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FRIDAY September 26 2014 Issue 1079

Police pursue stolen car


Police laid speed spikes to stop a stolen vehicle after two cars were taken from adjacent properties in Maraetai on Wednesday night last week. A Subaru Forrester and a Mazda Atenza were both stolen from Campbell Rd. Police were alerted by the owner of one of the vehicles who heard it being driven off. “A Police unit was sent to Whitford and a pursuit was initiated after the vehicle failed to stop for Police,” says Beachlands constable Steve Webb. “Spikes were laid and we arrested three offenders when they decamped from the vehicle.” A father and son and a third male, all from Otara were arrested. • TO PAGE 3


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• Election night results

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Bayly by a landslide Andrew Bayly door-knocked 14,000 homes in the Hunua electorate during the election campaign. And last Saturday it all paid off. The Karaka businessman is the new National Party MP for Hunua, having won the seven-way fight for the seat with a huge 15,818 majority – the fifth largest in the country. He received 21,339 votes well ahead of Labour’s Arena Williams on 5521. National also swept up the Party Vote in Hunua with 20,425, resoundingly ahead of second placed Labour on 3795. Andrew is a first term MP and will take over from Dr Paul Hutchison who retired at the end of the last term. “I really appreciate the support from everyone in the electorate who voted for me,” says Andrew. “It’s been fascinating, door-knocking 14,000 homes, and all the different people I’ve met. I’ve been able to pick up the under currents of what’s been going on, have learnt a lot from people, and feel I have a really good grasp of what’s going on in the electorate,” said Andrew at Hunua’s John Hill Estate vineyard, where he and his supporters celebrated on election night. “To me, it didn’t really matter if people were National, Labour, Conservative or whatever. If you are going to be an electorate MP you have to understand local issues and connect with people.” And while National clearly did well across the country, Andrew

Maureen Spyve

Auckland Council has released two dogs that had been impounded for suspected attacks on livestock in Whitford, due to lack of evidence. At least 40 sheep were attacked and injured over a five night period. The attacks took place on different properties in the area. Two dogs were taken from a property in the area on August 4 and impounded at Auckland Council’s animal shelter while investigations were carried out. Neither dog had any known history of

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also believes his efforts in trying to meet with people face-to-face also contributed to his big win. “There were a few small spots I didn’t get to, mostly around Waiuku, and I need to apologise to those people I didn’t get to. Next election I will start with them. I probably ran out of time by about a week. “Talking to people when they are comfortable and in their own environment is when we get honest feedback.” Andrew says the 15 communities that make up his electorate all have very different issues, but there are also a number of underlying themes which he highlighted during his campaign – poor infrastructure, poor public transport, the need for localised health services, and job creation. He will also be making sure that he spends plenty of time in the Pohutukawa Coast – Clevedon district during his first term. “You’ve seen a lot of me already. I have pulled together a team of 20 people looking at how Beachlands and Maraetai is going to be developed the way the community wants it developed. Once completed, I will help sell that plan to the council and local board. Andrew says he hasn’t yet worked out how best to organise his electorate clinics and office, but will be doing so over the next few weeks.

attacks. A council spokesperson says that on completion of the investigation there was insufficient evidence to prove that the dogs had actually attacked the sheep and Auckland Council was unable to pursue prosecution. The dogs were released back into the owner’s care on August 19 after inspecting a compound on the property and ensuring the dogs could not escape.

(three lucky winners already)

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Impounded dogs released after lack of evidence over livestock attacks

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New Hunua National MP Andrew Bayly celebrates at the John Hill Estate Vineyard on Saturday night with sons (from left) George, Daniel and James.

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2 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (September 26th 2014)

Congratulations to Hunua’s new MP THE EDITOR SAYS BY DUNCAN PARDON duncan@pctimes.co.nz

Congratulations to Andrew Bayly for a decisive - if not unexpected – win for National in the Hunua electorate at last Saturday’s general election. There was also an overwhelming party vote for National. Andrew could have sat at home with his feet on the couch drinking a beer for the whole election campaign and still won. But he didn’t. He campaigned with the energy and vigour of someone who was contesting a marginal seat. So good on him. He proved that the old fashioned methods still work the best - knocking on doors and talking with people on their doorsteps. The last politician I came across to knock on as many doors as Andrew Bayly was Len Brown during his six year battle to win the Manukau City mayoralty,

which in turn, propelled him into the Auckland mayoralty (though he may need more than foot slogging to retain his job next time round!). The best way to get to know people is by talking with them. This is still the main job of an electorate MP. We may have been “Party voted” to death during the campaign, but good electorate MPs never lose sight of what they are there for - to represent individuals within their electorate. What is particularly encouraging with Andrew Bayly is that he recognised from day one of the campaign that there was a need to spend time in the far-flung parts of the electorate as well as the main urban centres. He has gone to great lengths to be seen in our part of the world and has been proactive in trying to get to know what makes us tick. Even his choice of election night headquarters was indicative of this. The John Hill Estate is a nice place to spend an evening, but more importantly it was situated mid way between the northern and southern parts of the electorate. This wasn’t by accident and was chosen exactly for that reason.

If his enthusiasm continues over the next three years, then I’m sure we will have an excellent electorate MP who may well go on to greater things within his party. What elections in Hunua over the past 20 years have taught us is that, barring any major boundary changes, it is likely to be forever National. Candidates campaigning on behalf of other parties are doomed to failure. And this raises the interesting scenario that I mentioned in this column last week. Under MMP, why does the electorate MP have to represent a party at all? The one aspect of MMP that has not yet been explored is the potential to have a completely independent candidate representing an electorate. What’s to stop someone standing with the sole aim of getting the best deal possible for the people of Hunua, and only Hunua, free from the burdens of serving a Party? It wouldn’t impact on the Party Vote. We can still vote for the party we want to govern the country. I’ll leave you to ponder that thought for the next three years.

PCCA call meeting to discuss erosion By Judith Clarke In the last year this district has experienced four 100-year weather events and the effects on the local coastline are

evident especially on the beaches at Maraetai and Omana and the soft sedimentary cliffs at Beachlands. To date, the main ac-

LAND SURVEYORS Hollier Greig Ltd

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cepted model to deal with erosion in New Zealand is to build engineered erosion protection measures e.g. seawalls or cliff stabilisation. In response to the damage at Maraetai Beach Auckland Council has retained its current strategy to repair the wooden wall and regularly replenish the sand. There is no commitment for a sustainable medium or long term solution, or to expand repairs to Omana Beach

Don’t make life easy for thieves! You know, we have had a good run as far as crime is concerned. Not a lot going on. And that is how it should be. But hey, summer is coming, and with that comes all of the unwanted visitors from out of town. Not all of them bad, but enough of them to make us sit up and take notice. And we have one or two local thieves as well. This past week has seen a spike in crime for the area. We need to get on top of it before it gets too bad. That means that all of us have to take a bit more care with the way we live. Most of the crime comes from people leaving things like the car keys in the ignition, the car doors unlocked; valuable items the car, not in the boot out of sight; sheds and garages unlocked and unattended. All of the above, and some more besides is a boon to a would-be thief. Now is the time that items like lawn mowers will go missing. OK, sometimes a lock is forced, but don’t make it easy for the thieves. Remember, if you are working at the front of the house, make sure that your premises are secure round the back. And vice versa. It does not take long to hop into the lounge and out again with some loot, possibly your 55-inch television or game consol. So, have a great summer (and Christmas). But don’t play unwanted Santa to uninvited guests. To join us, please text your name and phone number to 022 0449 130 and we will get back to you. Or call in to the local Police Station and pick up a form.

Please contact us on 536 6130 or look on our website at http://tinyurl.com/mv6yzqg

and other parts of the Pohutukawa Coast. The Pohutukawa Coast Community Association believes that, when looking at the erosion issues at Maraetai and Omana, there is an alternative long term sustainable option where the pattern of coastal erosion can be easily and, relatively, cheaply reversed into one of growth by coastal planting. This option is also ably assisted by storms and works with bad weather rather than against it. In addition to the financial benefits, coastal planting has the ecological benefits of encouraging the natural habitat for flora and fauna. An example of successful coastal planting can be seen at Tauranga which has led to the of-

ficial coastline being moved seaward by 11 metres. Cost comparisons show that coastal planting can be a fraction of the cost of engineered erosion protection measures with the benefit of minimal maintenance compared to rebuilds every 20 - 40 years. Further information on local coastal erosion issues and possible solutions for beach stabilisation will be discussed by a panel of speakers invited to a public meeting organised by the Pohutukawa Coast Community Association to be held on Monday October 6 at 7pm at Maraetai Beach Boat Club. Speakers include: Kane Glass: Chairperson, PCCA; David


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Contractors were once again filling in holes along the Maraetai beach foreshore last week following more rough weather. Beamish from Ngai neer Auckland Council All are welcome. Tai Umupuia; Malcolm Bell, Franklin (Wairoa) There will be tea and Local Board representa- coffee afterwards if you tive; Brigid Glass, dune wish to continue the disrestoration representa- cussion. • Judith Clarke is a tive; Greg Jenks, beach member, restoration expert; Paul committee Klinac: Coastal Engi- PCCA

Thieves joy ride to Maraetai • FROM PAGE 1 The second stolen vehicle, travelling in tandem with the first, also failed to stop and was pursued up Sandstone Rd before Police stopped following. It was later recovered in Otara. Constable Webb say Police believe they know the identity


www.coastguardmaraetai.org.nz secretary@coastguardmaraetai.org.nz phone: 536 7105 EMERGENCY CONTACTS: MARINE RESCUE CENTRE (CELL) *500 OR (LANDLINE) 303 1303 OR 111

of the occupants of the second vehicle. The three arrested offenders from the first vehicle have appeared in court charged with unlawfully taking a motor vehicle, dangerous driving and failing to stop for Police. Steve says two other stolen vehicles were located close to where the cars were stolen from. “It appears they drove to Maraetai on a joyride in two vehicles reported stolen from East Tamaki the previous day, then abandoned those and stole two more from Campbell Rd.” THE BIBLE SAYS:

[Jesus said]: “Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him.” (John 14:21)

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (September 26th 2014) 3

Functions - School Holiday Programme - Gymnastics ww.tepuru.co.nz (09) 536 5360 Sport / Fitness

Beachlands chef takes on best with salmon dish From Budapest to Beachlands, Thomas Barta has travelled the world learning to cook from some of the great chefs. Thomas has been cooking for 15 years and left the family’s seafood restaurant business in Budapest, Hungary, to travel Europe and Britain seeking out new challenges to make him a better chef. That included the biggest challenge of all: working for celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey at Claridges. “It was like being in an army, very strict, 16-17 hours a day, and a big learning curve,” says Thomas. And while he says Gordon Ramsey might not be as frightening in real life as he is on tv, he still runs a very tight ship. “That’s how he keeps up the standards, by having no mistakes. Make a mistake and you could lose your reputation.” Now, Thomas finds himself living in Beachlands and loving the lifestyle. He plans to eventually open his own restaurant locally, probably sea food. And he wants to give locals something new. “ It won’t be order, eat and go. I want more than that. I want to entertain people and challenge them with what’s on their plate.” He is also considering setting up a pop-up restaurant to introduce locals to some of the amazing food possibilities available to them locally. But that’s all in the future. Right now, he has a wonderful opportunity to establish his reputation as a chef. Thomas is currently working as a sous chef at Auckland’s prestigious Harbourside Restaurant. And it is there that his salmon dish caught the eye of the judges in the the Ora King Awards for the countrys best salmon dish.

Coast Probus celebrates 20 Pohutukawa Coast Probus Club celebrated its 20th Anniversary on September 11. It was a happy occasion for members and visitors of the combined club, the first Probus club for both men and women in New Zealand. Ex-presidents and partners were invited and the first ever president of our club Don Coster read the inaugural Minutes. The club’s only Life Member, and first treasurer, Colleen O’Neill gave a 10 minute talk on the formation of the club. Tribute was made to Ross Johnson, also instrumental in these beginnings. Morning tea was served and a celebration cake, decorated with a seaside theme, was cut by Colleen. The Te Atatu Men’s Choir entertained members for an hour to complete the special occasion. RIGHT: Colleen O’Neill cuts the Probus 20th birthday cake.

The Ora’s were established in 2013 to recognise outstanding contributions from chefs working with Ora King. Ora King is New Zealand King Salmon’s premium foodservice brand produced exclusively for fine dining restaurants in New Zealand and offshore. Thomas has been selected as one of 15 finalists to present their salmon dish at a function in Nelson. He will compete against New Zealand’s best chefs, plus some from overseas. “It’s one of best salmon in world. This breed is in the Nelson-Marlborough area and is very good quality. It’s the best you can buy and all best restaurants in the world work with this salmon,.”. “It’s a big thing and all the best chefs will be there and I’m so lucky to be selected. I’m already a winner by being given a ticket to fly there and meet the best chefs. “It’s great that what I love doing is being recognised. It will hopefully open some doors.”


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4 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (September 26th 2014)


FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 26: Maraetai Beachlands Playgroup meets at the Maraetai Hall, Rewa Road. 9.30am until 11.30am. Every Friday during term. Playtime session for children under 5 years and babies. Come for a coffee/tea and chat with other parents or caregivers. Indoor and outdoor play area with lots of toys. Any further info contact Louise 536 4281 or Sarah 536 5013. MONDAY SEPTEMBER 29: Free International Day of the Older Person community lunch provided by Age Concern Counties Manukau for people over the age of 65 at Beachlands Memorial Hall, 10am – 1pm. Morning tea, a guest speaker, short workshop and shared lunch and singalong. It is essential you book to sandya@ accm.org.nz or call 2794331 ext 800 and advise which event you will be attending. THURSDAY OCTOBER 2: Listen UP Community choir rehearses weekly every Thursday evening at St Hildas Church, Wakelin Road in Beachlands from 7.30pm THURSDAY OCTOBER 2: Children of the Poor, by Mervyn Thompson and directed by Fiona Bailey. Performed by Howick Children’s & Youth Theatre. A story of vice, poverty and misery set in Dunedin at the turn of last century. Suitable ages 11 upwards. $8. Ph: 537 4943, hcyt@xtra.co.nz HarlequinTheatre , 563 Pakuranga Rd at 7.30pm. Also on October 3, 4; & 4pm on October 4. SATURDAY OCTOBER 4: High Tea on the Coast at St Hilda’s Anglican Church Hall, 3 Wakelin Rd, Beachlands. Bring a friend and treat yourselves to an elegant afternoon tea. To book a table please phone Marilyn 536 6123 or Christine 530 8601. A fundraising venture for the Pohutukawa Coast Anglican Mission District. MONDAY OCTOBER 6: To Friday October 10. Uxbridge Creative Centre has a fantastic holiday programme on offer. Half and full day workshops available for 6 – 12 and 8 – 14 year olds. Lip Smacking Cake Pops, Sewing, Puppet Making, Crazy Clay, Collage, Stained Glass Pictures, Digital Photography and more. You don’t have to be ‘arty’ to join in, just keen to have some fun. Full details available at www.uxbridge.org.nz or phone 535 6467 to enquire and register. TUESDAY OCTOBER 7: Also Thursday October 9. The Junior Engineer’s Club is running two Meccano Workshops at the Highland Park Community House, Howick during the second week of the school holidays Learn how to use nuts and bolts and construct working models with Meccano. Suitable for ages 7 – 12. Great introduction to model engineering. If you have been before, come again and build a bigger model. Two Hour workshop , all parts supplied, $20 per child . Price discounts available. Starts 1pm. Bookings essential. Phone the Meccanoman for details and bookings for workshops. 536 4188 or 027 671 6004 TUESDAY OCTOBER 7:. Beachlands Maraetai Social Club meets at 1.30pm in the Beachlands Hall. This months entertainer is Lionel Reeki, All Welcome. FRIDAY OCTOBER 10 : 7pm Community Clothes Swap. Please drop off your gently used Womens, mens, childrens clothing, shoes, bags and jewellery to 62 Second View Ave, Beachlands or the Log Cabin during opening hours. If there is no one home please leave your name on a piece of paper in the bag so you can receive your 10 free items. All donations receive 10 free items on the night, most items on the night will be $1. Entry is $5 and includes a drink and nibbles. SATURDAY OCTOBER 11: Kawakawa Bay-Orere Health Clinic Bright Lights fundraiser. Social night including DJ with music, cash bar, mystery bottle auction. From 7 to 11pm, auction at 8.30pm. Entry: Men – Christmas wrapped bottle of anything, ladies: a plate. No byo. SUNDAY OCTOBER 19: The Pohutukawa Coast Plunket Baby Fair 10am-12pm. Come along and grab a bargain at our annual fair, clothes, toys, books, furniture and lots more.Note for sellers: Time for a spring clean out these school holidays? Book your spot and sell your pre-loved kids and baby gear. Call Tania for bookings 536 5780, tables cost $20 SATURDAY NOVEMBER 1: Saints & Angels Party in the kawakawa Bay Hall and village green, for all children under 14. Outside and inside games, dress up as warrior or wahine or lady or gentleman, or bring something kiwi. 5-7pm, $5. Tickets from Bay garage and shop. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 8: Pohutukawa Coast Garden Ramble, 10am-4pm. Showcasing some of the best gardens in Beachlands & Maraetai. Plants, gift and refreshments are available to purchase along the way. Tickets $30 Early Bird (before Oct 31st)/$35 full price. Tickets are available from:Ray White Lighthouse, Beachlands Hammer Hardware, Julie’s Home Grown Nursey or on the day from 59 Third View Ave, Beachlands from9.30-10.30am. Visit pohutukawacoastgardenramble.co.nz




Bathurst BEACHLANDS CLUB S U N D A Y 1 2 TH O C T O B E R Race Your Mates on Bathurst Cockpit Simulators


Club Opens from 10am Till Late

Big turnout for Wairoa Rangers Clevedon’s Wairoa Rangers Father’s Day tournament saw a huge turnout for the annual event at the A and P Showgrounds. “There were a lot of parents and supporters and a really great festival atmosphere right throughout the day which is what it’s all about,” says club secretary Tim Seabrook. “It’s kids getting together and having good fun with their mates and playing rugby while they are doing it.” This year seven teams represented the Wairoa Rangers from the under 5/6s to the 17/18 yearolds. The Wairoa Under 15/16 team decisively beat Pukekohe High School 40-5 to win the club’s annual Father’s Day trophy. One of the team’s coaches John Rex said in his match report that it was one of the best games of rugby the under 15/16 boys had played over the last few years. “This game represented what the Wairoa Rangers are all about - boys from Clevedon and the wider district all coming together after playing rugby for their different secondary schools. It was fantastic to see old friendships rekindled and the boys having so much fun playing the game that so many of

Wairoa Rangers Under 15/16 captain Mitchell McKee receives the Father’s Day Trophy, from his own father, Brent, who created the trophy.

