is asking for more help as it tries to deal with the growing issue of homelessness and the need for emergency housing. The briefing paper asks the Government to recognise homelessness as a significant national issue and to take a multi-sector approach to addressing both the short and long term issues facing the voluntary sector that supports the homeless. The council already works in partnership with Government, the business community and voluntary agencies to fill the gap in emergency housing. The Auckland Plan notes there are about 160 to 320 rough sleepers in the city centre. There is a serious lack of emergency housing in Auckland, especially for women, young people and gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. BE ACH LAN D S CH A R T ER ED CLUB Open to the Community

Santa Lolly Scramble Bouncy Castle Face Painting Hot Food


Bring a wrapped pressie for your child, to the value of $10

medals. He was the running coach for the 1960 New Zealand Olympic running team of “Arthur’s boys” who blitz the world with Peter Snell winning gold in the 1500, John Davies a bronze, Barry Magee a bronze in the Marathon and Murray Halberg a gold in the 5000 metres. Arthur’s controversial methods were not accepted by the hierarchy of NZ Athletics and he was not allowed to enter the Rome Olympic coaching areas, so he had to talk to his “boys” through the fence. Nothing was a problem for Arthur. His “boys” did so well that this was reported to be “the finest day in Olympic Track and Field for New Zealand. “ The fun run will be attended by Barry Magee and the next generation of top Beachlands Maraetai Runners that Arthur produced.

WASHER CRACKDOWN: Auckland Council is clamping down on

window washers’ intimidating behaviour at intersections throughout the city and is targeting repeat offenders. The council has begun pursuing the prosecution of window washers found to be in breach of the Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw. The bylaw, which came into effect six months ago, was designed to protect the public from nuisance but, after taking a graduated enforcement approach, council officers have had to take a harder line.mAs the lead agency for enforcement on window washing, council is working closely with the Police to address problem hotspots around the region.




$4.29 each


$21.99 each

OPEN 7 DAYS ~ 7am-7pm

53 Third View Ave,Beachlands Ph: 536-4668

Festive theme at this weekend’s fresh market Fiona Hugues and her team of vendors at the Pine Harbour Fresh Market kick off their fifth year of trading with a festive theme this Saturday. The Traders & Makers Stylist Sale will play host to the market’s usual weekly gourmet offerings with the addition of products from local creatives. “I’m clearing out my studio and bringing an array of interesting and handmade bits and bobs from food styling, magazine photo shoots and events” says Fiona. Accompanying her will be local make-up artist Emma Peters of Belle & Sage with her carefully selected local and international natural and organic make up and skin care ranges for visitors to try and buy. Joining them will be collections from a floral designer and stylist, interior decorator, vintage collector and local handmade bath products from Nectar Body & Bath, all perfect for Christmas gifts. “There are some really neat people in the area doing some great things and the market’s a great opportunity to meet them, get professional advice and share creative ideas” Fiona says. Breakfast at the market will be well catered for as usual, from French crepes, fair-trade espresso, to spicy Prego rolls, fresh pressed juices and outstanding breads and pastries. New ranges of French pates and cheeses arrive this weekend plus there’s plenty more gourmet products and fresh produce on offer. Launched back in 2009, the weekly market has had its fair share of untimely weather experiencing a varied dose of rain, hail, weather bombs, wind and shine on most Saturday mornings they’ve traded since its inception. “Even when the forecast is horrendous we get stoic regulars braving it, wet weather gear clad in the quest for fine food; they’re fantastic!” With huge changes going on in the Pine Harbour area and a new ferry service, the market has exciting plans for the future as the local population increases. Until then Fiona says it’s important locals get behind their market and support it on a regular basis. “ There’s a bit of road disruption to deal with at the moment but markets need regular support to operate, so come down and buy fresh and local. It’s a great time to meet friends and chat with your neighbours”. Pine Harbour Fresh Market every Saturday 8am -12pm The final market of the year the immensely popular Twilight market on the 23rd Dec 4-8pm The market returns for the Summer on January 10.

TWILIGHT MARKET 23rd Dec 4-8pm www. pi n e ha rbou r. co. n z/fre sh - ma rke t / EAT FRESH


4 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (December 5th 2014)

Lighthouse to run Xmas gift appeal

CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS • Angel $15 • LindiKingi Necklace $51 • Coasters $23 • Mesh Clutch $24

a little extra help in their festive season. The Little Ray of Giving campaign will involve Ray White Real Estate offices across New Zealand and Australia in December.

Bignell. “Sometimes just a small gift can make the biggest difference to someone in need at Christmas. “All you need to do is wrap up your present and drop it into your local Ray White office. SELL YOUR HOME Tell the Ray White team FROM JUST $699 if the gift is for a boy or girl (or mum or dad), nominate an age group and your gift will be 28 Blakewell Place delivered by our local CONTEMPORARY FAMILY LIVING Rotary team to a family • Architecturally designed family home in a quiet cul-de-sac who will appreciate the • 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (incl master ensuite with twin lift to their festive seashower heads) • Feature entrance pathway & high stud foyer area son,” says Brie. • Entertainers kitchenONLINE & spacious open plan dining/living space http://pctimes.localnewspapers.co.nz Ray White Lighthouse, READ (updated every bi-fold Friday) doors for • High ceilings & multiple light & outdoor flow www.pctimes.co.nz which recently relocated • Wrap-around decking plus a large private BBQ courtyard to 81 Second Also visit our facebook page - Pohutukawa Coast Times View Av• Gas hob/fire, alarm, UV twin filtered water & solar hot water enue, Beachlands, has a • Easy care, established tropical gardens special giving tree in its

BEACHLANDS Ecoya Range in store • Lanterns from $13

• OkaB Jandal $97 • WeWOOD Watch $125 • LindiKingi Bracelets from $25

LATE NIGHT THURSDAY SPECIAL! Spend $30 and receive a FREE Gift

December Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 8.30am to 6pm Thurs 8.30am to 7pm Sat 9am to 4pm, Sun 10am to 4pm

WHITFORD VILLAGE Ph: 530-9333 Open 7 days Visit us on Facebook


http://pctimes. localnewspapers.co.nz www.pctimes.co.nz Also visit our facebook page - Pohutukawa Coast Times

“The gift drive was a simple way to help families who may have their mind on more pressing issues at this time of year,” say Ray White Lighthouse’s business owners Rex and Brie

• Dble internal access garage/laundry (with work-benches) • Walk to beach, bus, cafes, shops & schooling


WEB ID 11614


Beachlands-based Ray White Lighthouse Real Estate is partnering with Ronald McDonald House and Rotary to deliver a Christmas campaign for New Zealand families who may need


New pest management area for Hunua Ranges

OPEN HOME Sat 1-2pm Call the owner on READ ONLINE http://pctimes.localnewspapers.co.nz (updated every Friday) or phone to view PH 09 550 9735 Also visit our facebook page www.pctimes.co.nz Enquiries Over $799,000 MOB 022 5300 149

(updated every Friday)

Also visit our facebook page - Pohutukawa Coast Times

www.homesell.co.nz - Phone 0800 003 001 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES

The creation of a new pest management area in the Hunua Ranges

READ ONLINE www.pctimes.co.nz (updated every Friday) Also visit our facebook page - Pohutukawa Coast Times



READ ONLINE http://pctimes. localnewspapers.co.nz


(updated every Friday)


READ ONLINE http://pctimes.localnewspapers.co.nz (updated every Friday)

Also visit our facebook page - Pohutukawa Coast Times

SANCTUARY IN THE COUNTRY Outstanding lifestyle property for Private Sale near Clevedon

READ ONLINE www.pctimes.co.nz (updated every Friday)


PHONE: 536 5279 or 299 7780


Also visit our facebook page - Pohutukawa Coast Times


ATTENTION LANDLORDS: Are you aware of the new legal requirement to have a NZ based property manager if you are out of NZ for more than 21 consecutive days ?

This is your chance to relax in the countryside in resort style accomodation and experience the good life. This special property is nestled in quiet Ness Valley close to Clevedon Village. The delightful modern and architectually designed 4 bedroom family home, is inspired by houses of Tuscany. This professionally built cavity constructed plastered home has won awards from MasterBuilders Association for workmanship and gained a roofing award for its design when completed in 2012. The property comprises: • 4 bedroom home with 3 bathrooms and two lounges. • Seperate garaging for 1 to 3 cars, with a studio, bathroom and toilet. A further 2 car garage modified to a wine cellar is also on the property. (Recently used for winetasting/ wedding celebrations). • Two acres of mown grass with a croquette lawn and petanque pitch, with low maintenance ornamental and vegetable gardens, plus a glass house. • Swimming pool (Quartz) with lights/pool fountain and spa pool with changing room and toilet all set in covered gardens. • The stream on the property has a serene bush walkway with seating. • Safe and secure with automatic gate openers at the front of the property, and a surveillance camera at the entrance to Ness Valley. • Twenty minutes easy drive from East Tamaki. Auckland Airport is just 30 minutes away. • Local schools are nearby, with private schools on school bus routes. • Close to forest walking tracks, horse riding, polo-grounds, coast and beach. Mooring facilities for yachts on nearby Clevedon river and at Kawakawa Bay. Contact Jacques Vannoort for details and viewing on 273 2173 ( office) or 292 9242 (weekends) Price - NZ$ 1.5 million or email jacqvan@xtra.co.nz

For a low weekly fee of $20 including GST, we now offer a week by week, 24 x 7 emergency contact / maintenance service for you and your tenants. You can now go bush, deep-sea fishing, on your overseas holiday, or simply enjoy your Christmas down-time without having to worry about calls in the middle of the night or when you are at the beach. You will no longer have to organise contractor services from your bach or holiday destination – just leave it to us! • • •

front window to collect gifts for children and families in need. Ray White has run A Little Ray of Giving across New Zealand and Australia since December 2012. Last year more than 3000 gifts were donated across 55 offices in New Zealand alone. Gifts collected during a Little Ray of Giving campaign are donated to Rotary for Ronald McDonald House, Womans refuge and Auckland City Mission in New Zealand. Information: Rex or ONLINE Brie Bignell, READ Ray White Lighthouse on 021 228 www.pctimes.co.nz 4100 or (09) 536 7011.

Casual letting service – FREE find-a-tenant service for landlords Auckland Wide full property management service also available Arrears and debt collection services

Rent People - Property Management admin@ rentpeople.co.nz 0800 426 580 Rebecca Baker (09) 533 6025 Daniel 中文�� 021 240 0556 Sean Omeara WWW.RENTPEOPLE.CO.NZ Managing rentals on the Pohutukawa Coast since 2001

will provide a sensible, holistic approach to the care and control of one of Auckland’s most important ecological areas, according to Auckland Council. A successful collaboration between the Auckland and Waikato regional councils has http://pctim led to the creation of the Hunua Ranges Pest Management Area, w which will unify the Also visit our fa work being done to manage the area. Comprising the Hunua POHUTUKAWA CO Ranges regional parks READ ONLINE www (including Whakatiwai Als and Waharau) and an adjoining buffer area, a consistent pest management programme in the Waikato Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP) will now be implemented under the management of Auckland Council. Auckland Council Environment, Climate Change and Natural Heritage Committee chairperson, Wayne Walker, says that the agreement is an important step towards improving care of the ranges. “This joined-up approach will mean that the residents of the area and the wider Auckland population can be assured that there is a comprehensive and efficient pest management plan in place. “It will safeguard the future of the ranges from several invasive pests, including provisions to combat kauri dieback, better manage the feral pigs and goats that roam the ranges.”


POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (December 5th 2014) 5

lovegrove realty ltd licensed real estate agent


WHITFORD 2 Lifestyle Blocks: 2.0861 ha (5.15 acres) & 1.9606 ha (4.84 acres) - take your pick of these two lovely elevated sites in Whitford just minutes from Botany and Howick amenities. All round elevated sea views to Rangitoto and Waiheke, and gorgeous views of rural Whitford. There are no covenants here - build what you want when you want. Phone and power to the boundaries.

Karen Hay

m: 021 448 191

e: karen.hay@professionals.co.nz Professionals Lovegrove Realty Ltd Pohutukawa Coast Office

Open: by appointment Auction Saturday 6th December 2014 at 11:00am Address: 358 and 364 Whitford Road View Online www.lovegroverealty.co.nz ID#PMK13032


e & Incom

ee! Must S


SERIOUS SELLERS HOME & INCOME - MID $900,000'S • A well set out H&I with separate power, phone, water & parking • Excellent extended family accommodation by the beach or • We can include the “Snapperrock Holiday Home” a profitable little business

Site consists of: • Main House: Sea views, spacious 3 bedrooms, study, 2 bathrooms, intl garaging plus double c/port for boat/storage & • Rear House: Totally self-contained accommodation, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, laundry, off-street parking Our Vendors are re-locating and are eager! Get a move on and secure your families future now.

Open: by appointment Address: 30 Pohutukawa Road View Online www.lovegroverealty.co.nz ID#PMK12927 Professionals Lovegrove Realty Ltd Pohutukawa Coast Office

Karen Hay ddi: 09 555 9136 mob: 021 448 191



Sea views, Bush and Elevation - everything that we love about Maraetai is right here in this appealing two level habitat. Located just minutes from gorgeous Maraetai Beach means you have cafes, boat launching and fishing all close at hand. Embrace an early morning walk or run and take in the gorgeous picturesque local scenery, or go glow worm hunting down the road - it's all at your doorstep here. Recent renovations have given this home fresh clean lines, both bathrooms are pristine, and the eye-catching kitchen offers loads of natural light and space to create all sorts of culinary summer delights. There are 3 bedrooms plus the option of extra accommodation in a downstairs area. Sun bathe or wine and dine on the front deck and take in the sea vista from both here and the master-bedroom, or chill-out out back and bbq with friends in the private sheltered patio area after a relaxing day of swimming

Open: by appointment Address: 199 Maraetai Dr View Online www.lovegroverealty.co.nz ID#PMK12997 Professionals Lovegrove Realty Ltd Pohutukawa Coast Office

Karen Hay ddi: 09 555 9136 mob: 021 448 191

6 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (December 5th 2014)

FEATURE PROPERTY: December 5, 2014

Spinnaker Bay - For Sale: Expressions of Interest This is what big family living is all about...a single storey, modern, brick home on a flat, partly terraced section with native bush out back and a huge deck for entertaining, in a quiet culde-sac looking across the sea to Waiheke Island and more. Start outside with the big wide aggregate driveway and turning area at the top, plus a discreet boat park to one side of the house. Round the back is a service area including fish gutting bench and utility shed. Concrete paths, pebbled areas and raised gardens make this area functional, attractive and maintenance free. The kids will love what comes next – a rear boundary that runs straight into a large area of native bush reserve where there is plenty of good old fashioned fun to be had. The front of the property has great road appeal with an area of flat lawn that leads up to one of the biggest wooden decks I’ve seen. It includes a sheltered area for outdoor dining and fixed seating around the edges, perfect for a huge indoor-outdoor party. Enter the house into a small hallway with double doors on the right leading to a formal lounge/ entertaining area. In front is a large open plan living/kitchen/dining area. The kitchen has plenty of bench space, cupboards, gas top stove and rangehood. Best of all, sliding doors on two sides make for easy access from kitchen to deck and,

perhaps more importantly, gives mum or dad an unimpeded view of what the kids are up to outside A door from the living area leads onto a long hall way which provides access to four bedrooms plus the huge master bedroom at one end. This has it’s own walk-in wardrobe, ensuite and outside access to the decks. At the other end of the hallway is internal access to a two car garage. At the rear is a partially partitioned area that provides space for the laundry. This is a modern home that manages to combine the contemporary feel of upmarket Spinnaker Bay with the good old fashioned values that come with traditional kiwi family living. ~ Duncan Pardon

3 Courageous Place, Beachlands Expressions of Interest to be received by Wednesday 17 December 2014 (unless sold prior) Open Saturday & Sunday 12:00 - 12:45pm rwlighthouse.co.nz/BCH20115

Geoff Bignell

0274 976 507 ah 536 6995 geoff.bignell@raywhite.com



Beachlands 72 Karaka Road




Starting Up Or Settling Down? Superbly positioned and well appointed little gem. This would be great for those entering the housing market, thinking of investing or downsizing. Positioned to maximize space, enjoy the large, flat, sunny, north facing front yard. There is plenty of room for your expanding family, the campervan or even bring the boat? For being so petite, this property has a big heart. Features including double glazing, under floor heating and landscaped gardens. This is a must view! Auction View Open