The Under 15/16 team with coaches John Rex (left) and Bruce Eyre (right). them love.” At the start of the game Pukekohe High School, who had been playing together for the season, had the upper hand and scored the first try. After 20 minutes, the Wairoa Rangers started to hit their straps. They scored a try and seemed to build on old partnerships. The forwards became more dominant and the backs began to run some good lines. Through patience and some good skills on dis-

play, the boys went on to win and scored some great tries in the process. Pukekohe High School put on a really good show, they never gave up and were a great team to play against. After the final matches the players and supporters headed down to the Clevedon Hotel for a few Father’s Day drinks and a BBQ.with steak and sausages from John Bell’s butchery in Drury and local Clevedon Coast oysters.

The new Father’s Day Trophy, designed and created by club committee member Brent McKee, was presented to the Wairoa Rangers Under 15/16 captain Mitchell McKee, Brent’s son. The new trophy will be on display on the Clevedon Hotel for the next 12 months. The Under 15/16 team’s coaches were Bruce Eyre and John Rex and manager was Carol McKenzie-Rex.

Burglary attempt in Shelly Bay Rd, Beachlands Burglars have been active in the Shelly Bay Rd area of Beachlands. On Sunday September 14 French doors at the rear of a Shelly Bay Rd house were damaged when an offender wrenched the door open by the handle. The handle broke as a result. The offenders opened the doors but appear to have been disturbed and decamped. Around the same time this break-in occurred, a

man knocked at a neighbour’s door and stated he was trying to deliver a package to an address in Maraetai. He had a small box with a name and a Maraetai address on it. The man said he thought the named person lived at the address. The man appeared suspicious and was sent on his way. He was described as male Caucasion in his 20s, with a swarthy complexion, of medium build, about 5 foot 10 inches, unshaven, rough appearance, very short black hair and wearing a purple Warriors supporters jersey. No vehicles were seen.


Basketball Youth Squad

We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. ~ William Ewart Gladstone

Free “Have a Go” Basketball Sessions at Te Puru!

Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Parish

15th October 7pm – 8pm 22nd October 7pm – 8pm All 11 – 14 year olds welcome Two free pre-season “Have a Go” sessions Regular sessions to follow @ 7pm every Wednesday ($5 per session) Contact Fred, or just turn up! Email: fredandrebecca@hotmail.com Tel: 027 7755320


Welcomes you to Mass at 5pm Saturday • Children’s Liturgy and • Sacramental programmes • Returning or New Catholics programme

Beachlands Hall, 49 Wakelin Road

Finals thumping sad end to good season By Teri Doran It could have been the fairytale ending to the season for Beachlands Maraetai AFC soccer club...but it wasn’t to be. The BMAFC senior men’s team went in to the Counties Manukau Knockout Final as underdogs, and although lifting the silverware would have been a perfect start to the club’s 30th anniversary celebrations, the home team was thumped 0-6 by recently promoted Northern League side, Manakau City. There was a carnival atmosphere to the game with a huge turn-out at Te Puru Park from the home support. The team donned a special 30th anniversary commemorative strip to mark the occasion. Coach Paul Stephens says that despite the loss, the achievements of his team this year were to be applauded. “Last season we finished bottom of the league and were knocked out in the first round of the Counties Manukau Cup. “This year we reached the final and had a far better league campaign. “It shows how far we’ve come.” Paul looks towards next year with his young squad as they hope to build on what has been one of their best seasons in recent years. Club president Brian Preston says it would have been the pinnacle to end his career with the first team with a cup win, but adds he can move on knowing that the young team are in a positive position. “It was a disappointing result, but we were up against a quality side who have just won promotion back into Northern League division 2 again,” says Preston. “Their superior class shone through on the day.

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (September 26th 2014) 5

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Beachlands-Maraetai’s Aaron Parry competes for the high ball. Photos: Claude Therond. www.claudetherond.com/p851250590 “Of course I’m gutted, but we had our chances and didn’t take them. “The quality of the coaching and the players has stepped up a level again this year.” BMAFC will hold their Battle of the Bridge match this Saturday at Beachlands Domain, kick-off 2.30pm. Details of Battle of the Bridge game can be found on the website, www.bmafc.co.nz

WHERE: Harcourts Regional Office 7-9 Alpers Avenue, Newmarket. Auckland 1023 Register your interest to: Sue Collyns 09 536 6121 // sue.collyns@harcourts.co.nz

Beachlands 22 Tui Brae

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Tucked away in a quiet cul-de-sac, and elevated up a private right of way, this home is cleverly laid out to accommodate growing families or live in parents. Savour a lifestyle that is relaxed and laid back. Be quick, don’t miss this opportunity to secure this lovely family home. For Sale By Negotiation Open Saturday & Sunday 2.30pm3.00pm View www.harcourts.co.nz/BH4589 Maureen Spyve M 021 276 7796 E maureen.spyve@harcourts.co.nz Kristin Gribble-Bowring M 021 465 048 E kristin.gribble@harcourts.co.nz Beachlands Real Estate Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008


6 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (September 26th 2014)

lovegrove realty ltd licensed real estate agent


BEACHLANDS Only twenty minutes from Howick you will find this prime flat 1344m2 waterfront site with a two level 250m2 brick, cedar and plaster home that sadly has weather-tightness issues. Located in a quiet reserved part of Beachlands it is just a short walk via the waterfront walkway to Pine Harbour Marina, the gateway to the CBD in just 30 minutes via the ferry. Opportunities like this are rare - ignore previous pricing our realistic vendor wants this sold on or before our ON-SITE AUCTION.

Karen Hay

m: 021 448 191

e: karen.hay@professionals.co.nz Professionals Lovegrove Realty Ltd Pohutukawa Coast Office

Open: Saturday 3:15 - 3:45pm Auction Sunday 5th October 2014 at 12:00pm Address: 25 Puriri Road View Online www.lovegroverealty.co.nz ID#PMK12953


e & Incom e m o H









Site consists of: • Main House: Sea views, spacious 3 bedrooms, study, 2 bathrooms, intl garaging plus double c/port for boat/storage & • Rear House: Totally self-contained accommodation, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, laundry, off-street parking

From a Private listing to a ‘Professional’ Sale with a great result. Property didn't sell under the hammer on the day but the auction process found the buyer within an acceptable time frame.

Our Vendors are re-locating and are eager! Get a move on and secure your families future now.


• A well set out H&I with separate power, phone, water & parking • Excellent extended family accommodation by the beach or • We can include the “Snapperrock Holiday Home” a profitable little business

Extremely tidy three bedroom brick & tile home, was popular with people looking for an easy care low maintenance property.

Karen Hay ddi: 09 555 9136 mob: 021 448 191 Open: Sat & Sun 2:30 - 3:00pm Address: 30 Pohutukawa Road View Online www.lovegroverealty.co.nz ID#PMK12927 Professionals Lovegrove Realty Ltd Pohutukawa Coast Office

Keith Voysey ddi: 09 555 9139 mob: 027 459 2282

Karen Hay ddi: 09 555 9136 mob: 021 448 191 Address: 11 Albacore Way View Online www.lovegroverealty.co.nz ID#PMK12908 Professionals Lovegrove Realty Ltd Pohutukawa Coast Office

Keith Voysey ddi: 09 555 9139 mob: 027 459 2282

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (September 26th 2014) 7

Entries open for trolley derby No change to speed limit Entries open next week for the 2015 BeachlandsMaraetai Trolley Derby. Following on from the success of the inaugural derby held in February, organisors’ spokesperson Jenny Carter, CEO for the Beachlands Community Trust, expects plenty of interest for next year’s event. “We had an absolutely awesome first derby with 70 entries from five-year-olds to adults - the event really captured people’s imaginations,” says Jenny. “We will be able to take a maximum of 100 trollies for next year but people will have to get their applications in early so they don’t miss out.” Entries will be open from October 1 until November 30 to give entrants time to design and build their trolleys, or tweak last year’s models, for the event which will be again held at Omana Regional Park on Sunday 8 February.

The popular Trolley Walk of Fame showcasing all the entries will be held on the previous day, Saturday 7 leaving from Beachlands Hammer Hardware and finishing in the grounds of the Beachlands Chartered Club. “There will be a few changes for next year’s derby and a few surprises,” promises Jenny. She says Auckland Council has recognised the success of the inaugural event, with a donation of $5000 towards the running of the 2015 derby. “We are also looking for lots of volunteers to help out as well to make it a fabulous day for everybody.” Entry forms are available at Beachlands Hammer Hardware, the Beachlands Log Cabin or through the website www.logcabin.org.nz. If you would like to lend a hand organising, call Jenny on 536-6122.

Auckland Transport says it has no intention of raising the speed limit at the top end of Beachlands Rd. It was responding to a request from Omana resident Logan Kemp who argued that the speed limit should be higher, given that one side of the road was rural farmland. “After careful review we can confirm that 50kph is the appropriate speed limit for this part of Beachlands Rd and no

change is required,” says Auckland Transport. It said 60kph speed zones had been introduced in Botany by the former Manukau City Council on many of its high volume arterial roads. “This approach, however, was inconsistent with the other former councils across the Auckland region.” It said one of the reasons for the formation of Auckland Transport was to ensure “a consistent,

equitable and impartial” approach to network improvement. Auckland Transport’s approach to speed limit setting reflected the wider regional approach and the standards and guidelines used were Auckland wide. “We will be undertaking a review of these historic legacy speed limits in the future to ensure a consistent and reliable approach throughout the network.”