15th December at 5.00pm on site (unless sold prior) www.harcourts.co.nz/BH4674 Saturday and Sunday 1.00pm-1.45pm Scott Strong P 09 536 6121 M 0275 330 077 E scott.strong@harcourts.co.nz Beachlands Real Estate Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Contributor to realestate.co.nz


POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (December 5th 2014) 7

Beachlands 09 536 4990 Clevedon 09 292 8348 Whitford 09 530 8292 www.barfoot.co.nz



Beachlands 61 Liberty Crescent The picture is for some reason always best on wide screen. Set on a very special 1,086 metre site, this home gazes privately over reserves with generous water views and an equally appealing rural aspect. No roofs or immediate homes to spoil the view here. Call now to reserve your seat. For Sale: $1,299,000 View: SAT/SUN 1:00 - 1:30pm www.barfoot.co.nz/532705

Ian Boswell M 027 285 9314 A/H 09 530 8403 E i.boswell@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990 Mark Van Etten M 027 523 2245 A/H 09 536 7076 E mark.vanetten@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990

1 Clevedon 233 Otau Mountain Road Be bold with this truly unique funky dome styled home. It’s not until step inside do you really get to appreciate the sheer size, light and ambiance of this home. Around the house is flat lawn area with paths leading down into the 2.4ha of native bush. For Sale: $895,000 View: By Appointment www.barfoot.co.nz/530504

Kawakawa Bay 20 KK Bay Coast Road Have you been wanting uninterrupted sea views and an idyllic setting? This sunny three bedroom character bungalow has superb street appeal and is in a much sought after setting, just across the road from the beach. For Sale: By Negotiation View: By Appointment www.barfoot.co.nz/529945

Jan Sinclair M 027 839 6762 A/H 09 292 2421 E jsinclair@barfoot.co.nz Clevedon 09 292 8348 Joanne MacLean M 027 291 1440 A/H 09 292 2408 E j.maclean@barfoot.co.nz Clevedon 09 292 8348


Joanne MacLean M 027 291 1440 A/H 09 292 2408 E j.maclean@barfoot.co.nz Clevedon 09 292 8348 John Ryburn M 027 477 5433 E j.ryburn@barfoot.co.nz Clevedon 09 292 8348

Maraetai 69 Maraetai School Road Big land, big views and no road in front of you to spoil the view, it’s a bit of a gold mine! Mild contours and with your neighbours distanced to your seaside views you are not sitting in a field of question marks either. Why settle for average when you can lock onto a pozzie like this? Go on, live the dream. Auction: 12:00pm 9 Dec 2014 at Manukau Sports Bowl (unless sold prior) View: SAT/SUN 3:00 - 3:30pm www.barfoot.co.nz/533368

Nicolette Hale M 027 702 9157 E n.hale@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990 Mark Van Etten M 027 523 2245 A/H 09 536 7076 E mark.vanetten@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990




Beach at the end of the Road .....

Oak Ridge

Great for the early morning dip! Set on a fully fenced child/animal friendly 809m² section. Bedrooms galore plus a separate self-contained room for the extended family. Rarely available often sought!

This amazing traditional country mansion complete with French parterre and expansive Gulf and city views could be yours. North facing 4.5 acres with living and entertaining areas opening to the pool. There are 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, office and huge garaging. This no-compromise estate is simply divine. Own it or forever regret.

For Sale: By Negotiation View: Phone For Viewing Times www.barfoot.co.nz/534552 Patty Moyes AREINZ M 027 458 2980 A/H 09 536 6364 Beachlands 09 536 4990

Kathryn Morris M 027 486 3488 A/H 09 530 8694 Beachlands 09 536 4990

For Sale: View: Phone For Viewing Times www.barfoot.co.nz/530486 Wayne Rawson AREINZ A/H 09 530 8413

M 0274 824 662 Whitford 09 530 8292

8 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (December 5th 2014)

Notice of Public Meeting at Te Puru Tuesday December 16th starting at 6.00pm To consider 2013-14 Annual Report and performance against the Statement of Intent. Te Puru Community Charitable Trust

Proposed temporary road closure Monument Rd (between the Papakura/Clevedon Rd and Tourist Rd), shall be closed from 7am until 3pm on Saturday 17 January 2015 for the SRAM Tour de Ranges. This closure applies to all except authorised and emergency vehicles. For further information, phone Auckland Transport on 09 355 3553.


Proposed temporary road closure It is proposed that Monument Rd (between the intersection at Tourist Rd and intersection at Sky High Rd), including intersections at Poineer Rd, Munros Rd No Exit, McGregor Rd No Exit Highridge Rd No Exit, Sky High Rd (between the intersection at Monument Rd and the intersection at White Rd), be closed from 9.30am until 2.45pm on Sunday 8 March 2015. And it is propsed that Garvie Rd (between the intersection at John Hill Rd and intersection at Jones Rd), Jones Rd (between the intersection at Garvie Rd and intersection at Creightons Rd), Creightons (between the intersection at Jones Rd and the intersection at Ardmore Quarry Rd) and Ardmore Quarry Rd (between the intersection at Creightons Rd and intersection at PapakuraClevedon Rd), be closed from 9.45am until 3pm on Sunday 8 March 2015 for the Metalman Targa Rally Sprint 2015. This closure applies to all except authorised and emergency vehicles. For further information, phone Auckland Transport on 09 355 3553.


BEACHLANDS VOLUNTEER FIRE BRIGADE LOLLY HANDOUT The brigade will be handing out lollies to the children in the carpark outside the Log Cabin immediately following the Christmas@Sunkist parade this Saturday. Fire fighters will also be attending both Maraetai Coast School (12:30) and Beachlands School (both gates at 2:30) on Monday 15 December to handout more lollies as the children finish school.”

Temporary road closure Monument Rd to Hyde Rd, Hyde Rd, PapakuraClevedon Rd (between Hyde Rd and ClevedonKawakawa Rd) and Clevedon-Kawakawa Rd to McNicol Rd, shall be closed from 2.30pm until 4.30pm on Saturday 13 December 2014 for the Clevedon Santa Parade. This closure applies to all except authorised and emergency vehicles. For further information, phone Auckland Transport on 09 355 3553.


POHUTUKAWA COAST ANGLICAN MISSION DISTRICT Services for you Every Sunday at 9.30 am at St Mark ,104 Maraetai Road St Hilda, 3 Wakelin Road. For more information, call Revd Shiu: 2737182

what’s on ?

sunday services

Traditional Service – 9.30 am Family Service – 11.00 am with Kids Friendly Kidz Club

also Kawakawa

Bay - 9.30am

friday youth


SUNDAY DECEMBER 7: A service of Lessons and Carols at Christ Church, 1444 Alfriston Road, Alfriston, at 7.00pm. Come and enjoy carols old and new. Please bring a wrapped child’s gift (marked with age and boy/girl). Everyone welcome. Phone 2928 763 MONDAY DECEMBER 8: 10am - 12pm. Pohutukawa Coast Plunket Playgroup - last session for 2014 is a shared morning tea and a bouncy castle . Please bring a plate of food to share. All welcome at Beachlands Memorial Hall, 49 Wakelin Road. WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 10: 2 to 3.30 pm at the Clevedon Family Centre.“Moving into a Retirement Village”. Legal Advice from Jacques Vannoort LLM. Written material will be given out to support the content of the seminar. No charge . Contact Heather Chapman 2923 085 or email hchapman@clevedonpresy.co.nz FRIDAY DECEMBER 12: St Mark’s Anglican Church, 104 Maraetai Drive: Sing along to your favourite Christmas-themed songs (Jingle Bell Rock, Rudolph, I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus and many more) 1.30pm to 3.30pm with Afternoon Tea; $2 donation. All welcome. Need transport? Call Christine 530 8601. FRIDAY DECEMBER 12: Maraetai-Beachlands Playgroup meets Maraetai Hall, Rewa Rd, 9.30 to 11.30am. End of year Xmas party. Please bring wrapped and named gift worth $5 value for Santa to give child & a plate for shared morning tea. SATURDAY DECEMBER 13: Clevedon Christmas Parade, Clevedon Village, from 2.30pm. SATURDAY DECEMBER 13: “Christmas!” Beachlands Mini Market & Car Boot on at the Beachlands Chartered Club 9am-12noon. Bring the family along for a fun morning with a variety of stalls + Sausage Sizzle, Quick Fire Raffles, Country Music , Face Painting & Santa will be there from 10.30am - Café will be open from 7am for Breakfast, Brunch & Coffee.Collect up your unwanted items and have a Car Boot for $10 or a Stall for $20. Phone/Text Sheryl 536 6947 or 027 806 9519 to book. SUNDAY DECEMBER 21: Pohutukawa Coast Presbyterian Church Remembrance Service at 7pm in St Hilda’s Church, Beachlands Time to reflect on cherished memories of loved ones. All most welcome. Lyn Buchanan 536 6774 SUNDAY DECEMBER 21: Kawakawa Bay Christmas in the Park, 7.30pm at the village green or in the community hall if wet. Carol singing, food, free gifts for the kids. Courtesy of Kawakawa Bay Presbyterian Church. WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 24: Pohutukawa Coast Presbyterian church Christmas Eve Service 11.30pm at St Hilda’s Church Beachlands . Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Welcome in Christmas morning All most welcome. Lyn Buchanan 536 674 SATURDAY JANUARY 31: Burns Supper, 7pm at the Te Puru Centre. Tatties, Neeps, Haggis and some kiwi favourties, too. Whiskey, Address the Haggis, Burns poetry, Live music by Clan Celtica and Jono. A celebration of the life and poetry of great Scottish poet Rabbie Burns. Tickets $40 from Te Puru Community Centre or email: courtneyk@ tepuru.co.nz. Funds towards new Coastguard Maraetai tractor. This column is for free or low cost for community events. Send your listing now for any event during 2014-15. Listings dependent on availability of space.

ANGLICAN PARISH OF CLEVEDON LESSONS AND CAROLS: Sunday 7th December at Christ Church, Alfriston, at 7.00pm. Please bring a child’s wrapped gift (marked with age and gender). CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN: Sunday 21st December at All Souls, Clevedon and Christ Church, Alfriston, at 9.30am. Our morning services will be aimed at children and telling the Christmas story. CHRISTMAS EVE MIDNIGHT MASS: Wed 24th December at All Souls, Clevedon, at 11.30pm. Share in the first Eucharist of Christmas. CHRISTMAS DAY SERVICES: Thursday 25th December at All Souls, Clevedon and Christ Church, Alfriston, at 9.30am —come and join the joyous celebrations of the birth of Christ with carols and Communion. (A Christmas story will be read instead of the sermon) All Souls: 49 North Road, Clevedon

For more information ph 292-8763 (office) www.clevedonanglicans.org.nz

JCYG (Years 7 - 8) – 4.30 - 6.00 pm CYG (Years 9 - 13) – 7.30 - 10.00 pm

the family centre

Mon 8 Dec.

10.00 am Resin Jewellery Making

-Alison Weston – Bookings please

7.00 pm Making Christmas Special -

Christ Church: 1444 Alfriston Road, Alfriston

Come and join us in our Christmas celebrations

Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Parish

Welcomes you to Mass at 5pm Saturday

Robyn Brown and Kaz Sole –Bookings essential

Tues Intercultural event Wed 9.30 am Sewing and Craft - Elvene Stevenson 2.30 -4.00 pm JP Services -Dorothy Street Thur 9.15 am Trip To Get Set for School Centre Fri 9.00 am Tai Chi Jack Jin 10.30 am Art Class – New members welcome - Marian Sharp

info Heather hchapman@clevedonpresy.co.nz

• Children’s Liturgy and • Sacramental programmes • Returning or New Catholics programme

church ph 2928 061 family centre ph 292 3085 www.clevedonpresy.co.nz

Beachlands Hall, 49 Wakelin Road

Pohutukawa Coast Presbyterian Church

“Christ-Centred & Community-Facing” CHURCH SERVICES Meeting temporarily in the Beachlands Anglican Church on Wakelin Rd. Each Sunday at 11am. December events include... • Dec 6: Stall at Community Christmas market, drop by and say hi. • Dec 7: Family Service, 11am Christmas Carols, Kid’s Zone Children, shared lunch • Dec 14 & 21: Morning Services at 11am • Dec 21: Remembrance Service, 7pm at St Hilda’s Church • Dec 24: Christmas Eve Service 10am, worship with Baptist congregation. Join with us and celebrate the birth of Christ. Throughout January we wil combine with the Anglican congregations in worship at 9.30am Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas and a Great New Year of hope, love and peace. Phone: 536 6774, Mob 021 135 3643 Email: pcpchurch@gmail.com

CLASSIFIED ADS FROM PAGE 10 ACCOMMODATION TO RENT: - Beautiful fully furnished home in Spinnaker Bay Beachlands. Sleeps up to 8, available by the night or week. Would suit those building/buying in the area or family visiting from overseas. Enquires please phone Sarah on 5365803 or email samritchie@ihug. co.nz

BUYING/SELLING FERTILISER: Chicken manure fertiliser supplied, carted and spread. Also lime spreading. Ph: Neil 021 724 327/ 299 6486 FIREWOOD: Split pine, gum, macrocarpa. Minimum order 2 cubic metres. Ph: 536 6026 SHAVINGS: In woolsacks - sawdust also available. Ideal for horse stables and calf pens. Ph: Ph: Neil 021 724 327 or 299 6486. WANTED: Standing grass. Hay or Sileage Ph: 292 8007


for hire. Split your own wood now. Dry hire or with operators. Ph: Leighton 021 752 687.

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (December 5th 2014) 9

Pine Harbour to Waiheke Island New Weekend Ferry Service Relax in the heart of the Hauraki Gulf...

Adult Re


Just a short journey from Pine Harbour is Waiheke - Island of Wine. Enjoy the beautiful scenery whilst indulging in award-winning wines and dining at top cafes and restaurants. FREE SeaLink shuttle bus to/from Oneroa. Meets all sailings. Bookings essential. See our website for more details.

Pasenge ro Service nly

Sailing Times (Saturday & Sunday) Pine Harbour to Waiheke Island - 9:15am Waiheke Island to Pine Harbour - 5:30pm New Weekend Service to Downtown Auckland Pine Harbour to Downtown Auckland - 8:00am Downtown Auckland to Pine Harbour - 7:15pm

FREE parking at Pine Harbour Marina *Based on selected sailings, conditions apply.


Book the Waiheke ferry online at





beauty room

beauty therapy / make-up • Blend Method Electrolysis • Facials using Sothy’s products • Waxing • Lash/Brow Tinting • Manicures & Pedicures • Make-up for Weddings or Special Occasion using MAC Cosmetics • Gift Vouchers available.

Maraetai. Saturday 6th December, 8am to 12pm. Girls & Ladies Clothes size 8 -12. Handbags, makeup, shoes, toys, furniture, rimu doors, lights & appliances. Some brand new Items.


Qualified massage therapist, Swedish, relaxing, deep tissue and sports massage. 30 mins-$40, 60 mins-$60, 90 mins-$80. Home studio in Hawke Crescent, Beachlands. Call Rebekah on 021 0287 4768 PROFEET: Mobile Footcare. Nail clipping and filing, corn and hard skin removal, ingrown toenails, footbath and massage. Qualified service in your own home. N.S.I. Qualified. Health Protection licence - Alk City Cncl. Ph: Nicolle Janssen on (09) 291 9298 or 021 134 1575 YOGA: Inward Bound Yoga, Te Puru Community Centre. Classes: Tues & Thurs 6.30pm Friday 9am, Restorative/Friday 10am. Xmas- Closed 20th Dec. Classes resume 20th Jan. Ph: Dee 536 5240


Beachlands, Sat 6 Dec, 8-12. Bargains, bric-abrac, clothing, some equestrian gear.



wanted for 25/50 weaner heifers Jan-July15 Ph: 292 8007




available. Big or small dogs. From a bath to a full groom. Ph Nicki 021 104 9043



Wishes a Happy Festive Season to customers old and new. Thank you for allowing me to pamper your pooch & look forward to seeing you in 2015! Denise - 09 536 4639

CLEVEDON ANIMAL FARM: Family farm walks, pony rides and children’s parties. Visit our website: w w w. c l e v e d o n a n i malfarm.co.nz or call Lynn on 292 9231 Clevedon.