42 Wakelin Road, Beachlands Phone 536 4990 www.barfoot.co.nz OPEN HOME


Beachlands 26 Pohutukawa Road SKINNY DIPPER - If you’re looking for a slice of Pohutukawa Road premium real estate you won’t want to go past looking at this one. There are two bthrms, 4 brms and from the upstairs deck two of the brms, master being one of them, you get some nice sea views. So dive into our open homes or call us to view. For Sale: $945,000 View: SAT/SUN 2:00 - 2:30pm www.barfoot.co.nz/529029


Ian Boswell M 027 285 9314 A/H 09 530 8403 E i.boswell@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990 Nicolette Hale M 027 702 9157 E n.hale@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990


Beachlands 70 Intrepid Crescent Traditional weatherboard, single level open plan living which opens to great decking and sweeping garden. With a huge kitchen, four bedrooms plus the bonus of a kids play room that can be nicely closed off. Chuck in a DVS system and heat pumps and it all adds up to one very nice pad. Auction: 12:00pm 21 Oct 2014 at Manukau Sports Bowl (unless sold prior) View: SAT/SUN 3:00 - 3:30pm www.barfoot.co.nz/529301

TOP SCORE! With a colossal back yard of it’s own, this home is ideal for those looking to stretch out with that extra bit of space around them. Good size living areas on both levels, 5 healthy sized brms, 2 bthrms, a cosy log fire and sunny entertaining decking this older style home is ready to meet your big family. Auction: 12:00pm 21 Oct 2014 at Manukau Sports Bowl (unless sold prior) View: SAT/SUN 1:00 - 1:30pm www.barfoot.co.nz/527511

Beachlands 26 Blakewell Place SHOW ME THE MONEY! As the owners have purchased another property, it might just be your lucky ticket to get you into a super sharp 4 brm, 2 living home with very cool extra features built in. This stunning home must be sold, so come along and SHOW THEM THE MONEY! Auction: 12:00pm 30 Sep 2014 at Manukau Sports Bowl (unless sold prior) View: Saturday/Sunday 2:00 - 2:30pm www.barfoot.co.nz/528090

Ian Boswell M 027 285 9314 A/H 09 530 8403 E i.boswell@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990 Nicolette Hale M 027 702 9157 E n.hale@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990


Ian Boswell M 027 285 9314 A/H 09 530 8403 E i.boswell@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990 Mark Van Etten M 027 523 2245 P 09 536 7284 E mark.vanetten@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990

1 Beachlands 82 Karaka Road


Nicolette Hale M 027 702 9157 E n.hale@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990 Mark Van Etten M 027 523 2245 P 09 536 7284 E mark.vanetten@barfoot.co.nz Beachlands 09 536 4990

Hunua 183 Jones Road The brick & weatherboard, tiled roof homestead has 3 dble bdrms (ensuite), family bthrm, office/study, dining and large lounge plus dble garage. The 1.1 hectares (over 2.5 acres) include native bush, 2 sheep padocks, orchard & veg gardens, chicken coop and run plus a large lawn area for children to play. Auction: 7th Oct 2014 at Manukau Conference Centre (unless sold prior) View: Saturday/Sunday 1:00 - 1:45pm www.barfoot.co.nz/528421

Wayne Rawson AREINZ M 0274 824 662 A/H 09 530 8413 E w.rawson@barfoot.co.nz Whitford 09 530 8292

8 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (September 26th 2014)

CLEVEDON & DISTRICTS Spring fashions at Clevedon event

A capacity crowd enjoyed a Spring fashion show at the Clevedon Presbyterian Church Family Centre earlier this month. The event was hosted in conjunction with Clevedon new and re-loved fashion store Re & Boutique. Says owner Jinny Kington: “Everyone really enjoyed the evening and I’ve been asked if we could do it four times a year with the different seasons!” Nine local women of “all ages, shapes and sizes” modelled an array of garments in various categories - day wear, smart casual, office wear, after six and special occasion. “I think people really related to our models because they weren’t professionals but ordinary people from our community.” Jinny says she was “very proud” of the models who all looked very glamorous on the night as they sashayed down the catwalk. Evening co-organisor and MC Amanda Child explained why each outfit worked so well and how the chosen accessories enhanced each ensemble. “It was a fabulous night and it went beyond all expectations,” says Amanda, a stylist and appearance medicine nurse. “We’ve had a lot of positive feedback.” She says “a huge number” of volunteers helped out on the night to make the event a success.

LOCAL BUSINESS SUPPORTING LOCAL PEOPLE For Rural & Coastal Real Estate, talk to the Experienced Team...

Richard Sumner (Manager) Michelle Goodman (Rentals) John Ryburn Jill Franklin Joanne MacLean Jan Sinclair Tracy Corneal James Conquer Wendy Vroegop

027 292 4754 027 403 4063 027 477 5433 021 684 111 027 291 1440 027 839 6762 027 296 9016 027 599 4499 021 784 599

Barfoot & Thompson Clevedon Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act

Ph: 292 8348

Fax: 292-8629



what’s on ? sunday services

Traditional Service – 9.30 am Family Service – 11.00 am with Kids Friendly Kidz Club

also Kawakawa

Bay - 9.30am

wednesday services

Communion - 7.30 am & 9.00 am

friday youth

JCYG (Years 7 - 8) – 4.30 - 6.00 pm CYG (Years 9 - 13) – 7.30 - 10.00 pm

the family centre

Family Centre closes for the holidays on Friday. Reopens Monday 13 October New brochure will be available for Term 4

for more info Heather hchapman@clevedonpresy.co.nz

Ph: 292 8061 3 Papakura Clevedon Road, Clevedon Village ‘the church anyone can come to’ www.clevedonpresy.co.nz

Spring fashion on Parade: From top left: Local models-for-an-evening Monique Cooper, Daveena Smith, Annie Kington, Catherine Wilson, and Yvonne Vannoort show off a variety of everyday, evening and special occasion fashion ensembles at the Clevedon Presbyterian Family Centre’s Spring Fashion evening which featured fashions from local Re & Boutique. Left: Models and their dressers lined up and received flowers after the event.

Barfoot team go with Loud Shirts The team at Barfoot & Thompson Clevedon (pictured right) brightened up the community with a Loud Shirt Day last Friday. Staff went out of their way to find bright and colourful shirts to wear as part of a national fundraising day for The Hearing House. “We wanted to do something to help in the community and we thought this was a good charity to support,” says manager Richard Sumner. The Hearing House provides services for children with mild to profound hearing loss to enable them to learn to listen and speak with regular audiology appointments and therapy sessions. The B and T Clevedon staff braved the inclement weather to run a gold coin barbecue for passersby outside their Clevedon office. They raised $120 on the day and are topping it up to $200 to send to The Hearing House. Sausages were supplied free by The Mad Butcher in Manukau.

FOR ALL ELECTRICAL NEEDS Phone 0800 MB ELECT • New Housing • Renovations • Commercial and Industrial • Installation and service • Water heat, stoves and pump repairs • Underground mains and service • Trenching

Mobile 0274 812 956 Fax 292 8693 office@mbelectrical.co.nz www.mbelectrical.co.nz

New and reloved style

Come and see our extensive range of new and reloved clothing and accessories

NEW STOCK ARRIVING WEEKLY Open: Thurs-Sun 10-5pm 21A Papakura Clevedon Rd, Clevedon ph 2929 568 · www.reboutique.co.nz



OYSTERS! Shop Hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 4.30pm; Sat 9am to 2pm Closed Sundays & Public Holidays All oysters are farmed and processed to USFDA standards and harvested daily.

Ph:2928-023 Fax:2928-389 www.clevedon@oysters.co.nz

914 CLEVEDON-KAWAKAWA BAY ROAD 9 kms from Clevedon Roundabout

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (September 26th 2014) 9


CLEVEDON Mum and son at Braveheart The second Braveheart Charity Art Exhibition at the ASB Showgrounds from October 17-19 will feature works by Clevedon mother and son Cheryl and Jozef Wright. Nineteen year old Jozef will have several of his manipulated photographs for sale in the exhibition. A first year AUT University Communications student, Jozef is an emerging photographer who already has three works in the James Wallace Arts Trust Collection. A former King’s College student, he won a $2500 prize in Year 12 for top photographer. Jozef ’s mother, and owner of the ‘Art Industry’ Gallery in Clevedon Village, Cheryl has had three of her ceramic, corten and copper wall sculptures selected for exhibition. “I’m really pleased to be exhibiting but it’s especially exciting for Jozef because it is his first major exhibition,” says Cheryl. “It’s a great exhibition with a wide variety of artists.” There will be more than 600 quality, affordable and collectable artworks for sale including paint-



Availa ble now in Spinnaker Bay, Beachlands. Pvte fully furnished and fenced house with 4 brms, 2.5 bthrms, 2 sitting rooms, Would suit those building or looking to move into the area. $1,000 a week or $300 prr night. Includes power, gas and linen provided. Enquiries please phone Sarah 536 5803


Maraetai. Lovely sunny, 4 brm home. Fully fenced section. Lots of OSP. Pets neg. $550 pw neg. Ph: 536 4077.or 0210326392




A necklace (top) by Cheryl Wright and a photo by her son Jozef will appear in the art show. ings, prints, photographs, of the Braveheart Youth sculptures and objects Trust which will benefit d’art. from the funds raised at The exhibition will this exhibition. feature 160 artists from The trust with a central around New Zealand, Auckland focus, raises both emerging and well funds to continue work it known, who are exhibit- began in 2009 supporting ing ‘by invitation only’ . programmes that help They have been se- young people who are at lected by the curator Liz risk of offending, realise Caughey, art advisor and their potential. The Braveheart Art exauthor, who has been involved in the field of hibition Gala Preview contemporary New Zea- evening will open at land art for 26 years. She is also the founder

6.30pm Thursday 16th October and the exhibition continues through until Sunday afternoon 19th October at Pavilion 6, ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane. Tickets to the Gala Preview evening on Thurs-

day 16th October cost $60 and are available via the Braveheart Youth Trust website. The exhibition will be open to the public from Friday 17 October – Sunday 19 October 10am – 4pm. Entry fee at the door.