Professional & Trade Services From Page 11 PLUMBING



Franklin Vets Beachlands

DOG TRAINER: Ford Plumbing Bailey. Qualified

Fiona Dog Trainer. Flexible Training Options Available. Ph: 536 Pensioner Discounts 5388 & Mob 021 243 8089

Call: Julie 09 536 4484 or 021 175 1644


Shelly Bay Rd, Beachlands. This Sat 6th Dec 8am to 12 noon. TV cabinets, small tables, bookcases, retro 4 drawer unit, plants, mirrors, linen, paintings, bric a brac.

OPEN: Mon,Tues,Thurs, Fri 9am-5pm Wed 9am-6pm; Sat 9am-12 noon VET ON PREMISES: Mon,Tues,Fri, Sat 9am-12 noon; Wed 2-6pm


Local Beachlands-Maraetai Craftsman Plumber

CALL us today for your

Call Mark on


022 601 3216

free rental appraisal

0508 762 766

42 Wakelin Rd, Beachlands

Ph: 538 0010 E:beachlands@fvs.co.nz www.franklinvets.co.nz


PROPERTY SERVICES Phone: 0508 932 532

• Building/House Washing • General Waterblasting • Roof Cleaning • Gutter Cleaning

Malmaks Water Shop

FULL property management at only 7% + gst FREE tenant finding service NO EXTRA FEES (conditions apply)

Pumps, Filters & Bores Install & Service



• Window Cleaning • Carpet Cleaning • Pest Control • Upholstery Cleaning


Looking To Let Your Property?

0508 762 766

530 8872


We can assist in finding a tenant and offer a


Complete Water Treatment Systems


Service Centre

Eddie Gausel

M: 0274 308 538 Fx: 536 7084 A/H: 536 7083 Email: pumpservicecentre@xtra.co.nz

• Sales & Service • Domestic Pumps • Filters • UV Purification

Whitford Village


• • •

Tank Cleaning & Repairs • Water Pumps Water Filter Kits & Replacement Filters Courtesy Loan pump available on house pump servicing & repairs



Call David Jones Today!


Property Manager - Beachlands

M 021- 0736389

Beachlands | Maraetai | Whitford Clevedon | Hunua | Paparimu | Ararimu


0800 826 525



• Alloy Boat Repairs • Alterations & Custom-made Accessories a Specialty, Including Architectural Alloy, Stainless Steel & Steel Fabrications

Ph: 266 8774 or Fax: 267 1104 Email: darrylsmithstain@actrix.co.nz



Ph: 530-8437

At the Roundabout, Whitford RESTAURANT HOURS: Wed - Fri from 6pm till Late; weekends from 10am BAR HOURS: Mon-Fri from 3pm, weekends from 10am Bar meals available at all times

Mon: CLOSED Tues: 9am-4pm Wed/Thur: 9am-8pm Fri/Sun: 9am till late Sun 8am-8pm Book your Xmas function now for Nov-Dec


Down to Earth Wine Bar



(For club members & their guests)

• Restaurant open from 5.30pm, bar from 4pm Thurs to Sun & public hols. • Venue hire available for private functions & conferences. • Become a community member to dine in our restaurant, $70 a year or $40 for over 65yrs.

Phone: 536-6649 ext 2 www.maraetaiboatclub.org.nz


Mediterraneo... by the sea FULLY LICENCED & BYOW

HAPPY HOURS BY THE SEA Tues to Fridays – 5.30 pm to 6.45 pm • Bar Menu Available BOOK NOW FOR XMAS DINNERS & PARTIES HOURS: • TUES-FRI 5.30pm onwards for dinner • SAT/SUN 11am onwards for breakfast, lunch & dinner

Ph: 536-5023

251 Maraetai Dr, Waterfront


Ruean Thong

Ph: 536 5749 or 536 5719 FULLY LICENSED/ BYO WINE

Fresh, Healthy and Delicious


Thai food combo only $15 a main Also Chicken Pad Thai only $12 a main Dine-in or Takeaway ~FREE delivery every day except Fri & Sat, minimum order $50~ HOURS: DINNER 7 DAYS FROM 5-10.30PM



Phone: 530-8437 Fax: 530-8160 info@generalstorerestaurant.co.nz

- Pink Ladies’ Night -

Friday’s from 4pm till late Italian Pizza Night small plates, platters, wine tasting, events Also available for private functions/weddings sales@turangacreek.co.nz 133 Whitford Park Road, Whitford PH 530 8936 www.turangacreek.co.nz


Tues. 9 December 6.30pm

BEST EVER CHRISTMAS GIFTS! Come and join us for our final event of the year. Hear about and see the gorgeous, specially selected Pink Ladies’ favourite gifts to help make your Chrissy shopping easy and fun. Tickets just $20 available from...

The General Store, No5 Design or Spirit Hair. Or call Julie 021 1630 174 Sorry - no door sales. .

You will also be treated to a glass of Bubbles, Nibbles & a Goodie bag.

Have YOU booked your CHRISTMAS FUNCTION yet?



Great range of


2/5 MARAETAI SCHOOL RD Sun – Mon 11.30am to 8pm Tues – 3.30 to 8pm Wed – 11.30am to 8pm Thurs – Sat 11.30am to 8.30pm

Ph: 536 4400

FREE delivery Beachlands & Maraetai for orders over $40

NOW OPEN! ~where hopes are fulfilled ~

European Cafe Style Food

OPEN: Tues-Sun 7am-2pm Closed: Monday

For a delicious Menu selection and freshly made cabinet fare PLUS made to order sandwiches. Ph: 536-5689

cnr Wakelin Road and Third View Ave, Beachlands

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (November 5th 2014) 11


ing for someone to help with general upkeep (spraying, lawn mowing, general maintenance) at our Whitford property. All equipment supplied. Must be fit, reliable and have experience, also, be able to work unsupervised. Hours to suit. Please call 536 5138 or 027 2711231


moved, or chipped for mulch or landscaping. Inorganic removal and section clearing. Ph: 536 5955, 021 056 0793


Maintnance, decks, fences, water damage, bathrooms, gutters, roofing etc. Free quotes Roger 021 042 1497 or 536 5962

Professional & Trade Services Guide APPLIANCES

GRAYMAC APPLIANCE SERVICES For prompt reliable service

Authorised Whirpool service centre

Email: bins@pinkbins.co.nz

Online Booking Available www.sanctuarydental.co.nz

• Sleep dentistry for relaxation and anxiety • Holistic and amalgam free dentistry • Free dental treatment for young adults from year 9 to 18 years old* • Payment options: GE, Farmers, Q Card

Your Local Skip Bin Supplier

MARINA Visit your LOCAL dentist for all your dental needs

Ph: 536 4361

BDS DENTAL SURGEON, BSc, Dip.Dent.Technology

E: pineharbour@marinadentists.co.nz




Justices of the Peace for JOHNSON S.R. KERR N.K. LEES E.R. SINCLAIR, Jan (OrerePt)

536-6675 536-5632 536-6925 2922 421

Your Local Registered Electricians

Ph 536 6800

Licensed builder available for new homes, renovations, additions, re-cladding, decks and all other aspects of the building trade

For prompt professional electrical services with a smile • www.awe.co.nz • help@awe.co.nz • free quotes Providing electrical services on the Pohutukawa Coast & throughout Auckland

Ph Neil 021 079 2589 No job too small - No job too big! Fast, reliable service. Qualified lighting designer

The Family Trust Specialist Jacques Vannoort, LLM


Clinton Gore

tel 273 2173 www.sanctuarytrustlaw.co.nz


Julie’s Home Grown Nursery 18 First View Ave, BEACHLANDS

• Commercial / Shopfitting NZ Registered Electrician Accredited Heat Pump Installer • Residential / Renovations M 027 779 7777 E clint@dte.kiwi.nz • Heat Pumps /Air Conditioning

Make the right choice about your dental care We are dedicated to your personal well-being through dental health

Evening appointments available Call us now on 530 8461 or 530 8271 Whitford Village, Whitford, Auckland David Cain B.D.S (UK) Rick Parfitt B.D.S. Shelley Chadwick




YOUR plumber living on the Coast!

Quality workmanship no matter the size of the job • Renovations • New Homes • Pumps • Spouting • Hot Water Cylinders • All Plumbing Repairs


Call SHAY on 0212 767 797 x



• Teeth whitening • All ceramic tooth filling materials using Cerec3 cad-cam 3D technology • Permanent tooth replacements with dental implants • For gum health and maintencance call our hygienist Shelley Chadwick • All aspects of general dentistry

536 4266 Mob 027 270 6792 email: juleez@xtra.co.nz



OPEN 10am – 4pm WED TO SUN • Potted Colour • Shrubs • Topiaries • Grasses • Trees • Bedding Plants



027 237 9172



PH: 536-4076 FREE Quotes MOB: 021 769 964 www.pohutukawaelectrical.co.nz

Wood chipping service. Up to 60mm dia branches. Full service, cutting, chipping, spreading and clearing available. Ph Gary 021 90 30 20 or 5366358.

536 5377

"Proud to be Sponsors of the Beachlands Fishing Competition"

gine repairs, mowers, ride-on mowers, chainsaws, weedtrimmers, and chain saw sharpening. No job too small. Free pick-up local area only. Ph: 536 5621 or mob 027 308 7777




Email: josh@hackdrainage.co.nz Web: www.hackdrainage.co,nz



coastal landscapes www.coastallandscapes.co.nz coastal.landscapes@xtra.co.nz

Josh on 021 367 431




For a FREE Quote:


Window’s in/out,exterior house wash,gutter clearing. Exp operator, Ph Keith at Panoramics 0272 453 444 or 530 8136

Online Booki

*Terms and conditions apply, contact us for full details

• All Drainage Requirements • Water Tanks Supply and Install • Retaining Walls • Concrete Work • Truck & Digger Hire

Not enough hours in the day to get all those cleaning jobs done? Let me do it for you. Honest reliable. Free quotes all areas. Ph: Jo 022 091 8071

No job too small! Gib stop & paint, brick & block laying, tiling, paving, property maintenance. Ph: Dean 536 5164 or 0221 361 620

W www.thekeanegardener.co.nz






After Hours Appts by Arrangement Dr Alex Mechkov Dr Juliane Techima

Topping, felling, section clearing, pruning, hedges. Free quotes. Ph: 0210 783 740


021 2921 679 Your local garden specialist

HOURS: Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm; Sat 9.30am-2.30pm


Painter decorator.40 yrs exp.int ext.repaints, new work.refs avail.ph Rob 0211848173 or email rpskiwi@gmail.com

Lawn mowing • General gardening Tree trimming & removal • Pruning Spraying • Chipping

We offer:


WHITE WASTE LTD ph: 0800 720 710

you should lo

09 273 2173



3, 4.5, 6 & 9 metre bins 3, 4.5 metre hardfill bins We are reliable and we recycle! Ph: 0800 PINK BINS (746-524)

Unit 20, 2 Bishop Dunn Place Botany, Auckland

Full Comprehensive Dental Assessment including: 2 x-rays & Panoramic OPG Imaging (Full Mouth Digital X-ray)


load. Pick up and deliver - also garment steaming. Awesome job guarantee. Phone or text Davina 022 042 7662


you should love visiting the dentist...




You name it... renovations, DVS installation, gardening, retaining, fencing, landscaping, trellis, light building and maintenance work. Ph Gary 021 90 30 20 or 536-6358.

Opening Hours:

Mon & Wed: 8am - 6pm Tues & Thurs: 8am - 8pm Fri: 9am - 6pm Sat: 9am - 5pm

For repairs to: Fisher & Paykel and all major brands of stoves, fridges, dishwashers,washing machines, dryers etc


Clean your carpets now to NZ standard. 2 brm unit cleaned from as little as $79, 3 brm from $99. Single rooms, upholstery, rugs. Free deodorise. Ph: Shane 536 6397 or mob 0800 747 262





Call BRETT on 021 501 421 or 536-6592

Certifying Plumber & Gas Fitter 09 536 5605 or 021 263 4101 kath@landscapestudio.co.nz

More than 20 years’ experience

• All Plumbing Maintenance • Pumps & Filters For ALL Domestic • Water Tanks & Commercial Work • UV Sterilisation • Rain Water Harvesting

• All Gas Maintenance • Electric Hot Water Cylinders • Gas Water Heating • Gas Fire Places • New & Existing Housing

12 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (December 5th 2014)

Business Listing - phone 536 5715 or fax 536 5714

ACCOUNTING SERVICES Lane, chartered accountant 530 8219 Ian McLennan, CA www.iwm.co.nz 536 6715 Diane Myers CA, diane@myersca.co.nz 2929 470 Beanies2U, call Tanya chartered accountant 536 6297 ACCOUNTING & BOOK KEEPING Fair Value Accounting, Natasha www.fairvalue.co.nz 536 5195 ACUPUNCTURE Elaine Lin, Beachlands - ACC accrediated 021 299 2694 AERIALS, TV & HOME THEATRE Smart Home Technology. Freeview, aerials, phone jacks, TV outlets, home theatre, new home prewire. Phone Sunny 0800 786 266 or 027 2841 325 Auckland Wide Electrical 536 6800, 021 998 665 AGGREGATES Beachlands Building & Hire Centre 536 6567 ALUMINUM WINDOWS: www.windowrenovations.co.nz Repairs and Replacements 021 297 2320 APPLIANCE SERVICING Axial appliance servicing Service@axial.co.nz 573 0877 ARCHITECTS Peter Diprose www.diprose.co.nz 530 9065, 021 125 1498 ARCHITECTURAL PLAN & DESIGN Ross J Willoughby 530 9358 ASPHALT Asphalt & Civil Projects Ltd 527 8718 or 0274 969 817 AUTO ELECTRICIAN Mobile Auto & Marine 0800 662 352 Alert Auto Electrical, Alan 021 176 4214 BEACHLANDS STORES Go to Mo’s 536 6505 Liquorland Beachlands 536 6345 Beachlands Building & Hire Centre - hardware, hire and garden centre 536 6567 Karishma Foodmarket 536 6601 Meat to Please 536 6866 BEAUTY THERAPY Maraetai Day Spa 536 4453 or 021 036 6237 Electrolysis Hair Removal 536 5377 or 027 536 5377 BED & BREAKFAST Brookwood Lodge (Beachlands) 536 6975 BLIND SERVICES Ven Lu Ree Blind Services For all New Blinds Plus Blind Cleaning and Repairs – www.vlr.co.nz 0800 999 229 BOBCAT & TRUCK HIRE Clevedon Bobcats, Dennis Marx 021 275 8544 BRICK & BLOCK LAYING Dave Stones 021 287 0188 BUILDERS Kelvin Storm LBP 536 6119 or 0274 745 039 Bryant Builders Ltd 0274 935 507 or 2928 777 Neal McKendrick Builders 2928 583 0274 374 896 Xact Construction, Greg Waterhouse 530 9032, 021 878 071 Dean Hartshorne Builders Ltd 536 5645 or 027 536 5645 Homing Instincts Ltd, ph Gareth Price 021 618 181, 536 6422 Michael Nootebos LBP 536 6628 or 0274 799 776 Cleave Building & Civil Ltd 577 3193 or 021 322 258 specialistbuilders.co.nz Craig 0800 54 64 64 or 021 392 092 NAS builders Ltd Neil 021 079 2589 BUILDING CERTIFIERS Compass Building Consultants Ltd 272 2269 BUILDERS SUPPLIES Morton Timber Co. Clevedon 292 8656 CAR DEALER Chris Broadhurst Motor Co 027 457 2379 CARPET CLEANING Carpet, upholstery cleaning services Ph Supakleen 536 5090 CHANDLERY Marina Supplies (Pine Harbour) 536 5157 CHILD CARE CENTRES Lilly’s Locker Montessori preschool 530 8697 CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU Botany CAB for free, confidential advice & information 271 5382 (Botany CAB) 576 8331 (Pakuranga CAB) CLOTHING ALTERATIONS From Hems to Wedding Gowns - Call Cathryn 963 4107 COMPUTER SERVICES Andrew WhatWhyWhen.com 0220 HELP PC or 536 6514 CONCRETE WORK Trumps Concreting Ltd 0274 589 899, a/h 536 4172 Asphalt & Civil Projects Ltd 5278718 or 0274 969817 COUNSELLING Your Direction, www.yourdirection.co.nz 021 240 4242 DECKING A1 Decking & Landscaping Construction ~ Decks, Pergolas, Garden Sheds etc. 0204 001 8401 DENTISTS Sanctuary Dental 273 2173 – Dr Yvonne Vannoort, Dr Abraham Thavamani, Dr Sylvia Hong – Dr Shayeste Irani – Hygienists Michelle Felton, Caron Thorne, Helen Lu Whitford Dental Group 530 8461 or 530 8271 – Dr Rick Parfitt & Dr David Cain – Hygienist – Shelley Chadwick 530 8461 or 530 8271 Anthony Hunt Dental Ltd, Dr Anthony Hunt, Clevedon292 9071 Marina Dentists Pine Harbour 536 4361 DENTURES Howick Denture Services 534 8113 DIGGER & TRUCK HIRE www.hollandlandscaping.co.nz 292 8109 Entwood Enterprises 021 767 743 or 534 2481 The Little Digger 027 278 0335 or 536 4424