FERTILISER: Chicken manure fertiliser supplied, carted and spread. Also lime spreading. Ph: Neil 021 724 327/ 299 6486 SHAVINGS: In woolsacks - sawdust also available. Ideal for horse stables and calf pens. Ph: Ph: Neil 021 724 327 or 299 6486.


for hire. Split your own wood now. Dry hire or with operators. Ph: Leighton 021 752 687.



Sept 8.00 – 12pm. Garnet www.pctimes.co.nz Ornaments and Water (updated every Thursday) Features. Nearly New visit our facebook Frig , Also Kitchen Items,page Bric - Pohutukawa Coast Times a Brac, Work Boots, Copper Fire Screen, Pictures, Books

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES READ ONLINE www.pctimes.co.nz (updated every Thursday)

Also visit our facebook page - Pohutukawa Coast Times



beauty room

beauty therapy / make-up • Blend Method Electrolysis • Facials using Sothy’s products • Waxing • Lash/Brow Tinting • Manicures & Pedicures • Make-up for Weddings or Special Occasion using MAC Cosmetics • Gift Vouchers available. Call: Julie 09 536 4484 or 021 175 1644


Just arrived-Tealia Teasgreen, caramel apple, dark chocolate almond, mango island plus Henry Langdon’s cocoa and chai spice with aniseed, cinnamon, ginger, fennel, cloves, cardamom, pepper. Energy Experience, 43 Wakelin Rd, Beachlands.. Ph: 536-4524. MASSAGE: Qualified massage therapist, Swedish, relaxing, deep tissue and sports massage. 30 mins-$40, 60 mins-$60, 90 mins-$80. Home studio in Hawke Crescent, Beachlands. Call Rebekah on 021 0287 4768 PROFEET: Mobile Footcare. Nail clipping and filing, corn and hard skin removal, ingrown toenails, footbath and massage. Professional treatment in your own home for men and women.. N.S.I. Qualified. Ph: Nicolle Janssen on (09) 291 9298 or 021 134 1575 YOGA: Inward Bound Yoga, Te Puru Community Centre. Evening Classes Tues/Thurs 6.30pm; DayAlso visit our classes Friday 9am. Restorative Yoga Friday 10am. Ph: Dee 536-5240



Bailey. Qualified Dog READ ONLINE Trainer. Flexible Training Also vis Options Available. Ph: 536 5388 & Mob 021 243 8089



0800 957 868 ARE YOU LOOKING FOR

ph: (09) 2928 064 mob: (0274) 957 868 Fax: (09) 2928 063 TDWKKC@xtra.co.nz

READ ONLINE WEEKEND AND EVENING WORK? www.pctimes.co.nz (updated every Friday)



• Children are encouraged to imagine, create and explore OWNER OPERATOR DENNIS MARX 021 275 8544 or 09 292 9014 P.O. BOX 165, CLEVEDON



• ‘Free Play’ in a stimulating environment • Child initiated play and interactive learning • Nurture and care with superior teacher/child ratios

Peter Druit

Open 7:30 to 5:30

Ph 292 8927

for children 0-5 YEARS

19c Clevedon Papakura Rd Clevedon

We are a friendly home care provider looking for people Alsocaring visit our facebook pagein the Eastern Bays and - Pohutukawa Coast Times Pohutakawa Coast area. To become part of our family-like team you would need to be patient, kind, understanding, flexible, physically fit and most importantly, be able to empathise with the elderly. Duties for the role as a caregiver may include: cleaning, personal care, companionship, meal preparation and grocery shopping. A drivers READ ONLINE license and own reliable transport required. www.pctimes.co.nz (updated every Thursday) If this sounds like the type of work that you would please Also visitenjoy, our facebook page call us on (09) 966 0011 - Pohutukawa Coast Timesbetween 9.00am – 3.00pm. Monday – Friday www.careoncall.co.nz

Contact the office on 292 8358 or email:office@clevedonkidz.co.nz for more information www.clevedonkidz.co.nz

CRIME PATROLLERS WANTED! Pohutukawa Coast Crime Watch Patrol is looking to recruit New Members for its daily patrols. Interested? Please text your name and phone number to 022 0449 130, or call into the Police Station for an enrolment form.

10 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (September 26th 2014)

Professional & Trade Services From Page 11



Phone Denise 09 536 4639


Trim, Clip, scissor or strip Nails, Ears, tails & feet Shampoo, bath, fluff and dry You doggy wants to give Bracks Grooming a try ...

0800 949 344 www.abbotts.co.nz

Quality workmanship no matter the size of the job • Renovations • New Homes • Pumps • Spouting • Hot Water Cylinders • All Plumbing Repairs

Service Centre

Eddie Gausel

M: 0274 308 538 Fx: 536 7084 A/H: 536 7083 Email: pumpservicecentre@xtra.co.nz

• Sales & Service • Domestic Pumps • Filters • UV Purification

Ph: 266 8774 or Fax: 267 1104 Email: darrylsmithstain@actrix.co.nz

Ford Plumbing



Malmaks Water Shop Pumps, Filters & Bores Install & Service Complete Water Treatment Systems

530 8872

Whitford Village


022 601 3216 Call BRETT on 021 501 421 or 536-6592




Certifying Plumber & Gas Fitter


• • • •

Gib Stop & Paint Brick & Block Laying Tiling • Paving Property Maintenance


Phone Dean on 536 5164 or 0221 361 620


More than 20 years’ experience

• All Plumbing Maintenance • Pumps & Filters For ALL Domestic • Water Tanks & Commercial Work • UV Sterilisation • Rain Water Harvesting


CLEVEDON ANIMAL FARM: Family farm walks, pony rides and children’s parties. Visit our website: w w w. c l e v e d o n a n i malfarm.co.nz or call Lynn on 292 9231 Clevedon.

Great range of

PIZZA & PASTA 2/5 MARAETAI SCHOOL RD Sun – Mon 11.30am to 8pm Tues – 3.30 to 8pm Wed – 11.30am to 8pm Thurs – Sat 11.30am to 8.30pm

• All Gas Maintenance • Electric Hot Water Cylinders • Gas Water Heating • Gas Fire Places • New & Existing Housing



Eastern Guitar Studios - Learn Guitar or Ukulele : enrol now for Term 4. Special $10 “Starting Guitar or Ukulele” school-holiday pr ices also available. Trained t e a c h e r. B e g i n n e r s and children welcome. Phone Graeme 027 671 6004 or 536 4188

Property management and letting specialists

www.robsonkerr.co.nz robsonkerr@robsonkerr.co.nz

0508 762 766


FREE delivery Beachlands & Maraetai for orders over $40

Down to Earth Wine Bar OPEN: THURS/FRI 11AM - ’TIL LATE, SAT/SUN 11 AM - 5PM


• • •

Tank Cleaning & Repairs • Water Pumps Water Filter Kits & Replacement Filters Courtesy Loan pump available on house pump servicing & repairs


0800 826 525

where hopes are fulfilled For a delicous taste of authentic Indian cuisine Ph: 536 5689 Dine In • Takeaway • Delivery

TUE & WED DINNER SPECIAL $12.99 Curry, rice and plain naan bread cnr Wakelin Road and Third View Ave, Beachlands


Ruean Thong

Ph: 536 5749 or 536 5719 FULLY LICENSED/ BYO WINE

Fresh, Healthy and Delicious


Friday’s from 4pm till late Italian Pizza Night small plates, platters, wine tasting, events Also available for private functions/weddings sales@turangacreek.co.nz 133 Whitford Park Road, Whitford PH 530 8936 www.turangacreek.co.nz


Professional, Competitive,Hassle Free

Ph: 536 4400



• Alloy Boat Repairs • Alterations & Custom-made Accessories a Specialty, Including Architectural Alloy, Stainless Steel & Steel Fabrications

Pensioner Discounts Local Beachlands-Maraetai Craftsman Plumber


42 Wakelin Rd, Beachlands

Ph: 538 0010 E:beachlands@fvs.co.nz www.franklinvets.co.nz


Call SHAY on 0212 767 797


Franklin Vets Beachlands

OPEN: Mon,Tues,Thurs, Fri 9am-5pm Wed 9am-6pm; Sat 9am-12 noon VET ON PREMISES: Mon, Fri, Sat 9am-12 noon; Tues 9am-11.30am,Wed 2-6pm




Age Concern invites people over the age of 65 to attend one of our FREE IDOP community lunches to celebrate the International Day of the Older Person at the following venues There will be morning tea, a guest speaker, short workshop and shared lunch and singalong. It is essential you book to sandya@accm.org.nz or call 2794331 ext 800 and advise which event you will be attending. See you there. Beachlands Memorial Hall, – Mon 29th September – 10am – 1pm Beachlands Memorial Hall , 49 Wakelin Road, Beachlands, Auckland 2018 Howick – Thu 9th October – 11am – 2pm The Fencible Lounge , Howick Library Complex, 25 Uxbridge Road, Howick, Auckland 2014

• Drain Unblocking • Vacuum Loading • CCTV Video Survey & Tractor camera • Plumbing • Gasfitting • Roofing • Drainlaying • Pipe Relining – Nuflow

YOUR plumber living on the Coast!





Thai food combo only $15 a main Also Chicken Pad Thai only $12 a main Dine-in or Takeaway ~FREE delivery every day except Fri & Sat, minimum order $50~ HOURS: DINNER 7 DAYS FROM 5-10.30PM




Mediterraneo... by the sea FULLY LICENCED & BYOW



Main of the day + Side + Glass of wine ALL FOR ONLY $24.50 PP

New Menu here now!