DOCTOR Beachlands Medical Centre 536 6006 Maraetai Beach Medical Clinic 536 5292 DOGS, CATS & PETS Clevedon Kennels and Cattery 292 8789 Howick Country Kennels & Cattery 530 8664 Brookby Lodge accommodation for dogs & cats 530 8675 Fairfield Boarding Kennels & Cattery, Clevedon 2928 852 Noah’s Ark mobile inhome pet care 530 8136 Riverlee Pet Lodge, Clevedon 292 8789 DOG GROOMING Bracks Dog Grooming www.brackscats.co.nz 536 4639 DRAINLAYERS Mike Forde Contracting Ltd (reg. drainlayer) 021 636 816 J & R Hack Drainage 021 367 431 Bay Earthworks 0274 925 771 DRILLING Drillforce – water bores, divining, pump advice 09 267 9100 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION B/M Playcentre Mon-Fri. 9am-12 536 6015 in Beachlands School grounds Whitford Pre-School Centre 530 8726 Clevedon Kidz Early Childhood Centre 2928 358 Coastal Kids 536 6737 Coastal Kids Pre-School 536 5313 Stems From Home Professional In-Home Child Care 536 7103 Connections In The Home (In-Home Child Care) 533 3512 EARTH MOVING CONTRACTORS Henri & Lynda Habraken 0274 961 472, 536 6806 Coast2Coast Earthworx Ltd 536 4536 or 021 364 536 Mike Forde Contracting Ltd 021 636 816 Padlie-Hall Ltd 533 0917 or 027 243 7156 Cleave Building & Civil Ltd 577 3193 or 021 923 076 Digginit.co.nz 5 tonne digger & mini truck, holes drilled 027 656 2270 www.brookbycontracting.co.nz 3.5t w Augers 530 9290 or 027 530 9290 ELECTRICIANS Auckland Electrical Services 536 4074, 0274 741 579 Auckland Wide Electrical 536 6800, 021 998 665 Pohutukawa Electrical 536 4076, mob 021 769 964 Positive Electrical Services 021 801 606 Powered Up Electrical 021 660 065 , 299 1122 Down to Earth Electrical 027 779 7777 ENGINEERING & WELDING M & K Anderson, onsite engineering 09 948 2160 or 021 02677369 Amediate Engineering Ltd 09 265 2200 or 021 725 609 Clevedon Garage – Design/Build/Repairs/M’nance 2928 289 ENGINEERS - CIVIL/ENVIRONMENTAL/ STRUCTURAL CLC Consulting Group Ltd 576 3276 FARM KILLS Kevin Rogers 292 4725 FENCING CONTRACTORS Craig McLeod 027 292 5844 Shilo Urlich 027 256 6813 White Fencing 2928 064 or 0274 957 868 FIREWOOD Ignition Firewood 0800 WOOD NOW FLOORING All About Floors, Darrel 570 5300, 021 688 875 FLORIST Clevedon Flowers, www.clevedonflowers.co.nz 292 9540 FRAMERS Howick Frames & Gallery 534 1307 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Resthaven Funeral Services Rachel Benns & Raewyn Proctor 533 7493 & 267 2530 Papatoetoe Funeral Cottage 279 9098 Fountains Funeral Directors & Monumentalists Papakura, Franklin and Manurewa 298 2957 or 266 6177 Ensom Funerals (John Ensom) 09 266 9942 or 09 524 6765 Souly Funerals Beachlands 0800 47 68 59 GARAGE DOORS Repairs & Service, Metro Garage Doors 263 6608 GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES Fraser Thomas Ltd 278 7078 GIBSTOPPING Alpha Drywall, Geoff 022 027 0290 or 536 6653 Wayne Mackenzie 021 882 276 or ah 530 9031 Greg Brown 021 067 6104, ah536 5989 Tony Hardyment -stopping & painting 0274 966 394 or 536 6477 specialistlinings.co.nz We fix, stop, and paint 0800 54 64 64 Mark Mangham, small to large jobs: Phoenixplasterers@gmail.com 021 456 275 ah 536 4140 GIFTS, SOUVENIRS, FLOWERS Clevedon Woolshed Crafts/Gifts 292 8615 GLASS AND GLAZING Manurewa Glass 266 7794 Howick Glass 535 4180 GRAPHIC DESIGN Nikki Croxford www.clickcreative.co.nz 536 7142, 021 920 630 Kirsty Black www.kgb-folio.co.nz 536 5421, 021 549 193 HAIRDRESSING Les Chevaux Hair Salon 536 5559 Hair 4 You - hair salon 536 6658 Spirit Hair-Makeup-SprayTanning 536 6855 Nobel Hair Design 536 5805 Hair Do’s @ Maraetai ph Denise 536 4571 Look @ Me, Whitford, ph Charlotte 530 8939 Cooper Hairdressing, 16 Te Pene Rd, Maraetai 027 329 1781 HANDYMAN SERVICES Local Handyman: 536 5050 or 021 156 7370 Oakes Landscaping/Building Services, Ph Gary 021 903 020