HOURS: • TUES-FRI 5pm onwards for dinner • SAT/SUN 11am onwards for breakfast, lunch & dinner

Mon&Tues: 9am-4pm Wed-Fri: 9am till late Sat/Sun: 9am till late

Ph: 536-5023

Also available for private functions/weddings


251 Maraetai Dr, Waterfront



Ph: 530-8437

Restaurant open from 5.30pm Thurs to Sun and public holidays. Menu changes weekly and bar snacks available

At the Roundabout, Whitford RESTAURANT HOURS: Wed - Fri from 6pm till Late; weekends from 10am BAR HOURS: Mon-Fri from 3pm, weekends from 10am Bar meals available at all times


Hire the club for private functions or conferences Mon,Tues, Wed & Sat. Members & guests welcome. Become a community member to dine in our restaurant.

133 WHITFORD PARK ROAD, WHITFORD PH 530 8936 sales@turangacreek.co.nz

Phone: 536-6649 ext 2 www.maraetaiboatclub.org.nz

POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (September 26th 2014) 11


moved, or chipped for mulch or landscaping. Inorganic removal and section clearing. Ph: 536 5955, 021 056 0793 ALL TREE WORKS: All tree work and removals, stump grinding, hedge trimming, section clearing, green removal and mulcher hire, reasonable rates. For a free quote: 536 5621 mob 027 308 7777 CARPENTER: Maintnance, decks, fences, water damage, bathrooms, gutters, roofing etc. Free quotes Roger 021 042 1497 or 536 5962


Clean your carpets now to NZ standard. 2 brm unit cleaned from as little as $79, 3 brm from $99. Single rooms, upholstery, rugs. Free deodorise. Ph: Shane 536 6397 or mob 0800 747 262 DRAINS: Drains unblocked, guttering, downpipes, roof repairs Ph: 021 042 1497 or 536 5962


Professional & Trade Services Guide APPLIANCES


GRAYMAC APPLIANCE SERVICES For prompt reliable service

Authorised Whirpool service centre

Email: bins@pinkbins.co.nz

Quality+Quantity=Value. 40 yrs exp.refs avail.ph Rob 0211848173 or email rpskiwi@gmail.com.



No job too small! Gib stop & paint, brick & block laying, tiling, paving, property maintenance. Ph: Dean 536 5164 or 0221 361 620 ROOFER: Qualified roofer, Stephen Perfect, 12yrs experience in metal roofing offers free quotes to fix or re-roof, also specialises in gutters, repairs & maintenance. Ph 027 389 5253, a/h 536 5527


Window’s in/out,exterior house wash,gutter clearing. Exp operator, Ph Keith at Panoramics 0272 453 444 or 530 8136



• Sleep dentistry for relaxation and anxiety • Holistic and amalgam free dentistry • Free dental treatment for young adults from year 9 to 18 years old* • Payment options: GE, Farmers, Q Card

WHITE WASTE LTD ph: 0800 720 710

Lawn mowing • General gardening Tree trimming & removal • Pruning Spraying • Chipping 021 2921 679 Your local garden specialist james@thekeanegardener.co.nz

Newspaper advert

W www.thekeanegardener.co.nz

Online Book


MARINA Visit your LOCAL dentist for all your dental needs HOURS: Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm; Sat 9.30am-2.30pm

After Hours Appts by Arrangement Dr Alex Mechkov Dr Juliane Techima

Ph: 536 4361

BDS DENTAL SURGEON, BSc, Dip.Dent.Technology

E: pineharbour@marinadentists.co.nz


Your Local Skip Bin Supplier





www.coastallandscapes.co.nz coastal.landscapes@xtra.co.nz

Make the right choice about your dental care


coastallandscapes 09 536 5377 027 237 9172


We are dedicated to your personal well-being through dental health • Teeth whitening • All ceramic tooth filling materials using Cerec3 cad-cam 3D technology • Permanent tooth replacements with dental implants • For gum health and maintencance call our hygienist Shelley Chadwick • All aspects of general dentistry Evening appointments available Call us now on 530 8461 or 530 8271 Whitford Village, Whitford, Auckland

09 536 5605 or 021 263 4101 kath@landscapestudio.co.nz


David Cain B.D.S (UK) Rick Parfitt B.D.S. Shelley Chadwick

DRAINAGE BUILDER Licensed builder available for new homes, renovations, additions, re-cladding, decks and all other aspects of the building trade

For a FREE Quote:

Ph Neil 021 079 2589

Josh on 021 367 431

JACK OF ALL TRADES Honest & Reliable Trade Certified Builder

• Odd jobs – Doors/Windows Eased • Holes Plastered • Rotten Boards Replaced • Roof Repairs • Floors Repaired

• All Drainage Requirements • Water Tanks Supply and Install • Retaining Walls • Concrete Work • Truck & Digger Hire

• Decks • Bathrooms • Tiling • Painting • Gibstopping

PHONE TONY 021 919 101 or 536 6686

Renovation Specialist

• Kitchen renovations • Bathroom renovations • House alterations • Leak repairs • Design service available Free Quotes

Domestic:- Kitchen/Bathroom cabinets etc Varnish Work Airless spraying of outside walls/decks etc Automotive + Marine Specialist painting of most materials, plastics, metals etc Vinyl film wrapping for boats, cars etc Ph: Janie 09 536 6449 - Rod 021 467 913 - admin@phbp.co.nz

Email: josh@hackdrainage.co.nz Web: www.hackdrainage.co,nz "Proud to be Sponsors of the Beachlands Fishing Competition"


ELECTRICIAN Your Local Registered Electricians

Ph 536 6800

For prompt professional electrical services with a smile • www.awe.co.nz • help@awe.co.nz • free quotes Providing electrical services on the Pohutukawa Coast & throughout Auckland

Quality workmanship, prompt efficient service

Easthaven Builders


David 0274 583 120 MOB 021. 769. 964 - PH 09. 536. 4076

The Family Trust Specialist Jacques Vannoort, LLM

tel 273 2173 www.sanctuarytrustlaw.co.nz


Wood chipping service. Up to 60mm dia branches. Full service, cutting, chipping, spreading and clearing available. Ph Gary 021 90 30 20 or 5366358.


*Terms and conditions apply, contact us for full details




We offer:

Online Booking Available

you should lo

09 273 2173



3, 4.5, 6 & 9 metre bins 3, 4.5 metre hardfill bins We are reliable and we recycle! Ph: 0800 PINK BINS (746-524)

Unit 20, 2 Bishop Dunn Place Botany, Auckland

Full Comprehensive Dental Assessment including: 2 x-rays & Panoramic OPG Imaging (Full Mouth Digital X-ray)


You name it... renovations, DVS installation, gardening, retaining, fencing, landscaping, trellis, light building and maintenance work. Ph Gary 021 90 30 20 or 5366358.

gine repairs, mowers, ride-on mowers, chainsaws, weedtrimmers, and chain saw sharpening. No job too small. Free pick-up local area only. Ph: 536 5621 or mob 027 308 7777

you should love visiting the dentist...





Opening Hours:

Mon & Wed: 8am - 6pm Tues & Thurs: 8am - 8pm Fri: 9am - 6pm Sat: 9am - 5pm

For repairs to: Fisher & Paykel and all major brands of stoves, fridges, dishwashers,washing machines, dryers etc

take the cleaning stress out of your week, leaving you to enjoy your days at home. Honest, reliable, local and experienced. Ph: Lisa 536 7286 or 027 555 1642

Phone Aaron Ross, Beachlands. Ph: 021 0233 2673




Julie’s Home Grown Nursery 18 First View Ave, BEACHLANDS

OPEN 10am – 4pm WED TO SUN • Potted Colour • Shrubs • Topiaries • Grasses • Trees • Bedding Plants

536 4266 Mob 027 270 6792 email: juleez@xtra.co.nz

12 POHUTUKAWA COAST TIMES (September 12th 2014)

Business Listing - phone 536 5715 or fax 536 5714

ACCOUNTING SERVICES Sheryl Lane, chartered accountant 530 8219 Ian McLennan, CA www.iwm.co.nz 536 6715 Diane Myers CA, diane@myersca.co.nz 2929 470 Beanies2U, call Tanya chartered accountant 536 6297 ACCOUNTING & BOOK KEEPING Fair Value Accounting, Natasha www.fairvalue.co.nz 536 5195 ACUPUNCTURE Elaine Lin, Beachlands - ACC accrediated 021 299 2694 AERIALS, TV & HOME THEATRE Smart Home Technology. Freeview, aerials, phone jacks, TV outlets, home theatre, new home prewire. Phone Sunny 0800 786 266 or 027 2841 325 Auckland Wide Electrical 536 6800, 021 998 665 AGGREGATES Beachlands Building & Hire Centre 536 6567 ALUMINUM WINDOWS: www.windowrenovations.co.nz Repairs and Replacements 021 297 2320 APPLIANCE SERVICING Axial appliance servicing Service@axial.co.nz 573 0877 ARCHITECTS Peter Diprose www.diprose.co.nz 530 9065, 021 125 1498 ARCHITECTURAL PLAN & DESIGN Ross J Willoughby 530 9358 ASPHALT Asphalt & Civil Projects Ltd 527 8718 or 0274 969 817 AUTO ELECTRICIAN Mobile Auto & Marine 0800 662 352 Alert Auto Electrical, Alan 021 176 4214 BEACHLANDS STORES Go to Mo’s 536 6505 Liquorland Beachlands 536 6345 Beachlands Building & Hire Centre - hardware, hire and garden centre 536 6567 Karishma Foodmarket 536 6601 Meat to Please 536 6866 BEAUTY THERAPY Maraetai Day Spa 536 4453 or 021 036 6237 Electrolysis Hair Removal 536 5377 or 027 536 5377 BED & BREAKFAST Brookwood Lodge (Beachlands) 536 6975 BOBCAT & TRUCK HIRE Clevedon Bobcats, Dennis Marx 021 275 8544 BRICK & BLOCK LAYING Dave Stones 021 287 0188 Coastal Blocklayers Ltd - Clinton 0272 856 912 2922 939 BUILDERS Kelvin Storm LBP 536 6119 or 0274 745 039 Bryant Builders Ltd 0274 935 507 or 2928 777 Neal McKendrick Builders 2928 583 0274 374 896 Xact Construction, Greg Waterhouse 530 9032, 021 878 071 Dean Hartshorne Builders Ltd 536 5645 or 027 536 5645 Homing Instincts Ltd, ph Gareth Price 021 618 181, 536 6422 Michael Nootebos LBP 536 6628 or 0274 799 776 Cleave Building & Civil Ltd 577 3193 or 021 322 258 specialistbuilders.co.nz Craig 0800 54 64 64 or 021 392 092 NAS builders Ltd Neil 021 079 2589 BUILDING CERTIFIERS Compass Building Consultants Ltd 272 2269 BUILDERS SUPPLIES Morton Timber Co. Clevedon 292 8656 Dysart Timbers Drury ITM 294 9410 Dysart Timbers ITM 521 3609 or 021 928 941 CARPET CLEANING Carpet, upholstery cleaning services Ph Supakleen 536 5090 CARPET & VINYL SUPPLY & LAY Eddie 536 5218 or 0274 889 150 CHANDLERY Marina Supplies (Pine Harbour) 536 5157 CHILD CARE CENTRES Lilly’s Locker Montessori preschool 530 8697 CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU Botany CAB for free, confidential advice & information 271 5382 (Botany CAB) 576 8331 (Pakuranga CAB) COMPUTER SERVICES Andrew: WhatWhyWhen.com 0210 230 7897 or 536 6514 CONCRETE WORK Trumps Concreting Ltd 0274 589 899, a/h 536 4172 Asphalt & Civil Projects Ltd 5278718 or 0274 969817 DECKING Deckreation 0800 2 QUOTE, 536 4948 www.deckreation.co.nz DENTISTS Sanctuary Dental 273 2173 – Dr Yvonne Vannoort, Dr Abraham Thavamani, Dr Sylvia Hong – Dr Shayeste Irani – Hygienists Michelle Felton, Caron Thorne, Helen Lu Whitford Dental Group 530 8461 or 530 8271 – Dr Rick Parfitt & Dr David Cain – Hygienist – Shelley Chadwick 530 8461 or 530 8271 Anthony Hunt Dental Ltd, Dr Anthony Hunt, Clevedon 292 9071 Marina Dentists Pine Harbour 536 4361 DENTURES Howick Denture Services 534 8113 DIGGER & TRUCK HIRE www.hollandlandscaping.co.nz 292 8109 Entwood Enterprises 021 767 743 or 534 2481 The Little Digger 027 278 0335 or 536 4424 DOCTOR Beachlands Medical Centre 536 6006 Maraetai Beach Medical Clinic 536 5292 DOGS, CATS & PETS Clevedon Kennels and Cattery 292 8789 Howick Country Kennels & Cattery 530 8664 Brookby Lodge accommodation for dogs & cats 530 8675 Fairfield Boarding Kennels & Cattery, Clevedon 2928 852 Noah’s Ark mobile inhome pet care 530 8136

Riverlee Pet Lodge, Clevedon

292 8789

DOG GROOMING Bracks Dog Grooming www.brackscats.co.nz 536 4639 DRAINLAYERS Mike Forde Contracting Ltd (reg. drainlayer) 021 636 816 J & R Hack Drainage 021 367 431 Bay Earthworks 0274 925 771 DRILLING Drillforce – water bores, divining, pump advice 09 267 9100 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION B/M Playcentre Mon-Fri. 9am-12 536 6015 in Beachlands School grounds Whitford Pre-School Centre 530 8726 Clevedon Kidz Early Childhood Centre 2928 358 PORSE in-Home Childcare 262 4044 Coastal Kids 536 6737 Coastal Kids Pre-School 536 5313 Stems From Home Professional In-Home Child Care 536 7103 Connections In The Home (In-Home Child Care) 533 3512 EARTH MOVING CONTRACTORS Henri & Lynda Habraken 0274 961 472, 536 6806 Coast2Coast Earthworx Ltd 536 4536 or 021 364 536 Mike Forde Contracting Ltd 021 636 816 Padlie-Hall Ltd 533 0917 or 027 243 7156 John Minnee 1.5 tonne digger 530 8998 or 021 993 863 Cleave Building & Civil Ltd 577 3193 or 021 923 076 www.brookbycontracting.co.nz 3.5t w Augers 530 9290 or 027 530 9290 Digginit.co.nz 5ton digger & mini truck 027 656 2270 ELECTRICIANS Auckland Electrical Services 536 4074, 0274 741 579 Auckland Wide Electrical 536 6800, 021 998 665 Pohutukawa Electrical 536 4076, mob 021 769 964 Positive Electrical Services 021 801 606 Powered Up Electrical 021 660 065 , 299 1122 ENGINEERING & WELDING M & K Anderson, onsite engineering 09 948 2160 or 021 02677369 Amediate Engineering Ltd 09 265 2200 or 021 725 609 Clevedon Garage – Design/Build/Repairs/M’nance 2928 289 ENGINEERS - CIVIL/ENVIRONMENTAL/ STRUCTURAL CLC Consulting Group Ltd 576 3276 FARM KILLS Kevin Rogers 292 4725 FARM SUPPLIES/STOCK FEED/HARDWARE Clevedon Rural Supplies 292 8404 Farmlands Pukekohe 09 238 8853, fax 09 238 8688 FENCING CONTRACTORS Craig McLeod 027 292 5844 Shilo Urlich 027 256 6813 White Fencing 2928 064 or 0274 957 868 FIREWOOD Phone John anytime 530 8462 Eastern Firewood 534 6299 Ignition Firewood 0800 WOOD NOW FLOORING All About Floors, Darrel 570 5300, 021 688 875 FLORIST Clevedon Flowers, www.clevedonflowers.co.nz 292 9540 FRAMERS Howick Frames & Gallery 534 1307 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Resthaven Funeral Services Rachel Benns & Raewyn Proctor 533 7493 & 267 2530 Papatoetoe Funeral Cottage 279 9098 Fountains Funeral Directors & Monumentalists Papakura, Franklin and Manurewa 298 2957 or 266 6177 Ensom Funerals (John Ensom) 09 266 9942 or 09 524 6765 Souly Cremations Beachlands 0800 47 68 59 GARAGE DOORS Repairs & Service, Metro Garage Doors 263 6608 GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES Fraser Thomas Ltd 278 7078 GIBSTOPPING Alpha Drywall, Geoff 022 027 0290 or 536 6653 Wayne Mackenzie 021 882 276 or ah 530 9031 Greg Brown 021 067 6104, ah536 5989 Tony Hardyment -stopping & painting 0274 966 394 or 536 6477 specialistlinings.co.nz We fix, stop, and paint 0800 54 64 64 Mark Mangham, small to large jobs: Phoenixplasterers@gmail.com 021 456 275 ah 536 4140 GIFTS, SOUVENIRS, FLOWERS Clevedon Woolshed Crafts/Gifts 2928 615 GLASS AND GLAZING Manurewa Glass 266 7794 Howick Glass 535 4180 GRAPHIC DESIGN Nikki Croxford www.clickcreative.co.nz 536 7142, 021 920 630 Kirsty Black www.kgb-folio.co.nz 536 5421, 021 549 193 Joanna Beasley www.joannabeasley.co.nz 536 6497, 021 148 8613 HAIRDRESSING Les Chevaux Hair Salon 536 5559 Hair 4 You - hair salon 536 6658 Spirit Hair-Makeup-SprayTanning 536 6855 Nobel Hair Design 536 5805 Hair Do’s @ Maraetai ph Denise 536 4571 Look @ Me, Whitford, ph Charlotte 530 8939 Cooper Hairdressing, 16 Te Pene Rd, Maraetai 027 329 1781 HANDYMAN SERVICES Local Handyman: 536 5050 or 021 156 7370 Oakes Landscaping/Building Services, Ph Gary 021 903 020 Lifestyle Property Services Ltd 536 6735 or 0272 533 336 HAY & HAYLAGE CONTRACTOR