Lifestyle Property Services Ltd 536 6735 or 0272 533 336 HAY & HAYLAGE CONTRACTOR McInnes Contractors Ltd 0274 992 648 HEALTH & FITNESS Perform Fitness 536 7231 HIRE & GARDEN CENTRE Beachlands Building & Hire Centre 536 6567 HOME APPLIANCE REPAIRS Graymac Appliances 535 5093 HORSES Manufacturing Horse Leads 021 653 041 IMMIGRATION ADVICE Licensed Advisor - Lisa Seaborn 0210 229 9588 INTERIOR DESIGN Design consultant Toni Hedgland 536 7018, 0274-597301 (home furnishings, drapes, colour consultant) KITCHENS La Bella Kitchens Ltd, www. labellakitchens.co.nz 530 9092 Kitchen Craft Ltd www.kitchencraft.co.nz 09 274 4221 ~ For Sizzling Kitchen Design & Cabinetry – Ph Warren Inhouse Design & Concepts Ltd 021 272 1974 or 536 4625 LANDSCAPING Cornerstone Landscapes Ltd – for all aspects of landscaping 530 9126 or 021 312 266 or 021 412 110 LANDSCAPING/GARDEN SERVICES www.hollandlandscaping.co.n 292 8109 Eastside Landscapes 021 484 158 LAUNDROMAT 7 DAYS, at GAS Maraetai, 536 4218 131 Maraetai Drive, Maraetai LAWNMOWING & GARDENING SERVICES Pohutukawa Coast Lawns 536 5830, 021 072 7799 The Keane Gardener, phone James on 021 292 1679 Greenacres – Stephen Howe 292 4165, 021 2266 753 Ride On Mowing - Scott 021 02475434 / 537 2966 Henry & Max Lawn & Garden Service 533 6018, 0210 556 309 LAWNMOWERS SALES/ SERVICE/ REPAIRS B’lnds/M’tai mower/chainsaw repairs 536 5621,027 308 7777 Reliable Lawnmower Services 278 5592 LAWNMOWING (LARGE AREAS) Holland Landscaping 292 8109 www.hollandlandscaping.co.nz Kingcraft Mowing & Gardening 021 447 095 LEGAL SERVICES Swayne McDonald & Co (Beachlands/Maraetai/Whitford) 265 2700 John Burton - Maraetai & Beachlands 536 5279 or 299 7780 Sanctuary Trust Law, Jacques Vannoort, LLM 273 2173 LOCKSMITHS Local Locksmith - Tony 536 5050 or 021 156 7370 Armstrong Smarter Security 0800 506 111 MARQUEE HIRE Megan www.maraetaimarquee.co.nz 536 5771/0274 385130 MARRIAGE CELEBRANT Helen Rutledge 027 245 5837 or 536 5981 Neil Hamilton 027 224 2265 Lyn Buchanan 021 135 3643 or 536 6774 MASSAGE THERAPY Tracy Henderson - Massage therapy/Naturopathy 536 6605 Holistic Therapeutic Practitioner available, Whitford For appointments phone 021 749 517 MECHANICAL REPAIRS Clevedon Automotive Ltd 292 8441 or 0274 743 918 Maraetai Automotive 536 6542 Pohutukawa Motors, 57 Third View Ave, Beachlands 536 6664 Clevedon Garage & Tyres Ltd 2928 289 Clevedon Motorcyles & Machinery 2928 927 or 021 2544 686 MIRRORS Howick Glass 535 4180 OUTBOARD REPAIRS / MARINE ENGINEERING Eastern Marine ~ Outboard, Petrol & Diesel Motors 536 6252 PAINTERS & DECORATORS DTS Wright Contracting Ltd 536 5239 or 021 40 1094 S.T. Taylor, Member of Master Painters 021 912 515 Mustills Painting Services 536 4356, 027 619 2619 4U2C Decorators 027 648 3565 specialistlinings.co.nz We fix, stop, and paint 0800 54 64 64 PANELBEATERS & PAINTERS Whitford Panelbeaters 530 8695 Pristine Autobody, Panel & Paint 262 3757 Auto Collision Panel & Paint 534 2190 PERSONAL TRAINING WOWFIT Personal Training-James 0800WOWFIT, 021 771015 Envision Personal Training, Garyth 536 6327, 021 299 1482 PEST CONTROL Coastal Pest Solutions (including rats, rabbits,possums, wild cats, pest birds, wasps & bees) 536 6020, 0273 932 125 Pestblasters-R-Us 0800 888 338 PHOTOGRAPHER Timeless Images Photography 021 022 19653, 950 4675 PHYSIOTHERAPIST Ultimate Physio unit 4 45 Wakelin Rd, Beachlands 536 5904, 272 9294 PLASTERING (SOLID) Bruce Parsons 021 981 812 PLUMBERS SMS Plumbing 0212 767 797 Call The Plumber Ltd 24/7 service 536 5516, 027 202 3212 Ford Plumbing - 24 hour callout - phone Mark on 022 601 3216 PLUMBERS & GASFITTERS Ashby Plumbing & Gas 2922 445, 0272 553 499 K. Dadzie Plumbing/Gas call Brett on 021 501 421, 536 6592 PRINTER C&D Print 2929 167 or 021 107 6750

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Harcourts Beachlands Real Estate 536 6121, 0276 480 240 Rent People Ltd 0800 426 580 RobsonKerr Property Management 0508 762 766 Ray White Lighthouse Licensed Real Estate 536 7011 PUMP SALES & REPAIRS Auckland Electrical Services 536 4074, 0274 741 579 Pump Service Centre 536 7083, 0274 308 538 Water Pump Specialists 536 5447, 0274 982 419 Malmaks Water Sho 530 8872, 021 353 158 REAL ESTATE AGENTS Harcourts Beachlands Real Estate 536 6121 Barfoot & Thompson Clevedon 2928 348 Barfoot & Thompson Whitford 530 8292 Barfoot & Thompson Beachlands 536 4990 Ray White Lighthouse Licensed Real Estate 536 7011 Professionals 555 9136 ROOFING SERVICES Eastern Roofing Services, ph Steve 536 5875, 021 865 615 SCAFFOLDING Scaffold Connect Ltd 09 215 4855 SECURITY SYSTEMS ADS Security Ltd (alarms & monitoring) 536 6860 Armstrong Smarter Security and Alarms 09 274 0999 SEPTIC TANK CLEANING SST Services phone Rob 09 2947611 or 0274 967430 SHEEP SHEARING Mr Clip Ltd - sheep, goats, 276 1219, 0274 853 234 SHUTTLES Coast Shuttle-local hire & airport trips 536 6488, 0274 722 613 Omana Shuttles - Airport Transfers 536-5935 SPRAY TAN SPECIALISTS Colour Me In 536 6766 Mob 027 662 9897 SURVEYORS - LAND Hollier Greig & Associates 2928 745 McInnes, Read & Lucas Ltd 2987 288 Fraser Thomas Ltd 2787 078 Churchill Land Development Services Ltd 2734 182 CLC Consulting Group Ltd 576 3276 SWIMMING POOLS Peninsula Pools Ltd 0274 958 861, a/h 530 9115 Bluestone Pools Ltd 021 2731 779, ah 536 7125 Partridge Pool & Spa 299 8659 TANK CLEANING John’s Farmlet Services 0800 327 653 TREE WORK Tree stump grinding (NZAT) 530 8741 or 0274 989 080 TYPESETTING & GRAPHIC ART Steve 536 5276 TYRES - SALES & SERVICE Maraetai Automotive 536 6542 Pohutukawa Motors, 57 Third View Ave, Beachlands 536 6664 UPHOLSTERY & CANVAS Stackpole’s Upholstery Ltd 274 8585 VALUERS-PROPERTY Property Valuations Ltd, Papakura 299 7406, fax 299 6152 Seagar & Partners Ltd, Charlene 272 9660 or 021 945 806 VETERINARY SERVICES Franklin Vets (Beachlands) 538 0010 Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat 9am-12noon, Wed 2-6pm for vets on premises. WALLPAPERING Wallpapering 021 1748 466 or 536 5899 WATER DELIVERY Beachlands/Maraetai Water Supply 273 9763 Beachlands Water Service 536 6508 Clevedon Water 292 8099 Whitford Water Supplies 530 8164 Rural Water, freephone 0508 787 254 or 021 765 628 John’s Farmlet Services & Water Supplies 0800 327 653 The Original Johns Water Supplies 536 6696 or 530 8155 Maraetai Blue Ltd 536 6437, 027 536 6437 Carlton Haulage 0800 420 246 Coastal Water Cartage 0508 COASTAL Todd Wheeler Transport Ltd 0508 426 246 or 0274 752 832 Seaview Water 0508 732 843 – $250 for 17,000 litres; $225 for 13,500; $180 for 10,000 WET AZZ – keeping it local 0800 WET AZZ (0800 938 299) WATER TANK CLEANING & REPAIRS Green Clean Co ($100) 0274 982 419 or 536 5447 Rural Water, freephone 0508 787 254 or 021 765 628 John’s Farmlet Services 0800 327 653 WATER TREATMENT Anthony Preston Ltd 534 5127, fax 535 6353 167 Moore St, Howick Malmaks Water Shop 530 8872, 021 353 158 NZ Water Filters Ltd 576 9649 or 021 138 7679 WEDDING VENUE Te Puru Centre 536 5360 Maraetai Beach Boating Club 536 6649 Brookwood Lodge, Beachlands. Garden setting. Ceremony only. 536 6975 or 0274 796 453 WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOTHERAPY Virtual Gastric Band www.avrilcarpenter.com 021 626 805 WINDOWS www.windowrenovations.co.nz Repairs and Replacements 021 297 2320 WINDOW CLEANING/HOUSE WASHING Panoramics 530 8136 or 027 245 3444 BEST Property Services 0508 932 532 or 021 366 615

The Pohutukawa Coast Times is published by Pohutukawa Publishing (NZ) Ltd and printed by Beacon Print, 5 Pohutu Street, Whakatane 3120

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