McInnes Contractors Ltd 0274 992 648 HEALTH & FITNESS Perform Fitness 536 7231 HIRE & GARDEN CENTRE Beachlands Building & Hire Centre 536 6567 HOME APPLIANCE REPAIRS Graymac Appliances 535 5093 HOME CLEANING SERVICE Phone Meky 022 653 1465 HORSES Manufacturing Horse Leads 021 653 041 IMMIGRATION ADVICE Licensed Advisor - Lisa Seaborn 0210 229 9588 INTERIOR DESIGN Design consultant Toni Hedgland 536 7018, 0274-597301 (home furnishings, drapes, colour consultant) KITCHENS La Bella Kitchens Ltd, www. labellakitchens.co.nz 530 9092 Kitchen Craft Ltd www.kitchencraft.co.nz 09 274 4221 ~ For Sizzling Kitchen Design & Cabinetry – Ph Warren Inhouse Design & Concepts Ltd 021 272 1974 or 536 4625 LANDSCAPING Cornerstone Landscapes Ltd – for all aspects of landscaping 530 9126 or 021 312 266 or 021 412 110 LANDSCAPING/GARDEN SERVICES www.hollandlandscaping.co.n 292 8109 Eastside Landscapes 021 484 158 LAUNDROMAT 7 DAYS, at GAS Maraetai, 536 4218 131 Maraetai Drive, Maraetai LAWNMOWING & GARDENING SERVICES Pohutukawa Coast Lawns 536 5830, 021 072 7799 The Keane Gardener, phone James on 021 292 1679 Greenacres – Stephen Howe 292 4165, 021 2266 753 Ride On Mowing - Scott 021 02475434 / 537 2966 Henry & Max Lawn & Garden Service 533 6018, 0210 556 309 LAWNMOWERS SALES/ SERVICE/ REPAIRS Stihl Shop, 18 Harris Rd, East Tamaki 274 6238 B’lnds/M’tai mower/chainsaw repairs 536 5621,027 308 7777 Reliable Lawnmower Services 278 5592 LAWNMOWING (LARGE AREAS) Holland Landscaping 292 8109 www.hollandlandscaping.co.nz Kingcraft Mowing & Gardening 021 447 095 LEGAL SERVICES Swayne McDonald & Co (Beachlands/Maraetai/Whitford) 265 2700 John Burton - Maraetai & Beachlands 536 5279 or 299 7780 Sanctuary Trust Law, Jacques Vannoort, LLM 273 2173 LOCKSMITHS Local Locksmith - Tony 536 5050 or 021 156 7370 Armstrong Smarter Security 0800 506 111 MARQUEE HIRE Megan www.maraetaimarquee.co.nz 536 5771/0274 385130 MARRIAGE CELEBRANT Helen Rutledge 027 245 5837 or 536 5981 Neil Hamilton 027 224 2265 Lyn Buchanan 021 135 3643 or 536 6774 MASSAGE THERAPY Brookby Massage Studio -Sports, deep tissue, trigger point, relaxation 530 9129 Tracy Henderson - Massage therapy/Naturopathy 536 6605 Holistic Therapeutic Practitioner available, Whitford For appointments phone 021 749 517 MECHANICAL REPAIRS Clevedon Automotive 292 8441 Maraetai Service Station 1996 Ltd 536 6542 Pohutukawa Motors, 57 Third View Ave, Beachlands 536 6664 Clevedon Garage & Tyres Ltd 2928 289 Clevedon Motorcyles & Machinery 2928 927 or 021 2544 686 MIRRORS Howick Glass 535 4180 ORGANIC PRODUCTS Shop from home: www.moonwillow.mionegroup.com 2924 080 OUTBOARD REPAIRS / MARINE ENGINEERING Eastern Marine ~ Outboard, Petrol & Diesel Motors 536 6252 PAINTERS & DECORATORS DTS Wright Contracting Ltd 536 5239 or 021 40 1094 S.T. Taylor, Member of Master Painters 021 912 515 Mustills Painting Services 536 4356, 027 619 2619 4U2C Decorators 027 648 3565 specialistlinings.co.nz We fix, stop, and paint 0800 54 64 64 PANELBEATERS & PAINTERS Whitford Panelbeaters 530 8695 Pristine Autobody, Panel & Paint 262 3757 Auto Collision Panel & Paint 534 2190 PERSONAL TRAINING WOWFIT Personal Training-James 0800WOWFIT, 021 771015 Envision Personal Training, Garyth 536 6327, 021 299 1482 PEST CONTROL Coastal Pest Solutions (including rats, rabbits,possums, wild cats, pest birds, wasps & bees) 536 6020, 0273 932 125 Pestblasters-R-Us 0800 888 338 PHOTOGRAPHER Timeless Images Photography 021 022 19653, 950 4675 PHYSIOTHERAPIST Ultimate Physio unit 4 45 Wakelin Rd, Beachlands 536 5904, 272 9294 PLASTERING (SOLID) Bruce Parsons 021 981 812 PLUMBERS SMS Plumbing 0212 767 797 Pohutukawa Plumbing 536 6879, 0275 366 879 Call The Plumber Ltd 24/7 service 536 5516, 027 202 3212 Abbotts Plumbing & Drainage 0800 949 344 Ford Plumbing - 24 hour callout - phone Mark on 022 601 3216 PLUMBERS & GASFITTERS

Ashby Plumbing & Gas 2922 445, 0272 553 499 K. Dadzie Plumbing/Gas call Brett on 021 501 421, 536 6592 Pohutukawa Plumbing 536 6879, 0275 366 879 PRINTER C&D Print 2929 167 or 021 107 6750 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Harcourts Beachlands Real Estate 536 6121, 0276 480 240 Rent People Ltd 0800 426 580 RobsonKerr Property Management 0508 762 766 PUMP SALES & REPAIRS Auckland Electrical Services 536 4074, 0274 741 579 Pump Service Centre 536 7083, 0274 308 538 Water Pump Specialists 536 5447, 0274 982 419 Clevedon Pumps & Engineering 2928 404, 0274 797 741 Malmaks Water Sho 530 8872, 021 353 158 Pohutukawa Plumbing 536 6879, 0275 366 879 REAL ESTATE AGENTS Harcourts Beachlands Real Estate 536 6121 Barfoot & Thompson Clevedon 2928 348 Barfoot & Thompson Whitford 530 8292 Barfoot & Thompson Beachlands 536 4990 Ray White Lighthouse Licensed Real Estate 536 7011 Professionals 555 9136 ROOFING SERVICES Eastern Roofing Services, ph Steve 536 5875, 021 865 615 SCAFFOLDING Scaffold Connect Ltd 09 215 4855 SECURITY SYSTEMS ADS Security Ltd (alarms & monitoring) 536 6860 Armstrong Smarter Security and Alarms 09 274 0999 SEPTIC TANK CLEANING SST Services phone Rob 09 2947611 or 0274 967430 SHEEP SHEARING Mr Clip Ltd - sheep, goats, 276 1219, 0274 853 234 SHUTTLES Coast Shuttle-local hire & airport trips 536 6488, 0274 722 613 Omana Shuttles - Airport Transfers 536-5935 SPRAY TAN SPECIALISTS Colour Me In 536 6766 Mob 027 662 9897 SURVEYORS - LAND Hollier Greig & Associates 2928 745 McInnes, Read & Lucas Ltd 2987 288 Fraser Thomas Ltd 2787 078 Churchill Land Development Services Ltd 2734 182 CLC Consulting Group Ltd 576 3276 SWIMMING POOLS Peninsula Pools Ltd 0274 958 861, a/h 530 9115 Bluestone Pools Ltd 021 2731 779, ah 536 7125 Partridge Pool & Spa 299 8659 Oasis Heat Pumps Mob: 021 605 557 Office: 535 8891 TANK CLEANING John’s Farmlet Services 0800 327 653 TREE WORK S.T.H. (stumps, trees, hedges) 536 5621 or 027 308 7777 Tree stump grinding (NZAT) 530 8741 or 0274 989 080 TYPESETTING & GRAPHIC ART Steve 536 5276 TYRES - SALES & SERVICE Maraetai Service Station 536 6542 Pohutukawa Motors, 57 Third View Ave, Beachlands 536 6664 UPHOLSTERY & CANVAS Stackpole’s Upholstery Ltd 274 8585 VALUERS-PROPERTY Property Valuations Ltd, Papakura 299 7406, fax 299 6152 Seagar & Partners Ltd, Charlene 272 9660 or 021 945 806 VETERINARY SERVICES Franklin Vets (Beachlands) 538 0010 WALLPAPERING Wallpapering 021 1748 466 or 536 5899 WATER DELIVERY Beachlands/Maraetai Water Supply 273 9763 Beachlands Water Service 536 6508 Clevedon Water 292 8099 Whitford Water Supplies 530 8164 Rural Water, freephone 0508 787 254 or 021 765 628 John’s Farmlet Services & Water Supplies 0800 327 653 The Original Johns Water Supplies 536 6696 or 530 8155 Maraetai Blue Ltd 536 6437, 027 536 6437 Carlton Haulage 0800 420 246 Coastal Water Cartage 0508 COASTAL, 021 0757 757 Todd Wheeler Transport Ltd 0508 426 246 or 0274 752 832 Seaview Water 0508 732 843 – $250 for 17,000 litres; $225 for 13,500; $180 for 10,000 WET AZZ – keeping it local 0800 WET AZZ (0800 938 299) Local Water (Beachlands & Maraetai) 536 5683 WATER TANK CLEANING & REPAIRS Green Clean Co ($100) 0274 982 419 or 536 5447 Rural Water, freephone 0508 787 254 or 021 765 628 John’s Farmlet Services 0800 327 653 WATER TREATMENT Anthony Preston Ltd 534 5127, fax 535 6353 167 Moore St, Howick Malmaks Water Shop 530 8872, 021 353 158 NZ Water Filters Ltd 576 9649 or 021 138 7679 WEDDING VENUE Te Puru Centre 536 5360 Maraetai Beach Boating Club 536 6649 Brookwood Lodge, Beachlands. Garden setting. Ceremony only. 536 6975 or 0274 796 453 WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOTHERAPY Virtual Gastric Band www.avrilcarpenter.com 021 626 805 WINDOWS www.windowrenovations.co.nz Repairs and Replacements 021 297 2320 WINDOW CLEANING/HOUSE WASHING Panoramics 530 8136 or 027 245 3444 BEST Property Services 0508 932 532 or 021 366 615

The Pohutukawa Coast Times is published by Pohutukawa Publishing (NZ) Ltd and printed by Beacon Print, 5 Pohutu Street, Whakatane 3120

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